Arktos Newsletter #62

Some of the books published by Arktos in the current year.

Latest Publications

World State of Emergency

by Jason Reza Jorjani ($20.50)

Dissident Dispatches

by Andrew Fraser ($35.75)

Titans are in Town

by Tomislav Sunic ($19.50)


View from the Right, Volume I

by Alain de Benoist ($29.95)

Le retour de la vraie Droite

by Daniel Friberg ($14.25)

The Rise of the Fourth Political Theory

by Alexander Dugin ($21.95)

Upcoming Titles

Articles and Reviews

New Chief Administrative Officer

Arktos has appointed Charles Lyons as Chief Administrative Officer and Head of Arktos US.

— Charles is a friend and has been working closely with us on several projects in the past, and his meticulous nature and past experience in high level managerial positions within the private sector make him a perfect fit for Arktos, comments founder and CEO Daniel Friberg.

Charles Lyons will be taking over several of the duties of Arktos’ former editor-in-chief, Jason Reza Jorjani, who recently left his position on friendly terms to pursue a career within politics and lobbying.

Arktos at AmRen 2017 ‘Daniel Friberg spoke about the increasingly indispensable alt-right publishing house, Arktos Media, and displayed a graph showing dramatic annual increases in sales. His publishing house has been the first to translate many vital European thinkers into English.’

Watch: Daniel’s Speech at the conference (starts at 21:50)

Review: ‘Money Power’ by Isac Boman

Martel Mosley, Isac Boman’s Money Power provides an intriguing read and is accessible to anybody with an interest in banking and finance whether they be experts or complete beginners.

Review: ‘The Real Right Returns’ by Daniel Friberg

Graham H. Seibert, San Fransisco Review of Books: ‘The Real Right Returns by Daniel Friberg is an outstanding read.’

Review: ‘Smart and SeXy’ by Roderick Kaine

Brett Stevens, ‘The carefully balanced arguments, and Kaine’s habit of internally testing his thesis by incorporating and explaining contrary data, ensure that for any idea he offers, the precepts lead to the conclusion but are not identical to it as is the case in propaganda writing. Instead, the book takes us on a lively journey through genetics and sex, making a solid case for the advancement of male intelligence through traditional mating and reproductive patterns.’

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Myles Davidson

Am halfway through Dissident Dispatches at present. A great read if you are interested in Christian theology from an alt-right perspective. I hope to see more books in this vein in future.

Yehudah Finkelstein

So is Jorjani gone? Would explain the lack of “Make Persia Great Again” articles.

Publish some Carl Schmitt!


Good for you Ol’ Tree. They made a fine choice.


Thanks for the list. I just started posting the phrase “You will Not Erase Us” on one website in remembrance of Charlottesville and it is evocative. I am going to include that phrase at appropriate times. I also suggested people read the book “The South was Right” by James R. Kennedy. At the moment it is out of stock due to high demand but I got my copy a year ago.