There Is Another Color Revolution Brewing In Poland

Submitted by Milosz Jezierski


Poland is now on the lips of conservatives and nationalists in Europe, due to its role as a shield against cultural marxism. The Liberal media on the one hand are shouting about neo-nazism reborn in Poland, mostly because the new center-right government took control and started clamping down on the media (just like the last liberal government did as well) and made some changes to the justice system (again, just like the last liberal government and some EU states did as well). The liberal outrage is fake as are their crocodile tears. All of this is only a pretext for their ambition to destabilize the new government and to return to the good old times where their corruption and nepotism went unchecked.

Before I explain the political issues in Poland I need to explain our political nomenclature. Its a bit different from that of the western world and is very characteristic to post-communist countries in Eastern Europe.

Nationalists/Right wing (PiS – Law and Justice, ONR – National Radical Camp, MW – All Polish Youth, Szturm, Autonomous Nationalists, National Movement – national democratic political party, Kukiz 15 – conservative liberal party formed by famous rockman)

Our center right wing ties social solutions in the economy with moral conservatism, also they are pro-UE and NATO but not in a cultural way, they are against integration into an EU superstate, but are also anti-Russian. These are not far-right groups or national socialists. They arent even that nationalistic. They of course they dont want muslims in Poland, but they also aren’t racialists and they are very pro-jewish. To their credit, they are anti-globalists too. And they never considered themselves as nationalists, since their political tradition comes from the Polish Socialist Party – a pre-war political group that fought for Polish independence. But if they are anti-globalist, they are also for a multi-national Polish Respublica based on a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth model. They considered Jews to be an important part of this project, just as they were historically in the old Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Khmelnitsky’s rebellion and subsequent pogroms were a direct result of the Polish practice of using Jews to manage the Ukraine. The people rebelled against the leeches and started pogroming them.

But they were also patriots that fought for Polish Independence back in the day. They can be characterized as civic nationalists now.

The Nationalist camp in Poland is a very different camp with a long tradition. It was the second party after the Polish Socialist Party in pre-war times. They are now in opposition to the pro-NATO ‘Law and Justice’ – center right wing party ruling now. Most of the nationalist movement (National Radicals – catholic radical nationalists, national democrats and national socialists or ethnonationalists) are against ‘Law and Justice’.  In this camp we have national democrats who are more moderate and even are civic nationalists because of their ideology of christian nationalism as well as radicals who are for the ethnostate.

Globalists (KOD – Comitee for Defending the Democracy, PO – Citizen Platform, SLD – Aliiance of Socialdemocrats, PSL – Polish Folk Party, N. –Moderns, Razem – extreme left, Antifa and anarchists)

Liberals and post-communists in Poland seems like different camps, but both are globalists and strongly tied to each other. Liberals are pro-capitalism and free markets and heavily influenced by cultural marxism. They used to be part of a pan anti-communist opposition and even cooperated with today’s governing party but then they split into two different camps. They are against the ‘Law and Justice’ party now and support EU integration. Post-communists and socialists cooperate with liberals now, but the far left in actual fact hates them. In practice though, they all support neoliberal policy and have strong ties with post-communist businessmen who run Poland’s organised crime circuit and who of course support the laissez-faire liberals.

Got that? Ok, let’s move on.

The liberal opposition (Citizen Platform  – PO, Moderns – N., Polish Folk Camp – PSL, lefties – SLD and Razem) lost the election, and they had no chance really. They lost all their representation and as a result, the liberals are, in an accelerating fashion, radicalising to the Cult Marx left. The new government started a purge of liberal apparatchiks in the bureaucracy which led to them losing jobs and influence. Furthermore the new government started investigations into areas previously neglected by the courts. It´s commonly known that the courts hide crimes and wrongdoing that were committed during the previous regime.

Now, thanks to the new effort, old stories of corruption are emerging again, but judges are still trying to cover for politicians who have, so called, hot seats, meaning the prosecutors used to call the prime minister and leak information about ongoing investigations.

The justice system is still corrupt, harboring judges who have old ties to the past communist regime and choose new judges from within their own ranks. The highest Court in Poland is just a self-elected mafia tied by families and business connections. They are a leftist camp who in the past agreed (together with the corrupt communists) to the changes of 1989, resulting in the neo-liberal system we see today. Their creation is finally being destabilized after 25 years and they are finally losing the power they held for so long. Allthough I welcome the direction taken in the last few years, I´m not at all calling the new government perfect. Definitely not. I´m mostly in opposition to them, but I must admit that they are starting to apply a much-needed chemotherapy.

Reading my argument above might lead you to think that I would approve of the new judicial changes, which I actually dont. Although a reformation of the judicial system is needed, these changes are unwanted from a constitutional point of view. The Minister of Justice is now also the Main Prosecutor and will have the sole right to elect judges, which is a dangerous development from a nationalist point of view. Of course the judges should be elected by the people and the government should provide the tools for it to happen, but the constitutional risk the new changes creates is too great. What if a Liberal becomes the future Minister of Justice?

Furthermore, the leftists use this as a pretext for organizing their ”revolution”, as in a ”Polish Maidan” and there is a crumb trail leading us to several Soros foundations. Organisations like the ”Open Dialogue Foundation”, that were responsible for the Liberal protests in Ukraine, are hard at work in Poland now too.

Furthermore, Poland does have a problem with migrants. There are about 1.2 million displaced Ukrainians in Poland now. They aren’t like Arabs and cannot be compared to the Third World invasion of Western Europe. But they are cheap labour, and there are many indoctrinated Liberal students among them that support Liberal movements in Poland. The same cadres that were prepared, indoctrinated and used in Ukraine can now be used in Poland as well.

On the other hand we also have some nationalists from the Azov Corps in Ukraine now as well. They get plenty of funding from (((NGOs))) as well, but at least they hate the Liberals. In general, a lot of Ukrainians are simple working people like the Polish, they aren’t parasites and our culture and ethnicity is almost the same, but they do lower Polish wages.

Problems also start when the Liberals start to use these Ukrainians as a political tool. And then Polish Neo-Nazis start agitating for their removal. Also, this has to be stated. All the Ukrainian nationalists are off fighting in the Donbass for one side or another. The Liberals do not fight, they either pay their way out of the army or flee to Poland. There they start agitating for Liberal causes, naturally.

Another Soros funded NGO is the Bathory Foundation. They have the full support of the media, the biggest private televisions etc. Many are starting to wonder if these organisations and media outlets are not responsible for the recent protests in Poland. It´s a curious thing that nobody knows who initiated the protests and it all look so spontaneous and organized, just like in Ukraine.

This brings us to the topic of astroturfing.

Astroturf is a fake grass produced in the USA and astroturfing is a phenomenon that we see happening more in Poland. It started with synchronized activity from the biggest elements in politics, like political parties or organisation like KOD (an NGO). At the same time (no one know who at first) the media started to call for revolution and social media profiles (mostly fake ones) were created to spread and share comments and messages. The protests erupts everywhere, almost at the same time, at the same moment. Calls from old politicians and scummy professional protesters begin to reach young minds and a sense of emergency and perverted civic duty starts to take root within the population. Interests in politics is erupting where there was none before. All of this is very suspicious.

The newly ”woke” and protesting people don’t know what they are even protesting most of the time. Why is it that they are not protesting the leaders of KOD (committee of Defending Democracy) who where sentenced for selling young girls into prostitution? The youth are blind and dumb to the real issues. They are simply useful idiots. They walk around like zombies, carrying candles and are shouting ”Democracy!” while agitating for more corruption, all while under the influence of a coordinated media campaign. We saw the same thing when Polish Feminists organized the Black Protest in opposition to the abortion ban.

Someone is running a powerful astroturfing operation in Poland and we have to be on our guard. Where this will lead is anyone’s guess. We may even see a Polish Maidan begin very soon.

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  • And our government took the state media now. They forced also the same as your beloved Putin. Repolonize medias finances. Now 80% of legal media finances must be in polish hands. So surprised but liberal medias are mostly german companies. And they spreading leftist liberal disease here

  • Whoah. A lot of conspiracy theories and shitty duginism still alive. But let me explain few things.
    1. Poles arent cucks. After that protests right wing government got 42% support and liberals going down
    2. A lot of ypu support Trump and he is and always was proisrael so double standards?
    3. Nationalists arent support our right wing pronato government but it is just lesser evil and making a lot of things good in another side a lo of bd
    4. Reparation demandings was respond for Germany interfering in our inner affairs and intimidating by financial punishment cause we refuse to take refugees. Why nationalists dont discuss about that? 5. Germany and UE is still imperial construct. Nothing change here
    6. World isnt two faced. Pur government is also proamerican and… prochinese. China is in good side or not?
    7. Geopolitics are wider than russia and other evil ZOG. PS Putin also hunt for nationalists and let the multikulti spread in russia. Only person he affraid is Kadyrow. Russia in some westerners right wing imaginations is traditionalist heaven huehe. But the same as islam isnt and european civilization. So I dont understand jerking kff to Putin – oligarch puppet master, antinationalist, proislmist and supporting donbas bolsheviks tyrant.

  • When did Poland ever have any National Socialism (“Nazism” to Jews and their ilk)? Poland was Germany’s arch enemy prior to and during WW II?

    • Polqnd have some little national socialists parties in pre war period. But they werent prohitler. Anyway polish national movement was against Jews

  • “In general, a lot of Ukrainians are simple working people like the Polish, they aren’t parasites and our culture and ethnicity is almost the same, but they do lower Polish wages.”

    More importantly, they aren’t Polish. They have to go back.

  • Putin took over the TV media. It seems that this is absolutely necessary in todays world for a state that want to resist the globalists.

  • The only people who should run the media, essential industries, resources or government are genuine ethnic natives of the homeland … once given influence or financial or political power, any external ethnicity will begin to try and increase the numbers of his own ethnic group because that is their nature … they will call it ‘diversity’, ‘inclusivity’ or ‘rainbow-culture’, but ultimately it is the dilution of national purpose and identity, and the profiting from increased bureaucracy and over-elaborate processes.

  • I came here to chastise the piece for being one sided pro-PIS propaganda but I have to give Jezierski some crrrredit for having some nuance and objectivity.
    Americans and other westerners like to oversimplify foreign politics and the alt right isn’t any different. They try to put things in the context of just Dems vs Republicans or left vs right when there’s local issues involved..

    Eastern Europe is rampant with cronyism.. PIS accuses their predecessors of being corrupt yet they also abuse their power and put their own people in positions of influence. From what I understood from Europe Weekly 38, the situation in Hungary is similar.

    Tldr all power corrupts

  • Does anyone live in Poland and watch Polish television, go to the movies in Poland, read the Polish newspapers or browse the internet in Poland? Your insight is what is needed.

    Control the media, control the democracy.

  • Poles are:

    – Woke on Islam;
    – Instinctively somewhat woke on race;
    – Clueless on the JQ and geopolitics.

    Given the above, I’m very worried. Most Poles, even the so called ‘political experts’ one sees on TV, are completely clueless with regard to the reality of the situation. They look at the world through WW2 goggles, assuming that Western countries are still controlled & governed by & for its peoples. They really think that the German establishment is still secretly “nazi”, and that they invited the 3rd world migrants purely out of self-interest, because they need “cheap labour”, or even as some kind of masterplan to conquer Europe again – that kind of backwards thinking. Same regarding Russia etc.

    The instincts are good & healthy, and I’m thoroughly convinced that Poles have a penchant for independent thinking, much more than W-Europeans, but the understanding of the situation simply isn’t there atm.

    • You will see more than you would expect Polish women pushing around half breed mulatto spawn. I’m not so sure how awake they are on the race question. In East London you will also see them with Black and Arab men.

      In any case the one and only solution for the Poles and all White people are laws forbidding race mixing.

      • Wherever people meet, there’ll be sex. Sometimes, even race-conscious people will sleep with individuals of another race, simply because of the moment. We have to be realistic about that.

        We need our own lands, and that problem will largely take care of itself.

      • You immediately require them to be perfect and If they are not then it means that they must be just like others. I would say that the truth is in the middle. We are talking about whole nation, tens of millions of people. Poland has some opinion among Alt-Right, and it is not ungrounded. At the same time it shouldn’t be idealized (neither Hungary or Russia, for that matter) but as you can see in article above, there are some serious threats exactly because Poland is generally against globalist and multicultural schemes of EU.

        • I wasn’t judging all Polish women. Just making the observation. And I travel a lot and see this stuff first hand. Maybe many readers here do not so they can learn something.

          Don’t take it all personally. I am from the American South and I also see traitorous women here.

          • I didn’t make myself clear. By “them” I was thinking about Polish people in general (there are plenty of deracinated Leftists, weaklings and triators there), not only their women. It seemed to me that, judging by your comments, you neglect difference between Poland and completely cucked countries, and that you are looking for any arguments to support this. I think that despite unfavorable environment, at least at the moment Poland is doing suprisingly well. We’ll see what happens next.

  • Poland is the alt-lite cuck model country the same way Russia used to be for the original Alt-Right 4-5 years ago. The Polish are worthless pseudo-conservative cucks, they want NATO trannies to protect them from “Russian agression”, but without being degenerates themselves, they want all the benefits of the (((liberal order))) but without the downsides. These neo-Europeans/pseudo-Europeans can’t have their cake and eat it too.

    • The Poles are definitely no cucks. Their understanding of the geopolitical situation is erroneous, but they still unabashedly & unapologetically advocate for their own self-interest.

      Also, Polish man still have the kind of brutality and aggressiveness that Western Whites mostly no longer possess. The small number of Arabs & blacks living in Poland know that very well, which is why they generally never cause much trouble.

    • Your terms and reasoning are useless here. No offence – they simply don’t apply to Polish situation, history, experience, aspirations, etc.

    • Russia has never done anything to the United States, the same can’t be said for Poland. It’s understandable why countries who have suffered under the Soviet Union for a long time wouldn’t want to be allies with Russia.

      • But the acceptance of the ZOG USA troops into Poland, in the name of a completely misplaced fear of Russian aggression, is still a very dumb and disastrous decision, illustating the lack of understanding of current geopolitics.

        • The stranglehold of communism in Poland fell not that long ago, there are still a great number of people alive who remember it. It’ll take some time before the relations between Russia and Poland fully heal. The USA has never done anything to Poland to create hostile feelings. So naturally, given the history, Poland trust the USA more than Russia.

          Add the fact that millions of Ukrainians have fled to Poland partly due to Russian aggression (contrary to the popular alt-right narrative, It’s not all the USA’s fault) probably adds to the wariness.

          Many Americans are familiar with how the ZOG operates in the USA, but they aren’t familiar with how it works in Russia. They see Russia with rose-tinted glasses on and see only their own jew-controlled government as the bad guys.

          I agree with you that Poland shouldn’t trust the USA, but they shouldn’t trust Russia either. They feel a need, however, to pick a side, for the sake of feeling secure. And it’s understandable the side they pick.

          • The amount of ignorance in this whole thread about geopolitical realities is staggering.

            First of all, the ‘Polish problem’, and indeed the wider problem of Eastern Europe geopolitically is that it is not even a minor ‘big space’ (a coherent geopolitical entity that can act in any kind of unified manner), and it has not existed as such since the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth which was perhaps the last example of Poland actually governing themselves effectively. You’ll note that Poland was always a safe haven for Jews even when they were exiled by almost all the other nations, and that Poland often collapsed due to internal problems of forming governments, because its process of royal succession was absurd. In addition, Poles have failed to really form any kind of imaginary ‘intermarium’ state because while they have positive relations with Hungary, they don’t have such relations with any of their other nearby countries.

            Due to this reality, Russia and Germany sandwich the region, and are natural geopolitical allies. The division of Eastern Europe by Hitler and Stalin made perfect sense, and the former’s invasion of the Soviet Union was evidently a result of Hitler’s personality rather than actual strategic realities.

            Obviously much has changed today. The USA now is a foreign occupying force in all of Western and Eastern Europe, but you’ll notice that these regions differ in their support for NATO saber rattling. Italy in particular wants no conflict with Russia, seeing it as an ally. Aware of this, the USA does everything it can to antagonize Eastern Europeans into a state of permanent paranoia while trying to offload refugees via the backdoor (NGOs, embassies, etc.)

            It is correct to say Russia has no interest in occupying these areas again. Ukraine is a special case with huge historical significance to the counry What you have to remember is what was articulated by Lord Ismay “the purpose of NATO is to the the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down”. i.e – it is to prevent the creation of a geopolitical state reaching from the Iberian peninsula, passing through Germany, all the way to Vladivostok. Why? Because such a state would not require anything from the rest of the world. It would be truly independent due to the vast resources it would have at its disposal. Why is USG pushing its export of natural gas so much, while trying to block the much more convenient and sensible expansion of Russian gas trade in Europe? To make sure Europe depends on outside forces, rather than having an internal supply.

            Because Germany is so weak today, Poland does not have to fear this natural geopolitical pincer enclosed around it, and thus yes, its fear of Russia is completely outdated. One should definitely applaud Poland for looking out for its own interests, especially in the domestic sphere, but it is not looking out for Europe’s interest by continuing to furnish neoconism based on imaginary fears. People speak of its sovereignty and independence, but you aren’t really independent if a foreign military has bases in your nation.

            Here is a very simple fact to consider. Do we care about economics or any of this other bullshit which is meaningless compared to the race question? If not, if stopping genocide is our #1 priority, then let us ask, which geopolitical ally is more likely to enforce some kind of morality test as a condition of support. Russia has shown through ten years now, that it does not care whatsoever who is in power in the West so long as they are not antagonistic towards Russia, it will back fascists or communists depending on which seems more likely to succeed. Meanwhile, Washington is (not without exception) very picky, because in their economic model, certain governments are much easier to bleed dry. It’s why this article gets so much right, because yes, a color revolution is likely! For those of you who say “but PiS are allies! they are pro-NATO! why would America get rid of them?” please consider the fate of Hosni Mubarak. America is prone to making ideological decisions, even those incredibly damaging to itself. Russia has pretty much left that behind.

          • Excellent accessment Eric. The Atlantic sea power of the West will do everything to stop the Eurasian power. Possibly even nuclear war.

            Remember when the newly freed Russia of the 90’s was on it’s knees? It’s industry in shambles. The nation looted. Russian women for sale on the international market. Children starving. Elderly dying for lack of medicine. That is what the West wishes for again.

            By a miracle Putin put Russia back together. She now produce world class weapons and areospace products. Her factories once again turn out trucks and industrial machines. Her mines produce great mineral wealth. Public infrastructure such as railways are modernized. Sports facilities are available for the people. The mafia fled to the West and Israhell. Russia comes to the aid of her people and allies in Crimea and Syria.

            This must be like a poke in the eye with with
            sharp stick for the Western hegemons.

            And the lesson. We must have a strong state!

          • Woah, easy there. It was not a miracle, but the growing energy sector prices in 2000s. Putin is not the worst there could have been, but neither he is the best.

          • If all you needed to have a world power were abundant energy resources then Nigeria, Venesuala, and Kazakstan should be ruling the world.

            From my point of view what Putin did is nothing short of miraculous. In league with what Hitler did with the basket case of Weimar Germany.

            And both did it not with liberalism but a strong central state.

        • This is example of Polish backward thinking, which you mentioned earlier. It’s a generational thing but also quite understandable one, don’t you think? So let’s not be too abstract or idealistic either. It is fair to say at least that for Poland, in alternative between USA and Russia, there are no good guys.

          • I think we should have high enough standards to not find it understandable when a decision is wrong/harmful.

            I cringed listening to otherwise intelligent people like Kolonko or Cejrowski speaking about this issue, as they clearly have a very idealized, Reagan-like, view of the USA.

            Now, I’m actually a pragmatist: whatever works is good. That’s why I sometimes don’t mind the stoking of anti-German or anti-Russian sentiments, even though it’s mostly unjustified, if such (indirectly) advances the higher goal of Poland remaining a White nation. And pragmatism, not idealism, is also my main point of contention regarding this issue.

          • I feel that they must simply die off, just like boomers in the West. As for the Germany – it seems to me that no matter how low they may be, their policy towards Poland is immutable. Even now their capital strongly interfers with Polish affairs, no?

          • I understand that, but you probably sympathize with Russia because, among other things, it is a masculine, assertive, sometimes ruthless country. So let’s not pretend that Russia isn’t doing exactly that. And don’t get me wrong – West is hypocritical and in my personal opinion ultimately more cancerous, especially now. I just wanted to outline some dilemma.

          • Poles need to make nicey nice with Russia and quit being D.C.’s water boy. There would be no reason for Russia to attack Poland if they would become allies. But if they want to be enemies well then I have no sympathy for them. You get what you ask for.

            As for the Baltics here are large Russian populations so in that case Russia has an interest in protecting her people there.

            Poland and the Baltics have nothing that Russia wants or needs except a buffer from Western aggression.

          • If Russia needs Poland to be a buffer, then alliance with Russia for Poland means Russian soldiers, personel and spys and lack of sovereignty. Poles already know that very well, because that’s exactly how it was until 1993. I know that you don’t care about some Poland, but there are people clearly conscious of their nationality there.

            Russia protecting her people in Baltic region? From who? Someone is threatening them? Russians? That’s obvious pretext, made solely for the purposes of international law.

            And please, don’t be ridiculous. Russia (and every NORMAL country) will take (or control) every territory she can. Probably Russia is even more predisposed for that than others. It was a part of Russian mentality so far. Take a look on a map.

          • I think you know what I am talking about. The laws in Lithuania and Latvia that are made to discriminate against the huge Russian populations. That is a fact not a pretext. What do you think the Right Sector would have done to the Russians if they would have had a free hand in Crimea? Or the Georgians in South Ossetia. Russia will protect her people abroad like all nations should.

            So it is better with American spies and military in Poland? Cooperate with your large and powerful neighbor and don’t collude with the enemy and Poland will be fine. Dance to the NeoCohen’s tune and be detroyed. Poland must choose.

            Finland btw is the only country in the region who has a sane policy towards Russia. No NATO and no sabre rattling for D.C. And Finland also fought a terrible bloody war with the Soviets and lost the Karelia. Does Finland have Russian military and spies? No! Poland thinks she will rise to some great power by opposing Russia. What a joke!

          • Why are they there? They are remnants of Cold War, but why they were placed there? And why do Ukrainians hate them so much? Not only ZOG occupies, my friend.

            I don’t think that Poland “think” that it will rise to great power by opposing Russia, but consider that whatever it does, it does because of things it experienced. Poland is scared of Russia. We know that West will also ultimately fuck it up, and that is Poland mistake, really. But relations with West are still on entirely different level than with Russia. I think that you should restrain your need to consider those things in such abstract way and remind yourself, that different populations aren’t interchangeable.

          • Then why can Finland make nice with them and Poland cannot? No one is talking about replacing Poles with Russians. And Russia and the Baltics have been intertwined way before the Soviet era.

            This is not 1066 when the Normans took England so that they could enrich themselves on English taxes. Poland has nothing that Russia wants or needs. It would be like the USA annexing Mexico. It would be a costly burden. Russia needs Poland to be neutral. Not in NATO and friendly.

            How hard is that to understand?

          • Finland has a separate and unique history with Russia. They were part of Russia but basically left alone as a Grand Duchy until Russian nationalists fucked everything up and began to Russify Finland in the 1890s. When the Russian Empire collapsed, Finland went their own way. The Russians had to respect the Finns after fighting them for five bloody years in WWII. The deal the Russians cut with the Finns made Finland a Nordic Switzerland that was neutral.

          • Finland had to walk thin ice with the Soviets and remained officially neutral. But back to today, if Finland can make peace with Russia with a nice native (not NATO) deterrent then so can Poland. But no Polish petty Nationalism and victimology prevents that.

            You can see the gleam in some Pole’s eye when they talk of Lvov once being Polish.

            Polish peasant Nationalism played a big part in WWII hostilties with Germany. Seems they didn’t get enough then and are going in for more punishment. It’s pure insanity.

            Not sure of the Switzerland analogy. Finland was never a banking center and just 40 years ago Finns were migrant workers in Sweden.

          • Polish peasant Nationalism played a big part in WWII hostilties with Germany. Seems they didn’t get enough then and are going in for more punishment. It’s pure insanity

            get the fuck out of here with that shit. Hitler had a plan for conquering Poland and Eastern Europe/Russia for Living Space from day 1. Poland was always gonna be on the chopping block, whether they gave them the Danzig corridor or not.

            people that unironically believe in 1930s Nat Soc propaganda and misinformation … what goes on in your head? if you wanna just say you’re a German/Aryan supremacist and everyone else should be your slaves, just say so, stop playing this stupid “Hitler was a reluctant conqueror, they made him do it!” bullshit

          • rofl. once again white nationalism (ie, for other European countries ) takes a back seat to Nazi / German sackriding. imagine my shock

          • I’m neither a German nor a Nazi (this is nothing but a knee jerk slander word) but I admire their achievements. I am a nationalist and a socialist though.

            Zee innocent Poles. All zey wanted to do was save zee yuden.

          • yeah, you’re a rootless mutt Burger who thinks Nazism and Hitler going around invading other (white) countries is cool, because NS propaganda posters and news reels of Wehrmacht armor is aesthetic. lol. who cares about all those people that died a continent away all those years ago, it might as well have happened in another galaxy, lets just make jokes and be edgy. you stupid generation zyklon fucks are the ones who need the gas

          • I don’t think you know anything about my family line and blood. But yes I took Evola’s advice to heart in Ride the Tiger and roam the globe.

          • And my admiration for NS and all fascists movements has nothing to do with the lebenraum aggression. Destroying Bolshivism would have been Noble. Enslaving Slavs not so much.

          • Slavs are also part of the White race and the fact that Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, etc. have worked to stop the rapefugee flow shows they are doing their part to stop Islamisation. I admire Catholic Poland and the good, traditional people of that nation.

          • And I think the Poles need to be reminded that major Polish cities such as Gdansk (Danzig) were once German when they go on whining about their lost empire.

          • You are saying only half-truth, or even quarter-truth here. But you really don’t care, you already have your sympathies.

          • You are correct and my sympathies are with my White race. Ignorant petty Nationalism fomenting brother wars is not where my sympathies lie. Poland for he Poles and Sweden the Swedes but retard nationalism needs to go.

          • I really don’t know enough about Russian relations with Finland, about which, by the way, only those people know the truth, nor do I care. But why do some nations simply cannot be like some others in some situation? Again, you are proposing one model to suit them all. Only this time with some historical example.

            You are simply in some weird denial if you think that Russia wouldn’t want to control Poland, and that there is nothing of interest for Russians there. It is a matter of debate to which degree it actually controlled it (through intelligence and other influences) throughout the 90s if not much longer. That’s why everybody loves them so much. But Russia is equally paranoid.

            Also, the order of things was actually different, but I thought that my suggestion about that fine masculine, assertive country which are then defended like it dindu nuffin was enough. NATO affair is recent developement, but you insist that Russia was politically and military inactive, while the truth is that it was always interested in increasing its sphere of direct or indirect influence. Just as USA. But in modern world you are obliged to present such things as some crusade for justice or even better, as defense. And Russia also learned that lesson in international relations.

            Do not support Russia blindly simply because you are disappointed by USA or Western Europe.

          • What does Poland have that Russia wants? It’s areospace industry? Or maybe it’s silicon valley? Or maybe a potato field?

            Clearly Russia needs Poland as a buffer from Western aggression.

            Your argument is typical Polish paranoia. Why don’t the Czechs, Hungarians and Slovaks have the same problem you Poles have?

          • Poland has territory, in the sense that it is suitable for creating a defence buffer and building a gasline. Because Poland(and baltic sabbos goyim) act the way they do, Russia and Germany have started Nordstream, with predictable hysterics.

          • Poles continue to burn their dirty coal and would rather important American lng at double the cost than do the sensible thing and get cheap clean gas from Russia.

            Clearly Poland is firmly in the grasp of ZOG. And sucking Satan’s c..k

          • Poland’s victimology is ridiculous. How much did Polish petty Nationalism contribute to WWII? How about Polish mistreatment of Germans before the war? Seems Poland is at the same game all over again.

          • Yes, in all honesty, I know that this version of history would be better for Rightists everywhere. But it would be also false.

          • Maybe I should put it another way: if you use that argument and especially in that way, then I simply know that you are an dishonest interlocutor.

            I believe that you can find some analogy to something closer to you, when you simply know that you are right, but then one argument, blown out of proportions and devoid of broader context is presented solely to make you look bad and derail discussion.

          • The Allies against Napoleon had the right idea. Partition for Plucky Little Poland. 100 years of peace followed.

          • See? There’s still not even a bit of understanding on West. Only vulgar interests, as this time oblivious West again thinks that it will on the long run solve its problems at the expense of someone else. The past is alive and we will fight each other to the end. So be it.

          • Every fucking time. They don’t mind allowing themselves to be used as sacrificial pawns in the rivalry between great powers. A messianic complex.

          • You seem to embody “plucky little Poland”. Sorry but the White world should not be cast into the pit for your petty Polish nationalism. Face it. You are a peasant nation. There is nothing wrong with that. But you are not a powerful nation nor will you be. You must allie with powerful nations. Should it be Russia or ZOG? These are your two choices.

            I would encourage you to look at the disaster of Ukraine since it sold it’s soul to the devil. It’s industry is in shambles and the country is being looted a’la 1990’s Soviet collapse.

          • Poland’s (((weirdness))) made the partition of Czechoslovakia (they collaborated with Hitler) possible on terms that set the Brits and Germans on collision.

            Allowing the Soviets to base troops in Czech would have been a reasonable deterrent and a reversible deployment.

            The Czechs would have been able to deter Germany with a few batallions of Russians stationed on some border crossings.

          • The laws in Lithuania and Latvia that are made to discriminate against the huge Russian populations.

            First of all, we are talking here about deprivation of things like electorial laws, not some threats that really calls for such “protection”.

            So it’s equal rights for all? That’s when you know that Nationalism is a fairy tale, which shouldn’t have any actual consequences. When some relatively small population like Balts is trying to sort its things out and after long occupation is trying to reclaim its destiny on its own territory, it is threatened to be attacked some by foreign force (which in that case placed its people exactly to have that kind of influence in the region?).

            Sounds familiar?

          • Balts are peasant fools and tools of ZOG. They should join Russia against ZOG. Soon the American negroid army will mongrify them beyond repair.

      • It is a few centuries older than the Russian revolution.

        It is understandable that the Red Army did not leave Poland after WW2, given Polish history and patriotardism.

        Doing so would have been repaid with what? Easy to guess, a threat all along the western Soviet border within a decade, one with nuclear warheads this time.
        How did ending communism help Russia when it comes to Poland? Not at all.

  • Jews are exactly like Gypsies: Parasitic, criminal, clannish, hostile, dishonest and unethical. The comparison is only inexact in that Jews tend to have a much higher IQ than Gypsies. Other than that, they are the same malignant breed.

  • Oh this is beyond good news…
    Time for EVERY European Nationalist movement to follow the example.
    To close ranks and throw communism out in ALL of Europe, throughout America, South Africa, Australia, Canada & New Zealand.

    As, we say in the meme world….

    “the fire is rising !”

  • You forget to mention NOP (National Rebirth Of Poland) among Nationalist fractions. They are responisble for annual marches, which are a sight to behold:

    Trying to explain to foreigners convoluted Polish political situation and tradition is useless. People on American Alt-Right, which are sometimes idealizing Poles should know however, that Rightist Poles, as a general, aren’t really Nationalists, as well as they aren’t really anti-Semites (especially in a racialist sense). They are patriots and christians. And while these things are completely compromised in the West, they seem to work in Poland. It wasn’t Nationalism sensu stricte that pushed Poles to defend against invaders in WWII, or to Warsaw Uprising (as well as their other, equally suicidal, but proud uprisings) – it was that traditional, christian Polish patriotism. Perhaps some Nationalist elements are naturally present in it.

    Having said that, situation of Poland is more or less as you described it. Unstable. European Union, mainstream media and NGOs financed from foreign sources are trying, by any means necessary, to overthrow current, democratically elected (non-Nationalist and even not so Right-wing, just sane enough) government and instal that Leftist opposition. Its corrupted leaders brought out on the streets – besides regular Leftists – droves of misguided or simply bought subhumans who scream about “democracy”, “freedom” and “rights”. And of course on the long run, that Ukrainian immigration also cannot end well.

    Here’s some funny, albeit sarcastic music from leader of that Kukiz 15 party.

  • Venice, mayor: Shout ‘Allahu akbar’ and you will be shot

    Luigi Brugnaro, mayor of the tourist hot spot of Venice, revealed the order at a summer think tank and was applauded by delegates. He said: “Anyone who shouts Allahu Akbar in St Mark’s Square can expect to be gunned down by snipers within four paces.”

    • You’re absolutely right. Not easy to figure out, as Poland’s government is run by globalists who “fight” the “traitors”. What happens in Poland is by the globalists orchestrated scenario. The author of this article has some insigts but is unable to put things together. What he misses is that the special mafia is well represented also in the “conservative” government, not only in the courts and the PO, the party that opposes Mr Kaczynski’s PiS (some call it PiSrael). Kaczynskis family name is Kalkstein; according to his press secretary they changed their allegedly German aristocrate name because of the Polish hatred for Germans. I doubt it..

      • Yeah, problem of former eastern bloc is that nationalist elite was purged/banished during the communism, and considering how much money is pumped from NGOs to preserve crypto-communists on power it’s hard to establish new one. Biggest problem is in universities, especially on philosophy and philology courses, those are basically brainwash factories in all Slavic countries.

        • Therefore it`s not surprising at all that literally all of post-commie block considers such degrees worse than useless and people having them closeted fags. And I do mean all of the countries, no exceptions.

          • Yep, although there are always notable exceptions, one advice to any Slav is if you find girl from such college and she’s still nationalist don’t let her run away :-), and vica versa.

  • There’s no such thing as civic nationalism. It’s a contradiction like “judeo-Christian” or “nation of immigrants.” Civic nationalist political groups eventually devolve into standard liberal organizations, particularly if a certain tribe of people starts bringing orcs in.

        • Christians literally believe in a god who endorsed the enslavement of non-Jews by Jews:

          “As for your male and female slaves whom you may have—you may acquire male and female slaves from the pagan nations that are around you. 45Then, too, it is out of the sons of the sojourners who live as aliens among you that you may gain acquisition, and out of their families who are with you, whom they will have produced in your land; they also may become your possession. 46You may even bequeath them to your sons after you, to receive as a possession; you can use them as permanent slaves. But in respect to your countrymen, the sons of Israel, you shall not rule with severity over one another.”

          • To be honest, I’m unable to come up with a reliable answer. What I meant simply was the fact that we white Christians, unlike the rest, have a tradition, alas one that is disappearing at rapid pace – of compassion for sentient animals.

        • I know this guy that’s sort of a bible thumper… he’s definitely red-pilled though and an interesting person. hmmm… oh did I mention I’m an atheist… never mind. But anyway, he was going on one of those church trips to Israel and Jerusalem and was all excited and wouldn’t stop talking about it. I listened and said I’d like to go one day too. After he got back it was like he didn’t want to talk about it. I bugged him for about a week and he finally explained to me what happened. The main thing is he said the Jews basically treated him and the people he was with like crap. Obviously this came as quite a shock to him. I just listened and didn’t say much.

      • Actually there is a book written by a Jew who instills that this is a contradiction. Niremberg’s anti-judaism in which he argues that christianity and anything European besides it are always anti-judaic to the core… Consider it a good read after reading the Culture of critique. Note: While both of these books are into my possession I have only but started them.

  • Well the Polish are welcoming the enemy within by being Pro-Jewish. You can’t be a nationalist, even a civic one and be Pro-Jewish. Like those Breitbart Cucks who hate everything the Jews do to them but worship Jews on a pedestal because their either too stupid or too ignorant to understand that Jews work actively to destroy nationalism of white countries.

    • Or cucks who hate what Jews do but also hate anyone who fights against them, namely fascists, White Nationalists, and National Socialists.

      This psycho-pathology runs deep among Whites.

    • I think Jews would work against any people who take them in. Not just whites. They are an out group and they survive by working against the native people to gain more power and eventually take over.
      Source: Kevin McDonald’s book – Culture of Critique.

        • There are old Jewish communities in both China and India. They ran the East India Company. They were the opium dealers in China. Kaifeng Jews. Some say they have been there since Roman times. Judaism is an international criminal cabal that literally encircles the globe.

          • And, most importantly, they are not the same ethnicity as Jesus Christ. They are a completely other, false, usurping people, who merely use the name to hide behind.

            c.f. Michael Hoffman’s ” The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome.”

          • An Excellent answer, but I add to it two twists:

            a) Christ was part of no ethicity by virtue of being the God-Man what happened was that he was born in by a Hebrewess.

            Which leads us to

            b) His mother the Virgin Mary was not from Judea! All modern Jews are descendants of the ones that populated Judea so that could make him a predescesor of the Arabs.

            +a bonus: His message and he himself were mostly unsuccessful in that part of the world but saw success when reaching out of it. In fact both Judeans and Nazarenes disowned him. The first by public vote condemned him to death with the Romans acting as executioners and even after Pilate had tried every trick to save Him, hence him cleaning his own hands.

            This last fact makes the question of his bloodline irellevant by a historic basis while the first twist makes it theologically irrelevant.

            Skypes as usurpers steal identities and hide behind names. Their whole culture is stolen from other peoples and even their first leader, Moses, was probably not a child in a basket that was saved by the Pharaoh’s daughter but the Pharaoh’s son and the one that had his specific religion. Although I have forgotten his name, the Pharaoh’s, it was known historically that he was a monotheist. His second son, that usurped power from Moses was a Pagan and then so Moses used the slaves, hence the reason why they immediately succumbed to worshiping Baal (the golden calf) the first temple also was described as having in its inner decoration o wholla lot of golden calves… I demonstrated again the problem of the Greek mind that is next to no intellectual discipline so I leave it at that.

          • Jesus Christ doesn’t make sense outside Judaism. If you believe that real Moses and Moses of the Bible are two different people so must be true of Jesus. Jesus was a religious innovator of Judaism.

          • Typical Jew corruption of Christianity. Judaism has as much in common with Christianity as literally any other religion in human history. New Testament means the old was cast aside.

            All religions are mutually exclusive by definition. “Jude-Christian values” is a blatant fabrication containing the hubris of Jews. Why not Christian-Judaeo values? This would be a distinction Jews would be sensitive too, as well as most all Western cultures.

            I abandoned the faith as too corrupted by jews and the avarice of men. There are many paths to God. Jews reject the possibility, because they see themselves as gods. Not entirely untrue, for all of humanity, but context and humility are everything.

          • You need to make a distinction between the true God, that I call “the God of philosophy” and the god of Judaism, called among others Yahweh. The true God is the entity (mind) that we believe created the world, the Yahweh of the Bible is merely an invention of the Jews, a very unphilosophical nation. Many (most) people make the mistake to associate the two because they start reading the Bible with the creation chapter (which is a great text, btw, but most probably plagiarised by Jews from other sources) that they naturally associate with the true God. But imagine that the Bible didn’t have the Genesis first chapters. Would people still be left with the impression that the tyrannical, cruel, and peculiar Yahweh is “the only true God”? …
            Jesus’ god is also Yahweh. If you really want to believe in Jesus you need to take him literally, that he is “the son of Yahweh” otherwise Jesus is merely a sage. That is why I said that Christianity and Judaism are inextricably linked if taken literally. And that is also the point of Protestantism and of the Jews. If taken metaphorically, philosophically, sensu alegorico, yes Christianity is very differently than Judaism. But only as a life philosophy. But as a life philosophy it needs to compete with many others. Here the marketplace is very competitive. Personally I prefer Schopenhauer’s.
            You may say, OK but the true God may want something from us, may want us to do certain things, to live our life in a certain way. How do we know that?
            As I said God is the “God of philosophy”, the concept first transpired in Greek philosophy. Plato explicitly addressed theological questions and independently of Judaism, which has very little philosophy . If you like Western philosophy until recently has been merely disguised theology. Almost all great Western philosophers talked about God. And the above question, “how God wants us to behave”, bothered Kant too, who addressed it in his “Critique of Practical Reason” with his famous: categorical imperative, primacy of duty, universality, man as and in itself, etc. Which boils down very much to Christian (not Jewish) ethics…
            But as you said, there are many paths to God. Mine is through philosophy. However, the Bible is just a book of Jewish fairy-tales (with few exceptions). I prefer the fairy-tales of my people though.

          • The fulfillment of Truth has no strings attached to him by apostate Christ-killers. Matt.27:25

          • ‘Christ was part of no ethicity by virtue of being the God-Man …’

            Ummm, no. Either you are ignorant of how procreation works, or you are in incipient Nestorian, or some other heretic. in fact, all the heresies of the church had at one time or another, been denials of the very incarnation of Jesus!

            The one thing that Christ is, is fully God and fully Man. He has a defined Ethnicity, and it is derived from Adam. Saint Paul says that Adam was the first ‘Adam’- and Christ is the ‘last Adam’ – that does not mean that no other Hominids existed prior to Adam, just as it is foolish to think that no other ‘Adams’ existed after Jesus- because the Church (comprised of Christians from Europe) only came into existence after Jesus’s death!

            All that verse means, is that the specific Ethnicity of Jesus Christ, is The race of Adam-which is a specific Ethnicity -the race of the redeemed.

            That is why Matthew 1:21 says that the angel said to Joseph, that Jesus would save “his people” from their sins-not all ‘men,’ not all ‘hominids,’ not all ‘races’ -only “His” people!

            Why? Because by God becoming incarnate, one specific race of hominid on this planet has for ever been divinized . And that leaves all the rest… UN- divinized.

      • Nailed it. Jews go wherever there is money and power for them to steal and leach off of. If the Chinese were as powerful and rich as us they would probably be anti-Chinese.

        To put it simply Jews are anti-Human.

        “If, with the help of his Marxist creed, the Jew is victorious over the other peoples of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity and this planet will, as it did thousands of years ago, move through the ether devoid of men.” – Adolf Hitler

          • The man wasn’t just a politician….he was a true modern prophet preaching the word of the LORD, and like all who came before him he was rejected and persecuted, but in the end he will be proven right and justified. RIP Adolf Hitler.

            ”It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I was right.” – Adolf Hitler


          • Interesting. As a Christian I totally disagree with her saying that Hitler was some sort of Hindu reincarnation or whatever, but I do feel that he was sent by Christ to warn us about the dangers of Judaism, and like the prophets who came before him he had to be persecuted and even die for the cause.

          • “My fellow white people” and “my fellow Christians” are both well documented Jewish tactics.

            On both counts, there are vast swaths of useful idiots who buy into it and allow themselves to be deceived and corrupted. Christianity is so compromised by Jews as to be unrecognizable as a coherent religion, at this point (with few exceptions).

          • It is also a common Jewish tactic to attack Christianity and Paganism and turn Aryan brothers against each other and accuse everyone they disagree with of being a Jew.

          • Was he preaching the word of the lord when authorized the murder of all mentally disabled Germans?
            I know it’s a crazy world but try to keep your sanity.

          • Misfits and criminal defectives do not necessarily have greater ‘worth’ with Christians- that’s a false, judaizing error Rome and her substitute Christianity have purloined on the illiterate Biblicist laity…

          • That is a slanderous Jewish lie and everyone who has studied the history of the N.S.D.A.P. knows this. Go spread your filthy and depraved judeo-bolshevik propaganda somewhere else.

          • Yeah rewriting history to make the Nazis into Nice Guys who Dindu Nuffin’ is common around here and getting annoying

          • So you’re making the extraordinary claim that Aktion T4 was a hoax planted by this nebulous all controlling Jewish conspiracy (that’s apparently responsible for every other piece of history that makes the Nazis look bad).. now prove it

          • it seems that we were holohoaxed by the jews about human soap, lampshapes, shrunken heads, Russian built fake gas shower rooms in Auschwitz, etc etc. these are all facts you can easily verify. so why would i believe these liars about 6 gorillian being gassed and ovened.

          • anything you think you know about the “holohoax” is bullshit. all of the theories have been disproven fifty times over. bullshit propaganda about shrunken heads or masturbation machines or whatever isn’t the same as actual historical fact . all revisionists can do is be sarcastic cunts and try to undermine the official story without bringing anything to the table themselves, ie where these millions of Jews were “resettled” to

            it always comes from shit tier Nazi apologists who want to make Hitler great again because they think he’s such a badass, but perversely they try to do this by re-casting the Nazis as fucking humanitarians, and anything bad said about them is a Jewish hoax, part of a big jewish conspiracy that has held tight over 80 years, with no one spilling the beans. In a few decades these Nazi LARPers will be saying that WW2 never happened at all and it was all made up.

            You should be ashamed of yourself – your last name sounds Polish. The Nazis thought of your people as little more than slaves, who should be educated just enough to understand simple commands in German after the Aryan colonists moved in (and most of the Slavic rabble was culled).

          • typical burger LARPing as a Nazi, thinks WW2 was about the alt-right. spare us your insights into european history when you dont know wtf you’re talking about please

          • David Irvings work is good and he is no Skype boot licker. His work does describe this of the mentally ill and others when the war was ramping up. According to Irving there were about 800K hospital beds and far more health care workers tied up with them and Germany needed the resources. Tough decision but it was war time. I do see the logic despite the moral element that had to be dealt with. The “Allies” were far worse. Horrible exterminators, Dresden, Firestorm, Rhein River Extermination by Eisenhower 1.5 million Germans killed (Skype Fucker Pile of Shit), Soviet Communist Rape or Germans all of this AFTER the war…Allies are the worst. Germany was fighting back against the Skype Attack and survive. The Old Man had to do what he had to do.

          • The Old Man knew the Skypes well and could see what was ahead. He predicted that the next big fight with them would be in the USA. He was right, all the way.

      • Jews only live among White people these days. In Latin American cultures, Jews, essentially, live among people of European descent.

    • During my visits in Poland (I grew up there but live in Sweden) I asked a number of practicing Poles if they find it OK that many on the top of the Catholic clergy have Jewish background. Only one (out of twenty-six) was a bit “anti-Semitic”, as he enlightened me that the new order was born at Vatican II, when Jews were declared to be the Catholics’ ‘”elder brothers in faith”. The rest of those I’ve asked, where ignorant about the in Poland “non-existent Jews (due to Shoah and Polish anti-Semitism) to be found within the Church. As I showed them a reliable info on it, four out of those twenty-six churchgoers told me that Jews are, as the “people of the book” – unlike ethnic Poles, i.e. yokels – more fit to carry out important tasks.

      • Gives us some evidence that the Polish church heirarchy is run by Jews? I would be interested to see that.

        • As you probably know, a skilled thief doesn’t leave a receipt behind. There is a number of websites where you find the list of the enrichers of Poland’s church. One such is the present Chief of Poland’s episcopate, Stanislaw Gadecki aka Hartmann, who urges Poles to open their hearts for “our Muslim brothers”.

    • Poles are thoroughly brainwashed. The hatred for Russians – and Germans – is now normalcy even in the alternative media. I have no doubts about who finances all this diversity of “patriotism” (including the street parliaments) by the from communism “liberated” people. It reminds a lot of the situation in 1939….The Polish “patriots” have lately been inspired by the idea of getting a Jewish support to their demands for war reparation from Germany. As the Polish Jew, Stefan Michnik (aka Szekter), who since Magdalenka-conference in 1989 bosses over the prominent magazine Gazeta Wyborcza, happened to utter (rather to be recorded) for Australian TV: Poles are a flock of dumb sheep… I cannot but agree with Mr Michnik, despite having Polish background myself.

      • Well i knew for rivalry with Russia, but i didn’t noticed hate when speaking with Polish people, or maybe they were hiding it because i’m just another cyrilic Slav for them.

        • Ordinary Poles are not anti-Russian, but the attitude might change because the propaganda is so massive. By the way, I love Russians.

          • Slavic languages are grouped in south, west and east branches. Internal communication among same branches, yes they are.But with other branches for example south Slav will be able to read and understand written text from Western Slavic language, but not really to communicate a lot, some basic stuff yes, but if you want to speak about politics in depth or some engineering things no way, if you don’t know basics of that specific language. Something like Icelandic is to other Scandinavian languages.
            There are actually some made up languages (like Interslavic )that are understandable to all Slavs, but it’s not made for mass use, more for computers to make translations from one Slavic language to another easier. Right now is done Russian>English>Polish (on google translate for example) which makes translations fucked up a bit.

          • Isn´t there any group in Poland that advocate that Poland have a nuclear arsenal, natalistic polices, a powerfull army and national economy? Rejects lassez-faire capitalism?

            Medias push hysteria about Russia? Call for the Polish army to have tactical nuclear warheads against an invasion
            on the ground that Poland cannot rely on the promises of foreign powers for its defense, mention how the Anglo-French alliance baited Poland with promises they never intended to keep, especially in the nuclear era.

            Its pretty obvious both Germany, France, the UK, US are going to face major political and economic troubles due to Diversity…

        • Most of Central and East-Europe distrusts/hates Russia tbh. , at least ppl around where I live for sure. Too much bad blood during the USSR. I doubt many saw the red army as a liberating force. There is a lingering notion that Russia might invade again. Similar thing with the Muslims and especially against Turks for a similar reason. Western Europe just doesen’t have this history of being constantly invaded like we do.

          I think burgers who are very pro pan-european … simply do not understand why Austro-Hungary, Iugoslavia died and why the EU will die as well.

          European whites cannot be put into one ethnostate and expected to not rip it apart from the inside. National sovereignty MUST be respected absolutely, otherwise we are at each-other’s throats even without the Jews.

          Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki … tho.

        • Odd my previous reply vanished from here. Anyway I will reiterate: burgers do not understand why Austria-Hungary and Yugoslavia died or why the EU will die as well, this pan-European shit is not doable, because we don’t get along under one roof. Hungarians told the Russians to fuck off in 1956, we are telling the EU to fuck off today, we told the same to Austro-Hungary back in the day. Geopolitics requires alliances to be made, BUT Hungary will always come before anything else, which is why any attempts to swallow European nations into a white ethnostate will be met with staunch resistance. Mistrust of Russians is all pervasive throughout Central-Eastern EU, because of what the USSR did during and after WW2.

          To the mods. You can delete my comment thinking whatever you want, but it won’t change the facts on the ground. As Orban said, respect national sovereignty and shit will be ok. Hungarians will not be dictated to by an outside power, be that the Jews, the US, China or Russia.

      • Depressing news. I wonder if anyone in Hungary can share similar news. Does Hungarian media spread Russian hate?

        • I know Orban recently said something about his political opponents being propped up by Putin, but that`s the only thing I can remember.

        • In Hungary, only western sponsored media is anti-russian, but the state media is rather pro-russia, and also the political right (which is at least 70% of the people) is pro-russia. Mr Putin visits Hungary every year (this year he comes twice).
          In Hungary the governing party FIDESZ is a national conservative and right-wing populist party. We were the first in Europe to build a double fence to stop savage migrants, PM Orban says we will take 0 refuge or migrant, and that we have to preserve our cultural heritage and ethnical composition and the government started spending heavily on family support (to reach a 2.1 fertility rate instead of immigration). It is also in our constitution (amended by FIDESZ), that marriage can only exist between a man and a woman, therefore Fidesz would be considered a “nazi” party in the US, I believe.
          Then there is Jobbik, the real far-right with about 20% of the people supporting it, and there are the fragmented leftist, liberal and marxsist parties supported by the west but altogether they only sum up to cc 20% of the votes.
          So Hungarians highly respect Russia as the country that was strong enough to stand up against the expansion of “western values” (homosexual propaganda, multi culturalism, feminism, anti-christian/anti-nationalist propaganda, etc), and the nationalist media (Fidesz and Jobbik media) is pro-russia. Hungarians hated Sovietunion as that was created by the jews, but not contemporary Russia.
          By the way, Hungarians consider Polish people best friends above all countries (just mentioning).

          • Poles and Balts are tools. They need to wake up. The petty Nationalism of the Poles is ridiculous.

          • It`s understandable seeing as the`ve been spitroasted so much. But, why the hell would they provoke both neighbors, pretty much simultaneously at that? Do they really think a neocohen in Washington considers them anything more than a cannon fodder, a convenient pretext for the next conflagration?

          • You failed to mention that christcuck Orban as well as the entire Visegrad group is buddy-buddy with the Jews from Israel, that they are building kosher slaughterhouses no prob and antisemitism is punishable by law still. That there are jewish aspirations at play here for ‘Międzymorze’.

            … or that Jobbik is led by a gypsy faced cuck who is all to comfortable with the socialist lefties, the jews and defended CEU.

            The real Hungarian right-wing lies to the right of Jobbik and Orban, see

          • Visegradi 4 group is anti-muslim, Israel is also anti-muslim, therefore they are on the same platform in this specific question, while leftist Jews in the US and EU are mostly pro-muslim, pro-immigration. There are obviously Jews and kosher slaughter houses in Hungary, and we still have to fight against their influence, but the political right is much stronger. Betyársereg is not a political party, the most authentic far-right party is “erö és elszántság”, but they were only established this summer, it’s not sure if they can make it to the Parliament. I’ll be supporting them.

      • Every Pole I’ve ever talked too is a walking tumor of Jewish propaganda. They’re the only white ethnicity I hate and refuse to interact with.

      • We need to be actively countering that filthy Jewish propaganda that is dividing honorable Aryans and turning them against each other. No more brother wars.

          • No, just a student of history, meaning I don’t try to reimagine WW2 as brave Hitler trying to save the world. It was a brutal war of conquest and ethnic cleansing instigated by the Germans and Austrians. It’s too bad we can’t send these Nazi larpers and Revisionists back in time so they could experience it first hand, yelling “wait, I’m pro-white!” right before they got machine gunned into a ditch

          • You are the only one going on about Hitler and the Third Reich. Part of your position as an aggrieved minority Polish mentality. We don’t need the aggrieved minority chip on the shoulder types here on the alt right.

          • Yeah we need the neo-Nazi “Hitler did nothing wrong, it was Poland’s/Czechoslovakias/Russias fault” types. lol

          • rofl.. what started this discussion again?

            Poland’s victimology is ridiculous. How much did Polish petty Nationalism contribute to WWII? How about Polish mistreatment of Germans before the war? Seems Poland is at the same game all over again.

            oh yeah

          • Thx for your stances. I was born in Czechoslovakia and my Czech nation is under permanent pressure and attacks of Germans. I think its very funny when someone writing glorification s*its about Hitler and then is against islamic invasion, while Hitler loved muslims and admired islam. Its some form of schizophreny on this political scene.

      • You teach these people half-truths and misconceptions about Poland and its history. But it’s the Poles who finally choose something in at least (and I’m very harsh here) acceptable direction. Quite recently other white people didn’t managed to achieve even that much in their countries. So I agree: Poles are still too dumb. But how dumb must be the rest of the white world in comparison?

      • If you have a Polish background then stop being a shitty Nazi appologist. Just because you like Hitler cause he’s the Strong Horse (as Osama would put it) doesn’t mean you can change history. The Nazis killed millions of your people. Poland was slated for Lebensraum like the rest of the East- ie colonization of the land by Germans and depopulation of the local population by 80% , leaving the rest as serfs/slaves, as per Generalplan Öst . That’s what would have happened if the Nazis won on the Eastern Front.

        Hitler wasn’t a White Nationalist. Stop your bullshit Nazi LARPing

      • A couple of facts you got wrong:

        – Stefan Michnik lives in Sweden and is former Stalinist judge.
        – It is his half brother – Adam Michnik- that is the head of Gazeta Wyborcza
        – Poles are jew-wise- trust me.

        It’s not that we hate the Germans or Russians. But their goverments either wish to give us muds (Germany) or dominate us (Russia). So we use whatever we can to oppose them. Whether it’s using the “you wuz nazis an sheeeeit” or “fuckin’ commies”.

        Also you forget- the Poles actually were genocided in many places by the Germans. And the Russians gave us communism for half a century. We do not forget. Would you respect a Texan who said “fuck the Alamo. Let’s make an alliance with the Mexicans”?

        • Sorry, I was busy and wrote my note a bit distressed, which made me to mix upp Stefan with Adam. It is indeed Adam Michnik (aka Aaron Szechter) the boss at the Gazeta Wyborcza. Stefan, who lives in Sweden , is his elder (half) brother, a criminal who found a refuge in the soo multicultural land that I’ve adopted. As I have close relatives in Poland (Slavic Poles), I do know that most Poles are not jew-wise.

          When it comes to the losses in WWII: my own family has lost three of its members, one somewhere in the Soviet Union and two in German work camps (hunger and disease). You must dig a bit to find out that much of what is published about the war is thoroughly distorted by Jewish elites. They actually had nothing against to sacrifice Jews, in order to obtain the fruits of the holy Shoah. If we white people do not stick together, we will perish. Even though Sweden isn’t totally overcome by people of other races yet, I was already compelled to adapt to the population “enrichment”. I no longer dare to walk in the woods or go to the shop on the evening. And it is not Germans or Russians I’m afraid of.

        • What if the Red Army had left Poland in 1945, thought? Poland would have been part of NATO a decade later and WW3 would have been more likely.

          • Poland is a nation of peasants. They cannot build nukes and missiles and well much of anything but they are good farmers and competent, hard workers. The only industry in Poland is Western corporations using them for cheap labor.

          • That is why I am so sceptical of traditionalism. Too many faults, too many mistakes, why repeat that?

            It would have been a lot easier to do back in 88, when that communist governement fell, pretty telling isn´t it?

            Think of Ataturk, he didn’t chase after some golden age that never existed, instead he radically changed the way things were done in his country so as to give it a future.
            He might have failed but it was a good try, White nations will have to follow a similar path to survive, to unprecedented greatness and glory!

      • Germany is criminal, islamophilic and warmonger regime which destroying European civilization. Germany should been divided after IIWW. My, Czech, nation is thousand years under their attacks and press to germanization our national area. I dont have problem with Jews and State of Israel, I have problem with Nazis who are islamophilic, I have problem with Germany which have same mentality and my nation never had problem with Jews. Hatred for Russians and Germans are based on partitation of Poland and Russian and German press to destroy Polish culture and national identity.

        • You obviously have bought yourself into the anti-White propaganda; the eternally suffering “genius” tribe naturally is absolutely excellent at it. The divide and conquer that those geniuses have so efficiently been administrating since many decades,will bring down all white nations.

      • Exactly, I’m repeating this point everytime I get the chance. There are tens of millions of people who claim to be pro-white but when you mention the jewish problem they just dismiss you as a nazi. If we get this demographic on our side we win.

    • The answer, how can a sizable number of Poles be redpilled as to what is happening?

      Then, identify the NGOs, its leaders and where they are.

    • Thank you! I have been reading Breitbart recently and man, those asses have matzah up their colons. Stockholm Syndrome to the Max. WTF? Thank you for your clarity.

  • Constructive criticism. Shorter, more concise articles get more reads. Humor also helps. Want an example? Look at the DailyStormer (

    • Not every website needs to be a Stormer knockoff. There’s a place on the internet for people with long attention span and a taste for serious articles.

      • I agree and occidental observer is one of the places. I see as more of a populist site. Anyway, I was only my offering view. I am aware it is just mine and other have differing views.

        • Has become more active since Charlottesville or is it just my imagination?

          I agree with the less is more “view” about shorter and more concise articles getting more reads — but this doesn’t seem to matter lately.

          Can someone with admin access to the Disqus account for confirm whether the comments have increased, stayed the same or decreased in the last week or so?

          • I am here because the Daily Stormer was down for a while.
            I will drop by now and again as I’ve got a taste. My number one will be the stormer though just because it is so friggin funny.

          • We can’t just cut off people’s submissions to be shorter and insert oven jokes. DS is still down no?

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