The Police Are Militarizing Against The Alt-Right

God, I sound just like a hippy already.

But it’s true, the police are militarizing.

WASHINGTON — Police departments will now have access to military surplus equipment typically used in warfare, including grenade launchers, armored vehicles and bayonets, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Monday, describing it as “lifesaving gear.”

The move rescinds limits on the Pentagon handouts that were put in place by President Barack Obama in 2015 amid a national debate over policing touched off by a spate of high-profile deaths of black men at the hands of the police, including the shooting death in 2014 of 18-year-old Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Mo., by a white officer. Some local residents viewed police use of military equipment during the ensuing protests as an unnecessary show of force and intimidation.

Leftists mistakenly thought that all that military gear would be used to smash their favorite Diversity pets. That’s why they were against it back in the day. But under Obama, the police stood down and let the Blacks riot. Antifa riots have been allowed by local law enforcement to go on without a hitch. We can’t have a space to protest, but they can have entire cities to destroy.

So forgive me if I am not enthusiastic about coppers getting even more hardware.

Worse, I cannot stand the hypocrisy of any side except ours on this issue. Old school liberals are worried about civil liberties, but cannot figure out the correlation between Diversity and crime, balkanization of society and militarization of the police.

The cuck right wants law enforcement to “do its job” and deny the Alt-Right the right to free speech. I mean look at these faggots turn tail and run instead of doing their job at Berkeley, again.

(around 1.20)

Those rally-goers weren’t even Alt-Right, they were not even Alt-Lite from the looks of it. And the police let Antifa exercise a Heckler’s veto first and then turned them loose on the demonstrators who were severely outnumbered and had to run for it.

Don’t get me wrong, the Alt-Right has no beef with authority being exercised judiciously and proportionately.

But we have to consider RealPolitik first and foremost. Who does the police enjoy going after? The “Nazis” that the media will praise them for bashing, or the Blacks that they will be crucified for putting down?

For the first time, the Washington Post wrote an article condemning Antifa’s criminal behavior at Berkeley.

The MSM has been covering for the Bolsheviks for quite some time now. Now, they’re trying to hedge their bets…

And here’s a funny quote from the story:

Joey Gibson was among the right-wing activists assaulted Sunday. Gibson, the leader of the Oregon-based Patriot Prayer group, had planned to hold a “Freedom Rally” at Crissy Field Beach. Gibson previously told the L.A. Times his group was not “white supremacist” but “feared that extreme or racist figures might try to co-opt his event.”

Joey got roughed up, AND cuffed by the police…for his “protection” I assume. So how did counter-signaling the Alt-Right go for you, Joey? Not too well, eh? Black-clad anarchists sporting shields with “no hate” written on them in glitter (seriously) shut down their free speech rally, just like that. It’s all so Avante-Garde isn’t it?

In all seriousness though, we face a new reality in the United States after Charlottesville, Boston, and Berkeley 2.0.

No right-wing group can rally peacefully without their own paramilitary protection. The police will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to protect you from Antifa if you are in a blue state or liberal city. You are going to be fed to the wolves by your friendly local law enforcement.

The only group out there capable of providing protection for the Right is the Alt-Right. Identity Evropa, Trad Workers, Vanguard America, Stormer Book Clubs and others are the only groups who can go toe to toe with Antifa and win.

We’ve proven that many times already.

Our only mistake was trusting the police the last time around.

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  • Berkley cops follow the orders of their superiors. The only thing the cops care about is getting overtime pay and avoiding injury to themselves. They don’t care what happens to protestors on either side.

  • The only reason the Washington Post condemned Antifa violence (per the picture in this article) was because it was a dark-haired Hispanic that was attacked. If it were a white person, they would justify the violence.

  • betrayal by the police.” – You clearly have NO idea or understanding on how Police work – They like the military are under orders – you do not like how they work – run to be the Mayor or Governor …. Must right wing movements will not face the fact that whites GAVE the money power to the Khazar Left and now you think you should get fair treatment … ever wonder why we are losing ??

  • March on Harvard against White Gentile Under-representation.

    Jews are 25% of Harvard. White gentiles are 22% of the Harvard.

    Jews are a small percentage of whites but they are more than half of white enrollment at Harvard.

    Make this an issue, and white gentile antifa may realize that JEWS are their real oppressors.

    Jewish Supremacism rules America.

  • Too many Jews hate whites(and Jews also control media to encourage others to hate whites).


    too many whites hate whites.

    If whites stuck together, it wouldn’t be a civil war but a race war. It’s be whites vs blacks mostly.

    But it’s ‘civil war’ between white vs white because too many whites are mentally colonized by globalism and PC.

    These PC whites have become accustomed to their ‘virtue’ as the mental servants of PC. They believe white virtue requires whites to be chained to the cult of ‘white guilt’.

    White Patriots who want freedom and independence from such mental slavery are hunted down like fugitives. PC says whites must remain on the Mental Plantation of White Guilt.

    Don’t try to run! Just like white slave masters used subservient blacks and dogs to hunt down fugitive blacks, we have the GLOB using antifa and other scum to hunt down and attack other whites who want freedom and independence from the Culture of Globalist supremacism and hatred.
    These white patriots don’t want to be used as dogs by globalist masters to hate Russia, Iran, Syria, etc.

    • Ideally I’d like to see us use the Blacks against the Jews first (like they’ve used them against us for, oh, a couple hundred years now) before we toss them aside or start targeting them. But then I love poetic justice and irony like that.

  • If you won’t listen to Gorgar, listen to Andre:

    “Don’t dress like Nazis.” — Andrew Anglin

    So no more dumbass LARPing, see?

    Anglin and Johnson had a decent conversation in which they disagreed about somethings that don’t matter much in the grand scheme but didn’t start whining like bitches or zerosum themselves into stupidity and virtue-spiraling.

    Now it’s Johnson and Spencer’s turn.

    • It’s not just about dressing. It’s about associating with groups that normies reject reflexively. But fuck it. The very fact that shit like this has to be pointed out means there are too many dopes in this movement.

      • It’s the nature of big tent movements (and I’m increasingly questioning the effectiveness of this model.) Just remember that WE don’t care for YOU either…. or normies.

        • You don’t have to care for normies to understand the need to REACH them. Until you do that, it’s just a bunch of dudes jerking off online.

          • Their sheep. They will only join our side when our side is dominant and there is 0 risk of social represcussions for doing so.

            I think of them like children. You can tell them that if they eat too much ice cream their going to get sick. But they are not going to listen to reason. Sometimes the best thing to do is let them eat the ice cream until they get sick, and learn their lesson that way.

          • This is daydreaming horseshit. And when you can’t spell basic words you’re not in a position to question other people’s intellect.

            How the fuck are you going to reduce social repercussions?…By organizing events with LARPers? By making yourself the exact caricature
            that normies reject unconditionally? Is this your brilliant path to dominance?…

            The left has INSTITUTIONAL power. You’re not going to become dominant by walking into every fucking trap and giving them perfect excuses to systematically shut down the right.

            You’ve already done enough damage. The only way you guys can help nationalism is by finding a different hobby.

          • I wanted to respond on this thread. For the most part I side with your point of view, but anymore, if I go to pussy “conservative” sites like Daily Caller or Breitbart and see that the people there will never wake their asses up or realize what is going on.

            They are comfortable viewing politics like a spectator sport – Hell, people are more involved in Football than they are with Politics. So they turn out every four years (sometimes every two) and vote for the same people and somehow expect shit to change.

            That said, I am not going to go to any rallies where the FBI/LEOs are dressed up as KKK/Nazi members and sit idly by while they play for the cameras to defame us. I’m going to get in their faces and call them “po-pos” and say they need to get the hell out and go back to their donut shop.

            But for the non-fake people on our side (not the cops/agents LARPing as KKK/Nazis for CNN) I don’t really care anymore because those brain dead normies over at Daily Caller or Breitbart or any other number of pussy-right sites are still going to sit on their asses while the West burns, voting and supporting the same people and ignoring politics the rest of the time. Heaven forbid these people care to hold their politicians accountable, let alone actually fight the system in any meaningful sense.

            So in essence, I see the vast majority of Whites as pro-Marxism, pro-Jew, and anti-White. They are on the same side as the people who want to destroy us, and whether or not some schmuck kid decides to cosplay as Hitler or not isn’t going to change that.

            Basically, if they aren’t willing to stand up for their own interests, as demonstrated by their constant voting for the same people over and over and little other political involvement, why should we waste our efforts, blood, sweat, or tears trying to convince them otherwise?

          • I agree the normies are clueless. But look how far conservatives have come from jerking off to Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” to embracing Trump’s nationalism. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but we either make an effort to awaken the idiots or we stop wasting our time altogether.

          • The effort has been made, the information is available via many different avenues – if they are unwilling to seek it out, there’s not much hope for them.

            For my part, I’m done with them. If they think that somehow they can change the system by voting for the same people over and over, I have more respect for lab rats who learn not to press the button that zaps them than these people.

          • I’ve stated many times that it isn’t a good idea to announce our rallies months in advance, giving our opposition all kinds of time to organize. I’ve never said it was a good idea to bring Swastika flags to rallies. Not because it upsets the normies, but because we need our own symbols. Got anymore strawmen?

            LOL most of you AmRen types aren’t even Nationalists. You just don’t like Black people. Those with an infantile, bastardized version of American liberalism for an ideology, don’t get to tell others what they should believe in. Grow up!

          • 1. YOU are accusing ME of not liking black people?:) My whole fucking beef with your type is your confusion of nationalism with hatred of out-groups rather than love of the in-group or at the very least associating with those who define it that way.

            2. If you want to win, if you want to achieve “dominance”, you MUST care about what normies think. Because without awakening a significant number of them you’re just a handful of tools jerking off on the internet.

          • Well your making nothing but assumptions about me. I don’t have a problem with black people. I just ackowledge that diversity is a failed social experiment. I agree more with black nationalists than white multiculturalists and would be happy to work with them.

            And appealing to the medicore middle has never been a path to power. They are sheep and will be the last to come on board. Thats not to say we shouldn’t do outreach with marginalized white communities. Middle class types aren’t going to get involved in radical politics because they stand to gain more by supporting the status quo. I endorse the model laid out by European groups like Golden Dawn and Casapound. Thats what 21st century Fascist activism should look like.

          • If you don’t have a problem with black people then understand that associating with the Klan and NeoNazis makes the alt-right OWN their brand…which includes hatred of blacks and most other minorities.

            I’ll say this one last time: To awaken the normies we MUST make them understand that love of Western heritage does not equal hatred of other cultures. And that’s fucking impossible without disowning kkkk and NN. I don’t how to make it simpler.

          • Well you paint in very broad strokes. I hate the KKK. They used to lynch Italian Catholics too, and were never “pro-white.” As an Italian Catholic I want nothing to do with them. As for Neo-Nazi’s, I prefer the term National Socialists, some of them are better than others. The reality is they are the most dedicated people in the movement, and pushing them out would be detrimental to the movement.

            I’m not obsessed with making our message palatable to normies. They will come to our side when reality leaves them no other choice. And like I have already said, they will be the last to do so. They are still comfortable right now, and won’t risk that comfort just because we have purged all the Nazis from the movement. Our target should be young people who have been abandoned by the system. They are the most receptive to our message, don’t have anything to lose and they are not scared of Swastikas (again I think we need to create our own symbols for IRL action, but online Swastikas aren’t going anywhere.)

          • You need to purge the goddamn Nazis from the fucking movement because the left is using their association as an excuse to methodically remove the right from the internet! Shit like this is the only tangible result of Charlottesville and any future event like it:

            You morons walked right into a trap and are too dumb to even try to get out of it.

            Being “scared of swastikas” is about knowing that any association with it ruins a person’s livelihood. The only youth you’ll get on your side are the welfare retards who never plan on being employed. You think you can gain dominance with an army of unemployed illiterates who don’t care if they have a job ? Go ahead. I’m done wasting my time.

          • The association is going to be there anyways. You are not going to be able to purge your way out of it. Jared Taylors “On Race and Intelligence” was one of the first videos to be censored on youtube post Charlottesville.

            We can’t have people trying to purge half of the movement everytime a plant brings a Swastika to a rally. We need solidarity.

  • Distancing yourself from “Stormer Book Clubs” is not counter-signalling. It’s refusing to walk into neon colored fucking traps.

    It’s true the left will call all right-wingers Nazis anyway. But associating with groups that even normies consider racist validates the left’s talking points rather than make them look like liars crying wolf. Going toe to toe with antifa on the streets when you got normie-certified racists on your side is not a victory. It’s only a gift of a straw man for the institutional left to use in further isolating and marginalizing the right. Yeah they’re fucking up by backing antifa in the aftermath of c-ville, but signs are they’re already correcting that error and will abandon and even condemn them if it starts to damage them politically. Meanwhile SPLC is capitalizing on alt-right’s stupidity to buy newfound credibility with normies and silicon valley is systematically shutting down the right.

    Wake the fuck up already. I had high hopes for the alt-right but its “thought leaders” are either highly effective moles or closet LARPers too dumb for their own good.

    • If pandering to ‘normie’ sentiments is the plan then you might as well call it quits now because the Alt-Right is being painted with the same brush as the KKK/Nazis.

      “Normies’ get their views from the media by and large and if you aren’t willing to upset them then walk away.

      You aren’t going to argue in favor of white nationalism and not be grouped with other groups also seen as white nationalists like the KKK/Nazis.

    • Man! I bet not say or do anything normalfags consider racist which is basically standing up for the continued physical existence of my own people in the current year. Time to head back to my cuckshed. Everyone who doesn’t parrot National Review is a LARPer. Time to close up shop, boys.

      • You can stand up for the continued existence of our people without pushing every fucking button that normies are conditioned to respond negatively to. LARPers and boobs who associate with them are the greatest gift to the left. But hell will freeze over before the likes of you get it.

        • 2 dudes no one knows show up with brown clothes and creased NSDAP party flags that look like they were just unboxed and therefore every person there is a LARPer. I’m not being disingenuous at all + I’m a cool dude.

          • Stop setting up straw men. The point you’re desperately trying not to get is that when you don’t disown the LARPers you own them when they OR moles pretending to be them associate themselves with the movement. Not dressing up as them isn’t worth shit when you openly consider them comrades in arms.

  • We vote for and pay the salaries of state and local police. Yet, if a foreign government that occupies our country, i.e., the federal government, asks them to kill us, they will. So the federal government occupies our country and we pay the state and local Vichy police attack us and arrest us at the whim of those who occupy us. We need to elect more alt-right governors and more alt-right county sheriffs.

  • A MAJOR Incremental Victory is Within Reach……

    Let ANTIFA be portrayed to Normies as the Violent Extremists………

    (It’s already happening)……

    The Alt-Right should publicly denounce ALL VIOLENCE……

    Troll ANTIFA………

    Troll ANTIFA into the Violence they NEED……….

    And WANT……….

    While the Alt-Right or New-Right will NEVER be portrayed as the Victim……….

    Game the Game RIGHT……..

    It’s all Within Reach…..

    The Normies HUNGRY for NEW and DANGEROUS Narratives………..

    ……are Our Eager Audience…..

    Supply the Feed, Alt-Right Warriors……..

    We have the Upper Hand……


  • Police are globalist tools that will crush both the ANTIFA barely useful idiots and alt-right alike. Already Merkel’s Germany is cracking down on “left wing hate”.

    The Mayor of Charlottesville claims that the city manager and police chief acted on their own and told him to stay out of the way.

    This is somewhat plausible if you assume police in Charlottesville have the same mentality as corrections officers in gang units. When corrections officers start fearing that interracial gang warfare is making them lose control of the prison, they will force one gang to walk the gauntlet of their rival gang’s yard territory to get back to their cells knowing this will start a riot that guards have rubber bullets and even live rounds in some places trained on both sides. This is how corrections officers show both gang’s who’s in charge.

    Emancipation Park in Charlottesville seems like a classic corrections gang yard tactic being employed on civilians making the mayor’s claim somewhat plausible.

  • How do we Notch WINS??

    Troll ANTIFA……..

    The Alt-Right and the New Right/Alt-Lite need to GAME ANTIFA…….

    Plan Pseudo-Events……

    Let ANTIFA violently attack all who they perceive are Enemies……..

    Videotape all Violent Interactions and Social Media to Normies INFINITELY…….

    Let the DNC/RINO Media Establishment defend ANTIFA……..

    Let Normies decide……..

    We can WIN this way…………


  • I’m pretty sure most people angered by the Antifa dont really fear them. What they TRULY fear is the repurcussions of what would happen to them if they actually stepped up to the plate. Unfortunately that “respect for the rule of law” has pacified whitey to the point of running away. Whitey is only scared because he doesnt want to do 5-10 in Sing Sing.

    We have demonized law breaking in our society so much, that we have painted ourselves into a corner. The police will only truly punish a person who has been taught their entire life to respect the law that was supposed to protect them. Additionally, there are many who sadly believe that we are going to just peacefully legislate our way out of all of this.

    Once whitey truly understands that “The Law” is only a fake cloud-like construct that is given legitimacy by magic pieces of paper and enforced by a “diverse” group of “commissioned” people given power to enforce that same fake cloud. The Antifa understand this. Thats why they seem to be winning.

    Once whitey understands that there is only about enough loyalty in these same commissioned people to their cause of “to protect and serve” which spans about 2 weeks of no paycheck… a period which will essentially become total chaos….only warlords will then rule.

    The same laws that many purport to hold dear, are now being used against them. There is a reason that Old West justice has an appeal.

    • “The Antifa get this. Thats why they seem to be winning.”

      Really? That’s why the Antifa is winning?

      All we really need to do is meet out some old fashioned “Old West Justice” and we’ll start WINNING just like the Antifa, do I have that right?

      The border is just an imaginary line on a piece of paper. I mean, “the law” is just a social construct written on magic pieces of paper.

  • You want to be Mainstream???

    Sit back and watch how CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, Slate, Salon, Huffpost, Buzzfeed, WashPost,

    …..the NYTimes……

    …….and the DNC/RINO Establishment………



    And Re-Elect Donald Trump……..


    Let it Be……

    Richard Spencer might want the Alt-Right to go Mainstream……..

    But, that’s not Our Purpose…….


  • The Greatest Public Victories for the Alt-Right were Secretive Needle Prick Scalpel Events…….

    Frustrating our Enemies to Oblivion………

    Then, we tried the Slow, Plodding, Publicized Bulldozer Events………

    And they FAILED……..

    Allowing our Enemies to Plan, Plot, and Co-Opt the DNC and GOP Establishment against Us…..

    Of course, all of us want 1 Million Alt-Righters gathered in a Controversial Public Square…..

    ……Voicing our Opinions……..

    And we EXIST…….EASILY……….

    But, Reality says “NO” at this time…….


    And that’s how a REAL Novel Ideological Movement continues to Gain Steam…….


  • Alt-Right. Identity Evropa, Trad Workers, Vanguard America, Stormer Book Clubs and others are the only groups who can go toe to toe with Antifa and win.

    Meanwhile, back in reality, the ADL “trains” law enforcement all around the country. The ADL defines what “extremism” is and the police are forced to attend these “trainings.”

    Which is of course why the ADL is powerful, and the AltRight has no power. The ADL organizes.

    Going “toe to toe with Antifa?”

    Not that long ago Radix Journal was begging the Alt Right to focus more on gaining actual power than playing footsie with Antifa in “muh streets.” Becoming “Fa” to “Antifa” was the choice made – and now anti-whites are busy censoring anything remotely pro-white – including Radix itself – off of the internet.

    It wasn’t AntiFA that pressured the major internet corporations to ban all those sites and pressure youtube to censor all those videos. It was organizations like the ADL.

    • Good Points…….

      We could DESTROY ANTIFA in the Streets if we wanted to……

      But, we’d all go to Jail for Life……

      ANTIFA doesn’t mind going to Jail………..

      ANTIFA and the National Review……

      …..want the Alt-Right off the Streets…….

      Do we Destroy our Movement on the Streets……..

      ……or Keep it Alive by playing the GAME……


    • Yes, we shouldn’t focus so much on ‘rallies’ and similar activities, we should focus all our attention, efforts, and resources on a much more significant goal – getting a pro-Aryan activist into the halls of power and subverting democracy from within. We can easily obtain this if we build a voting bloc in a sparsely populated state like Wyoming via migration and community organizing.

  • “Worse, I cannot stand the hypocrisy of any side except ours on this
    issue. Old school liberals are worried about civil liberties, but cannot
    figure out the correlation between Diversity and crime, balkanization
    of society and militarization of the police.”

    This is a good summary of how effective the propaganda is at controlling the population. As soon as people open to these facts, the entire system will collapse. I estimate it will look like the fall of the Soviet Union at first, and then get worse.

    • And Physicists from Galileo to Brahe to Copernicus to Newton to Faraday to Heisenberg……

      …..have WORKED RELENTLESSLY on deciphering and decoding…….

      ………smaller and smaller SLIVERS…….

      …………of REALITY…………

      Yes, there is MASS Social Chaos………

      I find it Interesting……..

      Let’s keep Decoding it……….

      Exposing it…….

      Instead of going Full Black Pilled NIHILISM………..

  • There’s not ONE THING that I can disagree with this Article on…….

    I guess I’m Alt-Right……

    Maybe I’m a LARPer because I’m not a Neo-Nazi…….

    I guess I have to get in where I fit in…….

    Seems like there’s still some room…..


  • who was the strong arm for the Establishment when they racially integrated the states against their will? THE POLICE.

    if you refuse to sell your house to a black, who will be the strong arm for the courts when they get a judgment against you? THE POLICE.

    if you refuse to bake a wedding cake for gays, who will be the strong arm for the courts when they get a judgment against you? THE POLICE.

    why does any white person but libs & normies believe the cops are on our side???

  • Antifanissary scum are a headache, BUT they are operative only in certain cities and locales. Also, they have NO ideas. Ever notice Antifa scum have NOTHING to say. Not only are their faces masked but their mouths are muffled cuz they are braindead. They are like Orcs in LOTR.

    They are nothing but attack dogs. They do what they do because their minds have been programmed by the GLOB, the Zionist Globalists.
    So, even though Antifa needed to be addressed, they are really just Janissary of the Jews.

    If you neutralize the masters who gives orders to the dogs, the dogs no longer have a purpose. So, Antifanissary are just small potatoes.

    We need to focus all our energy on the Jewish Glob. Indeed, by using Antifanissary to attack white patriots, Jews want to keep the narrative at the level of ‘Antifa vs Nazis’. The true narrative is Jewish Supremacists vs White Independence Fighters.

    We need to focus most of our guns on Central Command of the Jews. Take that out, and all else will follow.
    How do we take it out? We morally de-legitimize its power by exposing all its crimes in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Russia, West Bank, Gaza, and the US. Jews have a long Black Book of Evil.

    Also, most of Diversity has no agency, no direction, etc. The ONLY real power that counts is Jewish, White-Cuck, and black. Jews have high IQ, money, and pushy personality. Cucks are a bunch of servants but not without talent and numbers. Blacks got Cool factor in sports and music and sex.

    ALL other elements of diversity don’t add up to much. Asians are proggy ONLY BECAUSE they are servile. Because PC rules, Asians go that way. But if the dogma changes, so will they. Asians have no will, no drive. They just follow like sheep. They have higher IQ but no autonomy or sovereignty. Even in Asia, only China is a sovereign nation. Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, etc are whore nations of the US. Puppets and dogs. Unlike Jews and blacks who follow their own racial/ethnic identity, Asians(with their weak identity and personality) just follow the lead of OTHER groups. Also, once they arrive in the West, Asian women prefer non-Asian men, and so Asian wombs come to be owned by other races. As such, Asian pride is impossible and there will never be Asian power in the US.

    As for Latin Americans, Alt Right must blow up that whole category. Latin America is the creation of Spanish-Portuguese-European conquest and colonization and rape and ‘genocide’ of the natives. Just as blacks and non-whites are not Anglos in the US, non-whites should not be called ‘latin’ or ‘hispanic’. Alt Right needs to point this out to drive a wedge between Latin whites and Latin non-whites(who were conquered or brought over as slaves). As for Latin whites who masquerade as ‘people of color’, we need to point out that, long before Anglos arrives, the Latin imperialists arrived first and did all the conquering and pillaging. So, we need to expose Latin-whites-as-people-of-color is totally bogus.

    As for Hindus, we need to point out that their history is one of conquest, caste, division, hatred, corruption, and they have no right to be lecturing to us. They used to burn widows on pyres.

    As for Muslims, we must taunt them as weaklings who got whupped by Jews so many times. Make them feel resentment toward Zionists who steered US foreign policy to turn the Middle East upside down.

    And we need to play on the term NAKBA. White Nakba. What Jews did to Palestinians, they now do to Jews.

  • “White Europeans have ethnic interests too.”
    This should be a basic mantra that’s part of the talking points of WNs et al.
    Kevin MacDonald may have established the term, and it’s very serviceable with power to make normies problematic for (((the genociders.)))

  • This violence is fully endorsed by Zionist Globalists.

    Zionists support Antifanissary for the same reason they’ve supported ISIS and Al-Nusra(rebranded Alqaeda).
    Zionist-Globalists have nothing in common with ISIS or radical Muslims ideologically, but the crazy Muslim warriors are useful as weapons against Syria and Iran. And they were useful against Gaddafi too.
    Likewise, Zionist-Globalists have used US military(filled with many white Christian Conservatives) against nations-hated-by-Israel. Zionists have NOTHING in common with white Christian conservatives but found them useful against the ‘muzzies’. And these moron whites, raised on Hollywood movies about all those ‘Arab terrorists’, were more than willing to play attack dog for Zion.

    In the US, Zionist Supremacists fear White Independence Movement more than anything. After all, Jewish Power won’t amount to much without the subservience of white gentiles. (Could there have been Iraq War and Libya War if white gentiles balked at Jewish supremacists and insisted they want no part of it?) What they call ‘white supremacism’ is really white desire for independence, autonomy, and sovereignty. Why should whites serve, obey, and worship Jewish Power as the Divine Right to Rule or Mandate of Heaven?
    So, when whites seek independence by seceding from Jewish-Globalist Supremacism, the Current Power unleashes these ‘antifa’ thugs on White Independents. Antifa are mostly white Janissary attack dogs whose minds have been colonized by PC of white self-hatred; they are also addicted to pathological self-righteousness. They need a daily fix of ‘fighting nazis’ to get their high. It’s like sniffing glue(or Sniffing Jew) for them.

    Of course, successful and powerful Jews have NOTHING in common with Antifa(communist, anarchist, or punk-grunge-tard) ideologically. But just like ISIS is useful to Zionists in the Middle East, Antifanissary is useful to Zionists in the streets of America. And as Jews control the media and state, Antifa thuggery goes unreported and un-denounced. And the state won’t prosecute.

    But then, why should any of this surprise us? US foreign policy is totally skewed toward aiding powerful Israel against powerless Palestinians who aren’t even allowed to keep West Bank.
    Now, what do the ‘American’ Media have to say about this? What do American politicians say about this? Who stands up against clampdown on BDS? No one.

    If anything, Google and Apple work with ADL to silence dissent and opposition.
    American Politics is really about Jewish Supremacism versus Gentile Independence. Problem is too many gentiles have minds colonized by PC coded by the Globalists.

    Jewish supremacists calling White Independents ‘supremacist’ is like a pimp calling a woman a ‘whore’ for refusing to walk the streets.

    White Independents seek to OPT OUT of Jewish Globalist Supremacism.
    According to Jewish Logic, a white person who puts his own identity, interests, and inheritance first and foremost is a ‘supremacist’. He can only be redeemed by putting Jewish identity and interests above all others. Such is the sheer hypocrisy of Jewish Supremacism.

    Why do Jews hate Trump? When Jews hear ‘America First’, they hear it as ‘gentiles putting gentile interests before Jewish interests’. Jews love globalism because they control all the globalist networks. Jews don’t see America as a sovereign nation but as the Jewel in the Crown of Jewish Globalist Empire. So, when Trump said ‘America First’, it sounds to Jews like Americans opting out of the Jewish Supremacist Empire. Jews fear American Independence and hate White Independence the most since bulk of American talent and energy is still White American.

  • The police answer to their Chief. Their Chief answers to the Mayor. One should fairly easily predict police response to any public assembly based on that Mayor’s political inclination. Rally in republican cities to re-enforce and recruit a larger base.

    • The problem with hierarchical societies like the Elks is that it is all too easy for the (((you-know-whos))) to control them from the top down. I would be suspicious of any alt-right figure who was a member of such an organization.

        • It is not an either-or situation, but I have trouble imagining Elks standing up for a member who has been “outed” as pro-white.

          • Oh I wasn’t suggesting that such an organization be sought for their leadership, representation or, protection.

            Simply a network beneath which large numbers of us from anywhere in the country could easily associate ourselves. In the event of an even greater effort of silencing, some form of coordination could be possible.

          • In the event of an even greater effort of silencing, some form of coordination could be possible.

            I expect that if any alt-righters tried to coordinate through the Elks they would be expelled.

          • Yeah. Suppose you’re probably right. Meh, just brainstorming ideas I suppose. I hate to pollute the bad ones, but they can’t all be gems I suppose. 🙂

          • Probably best to organize an entirely new fraternal order, one specifically White and pro-White (and this time be sure to keep tabs on members to keep out the FBI and LEOs). That way, when companies refuse us service, we can sue them under the Civil Rights Act, and use the proceeds to fund our operations.

            Basically a pro-White ADL/SPLC sort of deal that operates like a fraternal order.

          • I agree it would be best to establish an entirely new national network. At the same time, doing so is a massive undertaking that requires a good amount of time.

            My thoughts were that a great shuttering has already begun. Their objective is to prevent our ability to coordinate.

          • I’m sorry, were you expecting people to take this seriously?

            ” I would be suspicious of any alt-right figure who was a member of such an organization.”

            The Elks.

            You are telling us that we need to be suspicious of people who are members of the … Elks lodge.

            I just assumed you were telling an absurdist joke, you aren’t actually serious are you?

  • My take on the police force is that it depends on the politics of the city. If most of the police force live in a city, they most likely will have the same politics of that city. Exceptions would be if they come from the suburbs or outside of a city.

    Chances are good that in liberal cities the police will be ..liberal. Same with conservative minded cities and towns. If the city government is liberal and the police are conservative they will still have to listen to that government. In a youtube of the first Berkeley Antifa riots the 2 cops interviewed were angry that the Berkeley city told them to stand down. The youtube of Chancellorsville gave me an impression that the police were only too happy to stop the Atright and work with the Antifa.

    I believe the police are not immune to politics and social issues. In fact they are at the front line with these issues. They are not objective about the law. Police in Berkeley, Raleigh, San Francisco, New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale, to so many other cities I have lived or visited act different…just in the US alone.

    My advice is to get to know the politics of the police force of any given city. How did they vote, connections to local politics, where do they live (within city limits or outside. That alone changes how they enforce laws), racial makeup etc and one gets to know the nature of each police force in a better way.
    I would side with the police than the left wing goons.

  • This is good. The more innocent Aryans who are attacked the more radical they will become and our movement will grow by leaps and bounds. It is only a matter of time before we go mainstream and become unstoppable!

  • It’s not really about us. It’s more of a sign that we’re approaching Civil War 2.* And we’re certainly not the only ones being targeted. Most of these speakers aren’t even close to our views. It’s more of broad offensive against non-liberal whites and non-national review conservatives.

    One major sign of Civil War 2 is that police in certain areas stop enforcing the law impartially, and start selectively enforcing it to benefit their group. One example would be a Mexican mayor, a Mexican police chief, selectively enforcing the law to benefit Mexicans. And we saw this earlier. But it could also be white or Jewish communists, in certain areas where those views are hegemonic. So, instead of the rule of law you have a network of official and unofficial paramilitary units, like in Lebanon or Syria.

    The unofficial paramilitary units like Antifa are used to do jobs that the police cannot (yet) be seen doing.

    The problem we have is that right leaning people in the US are pretty slow on the uptake and have been indoctrinated with an ideology that makes them unwilling to stick up for their own interests or exercise power. And so the police and government in “our” areas probably won’t provide us with backup any time soon. So, anarcho-tyranny; normal whites will have little protection from the law, but will be enforced harshly, even maliciously against them.

    The good news is that it sure seems like things are starting early, if they could have chilled out for a while longer their demographic advantage would be much bigger. And American antifa seem they are pretty unimpressive as far as terrorist militias go, only effective because they benefit from the protection of the law, but do not have it enforced against them.

    Anyway, this is why you want to move to an area that is overwhelmingly run and populated by non-liberal whites. It’s not just the dindus you need to worry about. Berkley is NOT America. And it’s better if we consolidate the viable elements of our population in more defensible areas.

    * interesting book, but probably needs more 4GW analysis.

    • A left right civil war is completely fucking insane on their part. Military supremacy can only be maintained by a technical elite.

      • Not necessarily true. When fighting a technologically superior force you have to use guerrilla tactics and go after their logistics and soft targets. Basically fight a war of attrition.

        • I mean the leftists. It’s bonkers. The white inventors who were able to outdo Germany (mainly by shear quantity of mediocre weapons) were not told that they were fighting against White Supremacy but instead fighting a German Supremacy.

          No such fiction could be maintained by Jews this time around.

          • Possibly, but our ‘inventors’ will mostly be on the side of our enemies this time around and the ones who take our side will be at a serious disadvantage due to lack of resources. I do agree, though, they are insane for wanting this. The vast majority of experienced soldiers will be with us. 90%+ of Navy SEALS, DELTA, Rangers, etc. are white and pragmatic. They won’t sign their own death warrants.

          • LOL good point! Cut off the water and electricity and you got most of the Judeo-Bolshevik terrorists screwed as well. Those little runts won’t last in the sticks without access to modern amenities.

          • they’ll get some other Jew with lots of dough to keep throwing money on the side of our enemies. The system can and will go forever. You will always have these (((rats))) around and their money supply.

          • Yeah, well Cuba was taken over by less than 50 untrained moron communists. Russia was taken over by a little over 2,000 untrained communist Jews. The Chinese communist ‘revolution’ began with approximately 3,000 peasants and 2,000 Jews ‘volunteers’. In Iraq 300 or so ISIS fighters took over Mosul, which had a garrison of over 20,000 men armed with state of the art western weaponry. These are only a handful of examples from modern history and they have shown that a small, disciplined, highly motivated, and enterprising guerrilla force can make a difference and change the course of history.

            As for your claims about the American revolution, the American independists made up approximately 2% of the population and when the war first began independence was supported by 15-20% of the population.

            You should try being more positive, we don’t need or want defeatism.

          • The vast majority of white military will be stationed 1000s and 1000s of miles from America dying and fighting for Zionist and bankers wars. The vast majority of whites in America not only DO NOT agree with white nationalism, but they will actively work against white nationalists as they are already. That’s why this is different than the Revolutionary War.

    • You look at “right leaning” websites like BB and GP and their comments section look like a bunch of raving left wing radicals except “its OK when we do it, because we are right”. Not to say “muh principles” is productive, but really liberty and public interest are a delicate balance, unless we chuck the whole system and start over.

      Within the framework we have, the left radicals seem to be a useful tool to get “muh conservative principles” tools to accept tyranny. Cognitive dissonance, and cognitive ease are the #1 and #2 psyop tools to control white people, right now.

  • Hollywood movies like Dredd are made to get people used to the idea of America being a 3rd world hellhole with a “heroic/badass” militarized police, much like how the Planet of the Apes movies are used to propagandize an ape/black uprising and eventual victory over Whites. The stories and plots don’t matter, the imagery does.

  • For years the alt-right/WN movement has lagged behind when it came to tactical and logistical strategies and techniques. Remember when Richard Spencer got punched in the side of the face while standing on a Washington DC street corner? Our side asked: where the HELL were the WN bodyguards? Why wasn’t a ring of them protecting a dangerously exposed Richard Spencer? And this wasn’t the first time this has happened. Only after Spencer was ridiculed for this gross oversight did he finally develop a security team.

    And in the news video posted above, the reporter mentioned that antifa forces tossed purple-smoke grenades, signaling their members to storm the barricades and turn them over. What’s that? Antifa is now using color-coded, military-style techniques in the field? Apparently so, and once again they prove they are way ahead of the alt-right in their tactics.

    Therefore, the time has come for the alt-right to field a military-style unit at all alt-right rallies, one designed to do street combat with the highest level of efficiency. It must be every bit as professional looking as US police forces and the US National Guard, with identical uniforms and equipment, helmets, insignia, etc. Yes, Virginia, it’s come to that.

    We are at war.

    • I don’t disagree… even if it’s just sitting somewhere in a big van idling, waiting for shit to happen.

      Don’t need to pull it out unless it’s necessary.

  • Any groups in the DFW area? Besides stormer book clubs and VA? We need to get an unofficial group going. I agree with letting the Normie alt-lites take responsibility for the rallies. Since they hate us so much.

  • Good. Perhaps it’s a great opportunity for the alt-lite/alt-right to identify with the Palestinians by having to live under oppression and occupation instead of being cucks for Pissrael.

    • Most on the Alt Right hate Israel or only want it to exist so all Jews can end up there as a giant Judaic penal colony.

      • Fuck Israel. They need some Goodfellas style hate put on them for all the money they owe us. Fuck you, pay me.

      • This inverted zionism by some in the alt-right cucking for Israel, under the pretense of sending them, there doesn’t hold into serious scrutiny. First you wouldn’t expel all the Jews even if you used horse grease.They would rather die than live on their own. Second, Israel’s existence causes far more troubles than it solves, it causes white nations to go to wars for Zionist causes, destabilizes the entire region while the blowback in the form of invading third-worlders and terrorism reaches and affect white nations alone. Other than that and serving as refuge for child-molesting Jews wanted in western countries and major sex and organ trafficking center it serves no purpose. The whole poor existence of this country needs to be gassed along with everyone supporting this abomination.

        • It’s just a tactical point to disarm and shut up Jews. When Spencer says he wants a white state like Jews have their ethno state in Israel, Jews usually have no response and it looks good for our side.

          Of course Israel is a huge problem, but we can wait to worry about removing that tumor until we have the power to do so.

      • Unfortunately many whites fall for this scam, because the Jews know how to trick everyone to support their agenda.

        1) White Crissan-Zionists love Israel because muh Gog and Magog.

        2) White liberals love Israel because muh only democracy in the ME

        3) Alt-right loves Israel because muh apartheid and Israel is an extension of muh European colonial heritage.

          • I agree with Brett Stevens on some things, his stance on the JQ not being among them.

            I’m not really too familiar with Gregory Hood tbh.

            My thoughts on the JQ are they are absolute Cancer in gentile countries. I would send them all to Israel, whether they want to go or not, and cut off all funding and support for them. Let the Palestinians do what needs to be done, because I honestly don’t think White people today, even most ones in the Alt-Right, have the stomach for genocide and the Palestinians definently do.

        • Alt-right loves Israel? LOL. You are a troll. Vast majority of people in the alt-right hate jews and everyone knows that. Sure there are some cucks like Brett and Ramz who shill for Israel because they take the “nationalism for all” philosophy too far in order to look good for normies. But no I don’t support Israel and I’m certain most people here don’t as well.

      • This inverted Zionism by some in the alt-right cucking for Israel, under
        the pretense of sending them there, doesn’t hold to serious scrutiny.
        First you wouldn’t expel all the Jews even if you used horse grease.They
        would rather die than live on their own. Second, Israel’s existence
        causes far more troubles than it solves, it causes white nations to go
        to wars for Israel, destabilizes the entire region while the blowback in
        the form of invading third-worlders and terrorism reaches and affects
        white nations the most. Other than that and serving as refuge for
        child-molesting Jews wanted in western countries and major sex and
        organ trafficking center it serves no purpose. The whole poor excuse of a
        country needs to be gassed along with everyone supporting this

        • Deception deception deception. Did the allies tell the Germans exactly the place for Normandy? Did Manstein pass a note to Gamelin about the Ardennes?

  • Don’t you see why the Washington Post reported correctly? (((They))) are using the Overtone window technique on us. Washington post is supposed to look like the safe liberal news outlet while antifa are the “extreme left”, even though not too long ago they were publishing articles urging the assassination of Trump.

    Next mainstream media will push the criminalizing of hate speech, which they’ll claim is much “safer” for everyone. This will appear reasonable to the masses who are unaware of the techniques being used on them. We can’t let people be tricked by this.

  • It is now no longer necessary for the alt-right to hold rallies. The alt-light and ‘normal’ right can do it for us and the point will be made anyway by what happens to them.

    • I agree. Let the alt-lite patriotards hold their silly rallies and get beaten by antifa. The violent display will wake up normies and push cucks further right.

      • They will just try to storm the building or burn it down or something. We need to form security forces to protect ourselves. I keep saying it, get some riot gear, train our guys to a professional standard, and make sure we aren’t the aggressors.

        • Well that actually goes hand in hand with the system I am developing for the AR. We do need to build a security force. They do need to be trained. They do need to be equipped (crowd funded armory). They also need to be licensed as private security. Once that force is in place, we use that as any regular security agency would be used. They guard our events when we have them and when they have down time, they are open to do business with others. We just need to establish AR companies and do business as usual. Naturally, an element of discretion is required. I bet real money that some of the people reading these comments are security guards, police, or military and would easily fit the bill. If I am right, chime in.

          • Yeah, that makes sense, but the first step needs to be finding a way to crowd fund our activities to begin with, and I think I’ve found a way around that particular issue –

            I also think we need to put more emphasis towards building our own Orania type communities and then using said security forces to protect them and ensure community standards are upheld. The security forces would also be a nice way to make money as well, especially if we could find a way to get PMC contracts.

          • That name sounds familiar but I can’t remember exactly what it is. Was it related to floating ocean cities?

          • My only concern is seeking a license to be a private security force/officer – I really don’t think whatever entity grants such a license would go for that.

            But as to the rest of it, agreed 100%

          • Individual security agents register for a license from their State government. There is no reason for them to be denied. The business agency just directs their activities.

      • Amren doesn’t get as much attention (key words- as much), because it is a right wing zionist site. Jews have different views on how best to exploit and contain the goyim. As long as you don’t question Jews, you can expect a certain amount of leeway from TPTB.

    • I’ve been saying all the time how you are indistinguishable from the alt-lite, thanks for proving my point.

        • Everyone on the Right have always been Nazis to the Left. They used to call Bush a Nazi. They used to call Reagan a Nazi. Nothing has changed.

          • Trump makes the left’s blood boil in a way basic bitch conservative Bush never did.

          • They got emboldened after 8 years of Obama and they thought that they had won already. They didn’t anticipate someone like Trump getting into power. Too bad Trump is doing absolutely nothing of value with that power.

          • Imagine if Hillary won. No please sorry don’t do that. Trump won. Keep repeating that… over and over… whenever you are feeling blue. Trump won and he is busy running the country. Hillary lost and she is busy ruining the country.

          • The provocations are on rails. They needed a few months to slightly adjust methods and excuses for what they are doing.

          • Your scum what you want trump to have the Jewish and Africans killed of? Please find the nearest cliff and jump

          • No. Jews have an ethno-state. It’s called Israel. We’ve spilled enough blood to secure it for them and instead of being appreciative all they do is race bait us. If it was up to me I would give black Americans (they aren’t African in any meaningful sense) autonomous city states where they control their own cities, schools, police departments etc. I don’t hate non-whites and I don’t think I’ve ever met a “white supremacist.” I just recognize that diversity is a failed social experiment, and want nice communities for my people.

          • I admit I don’t know anything about Israel at all just what happened in Germany with that maniac Hitler

          • Know anything about the Weimar Republic? Because it might put the Third Reich in context. Just remember that Hitler didn’t want a World War. He called for peace.

          • No I never heard of Weimar republic. But come on Hitler and peace is like oil n water..I see evil in his eyes like putin evil eyes.though right now I’m fighting against Islam it is not religion it’s a death sentence pure evil that sh×t should be banned here and if they don’t like it leave..There gunning for us a nuclear our way from Pakistan..hamza bin Laden is behind it and I believe nyc will be target

          • Well we can agree on Islam in the West. Just don’t believe the media lies. They have an agenda and they will smear anyone who challenges it.

          • The media are ill informed morons and I can’t be bothered with their drivel esp cnn their so obvious! ! We have 3 million Muslims here n 1500 mosque unbelievable..I truly hate them n liberals who stand behind them.we have Iran, Pakistan , Afghanistan, North Korea were sitting ducks.thank god we didn’t get that horse face Hillary Clinton as president open borders and selling out our country..

          • Like bush the loser who picked the wrong country to attack when it should been north Korea had he done that 911 wouldn’t have happened. ..he’s pure scum

        • Because the Left violently attacks anyone they brand as hateful or a Nazi, whether or not it is true. The Left are the true, violent Nazis. They need to be stopped.

          • More accurately The Left are the violent totalitarians. They are not National Socialists who seek law and order. They are wild farm animals that need to be penned up and fed peanuts.

        • No, the alt right just wants the world — and by that I mean the libs, the Feds, state and local governments, the police, the politicians, schools, the MSM, the GOP establishment, antifa, etc. — to stop discriminating against white people.

          • What nerve discrimin ating against whites ?do you have any idea the pure hell jewish and Africans went th rough? Treated worse than animals and you talk about what us whites? Please take history course again.

          • You can cite history to promote your discrimination against whites all you want. The people know that judging people based on the color of their skin is wrong. Your side is wrong, and we will continue to fight for a society where a man is judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin.

          • You don’t know me, and you don’t know how I have suffered by reason of being white. I’m not going to waste my time telling you because you don’t believe whites can be discriminated against. Your statement is inherently racist, as it uses racial stereotypes to form a judgment about particular individuals of that race. You are a fuk ing racist and you don’t even know it, dirtbag.

          • And what have you suffered being white? Broken fingernail ,Didn’t pass elementary school or stuck on welfare? Nothing compares to being owned whipped , raped and living in a hovel working ever day morning to nite with no pay just stop whining about the pathetic life you made for yourself moron

          • The 19th Century called. They want their abolition back. The only people today who suffer what you describe are the Muslim slaves sold in the open markets or the child slaves sold in the underbelly of the third world. You can’t justify blacks killing my father — just because he was white — by pointing to something that happened over 150 years ago. Fuk you you dirt bag racist son of a botch. Blocked.

          • I’m not racist but I know difference from right n wrong..I’m sorry what happened to your dad
            .look at Kkk how many they tortured n killed and wasn’t that long ago..why this is an issue shocks me .We should all get along we have a serious nuclear threats coming our way and we need to focus on that

        • What is the answer to the JQ? Honest question–death for all? What about the (few) Jews who “get it”? Does it matter?

          • They can go home to the Jewish homeland.

            Far too often the Jews who “get it” later “lose it” and start subverting their former allies. Their first agenda is looking out for their own which is fine in their own nation, but not at our expense.

          • They can go to Israel and they will get NO money from the West. Let them earn their money or get it somewhere else and let them fight their own wars as far as I’m concerned.

          • For my part, I feel the world would be better served by their non-existence. From there, we can go about creating a White Ethnostate in the West, or better yet, restore White cultural hegemony and control in the Western nations.

    • I was planning on going to ‘right wing’ rallies before the fiasco and recent disaster in Charlottesville, but I was always kind of hesitant. Granted, I’m not scared of leftists or having to stand up to them, but what is the point of getting into fights? Does it reduce nonwhite immigration? Does it increase white birth rates? Does it stop the collective self-hatred and cowardice many whites have nowadays? What does it do to make the masses of whites stronger and more traditional?

  • Antifa isn’t a problem, media neither .. the real problem is those illegal/criminal stand down orders.

    Solution no1. : Officials giving such orders should be sued and put into jail.
    Solution no2 : Beat the shit out of antifa beserk style the moment they attack us with a goal of dispersing them.
    (note that it’s legal , because anybody who doesn’t separate himself from a group committing violence is a part of that group,i.e. complicit, by law and citizens have no obligation to back down while facing violence, they have the right to stop acts of violence against them, in case of violent group by dispersing it, this not only a police tactic, it’s actually a law)

    • Spot on! It’s time to learn from Alinsky. We need to call these people out BY NAME, not position. They need to be sued, sit-ins held on their streets, in front of their houses, etc. They history needs to be dug up and made public by whatever means. They need to be hounded and hounded and hounded.

    • Where are the Alt-Right’s lawyers? Where are the Alt-Right’s public relations specialists. There may indeed come a time for outright fighting, but at this point, you need lawyers and PR specialists.

  • I’m OK with people protesting Jewish supremacism. I’m a white Christian and I feel threatened by Jewish supremacism. I also strongly protest Jewish lies that portray whites fighting for their existence as racists. What else is new? Prior to and during WW II, Jews put together a worldwide coalition of armies to fight and destroy the German people and their country while claiming “Hitler” wanted to destroy them.

    It’s ironic the communists now where black. The fascists from the 30’s wore black and looked good in it. Are the commies finally developing a taste for attractiveness?

  • Traitor cops best hope we don’t win (we’re gonna). When the trials start “just followin orders'” ain’t gonna cut it. Will take a page from sham that was Nuremb Trials: “JFO” = “HANG”.

  • If weapons like this are dumped in magazines run by the cops, it’s just that much easier for whites to appropriate when the time comes.

    Reminds me of a guy who stole a tank from a National Guard motor pool in California a while back.

    • I agree. Amren conferences should have Pay Per view satelite video conferences similar to the Latter Day Saint Mormon’s “General Conference” (boy are these boring).

      The goal should be get out meet and greet with locals in your area, charge ~ $10 per person and have an Amren video conference with a party, good dress code, pretty ladies etc.

    • How to spot a Bolshevik:

      -Protesting on a week day.
      -Member of LGBT or Black lives matter.
      -IQ below 85.
      -Foul stench from many yards away.
      -Has dreads for a haircut.
      -Skeleton like physiology.
      -99% likelihood lives at home with single mom.
      -No progeny.
      -Disgusted by responsibility
      -Probably has aids.
      -Insane fanatasies of force blending the world.

    • The same thing was done during pro-German rallies during the Wiemar Republic, and it gave rise to the much-maligned Brown Shirts. The Brown Shirts were actually only organized to protect their side’s right to speak and hold public events.

    • That’s to Easy…….

      They’re a Group of Social Misfits and Losers who’ve found a Cause they feel Empowered by…….

      And that’s still to Easy……….

      Because there are Social Misfits in the Alt-Right…….

      But, we’re not like them……

      Ideas are Germinating to who ANTIFA really is…….

      But, I’m tired from being a Working Class White…….

      Maybe, some Higher Tiered Alt-Right Thinker can Flesh these Theses out exhaustively…….

      Who are White ANTIFA……


          • O rly? Well,let’s see.

            Are they feminists? Yes. (((Who))) started the brand of feminism they subscribe to?

            Are they communists? Yes. (((Who))) came up with that?

            Are they anti-heterosexual? Yes.
            (((Who))) started the LGBTP(p stands for pedophile) movement as it was originally called?

            Is their worldview based on pop culture tropes they see on tv? Yes. (((Who))) owns the movie studios and television networks?

            Are they anti-Nazi? YES!
            And what is the (((one racial group))) that Nazism is against?

            You can circlejerk over conspiracy theories or you can put two and two together,count up 4,and say that it is 4.Of course it’s easy.It’s the most basic logic that exists.That’s all you need when the answer is right in front of your nose.

          • No theologian does. The inherent logical problem is how you have days without a Sun, and Earth, and a system of physical properties where time can exist – in fact until you get an observer, time does not exist.

          • Feminism was agitated by female scholars, socialism was designed to empower workers, and their consent made it a concrete movement and then middle class academics that contributed to it as a form of economic critique. Child sex abusers are, by a vast majority, male heterosexuals with children, abusing the children of others, gays, lesbians and transgender or other same-sex attracted people have extremely low instances of recorded sex abuse. Hollywood was innovated by poor Jewish and foreign migrants, 50% of early Hollywood jobs were occupied by women. Everyone is against Nazi-ism – it is illegal to use nazi insignia, ideology or meetings in Germany, Nazi-ism was a tragic, reactionary movement due to Soviet power and the fact that central Europe was on the verge of a banking collapse after an extremely chaotic and deadly wide-scale war. World War I was devastating, but much of it’s reporting was done by the officer class, and real statistics and death counts were avoided at the time. If you seriously think you are “pro-nazi”, you are either a) confused, b) have a victimhood complex when you don’t know really what suffering is, or c) you are just stupid. There’s three options right there, or maybe a vague, and ever-changing mixture of all three. You have zero credibility or respect from the public.

          • I don’t know where you’re getting consent from.Maybe you think jews lying to people is getting their consent but you can’t legally get someone’s consent to something when you lie to them about what you want their consent for.Also,international socialism was thoroughly jewish.Here is a picture of its most dedicated defenders terrorizing the local populace in a book promoted by jews.


            The majority of victims of child sexual abuse are male,the majority of abusers are male.Only a jewey mind can get heterosexuality out of gay child rape.

            Why would it be illegal to use Nazi symbols or slogans if 2% of the population did not have vastly outsized government power? For instance,we are 60% of the population and the majority of the White population hates black lives matter and antifa.

            Why isn’t it illegal to have BLM meetings or use antifa symbols? Because no one has tried? No,because jews control the government and they sponsor and train these groups and donated their own jewish symbols (such as the clenched fist and the black and red flags or the hammer and sickle) to them.

            You can use any jewish symbols you want,but not Nazi symbols,symbols of White people.

            It’s not even illegal to use communist symbols in former soviet-occupied countries,but Nazi symbols are illegal in many of these countries.

            Again,why? Because jews control the government’s of these countries either directly or indirectly.

            That is why I am pro-Nazi.

          • you are also: wrong

            about 1 in 5 girls experience sexual abuse, from males, and somewhere like 1 in 20 (or less) male children do. Male sexual abuse is quite seldom, so there is more responsiveness to female abuse also.

            Your fixation on “Jews” is meaningless, socialism was about the empowerment of workers, and their control of the mode of production, and Marx’s analysis of capitalism production.

            If you think of socialist horror, you think of, um Stalin – was Stalin a Jew? No. Did he use the persecution of the Jewish minority to deflect state failings, and empower poor people without entitlement and bigots? Yes. Same as ever.

            I have nothing further to add here, other than, obviously your claim that 60% of the public hate “black lives matter” is a generalization without backbone. Schools, the modern media, libraries, film festivals, cultural events, intelligent radio and internet sites all cover the black civil rights movement objectively.

            Blacks were sold into slavery in no small part because they were genetically resistant Malaria and Yellow Fever, which was killing whites in early settler colonies. Throughout the period, theological, and scientific myths were circulated to create the impression of blacks as incapable of leading, managing, or driving capitalism, because it enriched slave owners.

            I’m sorry – but I don’t buy into crypto-fascist nonsense based on fearful instincts and conspiracy nonsense on websites. I don’t have anything further to say to you, other than, unfortunately, much of the media focus on your rallies has been on the aggravated vehicle killing of a non-violent protestor. Murder is a serious offense, and you are a stigmatized, widely disliked minority. You have no concept of strength.

          • Lololol.”1 in 5″. No,one in five girls does not experience sexual abuse.It’s really more like 1 in 2000.That is a nonsense figure that is cited in the case of everything related to women,by (((our old friends))) again.It used to be 1-in-4 for everything but I guess they decided 1-in-5 was a nice,round,kabbalistic number because now they use it for everything.

            Heart disease? 1-in-5.Sexual abuse? 1-in-5. Randomly sucked into an alternate dimension by a wormhole? 1-in-5.
            Common sense tells us that the likelihood of every particular event happening to a person with a vagina cannot be “1-in-5”.

            Socialism is not about the empowerment of workers.It was about the empowerment of jews.Jews as a group don’t know anything about working,they exchange currency and make loans and sell drugs and child prostitutes for a living.That is not work.Over 80% of the original Bolshevik government were jews.

            Yes,Stalin took over and purged jews from his communist government.

            Kinda seems like the Cold War started pretty soon after that and Russia has been a boogeyman of the United States ever since,doesn’t it.I wonder (((why))) that is?

            (((Schools, the modern media, libraries, film festivals, cultural events, intelligent radio and internet sites all cover the “black civil rights movement”))) (((((((((((((((((((((((((“objectively.”))))))))))))))))))))))))))


            “Murder is a serious offense, and you are a stigmatized, widely disliked minority.”

            Not if you are a semite.Then it’s just part and parcel of living in a major city and something we have to get used to in order to diversely enrich our vibrancy.

          • Um – you are an asshole? Maybe you should include Domestic abuse, stalking, sexual abuse, groping, mugging, workplace sexual harassment that crosses the boundaries, prepubescent girls sold into marriage and the fact that globally, female sex workers have an average lifespan of 35.

            You’re idea of “sexual abuse” is because it suits you to think that stats in your area regarding the mistreatment of women are exaggerated to suit your failures in the past to get physical or emotional feedback from women. Blame who? The jews? Where? Anonymously on the internet. Like I said – I have nothing further to say – go run yourself over?? Take a selfie?? Neo-nazi stabs self?? Read that one. Take a dump somewhere, like in that movie with J Timberlake.

            Cheerio. Chocks away. God save the queen.

          • “Maybe you should include Domestic abuse, stalking, sexual abuse, groping, mugging, workplace sexual harassment that crosses the boundaries, prepubescent girls sold into marriage and the fact that globally, female sex workers have an average lifespan of 35.”

            Yeah,all 1-in-5,I’m sure.Completely cohencidentally.Like,this happens in a probabilistic universe that everything happens to 1-in-5 women,and EXACTLY 1-in-5 women,just like the same stuff happened to EXACTLY 1-in-4 women ten years ago before they changed the bogus stat to an equally bogus stat and you were “an asshole” if you questioned that.

            “You’re idea of “sexual abuse” is because it suits you to think that stats in your area regarding the mistreatment of women are exaggerated to suit your failures in the past to get physical or emotional feedback from women.”

            Haha,so you’re not just a run of the mill shitlib retard,you’re one of the midwit mendacious ones who know how the misrepresentation of culturally- accepted and innocuous practices was actually done in order to get to the number.

            Well,that makes two of us who know that.

            You know as well as I do,then,that over 70% of those that the 1-in-5 survey labeled “rape victims” went on to have sex again with their “attacker” because they didn’t think they had been raped or sexually abused in any way.

            So you’re just straight up pathologizing heterosexuality and the ways that both men AND women naturally relate to each other sexually as a form of “abuse”.

          • Hi

            I don’t know what your name is, and you’ve provided no references for your argument so I haven’t read it. Busy at present, sorry.

          • I am referencing the 1988 study by (((Mary Koss))) that defined it as rape when both a man and a woman have a single drink together at a bar,and then go on to have sex that night.

            In that study,over 70% of the women labeled “rape victims” did not believe themselves to have been raped,because it is absolutely retarded to assert that when 2 private individuals perform the exact same act,that one is guilty of a crime based on his genitalia and the other is the victim of the crime based on hers.

            A further study by Ms. Magazine,based on similar retarded anti-male parameters found that:

            52 percent of college women have experienced sexual assault
            One in eight women has been a victim of rape by legal definition. Of these women:
            75 percent did not identify the experience as rape
            47 percent were raped on first or casual dates
            33 percent did not discuss the experience with anyone
            90 percent did not report the rape to the police

            Now,there are a couple of problems with these findings,and these problems stem from the same source as many assertions about the Holocaust.

            Jews have a hard time working out the physical implications of their fantastical assertions.

            For,the set of numbers indicates that rape is MORE prevalent in America than active warzones in Syria,Iraq,Afghanistan,etc,and some people who have reviewed the data have pointed out that these numbers seem to be saying there is more rape going on in America than in South Africa,where an officially recognized genocide is taking place and rape is being used as a weapon of war.

            This doesn’t really add up and the fact that 75% of women don’t notice this huge rapefest taking place is a reliable weathervane that it’s complete bullshit.

            The other problem is the 90% claim which sheds light on their methodology and indicates that the numbers they are stating are pure propaganda figures.For,how is it possible to know how many rapes DON’T get reported to police?The only way to count those numbers is to have someone make a report.These numbers are entirely made up.And this would not be the first time that this particular jew-run Marxist front group has been CAUGHT making up numbers.For instance,a widely-publicized campaign that ultimately contributed to the legalization of abortion misinformed America that “Thousands of women died every year from coat-hanger abortions” so we had to legalize it,because these women were going to commit infanticide whether or not it was illegal,and thousands would kill themselves trying.

            Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a former abortionist who performed tens of thousands of abortions and one of the founders of the National Abortion Rights Action League: Pro-Choice America (NARAL), admitted that he and other NARAL members used to claim that 5,000 to 10,000 women died each year from illegal abortions. He has since admitted that he knew the statistic to be “totally false . . . But in the ‘morality’ of our revolution, it was a useful figure, widely accepted, so why go out of our way to correct it with honest statistics?” In 1972, the last year before Roe v. Wade was handed down, approximately 90 women died from abortions gone wrong, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Reproductive Health.

            Notice the word “revolution”.As I said,this group telling people like 25% of women are raped KNOWINGLY circulates complete lies in order to serve a Marxist agenda.Which we have established makes it a Jewish agenda by default.

            Need any more references?

      • They’ve been flushed out, exhaustively and it doesn’t take a non-intellectually lazy person to define them.
        You might want to listen to what Mike Enoch has to say if you want, or cut to the chase and listen to Horus the Avenger.

        In a meme, they’re Anti-White Terrorists.

  • We’re heading into full dystopia. Soon full police state will be in effect. This isn’t going to be to Antifas benefit either. Their being used to create the chaos needed to declare martial law. They are just too strung out on heroin, or whatever, to realize it. Things are about to get bad. Like real bad. I suggest moving out to the countryside and preparing for the worst. Groups are stronger than lone wolves, but staying in the cities and trying to advocate for WN from within the system is insane at this point. If you still believe that is a viable path forward, feel free to try, just don’t be surprised when you end up in a FEMA camp.

      • Perhaps. But I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. Things would be worse right now had Hillary won. When the democrats get back in power is when shit really hits the fan.

    • I agree…too dramatic. However, I agree that antifa is being used to push the issue. I think that the elites are waiting for a powerful response from the alt-right to use that as a justification to further their goals i.e., close down the Bill of Rights. Once the Bill of Rights is gone then watch out because you could be on the target list.
      Bugging out is great when you are faced with a society WROL however it is without merit when the situation is isolated. I would argue for organizing with like minded people in place right now instead of bugging out.

      • Nobodies bugging out. The major cities are completely leftist controlled, multicultural/LGBT/feminist populated shitholes. Consolidating our numbers in areas where we will be able to make a difference in local politics is just a good idea and more productive than these rallies.

        If your like me and believe that there is no political solution until the current power structure collapses, then biding your time in the sticks and being as self sufficient as possible is an even better idea.

        I’m not bugging out. I thought this way before Charlottesville and everything that has happened since. The past couple weeks have only reenforced/confirmed it. WN is not on the verge of going mainstream. Neither is Alt-Lite Civic Nationalism. The reality is Trump isn’t going to accomplish anything, and the Democrats will probably be back in power sooner than later. Best not to find yourself in one of their strongholds when that happens.

        • Johnny,
          I’m probably wrong but it sounds like someone doing things as a lone wolf. I would strongly argue against that approach. Right now what is important, vitally important, is to network with like minded individuals where you live. That way if the balloon doesn’t go up you have started a support network. On the other hand, if the shtf then you have a network that will see you through to wherever you decide to go.
          Being prepared by practicing wilderness skills during the weekend is great and well worth everyone’s effort however you still have your day job and not playing the Bear Grylls idiot.

          • Yeah, I’m not saying go full Ted Kascynski/Survivalist or anything.If you don’t know what your doing you will fail.

            I have done some Networking in the city I currently live in, but I’m not planning on staying here much longer. I’m still pretty far away from being able to afford land, so not working a normie job isn’t really an option right now. Most millenial age people here are probably in the same boat. I’m just saying mid-sized cities or small towns are preferable for Alt-Right people, and we can probably accomplish more out there. Buying land when/if you can afford to is also something to think about.

            The cities are bad now and are only going to get worse. If the Democrats were in power post-Charlottesville, the full arm of the state would have been used to crush us like bugs. Tons of politicians decalred us terrorists after that rally. Imagine how much worse the “Shuttening” would have been if one of them were in power right now. That’s coming eventually. Better to be prepared for it than being a sitting duck.

          • You should! I don’t know how you can stand it in that zoo. I lived in the city for one year after finishing school and then fled back to the suburbs. Demographics are changing so rapidly that I still feel suffocated by the diversity though.

          • I agree. Its all about tribalism now. Even the libtards and cucks know that. Liberal gated communities and zip codes, etc. Academia for the last twenty years have been publishing sources that forty years ago would have been inconceivable. It’s going to be either the white pill or the red pill and I am all for being prepared for both pills. A good friend of mine put it succinctly “cultivate small areas and survey large ones.”

          • Research what the Afrikaners are doing. We need to start building our own Orania style communities. We can’t stay in the cities and let the Jews and communist terrorists walk all over us!

          • Cascadia seems to be the first step in that direction, but there should be like 50 of those all over North America.

            Lana from Red Ice was talking awhile back about pooling together and purchasing ghost towns, which are all over America apparently. It’s worth looking into.

          • Exactly, but we would need to have everything, and I mean everything, privatized and in the hands of a non-publicly traded corporation, like the old fashioned company towns. We have control everything, like the amenities and public services (i.e. electricity, water, garbage collection, etc.), call all the shots (non-democratically as a matter of principle), and have as much self sufficiency as possible. We would also need everyone to vote as a bloc for our people so we can infiltrate the government.


            These 3 states would probably have the best places to look. Canada I’m not sure about, it is already way more Jewified than the U.S.. The U.S. would give us a lot more room to operate. If we can figure out how to pool money and convince people this is a viable option then we are in the game.

          • Canada is a vast, mostly unpopulated country, and demographically it’s in much better shape than the US, pretty much everywhere thats not too close to a major city. A lot of shit can fly under the radar here. Just so long as you don’t make waves. What we definently don’t want is a Randy Weaver/Ruby Ridge standoff scenario on our hands.

            I’m Canadian though, so if I were to buy one of these ghost towns and form a commune it would almost guaranteed be on this side of the border.

    • I’ve been saying it for awhile now, we need to build our own Orania type communities. We need this to happen ASAP! No more playing within their system, we need to build our own communities with our own resources and access to amenities and systems that we own.

      • Exactly. The last thing we want to do is to become mainstream, stay in society, and gain power. That is basically selling out. Plus they are going to stick us all in FEMA camps.

        We need to become like a Nazi version of the Amish. Forget cars, use a horse and buggy. Grow our own food the old fashioned way. Sew our own clothes. Forget the computers and the internet too because the NSA can track you with the satellites.

        Of course at the center of each community will be a like a church, with a shrine to The One, Adolph Hitler, so the community can like come together and stuff. Then we make babies and in like 1,000 years, a New Hitler is born, who will lead us to victory.

        It’s the only way.

        • All I am saying we can easily form legitimate voting blocs in low population areas and use that to vote in people we want in congress, senate, local politics, etc. If you aren’t able to comprehend such a simple and easily plan then you’re either a moron or a Jew trying to spread defeatism. Which is it?

          • I think you are both right. For your part, yes, we need (likely in the near term) to form smaller close knit communities and DEFINITELY develop our own alternative infrastructures (technological and otherwise). But for Hipster’s part, we also need to “proselytize” and try to grow those communities, not only in size, but in quantity across the US.

            So basically, so long as those communities aren’t set on remaining in stasis or resting on their laurels, we can be sure to have enough of them across the West to ensure our survival if (((they))) decide to send their cronies into those communities to destroy them.

            You mention Orania, which is a good model, just needs to be way more of them for long term survival.

          • exactly, we need many such communities across the U.S.. The reason I am saying we need rural areas, though, is that their local government can be more easily infiltrated via voting blocs, and possibly even be used to get guys into the state or even national legislatures.

          • Another advantage to rural set ups is it is easier to see FBI agents coming to infiltrate the movement and/or subvert it. Anyone new in town is immediately suspect and should be carefully vetted before they are allowed to attend meetings or take part in actions. But at the same time, people who have even been long time members should also be periodically vetted to make sure they weren’t co-opted or otherwise subverted by the feds.

            Even a leader of a local chapter isn’t above suspicion, everyone needs to police everyone else. I know this sounds paranoid, but movements die off or are destroyed because people assume that “Hey Joe’s a good guy, he would never sell out to the feds!” only for him to sell everyone out because he got blackmailed or entrapped into something the feds use against him.

        • You sound psycho… What does pooling resources and working together have to do with anything you just stated?

        • Ha ha ha! I get the sarcasm. You’re right. We can’t flee to the wilderness and start anew. We’re staying here.

        • My commune will be open to Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Pagans and, yes, Esoteric Hitlerists. Jews, Protestants and Freemasons will be strictly prohibited though. Have fun screaming at a wall for the rest of your sorry days weirdo.

  • “The move rescinds limits on the Pentagon handouts that were put in place
    by President Barack Obama in 2015 amid a national debate over policing
    touched off by a spate of high-profile deaths of black men at the hands
    of the police, including the shooting death in 2014 of 18-year-old
    Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Mo., by a white officer.”

    So in other words that policy will be like before 2015, no change.

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