The Alt-Right And Antifa Are Exactly The Same

The Alt-Right is first and foremost an identity movement. As a movement, it appeals to those who feel atomized and alienated in modern Western society. We offer pride and self-affirmation instead of hate and self-loathing.

This is incredibly appealing to young men in particular, who have spent their entire lives being fed a steady diet of anti-male, anti-white and anti-tradition agitprop from schools, the media and in many cases their own hippy parents.

We have been so successful that we have created the youngest, most energetic youth movement in America. We are only matched in energy and intensity by Antifa, who are also rebelling against the system but in their own bizarre way.

See, Antifa internalized the messages of the system and only found a way to rebel by outdoing the enforcers of “the system, maaan”.  If the system is PC, then Antifa is Super PC and will police the previous generation of PC for not being PC enough. By out purity-signaling, they can rebel and turn the tables on the very people who indoctrinated them.

It’s quite similar to what happened to the original revolutionaries in France and Russia. They were cannibalized and eaten alive by their own revolutionary progeny. They were found to not be revolutionary enough by the new generation that wanted their positions at the head of the movement. Instead of fighting them head on over ideas, they were simply out purity-spiraled.

Devious, no?

But this is a mentality born of weakness. For that reason, it is so vicious, vindictive and destructive. It owes no allegiance and bears no love for its predecessors. Great reformers and liberals of yesteryear are rejected as counter-revolutionaries and racists by modern revolutionaries.

Sad, isn’t it?

The Alt-Right’s rebellion is more genuine because it understands and fully rejects the system. It is a complete rebellion, whereas other movements offer only partial rebellion. For that reason, the Alt-Right is being clamped down on, very hard.

The entire system has been prepared to take us on. And so it springs into action the minute we start flexing some muscle, like at Charlottesville. Those cops with their tanks and Cyberpunk-inspired armor are finally deployed. At long last, they can be used against a fair target. We’re White…check. We’re men…check. And we’ve got no Soros behind our backs…release the hounds.

Meanwhile, Antifa paralyzes the cops. Just look at all the protests and marches they are putting on all over the United States. From one SWPL bastion to another, they are allowed to take over the streets, deface monuments and harass anyone they feel like.

And it makes sense if you think about it.

If the police are there to serve the pro-diversity, pro-equality, pro-inclusive society, then Antifa outranks them, don’t they? Antifa is ostensibly for the same principles that modern-day Weimerica is for. They just have the balls to act out the logical conclusion to all these ideas. And most importantly, no one on the Left or Center or Center-Right can stand up to them with a clear conscience because they have already accepted Antifa’s line of thinking and logic into their subconscious.

Nazi’s are bad, right? And Antifa fights the Nazis, right? So if I am against Antifa, am I a Nazi? Better not be against Antifa.

What Charlottesville and the subsequent protests proved was how far gone America is. There is no resistance from the police or from the state against Antifa. All the moderates are paralyzed and terrified of their own progeny coming out now to eat them alive.

They had it coming, though.

Meanwhile, we have our own problems in terms of organization. Some of us are playing right into the hands of Antifa by justifying their behavior. See, American society has been conditioned to look for and exterminate “Nazis”. It’s in Hollywood and every single video game and comic book. It’s unavoidable. You cannot reprogram almost a century of programming overnight, try hard as you like.

Groups like Antifa can act like a modern-day Gestapo (NKVD would be more accurate) and get away with it because they don’t trigger the same Pavlovian reaction from normies. In fact, they trigger the association with ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘la resistance!’

And that is the main difference between us in terms of our relationship to the State and the public. Society has not been psychologically primed to reject Antifa the same way they have been primed to reject a Right-wing movement like ours. Antifa has a distinct advantage, and we have to factor this in when planning future rallies, events, and campaigns.

As a movement, we have to avoid the psychological landmines that are implanted in every normie’s brain. We cannot trigger them, or we run up against a wall of conditioning that drowns out our message.

The greatest trigger that exists in the modern American’s brain is the Swastika. Fly it and reason shuts down. The dog hears the bell and salivates. The American feels the patriotic stirring in his breast and remembers ‘Band of Brothers’ marathons on the History Channel.

So we simply can’t do it. It doesn’t matter what you think about Hitler or Nazi Germany. You simply can’t fly that flag. We won’t want anything to do with you if you do.

But alright, let’s review and pre-empt some “but ackshully” arguments that I am sure to receive…

It doesn’t matter what we do, we’ll be called Nazis anyway. So let’s just fly Swastikas high and proud.

If someone accuses you of being a homosexual. Do you shrug your shoulders and start screwing another man?

The Left doesn’t disown its own radicals, why should we?

Do we have the full institutional support of the media, the think tanks, and the State? Yes, it’s unfair, and we are fighting against a stacked deck, we have to deal with it.

White identity and NSDAP is inseperable!

Germany didn’t consider many people White that we consider White today. Seems that we are part of something new, after all.

The only similarity we have with Antifa is our youth and our energy. They are rebelling against the system in a way that we never will be able to. If we don’t realize this and try to fight them on their grounds, on battlefields of their choosing, we will lose.

You don’t fight a modern army with tanks, air power and overwhelming force head on. You take to the mountains, the woods, and the swamps. You fight them asymmetrically. You take only fights you know you will win.

Our side isn’t about purity-spiraling. We simply don’t have that luxury. Our side is about winning and about winning alone. There’s too much at stake to care about anything else.




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  • No resistance to these people? US is a weak, done deal? I guess they don’t see us arresting them during and after the fact. We will use our traditional stabilizing force, the Police, to take care of them. It must be a hard thing to realize, waking up in the morning in jail, no one to go your bail. People groaning, farting, complaining, cursing, screaming. Steel doors slamming and hand cuffs rattling. Smell of unwashed bodies. With a toilet? Living in a bathroom? The smell rolls over you. Court coming. Low paid attorney coming. Police record to keep you from getting any kind of decent job. No one wants to hire a convicted troublemaker. I mean, think about it. Would you? Antifa, Alt R, Alt L…all synonyms for dumbass. Go ahead. Nothing has changed. We have a place for you.

  • It is exactly the same thing happening to Hellas with this f…g antifa. They are not rebelling against the system.They are part of the system,actually they are the long hand of the system doing all the “black ops” police can’t do openly.Here the media calls them “the familiar unknows”.They are destroying every protest the people tried to do by throwing stones,Molotovs and giving the excuse to official police to use chemicals in large scale to break up every try to protest.
    The last few years with crisis hitting hard Hellas has show us that liberals (New Democracy party) and socialists (Pasok and all their clans after) along with communist,are ONE AND THE SAME,working against the country itself ,robbing all the wealth,putting us under unbelievable taxes,and finally letting invade BIG numbers of illegal aliens with the excuse of the war in Syria and name them refugees,giving them shelter,money,food and lately they are thinking of giving them LAND to work!!!
    THEY ARE REPLACING US, with a pulp of people that is going to be easy to control!!
    And we DONT have they right to bare arms like you do in several states
    Since the governments are occupied ,it is better for that governments to be afraid of their people and not vice versa

  • The million dollar question:

    Will you go to Heaven when you die? Here’s a quick test: Have you ever lied, stolen, or used God’s name in vain? Jesus said,
    “Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”
    If you have done these things, God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart,
    and the Bible warns that one day God will punish you in a terrible place called Hell.
    But God is not willing that any should perish. Sinners broke God’s Law and Jesus paid their fine.
    This means that God can legally dismiss their case:
    “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
    that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
    Then Jesus rose from the dead, defeating death. Today, repent and trust Jesus, and God will give you eternal life as a free gift.
    Then read the Bible daily and obey it. God will never fail you.

  • Obsessing over skin pigment and turning everything you don’t like into a nightmare caused by Jews with magical demonic powers doesn’t advance the cause of preserving Western Culture…

    …except for those of you who’re more like the pigs in Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ than like the men and women who contributed to the development of the Western Culture you claim to want to preserve.

    What we call ‘Western Culture’ (or Civilization) was the result of an almost four-thousand-year struggle that finally produced a ‘meritocracy’ (anti-aristocratic) government based on Liberty, Knowledge, and Opportunity in the truly beautiful land that became The United States of America.

    FYI – Personally, I’m convinced that things would’ve been better for everyone had the Confederate States prevailed and Lincoln’s Federalism been crushed. But I also think Europe and England would be a better place had Napoleon’s system been adopted instead of the one put in place by the Central Banks/Monarchist collective that defeated him.

  • My question is: Why should we care what boomers, Gen X, and even older Millennials think about swastikas? Our target audience is white men under 30. They haven’t been programmed as long as their parents, and they don’t pay any mind to the programming anyway since they don’t have any stake in the current system. I remember joking about Anne Frank at the holocaust museum in 5th grade with my friends. My generation does not give a fuck.

  • “The Alt-Right is first and foremost an identity movement. As a movement, it appeals to those who feel atomized and alienated in modern Western society. We offer pride and self-affirmation instead of hate and self-loathing.”
    I had to quote that since it is so true.

    I do not see the unwashed, tattooed, pierced, purple haired freaks, many on drugs, most are incoherent and illiterate, who make up the antifa as anything but self defeating idiots. They make a lot of noise and they destroy things. That is similar to a “drift” of pigs (the younger) or a “sounder” of swine (the older), grunting and smashing their way.

    They have not yet faced the Angry White American yet. they will one way or the other. They should fear us.

  • I think this is a good article, thanks.

    I have been floating about in-between the two trains of thought on this, but my history is one of rebuffing the obvious buffoonery and own-goals and expecting people to use decent language and arguments which are positive and self-defensive rather than always being against ‘the other’.

    That being said, this did not seem to be working or generating as much following and drive as the new-breed of nationalists in the Alt-Right – who have had much fun and success with some of the most outrageous and ridiculous images, themes, language, etc.

    I understand “Anglinism” on this point, but I also appreciate that what works on-line does not always translate to the public space, and in that regard, we have no option but to cut out cloth to suit our situation – which is advocated in the article.

    It has always made me laugh at how the most extreme people spend a lot of time describing how brainwashed everyday people are (by wall to wall Jewry etc), then the next minute, they wonder why the greater masses of public do not hop onboard with what they are saying or come out in support of the imagery.

    There is nothing wrong with forthright, forceful, cuttingly sharp and “extreme” positions. It is perhaps vital for the energy we all need. The problem is not allowing them to become own-goals and self-defeating.

    In terms of national socialism, I suspect that if you held up signs that described elements of what it advocated, people would actually be largely in support {not knowing that it was national socialism} – yet wave the flags around, and you’re going to put up their shutters from the outset.

    I hope a middle ground is found where people can be provocative and extreme, but without the antics and imagery that the article rightly says is inclined to give pavlovian dog responses from the masses.

    • Well-stated, but, what’s all this talk of “own goals?” if you’re going to contribute to Yank sites, you’re going to have to start using American sports analogies, Limey.

      [ sez the Limey-descended Canuck, tongue firmly planted in cheek 🙂 ]

  • The Nazis were not leftist. They were very right wing, nationalistic, fascistic ethnocentric militant socialistic white nationalist hardcore racial puritans. That is not a liberal ideology. I agree though that we shouldn’t be marching around with Nazi flags because most of us here are probably not Germans. We don’t have any claim to the Nazi flags of Germany. I do think think it would be totally dishonest though to say that the ideology of the alt right would have nothing in common with the ideology of many of the people who really used to be Nazis. Calling them leftists wouldn’t make anymore sense than calling ourselves leftists.

  • I don’t want to change the world, I don’t want the world to change me; white only informal labor exchange.

  • Well the FBI will bring the swastika. So we need a protocol to rip those swastikas out of the hands of whoever brings it

  • Oy vey racists, don’t you like libertarianism and freedom?
    Paul Jewsef Watstein just did a video about why Nazis are leftists, and you dont want to be leftists, do you bad goys?

  • I remember I think I saw something on CBS about a FBI report that comes out from time to time on white extremists. I think they cherry pick crimes by a few nutcase white extremists – I think they call them WSEs or white supremacist extremists — and try to lump them in with alt right. The former are true racists and the latter are just defending themselves for their own survival.

    In any event, does anyone know how to get that report? I would like to see what they have said, if anything, about Charlottesville.

  • I like this article. It could be expanded into a book entitled…

    The Psychology of the Struggle Between the Emerging White Ethnostate and Globalism.

    Excellent work — clear, concise, accurate, thought provoking

  • My mind is blown at the fact that although the government can’t interfere with free speech, the corporations who seem to actually control and run the world can. Wow. How convenient. “They can impose whatever controls they want, they are a private company”. They can kick off, squash, remove, delete, demonetize at will, because they are a holier than thou, private corporation. Really. So, let me understand this. The Founding Fathers established the First Amendment, but, somehow did not foresee the creation of digital technology and the monopoly of social media corporations who have taken over the world, and are allowed to censor anything they want. Yeah, their bad.

    You know, it pains me to say this but, we here in the U.S. are now living under a totalitarian system not imposed by our government, but, rather by our fellow citizens.

    Despite the fact that the majority of citizens in the U.S. don’t support what the left want to do, they still manage to do it. The P.T.B. support it.

    The left nowadays are nothing but capitalist tools. And, they are too stupid to realize it.

    The left has become nothing more than pussy whiny babies.

    But, despite my scorn for them, they are still dangerous.

    Seriously, we should call them “Antifastasi”. Because that is what they are.

  • “You don’t fight a modern army with tanks, air power and overwhelming
    force head on. You take to the mountains, the woods, and the swamps. You
    fight them asymmetrically.”
    I totally disagree with this. Our problem is called “Universal” Declaration of Human Rights, something that one good huwhites seem to follow. For example, not a single Muslim country has signed that thing. It is a stupid constraint which limits our strategies. The left does not seem to follow it, either, when the enemy is a “nazi”.

  • I’m not German and it’s not the 1930s. It would never occur to me to fly the Nazi flag. I think doing so is in poor taste.

    That having been said, I would never waste a breath or a keystroke signalling against the Nazi LARPers. What do I have to gain? Will that win me the respect of the SJWs or the Cuckservatives? Do I even want their respect? Will a normie ever be able to understand that I believe in HBD, the JQ and eugenics, yet I’m not a Nazi? Given the primitive level of understanding of the typical normie, it would probably be easier to just have them consider me a Nazi.

    I thought this matter was settled after heilgate. If you have a problem with the LARPers, just ignore them. If you absolutely must distance yourself from them, say; “I’m not a Nazi, but I respect their right to free speech.” It’s a free speech argument from that point on.

    The Alt-right needs to find their balls. You do realize that imprisoned serial killers get lots of love letters from horny young women? Lots and lots of horny young women pleasure themselves to Nazi domination fantasies. All the media outlets and every authority our civilization has to offer has declared you the most hardcore bad boy ever. We’re Darth Vader, except young and sexy.

    You want to throw this away?
    This is the exact face I make every time I tell someone I’m not a Nazi.

    • I see your point. Why is that NSDAP is SO forbidden? (((rethoric question)))
      I also see the point of the writer, but our job is making countersemitism popular, right?

    • Excellent comment. Do you ever see the left attack their extreme elements like Antifa and BLM?

      Discipline against Counter Signalling is a huge, huge problem for the Right.

    • I have no problems personally with NS and few people in the Alt-Right do on an personal ideological level.

      All we ask is that you don’t fly their flag.

  • Nothing to do with this discussian, no less relevant though..It is a list of sites that are preventing us from talking freely yet have no problem with men who like to bugger boys:


    Enom is owned by Tucows.

    Boy Moment::::::

    A forum for homosexual pedophiles. Run by someone named “boyfeet,” who is presumably a homosexual pedophile foot fetishist.

    Boys on Your Screen::::::

    A forum for homosexual pedophiles that focuses on images of child actors.

    Christian Boy Love Forum:::::::

    Advocates for the acceptance of homosexual pedophilia in the Christian community.


    Presents apologetics for sex with children and advocates for legalization, also advocates for the legalization of sex with animals.

    Enchanted Island:::::::

    A forum for homosexual pedophiles.

    North American Man/Boy Love Association:::::::

    A homosexual pedophile group that advocates for legalization of sex with boys. Allan Ginsburg was a founding member.

    A forum mainly for homosexual pedophiles, though also includes boards for girl-attracted pedophiles and other sexual fetishists.

    Young City:::::

    A site for all types of pedophiles to share information and advice of engaging in pedophilic relationships.


    GoDaddy set off this whole firestorm by bowing under pressure and banning DS from their registrar. Because they said they went too far with a fat joke about a dead communist.

    Caution Click

    Advocates for the legalization of the distribution of child pornography.

    Both Wild West Domains and Domains by Proxy are subsidiaries of GoDaddy.

        • I never followed up on that so don’t know but I believe the elite circles are full of pedos/homos and all other sorts of degenerates. Like a pack of vampires.

          • Pizza Gate was Fake news BS.

            But yeah, if the Catholic Church and Penn State could cover up sex abuse, it stands to reason to the powerful politicians could.

          • You had the Lolita Express of that Epstein pedo. Even Trump is said to have been to his pedo island. At least they were teenage girls though. Corey Feldman claims Hollywood elite circles are full of the homopedo variety.

      • I haven’t had any luck…I’ve been trying to submit my e-mail and the little circle within th box just keeps spinning. No invite as yet and I’ve “followed” a few peeps….Again, I submit the mail and the little circle indicator just sits and spins.

        • Yes, I had the same problem brother. Please go to this link:

          Then click on “Create an account”

          Then the four sections that require you to enter information will turn red.

          Fill-in each line, beginning with the first line, which is “FULL NAME”

          Then the second line, which is “USERNAME”

          Then the third line, which is “E-MAIL”

          Then the fourth line, which is “PASSWORD”

          Then click the box that says “I’m not a robot”

          Then again click on the green box that says “Create an account”

          You must complete the boxes in this order, or else it won’t work.

          Then your account should be created, and you will be able to go from there. If this doesn’t work let me know. I was able to create an account and if I remember correctly I was able to do it by following the above steps.

  • Ultimately it is the media who controls the narrative that is responsible. If you want to talk about “optics” then the main thing you should be talking about is how to shut down the liberal corporate media and herd all the so-called journalists into gas chambers. If the Alt Right were to take over the mainstream media today we could easily have everyone hating Antifa within a week. The problem is we don’t control the narrative, they do. As long as that is the case, we won’t win.

    • To better control the narrative, a linguistic superiority with a delicate disposition is required. The movement cannot afford it’s “soldiers” to spearhead the public relations operations.

      A small crowd of tattooed muscle heads screaming “white power” isn’t going to win hearts and minds.

  • I honestly think that because of Charlottesville, even if the Alt-Right never flies a Nazi flag again, we WILL still be labeled as “Nazis” due to association. I understand what Vince is saying, but the media is so biased and merciless and people are so conditioned that their first thought now when they hear Alt-Right will be “Nazis, kill them all” While it is probably a good idea to stop with the swastikas (for now at least) I think it may be to late too create a different image…

    • Valid point. This “Nazi association” damage has already been done and will take some time and strategy to heal from. A good shift in narrative would be to speak a bit more subtly when criticizing other cultures and focus predominantly on advocating our own while re-enforcing our strength and positive attributes. Just my opinion.

  • “As a movement, we have to avoid the psychological landmines that are implanted in every normie’s brain. You simply can’t fly that flag. We won’t want anything to do with you if you do.”

    Finally! Thank you Vincent!

  • “You simply can’t fly that flag”
    Every movement can have its on flag or simply use the national flag. Antifas are internationalists, they don’t believe in (they hate) nation states, in their minds the national flag is connected to nationalism therefore they never use it authentically.

    “White identity and NSDAP is inseperable”
    Obviously not. Every European country has (or had) its own white identity, after all Europe is the home of white civilization. NSDAP believed in the superiority of germanic arya race. In contemporary Hungary most people only consider Africans, Arabs and West and South Asians inferior, but respect East-Asians like Japanese or Chinese for their heritage and culture. Still we have our distinguished identity very different from East-Asians also.

    There can also be different approaches and definitions for white identity like “protestant work ethics”, “Chivalric code”, etc. Being white means more than a skin colour, there are cultural aspects also. Being white means belonging to a civilization.

    • Jewish comparative advantage comes from their ethnic-nepotism. If whites want to gain that advantage again I suggest starting with a white only informal labor exchange. Or be muh-individualist till your bred out of existence.

  • David Duke distanced himself from the clan 3 decades ago so he could be what is now the alt right. It’s been 3 decades and the media still introduces him as a former grand wizard of KKK. I think if Duke could travel back in time, he would have never associated with the Klan or sport any swastikas in his youth. We should learn from Duke’s own admitted mistakes. The Jews have plastered in everyone’s mind that the swastika and clan robes are equivalent to violence and death. It scares normies more than anything else because they have been conditioned to react that way.

      • Give it 2 more generations and the name “Hitler” will have the same effect on people as Napoleon does today or that of Genghis Khan or Attila the Hun etc. The leftists are overusing that name to the point where the name Hitler is almost becoming completely useless. Everything bad=”Hitler”

        Over time all meaning will be lost. It just takes time.

  • I don’t understand why the hell Facebook took my facebook and event down! I told
    everyone i’m not a racist, but they wont listen to me and Antifa is still coming to my event
    I made a new event to REALLY show the media what’s up, mabye they will take me more seriously.
    Here is my updated page.

  • Great article! I wholeheartedly agree. In my country we had an extremely strong and energetic nationalist movement 30 years ago, that still had some support within the then establishement. It destroyed itself by making itself unacceptable to normies by roman saluting and waving swastikas.

  • The Alt Right needs its own flag. No other additional flag or organizational emblem should be displayed at Alt Right public events except the American flag. There are too many arguments the opposition can make toward all other icons and who they’ve been affiliated with.

    I feel aligned with lots of the symbolism behind many of the flags I see flown at conservative events. But, I believe the message is less convoluted when the public sees two icons one of which being the American flag.

    • This ultimately is the solution to 90% of the AR’s problems…no unity. Hopefully the right people will see your post and agree with you.

    • It should be the American flag and only the American flag. Let the leftists declare that old glory is a “fascist” symbol and desecrate it and watch the normies finally understand.

      • I would agree the American flag fly above an Alt Right one. I suggest an Alt Right flag because its symbolism would more precisely define what the movement believes our American flag truly represents. I hope that makes sense.

        There are many nefarious groups gathering beneath the American flag in an attempt to distort its meaning and the principles it stands for. To take back our country, we should first re-capture our flag.

    • The alt-right is simply a collection of ideas and beliefs that have been banned from mainstream society. The alt-right is not an organic entity. It’s not about unity. The only things that actually unite the alt-right are HBD and the JQ. Both of which were addressed by name and acted upon by Hitler’s National Socialists.

      Sometimes you are forced to be defined by your enemies. Like it or not, the Nazi flag is the flag of the Alt-right.

      • Mr Frosty,

        I respectfully disagree. Once you’ve allowed the enemy to successfully define you, you’ve lost. If the Alt Right is going to be successful, it will require organized and ranked unity.

        Reputable leaders percieve the Nazi flag as an adversarial symbol as do the masses. a great way to acquire enemies faster than allies is to align publicly the entire movement with that symbol.

        Subscribers to mid-century German ideology do not represent the white nationalist movement as a whole. They represent support for that specific doctrine.

        From my perspective (maybe I’m wrong), the Alt Right would be wise to accept every group of pro-traditional-America Anglo-Saxon beneath the same flag. One that is exclusive to the movement.

        Other flags represent other political doctrines and social movements. Some of which may be fairly agreeable to the principles of the Alt-Right, but representative of a different movement nonetheless.

  • I am sick and tired of Antifa threatening my life. I really don’t care anymore if the Alt Right comes to our rally.

  • Yeah, it’s been beaten to death.

    More to the point, you knew all this sht months ago and yet still proceeded to Charlottesville anyways. You knew there would be Nazi flag wavers, kkk, etc there.

    Unless your aim is to “heighten the contradictions” which it doesn’t seem you’ve acknowledged yet.

    My opinion is you should have stayed low profile and then pop up to run Spencer for a congressional seat. Any debates between him and mainstream politicians would have been gold.

  • Let’s all just become Sargon fam, we’ll get all kinds of support. It’ll only be to basically continue the status quo but look at those numbers fam!!!!! No offense but don’t you think there’s a reason the Daily Stormer’s readership absolutely dwarfed yours before they got shoahed? Or that they got shoahed and you’re still here? People want a radical break from the status quo, not some milquetoast faggotry that only promises more of the same except we’d roll back a little of the SJW insanity.

    • Daily Stormer is entertainment at best. It’s like a trolling white supremacist version of the national enquirer. Alt Right is white nationalist. I’ve talked with legit neo-nazis that don’t like DS and think it’s a Jew conspiracy to make national socialists and white nationalists look bad.

    • Obviously you haven’t seen the ingenious Alt-right game plan for saving Western Civilization.

      Step 1) join the Liberals and Cuckservatives in signalling really, really hard against the extreme right.

      Step 2) ???

      Step 3) Victory!

      Remember, you always go half-measure. Always cuck just a little.

  • i really do not like this.
    I would personally never rock a swastika but to distance myself from those who do? Never!
    Augustus Invictus said that he knew that people would come like that but there is nothing he would, could or want to do about it. They are part of the right, too!
    We can recommend that they stop doing it but that is all!
    Stop distancing! Then we can win! people are waking up right now. It is possible that they wake up and realize that literally EVERYTHING they ever saw in the fake news was lies! Even their version of the second world war.

    • If you want to keep losing just keep welcoming the swastikas and Klan robes. There’s nothing the media loves to do more than call us Nazis and Klansmen, and there’s no more effective way to scare the normies away.

      • we are not losing! And normies need to wake up! I think that maybe 5% of the whole movement is serious about this Nazi-Stuff. Some other young guns love to trigger and have, very justified, some super radical thoughts. I’m very fine with that.
        We should not pay to much attention to them. They are not the whole movement. And what the (((media))) has to say about us is bullshit and completly irrelevant anyway!

    • It would be a smart idea to use some of the funding to purchase flags of the ARs own, once a definitive symbol/design is created and adopted. That is what antifa has going for them is “uniformity”. Even though they are a mob, they have somewhat “uniformity”.

      The AR needs to hold a meeting of “leadership” and hash out a banner design. Rules need to be established about how and where they are allowed to be displayed. Such as issuing them to people before a rally. Only those flags should be authorized. Any other flag should be unauthorized at rallies, no matter what meaning they hold.

      The thing about the antifa flag is that its very “non-offensive”. Its just a red and black flag. Granted, I am sure it brings up a sense of anger in some that have had run-ins with antifa, but ultimately average Joe sees it and only sees a black/red banner. Once the AR adopts something “non-offensive” to the average person (but still holds meaning to identitarians), people will join.

        • It would also behoove the leaders to create “serial numbered” badges to identify who is and who is not part of the group. They don’t have to be fancy. One TRUSTWORTHY person should be identified to keep “security” over the badges before said rally. This person also keeps a book of the serial numbers and who was issued the badge. Additionally, another person should be the “keeper of the key” that goes to said lockbox full of badges.

          The badges should change between rallies so as not to be compromised by the enemy. For example, change colors. Only the leadership should decide just prior to the rally what is to be worn. If a badge is lost or stolen, completely discard that color and complete an investigation as to what happened. All manner of secrecy is the utmost importance as to prevent infiltration.

          This is basic operational security stuff. Major corporations have said protocols, so its not hard to adopt a procedure.

          • I am not familiar with what that is. If its a legit procedure, then I would say its something to think about. I just come on here to comment and nothing more. I have no vested interest. Maybe the right person will see my suggestions, or maybe they get completely blown off. That is up to people in this movement.

            I think simplicity at this point is key. When you get overly complicated and you have little funding, things can spin out of control fast.

            Again, I just come on here to comment.

          • I thought so, but I am not a tech guy. That sounds like a legit procedure. The only thing I have to say about using tech, is that it can get compromised. People assume everything is on digits now. No one uses hard copy anymore, so they assume everything is on a database. It may seem archaic, but sometimes going old school is safer than tech. Great suggestion though.

          • The mention of security caught my attention. Old school is fine, using everything available is even better. I think security should be a top priority now. Spencer always has someone watching over him now which is smart. What happened to Baked Alaska should not have happened; bad for him and bad for the movement; it makes us look weak. And something “old school” that has been proven to work is to have the best security and pay them well. I know this wasn’t really what you were talking about, but I think it’s something that should be moved up the list, especially since Charlottesville.

          • “serial numbered badges” = another sharp idea
            badges should change between rallies = yet another great idea

          • I second that motion. And we need to get the meme out of the mythic Artic homeland. Our people need to turn towards the North and turn their backs on the South.

          • I like it.

            What might the geometry of the star be? (How many points?)

            What might be the color scheme? (red/black or red/white/blue or whatever)

            This is NOT a decision to be taken lightly, because such symbols can have powerful psychological effects.

          • I think it would need to be more points than 4 (to avoid swastika comparisons) cant be 5 (red star) and it cant be 6 (jews) so I suppose 8 or an uneven number like 7.

            And it would be huwhyte on a field of blue.

          • Okay, Vince. How about 4 long slender points (vertical and horizontal).
            And 4 shorter points (between the 4 long points).

            For a total of 8 points.

            I think there is a precedent of using an 8 point star with 4 long and 4 short points to represent Polaris.

            The blue background is a great idea, because is calls to mind the blue field of the American flag.

            Hey, how about an Alt-Right flag, just like the current American flag, but with the Alt-Right 8-point Polaris star in the blue filed, in place of the 50 stars?

            Get it? The (pure) Nordic star replaces the 50 (occult) 5-point stars.

            You have a deeper understanding of human psychology than I have, so there is no need to explain to you how important these symbols can be. They can have an awesome effect on the human mind.

  • The anti-white media laughed at Cantwell for getting emotional on camera. But what I saw was a person who tried to remain non-violent but then had to defend himself against people who throw acid and attack with bats and knives. Then his side is blamed by the media for starting the incident, including the claim that the car death was premeditated.

    This is a person at one’s wit’s end. The police were actually complicit in causing the violence but people like Cantwell are blamed. Then we see cuckservatives giving support to antifa.

    A lot of people are getting pushed to their wit’s end.

    • It’s not the crying. It is the cocksure bahavior cocking his Ar15 in a motel with Elle Reeve and VICE.

        • It was pathetic: both interview and crying video. Very immature behavior in both situations. I would stay away of charlatans like him.

          • Many of these people only recently joined the Movement. Which is kind of dangerous, they’re stupid true believers.

          • It is, I have similar experiences with other nationalistic movements back in Europe: in fringe politics there is lack of human capital and anyone can jump and make himself a name.

    • I like Cantwell, but his Vice documentary was horrible. Yeah, they edited it to make him look bad, but he certainly gave them enough rope to do so. The emotional video he posted afterwards didn’t help anything either.

      • I had never heard of Cantwell or Kessler before Charlottesville.

        Stick to figures like Spencer, Duke, Enoch who don’t crack under pressure.

        • The Radical Agenda was a good show. The problem with the Alt-Right is it doesn’t have real leaders at this time. It has podcasters, bloggers and youtubers. When they try and step out of that realm they trainwreck, as we saw with Cantwell.

        • The AR needs to stick to names it knows and trusts, regardless of personal feelings. Until a new leader is found. Alot of people think that RS is a plant, but there is no logic in it. Past the ultimate conspiracy theory being passed around, RS is a known name. He may not be everyone’s favorite, but he is what the movement has until someone with leadership abilities steps forward.

          RS is learning from his mistakes guaranteed. He needs to surround himself with an advisory board so his voice isn’t the only one being heard. Many may think RS is out just for his own sake, but from an outsider perspective, he is what you have right now. Him or Damigo. Both have their positives and negatives. Just my .02

    • Cantwell is a guy who isn’t afraid to show his emotions. When he’s angry, he’s angry. When he’s sad, he’s sad. He does come across as being a bit overheated but I think he is a good guy and I wish him the best. Terrible what the police are trying to do to him.

  • My recommendation: don’t publicize events. A few dozens WNs contacted in private can organize a far more successful rally than 300000 with police, antifa and fbi infiltrators ruining everything. You should also focus on Rotschild, Soros, mention Yuri Beznenov, NWO etc… Without going straight to hite nationalism. Leaving flyers to people abot these things is an idea.

  • There was a story in UK about an Indian Maoist commune leader who fooled some women to become his slaves. So, he came in UK in the’70s as an economic migrant and instead of working his way up he devised a communist commune and found simpletons to work for him. It is like in Wilde’s “the Devoted Friend”. Here is one of his brainwashed victim.


  • There is a website called “We the People” where petitions can be signed. There is one petition to recognize Antifa as a terrorist group and another petition to designate Civil War related monuments as “National Monuments”. Each petition needs 100 thousand signatures within 30 days. The link is here:

  • The sorry state of most antifa protesters supports my observation that a hierarchical society offers standards to live up to, and it rewards people who succeed in doing so. When you destroy the very concept of standards in the name of “equality,” you see a deterioration in people’s dress, hygiene, manners, grooming, health, physical fitness, the condition of their teeth, literacy and so forth. If you can’t make yourself better than anyone else, even in theory, then why bother with any kind of self-care or self-improvement?

      • Of course a lot of young white nationalists could set a better personal example themselves. Look, even if you grow up poor, you don’t have to get tattoos and go through life looking like an extra from a Mad Max movie. Also eat a healthy diet and learn how to take care of your teeth.

        • That will come with time. When the right leaders step forward. They (the leaders) will need to project a certain look to emulate. Once a true leader arises, you will see that a natural “uniformed appearance” flow across the movement. Uniformed appearance creates cohesion. I am not saying that military style uniforms are needed. I like what IE is doing. They have grooming standards. Their men look fit. They have a confident look to them. I think the other groups should take notes. Once uniformity happens it will be much like Roman Legions fighting the hordes of Gaul and Germania (Antifa).

  • While the left accuses the right of having a pathological hated for outsiders (xenophobia), the left themselves have a pathological hated of insiders for which there is no word I am aware of for. This article about progeny turning on older generations and the SJW Oppression Olympics are examples of it.

    They live the “bucket of crabs” lifestyle. When a crab climbs up and on its way out of the bucket prison, the rest of the crabs pull the crab down to the bottom of the bucket. They all die miserable in the bucket rather than most being freed but they are all equal.

    • If you read Wilson’s Eusocial studies there is a basic tension between the egotist and the hive.

    • the left themselves have a pathological hated of insiders for which there is no word I am aware of


  • Mike Enoch gave an excellent rant on is podcast yesterday, “Mike and the Mad WOP Episode 2,” about how antifa attracts people who want to find meaning for their empty and degenerate lives, in defense of a nihilistic perversion of society what has robbed them of having any meaning other than as atomized consumers who read Harry Potter novels.

    • The fact that we have scores of adults reading fantasy novels intended for 10 year olds shows how fucked up our society is.

      • Not to mention all the white men in their 20’s and 30’s who still play computer games.

        White Millennials have resisted growing up in general. For some reason we’ve lost the value of becoming self-reliant as the main task of adult life, both economically and mentally. “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

        • Ever since we crawled out of caves when the time came the older generation would pass the torch along to the younger generation. You boomers deviated from this. In the interest of keeping wages low, you imported foreigners and passed the torch along to them instead.

          Then you wonder why Millenials haven’t been able to “grow up.” Maybe the series of short term, low pay, temp jobs that are available to them doesn’t afford them a “grown up” life?

          • Don’t “you boomers” me, young man. I saw right away the logic of what the Alt Right wants to accomplish, and I support your efforts.

            I also have an unusual incentive for this that most Boomers lack because I’m a cryonicist, like the white nationalist Bob Whitaker.

          • Some boomers are better than others, just as some millenials are better than others. It is what it is.

          • Hey, take it on the chin, they obv don’t mean YOU, but hell, the cat ladies!!!!!!

          • The Alt-Right is first and foremost an identity movement. As a movement, it appeals to those who feel atomized and alienated in modern Western society. We offer pride and self-affirmation instead of hate and self-loathing.

            This is incredibly appealing to young men in particular, who have spent their entire lives being fed a steady diet of anti-male, anti-white and anti-tradition agitprop from schools, the media and in many cases their own hippy parents.

            We have been so successful that we have created the youngest, most energetic youth movement in America. We are only matched in energy and intensity by Antifa, who are also rebelling against the system but in their own bizarre way.

            See, Antifa internalized the messages of the system and only found a way to rebel by outdoing the enforcers of “the system, maaan”. If the system is PC, then Antifa is Super PC and will police the previous generation of PC for not being PC enough. By out purity-signaling, they can rebel and turn the tables on the very people who indoctrinated them.

            It’s quite similar to what happened to the original revolutionaries in France and Russia. They were cannibalized and eaten alive by their own revolutionary progeny. They were found to not be revolutionary enough by the new generation that wanted their positions at the head of the movement. Instead of fighting them head on over ideas, they were simply out purity-spiraled.

            Devious, no?

            But this is a mentality born of weakness. For that reason, it is so vicious, vindictive and destructive. It owes no allegiance and bears no love for its predecessors. Great reformers and liberals of yesteryear are rejected as counter-revolutionaries and racists by modern revolutionaries.

            Sad, isn’t it?

            The Alt-Right’s rebellion is more genuine because it understands and fully rejects the system. It is a complete rebellion, whereas other movements offer only partial rebellion. For that reason, the Alt-Right is being clamped down on, very hard.

          • Don’t forget all the free love, individualism, drugs and rock and roll. It was a hoot! Not so much for the following generations, but we won’t live to see too much of the mess! I suppose the boomers might live to regret what nursing home staff will be like soon.

        • “Nation Begs Disaffected Youth Gravitating Toward Neo-Nazism To Get High And Play Xbox Instead”

          Onion headline, but it’s true.

          The idea was for this generation to just kind of sit around and pleasure themselves while their society died off.

          They were not really prepared or offered incentives to become adults.

        • Video game escapism is a huge problem.

          Games should be regulated so they are pick up and play fun, not immersive worlds. The completely Japanese company Nintendo understands this.

          • Video/Marvel Comics/Star Wars BS is Marxist Dumbing Down and Deliberate. Then they cut off the balls of these girly boys and they worship weakness. Useless.

        • Tough to grow up with no job (globalists sending jobs to china).
          And who wants to work in a shop with negro and female management?

          • I have worked in more than one shop with both black and female management. It was fine when they treated everyone equally regardless of their race or gender. That doesn’t seem to happen anymore.

          • When you have non-white or female management, you are going to have far, far less innovation. Over time this is going to lead to fewer if any gains in productivity. Hence, little or no hope for wage increases. Hence, today’s wage stagnation.

        • Well, it is better for consuming purposes I suppose to delay marriage and stability. Also it is better for white genocide purposes for the sexes to stay apart and preferably become horribly effed up. How we were convinced to do this is a sad indictment of whites and our society. I know it has been judened up, but still, we fell for it good and hard in general.

        • Millennials are not adults. The “males” are neutered boy/girls. They are a product of Marxist Neutering. Deliberate. I do not relate to them at all. Not Alpha Males.

    • I am sure you will see some “switch sides”, sometimes multiple times. Unfortunately, the same can be said from this side. It happens in every movement. Its all about a winning strategy. People naturally want to win, that’s self evident. Once this movement starts becoming more and more cohesive, you will see more and more “prior antifa” people jump on board. They just have a better marketing strategy.

        • All movements have those. Driven by whatever rea$on. I just think people need to be ready for all possibilities at this point. People in the AR are freaking about what happened in Cville only because the proper security precautions weren’t taken. No one is giving solutions…only screeching. Whether people want to listen to my suggestions is up to them.

          • Hmm, okay. That is reasonable. People change as they mature. That’s very true.

            Yet, as I said yesterday, I believe that it is IMPERATIVE for the AR to do genetic testing on potential members. One may be able to change one’s opinions, but one can NOT change his personal genome. And the genome determines one’s RACE SOUL.

            Issuing “registered member badges” to untermenschen is a formula for disaster. However, genetic testing can prevent this particular disaster from occurring. (Think of the many novels that have been written about the brave Ashkenazi who infiltrates the White supremacist organization.)

          • “Ffs, that’s a crime database.”

            That is 100% correct. With genet testing, (((Infiltrators))) would soon find that it is indeed a very serious “crime” to attempt to infiltrate the AR.

          • This is such a vitally important aspect of the movement that Richard himself would have to make that decision.

          • I am not here to argue about metaphysics or about “race souls”. I know nothing about such things. I am merely suggesting to the people in the AR, that with the limited resources the AR has right now that badges are a starting place to keep good tabs on people. If genetic testing as you suggest is the way of the AR in the future, that is up to the AR.

            Also- I only bring up the idea of people switching sides because when you get down to it, if times are hard enough and livelihoods are on the table, many in history have been known to $ell out. That is why the word “traitor” and “rat” have such powerful meaning among close groups.
            I am not suggesting that is currently happening. I only posted because history has proven that people can turn on a dime…$$$ talks.

            Sometimes it is the most fanatical of the bunch who sells out. Keeping a fake face, while You never know what is in their heart.

          • If you are going to comment on the AR, you need to fully understand the concept of the RACE SOUL. It is the very core concept of the racial identity movement. I suggest that you (carefully) read The Myth of the Twentieth Century by Alfred Rosenburg, who refined the concept and explained its central importance.

            In a nutshell, each distinct race has its own distinctive “race soul,” which is reflected in the culture that each race instinctively produces (often including genetically determined ideas about which “values and principles” are correct. Therefore, if you fall into the error of allowing a multiracial society to evolve, you get cultural chaos.
            Get out the racially impute, and you have a lot less internal discord and a lot less “side switching.”

          • I appreciate the down and dirty on that. I only leave suggestions, nothing more. Sometimes I leave what I think are witty comments. Whether the AR wants to listen or not is up the the AR. It sounds like you have alot of vested interest at stake here. Have you thought about trying to position yourself at the head of the table?

      • The paradox is that National socialism as a political-economic system is less exclusivist and radical than White nationalism .. because Nat-Soc America would be all-american and eugenic(sterilizing criminals ,retards and societal parasites no matter of race) while White nationalist America would be ethnocidal(removing all non-whites).

        • Thanks for clearing that up for me.


          Nat-Soc America = socio-economic system + narrowly defined racial identity

          AR America = more broadly defined White Ethnostate + freedom to choose socio-economic system, depending on current needs

          I think I understand more clearly now.

          • note that for national socialism to function properly as an economic system .. all societal parasites must be removed first (welfare parasites , etc) .. thus eugenic policies are an integral function of national socialism

          • One of National Socialism’s core principals is doing away with usery. In order for it to function, the worst of the societal parasites, the ((( Federal Reserve ))) would need to be done away with, along with the others. I’ll add that total control of the MSM would need to be in National Socialist hands. I’d actually say that initially media control is more important.

          • Having played many, many parasitic roles in society, and having done hardly any honest work, I tend to view NS ideas about eugenics with trepidation. Thus, the AR philosophy seems more to my liking.

            A lot of white males are unable to function in today’s world of corporate businesses, with negro management, female management, non-Aryan ownership. Thus they end up playing “parasitic” roles in society — getting paid by the state for being crazy, or trafficking illegal drugs, or day trading (legal but perhaps parasitic). Many of these fellows would probably do fine in a all-white, all-male work environment.

          • acccccshuuaally its pretty clearly stated in mein kampf that natsoc doesn’t subscribe to any set system economic or otherwise, but rather asks the question whether said policy is good for the german people or not, and forms policy from there. What this man is saying is “natsoc policy” was just what they deemed the answer to that question at the time. In that regard the alt right and natsoc are essentially the same, no real set in stone policies, rather a flexible agenda based around a single premise: Is this good for the German(or whites in our case) people?

          • ” no real set in stone policies”
            Thanks for the clarification. I will re-read MK. I had the impression that the NSDAP was totally sold on socialism.

          • Its not that in mein kampf there aren’t specific policies that are articulated, its that the idea of national socialism itself is asking what is best for the people of said nation, rather than a specific program. Obviously after asking that question then the policies would be made in accordance,the Nazis did so in Germany, our policies would differ if instituted in America. Germany had had autocratic rule preceding the Weimar republic, America never has, and thence a dictatorship really isn’t feasible here, as one example. Second example: uniforms were the norm in Germany at the time, the catholic party had uniforms for instance. American National Socialists who are “larping” in uniforms are imbecilic in most respects. I like to think of National Socialism as socialism=in support of the people+nationalism(the people of this nation). Policy dictated by the welfare of the people of this nation. National Socialism never took the form of egalitarianism with the aim of equality.

            “The state is a means to an end. Its end lies in the preservation and advancement of a community of physically and spiritually similar creatures… States which do not serve this purpose are misbegotten monstrosities in fact.” (II:2)

            The means to that end are likely different in many respects in the context of contemporary American Whites, rather than 1930’s Germany. The “national socialism had a narrower view of race than the alt right does therefore its out the window” argument attempted in the article we are commenting on is a half brained argument. That being said, we shouldn’t use swastikas, or even call ourselves national socialists, but we shouldn’t be stupid as to throw the baby out with the bath water sotospeak in order to avoid conflation with Nazis. The Charlottesville statement or the article “what it means to be alt right” posted on this site is a perfect example. In no way did it mention national socialism obviously, but id say it is the perfect example of contemporary national socialism. It is a feasible answer to the question what should we do to save/preserve/advance white America? I suppose I should stop as I’m going against my own advice, saying the alt right are national socialists, lol.

          • A: The really fundamental difference lies in the role of the state and the race under each system.
            In Mussolini’s word’s:
            “The Fascist conception of the state is all-embracing: outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have any real worth. Thus understood, Fascism is totalitarian, and the Fascist state — a synthesis and a unit of all values — interprets, develops and potentiates the whole life of a people…It is not the nation that generates the state…Rather it is the state which creates the nation, conferring volition and, therefore, real life on a people…In the Fascist conception, the state is an absolute before which individuals and groups are relative…”
            To the National Socialist, on the other hand, it is our Race, not the state, which is all-important. In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler wrote:
            “The state is a means to an end. Its end lies in the preservation and advancement of a community of physically and spiritually similar creatures… States which do not serve this purpose are misbegotten monstrosities in fact.” (II:2)

            While I am in agreeance with not using the swastika/uniforms(uniforms were the norm for all parties in Germany at the time, I’m sick of people conflating this with their actual understanding of national socialism and giving half brained denunciations like in the article we are commenting on.

            Q: Well, is it proper for National Socialists to refer to themselves as “fascists?”
            A: Certainly not. When we use the term we are virtually always referring to the adherents of the specific social-political doctrine on which Benito Mussolini founded his governmental system in Italy — that is Fascist with a capital “F.” Although it may not seem important to the liberal, there is a profound difference between National Socialism and Fascism.

          • Thank you for the clarification. Although I am not a National Socialist, I agree with the NS belief that the race is all important, and that the state is merely a product of the race — a product of the race that exists to serve the race.

            I believe that Alfred Rosenberg’s concept of the RACE SOUL can be especially helpful for anyone who wishes to understanding the relationship between the race and the state.

            According to Rosenberg, each distinct race has its own distinctive “race soul,” which is reflected in the culture that each race instinctively produces.The state, then, is merely one of many aspects of the culture that the race soul generates.

            Unfortunately, problems arise when a society’s leaders fall into the error of allowing a multiracial society to evolve. The result of this foolishness is cultural chaos — as each race pulls in a different direction, attempting to build the type of culture that its race soul demands.

          • great insight , that would mean that both USA and Soviet Union were inherently fascist, and the USA is still inherently fascist because mass non-white immigration organized by the state is the definition of “State defining the nation” .. I would definitely go with national socialism instead

      • Hope so. I count on the fact the it may wake up their testosterone. The whole Left Gia Mentality is feminine and weakness based. When young men wake up and see that being a Normal Moral Man is not about being a wet noodle, they may want to Man Up. It is just heartbreaking seeing these young guys all femmes out.

    • Yes I listened to that to and thought it was very insightful. He made a good analysis there, I think everyone should go listen to it.

  • Red Ice has gotten back online.

    I worry about about Henrik and Lana and whatever daughters they wind up having. I’d hate for one of those daughters to have to hole up in a secret room somewhere with her diary while she has to hide from antifa.

      • Enoch points out Anne’s essential Jewish mediocrity. In an alternate universe where she survived, she probably would have aged into just another Jewish scold.

  • I think White Nationalists celebrated Donald Trump’s victory way too exuberantly considering how many forces were against him ever getting elected in the first place. It is awesome that he kept that witch, Hillary Clinton, from parking her broom at the White House, but again, he is only one man who was quickly and is increasingly being marginalized and shepherded into the Deep State Agenda whether he wants to be or not.

    Let’s face it, Trump has spent all his time defending himself against charges of collusion with Russia even though it is clear as crystal that nothing could be further from the truth. A Republican Majority has failed to push through any nomination but one – Gorsuch (designed to keep the conservatives off their backs) – through the Congress and even went so far as to put in a parliamentary procedure designed to keep Trump from making any appointments on his own during one of their many recesses.

    Battling the Antifas as “Fas” when people against us control the optics is a stupid idea and a waste of time. Trump will not stick his neck out for us again the way he did when he condemned “both sides and opposed tearing down statues. If he doesn’t want to be impeached, he’ll have no choice but to throw ALL Whites under the bus to prove that he isn’t a racist.

    What plans did White Nationalists here have in place if Hillary Clinton had won? Were there any? If there were any, I think it’s best to just act as if Trump is nothing more than a figurehead and proceed like Obama is the de-facto shadow president of the United States. The party is over. It’s time to sober up, get over the hangover, assess the situation realistically, and go to back to dealing with the Anti-White business agenda as usual. The only thing Trump represents is breathing space and precious little at that.

    I am not trying to black pill anybody anymore than they already have been, but we are dealing with the results of at least three generations of incrementalism on the part of the left. If in 1948, the Democrats had run on the Democrat platform of 2016, every single Democrat would have been a freaking lamp post ornament and the DNC headquarters would have been burned to the ground.

    Their control on every aspect of society is much tighter than that of the WASP elite the current PTB subverted. We are kidding ourselves if we don’t think it will take us twice as long to sort things to rights if indeed it is not too late to take it back completely. And that is if we are completely disciplined in our approaches.

    Our biggest show of White Power was in electing Trump against impossible odds. It was through the ballot box. The secret ballot box. Not a single head had to be busted. It wasn’t White power with the “Fas” beating the snot out of the Antifas, but through the White Lash that Van Jones whined about on election night.

    Our best option is to punish the Republiscum by primarying every cuckservative who went along with tying Trump up with bogus Russian collusion charges and helped keep him from putting in his nominees. We also need to get rid of as many Democrats as we can.

    In the meantime, I strongly suggest that readers here link up to Mindweapons at Ragnorak by Rob Freeman for some inspiration. . He went through all the trial and errors of White Nationalism v. 1.0 during his youth. His blogs there were written right smack in the middle of the Obama tenure when there was no inkling that Trump even had an interest in running and all we were faced with was Clinton or some milquetoast Republican cuckservative nightmare like Jeb! Bush. He had come up with some interesting Post Snivel Rights, Post Affirmative Action, Post Amnesty Ad Infinitum Strategies for Whites to come out on top in a pluralistic multiracial society. His blogs are worth revisiting.

  • And if Daniel Radcliffe shows up in a White Power T with a case of Caseum88 talking about radiological bombs give him a copy of Harry Potter. Shun him.

  • It’s clear that optics do matter in the broad sense. Polls show large percentages of normies defending our side, despite the massive media blitz. And they did work to get our side of the story out there.

    We should resist calls to “purge” people who are clearly on our side over ideological differences. Many who call for those purges mean to corrupt the movement.

    However, we should insist on always tailoring our presentation for maximum effect given the target audience. What actually has maximum effect is an empirical question, that requires a lot of thought, research, trial and error. But a few things to avoid should be obvious.

    • This is my point of view also. I actually am reading much of the old National Socialist literature from the 30’s right now. However, we need to shy away from it in terms of optics. I don’t disagree with it – in fact I find many many of the reasons they fought are the same as our own.

      But they’d also – if around today – be smart enough to agree that we should present ourselves as a proper alternative as they did in their day.

      • The LARPers I’ve seen from these AltRight events don’t even look like true fascists to me.
        There is no testosterone, no vision, no beauty…. If these guys want to truly represent the radical right, they should get their shit together.

    • Maximum effect for the Maximum audience, without undercutting the strategic objective: white self-identification.

      A handful of simple messages, repeated again and again. The autism needs to move completely behind the paywalls. Might need to be more careful about using the mentally unstable as pitchmen.

      Better if this is in the meatspace: flyers, flyers, flyers. Black Crime stats are good for the black studies dept, Rape stats for the women’s studies Dept, welfare for economics, etc. For lulz, use the ones Moly puts up with his face on them. Or make them look like they are from the local Young Conservatives. Or from your local cuck Congressman (include his number).

      One person can represent multiple different shadow groups (be creative and make up your own).

      Man Up: You can drive a local news cycle with about three hours of WORK and the cost of a Happy Meal.

      Use basic Opsec and a three-person cell and hit three campuses simultaneouly. The enemy’s fear is a force multiplier for us.

      Should resist the urge to reflexively countersignal those that are pulling in the general direction, if not the exact angle of effort. Circular firing squads are unhelpful.

      This includes anyone who is actively eroding trust in the current system via a broadly far right or nationalist message. Either Ignore completely or find a common target and continue attacking.

      Have fun. And don’t do anything stupid.

  • So let me get this straight, according to Antifa, you’re a fascist if you don’t want your country run by Jews, Fags, third world immigration, and globalism.

    • That’s a legit question…
      It might be an idea for to organize and publish an interview with an ANTIFA representative so we can actually figure out wtf people are really thinking.
      They think we’re nahtsees, and we think they’re communists. But I’ve never seen an actual conversation between ANTIFA and AltRight representatives.
      I’m not assuming that they are friendly or reasonable people, but it might still be useful.

      • Even the worst of enemies send ambassadors and spies to see what the other is doing. Truthfully at the heart of it, I think some on both sides have similar goals (seeing the current system be abolished)…its the “what comes after” where they differ. Obviously I am not likening the two movements. It just seems like some on both sides are calling for the same big picture of “this system is not working lets change it”. I also see that many from the OWS-era and WTC-riot era are now in one group or the other.

    • Strictly speaking fascism worked okay in Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Argentina etc etc. Franco was a decent ruler. Had Mussolini avoided alliance with Hitler he’d have ruled until the 1960s and died in his bed peacefully.

      Fascist society is quite good.

      The question is NS Germany. Which triggers everyone who has watched a ww2 film and every single Jew who knows full well that it means they are at minimum excluded from the society.

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