‘True Conservatives’ Can’t Win, Only Undermine Trump

This DACA showdown, which one has the feeling will not end well, has in it all the big questions which bedevil old-fashioned, tired conservatism.  Namely, we have to ask ourselves if “illegal immigration” is a question of legality or a question of culture.  Are we annoyed at people not having their papers in order, or are we trying to preserve the European character of the country?  If the issue is one of mere paperwork, why Paul Ryan has a fix for that.

DACA gives temporary work permits to the children of illegal immigrants brought to the US “through no fault of their own.”  All signs appeared that President Trump would rescind DACA, which he already has denounced, as ten Attorneys General from Republican states threatened to sue.  He’ll let us know on Tuesday what exactly he intends to do.

But leading “true conservatives” such as Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, and Orrin Hatch are urging Trump not to end DACA.  The shameless flake Jeff Flake tweeted:

To make matters worse, even Trump has contradicted himself on this issue, reverting to utter incoherence.

House Majority Leader Ryan expressed his thoughts on Trump rescinding DACA:

I actually don’t think he should do that…There needs to be a legislative solution. That’s one that we’re working on. And I think we want to give people peace of mind.

Paul Ryan did not like DACA as it was originally ordered by President Obama.  But this is not because of the actual substance of the program, apparently.  It would seem that Ryan just had a kind of technical, constitutional issue with DACA, which he would gladly iron out by simply legislating the same thing.  You see, then it would be “constitutional” and everything would be okay for autistic “true conservatives” who somehow think if something is “constitutional” it is good in and of itself.  This is truly one of the stupidest solutions to any problem I’ve heard of.

Perhaps the reason that this “solution” the Republicans are cooking up in Congress is so bad is because they have not correctly identified the actual problem.  The problem is not the paperwork, the problem is the demographics.

According to the Washington Post, though, most House Republicans oppose DACA and would be unlikely to sign on to a suicidal, amnesty-like “fix” to the DACA issue.   After all, there were Republicans with enough sense to kill amnesty under George W. Bush, which this debate certainly echoes.

Tucker Carlson shares our bemusement with these “true conservatives” in Congress who just never seem to learn:

Donald Trump ran in 2016 with almost no support from the Republican establishment. In many cases, they actively denounced him. They almost all despised him. But he won anyway because his campaign promises had powerful appeal and Republicans on the Hill were able to benefit by extension.

Rather than take advantage of their good luck and consider whether they ought to try to help the president achieve those campaign promises, Republicans have repeatedly shown their campaign pledges were lies and their chief interest is in protecting the tiny donor class that funds their campaigns.

It’s quite frustrating.  Republicans don’t seem to understand how Trump won the presidency; something near impossible for any Republican to do.  He won because of a nascent desire of Western Civilization to survive.  “True conservatives” such as Paul Ryan see that as problematic.  Such true con’s see Trump as naïve in wanting to build a border wall or end DACA.  What makes them have such arrogance, though, to condescend to Trump?  What exactly is their mandate?  Last time I checked, it was Trump who actually represents the agenda of the American people.

These amnesty mongers can’t win but for losing.  Trump had it right the first time:

Unfortunately, they did not pay attention to that lesson.  They are uneducable.

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  • Patriotic American

    DACA MUST END!There can be no middle ground, no compromise, no half measures with this critical issue. If we don’t end DACA we will end up like Haiti.

  • Aryan American

    Please end DACA.

    Then, build the wall and deport all illegal aliens.

  • Mentious

    “True conservatives” worship The-Alien-Who-They-Don’t-Really-Know — because they are bored and have empty lives. Diversity fetishes, like all flesh fetishes, are a spiritual problem. Paul Ryan has a spiritual problem.

    • Albionic American

      On the one hand we live a culture where the media present us with images of the most attractive people these companies can find or imagine – they even try to present us with images of attractive POC’s who have white-like features.

      Yet on the other hand the elites behind these companies want to flood our country with the most butt-ugly immigrants imaginable, and especially Mexicans.

      I have to wonder if this reflects a strategy to push us away from the increasingly hideous real world and into the alluring virtual worlds our computer nerds want to build for us as poor substitutes.

  • WHAT

    Oy vey, think of dem children goyim!

  • Albionic American

    I have to wonder if we should just put all the Hispanics in California and use whatever force necessary to keep them there, then charge them a tax from their wages to buy the state back from the Union, kind of a like a reserve Louisiana Purchase on the installment plan. After they raise and pay the necessary money to the white United States, they secede and become their own country.

    • GRP476

      I considered something similar. At least it would give the CIA a new playing field for all their little games of influence on a “foreign” power. I wouldn’t mind seeing some cross-border low intensity incursions and/or training/arming rebel groups caught up in disloyal (read white right wing) areas such as “The State of Jefferson”. I cant help but wonder how easy it would be to cross that border just to cause mayhem in that new nation…Who’s going to control THAT border? There are so many “what if’s” to consider If that scenario played out.

    • Rhino23

      California except for the affluent coastal towns and scattered Alamos like Pasadena, Palm Springs, Marin County, SF etc is already Mexico with Asians next in line. If they already have it why would they want to buy it? I know the letters on the atlas says california but this is a misprint.

  • Ike35

    He’ll end up cucking, nothing is getting done.

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    I’d like a long article about Paul Ryan. He’s quite literally the worst GenX politician and somehow he’s third in fucking line to the presidency and he fuckin well nearly became VP. Who is the turd?

  • Fritz Gruber

    stay strong american alt right resistance! The world is watching you and is proud of your success! Traitors like Rayn and their Jew-bosses will never break you!

  • Cuauhtemoc

    That last Trump tweet is priceless

  • Alex “Kosher” Jonestein
  • Alex “Kosher” Jonestein
  • GRP476

    In the current year, Big Brother must ensure the multitude of all of its “diverse citizens” can understand his commands.

    I wonder how much this is co$ting you?

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    I don’t see why Paul Nehlen can’t rake in millions in donations and unseat Ryan.

    • Patriotic American

      They will probably fix the election of come up with some obscure rule to block him from even running. We need to be aware of that and do everything in our power to shine a light on these cockroaches and win.

  • Paul Rain

    Send those tacos back to the favelas, SEND THOSE BEANERS BACK!

  • genocidal_maniac

    If you talk to the average Muslim you’ll find a lot of them honest to goodness hate America. Like they can list off everything wrong America did to minorities.

    Not the same with Hispanics. Hispanics aren’t politicized to the same degree as Muslims. Of all the minority groups, they split their vote the most evenly.

    And arguably they are the indigenous people of the continent….

    Plus they tend to work their way up. And in certain neighborhoods in LA they drive out blacks which is awesome to behold.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      “And arguably they are the indigenous people of the continent….”

      Shill confirmed.

      • genocidal_maniac

        Look, the alt right can’t fight everyone. At some point there has to be a truce at the very least.

        • Patriotic American

          Compromise is for weaklings and cowards, the final triumph can only be achieved through our will to achieve victory. I am Spanish and I can understand what those mono mestizos say about us Aryans when they think we can’t understand, how they really see us, and what they would do if given the chance. They hate all whites, see us as usurpers and thieves, and they want us gone, the same as all the other monkeys. They are just as bad as negroes and the only difference is that they are smart enough to understand how to be subtle and that if they are to stand a chance against us then they must smile in our faces while preparing to stick knives in our backs.

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          You sound even weaker than the MAGA doofuses, who are generally against Amnesty.

    • Turd Ferguson

      2/3rds of beans vote Democrat, they’re not “split evenly”.

      • genocidal_maniac

        9/10 blacks vote democrat.

        • Lurker

          7/10 beaners vote democrat… Not much better tbh, fam

      • genocidal_maniac

        Hispanics vote democrat because 1) they’re poor and 2) because the GOP wants to deport them.

        As Hispanics become wealthier, and if they were not treated hostilely by the government, then they become republican.

        They also possess a work ethic lacking in both whites and blacks because they have an intact culture.

        I rarely see Hispanics arguing for black lives matter or any intersectional left crap. It is always holy whites and angry blacks. Black lives matter has the potential to destroy this country.

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          “They also possess a work ethic lacking in both whites and blacks because they have an intact culture.”

          Total bullshit. Hispanics use welfare and government services at a rate higher than whites. And most Hispanics aren’t going to become “wealthy,” many of them are low IQ peasants who couldn’t make it in Mexico so they come here. Remember what Trump said about Mexico not sending their best? Mexico is a middle income, 2nd world nation and talented Mexicans have no problem becoming successful in Mexico. So the immigrants we get are the chaff, not the wheat.

          • genocidal_maniac

            That is because you and Trump are fixated on Mexico.

            All of your concerns are valid. Black populations are still much more problematic.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            The illegals can easily be deported across the border. Not so easy to send blacks to Africa. That’s why many in the Alt Right call for peaceful separation from blacks and the granting of a black ethno state in the South.

          • genocidal_maniac

            Blacks will always be grinding an axe against whites. Really, the level of hatred they have for whites is out of this world. It is what defines them. This will go on for past any of our lifetimes or our children’s lifetimes.

    • Crud Bonemeal

      Hispanic immigration is the actual threat that is going to give the left permanent control over our society in the next few decades.

      And the white hispanic elite is literally dumping their mestizo / indo underclass on us, sending their worst people to be absorbed into our country.

      We can’t ignore this or compromise on it.

      • genocidal_maniac

        If you won’t compromise on Hispanic immigration then you will in effect compromise on black issues. It is one or the other.

        I prefer to take a hard line on black issues. Black hatred of America and black anger is endless. And their food kind of sucks and their music doesn’t have any melody or musicality. Latinos and Hispanics rapidly become white once they are forced out of enclaves, while with blacks it is always a one way street where offspring of interracial relationships join in with black grievance and hatred.

        • NotYouNotSure

          Latinos and Hispanics cannot “rapidly become white” because the term is widely understood (in the mainstream accepted view) to mean majority non white. Now I am not saying Mexico is equivalent to Nigeria, but its still preferable to have a real white land than a Latin American demographic type of land.

          • genocidal_maniac

            It is preferable to have real white land I agree.

            But if you to choose between blacks or Hispanics, who do you choose?

            It is a pretty easy choice.

          • genocidal_maniac

            Louis CK is half Mexican. You knew that, right?

  • Gorgar Tilts

    It would be a shame if Antifa peaked too soon. How can this be avoided?

    Continue pushing the left to move farther left. Exacerbate their worst tendencies. At the same time, treat them as normal Dems for rhetorical purposes. Tie them to the Sandernistas. Make them defend everything to their left. The daylight Pelosi opened between the DNC and the far left must be widened. The goal should be a party divided as badly as it was in 2016.

    Instead of wasting time on the cucks and the alt Lite, bully Trump rightward without mercy. Should be reading essays about Trump’s total betrayal of his base. Should be trolling Gary Cohn above all. Not as a Skype, but as a banker, an elite, cosmopolitan, degenerate.

    Vaporize the middle ground. Force the cucks to choose. Immigration, trade and border security are their weak points. Sow the ground for primary challengers in dozens of districts. Troll the locals.

    Direct action should wait until the lay of the land becomes apparent in early 2018. There can be no interruption of the message. Half a year is needed to get the infrastructure in place.

    If the GOP cannot be taken from within, it must be destroyed from without.

    This can only happen once the left has been cleaved into two camps: the ones who follow the Banking Jews and the ones who follow the Marxist Jews.

    Be prepared for disappointments.

    • Super_Male_Vitality

      Get writing for, bro. You have the right idea.

    • y = f(x)

      Well said sir, well said.

    • fnd111

      I think we should consider donating to Antifa.

  • Dragdar

    And why were conservatives always like this? “Urban Renewal”. Kill meaningful ethno-religious parish city neighborhoods, create white flight, the continuous ‘soft’ civil war, bleed the middle classes with constant anxiety and instability, extract debt, feed corporate America, kill any chance of meaningful local governance. That’s the way conservatives seek to make America an oligarchical technocratic machine for the international dollar. It’s the American flag and the dollar on the high altar of idolatry.

    AMERICANISM IS THE POLITICAL HERESY THAT WILL DEVOUR RELIGION AND RACE. Especially traditional ethnic parishes, Roman Catholicism. “Hence from all we have hitherto said, it is clear beloved Catholics that
    we cannot approve the opinions which some [Protestants, Jews, and other
    heretics] comprise under the head of Americanism [freedom].” ~ Pope Leo XIII

    Listen 1.0. 2min-7.30min:
    52.00.– 53.30 as well

  • Nightmare

    Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future by John Kenneth Press</B?

  • Polar Girl

    If Trump was going to end DACA, he would have announced it Friday afternoon before the three day weekend like he did with the Arpaio pardon.

    You know that a 1986, Reagan Amnesty Bill like compromise (meaning racial integrity not meet halfway) is what is going to happen.

    Does anyone expect anything different from:

    than a Kalergi Society, 1992 prize winning president:

  • Polar Girl

    If Trump wanted to end DACA, he would have announced it Friday afternoon like he did a week before with the Arpaio pardon rather than Tuesday.

    1986 Amnesty Bill all over again. Did anyone expect this president

    to be better than this one (read URL carefully)

  • white lives matter
  • white lives matter

    Alt Right!

  • Wild Bill

    Down with DACA, and down with all CUCKservatives who support it.

  • Undercover Lover

    These men are essentially traitors. They are not loyal to the Jews because they love Jews. NO ONE loves Jews. They are the most unlovable race on the planet. They betray the American working class and support the Jews because they fear the Jews.
    I cannot stand these amoral treacherous cowards. However once the Jewish domination of society begins to break down, these men will switch sides so fast it will be breathtaking. Once they no longer fear the Jews but fear us instead, they will start lining up to ingratiate themselves with our camp.

    The trick is taking down the Globalist power structure. That is the tricky bit right there.

  • JohnEngelman

    Immigration is an issue that separates the Republican donor class from the Republican base. Rich Republicans agree with me that immigration depresses wages. They disagree that this is a problem.

  • Vlad le Putin

    The GOP needs to be taken over by us………the “true conservatards” are a greater threat too us then the Dems