The Juggalos And The Alt-Right Are Going To Throw Down

The Juggalos are marching. They’re coming to Washington, DC to protest being labelled a criminal gang by the FBI and The Mother of All Rallies is happening on the same day in the same place.

Apparently, some of those Juggalos want to fight the Alt-Right.

So who are the Juggalos?

It pains me to have to explain this, but let me try.

They’re what you get when the sociopathic elites of our society use their noblesse malice to send all the jobs away to China and Mexico, force Diversity on poor Whites, strip those poor Whites of any positive White Identity and then let it all fester for 50 years.

The Juggalos exhibit all the signs of a proto-tribe. They’ve created their own bizarre subculture with weird traditions and rituals to differentiate themselves and keep outsiders at bay. They have their own sub-community and even a quasi-religion. Being a Juggalo is a way of life. It’s an attempt by forgotten Whites to create a tribe, whether they realize it or not. Doing it in a healthy, positive, race-affirmative way is not possible anymore, the brainwashing is too deep. So they can only do it by engaging in self-destructive behavior.

But they aren’t picking a fight with us, despite the people trying to meme this into reality. The reason for this is simple. We are not going to the rally on the Mall on that day. The MOAR rally is not affiliated with us.

Look what the organizers themselves wrote about the event:

Event Detais:  Opening ceremonies will begin at 11 am EST at the north end of the Mall, near the Washington monument. Keynote speakers include author Hamody Jasim, Marco Guiterrez founder of Latinos for Trump, and congressional candidate for California Omar Navarro.  The band Madison Rising is the featured performer.  Panel discussions on a number of hot topics are also planned and much will be happening throughout the day and evening.  There will be no admission charge for any of the events.  Further details will be disclosed as the target date nears. We are uniting in honor of the United States of America; all people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, age or political affiliation are invited.   We are gathering to support our President and our country.  We the People, as one Nation under God, invite you to set aside differences and rally with us.

Doesn’t sound very Alt-Right to me.

Meanwhile, the Juggalos are also apparently anti-racist and anti-confederate…sort of. Mostly they are apolitical, unless you call wanting to legalize hard drugs and wanting to not be classified a gang by the FBI a political platform.

That is what I used to think anyway. Then I read this article by the Daily Dot.

It’s easy to make fun of Juggalos, the oft-misunderstood fans of clown-painted rappers Insane Clown Posse, but some on the left are embracing them as a line of defense against white supremacy in the U.S. The Juggalo March on Washington, a protest against the government’s classification of Juggalos as a gang, will take place at the National Mall on Sept. 16, the same day as the pro-Trump “Mother of All Rallies.” There’s no love lost between the two sides.

“Let’s make sure we make more noise than those bitch Neo-Nazies, am I right? whoop whoop,” one poster wrote on the Juggalo March event page, which is full of communist and working-class Juggalo memes. It’s possible that internet socialists are the ones pushing the meme that Juggalos are the new communist vanguard, but the response on the page is mostly positive.

And, to some, Juggalos have always been “woke,” so it comes as no surprise that they would take a stand against the alt-right, the loosely affiliated conservative wing that harbors white supremacists.

And ICP have already burnt a Confederate flag on stage, so their credentials to fight the people who enjoy statues of Robert E. Lee are impeccable.

The natural overlap between working-class Juggalos and the internet’s Democratic Socialists is strong—the two groups could unite to become brothers in the “struggalo.” Many on the left are already expressing their optimism about ICP fans as allies.


Apparently dressing up like a clown and running around with hatchets, high on meth and morbidly obese is morally superior to simply being pro-White…Guys, what is going on here? This is Mad Max tier. Will it really come down to us fighting clowns high on meth in some sort of Akira-like dystopian future?

We’ve already got the Cyberpunk-esque shut down of free speech by Corporations in full swing. Now all we need is a major metropolis and roving gangs of killer clowns to really make it come together.

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  • Juggalos? Hey, the way the media always accuse Trump of being a clown, Juggalos might turn out to some of Trump’s strongest supporters in 2020.

  • The entire US population AND the all white without-evena-slight-hint-of-diversity juggalos!! Those guys are down with the clown till there dead in the ground god damn it!!!!!! Sorry guys, I’m going to hunker down in the basement and ride this genocide out. Good luck to all that stay in the fight but If they’ll peel cats and fuck chickens there’s no telling what they’ll do to me.

  • disgusting people! This pragnent “Mother” that is fully drunken and smoking cigarettes is really the worst thing i have ever seen! Gruesome!

    • Easy now, we need people like this too. As long as whores have babies i will have construction workers.

      Society would collapse with out the poor low IQ white workers.

  • You know you are part of a legitimate political movement which must be taken seriously when your spokesmen wear clown makeup.

  • ICP were all fully grown men when I was a young teenager. I am now 37. That means these guys are 50? 50 y/o men dressing up like clowns rapping? Must be a lot of white trash at these gatherings.

    • I had to google it, They are not that old, born in 72. Very successful at a young age. I remember downloading the odd ICP song with napster and putting on a mixed cassette in late 90s.

  • The most evil, degenerate factions hate them some us. I was sorta kidding when I posited God called the Alt Right. No more.
    A/R are Christ’s Sword. Have yet 2 meet a loon or scum hole at my many meetups: all solid, decent people.
    Truth, courage, loyalty & reawakening White ancestral Pride: Orcs & Evil schemers hate that stuff (queue LOTR compares). Reminds them how cowardly and vile they are from Jug’o to muhpension cop to highest levels of globoState.

  • omg. It’s so sad..
    that 2nd video
    what has happened to white people
    dear god
    they need to find a better way

    • that is the way (((they))) like to see white people. This video is full of so much horrible degeneracy that it just leavs you speechless. A total nightmare!

  • Most of the ICP people are racist as fuck. All you need to take from this is the commies are desperate. they are trying to get ICP to fight for them. They have no organized brown allies besides fags. They need poor people to fight for them. The best they can do is these fags

  • “Will it really come down to us fighting clowns high on meth in some sort of Akira-like dystopian future?”

    I admit it, I laughed way harder at this than I should have.

  • “The Juggalos exhibit all the signs of a proto-tribe. They’ve created
    their own bizarre subculture with weird traditions and rituals to
    differentiate themselves and keep outsiders at bay. They have their own
    sub-community and even a quasi-religion. Being a Juggalo is a way of
    life. It’s an attempt by forgotten Whites to create a tribe, whether
    they realize it or not. Doing it in a healthy, positive,
    race-affirmative way is not possible anymore, the brainwashing is too
    deep. So they can only do it by engaging in self-destructive behavior.”

    I respectfully disagree. To a certain extent they ARE doing it in “a healthy, positive, race-affirmative way.”

    I viewed the video and the one underlying theme is that this is a network that helps each other rather than fights each other. They are a collective who cooperates with each other rather than competes with each other.

    Yes, there are hedonistic aspects to them, but I suspect that they meet on vacation, let off a little steam, network and make connections that will probably be useful to them later on. If a guy needs a job, a brother will help him find one, for example.

    What we are seeing here is something Kevin MacDonald refers to as “implicit whiteness.” Yes, they have little spots of vibrancy here and there, but overall, they have subconsciously found a way to set up a culture that doesn’t attract a lot of so-called “people of color.” You saw that same thing going on with Grateful Dead fans and some heavy metal bands.

    • Yes. I am kind of fascinated with the Juggalos as a social phenomenon tbh. There is a fundamental Americanism about them that can not be denied. Take that which ever way you would like.

  • Isn’t it funny how black rappers do nothing but rap about all the money, cars, clothes, and hoes they have while ALL white rappers only rap about how much their lives suck, how poor they are, and how they can’t even bed down the nastiest of whores?

    It’s almost like rap like was designed by Jews to cuck whites to the extreme or something.

  • A few years ago I ran across a juggalo gang in Mississippi. Most of these people are white, why wouldn’t they be pro-white? This world confuses me…

  • I’m fairly certain that James Hetfield of Metallica is a juggalo. I could be wrong; you may wanna fact check that.

  • White trash, perfectly distilled.

    Of course, do you know why the elites outsourced away all the jobs? Because the labor movement got too crazy. Strikes all the time, violence, shortages, inflation. The elites, with some good justification, finally figured that if labor was always complaining about the jobs, then maybe labor didn’t like the work and so it should be sent elsewhere.

        • You don’t know shit about the Holodomor or Stalin.

          All you do is counter-signal other Whites.

          How can you use the term “white trash” unironically and consider yourself Alt-Right?

          • I just watched a YouTube documentary and was like (((why))) the fukk haven’t I heard of this before ? And I read a few articles by Timothy Snyder.

            I give honest opinion. You don’t like that? What, would you rather just get the adulation of the retard LARP’er crowd than adult real talk?

            Why else does have articles arguing “don’t get tattoos” or “get in shape” or this one like “don’t dress up like a creepy clown.” Spencer says basically eat better, don’t jerk off so much or video game so much. It is implicitly a call to be classy, not trashy. Implicit whiteness is class.

          • stop language policing other people. Are you an alt right sjw? These people ARE trash!

          • Their way to avoid (((diversity))) is to be as disgusting as possible.
            It’s just a tactic ,probably unconscious one.

        • SEIU broked away from the main labor unions precisely BECAUSE it’s run by the Jew, Andy Stern, and he doesn’t want to organize White labor, he wants to help replace Americans with Browns, which is now what the SEIU does.

          You’re just wrong about the labor movement. America never had a powerful labor movement and it was toothless and tamed by the time they started the job outsourcing (70s-90s.) They had not “gone crazy” and had never evolved beyond begging for scraps. The US labor movement had ONE victory in its entire history, the sit down strikes of the 1940s – labor unions were essentially illegal before that, then they became legal but powerless.

          The suppression of American labor is the suppression of American Whites. America always had built in scab labor from the beginning, African Slaves. What do you think the “free labor” movement of the North was about? It was anti-slavery and “free labor” literally meant “White labor.” Even in California they imported Chinese to bust White labor unionization.

          Anti-labor is a code word for anti-white.

          • I don’t know if you’re on board with ZOG. The United States wasn’t founded as ZOG. The labor movement may have been ZOG’d in later stages.

            Reagan’s firing of the Air Traffic controllers was seen as breaking the back of organized labor in the private sector. And their union had supported Reagan.

            yes, I agree free soil was more about not having to compete against slaves than about the moral crusade against slavery.

            But, but but but the nation has to function as a simple quality of life thing. Tolerating constant strikes is like tolerating constant utility outages. Why is it too my to expect that stuff should just work? We have forgotten what strikes are like but they are an inconvenience and theoretically the bargaining power of the free market should make strikes unnecessary except as a last resort. Elites’ desire for a working society is not unreasonable. The alt-right is comfortable with inequality. Labor was going to agitate until income was equal. The inherent populist appeal of labor probably made the elites take desperate measures to keep society working, measures like outsourcing but also abortion as an electoral issue.

          • There were not constant strikes. Most European countries have strong labor unions, the US is different precisely because it’s multi-racial. The entire point of bringing in non-whites to white countries is to destroy unions. And you’re blaming the victims, because they engage in “constant strikes” – which is a lie, a lie told by the same people who are bringing in the non-white “immigrants.”

            You don’t seem to be on board with Pro-White.

          • You just said it right there. They brought in non-whites to destroy unions.

            Why would they want to destroy unions? Because they were at wits end with union activity. I don’t know what your threshold is for overly active unions, but stagflation in the 70’s had people casting blame.

            Europe is different because Europe basically lost all sovereignty after WWII, to Moscow and Washington.

            I’m not blaming the victim. I’m simply describing the motivations of the older generation of elites in making the decisions they made without fully realizing the consequences. The old WASP establishment and their Protestant values detested unions as anti-competitive and anti-innovation and anti-individual. The WASPS are the people who founded and defined America.

            And unions were more a Catholic tendency. And Protestants had left for America to get away from Catholic institutions and their slave morality holding everyone back.

          • Stagflation occurred because the labor movement had created an expectation of wage increases. This became a feedback loop where wage increases fed inflation which fed wage increases.

            You are making assertions without any sense. The GOP from the 1880’s through Romney 2012 is the party of capital and Protestantism. The Democrats were the party of Catholics and labor. This is basic stuff man.

          • The Solid South, from Andrew Jackson to today, was/is Protestant. They were a key part of the FDR coalition even. This is basic stuff, man.

            Stagflation had jack all to do with wage increases, it had to do with the balance of trade. It’s why Nixon shut the gold window. You’re just making excuses for finance capital being anti-white.

          • They…don’t matter. After the Civil War the South was occupied territory and they weren’t the thought leaders. Still aren’t today. They were Democrats because Lincoln was a Republican. But the Democratic Party power was with the white Catholic ethnics the Irish and Italians. The Solid South is now with the GOP because they agree with the GOP on cultural issues because they are Protestants and descended from Britain.

            How can you say race is real, race matters, without also acknowledging that religious ideology also matters, especially when within the same race. This internal war is why one faction welcomed in outsiders as allies in their war. Just like the Jacksonian Democrats welcomed in the Irish and Italian Catholic immigrants.

          • Stagflation occurred because the finance movement had created an expectation of profit increases. Instead of settling for lower profits, they chose to destroy the social contract. You can’t run a society without keeping the lights on, after all.

      • sorry, but these people ARE total trash! Just because somone is white, i do not speak him free of any self-responsibility. And no! They are not just victims of (((them)))! There is no execuse for any white person to become like that! Watch the second video again. It is just a shame.

      • Yeh,that derogatory term for White people gets me triggered too.

        Grrrumpy9 Zoo Keeper • 2 months ago

        Did anyone really take the time to read R.L.’s article?

        I am not impressed.

        There was only one “yokel” from Somerset that was “up for a day to enjoy ramming muslims in a White van.”

        Isn’t yokel a derogatory term for White people, much like hillbilly, cracker,redneck, and White trailer park trash?

        And why does the author show further disdain for White people by using the word “navvies” who were British Whites that were “unskilled laborers” but did back breaking work?


        Who is this Pawel the author refers to as being from Bialystok, a city that is situated in north eastern Poland, which was known in world war 2 as a jewish ghetto where a “holocaust” of jews took place? So which is it? Is the author saying that jews or Poles are living like the “lowest” hard working “navvies” did in the 1850’s?

        I also wasn’t aware the “right” was in favor of mass immigration.

        For the British poor living in London in the 17th century they would probably say that 17th century London was worse than 21st century London…but what the F do i know.I am just a yokel and not a “wordsmith” like the author.

        So to sum it up, the author argues that the British elite main motivation to flood Britain with immigrants is for cheap labor and not to genocide the White race. In 17th century London the British elite were exporting their ” White cheap labor” which included poor White children to work as slaves in early British colonial America. The Rothschilds must be smiling at the stupid “yokels” that buy into that illogical reasoning.

        The article was rubbish and apparently one commenter agrees with me…

        More derogatory words for White people…from Michael Hoffman’s book, ‘They Were White and They Were Slaves’…

      • Obviously you don’t live near a major metropolis where urban and surrounding suburban white kids either act black or go full hillbilly. It isn’t a pretty sight and does not bode well for the future of the West. The term white trash really isn’t that much of an exaggeration here and was extensively used in the 90’s.

          • How old are you? White trash was a term your 80’s contemporaries used all the time!!! There were no anti white whites in suburbia back then. You poor bastard. You never lived in a sjw free environment have you?

          • You are from a different time Vincent. White trash were more hillbilly than black. We called them skids also, short for skid row. Downriver
            Detroit was virtually all white back then, and it still is over 95% white.

    • Corporate run media who have for decades promoted the lie that ” diversity is a strength” knows better than anyone else that diversity is not a strength. All one needs to do to prove this is so is to observe how much of corporate America has most of their manufacturing plants in non-diverse countries like China,Mexico, and now in Vietnam.

      The millennials of today have no idea why American manufacturing plants began to leave America in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Politically correct Academia and corporate run media have blotted out the real reason, just like they have blotted out and suppressed the one-sided race war that has been going on since 1965 by not reporting on black on White crime with the same enthusiasm as they do rare White on black crime.

      Manufacturers in America began leaving in the late 60’s when jewish lawyer shysters, taking advantage of the 1964 civil rights act,Affirmative Action, and the EEOC, established in 1965, began lawsuits against companies who disciplined or fired black workers because they were poor performing workers or for a claim that they were harassed or their “civil rights” had been violated in some manner either by a foreman or another worker in the work place. Frivolous lawsuits from name calling to looking at a black person wrong often netted large settlements amounting to millions for an individual black complainant and their opportunistic jewish shyster lawyer.

      That is when corporations began to shut down plants and move much of their operations overseas.

      Because foremans or supervisors were afraid to discipline black workers, they usually took out their frustrations more severely on White workers whenever they didn’t perform a work task properly.

      Then a little later quota’s were instituted based on Affirmative Action, whereas a corporation’s workforce must meet the requirements that the percentage of the black populace in the geographical area of the manufacturing facility, must be reflective of that percentage in the workplace.

      This began a greater exodus of corporations shutting down manufacturing plants and moving them overseas.

      Later, race hucksters like Jesse Jackson, was allowed to extort money from corporations threatening to sue them for not meeting quota requirements even though said corporation was meeting requirements.They often paid, claiming it was cheaper to settle out of court than to challenge it.

      Adding fuel to the fire, more and more left and invested in new plants overseas where diversity did not exist…

      Then came the oppressive EPA regulation requirements which the corporations used as an excuse why they had to move and invest in new manufacturing plants over-seas where there is no diversity. They would admit to this as being a causation of why they made the choice to build products over-seas instead of America. They would never admit that DIVERSITY/CIVIL RIGHTS LAWSUITS was the cause why they began leaving in the FIRST PLACE.

      Instead they will tell you through corporate run media that DIVERSITY is a Strength, while the manufacturing sector has all but left America.

      Government jobs were made to help fill the void. Government jobs long ago,in the 80’s, outnumbered manufacturing jobs in America. We went from a manufacturing economy to a service economy, selling products made over-seas.

      Thing is, govt jobs and service jobs does not produce a product, therefore it does not produce wealth. Someone has to pay for those non-producing govt jobs. Thats right. The worker who has a real job that actually produces something. Taxes are raised on them to help pay for govt jobs but it isn’t enough because there are few manufacturing plants left in America. Its a big reason why America is 20 trillion in debt and growing.

      It is why manufacturing jobs need to return to U.S.

      Rolling back EPA regulations will not be enough for American based multi-national corporations to return operations and new investment back to the U.S.

      Rolling back “civil rights” and removing ((( activist judges ))) and reigning in jewish shyster lawyers taking advantage of the system must also be a part of a strategy to get American corporations to return to America.

      Till that happens, we will keep hearing “diversity is our strength” even as our White race keeps being dispossessed and genocided by wonderful DIEversity.

  • Yeesh. That documentary is an incentive, in a reverse way, to eat right, drink in moderation and go to the gym. Or look what you could become.

    • lol, (((the system))) is scrapping the bottom of the barrel here.
      They know that the only ones able to fight Alt-right on the street .. or at least go down trying .. are other whites(antifa,juggalos) .
      And the funny part is : Juggalos really are white identitarians wthout even knowing that.

      • And the funny part is : Juggalos really are white identitarians wthout even knowing that.

        True and it applies to so much else – Portlandia, NASCAR, micro brewing, steam railways and a ton of other things that are implicitly white activities. But if they engage in any outward political posturing at all, it’s to repudiate any explicit white identity and attack other whites in general.

  • We should start setting up fake rallies and let the judeo-bolshevik terrorists waste their time and resources shutting down non-existent events lol

  • I doubt anyone will attend either of these rallies. DC is 99% pozzed, and most Juggalos can’t afford the trip from Michigan.

  • I can’t believe people actually still listen to ICP. ICP was popular when I was in middle school. That was roughly 20 years ago. The ICP rappers are pretty much old men now. It’s embarrassing to think that shit is still cool.

  • It’s definitely going to happen. There were many clowns in the counter protest in C’Ville.

  • Whatever. Go Texas, save ppl in white neighbourhoods in the name of the altRight and flood socmedia with the images.

      • How about we try to organize towards this goal instead? One person doesn’t make much of a difference, but several dozen Aryans working hand in hand with the locals to rebuild and provide food and medical assistance would do wonders for our image. You should write an article and promote this idea.

        • It doesn’t have to be restricted to white neighborhoods.

          Do you realize how implicitly white American Sniper was? All you need to do is demonstrate the “unit cohesion” of kin groups.

          • Yes. All we have to do is put a friendly and helpful face on our movement. That is it. How can the Judeo-Bolshevik regime condemn honorable men helping the community without shooting themselves in the foot? These types of actions are a win/win for us.

          • The Jews will always find a way to attack us. it’s in their DNA to hate whites and to subvert us at every level. you can’t appease the Jews. Just like on the Terminator. “He can’t be bargained with. He can’t be reasoned with. He doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear. And he will not stop EVER until you are dead.”

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