Northern Ireland Needs An Alt-Right

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Being on the Alt-Right in a political hotbed like Northern Ireland is a bizarre and challenging experience. One would assume that given how tribal and identity driven both Loyalism and Irish Nationalism are in this country, a White Nationalist such as myself would face little if any opposition in asserting my views publicly, given that even socialism and communism have managed to amass an extensive following of those eager to escape from the limited tribal politics mentioned above.

However, the reality could not be any further from the truth.

I was born into a Protestant family; however, we prefered to abstain from any clear affiliation to Irish Protestantism given how despite being much improved, cross-community relations are still relatively cagey and still carry divisive if not outright negative connotations. As a result, I attended an integrated primary/elementary school and subsequently entered into the prestigious albeit rapidly declining Methodist College Belfast. It is Protestant in name, but otherwise a completely integrated institution. In reality, this proved to be beneficial as I have amassed many friends from numerous denominations from the two main Christian faiths, ranging from upper class followers of British Loyalism and the Orange order to working class supporters of constitutional and dissident Republicans who want a united Ireland.

However, one factor that has proved to be a common denominator for both sides is a total rejection of race realism or any conversation surrounding the history and future of Whites as a whole. Yes, Republicans may refer to themselves as Irish and to loyalists as British in a derogatory tone and vice versa, but given how inherently left wing and socialist Irish Nationalism is, race never mind nationality rarely enters into the conversation. Indeed, the sole topic where both sides will ferociously oppose one another on a remotely race-based concept is over the issue of Israel and Palestine. The nationalist community enthusiastically throws its support behind Palestine whilst vehemently condemning Israel, the result of a perceived similarity between the history of Ireland and Palestine; two relatively small nations subjected to the hostile rule of their much larger neighbours. Thus, given the significant presence of Irish republicans in office in my nation both Northern Ireland and the Republic have accepted many economic migrants from the middle east, the result of a desire to showcase their alleged virtuous souls on the international stage coupled with a sense of a shared experience.

By contrast, loyalists support Israel purely as a reaction to their opponents’ backing of Palestine, with many loyalists having extensive contact as well as previous or present membership with a variety of British neo-Nazi groups such as Combat 18, providing for a rather comical state of affairs given that these very same individuals support international Jewry. Similarly, many loyalist groups on social media throughout the past week openly declared their full support for Floyd Mayweather ahead of his rather obscene and entirely pointless bout with the equally detestable Conor McGregor, simply because McGregor is not only an Irish Catholic but one who has on occasion espoused vaguely Republican sentiments. In addition to such glaring hypocrisy, not only are these individuals advocates of total British supremacy as opposed to a pan European movement towards a White ethnostate, but they are also heavily involved in organised crime, thus completely diminishing any true attachment they have to race, genuine or otherwise.

For how can one profess to love one’s race while simultaneously undermining it? Similarly, many Irish Republicans have descended into serious organised crime including gun running, drug dealing and car theft in order to finance their terrorist operations to achieve a united Ireland, in the process sullying the romantic imagery they seek to attach to their movement.

As a result, while both groups have a desire to achieve or maintain an ethnostate of sorts, whether it be the Protestant majority sought by paramilitary loyalists and their constitutional Unionist allies or a unified Ireland desired by Irish nationalists, neither will ever truly commit to any idea of a pan White identity movement, given firstly that both view one another as subhuman and secondly because the majority of people on both sides are more interested in individualistic desires such as personal gain and reputation from criminal activities as opposed to ever unifying under their shared racial heritage.

Moving on temporarily from the tribal politics that divides my nation, my graduation from Methodist College Belfast in the summer of 2014 was a moment that I had been waiting for with baited breath. Upon receiving my grades, I eagerly awaited my first day at University in September of that year, where I would go on to study both history and philosophy for the next 3 years.

However, rather than improve given the supposed higher standard of education and intellectual debate, there proved to be absolutely no fertile ground to cultivate any genuine conversation, debate or mere mention of White identity at University without being shut down immediately. It is now explicitly clear to me that almost every academic institution in the West has been poisoned with critical theory courtesy of the Frankfurt School. Despite being a public university and thus attracting students from not only across Northern Ireland but the entire world, over half of the student body were of of socialist, Irish Republican or overtly communist political persuasion, with the student union as well as many other official buildings and institutions plastered with LGBT flags and socialist propaganda. As for the other half, I would assert that the majority are alleged “sceptics” albeit with a left-wing bias, perhaps fearful of the ostracization they would face otherwise, and a small group of libertarians, many of whom in truth are just neoconservatives.

Furthermore, most of the professors and teachers encourage this bias since many are Liberal and Marxist themselves.

One of my professors was Fabian Schuppert, a German Marxist lecturer, who used his pulpit to agitate for reparations, claiming that the “maangamizi” or the alleged “black holocaust” justifies such measures, praising terrorists Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe in the process. Such an abhorrent suggestion drew outrage from several students including myself however it fell to the hands of a lone Afrikaner student to rebut the unhinged professor, citing the ongoing yet completely ignored killing of White farmers in South Africa and the cesspool that is Zimbabwe where Blacks are encouraged to loot and and kill Whites in the name of social justice.

Upon confronting resistance, all the professor could do was bleat feebly about the evils of Colonization and trot out the myth that the African continent was far advanced in both technology and the arts, implying that we and our ancestors effectively “whitewashed” such advances and gutted Africa in the process.

Similarly, within the numerous seminars I attended throughout my Philosophy of Law module, I bore witness to several feminist and LGBT rants concerning both the election of Donald Trump and an alleged inherent racism which lay dormant within every police force in the western world, a claim supported by our lecturer David Archard, an ethical advisor to the British Government who described himself as a “Good old English liberal”. Such a claim is amusing in hindsight, for despite calling himself a liberal he argued that “toxic ideologies” should not be tolerated and that essentially all who voted for either Brexit or the election of Donald Trump were somewhat misguided if not totally misguided, whilst simultaneously praising individuals such as Jeremy Corbyn, yet another pioneer of an ideology that has left millions of corpses in its wake.

This clear shift towards the extreme left, towards the point of celebrating convicted murderers and chaotic ideologies as illustrated above has unfortunately gained a significant foothold in the political realm also. For example, in similar fashion to the rather dire situation with regards to the public perception and treatment of law enforcement in the United States, police and military servicemen in this country have been time and time again reprimanded for killing criminals and terrorists, on occasion even decades after with many British and Irish personnel of the armed forces facing prison sentences over the alleged “unlawful” killing of Irish Republican terrorists in the 1970’s. To add insult to injury, numerous former members and gunmen of the IRA and its many factions have become my country’s leaders, once more promoting the message that political violence provides a clear pathway to political power. A prime example of such perversity is the reality that the head of Policing in this country is an individual by the name of Gerry Kelly, an aged Irish Republican who in September of 1983 shot a prison officer in the head as part of an escape from the Maze Prison. In truth, an individual such as Kelly being in a position of power seems relatively less absurd when one takes into consideration the fact that despicable individuals such as George Soros provide the financial backing of organisations who claim to be “for the people” and “Anti-fascist”.

Indeed, our heavily publicised and farcical political elite in Northern Ireland has become hated by those they claim to represent as a result of several major economic scandals, the most notable of which being the renewable energy scandal that cost the public over 500 million pounds to heat an empty warehouse, courtesy of the Democratic Unionist Party. Examples such as this coupled with the reality that our politicians consist largely of former terrorist gunmen mean that the case for pan White Nationalism has been buried under not tribal animosity, but corruption and graft as well. We are left with two options: direct rule from England, or a socialist coalition of Nationalist parties. The former entails neoconservative measures from a Tory party overflowing with Blairites, meaning little room for anything regarded as too politically extreme or beneficial to the natives of my country, and the latter truly is a terrifying prospect, particularly so given the bewildering popularity of comrade Corbyn.

However, whilst it is indeed important to fully recognize the threat provided by the ghost of Herbert Marcuse that haunts college campuses in Northern Ireland as he does in the United States and further afield, one of the most significant obstacles facing a White identitarian dialogue in my country is rather ironically the fact that we are an incredibly homogenous nation. One would like to think that in producing and preserving a White majority, Northern Ireland is a nation many would argue that is in itself a White ethnostate. However, I would argue in response that a homeland for our people requires not only the physical presence of Whites but an awakened mind, for there is simply neither a time nor place for the weak in our movement and ultimately our homeland, for a fifth column of cowards is far more damaging than an army of one’s fiercest opponents.

Thus, to be on the Alt-Right in “God’s country” is indeed a unique albeit distressing position for one to find oneself in. Much of the leftist bias that infects the United States and Europe, particularly so on the college campus, exists here as well, combined with the element of liberal decay and ancient petty tribalism.

The two communities view each other as implacable enemies and the migrants from outside of Northern Ireland as irrelevant, perhaps a nuisance at most but overall, they have adopted a position of relative indifference. One valuable lesson one may draw from this is that it accurately reflects how utterly parasitical the half-hearted amongst us truly are. The combination of nationalistic neoconservatives, criminal or socialist parties and paramilitaries provide as many allies and recruits to our cause as enemies, not unlike the Alt-Lite in America. And while the left and their paramilitary Antifa are our immediate enemy, I would argue that it is the Alt-Lite and groups of similar ilk who are no less a threat to our movement. They frustrate and confuse the genuine patriotic and nationalistic impulses of a people and a nation. And they are a reality I have become all too familiar with growing up in Northern Ireland.

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