Generation Z Needs To Step It Up

The latest in “shut it down” news is a lawsuit against Michigan State University after the university denied Richard Spencer a rental space in which to give a speech.  Their official reason for canceling the event was “blah, blah, blah, Charlottesville, blah, blah, blah.”

Yes, we’ve seen this before.

We’ve analyzed these types of events usually through two different lenses.  Firstly: this is a matter of our ideology being opposed by powerful forces who exert enormous control over the institutions and media.  Secondly: this is a matter of free speech, a right that is under assault from many fronts, usually with some meandering justification centered around the word “Charlottesville” floating in the argument somewhere.

We can’t forget another factor though.  Simply stated, Generation Z are complete pussies.  This is a generation that values free speech less than previous generations, has been coddled their whole lives, and has been hopelessly indoctrinated in Cultural Marxism.  One big caveat is that there are still a lot of rebellious White males in the bunch who are breaking all these taboos, and hopefully are also reading us here.

Dr. Twenge, a psychology professor from San Diego State University, has an excellent article on this very issue (behind paywall), describing Generation Z:

As I found in analyzing several large national surveys of teens from all backgrounds, fewer of them in the 2010s (as compared with the 2000s) say that they like to take risks, and fewer say they get a thrill out of doing something dangerous…In previous eras, teens were willing to live on the edge by doing things they knew weren’t safe—that was the nature of being a teen.  Not anymore.

Nor are they just concerned about physical safety.  The IGen teens I have interviewed also speak of their need for “emotional safety”—which, they say can be more difficult to protect […] This is a distinctively iGen idea: that the world is an inherently dangerous place because every social interaction carries the risk of being hurt.  You never know what someone is going to say, and there’s no way to protect yourself from it.

The professor theorizes that somehow smartphones and reality as experienced through the filter of virtual reality have made young people especially fragile to ideas they don’t like (or more precisely, have been conditioned not to like).  Their parents escort them to and from their highly organized extra-curricular activities.  They have no autonomy, and hence have not developed the “shells” of normal human beings, as we previously have known them.

Either that or they’re too afraid of saying the wrong thing and getting in serious trouble, so they self-censor and put up their defenses…

Regardless, these students need a proverbial kick in the ass.  That could certainly take the form of a Richard Spencer speech, a man who incidentally, is not especially incendiary in his language.  If anything, one suspects he would raise the level of intellectual discourse and indeed even civility if merely offered a platform.  Yes, Mr. Spencer follows the established science vis-à-vis race realism; but he doesn’t go around gratuitously insulting anyone.  One could not, however, say the same for his detractors, unfortunately.

Back to the issue at hand, besides those mischievous Alt-Right sympathizers in this generation, the entire lot is rotten in many ways.  They’re too protected, too sheltered, too credulous of the leftist narrative.  They need to experience reality like a slap in the face…and soon they will. Let them experience some real trauma before they complain about words hurting them, or equating speech with violence, one of the stupidest tropes of our age.

This is indeed an Alt-Right issue, it is a free speech issue, and it is also a cultural issue. Whether it’s minorities bullying the rest of their school to cater to their insane demands; or effete, middle class, suburban shitlibs enforcing leftist narratives, this whole thing has got to end.  As someone who hitchhiked home from detention in middle school, I say this generation needs to live a little, take some chances.  Listen to some “dangerous ideas.”

They should also stop listening to the generations of losers before them who taught them to be such pussies. Now, go with blessing my children and raise some hell.

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  • “Now, go with blessing my children and raise some hell.”

    What are we supposed to do? Kill people and go to jail for the rest of our lives? Go out there and get our asses kicked? Lift weights so that we will be strong?

    I want to have a career that involves something I’m interested in while helping my people as well.

  • If Universities refuse Spencer his right to speak then Antifa should face similar bans with a narrative as follows:

    “The latest in “shut it down” news is a lawsuit against Michigan State University after the university denied “Antifa” a rental space in which to give a speech. Their official reason for canceling the event was “blah, blah, blah, Charlottesville, blah, blah, blah.”

    Make Antifa a liable to any University in a similar manner Antifa made Altright a liability.

  • Damn I miss the stormer. I’m Gen-x and I fully support the younger generation in their quest for liberation from ZOG. I will be there every step of the way with them. Good luck and Godspeed brothers. We’re all going to need it.

  • Any analysis of GenZ without breaking down findings by race will be highly suspect. Of the GenZ population, what percentage is even White? It’s got to be less than half. I know non-white births began outnumbering white births in 2011 so the generation after GenZ will definitely be majority non-white.

    • Are nogs considered part of that or any generation?

      Generally I don’t think of black Boomers or Black Gen X.

      Blacks from America didn’t fight in ww2. There was no home for them to come back to. They’d infiltrated the factory and shop floor while the dumb and mislead returned from the combat.

  • I think the author is unfairly mixing white Gen Z-ers, who are woke af, with non-white Gen Z-ers, who are a cause of many problems.

  • As a former educator at both the high school and college level I can tell you that this generation is very much yearning for some beacon to guide them out of the stygian wasteland of Marxism. They long for something greater, something that cannot be offered in this nihilistic, materialistic, relativistic, ZOG dungeon we are all locked in.

    For the most part the white students have a visceral feeling that something is very wrong and that their teachers, parents, coaches, professors, and bosses are all part of the conspiracy and therefore incapable of pontificating anything but pestiferous poison.

    Through my red-pilling experience at the university and high school level I was found that the best way to reach our disaffected youth is through comedy and satire.

  • Wow, I just had a rather lengthy post totally erased in a matter of 2 minutes. I must have rattled someone really bad or my insinuation was closer to the truth than I realized.

  • This is just pussy millennials projecting. Boomers did the same thing to X.

    It’s way too early to start making too many assumptions about Gen Z.

    They are clay, and must be molded. Not sure bullyciding is the best way to go.

    • For a movement looking to grow, dissing every generation out their, except their own of course, is rather counter productive. This stuff is becoming a bad joke.

  • I can’t imagine how mind fucked Gen Z is, growing up using Snapchat and Instagram starting in the fifth grade.

  • Whatever, Malcolm. You just want youth to sacrifice their futures for your alt-right lunacy. Well, screw you! Maybe they don’t want to be like Richard Spencer in 20 years. They’re probably terrified at the thought of being 40 years old and running a “nonprofit” from their flat. So, let them alone, if you TRULY care about them. That way, they’ll be free to learn how they can lead informed, meaningful, diverse, and prosperous lives!

  • FOX News or REALITY…….

    The more I watch FOX News…….

    The CLOSER I find…….Myself……..

    In REALITY…….


    Fk FOX NEWS……….

    Teach me what NOT TO BECOME……..

    Thank You!!


  • Our youth truly is our future. I would be 10,000% more active in this movement, but my children are my 1st priority.

  • One odd thing in our political culture is the notion of ‘fluid’.

    Some elements are fluid, some are fixed or solid. It’s like water is fluid while iron is solid, at least under certain conditions.

    For some strange reason, our political culture affixes fluidity to what is fixed and fixed-ness on what is fluid.

    Consider sex, now confused by the term ‘gender’. It is said to be ‘fluid’ when virtually all people have a fixed sex. Even homo men are men and lesbians are women. Only hermaphrodites could be said to be both, but then, they are fixed in their own herma state. Trannies, a small percentage of the population, are said to be physically of one sex but mentally of another sex. Instead of trying to mold the mind to the born-sex, trannies try to mold the body to fit the mind, often delusional. Also, even if we were to accept that trannies are ‘fluid’, why should we say ALL of sex/gender is ‘fluid’ because of that tiny percentage? It’s like saying… just because 2% of Americans love Israel, ALL Americans must also feel likewise. (Tranny stuff seems gaseous than fluid. It is so much a figment of imagination.)

    Anyway, sex is fixed. It is not fluid as PC says.

    In contrast, victimhood is fluid, conditional, and varied. It is not fixed, permanent, or applicable to all within a certain group. A people who are victims can later become victors. Germanic barbarians, once conquered and victimized by Romans, were later victors and destroyers of Rome. Mongols were once lords over China and Russia. Now, they are squeezed between two giants, powerless and dependent. Also, just because a people are victimized in one part of the world doesn’t mean that this victim status applies to all people within that group. So, if European Jews suffered terribly during WWII, it doesn’t apply to Jews in Middle East or America. Likewise, what Japanese suffered in Hiroshima and Nagasaki cannot be claimed by Japanese Americans whose victimization was relatively mild with ‘internment’ camps.

    Italians who were imperialists under Mussolini became a defeated and docile populace.
    So, there are no permanent victors or victims in history. It’s like the Romans were crushed in the West but continued to crush others in the Eastern Empire that survived. And while Russian Europeans were under Mongol oppression, other whites were not under such rule. So, it would be foolish to say ALL Europeans were victims of Mongols.

    So, victimhood is not a permanent condition or fixed status. Brits were once lords over Indians, but India and UK today are different nations. If anything, UK is now being colonized and under PC tyranny while India continues to grow as a world power.
    Same in boxing. Championship is not permanent. If you beat the champion and become new champion, you are the champion. But if another beats you, you are no longer champion but, at best, a contender. A king can become a slave, and a slave can become a king. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all had humble beginnings. The Kaiser of Germany was a ZERO after WWI. Hirohito was reduced to saying ‘Aso’ after WWII.

    And yet, unlike sex/gender(which is really fixed), victimhood has become institutionalized, especially via narrative monopoly and ‘sacralization’, into a permanent status for certain key groups. And if we must have Permanent, Fixed, or Eternal Victims, we also need Permanent, Fixed, and Eternal Villains, the Oppressors.
    Take Jews. European Jews faced dire straits in WWII. But this didn’t apply to Middle Eastern Jews and American Jews. But ALL Jews are seen as the Holocaust People. Also, never mind how much the Jewish community and power has changed over the yrs. We now have people like Peter Brainfart boasting of how their tribe replaced the white gentiles as the ruling elites of America.

    Yet, Jews are permanently sealed in Eternal Victim Status. So, never mind Sheldon Adelson uses his stooges to ensure American support of Israeli apartheid policies in West Bank. He is part of the ‘Forever Victim People’. And even his whores and puppets who grovel at his feet must pretend as though they must do everything to protect weak helpless Jews from Palestinian Nazis.

    This eternalization of victimhood may have begun with Christianity. Jesus spread the cult of ‘meek inheriting the earth’. So, even as Christians became rich and powerful and crushed pagans and invaded others, they always acted like children of Jesus of the ‘turn the other cheek’ school.

    And we see this all around, with so many groups trying to permanently seal their status as holy victims. So, we have Chinese bringing up Opium Wars and Nanking over and over. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Chinese remembering their history and keeping the memory of past tragedies alive. But the condition and status of Chinese today is NOT what it was in the 19th century or during WWII. For China to deal with current Japan by using WWII as moral context is ludicrous. It’s like Jews needling Europe with Holocaust talk over and over and over. So, even when Jewish globalists push something totally immoral like Afro-Islamic invasion of Europe, they say stuff like, “We poor suffering Jews remember the Holocaust and side with poor refugees against European ‘nazi’ xenophobes.” And relations between Poland and Russia and between South Korea and Japan are in sour state because Poland and South Korea seek permanent-victims-status vis-a-vis the other nations when so much has changed since WWII and end of Cold War.

    And consider blacks. Blacks used to be victims of slavery and segregation. But esp since the 60s, the naturally tougher and more aggressive blacks have been using street-imperialism against whites. Blacks routinely kick white butt, rape white women, and conquer white wombs. White manhood has totally wilted and turned cucky in relation to the Negro. At the social level, blacks are now oppressors of whites(at least those who can’t afford to move to nice low-crime areas). But PC has locked blacks into Permanent Victim Status. The Holy Negro of Slavery, Jim Crow, and Civil Rights. Never mind blacks have been about biological slavery over weaker whites, Knoxville Massacre, and Unruly Fights.

    Because of Victim-Tattooing, some groups can play victim forever…or at least under the System with the PC narrative holds out. And if some groups get permanent tattoos as victims, others are branded or scarred as Eternal Villains. So, even when white patriots at Charlottesville call for White Independence, Sovereignty, and Autonomy from the Globalist Empire, they are called ‘nazis’. It’s all the funnier since Alt Right has little money and no control of Hollywood, Wall Street, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Pentagon, Ivy League, and etc. It is a movement of the powerless who seek independence from Globalist Empire, but they are branded as ‘nazis’ while the war-mongering Globalists pretend to be fighting ‘hitler’.

    Sex/gender is fixed but said to be ‘fluid’. Victimhood is fluid but said to be fixed and eternal.
    Because victim status lends moral superiority, it is a useful shield, especially for the powerful.
    A people who are weak, hopeless, and deemed ‘victim’ are little more than objects of pity… like American Indians. But a people, like the Jews, who can gain great power, need victim-shield to stave off criticism of their power by accusing critics of ‘antisemitism’. After all, if Jews are permanently a Holocaust People no matter how powerful they become, their critics are forever ‘nazis’.
    Likewise, blacks have gained a lot of thug power and terrorize much of America. And they love rioting, looting, hollering, and walloping. To justify their happy thuggery in streets, style, and pop culture, they play ‘permanent victim’ status and say ‘you be racist’ to any honest critic. They act like Mike Tyson but wear a MLK mask. (To be sure, even MLK was a lowlife thug who howled like a baboon after knocking a woman unconscious.)
    Once a people’s victim status is sealed or set-in-stone, they have the license to oppress others and then denounce them if they resist. So, if Palestinians resist the Occupation or if white patriots say NO to globalism that targets them for ‘replacism’, they are both ‘nazis’.

    But this is an old trick. US was founded on the myth of the poor underdog rebelling against Tyrannical British Empire. So, whatever the US did later was for ‘democracy’, ‘liberty’ and ‘individuality’ cuz everything the US does is ‘propositional’ based on the founding principles of rebelling against Tyranny.
    So, it could invade and crush nations but always pretend as though it’s fighting the American Revolutionary War all over again. (Never mind the actual war was less about Brits vs American rebels. It was between Brit Empire vs French Empire that won the war for the rebels.)

    It is no wonder that PC hates monuments especially. They are made of solid permanent material. So, in order for PC-favored victimhoods to gain Permanent Hegemony, any solid objects of perceived enemies must be de-permanentized.

  • More youtube channel videos would help. The last one was 2 weeks ago about the limits of bannonism. wtf. did you reach your limit? unless you are being censored there, which you probably would be, I at least want to see a shitstorm as random people start re-uploading shit as it gets sandpozzed. I want to hear more Richard, it literally does not matter what you are talking about, just make a video. You don’t have to be on camera. Go on a walk somewhere and just talk. I watch so many youtube videos throughout the day (at work!) and when a channel doesn’t upload something for a while I feel its absence. When a video shows up where I’ve been wanting one it is a huge morale boost. I’m not gen Z but am younger than Richard and other alt-right thinkers and speakers are essential and I spend all day digesting speech online…I’m hunting for information and inspiration. I know there is plenty out there but I see all these tremendous failures of the parenthetical peoples to get a grip of the internet….they can’t grasp it (comprehend – at least enough to use it effectively), so they try to grab it.

    I work near advertising people and I see this lack of a grasp on Gen Z in terms of how to market effectively to them. So far it seems to me that the best way to market to gen z is to be genuine and have good and true ideas that don’t go against the laws of nature…well we can see why they are not going to be easy to control once they come into contact with the alt right.

    This suggests a more modest, traditional approach, but one that is proven…take the illustration of going to the store and buying some dish soap: Don’t give me a virtue-signalling google-doodled eco-package that saves kids in rwanda whose instagram I can follow, just get a fucking soap on the shelf that gets my dishes clean and doesn’t treat me like I’m some prisoner of yours in the process …Simply to be free to perform the transaction to obtain it in as painless and simple a process as possible with as little bullshit and extra crap thrown in to try to seduce us into buying an inferior product because it appeals to our emotions. Give it to me straight and tell me the truth and if you don’t then I’m not buying…

    Some Gen Z I know can instinctively see through the soulless sales tactics of virtue signalling or diversity mongering, especially since it is now so out in the open…as an aside I am reminded a good strategy is to push people to the point where they just come out and admit openly that white genocide is what they want 😉 …

    The vast information processing capability enables the internet-savvy information digesters of the world (of which Gen Z is undoubtedly the leader and most nimble navigator)… The internet gave them this knowledge, this ability. This IS their default attitude (the ability to DISCRIMINATE bullshit from level-headed, honest, meaningful thought and expression), that is, if they have not yet become cucked or have become uncucked since their indoctrination by the last tattered frays of the impossible tower of babel that is crumbling in the liberal west. It really is nothing more than a return to reason. So yes, more videos from Richard, et al, is much desired, and perhaps there are zykloni out there who would concur.

  • If Gen Zyklon come to be worst than the millennials, to whom I am a part of, then I weep for the future. Although it is possible to understand them. The Zykloners are people, young men and women who, for the absolutely first time in history, are completely isolated, in a social way. They converse through the internet in groups of pre-selected people that agree not to most but all, or nearly principles! This is uncharted territory and as a psychologist (sort of) this is as intriguing as horrifying! While nations could live in isolation from other nations (Greece’s culture is the best example as we still live in the 70’s due to our county being a cultural isolation chamber) but never we had people that never had to meet countering views.

    Zykloners are considered to become the most conservative generation I really hope this stands true because with younger millennials the situation is abysmal, they are people who do not know even how to cut acquittances! If that comes to be true then we are doomed, as the people that are described lack the inherent ability to function inside a society, this means we have no ability to create anything! (by the way Cardhu is truly a superior whiskey!)

    What can it be done? Sadly not much but it is needed to break the constant helicopter parenting and media propaganda and immense isolation! Is it achievable? Yes it is! Is it difficult? Yes it is. Can it be done? Yes it can! Zykloners need to be approached and gradually become red-pilled in a way that is even more slow than most people! This is needed to break the indoctrination by the media and the system, to which they have been into for all their lives without having any rebellious counter-culture, besides antifa!

    This generation holds huge potential as it is growing into the economic crisis but sadly knows nothing of times previous. They’ll either make us or undo us.

  • Im a gen z white male, and I approve this message.
    Most of the males in my generation are vapid, thuggish normies who happily embrace degeneracy and drug culture with open arms, and “don’t talk politics” because they dont want to disagree/don’t know anything. I suppose it could be that I live in Washington State, but I doubt its much better anywhere else. The only upside is that it seems like the females are more awake to the nonsense going on.

      • yup. 2 of my professors have “resist” posters in their class rooms and there was an anti trump protest on campus.

          • Nope, I live there, everyone is a boomer conservative, MAGA tard, or Foam at the mouth leftie, and i’m easily in the minority, as the town is infested with third world mestizos.

          • Kudos to you for being ahead of the curve at your age…
            At 17 I was protesting the Iraq war, but what’s happening now is even more insidious and complex.

          • Shoot me a contact email address if you feel inclined. Im trying to find similar minded guys in the 509. Nothing creepy, lol. Gotta put that out there these days “no homo”.

      • probably, because I lived in North Idaho, and it seemed like the ones there were certainly less of pussies, even though they behaved alot more degenerately

    • Women are not more awake to what’s going on. They’re worse than the men are. Maybe it’s different where you are, but that makes you unique. All the girls I see are selfish, vapid, middle class, spoiled brats that sleep with anything that’s got a dick and a heartbeat. I have lots of disagreements with mgtow, but they do make good points on the nature of modern women.

      • Yea thats right, but Ive met a few who are at least more traditionalist than usual, but for the most part they are also drunk degenerates too.

      • Hehe! No woman wants you, eh? Apparently, women won’t sleep with “anything”, since you’re likely an “incel”! LOL! And “mgtow” stands for “men grabbing their own weiners”! Hahaha!

    • Fellow White Man ,
      I also live in Washington State. Our state has essentially, in a nutshell been a Cultural Marxist – Communist – Socialist – Progressive – Left Wing – Liberal – Wasteland of undesirable humans for about 14 years now. I do not classify or label myself. I have thought outside of the box and have been racially aware and racially conscious since the early 1990’s. The main problem in Washington State is that this state condemns people who think outside of the box.

      My theory is that on May 18, 1980 when the Mount Saint Helen’s Volcanic Eruption / Explosion happened that it permanently infected the skies, air, and the people of Western Washington and also Western Oregon. I was just a little baby in the crib when it happened. I love the state, the Cascade Mountains, the San Juan Islands, Puget Sound, and the scenery of this state.

      The problem with Washington State is the people, the way the people are, the way that the state is, and the Democrat – Communist – Socialist – Progressive – Left Wing – Liberal = Cultural Marxist Politics that the people and the Politicians of this state embrace, uphold, and repeatedly vote for.
      But that is just my opinion and theory about why the people and the state is the way it is.

  • GenZer’s aren’t going to be American nationalists, conservatives, or altrighters, they’re going to be full-blown fascists, White Nationalists, and National Socialists. There’s nothing left in America to defend, and Hitler is a far more powerful and alluring figure for the younger generation than Washington or Adams.

    Down come the confederate and Founding Father statues, up go the statues to Heydrich and Rommell after the final victory.

    • You want to know the future? It will go either the 1984 route or the Idiocracy route. We just elected a reality TV star as our President and it looks like Kid Rock will be a senator soon. It seems us Americans are turning into perpetual adolescents and just voting in the popular kid in HS elections.

      • So, tell me, which respectable, National Review and Chamber of Commerce approved Republican is going to ACTUALLY ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAW? Only Trump was sufficiently removed from the inner beltway miasma to take this stand.

  • Go tell your friends gen zykloners: you can make your parents look like the pussies they are if you follow us, and you can break the will of your teachers by confronting their insanity with our facts. When I was in highschool I would have loved the opportunity to throw the system into disarray that you have: have some fun, collapse the narrative, trigger your teachers, trigger your parents, and implode the entire social order!!

  • These Gen Z youths need to download “The Essential App For The Current Year”, KosChertified?, that is. With it they can invest a few hours learning about The KQ – The Kosher Question – and then use its database to have their mommies shop for groceries that serve “their” interests! Find out more at You see, when you buy food these days there actually are political ramifications based on your choices. It’s time to get K-Wise!

    • Nice! You should also look for companies that are Jewish owned and operated and add them to your app. We need to stop giving Jews our hard earned money.

  • I always thought the younger generation countered the one before it? If so, wouldn’t Gen Z be among the most anti SJW types around and pro freedom? I’ll have to look into this more because it suggests that the SJW types have neutered Gen Z. I certainly hope not.

  • People respect strength and right now our movement is growing stronger day by day. We just need to keep on using these proven methods and we will see the youth flocking to join our ranks.

  • Do you want to know why Andrew Anglin has been unpersoned, condemned to intellectual prison by jewry? It is precisely because he was breaking critical mass popularity, and among who, gen Z none other.
    This finally pushed jewry to flip the red switch on him rather than trying to use him for fed honeypot puposes. The risk of breaking containment was too high.

    His site is ‘high energy’ like Trump would say, gen Z was onboard.

      • Oddly enough the generation of Hitler Youth were the combat cadre of the Wehrmacht. Also the comic books in the US created the GIs.

          • Well Patriot American. What’s your solution? What’s your plan besides your prissy, old ladyish scolding and whining? I don’t see anyone here putting forward actionable ideas. Meanwhile your world burns….
            “We mustn’t do this, we mustn’t do that”. No wonder the jews own you.

          • My solution would be to ostracize and ignore obvious agent provocateurs like Anglin and Weev and make sure our propaganda and actions have nothing in common with their depraved caricature of our movement.

      • It will not be productive if Anglin is involved. Just a few days ago he was saying the Holohoax should’ve happened on some radio show. That is anti-Aryan filth at it’s worst. We don’t commit genocide nor do we advocate for it to be committed.

        • No we do but only when it is necessary, most non-whites do it too easily for me it is needed to point out if the afflicted people deserved it. The Pechenegs are a great example they looted and terrorised eastern Europe and the Byzantium by abducting women and killing men for far too much time. After the Kyivan Rus (predecessors of the modern day Russian and Ukrainians) have had enough they started hunting and killing them we Greeks as rulers of the once proud and powerful Byzantine Empire, to which European nobility sent their children to be educated, our emperor (I don’t remember who he was the killer of Bulgars or his son) said to the soldiers: “to kill everything even children and babies”! No one missed them thoug, consider an baby for an early version of he becomes after he grows!

          Why this hearless outlook? I have seen the perils of humanism, or anthropocentricism, and decided to throw it away as a medieval Man would do! controversial it might me but required too, that being said with sadness but understan most humans are a burden to mankind without being lower than men but simply by being themselves!

          Our enemies would simply have destroyed the sublime even if it was made by Africans! Dwell on that and let humanism die into you, become a true Odinist or a something else it matters not, unless it saves the race of the peoples that became the prometheus to mankind and gave them light by fire.

          • I am not a cowardly cut throat and I don’t kill women and children. That is anti-Aryan Jewified behavior and has no place in our movement.

          • Yes, I did. He is saying it is necessary to commit genocide at times. That is anti-Aryan.

          • Not sure what anti-Aryan means. How about a little bible chat? They invented that kill everything deal. Take a glance at Joshua chapter 6 — “And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman,
            young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword.”

            That was right after the walls of Jericho came tumbling down. And it only gets worse after that. Much worse. It makes you wonder who this god is that they worship. It doesn’t seem to like humans much… not even those that worship it.

          • If the Jewish god were made into a sculpture it would be very ugly and evil looking.

          • It was made in to a sculpture. The Baal gods. Usually depicted as some sort of human creature with massive breasts. Gideon under the command of God tore it down with his fathers bulls. It’s in the Old Testament. Book of Judges.

          • There’s another pill. The red pill is baby aspirin compared to this one. It started even before the serpent did lunch with that nekkid lady. The Old Testament talks about it, but that story was appropriated from an even older account. Actually, most of what we call the old testament was just a retelling of even older stories of the Sumerians who most likely were simply talking about events further back. Think long and hard before taking this pill — there is no turning back.

          • This is so stupid. The Heebs were destroying Canaanite civilization much like the way they are destroying our statues today. The statues of Asherah and Baal are actually just male and female figurative sculptures. There are many that get dug up in Palestine today. The OT biblical scribes were much like Hollywood scriptwriters. Bullshitters in most cases. Tear down some other peoples artifacts and then shit all over their illustrious memory.

            The Jewish god is a monstrous spider mashed up with a tentacled squid.

            You’ve been babboozled.

        • These people do not understand the principles of National Socialism. I applaud you for stating the obvious.

          If we had any real power, Andrew Anglin would be disappeared.

        • So? You people are so autistic you can’t tell when Anglin is joking. Hint: He jokes a lot. I mean it amazes the hell out of me that some people can read the sort of hilarious stuff on Daily Stormer and act like it’s the most serious bidness in the world. Learn to take a joke and laugh you pathetic moron. Even if he was completely serious (he’s not) what would it matter? It’s not like Anglin has the power to do any of those things he says. It’s all just to get your panties in a bunch because it’s funny as hell.

          • It matters because the Jews will ALWAYS use it as evidence that we are genocidal maniacs and the ‘normies’ will always believe it. Anglin is smart enough to know this and this only makes me suspect his motives even more.

          • Yep, it was meant to trigger and Greg showed everyone how clueless he was by writing a long ass article the next day focusing on a troll by Anglin that he swallowed hook line and sinker. Everyone is so afraid of offending the chosen people that they panic at the sight of their own shadow these days. Will they ever step up and stop being pussies?

          • Anglin came off as a little unprepared.

            I could probably publicly undermine faith in the Holocaust narrative but it wouldn’t be a blanket “never happened”.

            Start with brain bashing machines and soap then go to haircuts before gassings, headshrinking etc…it’s more than enough…then go to which Holocaust.

        • It is his Elliot Rodger syndrome that is really cringeworthy, especially when combined with yellow, kebab and jungle fever.
          Never had a White GF? No GF ever? Don´t make such a f***ing show of it, it is just a big, fat target for ridicule.

          Otherwise he can be pretty funny.

    • I’ve been in this movement for 15 years. I am personal friends with one of the owners of this website. I had never even heard of Andrew Anglin until perhaps a year or two ago. The times I looked at the site, it was trash. It was Stromfront, but in 4chan style.

      Andrew Anglin is a non-person because he and his website suck.

      • Everyone thinks it’s fine to pile on Andrew now that he’s down. Even Greg went after him after that almost two hour interview. The article on Greg’s blog counter-currents “My Conversation with Andrew Anglin” was, in my opinion, a pitiful attack on someone while they were down. Greg’s main take was… in his own words… “boils down to: It never happened, but it should have. This is completely indefensible.” — and which in my own words is, it is just lame, totally lame that, out of that almost two hour long interview with Tara, that’s about all he wants to talk about. The sub-title of this article comes to mind: Greg needs to stop being a pussy.

      • Anglin has actually been around for a long time. He was like one of the very first “alt-righters” I ever read, way before the term “alt right” ever came into being. He had a blog, I can’t remember what it was called exactly, but it basically exposed Jewish zionism and the holohoax. It was more serious than the Daily Stormer, this was before Anglin started doing 4chan humor. Just because you hadn’t heard of him until recently doesn’t mean he wasn’t around because I know for certain he was.

        • I was there the day launched. It seems like yesterday. It was little more than 7 years ago. I have vacationed with David Irving. I am friends with Kevin MacDonald. I am well acquainted with everyone who matters in this struggle.

          If you are 22. Then sure, 3 years is a long time. But, this has been going on for decades.

          I urge you to question the legitimacy of these figures, particularly those who are inclined to more overt extremism.

          • David Irving’s decision to sue Lipstadt was so stupid I question his judgement. Who could trust a judge in the British system?

          • If you knew anything about David Irving, you’d realize that is the least of your worries. Try bringing your girlfriend around him.

            Anglin’s behavior is simply too consistent with that of agent provocateur. Could a caricature have been better executed? He not only looks and acts like a loser skinhead, he writes the most inflammatory neo nazi website on the web. Oh, and he conveniently disappears, nowhere to be found. This is someone David Irving can’t even accomplish as an old man dependent upon charity.

    • Fashwave, the discussions regarding: evolution, science, overpopulation, types of governments, history, white interests, health were enjoyable to read for sure. The articles about people were boring, like who cares, or politics…I didn’t care for that.

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