Kim Never Called Me White Trash

Best Korea is all over the news, but I haven’t really been following the situation. I’m sure it’s interesting from a war games perspective though. The idea of North Korea getting a nuke on an ICBM would change the power balance in East Asia and could lead to a showdown of epic proportions.

That being said, I’m not sure I buy the whole “North Korea is evil” narrative. I’ve heard it so many times already from the usual suspects. I remember hearing about how Saddam was evil and wanted to blow up the world. I remember hearing it about Ghadaffi, about Assad, about Putin and about Donald Trump as well.

In general, I’ve developed a skepticism for whatever war the lying media is trying to push on me in the name of human rights or world security. I’ve developed a golden rule that I always follow:

This rule has yet to lead me astray.

Donald Trump’s pivot towards confronting China has led him to face down North Korea as well.

Contrary to popular opinion, the two countries have a strained relationship as a result of Kim’s clamp down on the Chinese supported faction within the North Korean government. China has been reforming and ditching the old ways, whereas Kim has doubled-down and clamped down on the “reformers” within the government.

Good for him. Selling out to the NWO seems appealing, but it comes at a great cost to a nation’s sovereignty as the case of the USSR has shown.

From what I understand, North Korea has a lot of internal problems mostly related to the fact that they are diplomatically isolated. North Korea is mostly mountainous terrain and they cannot grow enough food to feed themselves. They’ve run out of coal and without the USSR or China backing them, they’ve been backed into a corner.

They’ve invested heavily into their military, at the expense of increasing creature comforts for their citizens. They’ve become another modern day Sparta nestled in the mountains and facing down the Southern Athens on their border.

Meanwhile, Trump’s maneuvers against North Korea help him maintain a tough image with the Patriot crowd at home. These former Bush voters still remember that apart from Iran, North Korea is somewhere on the list of “axis of evil countries” that the US is sworn to destroy. So it makes sense why Trump would posture abroad to improve his ratings at home.

But I don’t really care about North Korea.

Hell, I wouldn’t really care if North Korea invaded South Korea. I think many South Korean men might even benefit from North Korean rule. See, back in college, I was friends with a South Korean student who told me about how rapidly South Korean feminism had taken over society. Later on, I learned that a bizarre witch cult ruled the country, which confirmed in my mind everything that he had told me. Most South Korean men that I have met are effete Soyboys and unsurprisingly the country is facing a demographic slump.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place without K pop?

But they’re rich. Having the US pay for a large chunk of their defense spending certainly helps.

But even without that factored in, they are doing well financially, I suppose. Capitalism and a massive market in America for their cheaper electronics and cars have done wonders for the South’s economy.

And really, isn’t that all that matters?

I’m kidding.

The only real complaint I have with North Korea is that their leader is fat even though ordinary people are struggling. But this may be just my egalitarian huwhyte side talking. Maybe in their culture it is considered good luck to be fat, and rubbing Kim’s belly is thought to bring good luck and fortune for an entire year or something.

I’m not sure.

But one thing I am sure about is that I don’t plan on getting emotionally invested in the propaganda war on North Korea. Kim never called me ‘white trash’. Kim never swamped my country with Third World immigrants to demographically replace me and my progeny. Kim never made the women in my country insane feminists. Kim never demanded that I hate myself for being White.

In my humble opinion, the Kim is a good boy who dindu nuffin. And if they want to get a nuke to ensure that they don’t get Ghaddafi’d, I say godspeed to them. Once they get that nuke on an ICBM then the chances of there being a hot war in the region drop to near 0%. Nukes are wonderful at keeping the peace.

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  • For most of it’s history North Korea was wealthy and its citizens lived better than the south. The fall of the USSR made it poor.
    The south was a military dictatorship until 1988. Its economy is run by five companies created by usa aid and fattened by unfair trade deals making us poorer.
    The old anglo elite did it because they hated barracks socialism. The current zio elites hate it because its not part of the banking system.

  • I want nothing to do with a war with best Korea, the world would be in a much better state if more countries had their FP.

  • That was about as stupid an article as I’ve ever read online. The only reason you keep meeting “effete Korean men” is because you hang out in gay bars. Why don’t you join the US Army, travel to South Korea, get to know the country and the politics of the region? Work alongside ROCKs (Republic Of Korea) soldiers and come back and tell us how “effete” they are. In other words . . . try actually learning something about a subject before spouting off your abysmal ignorance.

  • This is about the most ignorant article I’ve ever read. If it’s supposed to be serious, then it’s crap. If it’s an attempt at DS “humour”, then it’s a massive impotent failure.

    • What exactly is the point of the US presence in South Korea?

      We are close to war and that war may be nuclear, so could you explain why we would want to fight such a war?

      • Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines are the front line defending the American Ocean (North Pacific). The USA coerced Korea into giving up it’s nuke program by guaranteeing that it would keep the peninsula nuke-free, and then gave North Korea nuclear power plants and massive foreign aid because they promised Jimmy Carter they wouldn’t develop nukes. The USA and the ROK have a mutual defence treaty that can be abrogated with one year’s notice.

      • Dean Acheson (US Secretary of State, 1949-1953), January 12, 1950:

        “This afternoon I should like to discuss with you the relations between the peoples of the United States and the peoples of Asia. … What is the situation in regard to the military security of the Pacific area, and what is our policy in regard to it?

        “In the first place, the defeat and the disarmament of Japan has placed upon the United States the necessity of assuming the military defense of Japan so long as that is required, both IN THE INTEREST OF OUR SECURITY and in the interests of the security of the entire Pacific area and, in all honor, in the interest of Japanese security. … I can assure you that there is no intention of any sort of abandoning or weakening the defenses of Japan, and that whatever arrangements are to be made, either through permanent settlement or otherwise, that defense must and shall be maintained.

        “This DEFENSIVE PERIMETER [of the American Pacific] runs along the Aleutians to Japan and then goes to the Ryukyus. We hold important defense positions in the Ryukyu Islands, and those we will continue to hold. In the interest of the population of the Ryukyu Islands, we will at an appropriate time offer to hold these islands under trusteeship of the United Nations. But they are essential parts of the DEFENSIVE PERIMETER of the Pacific, and they must and will be held.

        “The DEFENSIVE PERIMETER runs from Ryukyus to the Philippine Islands. Our relations, our defensive relations with the Philippines are contained in agreements between us. Those agreements are being loyally carried out and will be loyally carried out. Both peoples have learned by bitter experience the vital connections between our MUTUAL DEFENSE requirements.

        “So far as the military security of other areas in the Pacific is concerned, it must be clear that no person can guarantee these areas against military attack. But it must also be clear that such a guarantee is hardly sensible or necessary within the realm of practical relationship.

        “Should such an attack occur, one hesitates to say where such an armed attack could come from, the initial reliance must be on the people attacked to resist it and then upon the commitments of the entire civilized world under the Charter of the United Nations, which so far has not proved a weak reed to lean on by any people who are determined to protect their independence against outside aggression. But it is a mistake, I think, in considering Pacific and Far Eastern problems to become obsessed with military considerations.”

        64 days later, North Korea (after obtaining permission from Stalin, and with Soviet materiel, and with promises of military support from Mao Zedong) invaded South Korea. The CIA had noted the southward movement by the (North) Korean People’s Army (KPA), but assessed this as a “defensive measure”, and concluded an invasion was “unlikely”. North Korean forces numbered between 150,000 and 200,000 troops, organized into 10 infantry divisions, one tank division, and one air force division, with 210 fighter planes, 110 bombers, 35 reconnaissance aircraft, 280 tanks (including 274 T-34-85’s), 200 artillery pieces (with 114 fighter planes, 78 bombers, 105 T-34-85 tanks, and some 30,000 soldiers stationed in reserve).

        The Republic of Korea Army had 98,000 soldiers (65,000 combat, 33,000 support), no tanks, 12 liaison (unarmed) planes, 10 AT6 advanced-trainer airplanes. There were about 200-300 American troops in Korea.

        After UN forces succeeded in repelling the invasion, China invaded.

        And that’s why the USA and the ROK are treaty allies.

        The Mutual Defense Treaty Between the United States and the Republic of Korea (Hangul: 대한민국과 미합중국간의 상호방위조약; 韓美相互防衛條約) was signed on October 1, 1953, commiting the two nations to provide mutual aid if either faces external armed attack. The ROK fought in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

  • The US destroyed all NK’s cities during the war and wiped out about 30% of the population…the Japanese occupation of Korea wasn’t exactly a picnic either….just like the Chinese, they have long memories.

  • The title alone is worth the price of the number. And this:”Kim never called me ‘white trash’. Kim never swamped my country with Third World immigrants to demographically replace me and my progeny.”

    We have an interesting theory that the Nork government is a weird legacy of Tojo and Yamamoto. I can’t judge whether this is really true, But if we’re going to pick enemies, we should limit them to those who actually do harm.

  • Fuck gooks. Period.

    Gooks may not be running through the street with their assholes hanging out through their underwear while screaming “there go whitey!!”, but they still are a huge fucking threat to Western Civilization. They don’t like you. The best we can hope for from gooks is that they stay in their corner of the world, make badass electronics for entertainment & not threaten our global dominance.

    -Does building nuclear missles that can hit our remaining colonies (not to mention the homeland) & challenging our dominance in the region fall into that category? No. So, fuck North Korea.

    Jesus Christ, are you going to be writing more articles on the wondrous beauty of the various non-white ppls of the world? I can turn on CNN for that crap. Reading it here turns my stomach.

  • If N. Korea managed to nuke Hollywood, Los Angeles and San Francisco, it would be a great day for America. California’s cultural and moral pollution does more damage to America than N. Korea could ever do.

  • Kim Jon Un, or whatever his name is, is really a bad guy, if the press is to be believed. And we know the press lies, so at best that leaves me with no information about him. But to my knowledge he has never called me lazy, stupid, fat, a racist, a fascist, a rapist, white trash, white privileged, a white supremacist, ignorant, sexist, a homophobe, an islamaphobe, transphobic, or a deplorable. He has not called for my genocide. He does not demand that companies fire me because I am white, and he does not ask companies not to hire me because I am white. He never argues that American employers should hire fewer white people, or that colleges should admit fewer white students. He and his followers do not go around singing “we shall overcome” white people. He has never called me a cracker, the devil, white pasty deodorant, or “passe blanc.” These are things the Left has done and does do every, single, day of my life.

    On another topic, if the Left truly believes we should allow in illegal immigrants without any vetting, then why can’t we allow in the North Korean army? Or does the Left only want to vet whom the Left wants to vet?

      • LEL Racist! I associate more with my Ravens fandom than some sort of social construct like the WHite Race! It’s all about owning more stuff and giving your shekels to the nice folks at Nike and the NBA! Politicks is for smart folks like John Oliver and Stephen Colbert! Rabble like us should focus on important topics like Sportsball and Kim KArdashian’s sex techniques from COSMOPOLITAN!

        • Dude I was called racist just for being born with a shiny white bum. Being called a racist simply because I think sports are stupid is way down at the very bottom of a totem pole that is so high you could touch Voyager with it.

        • How can I spend more money on sportsball to help the philanthropic Jewish sportsball owners and commissioners like Bud Selig, Gary Bettman, and Adam Silver?

          • Try to go to as many games as you can, especially out of town, as travelling also helps the great folks who own airline companies, and be sure to get as good a seat as you can, ideally front row, because you’ll want to experience the empowerment of Black folks up close! Also be sure to join as many pay to play fantasy football/basketball leagues as you can! Remember, it’s good to be fat, drunk and happy!

          • Good thing we have heroes like Colin Kaepernick to kneel against bigotry and white imperialism! I agree we need more diversity at the quarterback position, as blax are just as good as whites on everything else! Also, maybe we ought to have sports initiatives to allow more trans-folk to be Sportsball stars!

        • Tranny and race-mixing porn!

          Researchs by Rick Wilson have shown that the Anime one clearly makes young White people racist.

  • An H-bomb armed N.Korea: Brought to you by 35 years of boomer neocuck leadership policy decisions and ineffectual representation at the UN with obvious PC picks such as Nicki Haley….muh diplomacy.

    But hey! At least they’re working on tax cuts and a reformed health care bill.

    Because you know… if your skin is melting off because a 2nd sun rose over the nearest metropolitan area, you too will want free health care.

  • Some say that PC targets straight white males. But an attack on white males is an attack on the whole of white race since white race cannot exist without white fathers.
    Likewise, an attack on white females is an attack on the whole of white race since whites cannot exist without white mothers.

    So, this notion that PC spares white females and only targets white males is bogus. Attack one and it’s also an attack on the other. If someone bashes the left side of your brain, your right side is also useless. If he bashes the right side of your brain, your left becomes useless. Both sides worth together.

    PC tries to destroy the white race by driving a wedge between white men and white women. White women are made to feel that they constitute an autonomous group independent of white males. But they wouldn’t exist if not for white fathers.

    • The goal of the Left is to enslave, imprison, or kill all white people. They especially hate working class Americans, and hate white working class Americans with particular malice. They will not, however, stop with the working class. Only physical force in our defense will save us, because the Left respects nothing else.

  • In America, it comes to down to Official Hate, Protected Hate, Mandatory Hate, Monetized Hate, Incentivized Hate, and Encouraged Hate versus Patriotic Hatred against Globalist Imperialists.

    Zionist Hate is part of Official Hate. It is indeed Mandatory Hate as all of us gentiles just support Jewish oppression of Palestine and Wars for Israel. We can’t say NO.

    Black Hate is part of Monetized Hate as vile rappers are given mega-million dollar contracts to spew hatred against the white race.

    Illegal Hate is part of Protected Hate as ‘sanctuary cities’ or Sneakeasys protect those who hate Rule of Law and disrespect American Borders.

    Homo Hate is Encouraged Hate. Homomania is encouraged and promoted as new religion. It hates normality, decency, and truth.

  • This topic is super boring. I’m going back to my Kookspiracy stuff for a while until you guys can find more interesting material. You’re slackin big time

  • I Look at this situation like it is going to be the white ethnostate in a few years. If we had the nuclear bomb i think we would be acting exactly the same way to keep the NWO out of our land and out of our lives. Communism is bad i don’t really give a shit what NK do, Re-arm Japs and let them sort em out..No more wasting white lives in useless wars that benefit non whites!

    • Actually this is good logic you see, because if our libtard dicktater Obunga hadn’t taxed the North Koreans so much they would understand that free market is best and that Israel is our best friend.

    • and Social Security reform that benefits them, but F- the others who are inheriting their mess. Greedy no soul having mutherf-ers

  • We’ve kept Korea’s civil war at a standstill for over half a century now. I would like to see our forces brought back home to protect us from the invaders. Let Korea settle their war and may the strongest government win.

      • True, but only temporarily. It will create lots of American jobs because Timmy will have no choice but to make an American product again after all his Asian factories are blown up.

    • As many Jews as there are in Iran and how well they get treated there (at least so I’ve heard) I wonder if the Jews already control Iran anyway? Then keep up the “hate” between Iran and Israel to eventually lure the US and the West ONCE AGAIN into defending their worthless asses.

      • I think your on target – Military complex needs money and Jew banks are willing to lean it / with interest of course – usury will impoverish us all – then maybe will finish the Jew off once and all-

  • Was totally NOT expecting to see T.O.P from Bigbang in this article…

    TFW you’re altright and love k-pop.

    • If anything I would have expected some real flower boys, Bigbang is notoriously one of the more masculine groups. Someone like Key from SHINee would have been a better fit. Then again, they aren’t doing anything we haven’t seen David Bowie or Steven Patrick Morrissey do for decades now…


      Key dressed as a woman on Korean SNL:

    • My main point was if they are going to slam kpop artists for being feminine, don’t use one with a chiseled jaw and masculine facial features like T.O.P… He is the old Korean masculine standard.

      The new Korean male celebrity facial standard is far more feminine. Square jaws and masculine features are 1990’s and back. Since the early 2000’s flower boys have been in. Body standards are far more masculine now, so that’s gone in the opposite direction. A man used to be able to be a bit pudgy as long as he had a masculine face, it’s not so any longer.

      That’s the reason people are drawn to Korean beauty in general these days… Cute, youthful faces on top but insanely fit bodies below, males and females.

      Why don’t you spend some time observing the international kpop fandom, it’s full of young white girls moaning and complaining about how white men have let themselves go and drooling over even just basic Korean dudes because they actually take care of themselves.

      So as bad as you think Gen X and Millennial white women are with blacks, Hispanics and Arabs… Gen Z area bunch of conservative little kpop fans. Obsessed with Asian men for being fit, yet more traditionally masculine in relationships. The reason most young white girls like kpop is because of how nasty the (((American & European music industries))) have been allowed to become. They constantly take a moral high ground for liking kpop as opposed to Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, etc.

  • North Korea is ruled by terrible regime, but it only exists because US divided Korea and gave half to Stalin.

    Also, even though NK is compared to Nazi Germany, it is the US that committed holocaust against it.

    US has yet to admit its role in willfully dividing Korea and to ‘apologize’ for its holocaust against a nation. Also, the US destroyed Palestine around the same time. Palestinians ended up under Zionists how Koreans ended up under Japanese immigrant-imperialists(who settled entire areas of Korea like French once colonized entire parts of Algeria).

    While Japanese-Americans may bitch about how US immigration laws excluded Japanese, how nice it would have been if Koreans and Manchurians had the power to ban Japanese immigration during the Japanese Colonialist Era. Back then, Koreans and Manchurians were forced to say YES to Japanese immigration like Palestinians couldn’t say NO to Zionist immigration-invasion.

    US has dominant position in the UN and allows Israel to get away with every crime in the book.

    But since everyone who works for the media must work for Zionist oligarchs who own and fund those operations, we get the same old same old. The usual BS.

    US is a nation where everyone remains muted about the fact that a lunatic like Sheldon Adelson or George Soros play key roles in funding politicians to serve as whores.

    I mean consider this article, the usual neocon globalist tripe about the ‘far right’ and North Korea.

    I see that the authors, Bradley Jardine and Casey Michel, are trying to kill two birds with one stone. They are trying to discredit ‘white nationalism’ by associating it with the loathsome North Korean regime and discredit North Korea by associating it with the ‘far right’.

    There is nothing original about smearing North Korea as an Asian-Nazi state, a view endorsed by Neoconservatives whose hatred for North Korea has mostly to do with its economic ties to Muslim nations hated by Israel.

    Anyway, first things first. North Korean regime is indeed truly terrible. After all, North Korea began as a neo-Stalinist state and then morphed into Iron Dynasticism of the Kim Family. It’s a corrupt state run by thugs and assholes. No one can dispute that.

    And there are elements in White Nationalism or White Identity Politics who have learned nothing from WWII and the horrors of National Socialism. But this simply is NOT true about most white people who are for nationalism. For instance, Poles and Hungarians who support borders and patriotism are NOT neo-Nazis. They are not for conquering other territories or violating the rights of other nations and peoples. Their only desire is to maintain their own identities and histories on their own territories.We need to stress that such people are NOT ‘Neo-Nazis’ or the ‘far right’ by any stretch of the imagination as the globalist media smear them to be. According to the globalist media, any European who wants to defend and preserve his own nation for his own kind is a member of the ‘far right’.

    Using such politico-moral logic, Algerians who wanted to reclaim Algeria from French colonization must have been ‘far right’ too. Same can be said for Vietnamese who struggled to drive out French imperialists and American militarists to regain Vietnamese sovereignty, which is once again eroding under globalism.

    Why should nationalism be a problem when it is defensive, when it’s about protecting one’s own nation or land from foreign colonizers, military and/or demographic. Was Gandhi a ‘far rightist’ when he demanded that the British imperialist proto-globalists pack up things and leave?

    Anyway, even though there are elements of White Nationalism that are truly nutty and flirt with Neo-Nazism, most of resurgent nationalism among white peoples in the West is about simple desire for survival and sovereignty as an ethnicity-territory-history. Let’s remember Poland lost national sovereignty and independence under both German/Nazi and Russian/Soviet Occupations. Polish nationalism has been defensive in the 20th century, as it is today. Nationalism against Imperialism is good, and today’s imperialism is globalism. It is the globalists who have NO RESPECT for Polish nation, culture, and territory and demand that Poland be opened to massive invasion of ‘refugees’ unleashed by neocon wars instigated by American globalist imperialists. Whatever one thinks of Trump, his defense of Poland to be Poland is a good thing. But globalists denounce Trump’s speech in Poland. (But then, these same globalists defend Israel’s right to be a Jewish state and how all the West and rest of the world must support Israel.)

    As for far-right white nationalist types idealizing North Korea, some of them are surely just naive. It’s like Hollywood Liberals have often been fanciful about the true nature of the Castro regime and conditions in Venezuela under Chavez. Carole King the famous composer once sang ‘You got a friend’ to Fidel Castro.

    From afar, these privileged capitalist Liberals could lazily fantasize about Cuba as socialist paradise. It’s like Warren Beatty playing Romantic Commie in REDS. And plenty of radical chic types in the late 60s and early 70s idolized the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese as saint-warriors. Now, it was understandable why people sympathized with Vietnamese(as David) against US(as Goliath), but Western leftists tended to overlook the ruthless side of the communist regime. And Chomsky had serious blind spots about the Khmer Rouge. And in CHINA MISPERCEIVED, Steven Mosher did a persuasive job of detailing how the progressive and socialist elements of US and Europe romanticized Mao’s China as some kind of spartan utopia of virtue and sacrifice when, in fact, erratic Mao wreaked havoc on his countrymen.

    So, there is nothing surprising about certain elements of the American Far Right might look at North Korea through rose-tinted glasses. Also, it’s a matter of enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend. After all, such was the logic behind Nixon’s meeting with Mao, the mass killer of tens of millions. Nixon and realists at the time thought an alliance with China would offset the USSR(even though, by the 70s, the Soviet regime was far milder and more humane than China then under crazy Mao).

    Also, let’s keep things in perspective. Guys like Matt Heimbach have nothing. They have no money, no organization, no privilege, no power, no connections. Therefore, what they say or do is without consequence to world events. The only thing that redeems Heimbach is he seems to care about the forgotten white working class(many of whom are now part of the underclass) who are mocked as ‘white trash’ or ‘deplorables’ by the privileged globalist elites in their Elysium World.

    He seems to believe that white elites should care about white people, just like Jewish elites in Israel cares about Jewish masses. After all, Israel is an ethno-state that only allows Jewish immigration and where Rabbis do NOT marry Jews with non-Jews. And since its core national theme is Israel-as-Jewish-state, Jewish elites must represent and serve the interests of all Jews, even poor and working class ones.

    Also, Jewishness is determined by ethnicity, not by religion. A secular person of Jewish ancestry can move to Israel. A gentile convert to Judaism cannot. Israel determined Jewishness by breed than by creed.

    I think people like Heimbach and those in ‘Alt Right’ circles are outraged by the duplicitous hypocrisy of Zionists who demand that white/gentile nations all support, fund, and defend Israel as an ethno-nationalist Jewish State BUT then demand that all gentile nations, especially white/western/European ones, be opened up to mass invasion from the Third World. It is indeed incredible that US foreign policy is largely controlled by Jews who’ve engineered these Wars for Israel in the Middle East, thereby unleashing a massive ‘refugee crisis’, but then, Israel(and Saudi Arabia) refuses to take in a single refugee while pushing these uprooted people onto Europe and even Japan. That is some chutzpah.

    So, what do we have? Jews in the US pushing wars in the Middle East, never pressuring Israel to take in refugees, but then demanding that Europe and even Asia take in those desperate people(made desperate by Zionist-instigated wars). As for disproportionate Jewish influence in US politics, that is now irrefutable even though the Jewish-dominated media will hound you as an ‘anti-Semite’ for noticing this obvious fact.

    • Anyway, we need a sounder perspective of the larger picture. We need a better understanding of context. As loathsome as the North Korean regime is, it has NO POWER outside North Korea. And its tantrums and threats are defensive, especially against the US that has invaded and toppled nation after nation since the end of the Cold War. North Korea is like a scared person with a grenade threatening to blow himself up along those nearby if attacked. North Korea is accused of provocations, but its is reacting to US provocations, especially in light of what US has done in the Middle East and North Africa. After all, the annual US-SK military exercises aren’t about defending South Korea from NK invasion but about preparations for invading North Korea. How could NK not be panicked by this?

      Even though US laws, constitution, and property rights ensure basic human rights for most Americans, the ruling elites of the US are hardly better than the scum regime of North Korea. Not only are US elites just as unscrupulous but they are far more dangerous since the US is the lone superpower. Look what the US did since 9/11. It created a false narrative that tied Hussein with terrorism when, in fact, Hussein was always a secular ruler who suppressed terrorists in Iraq. Just because Zionist Neocons wanted to take over Iraq, they spread lies about WMD to invade and tear that nation apart. Even with so-called free press, US told a BIG LIE and destroyed a nation that had NOTHING to do with 9/11.

      The invasion freaked out Gaddafi, so he gave up his WMD and made overtures to the West. He did everything to make nice. But what happened to him as the result of trusting the US? Just because he wanted an independent currency system for Africa, he got taken out and was lynched to death by globalist-imperialists, with Hillary cackling with joy.

      And then, the US, with its allies Turkey and Saudis, decided to rip Syria apart by funding ISIS and Alqaeda elements. Syrian borders were violated and all sorts of Jihadis poured in from all sides and, armed by US and Saudis, they wrecked all of Syria in a prolonged civil war. And then, the US also aided Neo-Nazis in Ukraine to topple a democratically elected government. This is how the US acts. Sure, most American people are nice people, like most North Korean people are nice people. But US elites are vile and sick, just like North Korean elites. Difference is North Korean vileness mostly remains within the borders of North Korea whereas American vileness spreads all over the world.

      Here’s a quick quiz:

      1. Which nation has close ties with the thug regime of Saudi Arabia, the main financier and supporter of Arab-Muslim terrorism? US or North Korea?

      2. Which nation goaded Iraq to invade Iran in the early 80s, thus setting off a war that killed a million people? US or North Korea?

      3. Which nation supports Israel, an imperialist nation created by massive ethnic cleansing of indigenous Palestinians, who still live under Occupation and apartheid conditions in Gaza and West Bank? US or North Korea?

      4. Which nation has supported the so-called ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria, most of whom are Alqaeda or other scum elements? US or North Korea?

      5. Which nation killed up to 500,000 Iraqi women and children through cruel sanctions in Iraq in the 90s? US or North Korea?

      6. Which nation exploited conditions in Russia in the 90s to rape and loot the entire nation whereupon millions were reduced to destitution and death? US or North Korea?

      7. Which nation instigated most of the wars that are mainly responsible for the current ‘refugee’ crisis that is wreaking havoc all across Middle East, North Africa, and Europe? US or North Korea?

      8. Which nation is the #1 arms dealer in the world, selling tons of weapons to all nations around the world and making wars more likely and deadly? US or North Korea?

      Obama supported the Saudi war on helpless Yemen. And even though Trump promised a new direction, once in office he’s sold more arms to Saudis and the war goes on, as globalists demand it.

      • Thanks to the American systems of checks and balances, it isn’t possible for a cabal to amass the kind of power held by the likes of Stalin, Mao, or Kim dynasty. So, the American people can be grateful for that. But their rulers are just as loathsome as the rulers of North Korea. If American elites could gain total power, they would be acting just like Hitler or Stalin. Indeed, even with all the checks and balances and so-called ‘free press’, the US has been massively destructive all around the world.

        Indeed, if any power around the world has acted like Nazis since the end of the Cold War, it is Jewish Power in the US. If not for Zionist interests, there would have been far less meddling in the Middle East. And why were Palestinians ethnically cleansed in the first place? Because Jews pushed lebensraum plan against Palestinians. When Helen Thomas pointed this out, she was fired despite her long illustrious career as journalist. As vile as the North Korean regime is, the problem in that country is about Koreans oppressing Koreans. It’s purely a Korean problem. In contrast, even though Israel is democratic, it was created by stealing from Palestinians who remain a people without a nation. Does the fact that Israel is democratic justify the theft of Palestinian land and subjugation of Palestinian people? Suppose Japanese colonists had held onto Korea, ethnically cleansed Koreans into an area of Korea while having Japanese ethnics take over most of Korea. Suppose Japanese colonists allow democratic elections for themselves in Korea-as-New-Japan. Would democratic elections justify Japan’s imperialist theft of land from Koreans? In a way, Israel is much worse than North Korea. While it’s true that Israel is nicer to Israelis than North Korea is to North Koreans, North Korean tyranny is about Koreans in Korea whereas even Israeli democracy is about Jewish destruction of native Palestinians. North Korea, even as tyranny, is not a stolen nation. Israel, even as democracy, is a stolen nation, and Palestinians continue to lose land even in the remaining enclaves of West Bank. So, which nation is truly Nazi-like?

        ​And even though Neo-Stalinism has been terrible economic system, the reason for North Korean economic backwardness is largely due to global sanctions forced by the US. If South Korea were hit with similar sanctions, its economy would also tank despite its democracy and capitalism. US sanctions policy is totally bogus, of course. US anointed itself judge and jury around the world. So, even though Israel occupies stolen land and has 200 nukes, it is showered with billions in aid every year. In contrast, Iran has no nukes, but it has been crippled with sanctions. And the US, the main war-mongering nation since end of Cold War with military bases all over the world, accuses Russia and China of being aggressors.

        Among ‘progressives’, there are freaks like Thomas Friedman who who support ISIS for Israeli interests.

        Among ‘conservatives’, you have super-Zionist freak Sheldon Adelson saying US should nuke Iran. Yes, Nazi-like Jews run US media and politics, and yet globalist agents of the US yammer on and on about ‘human rights’ and ‘spreading democracy’.

        And speaking of Nazi-like behavior, remember this?

        And even free speech is a casualty of Zionist nazi-like behavior in the US:

        What is disgusting is how Zionists, who did to Palestinians what Japanese once did to Koreans, now pretend to be good friends of Koreans and accuse North Korea of being ‘nazi-like’.

        Also, globalists keep pushing this crazy notion that homogeneity = Nazism. So, what does this mean? Homogeneous Korea has been a nazi-nation for 2000 yrs because it was mostly of one people? What’s wrong with homogeneity? Also, if homogeneity is bad and if more and more diversity is always good, why does Israel have a Jewish-only-immigration policy? How come it won’t allow Right of Return to Palestinians who were expelled?

        Now, let’s compare Spanish history with Korean history. Korea has been more homogeneous as a nation than Spain and its empire. Spain was once colonized by North African Muslim Moors for centuries. Also, certain ethnic groups in Spain, like Basques and Catalans, insist they are not Spanish and have long demanded independence. They certainly don’t care too much for diversity.

        Anyway, Spain invaded other regions of the world and created a world empire. Spanish conquered the New World and their diseases wiped out 55 million out of 60 million people. Spain played a huge role in the slave trade of black Africans. Spain ruled over Philippines for over 200 yrs. Spanish also raped and race-mixed with many native people.

        In contrast, homogeneous Korea minded its own business all throughout its history. It never invaded nations across the seas. It didn’t invade another peoples and force race-mixing upon them through rape. It didn’t impose its culture and language on other peoples. It didn’t take part in African slave trade.

        So, when we compare Spain & Empire and Korea, the result is:

        Diversity = imperialism = conquest = slave trade = mass rape and race-mixing = wars and invasion = exploitation of the Other.

        Homogeneity = minding one’s own business = not invading others = resisting invasion by others.

        Globalists say homogeneity = Nazism, but homogeneous Korea has been one of the least aggressive states in the world. In contrast, the great empires that forced diversity and race-mixing around the world committed tons of violence around the world. Consider the Ottoman Turks who were into race-mixing. They went to Greece and forced Greek women to serve as sex slaves to Ottoman rulers.

        And how did Korea fare under Diversity that Japan forced upon it? Japanese imperialism crushed Korean independence, forced cultural erasure, and pushed race-mixing, not least by using Korean women as prostitutes. And once Japan was defeated by the US, the US did the same thing. Since the end of WWII, the US has seen Asia as a pussy, a vagina. So, US troops see Japanese women as whores. Korean women have been whoring out to US military men forever. US in Vietnam turned Saigon into one big whorehouse. So, ‘liberal-democratic’ US drops bombs on Asian nations, kills millions, sexually conquers tons of women, uses Asian wombs to create mixed-raced babies, and now even promotes worship of homosexuals and anal sex on Korea as a healthy thing. As if military imperialism isn’t enough, there is even cultural and sexual imperialism. After all, what is the attitude of Americans in Korea? It is one of arrogance. Americans are into Ugly Americanism, a belief that Americans are ‘more evolved’ and that ‘inside every gook is an American trying to get out’.

        So, if the US has ‘gay marriage’ and promotes ‘anal sex’, then Korea must follow. Americans think the whole world exists to imitate and follow the US. Even American ‘progressives’ feel the same way. All these globalist ‘progressive’ American men go to Korea without any respect for the people and culture. They go there to party, use Korean women as pussy whores, colonize Asian wombs with their seed(as if Asian wombs exist for white men, just like Spanish in the New World felt that native wombs existed to be colonized by Conquistador seed), and spread worship of homo worship.

        Consider this craziness:

        Now, why would anyone promote ‘anal sex’ that involves genitals entering a fecal organ? If some people wanna do that stuff, okay… but why should the media and institutions be normalizing and celebrating such foul behavior for the general public? If one is a homosexual, I can understand why ‘anal sex’ is a thing because homosexual men have no vaginas. So, they have no choice but to penetrate fecal holes. But otherwise, why promote such foul act that is unhealthy and dangerous? Also, women have a perfectly natural organ designed for sex. Anus was designed by nature to excrete bacterial waste material called ‘shit’. Medical experts say anal penetration increases chance of rectal/colon cancer by 17 times. Who needs that stuff? And yet, that is now American globalism’s message to Korea: “We Americans are more evolved and more advanced than you because we normalized ‘anal sex’ while you dumb yellow gooks got ‘phobia’ about it. So, you less evolved and backward yellow Asians MUST imitate and follow us!”

        But, what has promotion of anal penetration done for the millennial generation in the US? The rates of anal cancer went way up.

        Why aren’t young people informed of the dangers and risks of anal penetration that involves genitals in fecal organs? Because the new religion of the US is the Worship of Homos(who are now even taking over churches and decorating them with homo colors), and since homos indulge in that stuff, we have to praise ‘anal sex’ as the New Normal.

        From secular ‘gay rights’ to quasi-spiritual Gay Religion. Bow down before or Bend over for the Holy Homo!

        This is what the Ugly American promotes in Asia and it is why he feels ‘more evolved’ than Asians who, in his imperialist mindset, exist only to imitate, follow, and obey Americans. And of course, Asian women exist only to offer their wombs to white and black men. This is promoted as colorblind love transcending barriers, but interracialism is founded on the perception of racial differences, racial hierarchies, and racial superiority & inferiority.

        • North Korea is backward in many ways, but one good thing is Koreans there accept who they are. They are not into transracial fantasies promoted by globalist homo decadents in South Korea whose perversion of K-pop and advertising has turned South Korean women among the most neurotic and self-loathing in the world. Globo-homos have taken over South Korean pop culture, and because homos prefer fantasy over reality, they have made Koreans prefer tranracial fantasies with surgeries, hair colors, and race-mixing, especially white men and black men pushing inferior yellow guys aside and gaining dominance over Korean wombs as their sexual imperialist possession. Also, so-called ‘progressive’ Korean-Americans in the US are recruited by globalists to function as servitors of the empire. Just like the US turned Koreans into Christian missionaries in the past, the Jewish-homo-controlled US turns Korean-American kids into cucked out missionary-fairies of homo agenda and neo-imperialism. And usually, the US globo-imperialists recruit homo Asians who serve as their bitches in globalism. Look at the pathetic George Takei whose message to Asia is that an Asian guy’s pride comes through being a bitch to a white man who humps him in the ass.

          Addicted to globalized images of nordic women and ‘cool blacks’, South Korean culture is a pathetic attempt to imitate other races through plastic surgery, blonde hair dyeing, and trashy fashion. It is totally anti-human.

          Now, North Korea must reform and one day be rid of its tyrannical regime, but the themes of North Korea is patriotic and self-accepting. Koreans accept their Korean ancestry and identity, and they value Korea as the tragic land of their ancestors. In contrast, South Koreans are addicted to the drug of global fantasy, and they want to be Japanese cartoon characters, ersatz-whites, or imitation-blacks. And their idea of ‘progress’ is to imitate whatever the West arrogantly deems to be ‘more evolved’. After all, what is globalism about? It is about spreading the mono-culture of Hollywood, Rap, Homo-Worship, Zionist supremacism, and Pornography to all the world.

          The fact is the racial policies of North Korea is defensive, not imperialist. Its pro-homogeneity has nothing to do with Nazi-like imperialism. It has nothing to do with racial supremacism. When North Koreans say their race is ‘clean’, it means they haven’t been stained by rape by imperialists. After all, why are people of Latin America mixed in blood? The native blood was raped by imperialist blood. That’s what imperialists do. They rape other races. When Mongols invaded Persia and Russia, they raped tons of women. Nazism was about ‘Aryans’ being superior and ruling over other races, even wiping them out. North Koreans have NO SUCH DESIGNS on other nations. If North Koreans take pride in racial ‘cleanliness’, it has to do with the fact of national pride and independence. (Also, why should the natives of Latin America take pride in their mixed-race identity? They became mixed-race by conquest, genocide, mass rape, and slavery.) After all, what happened in South Vietnam under US occupation? US soldiers used the women there like sex meat. Prostitution was like the #1 occupation for Vietnamese women. Yet, Americans promote race-mixing as something noble. Americans go to Philippines and use women there as whores, but they feel mighty proud, as if fucking tons of poor Filipino women is doing Asia a favor.

          In contrast, when North Koreans don’t want to be used as a pussy of the US, globalists call North Korea ‘nazi-like’.

          South Korea made lots of money but only as a sexual whore of the US. South Koreans are mentally colonized by US culture.

          North Koreans have NO DESIGNS on other peoples. They only want control over their own nation. They don’t want to be like South Korea where US military men have used the women as whores. When Korea was under Japanese rule, Japan took sexual possession of Korean women. And under US occupation, Korean women were whored out to American men. And lured by American wealth, over half a million Korean women rejected Korean men and married Americans and had babies for Americans. American view of Korea is like that of Saigon: Asia is a pussy and womb for the US. Korea is a whore that exists to be fuc*ed by America. And when North Korea rejects this, it is called ‘nazi’ by the globalists. As for Korean-Americans, they don’t defend Korea. Rather, they become servitors of Jewish-Homo globalist and demand that South Korea follow and obey the US… or else!!

          Anyway, the real evil of Nazism was not homogeneity. After all, prior to WWII, 99% of Germany was German. If Germans had minded their own business and stayed in Germany, there would have been no war, no mass conflagration. War happened because Germans got greedy and invaded other nations and created an empire of diversity. Germans sought to rule over others and violated the nationalisms of other nations. And German soldiers took sexual possession of French women. And in the Eastern Front, German soldiers raped Russian women.

          Now, which nation has acted like Nazi Germany since end of WWII?

          Name one nation that was invaded by North Korea? Sure, North Korea invaded South Korea, but it was Koreans trying to unify their own nation. After all, Rhee in the South also planned to invade the North to unite an artificially divided nation. After all, if China or Russia artificially divided Israel into North Israel and South Israel, would it be wrong for North to want to unify with South or vice versa?

          Anyway, what non-Korean nation did North Korea invade? None.

          In contrast, the US divided Vietnam(like it did Korea) and then waged war that killed 2 million people there. US dropped so much agent orange that kids stiff suffer in Vietnam.

          And what was race-mixing all about in Vietnam? It was about white men and black men using yellow women as whores and personal playthings. Ever notice that all mulatto-asian kids are the products of black men and asian women.

          According to the globalist narrative, the US that wages wars, destroys nations, and uses women around the world as whores is a ‘liberal democratic’ power spreading ‘tolerance’.

          But North Korea is ‘nazi-like’ because it prefers homogeneity.

          The globalist logic is not unlike Japanese imperialist logic that told Koreans to give up their sovereignty, just become part of Japanese empire, and have sex with Japanese men and take Japanese names.

          Today, globalized South Koreans have lost their patriotism. 80% of South Koreans hate their own nation and want to move to another nation. And most of these Korean women now see Korean men as inferior and want to have kids with white men or black men. As a result, more South Korean men will have to get brides from poor Asian nations, and Korean IQ will continue to drop as some of these nations have lower IQ.

          Also, the US wants a divided Korea forever in order to keep South Korea as its whore puppet. If Korea unites, there will be emphasis on Korean identity and unity. Also, being united, US military presence will no longer be justified on the peninsula. Then, over time, a unified Korea will draw closer to China.

          This is what the US seeks to avoid at all cost.

          So, the US pushes diversity on Korea. That way, South Korea will fill up with ‘New Koreans’ who are not Korean. These ‘New Koreans’ will feel no affinity or shared identity with North Koreans.

          Until now, North Korea and South Korea developed differently politically and economically but are still one people by blood. But as South Korea embraces diversity, the two Koreas will become different even in blood, and then the division will be permanent. ‘New Koreans’ who will be Hindu, Muslim, and African will not identify with Koreans in the North. South Korea now says North Koreans are not true Koreans. True Koreans are new immigrants with NO roots in Korea. Korean-ness is no longer about history, ancestry, culture, or shared experience that goes back 2000 yrs. It’s just some globalist gimmick like K-pop fantasies.

          What is truly ironic is that North Korean system itself is the creation of imperialism. Koreans didn’t choose Kim Il Sung as leader. They didn’t choose Rhee as their leader either. Both were imposed by great powers. And US was most responsible since it pressured the USSR to enter North Asia. Russia, having lost 25 million fighting the Germans, didn’t want to fight in Asia. But FDR goaded Stalin to enter North Asia and take all of Korea. Truman later amended this to dividing the country. So, the division of Korea was not a Korean thing. It was plotted by FDR and Stalin, like the division of Poland was plotted by Hitler and Stalin. US did this and in effect created North Korea by giving half to Stalin. But the US bitches about its own creation.

          And speaking of nazi-like behavior, the US bombing of North Korea was one of the biggest crimes of the 20th century, but US has never even admitted to this horror. But then, the US has never apologized for dividing Korea and creating the mess in the first place. US never apologized to the Palestinians for aiding the Zionist imperialist destruction of Palestine, also done with collaboration of Stalin.

          It is incredible that a nation that acts like this has the gall to accuse North Korea of being ‘nazi-like’.

          Yes, the Kim regime is repressive, corrupt, and disgusting. Yes, it is tyrannical. But it was the US that indiscriminately dropped so many bombs on North Korea and committed an act comparable to the holocaust.

          It was the US that cut Korea like a cake and handed over half of Korea to Stalin the mass killer.

          And it was the US that has allowed Zionists and Israel to do as they please over the Palestinians. At least Koreans got their nation back from Japanese. Palestinians must live under Zionist imperialist rule forever.

          The only thing that can change this rotten state of affairs is for Koreans to own their own narrative, but Koreans are too servile, imitative, and dog-like to stand up and speak the truth.

          So, Ugly Americans go to Korea, throw their weight around, eye Korean women as their own sexual possession, and spread worship of homosexuals since that is the latest hot thing in the US. The American thinks, “USA is best, the rest exist only to respect us, follow us, and obey us.”

          • Young white fans of kpop, interestingly enough, commonly take a moral high-ground stance. They consider kpop to be clean in comparison to Western music and videos. So as bad as you think it is, it could be worse. After all, they still ban tons of music videos from television for visual/lyrical sexual/violent content… When was the last time the USA banned a music video from television?

    • You have far too many HARSH TRUTHS here in your comments concerning Koreans. Surely you will leave people triggered. The South Korean suicide rates are through the roof due to their education and work-culture. Would you mind touching on that for these people, as well.

      • I hope so. I’ve actually heard pro-Aryans praising NK, which I find rather nutty considering the regime has a history of kidnapping Aryans and torturing them.

        • North Korea is China and Russia’s chained pit bull in the North Pacific and creates a buffer for both great powers from American encroachment.

          • It is also a place I wouldn’t particularly care about getting turned into a desert for the next million years. We should focus on fixing our own countries and stop worrying about what some Asiatic monkeys do.

          • Nothing will happen to North Korea. They have nukes. Trump is not dumb enough to risk LA, Anchorage, Seoul, or Tokyo being turned into glass.

          • I know. I am simply stating that we shouldn’t be wasting our time and energy worrying about what they do and focus on ourselves.

          • This is something 99 percent of the Alt Right agrees on.

            But we have you know who influencing our foreign policy.

            Trump should just tell the South Koreans and Japanese to defend themselves. Both nations would have nukes in about 10 minutes if they so desired.

    • There are interesting theories which suggest that North Korea may actually be an isolationist Oriental Despotism that hit on the strategy of LARPing as communist to get people to leave them alone.

      It’s very interesting to read up on what their society was like prior to their forced contact with the West (medieval isolationist oriental despotism while we had steam boats).. then compare it to what we know about North Korea in the current year.

      Anyway, nobody said it was a nice place, Oriental despotism is not White, but if the NORKs want to sit out this period of history and do their own thing, who can really blame them?

      • Through China. The Jews control China via the central bank and the Chinese control the North Korean rare earths industry.

    • Good goyim, you should believe the Mainstrean Narrative on this onr, the norks are ebil Stalinist Bolcheviks and Kim eats babies with his bare hands!

      • So you deny that DPRK was set up as a puppet regime by the Bolsheviks and is ruled by a Bolshevist Communist regime?

        Also, why do you care what happens with a bunch of yellow half-apes? They aren’t our people so why should we give a damn if they get annihilated? We should mind our own business.

    • How many weapons has the US and its allies sold to places like Saudi Arabia? Hell, the US was funding and arming Al Qaeda and so many dictators in the middle east and these weapons actually killed people. North Korea, for all its barking, has not attacked anyone and why should they not be given weapons for self defense considered the threats they face if they don’t? Spencer just hates Ukraine because they don’t like Russia.

  • I probably shouldn’t joke about this

    (And as our glorious leader pointed out, you only have those rights that you have the power to secure. This happens to be especially true in the area of 2017 international relations, where the American regime has made a habit of destabilizing and/or invading other countries on a whim. So North Korea’s aspirations to obtain a deterrent are 100% rational)

    I just don’t get why Trump is even bothering with the bluster, it seems like Bannon is right and the world will ultimately have to back down and accept that North Korea has nukes and they can’t do anything about it.

    And it probably won’t be a big deal.

    • It must give North Korean men raging boners when their women shout “Death to Normies! World War Now! North Korean master race! Boots on the Ground!”

    • The nork regime has rape camps where schoolgirls on acid decapitate innocent gook people for no reasons, Human Rights NGOs said so!
      The Norkss are ebil communists, goyim, their regime is literaly worst than Hitler!

      They must be stopped for the good of Human Democracy!

    • When NK renounces international bolshevism, they can be Alt-Right. This meme is insane. By your definition Stalin was a great nationalist and Hitler was a globalist.

      • When NK renounces international bolshevism, they can be Alt-Right. This
        meme is insane. By your definition Stalin was a great nationalist and
        Hitler was a globalist.

        Noth Korea is ethno-nationalist country. Ditch communism and you get National-Socialism.

        Stalin was based commie. Hitler was pan-Germanist.

        • Stalin did not want communism, he wanted a Pan-European state, a lot more ambitious than Hitler´s aims.

          The Red Army lost in 1941 because it was only prepared for offensive action and mobilization had already begun when Operation Barbarossa was launched.
          If it had been because of the purges as the Mainstrean Narrative claims, then they would have built fortification lines along the new border back in late 39.

          • Pretty telling that so many (((communists))) hates him over stealing Trotsky´s price nearly 8 decades after the purges.

          • Stalin was based, despite being a commie. Bronstein (“Trotsky”) was “progressive” commie, and he would make USSSR a new Weimar Republic just like commie Jews did in Germany, if he ever got a chance.

            By the way, Stalin killed Trotsky by assasination.

      • In some aspects of his policies Stalin was a nationalist, a Russian nationalist, and commie ideas took a back seat. The American globalists ignored his nationalist tendencies during WWII but later turned on him by way of the Cold War he he refused to play ball with their ‘grand internationalist program’.

      • Ah so it’s not just me. I keep seeing a 503 error. Apparently server unavailable. So either DoS attack or they lost whichever server hosted their website content.

    • Almost every Communist country had no relations with Israel during the Cold War, because most Arab states were Soviet allies.

  • Agreed. I have no issue with Kim, let him be as long as he doesn’t attack the US directly. No more defending other countries. Japan and SK are responsible for the defense of their own nations.

  • NK is still ruled by what are the equivalent of our boomers. Look at all the old gooks surrounding Kim every time there’s a missile test.

    Kim is fat because by doing so he resembles his grandfather. It is done on purpose for legitimacy reasons.

    North Korea is kind of an opposite and equal to the “muh freedoms” world of John McCain. They still think they’re the heroes fighting for Korean unity. They’re still stuck in a WWII/Korean War crusade worldview. In the meanwhile everything goes to sht around them. Their people literally starve.

    • North Korea does not have a high living standard, but the starvation myth pushed by the West is not true. North Koreans did starve in the 90s when they lost Soviet aid and economic contracts. Cuba also went through a rough patch and fields were plowed by oxen and donkeys because they couldn’t afford gasoline for their tractors.

  • North Korea can punch well above its weight militarily because Koreans have an average IQ of 106, at least in South Korea. This gives the North Koreans a relatively larger smart fraction from which the regime can draw to find people who can build rockets and nukes, and then make them work.

    In other words, North Korea shows how much IQ matters in the real world. Cubans have an average IQ in the 80’s, and Cuba’s similar holdover communist regime couldn’t build rockets and nukes in a million years.

  • america has to choose between a nuclear armed north korea or another war on the peninsula and time is running out

    the best result for the alt right would be for trump to play the aggressor here. china has already said that if america strikes first it will intervene, china is a very capable military power compared to what it was in the 50s and north korea is right on it’s doorstep. america would lose badly and korea would be reunified under a pro chinese nationalist government, that would be the final nail on the coffin for pax americana and the neocon establishment

  • NK is a giant distraction being shoveled at us by the Jewish run mass media. Think about how badly it would hurt white people if LA or Frisco or Seattle was glassed, if anything Kimmy is a based yellow.

    • Not really. NK has a long history of actively supporting anti-Jew military actions by supplying military equipment and, in some cases, boots on the ground. They are also one of the last 2 countries without a Jew-owned central bank printing valueless pseudo-currency and loaning it to the government at usurious rates, the other being Iran. I would expect a SHTF scenario eventually, Jews will do anything to get shekels.

    • An EMP over North America would go a long way in solving the “demographic” problem, a real holocaust within the major cities.

      As we know, the ability to retaliate is exactly why there hasn´t been any hot war yet. Hopefully, Better Korea can take over Worst Korea after the US goes the way of Yugoslavia.

  • Kim seems like the kinda guy you could hang out with. Could you imagine spending an hour with Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan? Ugh, my god.

  • I love your writing Vincent Law. You are like a little island of Daily Stormer in the waters of Keep it up.

  • A lot of people don’t know that North Korea can destroy Seul with conventional weapons. They have a bunch of artillery nestled in the mountains at the border close enough to strike Seul.

    SK should be turned over to Kim and, in exchange, Kim pledges fealty to Trump and points his nukes at Beijing and San Fransisco. Problem solved.

  • My comment in the American Spectator:

    Some of the values of the alt right include being a proud white, including defending our European heritage. This movement existed well before Trump and spans the globe of nations where there are whites (people of European ancestry).

    The other value is secession, mainly the old South. This too is before Trump and has little to do with him. It has grown in the face of problems that cannot be resolved including a runaway national debt and corruption at every level of our society. It is a kind of corruption that permeates every political and social aspect of life. This level of corruption has grown exponentially since our independence.

    The identity of Jews is a Jewish issue. They are Europeans. The Jewish aspect is a creation of the European Jewish community. Without that identity they become just the average European without the perks which has served the Jewish community far more than the problems of having a separate identity to the Christian European.

    Mr. Hogberg spends a lot of time attaching the issue of Jews to the Alttght. Then I need to elaborate. The power of the Jewish community has exploded. Some of the reasons include the creation of the Anti Defamation League in 1913. That was the same year that the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and the FBI were also created.

    1913 is one single example of a process of change encompassing both wars, the formation of Israel to so much more. I cannot begin to handle this issue in a comment.

    Going back to the 18th century the Rothschild family rose to prominence. Beginning in the city of Frankfurt this Jewish family soon dominated world politics. They were the major bankers of the British empire. Played a major role in our American revolution, our civil war, the Russian revolution, the French revolution, the formation of the UN, and are part of the bankers who control some of the major banks of the Federal Reserve, the EU central bank, the World bank, the IMF and the Asia development bank to over 165 central banks around the world. They help form the UN.

    Jewish bankers financed the slave trade. The Jewish family the Sassoon controlled the Opium trade to China and that also included growing the poppy in India. That eventually led to the 2 Bengali famines. the history of modern Jews is so massive and far reaching it is amazing so little has been said or written about them. I recommend:
    “European Union. The R a pe of Europa” by Columbus Falco
    Solzhenitsyn “200 years together:” in the book “The Crucifixion of Russia” by Columbus Falco.


    When Queen Elizabeth the 1st signed the charter for the East India company in 1600, she began an age of East India companies that would form major European colonial Empires. The wealth of these East India Companies have no rival.

    The British East India company soon controlled 50% of world trade and it is estimated that the Dutch East India company in present value would be in the Trillions of dollars. The bankers of these companies and the Colonial Empires that followed included Jewish families like the Rothschild and dozens of others.

  • There is a fascinating article in the “American Spectator” titled “Tackling the “Charlottesville Statement” some excerpts include:
    -“It is incumbent upon conservatives to attack the ideas of Alt-Right movement. Their ideas are vile, and they can spread if not challenged. Charlottesville showed that such ideas can have deadly consequences, and we need to fight them before even more people are hurt.”
    -“If they succeed in making many people believe that conservatives are racists, the conservative movement will suffer for a long time to come.”
    -“Clearly, Spencer et al. feel that being white should determine one’s political beliefs. That, of course, is identity politics, the notion that race and/or gender are what defines a person’s politics.”
    -“… During the Civil War, 7,000 Jews served on the Union Side and—something that might make Spencer’s head explode—3,000 served on the Confederate side.”

  • The reason why North Korea can’t feed their people and have no resources is because all Stalinist countries are economic basket cases. The only thing that propped them up until the 90’s was the largess of the USSR. This fascination with living under the orderly rule of “communism” or whatever term you want to use are dangerous and stupid.

      • You honestly have no idea what you’re talking about. Communism is the cancer, nationalism is the cure. NK juche is not nationalism.

        • It’s safe to say that I know more about Communism and NS than you and your memes. Purity spiraling doesn’t work here.

    • So without “Stalinism”, they would have oil and a few tens of thousands extra square kilometers of arable land?

      Also what about the parts of Germany given to Poland and Czechia by Stalin? If there’s zero resources and agriculture there… -)

  • Natty Whites can have a race war with the Chinks while Neo-cons try to get us to fight the Russians instead…decisions decisions.

  • Chinks are playing this particular fiddle really, really well. Don`t look at North Korea, look at what happens in Vietnam, Philippines and Japan in relation to China. They may well get their sea reich quite soon.

  • Nukes aren’t real. Even Weev says it.
    But anyway, North Korea is the puppet state of China. Any war with them is a war against China. Right now the geo political situation is Russia and China against the USA and ZOG in general.
    China doesn’t make the news much but the Jews don’t run it.

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