Mike Enoch’s Insider Take On Charlottesville

This is a video interview piece with Mike Enoch, who requires no introduction in our circles thanks to his superlative talent as both an orator and philosopher. Mike has an innate way of cutting through all the leftist lies and propoganda that we all have to suffer through on a regular basis. The piece, itself, was recorded on August 24, 2017 in Central Park, NYC. It is a series of one-take interview cuts with very minimal editing.

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  • Article in the “American Thinker” titled “Seizing that which we Hold Dear” is about the value of Confederate monuments, but it is my comment to that article which I want to share:

    “Destruction of American Monuments have been against monuments and statues of white people. No monuments to non Whites have been targeted and destroyed. At the same time the Antifa and the militant left back these attacks with terms like “White Supremacist” to “Nazi”. They also claim to attack “hate”.

    The message that these attacks are targeting the “White” aspect of American history could be seen by the “white Supremacists”. If and when they react the Left immediately labels them “racist” and the response as “hate”. That will not work, no more if these monuments were all black and the iconoclasts were white. If blacks responded in kind it would be futile to call them ‘racists” filled with “hate” for doing that.

    This could be a deliberate act to ferment a racial conflict. When we include the constant media attacks on President Trump including the racially tinged language about the color of his hair to the slave angle of these monuments, the “race” issue cannot be removed. It becomes central, and for the “white supremacist” it becomes an urgent matter.

    PS: The white nationalists see these monuments not simply as memorials to a war but voice of a “Defiant South” who was defeated in this war and faced DC suppression for decades after the war. If that is the case, then taking them down is a challenge.”

  • Very well presented, very well said.

    With a few exceptions, I thought the Southern Nationalists, Identitarians, Defend the Robert E Lee statue demonstrators did very, very well in Charlottesville VA. We faced overwhelming system oppression, Antifa cowardly mob attacks and media censorship, Cuckservative cuckery. I was frankly very surprised no one on our side was


    No one fired a gun

    Great job! Now I’m going to suggest something that is going to sound very boring, not “revolutionary” at all.

    We need to make phone calls and send e-mails to state and local Virginia officials – particularly VA state representatives (R). The higher you go in politics, tax exempt churches, corporations, media – the more anti White, anti Southern – the more you find Cuckservative people and cuck institutions. It’s no use trying to talk reason with the likes of the Bush family or Mittens Romney or Paul Ryan etc The national media especially the Conservative Inc/Cuckservative media is being heavily purged. Murdoch’s half Jewish children are making Fox identical to Jeff Zucker’s CNN. But….

    At the state and local level White people are much more like White people. We’ve beaten about 8 illegal alien amnesties by making the phone calls, sending e-mails to Congressional staff members. I ‘ve gotten very good at this.

    Now please do the same with Virginia State reps. I’ve had solid success discussing Charlottesville VA demo/riots.

    Here are some tips.

    Be polite, be brief, try to establish a back and forth dialogue, not just a one way rant. Try to establish some connection to the State reps’ area. I’m from the Midwest, but I tell the truth that I applied and was accepted at the University of Virginia Charlottesville founded by Thomas Jefferson. I distinctly applied to UVA because it was a Southern University and I support Confederate statues to just honor one part of Southern American history. I don’t want to destroy Confederate Statues or Confederate Graves just as I don’t support people doing Jewish grave desecrations. After a brief presentation of your/our views – ask if you can send a short e-mail thanking the state rep for listening to your concerns. Understand you’re going to be talking to a staff member, not the actual State representative, unless he/she calls you back. Most of these staff members are nice people with boring jobs and they like to talk with intelligent people.

    Again be polite, establish a back and forth dialogue follow up with a “thank you for listening to my concerns regarding Charlottesville demos/riots”.

    Include some links to Alt Right, including this excellent video of honest presentations of Charlottesville VA events. Here’s a link to VA state rep contact list:

  • This is so sad. This man, this white man is a colossus on the world stage. White people control everything in America and around the world. Even in Africa the white man receives red carpet treatment. Same is true of Asia, the Middle East, everywhere.

    You should be honest about your true motivations. Come on, you’re not really dumb enough to believe that white people are oppressed. White people are the oppressors. Look, I know you’re anxious about losing total and absolute control and dominance. Admittedly, that is happening gradually. But going from 100% dominance to 97% dominance does not make you victims of oppression. Your total dominance and control wasn’t meant to last forever. Nothing ever does. In a few hundred years some African tribe might control everything. That’s just nature. The universe is in constant flux and change. You don’t see the Egyptian or Roman empires anywhere do you?

    • You don’t understand. This is a war between two factions of whites (one side largely led, or heavily influenced by, anti-white leftist Jews.) If you’re in Lagos, you can seek out Andrew Anglin and ask you to explain it in to you in detail.

  • Jared Kushners businesses being protected by the ADL from the US Government
    Eric Wachter,”I oversee all aspects of ADL’s programming within the region of Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.”
    More Jews Exposed

  • Quick take: C-Ville was to a set up to demonize all Conservatives, Alt Right, and any Left Dissidents as “Nazi”.
    Jason Kessler was the inside guy for them. JWO set up by Skype Marxist Mayor of C-Ville.

  • Mike looks so handsome. He should shoot more of these videos now that OK Cupid kicked out white nationalists.

  • ‘We have our own media,we don’t need theirs’ this is the key.The truth is out there,keep it going.The flack is always worse when nearing the target.The contrived world they have created through media lies,distortions and sophistry is crumbling before their eyes

  • I know many of you are sympathetic to the Nazi cause, so this idea may not be able to be used. I just want to get the word out.
    Both Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey we’re great lovers of Adolf Hitler. .Both have a great many statues throughout the United States.You alt right guys could mount a campaign to get rid of those statues; protests,complain to the City government, defacings, tit for tat. etc
    In San Diego there is a Malcolm X city Branch library and a statue of Malcolm X in it.
    You could sell it as Alt Right fighting against racism. That would fuc* them all up
    Listen to BLM And Antifa squawk.
    Turn Around = Fair Play
    But then you might not be able to use it.

    • Nah. Focus on radical Islam. The Islamic prophet M was heavily in to slavery also pedophilia. So all Islamic mosques must come down.

      • Islam has to be checked for sure. The real problem is internal. We (imo) in the “Crisis” stage of the socialist/communist take over of the U.S first priority..
        Disrupting our internal enemies should be top priority.

  • I’d like to see some lawsuits against the state and city. Not possible?

    The money and compensation alone would be worth it I’d imagine, and wouldn’t it mean the Mayor and Governor would be culpable for the death?

  • Exactly, if our message and ideals were easily debunked we wouldn’t have this massively coordinated campaign just to shut us down. They would argue with us on tv in debate if they could get anywhere close to beating us with logic or sense. Instead they just scream reeee shut it down!

  • Why have none of you called out the Gladio op car crash at Cville? It was a staged black op! It’s already been revealed there were agents there acting as witnesses. (Brennan Gilmore) Why is it all the spokespeople in the altright seem allergic to the truth re: false flags & media hoaxes? You guys even push the ridiculous official ’19 arabs with boxcutters’ story of 9-11. (see Christopher Bollyn) If you ‘are that willfully ignorant you have no biz leading a movement IMHO.

    • Jews did 9/11. James Fields was fleeing for his life and crashed.

      I notice you “forgot” to include a link to Bollyn’s website:

      I have a Conspiracy Theory that you are Chaos Agent sent to disrupt the Alt-Right with retarded conspiracy theories where none are needed.

    • Your Fake Conspiracy Theories are the result of LOW IQ Syndrome……

      Leave the Alt-Right ALONE…..

      You’re not one of us…..

  • This guy seems to think the car accident was staged by the Deep State to harm Trump and Enoch is a government asset. See for yourself.

    • I watched the video. It suggests that the Challenger was filmed driving east toward the main highway to exit Charlottesville and then 7 minutes later had presumably circled back around almost reaching Lee Park then drove south into the croud.

      The empty mini van parked in the street 5minutes before the crash was also shown in the video.

      It fills in a few gaps on timeline and maps of the area and the movements of the vehicles involved.

    • check out the original ‘News 2 Share’ vid he got that footage from. In it you can see that both cars abandoned at the crosswalk had wood blocks behind their rear wheels which were removed seconds before the Challenger crashed. Those cars were staged there with the ‘rent a crowd’.

      • You have to remember that Antifa were corralling whites into killzones all day. The entire intersection was being illegally blocked by these people and car owners collaborating with the March. I understand that other streets were also blocked in town. Fields may have been a cornered and frightened victim.

    • The “Deep State” is so sophisticated and pulling off false flags all the time, and all they could manage was a supposedly staged rear end accident with a Charger? Why were the other vehicles even needed if the intent was to inflict damage on the crowd?

      Over the years I’ve come to the realization that most conspiracy theorists are just bored with their lives and need something fill in all that nothingness.

      • The most likely explanation is that he got lost looking for a highway onramp got blocked missed an exit and circled back to a point he recognized and realized he was now cornered. I wouldn’t be surprised if he thought he was in reverse when he hit the car in front.

      • Why were the other vehicles even needed if the intent was to inflict damage on the crowd?

        If the “victims” were in on it, then the purpose of the other cars may have been to protect those who were not in on it.

      • They don´t trust each other enough and they aren´t that competent.

        If they were good at false-flagging, they would have used “Russian” nuclear warheads a while ago.

    • The above conspiracy nonsense showed up on my timeline, posted by a nice, but, rather naive young lady.

      First, there are all sorts of videos showing Fields car after it was stopped, by the car in front of it, being attacked by all kinds of protesters with, and, without objects in their hands.

      Fields may well have been a distracted driver, distracted by the protesters, causing the original collision, or a panicked driver. Or some combination of both distraction and panic. This happens all of the time in labor-management disputes on picket lines. To top it off Fields did NOT go up on the sidewalk in an attempt to harm the protesters, only an attempt to flee the attack by the protesters.

      • Why was the maroon van park in the street five minutes before the accident? And why were Ford Fischer and other reporters waiting around the corner immediately before the accident??

          • I know there is a video of Deandre Harris swinging a club at an old man in Charlotteville and the media isn’t reporting it. Is it a conspiracy that the media is ignoring this video?? Whites have a racial enemy and that enemy is the Jews

          • You are a Jew they are your own kind. Yeah you and your kind are chosen, chosen to be damned for eternity.

          • Christ cursed you and your kind from the cross. You will never have peace and you will never have a home of your own.

          • Please explain. What exactly did he say?

            I do know that everyone who accepts the fact that Jesus Christ died for our sins & rose from the grave will be forgiven for their sins if they repent of them. That applies to EVERYONE, Jew & Gentile alike. What am I missing?

          • Not a single Jew to this very day has ever apologized for killing of the innocent Christ. Not one. In order to be saved you must admit sin and beg for forgiveness.

          • You can’t commit a sin that was done before you reach the age of accountability, let alone before you were born. The only people who are responsible for the killing of Jesus Christ are those who were alive THAT DAY, at that location & were part of the execution. Besides, there are a LOT of Messianic Jews in the US & around the world, too. In order to be saved you have to repent to GOD, not to man.

            Let’s say that your great-great grandfather was John Wilkes Booth (the guy who shot Abraham Lincoln). Should anyone blame YOU for it? Do people have the right to hold you accountable?

          • Pilate Washes his Hands
            Pilate saw that he was accomplishing nothing, but that instead a riot
            was breaking out, he took water and washed his hands before the crowd.
            “I am innocent of this man’s blood,” he said. “You shall bear the
            responsibility.” All the people answered, “His blood be on us and on our children!” So Pilate released Barabbas to them. But he had Jesus flogged and handed Him over to be crucified.…

    • Hmm. I don’t have the time or patience to sit through the whole 55 minutes of this. I was recommending the “Trust One News 3” channel right after the Charlottesville event. It pointed out how the video showing the supposed reaction of James Fields’ “mother” to the news of the car attack was likely staged and that she was likely acting. The “Trust One News 3” channels was shut down by YouTube and replaced by “Trust One News 4”, and I doubt that the earlier videos are still available.

      The possibility that the Ford Fischer live stream contradicts the official story is interesting. I wish this guy doing the video would get to the point faster, however. It is commonplace in the truth movement to attempt to paint alt-right leaders as plants/assets. The attempts to discredit Mr. Spencer this way are not very convincing. James Fetzer (a prominent truther) presents a photograph showing Spencer and his wife with Laura Bush. The idea that this could be fake doesn’t even enter Fetzer’s mind, which is odd for someone who is so skeptical about photographs in other contexts. Even truther sources that I find reliable, like Trust One News, tend to be dismissive about alt-right figures. I am not sure what to make of this.

      There must be many plants/assets/shills in both the truth movement and the alt-right. I think no one died in the Sandy Hook event (except possibly people killed to cover up the hoax). The World Trade Center buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. The videos purportedly showing planes impacting the buildings are not genuine. Fetzer rightly points out that if a large airliner actually impacted one of those buildings there would be far more plane debris flying out from the area of impact. Instead, the planes pass right through steel as if they were ghosts. The explosion doesn’t occur until after the tail section reaches the building. This is unrealistic.

      Frankly, I have doubts about Christopher Cantwell. His “crying” video is not believable. The fact that Spencer gets lots of media interviews does not in and of itself imply that he must be a plant. Kessler seemed to appear out of nowhere, so I do wonder about him, especially after his tweet insulting the supposed car attack victim.

  • Serious question, why didn’t stawards at march just ask the Fresh Nazi Flag guy for a couple of valid picture IDs?

    • Another serious question: Many of those who attended the C-ville rally were doxed, yet there was an actual, IRL Serious Not-see present, swastika flag and all, who should be the Evilest Evil Ever to antifa, and even to the legacy media, yet no one doxed him, or even attempted to do so? The (((media))) showed absolutely zero curiosity about his identity? That’s interesting.

      • Very interesting. It proves to me that he was prolly a paid informant or paid ADL shill, something of that nature because as you say nothing has been said about this guy because he’s an asset.

        • Your failure to even attempt an explanation for the profound lack of curiosity about this man’s identity on the part of antifa and the (((media))) is duly noted. Wasn’t he the evilest of the evil political dissidents at the rally? Surely they would want to know who he was.

          • Who are you supposed to be with that goofy looking hat on, the grand inquisitor?

            Just because some poor bastard took “Unite the Right” seriously, you got your mother’s asshole all in a knot. You need bitch slapped, boy.

          • It’s comical that you feel so compelled to double down on your pathetic failure. You’re welcome to attempt an explanation any time now. I’ll wait.

            Just to refresh your memory: Why are the (((media))) and antifa (and you) so profoundly incurious about this man’s identity, when he is clearly the not-seeist naaaatzeee ever, and obviously an important alt right leader? Should be their #1 priority target, right?

          • You really are a goofy asshole. The rally was called “Unite the Right” and advertised as “Unite the Right” and you are shocked when some goober shows up with a Nazi flag. Gimme a fuckin’ break. You really can’t be that stupid.

          • Still pathetically unable to explain the odd lack of curiosity on the part of the (((media))), antifa, and yourself about this man’s identity, I see. So you attempt to make up for it with hysteria and random ad hominems. Sad. Was this “goober” a friend of yours, perhaps?

          • “You really have mental health issues”

            Oy vey goyim! You have mental issues!

            Jews and their golems cry out in pain as they strike you.

          • PromethusReturns from where, the local mental hospital? LOL.

            Ok, one character shows up at a rally called “Unite the Right” and is carrying a Nazi Flag, Could he possibly have taken a rally officially titled by its organizers as “Unite the Right”, seriously? If not, why not?

            Btw, why are some of you so interested in doxxing the “Unknown Nazi”?

          • >Btw, why are some of you so interested in doxxing the “Unknown Nazi”?

            You’re the dumbest motherfucker on the planet.

            I’m not interested in doxxing him you fucking retard, but the neither is the LEFT who doxxes everyone. Since you’re the dumbest motherfucker on the planet you can’t make that connection.

          • That “goofy looking hat” is a beret and is worn by elite forces throughout the world.

            I can’t believe you don’t know who Smash is 😉

      • I’m going with the idea that anyone flying the 1930s German Swastika flag at one of our rallies is either:

        1) An Agent Provocateur
        2) A fool

        Either way, we should prohibit this. Take a note from League of the South – they have a new flag with historic references to the CBF – it’s Black and White cross of St. Andrew which is pictured here.

        Golden Dawn has some updated Swastika type flag that works OK

        J Ryan
        AllRight Chicago

        • Flag design must be good.
          Flag design must be elaborate.
          Flag design must show that at least some effort was put in it.

          • Hey Lulz great acct and thx for (inadvertently) leading me over to this site.. it’s rlly good:)

          • There is a flag that is relevant to the USA and still incorporates the same theme implicit in the Confederate Battle Flag (or even the Swastika). It’s the Gadsen Flag and its banner was not being carried. I wonder why?

      • >The (((media))) showed absolutely zero curiosity about his identity?

        Yes. Why is it that the only high profile Not-See:
        1) A flag that is so new it still has sharp packaging creases?
        2) No Not-See tattoos?
        3) No one is interested in doxing?
        4) No one on either side knows?
        5) Was NOT doxed?

        We’re supposed to believe this Not-See is both:
        a) stupid and so bad with optics he’s drawing unwanted attention; and
        b) expert at avoiding all unwanted attention and cannot be doxed.

        All of this REEKS of a false flag, a literal false flag.

      • The (((media))) showed absolutely zero curiosity about his identity? That’s interesting.

        (((Media))), including public also don’t flip over like trained monkey they are when they see commie flags with red star with hammer and sickle or USSR flag, how so?

        Also, arguments from cucks is how Americans fought against people carrying German NS flag, so they find it “offensive”, but they don’t find offensive commie flags, interesting.

        Not just because of retarded story how commies are all for “equality”, but communim is Jewish invention, attacking communism would be “antisemitic” in the end, and Jewllywood conditioned goyim to act like Pavlov’s dogs when they see swastika, not just German NS flag.

        White House economic adviser (((Gary Cohn)))said that the violent Antifa counter-protesters were “standing up for equality and freedom” while the protesters defending Robert E. Lee’s statue were all white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the KKK.

  • The truth is slowly leaking out. Keep plugging away, in all corners of the internet and IRL, while we still have the window of opportunity. We have reality on our side.

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