Northern Ireland Needs An Alt-Right

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Being on the Alt-Right in a political hotbed like Northern Ireland is a bizarre and challenging experience. One would assume that given how tribal and identity driven both Loyalism and Irish Nationalism are in this country, a White Nationalist such as myself would face little if any opposition in asserting my views publicly, given that even socialism and communism have managed to amass an extensive following of those eager to escape from the limited tribal politics mentioned above.

However, the reality could not be any further from the truth.

I was born into a Protestant family; however, we prefered to abstain from any clear affiliation to Irish Protestantism given how despite being much improved, cross-community relations are still relatively cagey and still carry divisive if not outright negative connotations. As a result, I attended an integrated primary/elementary school and subsequently entered into the prestigious albeit rapidly declining Methodist College Belfast. It is Protestant in name, but otherwise a completely integrated institution. In reality, this proved to be beneficial as I have amassed many friends from numerous denominations from the two main Christian faiths, ranging from upper class followers of British Loyalism and the Orange order to working class supporters of constitutional and dissident Republicans who want a united Ireland.

However, one factor that has proved to be a common denominator for both sides is a total rejection of race realism or any conversation surrounding the history and future of Whites as a whole. Yes, Republicans may refer to themselves as Irish and to loyalists as British in a derogatory tone and vice versa, but given how inherently left wing and socialist Irish Nationalism is, race never mind nationality rarely enters into the conversation. Indeed, the sole topic where both sides will ferociously oppose one another on a remotely race-based concept is over the issue of Israel and Palestine. The nationalist community enthusiastically throws its support behind Palestine whilst vehemently condemning Israel, the result of a perceived similarity between the history of Ireland and Palestine; two relatively small nations subjected to the hostile rule of their much larger neighbours. Thus, given the significant presence of Irish republicans in office in my nation both Northern Ireland and the Republic have accepted many economic migrants from the middle east, the result of a desire to showcase their alleged virtuous souls on the international stage coupled with a sense of a shared experience.

By contrast, loyalists support Israel purely as a reaction to their opponents’ backing of Palestine, with many loyalists having extensive contact as well as previous or present membership with a variety of British neo-Nazi groups such as Combat 18, providing for a rather comical state of affairs given that these very same individuals support international Jewry. Similarly, many loyalist groups on social media throughout the past week openly declared their full support for Floyd Mayweather ahead of his rather obscene and entirely pointless bout with the equally detestable Conor McGregor, simply because McGregor is not only an Irish Catholic but one who has on occasion espoused vaguely Republican sentiments. In addition to such glaring hypocrisy, not only are these individuals advocates of total British supremacy as opposed to a pan European movement towards a White ethnostate, but they are also heavily involved in organised crime, thus completely diminishing any true attachment they have to race, genuine or otherwise.

For how can one profess to love one’s race while simultaneously undermining it? Similarly, many Irish Republicans have descended into serious organised crime including gun running, drug dealing and car theft in order to finance their terrorist operations to achieve a united Ireland, in the process sullying the romantic imagery they seek to attach to their movement.

As a result, while both groups have a desire to achieve or maintain an ethnostate of sorts, whether it be the Protestant majority sought by paramilitary loyalists and their constitutional Unionist allies or a unified Ireland desired by Irish nationalists, neither will ever truly commit to any idea of a pan White identity movement, given firstly that both view one another as subhuman and secondly because the majority of people on both sides are more interested in individualistic desires such as personal gain and reputation from criminal activities as opposed to ever unifying under their shared racial heritage.

Moving on temporarily from the tribal politics that divides my nation, my graduation from Methodist College Belfast in the summer of 2014 was a moment that I had been waiting for with baited breath. Upon receiving my grades, I eagerly awaited my first day at University in September of that year, where I would go on to study both history and philosophy for the next 3 years.

However, rather than improve given the supposed higher standard of education and intellectual debate, there proved to be absolutely no fertile ground to cultivate any genuine conversation, debate or mere mention of White identity at University without being shut down immediately. It is now explicitly clear to me that almost every academic institution in the West has been poisoned with critical theory courtesy of the Frankfurt School. Despite being a public university and thus attracting students from not only across Northern Ireland but the entire world, over half of the student body were of of socialist, Irish Republican or overtly communist political persuasion, with the student union as well as many other official buildings and institutions plastered with LGBT flags and socialist propaganda. As for the other half, I would assert that the majority are alleged “sceptics” albeit with a left-wing bias, perhaps fearful of the ostracization they would face otherwise, and a small group of libertarians, many of whom in truth are just neoconservatives.

Furthermore, most of the professors and teachers encourage this bias since many are Liberal and Marxist themselves.

One of my professors was Fabian Schuppert, a German Marxist lecturer, who used his pulpit to agitate for reparations, claiming that the “maangamizi” or the alleged “black holocaust” justifies such measures, praising terrorists Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe in the process. Such an abhorrent suggestion drew outrage from several students including myself however it fell to the hands of a lone Afrikaner student to rebut the unhinged professor, citing the ongoing yet completely ignored killing of White farmers in South Africa and the cesspool that is Zimbabwe where Blacks are encouraged to loot and and kill Whites in the name of social justice.

Upon confronting resistance, all the professor could do was bleat feebly about the evils of Colonization and trot out the myth that the African continent was far advanced in both technology and the arts, implying that we and our ancestors effectively “whitewashed” such advances and gutted Africa in the process.

Similarly, within the numerous seminars I attended throughout my Philosophy of Law module, I bore witness to several feminist and LGBT rants concerning both the election of Donald Trump and an alleged inherent racism which lay dormant within every police force in the western world, a claim supported by our lecturer David Archard, an ethical advisor to the British Government who described himself as a “Good old English liberal”. Such a claim is amusing in hindsight, for despite calling himself a liberal he argued that “toxic ideologies” should not be tolerated and that essentially all who voted for either Brexit or the election of Donald Trump were somewhat misguided if not totally misguided, whilst simultaneously praising individuals such as Jeremy Corbyn, yet another pioneer of an ideology that has left millions of corpses in its wake.

This clear shift towards the extreme left, towards the point of celebrating convicted murderers and chaotic ideologies as illustrated above has unfortunately gained a significant foothold in the political realm also. For example, in similar fashion to the rather dire situation with regards to the public perception and treatment of law enforcement in the United States, police and military servicemen in this country have been time and time again reprimanded for killing criminals and terrorists, on occasion even decades after with many British and Irish personnel of the armed forces facing prison sentences over the alleged “unlawful” killing of Irish Republican terrorists in the 1970’s. To add insult to injury, numerous former members and gunmen of the IRA and its many factions have become my country’s leaders, once more promoting the message that political violence provides a clear pathway to political power. A prime example of such perversity is the reality that the head of Policing in this country is an individual by the name of Gerry Kelly, an aged Irish Republican who in September of 1983 shot a prison officer in the head as part of an escape from the Maze Prison. In truth, an individual such as Kelly being in a position of power seems relatively less absurd when one takes into consideration the fact that despicable individuals such as George Soros provide the financial backing of organisations who claim to be “for the people” and “Anti-fascist”.

Indeed, our heavily publicised and farcical political elite in Northern Ireland has become hated by those they claim to represent as a result of several major economic scandals, the most notable of which being the renewable energy scandal that cost the public over 500 million pounds to heat an empty warehouse, courtesy of the Democratic Unionist Party. Examples such as this coupled with the reality that our politicians consist largely of former terrorist gunmen mean that the case for pan White Nationalism has been buried under not tribal animosity, but corruption and graft as well. We are left with two options: direct rule from England, or a socialist coalition of Nationalist parties. The former entails neoconservative measures from a Tory party overflowing with Blairites, meaning little room for anything regarded as too politically extreme or beneficial to the natives of my country, and the latter truly is a terrifying prospect, particularly so given the bewildering popularity of comrade Corbyn.

However, whilst it is indeed important to fully recognize the threat provided by the ghost of Herbert Marcuse that haunts college campuses in Northern Ireland as he does in the United States and further afield, one of the most significant obstacles facing a White identitarian dialogue in my country is rather ironically the fact that we are an incredibly homogenous nation. One would like to think that in producing and preserving a White majority, Northern Ireland is a nation many would argue that is in itself a White ethnostate. However, I would argue in response that a homeland for our people requires not only the physical presence of Whites but an awakened mind, for there is simply neither a time nor place for the weak in our movement and ultimately our homeland, for a fifth column of cowards is far more damaging than an army of one’s fiercest opponents.

Thus, to be on the Alt-Right in “God’s country” is indeed a unique albeit distressing position for one to find oneself in. Much of the leftist bias that infects the United States and Europe, particularly so on the college campus, exists here as well, combined with the element of liberal decay and ancient petty tribalism.

The two communities view each other as implacable enemies and the migrants from outside of Northern Ireland as irrelevant, perhaps a nuisance at most but overall, they have adopted a position of relative indifference. One valuable lesson one may draw from this is that it accurately reflects how utterly parasitical the half-hearted amongst us truly are. The combination of nationalistic neoconservatives, criminal or socialist parties and paramilitaries provide as many allies and recruits to our cause as enemies, not unlike the Alt-Lite in America. And while the left and their paramilitary Antifa are our immediate enemy, I would argue that it is the Alt-Lite and groups of similar ilk who are no less a threat to our movement. They frustrate and confuse the genuine patriotic and nationalistic impulses of a people and a nation. And they are a reality I have become all too familiar with growing up in Northern Ireland.

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  • Very very interesting article. Not only do I have to read this article again, but the comments below as well. I have relatives in the Six Counties, yes on the Nationalist side of the tracks. Back right before the Hunger Strike in 1981 I had visited and then right afterward. I was very much in support of Sin Fein and Irish independence. Loyalists weren’t so much demons to me, but more like someone from the Star Wars Bar scene. They were to be avoided for the most part. As time went on, things changed, the Peace Process happened, and Irish-America skipped off to other things instead of sending money and support to the IRA. My true turn off to Sinn Fein came as recently as the Brexit vote. I was fully behind those English people who wanted to rid themselves of the choking chains of the EU. Of course, Northern Ireland was part of the vote. I became consciously dismayed as I read how strongly the so-called Nationalist-Republican community in Northern Ireland supported the “Remain” position. After 30+ years (recent history) fighting Britsh rule, you amadanai support a system that is more repressive (economically) than Britain was. I found my sorry Irish-Catholic American ass standing with the Loyalists who largely were pro-Brexit. Yes, the undiscussible subject of race and immigration is very important for Northern Ireland. They do need an Alt Right. Instead or Orange Marches or Republican parades commemorating dead hunger strikers, you will have thousands of sharia-breathing kebab dragons screeching Allahu Akbar from the Bogside to Ballymena. A frightning nightmare would be some multy culty Irish Republican screeching Tiocfaidh ar Allah. Somehow I think that the Loyalist community would be more receptive to the Alt Right than Nationalist Catholics, who have too much Marxist baggage.

  • Segregation is the only hope of White people, that’s why liberals fear it so much. Nonwhite’s facing real time self responsibility will bring an awakening and learning curve never experienced before. Once nonwhites actually discover the real freedom of self rule and self government they will by necessity learn independence-for the first time in all world history.

  • That is a huge mistake many people make. Supporting things because other oppose it. It’s like thinking cops are with us because they get called too brutal for beating a poc. They do the same to us it just doesn’t get reported. You should see some of the sick things they do to our boys locked up just for not being a cuck


    European alt right server to plan and coordinate across Europe. I recommend to join it if you are European, its useful for planning. On it are active Erkenbrand, the Irish national party, Estonian Blue Awakening and numerous pool parties from across Europe. Also podcasters useful for promotion are on there (Lauritz, Barbute, the Europa weekly group).

  • All Europe doesn’t need its own ethnic nationalist Alt Right, but a Charlemagne, Napoleon, Caesar type to create a great empire and subvert the United States.

  • Ulster Loyalists should be going it alone…an independent Ulster(with those who don’t want it, moving South). As propagated by “Ulster Nation” website. The British Government sold out with the Anglo-Irish Agreement etc…why stick with the Union?

    • Can’t happen because the protestants and the Catholics are mixed together in the landscape. The solution is the restoration of the Irish kingdoms and the kingdom of Ulster which they can share and deal with outsiders on their own terms. Both the Protestants and the Catholics in Ulster are ethnically Irish.

  • If you did a video on YouTube about white nationalism in NI you would be surprised how many people would comment favourably on it. The young white nationalists are there, especially affiliated to the groups like the UFF who have flown third Reich and confederate flags and there are some Catholics as well. The WN are happy to place aside the cultural divisions in order to fight for the white race but it is essential to do all in ones power to defy ‘cross-community’ policies which aim to break down the power of the tribes and create more modern weak sissy men.

  • Översätt gärna artiklarna till svenska inför publiceringen. I övrigt vill jag tacka för intressanta och läsvärda artiklar.

  • Interesting article. It’s ‘bated breath’, by the way, as in the verb to abate (stop). Just saying. Still, I enjoyed reading the article.

    This site needs to proofread its articles.

  • If you’re Alt Right and located in Northern Ireland / The North or even the Uk or Ireland and want to make some Alt Right friends add me, Phillip Campbell on fb

  • Celt, German, Slav, Greek, Italian et al, we are all Europeans, all* descendants of the Indo-Europeans who claimed these lands six thousand years ago. Everyone who supports the survival of the European peoples is on the same side, in the only war that really matters.

    *Except Sardinians apparently!

  • Sorry, Ireland is for the Irish— the Catholic Irish who are sticking to traditional Irish culture, not the socialist commies.

    • I don’t think there’s much appetite for sectarianism and theocracy anymore on either side of the border. We need to accept that as a total non-starter for nationalism in the 21st century and work on cultivating a cross-community ethnic consciousness, with men like Wolfe Tone as the example of how our differences can be reconciled into a common secular Irish identity

      • You will never force the protestants to change and abandon their identity, Ulster was a kingdom of it’s own before it was conquered by Ireland, it has to exist as a reflection of two tribes. The Vatican II communist Catholic southern Irish have turned their part of the country into the 3rd world.

        • That wasn’t what I was proposing, I think Ulster could exist as some kind of autonomous region within the republic with respect to it’s historical differences. It’s a non-issue right now anyway, if our two tribes continue this pointless bickering we’ll be looking back and regretting it in a few decades time and wondering why we didn’t just put aside differences and get along to deal with our common enemies, both internally and externally

          • Ulster always was autonomous, it was the greatest kingdom on the island, Stonehenge was stolen by King Arthur from the Giant’s Circle outside Belfast and shipped to England. There is nothing wrong with two separate identities living side by side but the youth have to cross the lines to work together on the race issue. Give it time, gen Z may succeed in achieving that.

          • The O’Neills conquered Scotland and modern Scots are the descendants of the O’Neils plus Picts. When the Ulster Scots returned with the help of the Jews (who funded both William and Orange and Cromwell) they were returning home, but with a Judaised, masonic form of protestantism which gives them allegiance to our worst enemy the Jews and Israel. Unfortunately the Catholics are now 3rd worldist international communists thanks to the Marxist socialism which took root in so-called Irish nationalism (which is really international communism and whose heroes are Mandela and Che Guevara) and was formalised when Vatican II swung the church to Zionism, full-on freemasonry and cultural Marxism. Hence the fervour for the majority of southern Irish to merge with the 3rd world in order to attain the full niggerdom their insatiable thirst for victim status demands.

      • “Secular Irish identity”? No thanks. That’s how Ireland ended up liberalising, with sodomites getting “married”, and attempting every year to further depopulation by abortion, by pushing de-catholicization.

      • That’s foolish. I better not see you comment on any other nations outside your own. I doubt that you’ve kept that silly rule yourself.

      • Besides, who thought among nationalists “Ireland for the Irish” would be so controversial a thing to say?

        • Because the Irish nationalists are in reality international communists like the Welsh and Scots nationalists. Ireland will only be for the Irish when the non-whites are driven out. The northern Ireland Protestants are all Irish but Northern Ireland has never been a part of this modern construction called Ireland. It was always a proud kingdom among other proud kingdoms.

      • Yeah, I’m sure you know my genetic makeup. One doesn’t have to be born on a certain stretch of soil to be Irish.

  • White trash.

    See how easy it is to trigger whites to hate each other?

    This sort of combativeness ironically is what made Europe so great. If Europe were unified under one decision maker, Columbus never gets funding to sail to America.

    In the words of (((George Friedman))) Europe conquered the world but it never conquered itself.

    Well, it was fun while it lasted. The desire for righteousness self-destruction lives on, from 1914 to the video games of today.

  • My Protestant friends in Northern Ireland watch the moderate Identitarian Youtubers and seem pretty aware what’s going on. The Sinn Fein dominated local government authorities in Belfast are settling African immigrants in the working-class Protestant areas as a weapon of war, in particular a big drive against the 12th July bonfires. BTW Queens University has always been dominated by the Far Left, principally SF/IRA – a lot of Protestants go to Trinity in Dublin!

    I think Northern Ireland shows the usual failure of white Europeans that you also see on the fringes of Ottoman Turkey – the propensity to think that internecine squabbles are what matters, that non-whites can be used as allies & weapons against their white enemies, with no consideration of the inevitable blowback. If the Irish Republicans use non-white immigrants to ethnically cleanse Protestants/Unionists from NI, do they think the non-whites will then vanish or become good Irish Catholics? No, they’ll be doing Taharrush on Irish Catholic girls.

    • So Niggergirians in the North are all due to Catholics? I guess those evil Catholics brought all the muds to London to too? And it must have been the Catholics that had Churchill commit White genocide in Europe?

      I do not know anyone in the Republic who supports the mass invasions. And the invaders are the least integrated of anywhere in Europe in Ireland. Go to a pub, even in a liberal city like Galway, and tell me how many Niggergerians are there. An Irish father would rather his daughter be dead than with a Niggergerian.

      That being said, it is a sad fact to see fat, retarded White women in Ireland with ape babies. But that is the same everywhere those animals go. Our retarded, drug addicted, or otherwise messed up women end up being impregnated by them .

      • I’m just reporting my friends’ opinion, I don’t live there now. There are plenty of Liberal Protestants who favour mass immigration of non whites too of course.

        As you well know the genocidal immigration policy is the same in Ireland and England. The main thing for us should be no more Brothers’ Wars.

      • I was just reporting the views of my working class Protestant friends in NI, I don’t live there. Plenty of middle class liberal Protestants favour mass immigration of course. The same genocidal mass immigration policy is in effect in Ireland as in England. The important thing for us should be no more Brothers’ Wars. As an Ulster Unionist I was raised to dislike Irish Nationalism, just like you dislike the Brits/British Imperialism – I had to learn to let go of that. If we’re to have any chance of survival we have to pull together.

        • These are twentieth century squabbles that need to end. As you say, Simon, now we have to contend with our very survival in increasingly hostile environments. And we should approach that as brothers in arms.

          • I hope your name is in jest as Churchill was an anti white Jew puppet enemy of our people and a faggot to boot.

          • By blood I’m half Northern Irish (mostly native Irish), half English.
            Churchill did many terrible things but if you’re pro white survival it’s stupid to be wasting time refighting the past.

          • Okay — so you insult Englishmen highly supportive of your cause. Good luck building the movement!

        • Exactly Simon. It seems as though Sinn Fein is running roughshod over the Unionists politically, and the Unionist community (esp. in Belfast) has its problems with thugs and drugs.

    • England was the master of this strategy when after the Protestant Unreformation she started making deals with the Muslim world, eventually selling ships (like those retards could build anything) to them that they used to slave raid in Europe. Then supporting the Turks in their invasions of Europe.

      I’m over it but the people should know of the absolute evil visited on the White European peoples by the greed of the English. Let’s go forward from there and never let a self absorbed White tribe among us exploit us all.

      • The cannon/gun that breached the Theodosian Walls was made by an Hungarian gunsmith.
        You don’t see the English show up in the Mediteranean conflict until the late 1680s. They only became decisive in middle 1700s. The Spanish never allowed the English in. Wtf are you talking about?

  • The more intelligent Protestants having nothing to do with “orange” day or whatever it’s called. It’s basically a Halloween-like fun day for the lower classes with the bonfires etc. Most don’t realise that William of Orange was funded by pope Innocent. The authorities banned the book about this I believe in Italy.

    • “More intelligent” Protestants are basically the same Globalised Liberals you get everywhere, and are entirely worthless for the survival of the European peoples. Like Orwell said, if there is any hope it lies in the Proles.

      William of Orange & Pope Innocent were on the same side against French pan-European tyranny, basically the precursor of the modern EU & Globalists. I think their alliance is a good model for us. King James II, reviled by both Protestant & Catholic, was a French shill, no different from the Remainer shills we have now.

    • That was the Irish Nationalism that ran out of fumes more than a century before the more Catholic Easter Rising. Besides, Wolfe Tone was not an Ulsterman. Dublin Protestants and Northern Protestants were sometimes aligned but they were never one tribe.

      • Yea well, the Irish can get over the sectarianism and unite as Irish. I think that is the point of Wolf Tone Besides how many even are religious anymore? Most in the Republic think the idiocy in the North is just that, idiocy, and want nothing of it.

        Anyway, I know it’s complicated and lots of feelings involved. Personally I would way rather be in the Republic. Way more relaxed and normal. The North is bleak and the people focked up.

        • “The North is bleak and the people focked up.”

          Yeah my Southern Irish friends tell me that – I have to concur with their analysis, we are a bit focked up. >:) The landscape is far from bleak though!

          • I meant the culture and way of life is bleak. It’s like a White ghetto up there. Track suit city. The white man needs more room to roam than you have up there confined in your ghettos.

          • Belfast was still pretty grim last time I was there, yup. The countryside is beautiful and close at hand for those who want – England can be a lot worse, with massive overpopulation, in most of England it can take hours by car or train just to get to some semi-wilderness.

          • My relatives are from Co. Derry, far from bleak. Nice rolling countryside, a little mountainy on Tyrone border –Sperrin Mountains.

      • There are still Protestant Irish Nationalists, and Catholic Ulster Unionists – I know one of each, albeit they both live happily in England!

  • “but given how inherently left wing and socialist Irish Nationalism is,
    race never mind nationality rarely enters into the conversation.”

    Then what’s the point?

  • To be quite blunt, Ireland should a federation of four provinces, with Northern Ireland (Ulster) being a province with its own Parliament. Even the British regard Northern Irish Protestants as foreigners and chiefly, Irish.

      • The mistake in Charlottesville was inviting WN 1.0 groups like the National Socialist Movement. This was a mistake on Kessler’s part, and Spencer himself has said that for future events the Alt-Right will not be associated with groups like this. The organisers will also be properly vetted (unlike Kessler). If you watch some of the videos from Charlottesville, it’s easy to distinguish between the Alt-Right and the older, more traditional (and less “aesthetic”) groups. Aesthetics need to be a vital element of the Alt-Right going forward, and dressing badly, especially for public demonstrations, should not be tolerated.

    • …there will be no fedoras. Granted, hipsters have hijacked and polluted almost every decent piece of headware, but the fedora stands on its own as something that should be left alone.

  • Switched off when the poor mouth started about ‘muh IRA terrorists’.
    First of all, there was never anything morally incorrect about killing the British or Unionists during a time of war, the only problem with the IRA and Sinn Fein is their Marxist treachery and subversion of Irish nationalism. During war you kill your enemies, a game has been made of who is the victim afterwards and it is puerile lefty garbage. You killed our lot and we killed yours.
    Incidentally far more prison time and chastisement has been handed down to dissidents and still is.
    We start down the road of the neocons when we begin to brand killing and making war a criminal act, there should never be apology from either side, except to the people they fail if they don’t win.
    There is one great lesson the North teaches us.
    Multiculturalism cannot work.
    We see now in other white nations a plantation taking place like what happened here to my own people, now we call it white genocide.
    We can look to Ireland’s history and see there is only one way to deal with such an event and that is with total and utter finality. The real mistake both sides have made here is to not utterly cleanse the land of the other.

    • The IRA was Marxist. The UK pre ww1 was a machine for spreading white Colonists across the globe. And that included an Irish “diaspora”…which couldn’t appreciate a good deal when it was right in the middle of it. Ireland is literally going to swamped with nogs given that there’s only a few million of them.

      • It was uncovered in in the 90’s after the Soviet collapse in their archives that they were funding and advising the IRA and receiving military and economic intelligence on Britian in return.

        • We knew this as far back as Callaghan’s premiership. The IRA was smart to use M16s as a weapon of choice rather than the AK47 which would have made it obvious.

          • They trained in North Korea too. From all reports they didn’t like the spartan lifestyle of Communist Korea. They also were involved with FARC in Columbia. Pretty weird how these alliances come about.

          • The only reason the IRA used the M16 was because Brendan Hughes saw them in a magazine and thought they would be more adoptable to urban guerrilla warfare and seeing as how the original guns came from the Irish communities in Boston and New York it was fairly easy for them to get their hands on them. They brought them back through merchant navy ships on which a lot of Northern Irish Catholics worked at the time and they would smuggle them back to Ireland.

        • It was the official IRA that trained in Best Korea. The split occurred because of the Marxist policies of the IRA. The PIRA were originally, some would say an anti-marxist IRA.

      • Yes the IRA and SF are Marxist traitors. this I said myself, but the poor mouth stance that Irish people fighting Britain is somehow evil is just a poofters morality. Fighting against the British was correct.
        Removing our culture, enslaving us and scattering us to the four corners of the earth while trying to ethnically replace us was never a good deal for us you stupid yank.
        Rootless colonial.

    • You misunderstand, pre-independence most loyalists in the north considered themselves Irish and saw no contradiction in it, a lot still call themselves “Irish” or identify with Ulster as opposed to British. We are two separate tribes in ways but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some kind of possibility of peaceful coexistence and that we don’t have a common heritage that should be fostered as part of growing a racial consciousness directed at defending our island. You’d have to be naive to say that a loyalist Irishman is as culturally disparate to a nationalist Irishman as a Nigerian or an Arab, that’s Sinn Fein’s worldview. It’s also just a purely pragmatic issue, we can continue our tribalistic feuds while migrants pour in and end with an eventual unification of a 32 county republic of muds that would have no right to call itself ‘Irish’, or we can accept that the issue of the troubles and partition can be shelved for the time being to deal with the greater external threat. Most loyalists I’ve talked to on the right see the latter as a far more sensible option

      • Americans tend to forget the Anglo-Irish, or Irish of English Protestant ancestry. Many Americans of Anglo-Irish ancestry are misidentified as Scotch-Irish because they trace back to Ulster. Not that it’s a big deal.

        • More misinformation from a fool. Stay out of our business. You have no business talking about issues that don’t pertain to your limited world of Germanic Protestants. Ejit.

        • Eh, a lot of descendants of Ulster Scots tend to identify as just being American WASPs because their mass migration was WAY earlier than ours and they mostly make up the old money of the US now, plus they migrated on some religious grounds rather than survival so they never had a huge feeling of diaspora as we did. It’s true that there’s a lot of major figures that get falsely attributed as Nationalist Irish because of the whole Ulster Scots thing, one particular example I can think of is Woodrow Wilson

      • Your culture and group are here specifically to disrupt the homogeneity of our society and destroy our native identity and the method has been largely successful. Hence why the same method is being employed against our race wholesale, because it works. How you saw yourselves at any point was never as Gaelic true Irish but as Anglophone members of the British Empire, following British culture-which is explicitly non Gaelic. Your history and identity has been built around that premise and imperative OC.
        White Nationalism is for the Colonials, not us in the homelands. We have far deeper and settled pedigree to stand over and we owe our ancestors too much to forget it. Though I recognise the need to deal with what is at hand and for different whites to work together, here in Ireland the only inoculation is for a strong single group to emerge and gain power, removing all ethnic disruption peacefully or otherwise.
        The only truly peaceful end to this situation is for those of your background to either capitulate to an all Ireland state and leave all vestige of Britishness behind you, or repatriate yourselves. These two scenarios would yield a peaceful outcome and would allow for more long term friendship to grow between us.
        The marxists are animals and traitors and we’re going to have to purge them, but we cannot turn to our own and cuck out on the Northern question when that’s done. We will have our homeland.

        • I’m a nationalist Irishman, I live just South of the border. I understand your grievances perfectly well, but studying the history of unionism and taking to unionists has given me an insight into their side too. It’s just a conflict we need to put in the past, it won’t actually lead to anything but our countries being overrun. You can’t bomb and shoot a nation into unity, and it isn’t the front and centre of our national question right now given that the very idea of a national question is under threat

          • Well you came across as of Unionist background in how you spoke. There is no peaceful solution to all of this except the ones I laid out and they’re highly unlikely. Seeking unity with another culture is what has caused all this mess, you are promoting a similar message as the liberals, a microcosm of ‘diversity is our strength’ by implying we unify with the unionists for an Irish state. The only way it could happen is how I said before, total capitulation and absorption of the others.

          • Mate, this isn’t 19th century Russia. It’s not like we can just have a pogrom of a large majority community established for centuries in the 6 counties,. I can’t really appeal to you idealistically as we seem to have totally different ideas of a united Ireland, if that ever does come about. However, again, in pure pragmatic terms a cross community alliance is just for the best for ensuring that nationalist energies in this country is devoted to the present pressing problem of mass immigration rather than partition. That is how Shinners still command a nationalist base despite their libshit policies, they use the issue of the 6 counties as a giant distraction.

            And I’m nowhere near similar to ‘diversity is our strength’. I simply think unionists and us are closer culturally to us than a bunch of distant 3rd worlders; this is something I think no one can refute. I propose an island of two people groups, while liberals propose one of hundreds mixed up into a bland brown soup.

        • You should listen to Justin Barett’s speech for the National Party in Belfast. He goes into detail how the Shinner narrative on Irish unity is completely pointless if we can’t actually have a nationalist republic, and I think it’s the way forward for anyone on the right in the nationalist camp

    • I would be willing to bet that McAuliffe, Moran and Sullivan all support the Roman Catholic IRA, either openly, or behind closed doors. With the Roman Catholics you get the Spanish/Hispanics/Latinos/Mestizos as a bonus.

      • If you knew your ass from a hole in the ground you would know that the IRA are Marxist atheists. They are also despised by many Irish and I don’t just mean Protestants.

        The original Irish Nationalist are surely rolling over in their graves seeing what those traitors became. One more thing Ireland nearly made an alliance with the Axis in WWII. And under Irish nationalism divorce was not even legal until relatively recently and abortion is still illegal. Also Ireland takes in the lowest number of refugees that they can given EU arm twisting.

        Your a total fool. Go back to Germany and leave the Irish alone. You don’t have a dog in the fight.

        • Irish Republicanism had the French Revolution in its veins from the get go. Certainly many Nationalists were proud Roman Catholic but Republicans looked upon this religious fervor cynically as a temporary arrangement for duplicitous recruiting purposes. In the end, they mused, atheism and dialectical materialism would come to dominate the movement as politics would push out the true religion (the ‘rationalist’ egalitarian republic would substitute as religion), thus the widespread marxist doctrines in today’s political landscape.

          • In the end you may be right but still many who fought for Ireland did it for the right reasons. They were fighting for their family, their clan, their tribe, their nation. That is right and that is just. That the “ideologues” took it over is a tragedy.

            In any case, we move on to the future! No more brother wars. We must unite and fight our enemies together. In the case of Ireland the Protestants simply have to step down and unite with their fellow Irishmen. If they are not Irish and don’t want to be Irish they have to leave!

            Enough with the ignorant sectarianism.

          • The Republican (Marxist) ideologues were there making and leading the movement from the beginning. The Soviets funded them.
            Unless Irish Roman Catholics strike their breasts three times and admit they were led into crazed zealotry by the enemies of our Lord the healing of wounds cannot begin.
            Sometimes you just gotta forgive you neighbor for being a stronger political power than you. God alone gives Caesar his power. Take up your cross. If Irish Catholics had worked half as hard at converting the protestant heretics as they did moving Soviet arms and running a mafia business Britain would have been Catholic today and ‘no-more-borther-wars’ would’ve been a reality.
            What’s objectively moral cannot be twisted just because you’re doing it for your tribe. God is not mocked. You will end up enslaved much worse than if you had let the British rule you from the get go. The Irish certainly parallel the ancient Israelite nationalists zealots who were stiff-necked enough to actually think Rome should bow down to them, they figured the world should revolve around them because they’re special. And they hated our Lord not because they thought He wasn’t God but because He, with His power, didn’t indulge the perverted avarice of their heart, to rule the world as a special caste.

          • What? So the Irish wanted the English (Rome in your retarded analogy) to bow down to them? Are you thick or what? They wanted to rule over their native lands and not be the servants of usurpers.

            Irish Nationalism was way before the Soviets. Excuse me for thinking you weren’t a Prodie British focker.

            You are a serious retard.

          • The atheistic element were almost non identifiable up until the troubles and even then were never overt. I know plenty of SF members even now who are proud and practicing Catholics and Protestants, much of the membership fetishise Tone’s idea of bringing the creeds together as Irishmen. While Republicanism is of course a Semitic vehicle and ideological sodomy, the vast population of Irish Republicans up to even now are in it for the Nationalism first and the Republicanism second. It is more nuanced than I even explain it but certainly the 20 year old lad on the streets of Derry during the 70’s would have kneecapped a faggot as quickly as a Brit and had no time for any of this kind of non trad mentality we see now. It is and always has been the very inner circle that were truly subversive in that way, misleading Nationalist men and women who spin in their graves at what Ireland has become after all their sacrifice.

        • We had all of that pretty well under control until you Roman Catholics and your Jew political allies ruined everything starting in 1964.

          You Catholic bastards are just as big of a political plague as the Jews, maybe worse. LOL.

          Charlottesville was a classic example of why any White Protestant should not trust any Roman Catholic politician no matter what he or she says or does. Even the ones claiming to be on our side.

          • Are you kidding? You Protestants are the ones who were the first liberals. Without the so-called Reformation (which destroyed the political and spiritual unity of Europe) there would be no Enlightenment and thus no modern liberalism. And the Catholic Church was redpilled from the beginning on the JQ all the way up until your disgusting pro-Israel/pro-jewish “ecumenism” and “modernism” in the 1960s started infecting OUR Catholic Church, which is the original and only true Church. You guys are heretics and your Zionist heresies have done a lot to destroy the White race and rip apart the unity of the European peoples.

      • Haha, wrong. The Catholic Church was the institution that created a unified concept of what it meant to be a European: Christendom. Catholicism is the religion of unified European heritage. The Reformation was what gave birth to the Enlightenment, and “muh equality” and “muh liberty” and gave birth to liberalism and eventually cultural Marxism. Protestantism is the grandfather of the cancerous Leftism we see today. Protestantism in all its varied forms is a cultural cancer as well, even in modern times damaging the Catholic Church (just look at the mess in the Catholic Church today caused by infiltration of anti-Catholic ideas, modernism, which had already been condemned by the Church previously in the Syllabus of Errors.)

      • The Sectarian edge to Irish history has always been a red herring. A simple and effective divide and conquer tool employed by the English, only dribbling spastics fall for it.

  • The phenomenon of the anti-racist national separatist is a curious one indeed, seen not just in Northern Ireland, but also Scotland and Quebec. In all cases, they desire to take their land back for their own people (all from the British or their inheritors), whilst at the same time eagerly importing as many foreigners as possible to settle their land. It never seems to occur to them that a Pakistani or a Haitian won’t give a fig for the sovereignty of Quebec. And indeed, during the independence referendum in 1995, the ‘leave’ vote narrowly lost … because the foreigners all voted to stay in Canada. I wonder what effect the immigrant vote had in the Scottish referendum?

    Northern Ireland is particularly baffling, given that one would think they would have learned the lesson of the Ulster Plantation, and be none too eager to repeat it.

    In conclusion, Cultural Marxism is a helluva drug.

    • The foreigners in Scotland, especially Muslims, and to a lesser extent the Irish, overwhelmingly voted for independence.

        • Petty nationalism and standing against pan-europeanism aren’t the same thing. As Lauritz Von Guildhouzen says there isn’t much support or any history of all Europeans banding together as a single entity, that’s one of the things makes us great: the difference in our religions, languages, customs, history, and architecture. We can certainly ally against the foreign invasion (with plenty of historical precedent) but a unification is both impossible and undesirable.

          The petty nationalism we see in the Atlantic zone (Irish, Scottish, Quebecker, and Catalonian) is rooted fundamentally in anti-clericalism and (linguistic/ethnic) minority grievance which is why it is really just the desire for shitlib satraps rather than any true independence. The petty nationalism we see in Eastern Europe is really based on little more than historical ethnic animosity particularly in the Ukraine, but to lesser extents in the Baltic States and Poland. We shouldn’t totally disregard their grievances but at the same time should help them to realize they are being played by (((interests))) that simply want them distracted for greater geopolitical ends.

          • Nationalism didn’t exist in the ‘west’ for the whole of its existence up until moderning, the roots of Nationalism lay in Bulgaria and the Balkans around 1000 AD. Because these peoples were insolent enough to reject the Holy Latin Liturgy and create nationalist ‘churches’. The Church traditionally proclaimed only three languages sacred and because these three were nailed to God’s Cross which is the Altar of Salvation: Latin, Greek and Hebrew.

            For Bulgarian under proto-‘orthodoxy’ to declare the vulgar national language fit for the high altar was a scandal to the whole of Christendom. This caused the true religion subservient to national politics and set politics on the altar. These are the roots of Marxism.

            In the Latin west regional sense was only secondary to Roman Catholicism and the Latin language which all statesmen, clergy and nobility knew and spoke. This means that European regions and principalities resisted stiffnecked sectarianism for a long time. The Protestant and French Revolution were the ones to create ‘nations’ organized not regionally under Kings and the Emperor but by a vast technocratic elite. This meant continual conflicts, envies and power games that would end up impoverishing Europe and driving her to the brink of extinction, for the same reason why the east was so backwards and enslaved for many centuries.
            The era of ‘enlightenment’ created an international money clique that would continually goad enmities between peoples and bleed them dry.

        • Ireland for the Irish, Sweden for the Swedes, Scotland for the Scots…good fences make good neighbors. I have seen first hand how the mass movement of Poles and the like into Ireland causes animosity. It’s as though there was a plan to make all the White people of the world hate one another to soften them up for their replacement. If one Pole had come to town say as an academic or doctor then he would have been the toast of the town.

          Don’t play into (((their))) hands.

  • Frankly it doesn’t sound that different to the interwhite feuding you find elsewhere. A congenital proclivity to divide up along some imaginary ideology and virtue signaling that you like Nogs more than the other faction/sectary.

    • Being able to organize around an idea instead of a clan enabled Whites to field massive armies of ideologically driven men that conquered the world..but now its tearing us apart.

    • It’s absurd and insulting to say the basis of the Irish conflict is simply “imaginary.” By your logic, all conflict between humans has an imaginary basis.

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