Blacks Will Never Get Off The ‘Democrat Plantation’

White privilege mongers and “African American studies” professors are involved in an elaborate attempt to explain racial differences which persist regardless of time, place or any other type of socio-political arrangement.  The more evidence that mounts with regard to their underachievement, the more outlandish their theories to explain their failure becomes.

This vicious cycle of Black underachievement and recrimination of Whites for their failures becomes more and more toxic, all encouraged by our cosmopolitan elites, who enjoy and benefit from the process.  Equally regrettable, however, is the conservative “solution” to this issue.  They purport a desire to get Blacks off the “Democrat plantation.”  It’s amusing that this is considered ‘politically correct’ in a sense when it is actually more inflammatory than anything we’re suggesting in the Alt-Right.

Dinesh D’Souza explains:

If one goes today to the Democrat controlled inner city, and we’re talking here about some two dozen cities entirely controlled by the Democrats, there’s not a Republican in sight, I argue that we will see in them now all the five features of the slave plantation […] 1. Broken down and dilapidated housing. 2. Broken families.  You can see this under slavery, there was confusion over who’s the real father, mulattoes running around the plantation, the family structure in decay.  3. A high degree of violence required to hold the place together; police power, whippings, overseer, fences, barbed wire.  4. Everybody gets a basic provision. You have food, you have healthcare, they call the doctor. But nobody gets ahead.  There’s no opportunity.  Nobody really advances. […] And finally, nihilism and despair.

The assertion which follows is that the free market will “free” Blacks from the “Democrat plantation.”  This argument is so pervasive that it is almost like the riff of a jazz musician.  Conservative commentators can throw this line into their commentary almost without thinking; it’s second nature.  And they seem so impressed with themselves as they do so.  They’re checking many boxes at once: showing their desire to help minorities, extolling laisse faire economics, taking shots at Democrats.  Check, check, check.

Now, the “plantation” would seem to be somewhat of a risqué metaphor.  Perhaps this is why token Black conservatives are often trotted out to make the case.  It’s a Sean Hannity tier argument, but often you’ll hear Black conservatives, such as Allen West or Sheriff David Clarke, make the case, just to save White conservatives any type of awkwardness.

But it’s not working.

Meanwhile, all we’re suggesting on the Alt-Right is consideration of race-realism.  Different races will produce different outcomes.  If you happen to notice some inequality between the races, don’t despair; this is quite natural.  We don’t need to imply that our philosophy will “free” Blacks, or that they’re currently enslaved. We just want an honest appraisal of the truth.

Nor is the burden on us to demonstrate that some type of economic freedom zone would liberate the heretofore untapped Black entrepreneurial powerhouse, á la Rand Paul.  The evidence for our worldview is already available.  We can serenely look at the effects of the welfare state and affirmative action and reflect that these are exactly the results that one would expect once racial differences are factored in.

The “Democrat plantation” theory of the plight of Blacks in America is highly speculative.  Conservatives would need to demonstrate that if the majority of Blacks started voting for the Republicans, human nature would drastically change, and no further government assistance would be necessary.  It would seem that the burden of proof is on their side.

Mainstream conservatives are also assuming bad faith on the part of leftists in their desire to help Blacks.  Perhaps there is some truth to that; liberals’ effort to “uplift” minorities does appear a bit cynical and self-serving. They get the black vote in exchange for federal government money. Money that is taken as a Danegeld from White families that vote Republican. According to this metaphor, liberal politicians would be the slave masters. That seems a bit much, wouldn’t you say? Regardless, Blacks have demonstrated that they prefer their massa-relationship with the Democrats over any Capitalistic endeavor.

Meanwhile, some liberals appear to be perfectly sincere in their belief that they need to equalize society because of some imperceptible “structural bias.”  It’s a ridiculous concept; but then again, so is the “Democrat plantation” that conservatives keep harping about.

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