People Will Never Get Red-Pilled By Reality

The last two days haven’t been fun. I finally decided to ditch what was left of my baggy American wardrobe for something more Yuropeen and gay and fashionable.

But my first trip to the big mall in the center of St. Petersburg was cut short by a bomb threat. The mall was evacuated and I couldn’t buy my skinny jeans. (Maybe I owe the Moslems a thank you in retrospect?)

Of course, I knew that something was up even before people started running for the exits. There was an announcement on the PA that made no sense. “Attention staff: mandatory time check. Please check the time.”

My first thoughts:

Why would you need a “time check?”

My spine stiffened. This was clearly code. I noticed that the guards were on the walkies and on the patrol. But the girl I was with wouldn’t hear out my speculations. Only when a guard ran into the H&M telling everyone to drop their stuff and get out did she finally shrug and let me hustle her out of the Chinese bazaar.

Outside were cop cars and ambulances, the area was cordoned off and a massive stream of shoppers was trampling out of the mall onto the street from all the exits.

I had a big fight with her afterward. I told her that she had her head up her ass and that at the very least she should listen to someone who didn’t. She took in on the chin and apologized. On the news, we found out that there was no bomb found, but that someone (probably a blond-haired, blue-eyed Nazi right?) had called in the threat. She relaxed and told me, “see, it was nothing!” And the next day, she wanted to go again.

Sure enough, despite my reservations, we went. There were a lot of Moslems there again like the day before… what can I say, St. Petersburg has really gone downhill in the last 6 months like someone opened the floodgates for no damn reason. And as luck would have it, the same cryptic PA announcement came on again. We were at the food court and I dropped my junk food, told her to get up and that it was time to leave.

Did she listen? No, of course not. She protested and decided to ask the staff at the local crepe kiosk what the deal was.

She came back pleased with herself. “They told me it was just a procedure, nothing to worry about.”

“They’re lying,” I told her. And sure enough, just as she sat down, the kiosk’s metal barrier started to slide down and the employees started to scramble away.

The look on her face was priceless.

I grabbed her and started to haul her out. The whole time, she was pouting. The few clever shoppers who knew what was up were already streaming to the exits. Shops were closing quickly left and right. Only the dum-dums kept shopping and chatting. We made it out much faster this time, right outside were police with modified Kalashnikovs surrounding the exits.

We walked away from the mall and only after we were across the street did I relax. She was quiet this time, but I was angry at her.

After what happened yesterday and having the exact same thing happen for a second time, she still couldn’t connect the dots in her head.

Yeah, she’s a chick and chicks can’t into logic. But c’mon, where was the basic self-preservation instinct? Yesterday I finally understood why men like Dr. William Luther Pierce coined the term, “lemmings”. The herd instinct is so strong among people that until the crowd starts running for the exits, the eternal normie will sit idly by, complacent and calm like a Hindu cow, munching on junk food and thinking that “mandatory time checks” are a thing.

They cannot recognize patterns, and they cannot draw inferences from these patterns on their own. Once again, I found real world evidence that contradicts the “red-pilled by reality” theory. Let me be clear here: people cannot get “red-pilled by reality”. Bad things can happen to them and only afterwards, if someone comes along and provides an explanation for what happened do they have a chance of getting red-pilled. If no one does, then the normie simply has added another disjointed, unconnected experience to his short-term memory that he will almost certainly forget before 24 hours are up.

People nowadays have opportunities to get “red-pilled by reality” every. single. day. But they don’t. And they never will. We simply cannot assume that modern day people have a functioning basic self-preservation instinct anymore. That’s the reality of it. Our assignment is to replace their entire memeplex, their entire system of understanding, the moral and decision-making matrix that they have on, working in the background, guiding their decisions.

People need to be actively taught that Orcs exist and that the Rangers on the border are no longer there. The days of living in a peaceful Shire are long gone if you live in a major metropolis. Time to harden the fuck up.

And the Alt-Right cannot take a passive position with people, assuming that they will simply logically react to the new dangers of Cult-Marx world and flock to their saviors on the Right. That’s just not how things work. We can’t sit back and put our feet up. We have to be active, we have to be the shiv of truth that slides in when a moment of self-doubt appears like a chink in the armor.

The Shire-folk will not take up arms just like that.

They will prefer to stick their heads in the sand, to appease and negotiate, to fall back and eventually to beg for mercy. Like it or not, we are the Rangers now. It seems that we are the only ones willing to protect the Shire-folk. Not the State, not the Army, not the Police. It falls to us, in whatever capacity we can until the Age of the Occupied Governments ends.

And just like the Shire-folk from LOTR, the normies will hate us for it.

They will pout, they will do anything to continue being “respectable” and carefree. But ignorance will not save them. Only grim men keeping a tireless watch will. See, Liberalism and Cultural Marxism is like AIDs in that it destroys the immune system of a society. It’s not the AIDs that kills you, it’s the other diseases that AIDs lets in. All White societies now actively work to destroy the self-defense instinct of their people.

Our job on the Alt-Right is to work overtime to re-introduce that survival instinct, reach those that we can, and to prepare for what is coming.

Vincent Law
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  • The saying in Bree is ‘he can see through a brick wall in time’ – meaning it takes the Hobbits awhile to get it, but in time they get it.

    The work of J.R.R. Tolkien is complete in terms of everything the Europeans need to know. The linguistic code is both clever and historically precise.

    For example, the Orcs. From the O.E. – orc, monstrous (hostile to humane fellowship and joy). And it is cognate with Orkhon – eg the script of the ancient Gokturkic peoples of the land of Magog whose empire and Khaganate stretched from the Causcasus to the Orkhon River in Mongolia which their Orkhon script marks the Eastern terminus of their empire.

    Of the Orcs – Tolkien writes “a ruined an terrible form of life, taken by the Dark Powers in the First Age of the world and turned into monstrosities. Of course they follow Sauron.

  • This sort of myopia on the part of women, is the main reason why I forced my wife during our preparation for the marriage of hours, over 30 years ago, to agree to the quote and obey” clause in the marriage of hours. I’ve only had to invoke it to her three times, but in each instance, my inner sense went off, and we got out of a dangerous situation where as she would be content to just be there until

  • This mindset is directly related to being raised by boomers. Anything unpleasant just gets pushed out of sight and will not be confronted unless it directly impacts the individual.

  • LoL fake bomb threats are quite common in Eastern Europe. I went through one of these evacuations back when I was in high school. Everybody already knows what to expect and everybody already knows that kebab terrorists don’t call in to issue threats before blowing you up. It was either a prankster or an exercise.

    Probably his Russian friends gave Vincent here a good laugh and now he’s tending to his wounded pride with pathetic prose online at an adolescent level. Honestly, did the quality of writing sunk so low within the Alt-right!? This piece reminded me of what edgy troglodytes used to submit to back in the day.

  • people get *slowly* red-pilled by reality every day – it’s slowed down even more by the herd effect – if/when a tipping point is reached and the herd effect starts going the other way things will move really fast.

  • Er… a weird article. If Vincent Law is in Russia, surely he has learnt something about Russian culture. The girl will be with you as long as you buy her clothes. She’ll take you for everything she can get out of you – this is why she was reluctant to stop clothes shopping (on Vincent’s credit card).

  • Cognitive dissonance related to cognitive ease and governed ultimately by the hemispherical nature of the mind, lead me to believe that the red pills are coming, and if they are not guided, nobody is going to be happy with the results.

    The pendulum is swinging. It never stops.

  • Most people are nothing more than human cattle. The state exists because most people are weak, helpless, pathetic, and without any fight in them.

  • “The Mongols are at the gates, sir! They demand we surrender by sunset or they’ll wipe out every last one of us. What should we do?”

    “What, how can this be? Do they not understand the non-aggression principle? We need to sit down with them and debate this issue rationally. I am skeptical that their position is more nuanced than ours. Send out an envoy to them to ask for a parley.”

    “We already sent out three different envoys today and all were immediately beheaded. We no longer have any available.”

    “That is not a logical response. It’s obvious they fear our superior arguments and thus do not want to engage with us in the war of ideas. We hold the moral high-ground here, we need not worry.”

    “Very good, sir! Also, I need to add, there is a band of our men arming themselves and preparing to defend the gate. They claim we can’t reason with enemies, and that we must aggressively fight or be defeated.”

    “Damnation. A band you say? That sounds like a collectivist solution – they are simply mirroring what the Mongols do. When will they finally learn we are all individuals? They are going to ruin everything and will just give the Mongols a reason to continue fighting. Let’s try to undermine these men, then things should be okay.”

    • For some reason, the word libertarian, in bubble letters, was dancing in my head the entire time I read your post.

    • Libertarian communities are like Amish villages or hippy communes. They can only exist in a wider society that protects them.

      Seriously, how long would a hippy commune last in the Middle East?

  • Wait…this happened in Russia? I knew there were muslims in Russia, but I didnt’ know they caused problems like they did in Western Europe.

  • Congratulations, this is conspiracy theory 101. As conspiracy theorists all of us understand this instinctively and it is the main premise in our worldview.

    You think you understand this, but you do not. Trust me, you have no idea how far reaching the implications of this realization truly is.

    You think race and a few certain other areas are the only areas of thought where the masses are painfully wrong about things? No, they are wrong about virtually everything. Spiritually, scientifically, historically.. And academics and scientists are not at all immune to this — well, you already know this, just ask them about race.

    And this is very important to understand. Think about it, deeply.

  • I love white women. A gorgeous white woman is the most beautiful thing on earth, period, end of story. Sadly, women are like overgrown children: you need to establish rules for them, educate them, punish them if need it and also give them rewards if they deserve it.

    Most white women (with some few honorable exceptions) today are simply spoiled children running rampant with no rules, no education and basically doing whatever the fuck they want. In this sense, most white women today are at best a nuisances and a pain in the ass, and at worst worthless sluts.

    One of the greatest triumphs of the (((enemy))) was 1) to create an environment where this overgrown children can do whatever the fuck they want and 2) spoil their minds teaching them that they can do whatever the fuck they want.

    We, as Men of the Right, must establish rules for our women, educate them, punish them if they do wrong, and reward them if they deserve it.

    • Ugh! A woman’s worst nightmare is to become intimate with a man who behaves towards her like an abusive father. You don’t love women. If you did, you wouldn’t turn yourself into everything they fear and despise.

  • Great article as always, you’re metaphors are always spot on.


    Have to comment on an american TV-advertisment I came across that made me seriously gasp for air when laughing. It’s an advertisment for Nugenix aka “Eugenics testosterone booster”. A pair of middle aged women spontaneously run into a familiar kaffer at a cafe. The kaffer named “Frank Thomas” (apparantly some US sport big-shot) is being asked by the women if eugenics really works? The kaffer responds “Oh yeah, my workouts are better and I feel ALOT more energetic.” Upon the kaffer further explains, its so easy to get started!

  • I got red pilled around 30 years ago. My country was pretty much isolated back then and I had never seen a negro before. Went on a cruise ship for a vacation and one of the people at our table was this black guy. My camera had something wrong with it and he said he worked for Kodak so stupid me, I handed over the camera so he could have a look at it. He disassembled it, shook his head and said, dunno what’s wrong with this and left it like that. From one good camera with a minor malfunction to a bunch of spare parts thanks to this monkey. That was my first contact with negros, it went downhill from there.

  • I can only speak for myself, but personally I did get red-pilled by reality. I was living in a majority black and recent immigrant neighborhood (where I could afford rent), was working in a female dominated workplace and the rapefugee crisis in Europe was just starting. Eventually the realization that things weren’t always this shitty just kind of clicked. I think most people have their racial awakening this way and then find the Alt-Right, not the other way around.

    I agree that most people will take the path of least resistance though, and the red pill doesn’t offer that. We’d probably all be a lot happier if we could ignore these things like the normies, but we can’t.

    • Riots in London 2012 switched me from being generally socialist in outlook to the epiphany that a mob of blacks were not really going to bring on the revolution. Instead they will bury every decent thing about civilization.

      • I never understood marxism. The whole idea seemed evil to me from a young age. How can uncivilized savages and barbarians be the equals of the men who built Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, and Madrid? How can we say that people who never even smelted metal are equal to men who flew to the moon? Only an idiot could believe in such stupidity.

        • I tended to see it as a way to get factory workers safe conditions, reasonable pay and the possibility of training to step up into professions and management. When I realized around 2014 that’s all the National Socialists were up to I felt that I’d been lied to my entire life. Marx thought blacks were savages. He did have some valid observations about how capital and labor are in conflict. He just failed to mention that his cousin Rothschild was the apex capitalist. An entire book about capital and the word Jew doesn’t show up once eh?

          • I guess that makes sense, but personally I see all of those things as being common sense things an employer should have in place for his workers. People who are healthy, well paid, and happy tend to work better and be more loyal to the company. It’s common sense really and Marxism is the exact opposite.

          • The conditions in the factory in the 19th century were very dangerous.

          • Yes, because unfortunately most people who become wealthy enough to open factories and have that kind of influence in business are Jewified mammonists.

          • Yep, but what can you expect from a cousin of the Rothschilds and son of a Talmudic Rabbi?

  • Vincent: This kind of behavior should NOT be tolerated towards women in the Alt-Right. You’re acting just like a Muslim boyfriend/husband and that will not stand. “Yeah, she’s a chick and chicks can’t into logic.” (which is not a full sentence, btw)- I use logic plenty, as I am a part of this movement and have degrees in philosophy, language, and counseling, so why don’t you grow up a bit?! Yes, the sexes are unequal, but that does NOT mean women are lesser. Also, this article is very poorly written. Just sayin’

    • Generally speaking women are not as logical as men are and tend to be more emotional, so he was right if we are speaking about generalities, and while there will always be the exception to the rule, like the odd woman who can succeed in a tech industry or do certain manual labor jobs that are usually only done by men, that that is exactly what they are – the exception to the rule and not the norm.

      As for how he treated her, perhaps his language was a bit harsh and demeaning but he had the right of the matter and as a woman she should have respected his role as the man and left when he said it was time to go, especially if he sensed that it might be dangerous. She essentially put their lives at risk so she could continue shopping.

      I agree about the spelling and syntax, though lol

      • Maybe she would have been more receptive to his “logical” suggestions if he hadn’t used abusive language. ?? I would listen to my man 100% if he were respectful to me. I don’t think there’s any room for disrespect. And I actually know LOTS of women who are not emotional first. Me being one of them.

        • Shopping areas are extremely dangerous these days. Also dangerous to the wallet. Which is her mercenary motive for dragging him there.

          • I assume you mean you carry a pistol. In this case idk how that stops a bomb being set or a truck from plowing into a crowd. I suppose it might give you a chance to return fire from another gunman or if you have enough time enable you to deter a knife wielding maniac. But as it stands the problem is gonna be bombs and trucks.

          • Yep. So many people are still expecting a stand-up fight. That won’t happen until the very end when the “opposition” has all their ducks in a row, and they can’t lose. If I had heard what this guy heard and saw what he saw, I don’t think I’d ever darken the door of that mall again after the first time.

          • This is one of the reasons I’m glad I’m not in a relationship at the moment. I spend my own money without having a man whinging because I’m spending his money. I offered to pay for meals and gas once when I was dating; I felt sorry he was paying for everything. He became very angry. So which is it you want, guys?

          • A real man isn’t going to complain if there’s respect in the relationship and women aren’t buying unnecessary things. It should be a partnership of equals with unequal skills and abilities. We’re complementary; it doesn’t mean we have to take disrespectful, abusive speech from some beta.

          • You are destined to have your brains eaten by your pussy after you die of toxoplasmosis.

          • A “partnership of equals” among unequal partners? How does that work? Unless some partners are more equal than others…

          • Well, in all honesty it is humiliating and emasculating for a woman to pay for a man. It is his job and it makes him look weak and effete if he isn’t doing it.

          • I realize I didn’t write exactly what I meant to: I offered to pay for part of the costs of dating. Still, your point is what I gathered from the whole thing.

          • Ah okay, well I am Spanish so maybe there are cultural differences but where I come from if you don’t pay for a woman and all that sort of stuff then you aren’t a man and if a woman is paying for you….well…lol

          • Men are fine with equity, so long as they never have to acknowledge it as such. Next time, try this: give him the money before you leave home and keep your mouth shut when he pays the bill with your money. FYI, I didn’t come up with that. Katha Pollitt did. Second FYI, Ms. Pollitt is Jewish. Don’t feel bad about taking advice from a Jew, though. Just dismiss it, the way Richard Spencer does when he’s enjoying his yummy Asian eats. Best of luck to you!

          • I think you should look at it like this; Men like to provide for their women and therefore pay for them but don’t like it when women take advantage of this.

          • When does it become “taking advantage”? I don’t want him to give me anything of value….no jewelry, no clothes, no trips, no expensive meals. At some future point he’ll reflect back on those things and, he’ll think I’ve been using him. That’s broadcast loudly and clearly in most of the manosphere right now.

          • Do stuff in return, make your guy feel appreciated. Back in the day men provided and payed for their girlfriends/wives and in return they got children, a warm home and sex. nowadays most men still provide yet they come home to a bitching girlfriend/wife that usually give them a bunch of chores right away and in worse cases they get everything taken from them in a divorce because their wife just wasn’t feeling ‘happy’ anymore. Not trying to offend you but in most cases this is the sad reality.

          • It feels much like a business transaction to me, but that’s probably my naiveté talking.

          • I get what you are saying but I think you are looking at it wrong. like I already said, if you find the right guy he will naturally want to provide for you but it’s up to you to keep appreciating that and making it clear to him that you do instead of taking it for granted which is something that very easily happens.

          • You remind me of what me two married female friends have insisted to me: Either he’ll take you for granted, or you’ll take him for granted. One or the other. I argued with them, but I my heart I wonder if I’m a hopeless naïf. Thanks for your reply.

          • Yes, but the manosphere is made up mostly of cowards and weaklings. You can’t get a good gauge from them. They are like the 3rd wave feminism for men.

            As far as gifts go, you shouldn’t be ashamed to expect a man to buy gifts for you, it shows that he has wealth and status and has the finances to provide for you.

          • I hope you’re right. Frankly, reading some of those blogs makes me leery of ever dating again. I intend to try, however. I need to lose some weight and invest in my appearance a little before all that. My financial status is also not good atm. I don’t care to fasten my problems around the neck of some kindhearted man.

          • Trust me when I say this, 90% of the guys in that movement are the types who have never had serious relationships and may even be virgins. The types you saw sitting alone at lunch in high school and couldn’t figure out why nobody liked them and so they blamed everyone else. The remaining 10% are almost certainly Jews pushing it to divide white men and women and turn them against each other.

            As far as dating goes, you should look at your local church (preferably Catholic or Orthodox, Protestants tend to be cucks). I can’t guarantee you will find anyone pro-white but you will definitely have a better chance at finding someone sane and moral. You shouldn’t worry too much about your finances, though, that is the man’s job. If he isn’t man enough to pay when he takes you out and make sure to pick you up and all the rest of it then he isn’t worth having. I can understand about your appearance though, seeing how most people are these days.

          • First off, 99% of your sexual value is in your flesh. That you have allowed yourself to get flabby at all is troubling. Don’t put yourself back on the market until diet and exercise have increased your value to its highest possible point. If you want to know if you’re ready, feel free to send me nude selfies once you’ve tightened it up.

            As a woman, you ARE a problem hanging around some man’s neck. If not financial, then physical or emotional. This is the way of the world and any worthwhile man accepts that his wife will be a worthwhile burden.

            Traditionalist men are almost extinct at this point. You can try to find one, but most likely he’ll be a religious nut, a closet homosexual or the most boring man imaginable. Men haven’t changed and our instincts are solid, but we are confused. Society has changed so much that traditional dating feels like LARPing, so don’t bother. At least for the first few dates, go hiking or hang out at the park and bring a lunch. Meet up at a show or movie, get there early and buy your own ticket and snacks. Try to avoid getting into situations where tradition and the current year are in great conflict.

            Lastly, the secret to happiness, as a woman, is submission. The only way to know what a man really wants from you is to let him do whatever he wants to you*. Then, if/when you find a man who does what you want, don’t interfere.

            *obviously not in a purely physical sense. Insist he make decisions with as little input from you as possible, then judge him based on those decisions.

        • I agree, perhaps his language was a bit strong and maybe if he had been more respectful he might have been listened to, but who knows? The fact of the matter is he was right, the situation was dangerous, and frankly it seems that she was being difficult and not respecting him when he said it was time to go and after a certain point a man must be more assertive.

          As for your claims about knowing ‘lots of women who are not emotional first’, that is anecdotal and doesn’t really mean much if we are talking about generalities. I have yet to meet a woman who wouldn’t break down if put under enough stress or act irrationally in a manner that a man wouldn’t in a similar situation.

          • I’ve heard of this…never done it myself. I’m constantly astounded at the things I don’t know.

          • You don’t even know you are doing it.

            “What can I get from this guy?”

          • Frankly, the struggle between the sexes is so intense right now, I’m afraid to accept anything significant from a man lest he begin to believe I’m taking advantage of him.

          • If women can only write one literary classic, kind of proves my point.

            Women like to talk a lot. They write in the same fashion. Most female writers can’t get to the point quickly like a Hemingway can.

          • The Bronte novels are very race realist. Heathcliffe is clearly a halfcast nog. Austin is a good writer too. They do okay with literature.

          • “Jane Eyre” is good. “Sense and Sensibility” is good. “Atlas Shrugged”….well, I enjoyed the first part more than the rest of the book.

          • Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, The Age of Innocence, etc. etc. Do you need a reading list, Yehudah?

          • See my below comment. And many of those novels are about women finding men or going after men.

        • I think it’s best not to challenge on the English Lit front. Women acquit well in the Novel and Story. Anything that’s systematic is another case.

          • No they don’t. Most female writers overwrite their books with flowery prose and long passages.

          • The problem is the distribution of intelligence. The average IQ of women and men is pretty much equal, the distribution however, is not. At IQ levels of 140 and over men outnumber women by as much as 8 to 1. And the same is true of very low IQ.. so there’s a lot more dumb men out there than women. Women are more balanced. So, this is why men generally dominate certain intellectual fields. It’s mostly not misogyny.

            Also, wouldn’t you agree that men are more logically oriented than women? But that women have higher emotional intelligence? I can’t believe that we actually have to be on the defensive arguing about this and that for some it is considered controversial. Frankly, it’s just common sense.

          • That was exactly what I was saying earlier. It isn’t misogyny, it is genetics, and yes I agree, this is all common sense. I don’t know why this is even being debated in our movement.

          • What I’d say is that there are no female visual artists of any greatness genius. Which is a real acid test.

          • Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett….the haven’t been any other good ones in the last thirty years that I know of.

          • Women comediennes were funny when they had to act like women on TV and in the movies.

          • Current comediennes seem to have two go to topics: muh vagina and I hate men. Worse than your statement: they act out all the worst stereotypes of women.

          • And when they get called out on their behavior, they scream “misogynist bully.” Look what happened to Milo last year, banned from Twitter for life for mocking the unfunny Leslie Jones.

          • The two most prominent 20th century female philosophers, Arendt and Rand, were both Jewish.

      • How could they philosophize if they were having babies and raising a family? It’s not like they were able to pursue PhDs and sit around discussing the nature of life with fellow men and women. It’s not a matter of intellect. LOL. I believe in traditional gender roles. BUt to discredit women’s intelligence is ridiculous. Women were at home throughout history perpetuating the race for our survival. Of course they didn’t have time to come up with great theories or inventions! Although some did.

        • Women have a different intellect than men. They aren’t dumb. Women have the greater and more important job of raising children.

          • Yes, and women tend to be more in the ‘middle range’ of an ethnic group’s IQ while men are far more prevalent on the extremes. There are a lot more genius men out there but there are also a hell of a lot more utter and complete morons lmao

          • Hate women? Who said anything about hating women? I am talking about scientific facts shown in studies. Women tend to be in the middle range of IQs while men are either extreme morons or geniuses lol. That is why there are a lot more men who are legally considered as ‘mentally retarded’ and a lot more men in tech and science and things like that. Me saying this is not about hating women, it’s about understanding our roles, our strengths, our weaknesses, etc. and working within them to create a harmonious society.

          • Only one woman has ever won a Fields Medal for Mathematics. Men and women are different, their brains function differently. I would not expect a man to teach Kindergarten as effectively as a woman, it’s why most Kindergarten teachers are women. Both jobs are important. We never get the male Fields Medalist Mathematician without the female Kindergarten teacher who helped socialize and teach him.

          • Exactly. Recognizing these facts doesn’t mean you hate women. Women have strengths and talents that exceed those of men in the same area and vice versa. We should respect these things and work towards building a modern, wholesome, and harmonious Aryan society with these things in mind.

          • Cool. Anything else you want to add to this discussion or are you just going to troll?

          • While women might excel at some scientific or artistic discipline it often comes at the expense of biological barrenness. So yeah a life devoted to letters, numbers etc along well and good but having some bright children would be of more utility. You’d have end reproduction to “liberate” women in the manner you desire.

          • It’s not “hate” per se. It’s reaction to an action. They’re simply tired of being blamed everywhere, all the time, for everything wrong with the world when they’ve contributed so much to the world that is good.

          • I love women, well mainly just mine: wife, daughter, mom, etc. but let’s think logically for a second. What are the three main things accomplished by women’s right to vote:
            1. Prohibition
            2. Civil rights
            3. Multi-culti

            Three complete disasters that would have never occurred with the female vote. By typical women logic (not women I care about) my daughter will be better off living with third world demographics because she gets the right to vote! Yay!

          • “I had no idea how many AR guys hated women. This is news to me. Wow.”

            Wow just wow! I can’t even! Much hate!

            Wonder why we’re not taking you seriously? And where are you going to go? What are you going to do? How about you go to an Ariana Grande concert? I heard it’s a blast. What about a music festival in Sweden? Ya feel me?

            You pathological moral policing of the only White men who give a shit won’t save you.

          • At least 50% of the women on this planet are dumb as rocks and couldn’t boil an egg or keep a child alive without male oversight.

        • There has been research that seems to point to women being more ‘average’ in their range of intelligence while men can tip more towards the extreme ends of the bell curve. There are some smart women out there, though, there is no way to deny that.

        • Well in all honesty I have to agree with LiesIMmm on this one, we can’t encourage women to become mom’s again while at the same time make fun of them for not being great mathematicians or philosophers. That’s simply not fair.

          • Iran just a fact though. Go ahead be a math whiz, see if you do any ground breaking research.

        • Sweetie, you’re on the wrong website. You’re a feminist with envy of males. That always translates into open hate in the end. Lots of man-hating sites out there for you to visit. Run along now.

    • The point isn’t that women are inferior. It’s that they have different strengths and weaknessess. Logic is one of their weaknesses. Nurturing is one of their strengths. Traditional gender roles weren’t chosen arbitratily. They made a lot of sense.

    • Here’s you a few days ago on egalitarianism:

      “Christianity is what caused the rampant egalitarianism in the first place. All the Leftists say is “We’re all God’s children.” – In our new society, we can tolerate cultural Christianity but any egalitarianism between the races will not be allowed.”

      It’s the same situation as men versus women to some degree, one race’s IQ vs another, test scores or literacy rate, or number of new patents registered per year, or number of books authored, any measure like that is going to show that Africans are low-achieving. So then the SJWs turn that around, call it a hate fact and us racists for bringing it up, and then go and on about how Blacks may not get the same test scores or make many inventions but that doesn’t mean they’re not as intelligent.

      So what you’re doing here, though I basically agree with it, is sorta the same. Same logic, that is. I mean, it should be but it’s a different result. Same thinker, same concept, comparable fact set, but different conclusion. This is because in the case of race you’re on the side that is better at math and science and scores better on most tests whereas in the case of sex you are not.

      There is a problem with misogyny in pro-White writing and I usually take it as a sort of parody, a caricature intentionally done to make us look especially easy to hate for at least half the people we should instead really be trying to win over.

  • My intro to social studies textbook defined theory as the idea about which factors are related to which and what causes what. So if you have a massive dump of data you still need theory to tell what caused what.

    Whites are very theoretical creatures. More theoretical than any other people quite possibly. If we’re told that terrorism is caused by something other than muslims, we accept that in spite of all evidence to the contrary. This is both a weakness and a strength, it’s a strength when the theory is good but obviously when the theory is bad it’s a massive weakness. Compare us the nogs, nogs work primarily on gibs and will discard any theory as irrelevant when measured up to their desire for gibs.

    • At some point in the not-too-distant future LOTR will be banned. It simply functions too well as an allegory for the death of the west…regardless of Tolkien’s own protestations.

      • A very good point. Tolkien almost single handed invented the fantasy form (although CS Lewis Narnia is similar and they were chums) and all the fantasy dreck since him is an attempt at deconstructing the obvious.

        Warhammer 40000 is perhaps the only worthy response.

  • Europeans from the formative years of the 1980s are tremendously cautious about discarded bags at malls, but they are also unlikely to be bothered by bomb threats. They are normal drill and have been since ww2. Americans did not have much cultural experience of such things until 9/11. And that response went overboard. As the Israelis knew it would.

  • I wouldn’t go for the skinny jeans. I have asked women if they like them and the answer is a resounding no. Why not just straight jeans like 501’s? I wear cowboy boots much of the time and women everywhere like it. Cowboy boots and skinny jeans and well you’d have to start singing YMCA. Low cut boot cut is good too. I was recently in Lithuania, Poland, Macedonia and Serbia and get lots of attention from the ladies without wearing Eurofag clothes.

    I ‘d definitely ditch baggy clothes. Or how about no jeans at all? I went 5 years one time without any jeans and it makes you simply feel good to dress nice. More in tune with your ancestors (jeans are a workers attire). I don’t think either of my grandfathers owned a pair of jeans. I gave in though to conform some.

    When you see an older leader of ours wearing jeans it is just off putting. At public events we need to look good. Look the part, play the part.

    I also try not to buy anything from any company that is owned by the world corporation like H&M. You could go to the bazzar and find some knock off Levi’s. I just saw some in Belgrade for about 20 dollars. It feels good to f… over the world corporation and buy knock offs.

    The girl probably just wanted to go shopping and was not going to let a measly little bomb get in her way. Maybe cut her some slack. That’s how they are.

    • Instead of jeans, what else? Khakis? No one here wears them and I don’t want to spread the ways of the WASP while abroad.

      Yeah, she felt bad afterwards. Poor thing, not her fault that she was the perfect example i needed for an article i’ve wanted to write for awhile.

      • I don’t like Kakis. Remnant of the British Empire. Just slacks. They could be black or some other color. I have to wear dress clothes for work. Imagine only about 60 years ago most people only had a few sets of clothes. So what they wore to work they wore after work. A mechanic wore jeans all the time. An academic slacks.

        I still marvel when my students exercise in their classroom school clothes because that is all they have.

          • Classic pants or Jeans with a real shirt of different fabrics and designs for the shirts according to the weather with jackets in accordance to weather and simple hats of the flat-cap, ascot-cap etc variations clean shaven. If one wants to sport a necktie or a bow tie colour code it with the rest and wear it accordingly with the occasion, differentianting between formal and informal ties.

            Well that’s a start.

          • Hell no to the bowtie thing. Makes me think of Libertarians.

            Also that sounds fine for people 30+ years old.

            But we need something for Gen Z and 20 year olds. Nothing autistic, just something fun.

          • I actually really love bow ties… and I am in the middle of my 20’s!

            Maybe I should see a shrink.

            The idea behind is that we should appear civil no matter what think the image after-effects of putting us next to lefties that: are unshaven, unwashed, with bad hair, possibly skin too and all that while larping as nigga gangstas from the harlem at the same time looking at the cameras and us with the dying eyes of the khassis/marijuana/crack/cocaine/krokodil addicts that they are. For us the worst we should show is tobacco usage not even alcohol, keep it in the home and away from social media.

          • Yeah, but honestly /ourguys/ look great at the rallies. Everyone looks like an officer. We’ve already got that part down.

          • And that is a very good first step!

            The end result is that we should look like what is mostly missing from our countries: law-abiding, self-respecting people, not officers not citizens but people. My point here is that most citizens are told to hate and fear the cops through the modern culture, so looking like policemen is not the best long-term strategy.

            For looks at first most alt-righters are shaved and wear formed clothing, jeans and a t-shirt at the very worst lefties at their best will wear that.

          • Look at how Tucker Carlson’s power level blew up once he ditched the bow tie.

            From Neocon cheerleader to shitlord who owns Daily Caller and has the top rated Cable News show.

          • “Hell no to the bowtie thing. Makes me think of Libertarians”

            Or pediatricians

          • I don’t want to see Gen Zyklon aping Dick Spencer in Matlock seer sucker suits.

          • It would be nice to reject the entire bourgeois clothes (the suit) and the prolitarian clothes (jeans) and return to something more ancient.

            We are dressing like 18th c. capitalists in suits and 20th c. proletarians in jeans.

          • With millennials and gen Z picking up the AltRight vanguard, jeans and khakis are too old school looking. Also, with working and keeping fit part of our culture the pants I described in a previous comment are perfect. For example, whether I decide to hit the gym; the park for body weight calisthenics; or need tap into my defensive or offensive skill sets, I know my pants won’t hold me back to hitting my fullest potential-regardless of the situation. I’ve also that besides extreme maneuverability and comfort, the addition of Lycra allows the pants to give and take the hit where jeans or khakis would just shred.

        • Id go with tyvek coveralls.

          Disposable and cheap and a modest barrier to chemical attack.

      • I was in St. Petersburg in 2005. Not a single fucking Muslim in sight, no hyperbole. I believe I know the mall that you’re referring to, is there still a late afternoon catwalk fashion show every day next to the main escalator or is that considered “harem” now?

        • Galleria?

          Idk what you’re talking about. It was fine up until literally this year. Getting Whiter in fact because of the crackdowns. Idk what the cops are doing.

          • Yes, galleria. holy shit the fashion show was fucking great, beat the shit out of anything you see in ny, Paris or Milan, & it was every day. I fucking hate malls but went every day, brought a bottle of vodka and some pumpernickel bread and enjoyed the show

          • You mean just the hot chicks? Yeah, they’re great. Nevsky alone has more hot women than any Western catwalk. Also, I approve of you getting in touch with your inner slav, droogie.

      • Jeans suck: thick unforgiving material, no gusseted crotch to allow free
        movement and keeping your pair happy at the same time. By far the most comfortable pants contain a small percentage of Lycra which allow stretch = freedom of movement. REI would be a good place to look. Brands like Kuhl (available in three seat cut, leg taper versions),The North Face, Prana, etc., Most of these pants look casual, yet with the right shirt you can easily dress up too. Vincent, you seem to like to travel, so a brushed nylon with a small percentage of Lycra would be a great choice–they pack easily, can be worn for days at a time, simple to wash in a hotel sink and will be dry by the next morning. Colors–many available in multiple choices; rather than just generic blue jeans.

  • But of course. You can already see how Western Europeans got used, practically without complaints, to mandatory slaughters carried out on them. It seems that they are just that kind of people. At the same time they want to bury everyone else along with them. You don’t owe them even your most basic explanation.

    • He treats that woman terribly. No real man tells his girlfriend that she “has her head up her ass” or makes misogynistic generalizations about women’s intelligence. It would be a blessing for her, if he moved on. And, since he’s writing under his real name, he’ll probably be an “incel” before the summer’s out. Yet another example of how a brute can’t grasp why he’s marginalized by society.

      • Apparently you don’t understand why white women seem to be going towards negroids.. then eventually going back to preferring their own race since negroids either beat them, or just outright kill them.

        • In the case of Greece most women who go with these men are doing it for political reasons. There is no chance to know a woman that goes with a Paki or a Google that doesn’t vote left or far left. If politics do not matter then it is because no sane and able-bodied white wants them.

        • Women loathe abusers, no matter what race they are. I spit on your race card and dare you to justify the misogyny that leads women to initiate >60% of all divorces.

          • Women wouldn’t flee if men weren’t calling them stupid, as you have done to your girlfriend. I’m warning you – if you continue to mistreat her, don’t be shocked if she eventually breaks up with you. She won’t put up with your misogyny forever.

          • You know nothing of women. You are probably a chick yourself. Save it for some beta on Reddit who will listen to your tripe.

          • Cuckholds don’t seem to get the picture – women enjoy benevolent sexism. Ho hum, it’s called hypergamous in nature.

          • From reading your posts on this thread You are either a woman or a virgin I have no doubt.

          • Most women initiate divorce out of a general sense of unsatisfaction. Many of these women will die lonely and have their brains eaten out by their pet cat after they die.

          • Many men in the manosphere always blame the reasons for divorce on women. I think women often sense when the relationship is not salvageable before the man does. You go to the opposite extreme. To say that all divorces are due to “misogyny” or mistreatment by the male is absurd. Some (too many) women are gold diggers and you know it.

      • A creature without logic that lacks self-preservation instinc,t for his own good, needs to be treated as such.

        Pandering to women does not help anyone to:

        a) Engage in coitus with her

        b) Protect her
        c) Protect the European Civilization.

        For anyone with the above described personality traits the two last observations continue to stand true. Normies are just the effete masses.

        • Dude, y’all need to tone down the normie hate. Not cause there’s anything wrong with it, they’re not all stupid but they are all shallow thinkers when it comes to politics/history/culture, etc; but because it make sure you all sound like a bunch of jilted high schoolers filled with resentment against the popular kids. It’s pretty cringy and contradicts the alt-right’s claim to be a cool, strong, masculine movement.

          • The person who he replied to is not a normie. No normie makes arguments because “misogyny”.

          • Yeah, tell that to Mitt Romney. Are you worth hundreds of millions of dollars? Married to a beautiful, loving wife, who cares immensely for you and your children and your grandchildren? Respected throughout the world? Somehow, I doubt it . . .

          • Normie = Regular person. Not some evil globalist elitist like Mitt Romney who wants women working rather than staying at home like his wife because it means more money for his private equity firms.

            No normie is persuaded by “misogyny”. For example, Trump won the white woman vote despite Hillary bitching and screaming about “misogyny” for a year and a half.

          • Ivanka owns her own businesses and Tiffany’s getting ready to attend law school at Georgetown, you woman-hating beta-male. Way to castrate your own argument! LOL!

          • Do you honestly think Ivanka works much? She has people doing all the work for her. She’s a face for a brand.

            Anyways, you brought up Romney which defeated your own argument because his wife doesn’t work.

            And point still stands, no regular American has ever been influenced by “misogyny.” I’m talking some electrician, not some girl who just blew her trust fund studying third wave feminism.

          • Ivanka’s “face for a brand”, but her brothers are not? What a flaccid double-standard! You are definitely a misogynist, pal! And all types of women are feminists – working women, stay-at-home wives, educated women, uneducated women. Your stereotypes of feminists are offensive, inaccurate, and WILL undercut the alt-right. It cannot alienate 50% of the world, that is, unless it’s finally ready to further wreck its public image, by eliciting astute comparisons of itself and ISIS.

          • More name-calling. Most AR women are NOT feminists. We hate feminism, but will not stand for disrespect, name-calling, or any other bs. We’ll respect you if you respect us. You all should stand for chivalry not misogyny. Why would any woman want to be with a man who calls her names? I guess men would rather stay single. Looks like many guys on this thread will either remain single or go gay with each other.

          • Sure. But do acknowledge certain differences in the distribution of intelligence. And certain other mental predispositions. We are about reality and facts and we’re not into compromising our views because of hurt feelings. If there’s one thing the alt-right is about it’s the harsh truth. Realpolitik, real-everything.

          • You act like a minority and close ranks like minorities. No one disrespected you. You flew to the defense of a dumb girl who isn’t even Alt-Right judging from her comments. No one is going to fly to your defense just because you’re playing up the hurt girl angle.

          • I hate how women play the woman card. “I don’t like you guys unless you like me! Hmf!” Demands respect without earning it first, great.

          • Most people aren’t feminists, including women. Your rhetoric is laughable.

            Yes, Ivanka does not work as much as her brothers and is not a serious person. Evidence of this is seen with her lame emotional responses where she cries to Daddy about poor, gassed Syrian babies and Neo Nazis. Steve Bannon has confirmed all of this. Ivanka is too emotional and that’s why most women make ineffective leaders.

            Same with Merkel in letting in millions of Muslims. Merkel lacks the the logical mind to see the teleological end point of what letting in millions of Muslims will do to Europe and focuses on “being nice and caring for the refugees” in the here and now.

          • Most people are feminists, incel. The majority of people really do believe that women should have every right – to work, to vote, to own property, to divorce, to abort, to serve in the military, to have their history and issues taught in schools, etc. And your grudge against Ivanka is all politically-based. Like it or not, Trump needs her. That’s why she’s in the White House now, and her brothers are not. Ditto for Merkel. Her foreign policy decisions will probably result in a heterogeneous, but largely peaceful population, much like ours is. And Germany’s gun control laws will greatly aid her efforts to produce that. Bottom line, you’re threatened by women, and you’re using the alt-right as a “safe space” for avoiding their scorn. National Review was right – your “movement” is heavily fueled by men’s sexual frustrations.

          • “Most people are feminists”

            You spouting this does not make it so. Somehow I doubt most Chinese, SubCon Indians, Africans, and Muslims are feminist. That’s more than half the world right there. Then add in the large numbers of people in the rest of the world who don’t buy what Jewish hags like Betty Friedan are selling, and it’s clear that feminism is not a widespread, mass movement.

            “Ditto for Merkel. Her foreign policy decisions will probably result in a heterogeneous, but largely peaceful population”

            This is why there were already mass rapes at the Koln Hbf on Silvester 2016.

          • “Heterogeneous but largely peaceful”? I’m done. It simply isn’t worth the time to argue with this level of delusion.

          • Merkel is a hard core cold blooded communist whose goal it is to completely destabilize Germany to the point where there is no return, not to built a ‘peaceful population’.

          • “Most people are feminists”

            Yeah well most people should be dumped in the lake with some concrete boots. MOST people are dumbshits that the world would be better off without. Who cares about what MOST people think about anything. Democracy, or dictatorship of the mob, is a failure.

          • Put on a burka, it will empower your femininity. That way you only have to deal with one mysoginist, your assigned husband.

          • The truth is: feminists are on the forefront of destroying everything that makes their freedom to criticize “the patriarchy” possible along with the structure that enables their most basic freedoms and safety.

          • I see. You’re here trolling us. Get the hell outta here or we’ll send the anime hacker nerds on your ass.

          • In our evolution women have not been involved in war and peace and in defending the border. Hence, they do not have the instincts for it. This is the real reason for the mass immigration that is destroying the western world. That women are expected to take responsibility for something they are simply incapable of doing. Its not better or worse, you could just as well expect a man to have babies as you can expect women to defend a society against outsiders.

          • Merkel is following globalist orders, as is Macron, Theresa May, etc. Has NOTHING to do with her being female. She has a PhD, by the way… in SCIENCE.

          • In Physics, to be precise.

            Then again, so did William Luther Pierce, but for some reason you wouldn’t cite that as an example.

          • What’s Macron’s excuse and Tony Blair’s and George Bush’s and Sakozy (ok we know why him), etc. They’re “logical” MEN!

          • Let’s get this straight, they’re not out there causing problems because they’re “logical”. Meaning, while it may look like it they are not naive ideologues or bumbling idiots. They are following agendas, they are not isolated individuals but representatives playing their role. This damn near universal support you are seeing everywhere is not happenstance and if you still think it is you better read up on the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.

            If this was coincidence you’d expect a far less concerted effort, but what are we seeing? Every societal institution of importance from corporations to media and government are supporting these agendas, fully. And this is happening in virtually all Western countries. Even on the face of it it’s too monolithic to be organic. This is a worldwide criminal syndicate, and when you actually look beyond appearances and test the hypothesis this is exactly what the evidence suggests.

            People’s problem with this idea is that they don’t seem to be willing to believe that a conspiracy of this magnitude could ever happen. But in reality this is simply mafia tactics being successfully replicated on a larger scale. Larger, more sophisticated and more refined sure, but in its essence still very much mafia-like. Which is also what any objective person uninfluenced by the opinions and vagaries of the crowd would expect. Simply because the stakes are higher, the power is more concentrated and this alone is like catnip to psychopathic personalities. And you know what they say about power and corruption.

            This is “the Great Game” and it’s utterly ruthless.

          • Actually most people aren’t feminists that is why they do not try to fight against islamization or help women achieve happiness through their lilves. In reality not even women care about their rights, emancipation, history etc.

            They only follow what they are told to follow and that is called as feminism, the original feminism that demanded political rights has won and was so much demanded that right now every one virtually is working against it.

            What happens is that most people say that they are feminists while they work so that their women and daughters will end up under a hijab and married to a dark-skinned abusive husband if they’re lucky, in a burqa with a clitoridectomy if they are not.

            The funniest of things is and stands to be that a bit of well balanced and rightly aimed verbal abuse is considered worse than all the above things. Still many Alt-right women would consider that as a disrespect of great enough measure to fraction the movement, hence proving, though through their own unwant, that women are the weakest link in the chain.

          • I agree. They’d better realize this if they want women to join the movement, and they will WANT women to join the movement, otherwise it will be one grand circle-jerk. I hate feminism, but misogyny is worse!!

          • Women don’t create history. Men do. Women always follow. Que the Joan of Arc ho hum

          • Women are going to lose the vote (and 90% won’t care).

            The only question is whether they can collapse society first before whether white men take it away from them.

          • Good points, but she doesn’t strike me as a typical woman. My guess is she is very career oriented and highly driven.

          • My guess is she play acts at working at the office for 5-6 hours a day before going home to her kids.

          • Ivanka is a lefty. If I had know Trump would bring Javanka into the White House along with him, I seriously would’ve had second and third thoughts about voting for him.

          • Hence “J”vanka. I suppose I should have said Ivanka and hubby. I wish Trump had gotten rid of these two instead of Bannon. At this point, I’d grasp at any straw for proof that Trump isn’t another agent of Zog. Troop surge in Afghanistan seems to show me we’ve been had again.

          • I think she is an ethnic Jew as well. There is some evidence, mostly circumstantial, that Trump himself is a crypto-Jew.

            As for Kushner, he’s a rat and it’s obvious the guy owns a corporate espionage firm called ‘black cube’, which is an occult reference in Kabbalah to Saturn AKA Satan and has every address listed for himself personally and the business as ‘666’, same with the phone numbers. I don’t trust or like him or anyone associated with him. They need to go.

          • Yeah. I’ve seen the suggestions that Trump’s Jewish. In addition, I still maintain there’s no way Kushner was actually born male.

          • Are you suggesting he’s one of those tranny freaks? I haven’t heard that before….he does look kind of….womanish, though, but most Jews do.

          • It’s merely my first impression of “him”. I mean, the guy doesn’t walk, he minces. I’ve also seen it suggested on the more out-there youtube channels I’m watched. There’s a guy claiming all A-listers in current power structure are trannies, especially in Hollywood. I don’t believe him…but then there’s Jared.

          • Interesting….I don’t know. The guy is part of that ultra shitlordy chabad group and they are like the Hasidim you see in Williamsburg, typical old world eastern European Jews. They all tend to be very effete and weak, even by Jewish standards.

          • I put that in my “could be true but probably isn’t” mental file. It just struck me so forcibly the first time I saw the guy. She’s rich and hot. Why pick him?!

          • Political alliance. The Kushners funded Trump’s family and bailed them out more than once and they are also heavily connected to the Kremlin and the Russian oligarchs, especially Roman Abramovich, who is also part of the Chabad cult and is the Jew who personally chose and groomed Vladimir Putin to succeed Yeltsin. Basically, Putin owes everything he has to Abramovich and is probably just a front for the Chabad cult’s power in Russia and Kushner is part of that power structure. Lots of money and influence comes with Ivanka marrying him.

            P.S. – I should also add that Ivanka and Jared broke up briefly and it was Roman Abramovich who set up a private meeting on his yacht between them and convinced them to get back together.

          • It looks like I have more reading to do. Is it even possible to get to the bottom of this rabbit hole?

          • Yeah, it is. Chabad is the hard core Messianic movement in Judaism, they follow some Rabbinic family called Schneerson and they believe someone from that line will be the Messiah, so every time one dies they wait 3 days to see if he will resurrect and lead them to world conquest. They are the core of Orthodox Jewry and were the first eastern European Jews to push Zionism and convince other Jews to use Bolshevism to gain power in Russia. Looking back in hindsight one could see Chabad as the writers of the Protocols of the learned Elder’s of Zion and the founders of Bolshevism, which they used to destroy Russia and claw their way to the top and loot the country and then use that wealth to spread like a plague.

            I forgot to add that they also are involved with the Rothschilds and various other Jewish banking clans.

          • I’m new to the JQ. I held off for years from looking into it because I was afraid of what I’d find. I started with the holocaust. Once you open that can of worms, there’s no going back. Everything you thought was true becomes a lie. It was my expert-level red pilling. I’ve read the parts of the Talmud you aren’t supposed to see. I don’t know how anybody can say The Protocols are discredited.

          • Lies are more comfortable than the truth some times. People would rather believe that Jews are normal and sane and have a less stressful life of not having to be constantly on guard against inbred master race cultists who want to enslave humanity. If you are new to the JQ I suggest you don’t stick with just reading about the Talmud, you need to read history in the context of Jewish perniciousness as well.

            A good example of this would be Julius Caesar. Everyone thinks of Caesar as a great leader and military man who did great things for the progress of humanity, but the fact is he was the ultimate shabbos goy who, like Churchill and Roosevelt and many others, owed his entire political career to Jewish money lenders and to pay back what he owed the Jews had him exterminate half the Celtic Gauls of modern day France and let the Jewish merchants sell off the other half to pay off his debts. He was then required by them to give them special rights and protections in Palestine, let them have a special envoy with direct access to himself and the Senate in Rome, trading rights through out the empire, and to give them tax exemption and Citizenship that was previously only for Italians. This is one of the major reasons why men such as Marcus Tullius Cicero and Pompey Magnus turned against him, they were ‘anti-semites’ who saw what these foreign demons were doing. This is in stark contrast to what we learn about him today and why he was killed by the senate. All of this lead to the creation of the Roman empire, which was really a form of proto-globalism, which was very destructive and wiped out and enslave countless Aryan tribes, and all of it started by one shabbos goy and funded entirely by Jews.

            There are countless more examples of this all throughout history and it is all interconnected and all leads up to today. You have to be able to read between the lines to see it all. Once you understand history in this context and how Jews strategize and network then it is easier to see their games and call them out.

          • Sorry. I had to give up our conversation earlier because computer problems. I had no idea about Caesar. Thanks for the information. I already did half suspect that this had been going on a very long time.

          • Normies simply follow our of fear, habit or conformism. Mostly due to the last and the first, the second is more rare mostly due to the fact that it requires conscientious decisions by his side, i.e. the group that habitually changes its voting preference or consumer patterns.

            Their respect or fear is of little value except and only in the situation when their abstaining from an institution may put its validity and legitimization under question, i.e. when most normies stop taking parting in elections it delegitimizes the government that gets elected making its standing shaky.

          • > The great majority of women could totally be stay-at-home wives if they wanted to, it is just globalist propaganda that convinces them to do otherwise.

            Sure thing.

          • If you believe in alt-right fundamentally, but also are a female and see this sh*t online every day, you might think differently. Yes, we need to return to trad. gender roles, but being a dick isn’t acceptable. Sorry, not sorry. Vincent’s articles just aren’t very good, despite his super-high male IQ, I’m sure. His command of English syntax and grammar is also mediocre at best. I’m guessing a 20-25 y.o. male with no college education, but who am I to judge 😉

          • Well you certainly stirred the hornet’s nest…
            I like belligerent women; Can I buy you dinner?

          • Agreed. He has some interesting insights sometimes but is overall a mediocre intellect and crude to boot. Maybe he gives Richard some bomb-ass head sometimes in exchange for posting privileges.

          • A beta male who believes he is being alpha but is only being a passive-aggressive bitch, just like how many feminists are!

          • No one in the history of the universe has ever thought wiggers are cool. Idk what your point was.

          • It was in Greece during my teen years but not because we liked blacks, no we are disgusted by them (in the Greek mind blacks are imprint as Muslim invaders), or were I cannot for the sake of God even mention any of the jokes that were told during recess in school which I did not like because they were too bad for my taste.

            We copied Americal celebs that were wiggerish. The newer generation is trendy as fuck as we have been in some contact with blacks and started to have enough of them. Plus some Russo-Ponts who copy Russian gangsters of the 90’s who copied Americans who copied black ghetto gangstas…

            There is a speech mannerism in Greek that really fits that situation: but it cannot be translated to English though.

          • Yeah, you are right but what I say here I cannot say it out in the public. And normies do not react to reality but simply cower in fear. Besides we are the only group that can protect them. But even as a group it is essential to blow up steam.

          • We are the only group that can protect them. So let’s act like it. Not every white person is gonna be a Hitler or an Evola or a Nietzche and that’s fine. Besides, if we ever win we’ll be the new normies.

          • We will never be normies, we are the de facto vanguard and the de jure vanguard we will be on top of that when we will win (white pill everybody). The normies will be supporting of us, that is the only thing that will change.

          • It’s true. You sound like you’re offended or something.

            Hate of normies is the fruit of knowledge.

          • I got of those…

            This does not mean though that if one person lacks self-preservation instincts he has to be treated as the overgrown child he is… In real life I ‘d just shrug my shoulders and keep some distance.

        • Yes, I remember that interview. Absolutely disgusting! If the alt-right approves of that, it’s DOOMED! No social movement survives without BOTH genders. Even the women’s movement relied upon support from men. Your love life is probably as phony as your Disqus handle!

          • There is nothing inherently wrong with slapping a woman if she is doing something that puts people in danger, only when a man takes it too far and makes it into a beating is something really not right and then the man should be punished. We really need to get past this whole thing of putting women on a pedestal and realize that while it is our duty to protect them and provide for them we also make sure that women respect our role and do not violate the gender roles or insult our honor or put people in danger with their ‘feelings’.

          • That was Connery’s point. He’s not saying it’s OK to hit or beat women.

          • Will there be a line drawn between slapping and beating? Or will you all assume the role of a typical Muslim husband?

          • Of course, are you insane? An open hand slap to get someone’s attention doesn’t do any damage, and that doesn’t make a man a Moslem or some sort or monkey. Are you now suggesting that all of our ancestors were like Moslems?

          • That is exactly the sort of thing I am saying. A slap just to get someone’s attention and show your disapproval of their actions, and it should only be used when a woman is out of control, i.e. threatening violence, destroying property, acting in a way that embarrasses the family like being a whore in public.

          • Of course, I am not advocating beating women, that would be insane. I am saying that if a woman is being hysterical or violent or doing things that can ruin peoples lives (like trying to drive drunk, which can kill people, or act like a whore, which can ruin marriages and families) then I really don’t see any problem with a slap. It doesn’t cause permanent damage, it just shocks them back to their senses (hopefully).

            Now, personally, I feel that if a man takes it past that then he should be publicly humiliated (i.e. name, picture, and address, and crime committed in newspaper), forced to pay a heavy fine to the victim, and beaten himself, preferably by a kinsman of the woman in question so as to restore her family’s honor. If I had my way that would be put into law.

          • Us humans evolved in a world where males could argue with their hands. And females evolved countermeasures against this. So it is imbalanced that the most effective male argument is outlawed while the most effective female arguments are in full swing.
            However, we also evolved in an environment without privacy and within extremely tightknit groups. So reinstituting one without the social pressure and social policing that comes from the other is also out of wack.

          • I am not sure I understand what you mean. Are you saying that it is wrong or…?

          • I think the outlawing of wifebeating destabalized society. However, I also believe for wife beating to be “stabalizing” it can only exist in tight knit groups without privacy. Im analysing, im not proscribing.

          • You are right in a way @LieslMmm☝? raised a valid point. We should allow women to be beaten. It is wrong. I think maybe a slap is okay if warranted but where does this cross the line into a beating and at what point is it no longer okay? It is a tricky subject and needs defining or we could very well end up like Moslems and become abusive, which would be horrible.

          • “wrong” is a moral argument. In my opinion the purpuse and reason for “morality” rules is for a group to function more efficiently internally. In order to better compete against other groups. And I see no clear “right” or “wrong” on this issue.

          • I don’t go for hitting women..unless they hit the guy first. After that, they deserve what they get.

        • One day I lost my temper and threw my wife. I was shocked at what I did, she strangely took it very well. Which shocked me more.

      • Oh come on! I’m female. His girl’s an idiot! I agree…she had better be really hot to put up with that level of idiocy.

      • While I agree that he shouldn’t be talking to her that way as it is a man’s job to make sure that women are protected one must also admit that she was being stupid. A woman should listen to her man and respect his will in a matter and not question it. If he says it is time to go then it is time to go. Even more, everyone should know by now that women are, by and large, not as logical as men are and not as aware of the dangers that exist in this Jewified world whilst most high T men are and women need to be made aware of that fact and respect it.

      • Yeah you are right he should of left her without trying to protect her the second time if she was that clueless. If you don’t realize why a parent get mad and yells at a kid who does something dangerous you won’t realize his instinctual response here.

    • Actually It ‘d be better to leave her and maybe get away from people of her caliber, find at least some conservatives (not cucks) in the region that don’t fall over all the in places! These are the places that attract the wider number of muslims, lefties and cucks, so by result they are the first and foremost targets due to their own inner weaknesses.

      While Greece has not been hit by terrorists, for now, the places that are ful with muzzos and googles are all the in places in the center, exceptions stand only if the place is a safe-haven for the upper class (places that only have cafeterias and a tobacco shop) but the places with the tourists they are ful the two Malls in the city (situated for convenience the one next to the other!) that are situated in an otherwise not-developed area have no muslims but still you got to fear for the possibility of an attack by anarchists…

      The more one stays away from victims the more he manages to stay away from their predators.

      • Why does Spencer have a blue-mark on twitter while everyone else is getting shut down?

        He’s a suspicious character.

          • Why is this site still up but all others getting taken down?

            Why didn’t Spencer see Kessler for what he is?

            What is Spencer’s connection to Regnery?

          • “for what he is”, I bet you know who Kessler is then? Will I get to know from you directly, or do I have to delve into Renegade to find out?

            Dont worry, Spencer will be down soon enough too, all of them will be. If you really think Spencer is a paid Soros agent or something similar, then prove his points wrong instead of trying to raise suspicion where there probably is no reason to be suspicious.

          • Are you serious? Do some research on Kessler. The guy was a leftist activist just a couple of months before Trump’s election. He was in OWS and BLM. He also has a interesting (((name))).

            See what weev did. It’s obvious the guy is a plant.

            Spencer is likely a plant too.

          • Yes, serious.

            Okay, so what? You were born a white nationalist, werent you? Because if not, that would make you suspicious too I presume?
            People change, they just do, and as long as Kessler is still on point with The Alt Right and their ideals and talking points, there´s nothing to prove Kessler a suspicious fellow in any sense. Just the fact that he didnt have these opinions sometime way back is not in itself enough, simple as that. I myself voted for the green party one election before I voted for the ethno nationalists. Qutie curious, right?

            Also, name? Okay. Still not enough to prove he´s not white.

            What Weev did? Obvious he´s a plant? Speculation, speculation. It´ll give you a heartattack so I´d urge you to slow down abit and tend to facts rather than hearsay with lack of substance. Guess what kind of people could be considered plants? Those that spread false rumours in order to manufacture conflicts within successfull organisations with potential to make a difference…

            “Spencer is likely a plant too”.

            There you go, mr proof.

          • “Okay, so what? You were born a white nationalist, werent you?”

            I’m not a white nationalist. I’m a real nationalist.

            “People change, they just do, and as long as Kessler is still on point with The Alt Right and their ideals and talking points, there´s nothing to prove Kessler a suspicious fellow in any sense. Just the fact that he didnt have these opinions sometime way back is not in itself enough, simple as that. I myself voted for the green party one election before I voted for the ethno nationalists. Qutie curious, right?”

            So let’s not be suspicious of anyone at all even if their actions and history mean we should be? You know these kind of movements are targeted by federal agents in countries throughout the West right?

            “What Weev did? Obvious he´s a plant? Speculation, speculation. It´ll give you a heartattack so I´d urge you to slow down abit and tend to facts rather than hearsay with lack of substance. Guess what kind of people could be considered plants? Those that spread false rumours in order to manufacture conflicts within successfull organisations with potential to make a difference..”

            Look at what weev did. Do a bit of research on what weev did to Spencer and why (more importantly)

            Successful organisations? Everything Spencer does turns to shit. Could quite well be on purpose.

          • No, gay bottoms for Spencer (i.e. you) who shill for federal agents trying to destroy Trump and the patriotic movement need to fuck off.

          • Thank you! There should be no voice for those groundlessly attacking others as agents of the Feds. It’s very corrosive.

          • “I’m not a white nationalist. I’m a real nationalist.”

            Only kind of nationalism with the potential to secure white peoples existance is that of ethnic nationalism. Brings me to the question… what do you consider to be “real nationalism”?

            “So let’s not be suspicious of anyone at all even if their actions and history mean we should be? You know these kind of movements are targeted by federal agents in countries throughout the West right?”

            I never said we should not ever be suspicious, but you appear to be spreading false rumours, since you´re not able to back them up with any kind of substance to prove your point. There´s a difference. Be suspicious all you want if that is the case, but at least bring something to the table if you´re here to actually make a case, rather than just spewing things someone made up for you.

            “Look at what weev did. Do a bit of research on what weev did to Spencer and why (more importantly)”

            You´re the one telling me Weev has done something of particular interest, so either you tell me what he´s done, or I may conclude you´ve got nothing to bring here either.

            “Successful organisations? Everything Spencer does turns to shit. Could quite well be on purpose.”

            Do you see The Alt Right growing or failing? Did you see their rally get shut down, despite having a permit in order? This, if anything, shows that the establishment fears The Alt Right, and knows full well that if they´d give us a platform to speak, we´d become far too powerful to ignore and break. But I suppose you think that the rally was supposed to be stopped, and that this was supposed to be the end of The Alt Right as a movement, and this was the goal all along?
            The Alt Right knew that there would be darkness before the dawn, that there would most likely be a war before peace settles in, and that the pathway towards their goal is full of obstacles and setbacks. That´s the nature of our enemies, they wont let us advance without putting up resistance.

            Well it sure seems like normies are waking up in masses as of now, since the establishment just revealed their true agenda: silence, censor and use violence in order to fend off whites who band together and highlight their own genocide, while allowing for “minority”-nationalism to voice their opinions even if it means stirring up and spreading hatred and calls for violence against white people. The double standars are clearer now than ever and people see this.

          • I must add, you might be one of those that were absolutely certain that Mike Enoch was a jew before he put those rumours to death. Or you might even still consider him one, cause why not, right?

          • I never thought he was a jew. It was the TRS Neetsocs who are loving this rally who freaked out about his wife. I wasn’t bothered.

            Enoch needs to take a break and take stock. His doxing is seriously having a negative effect on his mental health.

          • Exactly. We can’t trust anyone who believes Jewish lies about a sphere-like earth. The world is flat lmao.

          • Do more research. Loads of people have been attacked. Including more alt-lite figures.
            Dickie Spencer is protected however.

          • Are you one of those folks that believes that Spencer is a homosexual? If so, then this place isn’t for you, go back to being a NEETSoc on /pol/ or some other Far-Rightist website that doesn’t get anything done irl.

          • There is no strong evidence but he is suspiciously camp.

            Also would make sense since homosexuals are easier for the enemy to control and explains why Spencer wants to get young white men doxed so he can indoctrinate them into a cult then rape them.

          • lolwtf gtfo

            Seriously, this type of speculative paranoia isn’t helping anyone who’s explicitly pro-white. If you’re gonna be unproductive, then shoo.

          • I’m not saying he is since there is no real evidence yet but it would explain why he sounds so gay.

            Most people who are “explicitly pro-white” (in your terms) are the ones being counter-productive.

          • Very often the people who can tell if someone is “gay” are themselves gay.

            Homosexuals are good at recognizing each other, at least according to homosexuals. I also find that Jews endlessly speculate about closeted homosexuality in people.

            Funny that…

          • Erasure and attack are different.

            The RAF would always face the heaviest flak before dropping a few mega tons.

          • No, I’m asking you. I know that there’s a plan to make it hard to raise cash. But even that utterly backfired.

    • All self-respecting white folks need to stop siding with people who wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

    • That’s Richard Duke of Whitefish to you peasant and I’ll tell ya where Richard is going, right to the top. Piss off outta our site cuck.

    • The center, or else the moderates, never take any position and that is the reason for their fail to battle against anything the best example of that lies in the way that the political parties in Greece after the Junta, during the time-period we call the Metapolitefsi, fought against the left.

      The Center-right ran against its older members jailing them for either working with the Junta or leading to it and in the spirit of national unity legalized the Communist party and removed the paper of political inclination reviving the parliamentary political position of the Greek Communist party!

      The center decided that it was the only power left to battle against the left and that it did in its own unique way. Under the guidance of the early Pan-Hellenic Socialist Party and at the control of its leader/owner Andreas Papandreou decided to copy every part of the commies and the anarchists that would not transform them into a communist or an anarchist party! Add to that the fact that they brought also Trotskyism and the social degeneracy that most would call westernism. Today the party is destroyed as it leftification made it unneeded the moment that a left-wing party could take the power.

      So cucks cuck and centrists copy…

      That’s what they do and there is only way to fight them:

      Make the Normie politically dead! Make sure to black pill him on the act of voting so much that he doesn’t show up, this would lead only to the margins controlling the political situation and the democratic system in a legitimacy crisis! This is the only reason way that the center, the left and the cucks become unpowerful.

    • Awesome writer. Lmao at the all too typical idiotic comment he highlighted above. She was obviously giving a shit test.

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