Blacks Will Never Get Off The ‘Democrat Plantation’

White privilege mongers and “African American studies” professors are involved in an elaborate attempt to explain racial differences which persist regardless of time, place or any other type of socio-political arrangement.  The more evidence that mounts with regard to their underachievement, the more outlandish their theories to explain their failure becomes.

This vicious cycle of Black underachievement and recrimination of Whites for their failures becomes more and more toxic, all encouraged by our cosmopolitan elites, who enjoy and benefit from the process.  Equally regrettable, however, is the conservative “solution” to this issue.  They purport a desire to get Blacks off the “Democrat plantation.”  It’s amusing that this is considered ‘politically correct’ in a sense when it is actually more inflammatory than anything we’re suggesting in the Alt-Right.

Dinesh D’Souza explains:

If one goes today to the Democrat controlled inner city, and we’re talking here about some two dozen cities entirely controlled by the Democrats, there’s not a Republican in sight, I argue that we will see in them now all the five features of the slave plantation […] 1. Broken down and dilapidated housing. 2. Broken families.  You can see this under slavery, there was confusion over who’s the real father, mulattoes running around the plantation, the family structure in decay.  3. A high degree of violence required to hold the place together; police power, whippings, overseer, fences, barbed wire.  4. Everybody gets a basic provision. You have food, you have healthcare, they call the doctor. But nobody gets ahead.  There’s no opportunity.  Nobody really advances. […] And finally, nihilism and despair.

The assertion which follows is that the free market will “free” Blacks from the “Democrat plantation.”  This argument is so pervasive that it is almost like the riff of a jazz musician.  Conservative commentators can throw this line into their commentary almost without thinking; it’s second nature.  And they seem so impressed with themselves as they do so.  They’re checking many boxes at once: showing their desire to help minorities, extolling laisse faire economics, taking shots at Democrats.  Check, check, check.

Now, the “plantation” would seem to be somewhat of a risqué metaphor.  Perhaps this is why token Black conservatives are often trotted out to make the case.  It’s a Sean Hannity tier argument, but often you’ll hear Black conservatives, such as Allen West or Sheriff David Clarke, make the case, just to save White conservatives any type of awkwardness.

But it’s not working.

Meanwhile, all we’re suggesting on the Alt-Right is consideration of race-realism.  Different races will produce different outcomes.  If you happen to notice some inequality between the races, don’t despair; this is quite natural.  We don’t need to imply that our philosophy will “free” Blacks, or that they’re currently enslaved. We just want an honest appraisal of the truth.

Nor is the burden on us to demonstrate that some type of economic freedom zone would liberate the heretofore untapped Black entrepreneurial powerhouse, á la Rand Paul.  The evidence for our worldview is already available.  We can serenely look at the effects of the welfare state and affirmative action and reflect that these are exactly the results that one would expect once racial differences are factored in.

The “Democrat plantation” theory of the plight of Blacks in America is highly speculative.  Conservatives would need to demonstrate that if the majority of Blacks started voting for the Republicans, human nature would drastically change, and no further government assistance would be necessary.  It would seem that the burden of proof is on their side.

Mainstream conservatives are also assuming bad faith on the part of leftists in their desire to help Blacks.  Perhaps there is some truth to that; liberals’ effort to “uplift” minorities does appear a bit cynical and self-serving. They get the black vote in exchange for federal government money. Money that is taken as a Danegeld from White families that vote Republican. According to this metaphor, liberal politicians would be the slave masters. That seems a bit much, wouldn’t you say? Regardless, Blacks have demonstrated that they prefer their massa-relationship with the Democrats over any Capitalistic endeavor.

Meanwhile, some liberals appear to be perfectly sincere in their belief that they need to equalize society because of some imperceptible “structural bias.”  It’s a ridiculous concept; but then again, so is the “Democrat plantation” that conservatives keep harping about.

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  • The blacks vote for the Democratic party and will always vote for the Democratic party for one simple reason: the Democratic party is the ANTI-WHITE PARTY. There is no other reason that they continue to vote 90%+ for the Democratic party. They see voting for the Democratic party as a way to bring down whitey. Between the pavement apes and the idiot white liberals and other minorities flooding into our country voting for Democrats (probably for the same reason), their strategy of bringing down whitey is working.

  • Well if you could actually end the welfare state, then Blacks might actually have more incentives to restore families. There was a time pre Great Society in which Blacks had illegitimacy rates similar to Whites. But that is the rub, how to end the welfare state when so many like it very much.

  • We here at te GOP r totes aginst identitee politix.
    Now chek owt tis based black transgender muslim atheist illegal immigrant woman. She voted for Trump. Still think democrats aren’t the real racists? Didnt’t think so.

  • As a group, there is no hope for blacks in America, regardless of who they vote for or don’t vote for in our elections. Sadly, the same is true for White Americans as well in light of our “representatives'” reactions to C’ville. There are some blacks who do understand, however, that the Democrat party uses them for political gain and they have either stopped voting entirely (as most Americans seem to have aside from presidential elections) or have started voting for Republicans.

    If Republicans weren’t just Democrats by another name, these few might actually progress slightly more than their stagnant brethren. Unfortunately, neither party cares about anything beyond maintaining their power and destroying our nation – so it ultimately matters little if they get off the plantation or not, we’re all slaves to our masters at the end of the day.

  • Blacks, Hispanics and even Asians and Jews are merely parasites feeding off Whites’ achievements. If we don’t rid ourselves of the parasites, we will be consumed.

  • In this ideal where there is a separation of America across racial lines, is there free trade? Would y’all trade goods and services from a company ran by people of color. Would y’all buy mostly from white people, Not at all, or would it not matter so long as you got the value you payed for?

  • “Different races will produce different outcomes.” Herein lies the rub, doesn’t it? Even if true – I am not saying it is or not; I am just running with it (perhaps some form of Freudian virtue signaling: whatever) – it does not follow that the individual is representative of the whole. Different genders have different life expectancies and different life spans. It does not follow that one woman will have the same life expectancy or life span of all other women. If we truly believe in individual liberty – if we believe in protecting the “minority of one” — shouldn’t we base our assessments on individual qualities? The problem with that, of course, is the Left does not. The goal of the Left is white genocide, or some variation that will result in all whites being slaves, homeless, in prison, or dead. That this is so is beyond cavil to anyone who is willing to see the truth. So how do we as a race defend ourselves from these attacks against our race — attacks that though they be directed at race would no less surely kill us as individuals — and at the same time respect individual liberties and freedoms? Sure the Left has forced us into this quandary. We need to figure a way out.

  • We should call welfare what it is tribute. If we don’t pay they loot, burn, riot, rob and steal. They know who butters their bread.

    • Correctamundo. No question Congress had the riots on their mind when the passed CRA 64 and created the “Great Society.”

  • The capitalist market place benefits those who have something of value to place on the marketplace. Computer technology reduces the number of those people. It eliminates jobs that can be learned by people of below average and even average intelligence, without replacing them with anything.

    Whites are being harmed also. In his book “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010,” Charles Murray describes the increase in social pathology among lower income whites. When people figure out that hard work will not improve their circumstances, many take refuge in temporary and dysfunctional pleasures.

    Computer technology makes the internet and Alt Right possible. That is nice. Unfortunately, it restricts its economic rewards to those far to the right of the IQ bell curve.

  • If work were easy, they might work self-sufficiently, but it’s not easy, and work is getting ever more complex and cognition-burdening in an increasingly technological civilization. The vast majority of blacks will NEVER vote Republican or conservative or adopt free market ideals because they implicitly understand this truth on some level.

    • I was thinking about this yesterday getting ready for bed. If someone offered you a guaranteed 30K a year for doing nothing versus possibly making up to 100K through hard work and efforts – but that money isn’t guaranteed, which would most people take?

      I would say as a group, blacks aren’t particularly risk averse (since they often take dumb risks like pulling a gun on a cop), so the instability of that potential income isn’t the reason they refuse to attempt it. Instead, they perhaps, even at a genetic level, prefer not working very hard since even in Africa they are still largely at the subsistence levels of civilization – taking what they can find to sustain them.

      That said, I think it would be awesome poetic justice if, after the leftists and their allies in the “right” successfully get everyone opposed to them blacklisted, that we all went on welfare instead and just let the rich white liberals who hate us pay for us to do nothing too, and at that point, they can jack up the tax rate to 100% like they want since we won’t be working anyway, just means more welfare money for us. Then, like craicher above suggested, if they try to take away our welfare, we threaten riots to keep the gravy train going.

      I say this knowing that very few on our side would ever see themselves going on welfare. More than likely, we’d just make our own secondary economy and keep going that way – I guess until the sic the IRS on us that is.

  • I have come to the conclusion on Blacks, especially with the sheer absurdity their explanations for their collective failings, that they are projecting. “We wuz kangz”. No, you were not, the majority of your continent of origin is still destitute, rife with disease and starvation. “It’s the crackas fault”. Again, no. You cannot be successful in the west because the west is setup under rules and laws that Europeans are familiar with, for the most part want, and designed. You want to have success outside of the occasional rapper or athlete? Return to the continent of your ancestors and try to excel in a more culturally familiar setting.

    • Not to mention that those who stayed in Africa were the very ones who taught slavery to the Europeans, who enslaved other Africans, and sold those slaves to Europeans. But for the influence of the Africans, European slavery would not have survived the Middle Ages.

  • Many blacks desire blood revenge against whitey so they vote Democrat because the Democrats clearly and explicitly hate whites .

    • OY VEY! Ever seen my based black conserbatib Dave Clarke? Thot not, how do you feel now racist?!

    • You bet your ass I do. I want to do to you people what you did to my paternal ancestors. I want rape your women and father a hybrid race. On one of my bad days, I want to strap one of you to a tree and whit your asses until I feel better. I want to arbitrarily kill your elders when they kan no longer work for me. I want to fill your mouths with the shit from your fellow slaves and then sow it shut. I kan go all day with this, but I have better things to do. If I had one wish, that wish would be that my race would be powerful enough to inakt the Honkeykaust

  • If Trump doesn’t have the wall well on its way to being built by 2018, and if it is not largely complete by 2020, just forget about voting. At that point, we will know that voting is entirely a hoax and accelerationism should be on the agenda. If there’s no a wall in 2020, I will be completely unplugged from the US political system other than agitating for as much Civil strife as possible to destroy this God-foresaken hellscape called America. If the wall is not built by 2020, America needs to die.

    • As long as whites and blacks live alongside each other you’ll get structural inequality. Blacks will sullenly resent the slightly better property and outcomes that whites generate for themselves. Any white who is dramatically more industrious will excite murderous contempt or irrational adulation from them. Whites around a particularly lucky/industrious/prosperous white will quietly compete if they have the ability and confidence or pitch in to the success. A few malcontents will forment revolution.

    • Honestly, unless we get some solid candidates in some major primaries here (including Trump if he reneges on all of his largest campaign promises) I am just going to vote straight Democrat to speed along the fall so I can help fight in the war and help to rebuild while I’m still young enough to do so. Republicans aren’t much different in their desire to destroy our nation, they’re just slower about how they want to do it. If Repubs will destroy America by 2050, Dems will do it by 2025 and I’ll still be young enough to help out where I can.

  • The last Black Republican to represent a Black district was Oscar Stanton De Priest of Illinois’ 1st Congressional District from 1929-1935. He also was a civil rights advocate, a stance that the Republicans were more sympathetic to than the Democrats. Rep. De Priest was voted out in 1934 by a Black Democrat because he opposed higher taxes on the rich and federal relief programs. Blacks didn’t care that the Democratic Party was loaded with segregationists. Beginning in the 1930s, there was a shift among Blacks from voting Republican to the Democrats.

    Yattering that the Democrats were the party of slavery and the KKK and claims the Martin Luther King was a Republican (he wasn’t, but his father was) doesn’t sway Blacks in the slightest. Big government serves Blacks interests either as employees or recipients of largesse, as well as legal privileges in private employment and college admission. They’re doing quite well on the Democratic plantation, so why should they leave?

  • The only cuckservative talking point that pisses me off more is muh Nazis were really left wing because National Socialism says socialism and my fat, empty American skull can’t process that it wasn’t actually socialist in any meaningful way. Kind of like how the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea isn’t any of those things. Or how the Holy Roman Empire wasn’t any of those things.

      • Yes and socialism is not necessarily “leftist.” I don’t understand why anyone would think universal healthcare is “leftist.” And if it is then it’s one thing they actually get right. I think universal healthcare is a good idea, you just need a way of implementing it that works. Why would anyone be for getting ripped off by greedy health insurance companies? It would be nice if we had a system where if your mother or someone you loved needed to see the doctor they could regardless of their financial situation. That would be ideal wouldn’t it? But cuckservatives act completely disgusting by the idea all together and don’t even want to consider any possibilities of it.

        What disgust me about the left is their anti-tradition, anti-culture and anti-white policies and beliefs. The fact that many of them support universal healthcare does not disgust me. It’s not what I hate about the left.

        • “Yes and socialism is not necessarily “leftist.” I don’t understand why anyone would think universal healthcare is “leftist.” ”

          Any form of forcing equalized outcomes is socialism/communism. Nowhere on the planet are equalized outcomes more espoused than in the progressive, leftist mind. Universal healthcare is a quintessential example of “equalism” and “rewards” while rationing and confiscating, regardless of merit or contribution. It removes personal responsibility as well as competition in the marketplace and centralizes control and power under the guise of governance, stealing those away from individuals while simultaneously creating a dependency on the governing.

          None of this is a good thing. I don’t understand how you don’t see that.

        • “Yes and socialism is not necessarily “leftist.” I don’t understand why anyone would think universal healthcare is “leftist.” ”

          Any form of forcing equalized outcomes is socialism/communism. Nowhere on the planet are equalized outcomes more espoused than in the progressive, leftist mind. Universal healthcare is a quintessential example of “equalism” and “rewards” while rationing and confiscating, regardless of merit or contribution. It removes personal responsibility as well as competition and it centralizes control and power under the guise of governance, stealing those away from contributors and earners which perpetuates a dependency on the powerful, governing-elite.

          None of this is a good thing to someone with a “right” leaning mindset.

          • I don’t care whether universal health care is left or right — in a homogenous society, it’s a reasonable policy.

            Providing equal access to proper schooling, healthcare and some other basic services is not enforcing equalized outcomes, it’s providing a level playing field. It makes sure that a gifted poor man can rise to the top while a halfwit with rich parents will not rise too far above his capacity.

            Capitalism has a lot of merits, but it is a system where it’s a lot easier to make money when you already have money. And yes, this and other imbalances does make it reasonable that wealthy people pay more taxes to provide these basic services. That becomes morally repugnant, and bad for society and our race as a whole, only when public funds are not spent on people who are working together for our common future, but on worthless parasites who contribute nothing to society. In a homogenous society imbued with traditional values and ethics, this problem is miniscule.

            There needs to be a balance between the common good and individual freedom from excessive taxation. Pure capitalism, with no socialist elements at all, is not a good way to build a cohesive society where the worker feels loyalty to the factory owner and vice versa, and both feel loyalty to the state itself — Volksgemeinschaft, as the Germans called it, a “fellowship of the Volk”.

          • In a homogenous society imbued with values and ethics, you wouldn’t NEED to impose inclusion of a “gifted, poor man” because it’s a utopia. Reality and modern, recorded history exposes socialism and it’s alleged “virtues” in every single case, bar none. They all collapse in the end, full of corruption, hypocrisy, and debt. I don’t want to live in a society brimming with confiscatory taxation that forces me to pay for the lazy, irresponsible, unmotivated leeches that would inevitably be created. Look at what “The Great Society” has for a legacy, let alone what is happening to Europe. They are destroying themselves.

          • “Reality and modern, recorded history exposes socialism and it’s alleged “virtues” in every single case, bar none.”

            No, it doesn’t. The reality is that corruption is primarily a function of race and ethnicity, not the economic system, and that a less-corrupt socialist society works better than a more corrupt capitalist society.

            National Socialist Germany worked just fine. China is doing well for itself. Sweden did a whole lot better when it was more homogenous and more socialistic (up until the 1980’s) than today. And the Soviet Union, for all its faults, worked a lot better than the unfettered robber-capitalism of Russia in the 1990’s; in many respects it did better than Russia is doing still today.

            NS Germany and Sweden had very few “lazy, irresponsible, unmotivated leeches” because of race and thousands of years of history.

          • You just fired off a list that proves my point. NSG did NOT work “just fine”, as is evidenced by their current absence. They didn’t bring on their demise by giving minirities control. Germans did that. Sweden is following the rest of Europe into the abyss and we are watching it happen in real time. Swedens government demographic is still Swedes. Russia seems to have always been full of corruption, however, the collapse in the early 90’s was quite the spectacle and the following years revealed massive corruption by murderous Soviet leadership. China is rife with corruption. Their economic system reliant on theft of technology, environmental negligence and pollution, and a monstrous size underclass functioning as a near slave labor force. China is an example of a second world country, much like the former USSR.

            Where ethnicity has appeared to have a delineation is in the Western-white societies and their reluctance to adopt socialism up to now. Of course there is corruption here but the root of the problems we have here is in the “white guilt” phenomenon. It is what spawned modern “progressivism” and is the foundation of media, pop culture, education institutions, and massive government operations. Whites removed merit and accountability. Whites focused on feelings instead of facts.

            Here in the US, we are headed toward a socialist society, not the other way around and there are no paradigms for socialism that I see as desirable.

          • There is a difference, however, between ensuring equal access to something (school, healthcare, employment – all of which I favor) and guaranteeing you actually get something (a diploma, a triple bypass surgery, a job paying 100K a year).

            What Universal Healthcare seeks to accomplish is ensuring everyone not only has access to healthcare (which they would also under a free market, provided they could pay for it) but promises to provide everyone with the healthcare they need to survive.

            In practice, this is not possible, as there are a limited number of doctors, specialists, equipment, or even hospitals or clinics to do certain procedures. So in the end, even if your granny needs a hip replacement, so do several thousand other people waiting in line several years to see a doctor who can perform that operation.

            Certainly we can try to remedy this by encouraging more people to become doctors, but being a doctor is very demanding and requires a certain level of intellect to succeed. I fear such a push would result in dumbing down those requirements as well to get as many low quality doctors as possible to meet the increased demand.

            To put it another way, everyone has access to birth control if they want it and can afford to pay for it (whether a $2 condom or a several thousand dollar vasectomy). No one is guaranteed that the government (or your fellow taxpayers) must pay for those condoms or vasectomy for you.

          • Forcing equality is not necessarily bad. It can be but not always. The thing is the “left” isn’t about equality at all. They want their voices to be heard only. They want dominance, not equality. What they say they are is very different from what they actually are.

            But for instance, in order for free speech to really work in this country people need an equal platform to speak their views so ideas can compete equally among each other. If all you have is a bunch of capitalists oligarchs like CNN, ABC, MSNBC who are able to dominate the narrative and influence the public because they have the money and power while voices in the alt-right are marginalized and shut down then how does that work for us? If we had equal platforms to speak our views then the left and their insane ideas wouldn’t stand a chance. The only reason the left is empowered right now is because the corporate media dominates the narrative. The system we have now isn’t based on merit, it’s based on money. Those with the most money get the most heard, not those with the most merit to their arguments. You don’t get your own media company in this country because you have integrity and intelligence or else CNN and all this other gutter trash wouldn’t be on the air.

          • I didn’t say “equality”, I said “equalized outcomes”. They want to pretend everyone is the same and, therefore, we must ensure everyone has the same outcome. They ignore things like effort, genetics, merit…

            In my opinion, the left has a stranglehold on the lazy and the slow minded. Sadly, that makes up near 50% of the population and they are all eligible to vote.

          • They don’t even want “equal outcomes.” Do you really think the corporate class that controls the left (and much of the right as well) wants equal outcomes? I guess in the sense that they want us all slaves to them, then yes.

            The capitalists oligarchs who control much of the media have won the competition, not because they’ve had the most merit or integrity, but because they’ve been the most ruthless. Because ruthlessness, not merit, is ultimately what wins. Those who are willing to do anything to game the system in their favor, those who do not allow themselves to be enslaved by principle or moral, those who use their wealth to bribe the courts and the politicians, those who use any means necessary to crush their enemy, those are the ones who make it to the top.

            Anyone who thinks a system of competition and money will bring those with merit and integrity to the top and create a world of justice and civility are the biggest fools on the planet. They do not understand how competition really works.

          • And we should replace it with socialism? The United States and the capitalism economic model it has encouraged has created the greatest civilization the planet has ever seen. It isn’t without flaws, of course, but anyone pushing socialism is not facing the reality of places like the former Soviet Union, Venezuela, and the currently failing European nations. It doesn’t work. There is no utopia. Every form of governance will end up with corruption because power creates corruption. You tell me where there is no current governing body and where the utopia can be created. I’ll wish you well from right here where I know what I while trying to preserve it.

          • You think the US is the greatest civilization the world has ever seen? Do you like multiculturalism, endless wars, and soulless consumerism as a new religion? National socialism fell by force, by the way, it never failed on its own.

            The US as it is now is a complete disaster and it’s only getting worse. The white race is being genocided and its genocide is being funded and promoted by the corporate class who have gained the throne thanks to a system they were able to game and win.

            We need a change, that much is certain. It has to be replaced with something or else the white race will perish. What we replace it with is the only thing up for debate. You can’t justify keeping this system up any longer, it has completely betrayed our values and is seeking our total extermination.

          • I do think it is. Name one better. I admit, as I said earlier, it isn’t without flaws, but it’s still our best hope. Every worthwhile civilization has had wars so I don’t see where it’s fair to pin that solely on the US. I don’t advocate multiculturalism either as there is no evidence of it working. I agree that we have lost our way and may well be too far gone. I see it as hastened by, at the core, the absence of accountability and merit. I don’t see any reasonable option of restoring anything on any front, anywhere, without restoring those two things 1st and I’m not sure where we have a better hope to further our way of life, our values, and opportunities for our children outside of the US. I’m not pretending it will be easy, but there isn’t really another viable alternative for us.

    • Lol what? National socialism is socialist. It’s just from a non-(((Marxist))) perspective. It views the nation as a big family. In a healthy family, some members are more productive and earn more money. No one begrudges them their extra luxuries but people still take care of the less fortunate.

  • Blacks vote Democrat because Democrats tax whites and give the loot to blacks to survive. The vast majority of blacks are not economically competitive at all and would not survive in the modern economy without government-enforced benefits and regulations. Blacks know this, and it motivates them to vote for Democrats. If work were easy, they might work self-sufficiently, but it’s not easy, and work is getting ever more complex and cognition-burdening in an increasingly technological civilization. The vast majority of blacks will NEVER vote Republican or conservative or adopt free market ideals because they implicitly understand this truth on some level. It’s utterly futile to try to bamboozle blacks to go against their own survival by supporting free markets or even economic nationalism. They are dead weight, a burden to themselves and others. They are basically eternal children with no future potential and racial grudges thrown in.

    The only long-term solution for themselves and us is to convince them to return to Africa with 30-50 years worth of free (but lower, due to cost of living) paychecks. This will only be possible when American welfare collapses because of upcoming budget crises.

    • I agree that there is no long-term solution for any multi-racial society. One group will always live off another. Separation of America along racial lines is the only solution.

    • Don’t get it twisted Uncle Salty, not all of us are on welfare. Shit as a matter of fact, there’s more of you people on it than us, which is why I don’t give two shits about that program. As for taxes, I’m in the 38.9% where the fuck are you?

  • No one argues that different breeds of the same animal have different levels of intelligence except when it comes to humans.

    Wikipedia states that Border Collies are the highest IQ dog breed and Afghan Bloodhounds are the lowest IQ breed. The Wikipage has a list of many breeds between the two.

    Yet, somehow different breeds of humans don’t have different levels of intelligence.

    • It isn’t necessarily about sheer intelligence.

      Blacks often mock whites for being optimistic, positive, overly attached to family members, and sharing too much.

      These traits actually are what allow whites to succeed.

      Blacks view being rude and cruel as being quote-unquote “real” but all it does is make people stupid and slovenly.

      My experience in majority black institutions is that they are very negative in a way that smothers the human spirit or any free inquiry.

      • Some of the traits Black possess are perfect for a feminized culture, like Western countries have become. Their primitive behavior and intellect limit their ability to be brainwashed and stray from the primary objective of each human – to reproduce. On the other hand, Whites in a feminized culture will have abysmal birthrates and poor relations between men and women.

  • I guess I just don’t care if they want to indebt themselves into absolute servitude. And I say that as a taxpayer. They’ve had plenty of time to fix themselves with plenty of help along the way. At this point its a lost cause. They have a different worldview than I do because they were raised differently to appreciate different things. Time to move on.

    I also honestly don’t care that they use abortion as a means for birth control either. That doesn’t bother me one bit. But then again, I don’t consider myself a “Christian”. I don’t have a sense of altruism for “my fellow man” unless they look and act like I do. Whitey needs to stop thinking he needs to turn them into us.

    • … Or that we can “turn them into us.” Not gonna happen.
      What disturbs me is subsidizing their birth rates. We need to make their reproduction less attractive to them somehow– restricting/reducing benefits on some levels would help. But don’t restrict abortion– we need a free abortion clinic on every corner in every ghetto.

      • We could always regulate reproduction. Now that the SCOTUS has declared that Congress can regulate whatever it wants, as long as it attaches a tax to it, I don’t see why we can have birth licenses with tax penalties for having kids without government sanction, and even throw in forced sterilization for repeat offenders.

    • GRP476, name one power-player in America that was caged and/or exterminated for centuries. Disabled? Nope. Native-American? Nope. Transgendered? Nope. Economic and social “underdevelopment” is not even a race issue! It’s an issue of unchecked bigotry, public complacency, and unaccountability from our judges and elected officials. That’s why you alt-righters reigned hell on Charlottesville this month. Many of you are now living the way your scapegoats have always lived. Understandably, you’re fed up with divorce, poverty, and callous demands to “bootstrap” your way out of problems you didn’t cause. But, you aren’t going to advance, when you’re ranting about “a loser race” from your new spot in our society’s underclass. Don’t be a #deplorable! Pitch ideas that won’t denigrate or subjugate ANYBODY. Spencer claims equality is for “losers”, but quit listening to him! His parents are millionaires, so he can easily afford to be a professional hate-mongerer, instead of doing any REAL work. Devote your resources to changes that are nonviolent and sustainable – i.e. those which AREN’T dependent on someone else’s demise.

      • Again.- Dont care. Absoluely ZERO empathy. Youre wasting your time preaching to me. I know that none of those groups like me. And Truthfully Im ok with that. Good luck to you.

        • We all need each other. People of color are your veterans, your nurses, the people who deliver Spencer’s mail-in donations, now that he’s been cut from PayPal. Most people are terrified of armed KKK/neo-Nazis/White supremacists, not just people of color. Three White people were killed by the group you support. Don’t tell me they weren’t scared of Spencer and his alt-right minions.

          • No, Im OK. I dont need them. Whitey is awoken. And he cares NOTHING for them. Nice throwing “the veterans” in the mix. I see what you did there.


            -A veteran

          • They need us, but we don’t need them.

            Try living in a 95% white area some time, I assure you that things functions quite smoothly.

          • The best illustration of this is what is some of the most common sorts of white on white crime? Maybe burglaries at worst? Property crimes like petty vandalism? Drug related offenses in certain areas (usually the theft and burglaries again)? But I would wager that murder is probably not the most common sort of white on white crime.

            Murder will almost always be the most extreme sort of crime committed, but majority white areas generally aren’t plagued by murder waves like majority black areas are.

            So if you live in rural white Kentucky, the worst you might have to worry about that punk kid down the road doing to you is breaking into your house to steal your TV to sell for meth/heroin. If you live in South Chicago, as a black person, the worst you have to worry about that punk kid down the street shooting you dead for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

          • Yup, parts of West Virginia are the classic example, extremely poor, big problems

            But remarkably low violent crime

  • The GOP right is a greater threat to “us” than the hard left – we must come up with a backhanded “equality platform”; one that states that all people must have equality to all aspects of our society. Which would mean no type affirmative action, school’s that takes public funds may except only scores and other sci based reasons for admittance, No public housing past two years and any form of Fed Gov’t aid, Take the legs from there chair and lets see the equivalence …

  • The Hispanics are 1000% more of a threat to white nationalism than Blacks. Hispanic birth rates are at a level to replace us in just 1-2 generations, not so with Blacks.

    • Many Hispanics at least make business, jobs and keep to themselves … a better of the two choices. The birth rate issues ends after the 2nd generation … as they take on the American society of death as much as anyone else

    • The exponential growth of the Hispanic population is 90% due to immigration, not birthrates.

      In 1970, there were 8 million Hispanics in the U.S. Today, there are about 60 million.

  • As long as whites and blacks live alongside each other you’ll get structural inequality. Blacks will sullenly resent the slightly better property and outcomes that whites generate for themselves.

  • let me just say that if America had zero immigration from 1960’s onward, do you know what you would have? Roughly a 20% black population level. Maybe even closer to 30% since most immigrants work to become white. Notice that whenever blacks riot, it is often Indians and Koreans bearing the brunt of the violence. Even Muslims consider(ed) blacks inferior, though since 9-11 they’ve had to ally with the far left for protection reasons. But yeah, Muslims look at blacks as “abed”. And Saudi Arabia had black slaves but not black underclass. Why? Because they castrated them so they couldn’t reproduce. They were smart. Cut off the problem before it could metastasize.

    • you are largely correct. in 1965, 7% of the population (3.5% Hispanic, 3% Jewish, 0.5% Asian/Native) was neither Black nor White. today, it’s about 27% (18% Hispanic, 2% Jewish, 5% Asian, 1% Native, 1% Other).

      for a hypothetical scenario, let’s count only the population of Blacks and Whites in America and imagine that would become a new nation. Today, there are about 45 million Blacks and 190 million non-Hispanic, non-Arab, Gentile Whites. So, out of a total population of 235 million, there are 45 million Blacks. That would be 19% of the population. however, assuming Roe v. Wade was never passed, they would probably have become 25% by now.

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