There Is Another Color Revolution Brewing In Poland

Submitted by Milosz Jezierski


Poland is now on the lips of conservatives and nationalists in Europe, due to its role as a shield against cultural marxism. The Liberal media on the one hand are shouting about neo-nazism reborn in Poland, mostly because the new center-right government took control and started clamping down on the media (just like the last liberal government did as well) and made some changes to the justice system (again, just like the last liberal government and some EU states did as well). The liberal outrage is fake as are their crocodile tears. All of this is only a pretext for their ambition to destabilize the new government and to return to the good old times where their corruption and nepotism went unchecked.

Before I explain the political issues in Poland I need to explain our political nomenclature. Its a bit different from that of the western world and is very characteristic to post-communist countries in Eastern Europe.

Nationalists/Right wing (PiS – Law and Justice, ONR – National Radical Camp, MW – All Polish Youth, Szturm, Autonomous Nationalists, National Movement – national democratic political party, Kukiz 15 – conservative liberal party formed by famous rockman)

Our center right wing ties social solutions in the economy with moral conservatism, also they are pro-UE and NATO but not in a cultural way, they are against integration into an EU superstate, but are also anti-Russian. These are not far-right groups or national socialists. They arent even that nationalistic. They of course they dont want muslims in Poland, but they also aren’t racialists and they are very pro-jewish. To their credit, they are anti-globalists too. And they never considered themselves as nationalists, since their political tradition comes from the Polish Socialist Party – a pre-war political group that fought for Polish independence. But if they are anti-globalist, they are also for a multi-national Polish Respublica based on a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth model. They considered Jews to be an important part of this project, just as they were historically in the old Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Khmelnitsky’s rebellion and subsequent pogroms were a direct result of the Polish practice of using Jews to manage the Ukraine. The people rebelled against the leeches and started pogroming them.

But they were also patriots that fought for Polish Independence back in the day. They can be characterized as civic nationalists now.

The Nationalist camp in Poland is a very different camp with a long tradition. It was the second party after the Polish Socialist Party in pre-war times. They are now in opposition to the pro-NATO ‘Law and Justice’ – center right wing party ruling now. Most of the nationalist movement (National Radicals – catholic radical nationalists, national democrats and national socialists or ethnonationalists) are against ‘Law and Justice’.  In this camp we have national democrats who are more moderate and even are civic nationalists because of their ideology of christian nationalism as well as radicals who are for the ethnostate.

Globalists (KOD – Comitee for Defending the Democracy, PO – Citizen Platform, SLD – Aliiance of Socialdemocrats, PSL – Polish Folk Party, N. –Moderns, Razem – extreme left, Antifa and anarchists)

Liberals and post-communists in Poland seems like different camps, but both are globalists and strongly tied to each other. Liberals are pro-capitalism and free markets and heavily influenced by cultural marxism. They used to be part of a pan anti-communist opposition and even cooperated with today’s governing party but then they split into two different camps. They are against the ‘Law and Justice’ party now and support EU integration. Post-communists and socialists cooperate with liberals now, but the far left in actual fact hates them. In practice though, they all support neoliberal policy and have strong ties with post-communist businessmen who run Poland’s organised crime circuit and who of course support the laissez-faire liberals.

Got that? Ok, let’s move on.

The liberal opposition (Citizen Platform  – PO, Moderns – N., Polish Folk Camp – PSL, lefties – SLD and Razem) lost the election, and they had no chance really. They lost all their representation and as a result, the liberals are, in an accelerating fashion, radicalising to the Cult Marx left. The new government started a purge of liberal apparatchiks in the bureaucracy which led to them losing jobs and influence. Furthermore the new government started investigations into areas previously neglected by the courts. It´s commonly known that the courts hide crimes and wrongdoing that were committed during the previous regime.

Now, thanks to the new effort, old stories of corruption are emerging again, but judges are still trying to cover for politicians who have, so called, hot seats, meaning the prosecutors used to call the prime minister and leak information about ongoing investigations.

The justice system is still corrupt, harboring judges who have old ties to the past communist regime and choose new judges from within their own ranks. The highest Court in Poland is just a self-elected mafia tied by families and business connections. They are a leftist camp who in the past agreed (together with the corrupt communists) to the changes of 1989, resulting in the neo-liberal system we see today. Their creation is finally being destabilized after 25 years and they are finally losing the power they held for so long. Allthough I welcome the direction taken in the last few years, I´m not at all calling the new government perfect. Definitely not. I´m mostly in opposition to them, but I must admit that they are starting to apply a much-needed chemotherapy.

Reading my argument above might lead you to think that I would approve of the new judicial changes, which I actually dont. Although a reformation of the judicial system is needed, these changes are unwanted from a constitutional point of view. The Minister of Justice is now also the Main Prosecutor and will have the sole right to elect judges, which is a dangerous development from a nationalist point of view. Of course the judges should be elected by the people and the government should provide the tools for it to happen, but the constitutional risk the new changes creates is too great. What if a Liberal becomes the future Minister of Justice?

Furthermore, the leftists use this as a pretext for organizing their ”revolution”, as in a ”Polish Maidan” and there is a crumb trail leading us to several Soros foundations. Organisations like the ”Open Dialogue Foundation”, that were responsible for the Liberal protests in Ukraine, are hard at work in Poland now too.

Furthermore, Poland does have a problem with migrants. There are about 1.2 million displaced Ukrainians in Poland now. They aren’t like Arabs and cannot be compared to the Third World invasion of Western Europe. But they are cheap labour, and there are many indoctrinated Liberal students among them that support Liberal movements in Poland. The same cadres that were prepared, indoctrinated and used in Ukraine can now be used in Poland as well.

On the other hand we also have some nationalists from the Azov Corps in Ukraine now as well. They get plenty of funding from (((NGOs))) as well, but at least they hate the Liberals. In general, a lot of Ukrainians are simple working people like the Polish, they aren’t parasites and our culture and ethnicity is almost the same, but they do lower Polish wages.

Problems also start when the Liberals start to use these Ukrainians as a political tool. And then Polish Neo-Nazis start agitating for their removal. Also, this has to be stated. All the Ukrainian nationalists are off fighting in the Donbass for one side or another. The Liberals do not fight, they either pay their way out of the army or flee to Poland. There they start agitating for Liberal causes, naturally.

Another Soros funded NGO is the Bathory Foundation. They have the full support of the media, the biggest private televisions etc. Many are starting to wonder if these organisations and media outlets are not responsible for the recent protests in Poland. It´s a curious thing that nobody knows who initiated the protests and it all look so spontaneous and organized, just like in Ukraine.

This brings us to the topic of astroturfing.

Astroturf is a fake grass produced in the USA and astroturfing is a phenomenon that we see happening more in Poland. It started with synchronized activity from the biggest elements in politics, like political parties or organisation like KOD (an NGO). At the same time (no one know who at first) the media started to call for revolution and social media profiles (mostly fake ones) were created to spread and share comments and messages. The protests erupts everywhere, almost at the same time, at the same moment. Calls from old politicians and scummy professional protesters begin to reach young minds and a sense of emergency and perverted civic duty starts to take root within the population. Interests in politics is erupting where there was none before. All of this is very suspicious.

The newly ”woke” and protesting people don’t know what they are even protesting most of the time. Why is it that they are not protesting the leaders of KOD (committee of Defending Democracy) who where sentenced for selling young girls into prostitution? The youth are blind and dumb to the real issues. They are simply useful idiots. They walk around like zombies, carrying candles and are shouting ”Democracy!” while agitating for more corruption, all while under the influence of a coordinated media campaign. We saw the same thing when Polish Feminists organized the Black Protest in opposition to the abortion ban.

Someone is running a powerful astroturfing operation in Poland and we have to be on our guard. Where this will lead is anyone’s guess. We may even see a Polish Maidan begin very soon.

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