The Alt-Right Is Winning Hearts and Minds

In case you haven’t noticed, we are now winning the hearts and minds of the American people.  To qualify that a bit, the center-right, the Republican voters, and the President himself clearly know that the Alt-Right is not what it has been portrayed to be. The Alt-Right is not a threat to the security of the American people, as the anarchists are.  And the American people find this growing threat to free speech, which only begins with the Alt-Right, disturbing and ominous.

As for the Boston free speech rally, it was a complete farce.  This is not necessarily because the Alt-Lite did not conduct it properly, but because the event was dominated by a mass counter protest against…against what exactly?

From the Wall Street Journal, in an article with the tongue in cheek title, “The Great Nazi Scare of 2017”:

It was organized, according to the local papers, by libertarians protesting campus speech codes, though they opened their platform to anybody, left and right. The meeting ended early; the speakers were all drowned out. Nazis and white supremacists, if any were present, were shown to be vastly outnumbered by Americans who reject such doctrines.

Not only is the tone of the article one which ridicules the dire warnings by the MSM of an imminent Nazi takeover of America, it focuses instead on the true threat.  The true threat is to the rights of Alt-Right practitioners, sympathizers, or damn near anyone who does not espouse the shitlib narrative:

To state another obvious point, our civil liberties are meaningless if they don’t protect unpopular views. It’s not the mob but the mob’s targets that need protection.

Antifa hardly helped their case by throwing bottles of urine at police when there weren’t any “Nazis” on hand.  Sorry fake media, ordinary Americans are watching this and are not impressed by these “defenders against fascism.”

You won’t find this opinion in liberal publications, but the center-right, which I would suggest is a better barometer of mainstream, middle class White opinion, is more than a little uncomfortable with the clamping down on Alt-Right websites.  From the National Review, Alt-Right nemesis David French weighs in on this matter.  After the obligatory denunciation of the Daily Stomer’s content, French points out the slippery slope which banishing the Daily Stomer from the internet portends:

It’s a simple reality that the lines of Internet communication are in progressive political hands, these progressive corporations look to left-wing activists to define hate, and a large number of leftists believe to the core of their beings that “hateful” speech should be censored and suppressed whenever possible.

As we see from the demonetizing of even center-right organizations like Jihad Watch, the slippery slope argument in this case is not merely theoretical.  Mainstream conservatives are right to take issue, because they themselves could be next, no matter how measured they are in expressing their views.  Simply stated, the idea that certain voices are literally not allowed to exist on the internet is something which was previously inconceivable.  What country are we living in?

Finally, in his excellent speech in Arizona Tuesday night, President Trump shifted his rhetoric by naming a new foil:

The only time they show the crowds is when there’s a disrupter or an anarchist in the room. I call them anarchists. Because, believe me, we have plenty of anarchists. They don’t want to talk about the anarchists.

Clearly “anarchist” is a reference to Antifa and anyone else who seeks to abridge the free-speech rights of Alt-Right leaders.  It is as though our President has finally put his finger on the nature of our enemy.  One senses this growing awareness amongst all stripes of average Republican and perhaps even independent American voters: They may perceive the Alt-Right as an eccentric group of troublemakers, but the threat to basic American values and rights is the much graver threat, and that certainly doesn’t come from us.

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