Political Prisoner Christopher Cantwell Denied Bail

Christopher Cantwell was denied bail yesterday solely because he believes in exercising his constitutionally guaranteed First Amendment rights and because he’s guilty of being White.

According to

A judge denied bond for white nationalist Christopher Charles Cantwell Thursday evening.

The 36-year-old appeared in Albemarle General District Court Thursday morning, Aug. 31, where the judge set the bond at $25,000.

Cantwell is charged with three felonies – two counts of illegal use of tear gas and other gases, and one count of malicious bodily injury – in connection to the torch-lit rally at the University of Virginia on Aug. 11.

The commonwealth appealed the bond decision, arguing Cantwell could be a flight risk to the community. After a long back and forth battle between the defense and commonwealth during another hearing Thursday afternoon, a judge ruled that Cantwell is a flight risk because he has no ties to the Virginia area, and his hate speech makes him a threat to others. The decision came down a little before 7 p.m.

“We’re obviously very grateful for the courts decision to deny bond to the defendant in this case,” Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Atty. Robert Tracci said.

“It’s a quilt that’s all meshed together. This community has been through so much since back in May, and it all ties in together. We just gotta figure out, first of all, how to stop this nonsense from ever happening again. Secondly, what we do moving forward to reunite this community and rally forward and bring about a healing. This was an important step towards that,” Don Gathers, community activist, said.

Cantwell is being held at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.

Hello 1984 and Brave New World!

The DA in charge of this travesty of justice is named Robert Tracci. His personal political website states the following:

While the Commonwealth’s Attorney is elected, the position must not be a political one. When prosecuting criminal offenders, zip codes and incomes must not matter. Neither must race nor ethnicity, education or social standing, gender or nationality, or whether you live on grounds or off.

Except if you are White, eh Robby?

Why hasn’t anyone from Antifa or BLM been arrested for the thousands of crimes that they committed in Charlottesville on August 11th and 12th?

Take for example DeAndre Harris. This scumbag hunted down White people all day long at the Unite the Right rally.

Then this happened:

Shortly after:

So now we’re supposed to feel sorry for this clown, DeAndre Harris, after he instigated this chain of events and commited felony assault and attempted murder in the process?

From the page of this maniac, where he has already collected over $160,000:

On August 12th, 2017 there was a “Unite the Right” march of white nationalist and other right-wing groups (KKK, Neo-nazis, and white supremacists) that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. These individuals were protesting against the removal of local confederate monuments, primarily the Robert E. Lee Statue in Emancipation Park. I arrived at Emancipation Park around 11 AM as a counter-protester to voice my opinion on racial tensions and to literally stand up for what I believe in. I was only there for a few minutes before I was hit with water bottles, maced with pepper spray, and had derogoratoy slurs hurled at me. Just forty-five minutes in to the rally our Gov. Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency to aid state response to violence. About fifteen minutes or so after that I was brutally attacked by white supremacists in the parking garage right beside the Charlottesville Police Station. I was chased and beat with metal poles. I was knocked unconscious repeatedly. Every time I went to stand up I was knocked back down. VIDEO If it was not for my friends that I came with I would have been beaten to a pulp. No law enforcement stepped in to help me. Once I was dragged off to some near by steps I was taken to the designated area for injured protesters & counter-protesters. My injuries were too extensive to be treated at the scene so I was taken to the ER at Martha Jefferson Hospital. I was diagnsoed with a concussion, an ulnar fracture, and had to receive eight staples in my head. I also have a laceration across my right eyebrow, abrasions on my knees & elbows, and a chipped tooth. I’m so blessed to be alive to tell my story and to show the world that racism is very much still alive. The funds will be used to pay for my medical bills. I appreciate the support from my friends, family, and the news platforms that have reached out to check on me. We will not let this fade & disappear. People are carrying real hate in their hearts for the Black Community and I refuse to just let it happen. God Bless & thank you all again!

Two men have already been arrested in connection with the alleged assault on Harris, but why has Harris not been arrested for his obvious crimes?


Getting back to Cantwell.

He is charged with three felony charges: two counts of the illegal use of tear gas or other gases and one count of malicious bodily injury with a “caustic substance,” explosive or fire.

That literally means that he had some pepper spray on his keychain that he used to defend himself against Antifa terrorists on August 11th; it’s all on tape. If fact, if Vice and Elle Reeve were not such dishonest and disgusting vermin, they would release the unedited version of Vice’s hatchet-job story they did with Cantwell in Charlottesville. Instead, they are letting Cantwell rot in jail; I’m sure that they are all laughing about it, too.

The most pathetic aspect of Cantwell’s arrest is that the police did not even detain him at the scene. Two people later signed sworn affidavits swearing that he, and only he, committed these alleged acts for which he was later arrested.

Those people were members of this obviously deranged person’s entourage:


Full discloser:

I met Christopher Cantwell in Charlottesville; you may have seen my video.

I watched him shake almost every man’s hand as we were waiting to be transported from McIntire Park to our drop-off point on our way through the Antifa Gauntlet before entering Lee Park. He was telling jokes and making us all laugh. We rode in the same van and walked the Gauntlet together. I watched as he was sprayed in the face with mace as we were entering the park. While lying on the ground, I expected him to be writhing in pain or crying out, which could not have been further from the truth. He was on the ground laughing his head off and making jokes; Chris is always an entertainer.

Cantwell is actually many things in fact: brash, loud, opinionated, and arrogant. What he is not is a criminal. These charges he is facing, which could send him to prison for up to 20 years, are trumped up, and this tyranny is nothing more than selective prosecution due to his race. The corrupt governments of Charlottesville and the Commonwealth of Virginia are looking for scapegoats on their witch-hunt to imprison Whites. They already have blood on their hands, yet they are doubling down on their blatant vitriol towards our people.

Despite what you may think of Cantwell, he represents you to our enemies. We cannot allow them to win this battle, and we must do whatever we legally can to help our comrade.

“War is the remedy that our enemies have chosen, and I say let us give them all they want.”

-William Tecumseh Sherman


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  • 1. Do NOT communicate with any news besides our news. 2. Hopefully Cantrell will have a legal fund up soon, he is going to need all the help we can give him.

  • Alt Right we are white! Wow it’s great to see you are defending the world against non whites. Somehow I don’t remember hearing about any world wide gathering supporting the get whitey annihilation project…but here’s a cross section of people that we must defend “The Human Idiots Foundation”… You need to branch out and be totally inclusive of this group. Many would say that 99% of Alt Right are a natural fit. I just believe that the Alt Right doesn’t include the Alt Left idiots…come on give them a chance, they are just like you!

  • Great article! I suggest EVERYONE go to Robert Tracci’s social media and INFORM him of the online available evidence. No threats, just something like this:
    Hey crime stopper, why don’t you take a look at this:

    I realize your only a servant of the globalist elite, and just doing your job; BUT, your judge shopping to make an example out of Cantwell is not going to be forgotten. Actually, keep up the good work. Your actions will fund Cantwell’s New and Improved (and wonderfully financed) new podcast.

    This video shows some of the action before DeAndre assaulted the white guy with the flag, with a mag-lite. The tall skinny shirtless black guy looks strangely similar to Mr Flame-Thrower:

    If you require any more help with the case, just contact /pol or dial 888-555-1488, press “1” for English and leave a brief message and we’ll call you back.

  • Lol what a whiny little bitch you are. You forgot the fact he was crying after acting super tough. You guys are pieces of shit. Google will take this website down

    • Right like you’re gonna be a big tough guy when theres a warrant out for your arrest for crimes you never committed. Get THE FUCK out of here. And you have the nerve to call us pieces of shit while youre shitting all over our rights to voice our opinions. FUCK YOU

  • ‘Anarcho-tyranny’ is nonsensical as this is tyranny from the government and only the government. If there is anarchy, there is not a government to terrorize. Inaccurate titles do not help your message.

    • The ‘anarcho’ part simply describes the way — as was in full display in Charlottesville — the government allows the unruly mob to run wild and oppress the rights of the law abiding selectively.

      It’s entirely accurate. Sam Francis was right.

      • I would call it ‘chaos’ not ‘anarchy’. I’m using traditional meaning of anarchy (i.e. no rulers or no government), there was plenty of govt. there adding fuel to the fire so can’t be anarchy. The govt. created the entire situation by purposely pushing the two factions together.

        • There is no government when it comes to punishing antifa/BLM scum. Groups that advance the ZioJew agenda essentially act with impunity. Government punishment is only for the middle class and whites.

  • An idiot should be able to see these methods are not working.
    If the 2nd amendment was not written for this situation, what situation WAS it written for?

  • I sometimes get the feeling from that the Alt-Right considers itself to have more freedom and access to mass media in the USA than Identitarian and similar movements in Europe. This seems to be attributed to the US Constitution. I think Charlottesville and subsequent events on the internet have demonstrated that this is illusory. The Alt-Right in the US has NO real advantages in terms of liberty or civil rights over pro-white organisations in Europe. Both sides of The Pond we are under massive and sustained attack, and it may even become worse in the US.

  • The Left is trying to legitimize violence against white people, in Alinsky-like “nudge” fashion. They are trying to do it slowly, just as they have for many years – since at least the 60s – been trying to legitimize homosexuality. They are taking it slowly in little steps. They started by blaming the world’s problems on white people, and claiming we stole everything from them. Then they cast us as lazy, stupid, and without culture. Now they call us racists and hateful, and are starting to justify just a little violence against us. They will slowly justify more, and with less cause, until no cause is acceptable. The Left is patient, and is willing to take it slowly. Their goal is to enslave, imprison, or kill all white people.

    • Good comment. It’s disturbing how pro-violence the average leftist has become in the last year. If Richard Spencer had been murdered in cold blood instead of just weakly sucker punched, the reactions would have been basically the same. Perhaps even more maniacally bloodthirsty.

      • I agree with you. If the Left were to murder a member of the KKK in cold blood, the Left would say he deserved it. Even if the KKK member were peaceful, fed the poor, never shook his fist or raised it in anger, never said a mean word about anyone, and just wanted nothing but to be left alone, the Left would say he deserved to be killed.

  • “War is the remedy that our enemies have chosen…”-Sherman
    Ending the otherwise excellent piece with a lie from the original anti-white general is the only criticism I have.

  • $PLC and Toll-erance. You gotta pay the toll and fee for protection money.

    Or Hollerance as much of globalist activism is hollering about tolerance.

    $PLC is a hate group of globalism. The rich and powerful use the hateful SPLC to direct murderous hostility at patriots and nativists.

  • The charges are very defensible but he’s being railroaded He played the ‘Hollywood Nazi’ role and got burned. The Vice video damaged us greatly but remember, it was edited. He was asked very leading questions and was prompted / goaded to say stuff and then the prior scenes were cut. His lawyers will FIOA /subpoena records from Vice and the Charlottesville city govt. and the Gov.of Va. , which will reveal how we were in the right, we were misled and lied to and the authorities conspired to harm us. These are extra reasons why we must support Cantwell.

    • He’s worth a few shekels, but once you are in jail the system co-opts you. Cantwell has been race realist for maybe six months it’s pretty shallow as a track record. He’s instinctively a Muh constitutionalist Randian.

      How hard would it be for an interrogator to flip that selfishness?

  • For future rallies, our guys must be the police. We must be trained to be the police, be a fighting defensive army.

    • Well, what if that “fighting defensive army” has charges filed against them for pepper spraying a shitlib in self defense?

      We can’t rely on the police to protect us, at least not in certain jurisdictions. But we also can’t rely on the law to prevent malicious prosecutions, at least not in certain jurisdictions.

      And yet, the contested protests are liable to draw far more eyeballs than the backyard BBQ “rallies” on private land that some have proposed.

    • I know people think voting will not help, but we need a lot of irons in the fire. We need to elect Alt-right county sheriffs. That would be a good start.

  • This is a GREAT Idea…….

    We should do a LOT MORE of this……

    Troll ANTIFA (and the Mainstream Fake News DNC Media) with Fake Events in Multiple States…….

    Vanguard, Traditional Workers Party, Identity Europa, etc……

    ……should then Secretly Plan Rallies with Amazing Optics like those in the Past……..

    Counter-Intelligence Alt-Right Warfare…….


  • There is precedent in moving his case due to the undue bias in the media. Someone in contact with him needs to tell him to raise this issue. Also do the mods have the power to sticky his fundme or whatever info? That black kid raised 160k. Can we do better?

  • um – sorry dudebros of the freeweb – if you (like Cantwell) threaten murder in front of a wide release film crew, and openly state sectarian, violent motives, reject the current legal order and explain you are carrying a gun, as well as get involved with several fights, I am ONLY TOO HAPPY you are locked up, and kept out of our site.

    • Congrats on being more squeamish than RamzPaul. I actually have WAAAAAAAYYY more respect for him now than many White Nationalists who are trashing Cantwell. Those trashing Cantwell should be ashamed.

      Chris Cantwell did nothing wrong (legally).

      • Um – those trashing Cantwell are: pretty much everyone who’s seen news on Cantwell over the last two weeks. For the laaaaaaaast time: being an asshole may well be your “first amendment rights”, but the public still react to you as a complete asshole.

        PS – most white nationalist/white trash scum don’t have Law Degrees, but hey, you don’t need one to get along with your fellow humans just fine. URR – saying “He didn’t do nothing wrong” is not a legal or accepted police process in most countries.

        Quote: “police obtained warrants for Cantwell’s arrest on two felony counts of
        using tear gas and one felony count of causing “malicious bodily injury”
        with a caustic substance.”

  • Meanwhile we have faggots (you know who) counter signaling Christ Cantwell, whatever his faults. The fact that anyone of the white right would do that at this moment is truly disgusting and speaks volumes. RamzPaul is defending Cantwell. Let that sink in.

    • The guy is a liability. I suggest everyone send him Shekels and hope he doesn’t turn informant in order to get a deal.

      Cantwell accelerated from being a Libertarian who was squeamish about mentioning race instead of economics to a street fighter for the white race in no more than 6 Months.
      From Ayn Rand sycophant to Beowulf inside a year?
      Reconciling yourself to race realism and the JQ takes a title longer than that.

      • For safety’s sake one should already be taking certain possibilities into account when considering future courses of action. And in fact, should have done so long ago, it’s only prudent.

        Like, listen all the podcasts you want, but think twice about where and with whom you engage in discussion of edgy hypotheticals and memery that could be chopped up and taken out of context.

        Say it with me, “humanely deport”, “fair trial”. The asterisk on those terms is IMPLICIT.

        • Say it with me, “All nations in the history of planet Earth have solved their ethnic problems with forced, sometimes violent, ethnic cleansing or outright genocide; and no multi-racial/multi-ethnic empire has survived for more than 200 years.”

          • Yes, that’s objectively true. And saying that in an academic discussion probably won’t get you jailed… yet.

            And, god willing, the future of this nation is likely to involve a lot of that stuff.

            However, when talking about these issues in the presence of possible informers (emphasis on possible), one has to be careful not to make statements that could (when chopped up and taken out of context) tend to incriminate oneself.

            As a political dissident you don’t have the luxury of going right up to the line of what constitutes protected speech, and hanging out there, taunting your opponents, without consequences. Instead, you must also guard against overzealous, malicious and/or abusive prosecutions. Unless you feel like spending the next few decades dealing with the legal system.

            Again, read up on the WN side of the story re: Matt Hale, and realize that you are now a similar target.

            I am in no way arguing against memes or unflinching academic truthtelling, I’m just saying, sometimes you don’t want to engage in loose talk, especially not in the presence of certain people. And Nuremberg provides a fine template for the kind of “fair” trial our enemies deserve, so that’s an easy subject to discuss safely.

          • God willing we’ll have violent genocide? I’m prepared to do whatever possible to secure a prosperous future for my people, but I certainly hope that it can be done peacefully. As of now, peaceful ethnic cleansing is still a plausible possibility. If you actually hope for violence in the future, you are exactly why we can’t have nice things.

          • Remember though that you are not the only one in your own race trying to get ahead or be king of the hill.

        • Catch and release.

          Take a look at Tommy Robinson for example. After jail he’s gotten some interesting assignments.

          The VICE video appearance might as well have been made by Antifa.

          • Yep. Cantwell might as well have been acting from a bad Jew Hollywood script in that scene.

            Really dumb.

      • “Cantwell accelerated from being a Libertarian who was squeamish about mentioning race instead of economics to a street fighter for the white race in no more than 6 Months.”

        That’s not exactly true. I started listening to his show about 1.5 year ago and he was already talking about race almost constantly. He got fired from his job at Free Talk Live for refusing to apologize for talking about race and IQ stats on air, and started the Radical Agenda where race was the central focus. In terms of economics he remained an Anarcho Capitalist. He agreed with groups like TWP on racial issues but not economic ones. He never has labeled himself a national socialist or a fascist. This video pretty much sums up what his beliefs were.

        I definitely don’t agree with all of his views, especially in terms of economics, but he was an entertaining talk show host and there were always a lot of good dudes in the sperg chat before he got shoad from youtube. He’s a part of this movement, and taking a hit for the cause right now. He fucked up for sure, and should have had better foresight, but what is happening to him is still bullshit.

  • Why are there still neo-nazis?

    Some are federal agents. Some are just goofballs hungry for attention, like kids shoving frogs down girls’ dresses. But there are some people who really are hardcore and into all that 88 and Holocaust Desecration stuff. Why?

    I think the answer lies not in ideology or morality but in personality.

    There are Extreme Personalities, and they must have things hardcore. They are ‘phobic’ of moderation or balance.

    We see this in everything. Take tattoos. All tats are ugly, but some people have just a little, and that’s okay. But for some, that is not enough. They gotta cover their whole bodies.
    Take alcohol. Most drinkers just wanna get a bit tipsy and feel good. But some just gotta got smashing drunk. They just gotta. Enough is never enough. Some gotta go even beyond with meth and heroin.
    Take religion. Most religious folks are content to be faithful. But some religious folks feel this need to be fanatical and zealous. They feel good only when they go whole hog on salvation.
    Take sci-fi nerds. Most like some decent novels and movies. But there are some lunatics who gotta watch everything and attend every sci-fi convention.

    Take someone like Mickey Rourke and Lindsey Lohan. They simply didn’t know when or how to say no. They had to debauch themselves totally. It was part of their extreme personality.

    And that seems to be the main root of why some people have to become hardcore neo-nazi, hardcore antifa/communist, hardcore neocon, hardcore homomaniacal, hardcore Islamist(like with ISIS) etc.
    And it’s why some people must go beyond sexual licentiousness. They feel a need to become strippers, prostitutes, or sex workers.

    So, it’s a personality defect. And yet, it is disingenuous for our society to condemn neo-nazis since extremism(especially of fringe or transgressive nature) has been promoted relentlessly and widely.
    EXTREME has been a brand in pop culture. Extreme games, extreme sports, extreme sex, extreme everything. How else did a fringe culture like homo stuff turn into homomania as the new religion? How did tattoos go from subculture to mainstream culture where you see entire families covered with that slime? Why are educated women making their hair blue or green? How did rap and twerking become part of what we are ‘proud’ of as Americans? How did mainstream culture become pornified? Why do parents let their kids grow up playing the most violent kinds of videogames?
    So, given the cultural mode of all-around extremism, why wouldn’t there be neo-nazis who are into extreme ideology? Ironically, even though Alt-Right is smeared as neo-nazi, it’s real sin is it is anti-extremist in a world of extremism as new normal. It seeks a balance of things with proper sex roles, sound borders, rule of law, respect for tradition, etc.

    The normalization of extremist tendencies has paralleled the normalization of what were once deemed vice industries run by gangsters and organized crime. Gambling is surely the biggest. A totally useless and parasitic industry, it has penetrated every state and every community. And no one is outraged and shocked anymore. And with the opiod crisis, we don’t know what is legal or illegal drug anymore. What is a fix and what is a ‘fix’. It’s like the media accusing Trump of being vulgar when the media and even academia have been promoting vulgarity all around. I mean the holiest expression of Americanism today is the ‘gay’ or ‘pride’ parade in celebration of bungholery.

    When extremist tendencies that were kept in the margins, fringes, or peripheries of societies are allowed to take center stage, then extremism is the ‘new moderation’, and that kind of formula simply cannot hold since extreme tendencies cannot last long as the main support system of an order. It’s like the world economy cannot go on with gangsterism as its ruling principle. It’s like Maoism as the ‘new normal’ of China eventually had to burn out. The current ‘new normal’ of America must also go.

  • If you’re a White man charged with self-defense, in an incident where no one sustained serious injuries, you get held without bail.

    If you’re a Negro serial killer who clearly expressed your desire to kill all White people, then proceeded to make a serious attempt to do so, and are finally caught after murdering at least 5 White men in cold blood? You get bail, of course:

    And you get stories where your relatives are quoted explaining what a gud boi you are, and how you’re depraved on account of how you’re deprived, and/ or “mentally ill,” or some sh!t. Don’t look for any interviews with Cantwell’s family to be running in the Fake News anytime soon.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    Also, it appears that the judge is making up the law as he goes along; citing a leftist propaganda term as if it actually had some sort of legal meaning: “a judge ruled that Cantwell is a flight risk because he has no ties to the Virginia area, and his hate speech makes him a threat to others.”

    Oh? What statute bans speech that leftists hate? Anyone still clinging to the delusion that this country was still some operating under the rule of law, take note.

        • We understand that you feel compelled to vomit forth this sort of ignorant, toxic, atavistic anti-White hatred, and Impotent rage, as a way of making yourself feel better about your many personal inadequacies. Don’t worry– we understand. We won’t hold it against you. We don’t hate you in return– we pity you.

      • Why are you so consumed with this rabid, regressive, irrational anti-White hatred? Why are you so filled with mindless rage and hostility toward anyone that you view as “different,” as the “other?” Very sad. Try to be more tolerant in the current year.

  • Of course this is all bullshit. And it isn’t on Cantwell.

    Unfortunately, neither of these statements is relevant.

    Cantwell is Cantwell: an unstable loudmouth. Was this not obvious to anyone who spent 90 seconds listening to him?

    He should never have been allowed anywhere near this thing except – and at most – as a fellow traveller.

    Now we are in the position of having to watch an unstable personality be put through a show-trial. This is a bad position to be in.

    This isn’t about justice. This is politics by other means.

    Even if Cantwell somehow manages to get off, they will get what they want.

    White Nationalism is not dependent upon the survival of any one individual. But right now a single individual who appears pathologically incapable of keeping his fucking mouth shut is going to be portrayed as speaking for the whole movement.

    This is unhelpful.

    The leaders need to think long and hard and figure out how to avoid fucking up like this again.

    Anyone can give a good speech or learn a few rhetorical tricks. Judgement is what separates bullshit artists from real leaders.

    • Agreed with most of this. However make sure he’s sent money to defend himself. Don’t let him have an excuse to become an informer in order to reduce sentence.

  • I wonder if the commenters here know that, if they are accessing over private VPN/TOR, they will have their comments marked for deletion.

    alt-right. Whines about suppression, but then uses a commenting system that suppresses based off of IP…

    Being a Nazi is hard. Kicked by Richard Spencer, punished by TOR, hated by Google, but they keep the faith.

    LOLs everywhere. So defeated and the followers don’t even know who is whipping them anymore.

      • More like they took it and it will never see the light of day. Maybe you need to stage a Free Cantwell rally. Use the enemies tactics against them. I don’t know, but the whole thing is wrong. As an outsider looking in, he was wronged and the Alt Right was wronged. You have every right to express yourselves and to protect yourselves. Maybe the time of politeness has come to an end.

          • He is paying for that too, but that is just a bonus for them. What is happening is that the Alt Right was a small movement that most never heard of. You were not really a threat until Richard got suckered punch ( which I admire his restraint). That is what really began the surge of sympathizers ( such as myself) to take notice and defend your right to exist.

            The more the ANTIFAs and the Lefties abuse you the more people sympathize with you and then join you. People are starting to see the truth and this scares them. So, they have to take out your leaders and demonized them. YOU ARE WINNING.
            BTW how well are you protecting Richard, I am concerned for his and his family’s safety. Protect yourselves, the more you speak up the bigger the target on your back.

      • I suggest getting better vidya skills if you’re gonna go out all marchin’n’shit. Personally I’d rather just White Only Informal Labor Exchange, and dispense with all this Democracy shit but hey you guys insist on going the Democracy route. Since you are going the Democracy route, I suggest better vidya.

  • wow they send dumb kid cops into that mess. no offense 20 yrs olds but you will know what I mean when you are 30. its just not right to ask a 3 year old man to do that

  • Cantwell should not be in jail.

    However, while I have avoided back seat driving so far, this is a very obvious example of easily avoidable mistakes being made.

    Didn’t Cantwell’s Alt-Right community have any spergs to warn him about talking to the media, about malicious prosecutions and about how his words can and will be used against him UNFAIRLY?

    Didn’t anybody read the obvious stuff from WN history, like the American front case where memes were used in court and what supposedly happened to Matt Hale? What about those /pol-tards who joked about blacks on the way down to the BLM demonstration, then had to defend themselves? Remember how that went?

    Shouldn’t somebody have told him to STFU when he started talking shit on his prison phone?

    The obvious warning from history is that shock humor meme-ing about violence and… actually getting involved in IRL self defense situations are a risky combination.

    I know people who understand this stuff are out there and could have warned him, so hopefully those warnings were all given to him, and he simply ignored them. But if he was somehow not warned about these obvious and stupid risks, that’s truly disappointing.

    • As a figurehead in a movement he should have the intelligence to know that he is going to be a target for a set up from the opposition. He fell straight into that shit. I hope they aren’t rooming him up with dindus in jail man. They do that kind of shit, you know this!

    • Cantwell is a loud mouth. He can’t help it, it’s part of his personality. The guy loves to talk and talk and talk. It’s one of the most obvious things about him. You can tell him to shut up but he’s not going to listen.

  • I hope they aren’t denying Chris bail to buy some time to think up some more severe charges on him. Strangely enough I have a friend who was arrested in Virginia recently for a non-political crime and he was also denied bail, which we all found strange. Unfortunately, Virginia is known for having harsh penalties for crimes. Pray for Chris guys….Pray for Chris….

    I personally feel really bad for Cantwell. Seeing him break down crying in that video before he turned himself in was definitely a sad moment. He lost his entire radio personality in that moment. The shit looked like it should have been on the Oprah Show. It was bad optics but I cannot help but like Chris.

  • Since Mr. Cantwell is a celebrity in the alt-right I am sure that the leftists were salivating for an opportunity to attack him. It is Antifa fashion to attack people then run to the cops and act as though they were the victims. Celebrities in the alt-right really need to be careful and stay behind the front with a few buff Chads guarding their six at these events. Antifa are just too crazy and they have not even put a cap on that crazy yet. I think they are just gearing up at this point.

    With Chris it really could go either way in court I am sad to say. He talks a lot of tough guy shit on his show and that could really come back to bite him in the ass. But, Chris also broke down in tears and is now known as the crying Nazi by the entire country, so they might be able to do like Alex Jones did in the court battle over his kids and say his image is just an act.

    The only reason I do not think he may be getting off are because the chick got ran over (I know it had nothing to do with him) and denying him bail. That basically means you’re fucked if a judge denies you bail guys, FYI…It means they are building new charges on him, or at least trying to.

  • I was a frequent troller throughout 2016 and a decent donor to various causes on the right. Some goy needs a liver transplant? I donated. Not $20 or $50 either.

    Back in the spring of this year, I did a self-abortion from the last private forums by saying things that needed to be said. I’ll never give another dime to the right until it changes its tune. Meaning, basically never because the right is run by drunks. The amount of video and audio evidence is staggering. Your e-celebs are not sober.

    I saw how incredibly useless the right was in this country. That not one fucking retard had the agency to tell the two fucking Nazis with flags to either fuck off or take a beating at Charlottesville…

    For whatever reason, after tuning out the noise from the right for most of this year, I found this urge to watch the live streams on the day of Charlottesville. Ruptly, etc.

    Long before the TRS crap, the Nazi LARPing divided peeps on FB. Years ago, back when FB just launched into the mainstream and out from beneath its Ivy League covers. It got old then and watching the DS/TRS crowd revive it only tells me that Freud was correct in noting the death/sex wish in primates. Stupid people will continue to struggle to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I’m racist first against idiots and boy, do white folks peg out high on my list of deplorables.

    This Nazi shit. I cannot tell you unemployed, gibbering morons how much you have lost from the white collar class because the selfsame, who are nameless, became utterly sick of the rabble rousing that the usual outlets do. Meeting the drop outs and deadbeats in meatspace was even less appealing. Guessing the difference between a meatspace right-wing gathering and an Antifa smoke off… hard to say which is sadder. Both are Darwinian tragedies.

    You can go hang on the gibbet of Anglin. At 18, it seems funny and boy!, the shits and giggles! It’s fun! In America, we’re all about fun!

    Memes are funny!

    CARTOONS ARE FUNNY! Have you checked out Bugs and Wyle E. Coyote circa 1965? Funny shit that. The American impulse to be entertained is a core part of the youth-oriented AltRight. Americans have always fallen all over themselves about the young folks and the new right is the same as the old shit. Getting the yucks and the chuckles.

    But you are charging headlong into a brick wall. Boozers are in your leadership and the right seems committed to defending the honor of 1930s Germany. The precise level of drunkenness in the echelons of leadership of the right cannot be gauged but is, nonetheless, noteworthy.

    A long time WN from over a decade ago summed it up to me thusly re: Nazis: They killed more white people than any regime in history. When the cable channel did a show about the Aryan Nations, one of their former members said, “They/we only killed white people.” There is the white predicament. Whites will kill each other all day long over “racial” issues. Check your leadership, the images of the sig heils and what not.

    And you retards will continue to show up at street “gatherings” to wave the Nazi flag and blither and blather about Anglin. And Anglin will continue to demur like a little kitten that he told his kids to dodge the Nazi banners. And then his little munchkins do Nazi shit.

    You cannot fix stupid and whites seem both stupid and suicidal at this point. One corner wants to continue to pen an endless stream of boring essays, the other factions seem intent on destroying the front-facing side of the right with KKK/Nazi imagery.

    The irony in all of this is that InfoWars is doing more to redpill folks on the realities of race than the dissident right could ever do. Reading anything from this side of the toilet, one can only ask if loyal readers are noticing the levels of racial consciousness being raised by InfoWars for the last several months.

    Because while the Nazi LARPers are fully committed to uselessness, InfoWars is doing what? Serious question. InfoWars is putting microphones in front of the faces of Jewish gender studies professors bearing fart whistles at the U of T. If you think that the thousands who have watched that interview aren’t noticing patterns… you are an even bigger chump.

    • What are you rambling about, you effeminate lunatic? Go do the dishes or something, no one wants you here or cares what you have to say.

        • Alex Jones and Gavin McInnis are totally doing a better job of waking the white sheeple up than we are, with their pro-Israel stances and colorblind Western Chauvinism. We should follow the lead of serious people like Alex Jones and Gavin “Black Dildo” McInnis.

          • How many of their articles mention race now?

            You probably don’t know. I’ve been tracking it and it’s high, higher than your mom in her crack den.

            I thought AJ was a cuck until I started watching him more closely in 2016. That guy will sell soft white identity with every water filter and I’m a total cynic about him. But the goy does shit.

            The AltRight will continue to have drunks leading Nazis bearing flags in the streets.

            It’s the Current Year, but the AltLight is winning for the white folks.

          • They aren’t even on our side. They don’t care about race. Just so long as their freedom to shove dildos up each others butts isn’t threatened.

          • You don’t have time as a perspective, you have ADHD and a single mother who is probably grossly obese.

            You also have no money, nothing to give the right. The right will decline because it picked unemployed boys who like cartoons. Seriously. This is the “vanguard.” Because no decent or sane white person wants to be affiliated with Nazi flags, Klan hoods, etc.

          • Perhaps we should start selling Male Vitality dick syrup to gullible fags like you. We might even be able to raise enough to get Chris outta jail.

          • I’ll buy penis pills all day child if it means that IW reporters will continue to stick the microphone in the face of hateful kikes.

            The AltRight cannot even show its face in public because it draws Nazi LARPers.

            Look, water filters mean softer water and softer water means white identity because every white person loves a good shower.

          • Just bantzing here Johnny.

            The bigger point I want everyone to take away from this is that the SHEKELS WILL STOP UNTIL THE “LEADERSHIP” GETS SOBER AND STOPS WITH THE FUCKING NAZI SHIT.

            No more getting trashed and talking shit into a podcast and thinking you are doing some great thing for huwhyte people. You aren’t. You are drawing the children of single mothers. Check out James-Alex-Fields-what’s-his-face in Charlottesville.

          • I agree that we need real leadership. Not podcast hosts and entertainers. Shit is getting serious and we need good organizers going forward. Personally I don’t even drink or listen to TRS.

          • >implying I’m giving away my hard earned shekels instead of using them for my own nefarious projects

            C’mon son

          • Info Wars is LESS RACIST than Breitbart comments section

            They have no choice but to deal with these issues a little bit, but they are not doing us any favors by giving people excuses to avoid looking at the truth

          • Noticed it didn’t take long for my OP to go into moderation.

            That’s what d’nations give you.

            You goys are being suckered.

      • It’s not an upvote game, child. The people with jobs and who have committed in the past will read this and never vote, but they will evaluate what I say. This was for the grown-ups, not for you.

        Now scamper off to your XBox or porn or whatever. Go make some clever cartoons to entertain your little friends.

          • You were cheated out of a long attention span because you were raised by a single mother, your father abandoned you and the teachers put you on ADHD pills to compensate for the fucked up person you are now.

            It was different back in the day. Really, you were cheated.

          • It was also badly written pretentious garbage. I know you thought it was a masterpiece that would convince the entire world of your genius but it was actually very stupid and gay.

  • What Charlottesville is doing to Christopher Cantwell is…..

    …..PURE EVIL……..


    Thank you VERY much, Trey…….

    ….for Shining a Light on this Travesty of Justice…….

    I’ll be sending money to Christopher…….

    I hope many do as well…….

    Times like these are when the Alt-Right has a chance to SHINE…….


  • Y’all are acting like this is something new. Yet there’s a whole line of persecuted patriots who came long before — Gordon Kahl (murdered), Randy Weaver (wife and son murdered), David Duke (false criminal charges), James Edgar Steele (false criminal charges, died in jail), Matthew Hale (false criminal charges).

  • Can we still send him money?

    There was a link posted at tradyouth that has come down. I don’t know if cantwell’s website donation methods would still be a help or if PayPal might freeze his funds or something.

  • There are several things to take away from this –
    1. Don’t talk to the MSM. PERIOD.
    2. We need professional security outfits that are well trained, equiped, and strictly defensive to provide security for our rallies and events.
    3. We need to have our own camera men at these events and drones with cameras as well so (((they))) can’t slander us without having it blow up in their filthy hook noses faces.
    4. We need lawyers and defense funds for when the tyrannical judeo-bolshevik terrorist regime attempts to falsely imprison and persecute us.
    5. Never trust a Jew or a person who likes Jews.

    • I was posting months ago on DS forum that Alt-Right needs people with 30x zoom cameras and recording every violent antifa and everybody laughted.

      AR is still reactive not pro-active .. this all is so naive and amateurish.

      Either will AR leaders start to take all this seriously and start act as professionals able to predict future and prepare for every possible outcome/set up or there is no future for this movement.

  • We need lawyers and attorneys.
    We need to dox as many violent anfifa from C’ville footage as possible(not only that negro) and give them criminal record. Whining doesn’t change anything , there needs to be consequences.
    Whoever goes against us and acts illegaly must pay a prize.

    • You need to stop focusing on the pawns the system puts in front of you. They’re ANTIFA, a bunch of trannies, genetic mutants, faggots, clowns and mongrels; these are your arch enemies?

  • Free Cantwell!!! Someone needs to set up some donations for legal fees. I’ll throw some money at it. Cantwell penned the first verse of this gem.

  • Looks like the Bill of Rights is finished….in that case we should spare no expense at shutting down all communication lines of the Left….and restoring rights to our people only

  • The most effective kind of show trial is one in which the defendant is in on it with the prosecution. I am not saying Christopher Cantwell is “in on this.” In principle, however, it would be possible for the anti-white establishment and their henchmen to arrange something like this.

  • Good timely update. Most salient point in the Cantwell case is that the arrest warrant was sworn out not because of a police report but merely because of a complaint by a pair of lefty weirdoes.

  • You guys are looking at this all wrong. We have been winning non stop for weeks. The guy just needs a good zionist lawyer and to go to trial. Let the facts come out in court and they look even worse. We need to win the suburban whites inch by inch. Nothing helps like this. White flight whites are terrified of violence. Next, we need to bring the show to the suburbs. Let the left sell that shit to people making 200k.

    • Excellent take. Just pay a Jew lawyer ( I guarantee we could get Alan Dershowitz himself to defend Cantwell if we put up the money) to take his case. This happened where I live, some kid was charged with felony hate crimes, he hired a great local Jew lawyer, and got off pretty much scot free.

      • That is pretty much the definition of degenerate 21st century music. The only reason there aren’t outraged shouts of “appropriation” over this ‘music’ is because there is no (((money))) to be made from doing so.
        Besides, shouldn’t we be making ‘European’ music that requires a bit more work and complexity? What about a Trump Symphony? Or some alt-right lieder?

        • Friend, maybe you aren’t aware of the facts, but ‘rap’ music has it’s origins in the ‘blues music’, which in turn is based on ‘southern folk’, and of course ‘southern folk’ is essentially northern Anglo-Saxon music with heavy influence from the Irish and Scottish immigrants. Basically, if you go back far enough you will see that it’s roots are in the Aryan ‘swagger’ culture of the British isles, where someone would poetically boast about their achievements. This video is a crude but easily understood example of the ancient Aryan music that was eventually corrupted by Negroes and Jews –
          We must always remember the following –

          “Hence the Jewish people, despite all apparent intellectual qualities, is without any true culture, and especially without any culture of its own. For what sham culture the Jew today possesses is the property of other peoples, and for the most part it is ruined in his hands.

          In judging the Jewish people’s attitude on the question of human culture, the most essential characteristic we must always bear in mind is that there has never been a Jewish art and accordingly there is none today either; that above all the two queens of all the arts, architecture and music, owe nothing original to the Jews. What they do accomplish in the field of art is either patchwork or intellectual theft. Thus, the Jew lacks those qualities which distinguish the races that are creative and hence culturally blessed.

          To what an extent the Jew takes over foreign culture, imitating or rather ruining it, can be seen from the fact that he is mostly found in the art which seems to require least original invention, the art of acting. But even here, in reality, he is only a ‘ juggler,’ or rather an ape; for even here he lacks the last touch that is required for real greatness; even here he is not the creative genius, but a superficial imitator, and all the twists and tricks that he uses are powerless to conceal the inner lifelessness of his creative gift. Here the Jewish press most lovingly helps him along by raising such a roar of hosannahs about even the most mediocre bungler, just so long as he is a Jew, that the rest of the world actually ends up by thinking that they have an artist before them, while in truth it is only a pitiful comedian.
          No, the Jew possesses no culture-creating force of any sort, since the idealism, without which there is no true higher development of man, is not present in him and never was present. Hence his intellect will never have a constructive effect, but will be destructive, and in very rare cases perhaps will at most be stimulating, but then as the prototype of the ‘ force which always wants evil and nevertheless creates good.’ Not through him does any progress of mankind occur, but in spite of him.” -Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

        • you right of course but in this case way too dogmatic. We can all hear whatever we want but mr bond makes masterpieces of normie propaganda, and the text is absolutly amazing.

  • If the ACLU was worth a damn it could easily toss this case and then file, and win, a lawsuit worth hundreds of thousands. It’s clear he wasn’t in the wrong with all the video and picture evidence and eye witnesses that could testify. In fact you could make the argument that the person who filed the complaint in the first place had stalked Cantwell with the intention of provoking and filing a false claim against him. I can’t wait til this mans name gets exposed to the public.

    But of course. The ACLU has never cared about whites in situations like these as has been the case for many decades at this point. If they did they would jump all over Andrew Anglin for being blacklisted from the Internet for no reason other than “muh feels” because he tells mean jokes.

    • The ACLU is a cucked organization filled with politically correct homos, feminists, kikes and other related creatures. They do not have the will to defend free speech in its entirety. These faggots are so pathetic that they apologized to a bunch of angry chimps for posting a picture of a white baby. People who are that weak should not be the ones in position of defending free speech. No amount of money, lawyers or courtroom knowledge will solve the root cause of their incompetence. A true champion of free speech does not mind hate and does not bow to political correctness, they fight for freedom above all else.

    • I hate the ACLU, they are hypocrites and useless. Many years ago my ex husband and his friend were attacked by black cops(imagine that). The ACLU told us that even though their rights had been breached they wouldn’t help because my husband and his frien were German and no one cares what happens to Germans.

    • In 2015, Loring Wirbel (yes, that’s his actual name lol), a board member of the CO ACLU said that it might become necessary to kill people who support Trump. He quietly resigned and the ACLU said simply that they “do not condone” what he said. Not “vehemently condemn”, but “don’t condone.” “Condemn” is saved for people who oppose the SJW agenda. The national ACLU said nothing at all.

  • “War is the remedy that our enemies have chosen, and I say let us give them all they want.”

    -William Tecumseh Sherman

    There seems to be a lot of talk about violent resistance and civil war. Certainly, its always smart to prepare for the worst, but at the same time its crucial to know that oligarchs/central banking elite want violence in the streets, they want order out of chaos. They want their opponents to do their work for them and destroy each other. Indeed, there must be justification to further erode our civil liberties and usher in greater technocratic control as violence justifies violence and a police/surveillance state crackdown. White men do NOT need to be deposable pawns in this sick unwinnable game. Why not work to keep the focus on exposing the real enemy at the top orchestrating the social unrest and build communities and support networks with your fellow WN.

    • Exactly. Those who call for race war are fools. This is EXACTLY what (((they))) want so Killing us will be totally justified, then they will rewrite history again saying we are the evil ones who started it and so humanity must be unified even more to prevent nazi uprising. Keep exposing this plan, the Rotschild family and so on.

        • Yes, they funded the side that threatened to behead members of their family and extracted the largest ransom in human history from them, totally makes sense.

      • In a real race war, the opposite race is the enemy and no whites are safe.

        Also in a real war, the penalty for treason is death. Can you connect these dots?

          • Because I’m at a loss when I try to think about peaceful solutions.
            Are we going to vote ourselves out of this? Get organized and wait for collapse? Try to compete economically? Try and take back the institutions from zog?
            I want to do something but I’m not sure what.

      • We can’t afford to do go off half cocked or do stupid things that would only bring trouble down upon us. Obeying the law is, as of 2017, extremely important and the best protection we have.

        But the fact remains that unless current trends are drastically altered, we will simply die off quietly.

        This should strike you as much more horrible than a great conflict where many people perish, but something good emerges from the other side. Humanity is made for conflicts like that.

        • Trouble is already upon you, there is no protection but what you can provide.
          Obeying the law won’t save you, they don’t care, in fact, they’d prefer it.
          They have started to seize websites, it’s only a matter of time before mass arrests are made.
          Very little of what they are doing is actually legal, they don’t care and no one is going to stop them.
          There is no more law, except for suckers.

    • Oh, JFC! Another THOT feminist LARPing as someone in the Alt-Right.

      That quote was not a call for violent resistance, and we are already in the midst of a “civil war” so thanks for the purity spiraling.

      Now get back in the kitchen and make yourself useful.

      • Thanks for the name-calling (not an argument). Wow, already in the midst of civil war with the vast majority of the population ignorant, fat and happy? You have me sold. Sorry you were so triggered, but I never said the quote was a call to violent resistance I was trying to make a broader point. If its “purity spiraling” to say White men would be better served by gaining positions of power and influence rather than giving their enemies what they want then so be it.

        • You listen to too much psychobabble from Moly.

          How could less than 2,000 people in a little town like Charlottesville make world news if the establishment was not completely against us in a coordinated war-like effort to silence us? Additionally, Whites are usually denied “gaining positions of power” that you hold so dear unless we are self-deprecating Boomers. I just have no idea wtf you are talking about.

          We are the last of the vanguard, kitten. Whatever you may think that we are doing wrong as movement might occasionally be valid, but just remember that we are all that remains of people who are willing to fight back against the complete destruction of our people. Chew on that in your ignorant, fat and happy world.

    • It’s not a race war.
      You can pretty much ignore the races and focus on the enforcers, there aren’t that many of them.
      If they were gone, the rest would be easy.
      The problem with most of you is you tailor your solutions to your capabilities, you think that since you can’t do something that must not be the solution.
      That’s how stupid people think, instead of figuring out how to up your game, you start rationalizing.

    • Everyone wants to live forever, keep their cushy lifestyles and have some great victory.
      It never works like that, odds are we’re finished, it will take a great sacrifice to change that.

  • Until we all act like feral beasts, such as the coloreds, we will continue to let the CJ system act as though they are the end all, be all of what is right or wrong in America.

    Fuck this lawyer.

  • I cant get on stormfront for some reason… Hoping my internet is bad, but Im feeling like it was taken down…

  • Hope you all are preparing for the war that is on the horizon. And remember that you will be enemy number one for not only leftists but the traitorous government and their security apparatus. It’s about to get real ugly in the kwa, real quick…

    • You can send him money to the jail for him if you make an account on the website. Most of this information should be somewhere up on TRS

  • The lesson here is that alt right leaders should stop giving interviews to the MSM,

    It doesn’t matter how well-spoken or presentable you are. The people who produce these shows are experts in creative editing. They WILL make you look crazy or dumb using any variety of techniques, including matching answers to unrelated questions and inserting brief images of you looking “off” while they’re asking questions or discussing something else.

    If their interviewers spend an hour with you, they’ll have an hour’s worth of footage of you they can use when they put their final 10-or-20-minute edit together. Think about that.

    There’s no room in any political movement for grandstanding or wanna-be celebrities.

    • And guess what– if you do manage to beat the odds, and stay on message so relentlessly, and rationally, that they can’t edit the footage to come up with a single brief soundbite that makes you look bad, what will they do? Kill the story. Or just run the story without the interview footage. Not much of a win for you.

      Remember, the story Is already written, before they ever talk to you. They’re just looking for a brief clip or two to illustrate the narrative. They don’t want to get your side of the story. They’re not interested in what you have to say, or in you as a person. Don’t be a sucker. Don’t talk to the fake news.

      • Yeah I once read that Kevin McDonald gave an interview to The Daily Show and it never aired, probably because they couldn’t make him look like a fool.

      • Bears repeating… “Remember, the story Is already written, before they ever talk to you. They’re just looking for a brief clip or two to illustrate the narrative. They don’t want to get your side of the story.”

        The other option is to stick to LIVE video interviews ONLY–with a Digital Clock in the shot.

    • Yep.

      Don’t talk to the cops “I have nothing to say”

      And don’t give long edited film access to anti White, anti Southern media.

      Like Duuhhhhhhh

      The anti White, Left media makes us look bad.

      Ah yeah.

    • Or just never do a taped interview with anti White, Lib Leftists or just the MSM. You’re not going to get fair coverage – it’s extremely naive to think you will get fair coverage.

      We need to promote our own media and:

      Always speak the truth, never lie
      But – present our point of view, our truths in the best possible light
      Have good looking, well dressed spokesmen, spokeswomen

      We need to work on editing – don’t produce long, rambling videos and commentary featuring bad looking, dysfunctional nationalists.

      Not everyone is a good speaker, singer, actor, model

      Choose spokesmen/women who are good speakers, actors, singers, models.

    • I can’t believe Cantwell gave an interview to them. I also can’t believe Spencer does at times, too. Especially when they and many of us know have dishonest and editing the mainstream media is. Yeah, maybe their faces get out to more people, but the lemmings who watch MSM and believe what the MSM presents only reaffirm their anti-white/commie bias. If it were me, I’d say “I’m recording the entire interview” or “We are having a LIVE interview and I’m recording it too”

    • I can’t exactly say that I agree. Giving interviews is one thing – getting filmed (by MSM) during fistfights is a whole different story. Richard Spencer did not just get more than 30 million Americans to agree with him with his essays on RadixJournal…

  • Not sure about quoting William Sherman that despicable war criminal is the reason we are in the situation we are in.

    My heart aches for Cantwell because his potential fate is what our enemies have planned for all of us. Exercise your first amendment right, be subjected to violence. Defend yourself, go to prison. We don’t have rights.

    I hope and pray that vengeance will be his one day. Normies that treat us fairly though they disagree- they get a pass. Normies that wrongly imprison brothers, their punishment should fit the crime.

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