Whites Can’t Compete With Ethnic Minorities In The Free Market

If you don’t have an ethnic minority friend, I suggest you get one. Spending time will them will open your eyes to many things that SWPL society won’t be able to. They’re also wonderfully red-pilled on many topics and won’t rat you out for CrimeThink as quickly as the GoodWhites will. Hell, even Richard Spencer himself is forced to eat at only ethnic restaurants in Alexandria, Virgina. The SWPLs won’t let him into their shops, so Richard has to subsist on a diet of gyros, kebab, and pad thai. The ethnic minority businesses don’t care.

This is, after all, some squabble within the White tribe that doesn’t concern them.

And I’m lucky because I have a ~150 IQ ethnic minority friend who is a full on Fascist and all around real human bean. I’ve realized after talking with him and sharing observations about modern society just how screwed Whites are. See, he brings a fresh perspective that only an outsider looking in can. Because I am a Slav and therefore halfway out of regular Western Huwhyte society myself, we can understand each other very well. And he tells me things about the ethnic minority world that stun me and just make me shake my head and lapse into silence.

I think he gets a kick out of it.

A couple of years ago, my friend decided to get rich. He told me about his plans and in the process started red-pilling me about the true nature of Capitalism in a multicultural society. By relying on his extended familial contacts, the diaspora community, and SWPL society’s trusting nature, he was able to set up an incredible cash cow.

Along the way, he told me about co-ethnics that had done similar and even more impressive things.

A cousin of his got his hands on an emergency vehicle contract with the state of X. Now, X state rarely has anything more serious than a light dusting of snow every 5 years. But because of the obsessive desire of Boomers to bubble-wrap society in the name of safety, the state has to keep vehicles on standby anytime there is a ‘weather advisory’. Yes, the same idiots that force everyone to dress up for war by donning helmets, knee pads and reflective vests for a simple bike ride around the block also passed a lot of laws in X that waste tax dollars and enrich some enterprising market dominant ethnic minorities.

So, every time there is a weather advisory, the man hires some illegal Mexicans, puts them into some rental trucks with those yellow lights screwed to the top and idles them. He rakes in the dough. And I mean he really rakes in the dough. He’s not even 30, but he’s a millionaire already.

I shook my head and lapsed into silence when he finished telling me the story.

Such a scheme would never even pop into my head. It was clever, don’t get me wrong. But it also somehow felt…wrong.

I finally managed to croak out a reply:

“How did he manage to get the contract?”

My friend was sitting on the bench next to me in the park when he told me this story. There used to be a great playground made out of wood and long metal slides where we sat now. Some kid probably got a splinter and their helicopter parents convinced the park’s department to tear down the “safety hazard” a few years back.

So it was just us sitting there, smoking these cheap Russian cigarettes that I had brought my poor over-taxed American friends as a gift from abroad. If you didn’t know, smoking on the playground is an ancient Russian tradition, and although neither of us are smokers, this was all part of the cultural exchange and so you see, we had to take a couple puffs.

He had a gleam in his eye as he turned to answer me. And I grinned back. I already knew the answer.

“Let me guess, he had a cousin or something working in the State gov?”


They split the profits, naturally.

My friend only started telling me these things when he found out that I was struggling trying to set up my own small business. I ran into hurdle after hurdle, all of them mostly bureaucratic in nature. I had/have no capital, no real experience and struggled to make any progress for about a year.

He decided to enlighten me about the true nature of business.

“You need to have connections,” he told me.

Boy, oh boy was he right about that.

See, while I relied on advice I gleaned from online forums, by the time that this guy graduated middle school he had a master’s degree equivalent of insider business knowledge that trickled down from the diaspora community.

When he was ready to start something on his own, he had all the connections, all the first-hand information and more to make it work. He also knew all the most profitable loopholes to exploit.

And he always wondered why Whites don’t do the same thing.

See, he can just go to a second-degree cousin working in the industry and ask him for insider information worth thousands of dollars. He can ask another diaspora member for help securing a contract with the government. The sheer amount of shenanigans that he can pull just by having these ethnic connections is mind-boggling. He and his people can manipulate the system with ease.

Whites simply can’t compete.

Whites are too atomized and too rule-abiding. Pulling up family members and putting them in key positions to grow an ethnic network of businesses is considered…icky. And no White guy comes up to another White guy and says:

“Hello, fellow White man. Let’s manipulate the system together.”

And it makes sense on a macro scale. On a macro scale, rule-abiding societies with little to no ethnic nepotism far outpace societies where ethnic nepotism dominates. Northwestern Europeans created the wealthiest societies that the world has ever seen by not doing what non-White ethnic minorities do.

But when those minorities enter White society, they possess an incredible edge over the host population, where you just have a bunch of deracinated individuals scrambling over top each other, cousin vs cousin, brother vs brother, father vs son in a giant rat race.

They stick together, while we slit each other’s throats.

And if you want to open up, say, a small coffeeshop in a college town, you need to take out a loan for $400,000 from the friendly neighorhood bank. Meanwhile, the competition can just ‘crowdsource’ the money from their extended family in the province of Punjab or whatever and split the profits of the venture. They can also rely on slave family labor. An auntie, a younger cousin, maybe grandma can work the shop. Hell, they can even work 24 hours a day because there’s no such thing as overtime pay within the family.

What about building codes, health inspections, quality standards?

The Huwhyte will invest significant sums bringing his business up to code. But the clever minority will see a much more cost-effective strategy. They will simply…befriend the inspector. Sometimes they just so happen to be related to the inspector as well.

Market dominant ethnic minorities form cartels. De-racinated, domesticated, fair-playing Whites get fed to the sharks by the cartels.

It happens everywhere.

While a White boss will hire on merit and assemble a smorgasbord team of high-IQ employees, a Paki boss will hire pakies, a Chinese boss will hire Chinese and on it goes.

And when I hear Libertarians spewing their talking points about high-agency Whites and the wonders of the free market, I try not to get too angry. Few of them have ever started a business on their own, and fewer still have had to compete with an ethnic cartel. This is all just theories to them that help them prove how clever they are, because it take a certain level of IQ to read Rothbard or whatever.

But in a free-market, open-border society, Whites lose and they lose big time. This problem will only get worse because at the very least, older generations of White still had large intact familes, connections within the community and time to accumulate capital when times were better. Younger generations increasingly don’t.

And I’m not even making an argument for Socialism at this point because the gibs will simply flow to non-White low-IQ minorities anyway.

No, I am arguing for cartels. At the very least, there needs to be an Alt-Right cartel. We have to help /ourguys/ set up businesses, get hired, get placed in important positions and stop going out of our way to ‘play fair’. It’s the only way to compete.

The non-Whites think like this: me, my brother, my cousin against the world.

While we are too atomized to think in exactly the same terms, we also have an advantage in that we can form tribes around ideas not just rely on clans. We have to start adapting to the reality of this new paradigm. Boy Scout America isn’t coming back anytime soon. We need to adapt and start helping our comrades.

Forget about playing fair, stop being a SWPL, help your comrades and play to win instead.


Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • OK. But where does the free market come into play … Yes white people can’t compete under communism. Even Mandela South Africa still need AA to get somebody to hire black. Give us a world of voluntary exchange of goods & services … Watch out!

  • Agreed. Alt Right needs a collective for online presence, jobs, and political presence.
    NPI going dark is a bummer. This is a prime time to collectivize and use this momentum.
    What are Richards ideas and yours for a nucleus/i.e. starting point? Again a brainstorming meeting
    would be good. Thus internet presence needed. I keep harping on this.

  • This is well known for Albanians/Kosovars, they run bakeries, ice cream shops across ex-Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia countries.

  • You (the author) should get your non-huwhite friend in trouble for hiring illegals then you should move in on his business.

  • The only solution is a collapse. Unchecked greed and capitalism, buying things defining a nation, is what led to this. Whites must return to being people who lived off the land.

  • It was clear from the very beginning that your friend is an Indian. Just look what they have done to their India

  • by the time most whites realize this is true, we will be minorities…and hated minorities, thanks to the elite propaganda pumped into the minds of school kids

  • Live in a big city. Everyone knows the game. The white liberals are always silent partners. Thats why they love AA so much. They get to pick most of the winners. It is just Irish politics for brown people.

  • Thanks for the interesting article and encouragement to have ethnic minority friends. As a Korean-American, my basic advice is to work hard, learn from your mistakes, make good friends, care for your wife and kids, and plan for the future. I wish the best for all readers and hope we can help each other!

  • In my little town all of the gas stations are now owned by indians (from India) & they are all related. They continue to switch ownership after every so many years to avoid taxes. They always bring in new family members.

  • Agreed, It’s easier to get a job in London if you are foreign.

    I made a meme for this concept in reaction to the white sharia meme…I called it white mafia….you can still find the video on vidme…..perhaps its time has come

  • Black folks have an entire network of apps that ensure they buy from black only owned business’. Have a quick look at blackeconomicdevelopment dot com. As a single example.

    Non-whites engage in huge boycott and quiet economic attacks against us. Many of us are totally unaware, and would fear being shut down if we were ever caught applying the same business practice.

  • Excellent idea. They just buy houses with cash too.None of this 30 year mortgage stuff.Expensive homes too.NOT upstate NY floppies.We must have high quality standards.Here we can have a big edge.

    • Alt-right members must have to have knowledge of economic basics

      ..we don’t need movement of financially weak/broken people who follow idiotic advises promoted by corporate (((usurer))) owned media.
      Alt-Right members must de-program themselves from the generic normie ecomic mindset( i.e. pointlessly spending and getting into debt)

      TOP 5 Alt-Right economic advises:
      1: Never buy a new car
      2. Never go into debt
      3. Never buy things you don’t need to impress normies
      4. When young ,stay in your parent’s house for 5 years ,work hard ,save 10-15k a year ,and after 5 years buy an appartment/house for cash(to avoid financial black hole of rent or mortgage for the rest of your life)
      5. don’t spend money on GF(if she demands that, she’s technically nothing but a whore)

      • What if your parents won’t let you dwell in their basement? What if your girlfriend (assuming you have one) has already spent a lot of time and/or money on you? How will you fund college or your first used car out-of-pocket? Better rethink your economic “advises”.

        • If the the parents kick their son out of the house when turning 18, they are sabotaging his future (in case he wants to save some money.. on the other hand a lot of young people these days just live with their parents without any plans for the future at all)
          If a GF demands you to spend money on her , she’s technically just a whore.

          Colleges are nothing but glorified financial scams at this point, Community colleges are far better giving people skills useful in real life, and far cheaper
          ..shortly : Americans have next to zero financial knowledge these days ,perfect zombie slaves of the system .. all of this on purpose

          • John, that girlfriend is NOT a “whore”, if she’s sharing her car with you, babysitting your siblings, and cooking the meals for your date nights. And a community college degree costs thousands of dollars – an amount that exceeds what most people could pay in one lump sum. Plus, stopping your education at community college is a risky long-term career move. Try to consider the disadvantages of your “advises” *before* you roll them out.

          • My post wasn’t specifically about your GF, it was about those GF’s which see the partner as a walking visa card.
            I should make up the whole theory that the reason most of americans still aren’t wealthy millionaires after all those generations of their hard working ancestors is that their wifes/GF’s wasted away most of the money spending it on bs generation after generation.
            Community colleges gives people real life high demand “high-end” blue collar worker skills , while colleges produce people with crappy degrees entering high competition market without any praxis and over 100k in debt.

          • Colleges also produce teachers, scientists, doctors and so on. Blue collar jobs are fine for people with average intelligence. There is no one mold fits all.

            Staying out of debt is a good idea though. I’m not sure anymore on cars. With 0% interest and all and a repair plan it may be better to play the system. When modern cars break down they cost a fortune to repair. Best would be no car but then you have to live outside of America or in a viable city. I personally have not owned a car in 6 years but then I only visit family in America and then I can borrow a car.

          • Exactly. Perhaps his girlfriends wouldn’t seem like such “burdens”, if he had as much income and as many employment prospects as the civil engineers and IT experts.

          • They produce marxist teachers, how many college students plans to be scientists? 2-3 percent at best, and even if W. people go to college to study valuable degrees the whole system is being against them (aff.action hiring etc).
            White women of the same IQ and education are having only a half of median income than comparable black women, that’s how bad the systemic racial discrimination is (there are studies about that). Exceptionally smart White people will defeat the system anyway ,but normal 100-120 IQ White people will get screwed big time at the end .. being without praxis , seeing aff.action negroes being hired instead of them while being 100k+ in debt.

            The moment you buy new car, it’s prize drops by 25 percent solely by that.The best buy is 2-4 years old car.
            But anyway, I truly believe that financial knowledge (i.e. financial “life hacks” if you will) is extremely important and people in AR are the ones who matter the most.
            AR people needs to be money smart ,because standard ZOG financial advices are literally being designed to financially sabotage average people and make shekels out of it.
            I’m in my late 30’s ,I never had high income and I have so much money I don’t need to work till the rest of my life … and I live in Eastern Europe
            .. average American can literally become a dollar millionaire in his 50’s just by being money wise and not following ZOG financial advices

          • I know what you mean on cars. They are always, even used, a losing investment and I’m happy not to have one. But if you have to have one I’m not so sure anymore about buying a used one for cash. No matter what you lose unless it is a vintage car.

            Anyway, it’s pure, plain silly to think that every White man with no college education will be a millionaire. In fact, I know a few well off people and most of them inherited it, not literal cash, but they inherited the status, the connections, the business or profession. That is the real world for most of us. If you beat the system then good on you. To tell people that they all can too is irresponsible.

            And besides that is escapism you expouse. We need to be all walks of life and have our own march through the institutions.

          • That’s all true.
            But the fact is most of people aren’t enough super-smart/exceptional to beat this discriminatory system and they don’t have connections.
            The idea everybody has to have a college degree is ridiculous. And it’s a scam, a financial scam.
            For normal people, the real money are in high-skill blue collar jobs.
            I don’t think it’s escapism ,it’s just about not being played by the (((system)))..

            But anyway,for starters : this dude’s “life hack” economic advises are a “must watch” for every AR member in case of personal economics because being Money wise is an integral part of being Jew wise in my opinion , and it will help AR members to impove their financial situation big time, especially in long run.
            The fact is ecomonoc advises that the average brainwashed normie parents give their children are disastrous.

  • Anyone notice how all middle class families have garages and sheds full of tens of thousands of dollars worth tools they only use once. Very inefficient; white only informal labor exchange.

    Hate paperwork and dealing with the office bitch? White only informal labor exchange.

      • Informally exchanging labor is just saying like, “I’ll fix your roof if you fix my car’s AC.” Every single exchange is non-fungible outside the 2 members that engage in the exchange; ergo it’s untaxable, untraceable, and unregulate-able by the government.

        What does disability insurance and elder care have to do with anything?

        • Why would people give up their jobs to do an informal labor exchange without disability insurance or old age pensions? What’s gonna happen to that plumber if he fucks up his back fixing your pipes? There’s a reason Bismarck created the welfare state in the 1880s.

          • So you’re saying you would rather work for 200 hours, a month, to get your AC repaired for $2000 at $10 an hour, than using your own skills and spend 4 hours in a direct exchange of labor.

  • The answer for whites is to go to the private side of the law and use/have clubs … been saying that for 25 years . You have a National Coop Bank – private – White members only. You form companies that are also clubs – they buy and rent homes, cars, what ever … you can have a whole National economy built of this idea

      • OK – lets be Nordic… This is a huge problem for us. We never think and act as a group when dealing with $$ and then we bitch like liberal SJW about how its unfair that we had our Nations taken over by the ethnic mobs – well no shit they got the money, and they got our women… its just that easy …

  • It looks like Vincent Law is calling himself a Slav in this article. I didn’t think Law was a Slavic name.

    If you want to get government contracts (local, state, or federal), it helps to be either a woman or a nonwhite (in the sense defined by the government).

    I don’t agree that whites can’t compete. Pro-white networking has been put off limits in the mainstream culture. It is a mistake to make broad conclusions about the abilities of whites based on the current situation. We do not absolutely need an ethnostate in order to prosper. All we need is the freedom to be consciously pro-white. (Of course, we do have that freedom, in a certain sense, but there are various obstacles in our way, which I will not bother to describe in detail here.)

    • He’s from Eastern Europe, raised in the USA and now living in Moscow, I believe. He stated that in an interview with Robert Stark back in the spring. It’s quite an interesting interview, certainly worth a listen, btw.

    • You have no idea how many us Slavs are in this movement .. it took us 15 years of merciless shitposting and trolling on the internet to uncuck at least few million Americans

      • I single-handedly made one American fight for the first time when I was a kid. He was my friend and I thought it was strange that he’d never been in a fight.

        He thanked me after he got uncucked.

        • I am Irish-American but I learned Russian at 20 years old and spent 6 months in Moscow at 25 and it totally red pilled me. What impressed me in Russia was seeing how, when the kids were doing something like learning to play violin or piano, they learned it much better than American kids. I took violin lessons from a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory and she had 11 year old students who could have gotten onto an American city orchestra.

  • Wow, this is a great piece. I just hope that the ‘friend’ in thisbstory is real. We need to see the writing on the wall for the sake of survival. Its no longer racism at play, but survivalism.

  • Oh, boo-hoo about Spencer! He loves his ethnic food. Those eats for Spencer are what “jungle fever” (a loathesome buzzphrase) was for Strom Thurmond – no matter what he, supposedly, stands for, he won’t give it up. And Spencer’s “convictions” haven’t motivated him to moderate the size of his meals. Compare his girth before and after his move to Virginia, and you’ll see how much he *really* cares about racial segregation! LOL!

    • You seem to know a lot about Spencer’s girth. Do you stare at his pants and fantasize about Spencer slapping you in bed?

      • funny thing is that she’s obviously not alt-right, but that other chick the other day immediately flew to her defense because the word “bimbo” was used. Women act like ethnic minorities, mang. Idk how people still don’t see it.

        • If women end up in charge of anything it’s usually running the Human Resources Dept. so the company can meet EEOC quotas.

      • What’s to know? He’s spent years vying for household-name recognition. Now he has it. Anybody can see his ballooning waistline, simply by reading the news or social media! Scrutiny is part of the cost of fame. If you’re a vain snowflake, you’d probably better stay out of the public eye.

      • Yes but it would also be sometimes inefficient for a business and even a bit shady. I’m not sure western whites can do that properly but you can count on south and eastern europe for help in that matter. 🙂

        • Anglos pretty much cleansed the North American continent of heathen savages… Collectively. Daily reminder that the Spaniards were the ones that screwed the natives… Literally, they made a mongrel race. We had a world wide empire based purely on ethnicity.

          But I digress. In order to avoid an argument I would be more than happy to accept any help from Southern and Eastern Europeans that could be provided. Sincerely.

  • The American South is thoroughly corrupt and nepotistic.

    Anyway, there should not be any muds in our nations to compete with.

  • I think a few dots are not connected here. First, whites also use their family networks to their advantage. Second, those shitty little shops the muds run do not make much money and the White man who owns the property charges them out the ass. Third, minorities get interest free government loans in the USA as well as grants to start small businesses. Fourth, even though they own these shitty little businesses they still milk the welfare state. Aged relatives are brought over and given SS pensions. They claim 10 or 12 dependants on their taxes and get massive tax returns on tax they never even paid. And on and on and on.And last, the source of much of their capital back in the homemudland is stolen Western Aid (bribe money for access to markets and corporate welfare so that Western company X can build a damn or the like). Imagine the billions stolen in aid and how this money is used for their colonization of the West.

      • I was corresponding with Orania back in 2008. I told them to grift aid organizations like Heifer International but they didn’t understand the concept of grifting. Too Protestant.

        • Well, I can understand their reasoning. Petty swindling tends to breed cowardice and slovenliness. However, I must admit that I do think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use that as a tactic against our enemies to drain their resources.

          • Such ideas come to me easily because they were the plot of many 19th century novels, like Dead Souls, by Gogol. If they can grow money, they can bribe the ANC to leave them alone, and let them grow. Basically re-grow the white population by bribing the ANC to protect and leave you alone. If Orania had a billionaire supporting it, they’d be in no danger. I’m sure 10 million a year would be enough to pay off the ANC to leave the whites alone. Now that we are in a bad situation, we can be heroic, we can pull off great acts of cleverness to improve our situation and increase our group power.

          • I know it sounds Jewish, but there is always cryptocurrency mining. Right now someone can pull in millions of dollars just by letting machines run and seeing how the Rand is basically worthless now they could easily offer these primitives valuable bitcoins in exchange for being left alone and they could use the coins to buy things they need themselves from abroad.

      • You have them .. “Liberal gated communities”
        The only real solution is to make America 90 percent white again.

        • And how do you propose to achieve that? Whining loudly? I am talking about organizing politically and setting up voting blocks in areas where we can easily constitute a majority. That is a concrete plan that is simple and straight forward. Jews do it, Moslems do it, Blacks do it, Mestizos do it, we are the only ones who don’t. It is a proven strategy that works and we need to copy it.

          • it’s absolutely irrelevant when the whole country will be run by Jews/coloreds , don’t worry they will find ways to screw you and your communities for sure.
            This is just defeatism , escapism and alibism .. i.e. boomerism.
            The only way to accomplish 80-90 percent White America is
            A/ White revolution resulting in mass genocide / mass deportation / mass sterilization of non-whites
            B/ Total economic collapse .. inevitably resulting in Rahowa (because shitskins are useless parasites unable to survive on their own so they will die in such scenario ,either because of hunger or being shot while trying to rob White people)
            C/ WW3 against China and sending 100 million shitskins as a cannon fodder to die on Chinese front

            Either you accept there will have to be a lot of suffering to save the White race ..or stop larping

    • Third, minorities get interest free government loans in the USA as well as grants to start small businesses.

      They also get government contract set-asides.

  • Are burgers finally starting to understand how Eastern Eu works? lel
    This stuff is terrible for a well functioning society you know…. but yeah.

  • Still a capitalist, through and through. Government contacts arent capitalism. It’s corporatism and nepotism.

    That said, I do believe that free-market capitalism works amazingly well in homogenous or mostly homogenous white countries.
    By and large, we are ethical people. Simple as that. :-/

    • Shiieeet, as a capitalist you should love a society where literally everything is for sale, including government officials :^)

    • Corporatism is an end result of capitalism. Once again capitalists showing they don’t really understand how competition in a money system works. The goal is the same as it is in the board game monopoly. You want to make yourself richer by taking from everyone else until you own everything. That is how you “win.” If I can crush my competition and become a mega corporation making billions of dollars why wouldn’t I by any means necessary?

      Google, Amazon,. Apple, Ford Motors, ect… all these super rich mega corporations are winning the competition. You say “no, no… that’s not how you are suppose to play the game.” And they respond with “What do you mean? We’re making billions of dollars. We own the world. We’re winning this game. You’re the loser.”

      And guess what, they are right.

  • I have been saying we Aryans need to do business like this for quite some time and people look at me like I’m some sort of criminal but it makes perfect sense. How can a man get ahead in life without the support of his kinsmen? We need to start relying on tribe and clan type structures again.

  • I don’t intend to ever act like a shitskin. I would rather die White than lower myself to monkey behaviour.

      • We also used to fuck children and burn people alive in wicker men. The only White solution to shitskins is flat out exterminating them, not becoming them.

          • Here’s a workable idea –

            we could do this somewhere with a low population like Wyoming –
  ,_Wyoming – “Niobrara County is a county located in the U.S. state of Wyoming. As of the 2010 census, the population was 2,484,[1] making it the least populous county in Wyoming.”
            We could easily set up somewhere with a low population and copy the methods pioneered by the Boervolk and build our own town and create a voting block like the Jews have done in places like Williamsburg and Kiryas Joel and get our people into politics. It will take a lot of hard work and probably some legal battles but we can do this if we really put our effort towards this direction.

          • No that’s not a workable idea, and it’s only a matter of time before the niggers come rolling into Orania by the tens of thousands demanding gibs.

          • I remember you from DS. Negative nancy. Every time somebody puts forward a positive idea you’re the first to shoot it down. I don’t have time for you. Go bother someone else.

          • Oh gee, I also seem to remember laws in the US which prevent localities from being able to sell only to whites. But good luck with your Orania dream buddy.

          • There isn’t one. Paying them to fuck off won’t work, changing the laws to make life unpleasant won’t either. There’s no “peaceful” way to get these people to fuck off. They don’t want to leave and will violently resist any attempts to force them to “peacefully”.

            They’re going to have to be physically removed or they’ll just be here forever. Sure, a few might take money to go away and a few might leave if the law discriminates against them but the vast majority won’t. They’ll just have massive chimp outs. Even if we put those down brutally and kill thousands of them they still won’t get the message. You’re projecting White levels of cognitive ability and agency onto these “people”.

            They’ll just squat around waiting for gibz and riot when they don’t materialize. I realize many if not most whites are pussies and would cry about just wiping them out so I guess we can deport them but that’s going to involve a hell of a lot more cost and casualties on our side. It’ll also likely result in as much if not more violence than just wiping them out. All so some fags don’t feel like the bad guy.

            I feel like the Alt-Right is living in some fantasy world where this gets done with a minimum of violence. That’s. Not. Happening. Thanks to the worthless cowards of the last few generations we’re now so deep in the shit that only extreme violence will get us out. Ironically absolute brutality is probably the least bloody way to do this, if we start exterminating them without mercy they’ll just flee in terror and it’ll be over faster and with less casualties. Just leave them an out so they don’t fight like cornered rats, let them know they’ll be left in peace if they leave and exterminated without mercy if they stay.

            Sadly that’s not going to happen either. What’s actually going to happen is a pathetic clusterfuck of half-measures from both sides that will slowly get worse and worse until the government steps in at which point it becomes an absolute bloodbath on all sides and likely leads to the state collapsing into anarchy. The future is going to be fall of the Roman Empire level bad, human nature will see to that.

        • We also didn’t let complete foreigners rape our daughters and force us to pay for them to replace us either. Face it, some of the old ways are better, but not all as you have pointed out.

          • All groups form collective organizations. What distinguishes them is the character of the people

  • Now we are talking. Instead of having rallies, and dumping resources into other public spectacles we need to be investing in businesses, and startup for our guys.

    • I’m not interesting in saving those that don’t want to be saved, I’m interested in networking with those that want to be saved.

      Stop trying to be political Jesus.

      • What do you mean?

        We should have already been able to provide jobs to the guys doxed over Charlottesville. The fact that we threw our guys out there to get screwed over with no back up plan vexes me tbh. That is what I am talking about when I say “our guys”.

  • From what I’ve seen it goes something like this…hospital or university hires a foreign doctor. Foreign doctor saves his money, and buys a motel, or convenience store. Ever heard of a doctor who can’t get a loan or a mortgage? Doctor sends for his “relatives” back in the old country to run his business. Repeat.

  • I actually have a working method of getting the same results from Whites. I don’t intend to post it here but I would like to present it to the AR via some secure means. Any suggestions?

  • Asking non-clannish people to act clannishly is a hard sell. We have a long ways to go before that happens.

    • It`s a more or less automatic switch: once they see that they are heavily outnumbered, whites will get clannish post-haste. Problem is, it will be too late by then.

      • Will it be? The Jews have always been a minority outside of Israel but they control most of the world now.

        I’m not hopeful, mind you, but I do admit that the future isn’t totally hopeless.

      • Our biggest problem: Why should I put forth that sort of effort when I can make mad gold on Skyrim 12-16 hours a day? -Majority of Modern White Men

        We have to rebuild men before men can rebuild our economy and our nation.
        We also have to rebuild women so there can be children and families to inspire the men to build in the first place.
        Hence the AR. We have to get our priorities in order.

    • There are plenty of clannish Whites. Non clannish Whites will simply have to adapt or die out for lack of evolving. tbh,

  • Great article. This is how 3rd world nations operate. Soon we’ll have to start paying bribes to government officials to get anything done. One criticism, some of us don’t know what SWPL means. I tried looking it up, but only get Stuff White People Like. I’m guessing that it means Single White Professional Liberal. It’s irritating reading an article, or a report at work, where the writer assumes everyone will know what the acronym means. It should be defined where it is first used in the article, e.g.
    Spending time will them will open your eyes to many things that SWPL (Single White Professional Liberal) society won’t be able to.

    • No offense but anyone who has spent more than five minutes on the internet has heard of Don’t expect everyone to write articles for their tech-illiterate grandparents.

      • No offense but outside your insider bubble, most people don’t know what SWPL means. I’m well read on Holocaust revisionism, many race realist sites, but haven’t read SWPL site. Your attitude is very cliquish. Adults in the real world try to be as clear as possible when writing papers. No, not everyone reads SWPL.

        • Good, that’s the way we like it. We don’t want normalfags to be able to understand what we’re saying. If you can’t be arsed to learn the culture then you don’t deserve to understand what is being said.

        • It’s pronounced Swipple or Swippley.

          White people being unconsciously white in their consumer preferences.

      • I found it quick too, but I didn’t see how it fit the sentence. I don’t read the site, and didn’t get the reference.

  • Alt-Right cartels, me likey very much! Seriously it’s a good idea. We only have each other and we have to stick with each other. Only Alt-Right made members get in on the cartel. Sorry I love my mob comparisons.

    • I like it, too. However I wouldn’t doubt someone somewhere will see Whites hiring Whites & they’ll try to put a stop to it. Some black people will go for a job just because they see everyone there is White.

  • It’s painfully obvious -and so ubiqiutous that onw can observe it even in such a decidedly non-multiracial society that is the Czech Rep (for how long, who knows?):

    Vietnamese (what are these people doing in central Europe, you might ask? Sure beats me…) have basically managed to gain a dominant role in grocery/ 7/11 bussiness in Prague and many other parts of our county (former German lands, w/ less social capital). While I have not seen any hard defintive numbers (if such exist), but one can make a guess: ethic networking, money laundering, collective undermining of the competition etc.

    But ask any f___ing normie about the gooks: “They work SOOO hard, their tiger moms send their kids to schools and make them excel/do okay. If only we can make Gypsies behave the same – I have no problem with Asians” – mind indeed boggles.

    • It`s the same literally everywhere I`ve been. Muh aishuns are oh so much better than X!
      People just don`t understand that muh aishuns have higher IQ compared to X and therefore can make money without resorting to outright banditry.

      • Besides, immigration happens from the higher IQ stratums of many of these groups. Of course if the elan of China comes to Czech republic, they’ll be smarter than the bottom 50% of Czechs or whatever. What does that prove though, exactly?

        • The presence of an ethnic monopoly on a business subset gradually destroys the native middle class.

        • good article and good comment. Amy Chua made some of the same points in “World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability Paperback – January 6, 2004” where she talked a little about “market dominate minorities, and some of their tactics – Networking, bribery, illegal labor, I think were some of her examples.

          • Yep. I walk daily past Chinese students biking walking and busing to the UCSD campus and they are roughly 90%. Amy Chua has added Mormons. Iranians, and Indians to her market dominate minorities living in the U.S. along side Jews and Chinese. I think there are a few more but don’t recall.

    • And vietnamese are in Europe because of, I shit you not, reds bringing them in to rebuild DDR the same way turks were brought in to help rebuild FRG. Once in, these people never leave unless you kick them out, because they come out of literal shitholes, so the poorest euro nation seems like heaven seven.

      • Neither the Turks nor the Vietnamese did rebuild either part of Germany. They came when the economies were already up and running.
        The Vietnamese were invited to foster “socialist brotherhood”. The Turks came because the US “urged” Germans to take them in, in order to do “Nato ally” Turkey a favor and keep them in the alliance. And perhaps also for some other reasons nobody dares to speak about.

        • Interesting. I cast my mind back 30 years when I was stationed in (then West) Germany. I frequented Bremen a lot, and there was a particularly vibrant section of town that was 100% Turkish. The “official narrative” was given to us by our cultural briefing when we first arrived in Germany: those Turks were brought in to rebuild after the War. However, all the ones I ended up talking to (while haggling over the price of a couple of sticks of hash) said they were brought in the 1970s. They were told that they could live in Germany and they took the offer to come. “Why wouldn’t we?” they shrugged…it had to be better than their shithole back in Turkey.

          • The influx of Turks into Germany is actually pretty well documented. The number of original Turkish guest workers, who came in in the late sixties, was only a few thousand. But hundreds of thousands came in afterwards via chain migration, often exploiting ridiculous loopholes. News articles from that time, which you can still find online, are pretty open about how the agreement Germany had with Turkey was abused. There must have been some tacit agreement by the German authorities to allow this to happen. Many Turks got their status legalized post facto by court decisions, away from the eyes of the public, which was told for decades that these people would leave one day “voluntarily”. The left’s march through the institutions certainly had progressed pretty far by that time.

          • Indeed! Looking back, I also pictured myself as that naïve 18 year old I was at the time, going: “Huh…so you guys WEREN’T brought in to rebuild Germany!?!”…realizing that the “official account” was a lie. First of many, many red-pills life would subsequently offer up.

          • Yes, mass migration into the US, the UK, into Germany … it was always accompanied by lies and deceit.

          • And, another “interesting” aspect of this is thinking back in retrospect to the typical conversation I would have with these guys: Me: “So, just what ARE you doing here in Germany?” Turk: “Fucking German women and selling you dope.” Back then it garnered a laugh…now, looking back, not so much. (And, let me tell you, these guys were stocked to the hilt with hash sticks and opium tar balls….they’d be hanging out leaning up against cars, wearing trench-coats, and boldly asking passersby if they wanted anything.)

          • Well, nowadays Turks have lost their drug monopoly to Arabs and Africans. And many are now worried about the safety (and chastity) of their own daughters. I had Turks telling me that “the Germans let in too many foreigners”. I agreed with him wholeheartedly.

      • In the days of socialism, prior to 1989, many Vietnamese came as students and through various arrangements never left. Some of them were even real card-carrying Viet Cong vets. That was definitely the situation in Poland which I happen to know fairly well. Since then of course many more have joined them via family connections and plain immigration – very small numbers by western standards, but substantial nonetheless and in the present world only likely to grow.

      • In the US, the Vietnamese were the prototype for the “Invade the world; invite the world” tactic. “We have to take these poor refugees! After all, the war was our fault!”

    • I’m guessing the Vietnamese slid across the German border after the Wall fell. The East Germans brought in Vietnamese guest workers.

      • At least some were brought/invited as far back as 80’s – what with all that commie International crap – and since they’re fairly high-agency, as far as non-huwhites go, they managed to gain a foothold here and bring their relatives, even without a Western-style gibs pull factor. But there may have been the German connection you mention – if so, post cca 1942 Germany really’s managed to fu.k up everything they touched, haven’t they

    • Forget about definite numbers.”census” BS. CA, at least southern CA is MEXICO. F the atlases and school texts.

    • “But ask any f___ing normie about the gooks: “They work SOOO hard, their
      tiger moms send their kids to schools and make them excel/do okay.”

      Exactly. They don’t see that for them, just as for the gypsies or the jews, the rules just don’t come into consideration when it’s a question of family/ clan and getting ahead.

  • Women have given up traditional values in order to feel important giving boring Human Resources power point presentations about how their company is so diverse because they hired more brown people.

  • It’s true. Non-whites use diversity quotas to help them climb to the top of the organization. They then use that power to hire people who look more like themselves. I’ve seen it countless times. And whites instead of helping out other whites, help out non-whites because their oppressed or something. The only way around this is to find a place without too much diversity for them to pull from, so it’s actually a meritocracy. Women and faggots will still have the advatage over you though… Because their oppressed or something.

  • I’ve been saying this for years, The browns have one up on us, they hire their own, buy from their own, cheat with their own, and willing to work for slave unliveable wages.

  • We are going to have to get medieval.

    The introduction of Islam into our atomized societies requires that we tribalize.

    The Jews could slip in and assimilate to a degree and not have us notice.

    You can’t ignore a Paki or a Nigerian scammer quite like that.

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