Facebook Is Fine With White Genocide

Guess who?

Mark Zuckerburg is a great man. Not only is he the “Founding Father” of Facebook, and therefore entitled to a statue that will be ripped down in a hundred years, but he is rightly known for his principled humanitarian views, possible Presidential ambitions, and looking like a reptilian from a distant world stuffed into the overstretched body of a 12-year-old boy.

One thing you can be sure of about him is that he does not approve of genocide (at least not till terraforming is complete), and if someone deeply implicated in genocide just happened to have a page with over 100,000 follows and likes on Mr. Zuckerburger’s social platform, then, of course, he could be counted on to take a dim view of it. I mean, whoever it was might even get a one month ban of the sort that most normal users face whenever they lapse into language that was considered mainstream a few years ago.

Well, the bad news is that Facebook has indeed been hosting such a page, namely that of 93-year-old mass murderer Robert Mugabe.

With the tagline “The official page of His Excellency President Robert Mugabe, President of Republic of Zimbabwe,” and rather pompous announcements, the page looks legit. But, even if it were not, it is still dedicated to promoting and normalizing the worldview of a man who not only advocates genocide but actually carries it out. The super-antiquated tyrant is currently in the news yet again for genocidey stuff, as reported by Newsweek:

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has said that people who murdered white farmers during a government-sanctioned purge in the 2000s will never be prosecuted.

The 93-year-old president addressed a rally in Harare on Monday to mark Heroes’ Day, which commemorates soldiers who have fought for the country, particularly in its independence war against British colonizers.

Zimbabwe implemented a controversial land reform program in 2000 that saw squatters invade and seize hundreds of white-owned farms around the country. The violent seizures resulted in the murder of several white farmers, with many more displaced, and close associates of Mugabe given large chunks of land.

“Yes, we have those who were killed when they resisted. We will never prosecute those who killed them. I ask, why should we arrest them?” Mugabe said…

The advent of Black rule and the seizing of White-owned farms in the country once known as Rhodesia, not only caused the White population to nosedive — from 296,000 in 1975 to 28,732 in 2012 (one tenth!!!) — but it also caused problems for the Zimbabwean economy and the country’s Black population, including starvation, hyperinflation, and brutal repression by Mugabe’s Marxist goons.

Some of the “nationalism for all” types might want to bear that in mind that when they go on about the right of the indigenous people to drive out the “foreign invaders,” meaning, in this case, the Whites who created the country that helped raise up the previous inhabitants so significantly.

Anyway, Mugabe’s genocidal actions have not gone entirely unnoticed. The E.U. and U.S., who usually set the bar pretty low for African human rights abusers, actually felt compelled to impose sanctions. But apparently the crimes against humanity of the “President for Life” didn’t have much of an affect on his social media profile — at least on Facebook, as “Comrade Bob” doesn’t approve of Twitter.

But why does Facebook condone genocide in this way? The obvious answer is because the victim community is White, and this is viewed simply as “payback” for the “racism” on which a once affluent and civilized Rhodesia was built.

But the great thing about Mugabe is that he is an “equal opportunities genocider.” In 1983, soon after he gained power, he unleashed his North-Korean-trained Fifth Brigade in a campaign of slaughter aimed at crushing the rival Ndebele tribe in Matabeleland, the so-called Gukurahundi massacres, in which 20-30,000 are thought to have died. As reported by the leftist Guardian newspaper in 2015:

“No one has accepted the blame for the violence, but the recent release of historical documents has shed new light on those responsible.

The wide-ranging reports include diplomatic correspondence, intelligence assessments and raw intelligence garnered by spies recruited from within the Zimbabwean government.

These papers – augmented by my investigations and the testimony of Zimbabwean witnesses – appear to substantiate what survivors and scholars have always suspected: Mugabe, then prime minister, was the prime architect of well-planned and systematically executed mass killings.”

Although the campaign against the Ndebele was brutal and violent, it had limited demographic impact, and numbers soon recovered. Contrast this with Zimbabwean Whites, After seeing friends and relatives killed and losing everything they owned to violent rampaging mobs, many were forced to flee overseas, often to other African states, as Western countries were reluctant to accept them as “refugees.”

So, even if Zuckerburg thinks reducing a White community to a tenth of its size is not a sufficient reason for shutting down a Facebook page, let him also ponder on all those “much more valuable” Black bodies killed in the Gukurahundi.

  • gokart-mozart

    Colin, good to see your writing?

    Is Alternative-Right (the website) gone for good? Thanks.

    • Liddell

      No way. We just got booted off Blogger by Google for “HATE,” which now gives them the problem of defending an undefinable standard that cuts into their business model. You can find us up and running here: Spread the word!

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Mugabe’s jacket is the Platonic Ideal of JACKET.

    It’s the primary form.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    Zuckerberg needs to end up in permanent Swiss exile.

    • Crud Bonemeal

      He needs a fair trial

      • maxsnafu

        I’d settle for an unfair trial–as long as it results in a conviction.

        • Crud Bonemeal

          of course when I say fair trials, I’m looking at Nuremberg for a precedent of how you define “fair”

          • Ike35

            In that case, I agree.

        • I’d settle for a fair trial like the Nuremberg trials, That would be poetic jewstice. Followed by a short drop and a sudden stop.

        • Tim Volksdeutsche

          Exterminate him.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        He needs a trial like Khodorkovsky had in Russia.

        • Cascadia

          Cuck. He needs a Ceausescu trial.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Comparing a Jew manlet like Zuck to Ceausescu is an insult to all strongman dictators.

          • Ike35

            And his wife really stunk too apparently. Umm, not sure how that’s relevant but yeah.

    • Ike35

      Meh, send’em to the West Bank, they’re making room there as we speak.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        Better yet, Gaza.

        • Ike35

          He can bring his virtual reality helmets with him, I’m sure they’ll love him.

    • Logician

      What has Switzerland done to deserve this t**d?

    • Ken31

      Jewish Supremacy is really taking its toll.

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    It’s also why more and more people are saying every day, and you should too:

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    (And also, Black Lives Matter)

  • Marathon-Youth

    Zuckerberg is also an elite. What he considers important usually goes against all that the average person holds dear. That is how I see an elite. To be an elite requires standards removed from the rest of us.

  • Ike35

    When the hell is this guy gonna die!? He’ll prolly make it to 105.

    • Then he will live longer than Unca Dave. Let’s hope not.

    • Tim Volksdeutsche

      He is Satanic. Really. They live long off of death energy of others.

      • Ike35

        You mean, we wuz nosferatu eennn sheeiittt.

        • Tim Volksdeutsche

          In a way, yes. Bizarre but true.

  • Cascadia
  • borosta
  • Scott Schroeder

    Facebook is not anti-hate, just anti-white.

    • Tim Volksdeutsche

      It is a J ooo Operation. Fact. Zi o h list Joo Circle Jerk.

  • Tim Volksdeutsche

    Facebook is run by Iz rah heli jooz Fact. They are part of the Marxist Zionist Left. That is why.

  • Scotcho Rouleau

    Nice to see Colin here. I always thought he should have written for Richard and not had his own blog.

  • Turd Ferguson

    Control the media
    (then you can)
    Control the democracy


    To exercise authoritative or dominating influence over; direct. See Synonyms at conduct.
    To hold in restraint;

  • AdolfG

    we need a whitebook, facebook for whites only.

  • Duncan_McFarlane

    You’re right Mugabe is responsible for genocide – on a small scale against white farmers, and a much larger scale against the tribes of his political rivals. But claiming facebook allows him on it because it “supports white genocide” is pretty far fetched. Far more likely because facebook is a business and to operate in other countries it has to do as their governments say to some extent – and Mugabe is in power in Zimbabwe. Now that doesn’t make it right for facebook to do that. It should imo simply refuse to operate in countries that aren’t democracies at all, or are committing constant human rights abuses. But it’s not in favour of killing white people.

  • WR_the_realist

    Some of the “nationalism for all” types might want to bear that in mind
    that when they go on about the right of the indigenous people to drive
    out the “foreign invaders,” meaning, in this case, the Whites who
    created the country that helped raise up the previous inhabitants so

    Actually I’m all in favor of letting blacks live with the consequences of having the all black countries they want. Of course all whites fleeing from such countries should be given refugee status.

  • Build A Wall

    Zuckerberg fully endorses the live stream rape of white women by filthy Arab pig slime on his website. His only grievance is that someone eventually informs the authorities.