The Alt-Right Is Winning Hearts and Minds

In case you haven’t noticed, we are now winning the hearts and minds of the American people.  To qualify that a bit, the center-right, the Republican voters, and the President himself clearly know that the Alt-Right is not what it has been portrayed to be. The Alt-Right is not a threat to the security of the American people, as the anarchists are.  And the American people find this growing threat to free speech, which only begins with the Alt-Right, disturbing and ominous.

As for the Boston free speech rally, it was a complete farce.  This is not necessarily because the Alt-Lite did not conduct it properly, but because the event was dominated by a mass counter protest against…against what exactly?

From the Wall Street Journal, in an article with the tongue in cheek title, “The Great Nazi Scare of 2017”:

It was organized, according to the local papers, by libertarians protesting campus speech codes, though they opened their platform to anybody, left and right. The meeting ended early; the speakers were all drowned out. Nazis and white supremacists, if any were present, were shown to be vastly outnumbered by Americans who reject such doctrines.

Not only is the tone of the article one which ridicules the dire warnings by the MSM of an imminent Nazi takeover of America, it focuses instead on the true threat.  The true threat is to the rights of Alt-Right practitioners, sympathizers, or damn near anyone who does not espouse the shitlib narrative:

To state another obvious point, our civil liberties are meaningless if they don’t protect unpopular views. It’s not the mob but the mob’s targets that need protection.

Antifa hardly helped their case by throwing bottles of urine at police when there weren’t any “Nazis” on hand.  Sorry fake media, ordinary Americans are watching this and are not impressed by these “defenders against fascism.”

You won’t find this opinion in liberal publications, but the center-right, which I would suggest is a better barometer of mainstream, middle class White opinion, is more than a little uncomfortable with the clamping down on Alt-Right websites.  From the National Review, Alt-Right nemesis David French weighs in on this matter.  After the obligatory denunciation of the Daily Stomer’s content, French points out the slippery slope which banishing the Daily Stomer from the internet portends:

It’s a simple reality that the lines of Internet communication are in progressive political hands, these progressive corporations look to left-wing activists to define hate, and a large number of leftists believe to the core of their beings that “hateful” speech should be censored and suppressed whenever possible.

As we see from the demonetizing of even center-right organizations like Jihad Watch, the slippery slope argument in this case is not merely theoretical.  Mainstream conservatives are right to take issue, because they themselves could be next, no matter how measured they are in expressing their views.  Simply stated, the idea that certain voices are literally not allowed to exist on the internet is something which was previously inconceivable.  What country are we living in?

Finally, in his excellent speech in Arizona Tuesday night, President Trump shifted his rhetoric by naming a new foil:

The only time they show the crowds is when there’s a disrupter or an anarchist in the room. I call them anarchists. Because, believe me, we have plenty of anarchists. They don’t want to talk about the anarchists.

Clearly “anarchist” is a reference to Antifa and anyone else who seeks to abridge the free-speech rights of Alt-Right leaders.  It is as though our President has finally put his finger on the nature of our enemy.  One senses this growing awareness amongst all stripes of average Republican and perhaps even independent American voters: They may perceive the Alt-Right as an eccentric group of troublemakers, but the threat to basic American values and rights is the much graver threat, and that certainly doesn’t come from us.

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  • Fascism is not race based – fascism is based on merit – only one exception, eliminate the Jewish element

    • “Fascism is not race based – fascism is based on merit.”

      That’s why I do NOT like fascism. I do NOT need some government bureaucrat telling me if I have “merit” or if I don’t have “merit.” I can judge that for myself, and I can get through life just fine without the help of a fascist “mommy state.”

      If the government does want to help me, it can keep the non-Caucasian subhumans the hell out of country. I will thank them for that.

      • Mr. Wild Bill,
        I very much understand and partly agree – And I thank you for your response – my point is that your movement should have some organic base, and since this cause is so young I feel it would be helpful to give the illusion of inclusiveness – and this sound deviousness – until the big money is found – Fascism needs a freshness – it was never give a chance to prove itself, or, disprove itself. .
        I share also your feeling of individuality – but the seed of this tree will be long to grow before we can sit in it’s shade – The last thing I too want is a mean government bureaucrat telling me I have “merit” or not. But, this society left to devolve on it own will give us that very ugly situation. Short of God’s intervention without deception in this already corrupt system are descendant my lose all vestiges of Western Civilation
        I hope I have not offended you with explanation.

      • One of the reasons why the Germans wiped the floor with the French, Brits, Russians and won early encounters with the US etc etc is that Nat Soc legitimately unleashed the imaginative potential of the folk.

        The Brits were crippled by class stratification, French republicanism was designed to eliminate the clever proles and the Soviet state was a red terror where talent was suspect.

        The US had to learn how to beat the Germans in the field and had to clear out a great deal of deadwood in the Officer class before getting anywhere. Even then the victory over the Germans has never been replicated by the US military in places like Korea, Vietnam or Iraq, so its tough to see if anything was really learned.

        • I read Soldat’s version of Fascism and it has little to do with Germany in the 1940’s and more to do with Mussolini’s “Doctrine of Fascism”.

          Read it.

          I dealt with the issue of Fascism on “The Federalist” today. The title of the article is “Why We Need A New Holiday To Celebrate The Fall Of Fascism”
          My comment to that article:
          “Mr. Sammin should have given a short explanation of Fascism in Italy, Germany and Japan since they shared similar aspects in how they ran their economies to how government was run. Fascism thrives today. Singapore is held as an example of a 21st century Fascist state. She is not alone.
          The book “Fascism and Dharma” by Columbus Falco gives a good insight into Mussolini’s “Doctrine of Fascism” and how that relates to the Buddhist concept of “Dharma”.

          Fascism is far more than the Fake narrative of Anti Facts (Antifa) They call Trump and those who voted for him as “Fascist”. what BS. They twist the meaning. Time to understand Fascism back in the 40’s and today in 2017.

        • Yes, our present day weakness is directly related to the effeminate democracy. Our military is looking to technology to overwhelm our enemies. Replace the warrior with a drone controlled by computer. We’ll learn to take that as honor in the home of the brave

    • Ι think you are trying to say something different to what you are pointing to.

      Fascism, is NOT an ideology or a sociopolitical movement.

      Fascism is a system, a form of governance, which was brought forward by the Itallian Leader Benito Mussolini.

      I think you, might be talking about Nationalism. If I have understood youv wrong let me know.

      I do not think anyone is speaking about fascism, ESPECIALLY, in America.

      The US of America has got a long stsnding tradition directly opposite to a fascist system.

      Fascism, is the anglicised word from the Italian word “fascismo”.
      Which comes from the root Latin word, ” fasces” or “fasci”, which loosely translates to, “strength in many”, a guild.

      By the way I am suspicious when someone who comments in a patriotic, nationalist sites like this and he’s not aware of what ‘fascism’, is all about.
      Yet he labels everything to do with patriotism, nationalism with the word ” fascism”.

      I hope you’re not on a “fishing”, expedition !?¿

    • Forgot to add.

      Nationalism as opposed to fascism, in most European Nations, IS RACIALLY BASED, like it is in my home Hellas.

      And in our long ancient traditions the merit system or meritocracy, as described by Aristotle in his works.
      Is something to implement in a society.

      • Mixing races, cultures and politics is a real bucket of worms (better yet Snakes) To some extent the reality would call for a purging of the multiculturalist (Jews and leftest, communistas’) and their enablers – once that would be accomplished the invaders can be repelled. Is that do-able? To a fascist reality and action must be achievable.

  • There is a great opportunity to pounce on gary cohn after he came out against trump…..right now…..the trump supporters are not happy about it…weaken his position…he is clearly on the side of the antifa and anti white…..we should also be riding the momentum of the anti javanka energy out there…..

  • I was told long time ago that the Right is on the right track because time is on our side. The Right’s fight is a battle of ideas and wit not of fits! The Left will never understand the Right because time has ran out of their ideas!

  • What scares me the most are (1) federal judges ignoring the rule of law to impose their agenda — which they are doing and at the same time engaging in the most massive theft in the history of the Earth (but that is not relevant here) — and (2) how so many on the mainstream Left clearly support physical violence against white people.

  • I always see you guy out gunned that these riots. Personally, I don’t believe in identity politics. It is the method communists use to split people into groups. It’s their documented (and many times repeated) method to destroy the cohesiveness of nations, and now the United States. That’s their trap – be very careful folks. The crisis stage is now occurring. It’s ON
    THAT said, I hate the left beating on white folks fighting the hate, demeaning of white Americans and their values. It’s still America. So here’s my bit.
    > I’ve wondered why lacrosse sticks and rocks were not used for street defense. It sounds weird, but a very similar weapon was used in the middle ages by European peasants very effectively.

    They are capable of throwing a 1 pound Stone at nearly 100 miles per hour. That equals to between 2 and 300 lb of blunt force trauma. A lighter Stone 6 thrown at a further distance up to a football length away and can generate over 100-foot pounds of force.
    Standing at this distance from Antifa the lacrosse sticks and stones could act as artillery shooting at the mass of Antifa. With a little practice and a forward observer directing aim to concentrate fire, such as knots of Antifa. It would make a brutal weapon. It could very easily kill or result in the maiming of an opponent. Be careful. But if you’re outnumbered? The sticks can be used with bottles containing a variety of noxious chemicals. It’s easy and cheap to make. Innovation is the white man’s way.

    Do you know why Irish have never had a problem with the Jews? We would never let them on the freaking Island!

    • You may not believe in identity politics but they believe in you and identity blocs exist right now that want to destroy you and every thing you ever held dear. Just deal with it.

      Individualism is like fighting a war without guns.

      • I’m not interested in identity politics, as a political technique I don’t think it is effective. It is a communist idea of subversion to isolate a person or group, to vilify them and use that to justify their attacks.
        This is exactly what happened in Charlottesville the alt right were labeled as racist Nazis and KKK. Was it bulshit? Sure, but if you didn’t know any better and most people don’t,you now think the alt right is the KKK. The two most hated organizations in the country have been conflated with your your movement. When Antifa thought you were going to Boston, 40,000 people showed up against you. That’s why I don’t think it’s smart politics. It’s straight Saul Alinsky.
        No, I’m not going to act like some damn leftist who insists that everybody agrees with me and allows no diversity of thought, that’s left wing PC crap. We are both white men, we are on the same side, fighting the same enemy, deal with it,
        What I’m offering is practical advice that could be used to good advantage by you and your crew. If you don’t want to use it that cuz you don’t like how I think that’s on you.
        I don’t know what you’re talking about that individualism doesn’t win a war. It’s how we won our freedom from the British. When the Redcoats marched together down the valley we hid behind tree stumps and individually blew them away. Think Lexington and Concord.
        I know you’re pissed, but if you’re feeling froggy why don’t you go out and bust some black dope house, steal their money, sell the dope and buy weapons. Don’t talk tough, be tough. If you are tough enough for that, then you’re not Tough Enough For War.

        • You’re on a site dedicated to White Identity. Complaining here about ‘identity politics’ is like complaining there’s too much science coverage at The New Scientist. If you like NRO tier individualism there’s a thousand rubbish websites for you to stalk.

          We’re for White Identity.

          • I’m not complaining about identity politics. I am simply making the point that identity politics for Caucasians is ineffectual. It’s not a complaint, it’s an observation. there’s no reason for you to get emotional over. Please try to be coldly analytical, avoid weak emotionalism, in other words, Be a White Man. I’m in it to win the fight for the white American. Ideological Purity is of no interest to me.
            The battle is.
            But that’s not the point. the point is I gave you a practical weapon that’s been used for centuries in battles.
            You seem to have completely missed the practicality of this ancient weapon. Weapons and tactics need to be thought and planned out.
            Yes I know you’re 4 a white identity, That’s fine, we all are fighting our own way. While you may personally may disagree, others are watching and learning.

          • I have sworn off BRI posting but I want to congratulate you for your recent exchange there. Brilliant and witty stuff.

            I was wondering how big a population needs to be to avoid the negative effects of inbreeding. It turns out that geneticists have studied this and if you start out with as few as eighty men and eighty women with healthy genes the population should be fine indefinitely. It has happened with animals that almost went extinct and isolated groups of humans on islands, etc.


          • Hey JM! Hope things are good in your part of the way.

            Yoda “60 million is a small breeding pop” Bible is great.

            Thanks for that link as well. I mean if you think about it the amount of variation in a population the size wartime Germany is so immense that a thousand different sub-species or more could spring from it.

            I tend to avoid BRI most of the time but nothing annoys me more than lazy anti-German sentiment.

    • You are talking about killing people at a protest.

      Conqueror of Ireland “Strongbow” was funded by a Jew called Josce of Gloucester btw.

      They’ve been up your arse for a millennia

      • You’re deliberately being too literal. We both know it. It was a tongue-in-cheek statement.
        Yes, the weapon I mentioned can be used to kill. It is a weapon that can be used with subtlety. example: if 5 Guys using this weapon throwing 1 lb plastic bags of excrement, throwing at 10 rounds a minute With a forward observer guiding concentrated fire can dump 50 lb worth of crap on a knot of antifa in a minute.This rate of fire can be maintained for several minutes.
        Do I think it will be bloodletting eventually, of course I do. That’s the point in conflating alt right, Nazi’s and Klukkers. Shoot a perceived Nazi and it will be greeted with cheers. Antifa or a John Brown Club member we’ll shoot an Alt righter and blame it on the alt right. Just like they blamed the violence on the alt right in Charlottesville, when it was clearly a set up by the left.

  • Hail Victory. The Alt-Right is the real right., and the Alt-Right is the real America.

    DAILYSTORMER FOREVER. May they take over the New York Times building in Manhattan and wave the flag of eternal White Vengeance.

  • While not Empirically Grounded…….

    From my Experience……….

    White People tend to a certain extent to be Very Individualistic and Independent Oriented……..


    ………from the OBVIOUS………

    ……….which has Crystallized Reality in the Last TWO Weeks……….

    No matter how much Separates us………

    We NEED each Other………..

  • Sean Hannity certainly is an exception. Ever since Charlottesville, he has obsessively virtue signaled and has even joined the false narrative about the Boston rally being a hate gathering.

    • Hannity is a sheep, he follows what’s popular at the time.

      2006-Hannity was a Bush cheerleader and ran all those lame ads for his “Freedom Concerts” to support the troops featuring washed up country singers like Lee Greenwood.

      2010-Hannity is Tea Party.

      2015-Hannity is Trump’s biggest cheerleader. And this is where Hannity was smart, he could sense the tides shifting in Trump’s favor.

    • Because the Jews can disguise themselves as white. You have to be redpilled about the Jews to see them. People are so social conditioned against nazism that they freak out when Jews are even just critized. That’s why being critical about the Jews is basically just like killing 6 million of them too these people.

      • So how do we make the term “Jewish supremacist” happen? If you dare mention that some Jews are supremacist, you are automatically a White supremacist. I really have no idea how to get around this social stigma about calling out even the bad Jews.

  • Sir, I wish you were correct, but traders like Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, mitt Romney, and all the usual suspects are so deeply corrupted, that it will take bloodletting before this evil is done in our corrupted government.

      • Probably to enhance his standing within his social circle and with his (((masters))).

        I think the African baby is part of his “liberal credentials”– so nobody can say he’s “racist.”

        French’s actions say, “Oh, everybody, look at me! Look at me! See what a GOOD PERSON I am — I have a black baby.”

  • Well I know personally that we are gaining ground because the people who used to argue with me about such things don’t anymore. They don’t have much to say but they’re listening more and more and not challenging me. Maybe they’re not speaking much because there’s so much egg on their face?

  • It is a mistake to equate the more principled conservatives’ advocacy of free speech, even for “haters” like ourselves, as advocacy for our positions. National Review isn’t going to go alt right in my lifetime.

  • I will always maintain my position that, despite what everyone may believe about Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin and (((Andrew ‘Weev’ Auernheimer))) were not really pro-white and their outlet only existed to give the Jews a pretext to claim that hollywood nazism is a real thing and cry about a need to shut it down. We need to remain vigilant.

    • Kurt von Schliecher said about the Nazi’s “if they didn’t exist we’d have to invent them.”

      kurt was a General, minister of defense and Chancellor and commanded the Black Reichswehr which was a femen court designed to kill army officers who were double agents for the British in the 1920s. If he had not been killed by Hitler in the NLK he’d have likely become Chancellor/President himself.

      He’s a little studied figure but was within an ace of supreme power in Germany.

      • There is a lot of evidence pointing to Anglin being no better, the guy was known in his home town for liking black women, wearing dreadlocks and dressing and acting like a negro, using hard core drugs, being a crazed lunatic (supposedly he got high one time and started head butting a side walk), a petty criminal, etc. and it fits in with what I’ve learned about his father being involved in a lot of criminal activities according to court records. He also freaked out when people almost found out who his mother was. Possibly because she is Jewish? Who knows. All I know is that he strikes me as being another Frank Collin AKA Francis Cohen.

  • I don`t know about winning hearts, but I do love watching cucks contract themselves into various incredible shapes only to avoid acknowledging that yes, AR has a platform and yes, men in UtR were there absolutely legally. Death to the signaler.

  • “Boston free speech rally, it was a complete farce” True. The Free Speech movement which began in Berkeley in the 1960’s was killed in Berkeley in 2017 by Antifa when they stopped people like Ann Coulter from speaking. There is no “Free Speech” for a rally
    The Antifa is fake since there are no “Fascists” and they are Communists. The nation is waking up to the destructive violent “frothing at the mouth” Antifa.

    By the way have to put this in:

    Buy a hand stitched Confederate Flag made by the Daughters of the Confederacy from “Alabama Flag and Banner”. Sales are surging since Charlottelsville. 3 week waiting time.

    • I think it fantastic that a bunch of globalist asshole corporations decide they aren’t going to produce or sell the confederate flag so now all our money flows to some good folks in Alabama making them by hand! Could not of had a better ending!

  • Mike Enoch said it best in the last Shoah: the political views of the antifa are a joke, and their (((financiers))) don’t even take them seriously. They’re funded and promoted only so they can attack patriots and nationalists in the street to enforce the globo-homo-kike NWO.

    • Enoch’s remarks reminded me of my own experiences with “antifa” and other retarded anarchists 30 years ago. They are full of contradicting and irrational beliefs. A typical anarchist in those days would be a vegan into animal rights, against the death penalty, but for abortion, and advocating killing sports hunters, cops, omnivores, “nahtzees”, and on and on. Almost zero consistency. It was also easy to enrage one just by amplifying their own arguments.

    • Now that you mention it, I do remember that. But somehow “anarchist” stuck in my mind more. One of those savvy Trump branding techniques.

  • The left are a bunch of cowards. They don’t even want argue about economics, all they wanna do is turn the world brown and censor views they don’t agree with. This just furthers my resolve on the Jewish Question. Antifa are puppets, it’s the Jews who control them who we should focus our attention on. Like boomer cuckservatives always argue : you can’t fight an enemy if you’re afraid to name your enemy.

  • I just watched Stefan Molyneux get destroyed by a political fascist on YouTube. I have say, it brought a huge glow to my face.

        • Pretty cool, though I think Molly some times get a little childish, deliberately going extra long to make the other guy forget Mollys original remarks, if they actually sustain the opponents argument, and also then heavy on the rethoric and provocatives like “my friend” and “you need to get your head out of your arse”, in order to goat the opponent to lose his cool and forget the central issues. Thats what makes me feel that Molly actually is aware that he has become quite doctrinal in his free market solves anything ideology, instead of just investgating through rational and ethical philosophy, as he likes to think he does. Molly certainly seemed the more doctrinal here, feeling that uttering “muh free market” is now an argument, because he has made a real argument for it in the past, and we should all have heard it then.

        • Cultured Thug’s argument: We would be better off if the government were our mommy and took care of our education, health care, and every other problem.

          Moly’s argument: If you are a man (who is not retarded), you do not need the government to run your life. You can get better health care, better education and better everything else than the government can provide — with no help from the government.

          Who won the debate? It depends… If you think you are a hopeless retard, who will never be able to take care of himself, you will probably go with the Thug. On the other hand, if you think of yourself as a man, you will probably side with Moly’s argument.

          Actually, there are a lot of very strong arguments that could shoot down Moly’s arguments, but the Thug used NONE of them.

          • Men below average IQ probably need help. That’s a given. A multiracial society bottom loads society with the helpless and resentful.

          • What you say is one hell of a good argument for limiting immigration to white people only, since black people from Africa have an average IQ of 75 and those brown people from Latin America come in at about 87.

          • An homogenous white population could be subjected to passive eugenic measures. Primogeniture in the Anglo-Norman system produced a marvelous world conquering elite.

          • FYI Cultured Thug isn’t a white nationalist, and didn’t say he was anywhere in this debate.

          • Johnny says, “Someone who is born poor should be able to go to the best schools if he is of exceptional intelligence.”

            What? Hey, if a guy really does have “exceptional intelligence” (and is not just good at taking tests) he can get money to pay for his own education, with little or no effort.

            Look at it this way Johnny: Why should a blue collar guy who does NOT want to go to college have to pay taxes that go toward some other guy’s college education? Do you really think the blue collar guy is supposed to work his butt off, and pay for some smart ass’s education? And then the smart ass gets out of school, and gets a high-paying job as a manager, and orders around the blue collar guy for the rest of his life? And that is “fair”? I do NOT think so. Hey, did Robin Hood go out and rob poor people, and give their money to rich people? HELL NO.

            See, it’s like this: If a guy is really smart (and not just good at taking tests or doing school work) he does NOT need a ridiculous college degree to get by in the world. Hey, I have three undergraduate degrees (no PhD or Maters degrees), and, believe it or not, I made a lot more money before I had any of them — back when all I had was a high school diploma.

            As far as studious Asians go, the White ethnostate is the answer to that problem. If a guy is non-Aryan — adios, amigo. Let them find some other part of the world to express their inborn collectivist instincts — NOT HERE.

          • School is a scam, that way too many people are funding right now. Only those of exceptional intelligence should be going and what class they come from shouldn’t be of any importance.

            The Alt-Right is plauged with racist individualist capitalists who are NOT Nationalists. Nationalism is a group based concept and libertardians don’t qualify.

          • Well Johnny, I am most definitely a racist, an individualist, and a capitalist. That’s for sure.

            And as far as “the nation” goes, I want that defined as a White ethnostate.

            Intelligence? Based on statistical analysis of the mean intelligence of the planet’s various races, I think the RE-establishment of the United States as a White ethnostate will solve that problem too.

          • The point is that education should be based on merit. Those who are smartest and who have worked the hardest should be able to go and become doctors for example, and how much money they have in the bank shouldn’t matter. If you really cared about the health of the nation you would see it as an investment rather than theft. Your life stands to improve if that kid becomes a doctor instead of slaving away in a factory, because he couldn’t afford the tuition.

            It’s not a right the kid is entitled to because he exists and wants to go, it’s a privelage he has earned because he’s the most qualified and worked the hardest for it. It is therefore not a “mommy” state.

            There won’t be a white ethno-state as long as whites continue to think in terms of “me” rather than “we.”

          • Johnny, I am 68 years old, and from 1969 to 2017 I went to see a doctor ONE TIME. (Cost = $200) Therefore, I do not regard doctors as an “investment.” I regard doctors as a group of parasites who prey on the weak minded. Yes, I would rather see a young fellow doing honest work in a factory, rather than being a doctor and telling people lies about their health in order to get their money.

            Check this out: When I turned 65, I refused to sign up for Medicare. The mommy state can keeps its 3rd world programs. I want no part of them. I am a White man.

          • More than half of the guys who were born in the year when I was born are dead now. Doctors, medical insurance, and pharmaceuticals could not help them.

          • That’s because they existed in the context of capitalism where profit matters more than quality of service.

          • If you think fascism makes people live longer, you had better be careful. You could be making a religion out of it. If, later in life, you see fascism as nothing more than an unrealistic ideology, you may have to suffer through a painful psychological adjustment. Be careful!

          • Italy has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world and uses a mixed health care model. Those who can afford to can go to the doctor of their choosing, those who can not afford it can still get quality health care service, without putting themselves in debt. This is essentially what economic Fascism is. Mixed economic models. It’s not like Communism where the state is in control of everything.

            I live in Canada where we have socialized medicine and there are pros and cons to it. I prefer the mixed model, and the benefits of it are in the results.

          • Canadian government-run medical system?
            Yes, I see a lot of Canadian license plates in the parking lots of hospitals in Pittsburgh, not far from here. They speak volumes about the mommy state.

          • I’m against the mommy state. I’m for a merit based system, and strong centralized government to ensure that smut peddlers are getting shut down and those engaging in sleazy shylock economics are getting what they deserve.

          • Hey, you know the Canadian medical system is two-tiered, much like the Italian system.

            The poor people in Canada go through the Canadian mommy state medical care system, and the rich people come to the United States for their medical care.

          • The Canadian public sector is obssessed with diversity hiring and it’s almost impossible to get a white doctor these days (in Ontario at least) and the private clinics are dominated by Jews. Technically Canada ranks higher than the US, but in emergency situations your better of going to the States. Unless you can’t afford to. Then you’re stuck with Pajeet.

          • Hey Johnny, could you please send some Mounties down here to round up those “smut peddlers” that you mentioned earlier? They are totally out of hand, and the local cops won’t lay a hand on them. Maybe the Mounties can find a legal way to grab them, because some of that pornography ends up going to Canada. Please help, bro!

          • Canada is a shithole. I’m not saying the US should follow the Canadian example. Once me and muh blackshirt homies have overthrown the communist regime in Canadistan, I’ll consider sending a couple down south to fix the rampant degeneracy problem.

            This is what a private clinic look like in Toronto.

          • Well Youngpunk, if you want to be stronger at age 60 than you were at age 20, all you have to do is stick to a diet of almost nothing but meat, milk products, and eggs. Plant-derived foods make you feel more alert and energetic, but they burn you out at an early age — like if use a cutting torch and turn the oxygen up too high.

            (Vegans are weak, and they die young — Steve Jobs, for example.)

          • Never understood the point of vegetables outside of meat scarcity. Have been eating mostly meat for a few years now. Milk, I dunno. Do you smoke?

          • Smoke? No, except for special occasions — like if somebody is born, or if somebody gets married, or if somebody dies.

          • Good. I’m on/off.

            Just looked at McGregor’s training diet, it’s almost identical to mine: water, an americano in the morning, chicken, eggs, salmon, bananas. I eat broccoli too. Hate fish though.

          • If I were at ideal weight (153), I’d look like that. At 160 now owing to beer and such. Anyway. I don’t even want to live to your age, lol.

          • A doctor said I was probably going to die unless I went on dialysis, immediately. That was in 1969. That’s when I started to eat almost nothing but meat, and I stopped going to doctors. To hell with ’em.

          • I believe it. There are no miracle cures, but paleo and fasting are pretty close.

            How’d you come to the idea, btw?

          • Doctor said for me to go on a vegan diet (with just a little fish allowed) and go on dialysis. I thought, “Death would be better than that.” So I ate nothing but the opposite of what the doctor said, so I could die sooner. It was a suicide attempt. (Quick death by all meat diet.) But the suicide plan backfired — I recovered completely in two or three days. No more kidney disease, no more pain, no more blood loss in piss. And then I started to get real strong.

          • True story, bro. I kind of think it was like God teaching me a lesson that couldn’t be found in any book. All I had to do was get in the frame of mind that went — “I’d rather be dead than live like that.”

          • I have a lot of joint problems that put me in that frame of mind, possibly something genetic. It’s a constant struggle. I was already deeply pessimistic, so the possibility of being crippled easily tips the scale in favor of death. I have gotten steadily worse, but am also learning to manage, and the first thing is not being fat. We’ll see where it goes.

          • You don’t have a problem, bro. All you have is what anybody gets, after a long time, if he tries to live without drinking milk. Milk is nothing but liquid bones. You drink it, and it goes in an fixes itself up inside of all your bones. The only other way to go is, if you have really strong teeth, then you can crunch up bones like potato chips and eat them. Teeth not that strong yet? No? Then you gotta drink milk — unless you want to get knee replacements, hip replacements, X replacement, Y replacement, Z replacement.

            Hey, I gotta go to work. Adios.

          • Brave guy — McGregor. He has never had a pro boxing match, and he wants to go against a champ, for his first fight. Wow !!!

          • Me too. I once had a hell of a fight over $42,000, and I’m glad I did. It was worth it. I only had to get punched twice and punch the guy once — one good one.

    • Kudos to Moly for having the debate. He’s a good guy. Won’t be long before he’s kicked off Youtube.

      • After watching the debate, our guy acquitted himself well.

        Moly knows his libertarian talking points well. He even trotted out the old shopworn Milton Friedman line “you can’t have open borders and a welfare state.”

        I’d like to see Moly debate Richard Spencer, in person. I suspect Moly will never do it, because he knows Spencer is well read and quick on his feet (they both have the same academic background, History MAs). Moly does not want to give Spencer a mic drop moment like when Spencer asked the Rabbi if he wanted radical inclusion for Israel. So Moly will never debate Spencer.

        • I wonder if Moly might eventually come around to Richard’s point of view.
          If the subhumans keep getting more and more out of hand…

          • I find that unlikely. He often critiques the state for being fundamentally flawed because it is human, yet the market corrupts as well all while failing to make these parallels. All you have to do is point to NGOs. We’re bombarded with consumerist/degenerate propaganda incessently and like a broken record, more talking points that the state cannot grant Liberty. Pseudo intellect and ideological IMO “but but but its theft.” What of the theft of our homelands?

          • I respect your opinion. However, I think it would be a mistake to say that a White ethnostate absolutely has to be either capitalistic of socialistic. It just has to be White to be the best it could be. The smarter people are, the less help they need from the government, but then no government at all would be a foolish choice, so there is room for differing opinions. But regarding race, 100% White is the only way to go.

          • I agree that a social safety net is a more efficient and more humane way of dealing with people who fail economically than putting them in prison would be. Certainly a White ethnostate would have to have a social safety net.

            However, letting hordes of untermenschen sneak across the border to sign up for social benefits… FORGET IT.

          • The alt right is WRONG. Trump is now becoming unglued. Even his long-time supporters are questioning his sanity. His sanity isn’t my biggest worry. Almost a fourth of all American voters voted for him. THAT is the sanity problem we now face.
            These are mostly white trash that we need to get rid of.

        • Sargon is a dick and easily triggered by trolls. I once caused him and his followers to have a day long Twitter meltdown because I called Sargon an Enlightenment fop.

          Moly is reasonable, so we leave him alone.

          • Agreed.

            Moly and a few others (Vox Day comes to mind) are valuable gateways to this thing. They should not be attacked unless they attack, and even then they should probably be left alone.

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