The New Trump Presidency Provides The Alt-Right With An Opportunity

Trump. We haven’t talked about him in almost a week. That’s impressive considering how much of a rollercoaster ride his presidency has been.

To summarize:

  • Bannon out
  • Gorka out
  • Miller soon out
  • White House under firm neocon/democrat/liberal hands
  • Stalled tax reform
  • Stalled immigration reform
  • No Bannon style big infrastructure spending
  • No wall
  • Stalled healthcare
  • Approval rating in the 30’s percent range
  • 2018 is looming for midterms
  • Few friends in congress
  • Impeachment looming
  • Surge in Afghanistan
  • Bizarre brinksmanship with North Korea

Long story short, Trump’s in trouble. At least it seems readily apparent to me. I recognize though that there are probably many still out there who think that this is all somehow still going according to plan…

She, two distinct camps have formed on the Right since Trump’s election. There are the MAGA die-hards who support the person of Trump, regardless of what the man does it seems. And then there’s the camp that actually expects the man to deliver on what he promised, and plans to hold him accountable. While the latter camp has been harsh on Trump at times, the former camp has been far too kind and understanding.

From the perspective of a someone closer to the accountability camp, it seems to me that Trump’s hands are tied, and all he seems capable of doing is pursuing questionable foreign policy.

When in doubt, I reach for Pat Buchanan. He has been cautiously optimistic and increasingly more and more disillusioned with the Trump presidency, mostly because of the foreign policy blunders:

Yet the country did not vote for confrontation or war.

America voted for Trump’s promise to improve ties with Russia, to make Europe shoulder more of the cost of its defense, to annihilate ISIS and extricate us from Mideast wars, to stay out of future wars.

America voted for economic nationalism and an end to the mammoth trade deficits with the NAFTA nations, EU, Japan and China.

America voted to halt the invasion across our Southern border and to reduce legal immigration to ease the downward pressure on American wages and the competition for working-class jobs.

Yet today we hear talk of upping and extending the U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, of confronting Iran, of sending anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine to battle pro-Russia rebels in the east.

Can the new custodians of Trump’s populist-nationalist and America First agenda, the generals and the Goldman Sachs alumni association, be entrusted to carry it out?

Queen Ann was more blunt.

She said that we (the Trump Base) have to watch the man like a hawk and not give him our carte blanche support if he fails to deliver.

With the departure of Sebastian Gorka, we have to wonder if Trump will deliver on what he promised us or what he promised the Neocons. There has been a whole slew of scalps collected by the enemy, and Trump seems unable to retaliate in kind. I’ll be blunt too: Trump looks weak and beleaguered.

Where does that leave the Alt-Right though?

Because we are not involved in the daily back and forth, we can take a larger picture view of the situation. In short, it looks bleak for the status quo and ripe for change, one way or another. Respectable civil society everywhere has revealed itself and its institutions to be hypocritical, spineless, and incapable of keeping the peace. Charlottesville showed this, but so did the subsequent mobs of Antifa all over the country, the lynching of statues and the deafening silence from everyone who wasn’t explicitly Alt-Right in condemning it.

Free speech was thrown under the bus by the Left, the Center and the Center-Right. 9/11 and Iraq didn’t do it. Daily Stormer’s satirical article about the dead Antifa woman did. Who could have predicted the Cyberpunk-esque shut down that followed? As of my writing, Stormfront has also been taken down.

We’re on borrowed time here with the Trump presidency.

While we can we have to organize as quickly and competently IRL.

We have to quickly start replacing the key internet infrastructure that we need.

And we need to do it fast.

Meanwhile, outside of our control, the situation continues to spiral out of control in a splendid spiral of escalating mob insanity and state stupor. Barring a total crackdown by the state and the dreaded FEMA camps (which I should be clear, I don’t see happening) people will look to the group that offers stability and order. A clear vision for what needs to be done and existing organization to reassure doubts about competency.

That has to be us. And that has to be our message. We will deliver on MAGA. We will end the instability. We will provide a clear vision for the future. Keep the chaos coming, Antifa.

Vincent Law
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  • Poor little, insecure white boys sitting in their mama’s basements.
    Why don’t you guys go out get a job and quit wining.

  • The last 8 months President Trump faced a militant left, the antifa, BLM, extremely hostile media and an equally hostile Democratic party.
    Obama never had to face them or that of a cut off head that looks like him held by Kathy Griffin or a New York Play that shows an Obama look alike getting repeatedly stabbed to cheering crowds or those who voted for him being called “Nazis” or its black equivalency. Had Obama face this he would be half as successful as Trump is today.
    I have to keep that in mind.

  • The alt right could benefit by studying Martin Luther King’s playbook. King won political victories by bringing out the worst in his enemies. King would stage a peaceful demonstration somewhere. Segregationists would respond violently. That violence won support for the civil right movement.

    The alt right can do this with free speech rallies. The rallies should include nothing to remind people of the Nazi movement. They should simply be in favor of free speech and open political discussion.

    Antifa will attack those rallies. Make it obvious to everyone that antifa is initiating the use of violence.

    The alt right still has this website and American Renaissance. The alt right has articulate spokesman. Antifa has nothing comparable: no websites, no organization, no spokesmen. Antifa thugs do not even have the courage to show their faces. They weak masks.

    Antifa is the ideal enemy for the alt right.

    • If you “storm” around screaming “Jews will not replace us”, yes, Antifa will show up AND tilt the public’s support their way. Apart from the car attack, that creepy tiki-mob was more memorable than anything else, swastikas included. Someone in your “movement” ought to grow a spine, and ADMIT how deeply that hurt your reputation.

      • There is an audience for Antisemitism. By appealing to that audience the alt right cannot become large enough and powerful enough to effect public policy.

        The alt right needs to pick fights it can win.

      • I love how all of you invariably get fixated on those tiki torches and add obligatory wail about muh swastika.

      • I loved the torchlight procession, but I was mystified over “Jews Will Not Replace Us.” The original theme was “YOU Will Not Replace Us.” That made more sense. Even more sense would have been DEMOCRATS Will Not Replace Us. TPTB are flooding the country with Non-White immigrants while excluding White immigrants even from areas where Whites are actively being genocided (like South Africa).

        Another thing about these immigrants is that TPTB prefer to select any Non-White who is not Christian AND prefers those from a religion that is actively hostile to and persecutes Christianity; Islam. They are rolling out the red carpet for Islam.

        It seems to me that TPB not only want to elect a new people, but a NEW GOD. And I believe that any future marches should be all about TPTB obviously electing a new god as well as a new people.

        But I digress, whose bright idea was “Jews Will Not Replace Us?” Especially since I frequent Hunter Wallace’s Occidental Dissent long enough to know what the original phrase was. I think you need to identify the brains behind that one, because that statement was so stupid and so designed to make Unite The Right marchers step on their own dicks that it could have only come direct from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

        Do you run background and credit checks on these street activists? How are they supporting themselves? Why are they out there when even presidents and CEOs of large corporations have been terminated or pushed out by the dictates of political correctness for accidentally blurting out an inconvenient truth?

    • 3-8% of the population is sufficient for what needs doing.
      There will not be overwhelming public support, just as there was not for the 1st American Revolution.
      Use history as your guide, not your fear of danger.

      • Charles, it’s you who’s indulging in alt-history! Our Revolution only worked because that 8% became 88%. At a MINIMUM, you will need almost 90% of people on your side, and you’re never going to get that. Your misogyny alone will run off half of the people you’ll need. Face it – the alt-right *will not* start or win a second civil war.

      • 3 to 8 percent cannot win an election. If that 3 to 8 percent resorts to violence it will provoke a backlash.

          • During the early 1960’s segregationist violence against civil rights demonstrations increased sympathy for the civil rights movement and caused the civil rights legislation to be signed. The black ghetto riots that happened from 1964 to 1968 in Northern cities hardened Northern white attitudes about blacks and turned the United States into a Republican country.

            What also benefited the Republican Party was the disruptive and sometimes violent behavior of many anti war demonstrators.

        • 3 to 8 percent is necessary for military victory.
          Obviously you’re not worried about backlash at that point. lol
          This new generations are all beta males.

    • Antifa controls nothing, the US government is doing this to you.

      It’s a distraction, defeating antifa soundly gets you exactly nothing. Increasing public support gets you nothing, the government doesn’t care what the public thinks.

      Unless you really think we “won the election” at this point. We most certainly did not, they allowed and are allowing it.

    • Why the fuck is Engelman posting here? I heard he got banned from Amren. Go suck off Asians and Jews somewhere else, Engelman!

    • Apparently they are going to take on these companies massive legal teams with flimsy budgets.
      That or you expect Trump to do something but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
      Trump doesn’t seem to vocal on Europe, South Africa or the industrial scale rape of white women in America either.

  • Trump saved US from Hag Hillary, all else – all – is gravy. Trump returned voice to the deplorable Silent Majority. Trump illuminated the fractures in American culture factions. Trump cleared the murk and allowed US to see Alt-right. Trump 2020 vision for the future.

  • We complain about Trump’s associations while we allow Jews to take over the alt-right. Jason Kessler should have been ID’d from the get-go, but he wasn’t. Weev the co-ethnic defending him on Twitter, claiming that he hacked his Twitter feed when Kessler gloated over Heyer’s death. Nope. The driver who was arrested for the Charlottesville death is a Jew, and Vanguard idiots allowed him to pose with them and take a shield from their group. That shouldn’t have been allowed to happen. Then there is Cantwell blubbering on YouTube, making the entire alt-right look weak. Enough with allowing Jews to lead or get exposure. If they are not a historic member, they have to go back.

  • Call out cucks, Alt Lite, whoever.

    But the remaining 90% of your time and energy should be spent triggering the left into taking positions farther and farther away from Normie America.

    Permanently splitting the Left is the key. Once this happens, it is time to liquidate what remains of Boomer Conservatism.

  • We need to look positive at the statue removal. I say this… When a town or city becomes controlled by Non whites and their allies, we should change our tune and say we want those statues removed from these non white area’s. These are white peoples statues and should stand only in white towns and cities. Non whites shouldn’t be allowed to have them in their soon to be shitty streets!!

  • We need to turn our adversaries’ memes against them. For example taking photos of white girls like the ACLU toddler and captioning them to say that diversity threatens to turn these youngsters into white versions of Anne Frank.

    • I think that “turning the memes against them” or making them taste their own medicine would imply to champion “diversity” in institutions, firms, towns, etc. that are dominated by Blacks and Jews. For instanced accusing Jews of racism for the few Oscarsteins received by Blacks, or being “angry” that too many Nobelstein Prizes go to Jews and too few to Blacks (none as far as I know)… It would be funny to see their reaction.

  • Ending usury – the exploitation by banks – this is the issue that could catapult a movement – not race

  • The Alt-Right were CHAMPIONS on the Beautiful and Magical Tiki Torch Rally at Lee Park……

    …..the Friday Night before Charlottesville Saturday………

    That’s all I have to say…….

  • Or, we could in Frustration…….

    ….let the Nazi Swastika Seig Heil LOSERS take over our Movement………

    • I think letting hillary win might have been best, face it at some point we will go to war in this country.
      We all see what the plan is with demographics, so why put it off, none of us are getting any younger.

        • You seem to think we can take America back without a fight, i do not see that happening.
          We keep voting in people who tell us what we what to hear then stick a knife in your back.

          • Awwww……..

            Poor Baby……….

            You didn’t get the Presents you wanted for Christmas??

            Here’s a Popsicle……..


          • Go fight then…..

            Go buy some Guns and Ammo…..

            …..and take America Back……

            I’ll be watching while I continue to Vote like a Mature Adult……

          • You’re Canadian, NITWIT……..

            What Trump does or doesn’t do is NONE or your Business……

            You have Trudeau……


            Must truly SUCK…….

          • The US is a world super power and sticks its nose in everyone elses buisiness. Believe me, I wish I could just ignore you stupid grease burgers.

          • It ain’t that tiny as we have seen.
            We could have had a broad coalition against Hillary via gun confiscation, BLM, etc including military and police.
            Once the fighting starts, all whites must move to our side or perish. Without a war, they can continue with their foolish thinking.
            Now we are isolated politically and Trump is not our guy, a huge miscalculation.
            Anglin is down, stormfront is down, one man lost his sight, another faces life in prison, another kid faces 20 years, all over bs “activism”

          • Anglin did some good works but he’s a clown too. He isn’t Erich von Manstein.

          • In my opinion, Anglin’s Heather Heyer Shitpost went way too far……

            I read it…….

            I just don’t get the point of stuff like that……..

          • ‘Now we are isolated politically’??

            The REAL Alt-Right has always been isolated politically……..

            War, War, War, War………

            Yada, Yada, Yada, Yada……..

            There are PLENTY of White People still having Children in America………

            Plenty of Black Pills though………PLENTY……..

            But, it’s not the Entire Story…….

          • You have eyes right?
            I covered this before on the stormer, most of you wouldn’t know a half breed if it smacked you upside the head.

      • David, you are right.
        Unfortunately the majority of white people (any race, really) are stupid and cannot see that their strategy is flawed.
        We have to wait until they have exhausted every idiotic possibility their tiny brains can conceive.
        Only when they stand at the brink of extinction will they fight back in any meaningful way.

    • Yeah? Well, what happens when you have to eat, sleep, and shop, and the local economy shuts down, because it’s too afraid to operate? Think!

      • Have a sandwich(or whatever) in your backpack then.
        There should be literally a few dudes with a van selling food and water to our people at every rally, we need to have our infrastructure .. including this issue.

        • No dice, John. If the alt-right wants to organize in numbers that can’t be shut down, it will literally have to go ISIS – at least one alt-right for every two civilian residents and one alt-right for every law enforcement agent. “A few dudes with a van” won’t be equipped to feed, lodge, and supply every alt-righter, many of whom are poor/unemployed/underemployed. It takes hundreds of merchants to meet that need, and they’ll flee or hide out, when the alt-right occupies their city. You’re living in a fantasy world.

  • At least I can now go back to not caring about what the president has to say about anything.

    At this point, the worst that can happen is America doesn’t collapse.

    • Bingo. Our goal should be to push the envelope using all legal, non violent means so a Soviet style collapse happens. Many don’t realize the huge role played by a few Baltic Nationalists in destroying the USSR both within and outside the system.

      • Yes. STAY LEGAL. No Nose Ring Nah zee dress ups please. They look like the Felons they are. Not a good image. Lame and anti intellectual. Learn to read a book, buy a suit. Thanks.

        • I’ll take 10 Nazis over 1000 faggots in khakis and polos when shit hits the fan. The Nazis will at least fight, the polo fags will run and hide in daddy’s trust fund mansion and hope it blows over.

          • Agreed. However, try not look like Felons though…Spencer is more believable in his presentation and it IS commented on.
            Form has a lot to do with it also. Form and Content. Looking rag tag does not help. I am not alone in this, but I do get what you wrote. In a war zone that may be moot but even the SA looked good and SS immaculate.

  • Important to remember that Buchanan was there for Watergate and Iran Contra. He knows when a Presidency is in trouble.

    At this point, bring on Pres. Kamala Harris to wake up the rest of white, right wing America.

      • America never becomes as polarized as it is now without Obama. Pres Kamala just polarizes it more, which is good for us.

        • Yeah. I’m pretty much full accelerationist at this point. Things are going to have to get a lot worse before normie whites are willing to fight. When their in the corner with their back against the wall, they will have no choice but to fight. Right now their still comfortable and Trump bought them a little more time of that false sense of comfort.

          • Tell me Hitler LARPER…….

            If you’re an Accelerationist……

            Why don’t you go do Something??

          • I’m going to vote for Trudeau again in 2019. Not because I like his policies but because I want to destroy Canada and Trudeau is the surest way to that goal. Then something that isn’t complete shit will be able to be built above the ashes. I’m not interested in reform. Canadia was never great.

          • Canada does need to just fall apart with the white parts joining the North American white ethno state and the Indians up there keeping their reservations.

          • I agree. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful country scenically, rich in natural resources and there are a lot of good people here. The thing is, they have had ample time to build a national culture and identity and if this is the best they can do, then it is probably time for a new beginning.

        • I disagree to an extent…….

          Obama did polarize America……..

          And President Trump was our Response……..

          We need to keep responding Politically……

          At the Voting Booth……

          • well if the voting process will continue to be tampered with, people will look at other forms of furthering and protecting their interests, It’s broader than just whites. Anyone who aspires to the normie lifestyle will be affected. Not every non-white person is on welfare and living in a ghetto. Yes,white people have been a particular object and focus of the Alt Left, but normie blacks, browns and Asians are not to beloved by the likes of Antifa. This is the danger of an out and out race war -people who should be on our side will be forced to go tribal if things go that bad. That is exactly what the Alt Left wants.

        • Actually I’m not sure about that because Trump has caused the left to overextend and go completely nuts. Ya get a sassy blickety bleck, then the left turn into quasi conservatives.

          • Obama caused the American Right to bubble up with anger, the tea party and now the Alt Right are a result of Obama. Obama was essentially a moderate Democrat with pro Black views on race. Kamala Harris is a Loony leftist from San Fagcisco, she will win over the rest of the White, American right to our cause. Especially if she defeats Trump.

    • Buchanan is enjoying that rare satisfaction: living long enough to see yourself vindicated. Jean Raspail is experiencing the same thing.

      But be careful what you wish for. “Candidate Comrade Kamala” should do the trick.

    • all of this proves that the real danger to Trump presidency isn’t but the neocons.
      AR should throw all it’s meme power against the neocons

    • True, Buchanan has been around long enough to see the whole picture and give an accurate enough analysis of it.

  • Trump needs to start building the wall. The wall is the ONLY thing that cannot be reversed by future democrat presidents.

    • Just as you said, there will be a future democrat President so even with a wall built, if the dems cut the budget and staff to guard the wall in some places, it will be useless.
      Personally i think we should just let the dems take control of the WH and congress, which would result in a total collapse of the economy and we can finally have the true and only resolution to fix this country and that is war.
      People who are the mind set of todays liberals are unfit to live among those on the right, so the sooner we remove them all black,white libs and muslim to my favorite global trash can AKA africa the better for the rest of us.

      • David, White supremacists can’t even deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. How the hell would they deport >50% of Americans? And, even if you made that happen (which you can’t), how would you survive, after kicking most of the women out of this country? Most women hold values that you don’t agree with. Do you really think they’d change because you overthrew our govt.? Get real!

        • If this country goes to war, more than half will die just from the power grid going down. Several more million will die from the actual war,decease and starvation.
          So there won’t honestly be that many that will need to be relocated to my favorite global trash can.

          • No as i said any that survive the war would be relocated outside this country.
            I am simply stating reality when i say many would die.
            I remember reading an article, and experts agreed in the first 6 months of the grid going down, 200 million would die.

          • If you read my first post i said let the democrats have both the WH and congress, they will completely collapse the economy.
            It will be the democrats that start the next civil war, not those of us on the right.

          • Heh! Ok. You keep sitting on your thumbs, and wait for an economic collapse that you can feasibly blame on the Democrats. Good luck with that!

          • What’s more likely to happen is as follows.. not long and the states will break up, first to go will be California followed by Texas and some others. These people will get their independence. The rest of the country will split up into larger groups and form alliance’s. Military will split into separate entities and these military entities overwhelmingly white will pave the way to an “Alt right caliphate”. From there for a short while, we will exist as a hated racist group, but we will create strong borders and will have the technology and great weapons to keep our enemies away. More and More white people will join us as their Multicultural utopia quickly falls apart and the realization that blacks and non whites will turn these area’s into a carbon copy of their ancestral homelands. Then the non whites will most problerly starve and resort to cannibalism and once their numbers are drastically reduced we will move in and take the whole continent back returning those who are left alive back to their own lands. We will install Spencer as President and continue with the democracy we created which is only hated at the moment because non whites and bleeding harts use it for their own ends. Democracy in a white utopia will work just fine! And we all live happily ever after!

          • You think you’re going to party like it’s 1861, eh? Heh! Well, you go for it Sigeweard. It’s your funeral!

          • It won’t be a party i can assure you that. and it won’t be as bad as 1860’s but i tell you this, we are in the decline of our civilization and change is well underway!

          • Having your enemy annihilated is perfectly natural. Our enemy wants to exterminate us and the only reason they arent doing it yet is because for now its not acceptable yet. Both sides are existential threat to each other. The only reason why we arent at each others throats is because the middle is still holding – for now. In decade (or two at most) only one side will get to live in US. The defeated side will be exiled or exterminated. It may as well be us.

        • So if your house is infested with cockroaches what do you do? Try to get accustomed to them, sleep with them, eat with them, watch TV with them, or try to exterminate them?…

          • The people you hate/don’t want to compete with/misunderstand are *not* devoid of humanity or a grave threat to it. And, forgive my assumption, but I’m VERY sure that you’re not living with any of them. So, what’s your beef?

          • Cockroaches too have a right to live as creatures of “God”. I am not better than them. Their problem is that I don’t want to share my house (and food) with them. They are a pest (for me). And I can exterminate them because I can. Thanks to modern chemistry. Do you think that I or “we” can exterminate Blacks, Jews, liberals and all the people that we don’t like just like that? If I or “we” had such magical powers, belief me, the world would have looked very differently by now. Better (for me, “us”). Hitler did exterminate the cockroaches, but as a head of state, not as an individual. He had to become a head of state to do it. I don’t think that “we” will ever rule USA so all the discussion about “humanity”, “hate”, “genocide”, “the poor little Blacks and Jews”, blah, blah is just that blah, blah. Do you feel more comfortable now?… Nothing wrong will happen to your little golliwogs…

          • Most lefties you want exterminated are the same species as you, even the same race, not insects. I don’t like them either, but wanting most of the population exterminated doesn’t sound right. You sound like the other guy a couple days ago who wanted gays executed.
            The white identity movement is not going to grow with views like that.

          • So, if we won’t exterminate anybody and the Antifa and Jews won’t “replace us” (that’s a big if!) then we are in the current situation. Keep calm and carry on. But can we carry on? It seems that the Antifa and the Yids are very pissed off with our recent shenanigans… We should ask them gracefully for forgiveness and swear not to do it again! Better still, blow our heads off!

    • I apologize ahead for the black pilling but, We won’t get a wall. Trump is a plant to keep whites happy for another decade while the country rots from the inside out.

  • Why are you ignoring all of Trump’s accomplishments so far? Just yesterday he pardoned Sheriff Joe, signed the directive for the tranny ban, and reports say that he will end DACA. Not to mention pulling out of Paris and TPP, appointing Gorsuch, actually providing care and support for our veterans, adding a million new jobs, unemployment lowered…plus he ardently says the wall will be built even if it means government shutdown. I am not giving up yet…there will always be roadblocks

    • Because those are minor symbolic victories at most.

      “Just yesterday he pardoned Sheriff Joe,”

      Good for triggering liberals and not much more.

      ” signed the directive for the tranny ban,”

      It can easily be reversed by his successor.

      ” and reports say that he will end DACA.”

      What he says and what he does are two different things.

      “Not to mention pulling out of Paris and TPP,”

      Good but not great.

      “appointing Gorsuch,”

      It’s good that Hillary didn’t get to appoint anyone, but the lack of outcry from cuckservatives over Gorsuch makes me believe he’s no one special.

      “actually providing care and support for our veterans,”

      I don’t have much sympathy for ZOG’s military.

      ” adding a million new jobs, unemployment lowered…”

      Irrelevant in the long run.

      Where is the Muslim ban? Where is the change in foreign policy? Where is the infrastructure bill? What happened to “they have to go back?”

      MAGA cannot be accomplished without major changes in domestic and foreign policy, and so far we’ve got nothing even close to that.

      • You can overlook all what he has done but it is something. So far Radical Change he has not done. Change is done incrementally in the US. If he pushes too fast he may get JFK’ed. He knows that and that may be his slow down. He was naive. The Wall can be done with more Border Patrol, Equipment and Infrared Monitoring via Satellite and not a clumsy structure that will begin to decay anyway. We can smoke them from the sky. Fact. Being prudent and not sloppy may be sly or yes, ineffective too. The POTUS is not a Dictator. Yeah, I miss the Old man too but he had to force his way into his position and then do Radical Law Changes First in ’33. Then he had the power to make his Walls. Trump has Jooo Turds in every corner and he does not seem to realize what the fuck they are. Naive? yes, and maybe just Dumb. We are still ZOG.

        • He doesn’t seem to know what his own daughter is.
          He’s either incredibly stupid or he’s in on it.
          There’s plenty of genetic evidence in his family tree that he is a jew.

    • Trump’s accomplishments like pardoning Arpaio and banning trannies from USMil have all been stupid red meat to appease the base, just like Dubya’s fag marriage bans.

    • Until the president issues pardons for James Alex Fields and Christopher Cantwell, I am officially off the Trump train. Hail victory.

  • Yea the Trump train is a ten carriage pile-up but people won’t look to the group who are Nazi LARPing, so dress well and don’t act like an fucking idiot.

    • And please people, get into shape! There’s nothing more cringeworthy than seeing a bunch of fat ass klansmen/Nazi larpers (probably FBI plants) representing us. Optics are everything at this stage.

      • A million dollars says all you optics faggots run and hide when shit hits the fan. Your opinions are worthless, who cares what cowards that won’t be doing any of the fighting think?

        • I get what you’re saying but I drove 11 hr round-trip from SC to VA for the C’ville rally. I agree that ideologically we should NEVER back down and always defend our folk but as representatives we should try and look our best. Our goal is a clean and healthy white society so our movement should reflect that.

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