Leaderless Resistance

I spend a lot of time in the comments sections of and on practically every Alt-Right blog and forum. Everywhere I see good suggestions and intelligent people posting. Other times I see veteran cranks and naysayers.

Most of these complaints and criticisms directed at the Alt-Right have to do with method, not with underlying theory, which is good. As a movement, we have consolidated our agreement on key tenets regarding race realism, counter-Semitism, and traditionalism. The critiques and debates are now centered around how best to go about achieving our goals, which is a noticeable shift indeed. No more intellectual circle-jerking, because serious planning is going on now.

And the criticisms?

I’ll give an example. There are those that criticize our street actions, especially post-Charlottesville. “The Alt-Right should simply be about infiltrating Conservatism Inc instead,” they say.

Alright, it’s a fair proposal, so let’s give the idea a fair shake. Infiltrating institutions seems like a great idea, after all, it’s what our enemies did to gain power. But what are these people waiting for? An Alt-Right dictate from on high? Do we need to write them an article giving the green light?

I have noticed that many of these professional ‘critics” have been at it since the 90’s and that they are much older than many of our younger millennial and gen x cohort. It begs the question: what has stopped them from “infiltrating” that Masonic lodge, advancing in the ranks of the RNC or getting ahead at the Brookings Institute? Why aren’t they bossmen now, offering Alt-Righters jobs and pulling people from the movement in?

I suspect that most of them tried, and are just middling managers after all these years, unable to change the system from the inside like they thought, surrounded by co-workers who have long ago sniffed them out and who keep their distance and who have reached an impasse in their careers. They tell themselves they are James Bond types, moles within the system when in reality they are firmly ensconced in the bourgeoise managerial class. Unsurprisingly they sniff at street action and condemn it as LARPing. In my honest opinion, they are LARPing as much as the guy who dresses up in SS uniforms and sieg heils into the mirror at home.

Furthermore, many of us have done just that. It wasn’t because of some grand master plan concocted in the 90’s or something. It was simply the path of least resistance for many. Interested in politics? Get a job in the government or a think tank and just keep your power level hidden. Simple.

Other times, people criticize the Alt-Right for letting opportunities for activism slip by. Take Hurricane Harvey for example. Some people have suggested that the Alt-Right should coordinate relief efforts.

Well, that’s not a bad idea.

But again, why haven’t they done anything on their own, especially if they live in Texas? Have they gotten active with their local Book Club, Pool Party, or red-pilled their friends?

If not, why not? It’s long past time to start forming these connections. We may not even be on the internet for much longer, so what is everybody waiting for? Do they think I, or Richard or Daniel knows much about coordinating hurricane relief? Of course not.

And there may come a time when communication will simply go out and they will all be on their own.

I say this to the younger generation and to the older generation as well. It’s time to start standing on your own two feet.

If you haven’t noticed, the political climate has changed since Charlottesville. There’s been a crackdown. Who knows what comes next. As a movement, the Alt-Right has to face the reality that the State is hostile to us.

In such conditions, we cannot rely on pyramid structures of authority. You the individual have to pick up the slack. Every single one of you has to become an officer capable of independent activism. Our movement needs to start resembling a Leaderless Resistance. Consider what The Seditionist wrote in 1992: 

This scheme of organization, the pyramid, is however, not only useless, but extremely dangerous for the participants when it is utilized in a resistance movement against state tyranny. Especially is this so in technologically advanced societies where electronic surveillance can often penetrate the structure revealing its chain of command. Experience has revealed over and over again that anti-state, political organizations utilizing this method of command and control are easy prey for government infiltration, entrapment, and destruction of the personnel involved. This has been seen repeatedly in the United States where pro-government infiltrators or agent provocateurs weasel their way into patriotic groups and destroy them from within.

In the pyramid type of organization, an infiltrator can destroy anything which is beneath his level of infiltration and often those above him as well. If the traitor has infiltrated at the top, then the entire organization from the top down is compromised and may be traduced at will.

There will be established leaders like Spencer and Anglin of course, but there will also be new activists that will have to rise up and plan their own demonstrations, their own actions, create their own propaganda and do their own networking.

I sympathize with the desire to hope that somewhere out there is a secret group of well-funded professionals working overtime to advance the interests of the Alt-Right. That’s what I thought when I first went to NPI. I thought I’d meet former Green Berets, old WASP aristocrats, maybe even disgruntled alphabet soup types planning a Valkyrie-like resistance.

But that’s not what I found.

I found a group of young idealists who were for all intents and purposes the very last line of resistance against the POZ in America.

I’ll admit that I was underwhelmed. No one in our gathering was over 40 years of age. Almost all of us were Millenials. We had no plans for IRL activism, we just had a book club that would meet from time to time. I felt let down.

The older generations had abandoned us. The structures had failed us. We were way way out there in uncharted territory without any tether.

But look at what we have been able to accomplish since then. And if we could do it, then so could you. If you are waiting for someone to give you a chevron patch or a formal commission, you’ll be waiting for a very long time indeed.

You have to take action yourself, no other way around it.

While it is true that much could be said against this type of structure as a method of resistance, it must be kept in mind that Leaderless Resistance is a child of necessity. The alternatives to it have been show to be unworkable or impractical. Leaderless Resistance has worked before in the American Revolution, and if the truly committed put it to use for themselves, it will work now.

Get out there and network. Start fundraising any way you can. Harden yourself emotionally, physically and if at all possible, financially. Start thinking pro-actively about what you can do for the movement. Like it or not, the period of passive red-pilling is coming to a close. We’ve been too successful and so they are coming to clamp down on us. We have to work with what we have for now. In other words, if you are reading this, you are the vanguard now.

Congratulations on the promotion by the way.

Vincent Law
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  • But you have us. Hipster Racist is a regular James Bond with his background in intelligence, and I have a team of grizzled veterans at my side. As far as aristocrats, I’m sure there’s a few. If we had a few billionares on our side, that would really do it.

  • Indeed; this is already a war and we need to be approaching it as such. For those who aren’t familiar with the term “4GW”, it’s a good place to start in terms of further reading.

    Principles of psychological warfare are particularly important; everything starts there. Psychological and economic warfare are low-cost methods of warfare, accessible to every single one of us via our daily decisions, communications, and activities.

    Every decision matters. Every activity matters. Every message matters. Every single one.

  • I’ve been at this over 50 years and the only thing I’ve found that works consistently is success.People follow success, not ideals. I developed a business and hired white people and worked within my companies to further my own agenda and it has worked very well. I’ve been sued ,investigated ,threatened and attacked and still been able to maintain forward progress in hiring new ,loyal employees and never looked back. I’ve also found that nobody-Nobody accepts or recognizes my agenda. Not any conservative, right wing or alt right group ; and that’s been a very liberating theme in and of itself. I’ve influenced individuals, groups and elections financially ; and will proudly go forward doing so with or without other so called do gooder outfits that seem to come and go. That’s my message.

  • Hi altright

    I’d be wary of those leaders mentioned and you altrighters have come so far to backtrack into lone wolf activities.

    We must all be prepared to be the guy who climbs on top of the car in the middle of a riot and scream get them!! Pointing to whom we want it to consume.

    Forwarded to terrible tommy.

    And always protect yourself at all times 14 5

  • Well put. As one of the aforementioned “veteran cranks” and “alphabet soup” types, I think I can speak for the majority of us that yes, we know we have been conspicuously absent, especially at events like Berkeley and C-Ville. While I can’t speak to specifics for everyone, I do feel comfortable saying that for many of us, we have just been holding out hope. We were hoping, I suppose, that the teen enthusiasts and fresh-faced race realists would generate the kind of general awareness that would lead to open dialogue and eventually to a situation where White people are not actively targeted for extermination; it seems foolish in retrospect.
    Regrettably, C-Ville has made one thing abundantly clear about the worst fears of every red-pilled man who has previously volunteered to do the Unthinkable at the behest of his gov’t; that is the fear that the things we fought to keep from out shores and front doors, the violence, the beheadings, the corruption, the uncertainty, those things are most certainly now here, and we are slowly coming to terms with the fact that we will have to get in the game and do the kinds of things we hoped we would never have to do again, especially on our own soil.
    That said, as bad as things are now, the Doxx’ings, Shuttening’s, the arrests, we are only behind because we haven’t yet thrown our biggest cards down on the table…but as the saying goes, “cometh the hour, cometh the man.”

  • The general thrust of this article is correct … I live in the UK where sensible right-wing people face the same inertia among the honest working classes and the same repression from the elites, the academics and the organised useful idiots who can’t see their birth-right as the founding citizens of civilisation being sold from under them. Everyone thinks ‘someone else’ will make the speeches, write-out the arguments and lead the marches, but it won’t happen … we all to have to participate any way we can in the movement to regain our freedoms of thought and speech, and rights to a decent life, where we can be ourselves without implied guilt for our very existence.

  • I bitched about this months ago in here. A concrete movement needed to be created from the get go, with a real plan that would help rally more folks to the cause, but that would have to have a big focus on economics. The manifesto that was presented the day of/after Charlottesville was rather myopic and would not appeal to a large swathe of people. The entire program revolved around race, but how does that tie into economics, social policy, etc?

  • Those of us over 30 and 40 are the only people *not* LARPing — we’ve simply seen more, thought more, fought more, and have less optimism. You just can’t handle that, so you project your hope onto 20-sthgs who haven’t been disillusioned. But they will be. Just wait.

    • Millenials will go the way of every other generation that came before it, especially like the Boomers, who thought they were going to change things. The flower children grew up and became stock brokers, lawyers, doctors, etc. Boomer blue collar types already were grown ups. What is funny they write the older generations off as all “cucks”, but have no frigging idea what it takes to raise kids, much less be responsible for their well being. Buck the system that butters your bread? Not going to happen. These kids will eventually grow up and hopefully dump this garbage and live life.

      • Retarded. “Revolutionary” boomers were puppets of Jewish equality puke. The country and civilization around them was white, so there were no ultimately unsolvable problems.

        No previous generation was facing a situation in which inactivity = white genocide.

        Today, the barbarians are inside the city walls, the Jewish role and agenda is finally, once again, well understood, and we all know there is no living well, long-term, unless the 14 words are seen through.

    • Nobody is going to be able to move down the freeway and pretend everything is fine this time around. The rabbis have unleashed the browns, blacks and trannies on the last holdouts of sanity. Get your head out of your —.


    Other women, all with a Polish mother and African father, have attained similar notoriety. It may be unfair to suggest that they have been successful only because of their racial background, but there is no question that their exotic appearance opened many doors.

    ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs.

    Why should white Polish men accept white Polish women who reject them in favor of black men to whom they offered their wombs, thus replacing white-kids-that-could-have-been with black babies? Afrobortion is worse than abortion.

    Why accept those who reject you? That is cucky. If a Polish woman goes black, ship her to Africa.

    If a white woman rejects white men as inferior and uses her womb to make black babies, reject the race traitor and send her to Africa.

  • (((Globalists))) want multi-cult Europe because they can play divide-and-conquer among peoples. They hate solidarity and unity among the populace against the ruling minority elites.

    Multi-culturalism should be called Divide-n-Conquerism.

    Barbara Specter is a Divide-N-Conquerist, or DNC-ist.

  • Don’t think “leaderless resistance” is the way to go – Something non formal organization, non membership organization is what works.

    Millions of Whites becoming paranoid, living and operating totally alone – no that’s not what we want, we don’t want to be loners, societal drop outs, always bitter and angry – can’t hold a job, get get a date, can’t be part of a family. No definitely not.

    Instead what works for me is to be part of a few groups that are implicitly White – church group (there are still some) sports playing and sports supporting groups (hockey and tennis) that are overwhelmingly White. In politics, it’s local, neighborhood improvement, crime watch – supporting Trump like things. I do and train others on how to effectively lobby out of state Congressional staff members, state reps on issues of immigration, Antifa riots, media bias etc.

    I’ve attended Amren conferences, people there know and respect me – I was doxed once by the SPLC but didn’t suffer too much as I’m below the radar.

    There are loose associations of MAGA, Alt Right, Daily Stormer book clubs in most urban areas. I recommend going to some safe events – get to know faces, but try to protect your/people’s privacy – don’t give your real name, where you live, where you work.

    We are having some success and the anti White system and cuckservatives are noticing this.

  • has an outline of how to organize armed resistance…and its fully enabled by visa Mastercard, Google, PayPal etc.

    Should be able to garner some good insights into how its done by the communists and maybe use Thier own tactics for next cool aid /altright bake sale

  • Good Point, Hunter……

    I don’t Hate America……..

    But, I don’t really Love America either…….

    I appreciate its Relative Strengths…….

    I appreciate its MANY Blessings…….

    But, there are plenty of Black Pills also………

    And, what is America anyway??

    Depends where you are and who you ask…….

    That’s why I don’t own any US Flags……

    I don’t own any Flags, actually……..

    • Yes, there is a certain cowardice to those who want us to fly the flag of FEDGOV.

      When we point out that the flag of FEDGOV does not represent us, and has not for some time, we are objectively correct.

      When boomers act as if the flag of FEDGOV still represents us, they are simply wrong, naive and willfully ignorant.

      And yet, we are asked to deny our truths and cater to the vile lies that these fools believe.

      Absurd and cowardly.

      (of course, this is not an endorsement of any sort of tactically unwise display. Each and every action ought to be calculated and coordinated for maximum practical effect, which potentially could even include the display of enemy symbols, such as the flag of FEDGOV, especially if you can convince other enemies to burn it or throw piss on it.)

  • This fight is not a battle of fits – hence in the streets and squares of the cities and towns, but a battle of wits.
    Long time ago I was told that time was on the Right side, the Left wrote the pages of the narrative for the past 75years! While identitarians stood by and became anonymous biding their time and watching the bankrupt Left collapsing unintentionally inviting the Right to fill that void again!

  • you wrote:
    “Most of these complaints and criticisms directed at the Alt-Right have to do with method, not with underlying theory, which is good. As a movement, we have consolidated our agreement on key tenets regarding race realism, counter-Semitism, and traditionalism.”

    Not sure I agree with that…the theory is important…it should guide our actions…one thing the alt right does not understand is why this all happened and what are the forces driving it…seems important to me how and why this all came about…

  • I guess I’m one of the older White Nationalists at 50. Redpilled by my pops at 3. Come from a more conservative past vs. libertardian. I’ve been trying to get some local fam together through the DS BBS, but very little activity here in Northern Illinois and now with the shuttening things are even tougher. I’ve advanced far enough in my career to have some financial security and what I’m really looking to do is mentor some NEETs and form a crew. Used to be infantry, and I’m a leader at work, so I have the skills to train others. I also have the capacity to get a few young men employed in manufacturing at an entry level. I would except any and all advice as to what else I can do to get IRL with some others of like mind.

  • We have to strike while the iron is hot. Our movement is growing rapidly and we can’t afford to lose momentum. We may never have an opportunity like the present time again.
    We need to continue to unite as much as we can with various factions to accelerate our growth. We also need to adopt more secure methods of rallies that won’t give the enemy time to gather. SECRECY may be our best bet at this time while we are in a rapid growth phase. Leadership of the various groups should keep open communications to establish a framework for events while maintaining the safety of our decentralized group structures. We know for a fact that government and enemy infiltrators will take every opportunity to undermine us.
    I love Rockwell, but for the sake of appearances I believe we should refrain as much as possible from displaying controversial imagery to the public we are trying to bring along to our side. I think Nordfront does an excellent job at this. For the sake of growth, our imagery and presentation needs to be palatable to the average citizen. Perhaps as time goes on we can adopt more consistent “uniforms” to control our public image and weed out the enemy infiltrators that will try to undermine us in public.
    We MUST however, continue to appear in public at good strength levels, looking neat, organized, and fit.
    I love you all, my brothers and sisters. We need to be cognizant of our public image and exercise discretion, but we can NOT let off the accelerator now.

  • Just write the article encouraging people to go work in government in some capacity. Are you not paid for writing articles? Is it that much effort to write an article, dole our a few sage words of advice, and a list of target agencies and agenda points to advance?

  • This article brings it right up to the boil. We don’t hear it enough.

    The old-guard have much to be thanked for, but their methodology has not really given us real-world change.

    In Britain, perhaps in particular, the focus of nationalism over the last 50 years has primarily been that of political parties and electioneering. The article asks a question of, in a roundabout way, ‘what have you done and what are you doing?!’.

    Sadly, for many of us and the older end who did get involved in real life, it was time, money, effort all on the wrong things, all or nothing, thanks to many factors – including the ‘pyramid’ nature of those activities.

    Those who did street activities here were often extremely small, fringe, often a propaganda disaster in terms of message and image.There are, or were, too many groups of less than 15 individuals clutching flags, banners, bellowing about Jews or whatever down distorted megaphones. Rather than a show of strength, it was unfortunately a show of weakness and how small and insignificant we were.

    There is no getting around the harsh reality that people really do need to try and do something in their own lives other than keep up with this as a hobbyist or as an interest. But what? There are many ideas that have come and gone and still come along – but I have never seen much about having focus or hierarchy of what needs to be done in what order.

    We cannot afford to have pyramid structures, but the movement in the past and still to this day, is like a boating lake full of individual peddle boats and everybody is just peddling their own direction, randomly, in pretty much a state of chaos and disorganisation.

    I am sure there are many things we could all be doing in our own personal lives, no matter how small. This perhaps should be the default basis for any individual. Yet unless we are peddling in the same direction in general to reach certain destinations, is there not a risk that we’d be just like the old-guard, spending their lives doing activism that at the end of the day doesn’t amount to a hill of beans?

  • “Why aren’t they bossmen now, offering Alt-Righters jobs and pulling people from the movement in?”

    I think this is one of them who infiltrated the Chinese restaurant business.

    “Chinese Restaurant Closes After White Owner Is Outed As David Duke Supporter”

    “In response to accusations of racism, Grigsby told The Mercury News, “My girlfriend and my former wife were both Chinese. Anybody who knows me, it’s like the United Colors of Benetton in our restaurant. We’ve had every ethnicity.” “

  • Even without an ethno-state, we must have an ethno-state-of-mind. Decolonize your mind of Jewish Globalist Virus and think independently to guard your own identity and interests.

    Even when Jews didn’t have their ethno-state, they maintained their ethno-state-of-mind.

    Loyalty is rootedness.

  • Taking the fight to Chicago!
    I will fight, and I will subvert the minds our enemy combatants.
    We must reclaim our cities, and our great state of Illinois. State Sovereignty, National, CONFEDERATION.

  • Thanks for this.

    This will sound odd but your article reminded me of Alcoholics Anonymous, and their 12 Traditions:

    If you replace alcoholic with identitarian, there is a curious linkage that could be exploited.

    AA is effectively organised as an upside-down pyramid with no de facto leader besides god – only “trusted servants”.

    The long form of Tradition 3 states that any two or three [identitarians] gathered together for sobriety may call themselves a group, provided that, as a group, they have no other affiliation.

    Alcoholics formed AA because they were stigmatised as immoral and the bane of decent society, hence the anonymity. There may be something we can learn from how they organised themselves and safeguarded their society and individuals within it, strangely enough.

  • 5th one:
    If Antifa & the Left manage to remove every single Confederate monument and the black community finds out nothing really has changed with their lives they cannot turn to the poor white Southern man, many of whom live in a trailer, drinking cheap beer, living on welfare checks.
    They have to turn to the elite rich living opulent lives in Hollywood, Palm Springs, Silicon Valley, the Hamptons, to Martha’s Vineyard and Napa Valley.

    The black community will have to deal with the long established oppression by liberals, not southerners, who have the ultimate power and hold most of the wealth of this nation. In practice they are the true white supremacists.

      • It’s sorta true though. Liberals in a sense are the ultimate White Supremacists betting that they can still come out in top even if Zerg rushed by nogs, spics and Chinks.

        I’m not so sure we can survive the onslaught.

  • 4th one:
    As far as the damage done by the Left against our Monuments the damage has been done. There is no way of “talking” our way out of this. I cannot urinate on any of these monuments without being arrested, yet the law, the police, and our nation stood by as Confederate monument after Confederate Monument were brutalized and dismembered.

    As I watched the statue of a Confederate Soldier brutally destroyed by a debased vicious mob, I could barely control my anger. I saw the statues of Columbus destroyed and the powers of this nation stood in silence.

    “WE WILL NOT BE ERASED” was shouted out by the White Nationalists in Charllotseville and they were roundly condemned by the Liberal Media. When Trump took a balanced view that both sides should share the blame of any violence in that city to simple questions as to when this will stop and if destruction of Monuments will now include men like Jefferson to Washington, he was roundly condemned here by the liberal press and their counterparts in Europe.

    Now they have all the Confederate Monuments listed for destruction. Violent reaction is inevitable in the face of such deliberate vandalism and the lack of any government action to stop them. It is as natural as the consequences of lighting a match near explosives.

  • 3rd One:
    The south which had a fully developed infrastructure of railways and harbors, strong agriculture, old trade with Europe and the North since the 18th century to massive natural resources, should be now one of the most advanced economies in the US and not have poverty levels seen in Mississippi to Louisiana. Poverty in the South is wide spread and after 152 years it should not be. This is due to DC politics after she defeated the south in the “War of Southern Independence”

  • 2nd one:
    As far as “white supremacists” it fails the test if applied to the south. the South is the poorest and most disenfranchised region in America. The South has been in this state since the end of the war in 1865.

    A poor white man in Mississippi would be hard pressed to prove his white supremacy without using the elite life of white liberals in California to New York to make his point.

    As far as blacks and the “war of Southern Independence” whatever grievance they have it should be with the Union army. 10% of that army was black and the Union won. When the war ended in 1865 what did the black community get? “To the victor goes the spoils”.
    Along with the Union the blacks won. Whites became powerful and wealthy but not the blacks, a good deal simply ended up in Ghettos.

    40 acres and a mule?. They could have got “40 acres and a mule” since the vast expanses of the West were just opening up. freedom came with no help . Ghettos and projects were built by Washington D.C.

    Blacks living in the Northern and Western states from 1865 to present continue to be one of the poorest and disenfranchised groups. That is the fault of DC who won the war, not of the South who lost the war.

    Under Obama the Feds gained millions of acres. He could have easily given 40 acres and a mule to all blacks. He did not.
    PS: 1776 – 1865 = 90 odd years.
    1865 – 2017 = 152 years.
    Blacks have been under DC established poverty 62 years longer than they have been slaves.

  • I wish to share my opinion on White supremacists, Antifa, Confederate Monuments, and the “War of Southern Independence”. I posted this on several websites. There are 5 comments:
    First one:
    “Excellent article but the complexities of the “War for Southern Independence” have to be understood. The book “The South was Right” by James Kennedy is one way of looking at this war. 800 thousand is a small estimate of the number killed or died due to this war. We know 625 thousand soldiers died since they can be counted. Estimates of civilian death range from 800 thousand to a million and not 175 thousand as the article states. This alone is a big issue. I share my version of the 1861 War in 4 comments.”

  • >That’s what I thought when I first went to NPI. I thought I’d meet former Green Berets, old WASP aristocrats, maybe even disgruntled alphabet soup types planning a Valkyrie-like resistance.

    This struck me as child-like naiveté. How ignorant of the movement and lacking in intuition must one be to expect that?

    I agree with the gist of his article, though, but then again, anyone with half a brain is aware of the need of what Vincent Law is proposing.

    He’s partly wrong about ideological unity. We sadly don’t have it to a perfect degree. The fact that the “White Sharia” meme with all its rank stupidity wasn’t just snipped in the bud by a thought leader waving a “neagh, we’re not doing that” shows that enough. We don’t have any Pope, or Bible, or Communist Manifesto spanning the entire movement.

    • “White Sharia” is a (((psyops))) countersignal. Stinks of exactly the things the jew invents as sabotage.

      The fact that the Right doesn’t have the Bible and Pope in its center or even a manifesto is its weakeness. If you were a jew, you would first attack the idea of ‘whiteness’ as it seems to be the only thing holding the movement together.
      On the other hand if you counter the jew with TradCatholicism he has no answer, because TradCatholicism tells the jew he’s bound for hell. That’s as antijew as you can get.

      When AR says it’s about ‘whiteness’ it’s actually saying it wants back all the fascist spiritual, and therefore aesthetic, elements of the Holy Roman Civilization that would secure a happy communal life. Unless you acknowledge the struggle as spiritual against a godless pagan world, the movement is impotent.

      • I was making an analogy, just we be clear.

        We already have a sort of Christian way of thinking deeply rooted in our bones, for the simple reason that we are all products of Christian and European cultures. A young man in Austin TX knows that it is wrong to do harm to someone that previously did you good just as well as a young man in Vladivostok knows it. However, a brown muslim in Berlin doesn’t have any qualms about raping the daughter of the German family he is borrowing necessities from (actual cases).

        I honestly don’t believe we should articulate this European-nes and innate Christianity of ours into such clear terms as TradCatholocism does. Something that’s naturally there shouldn’t have a narrow ideology like TradCath defining it by its own terms (why not TradProtestantism or TradOrthodoxy?).

        • Being morally good does not come ‘natural’ to us at all due to Original Sin, due to OS we are constantly degenerating, there is no evolution but there is genetic entropy.

          If being good doesn’t come on its own, or ‘naturally’, then it is a daily struggle to even remain half-decent let alone ‘good’. Deny yourself and take up your Cross, says the Godman. In order to be good God Himself decided to pour into our being the necessary supernatural vitality to preserve us from corruption. This medicine is only present legitimately inside the CC, God on the high altar. Godman, rather than being the author of confusion, founded only one Church. Visible, Apostolic, Catholic. There is no basket of relatively ‘ok’ religions, only one is according to God’s Will and the rest are heretical sects.

          Where do dark races come from, they come from Ham who was cursed by Noah for a terrible sin involving his mother. The blackness of their skins is not due to sun but it is due to their idolatry and impurity. Do these races seem insane to you? Whom God would destroy he first makes mad. Of course all races dispersed from the Babylonian basin some were motivated by a desire to separate themselves from degeneracy.

          Objective moral conduct is the salt that preserves. Because it’s objective that means there’s one way to be good and many ways to be evil. The righteous way is narrow, but the way of perdition is wide.

          The transcendent is true.
          If men decide to leave the transcendent they will instantly become prey to all the sinister forces inside themselves, below the world, in the world of which the jew seems to be the primary physical manifestation. As Tertullian said, when Faith is strong the jew is weak but when Faith is weak the jew enslaves Christians.

          • I like your posts but blackness as an evolved response to equatorial conditions is the simplest explanation.
            Denying evolution will alienate a lot of people sympathetic to your ideas.

  • It would be deeply ironic if the relationship between Spencer and Anglin became like the relationship between…the Prussian aristocracy and the actual Nazis. That is what it looks like and it explains much of it.

    • The Prussian/Bavarian aristocracy ended up in the Party lol. Though in the end they attempted to assassinate Hitler in the hopes of surrendering to USA before the Jewbolsheviks came.

      I hardly think they would’ve been treated any better, according to history Anglojews would’ve given over Berlin to Reds, German people boarded on trains eastward for Bolshevik slaughter programs, marched out in the field to get mowed down by machinegun fire, man, woman and child.

      • The Prussian aristocracy viewed Hitler as a flake, an unaccomplished hipster who didn’t know any science or math but pursued the feminine painting.

  • Winning Condition: An objectively moral, aesthetic White Movement that can consistently secure the protection of healthy racial interests by mobilizing people and resources on the cultural, political and financial field.

  • 10 meter radio. less expensive than a computer, and impervious to governmental, and corporate, censorship. requires a license to talk, but no listen (and licenses are that hard to get.) alt-right voices booming worldwide. what a glorious thought.

    the internet is a public utility. domain registrars, isps, etc., are private corporations which can be denied access to the Internet for violating 1st amendment guarantees to u.s. citizens. Imagine google, or facebook, without internet access.

    if we can elect a president against the deep state’s wishes we can get back on the net. no fun, no funding. contact your reps, and demand action. no action, then ddos their phonebanks for a day; a week; forever.

    • True fact: Hitler tried to ally with Muslims in WWII. He even said that he wished that Charles Martel had failed and that Islam had overrun Europe. How is that black pill for you?

      • Yes and no. The Egyptians might have staged an insurrection in 1942 when Rommel arrived in the Al Alemein position. But it’s equally true that Arabs in North Africa like Libya were fighting against Italian and Germans. A good portion of the British Indian forces were loyal Muslims. Many of the Turkic people in the USSR were absolutely loyal to Stalin. Azeris and other Turkics were rape machines.

  • Everyone reading this who has the financial means should donate to Harvey relief efforts. It’s easier to donate to existing funds like the Greater Houston Community Foundation than trying to organize on your own. These people need our help. ( I feel like it’s kind of disingenuous to want to aid in relief efforts just to further the alt right brand name. I think y’all should try to help because it’s a good thing to do and you’d probably appreciate it if you were in that situation. I know I would. )

    • Or better yet, donate to an altright site. Because they are trying to save white mankind, and in extention the whole of mankind, so really it is an even greater cause.. And you should too, if you have a heart still.

    • I’m going up counter signal. The whites there will look after themselves. Most of what you give will end up in the hands of darkies.

      • Houston is not New Orleans. It doesn’t have entrenched black poverty. Most of the blacks there are educated prosperous middle class.

        • I’m not so sure. What are we going to find when the water recedes. Send some bitcoin to the various podcasts etc.

        • Metro Houston is a MUCH younger community than New Orleans is. A lot of this flooding is caused by city governments in the 1980’s and 1990’s, which built communities on the wetlands. Good for some fat-cat’s bottom line. Terrible for the earth.

      • Darkies? What year is it? People in need are people in need. Would you really refuse to help someone because they’re a different color?

          • Some charities are sketchy because they spend a lot of money on overhead but there’s a lot of vetting done by sites like Givewell or CharityNavigator so there are some pretty effective charities out there. There are also ways to circumvent charities and give directly to individuals in need. If you’re worried that poor people receiving cash will waste it, I don’t think this is as common as some skeptics might think. If you are worried about that, you can always give diapers or something. Even donating tampons can help.

  • We need a place we can associate and organize our lives without fear. Anything that is accomplished is useless if the economic infrastructure isn’t there, if people’s lives can be destroyed by harassment and blackmail. I don’t know where we’d have to do this, the dark web? For instance, I’m looking for a job now, how do I find a place to work pro white? Someone needs a place to live. How do they rent from someone white who is part of our movement? Need a Dr.? Find a prowhite Dr. If we can’t do this nothing else matters. We have to set up our own parallel economic infrastructure where we can’t be touched. I know no one where I live who is pro-white publically. I’m isolated. There have to be hundreds of thousands of people just like me. I would be completely public and vocal if I didn’t have to get a job or was independently wealthy. I don’t care if people like me and I’m not afraid of violence, but we have to think of a way to organize to live and associate with people who think the same as us, not just talk and debate online. This has to be some means of economic cooperation and the establishment of an infrastructure and a way for people to not be isolated.

  • The Baby Boomers are patiently waiting to see if you wonderful kids can resolve our political problems with the street Marxists without us retirees having to hunt down and kill each others’ grandchildren. We may have a civil war whether we want one or not, but the Baby Boomers want that to be the last resort.

    Everything else you said in your article is spot on.

  • Leaderless Resistance has worked before in the American Revolution, and if the truly committed put it to use for themselves, it will work now. + Harden yourself emotionally, physically and if at all possible, financially = The guiding North Star; True North. The rest is commentary.

    Also, “…the period of passive red-pilling is coming to a close..” Agreed. Let the dead bury the dead.


      • Agreed. The AR had intellectual leadership as well as strategist, etc. I stand corrected. So how about this revised formula? Leaderless Resistance + Harden yourself emotionally, physically and if at all possible, financially = The guiding North Star; True North?

          • Admittedly, my understanding on this issue is clouded. I’ve been oscillating between both options. You may very well be right. It might be ideal to have overt leadership but, conversely, it would be rather easy for our adversary to put an agent provocateur or plant in there. And I don’t see any of the current crop stepping forward as the right man for the job. That was my initial motivation to agree with Vincent Law that leaderless resistance might be the answer. Perhaps you and I can agree on this much: resistance is not futile + Harden yourself emotionally, physically and if at all possible, financially… Thanks for your initial feedback and your insights. I appreciate the engagement.

          • Yes, I will definitely agree with your last sentence/statement. That will be a requirement for individuals regardless of the leadership situation.

  • Leaderless Resistance has worked before in the American Revolution, and if the truly committed put it to use for themselves, it will work now. + Harden yourself emotionally, physically and if at all possible, financially = the guiding North Star; True North. the rest is commentary.

    Also, “…the period of passive red-pilling is coming to a close..” Agreed. Let the dead bury the dead.


  • You probably should have effort posted this a little more, or just block quoted the Wikipedia or something, because I see that dumb people and shills have been at work since this morning.

    I remember a while back, writing an effort post about the concept of leaderless resistance over at TRS…. less than a day before a certain crisis happened that scattered our old forum community to the four corners of the earth and divided them forever.

    Purely lucky timing, but damn, it’s fun being right all the time.

    The concept of leaderless resistance is simple. **People with the same beliefs don’t have to conspire in order to push in the same direction.** The Jews don’t need a Jew King telling them what to do all the time.

    And dissidents often can’t afford to conspire, certainly not in a criminal sense, but also in a sense where they create a top down hierarchy that could be targeted by informants, subverters, decapitaiton strikes. The phenomenon you’re looking for is “CNN reports that a rebel leader in the North West province has been killed in a drone strike.”… “The rebels have appointed a new leader in the North West province”.

    The Alt-Right has moralized a surprisingly large number of people with a set of core values. We disagree on a lot, but we agree on enough to start implementing those values, in a thousand different ways. In whatever way you can and whatever way you think would be effective. Individually, in small local groups, in larger regional groups, or in national groups if you feel like forming them. But it’s probably going to be a long time until some one shows up and tells you what to do personally.

    The idea is not “Richard Spencer is quitting, we’re doomed”, but “Richard Spencer is not going to be in a position to wipe your ass for you any time soon”. So if you want a Texas relief effort or a more honest competitor to Molyneux, do it yourself or encourage your buddies to do it.

    And stop thinking about things as if the path to victory was a continuous linear increase in popularity until we elect Spencer emperor and declare our galactic crusade.

    Think instead about stuff like “how the attitude of the conservative normies towards racial issues has shifted in the last 10 years”. Certainly we have a long way to go, but just as certainly, huge progress has been made. Not in terms of getting them to accept Spencer as imperator, but in terms of getting them to adopt less self destructive attitudes on racial issues, abandoning white guilt, rejecting the concept of white privilege understanding the purpose of labels like”white supreemist nazi”, understanding demographics, etc. Did we do that all by ourselves? No, of course not. But we helped.

    I am seeing outbreaks of spontaneous Vdare and Sailer-posting, so I truly believe the ground is fertile for more common sense. Leaderless resistance says “get out there and plant some seeds, take advantage of this opportunity”, don’t wait for someone else to tell you what to do. And be prepared for the possibility that the enemy might shut down your favorite Alt-Right website, so you might have to create another one.

    They can’t actually stop us, we can force them to burn down the entire internet to get at us. But we can stop ourselves by giving up and playing vidya because… the forums are down.

  • I mean, I know you guys are out of ideas, but rugged individuality is what we have been doing, still are doing, and will continue to do until someone LEADS us to a better option.

    This site claimed leadership when the going was rosey. Now, it claims we need to fend for ourselves now that the shit has hit the fan.

    Well, ok. What else does this site offer?

    • Yeah, the swpl’s have been waiting anxiously for that one. All they needed was the secret signal.

      Student loans pay monthly. Payroll taxes bi-weekly in 90% of businesses, and quarterly for contractors/self-employed. That is plenty of time to disrupt a tax boycott before any disruption of the revenue stream occurs.

      Leave the tax discussion to the Accountants. Most people don’t know shit about taxes except some Indians made tea out of them in Boston once.

  • So what I am hearing is that we have reached the same impasse that WN 1.0 reached in the 90’s. Fine.

    So, let’s start purity spiraling until WN 3.0 comes along.

    Or, the “movement” could start putting the cultural Darwinism that it LARPs into action and get rid of the “leaders” that have thus far gotten us nowhere, and start promoting leaders that whine less, and lead more.

    Less inane clickbait, and pointy headed pedantic blog posts, more structure and organization.

    Hell, I am all for that. So, when we all do that, what is it that we need for again?.

    • To feed Spencer’s vanity.

      All the current alt-right “leaders” are basically attention whoring teenagers trying to be the most popular kid in a new school. Useful idiots at best, useless idiots at worst.

      • Spencer has actually done well through all this.

        However, two people stick out as glaring liabilities to me in the recent happenings. Jason Kessler, and Andrew Anglin.

        • Spencer quickly disavowed Kessler for the joke. He hasn’t disavowed Anglin, who is much much more culpable in that since he wrote the article that Kessler was drawing off of. Anglin is like the one factor which doesn’t make sense here. Spencer spends all of this energy trying to build an alternative right that can overtake movement conservatism, and then he soils it immediately by associating with figures like Anglin and Duke. Duke by the way likely used the movement for self-enrichment.

          • I will have to defer to you on Duke. I don’t know the guy’s material well enough to know his angle.

            Though I agree with the observation and condemnation of Kessler’s stupid post that wasn’t my main concern. Rather, from all that I have read and gathered, the guy was the main coordinator of the Saturday event in Cville. Reportedly he was acting erratically the whole weekend to people that knew him, and by his own admission was fucked up on Ambien. Add to this that he was also an event organizer for Occupy Wall Street, the streetshitting hippy bums, but supported obama throughout his term until the tide shifted right and he got “red pilled” at a fortuitous moment for his career as a professional agitator.

            As for Anglin where do I start? The man is a modern Don Quixote.

          • And let me add that Nathan Damigo is a convicted felon for armed robbery of a taxi driver for some trivial amount of cash under $100. He seems more like a sad and damaged person. Yet, he is a leader in the alt-right.

            I get the argument that Anglin is doing some sort of deep satire. That flies up to a point–which the Daily Stormer is way over anyways. Counter-currents interviewed Anglin, whose views can be summed up as “the holocaust didn’t happen but it should have happened.”

          • Interesting you bring up Damigo. He recently resigned as CEO of Identity Evropa. Passed the torch to Eli. I am not sure what is going on there.

          • Yup.

            Think about it, why would someone want to be the public face of the media’s #1 enemy? You’d have to be messed up in the head, a huge attention whore and/or a mole.

          • I know right! Yet this post is basically telling us to fuck off and find our own pudding. Like a stray dog getting chased away after being fed for weeks.

            Well, fuck them. I say we don’t bite the hand that feeds, but eat the fucker it’s attached to.

          • Yeah I don’t know what Andrew is thinking. He interprets everybody slowly backing away from him as evidence that we have already won and anytime somebody tries to talk him out of going farther out on the limb he threatens to hack at the limb he is standing on with an even more stupid forced meme.

  • The rallies are a positive idea, but they cant be planned online anymore, too much violence comes of it, it attracts opposition more than it attracts Normies. We need to buckle down on redpilling our own communities. We need local organizations, who plan events in person or over private communication. Plan them in a way that can be set up and started quickly, so that the audience is Normies, not police and antifa. Then once trouble starts, we can look good by denouncing street violence as animalistic and leaving with our heads held high. State and national party leadership will be implemented as needed. The important part, just like building a house, is a firm foundation

    • Normal people WON’T drop their lives at a moment’s notice to listen to you!!! Your hateful, mendacious “message” is the real problem, not your violent delivery of it. Mainstream America will reject you, even if you do shelve your swastikas and Bushmasters.

      • But that’s the problem little troll, the vast majority of us aren’t actually Nazis. There are enough Nazis here to taint everyone and give the media the photos and statements they need to run their smear campaigns.
        White Identitarianism is not the same thing as Nazism.

          • Everyone is fascinated by Nazis. Yes, people may publically signal disgust, but then they watch the History Channel’s Nazi marathon. 80 years later and everyone is still obsessing over the Nazis as if WW2 were yesterday.

            Us “Nazis” aren’t going anywhere, our role in society is evolving. Our people want strength, discipline and ferocity. We will give it to them.


          • Books, movies, documentaries, video games, fetish porn are expressions of fascination, not “horrified gawking”

          • Nah, Nazism was a 1930s German thing. Pretty cool and really interesting, but not my cup of tea.

            The history channel wouldn’t dedicate 50% of it’s programming to the third Reich if people weren’t watching in utter fascination.

            Even now, you are obsessing over…Nazis!

          • Your “movement” is forcing people to focus on Nazis, much more than they want to. As we’ve seen this month, you ARE a current threat. We’re going to be careful, no matter what bogus motivations you attribute to our vigilance.

          • Yeah right, the Nazi obsession long predates the rise of the alt-right. What has got so many hearts aflutter is now we are real. No longer confined to books and TV, we are flesh and blood.

          • No dice, Frosty. You’ve labeled yourselves numerous times over the decades. In my lifetime, I’ve seen you folks rebrand yourselves as “neo-Nazis”, “identitarians”, “race realists”, “White separatists”, “White supremacists”, “new right”, and “alt-right”. New buzzphrase, same terrorists.

          • By that definition, the slave owning, White Nationalist founding fathers of America were “terrorists.” Actually, every White American from 1776 to the 1960s was a “terrorist.”

            One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Angel to some, demon to others.

          • Would you want to be a slave? Or a Native American who got exterminated by White invaders (NOT “nationalists”, as there was no America during most of the 18th and all of the 17th century.)? If so, then you’re free to call those men “freedom fighters”.

          • Form, you just hate White people. It is that simple. At least stop being a coward and stop hiding behind the word “terrorist”.

          • Heather Heyer was White, and she was no terrorist. Members of my family are White and they are no terrorists. And there are no terrorists among the tech titans who’ve deplatformed your “movement”. So, shove your race card up your bunghole!

          • Oh, there are certain White people on the planet that you are willing to forgo calling terrorists. Well, that makes it all better.

          • How? By protesting for EQUAL rights and opportunities? How do White men “lose out”, by having no more than anyone else has?

          • I think the popularity of the subject betrays the mixed emotions people have for what they are told to hate. At a point you realize it’s all bullshit.

        • Natural ethnic identity in Europeans existed long before Hitler was born. So did various degrees of pan-White affinity or solidarity. He lost, bigtime. Hitler was the one who got the Germans, the greatest of the Whites perhaps, to be genocided and Germany reduced to a pathetic state. “By their fruits…”

          • Hitler was a sick f-k who led 50 mil White people to a useless slaughter. Europeans started losing their world dominance after the disastrous World War 2. Will we ever stop discussing this no-brainer?

          • I disagree. Neville Chamberlain was blackmailed by Jews in his cabinet in The City and in NYSE to declare war on Germany over Jewish investments in Poland and Czechland. Chamberlain’s instinct was to be friendly with Hitler.

  • Our movement needs MONEY. If you have a good job with expendable income and want to contribute to the cause without jeopardizing your career then DONATE! There are ways to do this anonymously if you just take some time to learn. The fate of our race is more important than season tickets to niggerball or the latest 70″ electric Jew.

  • Dear Vincent: here is a short repost of my reply below:
    For Organization it is obvious that we need INTERNET connections. I have been harping on this for some time with no reply. Richard, and others know this. It IS our vulnerability getting banned and “Going Dark”. Admit this and let us work on it. We need COMMUNICATION FOCUS to organize, meet, get books etc. I am open to ideas and I am sure others have money they can pony up for this. I have sent to NPI also. Again: We need INTERNET ORGANIZATION to Communicate. Lone Wolf stuff will just end up with bedroom SS Uniforms. Well said by Vincent. The SA and NSDAP had organized meetings, literature, rallies – Focus.

    • Even more we need to be building real life physical communities. That is most important. Local chapters with brothers working together on every level – financially, physically, spiritually, morally, etc.

  • Agreed, a structure made up of independent cells is probably best. At this point any large, national organization will just be a bomb magnet. A bunch of independent cells can coalesce into a untied whole when the time comes but a large group is unlikely to be able to split effectively into smaller cells if it gets smashed. This will require a lot of agency on the part of individuals but thankfully we’re the highest agency race out there, if anyone can do it we can.

    So like you said work out, get financially secure, organize locally with contacts and basically prepare as well as possible for what’s to come.

      • He’s obviously a problem and liability but send him a few shekels anyway. Cut him out of the information loop though.

        • Because he Sprayed Pepper Mace into ANTIFA Faces??


          I’ve never read any of his Writings or Listened to much of him……

          But, he’s MY BROTHER…….


          • Because of the ViCE interview. Then the lacrimose response to the warrant.

  • HELP……..


    Let this be the Present Focus of the Alt-Right…………

  • Christopher Cantwell is a MARTYR…….

    I never heard of the Guy until he spoke at the Capitol a couple months ago………

    His Speech was the Least Interesting and Inspiring……

    Mostly, because he wasn’t prepared, he was nervous, didn’t look at the audience, and read talking points off a piece of paper…….

    But, I didn’t feel anything Negative towards him…….

    He looked like a Strong White Male…….

    More Power to Him…….

    There were more Interesting Speakers to watch……

    But, now he is being used as a SCAPEGOAT MARTYR by the Establishment…….

    To Teach an Ultimate Lesson to the Alt-Right…….

    This is American Law and Justice…….

    At least in Virginia……

    Christopher Cantwell is NOT Dangerous…….

    He’s not a Sociopath………

    He’s not a Violent Criminal………..

    He’s not a Threat to Society………….

    He is a Threat to the Violent ANTIFA Left………..

    He is a Threat to those that would Threaten the Alt-Right……..

    We are all Christopher Cantwell’s……….

    And while I can criticize his Capitol Speech from my Computer Keyboard………..

    Our Brother is in Jail and We NEED to HELP Him……..

    How do we help OUR BROTHER, Christopher Cantwell??

  • Suggestion: getting anybody we do know with experience in leadership positions to write a book and train our smartest men. Before you tell me to go out and do it myself, I’m working on networking but have limited experience leading, all I’m asking for is guidance, not to be baby-sat.

  • I really was Hoping for……..

    An Alt-Right Church……..

    Full of Pews…….

    Where we could all go on Sunday……..

    To Listen to an Alt-Right Sermon……..

    Just Joking……

    But, now that I think of it……..

    Not a Bad Idea…..


    • When Jesus said “Who among you, when your child asks for bread, will give him a stone” —

      He was affirming naturalness and the fact that human beings always give their best to “their own,” especially family relations. That is an Alt Right teaching of Jesus.

      It affirms naturalness and natural instincts are the heart of Alt Right. (To love your own people best and try to protect them.) But now Christian ministers/priests have turned cuck by Marxist propaganda. Cucked: No longer advocating we love our own children best, no longer caring for their own natural church communities first. Trying to care for the children of 7 billion at the profound expense to our own.

      That’s the only reason church services are not soul food for Alt Rightists today. They used to be! Christ affirmed naturalness. Ethnic identity and caring is natural.

      Another Alt Right Christian teaching affirming naturalness, natural bonds, and natural (true) obligations (we are not obligated by God to care for “7 billion”):

      “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.
      First Timothy 5:8

      We need to throw all cucked ministers/priests out of Christian churches and replace them with real men, natural men.

      • As an Atheist Alt-Righter…..

        I appreciate your Apologetics for an Alt-Right Christianity………

        That’s all I’m going to say……

        PEACE, Brother…..

        • More affirmation than aplogetics. Religions are self-generated by imagination (like the rest of the material universe). If you can’t invent a decent religion standing out there, you just have a poor imagination. Even Kek-god generators have it way over you.

    • a-JUDE-o .. Christianity is very inspiring … all Jews go to hell where they will be tortuted till the rest of eternity .. 10/10

    • I am waiting for the common filth crew to do that… Of course that would require doing something more than whining about White people on twitter so it is probably out of the question.

  • The alt-right, like many other pro-white movements, are extremely limited in growth potential for many of the same reasons, and probably more so.

    As a serious movement, it is destined to the same fringe as the rest. What makes the alt-right better and more effective than the rest is as a troll culture forcing many others much further into the mainstream into taking action to defend themselves hence indirectly aiding a pro-white movement in that regard. The alt-right already has made huge advances proving the futility of cucking out to a much larger percent of the population as an example rather than as a serious ideological movement in its own right.

    • The alt-right, like many other pro-white movements, are extremely limited in growth potential for many of the same reasons, and probably more so.

      What are these “reasons” you have in mind? The alt-right is about explicit white identity politics. The growth of the alt-right is primarily driven by changing facts on the ground. Whites are being demographically dispossessed everywhere.

      The main thing holding back the pro-white movement (a more generic term than alt-right) is the threat of job loss, etc. The (((establishment))) works to quarantine any movement that is explicitly for white interests. There are also infiltrators among us who are working to taint anything that is explicitly pro-white. Platform denial is part of it, but I think that the threat of job loss is the main factor.

    • The alt-right isn’t a thing in and of itself, but a collection of worthwhile ideas. None of us should be trying to be or lead the “alt-right.” We should be using the knowledge and ideas of the alt-right to improve ourselves. Our goal should be individual and tribal self-actualization, the alt-right is just a tool towards that end.

  • The alt right is a movement of a people, not of individuals. We need leaders and organization, not lone individual acts. Why not set up a hierarchy with branches in each state to deal with this? For example Alt-Right Texas branch could help with the relief. Don’t shift the responsibility to everyone else, you must take responsibility as the leaders. No more “the alt right has no leaders” bullshit. The people look to you for guidance, and there is no other way this movement is going to work.

    • Thank you for your Clarity. For Organization it is obvious that we need INTERNET connections. I have been harping on this for some time with no reply. Richard, and others know this. It IS our vulnerability getting banned and “Going Dark”. Admit this and let us work on it. We need COMMUNICATION FOCUS to organize, meet, get books etc. I am open to ideas and I am sure others have money they can pony up for this. I have sent to NPI also. Again: We need INTERNET ORGANIZATION to Communicate. Lone Wolf stuff will just end up with bedroom SS Uniforms. Well said by Vincent. The SA and NSDAP had organized meetings, literature, rallies – Focus.

    • Alt-Right DAWT com is not in any position to create a hierarchical leadership structure giving top down direction to all Alt-Right sympathetic people in Texas.

      You, on the other hand, may be in a position to join (or less likely; found) a local group which does stuff that reflects your Alt-Right values.

      • Alt Right DOT com should be using it audience and any funds it raises to fund good will projects in places like Houston.

        I am sorry, but the game has changed after Charlottlesville. Spencer needs to drop the le troll face persona. He either needs to be a leader himself, find someone else that can do it and fully fund them or he needs to be prepared for people to move on from his flash in the pan movement.

        It is not easy for me to write this either. I was at charlottesville, and enjoyed my time there, but I am can be completely honest with myself about the fallout from it. I wish Whites weren’t so easily gaslit, I wish Jews didn’t have a stranglehold on our media,I wish that boomers weren’t so retarded, but alas, this is where we are.

        • I don’t remotely buy the idea that you can rehab your image through showing up and doing racist charity events… when there are already charities that are 1000x more well funded. This isn’t Greece.

          And I have only seen an improvement of white attitudes following Charlottesville; awareness of antifa has been forced into the public consciousness and they now have a better understanding of how broadly terms like “Nazi” and “white supreemist” are used.

          • Funding levels don’t matter. For a pitiful amount of money 3 or 4 guys could give the Alt Right a tremendous amount of public good will.

            I agree with you that charlottesville is not all bad and thankfully antifa are dumb, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot spend our resources in a more prudent way.

            Dozens of our guys doxed and fired, Cantwell sitting in jail. a person dying is a high price to pay for what was essentially a simple protest.

          • You don’t think some Alt-Right guys could have a positive impact in a place like Appalachia, or any other region where the heroin epidemic is bad right now? I mean, there are a ton of our people turning to heroin or suicide right now. They may as well turn to us instead and do something with themselves.

          • Appalachia is different, that’s more of a forgotten tragedy, where you might have an impact.. and where you would actually be dealing with majority white people. I remember TWP saying they were going to do something with that and I wish them well.

            The media won’t give you any coverage though, so no one will know about it, except to the extent that you tell them.

          • The problem with TWP is that they LARP about workers when the only “workers” there aren’t poor oppressed proletarians, but well paid coal miners. The best recruits we have are NEETs and underemployed, not the workers.

          • Yeah. Alt-Right people in Texas should definently be helping out in their own communities. Not even to further the Alt-Right brand, but just because it’s the right thing to do. If you really care about the future of your people it’s a no brainer. Same with those in the Appalachia region.

            It’s not necassarily about getting media coverage. IT’s about building bonds with people on a local level. It presents an indirect reward for us as when the media smears us, those who know the work we do in the communities all accross the country will no better than to believe it. IT doesn’t mean they have to agree with us on everything, but they will know we are not monsters.

    • The Männerbund principle says it is necessary for men to form battalions, hierarchies tempered both by formalized competition and obedience according to the Rules and Rites of the battalion. R.R.H.:

      Rule — written down, formalized morality and conduct. Inner morality (prayer) and outer (duties).
      Rites. Passing from one level of trust to the other, traditions. Trust is the glue that holds the
      Männerbund together. A life of sacrifice and denial makes one eligible for a certain rite and position of honor.
      Hierarchy. Formalized appearance (khaki pants, even color and cut) and a moral obligation to obey.

      You will say, ‘But we don’t have anything of the sorts it would take a genius to write the R.R.H. You don’t have to write it. Just take it from your spiritual ancestors. It doesn’t have to be long, it may be as short as twenty points, but it must be formally promulgated and universal.
      Read the Rule of St. Benedict or St. Ignatius, they weren’t altright paratroopers yet one essentially defined a 1000 years of history and the other 500 years. They forged Europe as we know it.

    • As soon as you do that you become an organization recognizined by the government. This gives the government the power to declare you a terrorist organization and under the Patriot Act, zero of your constitutional rights exist. Creating a formal structure would guarantee the government will come after you.

      What you need to do is organize the way the IRA and the PLO did. It’s hard for the government to suppress a movement when they can only catch three of you at a time.

  • Great advice! Things we should all be thinking about and doing, although there still remains a lot of collective, organizational work we can and must do: running openly Alt-Right candidates for political office; demanding our Constitutional rights of speech and assembly in the courts; campaigning to regulate the monopolistic social media and web industry; demanding federal protection from city and state governments – like Charlottesville and Virginia – that would violate our civil rights, in the same way Martin Luther King did in Selma and Montgomery, Alabama.

    “…the political climate has changed since Charlottesville.There’s been a crackdown.” Man, is that the truth!

    “Take Hurricane Harvey for example. Some people have suggested that the Alt-Right should coordinate relief efforts.” Anyone serious about helping out in Houston should figure a way to make sure they are helping OUR people, keeping the following in mind:

    “Houston is multicultural, in part because of its many academic institutions…Over
    90 languages are spoken in the city. It has among the youngest populations
    in the nation, partly due to an influx of immigrants into Texas. An estimated
    400,000 illegal immigrants reside in the Houston area.

    According to the 2010 U.S. Census…26% of the total population was non-Hispanic Whites. Blacks or African Americans made up 25% of Houston’s population…At the 2000 Census… non-Hispanic Whites made up 30.8%, down from 62.4% in 1970…”

  • So is everyone on here redpilled on weather weapons? Or just a bunch of Normie cucks that think the weather happens by magic? I always said that Texas would be attacked with a weather weapon. We’ve been getting attacked with them for a while now. Mile wide tornados. Heavy flooding. Even droughts. Something is happening here that goes deeper than just Muh magic weather. That’s why Jade Helm was conducted a few years ago. Our cripple cuck governor sold us out to the Jews. He’s even passing laws, that punish Texas businesses for speaking out against Israel. This state is pretty much fucked. Not to mention all the brown people squatting here. Anyone else care to chime in on this. It would be greatly appreciated.

          • haha we’ve had this argument before, your fantastical thinking precedes you. 9/11 was not done by the CIA. it was a result of our idiotic immigration laws.

          • this is the biggest problem with the alt right: these alex Jones chem trail lizard people double op psy op triple agent russian colluders

          • Do you have any proof for this strange belief that the dancing Israelis are a “conspiracy theory?” Why did the FBI choose to promote this conspiracy theory? The Israeli media? Just curious.

          • yes i have the proof there had been a wedding that morning and that is why the Israelis were mensching on the dance floor

          • Very sad to see this sort of ignorant, hate-filled dancing Israelis denialism in the current year. Are you an Urban Moving Systems denialist as well? What sort of theory have you come up with as to why the FBI would lie about this Israeli company, and try to frame them? I’m just curious to see how elaborate this delusion of yours is…

          • ok so in one of the offices of the world’s biggest office buildings you have an instance of some people moving boxes. I can admit that.

          • You’re just determined to make a further public display of your primitive, atavistic ignorance of the role of Urban Moving Systems, aren’t you? Educate yourself.

            Do you still persist in your paranoid, delusional Dancing Israelis denialism? Why do you think that the FBI, and Israeli TV, chose to promote the Dancing Israelis? What role do these organizations play in your conspiracy theory?

          • eating hunts ketchup gives you 2000% of your daily allotment of Stem cells because it’s made with real fetus… and hunts used to be run by the world famous private art collector Norton Simon who also happens to be (((jewish)))… say hi to mike enochs wife for me on shabos

    • The twin towers plus building 7 were brought down by controlled demolition. The videos showing plane impacts are fake. The Pentagon was not hit by an airliner. Sandy Hook and many other “mass casualty incidents” were hoaxes. As for weather modification, there is no “smoking gun” that I am aware of. The talk about HAARP is not convincing. I don’t have an opinion about chemtrails. The increase in autism cases is alarming. Our children are obviously being given far more vaccines than they need. Water fluoridation does more harm than good. I’m also putting the Jews on notice that I want my foreskin back.

      • The smoking gun with HAARP is in the research documentation from DARPA and the office of naval research. It takes a little digging but it’s there. Even though the government publicly denies the existence of weather modification. The documents prove otherwise.

  • Keep on spinning.

    If you watch NPI conferences from 2015, you see Spencer there saying that they need to have a Gandhi-like figure. Spencer this year has been a Gandhi like figure. Carrying weapons, having idiots like Cris Cantwell speaking to journos, the moron actions of murder driver all go against this.

    • Cville was a disaster. People keep saying the AltRight doesn’t need a leader but I’m starting to wonder if maybe we do. When left to our own devices, we fuck things up.

      • Exactly. When left to ourselves, we always f**k things up, My Fellow White People. If only there were someone, or some group, that could be chosen lead us on the Right Path.

        • There’s been no increase in AltRight numbers after Cville. We’ve been shoahed everywhere. Lots of centrists have turned their sights on us. The population thinks we’re torch wielding freaks.

          Don’t accuse truth tellers of being shills. Don’t be that faggot. Cville was ugly and unproductive.

      • Milo’s downfall was quite costly. I don’t blame Spencer for his visceral disgust, but fighting with the alt-lite afterwards also deprived the alt-right of Milo’s college followers. This meant that for “muscle” the alt-right had to lean more on the…Stormers and Chris Cantwell and other really far right guys.

        I actually think Spencer might be a little afraid of Anglin. That would explain this tactical and strategic error.

      • Richard Spencer has won control of the brand “Alt Right.” He registered the domain, he made contact with the media, and the media considers him the leader. So “Alt Right” is whatever Spencer, NPI, and do:

        1. Street protests complete with Antifa, Chris Cantwell types doing TV shows with guns, Azzmodors and Daily Stormer doing “Heil Hitlers” and swastika flags, “Jews will not replace us” chants, etc.” Matt Heimbach, the National Socialist Movement, Trad Youth, skinheads, etc.

        2. Spencer himself doing good videos on youtube and good speeches on college campuses when he can actually do them.

        3. and the DailyStormer – Hitler memes, praise of terrorism, violence, posturing, talk about “civil war, “gas the kikes,” 14/88, white sharia, fascist LARPing, etc.

        That *IS* the Alt Right. Nothing else is Alt Right. VoxDay thinks he can be “Alt Right” and call Spencer the “fake right” but it won’t work, Spencer controls the brand.

        Which of course means that people who want to spread pro-white and Identitarian ideas, White Identity politics, and nationalism, have two choices:

        1. Go ahead and be a Richard Spencer style neo-Nazi and get a “fashy” haircut.

        2. Stop using Spencer’s brand “Alt Right” and join some other White Identity movement.

        Fighting over the brand “Alt Right” is pointless – Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin won – the brand is theirs.

        Alt Right means: Spencer, Andrew Anglin, Hitler, 14/88, GTKRWN.

        • So in other words, we’re fucked. I’d much rather the movement take the Generation Identitaire approach but I guess we’re stuck with what we’ve got.

        • Why the fk is Anglin so central here? From a certain perspective, he is doing deep Onion level satire. But I bet that 75% of the readership don’t get it and take it at face value.

          Spencer disavowed Kessler for making a joke about Heyer’s death–a joke that was inspired by Anglin’s shitpost! And yet he still sticks with Anglin and that crowd, who are the originators of the attack that Kessler repeated.

        • I like most of your takes, so don’t take this the wrong way and in general I agree with much of this particular take, but you run a site called “Aryan Skynet”… I am not sure you are in a position to discuss larping with anyone.

          • Every one one of those things is in this thread alone – yet you just wrote an article claiming to read every comment. Does truth even matter to you, at all?

          • Comments section=article?

            Are we supposed to censor everyone with a frog avatar too? The worst part is that you shill for free.

          • “Comments section=article?” No one said anything close to that.

            “Are we supposed to censor everyone…?” No one suggested you censor anyone, much less anyone with a frog avatar.

            Everything I listed is what you attract. They are the mainstream of your fan base. You encourage it.

            “The worst part is that you shill for free.”

            I shill for the white race, for free.

    • Yeah, let’s listen to a tool with the name “Genocidal Maniac” who throws around Jew slurs like white trash, he knows all about moderation.

  • I liked the interesting post, but disagree with it. Individual, unorganized resistance is always the last line of defense. Before that, you have to organize yourselves to the highest extent possible, there are countless areas you can and have to organize (and improve): media, rallies, internal hierarchy, social activity, donations, etc. This requires leadership.
    “But again, why haven’t they done anything on their own”
    Maybe they did, maybe not, but see the difference between the two options:
    1.) An individual goes to help and then during conversation he reveals he is AR, a few people around him will remember this and support the movement
    2.) AR leadership organizes help with specific instructions, to a specific place and time, they make photos while being there, than flood the net with pictures and memes comparing AR to antifa and progressives.
    The media effect of the 2nd is incomparable to the 1st.
    Also, you are not on your own, you can learn from successful European nationalist parties e.g. in Hungary or Greece (like the Golden Dawn). In Hungary they organized: blood donations, donations to poor neighborhoods, patrolling in problematic neighborhoods (where gypsies live), dam building in time of flooding. They also had uniforms, flags, badges, it was easy to recognize them, media coverage was negative but they still gained respect within the society.

  • I do what I can. I donate. I defend our culture online and in real life. I vote strategically and support anyone who defends our interests. But without a movement and leaders to rally around, I’m going to feel a little lonely to be honest.

    • If this platform goes bust, new platforms will emerge. IRL networking is also a good idea. I’m kind of isolated in Canada as this is a very American centric movement and not much is going on locally, but if you keep digging you will find people.

      • Cheers Johnny. UK has it’s things going on, but the US Alt-Right had a unique kind of energy and made being on the right hip and cool. Hope it can get it’s mojo back.

  • We’re headed down to Houston soon. Taking the initiative myself with a friend that I semi redpilled. He’s been a tough one. I slogged it out with him via text for a few months before he finally broke. It was hard man bringing him over to the other side. And there’s still work to be done. What rank am I now?

  • Tips for a streegoghting component.

    1 make sure the circumstances create arrests for the left.

    2 make sure they provide opportunity to sue the authorities.

    3 don’t advertise them with OTT bravado and then literally cry afterwards. (See Cantwell)

        • That’s true but a cold eye indicates that he didn’t accelerate the problem in Norway while he also made the left think good and hard about the personal consequences of diversity.

      • White children who were the next generation of traitors. It wouldve been better if he’d gone after (((them))) but I won’t shed tears for dead commies.

        • That would only give (((them))) the pretext to crack down ever harder, but I wouldn’t care if something happened. They reap what they sow.

          • First of all, most of the people Breivik killed were adults, and secondly, they were not liberals, they were members of a communist indoctrination camp on a secluded island. They were basically a cult.

      • If you look at the pictures many were actually darkies.

        The rest were the children of Communists essentially.

        Any Norwegians here, did the Labour Party cool its Jets Post-Breivik? Or did the double down?

        • Probably doubled down.

          Anyways I still disagree with shooting women and children. Deporting them to God knows what fate? Fine by me. Mercilessly gunning them down? That is anti-Aryan behavior and should be condemned as such.

          • Norway here. Only 10 out of 69 where not Norwegian / white.
            Labour Party doubled down.
            Labour lost the election 2 years later.
            Labour has today the lowest support it has had in 80 years.

          • Thx. So Labour were decimated. Have the center-right done anything rightwing though?

          • Our prime minister is a fat female whale, that wrote a book about her ex muslim negro boyfriend from Gambia in the 80’s. And that she was so proud that she could now say that in public. Can you fucking believe it !!!
            She was very week in the 2015 immigration crises.
            But our immigration minister has at least strong rhetoric on immigration and says she will never want to have Swedish conditions in Norway, and wants to kick out all criminal immigrants.
            But we now have a new party that is naming the jew, and wants to repatriate all none whites. People in Norway are waking up fast.
            There is election on 11 sept., we will see how far the overton window has moved.

          • “But we now have a new party that is naming the jew, and wants to repatriate all none whites. People in Norway are waking up fast.”
            What really? Tell me more…

          • I’ve never heard redneck used as anything but a compliment.

            White Trash is what Jews say and Cracker is what blacks say.

          • 3 political parties wanted to ban circumcision on boys and got majority within their parties, then a Norwegian jew working in a anti-racist center, called some Dutch Rabbi’s that in turn contacted the 3 political parties and within a few weeks all 3 parties leaders turned 180 against it’s own majority and the bans where lifted.

            A new party began asking questions about what right jews have to meddle in Norwegian politics.
            So now there is open war between the new party and the jew on facebook, twitter and in the MSM, the jew demand that all other parties ban this new party.

            The cat is out of the bag !

        • Don’t be a moron. Many people in this movement were libs when they were young. If you think it’s somehow justifiable to murder teenagers because they are libs, then you’re a maniac.

          • I’m not saying is moral to shoot children, and I’m not advocating to shoot children; but you have to keep in mind that baby rattlesnakes eventually grow up to be big bad rattlesnakes….

          • So what are you advocating then? Seems like you are implying it is better to kill them young. Pretty much what the Talmud teaches.

          • c’mon, that’s a cheap ad hominem.

            Now, what would you do to muslim/somali/mexican ‘children’ of 15 years old who gangraped a teenage german/swedish/texan girl?? are they children?

          • Historically boys transitioned to being men at the age of 15, so I’d have no problem giving 15 year olds the proper punishment they have earned. Anything below that age should be given a severe beating but certainly not killed.

      • Breivik is a sick f-k. He had to shoot native Norwegians? Is this the way to protest and “make things happen”?

    • LOL. You know it’s a good meme when the hysterical women in the comment section start crying and flailing their massive titties around.

  • Mr.Law I agree with a lot of what you said with one caveat – it’s not difficult to organize a relief effort. All we would need is for people to bring several cases of canned food and water bottles and things like hydrogen peroxide, anti-bacterial soap, bandages, etc. and have a set rally point. No necessarily needs to be in charge and it would only take a handful of guys in the area. I do agree that it would take an enterprising individual to step up, though, and that needs to happen sooner than later otherwise people would go out there without a clue of where to go or what to do. Otherwise everything you said is pretty much spot on.

  • Vincent I always look forward to your articles. You always provide good insights and your writing style is wonderful and inspired. I appreciate how you have tried to maintain everyone’s spirits these past several weeks post Charlottesville. This article seems far more pessimistic and there is a note of desperation. Is NPI folding up and shutting down? Is Richard preparing to call it quits? Every movement needs a leader. We see it in the way hundreds of people rallied around Richard and other leaders. I hope you and Richard and others continue on even if you all do nothing more than write and talk. Please know that I and thousands others appreciate all you have done and the sacrifices made. I have done what I can to financially support NPI, and wish I could do more.

        • That’s old news. Florida media and Spencer himself are saying Cameron Padgett is suing UF so Dick can speak.

          • Is Azzmodor going to show up? I sure hope so. Enough of this faggot shit, we need “bearded Nazis” (your term) like Azzmodor showing up to Spencer’s rallies and doing media spots. I hope he does a Roman salute to show that we are not scared to show who we really are, and it’s always great when Azzmodor explains to the media that the Holohoax is really fake. I hope Spencer invites Azzmodor on stage with him.

            Also, did you see Azzmodor in the Vice Media video? That was bad ass, him telling that media lady about how we are going to purge America of all the degenerates. And Cantwell looked bad ass with all his guns and that knife.

            I was totally wrong, Azzmodor’s media appearances are pure win. I don’t know why I ever doubted you.

          • Bearded Nazis? Haha ok, you’re as unhinged as ever. Don’t care if Azzmador shows up. He was at TAMU last year.

          • What happened? Just a few months ago you were rightly comparing my lame assed ideas about building political influence to Azzmodor’s awesome media appearances. You even called him a “bearded nazi.”

            Don’t tell us you’re going soft on us now? We want MORE bearded nazis like Azzmodor doing spots for the TV, making Hitler salutes and talking about “purging degenerates.” That makes for great TV.

            Also, Azzmodor should come with lots of guns like his partner Chris Cantwell did – that makes for great TV. You see that gets all the young men on our side because it’s so bad ass.

            You were right, Yehudah, I was wrong. I’m man enough to admit it. Will you be joining Azzmodor for his next media appearance? Don’t forget to tell the TV audience how the Holohoax is fake.

          • Azzmador is great for pushing overton window, same with A.A.
            That gives the rest of AR more space and opportunities.

            Less radical AR figures don’t need to disavow or endorse him, all they need to do when eventually asked by media about Azz’s/A.A.’s “nazism” is to say it’s his thing and his opinions and that’s he’s sometimes right on spot ,generally a polite way to say “fuck you” to media

          • Oh, Azzmador is great for pushing the Overton window, no question. That is why the media is so eager to feature him.

            “Less radical AR figures don’t need to disavow or endorse him”

            Absolutely true, it makes zero difference if “less radical AR figures” endorse or disavow Azzmador. Azzmador = the Alt Right, that is what the media says, therefore that is what the public knows.

            The Alt Right hierarchy goes:

            1. Andrew Anglin

            2. Richard Spencer

            3. Azzmador

          • Awesome, I’ll do my best to be there. Spencer is going to need some serious support at UF, it’s full of drug addicts and scoundrels.

        • LOL This Judlein is really whining about other people not working a day in their lives? When is the last time a Jew has worked?

          • My parents once rented out an apartment to a Jew with a radiator shop. I was shocked that a blue collar Jew existed.

          • I’ve seen one or two who claimed to be blue collar, like one I knew who owned a tile business and cleaned floors for car dealerships, like Lamborghini and Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz etc. The Jew never worked, he just sat around and yelled orders at the little brown people that worked for him and whined about never getting enough money from their jobs. Totally lazy and despicable people.

        • what the hell is this video?
          for too long people on the alt right have tolerated alex jones
          the guy is a gatekeeper, controlled opposition
          why do we smash Gavin Mcinnes but give a free pass to Jones??

        • “Richard Spencer threatened to sue UF. Where’s the lawsuit?”
          Wednesday, August 30, 2017 3:20pm

          “White nationalists still plan on coming to University of
          Posted Aug 30, 2017 at 7:27 PM Updated
          Aug 30, 2017 at 9:31 PM

          “Spencer organizers to challenge UF to speak on campus
          Fuchs said UF will ‘vigorously defend our decision”
          Aug 30, 2017 Updated 19 hrs ago

        • Pieczenik makes my skin crawl. Look at the furrows on his brow that keep forming and un-forming. They are like venetian blinds opening and closing. He is using one of the typical Jewish mind tricks of pretending to speak for “regular folks” when he is actually speaking for Jewish interests. For instance he says “we Montanans,” as if he were just another Montanan, as opposed to a Jew with his own agenda. He is also playing a shell game of false analogies, e.g., comparing Spencer to Trotsky.

          • Yea. He goes on, “..Spencer’s wife studied in Russia that makes her by definition *inaudible ‘probably’* CIA…”

            He says this quickly and quietly to avoid slander charges.

          • Also, “…the ‘free for all’ (violence) becomes part of the ‘agitation propaganda’ (speech)…”

            He subconsciously inserts into the listener’s mind:

            violence = speech
            speech = violence

    • No one is going anywhere. But people in the Alt-Right need to get more involved, not less. We need lawyers coming forward, donors, bodyguards, writers, content creators, tech people, literally everyone can and SHOULD get involved any way they can.

      • AR is quite popular among working and tech class .. but we need to reach out to rich dudes and to people who are in various positions of power and influence within the system.
        We don’t need to spend tens of years trying to infiltrate the system from the bottom, we need to Recruit people who are already there.

        • I wish we could recruit from the professionals and the wealthy but most of these are not willing to jeopardize their position to support a vanguard movement which could very easily be declared a terrorist movement by the authorities. It takes a decade of effort and jumping over many hurdles to become a doctor for example. And they are not immune to the brainwashing by the system. In fact many of them tend to be real lemmings. So You are left with a small number who would be sympathetic to the message. Among these only a handful would be willing to give even surreptitious financial support knowing their lives and their families’ could be utterly destroyed if say NPI were declared a criminal entity That conspired in the violence in Charlottesville. I am not writing this to discourage us, but these are the thoughts that pass through the minds of that tiny minority that does care and wants to help but realizes its vulnerability.

          • I feel like I should have included a table of contents with that reply! Sorry for the dissertation friends

          • This is true. No professional in their right mind would want to be publicly associated with, the Daily Stormer, Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, the National Socialist Movement, 14/88, swastika flags, and NPI.

            Maybe, maybe AmRen could get some professionals, because they aren’t part of the troll culture. But the Alt Right has to follow the leader, and the leader is Andrew Anglin, and Anglin got very popular among high school kids.

            So in just a few years Andrew Anglin will be running for Congress and the Alt Right will win. Just sit tight, the Alt Right has this all under control.

          • Rubbish, we need leaders of the caliber of Lenin, Trotsky, Rosa Luxembourg, Karl Liebknecht, Bela Kun, etc. Maybe if some of us convert to Judaism?…

          • He’s been acting like a sarcastic cunt since he came back. I wish he would fuck off for good this time.

          • That’s true, I don’t mean coming out in the open as AR members, they should hide their power levels and push AR agenda within their reach without naming it .

            And there is a lot of very rich people who are tired of this current jewing of America , people who would cash in, sell their companies and then go full shitlord not giving a flying f*ck about “social pressure” and start to openly support AR. A lot of poweful people would start to take the power-level of AR seriously as explicitly WASP/pro-White organization after that.
            Just imagine some multi-millionaire openly saying :”this country belongs to white people and these Jews are turning this country into 3rd world slum by design and I’m going to do everything in my power to stop it”

            Or sending massive donations to AR shows(TRS, Chris Cantwell, etc) .. just imagine some ADL Jew monitoring TRS : “and here we have donations .. 10 bucks, 50 bucks ,20 bucks, 50 000 bucks, 30 000 bucks” .. these Jews would go absolutely mad because they know the power of money

      • Hi Vincent, I am a proud Alt-Righter about to graduate college with an English major, and I would love to write for the cause and for I have sent letters and emails with no response…can you please respond here and tell me what I need to do to get in touch with you or Richard to get this going?

      • We need to network and support AltRight businesses. I would eat lunch at a fellow Goys restaurant weekly if I knew one.

        Live among each other. Imagine living in a neighborhood with people just like you.

      • But Andrew Anglin (the Rosa Parks of our times) said all we need to do is shit post and make dank memes and it would only be a matter of time before we won!

        How could he be that wrong?

      • We need to begin moving, ourselves, someplace we can make a difference in local politics, and grow from there. Let me know, I’ll be there. Like for real.

    • I think you took the article the wrong way. The Alt-Right, while growing fast, is still small. We need leadership on a local level, small groups of organized Alt-righters in every town. Then once we have an established presence across the country, will our movement become unstoppable. If 10% of alt-righters stand up in their communities and find like minded individuals and start their own “Alt-Right group” we will be much more effective. For example. Richard Spencer holds a rally in say Starkville Mississippi. If Mississippi has 6 towns with an established alt-right presence, then there doesn’t need to be announcement months in advance, a couple days is all that’s needed, because the alt-righters in the area are already informed and organized. The C’ville rally was announced months in advance and we had what, 1000 people there? Get off your asses and start getting together, or embrace your ethnic genocide.

  • I have noticed that many of these professional ‘critics” have been at it since the 90’s … what has stopped them from “infiltrating” that Masonic lodge

    I haven’t been at it since the 90s, and I suggested joining civic fraternities a grand total of four years ago. Nice try, though.

    It’s the “muh streets” people that have been at it since the 90s – the 1970s even – and they are the ones that have a 50 year record of 100% failure. Hal Turner, J. T. Ready, the NSM, the NA, the “White Man’s March,” Azzmodor (he’s been at it since the 90’s) – the entire “movement” has never had any idea or ever even attempted to do anything BUT “street demonstrations.” Well, there is Harold Covington, he’s been around since the 70s, talking about everyone moving to the Northwest and fighting a guerrilla war against the government.

    It was less than five years ago that a tiny handful of people suggested anything BUT “street activism.” Infiltrating institutions was first discussed less than five years ago – if Stormfront was still online, you could prove that for yourself as you will find nothing BUT people talking about “street activism” for the last 20 years.

    They tell themselves they are James Bond types

    That would be Richard Spencer, founder of

    • Rockwell had a small militia of uniformed and ready Nazis at the time he was murdered, and that is why he was murdered. Also the environment now is drastically different to the environment even five years ago, and it’s silly to compare the present setting to such past environments.

      • Rockwell inspired the entire movement and we had plenty of people following Rockwell’s footsteps since he was murdered: David Duke started out doing Rockwell’s gimmick, William Pierce started out doing Rockwell’s gimmick – they both realized it was a failure at some point. Duke got rid of the “street demonstrations,” put on a suit, ran for political office and actually won a seat. Pierce realized the costume clowns were hurting the cause and denounced them, but it was too late.

        Hal Turner, J. T. Ready, and the NSM has been around since the 1970s – TradYouth invites the NSM to rallies to this day. The idea that it’s the oldsters have been around telling people to not do “street activism” since the 1990s is a lie – a purposeful falsehood. The exact opposite is true. The entire “movement” of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, did nothing BUT “street protests.” It was only in the last five years that anyone even suggested anything EXCEPT street activism.

        Just curious though, what exactly was Rockwell supposed to do with his “small militia of uniformed and ready Nazis?”

        • March on Washington, in show of strength, solidarity, and POSITIVE PROPAGANDA.

          I personally have never heard anyone overtly condemn street activism, but what do recall seeing online are shills condemning online activism in an attempt to curb what was more functional at the time (about 5-3 year agoish) and replace it with something that would have been less functional.

          So now the time is very ripe for street activism.

          • “So now the time is very ripe for street activism.”

            Why did the “street activism” of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s – in the USA and the UK and Canada – fail so badly?

            What is different now?

            The Pussy Hat March on Washington drew a half a million people – that is 500,000. How many people are you going to bring to Washington DC to show “strength” and “solidarity?”

          • Well it failed in the 60’s because the killed Rockwell.

            In the 90’s they staged Oklahoma city. etc. etc. etc.

            Every time in the past when movements get started they kill our white leaders. That is something which happens consistently, and it’s something all of us need to watch out for.

            However today’s environment is much different than ever before. The internet has awakened the youth in mass. The economic state is much more grim, and there’s no room for fun and circuses.

          • As late as the 1990s you could scoff at the notion of white minority Status.

            Many liberals don’t even expect it to happen at all. Or they didn’t. Now they may see the looming crisis.

          • Big party. The theme was History had ended or something. Gorgar is told he had a good time.

          • Fukuyama, one of the only Gentile Neocons, came up with the end of history meme.

          • Rallies need to be held covertly and unannounced in small, right wing towns.

            Now is not the time to March into the lion’s den of DC.

          • Or ignore they are conducted in enemy territory they must be designed to destabilize the local regime.

          • All the old timers your talking about eventually realized that street activism wasn’t a viable tactic and stopped doing them.

          • Demonstrations and Marches are a sign of victory and rubbing that victory in the face of the defeated.

            Street fighting should be a limited tactical affair neutralizing your opposing side’s champions.

            So for example record all events then sue mayors, governors and police chiefs. Get clever and creative. Also pick off the best of the opposite street fighters via arrests.

            Fighting has utility.

          • They aren’t totally without value. Charlottesville triggered the left to the point that they are currently in the process of alienating many normies who were before sympathetic to them. That’s not to say they are therefore going to join us, but pushing the normies away from the left is a positive development.

          • Their over-reaction probably destroyed a few hundred of their people. perhaps more! and its alienated many of their sympathizers.

            Also the threat of another Fields might deter people with a sense of fearful self preservation.

          • I know I’ve posted this comment many times, across many social media platforms, but it needs to be said again:

            David Duke received 58,606 votes when he ran for US Senate last year in Louisiana.


            Super Bowl LI (Falcons vs. Patriots in Feb. 2017) had 70,807 people in attendance according to the Wiki page. Here’s a sample pic to give you an idea of what that amount of people looks like:


            That’s a lot of people. Can you imagine that many people marching in an organized fashion, dressed respectfully in khakis with white polo shirts, carrying American flags and tiki torches chanting “You will not replace us!!”?

            The number of people who voted for Duke in Louisiana last year is of the same magnitude as the number of people in that stadium.

            A major task for us is figuring out how to get those 58,606 people who voted for Duke, along with thousands of others, from other states who support him, to make an appearance in public at rallies and marches. We have to show our numbers. We have to make a display of dominance to get those on the fence to follow us.

            Street activism can indeed be effective, but it has to be organized and packaged in a way that will yield maximum turnout and excellent aesthetics.

          • David Duke Oh come on..sheesh..Andrew Anglin is a plant and everyone thinks this going to get us some where..No women and no mothers that did not help.

          • No so called kkk or “nazi” will get nowhere..We should bring our children to a nice peaceful rally…Whatch the so called police step in quick.

          • But how do we organize that many people under the radar of our enemies? Clearly in liberal cities the police won’t have our back, and if we can organize 50,000 the Left can most certainly organize 100,000.

            Personally I think we should be thinking smaller and more unpredictable. Don’t announce anything to the public in advance. Attendance should be by invite only, and people who are thoroughly vetted by groups like IE, TWP, VA etc. Charlottesville 1 should be the model. Night one of Charlottesville 2 also.

          • I think we should do both. Let groups like IE, VA, stormer book clubs, etc. organize smaller marches with invite only policy. These marches should happen often but like you said, the time and location will not be made public. However, I do think that once the men are gathered for the march, they should tip off the media at the last minute to make sure we get on the news (but NO interviews or speaking with reporters, just let them film). Every time we do this we want to be in the news and we want to be trending on social media if possible.

            We have to normalize White Nationalism. Every time Mr. or Mrs. normie unironically watches their television they should be seeing stories about “KKK Neo Nazi White Supremacist” torch marches and also seeing stories about “KKK Neo Nazi White Supremacist fliers” found on university campuses. They have to be constantly exposed to such stories, to help normalize what we are doing and force people to have actual conversations about our viewpoints.

            On the larger scale, I think we need to hold big rallies on occasion as well. Sure, we’ll be met with twice as many degenerates and even Astroturf protestors, and the police won’t have our backs – but again – we have to force the media to continually cover us. We have to stay in the spotlight. When normies go to work, we want them saying “Hey Bill, did you see those Whites marching with American flags and chanting? These guys are everywhere”. We want to live inside the average White American’s head.

            One lesson that can be learned from Charlottesville is that we need EVERYONE – David Duke, Andrew Anglin, Richard Spencer, the TRS guys (including McFeels), the writers of this website, etc. – making sure that they are using their websites, podcasts, and social media accounts to insist that everyone coming to such a rally needs to be dressed properly and needs to leave their individual group symbols at home and only bring American flags (and perhaps a few Confederate flags for southern rallies).

            That is the aesthetic we want. America was founded as a White nation, and we can reinvigorate that notion and carry our own flag. Having dozens of different symbols and flags is only going to confuse most of the White people watching us on TV or reading about us in the newspaper. It’s not a good look. I respect all of these respective pro-White groups, and think that in their own time they should wear or fly their logos with pride; but, in my humble opinion, large scale rallies are not the time and place to do that if we want to gain more public support and sympathy.

            Picture a sea of White men, dressed well, and waving or carrying American flags with discipline. When antifa or other leftists inevitably attack us, there will be footage all over social media (and they may even show it on a few MSM networks) of masked degenerates attacking well-dressed folks carrying American flags. That is a great look for us, and it makes it incredibly difficult for the media to create false narratives when every news media picture of us is a sea of American flags. If/when someone shows up with a swastika flag, it is the job of rally attendees and organizers to either isolate that person, remove that person, or get said person to put the flag away.

          • “…masked degenerates attacking well-dressed folks carrying American flags.”

            Even when it’s a photo or video of normal White Americans defending themselves against masked, black-clad degenerates, it can still make for pretty good optics:


            On the other side, it appears that antifa realize this, at least to a certain extent. Light-colored, cutesy, glitter-encrusted “No Hate” shields:


            Makes good photo ops for the legacy media. Conversely, probably a good idea to keep something like that out of the frame of photos taken by our side. But even something like this doesn’t have the power of the American flag. It’s just meant to tone down their image… make them look less menacing/ less evil/ more cutesy. It doesn’t have the direct emotional pull of the flag.

          • Joseph, I realize I’m the one who took the summer off, but where is Sandy? It’s as if she disappeared into thin air.


    • An alt-right boy band with fashy haircuts can be a good idea. We should also have our team of inventors, soccer players…

  • So sorry, Vincent. You’re fired!

    I tried reading your little rant thinking there might be more than the usual running down of everyone that is concerned about white identity. Half way through it was obvious that you have joined forces with everyone else finding fault with us. We are fed up with all this judgemental crap. I suggest you take a break and reflect on the difference between lecturing everyone like they are children and being an inspiration to people in dire need of inspiration. We really don’t need more gloom and doom at this point in time. Think about what it takes to be a leader. And think about how fucking arrogant you sound when you act like you are in a position to give someone a promotion.

    Take a break. We are tired of the fucking lectures.

  • The establishment won’t even let the Alt-Right hold a rally when we have legal permits and everything. Anyone saying we’re going to infiltrate the Republican party and turn it into the White Nationalist party is lying to themselves, because it makes them feel better about the current situation.

    The reality is the Alt-Right is mostly an online only movement, based around shared ideas. We have just started to step into the real world. The best thing we can do right now is network with likeminded people IRL in our local areas. Figure out how to engage with the community of that area and spread our message in a positive and productive way. This will differ from place to place depending on what the demographic realities are from place to place.

    It’s time to start building real change in our communities at the grassroots level. Marches and rallies alone do not accompish this, though they do get our message out there, and expose the insanity of the left, which inadvertently does bring people closer to our side.

  • I agree with the article.

    One minor difference is that I would add “explicit white racial solidarity” to the list of key tenets. That is more important than race realism, counter-Semitism, or traditionalism. Of course, specific European nationalities can have their own ethnic solidarity, but these should be combined with a broader white (i.e. European / European-descended) identity.

    We rank and file alt-righters should realize that quite a few leading alt-right figures could very well be infiltrators. The establishment has thinkers working for it who are smart and pragmatic enough to realize that mainstream explicit white identity politics is inevitable. One of their standard techniques is to get infiltrators placed in movements before they (i.e., the movements) have gone mainstream. Then they use the infiltrators to steer the movement in a direction that suits their (i.e., the establishment’s) purposes. It is difficult to imagine how explicit white identity politics could be steered in such a way that it benefits the anti-white establishment, but they must already be giving this conundrum some serious thought.

    I am currently listening to this discussion between Jay Dyer and Timothy Kelly, which discusses one particular establishment-serving think tank, the Tavistock Institute:

  • This board isn’t vetted with veterans like DS, and there are a lot of experience JIDF and other PSYOP shills coming here purposefully trying to lead the movement into dead end directions. Then other newbies think these suggestions sound good and pile on.

    That’s what’s going on here.

    • I agree completely, even those DS aren’t exactly “veterans” now are they? Anglin says his audience is boys between the age of 10 to young men early 20s. 10 year old boys are not “veterans” of course.

      Still, though, I couldn’t agree more. Tell me, what are the experienced JIDF and PSYOPS shills telling people to do that leads to a “dead end?” What are the “dead end” tactics?

      • Anglin targets the youth with style and it works, that doesn’t mean the members on the board are all kids however.

        In the beginning of DS and even Total Fascism the quality bar of posts was extremely high, as all “fringe” or starting movements bring out exclusively the most knowledgeable and fanatical of sort.

        Those people are still there.

        • OK, so tell us, what are the “dead end tactics” that the JIDF and PSYOPS shills are telling people to engage in?

          I recall a few years ago a long time poster “Mark” was on all the WN message boards, telling people that “the time for politics is over” and that we should be “starting forest fires to bring down the government.”

          Do you think that “starting fires to bring down the government” is a productive tactic, or a counter-productive tactic? Does that sound like the kind of tactic a smart movement veteran would suggest, or that a JIDF/PSYOPS shill would suggest?

          Azzmodor, a long time movement veteran – and a featured writer on the Daily Stormer – he does media appearances with Chris Cantwell for Vice Media, where Cantwell shows off his gun collection and says he’s “ready for violence” and Azzmodor says he wants to “purge the degenerates from America.” The media featured those clips, and those clips are now some of the most FAMOUS images out of the Charlottesville march.

          Should we do more of that form of activism? I am fairly certain you could call up any major TV channel, tell them you are a White nationalist, and show off your guns and talk about “purging degenerates from America” and they will happily put you on TV.

          Is that a good tactic? Perhaps we need more of those kinds of tactics? It’s surely a lot more riveting than boring shit like infiltrating institutions like some wimpy faggot, right?

          • No to the first, an yes and no both to the latters.

            We must continue using multilateral attacks from all directions in the right, and one movement may or may not have public association with the other. But generally speaking NEVER PUNCH RIGHT.

            The shill techniques are so numerous and complex i can’t begin to list them all. I can only call them out when i see them.

            Watch the video i just posted with that jew talking about Spencer and the alt-right and you’ll see very clever ones.

          • Obviously Stormer tactics work if little 10 year old Nazis read Daily Stormer after eating their Lucky Charms! Soon those little Stormers will be based and running Elks Lodges!

          • Sorry, Elks lodges are out – not only is becoming a leader in your community, coordinating things like disaster relief (like in Houston) along with other normal, respected White men way too faggoty – we’ve also been assured that we can’t trust people in the Elks lodges, because it’s run by Jews “at the top.”

            No, Yehudah, you were right. We need more TV appearances by bearded nazis giving Hitler salutes and talking about purging degenerates while posing with their guns.

            We have all the leadership we need: men like Matt Heimbach who is the only guy who can bring together Trad Youth, skinheads, and the National Socialist movement of Hal Turner and J.T Ready. We have leaders like Azzmador and Chris Cantwell, who aren’t afraid to use the Roman Salute and tell the truth about the Holohoax – and they are really media savvy – look how often they get on TV.

            It’s time to stop pussyfooting around and take the fight to the Anftifags. So go to the gym, lock and load, and call up your media contacts because it’s time to get this show on the road. It’s time to STAND UP!

          • You know it’s bad when RamzPaul has the discipline to defend Cantwell from a kangaroo court while this bitter, irrelevant fuck is copy pastaing the same post over and over again about how white nationalism would be ascendant if white guys had just joined the Elks/Masons/Oddfellows/KofC and drank well gin and tonics with the Silent Generation.

          • Azzmador was barely in the Vice documentary, probably because he didn’t say anything they felt they could use. Purging degeneracy is probably our number one selling point.

      • 10 year old boys? Hahaha. If Anglin is recruiting 10 year olds, he’s much better than I thougt.

          • LOL It was at a bar so… When I was 10 I wasn’t thinking about politics tbh. DS probably does attract a lot of teenagers, but 10 seems unrealistically young.

          • I actually found it wasn’t my cup of tea and stopped going. Nothing against them, I just had some differences in opinion with that crowd and DS as a whole.

          • Der Stormer book clubs?

            I live in bumfuckville, help me. Tried Stormer clubs, no one in my state gives a shit.

            Other options?

          • Go to Amren, NPI or some other pro-White event and network there. Everyone there under the age of 30 reads DS, goes on /pol/ and TRS.

            Hell, go to a PUA meet-up if you must. Lots of people who are partially red-pilled there.

  • You are right. I am in my late 30’s, working class type. I can do way more to advance our cause. I need to step my game up.

    • Don’t make a target of yourself, if you aren’t prepared for the consequences. I don’t want to see any of my brothers lives destroyed.

  • A leaderless Resistance is similar to the TEA party movement which is a starfish structure.The starfish model, is decentralized and if one of a starfish’s arms is cut off it can be regenerated. But the ALT- Right movement also needs a playbook similar to Soro/David Brock’s/ Media Matters “Democracy Matters -Strategic Plan for Action” The ALT- Left movement is very sophisticated ,advanced and well funded. They already have the fake news media using the Soros playbook. The Alt Right has a lot of catching up to do and cannot afford to keep ignoring the leftist opponents.

  • Harden yourself emotionally, physically and if at all possible, financially.

    As I keep emphasizing, you need to save up Fuck You Money: Enough liquid cash for at least 6 months’ living expenses, and preferably more, to give you resilience and resources to sustain you in case you lose your job or alienate your family and can’t move back in with them.

    Enough with the propaganda about white men’s superior intelligence, greater powers of agency and low time-preference: Demonstrate these abilities in ways which will frustrate our adversaries.

  • Interesting.

    There’s a structural reason why the far right has problems in the US.

    1. US is still number one so literally the only barrier to your personal power is some combination of your ability, starting point in class and stochastic events that thwart you. The far right is generally more fertile if the state is a failure.

    2. American power depends to a degree on cooperation of lesser powers. That means America has to present as a land of opportunity for all (facts on ground might be at variance) and be a liberal democracy.

    Fascism, Alt-Right might have to wait for the US to slip a little against China to actually appeal to average whites. So while the left has the upper hand for the moment the US will engage in race war with China quite soon anyway.

  • You know, watching Charlottesville and the Berkeley rallies made me think of the struggle the nsdap went through in it’s infancy. Rallies being attacked by communists and the government trying to stop them in the streets, because their ideology couldn’t be beaten with logic or reason. If infiltrating the government was easy, it wouldn’t have taken our enemies 70 years to consolidate their power. The best way we can move forward is by never stopping. Rallies every at every chance. We’re going to have to be unafraid to face down the violence, either through being passive, or by responding with (nonlethal, please) more violence. There will come a time when we do need a leader, and I’m sure someone will arise out of the chaos when it is time.

      • Idiotic! Identitarians do not need to be out in the streets engaged in needless violence against irrational brainwashed anti-white leftists and thier minority victim coalition while the police are militarizing against them and the mainstream media is ready to blame all of the violence on the right.

        • Unannounced rallies, like the torch march the night before, have value. Rallies announced months in advance will predictably turn into violent sideshows and should be avoided.

          • That should have been the beginning and end of the fun for the weekend.

          • Yeah my pills changed colours from the whitest of white, to the blackest of black, literally over night. It would have been hilarious if that was the plan all along. Then this leftist mob assembles to counter the advertised rally, and nothing is happening.

        • If you haven’t noticed, that is not working. They killed him for a reason.

          You are the kind of “poster” I was referring to in another post. There’s only two kind of people that would call GLR idiotic, and I’ll just assume you’re stupid.

          • lol, good luck with that street battle against “antifa” and the militarized police state that backs them.

          • Who said anything about a “street battle against “antifa”? besides you that is.

          • I agree with the audio. I think we’ve already accomplished what Rockwell was talking about. Just sit back and let the left dig their own grave for now. We don’t need another rally right now.

          • I think we’ve already accomplished what Rockwell was talking about. Just sit back and let the left dig their own grave

            But the left hasn’t dug its own grave, despite what George Lincoln Rockwell did over half a century ago. In fact, the Left has never been more stronger. GLR and his costumed Neo-Nazis never accomplished anything lasting by either their message nor their method of public demonstration. Costumed Neo-Nazis and costumed, Confederate flag waving alt-right protesters are just attempting to relive what they think are two glorious periods in history, when all they’re actually celebrating are two lost wars. We need to stop worshipping defeat, and start demonstrating a will to win.

          • Maybe you need to listen the video you just posted: “Taking the fight to the streets”…

          • Rockwell insinuated that it would be a good idea to confront Jews in the streets as the only way to really find victory, that the battle of ideas is futile. Do you rally think Jews are going to come out into the streets and fight the AR? No, it will be “antifa”, BLM thugs doing that for them and the MSM smear campaign against the AR will follow.


            DO YOU GET IT?

            The Charlottesville rally got international medial attention.

            “Alt-right” is not a household name internationally

            Daily Stormer was censored and it has received headline news

            The entire event forced our factual narrative into the minds of millions

            NONE of this would have occurred without “taking it to the streets”

            DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

          • I understand
            Commander Rockwell was right
            Get out on the streets and show the people what scum these antifa are
            A lot of people sympathize with us now, even the president

          • Yes, but the masses are not attributing the violence to Jewish orchestrators, rather they believe the MSM narrative.

          • nobody important believes the MSM narrative on Cville anymore

            Everyone is talking about violent antifa, including Nancy Pelosi and the MSM

          • I’m not convinced by Nancy Pelosi’s empty words or the MSM sad attempt to hold on to any semblance of credibility. Its also important to note that “Antifa” was obviously not attacking WN in Berkeley, but many non-Whites and journalists. WN have essentially been dehumanized and will not be treated with the same benevolence.

          • What’s funny is that most resistance come from whites, Jews, mulattos, and assorted creatures. Not many blacks. Either they are afraid or don’t give a shit. Likely both oh and lazy

          • Well Jen, you don’t announce our event. You do hit and run tactics before they can even show up. That really pisses them off

          • I hope we all realize the Altright movement managed to gather together upwards of five hundred (500) people on a rally that had absolutely zero promise of gaining these men any sort of temporal advantage, only mace to the face, lacerations or bricks falling on their heads! That is amazing.

            Now imagine there five hundred people spread all over the country in teams of five men. That’s 100 teams of five men, handing out leaflets, holding table stands, talking to people, hammering out the message, outreaching to the most emotionally abandoned individuals in society! All this requires minimal funding yet is much more effective.

            What is your goal? To get the message out.
            How do you get it out? By going through the MSM? By holding announced rallies that will get crushed and twisted by the media? No.
            You have to bring the message to the public yourself. How? By hard, grueling, consistent grassroots work.

          • Do all this on relatively friendly territory. Throw in a couple of unannounced flash rallies to boost morale and you’ve got a steady plan to win. AR already has massive support of the public, once you break 10% the snowball effect begins. You need to be ready for it. You have to have a modular formal network that’s capable of taking in a large number of people and making them feel not only welcome and safe but also part of something greater.

            It has to be modular, but it also has to be visibly formal and all the modules must link together. If one module gets taken out the rest ought to easily contain the fire.
            Observe the image:
            The Holy Roman Eagle is the whole movement, the emblems within its wings are the local cells, they stand on their own and have their own peculiarities and command structures. The Holy Roman Eagle watches over them but leaves them morally responsible for their own actions. If any of them is corrupted by the enemy, it falls out like a feather of its wing. The Holy Roman Eagle is wounded but it still flies.

    • We would also do well to put our trust in leaders that don’t tell us to figure it out for ourselves when they run out of ideas.

      I don’t remember reading that in mein kampf.

      • They aren’t telling us to figure it out ourselves bro, they’re saying we need more local leadership, and local organizations. Before charlottesville, our leaders were fighting pretty much alone. They had no idea how many people were going to show up, they could’ve ended up there alone. Instead when our leaders showed up, beside the few organizations who came, it was anyones guess if someone who claimed to be alt right, was really alt right.

        When you’re only a nationwide organization, you have too much potential for spies and saboteurs. I think it was cascadia that has a 2 hour phone interview, then a 6 hour in person interview? How much more effective is this if you live near, and hang out with, the people in your organization. This type of organization will help prevent stuff like what happened on the 12th, and also help prevent our national leaders from having their reputations slandered and attacked, because of one bad apple in the group.

    • The difference is in Germany the right had some institutional power and some sympathetic main stream press outlets so they could get away with alot more

    • You know how easily Scientologists infiltrated the government?

      I have penetrated several governments before, it’s no thing.

  • Strong agree.

    And it’s worth noting that leaderless resistance is not just some theoretical survivalist patriot stuff.

    It’s is the paradigm that has been used by successful real life dissident movements around the world.

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