The Generation Identitaire Model

The folks over at Generation Identitaire have been putting in some amazing work for the cause over on the Old Continent.

In many ways, the Alt-Right was a conscious attempt to copy the Identitarian movements of Europe. We did such a good job that in many ways we outstripped the home continent in terms of our dynamism and our success.

That being said, we never rented out a boat to actually take to the seas and stop rapefugees, which really raised the bar for Identitarian activism, I must admit. I suppose the equivalent would be us forming Right Wing Border Patrols along the southern border…all in due time, guys, all in due time.

We also developed a habit of speaking much more openly in the American Alt-Right because ostensibly there are no hate speech laws in the United States.

As we found out, there are de facto hate speech laws in the United States, and with the case of Christopher Cantwell, also pseudo-legal hate speech laws as well.

Charlottesville was a learning moment for us all.

But there are yet more lessons to be learned from the Identitarians in Europe.

They produce great content that always serves as a White Pill. Meanwhile, we have been lagging behind in this department. Videos like that, with the Fashwave filter, tough-looking guys and hot-looking girls are exactly what we need to start producing as well.

Also, GI is known for using small and vetted groups that do flash mob style demonstrations. These guerilla tactics work when the State and hostile groups like Antifa are against you. Post-Charlottesville 2.0, that’s exactly the situation we find ourselves in. We will also have to start relying on these tactics. In fact, we already have experience with them. Our first Charlottesville tiki-torch rally was a massive success and a well-performed guerrilla operation at that.

It seems that we will have to go back to these tried and true guerilla tactics. We will focus on our pre-vetted cadres just like Generation Identitaire does in Europe as well.

Keep in mind that in less than a year we went from being a think tank to a street movement. That’s remarkable to say the least. And we will only continue to grow in organization and numbers as time goes on. Most importantly, we need to go local, branches need to start organically springing up and community presence needs to grow.

Also we will have to start designing a symbol that works for us. Swastikas are a bad idea, and there is ample reason to believe that those flying them are either dumb or plants to discredit our movement.

And waving the American flag is all well and good, but it comes off as incredibly cucky when you consider that the State is hostile to us.

Our own flag would be much better. I humbly submit an idea for a simple “North Star” flag. The North Star would symbolize the Global North that we are all a part of against the Global South.

We’ve got some simple steps ahead of us. The coming months are sure to be eventful and we must be prepared.

Charlottesville is over, lads. Time for a reboot, a revamp and a redoubling of our efforts.

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA
  • Captain John Charity Spring MA
    • Ajudeo

      Good Template……

      Maybe incorporate the Black Sun……..into a Hybrid……

      • adolf binladin

        The black sun looks like a swastika and is associated with the 1.0 crowd

        • Nova Morium

          I like the Black Sun…..

          It’s a Beautiful Symbol…….

          I don’t even know what it means…..

          I never heard about it until less than a year ago……

          But, if people object to it then let’s all make something we can agree on……

          • adolf binladin

            Hell, if I was good at computer graphics id rip off either the Wyoming and/or Montana state flags. Both look good and scream real America

          • Nova Morium

            Just checked out both……

            Wyoming is definitely pretty cool…..


        • Captain John Charity Spring MA
          • adolf binladin

            What does EIC mean?

          • Captain John Charity Spring MA

            East India Company. Just stick Polaris in the blue field.

          • adolf binladin

            Let’s not use something people associate with slavery ( rightly or wrongly)

          • Captain John Charity Spring MA

            Or Tea I guess lol.

            Polaris could just be used in that field. The white singularity that comes from the old 13 colonies and companies that started the US.

    • Solo et Sanguis

      I like this design in its simplicity and also because there is a lot of lore and mythology behind Polaris that could easily tie into the flag and enhance it.

      • Patriotic American

        I don’t agree. That star is almost exactly the same as the NATO symbol.
        We need something that represents us, who we are, what we stand for. Personally, I will always be partial to the hakenkreuz, which I believe will make a come back in the near future, but I think the Celtic cross fits for now.
        Or maybe we could do something like the imperial eagle surrounded by stars, to represent the various states.
        All we’d have to do is remove the swastika and put something slightly less shitlordy.

        • GRP476

          I think the eagle is a great idea. Its an “American” symbol as well. I’d like to see the wings spread out a little more. Maybe put a viking sword horizontally being grasped by both claws, or instead of the swastika, replace with the Roman numeral XIV (14).

          • Patriotic American

            You could also keep that wreath with 14 stars around it and then try to find something to put in the middle, like some sort of image that references the ‘founding fathers’ or something of that nature. There is a lot of room to work with. I just think the NATO star imagery looks out of place and too closely resembles the symbols used by the judeo-bolshevik mercenary forces. It also has no meaning for our race specifically and has more of an international connotation, while the eagle and hakenkreuz has been used by our race for over 5,000 years, by Aryan tribes as far afield as the Tocharians in western China all the way to the ancient Gaels in Ireland thousands upon thousands of miles away from each other. It is much better suited to us.

            Besides, Eagles look majestic, noble, and powerful and evokes certain emotions, while a star is just a star and seems Jewy.

          • GRP476

            agreed. I like the Roman SPQR Imperial Eagle myself. Whoever designed that one, knew what they were doing.

          • Nova Morium

            Go make it then…..

            I’m interested to see it come into Being……

        • Johnny Fascismo

          We can declare Stone Island the official clothing brand of the Alt-Right.

        • Nova Morium

          Then make your own Flag, Bro……

          Go to your Computer…..

          Windows and Apple have EASY software for making graphics……

          Anyone can do it…..

          Go ahead…..

          • Patriotic American

            I probably will. That flag looks retarded though.

          • Nova Morium

            I like the Flag that I made……

            And that’s all that matters……

            I never posted a poll……

            Vincent suggested the North Star to Symbolize White Europa’s Northern Latitude vs. the Southern Latitude…….

            And so I co-opted the North Star Symbol from the ‘Northern Atlantic’ Treaty Organization…….

            I think it’s a Great Graphical Symbol…… an Interpretive Vacuum……..

            Then, I added a Confederate Analog……

            Symbolizing the Alt-Right’s fundamental co-opting and alteration of this Symbol…….

            Symbolizing the Alt-Right’s fundamental desire to Save WHITE EUROPA……

            …..and Rebellion to our own Undoing by Globalists….

            ……..intent on our Destruction…….

            Plus, it looks Cool……


          • Patriotic American

            That is an opinion. I don’t agree though. We should be conscious of the emotions the colors and designs of our flag evoke. As I have said before, red is a strong color while blue is more feminine.

    • (((Shill)))

      It looks like the Bonnie Blue flag. You’ll get accused of ripping it off.

    • Alex “Kosher” Jonestein
      • Vincent Law

        Needs to be White because of White race. The red would need to go somewhere else.

      • GRP476

        Good simple design. Maybe think about an Outline of the star in white, and/or incorporate a red/white stripe across the middle. Put the Roman numeral XIV in the middle. Simplicity is best.

      • Nova Morium


    • Lavender

      Blue and white screams Israel to me.

      • Nova Morium

        …..or Finland……

  • Great article and a entirely agree.

  • Ajudeo
  • Ajudeo

    Great and Inspiring article, Vincent……

    That Video was Huge White Pill……

    Thank you…..

    “Our own flag would be much better. I humbly submit an idea for a simple “North Star” flag. The North Star would symbolize the Global North that we are all a part of against the Global South.”

    For everyone reading this article……

    Maybe we could all put our artistic and creative efforts into coming up with different flag designs……

    Let’s get to work on a North Star Flag…….

  • thunderman

    I think the white race is going to come out of this shitty era stronger and more beautiful than ever. We’re trimming the fat.

  • Ajudeo

    The Flag of NATO is a North Star Design…..

    NATO has been Corrupted…….

    Maybe take back the Flag with a New and Updated Design??

  • jaye VBellis

    I like the un announced flash mob idea. There are tremendous opportunities for success in this matter here in metro Chicago.

    Some good places to do this.

    Commuter train stations where hundreds of thousands of White commuters leave work and flee the Leftist, sanctuary city, Blackliesmatter street gang murder and mayhem madness each day. The Commuters have 40 minutes of time out where they can read something new – us.

    J R

  • genocidal_maniac

    You have to purge the Stormers. And David Duke. No other way. GI doesn’t associate with neo-Nazis or holocaust deniers. Those elements just drag you down and give you no benefit.

    For a symbol, I’d actually recommend earlier versions of the American flag. Like the original 13 colonies flag. Or, take the Stars and Stripes and instead of fifty stars representing 50 states, put in the North Star.

    • Cuckblocker

      lol oy vey

    • Solo et Sanguis

      I like the latter idea there. As to keeping the stormers out, unfortunately, there are too many people on these boards who feel that we need them, or otherwise, that even if we purge them, the media will still hate us (that’s a given) and that the moderate whites will still not come to our side.

      I’m in the latter boat myself,. I do suspect that everyone LARPing as Nazi/KKK at the rallies are just FBI/LEO infiltrators and should be dealt with as such. But even if we were 100% swastika free, the normies will only come to our side if they WANT to. The whole “lead a horse to water” thing. The info is out there to red pill them, we have plenty of videos and articles online to that effect. We can suggest the go educate themselves, but it’s ultimately up to them if they do it.

      We can argue that without a bunch of swastikas and white hoods around they are more likely to go educate themselves, but I have my doubts they are really capable or willing to do it. Sans a major national crisis that demonstrates Whites are not in control and that we are the underclass now, nothing will wake them up out of their NFL/Oxycotin/Cheetos induced stupor.

      • Yeah Right

        I don’t think they need to be purged to help us market to the normies. The Daily Stormer is a carnival barker for the broader movement. It, and Anglin, need to be put in their place, as currently they are beginning to flounder because of Andrew’s bad tactical decisions. He and Weev are openly attacking Spencer and others on Gab, and sowing dissent. They are baggage at this point.

        • Cuckblocker

          “He and Weev are openly attacking Spencer and others on Gab, and sowing dissent.”

          Give links/images of this now.

          • Yeah Right

            Sec, lemme go diggin. I know where the weev ones are off hand.

          • Yeah Right


            Damn brave browser won’t let you upload screenies. wtf.

            Anyhow there is one. Most of them are in the last 18 hrs. on Weev’s Gab feed.

          • Cuckblocker

            Seems to me he’s sticking up for him by claiming he’s not an agent. And his opinion is his. Besides he’s far right of Spencer so who cares.

          • Yeah Right

            Calling him incompetent and a drunk trust fund baby is what I would call sowing dissent. Earlier in that feed he basically blames Spencer for Charlottesville and everything.

            I will see if I can find it for you.

          • Cuckblocker

            Why were you “baiting him into it”?

          • Yeah Right

            Because the whole Rosa Parks thing that the Stormer is pushing for Andrew is totally gay, and frankly embarrassing to the men who are out there putting it on the line.

            The incessant me tooism of Anglin is beta male shit tier community organizer horseshit.

            So I throw it in their face and troll them over it.

          • Yeah Right

            Pointing out to them the good examples we have, like Spencer, and how much more effective they are totally gets under their skin.

          • Yeah Right


            Here he is shitting on Eli Mosley and Spencer, which means he is also shitting on Identity Evropa now too and Nathan Damigo gave his blessing to Eli before he went underground.

            As well as Jason Kessler.

          • Cuckblocker

            None of that is anything. Many people thought Charllotesville was a disaster initially, (myself NOT included) and are finding out now it wasn’t. Some of the more stubborn continue to claim this.

            Also I think people on these platforms get into tunnel thinking as though they’re in a private conversation. It’s not as if Weev is putting this on the front page of his blog.

          • Yeah Right

            Gab is the primary way they are communicating the activity of the Daily Stormer to the normie web right now since they got shoved into the pedophile web. This is very public and high profile for the stormer crowd. Gab is literally the only legit platform they have access to on the light web unless they are going incognito.

          • Cuckblocker

            I know what GAB is and and there from DS as well. These are not attacks with the intention to quell Spencer is what I’m saying.

          • Yeah Right

            Yeah, I don’t think they want to quell him. I think they are frustrated that he is able to still show up on mainstream media and get his message out. Right now, he has a bigger bullhorn than Anglin does, and that doesn’t make them happy, since that is all the stormer is designed to be.

          • Cuckblocker

            He does not “have a bigger bullhorn than Anglin”, where are you getting this bs?

          • Yeah Right

            I mean I get your point but. They are basically isolated right now, and they are actively kicking allies in the shins in their frustration. My point is they are unstable and a liability.

          • Cuckblocker
          • Yeah Right

            Last updated August 18th. Does Alexa do ratings from the pedo web?

          • Cuckblocker


          • Yeah Right

            Sorry not trying to spam. Got a little spergy there for a sec.

          • Yeah Right

            August 18th. Does Alexa get ratings on pedoweb sites?

          • crediThor

            mother of weev is jewish and his father is part native american. weev is at least since his trial friends with chabad tech-jew Alex Pilosov and registered recently on the server of Pilosov’s internet tech-company. weev is a jew. And he is calling for “killing children, mass killings, terrorism, white supremacy” etc. to sabotage race loyalty. People who trust weev are gullible and naive. It is sad really.

          • Vincent Law

            I wouldn’t take Weev too seriously. Anything short of Hitler coming back from the grave is cucking to him.

          • Ike35

            Yeah the Mosely quip was in response to me. I think Weev is starting to crack up. Richard is supposedly a plant and now Eli is too? Eli is a TRS guy thru and thru. Are they all plants now too? I asked Weev that and he just responded saying that Eli is on Richard’s payroll. Okaaay.

          • Yeah Right


            I mean granted, I baited him into it, and I have been trolling the shit out of both of them over Andrew acting like Rosa Parks. But yeah. there it is.

          • Cuckblocker

            That aint shit. You do not sew seeds of division over statements like this, let this roll of your cuff.

      • Yeah Right

        I mean shit. I pointed this specifically out on the bbs. over there on the darkweb, and andrew personally banned my account. Like seriously the dude is losing his grip.

    • Lexi

      Love this idea! It affirms our particular Amerikaner identity but also our place within the larger European family of nations.

      • I love the term “Amerikaner.” I doubt it will take off but it may be worth trying.

        • Bantz Henriksen

          “Amerikaner” cedes “American” to non-whites, which is incorrect. It also connotes Afrikaners, i.e. people in a position of vulnerability in Africa. Do we want to adopt a term that shows that we are in a position of vulnerability or strength?

          • If we can keep the term “American” for real Americans – i.e., me – I’m all for it.

          • Dragdar

            You can’t tho, that’s the whole point of Americanism. No religion, no race is allowed above the state and supreme court.

          • You’re not an American, your opinions about us are irrelevant.

          • Dragdar

            If anglo legacy is so dear to you, then you must also eat its fruits which end up in your alienation, anglo fruits which are republicanism and all revolutionary ideologies stemming from the French Revolution.
            Unless you go back to Rome and the Church, you’ll never solve anything you perceive is bothering you. Guaranteed.

          • “Unless you go back to Rome and the Church, you’ll never solve anything you perceive is bothering you.”

            LOL. Good luck with all that.

          • Clark Kent

            I’m glad you distinguish Rome and the Church.
            I think modern Roman Catholicism is too much Church and not enough Rome.

        • Dragdar


          Fits nicely considering the anglo oligarchy that was poisoning wells and making concentration camps in SA is the same bent on creating deracinated fudgeblend middleclass that is vaguely white enough and smart enough to pay taxes.

          • Anti-Anglo LARPing is sure to be a winner in America.

    • Ajudeo

      What’s your European Ethnicity??

      • Someone

        What’s your ETA on a PLE in your neighborhood where you can meet people face-to-face instead of casting aspersions on their ethnicity from behind your keyboard?

    • Mike549

      I’m not too sure about that. The American version of things is always more vulgar and more extreme, more over-the-top. There is something uniquely American about the Stormer version of the alt-right. To purge that type of thing would water things down. It shouldn’t really be promoted but it’s probably unavoidable, and maybe that’s for the best anyway.

      • genocidal_maniac

        No. Purging it might make it less fun for some people but it could lead to a genuine movement here that draws a good 10-20% of the population.

        I feel as if Milo understood this better than the alt-right. He understood implicit whiteness means you don’t have to explicitly say it so you have plausible deniability.

        • Sharrukin

          You can’t run away from your own message.

          • genocidal_maniac

            Have you actually listened to anything Spencer says? He has a vastly different message than Anglin. Fundamentally different, both substantively and tonally.

    • iemand
    • Clark Kent

      So long as we still call out traitorous jews

  • TIL that winning the mainstream to your side is “cucking.” Apparently, Alt Right wants as few people as possible. Alt Right doesn’t want to win the majority of White Americans, they want to create a little subculture, like the Juaggaloes or the NSM. That way they can continue to be completely ineffective just like their forebears in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.

    We pro-white North Americans already have a rather radical symbol that is instantly recognizable and that the anti-whites have tried for years to turn toxic, with no effect. It’s called the Gadsden flag.

    We also have an even more radical symbol, with an important history in America, a history that the Alt Right has been pretending to defend.

    It would be pretty stupid to go the Harold Covington route, and make some new flag that no one recognizes and then build a silly fantasy about fighting a guerrilla war with the government around it.

    It IS a good sign that some smarter people are starting to look to Generation Identitare which is doing just about everything RIGHT in the context of Europe. Now if we can only get ostensibly pro-white people in North America to follow their example, but in the context of North America.

    • Cuckblocker

      Cucking does not win the mainstream to our side, no matter the initial (((media induced response))). This should be plainly apparent to anyone with eyes and ears to see and hear at this point. We are winning, and have been growing immensely in an incredibly short span of time.

      Also I don’t know who you are.

      • genocidal_maniac

        (Baghdad Bob)

      • Ajudeo

        Neither does pinning Stars on Jews or Racist Hatred……

        • Cuckblocker

          Wrong. Why do you think the Germans did those things?

          • Ajudeo

            You’re not Alt-Right……

            You’re Antifa trying to Fk with our Movement……

            Get the Fk out of here, Moron…..

          • Cuckblocker

            I am part of the movement, and I noticed you didn’t answer my question, but rather were triggered with feels. Please ponder it for later.

          • Ajudeo

            Like I said……

            You are aligned with Alt-Right Enemies……

            Fk off…..

      • The term “cucking” has a meaning. No one – least of all me – has suggested that pro-whites in America start cucking by saying “race doesn’t matter, muh constitution.” Nor that we spend any time propping up the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine. That’s cucking.

        So I really have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

        • Ajudeo

          Then, why did Breitbart ban you??….

          Because those are your People, apparently…..

          • Breitbart banned me for discussing anti-white Jews, obviously.

          • Ajudeo

            Then, stick with your Alt-Right Brothers…….

            Because we aren’t banning you……

          • You’re a Jew, you’re not my brother.

          • Ajudeo


            You’re Insane…..

            But, you’re still My Brother……

          • AJudeo, why did you change your handle – “A Judeo” – and your avatar – was your Star of David avatar too obvious?

          • Yeah Right

            Dunno man. I got banned for trolling anglin on the pedoweb version of the daily stormer bbs. was lulzy. I was honored to be shoahed by that nut.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            I was banned at TRS for making fun of Enoch’s wife.

    • JosephtheGreat

      Unfortunately the cuckservatives have already ruined the Gadsden flag by association.

      • The cuckservatives have not ruined the flag by association. We’ve had it longer than the cuckservatives have. It is a symbol WORTH defending, just like the Dixie flag is a symbol WORTH defending.

        It’s ours and the anti-whites are as freaked out by it as a vampire is to a cross.

        • Ajudeo

          “anti-whites are as freaked out by it as a vampire is to a cross.”



        • crediThor

          the snake is not going to gain a lot of sympathy. The snake is a vicious and evil animal and hated by most Whites. Antipathy to snakes is age-old, snakes: lying, twofold tongue, reptile coldness, venom, hidden and dangerous etc. Just saying.

    • Ajudeo

      Good luck with that, Methuselah……


    • disqus_YnCJhAomHi
      • Right here – you can see how much the anti-whites are triggered by our flag. They are desperate to push pro-whites into the ADL/SPLC (((Hollywood Nazi))) box. She just created a spam account to attack pro-white symbols.

        It won’t work.

        • disqus_YnCJhAomHi

          Nah, it’s just too much of a “Leave MY money alone” look. And yellow is a weak color.

          • Ajudeo

            Yellow is the Color of the Sun…..

            Hardly a Weak Color….


        • Dragdar

          I agree with your on St. Andrew’s cross. But without pentagrams for sure. The cross is the ultimate antijew symbol. Make the outer line thinner and the same color as the cross.

    • Johnny Fascismo

      We’re not Libertarians HR. I’m pretty sure Cantwell had a Gadsden Flag anyways, and we saw how that worked out for him.

      • I’m not a libertarian, what does that have to do with anything? I have no idea what you pretend fascist anti-Canadians are all about. Obviously our White North American symbols have nothing to do with you.

        Cantwell’s problem was he wanted to be a Jew TV star and decided to do the monkey dance with his guns. Besides, Cantwell isn’t a libertarian anymore – he’s one of you, now he’s a fascist LARPer, complete with swastika screensavers that he likes to also show off for the media.

        You’re obviously confused.

        • Johnny Fascismo

          The Gadsden flag is typically associated with Libertarians. “Muh Private Property rights!” Cantwell is a libertarian. He brought a Gadsden flag to Charlottesville and still got labeled a Neo-Nazi. He’s never once called himself a Fascist or National Socialist. You’re obviously confused.

          • Cantwell was showing of his swastikas in his hotel room and he’s given up libertarianism to hop on what he thought was the next big thing.

            You don’t know anything about the Gadsden flag, its American heritage, nor the Dixie flag. Nor do you know anything else about Confederate heritage.

            Cantwell got labelled a “Nazi” because he played one on TV. Try to keep up.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            He didn’t even. The Vice interview was heavily edited. Obviously he gave them enough rope, tied it into a noose and offered them his neck. But he himself is not a Nazi and has never claimed to be. That wasn’t a screensaver, that was clearly a news article he just so happened to have open during the filming. Try to keep up.

          • No thanks, you can feel free to count how many fascist angels can dance on the head of Chris Cantwell. I’m pro-white American, not a LARPer. It’s too bad Cantwell is getting railroaded, but if he hadn’t have collaborated with the enemy, he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble.

            Collaborators always pay a price.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            You should dye your hair purple and go chant “No Nazis, no KKK, no Fascist USA” with your liberal comrades, cuckboi.

          • The KKK was American, although it doesn’t exist anymore. The Nazis never existed (you mean the NSDAP, why is it that you LARPers can’t even get your own terminology correct?)

            I don’t have “comrades” – that’s commie talk. I have friends and allies. My children are my own – I made them by fucking my own wife. Try it sometimes, it’s way better than circle-jerking with your fellow online LARPer trolls.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            The KKK were Anti-White terrorist clowns. They lynched Italian Catholics as well as blacks. Fuck them. Wearing those ridiculous outfits was the definition of LARPing.

          • Hey look, Johnny Fascismo is chanting “No KKK” just like an Antifa. Figures.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            Well they used to murder my people. Supporting them would make me a cuck, no? They were never a pro-white group. They were a pro-WASP group. So obviously you think they were pretty cool.

          • You sound just like an SJW. “Your people” shouldn’t have gone to where you weren’t wanted, apparently.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            Not really. I’m not a liberal. I think a bunch of white people chanting “Anti-White” begging the police for equal treatment and whining about white genocide is cringey in the worst way.

          • Baron von Aus

            The Gadsden flag is a true icon of America.Please encourage young people to read the history of James Gadsden .

          • Someone

            The Gadsen Flag was a Revolutionary War flag associated with the beginnings of America. Libertarians often use it, yes, but the flag belongs to all Americans. There’s no reason why we can’t use it.

            Do you have any idea how many Americans would listen to us if they could trust us not to jettison our early American heritage into the landfill?

          • Johnny Fascismo

            When people see the flag today the first thing they think about is overweight, pot smoking, libertarians. Sad, but true.

  • Solo et Sanguis

    Before you design a flag, you have to have a coherent message that this flag symbolizes. Take flags like the Gadsen flag of the Continental rebels, or the Molon Labe flag of the Texas rebels. The former with the serpent and the phrase “don’t tread on me” alluded to the “unite or die” flag of the revolution as well as suggesting that the people bearing the flag weren’t going to take any shit. The latter harkened back to a phrase Leonidas of Sparta said to Xerxes the Persian king when Xerxes demanded the Spartans and their Theban allies surrender their weapons. Molon labe is Greek for “Come and Take Them”.

    What is the Alt-Right? What do we represent, and what are our aims and goals? Are we a White Nationalist movement? Are we a movement to restore some bygone era of Americana or create an entirely new system? Are separatists or supremacists (in the sense of do we want a White homeland in the U.S or do we want Whites back in unquestionable control of the US)?

    Once we have a firm standing of where we want to go, who we are, and what we stand for, designing a flag that matches that ideal should be an easy step. Red tends to be a revolutionary color, representing blood and violence, as well as war. Blue tends to represent nobility of people or purpose, regality, or honor. White represents purity and virtue, but obviously would also represent the White race. Black represents darkness, chaos, destruction.

    My proposal with these things in mind would be a blue field at the top with a single white star in the middle, a small black band at the bottom separated by the blue field with a red band

    Or just forgo the black and red elements and go with a simple flag like Captain John recommended.

    • Someone

      “What is the Alt-Right?” Good question! Everyone here seems to have their own ideas. I think it should be a (white) American nationalist movement with clear American aesthetics, but other folks seem to have other ideas.

      • Solo et Sanguis

        Agreed, and that’s an issue because it prevents us from moving forward in one direction. Some want to apparently create a 4th Reich here in the US with the various Nazi and Aryan symbolism. 14, black sun, swastika, etc. I prefer a more subtle approach, symbols that are ostensibly universal, but can be interpreted in various ways.

        Eagles, Polaris, the color White, a torch, crosses. These are all somewhat universal symbols that Neo Nazi and Normie alike could potentially rally toward and under.

        The simpler the idea, the easier it is to “disavow” any Nazi symbolism the leftists claim it contains which will put them more and more into that “boy who cried wolf” territory. Which is exactly where we should want to keep them. Marginalize them and their message, let the normies see that when everything is Nazi they have nothing to fear from the label. Then when they no longer fear being called a Nazi and they wake up to the truth of the JQ and all they do to our civilization in the west, then we have them on our side.

        At least that is my approach.

  • Fritz Gruber

    GI is very fine. And yes, they have to deal with complete fullfilled left wing totalitarism on a way higher level then the usa but your country is going straight in this fully totalitarian direction,too. The first A. died officially in C’ville. But that does not mean that you should start cucking down the message now. Actually i do not think that the optics was that bad. The southerners looked great in black and white as did the most people that came to C’ville. Stay strong and do not stop going out on these streets and rallys!
    Just learn from C’ville and get better prepared the next time!

  • Super_Male_Vitality

    This site is getting better and better. (Since CVille – filling the chasm left by the theft of DS.) I’m loving the new edgy content and regular updates.

    The alt-right WILL NEVER DIE.

    Fight for your lives, young people of Europa! For Dixie! Huzzah!

    • Cuckblocker

      We need jew star pinning ability for initiated users.

  • Scott Schroeder

    What does GI say when called racist, Nazi, bigot, supremacist? If you don’t get that right, nothing else you do matters.

    • Cuckblocker

      Only racism can save the white race, racism and hate.

    • nyúl béla

      They can simply ignore that, considering they are indigenous people living on their homelands (with a history reaching back thousands of years), they can rightfully say that Africans, Arabs, and all other ethnicities don’t belong here and should leave. The situation is a little bit different in the US (as the indigenous people are Indians), but still white people should have the humble right to build their own separate communities as a minimum.
      In East-Europe, Hungary we would laugh if someone accused us of being “nazi” or bigot because 1: who the hell cares, 2: the majority of people are nationalist here.

      • Scott Schroeder

        Ignoring doesn’t get you in power. You have to discredit the anti-whites and delegitimize the terminology they use to maintain power.

        • nyúl béla

          What I can tell from experience is this: when the nationalist side had only a few hundred thousand voters in my country, we were always called Nazis by the media, no matter what we did. After we reached cc 10% of votes, this labeling was discredited; MSM had to admit that 10% of people cannot be a Nazi. This stigma was simply outgrown.

          • Scott Schroeder

            How did the anti-whites take power?

          • nyúl béla

            Hungary was under Soviet occupation and communist-marxist leadership for 40 years. In 1990 we became free from the Soviet but immediately became a western sphere of interest. The country was poor, people wanted to have similar living standards as the West, therefore they accepted everything coming from western sponsored media and NGO-s. Liberals, leftists and progressives gained power and started to spread western “values” (multiculturalism, anti-nationalism, feminism, homo-propaganda) more and more. At a point people had enough of this and the constant admiration of the west and started to reach back to their traditions and heritage, at the same time they realized western “values” has nothing to do with living standards. The turning point was 2006 when we started to push back, the 2008 economic crisis also helped. Since 2010 liberals and leftists are out of power, the situation is now better. In 2015 we built a double fence, took 0 refugees or migrants and the constitution firmly states marriage can only exist between man and woman, etc.

          • Dragdar

            “western values”=Anglo
            European Civ.=Roman

            Let this anglojew explain it to you.

          • Scott Schroeder

            So anti-whites were never in power in Hungary. Anti-whites ARE in power in Anglosphere and western Europe. You would think people interested in politics would like to know how that happened.

          • nyúl béla

            We called them anti-hungarian (not anti-white) and they were in power for a short period, if you don’t count the former Soviet occupation (but do not underestimate the destruction of jewish created Soviet system).

          • Scott Schroeder

            In office is not in power. In power means you control public opinion.

    • Vincent Law

      “What does GI say…”

      They start marching with Swastikas to prove their critics right.

  • disqus_YnCJhAomHi
  • RightWingExtreme

    I like the GI symbol the best.

  • Please don’t have anything with a five pointed star, that symbol is satanic.

  • Yeah Right

    I am relieved to hear somebody stepping up to the plate to get control of this wild hay ride.

    It was getting really old listening to Andrew Anglin paint himself as the center of the movement, a new Rosa Parks of the right. Dude is losing his grip.

    As to the content of the post, I definitely agree small tactical Street Action is a way better model than trying to make everything a new March on Selma for Nazis.

    Speaking of Nazis, I think it’s time to call them on the carpet for their counterproductive bullshit. The Swastikas and the White Sharia crap that the stormer crowd pushes while Anglin chills from a distance is highly suspect. At best it’s dumb. At worst he is subverting the message intentionally.

    Question now. How do we plan to communicate to these groups for vetting?

    • TVMA

      I’ve said it before. At this point Anglin and Spencer are either moles with clear agendas or clowns with no clue how they’re running nationalism into the ground. If a lefty was trying to turn the movement into a straw man to be knocked down by institutional left, he’d be doing pretty much what Anglin has done.

      • astrofrog

        Anglin had done more to pull young white men into the movement than anyone else alive. For his trouble he’s become the first man to be banned from the internet for his speech. If he’s a plant, he’s a remarkably bad one.

        • TVMA

          The quality of those young men is just as important as their quantity. A movement with too many LARPing buffoons is as hopeless as one with few followers.

          • astrofrog

            Says the guy who lacks the agency to even get an avatar.

          • TVMA

            SICK BURN!! Crushing rebuttal indeed!

          • crediThor

            Anglin is managed by jew weev, who regularly calls for “killing of children, mass killings, terrorism, white supremacy”. That is the tech jew weev is probably at the centre of TRS and DS tech to compile data on the followers as well.

    • Vincent Law

      Anglin has got a whole generation of youth into right-wing politics. DS is insanely popular. His
      people didn’t cause trouble at Charlottesville. He doesn’t advocate
      using Swastikas either. Not sure why you think we have to vet him.DS is just satire and shitposting in article form.

      • crediThor

        Azzamdor lead a crowd of Stormers chanting “gas the kikes” in CV. Anglin’s handler weev is of jewish descent and friends with chabad intel guy Alex Pilosov from manhattan.
        Weev called for mass killings, killing of children, promoted terrorism several times and also manages the “yes I have a jewish wife who cited funny poems on my WN radioshow, which I never explained but really just trust me please” TRS.

        “Gas the kikes” chants full with skullhead shields, like a caricature. Leading them Azzmador is a multi-convict criminal.
        This is “ironic” in action. They play us. weev has been friends with chabad tech jew Alex Pilosov at least since his trial and just recently he registered on the server of Pilosov’s chabad-jew internet service.
        You all need to keep up who plays a game here. I am not telling this to sound smart or play up. This is going on for too long and weev is a jew friends with a chabad tech-jew. I can document all this, but won’t in case my reply is blocked.

    • Cuckblocker

      You can’t. We rek shit in position #1. Why is your primary motive here to try to cause dissension attack DS and Anglin. The bottom line is that the primary driving force behind this movement is what’s behind the curtain currently per se and it’s massive (DS). We’re just not allowed to be out in the limelight currently.

      Study the Overton Window

    • Cuckblocker

      and he never “painted himself as the center of the movement”

      you are a jew or a shlll or both.

      this fucking board man, jesus

      • Dagmar Evropa

        I feel the same way after reading thru these comments. People on here need to get very honest very fast with themselves. Is the Alt-right standing for Nationalism? What type? If it is for Civic Nationalism. ie; bill of rights, muh country, going nostalgic about the way things were etc, you can go over to the Alt-Lite People? Or is this about our White European Identity? Our heritage, our values, our people…the 14 words. It is not about hate, but love for our ancestors, each other and our future generations. WTF with all this hand ringing about offending jews, putting people off, flags. larping is silly. Keep in mind that GI wants a home for White Europe and all these same principals, all the Nazi Iconography is a punishable offense…hard jailtime in most european countries. I wouldnt use it either. These so called nazi symbols are proto indo european in nature. Used to inspire and re-awaken european identity against the stupor of the abrahamic cult.

        • Johnny Fascismo

          The problem is American White Nationalism is just a smaller tent version of civic nationalism. There is no “white identity” there are several, and trying to get everyone on the same page about anything is impossible.

    • Nova Morium

      I agree with you in MANY ways…..

      There is another side that Vincent is alluding to……..

      It’s like Arius vs. Athanasius…..

      Or Calvinism vs. Wesleyanism…….

      These things can cause Major Splinterings……

      We’re all Alt-Right to an extent……

      We understand and express it in Different Ways…..

      Even though it probably all stems from a Similar Root…….

  • I can’t see a way around the Swastika to be honest with you. I sympathize with what Vincent Law is saying but it just seems like cucking.

    Andrew Anglin was saying you should fly American Flags because the optics would be great to see antifa attacking Americans…but then Vincent has a point, the government is against it’s people.

    Alinsky said that if you want to have a revolution you should dress it up as a return to the past and you should use the ancient symbols of your nation, for this reason I reject White Sharia meme because it is alien but is the Swastika really alien to Americans? Isn’t the point that we are white people? Isn’t the Alt Right in America also fighting to save Europe?

    Would you want to die for a new flag that some guy just invented?

    • McSwag

      I saw a load of Sawstikas in Georgetown, Penang..
      It’s a universal symbol…not a white one in particular.

    • “is the Swastika really alien to Americans?”

      Yes. Is that even a serious question?

      • Is the Alt Right a white identity movement or an American white identity movement?

        • The Alt Right is Andrew Anglin and Richard Spencer. I’m not sure if it really is a “white identity movement,” American or not. It appears to be an online trolling group with a few staged IRL rallies.

        • Cuckblocker

          White identity, and antisemitic.

        • Johnny Fascismo

          HR has been doing his best to steer it into the direction of an American patriot group, where he gets to purge people for disagreeing with his retarded ideas.

          • yeah he likes to argue

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            See you at the Elks lodge over an Old Fashioned?

          • Johnny Fascismo

            “Everyone who uses the Alt-Right to push their religion is an entryist LARPer.”
            next day…
            “Hey you guys, we should take over the Freemasons and turn into a White Nationalist group.”

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            I’ve actually been around Masons and had events at their lodges. They’re pretty harmless but definitely hue to the Cosmopolitan liberal stereotype.

    • TVMA

      And there it is:)) The stupidity that has failed the alt-right and will sabotage nationalism by mere association. Unless you’re walking giddily into every trap set by the left, you’re “cucking”. And dipshits like this get touchy when you call them LARPers.

      • Sharrukin

        Running away from the truth isn’t a clever plan.

        You aren’t going to avoid being called names when you are supporting white nationalism.

        • TVMA

          Yes therefore turn yourself into the exact caricature the left wants you to be so they can completely marginalize you and make the normies scared to death of even listening to you! Because we don’t need to awaken anyone, nor do we need the platforms that the left is systematically taking away after that gift Spencer gave them in Charlottesville!

          Too many morons in the alt-right. Way too many idiots and shut-ins with no common sense. Waste of fucking time.

          • Sharrukin

            You want to be liked.

            Most people do.

            The problem is that you can’t soft sell this stuff because it’s too radical of a change. People don’t like having to think or change their minds and they aren’t going to thank you for it.

            The left has been winning for decades. Learn from them.

            They don’t run in terror from Communist symbology. They don’t disavow their radicals and extremists.

            They win!

          • TVMA

            It’s not about being liked you fucking genius. It’s about succeeding. It’s about not letting your opponent turn you into a straw man.

            The left has been winning for decades in part because the boomers were dumb enough to let them paint themselves as morally superior to the right, and even then, they rarely mentioned socialism let alone communism as their end goal. The term socialism wasn’t used by mainstream leftists until literally the last couple of years. Obama is a tried and true socialist but he never uttered that term
            before or after winning. He understood advancing ideas is more important than promoting names and symbols. Even leftards have a better sense of long term strategy than dopes in the alt-right! You morons ruined the fucking movement.

          • Sharrukin

            they rarely mentioned socialism let alone communism as their end goal.

            Their radical groups talked about it all the time from the 1960s on. Their mainstream groups pretended that wasn’t the agenda.

            They didn’t do the conservative purity spiral thing that is so lethal to the right.

          • TVMA

            As I said already, thanks to boomer stupidity, the far left was never considered as toxic-by-association as the far right. The Communist Party of USA always endorses Democrats but Dems never get shit for it. Thank the boomers for that.

            But to WIN, you have to work within the parameters you’re given. There are groups on the far right that are irreversibly toxic and frankly not even ideologically compatible with healthy nationalism based on love of own rather than hatred of others. To succeed, these groups must be shunned openly…or they will be used by the left to shut down every platform associated with the alt-right.

            The problem is Anglin brought in lots of LARPing dipshits who gave up mainstream success long ago and define “winning” as not getting their asses kicked in useless street fights. There is no getting through to them, and they’ve already done extensive damage to the cause.

          • yeah but Anglin also built the most successful white nationalist website in the world, maybe he was doing something right…..

          • Vincent Law

            Yeah he was a machine, a good writer, and wickedly funny. A lot of DS’s success was because of Anglin himself.

          • well its two things in my opinion, firstly the low brow humor and secondly the fact that he covered the news, he had his finger on the pulse, he had daily updates
            this is classic Alinsky
            Alinsky says that you have to operate on the time frame of your enemy and these days that means jumping on the story when it happens, not writing an editorial a week later.

          • TVMA

            Success isn’t just measured by how many people you bring in. It’s also about keeping moles and self-sabotaging idiots out. Short term success is meaningless when it leads to long term defeat.

          • If you want a populist uprising then success kind of is measured by how many people you bring in

          • TVMA

            There ain’t gonna be a “populist uprising” like the one you have in mind, and even if it does, having playacting straw men on your side allows the feds to slaughter you without arousing the disgust of the population.

          • If there is no populist uprising then how will we win?

          • TVMA

            By awakening as many normies as possible so they stop voting for frauds and refuse to be manipulated by pc mythology. An informed population is hard to fool. It ain’t easy, but it’s far more practical than fantasies of a “popular uprising”.

          • oh well, that’s what I would call a populist uprising, a violent revolution would be a mistake

          • Cuckblocker


            I hope it’s plainly obvious to readers here who is (((who))) and who is over the (((target)))

          • TVMA

            Yes dickhead. Everyone who doesn’t want to become the left’s most convenient stereotype is a Jew.

          • Cuckblocker

            Everyone who initiates attacks to their right is a jew

          • TVMA

            Complete bullshit.
            1. Socialists are not to the right of anyone on the right!

            2. Any movement that doesn’t consistently examine itself for moles and useful idiots is doomed to failure.

            “Don’t punch right” is a retarded mantra for LARPing clowns who have no other way of justifying their existence in the movement.

          • Sharrukin

            What does right and left even mean anymore?

            The GOP isn’t for small government and the libertarians are a tiny minority and liberal idiots bye and large.

            That is something else that is changing.

          • Cuckblocker

            The fuck. The (((left))) never punches left. So now you are trying to insinuate that Anglin/Weev are moles? Confirm now so you are added to the list officially.

          • TVMA

            The left has no problem punching left when they see them hurting the cause. Notice how they did a U-turn on antifa after first embracing them. The mayor of Berkeley went from practically endorsing them to calling for them to be categorized as a gang. Same with Pelosi. Same with MSM rags that published articles against antifa literally days after comparing them to WW2 soldiers.

          • Vincent Law

            I find most DS users are True Believers. They’re young, idealistic and full of anger. They are invaluable to the cause, they just need to stay clear of Nazi imagery when at a rally, that’s literally it.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            The true believerism can be dangerous.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            Their the most dedicated recruits. They just need to be effectively led.

          • TVMA

            The true believers must be made to understand three things: -Nationalism
            predates Nazism. You don’t have to be a Nazi in order to be a
            -Questioning the role of Jews in subverting national
            institutions does not require nor does it equate to a blanket hatred of
            their entire group.
            -Love of Western civilization and refusing to surrender it does not require nor does it equate to hating those outside of it.

            These three principles have to be articulated regularly and effectively if the alt-right is to have any chance of success.

            Avoiding Nazi/Klan imagery at rallies is one step but it’s not enough. As long as we subscribe to this “Don’t Punch Right” idiocy we’ll be vulnerable both to self-defeating LARPers and moles looking to turn us into the easiest of straw men.

            The bottom line is there are few associations as damaging to a movement as Nazism and Klan are in America. In a sane society the same would apply to the left and communism, but we have no choice but to work within the existing parameters rather than those we wish would exist. If the alt-right doesn’t openly shun Nazism and the KKK and make it
            clear that they are not welcome, it will be defined by them and
            sacrifice any chance of reaching the normies that we MUST reach and awaken.

            The notion that Whites have the right to self-interest and ethnic pride as every other race is simply common sense. But we won’t make the normies overcome their knee-jerk rejection of it by helping the left link it to groups they’re conditioned to avoid like the plague.

          • Vincent Law

            Disagree with several points. No such thing as good jews. And its about White civ, not Western civ.

            Otherwise, yes.

          • TVMA

            Most people understand that Western Civilization is White Civilization. No one thinks “non-white” when they hear West. Even on the left, the term Western implies white evilness.

            As for Jews, acknowledging the JQ is both logical and necessary. But blanket dismissal of all Jews as evil regardless of their beliefs is no more logical than the evangelical worship of them. We have to be able to distinguish between those who mean us harm and those that don’t. Gilad Atzmon is an Israeli Jew and one of the figures who helped me understand Jewish subversion. Miko Peled is another Jew who exposes the subversion of American foreign policy by Zionists. People like them are few and far in between, but they do exist.

            By insisting no Jews can possibly be good you adopt an unreasonable position which makes the normies discount your valid points on the disproportionate role of Jews in communism and cultural decline of white countries. We can’t just limit ourselves to those already familiar with the JQ. We HAVE to awaken the normies, and that can’t be done as long as we make ourselves an unreasonable caricature they want nothing to do with.

    • Vincent Law

      I don’t think its cucking. The Liberals don’t fly the hammer and sickle, is that cucking?

    • Johnny Fascismo

      We shouldn’t make up a brand new symbol. It should be something from the past that actually has meaning. In its time and day th Swastika had meaning. Mussolini used Roman symbols. GI uses a Spartan symbol. I agree with Vincent that the Stars and Stripes are cucky at this point. You Americans probably know of appropriate American symbols that can be used, or something European that doesn’t come with too much baggage.

      • when I was arguing against the white sharia meme I raised the question of why there was not more cowboy propaganda in the Alt Right.
        Aren’t most white farmers in the USA white? Isn’t the cowboy myth the real American foundation myth? Don’t we want to tap into that Redneck power base?

        • Johnny Fascismo

          The problem with Nationalist symbols for the US (and Canada as well) is they are such vast, regionalized countries. The only thing the regions have in common with one another is a federal government. Something Cowboyish would be great in Texas or New Mexico, but in New Jersey, not so much

          • yup, probably need different groups for different states anyway though tbh
            Vincent is right when he says that big organizations get taken down by the feds, if you have multiple groups for each state then it’s harder for them

        • Vincent Law

          Even Native American imagery would work tbh. It’s a good idea.

          • yup, or you could just go full WHITE MAFIA!
            The Italian mafia has been glorified by the Jews for years… be good to see that turn around and bite them on the ass

        • Solo et Sanguis

          Once upon a time Columbia was the “Goddess” of America, or the anthropomorphized symbol of our nation.

          Wouldn’t work well as a flag (look at the Virginia flag, it’s a bit busy and confusing with too much going on) but there is definitely something to be said for reclaiming some of the symbols of our founding.

          • yep, cept wasn’t Christopher Columbus a Jew? A converso?

          • Solo et Sanguis

            Columbia the goddess and Columbus only share similar names. Columbia was meant to represent America, and the name only alludes to Columbus since he opened up the western hemisphere to Europeans.

            As to him being a Jew, I’m not sure. I recall during one voyage him and his crew saw some odd lights that looked a bit like a menorah, but he could have just been being descriptive trying to compare it to something he knows. Though the Vatican thought this was enough to attempt to subject him to the Inquisition.

          • I think Isabella and Ferndinand made a big mistake trying to convert these crazy people, they should have just kicked them out, all those mass conversions went a long way to helping create the Reformation

    • Someone

      If we are an American nationalist movement, we should use American flags. Nothing else.

  • McSwag

    French Identitarians are very regionalised…and not so keen on the all-powerful central State( a bone of contention with the FN)….what would American Identitarian look like?

    • Vincent Law

      Also small government-oriented.

      • McSwag

        Something of a fantasy in this day and age.

        • Vincent Law

          Yeah big gov isn’t going anywhere, may as well use it to crush the globo-corps.

          • McSwag

            The US globo-corps?

  • I guess one obstacle is that the american white dissidents are demoralized in comparison to the euro white dissidents…we have so many nonwhites here that it seems hopeless…also in euro, their national governmental structures are set up to make democracy easier–the governments over there generally have to do what the people want…not so in america….the gov’t structure here thwarts democracy

    • Ed Edgerton

      we have so many nonwhites here that it seems hopeless

      The percentage of nonwhites is irrelevant to the real underlying problem, which is that most whites do not have conscious sense of racial solidarity. This is the main problem we need to work on, regardless of how many nonwhites there are in any given place.

    • Vincent Law

      Proportional representation and the EU parliament makes it easier for small parties to get their foot in the door, that’s true.

  • Ajudeo

    Our New Flag is in the Works….

    Be Patient…….

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    Charlottesville was not the first stand-down order.

    In fact, there is a long pattern to this kind of policy which could be seen as a strategy.

    Democratic and proggy politicians and administrators have concocted a plan to intimidate and silence the patriots. Brainwash the young to hate whites. Unleash them on Patriots. Stand-Down orders to cops. Or B-U-S Plan.

    1. Use PC, anti-white pop culture, and funding to create a Janissary force of young crazed radicals.

    2. Have the media either ignore antifanissary violence(as in Milo Berkeley riot) or even praise it(as in Charlottesville).

    3. Have the police stand-down and do nothing. Give the antifanissary ‘space to riot and attack’. Thus, the thugs are let loose on the patriots and few if any are arrested. And even if arrested, just give them a slap on the wrist. (In contrast, Chris Cantwell is denied bond.)

    This is no accident. It is a coordinated plan by Zionist-globalists to suppress the emergence of any white/gentile independence movement that wants OUT of the globalist-imperialist agenda. Imperialists have always trained the colonized to turn race-traitor and collaborationist. After all, imperialist elites are vastly outnumbered by the native patriots. So, the only way to ensure domination is by turning the natives against their own kind. It’s why Ottoman Turks trained and turned Greek boys against other Greeks and Christians. In the US, Jewish Globalists use education, media, education, and law to turn white against white. and among whites, there are too many addicted to the smell of their own virtue farts as sweet perfume and too many cucks who will sell their mother down the river for position and privilege.

    Education, Pop culture, media, justice system, and politicians have all been weaponized by the Globalists. Their PC propaganda raised white kids to hate their own race via stuff like rap music, Rage Against Machine, DJANGO, etc. So, there will always be feral antifa thugs who naturally attack patriots.

    Now, many decent cops obviously want to arrest these thugs. But the Power orders them not to. So, cops don’t serve and protect the people but serve and protect the Glob that uses antifa thugs to beat on the patriots. And if patriots fight back, as in Charlottesville, the weaponized media blame them for the violence(of self-defense) and glorify antifanissary thugs as the true patriots comparable to US soldiers in WWII.

    We have to expose the B-U-S Plan of the Glob.

    To be effective,we have to GIVE A NAME to the policies, strategies, and means used against us.

    If not BUS Plan, it needs some kind of name.

    Consider how effective the term ‘cuck’ was in exposing a certain kind of ‘conservative’.

    • Vincent Law

      From what I understand, that FBI memo about Antifa was internal. Doesn’t mean they are cracking down on anything.

  • – TheFinn –

    “Charlottesville is over lads…” probably worth reading just for that bit.

    Time to move on!

  • Dragdar

    “The North Star would symbolize the Global North that we are all a part of against the Global South.”

    That sounds like the bourgeois rebelling against the proletarians or vice versa.
    But you’re not really AGAINST the ‘south’!
    If you’re actually honest about fighting golems and jews you ought to be an ethno-Christian gentleman-nobleman type organization that values the HOLY CROSS THAT GAVE US EUROPE and lifted up the miserable tribes from darkness.

    René Descartes is NOT Europe!
    St. Benedict is Europe! St. Thomas Aquinas is Europe!
    Antique Rome is Europe before it knew Christ, they are absolved due to ignorance alone and where some possessed God-given virtues that continued into Christendom. Therefore Aristotle is Europe as well, because he loved Truth, objective truth not ‘truth’.

    If you use light blue and white that will be a clear give away of a shill organization for jews. You ought to use a gold background and a black symbol preferably eagle or cross. Why? Because gold represents eternal glory, and eagle is a symbol of Providential Protection of the Kingdom, the rare creature that can look into the sun without being blinded, the sun representing transcendental reality.

  • GENX140

    What’s wrong with using the same flag as Generation Identitaire? It’s already starting to be well known and it could easier unite white people on both continents fighting for the same purpose.

    • Nova Morium

      I don’t have a problem with that……

    • Agree, let us regroup under 1 banner globally, we will be stronger together.

      • NO_spirit_cookers

        GI does not want to be associated with the Alt Right. They would not permit you use their flag. Every branch of GI has to be vetted so there are no morons leading it. The European media tried to tie them to Charlottesville as someone was waving a GI flag and they disavowed, said they had no part in the disaster. GI are more in the Proud Boys mould. Non-Europeans are allowed to join. They have to be as anything else would be illegal in Europe.

        • The GI movement is full of alt-right although they tend to keep it hidden, I believe most do not wish to be aligned with anti Semitic theories as this greatly damages the movement to awakening indoctrinated normies. The GI movement will get hate from the media and leftists no matter what position they take, so they may as well just embrace white identity.

          The USA cannot be saved in its current state anyway, it is on a pathway to be broken up as the demographic shift will create this outcome to be inevitable, flying the USA flag seems kind of pointless at this stage, you simply will not bring enough to our cause in time to save the country that exists today, The clock is against us, Whites will be under 50% of the total population in the states before 2044 and by that stage most of them will not be of breeding age or children.

          • Daniel Harmon

            People self identify on the U.S. census forms. The U.S. is less than 50% white right now.

          • Rhino23

            Yes but there are still large parts that are majority European. Even Vermont though 33% communist/feminazi 33%normies 33% cucks

        • Daily Stormer reader

          If I were an American, I’d use the 48-star American flag. The flag of a better era.

        • Pandolf

          GI doesn’t allow non-Europeans.

    • Rhino23

      Good as any

  • Dragdar
    • nyúl béla

      That’s the flag of Georgia, the country

      • Dragdar

        It’s an example of form. Yes, it is the flag of Georgia.

        • nyúl béla
          • Cheekypop

            we’re not a religious movement

          • Dragdar

            >we’re not a religious movement
            That certainly would be convenient for any would-be jewish agent trying to make the movement impotent from day one.
            If it wants to have any power whatsoever in the ebb and flow of time it ought to be ethno-Christian. Everything else is a farcical parade for some 21 century identity not even the 30s Germans were proposing.

          • Cheekypop

            we’re definitely culturally christian but religion isn’t our platform, deus vult doesn’t really work when we’re trying to deport latin american catholics

          • sturmsoldat

            The maltese cross has one of the longest histories in europe regardless of religion. You may also notice it was used as the iron cross for nazi germany… Clearly no religious relation there

  • white lives matter
    • Cheekypop

      are we trying to appeal to white power skinheads or the common white american?

      • white lives matter

        fuck you jewish troll!

        • Terry

          more human trash right here

      • Sharrukin

        Watering everything down to the point that the average white guy will be comfortable has already been done.

        It’s called the Republican party.

        • Cheekypop

          it’s not “watering down”, that kind of imagery repulses people. we need to be new and refreshing, and our message needs to be american to it’s core, as though we are speaking on behalf of the founders

          • Sharrukin

            The problem is the definition of American. If non-whites are Americans then you are being un-American by excluding them. If you say that they must be expelled or have their citizenship revoked then you are a Nazi skinhead to most people.

            You aren’t getting away from that.

            The founders are dead and gone and they made their opinion clear on who should be Americans.

            Whites of good character.

            Most people don’t care.

            That imagery repulses them because they have been conditioned for that. Our job is to change that.

            This is an example of what I mean. It is a conditioned response.

            Antifa Cheers Speech Made Up Entirely From Hitler Quotes

          • Cheekypop

            it doesn’t matter what we get called, it’s about how the public perceives us. if someone calls you a faggot, do you shrug your shoulders and start fucking another man?

            there is no point trying to revive taboo imagery when we can use something better that speaks directly to white people as americans, we need to make american patriotism about white nationalism, because that’s what it originally meant

          • Sharrukin

            If rejecting taboos isn’t on the table then this thing is dead before it even starts.

          • Cheekypop

            there is a lot of untapped white nationalist sentiment among white americans, they just keep their mouths shut because they’ve been taught that it’s “un-american”, all we have to do is bring the truth to light

          • Sharrukin

            Agree with that.

            That is why Political Correctness exists. To keep whites from saying or thinking the obvious.

  • white lives matter

    Alt Right Worldwide!

  • Dragdar

    Someone posted a flag containing Roman numerals XIV ie 14. I thought that was a smart idea. Unfortunately, comment is deleted now. Make the background gold and Roman numerals black and you’ve got something going.

  • Ajudeo

    My New Alt-Right Flag Creation…….

    In a Video Format with Different Colors, etc……

    Combined the NATO Flag Symbol and a Confederate Flag Analog…..

    And if you look very close…….even the National Socialists will find something to satisfy them…..


    • MOHLER

      not bad!

      • Ajudeo


    • Cheekypop

      it’s not american enough

      • Wild Bill

        but with a little red added to all that blue and white…

        • Nova Morium

          Good Idea….

      • Nova Morium

        Thanks for the Constructive Criticism…..


    • Wild Bill

      By far the best suggestion yet.

      • Nova Morium

        Thank you, Sir……

        I’ll see what I can come up with…….

        • Wild Bill

          Please, keep up the excellent work.

  • Albionic American

    I think something from Greek mythology might work, like a stylized image of Prometheus bringing fire from the heavens to man. It wouldn’t have Nazi connotations, and Jews in New York have to know about the Prometheus statue at Rockefeller Center.

    So if we can successfully convert Prometheus into a white-nationalist symbol, I guess the Jews will demand the destruction of that statue.

  • Howard Roark

    “That being said, we never rented out a boat to actually take to the seas and stop rapefugees, which really raised the bar for Identitarian activism, I must admit. I suppose the equivalent would be us forming Right Wing Border Patrols along the southern border…

    Forming Right Wing Border Patrols was initiated decades ago on the Southwest border of the USA. Any Google search will bring up evidence of this.

    • Jarod

      Doesn’t seem to be widespead knowledge though. They need better PR

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        The Minutemen along the Mexican border circa 2006 were all over the News.


    i love the Alt-Right letters. AR would make a nice flag!

  • Howard Roark

    As for a flag, anything too different from what white Americans are used to might not work. Something that has an “American flavor” would be best. But a flag like the one shown (top) has one fatal flaw: it mimics the colors of the Nazi flag. On the other hand, the other flag (below) uses traditional American/Anglo-Saxon colors, with the solitary white star representing white unity.

    • Dragdar

      AR are a good looking pair of letters for sure. It doesn’t look like a regional flag, more like something you’d find in most institutes for something-something.

  • Martin Lichtmesz

    Watch this:

    • MOHLER

      tolle Rede!

  • Crud Bonemeal

    The first and least bad American flag, minimal association with fed gov

    Explains our situation right on it, which is the same as it was back then

    It might be possible to make it look less dumb

    • Vincent Law

      Since its got my name in it, i’m all for it.

    • Dragdar

      It’s got more style than any of that tricolor 20th century nonsense.

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    One thing for sure, the Proglob is not about equality.

    So-called ‘left’ is for the supremacism of the holy three: Jews, blacks, and homos. The system has been rigged that way.

    After all, why would Jews want to be treated equally with Palestinians? Then, AIPAC would lose power and Israel could be sanctioned for the Occupation. Also, why would Jews in Wall Street want equal power with white ‘deplorable’ working class wiped out by globalism?

    And why would blacks want to be treated equally? Without ‘affirmative action'(which is pro-black discrimination), they would lose out in so many fields by rules of merit. Also, if we applied rules of DIOS(diversity is our strength) to all fields, then there would have to be AA for NBA and NFL where blacks dominate. For the sake of diversity, would blacks support making NBA and NFL more diverse with AA for non-black players?

    And why would homos want to be treated equally with others? Then, there would be no special attention to homo this, homo that, homomania, homo ‘pride’, homo month, homo agenda as queertianity. Homos are vain. They want marriage rules to be twisted to serve them. But you don’t see Homos calling for Same-Family Marriage or Incest Marriage.

    One of the biggest failing of the Right is to confuse the ‘left’ as being about egalitarianism when it’s about the supremacism of the Holy Three: Jews, blacks, and Homos.

    After Charlottesville, the powerful globalist Jews are not for equality of free speech for all. They are for Speech Supremacism for the Holy Three and their revolving allies: feminists, Muslims, Asians, Illegals, and etc who are in and out of favor depending on the agenda of the Holy Three.

    Alt Right is just a Pan-European Independence Movement that wants OUT from this servile obeisance to the demands of Zionists, blacks, and homos.

    • Fred

      The Left or Dems have become politically correct designations for satanic anti-human interests and activities. All they want power and a bigger piece of the pie. Similar to Bolsheviks of the ’20s, the aim is worth any means.

      Remarkably, the JQ/Black unholy union would have not been possible due to the strength of the Nation of Islam among Blacks merely 20 years ago.

  • Howard Roark

    As for a flag, anything too different from what white Americans are used to might not work. Something that has an “American flavor” would be best. But a flag like the one shown (top) has one fatal flaw: it mimics the colors of the Nazi flag. On the other hand, the other flag (below) uses traditional American/Anglo-Saxon colors, with the solitary white star representing white unity.

  • W.

    This is a fine idea, but it’s predicated on democracy. We will never be a majority even among whites until after power has been obtained.

    • Sharrukin

      We do however need to have most whites in support or neutral to win even with non democratic means.

      • W.

        I think a dedicated five to ten percent can run the board, but it won’t be peaceful.

  • astrofrog

    It is most definitely time for local cells to start launching flashmob-style spectacles. Nordic Youth in Sweden is another group that we could all learn something from in that regard.

  • Jarod

    I’ve been saying this for a while. We can keep using fash aesthetics but not the swastika

  • Aryan American

    Great article. Hail victory.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    Just go with an American variant of the Scandinavian cross. German Nationalists have been doing this for years rather than trotting out the old Kaiserreich flags. Jews will hate it because it has a cross.

    Maybe our flag can look like this:

    • Dragdar

      That one looks upside-down.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        All Scandinavian crosses look like that.

        • Dragdar
          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Possible. I still think the flag is a good idea, it will trigger Jews and put them on the wrong foot as Anti Christian.

          • Dragdar

            Sorry I just failed to expand the comment. Don’t agree with the use of pentagrams tho. The stripes are overdone also.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Pentagrams are stars to represent the 50 states, just like the American flag. I would ditch the red stripes and just have a red background on the white cross, like the St. Andrew’s/St.Patrick’s cross on the Union jack.

    • Bannon Dale

      That looks good

  • German-American

    The problem with these other “pseudo-fascist” new symbols is that they combine the worst aspects of cucking and using the swastika. They all look like pale imitations of the swastika, they are less visually striking and powerful, and they are designed for the function of being “like a swastika” but not so controversial. In other words, safer, easier to display in public, less likely to arouse the indignation and violent opposition of our enemies. In that way, they are basically little cucky versions of the swastika.

    “No! But the swastika is a Nazi German symbol, and we need authentic American symbols!” That’s a ridiculous argument, first of all because the swastika has been carried and displayed by American sympathizers and fighters for our movement and people since about 1922, starting with the predecessors of the Bund and going all through the culture wars of the 1960s and into the 21st century. But more importantly, if you don’t think the swastika is “authentically American” enough, then this is even less true (by an order of magnitude) of the Dragon’s Eye, the Gear and Pitchfork, the Life Rune and all the other pseudo-fascist symbol in America today.

    And it’s not like those symbols attract any less antipathy than the swastika because they are more supported by the American people. Do not mistake apathy and indifference for support. The swastika attracts near-universal condemnation and outrage because almost everyone knows what it means: pro-white, anti-Semitic, totally opposed to the entire ruling system in power. These other symbols do not attract the same violent opposition because they do not attract any attention whatsoever, at most they produce confusion and head-scratching. Were anyone too actually understand what they mean, they would attract the same level of violent opposition as the swastika.

    And let no man tell me that the swastika only attracts such negative attention because people rightly or wrongly associate it with mass killing, genocide, war, atrocities etc. That’s the excuse people use, but the real reason they are horrified by the sight of the swastika is because they know it means total opposition to the ruling power structure, and that terrified them. It means exposure to the greatest risks, career suicide, social ostracism, random violence etc. If the people actually gave a shit about the immorality of Nazi violence, they would be just as horrified by communist symbolism, or they would equally associate the American flag with the the horrors of terror bombing, napalm and nuclear war.

    There is LARPing as an early 20th-century German worker’s party, then there is LARPing as a 21st-century “authentically American” fascist movement. If the goal is to radically declare war on the system and proclaim our status as a pro-white, anti-Semitic revolutionary force, then no symbol is going to be better or more powerful than the swastika. But if our goal is to be taken seriously as a political force, to not alienate our Tucker-watching potential sympathizers, to not instantly destroy the lives and careers of our new recruits and to use symbols that speak deeply to the American traditon and the American national feeling, then we need to drop the juvenile impulse to LARP as “pseudo-fascists” and also drop the misguided Euro-snobbery about the American flag.

    The American flag is our flag, and we can make it more our flag in the future. The left hates our flag, which is why anarchists and antifa never use it. Our radicalism is all in our ideas and our idealism, we can be total National Socialists on the inside and identify completely with our national flag in the pubic square and in the streets. In fact we must be: the worst thing we can do is embrace half-measures. Inwardly we must be total fanatics in our ideals and principles, ideologically pure and uncompromising — and in our outward methods of communication and symbolism, we must reject all impulses to play pseudo-fascist and ruthlessly embrace the forms and symbols which will be psychologically strongest at penetrating our target audience.

    • “the swastika has been carried and displayed by American sympathizers and fighters for our movement and people since about 1922”

      On what planet are you living? The swastika has been displayed by your movement since the 1960s. It has featured prominently in the 1960s with George Lincoln Rockwell, in the 1970s with Frances Cohen, in the 1980s with the “KKK-Nazi” groups, in the 1990s with Andrew Greenbaum, another Jewish Nazi, and in the 2000s with Hal Turner the FBI informant.

      The swastika had a few years during the early 20th century with the German-American Bund but it was never very popular and certainly never mainstream.

      But you are correct that these crypto-swastikas are the worst of both worlds, I assume that is their function.

      ” let no man tell me that the swastika only attracts such negative
      attention because people rightly or wrongly associate it with mass
      killing, genocide, war, atrocities etc.”

      Again, back here on earth, that is exactly what people associate with it. If you really care about this “issue” you should start some sort of WWII revisionist history program. It’s legal in America.

      • German-American

        If you think the masses actually possess enough empathy and conscience to give a shit about random strangers murdered in eastern Europe some seven decades ago, then you are the one who needs to come down to planet Earth. Read Machiavelli, read Le Bon, read Bernays, read any work on the social psychology or the popular mind.

        There are the reasons people say they do something, and there are the reasons people actually do something. Believing that the masses fear the sight of the swastika because of idealistic humanitarian concern for the victims of the “holocaust” is no different from believing that if we could just convince enough SJWs that we don’t actually hate all black people, that they would be so relieved for the sake of the little black children that they would stop their virtue signaling and join our movement. Educate yourself.

        • Johnny Fascismo

          Reading books is for LARPers.

        • “If you think the masses actually have possess enough empathy and
          conscience to give a shit about random strangers murdered in eastern
          Europe some seven decades ago,”

          I don’t think that, no one would. So why would you think that using long dead symbols like the swastika, or otherwise associating yourself with a long dead movement, is somehow supposed to get Americans on your side? You are the one with the problem, the solution to your problem is to educate the public. If you can’t do that, well, then it’s still your problem, not mine.

          “Believing that the masses fear the sight of the swastika because of
          idealistic humanitarian concern for the victims of the “holocaust””

          You are confused. The masses don’t “fear” the swastika as much as, in America at least, feel contempt for the people who fly it. That is because of half a century of propaganda – and ESPECIALLY – because the people who have been flying it for the last half century have been Jews, FBI, and the dregs of society.

          • German-American

            Is English your second language? If so then I apologize, but it seems this must be the case, since you not only failed to read any of the basic texts on mass psychology, but you also evidently had great difficulty even reading my original post. My argument was in favor of dropping the LARPy pseudo-fascist cuck swastikas and fully embracing the American flag.

            Keep up your English lessons friend, mastery of a second language takes time and a lot of patience, but if you stick with it, it will pay off in the end.

          • You thought your ideas were profound, but they weren’t. Throwing around silly insults isn’t going to make your ideas any better. People do not “fear” “Nazis” with swastikas – they hold them in contempt.

          • German-American

            Habib, I will try and say this as plainly as I possibly can:

            I no think we should use scary swastika. I think we should use USA flag. USA flag make people happy. Happy people good! Alt Right make happy people. Alt Right happy and good!

          • I was responding to your mistaken notion about when and where the imagery was used – and by whom. You apparently misunderstood and now you’ve doubled down on your misunderstanding. How sad for you, but you’ll fit in really well around here.

          • German-American

            If only these common proles and simpletons would recognize the genius of Hipster Racist, we would be in power tomorrow! Tragically he toils in obscurity, casting pearls before the swine. Yet heroically he returns day after day, compelled as if by a sacred duty to share his wisdom with the uncomprehending rabble. Like Prometheus, he takes on this responsibility for mankind even though he himself gets no reward.

            And all this, even as he struggles with English as a second language! Truly, Habib is an honorary Aryan, and a credit to our common Indo-European peoples.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            It’s really too bad Spencer’s fashy haircuts and Anglin’s Nazi LARPing got cache over Hipster Racist’s foolproof plan of a long march through the Fraternal Orders.

          • Corey Middleton


          • Émile

            “People do not “fear” “Nazis” with swastikas – they hold them in contempt.”
            If that was true it is puzzling why? For instance I hold in contempt people who sport religious amulets, rosaries, icons, etc. I hold in contempt people who have tattoos and body piercing. I hold in contempt people who adopt the latest fashion, such as beards. Etc.
            Personally I don’t hold in contempt people who sport the Nazi swastika. On the contrary. We are all different in that regard. So why would the majority of Americans, who may have tattoos, necklaces with the cross, T-shirts with personal statements, strange haircuts, be offended by the swastika?

          • Lawrence

            Because 60 years of Hollywood propaganda. Since “Cross Of Iron” there hasn’t been a pro-nazi, or even neutral movie on WW2. They have been made the eternal jew character in the west.

    • Bob Gray ’58

      Well said. Its either the U.S A flag or the swastika, and in either event we must stick with Old Glory for awhile. If and when the swastika gets use it must be incorperated into our own flag with the red white and blue.

    • Clark Kent

      Excellent post

  • Alex “Kosher” Jonestein
  • Scarlett

    Two major thoughts on this.
    1. Golden Dawn, a Greek nationalist movement, does a lot of community outreach for Greek people. The young women and men both see to it that no vulnerable Greek is without assistance. A drive to the doctor for an elderly person, a medicine or eyeglass campaign, a roof repair or a lawn mowed for an elderly man, new mothers assisted, etc. I understand Hezbollah does a similar outreach for their people. Builds love and tribal identity. Enforces bonds among the young and solidifies self-worth.

    2. Target Focus Training.
    Look it up on YouTube and also on Larkin’s website.
    This is the fastest and very best martial street training available.
    After watching some of his videos and demonstrations, and understanding his philosophy, you’ll probably agree that this training is something young White men and women need immediately.

  • Patriotic American

    So we are supposed to fly the NATO star?

    • Anything to alienate and confuse the public. Remember, the purpose to to create a subculture, a little club, to be “edgy” and “against the mainstream.”

      If the purpose was to get the public to identify with White Identity, they would be doing pretty much the exact opposite of what they are doing.

      • Patriotic American

        You make no sense.

  • Cole Cunningham

    I’m not surprised the far right is becoming more militarized. Be careful of becoming a paramilitary or it could draw legal problems.

    • Cuckblocker

      We need that. We need military knowledge and strategy.

      • Cole Cunningham

        Like this. I always wanted to do a running cadence for the right.

  • Antifagrids

    Fourteen pointed star

  • Dagmar Evropa

    Here is a link I would like to share courtesy of Azzmador…I believe the ship has sailed on trying to appease what you call “normies” ((They)) have been successful with the White = Nazi, Nazi = Racist, Racist = White narrative. ((They)) have so overplayed it, that it has lost some of its potency. If I am labeled that I will just smile and go my way. All this hand wringing over offending and flags and the Larping, (which I do find kind of silly) is coming off a little girly.

    • crediThor

      Azzmador is a multi-convicted criminal and obvious saboteur. He is basically there to scare away people from race-loyal ideas by his vile and worn out appearance, his “gas the kikes” chants, his “white sharia” chants and his obsession with Hitler. Hitler by the way would classify Azzmador as Untermensch and send him to work camp, where he belongs.

  • genocidal_maniac

    All the justifications for keeping the Daily Stormers on board are nonsense.

    It basically treats them like the GOP treated the religious right. All of the “energy” and “passion.” Except embracing the religious right slowly destroyed the GOP because it was a deal with irrationality and it condescended to them.

    If there is a youthful energetic “alternative” right wing energy to be captured, MILO is the key. And I’m not a MILO fan by any means, but all the young right wing kids I know like him or Ben Shapiro and none like the DS.

    Like, I seriously hesitate to call Spencer a Nazi because I really don’t think he is one. But Anglin certainly is a Nazi.

    • Lawrence

      Anglin is a nazi as much as you are a commie.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Milo is irrelevant.

    • Johnny Fascismo

      “Anglin certainly is a Nazi.”

      You say that as if it were a bad thing.

      • genocidal_maniac

        Nazis genocided whites.

        • Johnny Fascismo

          So did literally every other side of the War.

        • Captain John Charity Spring MA

          Not so. Unless you are counting Jews.

          • genocidal_maniac

            Most of the outside world considers Jews white.

          • Crud Bonemeal

            Jews don’t consider themselves to be White, but their own thing.

            Alt-Right agrees.

      • Someone

        Watch “Rape of Europa” on Netflix to see what the German Nazis did to their neighbors. Never mind the jews. Just their other European neighbors. It was really bad.

        • Turd Ferguson

          Yeah go watch some Jew propaganda, that will change your mind on things.

          • Someone

            Did or did not the German Nazis steal gold, statues, paintings and other wealth of the European nations they occupied?

            Did or did not the German Nazi leadership take their pick of this wealth to line the walls of their palaces?

            Did or did not the German Nazis destroy national landmarks of Poland just to exact revenge on the Polish freedom fighters?

            Did or did not the German Nazis have a policy of extermination of white Slavic peoples?

    • Cuckblocker

      Another one, just out of nowhere huh? Just felt the need to just say that huh?

    • Lavender

      Great. Let’s free ourselves from the Global South so we can be ruled by globohomo. No thanks.

      • genocidal_maniac

        If Hitler had been smarter he wouldn’t have been fighting against the Soviets and Brits simultaneously.

        • unpaidpundit

          Hitler was not a white nationalist. He was a German nationalist who initiated wars with other white countries, e.g., Poland, Belgium, Hungary, etc.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Hungary was an ally of Hitler until the bitter end of the war.

          • genocidal_maniac

            This is why white people get so freaked out by Nazis tho. Because Nazis killed so many whites.

        • Lavender

          Lol. What? No one admits to liking DS and Anglin bc it’s not socially acceptable. However, it’s relatively safe/mainstream right wing to like globohomo Milo and muh Israel Shapiro.

    • Mentious

      The Nazi party ended in 1945. Find a potato on your farm to call a Nazi. Will be just as relevant.

      If any people brings sexual perversity into their society as normalized/acceptable — all is lost.

      • genocidal_maniac

        Um, ship has sailed on homosexuality.

  • Zyzz

    The alt right fan needs to rebrand as well. You can’t run around with a fasces on your flag and not expect the antifaggots and the media not to use that as ammo against you as actual fascists.

  • tz1

    Well, Dixie is also known as “The South”. And the stars and bars are the St. Andrew’s cross.
    Technically, liberty is the opposite of equality. Something more like the original gold coins.
    But I think that is where some unifying symbol can lie – If I expected the alt-right to result in a tyrannical dictatorship even if it was white, I wouldn’t be supporting it. While not technically a synonym, “Freedom” as in “let freedom ring” is a point of unity. You aren’t free if you are cuckolded by the state to pay for children you did not bear or sire. You aren’t free if you can’t associate or not with whom you want.
    Many who are drifting alt-rightward are right-libertarians (the rest worry about virtue signalling on racism and either want LGBTQ rights or try to figure out how they can be enforced without the state).

  • unpaidpundit

    Someone in the Italian government has, at long last, become fed up with the wave of migrants crossing the Mediterranean. As a result, Italy is secretly paying human traffickers in Libya to STOP helping migrants travel to Europe. The Italian efforts appear to be working. It’s unfortunate that Italy had to defend its own borders secretly, but secret action is better than none at all.

    • adolf binladin

      Wish they didn’t wait so ducking long!

    • Johnny Fascismo

  • adolf binladin

    We should use something uniquely North American like a buffalo or a bald eagle. We want our leaf brothers to get active!

    • Patriotic American

      The eagle is the best choice. It has been used by the Aryans for at least 5,000 years.

      • adolf binladin

        Put your arm band away I’m talking about a bald eagle presented in a non-fascistic mannar

        • GRP476

          Not to argue with you, but if people open their eyes to symbols that have been around for awhile, you will notice plenty of fascism already abounds in this countries symbolism:


  • Nova Morium

    Everyone here should try to make their own Flag……

    It’s not going to Hurt……

    It’s Good to be Creative……..

    Who cares if it doesn’t turn out that Good??

    Maybe it will…..maybe it won’t……

    Christian Countries for Centuries took a Roman Symbol of Execution and Death and turned it into a Symbol of a Flourishing Civilization…….

    The Bolsheviks took the Hammer and Sickle (tools of society sustaining labor) and turned them into a Symbol of Totalitarian Mass Genocide……

    Hitler and the Nazis took the Ancient Vedic Sanskrit Swastika (conducive to well being or auspiciousness) and turned it into a Symbol of Fascist Pan-Europa Mass Genocide…….

    So, don’t feel the need to be Limited in your Creativity……..

    Let History guide you…..


    • GRP476

      This is one of the few times that I’ve actually seen someone throw a positive good idea out there. Kudos for putting yourself out there, I have been paying attention to your posts and you have been very respectful and positive towards even negative feedback. Sadly, all new movements always have their nay-sayers.

      Not to let this become a “love-fest”, but it’s good to see people like you make comments like this. Most people on here want to give their ideas, but if somebody disagrees they become a bit obtuse. I could name names, but that would be counterproductive…I’m sure those that read the comments could name a few individuals right off the bat, for whatever reason have a chip on their shoulder.

      To respond to your post: I put my idea on another post, can’t remember which one. It was shortly after C’ville. Anyway, stay positive-this movement needs guys like you.

    • Patriotic American

      Our flag should use Aryan symbols, like eagles and stuff. If I knew how to use photoshop I’d this myself. Maybe it’s time to learn…

      By the way, you should look up the psychology of colors. Blue is feminine and evokes order and obedience, while red is masculine and evokes passion and strength. Something to keep in mind.

      • Nova Morium

        OK, Bro…….

        Isn’t there LOTS of Blue in the Russian Flag…..


        And don’t deny your Feminine Side…..

        It’s NOT Manly……

        I have plenty of Passion and Strength within me……

        I also recognize that respecting and obeying some semblance of Societal Order…….

        … also Adult and Manly…..

        There is an Order everywhere……

        Go RED like Antifa and fight all Order…….

        While secretly desiring the Blue to establish a Totalitarian Order……


  • white lives matter

    Alt Right just deleted my flag of the Celtic cross. What the fuck kind of alt right site is this. Fuck you faggot Spencer!

    • adolf binladin

      Lots of Nordics just browsing the comments would think you are a Klansman because they use that symbol

      • Nova Morium

        Erik Striker DS Twitter uses that on his Page……

        …..and he’s allied with Alt-Right Leadership…….

        • adolf binladin

          2 points
          Fuck autocorrect *normies* not Nordics
          Just because Striker does it doesn’t mean he’s right

          • Patriotic American

            Personally I am highly suspect of anything coming from DS.

          • adolf binladin

            I don’t think they’re feds or criminals, just idiots

          • Patriotic American

            Or doing an exit scam with crypto-currencies. Anglin and Weev got over 200k in donations of bitcoin back when they were only worth about 50-60 USD each….now they are worth almost 5k each….so they raked in millions of dollars.


            “Though Bitcoin’s value fluctuates daily, the Daily Stormer retains around $80,000 in the digital currency, and has received more than $200,000 since it started accepting it back in 2014, according to Bitcoin transactions listed in wallets controlled by the site. The Daily Stormer isn’t alone: Racists have been raising significant funds via Bitcoin for years.

            Now, a new Twitter bot created this month by security researcher John Bambenek is tracking just how much money they’re collecting. It monitors a handful or so Bitcoin wallets associated with white supremacists, and reports when a donation is made. It also tweets updates on the amount of money Bitcoin wallets connected to hate groups have saved up.”

            Weev has a history of scamming people as well.

          • Captain John Charity Spring MA

            Wait a moment.

            They raised perhaps 200K off of people who were entertained by their website. Subscribers of one sort or another of which we know millions read.

            That’s small change in the entertainment world. It’s nothing in politics. Next to nothing in industry.

            If the currency they received via this website blew up, why is this a problem?

            You are bitching about people making money from a very popular website. Wtf.

          • Patriotic American

            I’m not bitching about anything. I am pointing out facts that for some reason people don’t want to hear. Weev is a Jew by his own admission, he said it multiple times during his interview with gawker prior to becoming ‘pro-Aryan’, and he has a long history of scamming and hacking for shekels, which is why he was imprisoned in the first place. Anglin’s father is, if one were to trust court records and business reviews prior to 2012, a professional scam artist running a fraudulent ‘christian counseling’ business with a 5 dollar mail in certification, which he was supposedly using to engage in his predilection for meeting underage girls according to some complaints, and has a history of engaging in real estate scams, and if we are to believe certain people who grow up with him, in an alternative school for trouble makers no less, then the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. I don’t believe for a second that he had some sort of pro-Aryan awakening while engaging in third world sex tourism in the Philippines and Thailand.

            What I am saying is his constant moaning about being broke and not being able to run DS was false crocodile tears. He made millions, more money than most Americans see in their entire lives, and still said he needed more. Besides, if I were a scam artist I know exactly who I would target, those darned evil nahtzees, nobody would give a damn and would probably congratulate me for doing it. It’s a win/win.

          • Nova Morium

            I listened to the entire talk between Anglin and Counter Currents Johnson on Bitchutes……

            They’re both My White Brothers…….

            I tended to side more with the Lispsy Johnson…….

            I apologize to……..

            But, Johnson’s lispiness also provides more Intellectual Expansiveness…..

            Notice how he and Spencer sound somewhat similar……


            I like Information……..

            I’d rather have Anglin on My Side in a Street Battle……

            But, Johnson has a Role to Play……

            Without a Doubt…….

          • GRP476

            This is where we have to discuss “optics” of personality traits/quirks. If the AR is to be taken seriously, “lispiness” is not a trait for masculine leaders in a movement. Intellectualism has its place, and if effeminate traits like lispiness are part of that then so be it. However, if/when this thing goes hot, youre going to need guys like a Jack Donovan at the forefront…yes I realize what people think of him and Im sure I will get downvoted for even mentioning his name here, but regardless, that is the kind of man that leads people into battle.

          • Nova Morium

            I follow Erik Striker DS….

            And I will continue too……

            We live in an Information Warfare Age…….

            For those who might think I’m slightly hypocritical……..

            I am……

            Just depends on how much……

            I like to have ROOM……

            Standard Deviation is a Benefit…..

      • white lives matter

        Celtic cross is white pride world wide. Isn’t this what the alt right is about?

        • adolf binladin

          It’s also about distancing ourselves from the 1.0 crowd as much as possible without cucking

    • Sharrukin

      I think it’s still there.

    • Nova Morium

      CHILL, Bro…….

      Did you get deleted??


      We already know what the Celtic Cross is…….

      Stick around though……

      I don’t have any problem with the Celtic Cross…..

      • white lives matter

        Celtic cross is white pride. Alt Right is acting like Jewgle now. If has a problem with white pride then they are alt light.

  • MagyarSaxon

    We will be called “Nazis, white supremacists and haters,” no matter what kind of flag or symbol we use. If there will be White people left on this planet 500 years from now – beyond a few obscure mountain tribes somewhere – they will have monuments to Adolf Hitler. I can’t picture it any other way. We need to stop worrying about being called “Nazis” and start deconstructing the “Nazis were the bad guys” narrative. Because the truth is, they were the good guys. We find ourselves in the situation
    we are in today because too many of our fathers, grandfathers and
    great-grandfathers were tricked into fighting for capitalists, communists and
    Zionists and against their European kinsmen, against their culture and
    traditions and against the future well being of their children. They weren’t
    bad people but they got fooled, like George Lincoln Rockwell got fooled, for a

    There has been American National Socialist organizations constantly
    since 1924, starting with The Free Society of Teutonia. On February 20, 1939, 22,000 National Socialists filled Madison Square Garden for a German-American Bund rally. On August 21, 1966, George Lincoln Rockwell addressed a mass meeting of 2,000 cheering Whites in Marquette Park, Chicago, IL. On September 10th, Rockwell and Chicago ANP leader Chris Vidnjevich, starting at Gage Park, led a “White People’s March” for 38 blocks where over 1000 people lined the streets, cheering them on. Swastika-flying National Socialists stood against federal forced busing and housing dictates in the 1970s. Just because some kooks and buffoons dressed up like “Hollywood Nazis” and made fools of themselves on “The Jerry Springer Show” after that, is no more of a reason to repudiate that blood soaked, holy symbol than it would be for a true Christian to abandon the Cross because of the antics of a few heretics.

    The swastika stands alone as the most universally recognized symbol of Aryan advocacy and militant opposition to internationalism. It started out as a party flag of German national resistance, became the national flag of the Third Reich, evolved into the flag of Pan-European resistance to Soviet, British and American occupation and was eventually in league with many third world nationalists hoping to free themselves from Allied colonialists. Millions of martyrs, representing every White
    nation on earth, died fighting under the swastika flag.

    Having said all that, I am inclined to favor something like what was requested by Matthew Heimbach, before the Pikeville, KY rally. Let various groups or individuals wear a small patch or pin with the nationalist symbol of their choice, including – in my opinion – the swastika.

    It is always bad to have one of your flags captured by the enemy, so I would suggest only flying the American flag except in the case of defending Confederate monuments and heritage, in which case we could fly the Confederate flag, too.

    If we are dignified, articulate and courageously standing up for what our people feel in their hearts, they will come to associate all our symbols with those things.

    Great subject to bring up and something we will need to decide upon in the near future.

    • Jarod

      But the swastika doesn’t represent Europa. If you’d visit eastern and northern Europe, you’d know that. It was a symbol specific to a nation and a time.
      The Poles don’t want it, the Czechs don’t want it, the Finns don’t want it. I mean, are you going to sink all ethno-nationalism because of this symbol? Don’t die on that hill.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        The Finnish Air Force STILL uses the swastika. I’m not advocating swastikas, but there are inaccurate statements all over this thread (the Hungarians fought Hitler, the Finns hate swastikas).

        • Jarod

          You know full well the Finnish hook cross doesn’t represent any racial or political ideology.
          You can’t fly the swastika for the AltRight and then point and say: “look! The Finns do it too!”
          It’s different and you know it.

    • Someone

      I don’t think the Alt-Right cares about being called “Nazis”. We all understand that everyone on the Right, even the alt-light, and even the boomer conservatives will be called “Nazis”. The Left calls virtually everybody “Nazis”, even politicians of Indian descent at a free speech rally in Boston.

      What we don’t want to do is to look the part, because then we will _lose_ the hearts and minds of the American people.

      We need to _win_ the hearts and minds of the (white) American people. We can’t do that looking like actual neo-Nazis.

      And since some of us (many of us?) are not neo-Nazis anyway, why would we ever want to look like them and carry their flags?

  • Sir Richard of Wales

    i agree with everything.. but feel US movement should use the US flag. it’s our flag. the founding fathers thought as we do and we need to take it back; as we do our country.

    • Jarod

      Agreed. If you associate the American flag with White Americans, the left will burn it.

    • Crud Bonemeal

      It’s fun to LARP about taking back America, but normie whites do not have the will to do what would be required and will fight to prevent it, therefore our actual goal is to ESCAPE from an America that has been turned into a (super efficient) weapon against us. Hopefully disarming that weapon in the process so it will stop destroying the world.

      So maybe a flag that involves American symbolism but somehow implies the above..

      I like the Confederate flag but we should probably not abuse our relationship with the South by mis-using it outside the proper context.

      • Mister E

        you just have to figure out how to leave the country permanently, this is easy if you have cash

  • sherm stick

    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children

    • Turd Ferguson

      How about instead of 13 stripes, 14 stripes. And replace the 50 stars square with just a big white square.

  • Daniel Harmon

    Regarding the flag, I also believe that we should adopt a version of the GI flag. Although not appropriate for the entire movement, the flag the Southern Nationalists are using (black cross saltire on a white background) is also very good. It seems to me that we should move away from historical flags because they tend to convey a tone of LARPing and anachronism. Also, I would exclude reinactors in uniform of all varieties.

  • Nova Morium

    Go to Sleep, Alt-Right…….

    There are so many other Days and Ways……

    To FIGHT Back…….

  • Syntax Error

    Seriously think about this. (And remember I’m the outsider looking in). You are not going to advance your cause by using imagery that the majority of people don’t understand ( the Swastika or any Nazi like symbology) and have negative feelings about. Instead you will drive people out and confirm their worst fears.

    Secondly, it was white Europeans who made the US and our flag. This is our country and our flag. Full stop. If you’re going to rally around anything, rally around that. If you create a new flag you create a new country and effectively give up on our country, don’t do that. Stand strong, stand proud and stand American.

    • Nova Morium

      • Syntax Error

        Thank you. That’s nice.

  • Riopel

    Stars are judeo-satanic symbols. Stay away from them. All the shittiest countries and organizations have stars as their symbols: Israel, America, NATO, the EU, most Muslim countries.

    This is a concept I did years ago, based on the Prussian flag.

  • Nova Morium

    Ajudeic Nationalism……….

    Go to SLEEP……..

    Plenty of Buttons to PUSH in the Morning……..

    Push the RIGHT Ones……….



    • ChippyMcBarkles

      the goyim will always keep on pushing, we need to keep them pushing in the RIGHT direction

  • blackonics

    Hey, Im black and Native I think the altrignt is the lesser of 2 evils. Jewish Supremacy vs. White Supremacy. Jews hate blacks they cant controll. I dont share their anti-Christian values. I know you guys don’t want me….but I’m here. I say lets use a flag with the American Cowboy. Great American symbol for American freedom, pride, hard work, entrepreneurship, family.

  • Rhino23

    Great slogan: “Stop the Great Replacement”. Though for CA I’d prefer “its all over now baby blue”

  • Myles Davidson

    Another inspiring GI vid.

  • craicher

    Hail Thule

  • Micene

    Listen to this boomer mother, “I lost my son to the Alt-Right”

    • GRP476

      I read the article. Typical liberal apologetic boomer. She would rather stand in front of the new inquisitors and shed herself of the sin of having this child than just love him. Really disgusting. The sentence “God forbid if he is to ever have children” was really telling.

      She could’ve just stayed silent and just loved her son for who he is, not what he believes, but her ingrained boomer need to “tell her story” out of a sense of self gratification to get her story in some liberal rag was more important. Now she has proof of her loyalty to the cause if SJW inquisitors come to visit her.

      I hope her son the best. I wonder how she would’ve treated him if he were a tranny instead. White boomer liberals are disgusting people. I can only imagine what the father is like.

    • genocidal_maniac

      I would like to see a “I lost my son to the homosexual community” post.

  • Turd Ferguson

    How about a flag that combines the Celtic Cross (Celtic world, or pre-Roman Iron Age), the Germanic Iron Cross (Germanic world), the Byzantium cross (Greek and Slavic world), all being held together by a Roman Fasces without the axehead (strength in unity). That should encompass all of Europe.

    • GRP476

      A variant of that Byzantine flag would look good. Change the colors up a bit, exchange the double headed eagle for the American bald eagle. Not sure what the symbols are surrounding the middle- do they have meaning?

  • W. Freudenfeuer

    The alt-right could decide to trigger the fuck out of the (((MSM))) and carry Israeli flags. It’s insane, I know, but it would be interesting to observe their reaction.

    • Jarod

      Maybe some sort of Zionism chanting too?

    • ChippyMcBarkles

      an open borders for israel rally with flags

      • davidex

        @disqus_cMKZBJ1II6:disqus The Israelis can do what they like with their own country. If they want closed borders I don’t care. It’s good that Israel is safe so secular liberal Jews in the West are happy to make Aliyah and leave us alone. You’re confusing Zionist Israelis with Liberal secular Western Jews. There are huge differences. Netanyahu isn’t kidding when he says he opposes Soros.

        • Mister E

          George Lincoln Rockwell drew a line between the communists and the zionists among the tribe. I am completely aware of what you are trying to say. But Jews stink.

        • genocidal_maniac

          Israel is the size of New Jersey for context.

          • davidex

            @genocidal_maniac What point are you making?

  • Crud Bonemeal

    What we need is a flag that symbolizes the white American people. And not the non-white interlopers.

    We don’t need a flag that references fascism. The Alt-Right is NOT a fascist movement. The Alt-Right is a racial
    movement, aiming at White Survival, White Sovereignty and to get White
    people to start acting in their own self interest again. (Implied in
    White Sovereignty is the dismantling of Jewish rule over Whites, Implied
    in “acting in their own self interest” some significant cap on degenerate behavior)

    As reflective types, most in Alt-Right the tend to examine history and look positively on fascism as a potential vehicle for getting
    white people to act normally and defend themselves, understandably. But that doesn’t mean we need to go around explaining this to people all the time, like an autist.

    Normies are absolutely not reflective and tend to strenuously cling to labels while they rationalize away massive behavior changes. I have seen massive changes in the political views of boomers I know, thanks to Trump, but they will insist they were like this all along and that their views haven’t changed. This is the normie mindset.

    You can’t sneak up on the Jews, but you don’t need to because at this point they’re the boy who cried wolf. You CAN sneak up on White Americans and they basically beg to be snuck up upon. We can easily implement many of our policies under the name “Nationalism”, while leaving connections to fascism and national socialism IMPLICIT.

    White American Nationalism. (implied, nationalism involves potentially using the economy as a tool to deal with threats.)

    I agree with German American that the swastika is better than these phony swastikas, because there is at least one sense where the swastika is legitimately the symbol of our entire race. In the minds of our (((rulers))) and therefore in reality.

    But not in the minds of the actual white masses. We’re trying to reach them with our message, so they are the ones we need to cater our message to. So no, the swastika isn’t a good choice for public facing outreach. It’s a very bad choice. And our enemies will “get” it regardless.

    Still, I can’t agree with the idea of using the flag of the hated FEDGOV regime. That symbol is far too ambiguous, how can it possibly mean anything positive to younger people? Modern America is among the vilest regimes the world has ever seen.

    Perhaps it could be modified with some simple change like adding “For ourselves and our posterity”, or perhaps there is another historical American flag that would do, dunno.

    I’d ditch the fashy eagles though, because they switch the conservation from RACE to politics and create conversations we don’t always need to have.

    • Crud Bonemeal

      Oh yeah and using the American flag creates a mismatch between ideology and iconography which will be exploited by interlopers like Vox Day to try and get his people in and push our people out.

      Their goal is to water this down into some kind of conservative castizo Americanism.

      Using the hypothetical flag of White America avoids this and clarifies that Vox style games won’t be tolerated.

    • Lurker

      Excellent point here:

      “Normies are absolutely not reflective and tend to strenuously cling to labels while they rationalize away massive behavior changes. I have seen massive changes in the political views of boomers I know, thanks to Trump, but they will insist they were like this all along and that their views haven’t changed. This is the normie mindset.”

      This is so true! Trump red-pilled normie boomers without them realizing they got red-pilled! There is something to be said for tact and KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) which is how Trump won. He never explicitly used racial rhetoric or talked over peoples’ heads. He kept all his major talking points under 140 characters and defeated both political parties and the media.

      As for a flag, just use the Betsy Ross flag. Liberals get triggered by it and it still looks patriotic to most normies.

      • Crud Bonemeal

        Betsy Ross flag is a solid idea.

        Could be funny to do 14 star version, but probably a lot of effort / expense for a very subtle troll.

        • Lurker

          LMAO! Genius! 14 stars! We have to do that! Moonman Ross Flag!

  • GENX140

    Here is a gorgeous GI wallpaper I found. I wish they had it in a different shape for my phone.

  • ChippyMcBarkles

    the alt right is a loose network of blogs centered around conspiracy theories like white genocide, I think calling it a street movement is taking too much license.

    • Mister E

      Charlottesville had over five-hundred boots on the ground, that is a street movement son.

  • white lives matter
  • Ken31

    Alt-right may consider writing some articles that aren’t directly about the alt-right. If the corporate media only wrote stories about itself, that would also be boring, so they don’t do it as much as they would like to.

  • marijan

    The American flag is our flag. It is the flag the bad guys hate. They know the origins of that flag and it’s white nationalism and white supremacy. We will take the flag back

  • Simon_in_London

    I would think the best approach is one or more Gen Identity American chapters that subscribe fully to GI structure and discipline. As the article says, the GI model is highly successful, principally because it avoids engaging the enemy force-on-force. GI takes a 4th Gen War approach, attacking the enemy’s vulnerable points while avoiding strongpoints.

    So, then, start a GI chapter, with the GI flag.

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    We need to refer to Cucks as White Submissivists.

  • davidex

    Very sensible suggestions. It’s possible to respect the people who have fought for white Europeans over the last century without dragging their old symbols, rituals and programmes around with us. It’s much clearer who our friends and enemies are now and we can support each other across national borders and start to reject old enmities.

  • LtSurge659

    What are you guys gonna do about the smear campaign these faggots at Unicorn Riot are performing?

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    Alt Right should look to the classic gangster style for fashion. Unlike shitty gangsters today, they knew how to dress back then.

    And get fedora hats.

  • Einar von Vielen

    Look at this criminal nazi scum terrorizing the streets of Dresden, and no antifa to stop these chaots:

    Thanks god some brave police officers managed to report offence against some of these terrorists and to seize their anti democratic symbols defaming the German flag

    which is otherwise so very well honored by our blessed Mrs Merkel:

  • Pandolf

    Whatever happens, we need to put a much larger focus on aesthetics. GI is a good role model in this and we could learn a lot from them.

  • Pareto

    Pretty sure GI looks down on us, at best. They see us exactly how the left sees us: ignorant, toothless raysis’s. Europeans are so uppity tbqhfam.

    • Simon_in_London

      Well they are Aryan Ubermensch, not like our tainted Anglo-Celtic blood…

  • Noachideous

    Other than the conspicuously jarring visual near the start, GI has elements of this particular feel about it.

  • Gorgar Tilts

    Just wave the goddamn American flag and quit being a bunch of whiny bitches about the Hitler Memorabilia.

    For fuck’s sake, is this about taking power or faggot LARPing?

  • Vincent Granela
  • Pareto

    I’ve had a sour taste in my mouth from GI ever since they sperged out on Damigo. But there’s more important things so I am 100% behind GI.

  • Tyler Smith

    Starting a localised group in north east Ohio, message me if you want in.

  • Vlad le Putin

    That GI video was a huge white pill. I also agree, we need a symbol that is not the stars and bars, or the swastika, or Old Glory. I like the Global North vs Global South idea, cuts too the heart of the matter.