Banned In The USA!

Chairman of Nordic.AltRight.Com, Christoffer Dulny, talks about being banned from the United States for attending the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, VA.

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  • This is bad, but in the real world there are ways of getting around this sh**.

    we’ve got 12-20 million undocumented in this country. It’s not like the government is real effective on policing who comes in and out of the country.

    We should get better and doing things others do to come in and out of the country – stuff like marrying American whores to get citizenship that sort of thing.

    I recommend working harder to be anonymous at these Alt Right rallies. Dress like 100 others. Don’t carry any ID – sure someone can claim you were or weren’t somewhere.

    Also consider doing what the Jews have always done:

    Change your name to fit in as a local.

    Lev Bronstein became Leon Trotsky.

    Michael Weiner became Michael Savage of the Savage Nation

    John Liebowitz or something became Comedy Central, Political commissar John Stuart of “The House of Stuart” etc

    This Swedish guy can/should marry a Whiter Hispanic gal (his children will be very white) adopt his wife’s Hispanic surname than have access to all kinds of pro Hispanic Affirmative Action programs.

  • AA keeps pointing out that sites advocating for child rape are not getting banned, but who shall not be criticized?

    Anyone not awoke to the JQ has not been paying attention… of course most people don’t pay attention.

  • The leftist are “world citizens”. Looks like it is a one way street though. This effectively means that Christoffer and Daniel now are stateless as we are frequently told that there is no such thing as Sweden or swedishness. The world gets more insane by the day.

  • The irony of this, when hundreds of thousands of sub-Saharan and Muslim invaders who have no business being in the US/Canada/Europe/Australia/New Zealand is hitting levels that should not even be possible

  • My take on the FAKE News, a simple poem
    The “NEWS” stands for “North, East, West, and South”
    Like a little Gremlin you live in the yawning jaws of Ignorant’s mouth.

    You parade a fake facade with cunning and treachery.
    In order to cause conflict and feed off its misery.

    You care not for the suffering of our countrymen, women and even less for the children.
    While you steal the voices of those concerned like a little villain.

    You drink deep from the cup of illusion.
    To deceive and trick the rest about this nation’s corruption.

    Drunk on Deceit you serve the elite who really want you out of their sight.
    and imprison the common man in Hell’s darkest might
    Trump is right.

  • And look at the phony enemies of the state who don’t have this problem: Libertarians.

    Because libertarians promote a lot of what our elites already support, apart from taking a fringe position on modern banking practices that our elites don’t find threatening in the least. Ron Paul can denounce the Federal Reserve all he wants, short of addressing the JQ aspect of it, and he suffers no consequences.

    • Not quite true, if libertarian ideology was implemented the current establishement would fall. However, only spergs will ever care about libertarianism. Identity on the other hand is something that touches everyone.

      • There was an article on this site that explained how Libertarian is just self interest of the upper middle class and above.

        • Well, the libertarians might be, ive certainly met such people. However, libertarianism is no such thing. Any system will evolve into becoming the tool of the establishment and the rentiers. This is just the nature of man. The less the system can tax, the less harmful to normal people will the system be.

      • It says a lot about American libertarianism that it derives in part from the writings of a sterile cat lady in the last century with a screwed-up marriage. You can’t form a philosophy to guide a healthy society with someone that damaged as your preceptor.

    • Exactly. All talk is nonsense to say say the “J” word than the Jews scramble to silence you like that rats they are!

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