Political Prisoner Christopher Cantwell Denied Bail

Christopher Cantwell was denied bail yesterday solely because he believes in exercising his constitutionally guaranteed First Amendment rights and because he’s guilty of being White.

According to

A judge denied bond for white nationalist Christopher Charles Cantwell Thursday evening.

The 36-year-old appeared in Albemarle General District Court Thursday morning, Aug. 31, where the judge set the bond at $25,000.

Cantwell is charged with three felonies – two counts of illegal use of tear gas and other gases, and one count of malicious bodily injury – in connection to the torch-lit rally at the University of Virginia on Aug. 11.

The commonwealth appealed the bond decision, arguing Cantwell could be a flight risk to the community. After a long back and forth battle between the defense and commonwealth during another hearing Thursday afternoon, a judge ruled that Cantwell is a flight risk because he has no ties to the Virginia area, and his hate speech makes him a threat to others. The decision came down a little before 7 p.m.

“We’re obviously very grateful for the courts decision to deny bond to the defendant in this case,” Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Atty. Robert Tracci said.

“It’s a quilt that’s all meshed together. This community has been through so much since back in May, and it all ties in together. We just gotta figure out, first of all, how to stop this nonsense from ever happening again. Secondly, what we do moving forward to reunite this community and rally forward and bring about a healing. This was an important step towards that,” Don Gathers, community activist, said.

Cantwell is being held at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.

Hello 1984 and Brave New World!

The DA in charge of this travesty of justice is named Robert Tracci. His personal political website states the following:

While the Commonwealth’s Attorney is elected, the position must not be a political one. When prosecuting criminal offenders, zip codes and incomes must not matter. Neither must race nor ethnicity, education or social standing, gender or nationality, or whether you live on grounds or off.

Except if you are White, eh Robby?

Why hasn’t anyone from Antifa or BLM been arrested for the thousands of crimes that they committed in Charlottesville on August 11th and 12th?

Take for example DeAndre Harris. This scumbag hunted down White people all day long at the Unite the Right rally.

Then this happened:

Shortly after:

So now we’re supposed to feel sorry for this clown, DeAndre Harris, after he instigated this chain of events and commited felony assault and attempted murder in the process?

From the page of this maniac, where he has already collected over $160,000:

On August 12th, 2017 there was a “Unite the Right” march of white nationalist and other right-wing groups (KKK, Neo-nazis, and white supremacists) that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. These individuals were protesting against the removal of local confederate monuments, primarily the Robert E. Lee Statue in Emancipation Park. I arrived at Emancipation Park around 11 AM as a counter-protester to voice my opinion on racial tensions and to literally stand up for what I believe in. I was only there for a few minutes before I was hit with water bottles, maced with pepper spray, and had derogoratoy slurs hurled at me. Just forty-five minutes in to the rally our Gov. Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency to aid state response to violence. About fifteen minutes or so after that I was brutally attacked by white supremacists in the parking garage right beside the Charlottesville Police Station. I was chased and beat with metal poles. I was knocked unconscious repeatedly. Every time I went to stand up I was knocked back down. VIDEO If it was not for my friends that I came with I would have been beaten to a pulp. No law enforcement stepped in to help me. Once I was dragged off to some near by steps I was taken to the designated area for injured protesters & counter-protesters. My injuries were too extensive to be treated at the scene so I was taken to the ER at Martha Jefferson Hospital. I was diagnsoed with a concussion, an ulnar fracture, and had to receive eight staples in my head. I also have a laceration across my right eyebrow, abrasions on my knees & elbows, and a chipped tooth. I’m so blessed to be alive to tell my story and to show the world that racism is very much still alive. The funds will be used to pay for my medical bills. I appreciate the support from my friends, family, and the news platforms that have reached out to check on me. We will not let this fade & disappear. People are carrying real hate in their hearts for the Black Community and I refuse to just let it happen. God Bless & thank you all again!

Two men have already been arrested in connection with the alleged assault on Harris, but why has Harris not been arrested for his obvious crimes?


Getting back to Cantwell.

He is charged with three felony charges: two counts of the illegal use of tear gas or other gases and one count of malicious bodily injury with a “caustic substance,” explosive or fire.

That literally means that he had some pepper spray on his keychain that he used to defend himself against Antifa terrorists on August 11th; it’s all on tape. If fact, if Vice and Elle Reeve were not such dishonest and disgusting vermin, they would release the unedited version of Vice’s hatchet-job story they did with Cantwell in Charlottesville. Instead, they are letting Cantwell rot in jail; I’m sure that they are all laughing about it, too.

The most pathetic aspect of Cantwell’s arrest is that the police did not even detain him at the scene. Two people later signed sworn affidavits swearing that he, and only he, committed these alleged acts for which he was later arrested.

Those people were members of this obviously deranged person’s entourage:


Full discloser:

I met Christopher Cantwell in Charlottesville; you may have seen my video.

I watched him shake almost every man’s hand as we were waiting to be transported from McIntire Park to our drop-off point on our way through the Antifa Gauntlet before entering Lee Park. He was telling jokes and making us all laugh. We rode in the same van and walked the Gauntlet together. I watched as he was sprayed in the face with mace as we were entering the park. While lying on the ground, I expected him to be writhing in pain or crying out, which could not have been further from the truth. He was on the ground laughing his head off and making jokes; Chris is always an entertainer.

Cantwell is actually many things in fact: brash, loud, opinionated, and arrogant. What he is not is a criminal. These charges he is facing, which could send him to prison for up to 20 years, are trumped up, and this tyranny is nothing more than selective prosecution due to his race. The corrupt governments of Charlottesville and the Commonwealth of Virginia are looking for scapegoats on their witch-hunt to imprison Whites. They already have blood on their hands, yet they are doubling down on their blatant vitriol towards our people.

Despite what you may think of Cantwell, he represents you to our enemies. We cannot allow them to win this battle, and we must do whatever we legally can to help our comrade.

“War is the remedy that our enemies have chosen, and I say let us give them all they want.”

-William Tecumseh Sherman