Preserving Western Civilization For Everyone Else

Ordo Evangelistarum

In the aftermath of Charlottesville and Boston, members of the so-called “Alt-Lite” have redoubled their efforts to separate themselves from the actual Alt-Right. For example, Mike Cernovich has declared that Antifa are “the bad boys liberal women with schlubby boyfriends secretly desire [and their] numbers will grow due to this” while the “Alt-right are dorks in khakis begging police for protection. Human nature tells you who will win.” He has also said that Antifa “has a strong, aspirational brand” while the Alt-Right “is associated with trashy people.” He has also accused the Alt-Right of planning “car attacks” based on an image posted to Discord depicting buses trying to escape a zombie horde in 2004’s Dawn of the Dead. He willingly made the accusation despite the context being “backup plans” and “transportation” in the “worst case scenario.” Clearly, no one was planning a murder, but “Right now ANTIFA is hot.”

Steven Crowder, of cross-dressing fame, opined that “Antifa and White Nationalists are the SAME!” Of course, his argument was that 1) neither side believes in the Constitution because Antifa does not believe in the First Amendment while the Alt-Right does not believe all people were created equal, 2) both sides play identity politics, and 3) both support “big government.” He throws in a “bonus round” that both sides oppose Israel. Interestingly, he is able to detail specific examples against Antifa while his attacks on the Alt-Right are entirely wrong or misleading at best. For example, he says the Alt-Right does not support the Constitution because “racism” violates its principles, but the Founding Fathers themselves limited citizenship to whites in 17951798, and 1802, which they themselves never reversed. Benjamin Franklin also openly argued in favor of “excluding all Blacks and Tawneys” from America, and Thomas Jefferson said that should a slave be freed he should be “removed beyond the reach of mixture” lest there be a risk of him “staining the blood of his master.” It should also go without saying that far-right nationalists and literal communists are not the same thing just because neither is a libertarian.

Similarly, but perhaps in the most direct and forthright manner, Gavin McInnes stated, “Proud Boys are not Alt-Right,” and he forbade his followers from attending “Alt-Right events in ANY capacity.” He also made it clear that the Proud Boys are not a political organization but are rather “a men’s club that meets about once a month to drink beer” and “openly encourage[s] Jewish and non-white members.” McInnes describes the Alt-Right as thinking “Jews are responsible for America’s problems,” that Western Civilization is inseparable from white people, as having “an obsession with Hitler, saying socialism might work, seeing gays as degenerates and eschewing Christianity.” In contrast, “the last thing [the Proud Boys] want is for [black and Jewish conservatives] to feel uncomfortable when hanging out with their drinking buddies,” and all “white nationalists/anti-Semites are banned from Proud Boys.” One could point out that Jewish groups are disproportionately involved in trying to import Muslim refugees, supporting open borders, opposing restrictions on abortion, and promoting degeneracy, but that’d be antisemitic.

The beliefs of these two Canadian and one American heroes have been summed up by some as “New Nationalism,” or what McInnes calls “western chauvinism.” Amongst the ranks of the Alt-Right, however, it is rather known plainly as “civic nationalism,” or “magic dirt,” meaning that the culture belongs to anyone and everyone because they transform into George Washington as soon as their feet touch American soil. This is why Crowder claims that racism violates documents written by the original American white nationalists, otherwise known as the Founding Fathers, and it is why McInnes insists that defenders of Western Civilization can and should be a rainbow coalition of Europeans, Asians, Africans, Indios, and Jews. All of these peoples can all think Western Civilization is the best, and that means they should be free to be here, albeit McInnes is also for “closed borders.” The obvious problem with civic nationalism, even the “closed borders” variety, is that the principle underlying it—that all are the same and all are welcome, at least those already here—is inherently dangerous and self-defeating.

For example, look at the fact that only 8% of blacks, 28% of Hispanics, and 27% of Asians voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Overall, Clinton defeated Trump among non-whites, 74-21, which was actually quite a bit better than Mitt Romney in 2012. Trump also outperformed Romney among Muslims, but he still lost to Clinton, 74-13. When leftists who hate Western Civilization and everything that it stands for consistently win the support of 3 out of every 4 non-whites, one has to wonder why exactly these supposed “western chauvinists” want to keep falling down that rabbit hole. In July 2015, it was estimated that 50.2% of babies under the age of 1 in the United States were non-white, and this is a long-term problem as Hispanics have a birthrate 22% higher and blacks 8% higher than whites, respectively. In other words, the United States will grow darker and darker, and there will be less and less support for Republicans.

Let’s repeat that last point. As the demographics of the nation change, there will be less and less support for the things about which the “New Nationalists” claim to care. For example, in the debate of gun control versus gun rights, blacks favor the former, 73-25, as do Hispanics, 69-28. A majority of blacks and nearly half of all non-whites also support banning semiautomatic rifles. A majority of blacks also thinks they should receive cash payments as well as special education and job training programs as “reparations” while the vast majority of whites reject reparations in any form. More than two-thirds of blacks and Hispanics support “immigration reform,” and Hispanics overwhelmingly support a path to citizenship for illegals. Blacks and Hispanics also overwhelmingly support criminalizing “hate speech,” but 3-in-4 blacks supports black athletes protesting during the national anthem. Over the last century of presidential elections, Jews have disproportionately voted for the left-wing candidate in every, single election. A slight majority (51%) of Muslims in America believe they should be able to live according to Sharia law, and 1-in-4 believe “violence against Americans here in the United States can be justified as part of the global jihad.”

On issue after issue, a majority of non-whites are on the side of progressive socialists and communists, and a future “Brown America” would not resemble the United States as founded in the slightest as free speech was curtailed, the Second Amendment vanished, illegal immigrants were made citizens, whites were robbed by the government to pay reparations to the black majority, and, yes, all of our monuments to George WashingtonThomas JeffersonAndrew Jackson, and even Catholic saints would be a thing of the past. Why then do the “New Nationalists” embrace multiracialism as a core tenet of their beliefs? It seems impossible that they have never encountered any of this information, so they must know that they are turning a blind eye to the “browning of America” even though they must also know that demographic changes will ensure the destruction of everything they claim to hold dear. Is the delayed destruction and erasure of white peoples, their cultures, and Western Civilization as a whole really worth avoiding some possibly uncomfortable conversations with non-white drinking buddies? Do non-white Proud Boys really support the displacement and replacement of the people who created the civilization they claim to love?

Consider: if only white people voted, Democrats would never be able to win a national race again (as seen above). Now, Gavin McInnes has said that the Alt-Right does not “see a future for non-whites in America,” but let’s assume a future for those who actually love the United States as she was meant to be, not what they think she could be under a communist regime. For the sake of argument, let’s use the 2016 election as a baseline along with US Census data for 2016. If the United States returned to the Constitution as written and intended while allowing for loyal non-whites to remain, the US citizenry could be returned to 87% non-Hispanic white and 13% non-white, or roughly the white/non-white proportions of 1950. Would that really be some grand sin against the Constitution when the Founding Fathers wanted an entirely white citizenry? Would it be so horrible to never have to worry about some communist in a pantsuit destroying the nation, whether she be named Clinton, Warren, or Merkel? If the “Alt-Lite” truly does care about preserving the United States and Western Civilization as a whole, could they not achieve those aims with the Alt-Right rather than trying to convince the communist hordes to spare them, both now and in the future United Socialist States of America which the communists so desire?

Obviously, this is merely a thought experiment, but it raises valid questions as to why the Alt-Lite seems intent on committing ethnic, racial, cultural, and civilizational suicide when at least some of that shouldsound awful to them based on their own claimed ideology. Can they not reconcile “preserving white people” with “preserving non-white people”? If not, why not? Most in the Alt-Right do not seem to hate anyone, but they rather want European lands and territories to stay European, Asian lands and territories to stay Asian, and so on. If that means a predominantly white America that still includes some number of loyal, conservative non-whites, should that not be acceptable to the Alt-Lite and their non-white drinking buddies? If not, why not? Because, again, the alternative is that they claim to love Western Civilization and wish to preserve it yet will ensure it does not exist for their grandchildren.

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  • Great article!! I am so glad that I found this site! I live in southern CA and it has been taken over by mexicans and liberals. It is horrible. As Mexicans take over, their true colors are coming out. Mexicans are the most racist people I know. They are flat out rude to whites and blacks now in CA. Mexicans have also bankrupt and trashed our state. Parts of Los Angeles look like a third world hell hole.
    Did I mention that once Mexicans are in management, they do not hire whites and few blacks. It is maddening.

  • Ultimately it was obvious the left would start eating itself in the race to the bottom of the barrel. It is unfortunate that the same is now happening in the opposing camp. I don’t really like to play the left/right game because ultimately truth is truth. The truth is that Western civilisation was a white/Christian thing and although a little diversity could be carried it will clearly destroy The West and that’s a truth that some do not like to hear.

  • There’s video showing she wasn’t hit by the car. James did nothing wrong. This was a ploy to discredit the Alt-Right.

  • Now we can be certain that Cernovich is a shill. Looks like he’ll be going to jail if he can survive the purge.

  • The only thi g wrong with this article is that it fails to recognize that the biggest threat to european civilization is the monster called USSA.

  • I guess St Bernard never bothered to read the sermon on the mount where jesus ordered Christians to be pacifists.

  • An article titled “Statue-toppling becoming a global contagion” appeared in the American Thinker. The subject is the Statue of Captain Cook in Sidney’s Hyde Park and the demand to remove it. This is stemming from the destruction of Confederate monuments in America. My comment:

    “If Mr. Lifson wants to take monument destruction to a Global level, especially monuments of White people then this did not really begin with Confederate monuments and those in Australia have plenty of fuel to support their perspective.

    For the last 70 years every monument to the British Empire has been removed or destroyed. The long list of statues, monuments, including architectural gems have been rubished across the world that was once part of the British Empire. Similar acts have been done to the lands that once were part of the other European colonial Empires.

    Keep in mind the British Empire lasted around 90 to a 100 years (1857 to 1947 in the subcontinent) and it took just 70 years to erase her across the world.

    The act of wiping out history has been so profound that India never built a monument for her soldiers who died in World War 2. They fought and died for the British Empire and by that they do not deserve a national monument. They are considered nothing more than a “mercenary army” to the British. No greater shame for a soldier who died for his motherland.

    The “India Gate” in New Delhi is for the Indian soldiers who died in World War 1 and it was built by the British before they left India in 1947 [India Shattering the Illusion. Birth of New Nations” Columbus Falco]

    Which brings me to the rapid rise of White Nationalism. We are rising because of this contrived hate of everything European. It does not stop in the developing world of removing Western monuments, it includes the hypocrisy of the Anti Apartheid movement in South Africa all the way to the multicultural policies of Europe.”

  • @moderator I have met Kyle in person, who has the swastika in his avatar. WTF. I’ll be mentioning this to Richard.

  • LOL you think this is productive, cockbag? I’m alt-right and you’re deleting my comments. You want my donations? LMAO

  • Why should we tolerate any percentage of 3rd world parasites? Show them all the door. There is absolutely no reason we should let in 1% that doesn’t justify the entire 3rd world coming in.

  • This is the most damning indictment of the “Alt Lite” aka “civic nationalism” I’ve ever read. Great guest contribution. I would love to see McInnes have to answer these points in a debate format.

  • The alt-lite are the shittiest people in the universe, even more so than those antifa faggots. Only White landowning males of good character should ever be allowed to vote. They are the only real citizens.

  • As a Italian-Portuguese descendent from Brazil, I know exactly what that article means, because it has been happening here since the beginning of the 20th century, and it has been our doom.

  • If the Forward article looking down on the goyim and calling them “dregs of society” I linked below or the “goy, buy” Bannon (who is a committed Zionist) headline won’t turn even the most well-meaning American into a Nazi, then there’s no hope for this country.

    • “then there’s no hope for this country”
      >I don’t think things are gonna change until TSHTF when OPM runs out, and the n||ggers and other PoCs start riot/looting mode in earnest.
      That MIGHT wake ppl up.

  • Cernovich is such a brazenly unprincipled social media whore that I’m amazed anyone takes him seriously. Why else would he wear so many hats in a short period of time?

    Back in 2011-13, he was a PUA hocking beet juice, then he got involved with #Gamergate because he said he supported freedom of speech, even though he doesn’t care for video games and it wasn’t a free speech issue. Then he began styling himself as an expert on “mindset” and wrote a book that stole concepts from self-help authors. There was nothing original about the ideas in Gorilla Mindset.

    After the book came out, he said he was travelling to Vietnam to film a reality tv show, but it never aired and was never mentioned by Cernovich again. Then in 2016 he started promoting conspiracy theories about Ted Cruz and the Orlando Shooter, hoping that one of them would bear fruit out so he could become the new Matt Drudge.

    Why would he make all of these transitions in a few short years? Why didn’t he stick with PUA and beet juice, or “mindset”?

    Say what you want about McInnes and Crowder, but they are good entertainers, especially McInnes. McInnes is like Howard Stern or Anthony Cumia. Even if you don’t like that kind of stuff, it has its place and McInnes is funny in a tasteless sort of way.

    Cernovich OTOH is a sleazy fame whore with zero scruples and personality. He’s a lame public speaker. a boring writer and his message keeps changing. I get the sense that Cernovich would sell his mother down the river if it cranked up his social media following.

  • If you are a truly “based” non-white/mixed race in USA, you should have no problem having your political rights revoked. If you oppose this, then you are a fraud, and you aren’t interested in preserving western civ.

        • I know. See my comment below. It’s pathological and disgusting.

          What few realize is that Jews do not have it enshrined in their beliefs to treat others well, be humble, etc like most religions. Judaism is all about what’s good for Jews and following stupid, arcane religious laws.

          • Jewish sumpremacism is the only supremacism there is, and when they cry white supremacy they project their own on whites. They cannot even sugar coat it anymore.

      • Then so be it.

        Truth, CAN be against the jews. It can be against anyone.

        By the way.
        Truth, is worth more than your “precious”, sensibilities and racial ego.

        DEAL with it.

    • Haaaa, “forward”, is it?? friendly yidd.

      Have I got the perfect remedy, to your sleep walking thtough lfe, affliction.

      It’s called:
      Rude Awakenings

      Follow me for a bit here please my dear dear, yidd.

      If history is a yard stick to go by, for measuring the ability of the jewish clan to foresee, the future outcomes that follows their actions.

      I would say, you and your ilk, are in for a very, very bumpy ride !!

    • If Jews are so accomplished and well-off then why they vote preponderantly Democrats, “the party of the working man”? As one of them put it: “Jews earn like Episcopalians, and vote like Puerto Ricans.” – Milton Himmelfarb. (Sociologists call a situation like this “status incongruence”).



      They were/are also fomenting communism, socialism. They were/are up to their necks in Bolshevism. Are they capitalists or proletarians?… Remember Karl Marx’s (another great “proletarian”): “(((Proletarians))) of the world, unite!” Smoke and mirrors!

  • Hold a Unite the Right Rally…….

    FOX News sides with ANTIFA……….

    We are HITLER……

    Bomb some Distant Unknown Muslim Communities in the Far East…….

    Trillions of Dollars wasted for Neocon Strategy……..

    FOX News Goyim CHEER…….

    CNN wants My Blood to Pour………

    FOX News wants some Other Blood to Pour……..

    Our Mainstream Pop Culture is CENTERED on BLOOD……….

    We are a SICK Culture…………

    And We ALL KNOW IT…….


  • Fk FOX News…….

    But, we’ve always Transcended them Anyway……


    Such Disgusting Filth…….

    …..waiting to Cheer in Blood while Smart Bombs are Dropped on Muslims in SOMEWHERE…..

    ……..NOT Here…….

  • I can honestly say……

    I Fkin HATE FOX News……..

    Another Metamaphormic Shell blown into the Winds of the Past……

  • Cernovich’s “women go for antifa men” statement shows how much of a skunk he can be. This reminds me of another annoying statement he made last year. Reacting to the “Hail Trump” controversy following the inauguration, Cernovich absurdly predicted that people following Richard Spencer could end up in legal trouble. This goes hand-in-glove with the establishment’s current attempt to make being associated with the alt-right appear quasi-illegal. Our opponents, meaning the anti-white oligarchs and their accomplices in the government, are very keen to link our movement to violence, even though it is obviously their antifa stooges (and the police, in some cases) who are instigating the violence in general. The recent Charlottesville “car attack” fits their agenda perfectly, but in my opinion it was a staged hoax. I doubt that they will be able to create a legal case against any legitimate alt-right organization or individual. This is because the attack was fake, and a legal case would reveal that it was fake. They will still use the “car attack” for all it is worth, providing cover for their soft-totalitarian actions against the alt-right, e.g., in the form of platform denial.

    • If you are trim and and cocky being a fash gets you laid. The epithet of the word just means a white with wealth and priv anyway.

    • Never cared for Cernovich from the first time I saw him, but it was because he reminded me of someone I know that’s a total fuckhead. I know, I know, sounds stupid, but it was one of those gut feelings I couldn’t get past with Cernovich. I did watch some of his videos last summer because I was into all the election hype going on.

      And then… last November, after the election results were in and Spencer’s “Hail Trump” soundbite had CNN in a breaking news orgasm — someone pointed me to this video on Red Ice TV:

      Title: No, Paul Joseph Watson & Cernovich, The Alt-Right Is Not Dead
      Video URL:
      Published on Nov 29, 2016

    • While part of his “mansophere” ideological view of women, the intention was to pretend he wasn´t expressing his own lust toward the antifa scum.

      He is a bullshit-peddling snake-oilman and he is not the only one.

  • These cucks, libertarians, alt-lite and SJW types are the same. No matter how much realities bites them in the behind, they buckle down even harder with their political correctness.

  • The Alt-lite are moderates. This means that they refrain from ever taking any position and they think too much on how the other, or out-group, thinks of them. They are caring too much of the enemy in many cases, what he will think and how he will feel. This short of thinking should be allowed only as a way to read the enemy, anticipate his moves and plan a trap of him. He thinks as this, his feelings make him act like that so we orchestrate a trap with that and that as bait hoping for a so and so result. But moderates think as diplomats: how will we make him feel better and condescent. In nature they are nothing ‘xcept losers and internalised at that at the very best.

    For them the dirt of our lands, its soil is more important than its spirit, they see only the filthy flesh and completely overlook its divine soul. In their mind they see no difference from the one or the other and as such they mix them both together. So they think as a result that our soil, our resources, our cuisine and our buildings are more than enough to make the savages into civilised human beings. This is the epicenter of their mistake.

    They lack the will to live and as weaklings they also lack the will to power and as such they need to follow in the internal part. That is the reason why the alt-lite doesn’t ever really try to attack the enemies of its great West but its West is not the white man’s West, it is a rainbow fairytale in which the degenerate is hand in hand with the fanatic, as long as he is a muslim, and in which the out-sourcing capitalist works for the good of the country he outsources from.

    In truth they are too much of cowards to say to themselves the truth in order not to have to face a harsh reality. This ends up with them believing in slogans and in some abstractions but never in real ideas and principles and never into what and whom created and sustained these.

          • Yes. Beinart is a total neocon POS. Got his start writing for Marty Peretz’s Hasbara rag New Republic. His article reeks of desperation. Beinart knows the neocons are likely never going to hold sway like they did in the Dubya years. Dems will push for diversity hires at State and Defense and the Republican Party is now a White populist party.

  • I liked, subscribe to Gavin McInnes’ 4 day a week internet Johnny Carson type talk show. I enjoyed it very much and was a successful caller ~ 3 times “Jaye from Chicago”.

    Today was apparently the last show – it seems the pressure on the Alt Lite and the effort to either:

    Make the Alt Lite “DISAVOW” Trump, Trump Supporters, Racists, Alt Right – was too much.

    Gavin is after all – a comedian and wants to work someway in the show business which is still impossible if you are linked in anyway to anti Jewish people or movements.

    Even though Trump and Gavin and Tommy Robinson bend over backward to be pro Israel, pro Jewish and only oppose militant Islam, the still get called Fascists, Racists, Nazis and if they stand up for White Western/European people/culture in anyway they sort of are – we’re all NAZIs in someway.

    That’s life.

    There is almost nothing besides some White sports I can follow on TV or the internet – no entertainment, news etc.

    This is depressing.

  • They have non white kids, Correct?. Gavin also claims socialism doesn’t work, when he has birth citizenship to one that is centre left. Socialism is ruining Canada the same way it is the US, the demographics. Period.

  • Mike seems to think it is Opposite Day. I find it difficult to believe that any female is swooning over the filthy degenerate creatures that inhabit the antifa movement.

  • the last time i made a breitbart cuck aware of these facts he told me that Sessions will save us all by deporting some illegals denying the fact that each year, only by legal migration, one million new non-whites enter the US. What a retard! I hate these cucks!

  • This does highlight the deceptive argument Conservative Loser tries to make about Spencer being a secret homosexual. McInnes shoved a Dildo up his rectum, Milo is a fag, Cernovich is a lisper, PJ Watson is queer…that’s the Alt-Lite. In the GOP you are ruled by McCain&Rubio&Graham all three are clearly queers. Talk about ruining young men to rape later.

  • Reminds me of McFeels from FashTheNation who predicted before the election that Milo in 2017 would be largely irrelevant. All these people are heading in the same direction and they’re just trying to save their brand as they’re peaking. McInnes is probably the only intellectually one worth talking about even if he says some faggy things (literally) and sticks dildos up his butt. At least he doesn’t shy away from talking with people that are “far-right” like others and do so in an intellectual honest way.

    Cernovich isn’t even worth mentioning. The guy is the biggest fraud I’ve seen. Looks like a man, talks like a man, mentally is a man-child. The guy literally has no political values whatsoever and just like Milo d–k rided the momentum of GamerGate to create a ‘brand’. The irony that he associates the Alt-Right with running to the cops when he’s been on Periscope countless times screaming like a child to the authorities while talking about how manly he is for not engaging in their violence against his person. Typical jewish behavioral traits of projecting your failures and insecurities onto others.

    • Cernobitch is good for a laugh, at least Milo never had this whole pretence of being alpha like Cernobitch and other snake oilmen has.

      “the bad boys liberal women with schlubby boyfriends secretly desire”

      Not projecting at all!

  • The Alt-Right has complete claim to every man of substance in American history from George Washington to Charles Lindbergh. We need to flex that claim, highlight the Wrongthink those men believed, and establish ourselves as the singular defenders of Western Civilization.

  • Could the fact that McInnes works for the (((Ezra Levant))) and Steven Crowder works for (((notgayJared))) have something to do with it?

  • McInnes was an advertising PR guy right? At around the time he founded VICE? What a dildo he is.

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