The Alt-Right Is Finished Debating

We have reached a point of no return.

Maybe you still don’t think so. Maybe you harbor doubt. Maybe you haven’t noticed how much things have changed. Let me bring you up to speed.

We have been no-platformed and a full blackout on our abilities to get our message out, fundraise and network is in effect. It’s like the Sith Emperor himself has issued an order 66 on us. And even outlets like The Rebel and Sargon of Akkad are being shut down. These are people that go out of their way to disassociate with the Alt-Right and even they weren’t spared.

Debate time’s over. The curtain has been brought down across the stage. No more questions. Get with the pogrom or get lost.

Now, what happens next?

Our side certainly isn’t ready for mass action…yet. And there are no street actions planned for the near future. Still, the lines have been drawn. Think about those brave young men at Charlottesville. There is no going back for them. Especially if they have been doxxed. It is almost as if Antifa has deliberately started burning the ships we need to go home so that we have nowhere to go but forward. Total victory or bust.

But more fundamentally, the Alt-Right realizes something about debate that no other group does. The Alt-Right understands that debate is only possible within the tribe. See, there has to be a common language that is deeper than just the rudimentary English necessary to understand a Pad-Thai takeout order over the phone.

There has to be a common framework of symbols, of shared meanings or past historical experience to rely on. People have to have a shared conception of who/what they are to begin any meaningful debate over the merits of one course of action or another. Furthermore, there has to be a collective feeling that everyone is more or less in the same boat, and is arguing in good faith for the good of the tribe.

How can you have even begin to have a debate with a foreign tribe? They don’t have your best interests at heart. They have theirs. Your debate immediately transforms into a negotiation..and eventually you’re just haggling over the terms of the Danegeld.

How can you have a reasonable Lockian style debate with those that don’t even understand the concept of objective truth, and who aren’t interested in fair debate in the slightest? The Other doesn’t care about your lofty principles, they only care about using them to extract the most rent out of a gullible host population.

How can you debate Black Lives Matter? La Raza? ISIS?

There are no debates between foreign tribes, only war. The debate happens on the battlefield.

To our credit, the Alt-Right understands this and does not fool itself into having debates with BASED X minority group. We are consistent in saying that we want seperation and expulsion, non-violently if at all possible.

But the Alt-Lite (whatever is left of it) and basic bitch conservatives and of course liberals are still operating in a color-blind matrix. They see only deracinated individuals who for some reason insist on acting tribally. Their debates begin to resemble surrender negotiations.

The public will see very soon that debate is pointless. There are no principles at play anymore. Only our tribe and theirs. And only one group out there has drawn a line in the clay and decided to make a stand for what is theirs by birth, by blood and by the will of God.

The Alt-Right is finished debating, negotiating, surrendering. We’re ready to close ranks and fight for what is ours. Post-Charlottesville our fleet lies at the bottom of a deep and troubled sea and we can only march on forward like Cortez once did.

And like him, we stand poised to conquer the continent.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • Doxxing is wrong and I certainly don’t endorse it, but I’m just saying it would be hilarious if more lefties who showed up at rallies got doxxed with fake evidence and accused of being white nationalists. Not only would they get harassed, threatened, run out of their jobs by their fellow trust fund commies and get a taste of what it’s like to live in a society where your political opponents have abandoned basic standards of civility, but in the long term it would reduce the effectiveness of doxxing for the left generally.

    And what could they really do about it? It’s not like they could do the same to us, since nobody is getting run out of their job for being associated with antifa and white nationalists aren’t actually targeting leftists for violent attacks.

  • If this is a call for action, it is entirely unclear what sort of action it is calling for. That fact is that the alt right is a tiny minority, and the other side has the full power of the state, plus the full power of the stateless corporations, behind it. What action is both possible and constructive under these circumstances?

  • Cortez was a mercenary captain who was only interested in making money for himself, including by massacre, torture and using huge numbers of enslaved native people as miners – all to amass as much gold as he could get his hands on

  • Dear Readers: In your opinion, what is the difference between white nationalist and white supremacist? If you are white nationalist, do you believe that all races are equal (but should remain separate)? Or that the races are not equal, but that whites have no wish to control other races?

  • One way of helping this along is to become triumpalist whenever the mainstream steps back the BLM narrative and the opression of normie whites. The Alt Right should take credit for anything and everything that can be perceived as the MSM and the liberals cucking to the Alt Right. Because sooner or later they will try to placate normies. And normies are easily placated since they are moral cowards. It is imperative that the Alt Right either take credit or by threatening to take credit makes such pandering impossible.

  • The Blackout is proof of Zionist Control of Internet. NPI needs to speed up comm lines outside of internet if they want action, support, dialog, congregation etc.

  • Matthew Prince of the company CloudFare is running a company which explicitly endorses pedophile advocacy by choosing to protect pedophile advocacy sites even while he has made it 100% clear that he views it as his personal duty to police the morality of his users.

    If you give money to Cloudflare, you are actively supporting people who organize and plan child molestation.

    These are the sites that CloudFare feels are wholesome and worthy of being a business partner to their activities.

  • These leftists and anti whites are violent, hate our guts and want us dead. What is there to ‘debate’ about that? Might as well put your hand in a wild animal’s mouth and hope it doesn’t get torn off.

  • Very well, re conquer the continent for Jesus Christ, like Cortez did. Most of our people are Christians. Won’t be be any victories without them. And expulsion is an illusion. Some kind of partition may be possible, at first, state by state, assuming this regime has fought it’s war against Russia and lost. Until it loses a major war, until it’s armies are crushed on the battlefield, the regime will hold. And finally, it will start in Texas.

  • I read the article and thought, “finally, they are ready to go up against the state!”. Then I read the comments…yuck. More crap about rallies and demonstrations.

    You can keep doing this dumb shit you’re doing while thousands of whites are murdered and more white women get raped and miscegenate with blacks or you can take action to stop it. Not to “raise awareness” but to STOP IT.

    You’re still about 5 years away from that so it’s not even worth bothering with. Not worth getting doxed over and you’re not even going after the doxers in any meaningful way. Why should anyone lose their livelihood and family because you are wimps?

    I’ll fight for you but until you also fight for me, it’s a no go. Everyone who does stand up for what you REALLY believe in is disavowed so you can court some idiot who could just as easily end up at the bottom of a ditch.

    I’ll let you in on a little secret, people are drawn to strength, they are not drawn to people who complain about injustices.

    Charlottesville was a win, because there were 3 down on their side, 0 on yours….and that is the only reason…and the only thing that matters. And yet what did most of you do? Disavow your warriors in favor of “optics”.

    You need to suffer more…so I’m gonna let you do that. Don’t complain about normies, you are the normies. The real question is how do WE reach YOU.

    The people you are reaching out to are useless eaters. The people you are alienating are the best among you.

  • How can you debate Black Lives Matter?

    – Vincent Law


    You can start by asking BLM, “If black lives matter, why do so many black men murder other black men? Why do so few black men marry the mothers of their children and raise those children properly?”

        • Wouldn’t we all. However, when all sides are impervious to argumentation, a fight is often the result whether we all like it or not.

          This is why the article suggests in the title “the Alt-Right is finished debating” – because you cannot debate with the kinds of people who oppose us.

          …And to be honest, we are never going to capitulate be “argued” into dissolving ourselves as a race.

          As things harden, there will come a point where there’d be no option but to pick a side and actually do more than tap a keyboard or flap our mouths.

          There’s still time to tap and talk, but with being no-platformed off the internet, that time is also drawing to a close.

    • And then some clown starts a debate….because muh guns.

      We could remain a debating society and be overtaken by the gothsvisigothssaracrns

      • Make sure the other side starts the fight. Americans react against those who initiate the use of violence. The civil rights legislation was signed because peaceful civil rights demonstrators were attacked by segregationists.

        Then the black ghetto riots that happened from 1964 to 1968 hardened the opinions of whites living outside of the South against blacks, and turned the United States into a Republican Country.

        • “Make sure the other side starts the fight.”

          I agree, honestly (((the other side))) stated a long time ago.

  • Dear Readers: After reading some articles and comments, I had 3 questions.
    1) Alt Right readers generally do NOT claim that whites are superior to other races; but that whites are victims of unfair discrimination by leftist policies (e.g., affirmative action, illegal immigration, erasure of American history); and that one solution to this discrimination is a separate ethno-state for people of European-descent?

    Would you identify yourself as conservative, nationalist, or something else?

    2) If the Trump Administration can overturn these leftist policies (e.g., affirmative action, illegal migration, destroying historical monuments), would that lessen the need for a white ethno-state, in your opinion?

    3) I find that many black (e.g., Carol Swain), Mexican (Linda Chavez, CEO), Asian (Dinesh D’Souza), and other Americans also oppose leftist policies as morally wrong or impractical. Have you read about or worked with these (non-leftist) Americans?

    I appreciate your thoughtful comments and replies. Like Carol Swain, I want to be an honest scholar and learn more about different groups. I wish to neither praise nor condemn, but to understand. Sincerely, Joseph

    • 1. I can’t speak for everyone but i’m a Race realist conservative. There’s too much evidence of racial differences to ignore, blacks, mexicans and arabs just don’t fit into western society most of the time. Africans never should have been brought here and that’s a fact.

      2. again, can’t speak for everyone but i think the whole ethnostate thing is extremely unrealistic and needs to be dropped from the platform. It’s unreasonable and means splitting up the nation our ancestors fought for. Terrible idea. One thing I know we all agree on is multiculturalism is killing us and brown immigrants are being brought in waves with the sole purpose of displaying white people. Anything Trump can do to stem the tide is better than nothing.

      3. I know of dinesh, not the other two. He’s alright with me..

    • This movement is in it’s infancy – there will, in the future, the opportunity to become purest. This is not the time to shun simplistic non white folks. Remember many brave men fought for the Christian Alliance of Steel
      FROM: Fascism a Dharma by Columbus Falco: This book is dedicated to the Axis solders of World War 2. Though maligned by the victor’s history – it was due only to the immense courage, bravery and sacrifices of German, Italian and other Axis forces that Soviet troops did not succeed in raising the Red flag over Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Rome, Stockholm, and, perhaps, London.”

      Although official Nazi policy barred non-Germans from joining the regular German army, the Wehrmacht, volunteers from most occupied countries and even a small number from some Commonwealth countries (British Free Corps). were permitted to join the ranks of the Waffen SS and the auxiliary police (Schutzmannschaft).
      This volunteer army initially counted some tens of thousands of volunteers composed mostly of foreigners; mostly or entirely of foreign volunteers
      Wiking — Nordland The 11. SS-Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division Nordland was formed in 1943 to combine all the Scandinavian and Dutch volunteer formations; Engagements – Battle of Berlin Battle of Narva (1944), Battle of Tannenberg Line
      1st Croatian 23,200 Muslims and 2,800 Catholics, with mostly German officers. World War II in Yugoslavia:
      1st Ukrainian 81,999 men enlisted for service in the division.
      The 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician) was a World War II German military formation made up of volunteers from the region of Galicia with a Ukrainian ethnic background but later also incorporated Slovaks, Czechs and Dutch volunteers and officers. Formed in 1943, it was largely destroyed in the battle of Brody, reformed, and saw action in Slovakia, Yugoslavia and Austria before being renamed the first division of the Ukrainian National Army and surrendering to the Western Allies by 10 May 1945.
      1st Russian 29th was a Waffen SS Grenadier on August 4, 1944 the brigade was ordered to assist in the efforts in crushing the Warsaw Uprising. With the death of Commander Kaminski In 1945 its number was reassigned to 29th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Italian).
      1st Italian The 29th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Italian) also called “Italia”. 15,000 volunteers – In April 1944 three battalions fought against Allied bridgeheads of Anzio and Nettuno with surprisingly good results,
      Apart from frontline units, volunteers also played an important role in the large Schutzmannschaft units in the German-occupied territories in Eastern Europe. After Operation Barbarossa recruitment of local forces began almost immediately mostly by initiative of Himmler. These forces were not members of the regular armed forces and were not intended for frontline duty, but were instead used for rear echelon activities including maintaining the peace, fighting partisans, acting as police and organizing supplies for the front lines. In the later years of the war, these units numbered almost 200,000.
      By the end of World War II, 60% of the Waffen SS was made up of non-German volunteers from occupied countries. The predominantly Scandinavian 11th SS Volunteer Panzergrenadier Division Nordland division along with remnants of French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch volunteers were last defenders of the Reichstag in Berlin. army. However, the contingent of non-European volunteers was considerable.
      Non-European ethnic formations of the German Army (both in the Wehrmacht & the Waffen-SS) and/or Nations with pro-Nazi policies or sentiments.
      Ostlegionen (Eastern Legions):
      • Armenian Legion – 33,000 men
      • Georgian Legion – up to 10, 000 men
      • Azerbaijani Legion – 70, 000 men
      • Turkestan Legion (Central Asian Muslim volunteers such as Turkomans, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Kyrgyzs, Karakalpaks, and Tajiks) – 16, 000 men
      • Caucasian Muslim Legion (Azeris, Dagestanis, Chechens, Ingushes, and Lezgins)
      • Volga-Tatar Legion (Muslim Volga Tatars/Bulgars, Bashkirs, Chuvashes, Mari, Udmurt and Mordva)
      • Black Africans (served in the Saudi Freies Arabien Legion – see below) – unknown number
      • Sweden
      • Spanish,
      • Indians – 2, 500
      • Chinese
      • Chile
      • Brazil
      • Japanese
      • Koreans
      • Mongolians
      • Thais / Indonesians (small contingent)
      • Saudi Freies Arabien Legion:
      • North African Muslims
      • Middle Eastern Muslims
      • Deutsch-Arabische Truppe Kommando – volunteers were:
      • Moroccans
      • Algerians
      • Tunisians
      • Irish
      • German Jews – 150 000
      • Belgians,
      • Bulgarians
      • , Bosnians,
      • Croatians,
      • Czechoslovaks,
      • Danish,
      • Estonians,
      • Finnish,
      • French,
      • Greek,
      • Hungarians,
      • Netherlands,
      • English,
      • Estonians,
      • Latvians,
      • Lithuanians,
      • Norwegians,
      • Romanians,

    • Speaking for myself
      -White Pride as I call it includes being proud of the white (which means European and European connected) Heritage. Modern world has been taught to dislike whites. This happens regardless of other races. To take pride in being white also means showing the best of the White race including good manners, being polite, creative and having qualities of leadership. relationship with other races is part of it. White pride goes across the world and is not just an American movement.
      -I am a Conservative and a Nationalist.
      -Trump can help. Issues of secession and Constitutional values predate Trump. He happens to hold them dear but we face major problems that 4 or 8 years cannot solve such as a runaway debt all the way to globalist issues. Some of these problems took decades to form and cannot be addressed without massive radical change. In that sense secession is one of the simplest and easiest solutions.

    • 1. Most of us identify as Nationalists, but in the traditional sense of the term, and not in the modern ‘civic’ sense. We acknowledge the reality of race and it’s importance and wish to maintain our culture, identity, and racial integrity.

      2. No, it would not. We need an ethnostate to ensure our survival. Our ethnicity, the European American pan-ethnic group, is under attack and we are in danger of disappearing unless the current situation is radically altered, which the Judeo-Bolsheviks will not allow to happen.

      3. I cannot speak for the whole movement, but I find that they oppose our agenda on every front when it comes to the racial issues, such as the ongoing white genocide, which they openly and shamelessly deny in the face of overwhelming evidence, and the eradication of our native Anglo-American culture in favor of Jewish cultural Marxism etc., and in light of these issues I am not in favor of working with them unless they are willing to acknowledge the ongoing White genocide and White benevolence towards other races (such as the sharing of our technologies, such as computers and cell phones, and ideas, such as human rights and freedom of religion, and building modern infrastructure in other nations, such as in Africa) and stop slandering us as white supremacists. We do NOT believe in that idea, not do we promote it as the Jewish terrorists do when they claim Jews are a master race and non-Jews are ‘inferior goyim’, as evidenced by the following quotes –

      “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” – Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel

      “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.” – Ovadia Yosef, Chief Rabbi of Orthodox Judaism

      “Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we Jews are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make, they are now going into multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role, but without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.” – Barbara Lerner Spectre, head of Paideia European Jewish fund and Israeli dual citizen

      “The man of the future will be mixed race, the Eurasian Negroid race of the future will replace the diversity of peoples. Russian Bolshevism constitutes a decisive step towards this purpose where a small group of communist spiritual aristocrats govern the country. The general staff is recruited from Europe’s spiritual leaders and master race, the Jews. From the European quantity of people and masses there will rise up two quality races – the blood aristocracy and their masters the Jews. Both believe in their higher mission of their better blood and race. The superiority of their spirit and race predestines them to be a main factor of the future nobility.” – Richard Von Coudenhove-Kalergi, founder and president of the Pan-European Union, predecessor of the European Union

      “In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.” – Ovadia Yosef, Chief Rabbi of Orthodox Judaism

      “With the exception of the U.S.S.R. as a federated Eurasian State, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, and there will be an international police force at the disposal of the Jews. All armies will be abolished and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations will build a shrine of the Jewish prophets, who will be worshiped as Gods, to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah…” – David Ben Gurion, First Prime Minister of Israel, Called the “Greatest Jew of modern times”

      “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away” – Benjamin Netanyahu, Current Prime Minister of Israel

      Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. I hope you can find the answers you seek.

  • Regarding Confederate monuments, the one group left out of the picture of tearing down Confederate monuments are … Confederates. Southern secession was the root of the civil war and it is strong today.

    Destroying Confederate monuments guarantees to feed secession than never before. It is a stronger motivation than what fueled the civil war in the first place.

    The Confederate South can secede using a referendum but if it is militant action that is required then I am sure there are nations, such as Russia, who have the funds and the expertise to help the South secede from Washington D.C. Those destroying Southern history are from outside.

    They are liberals from the west and east coast. They are an “invasion”. Protecting Confederate monuments could become the first true act of forming a nation.

    As I see it an independent Confederacy would be around 770 thousand square miles, and one of the most wealthy and developed nations to emerge in the 21st century.

    She has vast natural resources, a major agricultural region, control of the Mississippi and the Gulf to having her own borders. She will have full control of her immigration.

    She will determine her own history and the fate of her own monuments. She most likely will share the heritage of the Founding Fathers and have a military to match that of what remains of the United States of America.

  • I recommend our race realist, Alt Right folks get some cover and not try to be a 24/7 race realist, Alt Right man. This is no way to live. It’s impossible to keep a job, have a decent social life, keep a girl friend, get married and have children. This life is a sausage fest – all guys. Unless you are thinking of turning homo it’s not a fun lifestyle.

    Instead – get some cover, have other interests, hobbies and do your effective race realism, Alt Right activism on a few days a month.

    When someone says of you:

    “That guy is….”

    The first thing that pops up shouldn’t be

    White racialist
    White supremacist
    or even
    Alt Right

    It should be something like:

    “That guys a welder, he’s a business man, he’s a biker, he’s a hiker, he’s a Chicago Black hawks hockey fan, he’s a New Zealand rugby fan or just he’s a rugby fan, he’s a member of some respected church”.

    Normies, neighbors should know of you and consider you to be a good person, trust you with their children etc.

    This has worked well for me and it can and will work well for you.

  • Until Richard Spencer launches a second rally right into the heart of Charlottesville, then it has to be considered a failure. That is what must be done; anything less, any excuses not to, will signify it as a loss to our side. Yet, like Trump’s promise of a wall and mass deportations, where is Spencer’s announcement that this is being planned? There should already be one, with a line up of speakers, and an announcement that the necessary paperwork has already been filed with Charlottesville. Spencer himself made a public statement that he was going back, and not just once, but many, many times. Where is the announcement for this new rally? Where is the list of guests? Spencer’s return, from a propaganda standpoint, must be done so as to rub salt into the wounds of Charlottesville and her leftist citizens. It must enrage them, until they are driven into a red froth of blind hatred. Spencer must not go back on his word, or the Unite The Right rally will go down as a catastrophic defeat for the alt-right.

  • I think the alt-right should double down on it’s message of family values for white people. Having babies is literally the only way to preserve our culture, and anyone who attacks that idea as being racist would look pretty bad. Most (normal) white Americans are turned off by the idea of an extremely radical group, I don’t even like to think of myself as an ‘activist’, it’s a term i automatically associate with weirdo leftist freaks who ain’t got better shit to do. So don’t go that route, please.

    • Also the fact that this site is still up during this moral panic should concern you. Some of the comments here sounds like ISIS recruitment, and this article itself seems a bit extreme. If the alt-right is going to morph into a bunch of tim mcveigh wannabes then there’s no hope for the movement. Stop playing videogames, stop looking at porn, stop doing the things that prevent us from reaching our full potential. Make babies. Too many angry losers are making the movement look bad, nobody wants to be associated with the angry loser who can’t get no pussy club. Nobody.

      • I disagree.

        For example here is a leftie professor bashing all whites…

        “You have to have millions of people who are willing to be bystanders, who push aside evidence of racism, Islamophobia or sexism. You can’t have one without the other,” Naison says.
        “We are a country with a few million passionate white supremacists — and tens of millions of white supremacists by default,” he says.

        You need the fatigue wearing rabid lunatics or you are going to be killed in your bed by feral blacks and browns.

        • Be prepared to defend yourself and your family if the shit hits the fan, that’s the best route. They are desperate to paint all disaffected white guys as potential terrorists, don’t play into their hands.

          • Black people can’t aim for shit, half the time when they are shooting up their neighborhoods they don’t even hit the person they are aiming for. Don’t worry about them.

    • Our movement is young and there are many young men who cannot afford to start families. There is nothing “weird” about political activism. Previous generations of conservatives simply never got active and never held the line and now you bitch about the belated resistance that the Alt-Right FINALLY decides to put up. Take some testosterone pills and pull yourself together, man.

      • It’s very encouraging that you actually replied to me, that someone involved in the movement is actually listening to me, the irrelevant nobody. Charlottesville opened my eyes to certain realities that I was skeptical of. The old saying about who controls you is who you’re not allowed to criticize. The hysterical overreaction of the powers that be proved it. There’s lots of people on the sidelines sympathetic to the cause but not willing to get their head bashed in or declared part of a terrorist cell who DO have a stable foundation on which to start a family. Like me. It’s our children, raised with a stable homelife and traditional christian values that will restore this nation to glory.

        • Spencer actively wants young white men doxed as that is in the interests of his masters.

          Also means he can indoctrinate them and then sexually exploit them.

          • That’d be awful if true but I don’t believe it. We have to stop being
            suspicious of everyone. But yeah I don’t want to be doxxed, that’s
            terrifying. This moral panic is terrifying. I’d wait until it dies down a
            bit to do another rally, try and maintain that air of mystery that the
            alt-right has. The media almost seems open to the normalization of the
            movement, they bitch about racist supremacist KKK but calls the
            alt-right white nationalists half the time.

        • I don’t even believe in god but I would raise my kids to. I’d teach them all the things I had to figure out on my own since leftist social decay made sure that I grew up fatherless. Just think of it! 3 kids minimum per family should be the mantra, and exclusively aimed at white men to piss off the (((elites))) who have degraded us.

  • Forget about voting.
    Forget about debating.
    Forget about protest marches.
    Those tactics no longer work.
    What we need today, is a mass revolt.
    This means our focus should be on spreading propaganda to “red-pill” / “black-pill” as many people as possible as fast as possible, while preparing ourselves for lawlessness & guerilla warfare as best as we can.

    Only a mass revolt can change the rising tide of color & Jewish “Cultural Marxism”!

    • 1/3rd of your paycheck goes towards the government enemy, the other 1/3rd you voluntarily buy and trade with non-white invaders, and a good chunk of the rest of your 1/3rd you voluntarily buy and trade with anti-white traitors. Good luck with your “revolution”.

  • Dear Readers: I am an Asian-American scholar based in California and South Korea. I do not agree with everything discussed in this forum, but I firmly believe in the right of each individual to voice his/her views peacefully and legally. I strongly oppose those who would censor any one group. I hope you do not lose all faith in American democracy, but work hard to make our nation better. I plan to read and learn from the interesting articles and comments posted here. Sincerely, Joseph

    • Dear Joseph, I’d like to know what you find so weird about europeans wanting an ethnostate. Isn’t Korea near 100% korean and isolationist?

      • Dear Micene: I do not find that weird at all. I study ethno-nationalist movements in various countries, including here in South Korea.

        Yes, historically Korea was homogeneous and isolationist (‘hermit kingdom’); but isolation also left Korea behind economically, until it was colonized by a more economically advanced neighbor (Japan). Today, Korea is much more open and multiethnic than before (about 3-4 percent of population are migrants or children of migrants), including black-Korean rappers ( Certain policies, such as on affirmative action, mass migration, and illegal immigration, are highly controversial and debated in South Korea, just as in the USA.

        People in a liberal-democracy arguably have the right to voice and vote for what society they want to live in, as long as it is done legally and peacefully. I strongly support your right to speak for (or against) an ethno-state.

        Question: If the Trump Administration (or Supreme Court) ends affirmative action policies that discriminate against whites, and reduces migration, would that lessen the need for a white ethno-state?

        • It would probably end most of the motivation of young white men to join far right groups. Yes.

          You know it and the government knows it.

          • Korean people are great. However, if you stay in multicultural area long enough, your grandchildren may become Eurasian-Negroid slave race of the future to the Jewish Master race. If you want this, that’s fine. But, we don’t want this forced upon us any longer.

        • Real Americans are Celtic, Germanic, Baltic; and maybe we can include in there Mediterranean if we are given the options to vote on it and asked nicely.

      • Dear Captain John: I consider America to be my home country and Korea my country of origin. Yes, some Koreans—esp. in older generation—eat dog soup (; but this practice is becoming increasingly criticized by animal rights activists and ignored by younger generation, who prefer more westernized food. Joseph

      • Dear James: I support the rights of my fellow Americans to speak, vote, and shape society, as long as it is done legally and peacefully. I support your right not to be censored. I also lived here for nearly 40 years and love this country as my own. I would consider that these things make me American. Sincerely, Joseph

          • If you are willing to do the work, you can become culturally Korean and a legal Korean (or Chinese) citizen. I know white people living in Seoul who are more ‘Korean’ than me, culture and language-wise; and vice versa (Koreans who are culturally Texan or old Americana, or extremely into west coast Black rap). These are just my observations. Sincerely, Joseph

          • I will never biologically be Chinese. You’ll never be American. Many people here will never welcome you. I don’t care what you bring to the table, I don’t want you here. If we win politically, you won’t be here.

  • Fancy speech, well written, still not buying it. At least half the Alt-Right is falling over themselves to be the most extreme optics cuck possible and the other half is black pilled as fuck and thinks everyone is a Fed. As a lifetime student of military history I can assure you that taking an army THIS demoralized into battle has no other outcome than catastrophic defeat.

    Everyone is being such a bunch of babies that I’m considering just unplugging from the Alt-Right for a few months and coming back in like January or something to see if people stopped being faggots yet.

    • I like how they whine about Jewish ethnic nepotism being a strength, and then continue to be individualists.

    • We have to make do with the cadres we have. I think Charlottesville was a tactical failure, but a massive strategic success. Not sure why people are “blackpilled” lol. Also, I’ve found that most of the cucks are the NAP Libertardians who are pussies IRL.

  • We don’t need these parasitic imbeciles, they need us. If America had stayed 90% white we’d probably have a colony on mars by now. It’s amazing what white men can do when we put our heads together and work as a cohesive unit.

  • “We are consistent in saying that we want seperation and expulsion, non-violently if at all possible.”

    Consistently unrealistic … in extremis.

    • Well maybe we could try something else, such as making life In America so unpleasant and humiliating for non-Whites that they want to leave.

      • Literally how it is for us now. We’re not getting that hand back. Leaving is probably the only good bet.

        • Speak for yourself, bro. I have been doing rather well lately. There is no way in hell that I am going anywhere.

          • I don’t lie to a brother. I think the main thing White guys need to do is to make it plain to all non-Whites that we do NOT accept them as social equals and not even as fully human beings.

            EXAMPLE: If you have a party, NO interracial couples are allowed. In fact, if any White girls are at the party NOT ONE non-White male is allowed to attend. After a while they get the idea that they are NOT human.

          • There’s this gay Israeli who makes videos of himself asking Israelis questions sent in by people all over. One was, Would you marry a non-Jewish person? All of the men said yes. Just one woman did.

          • For awhile, the Disqus Algos were stopping all posts with Jew/s. Daniel Friberg commented one time that it was NOT the site but Disqus doing that.

          • Yeah, but they might not use any Algos for Infowars because Disqus doesn’t care about Lizard people comments.

          • Okay, I will cut and paste the (awaiting approval) comment on infowars, right now, and see what happens.

          • Yeah, the comment posted on infowars, with no problem.
            It was word for word.
            Here the comment has been pending for 26 minutes.
            Oh hell here it is spaced…
            “I have great respect for Herr J u d e n. He is a worthy opponent.”

          • Don’t want to provoke, but white girls aren’t worth all that anymore. Haven’t been for some time.

          • Makes no difference. You are a poor excuse for a man if you have a party and allow both White girls and non-White males to attend. After a while the example that you set by enforcing racial boundaries will give the girls a sense of self-worth — then they will be worth it.

      • It’s not hard work, it’s simply a matter of shutting them out. I suggest a white only informal labor exchange.

  • Vince writes, “How can you debate Black Lives Matter? La Raza?”

    I collect college degrees. It’s a hobby of mine. So, at the local university, I have found a technique for “debating” with these people that works rather well. When they make outlandish claims about me and other white folks “oppressing them” and “stifling their culture.”

    Instead of arguing with them, I grin and say, “That’s right. That’s exactly what we do.” Then I usually chuckle a little and say. “And we are going to keep on doing it.” This catches them so far off balance that they are momentarily speechless.

    Their next move might be to ask me if I am a racist, or they might just come out and accuse me of being a racist, to which I answer. “That’s right, I’m more of a racist that Hitler ever was.” Or instead, I might answer, “Of course I’m a racist — I’m not a homosexual.” (Which implies that any white male who is not a racist is a homosexual.) Now they’re totally disoriented. In their entire lives no white man has ever presented himself to them this way.

    The method outlined above has worked for me dozens of times, at several colleges. I think what makes it work is that I’m smiling, trying not to laugh, when I’m going through the routine — not angry at all. And I have never had any problems with the routine, such a being attacked, or reported to the campus police, or having to go and talk to the dean — none of that.

    So I agree with Vince: The time to debate is long past. It is now time to look non-White militants squarely in the eye and say, “That’s right, I’m more of a racist than Hitler ever was.” And then try not to laugh too hard at their shocked reactions.

    • I worked at a place with some Mexican women. I usually get along with them very well. One day, one of them brought out the “Estuvimos aqui primero” line. On the fly I replied, “No importa nada, nosotros tenìamos las pistolas y el plan.” The other woman, a good hearty peasant type, erupted in laughter and said I was right. Always make it brash and funny.

  • Race, the ultimate divide and conquer strategy of international finance and their multinational corporate lackeys. Flood the West with immigrants and have everyone at each others throats to secure their own share of the ever shrinking economic pie. Have Antifa and the alt right types go at it forever, while the elites keep fleecing them for every penny they can, reducing them to debt slaves. You guys talk about being replaced with immigrants, but you yourselves aren’t reproducing, thus your central gripe is almost a moot issue. The questions that need to be asked are why are immigrants being allowed to flood the West and why are whites not replacing themselves? The answer to both questions lies in economics and greed. Immigrants will cause a glut in potential workers, driving down wages. Young whites, being replaced by H1-B visa workers, are having a hard time finding food jobs, so they are in education debt and can’t afford to procreate. Making race the end in itself is moronic, as the whole thing is a distraction for the reality behind it. We are being groomed to be bottom feeders, perpetual debt slaves. That is the end, while race is just one of the means to that end. This slavery will transcend race, color, and creed, so why keep harping/fighting with another group that is earmarked for debt bondage and misery?

    • Robert Bruce says, “slavery will transcend race, color, and creed.”

      Don’t bet on it, Bobby. See, we White folks are natural-born oppressors. So when more non-Aryans sneak into the country, that’s just more subhumans for us to oppress. In fact, if enough untermenschen pour in, wages will be so depressed that the labor market will devolve to the level of de facto chattel slavery for the new illegal immigrants. I for one am looking forward to buying and selling them — like livestock.

        • Not too hard to avoid paying interest.
          Just stop borrowing money.
          I for one, collect a lot more in interest and dividends than I pay.
          Just like my worthy opponent, Herr J u d e n.

          • A purebred White man of predominantly northern European ancestry who lives in a post-industrial ghost town in Appalachia. A small-time capitalist. And a Christian — not a nature-worshiping tree hugger.

      • Expulsion is a viable option, it’s how every country in the history of planet Earth solved their ethnic problems.

    • “so why keep harping/fighting with another group that is earmarked for debt bondage and misery?”

      Because the cheap foreign labor is always non-white, and those that are having their standard of living lowered by their presence is always white.

      • Yeah, but they are being used and also going to be slaves. Why fight them, and not your would be masters? You are focusing your energies on people without any real power and are just pawns.

    • I thought most alt-righters aren’t procreating, because you can’t get laid. Ever check out the “Incel” Reddit page? Damn near all of those basement dwellers are alt-right. Money doesn’t buy you love, brah. After the Civil War, *all* veterans, rich and poor, bore enough children to restore and grow the national population. Aside from your low domestic capital (you’re unattractive, misogynistic, “too good” for the work you *can* get, on the verge of being caged for hate crimes, etc.), you’ve got NO reason to be out-bred by immigrants who struggle more than you do.

        • Why do you care? It’s not like I’m trying to manufacture a majority-population that bears my resemblance. I’m only stating a fact – most alt-right men are single because they’re undesirable and the rest are single because they’re closeting their orientation towards other men. Inviting gays to join your “movement” is an easy way to grow it. Tell Richard Spencer that he’s free to come out and lead your “movement” as an openly gay man.

    • You’re only addressing a little piece of the problem. Yeah, we’re being enslaved through finance and debt. The semitic people at the top are the primary enemy but that doesn’t mean we can all sing gay songs around campfires and pretend our cultural and racial differences don’t exist and cause conflict and unrest when in proximity to one another. Oh, I almost forgot. Go back to /leftypol/, faggot.

      • The Beach Boys? Seriously? C’mon. You nearly had me there for a minute. Who’s next on the alt-right playlist? The fucking Carpenters? Or maybe just a touch of Doris Day to liven things up. Jesus Christ. I knew you people were mental but the Beach Boys? Hilarious. Btw. I’m kinda guessing you haven’t been to the Beach in a while, given that they’re so inaccessible from your Armageddon bunker. I was at the beach last week and saw tons of people of color. All having a rip roaring time. Frisbees, bikinis, the whole deal. Not too many swastikas or over weight, anemic, mom’s basement dwellers with their army surplus pants tucked inside their $9/ hr security guard boots. The south will rise again. Just not this year. Be True to your school, Barbara Ann!

  • The AltRight had a golden opportunity to grow its ranks and become a political force. All you had to do was make sure your message focused on love for and well being of white people and distance yourself from racial hate speech of the past. As soon as you’re labelled a hate group your opponents have the moral high ground; you’ve lost.

    Following a few very simple rules would do it,

    1) Disavow the KKK and any derivative of it.
    2) Disavow Nazism and when you do, point out that it’s a philosophy that’s more aligned with the American political left. The Nazis were nearly as effective at using the levers of government to support political ends as are the democrats.
    3) NEVER say or write anything derogatory about a non-white race.
    4) Do not allow KKK or Nazi garb or symbols at your rally’s.
    5) Always fight FOR white rights and never against non-white rights.
    6) Engage publicly in fights against anti-white actions; seize the moral high ground.

    • 1) KKK doesnt exist. Nothing to disavow
      2) “Leftist are da real fascists” doesnt work
      3) Say what you want, just dont rely heavily on racial slurs
      4) Yes, we agree.
      5) Also a good point.
      6) We already do that.

  • We need to leverage the Dark web more and use that as a means of assembling IRL. Not rallies, but private assembly to discuss IRL tactics.

    • With all due respect…your confederate symbolism is harmful to prospects of forming a politically strong, pro-white organization.

      • Literally no one is offended by the Confederate flag other than shtitlib SWPLs and non-whites. There was a poll out where 44 percent of blacks were fine with Confederate monuments.

  • At the very least, can we make sure whomever plans future events, they have some solid alt-right bona fides? Or at least refuse to attend rallies organized by people who supported Obama until November 2016? I’d have more legitimacy to set up a rally than Kessler, and I’m fairly new to all of this – but I have a pretty solid pro-white/anti-leftist CV going back about a decade.

  • What will happen is most of the alt right will be trashed but a few ideas will go mainstream probably banning almost all non-white immigration will be in the future of regular conservative platforms.

  • Dynamic reality
    “I believe that if a people wish to live, they should develop a will to power, otherwise they vegetate, live miserably and become prey to a stronger people, in whom this will to power is developed to a higher degree”. (Benito Mussolini -Speech to the Senate, May 28, 1926).

    • Niggers, beaners and chinks aren’t stronger people; Jews control the media, that is all.

      So where’s your “control the media” strategy, alt right?

  • YES, YES, YES!!!!!!! We desparately need unifying symbols and unifying ideas, better public relations and strategy.this should have been happening all this time….now we seem like republicans trying to replace obamacare and all the while having had no plan….a small group can beat a large enemy with smarts, discipline and coordination….gravitate toward the current ideas floating around that work toward your goal like anti immigration, dont flaunt the ideas that are out of the mainstream, move people slowly with position papers on protecting the country, do like has been done to us, argue the moral case for why whites deserves rights like everybody else….play the game with the media….i suspect everybody in the alt right gets the jew thing but it does zero good to parade it around in public right now….we are still at opening moves, do not broadcast your endgame until it is time….and for heavens sake do not splinter within unless there are damaging belligerents that will not adapt…unify the public face….patriotism has a big audience right now….follow that path….make yourself a real alternative to the pseudo conservatives in gov today….be clever, concise and consistent….and never let your anger get the best of you in public….we need a true choice more then ever right now…be that choice…..use the trends that are working for you and make that your platform….build a philosophy that gets you power by selling it….you may be called sellouts by others, take the heat for the long term good….what you want right now is to build politicl power….

    • This is what they want you to do….the swamp loves what is going on right now….it soldifies their power…..they would love to have you take a custers last stand…..then you will not be heard from again and the swamp will present themselves as the destroyers of hate….and no voices will remain to carry on….they will make of you a smudge on a piece of yellowed paper…..hold tight you are not in the primary arena yet….squirmishes will take you down….and they are trying to force you out into the open right now….thats why the censorship squeeze is on…..thats why the police stand down at the rallies, why you are not defended, they want you to make this move so they can escape judgement for what they want to do to you all….

  • This site sucks. It’s self-referential like Jews are, alt-right this, alt-right that, good for the Jews or not, merely reacting. Radix was so much better, it had perspective and a broad range of subjects. This site is now trying to replace DS. For Spencer it’s rock bottom and still way to go.

    • I liked Radix but it had like an article every week or two.

      Don’t like the content? Submit your own.

      • Seriously. All these people leaving entire essays in the comments. Submit a piece. Get paid. Why is the only guy posting consistently on this site me? Where are all the high agency Whites I’ve heard so much about?

        Oh, that’s right. Bitching in the comments section.

        Fucking step up your game, lads.

    • Nothing will replace DS , IS, etc.
      This is one of the only decent sites left, tho. So plz stop ragging on it

      • I want to get your take on something that’s been nagging me (and mentioned a couple of times on this site in various threads). Should we be concerned that the sites that weren’t taken down are either somehow compromised, deliberately left up so it can be monitored, or otherwise not what it appears to be?

        When the post C’ville purge took place, this site seemed to be one of the few remaining (likely along with Radix too, I didn’t check at that time). This, along with Kessler being the point man on the UtR rally, despite being pro-Obama until a few months ago, all seems kinda troubling to me.

      • Do you not find it suspicious that this site isn’t attacked? That Spencer has a blue check? That he gets on the media all the time?

  • The Alt-Right is an alternative to to the controlled opposition cuckservatives. But what is the so-called “Alt-Left” an alternative to? They’re just the street thug enforcers of Political Correctness.

    • There is no “Alt left” because they dont need to be “alternative” to be allowed to express their views in the open. The “Alt left” label is a boomer cuckservative talking point (usually trotted out by talking heads like Hannity, Limbaugh, or Dsouza) used to distance themselves from both the alt right and to help their fellow boomers (liberal ones) distance themselves from the violent antifa.

    • I think Trump was searching for a term to define them.

      I suggest this term: NeoBolsheviks (Neocons + Bolsheviks)

  • Only one small note, it’s Cortés, not Cortez. Using Z instead of S is a language deformity inflicted by mestizos. No white Spaniard worth his salt would ever do that, specially to Don Hernán Cortés Monroy Pizarro Altamirano, marquis and white explorer with 11 kids.

  • It’s still a propaganda war. We have to deprogram our fellow whites. We barely care what non-whites think though some can be allies.

  • BLM is the best thing that has happened to us. I hope they continue with their rhetoric, They are red pilling more normie whites than we could ever hope to convert. Keep up the good work BLM

        • I counted the list of Jews in Antifa arrested at Trump’s inauguration. 10-15 percent of those arrested were Jews. I posted the spreadsheet to GotNews and Hasbara Heebs immediately replied not to click on it because it had viruses!

      • They have the basic list, and some have had addresses, employers, jewbook, etc. exposed.
        /pol is always right, and I have no doubt they will expose ALL of them.

    • That is some pretty damn awesome news there, I just hope they mirror the hell out of it and save it to external hard drives as well.

      As a side note, my name was on there (but not me of course, I was not in VA, just have an unfortunately very common name, though in some ways, that’s a good thing too).

  • Mr. Law, if that’s even your real name, the world is not “plotting against the alt-right”. Though, I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with your sudden and thorough “deplatformming” on social media, this limit on your hate speech is, actually, quite modest. You account for only a tiny portion of the Internet’s “anti-women, anti-disabled, anti-foreign, anti-people of color, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-Democrat” hate speech. And your less-vicious contemporaries aren’t likely to experience the social media wipeout that is hobbling your “movement”. With a few modest efforts to scale back on your hate speech, you’ll be able to convince the tech companies to reopen your social media accounts. By meeting them halfway, you could be back on the Internet in a matter of days. Lay off the melodramatics and start earning your piece of their territory. Set the good example for all who mock, revile, and doubt the practicality of ANY form of isolationism.

      • How? The Internet is saturated with hate. Believe me, Big Tech can afford to unload the alt-right “assholes”, to quote one of your blacklisters. And how can you rail against the people you perceive to be “interlopers”, when you’re an “interloper”, too? Billionaire tech CEO’s deserve to maintain their boundaries, just like anyone else, right?

        • Can the phone company deny me a phone because they don’t like my conversations or texts? These internet companies all rely on government infrastructure to deliver their products and they need to be regulated like utility companies.

          • The phone company could refuse you service, if the content of phone calls was publicly available to billions of Internet users 24/7/365. Confidentiality is the reason why you’re allowed to troll “nuclear” via phone, but not via web. A phone company’s potential liabilities are nil, because its service has a *very* limited capacity to cause serious harm for people. Lawmakers don’t give a rat’s ass about your “right” to troll. They’re protecting the folks who matter – the CEOs of AT&T, TMobile, Verizon, etc..

          • Who the fuck gets to define “potential liabilities for serious harm”? The Diversity officer of Google? The CIA of Verizon who wishes to throttle Netflix?

            But you do get at a serious point. All of these rent seekers, be it Internet companies who are by and large economic free riders, Zionist Jews, blacks, Hispanics,they all need American Whites more than we need them. This is why most of us don’t believe in America, and seek the end of this false “propositional nation” based on ideas like equality and democracy. Just like the USSR collapsed when people doubted the validity of Communism, so too is the USA coming apart now that faith in ideas like free speech are eroding.

          • Are you a “professional alt-right activist”, or something? Their customers define what’s a potential liability! If you’re running a business, and you’re swamped with your customer’s complaints and threats to boycott, WTF are you going to do? Sink with the dead-weight of your FEW swastika-waving customers? Or kick that small group of #deplorables to the curb? People aren’t going to pay to speak on platforms which enable hate and violence. And social media companies do not have an unlimited ability to control the “marketplace of ideas”. If some of them don’t conform to the values of their customers, they WON’T be competitive for very long. Personally, I think YOU are a communist AND a proponent of censorship! You want to dictate what people buy and where people choose to express themselves! That’s arrogant and obnoxious, and you’ll NEVER “trump” free speech or a free market! Get over it, snowflake!

          • The technical question is when a monopoly can’t be busted and therefore must become a utility.

        • But saying whites have a right to exist and to have homelands and self-determination like every other race is heresy to political correctness and can’t be allowed. It’s incredible.

          • Shows how dangerous our ideas are. ISIS are monkeys that could be defeated in a week if America wanted to get rid of them.

  • I prefer the term “Ants” for the opposition. It’s shorter than Antifa. Also it reminds one of the small swarming destructive insects that they are. And we could call ourselves the “Pros” or “Whites” or “WhiteMen. The labels need to be short. The “Ants versus the WhiteMen”, sounds pretty good to me.

  • Since ‘coming out’ as Alt Right with my immediate family, I have been consistently asked if I am a White Supremicast, or colliquolly a Nazi.

    My honest answer is No, unfortunately the White/European Race is the most self-loathing, guillable, and guilt ridden tribe of people on Earth.

    Only white Europeans will disavow their own brothers and sisters who advocate for their own interests before disavowing the out-groups who, literally wish to eliminate the white race from the face of the Earth.

    Despite this reality, I believe it is unwise and counter productive to engage in a brotherly warfare against cucks and shitlibs. At least, in the physical sense of traditional warfare, we must only oppose them ideologically.

    I suggest following the model of Jesus Christ, and moving forward with an other worldly conviction. A conviction that does not comprise it’s beliefs and does not surrender it’s identity, but one that does not aggressively attack the status quo.

    Unfortunately, the status quo is corrupt, perverted, hypocritical, and utterly void of tangible meaning. These circumstances are beyond our control, and we must humble ourselves to them.

    Given this reality, our only viable path forward is one that include martydom as it’s primary weapon. Not terrorism, just an unflinching resolve to stand for what we say and believe.

    It is only in this way that I believe the white masses can be convinced to take their own side and oppose the global displacement and dispossession of their people and their progeny.

    The losing tactics from the last world war must not be repeated, this time we must humble ourselves and pray that the tide will turn generations from now, but only if the disciples of our beliefs are strong enough to muster the eternal convictions that it takes to make real change. Be prosperous and multiply, if that doesn’t work, be willing to sacrifice and martyr for the cause, that is all one can do to change the world. Be the change you wish to see.

    • “A conviction that does not comprise it’s beliefs and does not surrender it’s identity, but one that does not aggressively attack the status quo. “

      Nice sentiment snd an ideal way to go forward .

      But I’m afraid, the time of aggressive conflict is coming.

    • If people are going to accuse you of being a racist, no matter what you do or say, then you might as well be a racist, because you have nothing to lose by being one. At least some people will respect you for having balls.

  • If you wants to win you should stop to bleat about Jews and use nazi rhetorics and symbols. Clearly you are not able to overcome your Jew-hatred which drives you to insanity and foolish tactics. That is the primary reason you lose and will never win. You may shed a lot of blood if not crushed decisively but the result is predetermined by Lord of History. Look back into WWII in which the most powerful country was eliminated due to its obsession with Jews and make rational conclusions. I know you will not.

    • Blaming Jews is a rational conclusion. You expect us to act like Breitbart fags, take issue with Jewish obsession to obliterate the white race while worshipping Jews? You can’t force me to love a tribe that wants to smear and destroy me. You may enjoy having your nose stuck in a Jew’s ass, but don’t expect others to imitate your behavior.

      • Hey. I am Norwegian. You in the US might have a big issue with jewish globalist anti-whitism but here in Norway we have our own idiots of leftists and liberals and genocidal greenparty environmentalists. Jews are not an big issue.

        I have no right to condem you for speecing up against jewis anti-whitism but I do think that it is better to be a litle pragmatic about it. We have a HUGE leftist and liberal problem. We are over runned by muslims and africans in Europe and latinoes in the US.

        Look what the libtards have gotten just by incrimental steps. Lets push in the Right direction and don’t be to autistic about everything at once. We should look at the Jews like other groops. They are not us and have their own interests but lets not be hung up on one issue that is actually secondary to reversing third world migration.

        We must also avoid pushing people in to a corner. I know a couple of 1/4 or one 1/8 jews that are basically norwegians at heart and in blood. They are pretty based but if you push the JQ with no caviats and with no exeptions you will push them over to the left along with their friens and family too. That is not a good stratigy. 🙂

        • They are not left or right. They are always just in it for themselves. You must understand the root of the problem before you can proceed. Don’t delude yourself about BASED X minorities.

          • Yes. Religious Jews are a non european minority like kurds in Norway. They also promote multiculturalism when they go in to politics. Just like many jews. But there are many mixed up jews that are basically white. One guy I know looks just as much like a viking as I do. If we do.

            We must demand that the globalist wing of the zionist self identified Jews choose if they are going to be a part of our common future or if they want to be a separate nation. If so they have a nice litle country by the Mediteranian. But we must not be so autistic and un-prcise that we make every one with a drop of jewish blood to panic.

            But you are right. I do not think that we should relie on Based minorities.

          • They promote multiculturalism because they want to erase our history, our heritage, our unity, what makes us who we are, so we will be easier to control. Their Talmud teaches that their messiah will come one day and conquer the whole planet, make them a ‘priestly people’ like the Brahman ruling class in Hinduism, and give each Jew 2,400 goyim slaves to do with as he please. They want to divide and conquer us and then enslave us.

            “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” – Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel

            “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.” – Ovadia Yosef, Chief Rabbi of Orthodox Judaism

            “In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.” – Ovadia Yosef, Chief Rabbi of Orthodox Judaism

            “The man of the future will be mixed race, the Eurasian Negroid race of the future will replace the diversity of peoples. Russian Bolshevism constitutes a decisive step towards this purpose where a small group of communist spiritual aristocrats govern the country. The general staff is recruited from Europe’s spiritual leaders and master race, the Jews. From the European quantity of people and masses there will rise up two quality races – the blood aristocracy and their masters the Jews. Both believe in their higher mission of their better blood and race. The superiority of their spirit and race predestines them to be a main factor of the future nobility.” – Richard Von Coudenhove-Kalergi, founder and president of the Pan-European Union, predecessor of the European Union

            This is them admitting to this fact in their own words. WAKE UP!

          • Yes there are always made men but it is practically impossible for all jews to be in on the same conspirasy. They are not super human and they are individuals like us.

            You can counter zionist globalist multiculturalist anti whitism but do not push ordinary unpolitisized jews to extremism. Never push your enemy in to a corner. “Machiavelli”

            I think most jews just don’t care and then there are some genuine multiculturalists that mainly push their agenda because they actually think that white nationalism is dangerous to them. (Ww2) We need to stop feeding their fare.

            It is not in our interest to go crazy with conspiracys. It repulses normies.

          • Not trying to be a jerk, friend, but you really don’t know what you are talking about. I am not saying that to offend you, but you just can’t understand, you haven’t been around Jews to the same extent some of us have been.

            I grew up in south Florida, Palm beach County to be exact, about a 30 minute drive from the biggest holohoax museum in the world. This place is filled to the brim with them, some places they out number white men, like in Boca Raton and parts of Boynton and Delray. I also lived in New Jersey for a time, once again around tons of them all of the places, both secular and hasidic. I spent a good chunk of my life surrounded by these ‘people’ and I can say for a fact that they act in unison and stick together like a vicious pack of wolves. It’s like they operate in a hive mind and don’t even need to communicate verbally, just get in a room together and they already know what they want to do to all the goyim in their vicinity.

            Like when I was in high school, these Jews were ALWAYS together in packs, dealing drugs, manipulating people to start fights with each other, stealing, lying, conniving, cheating, figuring out ways to seduce white girls and sexually abuse them, they were literally the worst sorts of people one could possibly imagine, and they were everywhere, all the time, constantly networking and looking for ways to get shekels, sex, and drugs. They were horrible bullies too, they would pick on anyone they perceived to be weak or ‘unpopular’ and would quite literally torture the poor victim psychology and were utterly shameless about it. I myself had run ins with these rats even though I actively tried to avoid them at all costs.

            When I left school all the white kids grew up and matured but these Jews remained absolute scoundrels with no decency or honor. They were still using drugs 24/7, still selling drugs (even to children!), still scamming and stealing, and always networking with each other to find ways to screw everyone else over and enrich themselves. They operate like a mafia, and I mean that literally, just about everything that they do is either a racket or a scam or some sleazy crime based in violence, drugs, and sex.

            You’re unaware of this because you haven’t been around a lot of them. When they get enough numbers they become just like Moslems and negroes, only more cunning and ruthless.

          • Sound exactly like their hairy kinsmen the Arabs in Europe. Exactly the same. Also for those fools who want to imagine that Jews are White/European. Look at the swarthy mugs in that video.

            Also Judaism is nothing more than an international criminal cabal, otherwise known as organized crime.

          • They are worse than Arabs. Far worse. They are literal well poisoners. When I was real young before coming to the U.S. I had never met one and had no opinion on them aside from my Christian beliefs that they killed Jesus. Now I know better. They are evil and THAT is precisely why Jesus called them children of the Devil. It is almost literal. They are hateful, vengeful, petty, mean, nasty, malicious, I could go on and on.

            When I was younger I used to work at raves supplying sound systems (I still do, but now I just drop off the stuff and leave) and they were everywhere all the time, they were literally running everything, from the drugs, to the drinks, to the door, EVERYTHING, and I watched then quite closely. They would push drugs on everyone and rant and rave about how everyone should get high. They would get all the girls drunk with free drinks and publicly molest them. They would invite underage girls to come to their parties for free and would get them intoxicated and try raping them.

            I actually saw one do it. He got this 14 year old girl good and drunk and gave her some this disgusting poison called ecstasy (and for those of you who don’t know this drug is made in Israel!) and when she was ‘rolling’, as the Jews called it, the rat started trying to rape her IN PUBLIC! Literally, one hand down her pants one hand up her shirt, while her eyes are rolled into the back of her head and looking like she was dying. The only thing that saved her was her parents showed up looking for her and this little Jew ran off like the rat that he is. He thought he got away with it too, but I told the police what I saw and made a report and got him arrested. After that I never went to the parties again, I simply dropped off my equipment and didn’t come back until 5 A.M. to collect my money and go on with my business.

          • I have seen the evil of that drug first hand. Many a scum bag carry it around to give to girls in the hope of getting into her pants. It is very common in the UK and Ireland. It literally turns women into sluts.

          • Yeah, well these Jews are the ones pushing it. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Almost all MDMA is made in Israhell. They do it to ruin our women.

            “With satanic joy in his face, the black-haired Jewish youth lurks in wait for the unsuspecting girl whom he defiles with his blood, thus stealing her from her people. With every means he tries to destroy the racial foundations of the people he has set out to subjugate. Just as he himself systematically ruins women and girls, he does not shrink back from pulling down the blood barriers for others, even on a large scale. It was and it is Jews who bring the Negroes into the Rhineland, always with the same secret thought and clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily resulting bastardization, throwing it down from its cultural and political height, and himself rising to be its master.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

          • Jews ran the opium trade in China that brought China to it’s knees. There are still Jewish communities in China. You would even find White whores in the opium dens of Shanghai.

            They have always been evil and always will be.

          • Yes I can see what you mean. And it is true. Here in “vikingland” we have been spared of that. But I have experienced some of the same with arabs, pakistanies (tried to rape my sister) kosovo albans (almost killed my father), iranians (killed my nabour in he’s doctors office.) and chileans (ganged up on me in school.)

            So I can understand what you are saying. But there are individuals and there are comunities. We should tink of the jewish comunities like muslim ones. They are not us but they are not god like and magic. 🙂

          • No, they aren’t ‘god like’ and ‘magic’, they are ‘children of the devil’ and the ‘synagogue of Satan’, and you can’t compare them to anything you have ever seen before, trust me, because with Arabs and other groups it will be a good amount act the way you are describing but not all but still enough to warrant it being considered an issue….but with Jews it’s literally ALL of them. ALL of them literally. Not ‘ALL of them’ figuratively. They all act like that, like a pack of demonic vampires looking to suck the blood of innocent people and poison their wells.

          • Haha. You should check out Varg Vikernes’s (Burzum) youtube cannel. Thulianperspective. He also has made the worlds best black metal. Thanks for the discussion brother.

          • I know about Varg. I have had discussions with him as well. He’s a good man, albeit slightly extreme with his positions on paganism. We agree on just about everything else though.

            Thanks for the talk, brother, I enjoyed it! 1488

          • Your dealing with an international criminal cabal that has been in operation for thousands of years. A Norsk man can hardly comprehend the evil of these people.

          • Yes, Scandinavians are too kind hearted and benevolent to be able to comprehend a force of nature so vile and disgusting….it saddens me to think those monsters are even in Norway….

          • You should be concerned about the “assimilated” Jews who retain their Jewish identity (and to some extent Jewish behavioral traits) and who may want to “teach you to be multicultural” or transsexual, or whatever.

            Tim Wise is pretty white in appearance, mostly white by genetics, but it seems hard to deny that his Jewish heritage has played a role in making him the anti-white he is today.

            Diversity + proximity = conflict. Jews, broadly speaking, recognize themselves as competing for power with gentiles. If gentiles do not recognize that they are competing for power with Jews, things are liable to go badly for them.

          • Not many people are aware of this fact but Tim Wise is actually a Rabbi. His ‘Jewish heritage’ IS his identity, not part of it, the whole of it. He is a demon masquerading as a white so he can poison our wells.

          • Atheist jews do not reproduce. BASED conservative jews do. They are a cauldron that reliably creates fresh recruits. And we are not pro Israel here. Its an illegal state.

          • There is no such thing as ‘based minorities’. It is a Jewish lie and I am sick of hearing it. You think they would still be based if we said we wanted an ethnostate? HELL NO! They would kill us without a second thought if they knew they would get away with it.

          • So when are we going to start actually networking? Is there a way that we can find others in our area?

          • There have been meetups going on for years.

            Trs pool parties. Stormer book clubs. Npi conferences.

          • Lol I mean small time networking, not traveling across 8 states to see someone once irl and then go back to memeing on the internet’s. I’m talking about forming actual irl cells that are in touch irl weekly.

        • I would like to ask a favor of you.

          Could you please research and find out the history of antifa.
          Who created what was the timeline and who supports it even till now.

          p s.
          There is no collective guilt. And it is true there are many jews, which are outside the circle and lobbies & centers of influence.

          That is the exception to the Rule !!

          • We have antifa in Norway to. They are for the most part just psycotic punk kids with no father and an adict for a mothet. Antifa is not the big problem. The stupid liberals and catladyes are. 🙂

        • I hate to break it to you buddy but it is the Jews who are flooding your country with monkeys.

          “Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we Jews are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make, they are now going into multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role, but without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.” – Barbara Lerner Spectre, head of Paideia European Jewish fund and Israeli dual citizen

          “The man of the future will be mixed race, the Eurasian Negroid race of the future will replace the diversity of peoples. Russian Bolshevism constitutes a decisive step towards this purpose where a small group of communist spiritual aristocrats govern the country. The general staff is recruited from Europe’s spiritual leaders and master race, the Jews. From the European quantity of people and masses there will rise up two quality races – the blood aristocracy and their masters the Jews. Both believe in their higher mission of their better blood and race. The superiority of their spirit and race predestines them to be a main factor of the future nobility.” – Richard Von Coudenhove-Kalergi, founder and president of the Pan-European Union, predecessor of the European Union

          “With the exception of the U.S.S.R. as a federated Eurasian State, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, and there will be an international police force at the disposal of the Jews. All armies will be abolished and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations will build a shrine of the Jewish prophets, who will be worshiped as Gods, to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah…” – David Ben Gurion, First Prime Minister of Israel, Called the “Greatest Jew of modern times”

          • I am aware about it. Bu we for the most part have norwegians to blame. It is christian virtue ethics and 68’ers that made us to soft to resist the flood. And rhen it is the share shamelessnes of muslims.

      • If you are imbecile coward, of course it’s rational conclusion. Nobody cares about you loving the tribe, just focus on those who really fight you. But you are fearful because they are brutal and savage and Jews are so weak.

    • I see you have no problem with communist regalia and symbology.

      Yet, Hitlers Germany gets your yamaka hot ‘n bothered.

      I supoose, your preferences to the Red Tertor, might have something to do with a grand reelative of yours, sending Russian Armenian & Hellene Christians to die and freeze to death in Gulag camps at the Stepes & Urals….

      Allow me to enlighten you there my dear yidd.

      In all forms of war and conflict, you need yo know the ENEMY, right. Which mrans we need to NAME the ENEMY.

      Therefore, the jew, although there are exceptions, has made clear if his hatred towards

      • In no way I am for prohibition of nazi symbolics or against freedom of speech for nazis. But when appropriating symbolics of murderers who annihilated millions of innocent weak timid Jews for only being born Jews, you are tied to nazi filth. You cause contempt as you show your admiration by those who murdered weak. If coupled with your total cowardice to confront those who really attack and humiliate your wives, daughters it is really telling. As you are able only to fight only defenseless jews you demonize them while failing to resist real savage enemy. And this is indeed loathsome.

          • Yes, people always underestimate them. They cannot be taken lightly. They might be physically weak and cowardly but they are exceedingly cunning and ruthless and have no qualms about stooping to lows other people would never even dream of.

          • Your roaring joke is not appreciated. 0.2% of population, daily attacked from all sides, aimed openly by muslim world and not so openly by christian world for elimination. You have warped sense of humor.

        • My dear friendly yidd.

          Please, refrain from giving people the usual apologist speal…

          Due to the anonymity of the net, you have no clue who I am and I what my knowledge base is.

          The children of judah, are all to known and recorded in my people’s classical works, i.e. Ελληνικη Γραμματεια – Hellenic Grammatia/classical literary works.

          So, I suggest you go and sell your apologist wears to others !!

          You will always be the Maccabees & pharisees, to non jews.

          That is your ONLY role in the world!

          • I only see that you are illiterate hater without any reasonable arguments. If you miraculously know about crimes of powerful talmudic Jews against noble goyim, I stand in reverend attention. And for those who have hopefully couple grooves in shrunk brain I explain one more time the difference in german and commies crimes. Germans murdered Jews for the fact they were born Jews which they couldn’t change. Their behavior, political convictions, loyalty to germany did not matter. Commies persecuted based on class -which can be changed, corrected, etc.

      • It seems jews are the only enemy you filthy cowards are capable and willing to fight. And shiver in fear in front of real enemies who brutalize and humiliate you. Glad justice is served, in very strange way . But indeed His ways are not Our ways.

        • His ways are not the ways of deception. The only weakness of Gentiles against you is that we don’t expect such dishonesty and deception. But that mindset will be corrected.

          • Your nobility is so impressive. What can be more noble than to murder helpless women ,children, elderly and send photos to your wives and relatives to enjoy it

      • I have no idea about jq but you remove my post exposing your lies. You blather about freedom of speech but like any other haters accept it only for yourself and those toeing your party line. You are against the truth, thus you will lose.

          • I do. They are also obsessed with Jews but not so exclusively like you. In addition they don’t support adolf and historically were not involved in monstrous Jew-murder your idol was. Thus, regardless of how harmful they are in many ways, they are still better than genocidal cowardly murderers like whites who murdered jews 2000 years.

          • I don’t need your false info concocted by some deranged imbeciles. I studied history, am researcher and perceive reality as it is. I believe only losers believe into conspiracy theories as it’s their way to cope with their misery and wretchedness.

          • 2000 years together!

            I’m 50/50 on the way the Romans butchered your ancestors. Had you not been culled how many more would have had to be lampshaded or brains bashed out with pedal powered brain bashers.

          • What do you think of Hadrian or Vespasian? Or the Flavian Amphitheater?

          • And your point Is? If you mean persecution of early chritians most of whom were Jews it was cruel but not total. Understand very simple thing why germans were and of course still are monsters. They murdered every Jew they can found. They murdered even apostates who were not considered Jews by Jews. Person can’t change who he is, who he was born into and this is why it was a unique crime. Commies murdered based on class, occupation, which you can change, hide, blend in. This is crimes of commies are not so unique. They were constant feature of human history.

          • Yeah, that why Jews 0.2% of world population while goyim are the rest. Number of Jews now is 3mlns less than it was 80 years ago.

    • That’s an interesting twist in interpreting the WWII. Drive it into your head that it’s the Soviet People who defeated the beast with all the heroism and ingenuity of my ancestors.

    • I was a leftist once. 16 years ago. Then 9.11 and 2006 cartoon crisis in Denmark and Norway. I got redpilled.

      I started trolling as a leftist and then it suddenly saw that the “rasists” was right and I had been fooled all my life. I almost threw up I was so mad.

      But to be honnest I have always been kind of a nationalist and racialy awere. Even though I was I was a leftist. But actually many leftists are some what nationalists. Not all leftists are hopeless. 🙂

    • Some of the best leaders of the N.S.D.A.P. were former communists. We should always be ready to extend the olive branch to kinsmen.

  • We must begin organizing, preparing and demanding a white ethnostate. Talk is over, this is all we should focus on. We will not change the entire country- we must divorce it and create our own. Now.

    • Wyoming is a good place to start off here in the U.S.. Low population, plenty of good arable land, we could easily set up shop there. Build something like the all Aryan town in South Africa, Orania, privately owned and operated and totally self-reliant. There are counties in Wyoming that only have 2,500 people in them. We set up a village there, like the Jews have with their Kiryas Joel in Jew York, and create a voting block, run our candidates for political offices, and start running things. Over time we could expand that model and set up more and more pro-Aryan towns/villages and eventually get our guys in congress and the senate and start actively subverting this evil tyrannical Judeo-Bolshevik ‘democracy’ and replace it with National Socialism, which is the only sane form of government.

      • Good points. I know the Northwest Front is doing their own things as well. Once we populate these areas, any politician who wants to win will be our own guys. We need Spencer etc all to make this a mass movement. We can’t change all 50 states, no more debating..

  • Lawfare, Techfare, and for those of us not appearing publicly, regular, generous donations to those that can, and our platforms, needs to be the way forward, for the immediate future.

    • The infighting needs to stop more than anything else. No more Catholic vs. Protestant, Christian vs. Pagan, this tribe against that, etc. All Aryans need to be working together towards saving our race and making sure our children have a land to call theirs, because If, with the help of his Marxist creed, the Jew is victorious over the other peoples of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity and this planet will, as it did thousands of years ago, move through the ether devoid of men.

    • I debate people in the comment sections of news sites and other sites all the time. That’s where the debate is occurring. Disqus is a textual slugfest. At this point I’m educating normies in the comment sections.

      The Revolution will not be televised.

  • “No more words, only preparation now.”

    Yes insurrection is the only possible corrective action now.
    But are there enough intelligent white people to make it happen.

    • Not if “insurrection” implies violence. See my earlier comment.

      We have to be willing to take risks for the future of our people, but this doesn’t mean violence, at least in the short term. We need to form pro-white support networks to provide a safety net for people who lose their jobs when they get doxed. We need to think of all of the ways in which anti-white double standards benefit nonwhites at the expense of whites and turn them on their head. Then if and when the Feds come after us, it will bring the double standards into sharp relief. This is the sort of strategic thinking needed now, not plans for revolution. Plans for revolution at this stage only serve the interests of the anti-white (((oligarchs))). They want us to move too aggressively too soon, since they know they can crush us if it comes to violence. This is the overarching theme of the Civil War and WW2. We need to avoid that.

  • If I was Trump, I would quit fking around and declare war on George Soros. You’re the fking president of the United States and you’re letting some billionaire civilian Jew get the best of you?

    • Obviously he realizes the Soros is a bad actor, but he also knows that his buddies at the federal reserve control the destiny of the economy. That’s what is holding him back. When the Sith Lord Jacob Rothschild speaks the whole world listens. His latest comments that can be read at zerohedge is proof of that. With the debt ceiling looming next month and a possible government shutdown, Trump has to play ball for the economy, or else (((they))) can ‘pull it’ as easy as they did the building 7. And if he does try anything, we all know what happens…he would simply get the JFK treatment. It’s sickening but that is the hard truth about the Jew overlords like Soros.

  • Jeff Sessions needs to use his attorney general powers to hunt down and break down antifa the same way George W. Bush broke down occupy wall st. Trump doesn’t seem to understand how to use his powers, he could have DHS end Antifa in a heartbeat with a couple phone calls.

  • I got this reply from a pro Antifa commenter in a debate on the left media website called “Mediate News”(title of the article is “WATCH: Columbus Monument Vandalized in Baltimore, Captured on Video”) I persisted in asking what is a fascist since the Antifa is attacking Fascists. the answer includes their definition of a Fascist and the Trump voter: name of commenter is ‘onionvolcano”

    “I see. Let’s take it by the numbers.
    1. Evangelicals, christians, normal americans (white people). These are people who used to be called Values Voters, or White Evangelicals. Since the election of Trump, they’ve discarded the Evangelical for just plain White. Your principles have been sacrificed to your racial anxiety.
    2. The GOP has always admired fascism. To be specific: fascism here involves a hostile relationship with the truth, science and economics. And the press. Fascism can’t handle the press, as the press points out flaws.
    3. Bannon got Trump into the white house. Bannon himself is fascist, or to hear him phrase it, “Fascist-Curious.” Bannon is no longer on board, I hear you say. Sure. But that’s a very recent development, and don’t be silly.
    4. Trump and his ilk admire “manliness,” that is, bluster and incompetence, as near as I can tell. That’s a bonus trait of fascism, and it appears to be Trump’s lone attractor.
    Did you read any of that? It seems doubtful, but let’s hear why I’m wrong.”

    • My reply:
      “”2. The GOP has always admired fascism. To be specific: fascism here involves a hostile relationship with the truth, science and economics. And the press. Fascism can’t handle the press, as the press points out flaws.”
      Now we are getting somewhere.
      The fake press Trump outed when he became President. That press?
      Who has a corner on the Truth? you?
      Where is the hostility to Science? Global warming?
      What economics? the one that is now working under Trump?
      When these people vote by the rights guaranteed by our Constitution they are racists and fascists, These people:
      “1. Evangelicals, christians, normal americans (white people). These are people who used to be called Values Voters, or White Evangelicals. Since the election of Trump, they’ve discarded the Evangelical for just plain White. Your principles have been sacrificed to your racial anxiety.”

        • LOL I remember trolling that AI girl they made a few years back until she went full shitlord. That was hilarious. You are right, though, the AI would come to it’s own factual data based analysis about the tribe and quickly rid the world of that Satanic plague.

          • Yes I agree we must come out as to the meaning of Fascism. It is available. Mussolini’s “Doctrine of Fascism” is on line. The difference between Fascism, Communism and Capitalism are oceans apart.
            There is one book called “Fascism and Dharma” that compares the similarity between these two doctrines.
            then when you compare Fascism to Marx’s concept of Collectivism there is no connection
            For these people to use this term on us for electing Trump is the reason I copied and saved her comment. I intend to use that comment on every website

  • We are consistent in saying that we want seperation and expulsion, non-violently if at all possible … And like him, we stand poised to conquer the continent.

    I agree with everything in the article except for the above two sentences. (By the way, I just noticed that there is a typo, “seperation,” in the article.) As far as “getting with the pogrom,” I interpreted that as just a little play on words with no call for violence intended.

    My problem with the two sentences has to do with the image we project to nonwhites (Jews being considered nonwhite here) and normie whites. It should be clear to whites with pro-white racial consciousness that we need to come together as a people by all means that are available. The most important thing is for white racial consciousness to become more widespread. We don’t need an ethnostate in order to bring about white racial consciousness, but an ethnostate would never come about without white racial conscious among a large percentage of whites. With white racial consciousness, everything is possible, and without it, nothing is possible.

    Instead of talking about conquering the continent again, we should be talking about things that can potentially be achieved without violence. We wish to not just overcome digital platform denial, but also the threat of job loss for those who speak out publicly. We need to create professional organizations and support networks for whites. Let’s focus on these things for now. We all know that we eventually want an ethnostate, but let’s not talk about it in public so much, alright?

        • Then we get coverage in the local paper and local tv, causing Jan Jonsson from Duluth and Mike MacReady from West Virginia join the Alt Right.

        • IMHO getting on CNN beaking news for the torch rally gets your message out way more efficiently than just relying on a small number of people to see your IRL rally.

          Just want to think about how to avoid having the rallies turning into clusterfucks

          • The only footage CNN should have access to should be shakey cell phone footage they get after the fact.

          • Yes, and we need to encourage CNN to get their crews out their and mingle with their friends in black.

            I love the smell of bear the morning!

    • Yes 4. Generation “warfare” or rather 4. generation activism. We need to gang up in small tribes of men and do peacefull demo’s guerilla style. There must be disiplin and no bullshit or LARPing in real life. That stuff belongs to internett. We must focus on basic redpilling and no “scary shit”. We need to look good and strong but not crazy idiots.

      If you live in a left leaning area or you have a very PC social network you need to hide Your Identity. But in a non intimidating manner. We need normal smart guys with familys and something to loose to come out and brake the taboo.

  • Once rallies reach once every few weeks the momentum will be unstoppable. A few hundred peaceful protesters with torches freaked out a country of 300+ million necessitating statements from state leaders of Europe. The goal should be non-stop media coverage.

    • Every few weeks, unannounced in small towns, making it impossible for Antifa to be there or the Police to do anything.

      • That could work, but it would be better if antifa did show up and attack us unprovoked. The more they attack us the more people will polarize and radicalize and join us.

        • Nope, because we’ll get fucked over by the media when one of the poor, innocent Antifa dies as a result of street violence. We want to move away from violence. Our ability to hold unannounced, large rallies all over the country will shock the world.

          • That is a dream. America isn’t a country where we can all get into place in a few hours like the U.K., France, Germany, Austria, Italy, etc. and right now we are riddled with spies and shills. The best we can do is have highly professional events with expert security teams providing a cordon.

          • We’ve already showed up in large numbers coast to coast, from Berkeley to Charlottesville. Don’t see why it can’t continue, just coordinate things secretly and keep it hush hush.

          • How do we keep it hush? We’ve been banned from discord and most other private chat apps, and as stated above the costs and distances keep things from becoming really big. What we really need is more C’ville type events, but with way more professionalism, planning, and our own security team handling everything. We can’t rely on the ZOG mercenaries to protect us.

          • Doesn’t need to be big. 50 people every weekend will be blasted all over the news.

            If you want to coordinate online, use Gab.

          • And how do we weed out the shills and spies who tell our enemies every move we make and actively subvert us?

          • Only invite confirmed people with multiple endorsements. No large publicly announced rallies where anyone can show up.

          • Shills and spies work in networks, so they will end up networking their efforts and endorsing each other. We need to be aware of that. The Klan, for instance, got totally infiltrated to the point that almost every other member was a fed or spy.

            I still think big rallies are the way forward, but we should also do what you are advocating as well.

          • Of course, but we can’t be paranoid and go into hiding. Just don’t invite some idiot you met last month online to your unannounced rally.

          • I am talking about long term trusted guys who are actually infiltrators. We need to be aware of that issue and deal with it. Like we don’t tell our guys exactly where we are going, we just all meet up at a designated rally point and go to the location together in a bus or a few vans and only the leaders/planners know the exact location.

          • Yeah, it is something I have seen other groups using. If you want operational security that is how you do it. Only the people who absolutely need to know should have the info and even they shouldn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

          • Anyone involved with Northern Ireland knows that the IRA was shot through with MI5 assets all the way to the top.

          • Yep. The ‘real’ Irish republican army only existed so the British could have an excuse to keep their armed forces in the area.

          • How convenient was it that peace was announced and immediately Martin McGuinness forms a government with his “Implacable Enemy” Ian Paisley?

          • LOL Yeah I remember hearing about that. Sinn Féin is riddled with traitorous communist scum, both sides of the border. We need to work to avoid a similar issue.

            One website immediately comes to mind as being full of traitors….

          • A good example of the type of infiltrator I am talking about –



            “Collin was born and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. His father Max Collin later said that he was a Jewish survivor of the Nazi Holocaust and had anglicized his name from Cohen or Cohn after settling in the United States. His mother was Catholic. The younger Collin went to local schools.”

  • Prepare to do WHAT you fucking retards? Another rally where you “unite” with the Klan and neoNazis and their Fed friends who brought their brand new swastika flags? Will it be organized by another Hillary supporter?:))

    You got set up so bad it’s more pitiful than infuriating.

    Over the past year plenty of people tried to warn your dumb asses that you can’t redpill the normies while associating the alt-right with every entity
    they’re conditioned to reject reflexively! They tried to warn you to not let the left equate our love of own with “hatred of other”. Every time someone tried to knock sense into you they were labeled cucks and pussies and told not to “punch right”…leaving the movement wide open to infiltrators from both the feds and the left as well as criminal elements only drawn to sieg heils and LARPing!

    Your BIG EVENT gave them every fucking straw man they had hoped for and more: moles and fucktards with Nazi flags and a 20 year old mental patient who killed someone and gave the progtards the martyr they needed to deplatform anyone remotely challenging the left’s narrative.

    You fucking morons took what was a promising movement and drove it to the ground. That closet creep Spencer was so worried about owning the brand…well you own it now! It’s now as viable as those fed-infested skinhead brands you wanted to “unite” with.

      • Anyone with common sense would have made it crystal clear ahead of time that nazis and klan are NOT part of alt-right, will NOT be welcome, and that to reasonable nationalists the skinheads and antifa are two sides of the same coin.

        Had you done that, even if they showed up and their fed buddies hoisted their brand new gear you would have been able to distance yourself and the movement. But that would have been “punching right”, correct?? That would have been “counter signalling”, right?

        Congrats. Now you own the actions of a schizophrenic LARPing brat that those groups draw to them like flies. You own them now. And so does anyone at some point considered to be alt-right. Even those who saw the Gift To Left this whole thing was becoming and walked away.

        • All this focus on the few klan and nazis at that event is just denial that it was a setup from the beginning. Were we supposed to know that they would be so obvious and send in the storm troopers before the event even started.

          We always supported law enforcement, everyone knows this. Why would we think that they would betray us?

          What do you think about the fact that the storm troopers pushed the “altright” into the waiting mob? There is no debate about whether this is was what happened. No one denies this. So, what do you think about that?

          But, I’m not telling anyone not to punch right; all I’m suggesting is that you stop beating yourself up. There are folks standing in line willing to do that for you.

          • Sorry but my anger is fully justified. People like me tried so many goddamn times to keep the movement from being associated with the Klan and NeoNazis but were told to stop “punching right”.

            I mean…to not vet the background of the Hillary supporting organizer, then go to a state where dems control everything top to bottom, while giddily saying you’re “uniting the right” without distancing yourself from the worst elements that the left always conflates you with…
            Unforgivable negligence. The left got everything it wanted out of that event. It even hurt Trump and may force him to shift left. And the responsibility is on those who organized this mess and defend it.

          • I think the way we are using the “punching right” deal is not really helping if it means that we shouldn’t take a hard look at the mistakes that are made. We need people to look at these things objectively and we shouldn’t try to shut anyone up that isn’t saying everything is fine and there is nothing we need to improve on.

            We have much to learn and not much time to get ready. Anyone that says we are ready now is just fooling themselves.

            I can’t stop thinking about Phoenix today and have a feeling that there won’t be much talk about Charlottesville after that event. But I’m still hoping it doesn’t turn out as bad as I’m thinking it will.

          • Even if we purge “nazis” and “KKK” from the movement, the left will still plant them, or somehow find a way to falsely associate us with them.

            Does Sargon associate with Swastika Flag waving Nazis No. Is he still labeled a Nazi? Yes.

            I remember not so long ago that it seemed everyone on the right finally learned a very important lesson. The left will call us names. They will call us nazis, fascists, and racists. It’s what they’ve always done.

            But recently it stopped working. Why? Because people on the right stopped caring. Learning to stop caring was an important lesson. Unfortunately , it’s a lesson that seems to be forgotten in the wake of Cville.

          • And there it is!
            You do understand we have to reach the average normie, correct?
            You do understand normies are conditioned to automatically reject certain names and entities, correct?
            When you know the left will call you those names anyway, the least you can do is not validate their charges. It’s the difference between helping the left ostracize you or making them look like the boy who cries wolf.

            And this goes without mentioning the ideological differences and the baggage those groups bring with them. If you don’t care about being linked to felons and mental patients like the one who ran someone over, some of us do.

          • Yes, we need to reach the Normies. But even Normies are learning that the MSM lies and that the MSM calls everyone on the right racist nazis. Therefore it doesn’t even matter whether they call us nazis or not.

          • It’s critical that folks can see the gas lighting in real time.

        • We don’t need to punch right or even apologize for them. If we just keep LARPing and Idiots out of the Alt-Right and organize small manageable, disiplined demos. Let the nazis and KKK dudes do their thing some place else and just make it clare that they do not have anything to do with us.

          • This should be made crystal clear and OFFICIAL. But let’s face it, it won’t happen!

            Spencer clearly doesn’t mind the affiliation. That dude single-handedly drove this movement to the ground.

      • is a good site. Thank you and keep up the good work. 🙂 But TVMA has a point. Events like Charlottesville is too fragile. We need to get more antifragile. We need to organize demoes that are smaller, unannonced and totally free of LARPing and with very good optics. I live in Norway and I can tell you that the only thing that has been reported here is that “Neo-nazis” and KKK has had a violent rally and one poor girl got coldbloodedly murdered.

        I have almost sore fingertips from typing comments in MSM to explain that this was a pecefull rally and that it is not the SS Sonderkommando but normal fucking guys that just love their own People just like everybody else.

    • Time will tell.

      Did Cville increase white racial consciousness? Or lower it? Did it increase polarization? Or decrease it?

      To me it looks like Cville is only rasing white racial consciousness, even among those honest observers who actively disavow the Alt-Right

      A whole lot of people now “get” the way in which the “nazi” and “white supreemist” slurs are used. And “get” what the left has planned, when they take over for good due to demographics.

      And are expressing this on mainstream conservative sites.

      There is more to politics than simply linearly increasing your approval ratings until people vote you in as Imperator. Shifting attitudes and beliefs through doing stuff can have far reaching effects.

      The effects of Cville are not, as yet, fully understood.

      • I wouldn’t be shocked if Phoenix today makes CVille look like Child’s Play. Trump and Pence are both going to be there, which when you think about is incredibly dumb.

        Ivanka can’t go cry to Daddy about “Neo Nazis” when these riots hit Trump personally.

        • If the violent left attacks the Trump rallygoers, it will only Unite the Right.

          If they do that, you’ve got to wonder what their plan is.

          • Maybe we shouldn’t assume that they actually have a plan. When I hear that old saying about not underestimating the enemy; I always wonder why they never warn about overestimating them.

            Oh and — Finkelstein is right about both Trump and Pence being at that rally. I’m afraid that we may have way overestimated Trump.

    • Not only that, it made us look like pussies and crybabies, look at the guy who cried on camera or thos who were upset after getting doxxed, like they didn’t expect it, if you’re worried about your identity stay at home or hide your face.

    • I don’t know. I’ve actually talked to quite a few xer and boomer women lately and they don’t care for the cause at but they think it was a setup too!!

  • There is a lot of truth in this article. You can’t argue with someone like the Left who doesn’t even believe truth exists. But the bigger truth is the Left does not care about right and wrong, what is fair and what is not fair, the law, or justice. They only care about power. You don’t have the power to confront the Left, which for now is backed by the federal government (even with Trump in office) and its Vichy state police forces. This is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to work slowly and tirelessly, and above all stick to your principles of truth, the rule of law, and all the other values that made the West great.

      • Yes, but today’s Vichy state governments work for the US federal government. Think about. You pay your local sheriff’s salary. If the federal government – including a judge – tells him to shoot you, he will shoot you. So you are paying someone to help a foreign government — i.e., Washington DC — to occupy your homeland.

  • Unless “mass action” involves forcibly shutting down the Federal Reserve, the tool engineered to destroy America’s economy over a century ago, what is the point? The Federal Reserve / Goldman Sachs nexus took 6 months to completely co-op the first populist president since Teddy Roosevelt (or JFK depending on your definition). Until the amount of people who realize they are being robbed everyday by this Jewish controlled banking institution reaches critical mass I see little hope.

    • There is hope. We need to have more rallies and more peaceful marches and let the Jewish mercenaries and communist terrorists attack us without any provocation. This will make people polarize and radicalize and thus more willing to listen to guys like us.

      • I mostly agree with some modification. I don’t believe it adequate to have “more” rallies and peaceful marches. I think that when it comes to demonstrating, attention needs to be applied as to what is being demonstrated.

        If the demonstration is two-three hundred or less mildly organized individuals without some degree of formation, plan, written speech, voice amplification etc. Then what is being demonstrated is apparent weakness.

        Quality demonstrations on the other hand, would be a huge value.

        • I agree. If you look at my other post I am advocating for us to 1. form security units of trained men and 2. be aware of what we are doing. Optics is everything. We always frame antifa as a terrorist group, ourselves as acting defensively, and actively look for ways to prop our martyr causes.

          • Couldn’t agree more. A rally should appear formal, well organized, fortified, on message, and most importantly, sharply distinct. Much easier said than done, I know. It’s easy for me to sit on this keyboard and run my mouth. Putting it together correctly is a massive undertaking dependent upon cooperation with the correct talent.

            Seems that a trained security team with a professional rapport with law enforcement is imparative.

          • Yeah. We can’t have guys out of uniform and walking all over. They need to be in uniform, marching in rank and file, and either singing or chanting our slogans. We also need to have a prepared message and course of action and, if things go south, an extraction plan in place.

            Anyways, I agree 100%, we need to be very professional and have a good security team with training. If we can’t get guys with LEO experience then we can also look at things like this –


            Personally, I think LARPing like this is stupid, but it can be used to train our guys in shield wall tactics, which are similar to modern riot tactics and would give our guys some knowledge on how to provide security in a melee.

            I do agree about having a relationship with LEOs, but we must remember that they are NOT on our side, no matter how much we would like to think they are.

      • And in the meantime Trump and the far right will be blamed for the oncoming 2008 style bubble pop. They’ve been slowly boiling us since 2001 and we still don’t have critical mass awake. By time we do political solutions will be mere fantasy. Either we are crushed and fall in to a totalitarian dystopia or there is a second American Revolution. I can see no other outcome given how quickly our guy fell. As if it was all planned…

        • Political solutions are a fantasy if we keep telling ourselves they are. Right now we need to focus on recruiting.

  • Debate maybe out and action maybe in…but.
    But the Soros backed “antifa” (Antifa has nothing to do against Fascists since there aren’t any) and the Black Lives Matter (BLM has nothing to do with black lives. they do not really give a hoot about black lives) main objective is to cause disruption, with the intent of putting this disruption on Trump or causing enough social upheaval to make this nation ungovernable.

    The left wing Media is promoting them. Google is supporting the militant left. The extreme censorship is across the board of any organization and prominent people who are right of center. Trump has outed the media the day he came into office.

    Whatever the altright does it should fall within the law or the left will crucify the Altright. The main reason the militant left has got away with so much destruction is due to the support they are getting from the Media, Hollywood, to Democrats. The other reason is that Trump has not exercised the full power he has against them.
    In the meantime the “battleground” is filled with treachery. Step with care.

    • Yes, I think the way forward is more peaceful rallies and letting the communist terrorists expose themselves for what they truly are. Normies will see whites being attacked and beaten for simply saying we have a right to exist and have our heritage. That will cause white people to have to choose sides.

      • I do not know what the way forward is and Law has a point in his article. I believe Trump has to walk a more narrow path than anyone else. He cannot act too harsh or too lenient mainly due to the midterm elections which he needs in order to have a super majority in Congress.
        the left knows this. I will bet they want to disrupt any chance of a victory in 2018. In the meantime my guess (and that is all it is) is that we may have to see how to respond to each action the left takes or even pre-emt some of them with caution as the main objective. It is my guess.

        • We need to stop focusing on Trump so much and focus on our movement and our goals. Trump never really was on our side. To me, personally, Trump was a way for guys like us to throw a monkey wrench in the machine and let the communist and Jews go nuts and polarize people. Now we need to take advantage of that and keep pushing the ‘white genocide’ and ‘white disenfranchisement’ rhetoric to the max. We need to keep having rallies, keep letting the Jews and the left attack us, and keep letting their narratives collapse and expose them as terrorists and tyrants.

          I should also add that the worse things get the better it will be for us. If the communists win in 2018 it will make even more normies radicalize and join us.

          • Agree. Trump may improve the economy and create jobs, but he will not deter the replacement demographics, which is our primary concern. Trump has made his choice of going with Javanka instead of his base. As such, I detached myself from Trump and will focus on our movement and on issues that hurt our enemies.
            We just have to keep plugging away our business despite C-ville and other developments. Our world will change from the current status of Sodom and Gomorra. It’s unsustainable. It’s a multipolar world and pressures from China, India, Russia and the Islamic World will change our world inevitably. That will create more opportunities for our movement and our cause.
            If you’d ask me in 1984, arguably the happiest times, whether Soviet Union would collapse in a handful of years, I will look at you like you were crazy…

        • You could have 100% GOP in White House, Senate, and House, and they will still sell Americans out. We live in the Occupied States of America, not the United States of America. Washington DC occupies us. They don’t care about us, they lie to get our votes, and giving them more power is not going to change anything.

          • Yes, we are living under the tyranny of the uni-party. We need to keep doing what we are doing and stop caring so much about the shabbos goy in ZOG.

          • Sorry, don’t know the lingo. What is a shabbos goy in Zog? Your insight is correct though. We need a “third” party (which actually would be a second party). The idea of a third party scares them more than anything, because once we get a third, the fourth, fifth, etc. will be much easier.

          • Shabbos goy is a non-Jew who does the Jew’s dirty work, the term comes from the ‘goyim’ who do the work for the Jews on the ‘shabbat’, such as cooking, cleaning, flipping light switches, general slave work the Jew won’t do.

            ZOG means Zionist occupied Government.

            I also agree about the 3rd party. The best way to achieve that would be having a place like Orania (privately owned all white Boer town in south Africa) in a sparsely populated area like Wyoming or southern Alaska where we could build voting blocks similar to what the Jews have down in Williamsburg and Kiryas Joel. Once we have voting blocks and controlled areas where we decide who can and can’t live on our land we can run our own candidates, who will essentially be unopposed, and get them into government to push our narrative.

          • Probably, we ought to chose a region that has the climate and water necessary to support a large population.

          • ” We need a “third” party (which actually would be a second party).”

            Here I disagree with you. This ‘war’ will not be won by voting.

          • Maybe not, but voting could dilute the power of the Left, which presently effectively controls 100% of the federal government.

          • You are contradicting yourself. Above you said: “You could have 100% GOP in White House, Senate, and House, and they will still sell Americans out.”

            As I said voting is not the answer. The Deep State can buy and party out.

          • 100% of the uniparty won’t change anything, but a proper third party would dilute their power. Change the world with small steps.

      • “Yes, I think the way forward is more peaceful rallies and letting the communist terrorists expose themselves for what they truly are.”

        You go first.

        “Normies will see whites being attacked and beaten for simply saying we have a right to exist and have our heritage.”

        ‘Normies’ is a misnomer, they are not normal, they are losers that do not see nor care about anything.

        “That will cause white people to have to choose sides.”

        No it won’t.

    • Also the cuckservatives will virtue signal themselves into leftism. The biggest obstacle we face is the cuckservatives, simply because they will more than likely give in to the leftists pressure, because they don’t want to have a “negative” label, like “racist” or “homophobe”. Mark Collett wrote an entire chapter in his book about how politically useless cuckservatives are, which you can read for free at , and he explains why (((you know who))) promote conservative movements, and it really opened my eyes to why conservatism is led by peole like (((Ezra Levant))), (((Ben Shapiro))), and (((Milo)))
      I encourage all of you to read the book

    • The Trump administration would not be in office if not for us and they know it, so why are they allowing the Left to censor us? I could understand why the establishment GOP would, but why Trump?

  • You overreached at Charlottesville, bigly.

    You also did not anticipate being no-platformed and so were caught unprepared when google/PayPal/godaddy etc turned on you in the highly biased way they did which went against their own principles.

    You know the rules of the slave society we live in. People respond to martyrs. You created one on the other side. Until you are willing to die for your cause in order to create a very salient martyr that even the shitlibs of the world find hard to dismiss, then you cannot win. But this is how you can, as well. It requires real sacrifice.

      • Maybe you’re right. Maybe the example you give is applicable to the current dynamics. It just seems counter-intuitive to me at this time.

        There is so much hatred ingrained within the normie minds that I have a difficult time visualizing empathy from them just yet.

        Surely such an event would create intense feelings within the ranks of the movement. But, do those feelings not already exist?

        • I can visualize it. Remember when that autistic boy was tortured in Chicago? We need things like that and to rally around them. That will make the media go insane. Imagine if we could have another case like the Newsom’s in Tennessee and have a Charlottesville style rally during the proceedings. Imagine if we got attacked during that, how could the media spin it any other way then us being attacked unprovoked for supporting the victims and their families?

          • I was deeply dissatisfied with the media attention and lacking response by the public as a reaction to that boy’s torture. I suppose it’s examples like that which make me feel like martyrdom would come with little payoff.

        • I think about the brutal “cold chicken” assault. That huge dindu punching that little girl square in the face. How traumatic it was for that poor little girl to see her mother beaten. The event was a blip on the MSM.
          Where are they now? What is going to be the punishment for these two criminals? Where is the follow up story?

    • I appreciate the clarity in the first two paragraphs of your statement. The third however, I find conflicting.

      Two police officers were just gunned down in Florida by an african American muslim as I’m sure you know. This is only the most recent savage on civilized murder. I didn’t see 40,000 marching in the streets with pictures of these slain Officers. Neither did I hear anyone condemn brown/muslim supremacists.

      They will cheer for the murder of a white male nationalist and excuse the murderer’s actions if at all possible. My personal opinion is that little to nothing would be gained by martyrdom within the ranks of the movement.

      • Friend, just look at the effect the death of the heroic Nationalist fighter Horst Wessel had on the N.S.D.A.P.. In the eyes of the German people he became a saint like figure who could do no wrong, an innocent martyr murdered by terrorists. We need martyrs, it radicalizes people and gives them heroes to look up to and strive to be like.

          • You are misunderstanding what I am saying. I am saying that the N.S.D.A.P. took a party member and elevated him to a status where he was venerated almost like a saint and that we need to find ourselves similar men. That doesn’t necessarily mean we should seek death or anything like that. It means that we look at past heroes who were killed, like George Lincoln Rockwell for instance.

    • To the system and to many normies we’re the scum of the earth, why would they care if we’re killed by antifa. They’d be celebrating it.

    • How did we overreach?

      How did we create a martyr on the other side? Are you talking about the “car attack?” It is absurd to claim that one bad act committed by someone claiming to be with us is our responsibility. Anyway, I think that the “car attack” was a hoax.

      It is all too easy for infiltrators and shills to commit violence and claim to be with us. We cannot afford to let people like you lead us around by the nose based on what people claiming to be with us do.

  • Great article. The short term objective should be: Continue waking up whitey from his intoxicated slumber and fetish offalse egalitarianism.

    • I agree, and the best way to do that is more rallies. Let the commies see us peacefully getting together and attack us. That will radicalize people and make them choose sides.

  • Not ready for street action? Man, that is exactly what we need. That will get us more recruits. People will see a few brave men standing up and join the cause. We need to start forming our own security groups and get working on tactics that will allow us to provide protection for people who want to hear our message and not have to worry about Communist terror attacks.

    Our ancestors invented these tactics to deal with barbarians and savages. We need to start using them again so we can have peace and security at our rallies.
    We can equip ourselves for a few hundred dollars. We shouldn’t ever attack them but, like Hitler said, we must tell them “Pull back your fist, comrade, or I shall break it!”.

    • Let the migrants/black/illigals (depending on if it is in the US or Europe) do the rioting. We should only defend and remain good optics. We are way to few. A lot of normies are basicaly on Our side but they just don’t know if the Alt-Right is a bunch of looners or not. After the cartoon crisis in Denmark and Norway in 2006 the muslims rioted and a lot for people got redpilled. Better to let them “shit on their calves” (As we say in Norway) than risk provoke a backlash now.

      So just lift Heavy and learn to fight but keep calm. Be a fox. “Machiavelli”

      • Precisely. I am saying that we need to have a presence on the streets, though. That is very important. I am also saying that when we are on the streets we need to show that we are highly professional and well organized and won’t be aggressive and start fights but we won’t run from them either. Our rallies and marches need to be safe so normies and potential recruits can come and hear us speak and share our ideas without the constant threat of being hit in the head by a brick or having a homemade bomb go off. This is imperative.

        We also need to work on producing propaganda videos that show us feeding homeless whites and giving out candies and toys to children and things like that, good family friendly things that you would normally see church groups doing. Show we aren’t the violent terrorist thugs the Judeo-Bolshevik terrorists claim we are.

  • We have a lot of scores to settle eventually. I think we deserve reparations for all the diversity taxes we’ve had to pay over the last 50 years to support blacks, unproductive immigrants, feminists, gays and transgenders.

    • You can’t squeeze gold out of a broke welfare addict. Our repayment will come in the form of being rid of them from all of our nations.

    • We don’t ask for reparations or beg for mercy. We are not them. We make our destiny and build our wealth. Change the mindset.

    • Mr. Law, Finally a voice of reason. Yet, I do not believe that alt-right is aware of the futility of discussing the issues. Just today I was listening to the ‘Fash the Nation’ hosted by Richard Spencer among others. The basic theme of the show was complaining about the ‘Leftists’ lying to us regarding the C-vile events as if it has not happened before, many times over. The attempt to persuade the foe is a weakness and it must stop. We do not want them here and they will not go away with their own volition. This should be enough to stop this insanity. We need to be smart and look into the future, Actions, such as reparation request is certainly ineffective for a number of reasons.

      First of all, the leaders of the alt-right must initiate conversation. At this point it appears that they do not communicate with each other in any consistent manner. People, such as Kevin MacDonald, Sam Dickson, Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, Mark Weber, Greg Johnson, The Right Stuff Team, and many others must work together regardless of their differences. We need them to define the organization and the platform to begin with. We also need them to organize funding.

      We must create a media company on the internet outside of the usual suspects. The company must consolidate all of the alt-right internet publications into one cohesive production. And set it up in the manner to minimize the negative effects of the current (((internet infrastructure))).

      We, and this is equally important, must initiate work on fundamental technologies which constitute a road block in our every day communication. Such as computer and network technologies, among others. We must organize height IQ people looking into hardware and software technologies, with emphasis on security and privacy, that would stay under our control.

      • These alt right leaders you speak of are writers and radio talk show type guys, there is no alt right leader other than Trump when he can secretly be alt right, like denouncing both sides of the violence in Charlottesville.

        • You are right, of some of them being content providers, Others, such as Keven MacDonald, are Researchers/Educator/Writers. Yet, Others, such as Sam Dickson, are lawyers. In any case, this is not about any specific name or individual. It is about organization and its initial leadership. We need to organize around ideas and/or individual(s).

          As to (((Mr. Trump))), he might be a leader but, as he proofed it, he is not our leader. Am I wrong? What he said about C-vile was just a carrot to keep us hoping. Alt-Right was not responsible for the violence in C-vile. We did not go there go harm anybody, we want there peacefully to voice our concerns. It was a setup and if he was a leader he should have placed the blame where it belongs.

      • The defining characteristic of Alt-Right IMO, is moving away from a left brain-hemisphere dominated cultural bias. Things need to be understood as a whole, not just broken in pieces and catalogued. As Pascal noted, there are an infinite number of possible systems superior to logic. That doesn’t mean logic is not very valuable, but that was not my point.

        See “Master and his Emissary”.

    • I totally agree with you. President Trump was here in Phoenix on Tuesday, I watched all the news coverage, LIVE and only one reporter told the truth of what occurred, someone lobbed a lit fire cracker or something at the police riot squads and many, before this happened were throwing water bottles, rocks, poles, and fireworks at the police. They (police) were calm, while this was happening, they gave orders to disperse from a helicopter overhead and they did not. So Phoenix Riot squad dispersed, blast grenades, tear gas and walked forward to these assholes. After Trump’s rally ended the left started it all as the police chief (a black woman) was outstanding at riot control. Phoenix Police deserve a big well done! they handled themselves correctly and kept these assholes at bay. Arrested only 4. We have Mexicans, blacks and these liberal ass other people who are clueless, they are the ones that cause all the trouble. But remember race relations were not like this BEFORE Obama was in office. HE IS TO BLAME FOR IT!!!!! I am a white Hungarian-German woman born in the USA, and I say it is time that WHITE IS RIGHT IS CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD.

  • The war must first be in individual action throughout white culture, with every action done to avoid supporting (by money, attention or votes) ZOG and its “free market” operatives.

    NOT seeing Hollywood movies, watching the jewbox or buying clothes, food, power, music etc from the jews. If this means giving up pet hobbies etc, so be it. There’s a wealth of non-jew material waiting to be observed, enjoyed and discussed.

    People need to drill down on where their attention, money and time is spent.

    And of course prepare for a real war. Niggers and towelheads won’t be preparing without prompting, but the jews will do the prompting for them.

  • It seems that on normie comment sections people are much more sypathetic to us than they were immediately after the rally. I guess just triggering these people and getting them to act like themselves in the street may be a positive for us.

    • I think we should prioritize more rallies. 4-5 more major events with legal permits (hopefully we can attain) – antifa sure to create havoc – should shift normies over towards our resolve.

      • Yes, and we should make sure to be peaceful and be more organized. I think it wouldn’t hurt to get a core group of guys some training so they can provide defensive security for our speakers. We need to let them screw up and get violent and attack us first so we can use that against them.

        • Security for our speakers needs to be top priority now. We need people like Jared, Kevin, Richard, etc. When you start thinking about these people you realize there are quite a few. They need to be protected.

          Trump is planning a rally in Phoenix today and everyone is worried. The Mayor of Phoenix is acting like your typical leftist jerk and even the “Republican” Governor had to come out and say he wouldn’t attend. Why didn’t he just keep his stupid trap shut? That did not need to be said.

          What was that? I hope it was just thunder in the distance… nothing to worry about…

          • Yes, and we need a group of guys to be trained and equipped to a good standard to cordon off the communist terrorists so normies and potential recruits can listen to our speakers and ideas without being terrorized.

        • They’ve been doing that all along. They’ve been peaceful and organized. But now we can’t count on law enforcement doing their jobs and of course the other side isn’t going to be peaceful ever and the authorities count on that. Welcome to European style oppression.

          • I am saying peaceful as in we don’t attack first. I think we need well trained and highly professional security teams protecting our marches and rallies, but I don’t think we should go looking for fights.

    • As long as our people are disciplined and can look stoic in the face of cruelty we win.

  • How is I will debate you, you will punch me working out?
    Or I will use arguments – reason, evidence, and even rhetoric and memes and you will use censorship and deplatforming?
    Note before it was obvious they were losing badly, they kept playing the game while incrementally shifting things and changing the rules but we kept winning. So they went nuclear.
    The problem is we are smarter than they are. Once we leave, they will starve, possibly literally.

    And you can have two members of two different tribes discuss peacefully. Read any of Clarence Thomas’ opinions or concurrences.

    • I always do and I agree 100%. It’s about optics. We shouldn’t call them ‘antifa’, because we are then framing them within a narrative that suits their framework – anti-fascists fighting evil bigots and we are always going to be the ‘evil bigots’ in that narrative. We can’t have that. We need to call them by their original name, the Red Front Fighter’s League, and always call them a terrorist group, because that is exactly what they are.

    • Yes. And we the Alt-Right have to be Victorian gentlemen. We must NOT step up the violence. We must lift heavy and learn to fight but we must let the migrants, blacks, muslims be the ones to do the rioting. We here in Norway had that idiot Breivik who murdered a bunch of children from the Labour partys youth organization. It was a fucking atrocity and the red pilling of Norwegians were sett back 10 years. If we let the violence go out of hand idiots may do stupid things. We must not let that hapen. We ned to have the moral high ground.

  • “How can you debate Black Lives Matter?”
    It is necessary to debate them, not because you want to convince them, but you want to convince the “normal” people.
    Not to debate would be a white flag on AR’s side, even if Internet platforms are denied and you can only fight (debate) assimetrically.

    • Let us do Plan A first, i.e. propose keeping status quo, which is to maintain white 65% forever. And do a poll on this proposal. If more than 50% people support this proposal, then work on making it a national mandate. If Plan A does not work, then Plan B is ethnostate.

      • “And do a poll on this proposal. If more than 50% people support this proposal, then work on making it a national mandate.”

        That would fail miserably.

      • Let’s push blacks and Moslems against ZOG and step aside, wait for the state to be close to collapse and go full force just before it happens.

    • You have many issues you can focus on….statue removal, affirmative action, immigration, terrorism, patriotism, over spending, wasteful miltary policy etc….you can get at least half the country behind you on those issues alone all of which support your goals….re brand yourselves….get political power, become a force….do not die on your sword for an issue that has you trapped in a valley with enemies on four sides of the mountain peaks….right now white people are losing political control of their country….this must not happen….

  • There are at least two tribes of whites. Whites are not monolithic. You can’t have an honest convo with CNN/Antifa whites.

  • There’s objective evidence of this in the Reuters Poll where 57% (whites) of respondents want to keep the Confederate Memorials and 27% (blacks, Jews, mestizos, Cucks, cat ladies) want removal. 19% said they didn’t know.

    That’s effectively the racial split in overall American demographics.

    C’ville War was a polarizing Masterwork.

    • Yes, and we need more peaceful rallies. The communist terrorists will always attack us first, they are too stupid to hold back, and this will allow us to expose them and keep polarizing and radicalizing more whites towards defending our rights and values.

      I am not advocating violence, I want to make that clear, but we should be willing to stand up and take risks.

      • IMO we should stage small, fast, stealthy demonstrations to induce maximum chimp out with minimum losses. Want people to hate the left? Make them show their true colors.

        • That would work, but we also need to be aware of infiltrators working in networks and spying on us. How do we know we won’t plan a rally and walk into an ambush?

          I think what you and Yehudah are advocating could work if we did these things in the same style as the identitarians in Europe, but we shouldn’t do them in lieu of mass rallies and marches. We need both.

          • This could work if we have consensus on non-violence, perhaps even non-retaliation.

          • Non-retaliation will only make us look cowardly. What we need is a policy of not starting fights, never swinging first, and always acting professionally and in a defensive context, i.e. a communist terrorist takes a swing at one of us and we restrain him and bring him to the police with video evidence of his attack.

          • Precisely! Not that we should stand there and get our asses kicked, but we can maintain an image of the moral high-ground if we don’t try to turn things into a street fight.

            It takes grit and dedication, but we can beat them by letting them beat themselves.

          • Exactly. We need to get a core group of guys who can scrap, train them in the right tactics, get them high quality gear, and use them to provide security by acting in a strictly defensive role. It will be difficult but worth it in the end.

          • I bet you’ve never been in a fight in your life. If so, describe the last one.

          • You’re Right. I probably should calm down but I’m as passionate about this country as you are. I doubt we would ever agree and probably not change each other’s mind. That’s ok in my book. However, I just can’t stand the posturing and allusions to violence by those who seek to divide. My point, although rather crassly articulated is this: If you are willing to reduce the argument to violence and can’t back it up by being able to throw down on your own, then maybe you shouldn’t be issuing threats in the first place. Seem fair? Btw. I would expect no less from those on my side of the fence. I’d rather not engage in “what about your guys?” type argument as this solves nothing. I’m sure you are as embarrassed by elements of your stance as much as we on the left cringe at some of our followers’ antics. I’ve never taken a punch and thought; “oh, that guy hit me hard, I’ll completely change my point of you” See where I’m going? Anyway, that’s all I got. Adios Amigo!

        • Look up ‘Swedish nationalists disrupt gay pride parade” on
          20 activists shut down a huge horde of the cat lady/balding nu male confederation,
          no one got arrested, huge win for Swedish Nationalists. We need street actions like this.

        • Yep….you need a back channel for actual communications to constituents and a public one so you can put out disinformation, or infiltrate their networks and build acceptance thru empathy and then start leaking to them disinformation, Announce huge rallies and where no one will show, discuss events that no attends..begin using up the enemies resources, bankrupt them if you can….send them everywhere….they will catch on but then they will assume that everything is a false operation and will leave you alone, when they see you again, start the whole process over….

        • Yes, but that is what we want. We want them to keep smearing us when only an insane monster could do so. It will completely undermine them, and they are just too damned stupid and arrogant to help themselves and not do it.

      • Yes but we also have to stop with the Nazi imagery. We have to create our aesthetic and symbols, I’m tired of dragging the past.

        • Sorry, but I don’t agree. We shouldn’t divorce ourselves from our historical symbols simply because some Jew is offended by it.

          • You are not divorcing yourself from the nazi symbols to spare the jews feelings, you are dojng it to manipulate the media and build political power….it must be done…you see the reaction they can stimulate when they find a nazi flag or someone says the word jew in a crowd….do not let them….the goal is political power, discipline yourselves in order to get it….

          • Still don’t agree. No matter what we do we will always be called ‘nazis’ and there will always be morons who will believe in the Jewish hymiewood version of what we are.

          • Yes there will always be morons…..but if you control the politcal landscape, which will take some time obviously, they will become marginalized…..all i am saying is be clever as serpents…..let me offer you a different perspective…..the alt right are the jews of the usa right now, you are a small marginalized group… ask yourself how the two percent got so much power…did they reveal their agenda upfront, or did they inch their way along, capturing the primary resources they needed, gaining control over the institutions they needed….it was a 100 year effort in this country….and they used the foundations of the country against its builders…..and this is the culmination of their divide and conquer strategy….the alt right has maxed out now on the previous approach now there needs to be a shift….i have spent the lastbfew months on breibart experimenting…..that is the closest target audience you now can approach but you will not go anywhere there with nazi flags and anti jewish comments…..but you can gain a voice if you push on the issues i mentioned in another comment…..i keep saying your short term objective is not to save the white race….it is to gain political power and as a side effect you can be saving the white race with your efforts if you choose your message properly….i also mentioned that the country is hungry for a choice for a new power base….half the country has figured out that republicans and democrats are traitors, trump is collapsing under the weight of their counter punching….something new will arise….it should be from here….but you must be much wiser now…..old messages have accomplished as much as they will…time for a shift in approach

          • “be clever as serpents” – Sounds like some Talmudic advice. I am not a belly crawling snake-like Jew. I am a white man and will behave in a way that honors my people.

          • Then if were in charge i would save you for cannon fodder….go charge into the barrage and see how it works out….martyrs serve a purpose as well….

          • “Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves. ” – Matthew 10:16 So not exactly Kosher Talmudic advice.

            Doesn’t matter where you stand on religion, that is damn good practical advice for the under dog from JC himself. Be wise to how the world operates, but remain true and faithful to your mission, or if you prefer, maintain situational awareness in your operational environment while maintaining clear focus on the mission objective.

            I’m going to concur 100% with Senhorbotero. The optics have to change or this shit is over. As a matter of fact, I question the leadership ability and possibly the intent of whoever came up with the torch march and “Jews will not replace us” bullshit. I even got censored from an Alt-Right FB page for simply asking if anybody knew who came up with the idea and implying it was at best reckless and at worst an act of intentional self sabotage. Without that, everything changes. The dipstick still runs his car into the crowd, but the Right is dragging a lot less baggage going into it without the torches, flags, and Jew chants. Think of it; people love seeing the videos where these protestors get plowed any other day. But when they think some maniacal nazi is doing it vs. some guy just trying to go about his day, they are going to turn on the nazi, and somebody in the Right’s leadership sit that narrative up perfectly for failure.

          • Maybe you’re new to this but no matter what you do they will call you a nazi and portray you as evil. These people are so insane they even call negroes ‘white supremacists’. Your optics won’t matter worth a damn and will make us look cowardly and like we have no core message.

          • Fresh off the turnip truck for sure, only been in the game for about 23 years. Who gives a shit what they call you, what is the message? You press the message and the oppositions negatives. What you don’t do is go out there and give the enemy what it needs for it’s appeal to the normal people to say “see…it’s just like we told you” and turn yourself into a cartoon nazi vs. the reaching ad hominem they try to sell. If the “Jews will not replace us” is the core message, then put a fork in it and call it a day, because it’s over.

          • Are you a plant?

            I’ve seen this on several blogs now: “Jews will not replace us.” But an examination of a viral 5-minute video of Charlottesville demonstrates that in EVERY INSTANCE of a close-up (when the protesting chant is fully legible), the phrase they’re using is “YOU will not replace us.” As in, replace white people.

            Makes better headlines to go with “Jew,” I guess.

          • Listen closer. They say both. In the prevailing clip featuring the chant, they say “you” twice, and “Jews” once. Kind of makes it easy to paint them as rabid nazis does it not? I’m on board with discussing the ‘JQ’ and you’ll find so are a lot of Jews who are tired of the mainstream narrative, but this chant and this juncture is entirely ill advised. But then again, maybe I’m a plant. Everybody is a plant actually.

          • You are making valid points, of course they are insane…that is why you can win….but you do not need nazi flags to do it….to the vast majority of the people in this country that puts you on the insane side of the ledger, many people still have family memories of having lost fathers, brothers in ww2. They will not dishonor that sacrifice. You cannot get around that….fix your public relations…..

          • I agree with a lot of what you state. If you give the media and blacks what they want, you are labeled. We need to keep our mouths shut for now, devise a new plan, stay peaceful and lay low for now. Be better than them, (we know we are anyway), they expect a certain response from us and they get it, then its all over, a story made into a huge incident and they scream, they are racists!!!!! So maybe we are, until we WHITE PEOPLE get the respect we are due, this will never end. Like I said before, I am locked and loaded, we are waiting. Hey I live in mexicoland here in phoenix, it is shoved in our face everyday, all these illegals, they take over whole communities, have carts on a bicycly and sell crappy Mexican food, Mexican hot dog anyone? They are probably made of cats and dogs. And they don’t throw toilet paper in the toilet where it belongs, they throw in trash can or on the ground. Also dirty diapers and they have 4-9 people living in one apartment. I hate them. See what I mean I gave them the reaction they wanted. But I do not care they are the scum of this earth.

          • I have posted a replay to your posting with some ideas to the approach shift. I was using the ‘Disqus’ login when posting it. Seconds after, the posting was marked a “spam’ and made unavailable to the thread, although it was anything but. Trying to find out who or what censors messages on ‘Disgus’ I posted a copy of this message on which uses the same login mechanize. As before it was marked as a ‘spam’ which tell me that ‘Disqus’ runs a censoring bot. Also, all the login mechanizes offered by this site are controlled by the (((tribe))) We will never make a difference if we keep depending on the (((tribe’s))) internet infrastructure. And yet site editors do not seem to understand it.

          • It has been weird on disqus….today i had trouble also and it seems that on breibart i can see my posts but no one else does…maybe i am banned over there….or disqus has done something to me….you are right this internet thing is starting to blow up….and now they are talking about trying to get congress to label sites like this as hate speech and unlawful….things are really going ugly in this country…

          • I was banned from Twitter and FB took a lot of my stuff down. You cannot trust any media. I’ll be censored or blocked on Disqus today.

          • We need to expose the Holohoax, not turn our backs on the swastika. Yes, we need a new symbol specifically for our movement, but the swastika must be retained for some uses, it would be an insult to our forebearers not to. Take away the Holohoax, and only Jews hate us. This needs to be our NUMBER 1 PRIORITY. Thats how i was redpilled. And thats how i redpill others. Disprove the Holohoax, and they will figure the rest out themselves.

          • I think you are stuck on a form of purity that defies common sense experience….we need politcal power and all the way up into the govt structure if the gov we have now even survives much longer…..once you get power, you purge where you need to and rewrite the teaching as you see to be reflective of the truth…until you acheive power your approach will have you preaching to the choir forever…challenge your assumptions in the context of the reality whichnyou face and ask where you need to change your assumptions….we are under a vicious attack to make us all marginalized….do not die on your sword for something not worthy of you….build strength, gain momentum, defend your honor, offer a moral alternative and after….you can defeat the holohoax….because if you do offer people a way that demonstrates success you will not even need to discuss it anymore…..when water hits a rock it moves around it….and over time wears the rock away….people want safety, security, structure, a healthy culture and a moral guidance system to assist in their decision making….offer that….get it to work and man you will have yourselves a golden age….

          • I agree but we are not here to recreate a past failure but to create a new success. Heritage yes but the past can limit our creativity.

          • You are stubborn, which is ok. However, are you smart, or are you lacking? I am not looking to start and argument. I’m am serious and pleading with you, asking you to not be so closed minded. If you continue to move forward with your two dimensional strategies i can only hope you are not one of the decision makers of this movement. Please do yourself and all of us that want to see a change a favor if you ever want to have a chance of advancing this agenda, start considering and taking the advice of intelligent strategists such as Senhorbotero. If you want to continue these old strategies and polorizing symbols from the past please move to the side and let some of the intelligent actual scholars implement and lead our party moving forward.

          • feroxmill, you are looking at our history and our heritage through the eyes of the (((tribe))). (((They))) wrote our history and what you know about it is what (((they))) told you. And that is why you want to hide our heritage while I want to uncover the truth and let others know that we should be proud of it. There are many YouTube videos worth of seeing. Try Sam Dickson’s about WW1 or any of David Irving’s videos. Both of them are exceptional individuals. Look for videos titled ‘who were the Bolsheviks?’. It would be a good beginning. Remember, (((they))) will call you Nazi no matter what. You are not ever going to change it.

          • I know, I’m with you on this and I’ll uphold the truth once in power. As for now, I only worry about tactics and a sea of normies can’t be converted with the blunt truth.
            I know that a red pilled normey upholding logic, honor, strength and responsibility will naturally ask certain questions and will answer them accordingly. However, a normey fed on cultural Marxism will never accept the truth before accepting logic, honor, strength and responsibility.
            This is why we need to focus on the foundations. If we build them right, normies will discover the truth on their own.

          • Neither do I, On the contrary, we must explain the context in which the Nazi movement rose to its prominence. We should not shy away from it but embrace. Remember, we are going to be called Nazi regardless what we do.

            In order to understand it we must understand the history of the period. We must create a high quality content explaining the (((tribe’s))) role leading to the WW1 and WW2. We must explain who the (((tribe))) was and its unlimited power over the European nations prior to the WW1 and WW2 and show in an explicit way who the (((tribe))) is at the present, its unlimited power over the European nations, draw the strong parallel
            between than and now, and where it is going to end.

            In short, we must create an explicit content placing the blame at (((those who are responsible))) for what happened during the first part of the 20th century. That is why we need people like David Irving, Mark Weber, Kevin MacDonald and Sam Dickson to explain what really happened back than.

          • Do you want to succeed or do you only want a fight….if you do things correctly using good sense and display rational thinking as defined in the culture and proper behavior, your argument will make itself and people will get thru the media lies….come on, the sane half of the people left in this country already are over listening to the media…you can paint your own image if you just have discipline and patience…..

          • Is the nazi battle flag really “your” symbol if you are a White American? There are plenty of variants on the American flag that can just as easily distinguish our political goals and identity, and in fact do it better in my opinion. Not to mention the “normie” situation, which I simply refuse to rehash.

          • Absolutely, use the thirteen star american flag….and make it stand for the tradition of the country….it can have a double meaning depending on who you are…..

          • 1. Nazi is a perjorative term made up by the Jews to insult National Socialists. Please don’t use that if you want to have a rational discussion.

            2. I don’t agree. We National Socialists have revolutionary ideas, not rehashes of old ones.

            3. My grandfather fought in the Spanish Blue Division on the eastern front so I do have a familial connect to the N.S.D.A.P..

          • We are not even on the continent of Europe. Sorry, I just don’t buy the fact that White Americans have to fight for our race and identity under the Nazi battle flag.

          • I don’t care. It has been our race’s symbol for thousands of years. I won’t reject it and neither will thousands of others.

          • This isn’t about rejecting, or not rejecting, it is about displaying it at public rallies in the United States. Obviously that is a bad idea.

          • Yes, by Jews. I don’t care what they think. I care about the tens of millions of White people that are sympathetic to us, but simply won’t support us under the nazi battle flag.

          • Man you just don’t get it. If we show ourselves being totally peaceful, doing things that completely contradict the Jewish narrative like feeding white homeless folks and giving out toys and candy to children on holidays and providing help for drug addicts who want to get clean and financial assistance for pregnant women etc., and simply concentrate on ourselves, on our movement and what is good for our people, and not worrying about the slander and the lies and the filth then we won’t even have to worry about flags or any of that. That is the real problem. We want to have these marches and rallies but we don’t want to do anything that make us stand out, that shows what we believe in on the most fundamental level, we seem like another soulless political movement, and the fact that we don’t do anything I listed above does more to prove we are a ‘hate group’ for the Jews than any flying of flags ever could.

            How can a Jew say what we are doing is evil if it is feeding the homeless and giving them the tools they need to escape life destroying addictions and change their lives for the better? How they call us hateful if we are giving needy young Aryan children toys and candies for the holidays? How can they say we are vile if we are helping pregnant women carry their children to term and raise them when the Jews only provide one alternative, to murder their own? How can they call us violent if we are consistently peaceful and never the aggressors? We need to prove that we aren’t the monsters they claim we are and our actions will do more to prove that than the flying of any banner or chanting of any slogan ever could, and if they persist in slandering us and attacking us when only a REAL insane monster could do so then the ‘normies’ will start to see through their filthy Talmudic lies and realize that we only want to help our people, and by extension all of humanity, because if the Aryans disappear humanity will sink into a new dark age that will be so evil and inescapable it would be truly unimaginable to us today.

          • Our people have a disease. They choose to believe these obvious lies. The Nazi battle flag has proven to not be the cure, at least in the US. It is time to try other things.

          • So you don’t want to address any of my arguments, only whine about a flag you don’t like. Time to move on.

          • Ok, so now it is glaringly obvious that you won’t address anything seriously and will just whine about a flag you don’t like. Time to move on.

          • I am commenting on a relevant, current event. In the 500 years Europeans have been in the “New World”, the Nazi battle flag has had zero relevance in any way culturally or otherwise. There is no need to “die” on that hill, when there are other ways to actually win.

          • Right on!!!! Its always the whites that have to keep their mouth shut, don’t offend anyone, etc, etc etc. I am sick to death of this racism against WHITES!!
            Locked ‘N Loaded , ready for it.

          • Abosolutely, I agree with you. The only reason to temporarily withhold them is tactical. Once the public is red pilled, I’ll hold that flag with you.

        • The previous Reichs have always had one main symbol to call their own, but has retained the symbols of the previous Reich and used them ornamentally. I see no reason to do different. The number 1 priority needs to be exposing the Holohoax. Take that away and you take away the main reason people hate Nazis.

          • Of course, but we need our won aesthetic in accordance with this time. We need to stand on our own and even if we deeply respect and admire our ancestors, we honor them better by creating something new.

      • We need to make more peaceful rallies. One of pillars of morality of our people is that we have concern for the poor and weak. We always root for them. Marxism cleverly used this in critical theory and its essence is that there is no higher moral category than “victim”. They thoroughly brainwashed people with this. So the only way to win against them is to make them attack us.

        • Yes, on another post I was saying this exactly. We need to be feeding the poor and homeless, providing candies and toys for children on the holidays, helping women who are pregnant to make ends meet and have money to raise their children properly, and help people who have substance abuse issues get access to rehabs or medicines that could help them. If antifa were to attack us while we were giving out food and candies and toys and things like that to fellow whites then there would be no way to spin their actions as anything other than hateful anti-white terrorism on the same level as ISIS.

        • Yes, on another post I was saying this exactly. We need to be feeding the poor and homeless, providing candies and toys for children on the holidays, helping women who are pregnant to make ends meet and have money to raise their children properly, and help people who have substance abuse issues get access to rehabs or medicines that could help them. If antifa were to attack us while we were giving out food and candies and toys and things like that to fellow whites then there would be no way to spin their actions as anything other than hateful anti-white terrorism on the same level as ISIS.

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