Alt-Lite ‘Freedom Rally’ Cancelled In San Fran

The “Freedom Rally” scheduled for Saturday in San Francisco was cancelled due to security concerns. The organizers claim these threats were ginned up by the media portraying them as “white supremacists.” It should be noted that the Alt-Right was not going to be in attendence. Very earnest California Democrat politicians such as Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein were worried about the violence such a gathering might spark.  Pelosi referred to it as a “white supremacist rally.” It seems that after the left-wing instigated violence at Charlottesville, violence is now a pretext to cancel any “right-wing” public gathering.

The purpose of the San Francisco rally, according to its organizers, was to rally for “freedom,” and “free speech,” and “peace.”  Feel free to insert any other cliché, and I’m sure they’re for that too.  It’s a similar spirit which animated the rally in Boston the other week.  And like in Boston, we have the amusing spectacle of hundreds of left-wing counter-protesters showing up to oppose this gathering of Nazis.

Of course we shouldn’t make light of “free speech,” as we see recently how precarious that right is. Free speech is indeed an end in itself.  But free speech has become a battle cry of Trump supporters who vehemently denounce racism (and apparently the Alt-Right by implication), and have literally no other message. Perhaps we should not be too harsh on these people though. ‘Free Speech’ is an implicitly White value that they feel safe rallying behind.

But free speech should be exercised in a way that is at least interesting.

The organizers, which mainly included the group Patriot Prayer, held a press conference in lieu of the actual rally.  In this press conference, a dreadlocked Black guy with an American flag bandana at one point pleaded with reporters as they brought up the specter of White supremacists, “Look at me! Look at me!”  What he means is that he’s a BASED Black guy, therefore Dems R The Real Racists. A Samoan in a Trump hat then lamented that “standing up for free speech makes you a racist, makes you a White supremacist.”

Good observation.

The purpose of the press conference was apparently to showcase various minority would-be speakers for the rally to show demonstrably that these are not White supremacists.  Well played, Alt-Lite!

Given a stage, these bold advocates of “free speech” used their platform to denounce Neo-Nazi White supremacists (whoever they are).  I don’t mean to be too glib here; if these Alt-Lite people support Trump and oppose Antifa, more power to them.  But this brand of political activism is not very brave nor is it very impressive.

The Alt-Lite is naïve in that they think they can point out “media bias” and have some type of good faith dialogue with the media.  They’re justifiably annoyed at being labeled “White supremacists,” but they fail to realize the ethnic and political agenda behind this “media bias” (a phrase which doesn’t quite capture the hostility of our journalists).   They don’t have any clue who’s behind the open borders issue about which they purport to be so upset.  It must be…relaxing to only concern yourself with the surface level of issues without bothering to dig deeper and learn about root causes.

As has been noted by others in our movement, the Alt-Lite does not have anything in particular to say.  Some in that faction are very good at saying nothing in particular. Take Milo, for example.  He’s good at chatting.  He likes Trump. He doesn’t like feminists, and will sometimes make fun of Black people. But mainly he wants you to know– he’s not racist.

The “crying wolf” aspect of the left’s racism accusations benefits us to no small degree as ordinary Americans have become very sick of their claims. They are weary of Cultural Marxism in general, even if they can’t define it.  Unfortunately, their response hasn’t been to embrace their own identity politics, but rather to all the more vigorously insist on their color-blindness…as if that will save them.

If Trump has a kind of cult of personality, and attracts figures who follow him without any coherent explanation as to why, I suppose there’s something to be said for that.  These multiracial Alt-Lite people are definitely not articulate, but let’s give Trump credit for having the charisma to get their support.  That said, I would suggest that these flummoxed MAGA mouthing activists, who are so indignant at being called racist, stop trying to play the part of orators or leaders.  It’s just not working.

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  • I love this fucking web site. It’s just one big ass viktimfest. Some of the responses, to some of the stories are fucking hilarious. Who said you people don’t have a sense of humor? I’m saving this site to my favorites and I’ll pass this site on to my mates. I’m sure they get a laugh at it as well

  • Trump is a figure of near-universal disdain, ridicule and disappointment by the mainstream press. In reality, a lot of people who vaguely nod at, or pay lip service to “cultural marxism” (Brietbart term, everyone else on earth calls it Political Correctness) now actually believe in it because of the hate crimes, blatant anti-semitism and contempt for minorities these websites, and their violent (and in one case, murderous) protests and public gatherings have caused.

    Ultimately, the world looked at the alt.right idiot killing a non-violent protestor with a vehicle, and has largely ignored your compartmentalizing and hypocrisy re: racism, anti-semitism, embarrassing displays of infantile civil war posturing etc. God, people haven’t hated America this much since the country got bombed in 2001.

  • Nobody in his right mind is racist. Race is a social construct. People have different colored hair, too. What is important is culture, which obviously does not align with any physical characteristics such as skin color.

    • Well said. Let’s say the alt-right wants to transition from keyboards to AR-15’s. If they’re confronted by the US Army or Marines, those soldiers and marines are going to have the backs of their non-white brothers. They’re not to abandon their co-culturalists and join the alt-right.

  • Is all of this some 4D chess where the ultimate goal is broadening that Overton window? So you “spare” the alt-lite guilt by association and go in kamikazee hand in tow with the 3rd Reich LARP’ers?

    Do I even have to ask this?

  • This whole “But I’m not a notssee” argument is a complete waste of time. It’s meant to be…this tactic of name calling is very effective in clogging the pipes of debates….One could spend their entire life defending against accusations of this and that while the original topics that could have been discussed are completely overshadowed…One can never appease these people….Hugging/handholding non Whites, having them talk at “rallies” and wearing pro(add anything) shits and hat regardless of “their” motivations, only looks like they are tokens in a scheme….Once the nazi label is there, you cannot cut off your penis enough, you cannot offer your children to be raped by Moslems enough, Tyrone cant bang your wife or daughters enough….it doesn’t stop until your throat is slit. This is a war, friendly open dialogue in America is dead. And we will be too if we don’t dial ourselves in and accept the fact it doesn’t stop until the best of us are dead and the rest are enslaved.

  • Whites are mental pussies. The Japanese don’t feel guilty for the rape of Nanking, but whites feel guilty about treating their slaves nicely, freeing them, and then giving them about $1 trillion.

    It’s not the Jews. White people are the primary problem with the West. It’s in the genes.

  • It is natural for races to live segregated. God made races different and he gathered them like a pelican gathers his young, what God has put together let no man put asunder.
    You dont have to be a nazi to advance this truth but you shouldnt be afraid of being called one, most of Axis was Catholic. Take up the flag with the Holy Cross which is the Cross of Eternal Victory. The cross of ww2 is the mark of defeat.

    Neobolshevik societies wish to raise up a new tower of babel in mockery of God. It must be destroyed and with God’s help it shall be.

  • The alt-lite puts a minority up front, to show they’re not “racist”, gets called Nazi anyway.

    Might as well go full fash.

  • Go alt-lite, put a minority up front, to prove you’re not a “racist”, get called a Nazi anyway.

    Might as well go full-fash.

  • The Jews just cost a bunch of lives in Houston. Read link below and go down the page about halfway and look for the Facebook post by Jennifer Reisig. Last name Reisig, works for a law firm, lawyer friend has “friend” on the city council…those are all obvious Jews. The Jews knew the truth about how dangerous the hurricane was going to be and lied about it to the public while spreading the information amongst themselves. Jews protect themselves and let gentiles and other minorities die just as they have done for centuries. Why isn’t the alt-right spreading this everywhere? We need to be constantly red-pilling normies and agitating minorities about Jews by pointing out actual Jews and their malfeasance. We need to start getting manic like Micro about things. If we are low energy, we’re gonna lose.

  • Why do neo-cuckservatives (alt-lite) think that they can succeed where the paleo-cuckservatives (muh Constitution and Jesus don’t like “racists”) failed?

  • Ingest every Single Red Pill regarding the Jews……

    ……..Judaism, the Talmud, Israel, Zionism, Bolshevism, the Russian Revolution, Usury…..

    ……… Cultural Marxism, Jewish Academia…….

    ………Jewish Overrepresentation in Media/Hollywood/Entertainment/Ruling Class/Establishment……..

    ………the Deliberate Undermining of the White Christian Nuclear Family……….

    ………Jewish White Goy Christian Hatred………

    ………Jewish Social Engineering………

    ………Anti-White Goy Social Activity……..

    But, what’s the Greatest Red Pill???

    The Greatest Red Pill is that ALL Jews are NOT Responsible for these things………

    The Greatest Red Pill is that White Goys are MOSTLY Responsible for our Own Undoing…….

    And while that might create a Migraine in your Head…….


    Reality is INFINITELY More Complex than that………

    And still I remain……



  • The alt right , white supremacy, conservatives , racist and or supposed neo Nazis will all continue to look silly as long as they deny who they are ; and Most importantly what they want. “Segregation” IS the Real issue ,not equality, legal right or any of a load of BS words used to circumvent the Real issue. Without Segregation all white people continue to remain the SLAVES of liberal, left wing America-paying for entitlements in the billions and being Forced to send their children to schools full of nonwhites and living and working in nonwhite communities who’s black, Hispanic and Muslim interest is to rape, robe and murder white people. Until White people rally or march and Demand Segregation-anything else is just pissing in the wind.

    • Segregation must be civilisational to work in long terms. Most of negroes already live in self-segregated areas (aka ghettoes) .. and they breed and breed.
      Non-whites have to go .. all of them

      • The one good thing about the university “cry-bully” phenomenon is the demand for “safe spaces” from “microaggressions.” You have Black students demanding segregation, because they feel so oppressed.

        I notice that only so-called “conservative” Whites are whining about this, but progressive Whites are backing Blacks’ demands for segregation quite cheerfully and very enthusiastically, I must say. Even to the point of shouting down and threatening that Jewish professor at Evergreen for refusing to leave the campus when Blacks ordered Whites to evacuate for some pow-wow about White racism.

        I have to wonder if there is a certain method behind this madness. A surprisingly large number of White Antifas and White SJWs hail from the upper middle class who, no doubt, live in those gated, lily-white communities that Obama was so aggressively targeting for diversity enrichment to be shipped in through low-income housing. Coincidence?

    • I’ve been connected to pro-White folk for many years and found very few of them who say they want to be soopreem over the peoples of the earth.

      Most just want Whites to survive and have their homelands like all others have. Did anybody do a tally at Charlottesville asking: “So, do you want to be soopreem?” It’s a nonsense Jewish slur.

      Probably 95 percent of pro-Whites have no desire to be soopreem. They just love their folk best, which both God and any gook king would encourage because — that’s good for Peoples.

      “White supremacy” is Jewish hate speech against Whites who fight for their legitimate ethnic interests.

    • I can’t open it BUT I heard that his loony a double s was saying things like he would be cool with clearing our planet of another racial group. Morons that advocate for things like that should be shunned as they bring nothing to the table aside from troubles such as those seen in VA.

        • Anglin comes off as reasonable on podcasts and even seemed to be more intellectually compotent and authentic than Johnson. But when he denies promoting use of the Swastika and unironic National Socialism, it really makes me question his sanity.

          I mean, has he seen his own site? He says dressing like a Nazi and flying the Swastika flag isn’t cool and we shouldn’t be doing it, but yet DS is the epicenter of all the LARPing (((Hollywood Nazi))) bullshit.

          Having said that, I still think DS should be on the internet, Anglin did a great service for the world showing us all just how neurotic and unhinged the Globo-Corpo-Judeo-Homo giant is.

          • He makes sense when you listen to what he says about his own site – it is all about the Overton Window. That is its entire purpose and it never strays from that.

          • Fair enough, I believe that is the purpose of DS, and given it’s success with traffic and stirring the pot it is impossible to disagree. But now we have pierced the veil, it is time to get serious and coalesce around a contemporary identity that truly represents what we are and what we represent in 2017 and beyond.

  • > all your speakers are based non-whites
    > the media still calls your rally white supremacist

    “Get rid of the niggaz, it’s not worf it!”

  • The AltRight should be in fucking texas saving ppl you fools! I can’t belive you guys still didn’t organize to do finally something remotely pro-white at least…

    • Didn’t most of the white people get out, while the mud slime stayed behind to loot? I mean, that’s what usually happens. Remember New Orleans?

          • We need a better way to coordinate these efforts. I’m an app developer I can make a chat system for comms

          • That would be great, we also need to find a way to pool funds so we can finance our efforts. Unfortunately the Judeo-Bolshevik system has been impeding our efforts and I have been looking at ways to get around that issue with stuff like bitcoins.

          • I also forgot to add that we have brothers who live in Texas, like Azzmador. Perhaps they could organize something?

          • I’m in Dallas. I can help organize. Anyone else local to Dallas? We can meet up and coordinate

          • I’m no where near dallas but I am willing to head out to Texas.

            I know azzmador is in Texas for sure and he has decent out reach with his radio show and being known in the media. If we can get in touch with him I’m sure we can get things going.

          • This would be a great opportunity for the Altright and would be a mistake to pass this situation up. People want to see people that can make a difference. Not this in the streets bullshit like Antifa. People will support us if they see us helping down there.

          • Yeah, but we need to find someone in the area who can organize everything. Do we have anyone in Texas who can do that?

        • I’m in Europe moron. Houston is 75% nonwhite. And why aren’t you there? Please get rectal cancer and die. Good day to you sir.

    • Yes, we need to be there handing out food, medical supplies, helping to rebuild, etc. How can we dare to speak about loyalty and love for our people and the importance of race when we don’t take the necessary steps to aid our kin when they are suffering?

      • The Alt-Right really should be doing a lot more community engagement. Golden Dawn and Casapound do this, and when the media smears them as Neo-Nazis normies remember them as “those people who helped me in my time of need.” It’s a show of good faith.

        • Yes, winning hearts and minds is the most important thing. We need to be focused on things that actually help people. We need to be putting a friendly and generous face on our movement, something that people can relate to and remember helping them when no one else would.

          Besides, honor demands this of us. How can we call ourselves men when our people are suffering and we stand idly by? That would be despicable behavior.

          We need someone to organize a relief effort that brothers can join in on.

    • The whites (Texans) down there will fend for themselves.

      As they always did and will have to do so.

    • Where is this stash of millions of dollars of money do you think this organization called “the alt-right” has? It’s right next to Obama’s stash.

    • Catholic Christian Rome ain’t looking so good these days from a pro European Christian perspective – the Pope is anti White, Liberation Theology, Muslim/Black migrant boot licker.

      Jerusalem has to be down to ~ 2% European Christian and 8% Christian – Jesus Christ the King of the Jews is not well received by Israeli Jews these days.

      Constantinople is gone. That basically just leaves St. Petersburg as the 3rd Rome.

      The Anglican National Cathedral in Washington is run by some woman who enjoys both Homo church desecrations and Islamic desecrations in….


  • Antifa is both communist/anarchist extremist and violent leftist. Their goal in the United States is to install a communist government and to shut down all speech they do not agree with.

  • An effective resistance in this country has to come out and say, explicitly, that it offers to protect white people’s interests, and the interests of their white progeny.

    And it also has to say explicitly what purpose our elites’ coalition of POC’s, feminists, gays and transgenders serves, when in other contexts this coalition wouldn’t cohere or make any sense: This gang of outsiders, misfits and losers has the job of making ordinary white Americans’ lives worse.

    Normie white Americans probably realize on some level that the country they grew up in, and accepted as “theirs” by default, doesn’t feel right to them now. But they can’t quite articulate why, without our help.

    • When a White Identity movement coalesces in this country that is exactly what they will do. They will explain to the public that “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.” So far it has not appeared, but the infighting among “the left” in Berkeley will drive a wedge between the anti-white coalition and that’s all for the best.

      The “Alt Lite” doesn’t even exist outside of a few media personalities. The people who voted for Trump in the Rust Belt have no idea what an “Alt Lite” is and they don’t know who “Milo” is and wouldn’t particularly like him if they did.

      Trump won Whites in the Rust Belt with American flags, American rhetoric, and appeals to their concerns: jobs and illegal aliens. A White Identity movement, when it arrives, will do the same thing.

      • “Muh Hitler” was the reason that the Jews gave for imposing the conditions that made 14 impossible. And to this day it is still the reason they give for not allowing you to 14, even though every other group can.

        14ers have to deal with “Muh Hitler” one way or the other. And their track record of success has been mixed at best. Running from it hasn’t been all that effective, because everyone can see the parallels between your counter-semitic white nationalism and Hitler’s counter-semitic German nationalism.

        So far one of the most successful methods for BREAKING THE CONDITIONING has been edgy, transgressive humor, that gets people to laugh at these taboos and in the process weakens them.

        And so, if the 14 only types find a new generation more receptive to 14 ideas, they should thank the 88-influenced humor of /pol, DS (and yes, TRS) for making it more possible to discuss these ideas without taboos completely shutting down the discussion.

        • I agree, except I think that those sites you mentioned were set up by Jews so they could point at the ‘evil’ hollywood nazis (seriously who tries to harass someone at a funeral?) and whine about freedom and speech and use it as a pretext to shut it down and it ended up backfiring spectacularly LOL

        • Hitler’s was only the latest counter-semite (discounting Kennedy) to take power in a long and rich history of Jewish skepticism in the West. This notion that Hitler was some sort of Messiah is just absurd, nearly all whites were woke on the JQ and racially conscious at that time and all times prior. The NSDAP was a strictly German and a strictly Modern
          phenomenon that will not, and cannot be resurrected.

          Hitler’s utter and complete failure was the most devastating blow to European people of all time. Leading to the generations of POZ and White genocide that we are currently facing. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with the demystifying and humanizing of Hitler and Nazi history, but to worship him with 88 prison tier neo-nazism is just a misrepresentation of this 21st century Alt Right movement.

          Regardless, playing along with (((Godwin’s Law))) gets tiring, tbh I’m just not cut out for this constant tip of the spear Overton Window bullshit. Perhaps I’m just not autistic enough to understand it, but you must concede that people like me are the only ones even willing to have a discussion with you.

          • You keep using the word “signaling”. We’re not signaling here. Do you think that we can just be 14 and not 88 and be accepted by society? I mean, who are we signaling to? There’s no way to “virtue-signal” being a White Nationalist that isn’t a NSDAP fan in modern society. Don’t use terms that you don’t understand.

          • “There’s no way to “virtue-signal” being a White Nationalist that isn’t a NSDAP fan in modern society.”
            .. sorry, but that’s not true , White nationalism (i.e. white racism ,if you will) existed long long time before Hitler being born .. it’s the Jews who want to reduce everything to Hitler

          • You said >>> “This notion that Hitler was some sort of Messiah is just absurd, nearly
            all whites were woke on the JQ and racially conscious at that time and
            all times prior.”

            Hitler said >>> “In 1918 there was nothing like an organized anti-Semitic feeling. I still remember the difficulties we encountered the moment we mentioned the Jew.
            We were either confronted with dumb-struck faces or else a lively and hefty
            antagonism. The efforts we made at the time to point out the real enemy to
            the public seemed to be doomed to failure. But then things began to change
            for the better, though only very slowly.”

            Hitler was certainly a Prophet, and could quite conceivably be the Savior of Aryan Mankind, provided enough people learn what the Man actually said and did, and then will that to power.


          • Jews call everybody a nazi because they know a little dirty secret , the secret they fear the most:
            you don’t need to be nazi to be an anti-semite

          • Max, we’re going to invest some serious $ in marketing a high quality book The Philosophy of Adolf Hitler – the Essentials of Mein Kampf. Hiter/NS sells very well in places like India and Japan. We’ve got a text only version that we would like to get in the hands of our best activists and get their views on omissions, additions and intros. I think this will be a great book that presents AH’s views on all that matters in ~ 44 to 50 pages. E-mail us if you are interested in receiving this text only version:

          • Jup, the truth is their movement went through very similar things as we are now. To the point that it is scary. I mean don’t tell me that what Hitler says in this video doesn’t sound familiar….


          • German Martin Luther wrote about pogroming the Jews 400 years prior to the Hitler quote you cited, hardly a prophet.

          • Yes, I’m obviously a virtue signalling shill because I wish to bring to light The Jews and Their Lies written in 1543. Almost 4 full centuries before your Lord and savior Adolf Hitler arrived.

          • “Hitler’s utter and complete failure was the most devastating blow to European people of all time.”





          • Hitler failed, but he didn’t fail in a vacuum.

            Rather, the rest of Western Europe fought against him and fought to empower the people who are now destroying our countries, the (((people))) who will utterly wipe us out so that we can never come back, if current trends continue.

            It’s fine to dislike Hitler, reasonable people can disagree as far as whether you get credit for giving it the old college try and coming up short.

            What’s weird is actually defending the allied leaders who fought to create this world.

          • Who’s defending the allied leaders? I think Patton was killed because he knew what
            was coming and claimed the US fought for the wrong side shortly before his death. I can believe these things without sieg hailing and LARPing like we are living in 1930’s Weimar Germany.

          • Good Point. That is why Richard S. and other SMART folks want to keep the NS flag and uniforms out of the picture. This is NOW and not 1923. The Alt Right needs a clean cut intelligent front and focused agenda. That is why I lament the internet black out. Our enemy was deliberate. We need focus, discipline dollars and brains. Not Hollywood Bullshit. Action Items Requested.

          • Ok, well, seems like we don’t need to argue much further, you’re not defending the allied leaders and I have never suggested sieg hailing or LARPing, quite the opposite.

            But I do believe my points above stand on their own.

          • no matter how much you ‘disavow’ these symbols and “LARPERS” they will hate us because we are white.

          • Ultimately yes, but convincing Jews and non-whites is not the objective. The objective is to convince Whites, therefore if certain symbols or LARPers repel potential allies than we need to readjust our strategy.

            Read Machiavelli.

        • Anti-Whites in America have used three narratives to justify anti-white policies: Indian genocide, Black slavery, and Jewish holocaust. The Jewish holocaust narrative doesn’t even really indict White Americans directly but it has prominence because of Jewish power. (((Hollywood Nazis))) like Jews, focus on the Holocaust narrative, sometimes because they are the same people, often because they are both obsessed with the 1930s in Europe, and always because they are both obsessed with Jews/themselves. Neither have shown much interest in the future of Whites in America.

          Even if Americans genocided six million Indians with smallpox blankets, and even if Americans enslaved six million Africans, and even if … a political party in Germany 75 years ago turned six million Jews into lampshades … it still doesn’t justify White genocide in 2017, the Current Year. Anyone suggesting it does is anti-White and pro-genocide.

          There has been serious historical revisionism on all three topics: Indian genocide, Black slavery, and Jewish holocaust. Historical revisionism is always important because the truth is always important. But even revised history shows that there was “enough” Indian genocide, and “enough” Black slavery, and “enough” Jewish holocaust for anti-white purposes. So historical revisionism itself is NOT enough to counter white genocide propaganda. Ask the “rainbow confederates” if having a few Black guys wave the Confederate flag ever did them any good.

          As always, the (((Hollywood))) Nazis throw a spanner in the works because they don’t care about the interests of White people, but instead are historical fetishists – often Jewish themselves.

          White Rabbit Radio did some funny little cartoons about each of those anti-white narratives that are effective in countering the anti-white propaganda. Mocking Jewish obsession about the 1930s is also useful to some degree, although it still isn’t pro-white. There are a lot of Black Power types that idolize Hitler and think “the holocaust is fake” too, that doesn’t make them pro-white.

          /pol/, DS, and TRS are internet trolls, and like internet troll a huge part of their gimmick is overstating their important. People were making holocaust jokes back in the 1970s. It was NOT /pol/, DS, and TRS that made it “possible to discuss these ideas without taboos completely shutting down the discussion” – that was the internet itself, which has, and continues to, hammer away at ALL taboos, not just the favorite taboo of Jews and (((Hollywood Nazis.)))

          It was the blue collar Whites living in the Rust Belt that won the election for Trump, not Frog memes. DS style “performance art” has its place, but the performance artists need to stop trying to force everyone to pretend it’s anything but performance art. It’s not at all a coincidence that this “issue” keeps popping up in EVERY SINGLE CASE whenever pro-whites try to organize, it’s because the DS “performance artists” apparently forgot who their audience was.

          Every single discussion about anything even remotely related to race and the interest of white people gets hijacked by the “performance artists” and the fetishists – just like this thread. It’s almost like they do it on purpose. Funny how that works.

        • I agree humor is a great weapon to break the PC mind control. Our enemies – PC thought police, the worst feminists, the worst 8th Century Islamists have no sense of humor – humor is like direct sun light to Dracula.

          Here are some funny cartoons we commissioned by the great artist Farstar on current events:


          • Please.

            Did you forget the “securing a future” part?

            The issue that is leading to White Genocide is mass immigration. This is a policy we didn’t want, we didn’t vote for, and was imposed upon us.

            There is no Japanese Genocide, despite their low fertility, because their borders are CLOSED. Sensibly.

      • 14 Good…..

        88 Bad……

        6000000 Victims????

        Blame the Bolsheviks, Rothschilds, Traitor Capitalists, Warmongers, and Cultural Marxists……

        ……and Hitler/Nazis…….

        ……for one of the Biggest Mistakes in Human History…….

    • Listen to a COMPLETE and UTTER FAILURE…..

      ….whose FAILED LUNATIC Ramifications still are haunting the White Man everywhere??

      Fk you, LOSER……

      There is ZERO Winning down the Hitler/Nazi Path……..

      Only Hopeless Black Pilled Black Vortex Rebellious Acting Out……

      ……for Irresponsible Omega White Trash Males……


      The Alt-Right will Eclipse your FAILED Nothingness…….

      You are DEATH…..

      Not LIFE…….

      You are Hopelessness and Powerlessness and Resignation……

      You are Utter Weakness…….

      You are NIL…….

          • “Liberalism is moral syphilis, and I’m stepping over it.” Jonathan Bowden

          • It actually didn’t fail as an ideology. The Allies and their Jewish masters waged a world war against it to stop it because they didn’t want competing European superpowers.

          • Unlike most of the Tards who post here I don’t deny the role that white traitors play in the current state of affairs that we face, so I don’t know what point your trying to make. I clearly say “The Allies AND their Jewish masters.”

          • Jews make up 0.1% of the world population. If the whole Alt-right narrative is white superiority, how did such a small, “low IQ” population subvert the more “dominant/superior” race? Further, if we’re talking survival of the fittest, wouldn’t the Jews be remarkabl (from a purely evolutionary/biological standpoint) at being excellent at survival? Even if Jews, as you guys claim, are parasites etc, are parasites not excellent at survival? From an outside perspective, it would seem as though the Jews are and have been winning, if they do indeed control everything so keenly as many of you would have me think. Ironically, your narrative makes them out to actually be (((the chosen ones))) if there managed to dupe and control most of the Western world for centuries. Thoughts? I am genuinely curious.

          • In what way is it a cancer? Are you just using words without regard to their meaning?

            A cancer would be something persistent in the background, eating away at our society.

            There are many, many cancers eating away at our society, liberalism for example. But fascism isn’t one of them, because it basically has zero influence on this society.

            The bottom line is that Fascism was just defeated militarily. And the odds were bad enough that this military defeat doesn’t even tell us that much.

            One reason it’s kind of interesting is that we’ve seen communism and liberalism sort of played out to their logical conclusion, but nobody knows what a stable fascism would have developed into, you can only speculate.

          • Spain was the 9th strongest economy in the world, right behind Canada, in the 1960’s…

          • Interesting point. Yes, Communism is pure death. Liberalism becomes Communist by Jew Subversion as does “Democracy”. Hard Line Republics may do better. Humans DO need LAW AND ORDER. The Human Condition has Daddy issues and needs to be spanked. Thanks.

          • nobody knows what a stable fascism would have developed into

            We most certainly do: the People’s Republic of China, for one, and North Korea (“Juche” is Korean National Socialism) for two.

          • Those are both Asian/Communist countries and therefore fundamentally different from European/Fascist ones. Their also on the rise right now while the West is in decline… So theres that.

      • The Judeo-Communist Agenda is Global. (NWO)/JWO)
        I understand your aversion to overt Nazism. That holds water.
        However the enemy remains the same…
        What do you suggest? You are rational and I respect your word.

      • Hmmm, I didn’t believe in reinkarnation, until I saw a picture that put Steve Miller’s bitch ass next this rat looking motherfucker

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