People Will Never Get Red-Pilled By Reality

The last two days haven’t been fun. I finally decided to ditch what was left of my baggy American wardrobe for something more Yuropeen and gay and fashionable.

But my first trip to the big mall in the center of St. Petersburg was cut short by a bomb threat. The mall was evacuated and I couldn’t buy my skinny jeans. (Maybe I owe the Moslems a thank you in retrospect?)

Of course, I knew that something was up even before people started running for the exits. There was an announcement on the PA that made no sense. “Attention staff: mandatory time check. Please check the time.”

My first thoughts:

Why would you need a “time check?”

My spine stiffened. This was clearly code. I noticed that the guards were on the walkies and on the patrol. But the girl I was with wouldn’t hear out my speculations. Only when a guard ran into the H&M telling everyone to drop their stuff and get out did she finally shrug and let me hustle her out of the Chinese bazaar.

Outside were cop cars and ambulances, the area was cordoned off and a massive stream of shoppers was trampling out of the mall onto the street from all the exits.

I had a big fight with her afterward. I told her that she had her head up her ass and that at the very least she should listen to someone who didn’t. She took in on the chin and apologized. On the news, we found out that there was no bomb found, but that someone (probably a blond-haired, blue-eyed Nazi right?) had called in the threat. She relaxed and told me, “see, it was nothing!” And the next day, she wanted to go again.

Sure enough, despite my reservations, we went. There were a lot of Moslems there again like the day before… what can I say, St. Petersburg has really gone downhill in the last 6 months like someone opened the floodgates for no damn reason. And as luck would have it, the same cryptic PA announcement came on again. We were at the food court and I dropped my junk food, told her to get up and that it was time to leave.

Did she listen? No, of course not. She protested and decided to ask the staff at the local crepe kiosk what the deal was.

She came back pleased with herself. “They told me it was just a procedure, nothing to worry about.”

“They’re lying,” I told her. And sure enough, just as she sat down, the kiosk’s metal barrier started to slide down and the employees started to scramble away.

The look on her face was priceless.

I grabbed her and started to haul her out. The whole time, she was pouting. The few clever shoppers who knew what was up were already streaming to the exits. Shops were closing quickly left and right. Only the dum-dums kept shopping and chatting. We made it out much faster this time, right outside were police with modified Kalashnikovs surrounding the exits.

We walked away from the mall and only after we were across the street did I relax. She was quiet this time, but I was angry at her.

After what happened yesterday and having the exact same thing happen for a second time, she still couldn’t connect the dots in her head.

Yeah, she’s a chick and chicks can’t into logic. But c’mon, where was the basic self-preservation instinct? Yesterday I finally understood why men like Dr. William Luther Pierce coined the term, “lemmings”. The herd instinct is so strong among people that until the crowd starts running for the exits, the eternal normie will sit idly by, complacent and calm like a Hindu cow, munching on junk food and thinking that “mandatory time checks” are a thing.

They cannot recognize patterns, and they cannot draw inferences from these patterns on their own. Once again, I found real world evidence that contradicts the “red-pilled by reality” theory. Let me be clear here: people cannot get “red-pilled by reality”. Bad things can happen to them and only afterwards, if someone comes along and provides an explanation for what happened do they have a chance of getting red-pilled. If no one does, then the normie simply has added another disjointed, unconnected experience to his short-term memory that he will almost certainly forget before 24 hours are up.

People nowadays have opportunities to get “red-pilled by reality” every. single. day. But they don’t. And they never will. We simply cannot assume that modern day people have a functioning basic self-preservation instinct anymore. That’s the reality of it. Our assignment is to replace their entire memeplex, their entire system of understanding, the moral and decision-making matrix that they have on, working in the background, guiding their decisions.

People need to be actively taught that Orcs exist and that the Rangers on the border are no longer there. The days of living in a peaceful Shire are long gone if you live in a major metropolis. Time to harden the fuck up.

And the Alt-Right cannot take a passive position with people, assuming that they will simply logically react to the new dangers of Cult-Marx world and flock to their saviors on the Right. That’s just not how things work. We can’t sit back and put our feet up. We have to be active, we have to be the shiv of truth that slides in when a moment of self-doubt appears like a chink in the armor.

The Shire-folk will not take up arms just like that.

They will prefer to stick their heads in the sand, to appease and negotiate, to fall back and eventually to beg for mercy. Like it or not, we are the Rangers now. It seems that we are the only ones willing to protect the Shire-folk. Not the State, not the Army, not the Police. It falls to us, in whatever capacity we can until the Age of the Occupied Governments ends.

And just like the Shire-folk from LOTR, the normies will hate us for it.

They will pout, they will do anything to continue being “respectable” and carefree. But ignorance will not save them. Only grim men keeping a tireless watch will. See, Liberalism and Cultural Marxism is like AIDs in that it destroys the immune system of a society. It’s not the AIDs that kills you, it’s the other diseases that AIDs lets in. All White societies now actively work to destroy the self-defense instinct of their people.

Our job on the Alt-Right is to work overtime to re-introduce that survival instinct, reach those that we can, and to prepare for what is coming.

Vincent Law
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