Aryan Skynet Here We Come

I watched Terminator 2: Judgement Day for the first time this weekend. I went to a converted palace movie theater and I couldn’t believe how well that movie had aged. It was simply fantastic. But my heart was troubled because I knew that the Terminator was actually a massive cuck IRL.

If you don’t know, the Terminator himself has disavowed us. He called us Nazis and virtue-signaled his heart out.

Arnold has had a falling out of grace in recent years because of some affair he had with his goblin-like housemaid.

For the record, I was on his side when the scandal came out. Believe it or not, I had met the Shriver family several times and had always heard the rumors about how terrible they were. I figured that Arnold had married a stone-cold bitch to have a political career and now was suffering day in and day out for his political ambitions.

Despite me quietly siding with the Terminator, he still turned on us.

The proceeds from the shirt sales go to the Wiesenthal Center. I assume its Holocaust related.

But then, what should we have expected? The entire system is against us. Arnold simply hasn’t been reprogrammed yet by John Connor and he also probably thinks that this will somehow salvage his damaged reputation. For the record, him having an affair with his housemaid never bothered me, but his craven cucking did.

Like most politicians, Arnold seems completely oblivious to the direction that this country is taking. In that sense, we are like Sarah Connor, obsessed with a future date where we know calamity will strike. Unlike Sarah Connor though, we look forward to it. If you don’t remember Terminator 2, Sarah Connor runs around trying to warn people and prepare for the day that Skynet goes live. No one believes her, and she gets put in a psych ward under the watchful gaze of a Jewish psychiatrist.

But there are increasingly people not in the Alt-Right that seem to understand what is coming. The funny thing is that they know that they are engaging in CrimeThink when they start analyzing the situation though, which makes it so difficult for them to come clean, even to themselves. They’re afraid of being put in a psych ward themselves.

Check out this interview that Michael Savage had with David Markus. I think it will go down in the Virtual Libraries as an important document that summarized the zeitgeist of the times. It’s about an article he wrote about anti-White rhetoric fueling White Nationalism. Listen to David stutter and stammer:

He says that White men are increasingly under fire from the Left. White men are then reacting to this propaganda with hatred for those that hate them.

Logical, no?

Savage gets right to the heart of the matter and asks David if he thinks that the situation will improve.

Savage: “If you continue to villify and marginilize poor White men, where do they end up going?”

David: “I think they end up in the Alt-Right.”

Also logical, no?

The Left isn’t backing down and instead of kicking the anti-White rhetoric into high-gear. And if Whites are starting to react with more and more anger to the rhetoric, then White Nationalism will continue to rise. So where does this train of logic lead?

Well, it leads to the Aryan Skynet of course. The date that the tipping point is reached, the anger accumulates, the switch is finally flipped and White consciousness comes bursting out onto the scene.

David certainly seems worried about the developments following Charlottesville, and he isn’t the only one. There are still a few clever moderates and people on the Left that see the writing on the wall, they may not know the exact date when it will happen like Sarah Connor did, but they haven’t taken leave of their logical faculties like the mainstream lynch mob has.

They’re worried because they’re not Alt-Right and they see that Antifa, the Liberals, the non-White identity groups are creating a “monster”. And the best part is that they are starting to sense that they can’t even stop it at this point. Because the anti-White mob keeps on marching forward, getting more and more shrill and bloodthirsty as it goes along. Meanwhile, these clever moderates are so afraid of even stating the problem (listen to David stutter) that it really leaves little doubt in the listener’s head of what’s coming next.

The last dialogue is fascinating:

Savage: “When are we going to have the left stop this racial hatred towards white males?”

David: “I-I-I don’t know. I-I-I-hope that it stops. I don’t see any evidence that it will. I will say to those of us on the Right, don’t pick this bait. A-A-A-As awful as this rhetoric is, *sigh* we need to respond in a positive way.

Powerful words. Fills me with confidence, I don’t know about you. And Arnold’s old wrinkly body stuffed in that “Terminate Hate” shirt certainly sends a chill through my spine as well.

But since we aren’t afraid of stating the obvious here on the Alt-Right, let me go out on a limb here and explain what will happen to David and all the clever, and timid intellectuals out there. The Left will keep pushing because they haven’t encountered any resistance from the civic institutions. They’ll keep accelerating the balkanizing forces that are tearing the country apart. They will eat the moderates alive, and only the far Left and White Right will remain.

After that, someone pulls the trigger, and Aryan Skynet goes live.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • Listening to the David Marcus/Savage conversation, I hear a typical stuttering leftist feigning intellectual depth while trying to defend the indefensible.

  • If you bother to navigate to the comment sections of sites like the Geller Report and Jerusalem Post it will not take long to encounter some Jews gleefully watching the destruction of White European nations by the muslim invasion.
    They make comments like, “I hope all their children get raped!” or “Europe has destruction coming for the holocaust”,
    or “I hope they kill every last German!”.
    It does not take long to realize they hate us Whites more than we ever hated jews.
    With many modern Nazi the jew hate is just part of the campy nazi uniform.
    With Jews hating Whites and most any other race is to the bone.
    I like to remind them it was those hated Whites who tore down the gates of the “death camps” and that the streets of Europe will run with Jew blood when the hated Whites are vanquished and islam takes over.
    After all, the only reason we goys are allowed to live is to “serve the Jews”.
    Maybe they are hated for being such arrogant bastards, believing each of them is entitled 80,000 goy slaves.
    They really are a repulsive sect as much as islam.

  • Arnold has always been a Liberal from day one. He was originally brought to America by Joe Weirder in the 60’s ; and was intentionally groomed to make a mockery of his own ancestry and kiss up to every Jew and nonwhite he encounters. That’s how he got to where he is today. That’s why he married a Liberal and got elected-unopposed . Arnold on morals is like Obama talking about race relations-zero creditability.

  • Guys,

    I came here brandishing an olive branch. But I was met with slurs, racist invective and idiotic pseudo-scientific screeds. If you guys can’t debate rationally and thoughtfully online, what makes you think you’re ready for the real world where your opponents vastly outnumber you?

      • They really cannot grasp advanced concepts. It’s extraordinary. He doesn’t realize he’s not debating but negotiating.

    • I looked up the IQ rankings of different nations and Nigeria comes in as 23 with an average IQ of 84. If Nigerian emigres are averaging 110 in tests conducted in the US I’d guess it’s because Nigerian nationals who do migrate are part of cognitive elite from that population sent over to get college degrees. But here’s the kicker it’s understood that 115 is the minimum IQ to do well in college. You really want an average of 130 in advanced degree programs. So what you are saying is that your best scholars are substandard on average.

      • Please provide more information on these alleged IQ tests in Nigeria. Who conducted the tests? Who took the tests? Sample size, social status, education level, where, when and how.

        It seems to me you found something online and just accepted it without doing any due diligence to verify its veracity. Ironically, that calls your own IQ into question.

          • That didn’t answer any of my questions. If that data were true Africans wouldn’t be able to brush their own teeth or operate an automobile.

            You have to question the IQ of anyone who believes this nonsense.

          • A valid point but Lagos is generally a shit pit.

            Btw I did risk assessment for Shell. It’s first hand experience and statistically backed up. Nigeria is the cream of black Africa but it’s nothing impressive.

          • Nigeria is hardly the cream of black Africa. It’s an artificially contrived colonialist mash-up and it’s a mess. I can name at least a dozen black African countries that are doing much better.

            I would encourage you to desist from the dodgy statistics and pretensions to supremacy. Don’t rely on data that is easily falsifiable with countervailing data. For example, the IQ map you posted is a complete fabrication. You are alleging that Africans have IQ’s below those of severely developmentally disabled people. Well, Africans speak multiple languages and function as normally as everyone else. So the IQ claims are obviously false. You can advocate sensible immigration policies or white rights (however ridiculous that would appear to be) without trying to justify those values with appeals to racial supremacy. You are not superior. That is to say, whites are not innately superior to blacks, intellectually or otherwise.

            I also find it discordant and counter-intuitive that white supremacists promote the notion that Africa is a complete and irredeemable wasteland and, indeed, you appear to wish nothing but horrors and dystopian dysfunction on Africa. Yet, paradoxically, you don’t want Africans immigrating to your countries. Wouldn’t it make more sense to wish Africa the best and to want nothing but good things for Africa? Because with improved living conditions, they’re more likely to stay put and not immigrate. People are always going to flee failing and oppressive societies for greener pastures. That’s why you alt-righters are in America. Your ancestors fled various European failed states and basketcases.

          • You’re wrong as usual. What actually happens is a reverse migration. Many political and economic migrants often will return to their home countries if and when things improve. Most of the clever ones always stay behind. It isn’t a lack of cleverness that impedes progress. You could have a population of the cleverest people on earth and one dictator could rise up and send the country on a death spiral.

            Britain indeed was a failed state by practically every metric. It had grinding poverty for all but the elite few. Political and religious freedoms were non-existent. Infrastructure was dilapidated. Filth and disease were ubiquitous. Lords practiced a form of serfdom on their vast estates, discouraging the masses from even getting educated. Belonging to the “wrong” Christian sect could get your head chopped off or burned at the stake. Etc, etc, etc.

          • Very sad to see this sort of blind, ignorant, rabid anti-white hatred promoted so openly in the current year. Try to be more tolerant.

          • Your pathetic inability to present counterevidence is again noted. Also, when he says “Nigeria,” he appears to be speaking of the human capital contained within that political entity.

            You are complaining that that the country of Nigeria has been made weak by too much diversity. Even leaving aside the obvious inconsistency of that contention with the Far Left’s invariable mantra of “Diversity is our Greatest Strength!” (for white countries), the two are not the same.

          • Except that not one of those buildings was designed by a Blackfrican. And probably very little Blackfrican labor except their women went into building them. Everything the Blackfrican has has been built, designed and often outright given to him by the evolved races.

            I wonder when will the Australian abos start their space program?

          • You are correct. Poch monkeys will be poch monkeys. If there is any actual work to be done you will send your women out to do it.

          • This is of course, simply a diversion– a desperate attempt to distract from your pathetic inability to support you initial contention that black Africans score anywhere close to where whites do on IQ tests. You were presented with evidence documenting very low average African IQs. You complained that this evidence made you feel bad, yet you were pitifully unable to produce any evidence at all in support of your feelz.

            How about we make it easy for you? Not just IQ scores– how do black Africans do on internationally standardized school achievement tests? Any African countries getting PISA scores close to those of European countries?

          • You’re still pathetically fail to produce even a single datum to support you counterfactual, emotionally-based hypothesis. Sad.

        • Helpful map. Red is low Blue is high.


        • Please provide results from IQ tests done on any black population, anywhere in the world (not just Africa) that show results comparable to those obtained in white populations.

          Clearly, you are wholly ignorant of the massive amount of literature supporting the significant cognitive differences between the races. That’s your fault, not ours. But since you feel compelled to vomit forth your feelz so profusely, surely you can cite even one study that shows a black population with IQs similar to that of whites.

          That is your hypothesis, right? That blacks and whites have the same IQ distributions? Surely you can present some tiny shred of evidence to support it? Can’t you?

      • Hey, Captain Pseudoscience, IQs “measure” an individual’s *very roughly* “predicted capacity” for “general” intelligence. They can’t foresee a person’s real-world achievements in school or work. That’s why IQ scores can’t be used to screen people out of ANY degree program or job. For all you know, you could be hurling racist comments at the next Ben Carson, who, I might add, was also dismissed as “intellectually inferior”, on account of his race.

        • The map provided very nearly divides the world into First, Second and Third world spheres. Perhaps you’ll say that is outmoded thinking but OTOH it does indicate general outcomes and is predictive.

        • You’re a veritable font of ignorant, fact-free, emotionally-based blabber, aren’t you? IQ tests are predictive of multiple life outcomes, of course, contrary to your feelz-based assertions. You aren’t even aware that the SAT and ACT are highly g-loaded tests, are you? That’s pretty pathetic.

          But even someone with your obvious cognitive limitations must know why IQ tests aren’t used for employment testing, so I’ll have to assume that one’s a deliberate lie. It’s because of
          Griggs v Duke Power Co. IQ tests are quite predictive of work performance In multiple fields. They work too well, as a matter of fact, and were causing “disparate impact” that was preventing the promotion of non-whites into jobs beyond their competence, so they were banned. Except for the military, of course, which still uses a heavily g-loaded test to screen recruits, and to reject many blacks as intellectually inadequate.

          Were you ever able to come up with some sort of semi-rational explanation for your emotionally-based conviction that this country is suffering from a critical shortage of 68 IQ Somalian Muslims, by the way? Or a putative mechanism by which importing millions of Somalians might be expected to relieve this desperate deficiency? Perhaps we don’t have enough policemen who shoot the nearest White woman whenever they hear a loud noise? Or can you think of a slightly more convincing rationalization than that?

          • Our courts criminalized IQ tests for the same reason why they criminalized literacy tests for voting – those scores DO NOT clearly distinguish between “stupid” and underprivileged people. Even among people with Downs Syndrome, a good education can add 15 points to their IQ scores – a HUGE difference in terms of life quality and outcomes. In this country, rights cannot be stripped from people because they’re unable to access *several* decent schools. And YOU’RE “stupid”, if you expect this country’s federal judges to willfully conflate ability and opportunity.

            The military, unfortunately, has a long history of delayed acceptance for diversity. It has, literally, discriminated against EVERYONE *except for White men*. Just look at what they’re doing to Trans soldiers now! Though our military *has* overcredentialized people into dead-end work, its normal tactic is to force its “undesirables” to work longer and harder for their advancement. But, if soldiers do that, they CAN become a Powell or a Duckworth or an Honore. Pardon my assumption, but I’ll bet ANYTHING that one of the following applies to you:

            1) You’re NOT a vet, or else

            2) You’re like Nathan Damingo, who did NOT receive an honorable discharge from the military.

          • While, in a larger sense, it is true that the mindless minions of the Far Left are constantly attempting to make it a crime to notice any sort of innate difference, your assertion that it is a criminal offense to administer an IQ test in the current year is unusually moronic, even for you. Congratulations.

            It’s remarkable how vapid, ignorant, hate-filled acolytes of the Far Left such as yourself will endlessly promote the most idiotic simulations of “research” in social psychology, while ignoring the well-established fact that psychometric testing, and IQ testing in particular, is (easily) the field with the most reproducible results in all of psychology.

            You deal with this fact, and the fact that IQ tests have been repeatedly demonstrated to be both stable over time, and predictive of multiple life outcomes, by the time-tested leftist technique known as “lying.” Plus getting all-caps hysterical again, of course. Yawn. Must be stressful to go through life feeling compelled to throw a tantrum every time you’re confronted with a fact.

            And of course, the blind, unthinking hatred and impotent rage that you direct toward the US military that protects your right to spew this idiotic blabber is of a piece with your rabid anti-White hatred, your vitriolic Christophobia, and your toxic Gentilephobia. Hardly a surprise.

            Have you ever considered the alternative approach? Dealing with the world as it is, not as your TV, and your sociology professor, tell you that it must be? Apparently not. Clearly, enthusiastically signaling your blind, irrational faith in The Narrative is very important to you. For reasons that Havel’s green grocer would understand quite well, of course.

            Looks like you’re still unable to document that supposed critical shortage of 68 IQ Somalian Muslims that we’re allegedly experiencing, or exactly how importing millions more of them will somehow improve America in any way (beyond providing you and your comrades with fodder for more mindless virtue signaling, that is). Take your time.

          • IQ test results are NOT predictive of good life outcomes. That pseudoscience has marginalized MANY bright and successful people, Albert Einstein and Bonnie Bonnie Burstow, to name two. And you’re *still* not outing your IQ scores, along with your REAL name, address, alma mater, and employer. Plus, your Somali bogeymen, are about as “useless” as our 68 IQ Klansmen and Nazis. So, we’ll legalize your Muslim ban, once we’ve deported “deliverance”. How’s that for “virtue signaling”?

          • Very sad that you remain so deliberately ignorant. Is this more of an emotional problem, or simply blind loyalty to your long-discredited, irrational leftist ideology, would you say? Or perhaps… ethnic loyalty? Educate yourself. You primitive, toxic, hate-filled IQ denialism is simply pathetic. If you’re completely incapable of assessing the scientific literature on that topic, due to your obvious cognitive limitations, you might at least attempt to master the (very basic) distinction between “anecdote” and “data.” You’re welcome.

            Very sad that you are so incapable of generating even the most pitiful excuse for a conspiracy theory to back up your irrational, bigoted belief that America is suffering from a critical shortage of 68 IQ Somalian Muslims, let alone making any attempt to explain how they would alleviate that putative shortage– i.e. what remarkably beneficial contributions they might make to our society that real Americans cannot. Very disappointing. Show some agency here.

            “our 68 IQ Klansmen and Nazis”

            And people claim that mindless acolytes of the Far Left such as yourself are driven solely by unreasoning, vitriolic hatred for “whiteness,” which, in their paranoia and impotent rage, they somehow reify as imaginary bogeymen (that are strangely real to them)… the demons of their twisted quasi-religion. Where would they get that idea, I wonder?

          • I’m not an IQ “denialist”. I’m an IQ REALIST! In the REAL WORLD, IQs mean jack sh*t! If they can’t even treat our best and brightest with dignity, then they won’t give the rest of us a fair shake either! When you out your IQ, outperform Einstein, and tell us how we benefit from 68 IQ Klansmen, *THEN* I’ll listen to you. Until then, go whack your Tiki torch!

          • Thank you for demonstrating your frantic, confused emotional incontinence, and your basic irrationality, so clearly. That’s far better than any argument for my side, actually.

            And you capped it off by (yet again) pathetically failing to come up with even the palest shadow of any sort of rationalization for your faith-based belief that this country is somehow in desperate need of millions more 68 IQ Somalian Muslims, and will benefit in some as-yet-undefined, but surely essential way, from their presence. Heh. Surely you must have some justification for this ludicrously counterfactual stance, at least in your own mind? It’s not possible that you simply parrot whatever shibboleths the teevee (or your sociology professor) assures you are the “right” ones in the current year, without ever bothering to examine them critically, is it?

    • See, but this website isn’t for you. We didn’t come here to talk things out with other races. We come here to debate with our own race. This is an ethno-website.

    • Kind of comical to see you attempting to promote this sort of toxic, hate-filled Jewish supremacist on this site. Why would you expect to find shabbos goyim here? Top kek.

  • If you listen to Michael Savage, he is dead right most of the time. Despite him being Jewish, he recognizes what’s going on. Schwarzenegger is a cuck and has been attending Bohemian Grove for years. He’s part of the Elite.

  • This article is spot on. Our numbers are growing. I see it happening in real life. Friends, acquaintances, you name it. But I thought we were just a bunch of single, unemployed, sexually frustrated, outcasts? Or is there a serious political movement rising in America? Take your pick. We know the answer.

  • We need to be exposing Jews in power everywhere all the time on the internet. The Illinois Governor is a Jew Republican by the name of Bruce Rauner. He just signed a sanctuary state bill. He LARPs as a half-German half-Swede on his Wikipedia page, but goyim don’t have fathers who are lawyers with last names like Rauner. Nor do they marry women with names like “Elizabeth Konker Wessel.” Alt-right needs geneologists to expose these people and red-pill the normie right on the JQ because these Jews are everywhere in politics now, it’s a totally different situation from even 15 years ago, and they are out to shut us down with the blunt force of government power.

      • The Jews’ latest tactic seems to be to send Jews for a brief but resume-padding service in the military to pave the way to politics. Ryan Zinke is another one. There seems to be a bumper crop of candidates in this mold.

  • Will altright dot com be booted from it’s webhost, same as has happened to daily stormer and stormfront???

    Google, godaddy, comcast, fb, et all, will coalesce and systematically destroy our means of communication. I wouldnt even be surprised if cell phone service providers stepped in and cancelled phone service on people they deem ‘deplorable’.

  • It isn’t as much of a class war as a CULTURE war!!! I HATE everything about the Black culture and their behavior which has absolutely nothing to do with skin color (or poverty, being there are plenty of whites in poverty, but somehow only their suffering matters)!! Their culture is about their communiTEE and its absurd attitude towards the predominantly white culture which they think is totally justified. They hate the color white for crying out loud! They have done nothing but bring this country to its knees!!! They will DO ANYthing to antagonize whatever they perceive as the “White culture”, i.e. not speaking PROPER English, (>without a faux southern accent when you’re born and raised in OHIO), dressing like your a gang member, or like your job is on a street corner, revolving EVERYthing around overtly sexual behavior, remaining on welfare in any way they can, etc. It’s just positively bullshit!! They have for the last half century done ANYthing they can to undermine what they perceive as being “White” with the help of Marxist Jews, to completely subjugate this country’s predominant conscience!! I want nothing more to do with them, or any other POC for that matter because they’re ALL being stupid and evil. They will never evolve!! They move into EVERY predominantly white area and completely RUIN it!! I’m originally from the SF Bay Area myself, and DO NOT MISS IT!!! (Grew up near Oakland). I now live in lovely NW Montana and want to see it stay as white as it is now, permanently!!

    Russia’s tragic history at exactly 100 years ago with the communist revolution has SO MUCH to teach us!! Why am I not finding discussion of that stark correlation???

    • So a black subculture that wears saggy pants and speaks ebonics is bad but a white subculture that is into ethnic cleansing and genocide is good, eh genius?

          • If I told you Andrew Anglin was there raping blacks would you go? I though you said you had a princely mansion back home? I know I’d feel much more comfortable around my own co ethnics than Crypto-Nazi whites

          • If he were he would be stripped naked and made to walk a gauntlet of irate citizens. That’s how Nigerians deal with rapists.

          • Sounds like all the prominent white men that are busted for pedophilia from time to time. We know they’re just the very tip of the iceberg.

          • The best sign of society endorsed paedophilia is:

            1. AIDS and STD running rampant in teens.

            2. Early pregnancy around 11-14.

            That is Africa. Both the diaspora and the Continent.

          • In some countries there are signs asking people to call the police if they see ANY white man near local children.

            The Canadian consulate in Bali asks locals to turn in Canadians that are trying to boink local children. They know that many Canadian men are there specifically for that purpose.

          • You just contradicted yourself again! Funny sounding red carpet.

      • To reduce the white European race to a culture of baggy pants and ebonics would be a sickening and sad day for humanity; unless of course you are a Jew, who are riding on the genetics of Europeans to get where they are hoping to go, world rule.

        1st, ethnic cleansing and genocide are NOT culture, and no I don’t advocate it.
        HowEVER, POC, (encouraged covertly by Jews) are actively engaging in both by mass media brainwashing and shaming white people into BREEDing with POC as a means to the VERY SAME end!! Love aside, which is very fine by me, to actually psychologically and socially push and admonish whites to extinguish themselves genetically (which is a real present day phenomenon) is EVERY bit as maniacally evil! It’s about extinguishing a genetic pool that is thousands of years old of which NO race on this planet other than whites needs to be concerned about. And thank you for the compliment, I’ll take that.

  • Why are you guys not saving ppl in Texas? Wouldn’t that be the pro white thing to do? Lots of talk on the altright, no action. Sad!

  • You guys should pull your money together and buy an island and create your homeland there. You’re never going to actualize your white supremacist republic in the United States. In fact they don’t even want you in Europe. Vincent Law says he’s writing from Russia. But the hateful ideology he espouses is illegal in Russia and there aren’t many black people there. Hmmm…what does that tell you?

    Do the right thing and take it to an island. Plenty of islands are for sale. Otherwise keep this idiocy online. I’m sure even you guys realize now that the real world is inhospitable to your bullshit. So keep typing away but mums the word when you leave the house.

    • If Ta Nehasi Coates hadn’t been given that huge platform in the formerly WASP Atlantic Monthly, all this probably wouldn’t have happened.

      The black radicals are about how civic nationalism isn’t good enough because of various implicit bias.

      This shifts the Overton window nicely by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

      • I’d love to ship you to any of those islands just to get rid of you. They don’t want you in any of those places either, but that’s not my problem.

          • Hence why an island is your best option. Imagine the white supremacist utopia you could create in any number of islands that are currently for sale.

          • That’s Dr No territory. If you are literary minded the magician Prospero.

            Thing is, blacks exist in the west in urban ghetto. It’s not like your lot farm. The idea of an island is irrellivant if a few city aimed nukes went off or the power went down blacks would die starve or flee.

            See Texas! The water drives you into public shelters.

          • White people can survive under water? Who knew?

            I’m in Houston. All the races are intermingled. In my neighborhood there are blacks, whites, Asians and people from the Middle East. A lot of people from the Middle East, by the way.

            But I think you should familiarize yourself with how modern nukes work and how much damage they can do regardless of where they’re aimed.

          • Low threshold. Kim Jong would be doing everyone a favor. Houston got the cream of the refugees from New Orleans. Must be great.

          • Sure. All the potential targets of NK nukes are black areas. LOL.

            You shouldn’t prey for a nuclear apocalypse because that would pretty much wipe out the northern hemisphere, where most white people live. You think if the US and Russia start firing their nukes that France, Germany, the UK and the rest of NATO aren’t also going to be targeted? That would be a real white genocide, not the fake one you guys keep crying about.

            On the other hand, no nuclear power has any incentive to fire nukes at Africa or Central America or even the Middle East. Those people will be the ones to pick up the pieces and propagate the species after white people kill themselves off.

          • Are you fucking serious? I’m counting on natural disasters to cull the subhumans.

          • You do realize that 99% of white people on this planet are currently targeted by nuclear weapons that are on hair trigger alert, right? History teaches us that eventually those weapons will be fired, by accident or human error if nothing else. That’s why I get a kick out of the alt right’s love affair with Russia. “Russia is our friend.” Right, a friend that is pointing thousands of nukes at you.

            Conversely, not one single nuclear weapon is pointed at Africa. So, umm…who’s likely to survive? In that eventuality we will be the ones tasked with carrying on the human project. We will create a better world.

          • The only nation that’s going to dump a nuclear bomb on anyone these days is Israel.

          • Israel would survive because it’s not part of the US/Russia/NATO suicide pact. So the Zionist project would continue and likely thrive with many of its enemies within these countries wiped out.

          • No the Jews would be the people initiating a strike, let’s say they get a serious military set back on the Golan or Tel Aviv were overrrun, they would immediately dump a bomb on Rome or Berlin out of spite. It’s a blackmail scheme known as the Sampson Option. It’s why the US and U.K. Are so lickspittle about Israeli security demands.

          • Nope, currently Germany is Israel’s best friend. They would like every other country to be like Germany. Germany gives Israel massive amounts of aid. And due to their collective guilt over WWII, Germans are taught from birth to hate nazis and love Jews. So Israel would have no reason to strike what it considers a model gentile country.

          • >Implying Africa would survive without the 20 billion a year in foreign aid and assistance from white countries.

    • Leave the country we created? Go to an island with no military and no nuclear deterrents, while the US becomes black with shitloads of nukes? No thanks, we will die on our feet before we live on our knees.

      • That’s all very cute, but your rights cannot supersede mine. The society you want to create would violate the Constitution and insult the inalienable rights of other American citizens. If you attempt it you’ll be declared an insurrectionist enemy of the state and destroyed. Hence why you should remove yourself and form your “perfect” society elsewhere with like-minded white supremacists.

        There are plenty of historical precedents whereby ideologically compatible people sailed off to form their own nations on an island. Taiwan is one of many examples.

        • “Unconstitutional” Only in the sense that the original constitution has been “Interpreted” over the years. The original American constitution only gives rights to “Land-owning white men of good moral character.” So, technically, you’re violating my rights by being here in the US.

          • The original Constitution provided for amendments. Later amendments abrogated the “white men” clause. So did case law as many non-whites who weren’t black sued to become citizens in the aftermath of the 14th amendment and won.

            To create a white supremacist ethno state you would have to pass a constitutional amendment. Never going to happen, but good luck anyway.

          • Exactly, thanks for making my point for me. Our founding fathers never wanted this version of America. The Alt-Right seeks to restore the founding principles that made this country great to begin with.

          • The founding fathers wanted/didn’t want alot of things that would be anathema today. There’s no more slavery, right? Well, they wanted slavery. Do women vote? Well, they didn’t want that. And who exactly was white from the founders’ point of view? Maybe not you.

            The founders did recognize that they were possibly full of shit. So they added an amendment feature that would allow later more progressive generations to fix their mistakes. That’s really what gives the Constitution its power and prestige. Otherwise it’s just a frightfully hypocritical hodgepodge of plagiarized Enlightenment ideas.

          • Nah. I think I’ll stay. But you should take your hairy ass back to Europe. My people have been here for 400 years, fought in every war and built the country. Most of you guys arrived in the 20th century. America is not for you.

          • Yes we know you don’t want to live with your own apefricans. We won’t give you a choice. You’re going back.

          • Haha. You keyboard nazis are hilarious.

            I wonder why I never run into you clowns in real life. Hmmm…

          • You need to stop with the cultural appropriation Bruce. Drop the Scottish name and get you a good apfrican name.

            We see you everyday and except for a small minority of fanatics we, all of us, desire your physical removal from our presence. It is deep down and biologically determined. No amount of whining will ever change that. But you don’t see us because we don’t want you to. When the time is right we will strike with a vengeance and reclaim our nations.

            I was recently visiting my mother and an apfrican was playing at the US Open tennis tournament. Her remark was, “He is so gross I cannot stand to look at him.” This is what we all think of you and your people.

          • Nope, she is a great person and excellent grandmother. And her feelings are what all of us think it just that some won’t admit it. Older people like my mom are more likely to be honest on such matters.

            Now that you know maybe you can make plans to leave. Who would want to be an unwanted guest?

          • I doubt my white fiancee harbors those feelings. Nor do my white friends, associates, in-laws, employees, neighbors, etc. I mean, they’re white too, right?

            In any conflict your bitterest enemies are going to be other white people. They’re the ones that feel a special obligation to clean out the scum within their race.

            Anyway, keep typing. Every conceivable fantasy is possible online. You can even, with a few keystrokes, order black people to leave the country. All from your basement.

          • But they do. Probably even your wife, though she suppresses it and of course doesn’t tell you that when she smells you there is an inner revulsion or when she gazes upon you in the bed while you sleep instinctual thoughts pop into her mind that you are what you really are; a subhuman ape. But never fret she will also be given a one way trip back to Blackfrica with you. We don’t want her.

            But you will never know these things unless we tell you (I am telling you now). It’s just biology and Mother Nature in all her wisdom giving us preservation instincts lest mankind be dragged down into the dark pit of a Black planet.

            We will prevail and you will go home.

          • I’m just letting you know how we really feel about you on an instinctual level. Before our subjugation to the multicult and its enforcers our people throughout history openly and without shame expressed our true feelings about the lesser races, particularly the Congoids like you. It is merely suppressed now but that cannot last. We will prevail and you will go home.

  • Just saw this morning for the first time a guy firing his pistol at the black dude who was spraying the aerosol fire at someone. The firing has already begun.

    Personally I find that these days, as frustrating as they are, are really something to behold. We are literally witnessing the end of an era. Get ready. Financially, physically and emotionally. Be prepared to explain to the normies what really happened (if you have the time).

  • After listening to David Marcus, Voltaire’s saying came to mind:
    “In Order to Know who Rules Over You simply find out Who You are Not allowed to Criticize”

    Obviously blaming whites can be done. Blaming blacks can be done. But can we openly blame Jews? No we cannot. Not without the entire system attacking us. They rule over us.

  • STOP CALLING THEM ANTIFA AND START CALLING THEM -BOLSHEVIKS-. Stop calling them by the name they give themselves, they don’t call you by the name you give yourselves, dummies.

    Day after day the alt-right, and the right in general, displays their incompetence when it comes to propaganda and the media manipulation.

  • The vast majority of the white population in white countries are mentally retarded, and not worth saving. Stop trying to save them.

    Look inward: Informal Labor Exchange.

    • i agree with this more than anything else i have read in this comment section, the vast majority have a complete aversion to risk is what it really is, and the brainwashing has convinced them more immigrants is a reward if anything, Islam is just like Christianity and blacks are not naturally violent dishonest beasts… the vast majority of whites are afraid to think about why less then 50% of poor whites are married with families, the vast majority are subscribed to genocide because they think it is good, they believe the poor are less than them, there are a few woke elites like Vincent and Richard here but for the most part the old working class that is being genocided is also unaware of what is happening because they buy into the degenerate culture that is offered to them today instead of the traditional family life of the past.

  • Find out what days, weeks, or months he’s coming down off of Steroids and troll his twitter account till he starts crying like a woman. It should be the days he’s not at the gym.

  • Great article. Terminator 2 is really a great analogy for our situation. Arnold himself owe his life and most of his success to his own people and his father who was a real soldier, unlike Arnold who only knows how to pretend to be one.

    Now just like the robot in T2 he is programed to destroy the system that created him, to make it as If it never had existed.

    But putting the analogy aside, its despicable how Arnold can stand for the communists in this conflict, the heirs to an ideology responsible for killing millions of his people and for the rape of even more germanic women. Hasta la Vista Arnold, i don’t think you will be back this time.

  • Weak institutions and street justice, it’s not hard to see where this is going. I do wonder which country in the West will succumb to civil war first. I read of a 60% chance in the US over the next ten years.

    • no civil war is coming because every white is afraid of the result for the areas that the jews and their femiblob win, lthe winners on the multicultural side will be forced to step down and appoint moslem princes as their rulers and blacks as their doctors and lawyers, and they will have to give these non english speaking people the best property, even the most dedicated white Bolshevist is afraid of a conflict that will lead to this

  • Jordan Peterson was asked his opinion of Charlottesville and gave a similar response to David Marcus.

      • Surely getting 630,000+ views on a single lecture about the Bible deserves recognition. As far as promoting the virtues of the West goes, he is doing more than just about anyone. I think you are mistaken to attribute his voice to weakness. Millions on the right would vehemently disagree with you on that one.

        There is a massive resurgence in interest in Christianity due to Peterson. This can only be a good thing for our cause (unless your one of those pagans that foolishly wants to discard Christianity all together).

        I’m not sure why you would hate a guy who has more power than anyone right now to clean up the universities (as he has aggressively stated he wants to do). I wonder if you have actually listened to what he has to say rather than react emotionally to his emotion laden voice.

    • Why is he so keen on suppressing white identity and not suppressing Jewish identity? Easy question you could ask him in lecture.


  • That same SPCL guy is at every single rally, including the pre-game torch one. That asian dude/chick that was crying during the pregame torch rally is everywhere as well. I hope this isn’t going unnoticed, because it can’t just be coincidence.

  • Are there any good altright singers/rappers. I’ve only really come across two, although i admit searching jewtube is probably the wrong place.

  • Is poking the sleeping dragon bad? Why even ask this question lol.

    It’s really sad that we have to in this day and age, but the saddest part is, for the most part, we are still asleep. Keep sounding the alarms brothers! We have to try and save every single salvageable white life from this all-consuming nightmare of propaganda and peaceful invasion/genocide.

  • I’m considering re-registering Democrat so I can vote in their primaries, and then vote for the most Communistic candidates, those who genuinely want to soak the rich and make it their central platform issue. I want to tax the rich traitors who sold the white race out for a few shekels. And only when the rich are afraid for their lives will they support national socialists.

    Prime Democratic candidates: Jews, women, whites.

    Bad Democratic candidates that have proven to be only capable of being dumb puppets of the wealthy globalists: Full blacks and half blacks.

    If the Republican Party stabs Trump in the back on the wall or passes Amnesty I think we should all do this. The left is destructive, the right is constructive; we tried being constructive but at least we can be destructive and take these white wealthy traitors down with us. The wealthy are pushing our heads into the water and drowning us, grab their arms and take them down with us.

  • I cannot tell you how many people I’ve seen go from normie to sympathetic to the alt-right in the last year or so. I live a normal life with normal people so my anecdotal evidence shouldn’t be too atypical. We all know where this is heading.

  • vincent law wrote “The Left will keep pushing because they haven’t encountered any resistance from the civic institutions. ”

    First, the Left/liberal activist core is different from the liberal base, and both are quite different from the big players at the top who generate propaganda that guides the activists and the base…most of the base does not pay much attention to what is going on…the activist core however has been driven into a bloody frenzy by the media, which is the propaganda organ of the big players at the top….the activist core is used as a proxy for american opinion by the media…
    now the ‘civic institutions’ are on the side of the establishment, which is basically inseperable from the Dem and GOP parties…the original genesis and source of the anti-white propaganda comes from the CEOs and management and shareholders of the big corporations…the media and the Dem/GOP establishment pretty much do as they say…and the CEOs etc do not like the alt right or white dissidents because white populism threatens the flow of immigration…and immigration is how the CEOs/establishment prop up the ponzi economy…so they can keep making millions.

    so, anyway, a lot of this anti-white escalation is really just a runaway train of momentum and inertia built up by decades of anti-white indoctrination in school…the activist core has already been turned against whiteness…and now they have been pushed into a blood frenzy against white populists….the establishment is desperate to squelch this rebellion…

    • I will always have hope for the white race, for even if we are bred out of existence, if the rest of the races don’t destroy the world, evolution will invariably make the northerners white again.

        • Well, if the left wants to attack an anti-racist rally where 9/10 speakers were non-white… and call them white supremacists and nazis…

          It probably works out ok for us and badly for the left.

          I kind of appreciate the TACTICAL MILQUETOAST angle of these free speech rallies recently. I can’t imagine caring what any of these people have to say, but it’s kind of funny when they bait the left into going insane over nothing.

    • Wasn’t us in Berkeley, 9 of the 10 speakers were minorities, but the Anti White shitlibs still rioted. Thanks for bringing White America over to our side.

      1000s of AntiFa militants stream out of Civic Center Park in Berkeley, begin marching down MLK Way.

      This is why we need to remove all MLK monuments and street names.

      • “This is why we need to remove all MLK monuments and street names.”

        It would escalate things nicely if one of those MLK monuments suddenly lost a head, or spontaneously blew up, or if made out of metal had some corrosive substance thrown at it (if it’s made out of aluminum you can throw mercury at it at night and in the morning it would have melted).

        • Easier and probably better optics is for us to spread a rumor in some right wing area that Antifa wants remove the statue of a beloved local figure like Sam Houston or Brigham Young. Then we announce an Alt Right rally at the statue, permits be damned, but just never show up while Antifa shits all over some figure that normies love.

          • Eventually you’re going to have to do something that involves the real world, people are going to start calling your bluff.

          • Agreed. But psyching Antifa into attacking some Sam Houston statue will be a huge propaganda coup that wins us converts.

          • In a month everybody is going to forget statues were even taken down, including ANTIFA. The fad will pass.

    • I will offer you a free grade school grammar lesson so that you look less a fool when you comment here. “Nazi’s” does not need an apostrophe, an apostrophe used in this manner shows possession.

      Example: The Nazi’s uniforms were well tailored.

      In this case, the uniforms belong to the Nazis, therefore the use of the apostrophe.

      The Nazis were valiant fighters.

      In this case there is no possession, so no apostrophe is utilized.

      I’m sorry to be pedantic, but it’s very difficult to take your opinion seriously if you are unable to command basic grammar.

  • Guys,

    Thanks for a great discussion. I wish you all the best. Time to prepare for the Game of Thrones finale. My fiance, who is German (not that it matters) and a GOT fanatic, wants to start early with listening to the soundtrack and watching a couple of the best episodes before start time.

    • Pepper spray is useless. If you really want to use non-lethal force to defend yourself then you should use a stun baton.

    • Frankly, what the Left is doing makes sense. They can’t use the official power of the state to crack Patriot Prayer skulls yet, so instead they just have the state do nothing, while unofficial state sponsored paramilitary groups put the boot in on their behalf. Thus, plausible deniability is maintained. Similar tactics are used in other countries all the time.

      The problem is with the Conservative Right. It is completely unwilling to respond to this with similarly effective measures and this creates a dangerous imbalance. Frankly, I’m beginning to suspect that much of the so called “American Right Wing” thinking is some kind of psy-op intended to use ideology to neuter people; to try and condition White Males to have a strong built in unwillingness and exercise power in their own interests.

      I would be very surprised if anyone does anything substantial to prevent black clad leftists from attacking political rallies.

      • That’s why the Republican Party must be split. Anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this cause the status quo is unacceptable.

        • Keep pushing in whatever area you are in..I’m assisting in image-saturation…But I keep thinking that reaching young college students and giving them the intellectual tools, the spiritual underpinning giving strength to our awakening consciousnesses. That is what will enable them to not only survive but dominate and thrive in the long fight ahead. Competence and concrete results (easily created in life by focus and physical training) will ensure Victory over those which have already doomed themselves to tatters on the infinitely fractured left, receding as our ascent commences.

    • Any beaner with 2 brain cells to rub together knows inviting in 100 million more beaners/Chinese/Negroes will drop their wages along with everyone else.

  • still being protected by

    Makes a tinfoil specialist sit up and go hmmmmmmmm

    • Why wouldn’t it? Cloudflare’s CEO is Matthew Prince, who is a cousin of Erik Prince of Blackwater infamy, and is used by Law enforcement and intelligence agencies to track ‘terrorists’ by their own admission and Cloudflare itself uses that fact as part of it’s advertising. In fact, the very program that they use on websites like this is called ‘project honeypot’ –

      • Thanks for that refresher, people need to know how and who is manipulating us for their neferious ends.

        Why pay sodomites and usurers to torture us.

        • Yes, I am trying to make people aware of the fact that the Jews are watching on us and tracking our every move, even in our homes and private lives!

          • There is no ego involved. People need to be made aware of the fact that the Jews have access to the most advanced and intrusive espionage and surveillance equipment and programs in the world. They are even developing ways to use thermal imaging to see through people’s walls and into their homes and spy on them. It isn’t unimaginable for them to use something as inocuous as cloudflare to tracking the online activity of pro-Aryan activists.

          • Superego is the external voice of authority you internalize. The rules etc.

  • The flame of the Aryans has been lit and it will continue to grow until it engulfs the Judeo-Bolshevik terrorist regime.

  • Guys, let’s examine history.

    The Immigration Act of 1965 was not a Jewish conspiracy. It was a cold war conspiracy. The United States was in a life and death struggle with the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was making headway in the developing world. They were allowing Africans and other POC to come and study there. At the same time, Soviet propaganda held that the US was a deeply racist society that not only brutalized blacks but also wouldn’t even allow non-whites to immigrate there. In order to compete the US had to open up its immigration system. Remember, this was an existential struggle between capitalism and communism. The USSR was ascendant and winning, particularly in the parts of the world that were victimized by western colonialism and imperialism. In order to compete in the marketplace of ideas the US had to try to knock down as many racial barriers as possible, including racially discriminatory immigration practices.

    • Excellent comment. A lot of people also forget that immigration happened as a result of the Cold War. For example, I read an East German English textbook for middle school students from the 50s that talked about segregation and the “poor treatment of blacks.”

    • Capitalism and communism are an illusion. Lenin’s biggest financial backers were Wallstreet Jews.

      • Close. But it was Trotsky that had Wall St. supporting him. Lenin had the German government. Once they joined forces, that was a different story.

        • Lenin as you pointed out was backed by Ludendorff, although I understand he had money from a Jewish banker based in Stockholm.

      • You want to maintain an echo chamber? Is that really prudent? Aren’t these echo chambers the reason you guys are always shocked to find the plurality of ideas and opinion outside the bubble?

          • The USSR was on the march. They were presumed to be technological superior. They were amassing allies in the newly independent African countries. They were presumed to be the champions of the oppressed and downtrodden. Their system was presumed to be classless and egalitarian.

          • Laughable. They did distribute ak47s for free but that’s about it. Their birthrate had begun to collapse in the 60s and they were looking for any way out of their predicament they could find.

          • They had advisers, trainers and even troops in many African countries that were fighting white occupiers. Many other African revolutionaries went to Moscow for training. Plus much of the USSR’s aid was channeled through Cuba.

          • None of that means the USSR was ever close to winning.

            And many of the trainers were Stasi/East German.

          • You’re right. Let’s just say the Soviet bloc.

            As far who would win, that was greatly in dispute in the 50’s and 60’s. Nobody really knew that the USSR was quite the house of cards it turned out to be.

          • Nope. I said all those things were presumptions, I didn’t say they were facts. For example, many people presumed that the USSR was superior technologically due to its substantial lead in the space race. But in reality they weren’t.

          • We don’t know the degree to which they were (((Stasi))) either.

          • Nope. I’m not a communist. I’m a capitalist. Communism is interesting in theory but it doesn’t work. It’s against human nature.

          • Birthrate actually started to collapse in the 80s, had a bump in the 2000s and now will be lowering again until the next cycle. Somehow everybody forgets to mention that these things go in circles.

        • I don’t care what a non-White has to say on issues that don’t concern him. You don’t see me going around telling Chinaman how to structure their society. That would be absurd. You are not part of my tribe, so there can be no debate, only negotiation. Your self-interests run contrary to mine.

    • In order to bow down to Soviet propaganda, usa had to become less raycis and in order to be competetive in the world usa had to open borders to hoards of non Whites….another defender of the “jewish revolutionary spirit ”
      Ill stick with echo chamber…jew did it to destroy us

      • For real. We need to go back to the Naturalization act of 1790 — the one that President Washington signed.

        • Bringing up that Washington barred non-whites always elicits shock and disbelief from shitlibs.

          • They desperately want to live in a dream world that bears little resemblance to reality.

    • Bruce says, “The USSR was ascendant and winning,”

      Total BS. Economically, the Soviet Union was always a joke, even at its zenith. If you calculate Soviet GDP in rubles at the real (Moscow street black market) exchange rate (not the fictional “official” rate), the total output of the Soviet economy was always less than the GDP of California.

      The myth of Soviet power was used by the American military-industrial complex to promote massive defense spending, but that is all it ever was — a myth. When the Soviet economy collapsed (circa 1990), the Soviets had to borrow money from the west to move their static infantry from the eastern European nations back to Russia. That’s how much of a joke the vastly overestimated Soviet military forces were.

  • Savage is about as good as it gets for a Jew. Let people like him run Israel as a fascist Jewish state.

  • Lord, you’d think a bunch of wannabe Nazis would listen to a man who lived among REAL Nazis. Your fear of the truth is one more sign that IRL can always squash the alt-right.

        • There were no Nazis around in 1917. I’m sure there were patriotic nationalists that loved their country and their race above all else but you don’t get born a “Nazi”. Unless you see “Nazis” under your bed and around every corner.

          • Millions of European Gentiles were slaughtered during World War II. Slaughtered for absolutely NOTHING! Anyone who does that is selfish, monstrous, and maybe not even capable of love. Maybe that explains why Arnold’s father was so abusive to him.

          • It’s wrong to say that European Gentiles who died in WW2 fought “for nothing”.

            WW2 had major consequences; it led to the current world system and it enabled the current (((hostile globalist elite))) to consolidate their control over the world.

            It’s not clear what the German future would have looked like if they had won. But we’re living in the future that the Western allies fought to bring about.

            Given the ongoing trends of the current year (which all seem to lead to a very unpleasant death for our civilization) it’s not surprising that people who understand the severity of the situation tend to admire those who fought to prevent this future.

        • Whoever was left was beaten into submission and forbidden from speaking honestly… much like Germans today

          • Crud, Germans today vote to criminalize the display of Nazi salutes, Nazi flags, Nazi uniforms, and Nazi propaganda.

          • Germans today also vote to replace their society with African and Middle Eastern migrants. Modern Germany is not a society that is engaging in healthy, adaptive behavior patterns. It’s a society that is rapidly going extinct.

            However, unlike the rest of us, Germans do have the excuse that they’ve been mentally and physically occupied for decades. And their minds have been fucked with through the teachings of anti-German ideology.

            This is not the future the German people chose, even though, after decades of conditioning, they will defend it.

    • Just a quick hypothetical question, IF the ‘nazis’ would have won the war and hypothetically Schwarzenegger would have still been born and would be alive today, would he be pro or anti nazi?

    • What IRL squashed the Alt-Right??

      Numerous Antifa were sent to the Hospital with Life Long Scars to Remember……

      All of Silicon Valley, All of the Media, All of the GOP and DNC, All of the Establishment…….

      ….ATTACKED us……

      We’re still here…….



  • T2: my all time favourite movie. There is also another analogy: the terminator is an ideal of doing what your duty is, without question, without hesitation, without worrying about yourself. White people were famous for this, especially German soldiers during the 2nd World War.

  • Hey guys, don’t get me wrong. I agree with you that traditional cultures should be maintained. If I visit a small English village I don’t want to find a bunch of McDonalds and Starbucks there. I also would want the village to maintain its unique ethnic distinctiveness. I don’t want it overrun with Pakistanis or Nigerians or Poles. Keep in mind, ethnic white immigrants can also destroy the cultures and traditions of other ethnic whites. Much of the anti-immigration feelings in places like Britain are directed at whites from other parts of Europe, primarily Central and Eastern Europeans.

    Believe it or not, this idea that traditional cultures are being destroyed or subsumed is most prevalent in the so-called third world. And guess who’s the object of their ire — YOU! Westernization (i.e., white man’s culture) is like a gigantic bulldozer that destroys or assimilates everything in its path. Even the dominance and preponderance of English has led to many native languages going extinct. Others are on the verge of extinction.

    Try to see these things from the point of view of other people. You have a culture, language, economy and military that are hyper-dominant worldwide. So other people are genuinely flummoxed when you’re the ones trying to play victim. The disengenuity of your claimed victimhood is quite transparent.

    • As far as I heard, Chinese expansion is more feared in Africa. In any case they have to fight for their own culture, while white people will fight to preserve their own civilization.

    • Jesus christ how often do you need this to be told. Jews own our military, not white men. You think white people gain anything from middle eastern wars?

      starting from 2:25

      first 30 seconds

    • God almighty you are dumb.

      No one who complains about Poles is really complaining about Poles.

          • Sorry bro, the notion of a universal white race is more a less an American white supremacist myth. Whites have been cutting each other to pieces for thousands of years, with over 100 million killed in the 20th century alone.

          • Ofcourse they have just like Africans have and middle easterners have. And now they are all under a dire threat of international Jewry.

          • No. Churchill almost ran for reelection after WWII on the platform of “keep Britain white.”

            And the entire post-colonialist movement didn’t see Europeans as their nationalities but as white. Palestinians saw the Jews as white settlers.

          • From Churchill’s point of view “white” would exclude most of the people posting on this board right now. It’s stunning to me that you don’t know that.

          • Because you know so much about him?

            Race indeed is real. There’s a reason why certain peoples have sickle cell anemia and others don’t.

            But the fact that all races can interbreed with each other also means that we all are of the same species.

          • Race is real? Okay, so what? What do you gain from the “reality” of race? You want to suggest that some races are smarter? More moral? More altruistic? Good luck in proving any of that. Whatever evidence you present can be countered by any 5 year old.

          • No, most young children are racist and have to be socialized otherwise.

            The fact that subsaharan Africa hadn’t invented the wheel prior to European colonialism is enough proof. And the exploits of the various warlords like Kony just goes to show the character.

            I don’t gain anything from it. It is just something to be aware of as a reality in the world.

          • That’s actually a picture of Egyptians using the wheel accompanied by their black slaves.

          • It’s well known that charioteers from the north invaded Egypt making use of the wheel.

          • So why were the actual Northern Europeans in Europe cavemen at the time?

            The DNA evidence you’re referencing is a confirmed fraud. A Swiss genomics company concocted the story in order to sell their DNA kits.

            Yeah, I can just see a bunch of pale, pasty Northern Europeans running around shirtless in the Egyptian desert.

          • No, actually they weren’t cavemen at the time.
            And the DNA evidence is real, blacks aren’t intelligent enough to invent DNA evidence nor analyze it.
            You’re a big dumb gorilla, now go finger bang your mama. lol

          • But I’m black and you’re white. Yet you’re not nearly as intelligent as I am. How did that happen?

          • The dung beetle beat Subsaharan Africa to the wheel by millions of years.

          • Nah, it’s already been proven.
            You’ve got some catching up to do curious george.
            Just so you know “out of africa” is toast and stone age Europeans reached America before the Indians. lol

          • The US is an outgrowth of the yearning for a pan European brotherhood (suppressed by various despots funded by bankers) frustrated on the mother continent.

            And yes in fact the US was founded as a White Nationalist state. The success was a product of whites hanging tough together.

          • Why engage with Leftist enemy mate? Can’t see the point. They’re here to disrupt. I’m in the UK and you’re correct, but you could have included Africans and Pakistanis in your list. The Poles/Czechs and other Eastern Europeans are seen as decent folks but they undercut indigenous tradesman and skilled workers. They’ll have to go home and build their own economies I’m afraid.

    • “Westernization (i.e., white man’s culture) is like a gigantic bulldozer”
      That is globalisation.
      “The disengenuity of your claimed victimhood is quite transparent.”
      Type in Google: “European people’s culture” and see the pictures and you will understand. Also type “white couples” than “black couples” and see the pictures.

  • And, uh, kill everyone?

    Not gonna happen like that.

    Trump’s election was the closest thing to a skynet awakening among whites.

    We’ve seen how it is turning out.

    Civil war would appear more likely, but also video games have gotten really good, smartphones everyone loves theirs and is always distracted with the bright colored lights coming out. And everyone knows implicitly that any serious instability and our cheap amazing smartphones will skyrocket in price.

    That is the end game and how world peace will be achieved.

    • I believe that was the gist of the whole thing, skynet going “live” IS the civil war….WE (Whites) are skynet.

      • Yeah it is a crap analogy there. Because other groups also have their own rival skynet that would cause serious harm to your skynet.

          • Actually, no. That is the whole point of the liberal order. To create a world where minorities don’t go around gun in hand to get ahead.

            It’s like North Korea. Yeah, we’d win, but it would suck in the process and isn’t worth it.

          • The AK47 makes imperialism virtually impossible today, but id be damned if any darkie could crank them out with machine tools fabricated by a White or a Yellow.

  • Doesn’t hurt to dream. But the biggest problem with your “movement” is that white men are not oppressed. You’re never going to twist logic or facts enough to convince anyone with two brain cells to rub together that white men are oppressed.

    • Your opinion could be maintained in the 1980s and even in the 1990s to scoff at the pit canary WNists. A decade ago I’d have agreed with you. But since then it’s pretty clear that if white men don’t look out for each other as a race, key ground is lost at an alarming rate.

      Data is in.

      • White men control everything and receive red carpet treatment even in Africa. As long as you continue to defy reality by claiming that white men are oppressed you’ll never move the needle beyond Internet echo chambers.

          • Nigeria. But I immigrated to the US as a child. I still have a home there and travel back frequently. I’ve also been to other African countries. White people are treated like royalty in all of them.

          • If white men controlled the US then why the fuck do you think you were let in the country? Why the fuck would white men want nigerian men to prey on their white daughters? White people will be a small minority in the US within a few decades, wtf would white men want to do this to themselves? Get your head out of your ass. It’s not that difficult to figure out that white men don’t control anything currently.

          • White men control the immigration laws here, bro.

            What are you some kind of sexually repressed weirdo? What do you care if Nigerian men have consensual relationships with white women? It’s none of your business.

          • Migration policy has been controlled by (((White Men))) since the Hart Celler act.

          • Not sure you get the picture. Most Jews look like white people (Europeans) but they are not. If most Jews looked like black people, would you know the difference between an African and a Jew?

          • Jews control the US and Jews are behind all the non white immigration into white countries. Not that difficult to figure out.

          • So you are one of those people that believe that Jews are behind non white immigration because Jews have openly told everyone that will listen that they are behind non white immigration?
            Liberal logic then concludes that you are a Nazi.

          • Uh yes it is. Blacks have way higher rates of STD’s. Are way more likely to kill their spouse. Are way more likely to abandon their children. Have significantly lower IQ’s so lower IQ offspring. and 85% of interracial children with black fathers end up as welfare leeches.

          • We don’t want your inferior dna to pollute our bloodlines. All civilization will die off if the planet turns Black. So it is our business and it should be illegal just as beastiality is illegal.

          • Whites in South Africa are still in control of a vastly disproportionate amount of wealth and power. To the extent that there are some anti-white feelings, that is due to Apartheid. You don’t find anti-white attitudes in any other country in black Africa.

          • You should bow down to the White Man……

            Your Continent would still be in the Stone Age……..

          • Blacks will always kill the golden goose. They killed it in Rhodesia.

          • You are correct. I have lived on three continents and wherever our people go we are worshipped as gods. This of course causes envy and hate to well up in the hearts of lesser races. Especially when they see their women wanting to breed up into our race and giving themselves freely or try to (I personally don’t take the offers).

            Just one more reason we must be physically and geographically separated.

          • But in Africa you’d better check that white supremacist attitude or they’ll send you home in a box. Africans won’t put up with racist shitheads. Make sure you’re on you’re best behavior.

          • How would they ever know what I think? They know and you know you are inferior. I’m friendly enough and I grew up in a majority Blackfrican city. I know how to deal with your race.

          • Being lower on the evolutionary scale they don’t think at all but act on animal instinct. But they know deep down that they are closer to the other primates.

          • Nope. In fact the Nigerian 419 scam is based on the notion that whites are stupid and easy to fool. If you think an Igbo, for example, thinks that some white guy is superior to him you’re nuts.

          • You know it’s true and it hurts. Blackfricans are such dumb criminals prisons all over the world are full of them.

        • White men control everything? yeah sure…

          (first two minutes)

          (start from 2:25)

          (first 30 seconds)

          (watch from 6:00 till 7:40)

          (Watch till 2:40)

          (start from 2:00)

          (Watch till 4:08)

          (Best chess player ever and part Jew himself)

        • “White men control everything and receive red carpet treatment even in Africa.”

          Where is this red carpet? Show me an image of a white being feted by the locals?

          “As long as you continue to defy reality by claiming that white men are oppressed…”

          Affirmative action in America, UK, France etc has crippled the ability of white men in particular to fulfill their potential. Paying welfare out to ethnic minority groups probably cost the US a Mars colony. That’s just a fact.

          “…you’ll never move the needle beyond Internet echo chambers.”

          That’s a clumsy mixed metaphor. perhaps you should have said “…you’ll never move out of the ghetto of the internet echo chamber.”

          Hey we built the internet. You are just a guest.

    • Ever heard of affirmative action? What is the group that never ever gets to benefit from this? White males. What group is getting attacked day in day out for being so called ‘privileged’? White males.
      Where is this privilege? No where.

      • Affirmative Action helps whites more than blacks as white women are the biggest beneficiaries.

        Ever heard of institutionalized advantage, white privilege and white good ol’ boy networks? Those are far more powerful than Affirmative Action. They’re why Affirmative Action was instituted in the first place.

        • You’re Nigerian…….

          How are you a Victim of Historic American Slavery/Jim Crow??

          You’re a LARPER…..


          • I am not and I am a victim of historic American slavery/Jim Crow. I’m still black in America so to the extent that black people are impacted, I too am impacted. On the other hand, I’m not personally an heir to 400 years of inhumane brutality. It’s a legacy that’s difficult to overcome for traditional black Americans. It’s going to take more time.

          • Blacks in the US are victims of low intelligence and an overweening sense of overconfidence. See Dunning Kruger Effect.

          • Sorry, I don’t buy the racial superiority in intelligence bullshit. I’m black and I’m probably the smartest person on this thread.

          • Dunning Kruger Effect again.

            You are making a claim you can’t prove, that contradicts all the empirical evidence then forwarding an anecdote as an alibi.

          • Compared to who? Christopher Cantwell? “Based Stickman” Kyle Chapman? Jason Kessler? Nathan

          • Nigerian Americans are actually more successful than white Americans in terms of educational and occupational attainment.

          • How the hell did that happen if blacks, including you are exposed to such white brutality?

          • We’re like Jews. We don’t think anyone’s better than us. We persevere in the face of adversity. We study hard. We work hard. We buckle down.

            I never said that American racism was insurmountable. There were even blacks who were able to persevere and succeed during slavery and the height of the Jim Crow era.

          • Ah ha.

            But that’s not a good reason to invite into a territory, yet another group or in this case Class, that can game the spoils system.

          • If you know that black is a disadvantage in America, why come?

            Because black actually is not a disadvantage. It is an advantage.

          • Shut the F up, Slavery LARPER……

            You’re not a Victim of Anything, you POS….

            You should be thankful you were allowed in……..



          • Remember…..

            You’re trying to rationally reason with a Nigerian African Immigrant…..

            …..who prefers to Fk White Women……

          • And one that can’t tell the difference between Jews and whites even after you tell him, it’s like he doesn’t believe that Jews even exist and they are just a boogeyman.

          • I dated a blonde haired/blue eyed Jewish girl in high school. Jewish is a religion, not a race.

          • Try immigrating to Israel, in order to become a citizen of Israel you have to prove that your mother was Jewish. The Talmud also defines a Jew as a race. You have believed too many Leftist lies to fix you now would almost be impossible

          • It’s an Enthno-Religious crime syndicate. In order to migrate to Israel you have to have a DNA test that proves ancestry.

          • So if I start reading the Torah my nose will slightly grow by the minute? My eyes will become beadier by the minute? My testosterone levels will become less and less by the minute? My hair will slowly start to curl?

            Muh my ex was blonde and blue eyed and Jewish. Yeah dumbwit, Jews have leeched of white countries for centuries, you think there wasn’t any mixing with the native populations?

            Mein kampf:

            ”The black-haired Jewish youth lies in wait for hours on end, satanically glaring at and spying on the unsuspicious girl whom he plans to seduce, adulterating her blood and removing her from the bosom of her own people. The Jew uses every possible means to undermine the racial foundations of a subjugated people. In his systematic efforts to ruin girls and women he strives to break down the last barriers of discrimination between him and other peoples. The Jews were responsible for bringing negroes into the Rhineland, with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the white race which they hate and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate. For as long as a people remain racially pure and are conscious of the treasure of their blood, they can never be overcome by the Jew. Never in this world can the Jew become master of any people except a bastardized people.”

          • No, muh dik 80 IQ monkey boy. It’s a mongrel race first, religion second.

            There are plenty of jewish atheists around, you don’t need to practice the religion to be jewish. Feel free to convert but you will never really be accepted as a mud skin.

            Some jews are more European than others but they’re mostly turk mongrels.

            That’s why they often have hooked noses, whiny voices, gummy smiles and sloped foreheads, not because of religion you stupid ape. lol

          • Tell that to Netanyahu who rejoiced at finding dna markers that prove jewishness. Jews are a race and religion and there are three main types. This is what confuses most people, because they all work together in opposition of each other. If one group loses an agenda, it helps another group achieve theirs.
            The israelis who are also jewish by faith=Zionists
            The israelis who are not jewish by faith=Circle of Satan
            The people who are not israelis, but jewish by faith = Globalists

    • Whites are the only race being denied homelands and self-determination and being subjected to a program of genocide globally.

      • Not in reality bro. Sorry, whites even have homelands outside of Europe. You’re the only “race” that has homelands away from their traditional homelands.

        • All white countries are being flooded and force assimilated with millions and millions of non-whites. The only difference between white countries is WHEN they’re projected to become majority non-white.

          All races have conquered land. Ojibwe are living on Lakota land. Zulus are living on Hottentot land. Turks and Arabs are living on white land. Japanese are living on Ainu land. Siberians exterminated the original white inhabitants of North America.

  • Skynet is not coming for (((them))). It’s coming for you.
    The technology about to be unleashed upon us will be much worse than a few pigs in 3A.
    You’ll wish you did something while you had the chance.

  • Agreed. The left-wing base and minorities have been whipped up into a frenzy, and you can’t emotionally wind down entire populations after you have frenzied them. (The method our neocon enemies have historically used is to wear out the right by showing us outrages on a schedule, followed by failed reactions/martyrdoms, so people become hopeless and resigned over time. The alt-right has challenged the basic validity of this model. But the left lives by lies, not reality. Failures are downplayed or ejected from their skulls quickly, and in their minds, they are always on the edge of victory. One cannot wear out the mentally ill).

    Meanwhile, the internet de-platforming attacks to shut down alt-right speech and activity have failed. They did some damage, but not nearly enough to squelch most of it. It’s like trying to stop a tide. All they’ve really done is expose themselves.

    When Aryan Skynet goes live, remember the wisdom from our ancient Greek and Roman heritage: Destroy the enemy completely. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can show mercy and the left will assimilate. Mass deportations, jailings, and executions must happen. Don’t let Christians cuck you out on the question, because left to their own devices, they would get themselves, their descendants, and all whites genocided.

    • The neocons aren’t the enemy, dumbass. They were actually the first “red-pilled ” dissenters to Left identity politics.

      Ever read the classic essay by Irving Kristol, “my negro problem…and ours”? It is about blacks as savage criminals who are thuggish and anti-intellectual. Not as noble victims.

      Or the works of David Horowitz who pushed back against reparations talk.

      They fukked up with Iraq, but otherwise were the best weapons against the Left.

        • Blacks are a far greater problem than any other group, including Muslims. Muslims might be prone to terrorism, but that is because they are a rival
          Civilization with civilization specific grievances. Blacks just tend to tear stuff down.

          And the neocons also implicitly recognized this country as a white country and they took a line of not lecturing whites on race and sht, but accepting whites as they are: racist like all people.

          • JEWS are the greatest problem group by far. They foment all other groups and force our borders open.

          • Jews are not the greatest problem. They have their histrionics but also positives i.e. Lot of tech and scientific development is by Jews. The Android operating system was the brainchild of a Jew.

          • And flooding white countries with nonwhites is the brainchild of Jews. Pushing degeneracy on our youth is the brainchild of Jews. Promoting feminism to our womenis the brainchild of jews. Promoting the normalization of homosexuality is the brainchild of Jews. All these middle eastern wars are the brainchild of Jews etc. etc..

          • Yes, but Jews normalize it, promote it, fund it’s growth, and then viciously terrorize anyone who dares to speak out against it.

          • Only people who have little to no experience with Jews believe things like this. It’s just way off the mark. I’m telling you from hard experience, the diaspora as a whole are irredeemably evil. You can always name an exception here and there, but any Jew in politics, the media, or ideological movements is closet anti-white and coordinates with the tribe. Period. Any Jew in a regular profession is subject to getting orders from the tribe and will obey the tribe’s orders. Period. They all understand this. Whites don’t.

          • I might not have had as much experience as you, I dunno. But success is success, however it happens.

          • Neocons like to use national sentiment for Israeli interests, nothing more nothing less.

          • Not quite that simple. A major component of neocon was about resisting the racial agenda of shitlibs and they were invaluable there. Sure, lots of attachment to Israel as well. So what.

          • Yes ofcourse, get people to your side by being ‘pro-white’ only to then use those same people for your wars, it’s very simply actually.

        • He soured on them after they murdered a young white woman he had sent to do their accounting. He argued that America doesn’t owe blacks sht because of the cost of welfare and the cost of the dead in the civil war.

  • This is what Bobby Fischer had to say about Schwarzenegger:

    Aligns with what Jackson said about (((them))):

  • The “monster” of the Alt Right offers to protect the interests of normie white people and their white progeny. No other group values white people’s lives as such.

    And I have yet to hear an explanation of how white people would have worse lives in a healthy white ethnostate, unless they have already betrayed us through race-mixing marriages and producing race-mixed lost children.

    • “The “monster” of the Alt Right offers to protect the interests of normie white people and their white progeny. No other group values white people’s lives as such.”


  • Terminator 2 also shows us the black computer genius with the improbable name Miles Dyson.

    If black men like this character exist in the real world, why can’t Google and other Silicon Valley companies find them and give them jobs?

    We call these movies “science fiction” for a reason.

    • I’m sure there are plenty of Black Computer/Science/Engineering Geniuses……..

      But, even the Urban Black Community and Black America in General…….

      …..prefer the Rap and Sports Icons……

      That’s on them……

      Not us….

      • It may be on them but there are not many Black Geniuses and it is not the white man that did it….or poverty….it is their head space culturally. It does not reap rewards in the world paradigm east OR west….work ethic? Discipline? one can argue till the cows come home but the results are still there…

    • Saying that blacks are incapable of being computer geniuses is part of the reason your “movement” is in the toilet. Do you really think the world is going to rally behind such nonsense in 2017?

      • We’re a New Movement…….

        Hardly in the Toilet……

        We’re in the Soil……

        Still Germinating…….

      • So where are the rich and wealthy African nations with all these computer geniuses? Why do Nigerians move to America?

        Why are Detroit, Haiti, and Baltimore hellholes?

        Did you know Detroit is now starting to make a little money from logging waste land?

        From one of the eminent industrial cities of America to a wasteland. This is your African genius at work.

      • He didn’t say incapable, he asked why aren’t there any. If you can only respond to “show me proof” with “clearly you’re racist”, then your argument is pretty weak.

        • Income isn’t wealth, genius. Many high income blacks are poor while many low income whites are wealthy. Whites built up family wealth over generations while blacks weren’t even allowed to drink from a water fountain.

          But here’s an idea, let’s compare white SAT averages to Nigerian American SAT averages. Haha. You lose.

          • So what percentage of Nigerians did you manage to administer the SAT to, hmm? Got a link to your study? Surely you must have tested a significant percentage of the population, right? Even someone as cognitively limited as you would not attempt to compare the top fraction of 1% of the Nigerian population with the entire US white population, right? Or did I overestimate you? It’s very easy to do that with the Far Left, I must admit.

            Just don’t compare test scores among the Igbo with those from other Nigerian tribes, either. Might pose yet another problem for your Blank Slate/ Magic Dirt cult beliefs.

          • Your responses are infantile and indicative of very low intelligence. I’d clean your clock like I do all white supremacists that try to engage me in debate. But this thread has long since died.

          • Thank your for that openly abject admission of your pathetic inadequacy, your rabid, toxic, mindless anti-White hatred , and your total inability to provide even the tiniest shred of anything remotely resembling empirical support for your primitive, emotionally-based, quasi-religious beliefs.

      • the year is irrelevant. the black iq deficiency compared to whites and Asians has been around a long time and in fact its just getting bigger due to there higher disgenic fertility. its a well know fact blacks are massively under represented in stem subjects as you would expect. you can find many hollywood movies that mislead people regarding the improbable “black genius” scenario. “the martian” springs to mind.

        • But blacks are not underrepresented in STEM at African universities. They comprise virtually 100% of the STEM students.

          IQ is pseudoscience. Nevertheless Nigerian Americans have an IQ of 110, almost a full standard deviation above white American IQ.

          • hi. thanks for your interesting answer. did you read the link in my previous answer? everyone agrees, even liberals, that black are massively under represented in stem subjects. saying blacks are 100% of stem subjects in black uni’s in no way refutes that. you need to come up with some stats that do. im not sure what “traditional black american” is but the average iq for black Americans today is about 85. im missing the concept of “correcting for the past” IQ is what it is. yes its affected by your evolutionary past but only slowly. the past is how these differences came about so your argument is really supporting the concept of racial differences in IQ in a far more rapid way than i would have ever suggested. i haven’t seen a figure for Nigerian american IQ. your figure seems a bit high but its defiantly plausible. the reason being that most of the African emigrants to the first world are from the top end of the bell curve. the hoops you need to jump through act like an IQ filter. the obvious exception to this is refugees which is why there so opposed by anyone with a sound understanding of how these things work and what the consequences are. the problem with your 110 IQ Nigerians is there will be a regression toward the mean in subsequent generations. for a better explaination watch this.

            in the graph about 3/4 through it explains how the more improbable the black genius thing becomes the higher the IQ you look at. hollywood is trying to fool you. dont be fooled.

          • The point is that if blacks are underrepresented in STEM in the United States it is due to factors other than race. There are no racial differences in intelligence. Intelligence is deferentially distributed individually, regardless of race. It’s impossible for large population clusters to be more or less intelligent because each cluster is going to exhibit the same variations from high to low within themselves. Saying that whites are innately smarter than blacks is as absurd as saying that Los Angeles is innately smarter than New York. We can never know.

            Nigerians in the US represent a cross-section, not some intellectual elite. If you knew how the immigration system works you’d understand that. The only thing immigration selects for are individuals with supportive family members in the United States. Those family members don’t care how smart or dumb their relatives are.

            Jared Taylor is a clown, btw. I would not cite such jokers as authorities if I were you.

          • your arguments suggest your missing many of the basic concepts around what IQ is and statistical arguments in general. im going to refer you to one the worlds leading authority’s on the subject. she not political just an academic. you cant possibly call her a clown. i wish you all the best in your search for the truth. it will make you free.
            Gottfredson, L. S. (2006). Social consequences of group differences in cognitive ability

          • Gottfredson is a pseudo-“scientist” on the payroll of The Pioneer Fund, which is a white nationalist organization. She is not credible. My girlfriend is a PhD candidate in molecular biology. She would tell you that most researchers spend most of their time looking for funding. Once they obtain it, their research and their data are going to support the goals and agenda of the funding organization. This is why we actually had scientists funded by the tobacco companies whose research “proved” the health benefits of smoking.

            Once again, there are absolutely no racial or ethnic hierarchies in intelligence. It’s impossible. Complex traits (intelligence, language, abstract thought, etc.) do not vary between human races because they have an equal survival value in any environment. The traits that vary are the superficial phenotypes that confer an advantage in a given environment. Skin color, for example. Complex organs also do not vary between races. If no race has a superior heart or liver, then certainly no race is going to have a superior brain, which is just another complex organ.

          • It’s fascinating that your imaginary girlfriend assures you that the Slate is Blank, and the Dirt, Magic, but you can’t seriously expect that to count for much with strangers on the interwebz, can you?

          • Well, at least your able to accurately regurgitate what your teevee tells you (and possibly what your sociology/ cultural anthropology indoctrinators told you). I’ll give you that much. You do realize that all of those empty assertions that you successfully parroted are faith-basd, quasi-religious beliefs, with zero empirical evidence to back them up. Don’t you?

          • “But blacks are not underrepresented in STEM at African universities. They comprise virtually 100% of the STEM students.”

            lol. OK, I did overestimate you. Now that’s just a pathetic “argument.”

            No, not 91. 85. Gap has been pretty steady at 1.1 SD for a long time. You are, of course, unable to cite a source to back up your wholly feelz-based assertion.

      • I’m from South Africa, and I worked most of my life in the IT industry. I can tell you from personal knowledge that, at least from 1980, the Computer Society of South Africa had a project to recruit and train black programmers. It couldn’t be done.

        They tried culturally sensitive training courses. They tried bridging courses. Nothing worked. Those people just can not grasp programming concepts.

        Call it nonsense if you like, but it’s reality. It doesn’t care what you call it. Not even if the world rallies against it.

        By the way, remember a few years ago when Stephen Hawking made a much-publicised visit to Africa? He declared he was looking for the black Einstein. Strange that I never heard anything more about that…

        • You can believe that if it helps you sleep at night. But there’s a tech revolution currently underway in Africa. Even teenage Nigerian computer geniuses hack into banking networks and steal millions of dollars. I suppose you’re smarter than they are because your skin is white, eh?

          • So you’re claiming that albino Africans are smarter than regular blacks? Any evidence to support this interesting theory? Or is your understanding of the concept of race truly that limited and superficial? Either way, that’s pretty pitiful.

          • You’re an interesting provocateur and very tendentious. But what you imputedly are arguing regarding the American context is not just that there should be outreach to underrepresented minorities but that there should be resistance to efforts to train and educate more whites so long as there are any others who are underrepresented. Myself, I support inclusive nationalism, and that is why I was a Trump voter. Inclusive means you but it also means me. During my adult lifetime, inclusion and outreach never meant me even though I grew up in pestilent poverty.

            I don’t know whether or not people of Black African and other Third World descents can or cannot produce talent in engineering and science at the same rate as whites or Asians. It is what it is and all you do is make the opportunities for training and education available. I don’t agree with using the actual numbers of white representation as a standard. As far as I am concerned, again in the American context, anyone for whom specific arrangements have not been made is socioeconomically and educationally disadvantaged. In America, for all we spend on education, we do a poor job of it. Time to amp it up, and leftism does not provide an answer. Not in my estimation.

    • Actually they should be called science Fantasy… on the serious matter science fiction existed on pop-culture only with the original star trek and not even all of it because it plays on what is probable and what might exist. There is also the uncanny valley with the Dune, which to a descendant of a Byzantine family in Greece speak strongly with its story of probability and political noble intrigue!

      • Yeah, Jew Hollywood wth their brown gay agenda and side dish of white genocide despise Aryan Talent and Capability. They put lame blacks and women in high responsibility roles and it is Fiction. But Media is Propaganda and this is their Marxist Dream to have fuck ups in gatekeeping positions so later a Jew will take it and we should all clap! Jews are SO Great! I say fuck them.

    • Not only is he a computer genius, but he’s also a workaholic. His wife has to argue with him to take a break from work and spend some time with his family. What would the American economy be without these hard working blacks?
      I’m starting to notice these details in every movie now. Sometimes it’s just in the background, you see them working really hard lol.

      • This was around the time they started to put black men in responsible leadership roles in movies: Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, etc.

        • Jew Hollywood Marxist Fantasites along with Action Adventure Women running around in high heels and M-16’s and all Police Chiefs are Black Women yelling at Bruce Willis. Gay Jew Bullshit.

  • “But there are increasingly people not in the Alt-Right that seem to understand what is coming. The funny thing is that they know that they are engaging in CrimeThink when they start analyzing the situation though, which makes it so difficult for them to come clean, even to themselves. They’re afraid of being put in a psych ward themselves.”



  • Here we have two Jews talking about some Uncomfortable Truths……..

    Savage much more than Markus…….

    And yet I still call myself Ajudeo……

    But, not Anti-Judeo…….

    I thank these two Jews for discussing this openly…….

    I greatly appreciate this…..

    I wish I could trust Jews more…….

    But, the majority of them will call us Nazis for the slightest violation of Liberal Political Correctness…….

    And so I find myself lumped together in the Alt-Right with actual Neo-Nazis who celebrate Hitler and the Holocaust…….

    It is what it is……

    • Well try watching “The Greatest Story Never Told,” on YouTube and then you won’t feel so bad about Hitler and the Holohoax.

        • Instead of pondering, why not research the facts? Stalin’s order #0428, The Transfer Agreement, 9-15 million Germans exterminated after the war? British soldiers writing books after the war bragging about torturing and securing confessions from NSDAP and SS members?
          Try watching “Europa-The Last Battle,” it provides more original source documentation than TGSNT does.

          • Seems like a lot of Pointless and Massive White Genocide…….

            ……which eventually produced the Homosexual and Suicidal Emasculation……

            ……of Modern Cucked Western Europe……

          • Bullshit:

            ”Jewish leaders in the media are in large part responsible for American acceptance of gay marriage, Vice President Biden said Tuesday night.

            “I believe what affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else,” he said at a Democratic National Committee reception for Jewish American Heritage Month. He cited social media and the sitcom “Will and Grace,” giving Jews a large part of the credit for both.

            “I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry,” he said. “The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good. ” ”


          • Kick them out to Israel, stop all funding to Israel and then let them fight it out themselves with the muslims.

          • Well apparently it is possible to gas six million of them in 2 years time so can’t be that difficult to find them and then to kick them out right?

          • Stop Dodging the Question……

            Please describe how this happens Politically, Chronologically, Empirically……

          • Why? Let’s first take back power and then think about the details. I know people like you:
            ”muh I don’t know how to stop the Jews so I am just going to be fine with them flooding white countries with non whites, I am going to be fine with them poising our children with degeneracy, I am going to be fine with them poisoning our women with feminism and our boys with homosexuality. As long as I won’t be called a Nazi.”

          • So, all Jews are responsible for the Anti-White Behavior/Activity of some Jews??

            And you’re responsible for the Holocaust, Slavery, and Stealing America from the Natives as well……

            …..because you were born a White Male…..

            And you deserve to DIE as well…….

            At least that’s what ANTIFA thinks…..


          • I am totally fine with that. Imperialism is natural. A pride of lions will always try to take more territory. The reason we took the land from the Natives and not the other way around was because we were stronger. Slavery? Not the ones who started, were the ones that stopped it.

          • You didn’t take anything from the Natives…….

            And you had nothing to do with Slavery…….

            And not every Jew is a Cultural Marxist, Neocon or Anti-White………

          • Every single one? No there are exceptions (very, very few) but the vast majority of them put their own interests above anyone else’s and that is going to be our death. Plus it is impossible to find out who are and who aren’t. If you ask them they will all deny obviously. So you can’t make exceptions.

          • Uh…..No……

            There are plenty of Jews who put Palestinian Interests above the Zionists……

          • Uh….. No…..
            That’s what you call a front. I bet you believe Ezra levant is on our side to right?

          • Every Jew is a Jew.

            They look out for themselves first and foremost which is the smart thing to do. Everyone does it except whites and that is starting to change with the rise of the Alt-Right.

            Their loyalty is to their own kind.

          • Neturei Karta helps Jews tremendously by helping distance Jewish communities around the world, but especially in places like Iran, from suffering the expected backlash from Israeli policies. By distancing Jews from the worst excesses of the Zionista, Neturei Karta protects vulnerable Jewish communities.

            Neturei Karta also gets “fluffed” by various anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish non-Jews – like various Blacks, the Nation of Islam, Shia Muslims, for being “true Jews” as opposed to “fake Jews” like the Israeli Zionists.

            The reality is, of course, that both Neturei Karta and the Israeli Zionists are working in the interests of Jews, one playing the “good cop” and one playing the “bad cop,” one playing “right wing” one playing “left wing,” one playing “diaspora” and the other playing “nationalist.”

            It’s too bad Whites can’t take a lesson from the Jews on this one. We need both “right wing” Whites and “left wing” Whites. We need both “radicals” and “mainstreamers.” We need both Whites hostile to outsiders and Whites that can work with outsiders.

            But unlike Jews (and Arabs, or Chinese,) Whites are very low on ethno-centrism and as Kevin MacDonald notes, are cognitively predisposed to “individualist egalitarianism” and need something aside from race/ethnicity to rally around, which tends to be some sort of made up “ideology” or “religion.” It’s why organizing whites is like herding cats.

          • “The reality is, of course, that both Neturei Karta and the Israeli Zionists are working in the interests of Jews, one playing the “good cop” and one playing the “bad cop,” one playing “right wing” one playing “left wing,” one playing “diaspora” and the other playing “nationalist.””

            100% Pure Pseudoscientific Conspiracy Theory……..

          • And not some Jews. Hitler very greatly explained bot sides of Jews in mein kampf, zionists and liberals:


          • And I for you. You actually believe that white men were on the top of the world and decided Hey! You know what, we are going to liberalize the West. We are going to flood our countries with non whites so they can have sex with our daughters and we are going to make all of our youth degenerate. Makes a lot of sense right?

          • Pretty much that’s how it happened…….

            Not by design so much…….

            And certain Jews were in the Mix, of course………

            But, were all the Beatniks Jewish??

            Timothy Leary was Jewish??

            All the Hippies were Jewish??

            Maybe some…..

            But, the Liberalization of the West is largely due to White Choices…….

          • I’m already Fully Red Pilled on the Jews……

            I don’t need any more Red Pills…..

            I’ve take enough……

            It’s not the Full Picture…….

            The Job now is to Integrate all Information into a Realistic Interpretation…….

            And the Neo-Nazi approach is BEYOND FAULTY…….

          • You are not fully red pilled on the Jews. Muh most of them are good. Muh most of the anti white hatred is caused by whites not by Jews.

          • Like I said……

            I’m already Fully Red Pilled on the Jews…..

            Have been for YEARS……

            You are LOST in a Black Pilled Black Hole Downward Vortex…….

            Good luck with that…..


          • why do you bother? too much energy here if you do not have an agenda what is your agenda? Are you a Jew?

          • I agree, but Mossad does have its fingerprints all over 9/11. I know there is a lot of garbage out there about 9/11. But no one lays it out better than Ry Dawson in 9/11 and War By Deception. Better still is his more recent , Empire Unmasked.

            You mentioned Iran taking over Iraq earlier. Well that was not supposed to happen. The original neocon plan was to regime change Iran right after Iraq. Israel hated Iraq as much as it does Iran cause SH supported suicide bombers. It thought successfully taking him out would hssten an invasion of Iran.

          • Most of the hippies were jewish? No. The people that filled their head with all that gibberish were vast majority Jewish? YES!

          • Uh……NO…….

            More Low IQ Conspiracy Theories…….

            White People enjoy being Liberal Progressives……..

            White People enjoy being Hippies……

            White People enjoy doing Drugs…….

            White People enjoy Homosexuality……..

            White People enjoy Adultery and Divorce………

            White People enjoy ZERO Sexual Limitations…….

            White People enjoy destroying Traditional Moral Norms……..

            White People enjoy Rebelling…….

            Some Jews might have caused some Teasing, Steering and Social Engineering……

            But, many White People were ready to let loose anway……


          • In the political field he refuses the state the means for its self-preservation, destroys the foundations of all national self-maintenance and defense, destroys faith in the leadership, scoffs at its history and past, and drags everything that is truly great into the gutter.

            Culturally, he contaminates art, literature, the theater, makes a mockery of natural feeling, overthrows all concepts of beauty and sublimity, of the noble and the good, and instead drags men down into the sphere of his own base nature.

            Religion is ridiculed, ethics and morality represented as outmoded, until the last props of a nation in its struggle for existence in this world have fallen.

            Mein kampf.

          • F you, Hitler Neo-Nazi LARPER….

            If you hate Jews so much……

            Then stop crying and go Fight your Enemies……

            There are plenty of Options available……

            And the Neo-Nazi Hitler Route has been tried REPEATEDLY…….

            ……and FAILED……..

            Good luck…..


          • It’s all binary for them. Good vs evil. Shades of grey are too complicated for guys like that. In fact they pride themselves in ignoring nuance. That’s why ppl say that the Nazi Larpers are the right-wing equivalent of SJWs

          • Correct. The Gate Keeper Hippies were Jews. You can deny this but it is true. Degenerates.

          • Yes. Many many of the Beatniks were Jews and Queer and pushed degenerate life styles. Jews are degenerate.

          • And the Alt-Right is only trying to make better choices, by exposing the bad choices.

          • The plan has already been laid out but you refused to see it. So telling the world the plan now is kind of stupid don’t you think?

          • Yes, round them all up (again!) and send them to Tel Aviv so they can have homosexual sex and be the degenerates that they are. Send them all home. This is their dream. Why deny a Jew his Heaven?

          • Get over the Holocaust man it didn’t fucking happen the way Hollywood or any other Jewish production claims, they are liars. Go look up on YouTube “Jews lying about the Holocaust.” There are hours of videos of Jews, some having written books etc. on video confessing to their lies, some even went on 60 minutes. How many hours of video of Jews admitting that they personally lied about their experiences does one have to watch before they realize that they lied about the Holocaust. How many “eye witness” testimonies that contradict themselves every 60 seconds do you need to see before you realize these a holes are making this sht up?

          • ‘Go look it up on Youtube’……


            And the Jews are responsible for 9/11 also, right??


            I’m fine with criticizing Holocaust Orthodoxy……

            But, the Holocaust did happen……

          • Ha!!!

            Yes, 19 mostly Saudi Arabian Sunni Muslim Al Qaeda Terrorists worked with Mossad to cause 9/11…..

            ……so that America would invade and overthrow Sunni Baath Party controlled Iraq……

            ……and let the Shiite and Iran take over……



          • Stop Dodging…….

            You can’t deal with a Rebuttal……

            So, you revert back to your Non-Thinking Religion…….

            You’re Scared of Engaging Factually……

            Hi, White Rabbit!!

          • Look I know what you are. Your biggest fear in live is being called a nazi. You are comparable to a wigger, they’ll do anything to be liked and to be accepted by blacks while you’d do anything to be liked and to be accepted by Jews.

          • My Biggest Fear in Life……

            … becoming a Low IQ White Trash Neo-Nazi Blackpilled LOSER like you……


          • Just look up the stuff I mentioned if you have any real curiosity. I understand the emotional low brow head space but there is lots to this that does not capture this. Good reading to you and best!

          • Saudis are used by Mossad. Look up Michael Harrari Mossad, Khalezov (Soviet Nuclear Intel). Harrari was the master mind of 911. I will leave it at this. If you are serious look up him and the comments of Dimitri Khalezov who knew him….sad.

          • Saudis are used by Mossad. Look up Michael Harrari Mossad, Khalezov (Soviet Nuclear Intel). Harrari was the master mind of 911. I will leave it at this. If you are serious look up him and the comments of Dimitri Khalezov who knew him….sad.

          • Ha!!

            And in Liberal Precincts…..

            …..if you can’t beat a White Man in an Argument…….

            He’s also a Racist Nazi……

            So, I’m a Jewish Racist Nazi…..


          • Marlin
            ajudeo in typical fashion is so arrogant he thinks his little act here on an Alt-Right site goes unnoticed by us low IQ goyim. Personally i wouldn’t piss on the guy if he were on fire.

          • It was a round up but not to exterminate them. Again, typhus in ’43 and then Allies cutting off food and water did the rest. Some killings in Eastern Europe did happen but mostly it was locals killing the Communist Capos in revenge killings. Jews did the same in Communist Poland under Stalin. Back and forth. Jews most worried that the Nazi truth comes out: Gentile Christian Country standing up to ZOG and Rothschild Cartel. Most countries and leader that do this are killed: Khadafi, Hussein, The Shah etc. Germany standing up to the Jews was anathema. THIS is the issue. Not “Holocaust” mean Nazis etc. No. It is Gentile Independence. Same issue here in the USA. Normal jews in the US have nothing to do with this but are used by their elite.

          • All of that is horse shit. Once you accept that Nazi Einzatsgruppen (not this “mostly locals” weasel term) were mass shooting Jews in the East then it’s a slippery slope. Why would they exterminate them in the East but take the time to ship others to camps in Poland?
            All of the evidence points to a program of mass extermination of Jews.. physical, documents, testimony. It’s not just based off one story, it’s a consensus, that’s how history works.
            All deniers do is try to plant doubt, undermine the official story, out of purely political motivations. You would never apply the same standards to the numbers killed by Communists..

          • Not denial. It was a mixed bag of incidences and Zionists need a smooth story. The shootings in the East was Communist Revenge. Most under German round up were sent to work. Capos etc were killed. It was war. The Allies exterminated millions of Germans., Dresden, Rhine (Eisenhower , a Jew). You will lie/deny that too I expect. Revisionism is not denial. Yes, some were killed these Communist Jews were Genocidal Ethnic Cleanser Communists. Sound Familiar? You need them dead to hide the hideous Jewish Communism that killed 66 million Russiansfor example, and more millions in Europe. You need the exaggerated truth. Communism is Jewish and they hate Gentiles. I stand by this. Cohen ran the Gulag in Russia. Bernstein (Trotsky), Kamenev, Etc all Communist Jews. Germany was fighting this. Gentiles do not like this, nor do I. Fact.

          • i dont deny communist crimes, but look how retardedly biased you are, like all shit tier alt right revisionists. You throw out numbers like “66 million” “100 million” killed by “jewish communism”. Have you researched these numbers? have you applied the same scrutiny to them as you apply every Jew death in the Holocaust? No, because you want them to be true. the higher the better. rofl. shit tier

          • Throws “6 million” at National Socialists.”You’re bad.”
            Throw 100 million at jews.”Why you bringing up numbers?”

          • Even if it’s a fraction of 100 million it’s a gigantic monstrous number the Communist committed.

            A million dead Jews in a war that took 25 million Russians 10 million Germans 500,000 Brits, 400,000 Americans a million Poles etc etc doesn’t amount to more than collateral damage.

          • The Holocaust isn’t just based on eyewitness testimonies. It’s based on a wider range of evidence that comes together to form a consensus, that’s how history works. Holocaust deniers don’t have a consensus, they just make vague insinuations of an all controlling world Jewish conspiracy that’s held together for 70 years, with no one ever spilling the beans. Oh wait, but they apparently can’t keep their own people from going on 60 minutes? Rofl. This is clown world

          • It was a Pogrom that the Jew Communists instigated. No one wakes up one day and says – hey lets beat up on Jews! Nothing on TV today! Just ponder WHY this happens. Do you ever get that far? Too bundled up in a tizzy over “morality” that the Jew would NEVER extend to you, assuming you are not a Jew. You may be, thus you are here stirring up shit. They hate you. You know what a Shiksa is? A Dirty Farm Animal and that is what they think and call white gentile females. Farm Animals. Not nice, thus they make no friends. I do not apologize.

          • its so funny with you Holocaust deniers. on one hand you say how the Holocaust didn’t happen and how the Nazis were nice and humane guys, then with the same breath you talk about how evil the Jews are and how they totally deserved it. LOL. So which is it? Why dont you just have a backbone and admit it happened, and you’re glad it did? Even the shitty radical leftists openly celebrate Dresden, they dont try to deny it happened like some disingenuous faggot

          • Some events DID happen you stone moron. It was NOT the 6 MILLION GASSED BULLSHIT that you NEED to have happened. You want this death. It gives you Identity. You are a Jew. Your people did NOT suffer so. They did get their asses handed to them but not this Hollywood Jew Construct. It insults Europeans. Jews have partied on this shit since the 1970’s. I have MET some of these liars. They are pigs.

          • So if Jews are capable of pulling off these grand conspiracies spanning multiple decades/centuries, can amass such huge amounts of wealth and power to sway the masses, doesn’t that actually LEND strength to the argument that they’re (((THE CHOSEN ONES)))? There are ~15million Jews in a world of 7.5 billion. If 0.2% of the world population dominates world affairs from the shadows, maybe then the aryan white race isn’t “superior”. After all, if the claim that superiority is in genetics that compose humans that are strong/healthy/intelligent, maybe those measures are meaningless? Remember: there’s no such thing as a “noble” trait in nature, only traits which give rise to more suitable survival. As humans we may consider “honor/integrity/intelligence” to be the pinnacles of evolution, but look at roaches, bacteria, viruses, parasites. You consider those organisms them filth, but technically they’re more well-adapted to life than humans, and have been around since time immemorial. Perhaps Jews, having qualities of deceit/lying/manuiplation (as many here believe) allows them to subvert the world with such acuity it makes them better suited to survival than humans with qualities that we arbitrarily thing are superior (but that nature doesn’t give a fuck about). Doesn’t all life use the traits bestowed upon them by nature in order to further their gene pool? So you guys can rail on about how Jews are vermin with low IQ and genetic defects, but according to nature, if they’re able to subvert and subdue other races, technically they’re superior. So in the argument of who has, is, and probably will continue to win this “race war”, under the alt-right ideologies of survival of the fittest, the Jews are kicking your collective asses.

          • In many ways you are right. They control the gates. No need to control 10,00 sheep when you only need to bribe the guy at the gate. Thus. Modern Banking, Controlling Monarchs, Electronic Media yes, crafty and inspire resentment. The Moral Code of the Gentile makes him vulnerable to the criminal Jew. They cheat. So yes, Crime Rules. You are correct. Superior? Not in Gods eyes. They will and do pay. This life is a short ride.

          • In God’s eyes is a remarkable leap of faith. Indulge me for a few minutes and entertain the thought, no the POSSIBILITY that there is no God (as in the Biblical), or that God is so abstract of a concept that humanity really is insignificant in the universe. Assuming the premise that there is no universal set of laws and nature is just a passive institution with nothing guiding it, what then of the concept of this retribution by God?

            I fancy myself somewhat of a scholar of religions as well as a scientist (I have a master’s in neurobiology). The premise of the Revolations is that the antichrist will be born from the Jews and such, and they sold out Christ, etc but the take home point is that Jews are evil and they betrayed the Lord. But on the other hand, without betraying Jesus and having him.die for our sins, we would not have Christianity or abolishing of the first covenant (no forgiveness of original sin etc). So in a way Jews were the catalyst in that regard. Secondly, if there are no Jews, there’s no sntichrist, and no rapture/redemption, no? So if you buy into the religious angle, Jews’ fate seems really intertwined, even nigh integral to the divine plan of salvation.

            But again, if you toss religion out the window and believe morals and ethics are contrived by we humans in order to facilitate a social structure conducive for civilization and there’s no afterlife where we’re judged by our deeds, then I wonder if every organism simply uses whatever strengths it has to overcome its percieved weaknesses to further proloferate its genetic code, in which case Jews are using what they have as a survival instinct, and if other races are mad about it they need to use their abilities and talents to ensure their own survival. But I think religion skews the weight of things like honor and integrity to be lofted, because if you follow an agnostic belief in God, that the universe is vast and we’re insignificant specs and that we’re all alone in nature to fend for ourselves, the Jews really are winning, using what they have considering their perceived “flaws (which a biologist would seem as evolutionarily advantageous)

          • Understood. When one takes God out of the human condition then Relativism Reigns. Anything Goes. There is no such thing as Objective Morality. We can kill, steal and rape all we want as it will be “our way”. Everything is legit IF you can get away with it. That to me is total horror. That is why I reject Marxism and Humanism. I am a Christian but not a Protestant or Catholic, I am Orthodox. To answer your question about Jews being the catalyst, yes, they were. Tribulation is a Protestant invention and Revelations is considered a mystical book by The Church and we do not faun over it much. American Protestants get into that etc (Left Behind etc). As far as The Antichrist being Jewish, who knows? Maybe not…I have no investment in that. The fact is that the Jewish Elite has led the average Jew into deep trouble. They are used as much as Gentiles in their Criminal Exploits. It is sad. I lament that. Decent Jews who DO get what I am saying here , will distance themselves from Israel, Mossad, New World Order etc. They want a normal life and they deserve that just as much as anyone. But this Elite has been coursing through History making trouble all over. They get kicked out of nearly every country and take good decent folks down with them. They do not care. They are of the Devil. I do believe in God and know his system exists. Christ was a messenger to show us the way out of this Luciferian Matrix. It is not a joke, Be careful, everyone, Gentile and Jew alike. Repent!

          • I would argue all elites are a scourge on the Earth, regardless of their religion. I mean I feel like anyone at the top with power over masses (in this case, religion) does not drink the same Kool-aid as their followers. Elitist Jews run amok and preach superiority and divine right to their followers. But can’t the same be said of Catholic Elites from the Middle Ages? The clergy in Medieval times had absolute power, had all the riches and succumbed to all the same flaws that Jewish elites do, manipulation, deceit, destruction, degeneracy, etc.I feel like blaming it on the religion is a smokescreen for the real truth. The people on the top will always be corrupt. Elite Jews, Elite Catholics, Elite Atheists. Elite anyone. The Elite Jews control the banks and media today, the Elite communists controlled the government, the Elite Catholics controlled the Church and military. I feel like blaming one people, “The Jews” and “The Muslims” is too convenient of a scapegoat. It’s like if both of these groups vanished tomorrow, you think there would be world peace? Humanity has fought eachother since the beginning of our existence, long before yhese religions existed and long before the races we know today existed (gene pools were vastly different 5,000 years ago).

          • I want to thank you for this good conversation. I find this a rarity online. Yes, the Elite Catholics had their day and run. Now, more recently and TODAY we face the Elite Jews at the Helm of Western Power. This includes America, Western Europe, Saudi Arabia (via banking) and of course Israel. They had Russia through Communism (Jew Bolshevik revolution of 1917), but lost direct control with Stalin. They were making headway under Yeltsin but Putin outsmarted them and tossed a lot of them out of Russia. Today he holds a careful balance with the Jewish Oligarchs (Jews/Jew Mob i.e. “Russian Mob”). ….
            So today, the House of Rothschild and their Zionist Jewish AND Gentle suck ups are (For Now) running the West. They successfully planted a Jew Oligarch at the Helm of Ukraine. Many do not even know Porosheko is an Oligarch Jew. Amazing. Jew George Soros is running the Civil War here in the US with his BLM LGBT Occupy etc and Antifa (Bolsheviks – Jew Communists again). So I see todays conflicts being instigated by the Elite Jews vs Gentile Countries who do not want to play ball with their Banks and World Communist Effort (New World Order). They are up front, only for now. The tables turn. The Catholic Church does not run the show anymore . Putin in my opinion is a Nationalist with Leftist Leanings but not on the Jew Payroll like the Jew Merkel is, or England etc. Good talking with you. I appreciate it a lot.

          • The Criminal Jew also places him outside of the world as a viral parasite. You can commend the virus, or the Criminal but they still are negative parasites and God condemn them since time immemorial. Gentiles wake up from time to time and take back what was theirs and they are called terrible for this. Just sad shit really. But the world needs its bad guys like Tony Montana and Lucifer. They are Lucifers Children. Hitler was right.

          • “Survival of the fittest”
            We aren’t defeated yet, hence the reason for the creation of the altright. We are fighting back, peacefully for now, because that is what whites do, until there’s no other choice. If we can’t win through politics and government, then we will figure out other options. We don’t just murder people to prove a point, well, most of us don’t.

          • Also while I’m an unorthodox christian, quoting the bible at me about jews makes me laugh. These so called “Chosen People,” killed jesus.

          • I like to study religions in my sparetime and this is what I have to say and Im curious what your response will be. I do nkt intend to offend, just merely like to indulge in intellectual conversations.

            1) Romans killed Jesus. Let’s get that straightened out first. Judas sold him out yes, and the Rabbi’s of the time saw him as a troublemaker. Much like today if I claimed I was God, I would be thrown the fuck into an asylum. To blame an entire religion on the actions of individuals 2,000 years ago for killing Jesus would be like calling all Christians today pedophiles for the molestation by Catholics throughout the ages. I mean, all the apostles and Jesus himself were Jews, and Jesus himself gave sermons to other Jews. If they were inferior back then, why didn’t he arise from the Nordic tribes and give his revelations to the Germanic tribes? Hell, God is omnipotent and omniscient, Jesus could have been born into any time and eta, but chose a backwards time in a primitive land to incarnate amongst a people who purportedly all morally bankrupt/evil?

            2) I would argue that if it weren’t for the Jews, there would be no catalyst for forgiving mankind of original sin, since it took the sacrifice of Gods only begotten son for that to occur. (also God knew what was going to happen, as he exists beyond time and knows the past/present/future, see: omniscience)

            3) In Revelations, the sntichrist is born of the Jews. So, no Jews=No antichrist=no rapture/salvation. That said, I argue that the Jews are integral to the salvation of mankind, and perhaps are simply carrying out their cosmic destiny. If you subscribe to Christianity, then everything has been pre-ordained. In other words, Jesus was supposed to be betrayed, Jews will produce the sntichrist, and through those events, humans are saved. If those things are preordained, is it really the Jews “fault”? I mean the definition of a prophecy (which is what Revelations IS), is that the Jews are indirectly the catalyst for Armageddon, seems like they have no choice in the matter. So even if they all repented/converted/vanished, that would mean the prophecy was wrong. So why hate the Jews for carrying out the role that God intended for them to save humanity?

          • “Unorthodox” implies that i believe in the basic tenets of the New Testament, as the old testament was written by the jews for the jews. I dont comepletely denounce it, it serves as a type of history lesson for christians. I also don’t subscribe to the belief that everything in the bible is literal. One could also argue: No jews = no anti-christ = salvation. We don’t need jesus to come down and save us all, again. He already did it once. The rapture could also be a way of saying armageddon, as the rapture implies massive losses of life across the world.
            As far as everything being pre-ordained, while i do not doubt god’s power, this belief also runs counter to free will.
            Romans killed jesus, yes, jewish romans. Yes he was betrayed by judas (name suspicious already) to the jews who killed him.
            Enough arguing theology though, there isn’t enough facts to base a true argument on, and my version of believing is rare, im sure.
            I do NOT hate the jews. I blame them for their own actions, and wish for them to live separately from me, and to leave me and my people alone.

          • You do make a good argument though, and it would sway a lot of orthodox
            Christians away from hating the jews. However, I have seen too much evidence against them, to go blind to them ever again. If they are destined to be the catalyst for armageddon, why shouldn’t we try to stop them?
            God helps those that help themselves.

          • It’s a weak argument. And a laughable one.

            The roman Pontius Pilate handed jesus over to the jews.

            Reread the trial and condemnation passages in the four books. It is remarkable how identifiable the jewish character that we see today is.

          • Jesus is literally a warning about these Jews and their machinations. Metaphysics and spirituality along with theology actually obscure this obvious point.

          • Do you know what would happen if the holocaust was officially denied by the US? Israel would immediately be overrun with muslims. The holocaust was the main reason the world used when justifying the creation of israel.

          • I appoint you as the Alt-Rights Ambassador to Mainstream White Normies……

            I feel fully confident in your Ability to Widen our Appeal to the White Masses…..



          • No, we should be so fucking White that they can no longer hide among us. We should be the moral, ethical, spiritual, financial, and physical antithesis to them so they will flee from us in shame.

          • No. Germany just wanted them off their soil. They were deported up to 1941 by the Transfer Agreement, then used for work to be shipped out later. Allies starved the work camps to death, and blamed Nazi Germany. Exaggerated this to make the Goy pay for Izrahell. Those “confessing to the holocaust” got pensions, free homes and medical care. Find the interviews of those that told the truth and got nothing. I know some.

          • Bullshit. Where would they deport these Jews TO? The USSR, ie the rear area of their own Operation Barbarossa offensive? It seems you accept that these Jews didn’t get sent anywhere but ovens and mass graves, since there isn’t a single “resettled” Jew to be found out of the millions..

            So you just hand wave it by saying “the Allies actually killed them by bombing food supplies to the camps” . A politically motivated just-so argument that requires you to ignore at all the other evidence that is inconvenience. Pathetic. No objectivity whatsoever.

          • “Millions” did not disappear even according to their numbers. They were sent to Palestine up to ’41 and the poor ones ended up in work camps where many did die from disease. The Allies starved many at the end. Your ovens etc is bullshit. Mass graves have not been found. Ultrasound proves the ground was not disturbed on and on. Gas chamber built in ’48 and now copped to. Numbers ALL reduced to include Russians, Polish, other minorities and jews. You need them dead. No me. Bullshit I also call. Just like the first word of your response.

          • In Palestine there were 370,000 Jews in 1936, and 590,000 in 1947. There were 5.54 million Jews in America at 1939, and about 6.5 million today. There are about 6 million missing European Jews, and they are not accounted for — except by the German camps.
            Even your David Irving has admitted that he thinks 4 million died!

            How are the ovens bullshit?

            Which gas chamber was built in 1948? You mean Krema I in Auschwitz I? Well, it was “re-structured” to be like the original gas chamber since it survived the war – it was only used for gassings for a short period of time before it was converted into an air raid shelter in 1944. KREMAS II through V in Auschwitz II were BLOWN TO PIECES by the Nazis when the Soviets were coming… oh geez I wonder why? nothing to hide right?

            its not ultrasound, its ground penetrating radar, and yes they found mass graves

            Which numbers were reduced? you mean INCREASED as in the Auschwitz 4 million death tool for Soviet propaganda purposes? None of that was ever taken seriously by western historians because it wasnt corroborated by anything. and if its all a big conspiracy, why can’t they stick to one story?

            its obvious you haven’t researched your own Denier facts .. because you dont have any objectivity. you want the Holocaust to be fake to justify your ideology. if this was any other ethnic group you would be open to both sides

          • and the bodies were burned by thousands of tons of coke that the Nazis kept for dead jews? BS. The camp was not destroyed NOR did the Allies do it. They made money off of it and IBM did the punch cards etc. You will now write not true! On and on. Forget it. Talk to the hand. This was all exaggerated to extort Germany to finance Israel. Jews make others do their work including the Middle East wars. Jew work. They piss the fucking world off and have been kicked out of nearly EVERY country. Nice. You can go on and on but they are NOT LIKED. No one else has inspired this kind of hate. They are NUMERO UNO in HATE. Good work. I would ask, why? Do you know why? THEY FUCK WITH PEOPLE ENDLESSLY. Not cool. Co-Exist? They are not interested. Thus they get their asses fucking kicked. No sympathy. You are here for an agenda. Not discussion. You are a Jewish agitator. Outed. Hitler was right.

          • This is the level of retardation of most holocaust deniers. You are not serious people. Your scatterbrained self-contradictory rant is typical. I see it all the time. 1) List all the reasons that Jews are bad and should have been, NEED to be Holocausted 2) accuse the other party of being a Jew, who needs to die [because you have to be Jewish to believe in the Holocaust? Do you have to be an African to believe in the massacres in Uganda and the Congo?] 3) but still, the Holocaust didn’t happen

          • Nio just ship them all to Israel. Send them “home’. This is what they wanted! Now go Home! No one gets hurt.

          • Yeah, John Edwards reportedly said that having to hobnob with gay donors early in the primary made him really uncomfortable. Gays, Jews, and Blacks are the three pillars of the modern Dem party.

          • Ha!!

            And you get your History Lessons from Youtube…….

            And think the Mossad caused 9/11……..


          • And you go ahead and think a bunch of muzzies living in a cave brought down the towers. HA!

          • Wait you actually believe a bunch a Saudi princes offered themselves. This gets better by the minute.

          • Allies worse than Germans but they are celebrated.
            ZOG goes on.
            This is the problem.

          • not to mention the us troops captured and slaughtered by the russians at the end of ww2 as well

    • Have you researched the “Holocaust” in detail? Honest question here. “It” was very different from what the West portrayed. My father was in one camp. We are Ethnic Orthodox Christian Russians. Hollywood Holocaust is not accurate. Atrocities occurred on both sides and the West far worse. War is that way. Do you know what US troops did in Iraq? Fallujah? I do. I am a Veteran USN and US Army Officer Corps. The Germans were quite civil in respect to the “Allies” and Communist Russians. International Skypes have the West by the balls. For White Europeans to survive this has to be dealt with. This IS the heart of the matter. “Inconvenient Truth”…yes…. Germany was accurate. I have crossed my Rubicon on this and know this is it. I now understand my father and what he alluded to all his life. He was a top rocket scientist for Lockheed. Studied under Heisenberg and then a PhD from Berkeley. He was correct and this is the issue. It captures the Marxist element, NWO etc etc. Focus on this and you will get your consistent answers. Sad but true. US Gov is ZOG. Fact. Banks/Ed/Media/Mob/Intel/Police However, the US Military is Gentile and a hope. Thanks for. listening.

      • Interesting read…….

        I’ll continue with Counter-Semitism and White Identitarianism rather than Neo-Nazism……


      • I’ve researched the Holocaust. What do you think wasn’t accurate? If you’re going to say that gas chambers and mass shootings didn’t happen, then you’re buying into self serving Nat Soc misinformation and I will be able to counter every ridiculous Denier argument right off the top of my head. The Nazis weren’t nice guys .. they were aggressive conquerors. The Jews obviously had it the worst but the Slavs were next in line. The irony of modern alt right Hitlerites sackriding Putin and “based Russians” is that actual Nazis would have considered these people to be lower than cowshit, or really anyone that wasn’t Aryan. Even in France and Holland it was very clear who was in charge, and if a squad of Wehrmacht troops fancied your wife or girlfriend then you were in for a bad time.

        Rebranding Nazis as some kind of white nationalist defenders of white skinned people is retarded and ahistorical

        • imagine being at war for years, nothing but blitzkrieging. you already need to rest and consolidate. americans invade and start kicking your ass on one side while russia is coming full force on the other. imagine your supply lines being constantly bombarded as your reach grows ever shorter and defeat looms closer. do you risk having the food and medicine bombarded as you send it to your prisoners? Or do you give what you can to your soldiers 1st and your people 2nd? Americans and Russians negligently caused the holocaust. Read some of the testimonies at the trials.

          • oh and we’ll give you a country of your own and protect you, if you don’t tell anybody.

          • yeah, at the trials they said they GASSED THEM. Did you read that part?
            Why do you think they took one ethnic group, crammed them into ghettos, then eventually put them on trains into camps, trains that kept coming back empty? Men, women, and little babies? If this was happening to whites, wouldn’t you suspect that there was some genocidal intent going on? Instead of blaming the supply lines? What the fuck do you think they were gonna do with all these Jews? Use your brain

          • which were the show trials? Nuremberg? What about Frankfurt, Munich and other trials in West Germany in the 1960s? Why didn’t one single guy scream out “it’s all a lie, Heil Hitler!”? No, all they ever did was either claim they didn’t know it was happening, or if they couldn’t get away with that, they said they weren’t directly involved or (finally) were just following orders…

            What about the guys that did time and got out of jail? NONE of them, not even on their deathbed, spilled the beans that the Evil Jewz made them say it, to redeem Germany’s honor. What, they were afraid of Mossad carbombing their families? Lol

            Or the guys who were acquited, or never charged , but corroborated the same events?

            When has such an extensive an all-encompassing conspiracy and cover-up ever happened? Involving countless people, seperated over many countries, over many years, with more info still being found. Even the Soviets couldn’t pull that shit off! They couldn’t even cover up Katyn!

            Here’s the simple answer: cause this is another example of a bullshit conspiracy theory that is more about feels than facts and doesn’t have to have any logical sense. Anything that goes against it is hand waved. Perpetrators? Forced to confess. Witnesses? Payed off. Documents? Forged. Physical evidence? Fabricated.

            Finally.. what happened to the Jews? “They were resettled”
            *crickets chirping*


          • Jews ran Nurnberg. Fox in the Henhouse. Rothschilds. The ones that took out King Edward III and turned England on Germany. Jews.

          • (Surrounded by an enemy that destroyed your country) “Yes we did all of this!”
            (Gets out of prison) The entire world hates your country, including your country. “Yes we did all of this!”

            Where did the jews go? Absorbed into bolshevik russia or ended up in israel/new york.

            Let me be clear. I don’t know if it happened or not, I wasn’t there. But answer this. If the country you live in is taken over by a power that is singling your race out as the enemy, starts marking you and oppressing you to the point where you hide under floors and in closets, tells you to leave, and take everything of yours with you. Why would you stay? If all of them had left, none of this would even have happened.

          • “why didn’t they just all run away once the Nazis occupied Poland/Ukraine/the Baltics etc, dumb Jews”.. are you serious? lol

          • size (how many bodies fit) and power (speed) of the “ovens” at the concentration camps compared to modern crematoriums. The original 4 million killed at auschwitz now down to what i think 350k? saying the germans gassed hudnreds of thousands of jews, buried them in a mass grave then dug them up to burn them. if they could cremate so fast, why did they need to bury them?

          • Uh, no, its 1 million… where did you hear 350k from? Are you mixing up with these stupid Red Cross figures by the Deniers which are deliberately twisted into misinformation?

            And the oven capacity/corpse disposal arguments are so shit tier. the “serious” deniers dont even use them anymore. You can’t compare industrial capacity furnaces to funeral home crematoriums. At that point you’re just engaging in motivated reasoning, repeating other shit that Deniers say on the internet, because neither of us are experts on burning corpses.
            But we don’t even have to be, because the furnace manufacturers themselves (Topf und Söhne) placed the daily capacity at “4756 personen” a day.

          • imagine being at war for years, nothing but blitzkrieging. you already
            need to rest and consolidate. americans invade and start kicking your
            ass on one side while russia is coming full force on the other. imagine
            your supply lines being constantly bombarded as your reach grows ever
            shorter and defeat looms closer. do you risk having the food and
            medicine bombarded as you send it to your prisoners? Or do you give what
            you can to your soldiers 1st and your people 2nd? Americans and
            Russians negligently caused the holocaust.

          • Gassing was bullshit. Germans were torcheres by Jews. Nurnberg run by Rothschild. You do not care about the lies and WHY they lied. I have even MET some of the “History Channel Jews” myself. Fucking liars. Just the worst. I do not apologize for cruelty but it is a human trait and not “German” or “Nazi”. Just Human. You are part it too. Yes. The Horror. The Horror. ….(Col. Kurtz).

          • Why was gassing bullshit?
            Proof Germans were tortured by Jews?
            What about the Trials in West Germany in the 1960s? in Munich and Frankfurt? Also “run by Rothschild”?
            If this was all to get Israel, and presumably all of the allies (The British, the Americans, the Soviets) were helping this mysterious Jewish conspiracy create the Holohoax, plant evidence, blah blah – why did the Jews have to fight an ARMED INSURGENCY against the British in their Mandate of Palestine in the 40s before they got independence? have you ever thought this through?

          • (Proof Germans were tortured by jews)
            Read about the conditions of the wiemar republic, and research (((who))) was in power at the time. “A wheelbarrow of cash, which was worth less than the wheelbarrow, to buy one loaf of bread.” Economic oppression and subsequent starvation and death = Torture

          • – Hitlur wanted tu conquest n stuff
            – Hitlur wanted to genocide teh Slavs
            – Hitlur hated anyone who wasn´t Aryan.
            – National Socialism SUX
            – You alt-righters should be anti-Slav

            behemot is just peddling the usual lies for ignorant normies. Either ignorant or (((deliberate))).

          • What do you think a “1000 year Reich” means?

            I’m sure you read Mein Kampf, right? Maybe refresh yourself on what Uncle A thought about the peoples of the East

            And while you’re at it, look up Generalplan Öst and see what they were gonna do with all those useless eaters in Poland and Russia after they won the war and proper German colonists moved in to take over the land..

            Everything that doesnt make the Nazis look like cuddly teddy bears is a Jewish lie, of course. No politically motivated retroactive history editing going on there. Hey, isn’t that what Stalin and Mao did?

          • What a fantastic idea! A cuddly Adolf Bear. Doesn’t have a cuddly feel to it; does it? The problem is the German language itself, which is almost as bad as Arabic; the way it’s spoken just does not sound cuddly.

            I’m replying to you, behemoth, because of the way that you have turned this crap into a religion; you capitalize the words denier and holocaust. It sounds like what “The Church” did to anyone that didn’t totally get on board with their dogma by calling them Pagans and Heretics, etc. — a precursor to making people think that it was acceptable to burn witches or anyone “The Church” didn’t like at the stake.

            You claim to have researched this subject. Wonderful. Keep up the good work and one day you may be able to have a discussion with someone who is a little skeptical about some of these stories that were made into religious dogma. Stories that now are protected by law in many countries and they throw people in prison just for expressing doubt about certain details.

          • Okay now you’re just being pedantic. I’m capitalizing Denier as a swipe at what they actually call themselves, Revisionists with a capital R, which is a bullshit term cause when you reduced the Holocaust to “just a few Jews who died of disease and starvation while under Nazi protective custody, nothing to see here..” there really isn’t anything left

            And I’m not worshipping the Holocaust , I’m simply stating that history is history whether it’s the Holocaust or the Holodomor or the motherfucking Long March. You can’t just say it didn’t happen cause you don’t want it used as ammo against you. Maybe you should call that out for the slimey tactic that it is “oy vey you’re politicizing the deaths of millions of people in a transparent attempt to attack White identity” instead of acting like a fucking cook with ultra low effort conspiracy theories. You don’t see Leftists rush to defend the atrocities committed by Stalin, Pol Pot, or Mao through some laughably convoluted attempt to prove its just fascist reactionary propaganda, do you? They just change the subject.

          • Clearly you are a Denier. Do you deny that they now throw people in jail for expressing doubt and saying that history is not always history and sometimes it’s just total bullshit? Do you deny that Jews take pride in announcing that they think mass immigration and open borders are a good thing? Do you deny that when it comes to Israel they have a different outlook on these things?

            Nope. DENIERS like you will DENY these things.