Goys Out, Heebs In, And Antifa In The Streets

At this point, everyone has heard the news. Steve Bannon is out and the Libshit Neocon Junta is in.

The Jews over at Huffington Post were very happy about this development.

The Ashkepaths thought that they could get away with this brazen display of chutzpah. And frankly, they could have. The basic bitch conservatives at Breitbart immediately picked up on the story, only to point out that this proved that Liberals were the real racists and that Liberals were trying to ignite anti-Semitism and that only the Right remains a bastion of pro-Semitism.

I mean read what Breitbart wrote and try to see what mental pretzels they twisted themselves into to somehow avoid stating the obvious:

“Goy” is a Yiddish word meaning “nation,” commonly used to refer to gentiles. It is not, on its own, necessarily a term of derision, but can be a derogatory way of referring to non-Jews. The context here, gleefully celebrating the departure of a Christian White House staffer, is hardly a term of endearment. There is a suggestion that Bannon’s departure is a part of an ethnic and sectarian victory over white gentiles, rather than a reshuffling of White House staff. Alternately, the headline evokes anti-Semitic themes of Jewish control.

Yes, so when a Jew brags about kicking out a Gentile and plasters it on Huffington post, we should be wary of said Jew for trying to stir up anti-Semitism. This isn’t a Jew bragging about victory over the Gentiles, no, this is a Jew trying to foment anti-Semitism…which is itself anti-Semitic, so really this Jew is the real anti-Semite because he is encouraging evil White Nationalist talking points about the Jews. Therefore, that Jew must actually be a White Nationalist.

Follow that logic?

That’s literally what Breitbart came up with. They’ve clearly never heard of Occam’s Razor. And they didn’t kvetch as much about the next headline:

Because a team of Jews putting up a headline gloating about Whites being kicked out of power is nothing to worry about. If you worry about it, you must be a Nazi White Nationalist…if confused, see above paragraph for explanation.

The basic bitch normie Right cannot come to terms with blatant displays of Jewish ashkepathy and chutzpah, so they just blame Liberal outlets (themselves run by Jews) for showing the public the contempt that Jews have for Gentiles in private. They don’t condemn the anti-Gentile statements, they instead condemn the outlet for indicting Jews and proving White Nationalists to be right.

Shhh! You’re laying it on too thick! The goyim will wake up if you keep this up! Oy gevalt you guys are gonna get us pogrom’d with all that chutzpah, you must be crazy. You are the real anti-semites because you keep prodding the sleeping Gentile!

The memes don’t lie.

As for Bannon being kicked out, well it’s not good news for us. Nor is the news that he supposedly parted on amicable terms with Trump to be trusted. It is almost certain that they clashed often, and decided to save face in the public eye by parting on ‘friendly terms’. It’s not unusual, few people flame out at their boss after getting fired, especially if they want polite society to accept them afterward and get that letter of recommendation.

From what we know, he clashed quite a bit with Trump and the Neocon cabinet that Trump picked. Bannon was always the odd man out. And J-Vanka had a bone to pick with him.

Bannon called out Kushner for being a liberal, a globalist and a power-hungry snake, ie a Jew.

And Ivanka, who is by all accounts a vapid, progressive and socially conditioned millennial liked to make Bannon’s life difficult as well by whispering in daddy’s ear whatever Kushner or her retarded modern woman instincts told her to.

Make the ebil nahtzees go away, daddy!

The generals that Trump is so fond of also didn’t like Bannon and clashed with him constantly. They are in control now.

What comes next is a brave new Trump presidency.

It’s not all bad news though, the situation on the street is quickly out-pacing any developments in the White House or Washington. There are now mobs of unhinged leftist lunatics running around smashing statues, protesting low-caste Indians and cucks who don’t virtue-signal as hard as they do. This was from Boston the other day. These are the “Nazis” that Antifa showed up to protest.

Good on them. I would want to shut down this gathering of cucks as well.

The situation continues to escalate and the milquetoast moderates are being pressed out by the violent left. This a good development for us. Once Antifa radicalizes that soft middle, people will be left with a choice. The Alt-Right or Antifa. Order or chaos. Civilization or anarchy. White society or a mutt nation.

And we have Charlottesville to thank for galvanizing the Left into this crazy overreaction. They will regret waking sleeping White America from her slumber.

Vincent Law
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  • The million dollar question:

    Will you go to Heaven when you die? Here’s a quick test: Have you ever lied, stolen, or used God’s name in vain? Jesus said,
    “Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”
    If you have done these things, God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart,
    and the Bible warns that one day God will punish you in a terrible place called Hell.
    But God is not willing that any should perish. Sinners broke God’s Law and Jesus paid their fine.
    This means that God can legally dismiss their case:
    “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
    that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
    Then Jesus rose from the dead, defeating death. Today, repent and trust Jesus, and God will give you eternal life as a free gift.
    Then read the Bible daily and obey it. God will never fail you..

  • I never thought I would say this, but…
    SOMETHING has to be done about Ivanka’s/Jared’s hold on WH decision-making.

    These Jews have littered the staff with their fellow rat-faces, and now we’re in danger of losing our best chance to topple Jewish Hegemony in the US.

  • You are filthy liar. This was stated by black imbecile who wanted to be funny. But you coward are so afraid to confront blacks, right scum.

  • On Charlottesville and the setting of the trap – some members of the Nordic Resistance Movement have put forward the idea that the reason the ACLU stepped in to help get the injunction that allowed the “Unite the Right” demonstration to go ahead was that the State actually wanted the event to go ahead. There’s no point setting and baiting a mousetrap if the mouse isn’t allowed into the trap. Their idea is that the “left hand” and “right hand” of the globalists do not always coordinate properly, so, the City withdrew the permit but a greater power said “No, we want it to go ahead!” hence the ACLU. This could be ultra-paranoid or it could be true. If the event HAD NOT taken place there would have been no deaths and the mass de-platforming (IMHO) would not have taken place. Cui bono? It’s an interesting thought.

  • Gary Cohn at Trump’s Charlottesville press conference. “One is not amused”
    Obviously as Alt-Right is a direct attack on Jewish power.

  • Only a 2nd CIVIL WAR will put America back to its Founding of being a Constitutional Republic! When the Globalist, Progressives, Liberals, Fags & Freaks, Lawyers, Bankers, PC Crowd, so-called Educators and all the Politicians are dead and are meeting their maker, then America will have a chance in this World!

  • The Black Sun returns on August 21st 2017. It’s a Full Solar eclipse and will be visible in its fullest glory over Trump voting country. The transcendent God(s) are sending a sign to remind us to (in the words of Jordan Peterson) “get ourselves in order.” Darkness is coming and we need to “sort ourselves out.”

    The eclipse event reminds us that we’re headed for dark times but also that the light will return. But we shouldn’t downplay the fact that the black sun is a dark symbol. We all have some darkness inside us. Jung called this the “Shadow.” Jung said that we need to get to know our shadow so that it doesn’t secretly drive us.

    We need an outlet to channel our dark, shadowy energies in a way that can help us to grow as people, while also benefiting most of humanity. We must direct our darkness onto the forces of forced human agglomeration and standardization.

    People that demand forced-inclusion are either control freaks or codependents. The globalist elites are control freaks, whilst most of their foot soldiers are codependents that can’t tolerate the right to human exclusion due to a fear of abandonment.

    How can anyone force one group of humans to integrate with another? EXCLUSION IS THE HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE OF OUR TIMES! Exclusion, differentiation, niches, etc; these are the way of the universe. Human communities are formed organically over time and the in-group has a group-consciousness that can be thought of as the god of the tribe, city, or village. If someone demands on “integrating” with you, then this causes problems. Community is only real if the people come together by choice. Forced inclusion is sacrilege against nature and God.

    The God of the old testament offered a Covenant to his “chosen nation.” It was a contract and included the rules that were the Highest Truth for that nation. Some of these were even written in stone and carried in a magic ark that their God was said to dwell in.
    If Whites had a tribal God like Yahweh from the Old Testament, what highest Truths would He have for us?
    I believe His truth would apply to the individual and the collective levels.

    On the individual level, you have three main focuses to “get into order.”
    1) Fitness: Are you fit and healthy? If overweight, why? Why don’t you work out? Do you eat well? Any addictions? Are you emotionally stable?
    2) Finance: Do you have a job that is suitable for your abilities or are you capable of doing more? If a student, do you get good grades? Are you in debt? Anything in savings? Do you live frugally? Is your living space clean and tidy? Are you planning for old age? Are you a liability or asset for future generations? Generation Z is coming, don’t get lined up against the wall on accident. LOL
    3) Family/Friends: How’s your relationships with others? Are you networking with a positive group of people? Do you need to make amends with anyone you did wrong in the past? Do you have any friends? Are you married? Can you handle a romantic relationship? If you have kids, do you take an active role in parenting them? Are you codependent?

    Our Great White Father God wants you and me to “get these in order.” He wants us to be physically and mentally healthy, earning a proper living, and having some intimate connections with some of His other “Chosen People.”

    The Great White Father God’s revelation begins with the individual level because getting these basics “sorted out” makes you better at serving the collective level

    The collective High Truth from the White Father is that He orders His Chosen People to not only survive, but thrive in the universe and anyone who tries to stop this will face old testament scale justice. The “Chosen People” will deal fairly with anyone willing to respect our right to exclusion. Respect White exclusion and we’ll develop more sustainable energy, clean the oceans and air and treat the animals more fair.

    Once you get 1) Fitness, 2) Finance, 3) Family/friends squared away you can move on to your contribution in carrying out the Great White Father God’s High Truth; that being your holy work of building his Kingdom of Heaven. It may be good to lay off any kind of real life activism or even web posting if you’re really struggling with 1,2,3.

    4) Purpose: this is your conversation with the Great White Father God and its expression in the universe through your actions. What are you doing to build the Kingdom of White Heaven? Are you building new web services? Financing the movement. Are you creating art? Leading rallies? Shitposting on twitter? Are you setting up conferences? Writing blogs or books? Doing legal work? Donating money to those doing this holy work? You must determine what gifts you have and how they can best be utilized in carrying out God’s High Truth and therefore His covenant.

    During the time of the Eclipse on August 21th 2017, I beseech you to make a personal covenant with the Great White Father on how you should live your life. Write down and declare out loud (outside under the Sun and moon) how you’re going to sort out your 1) fitness, 2) finances, and 3) family/friends. Ask God what your 4) purpose should be in serving Him and his Chosen People (White humans of the earth) in building the Kingdom of White Heaven.

    If you need to use some kind of a “Shamanic aid” to help see the transcendental world, then feel free to do so for this event.

    As the darkest phase of the eclipse occurs, cultivate the darkness within you to unleash fire and fury (rhetorically and empirically) on the forces of Forced-Inclusion. Just like the rest of the universe, we all take part in creation and destruction. We must destroy the anti-White, satanic system before we can truly build the Kingdom of White Heaven. Channel the darkness from the Black Sun and merge it with the darkness inside you to smash the globalist hate-machine of forced-inclusion into dust.

    Keep the piece of paper (stone tablets) with your covenant with God until the next Eclipse on 4-8-2024. At that time do a detailed personal assessment of yourself and whether you lived out the covenant to the best of your abilities.You have 2422 days between eclipses. 6 years 7 months 18 days to improve your life and do your part to bring about the White Kingdom of Heaven. How will the world change between the two Black Suns? You may use “Shamanic aids” at the next eclipse as well (4-8-24).

    Who will be a part of the Schwarze Sonne Covenant of 8-21-17 to 4-8-24?

    • Shit yeah!

      Even this Demon can get behind that.

      Gogar suggests reviewing your piece of paper before sleeping and upon waking.

      That’s 4844 times.

      It really does work. Reinforcement.

      Just be careful watching the sun tomorrow – they say you won’t feel it burning your eyes.

      • Napoleon Hill called the technique that you suggest “autosuggestion” in the book “Think and Grow Rich.” It takes discipline to read or repeat something twice a day. But why not see what happens if you do? Why not sit in some ‘sacred place’ of yours in the morning and in the evening reviewing your “stone tablets” before God?

        I should make clear that I need “sorting out” as much as anyone. I also think the best leaders in the Alt-Right seem to have 1-3 sorted out. Charlottsville showed me that you better have your life pretty well sorted out before you get into any serious real world activism. The leaders that I respect (Richard Spencer, Jordan Peterson, Vox Day) all seem to have 1-3 squared away. This eclipse is a great opportunity for us to start anew.

        I have welding glasses to watch the event but thank you for mentioning eye safety.

    • The Black Sun is upon us. (1:37pm est).

      It’s the start of a new covenant when we promise God that we will try to sort out our fitness level, finances, family/friends, and in return, we experience God’s blessings. May we have the strength to forgo present pleasure in favor of future rewards.

      I’ll write back on 4-8-24 to discuss how my piece of paper went.

      Best of luck members of the Schwarze Sonne covenant 8-21-2017

      peace be with you

  • Ironic as Bannon original partner was Orthodox Jew : The late Breitbart. Both got the startup money from a lapdog trip to Israel. The site originally just the usual Neoconservative War mongering.,and Jew Finance Capital push . But Jews don’t care how seemingly pro Jew one tries to be if one is an anti globalist ; ” Nationalist”.

  • Thanks for this article. Remarkable. I think (((they))) may come to regret their big mouths. They have before.

  • Ya think (((HuffPo))) will be demonetized and deplatformed for anti-gentile bigotry? I’m conflicted on what to think about Bannon after he said white nationalist were “clowns”, but if he can use his talents to drive (((Gary Cohn))) and (((Javanka))) from the West Wing then the headline on altright sites should read, “Heebes, Bye!”.

    • We already have DuckDuckGo so it’s a start. The DNS service is the most difficult, also in terms of payments bitcoin seems to be the best current option though not feasible for the long term. The biggest point of failure seems to be coinbase who apparently are shutting down accounts that donate directly to daily stormer. So send it to another wallet or host your own wallet(a bit more difficult as you need to store the blockchain on your local machine). Hosting is easy as you can self host and there’s a ton of providers out there. Bitmitigate seems to be where to go for ddos protection, they have a free tier as well like cloudflare for websites.

    • Unfortunately this movement will have to learn from the Communists of old and go “old school”. If you truly care, its time to start licking envelopes and buying typewriters. Since there are many who have nostalgia for the old, I think this is a great opportunity to understand what a true non-violent revolution feels like.

      • I’ve made similar comments before. I’m honestly not worried about the Great Shut down. Samizdat dissidents got their message across by janitors letting them into buildings at 2 AM to make copies and by smuggling typewriters.

        • Gorgar knows that if we made Best of the Alt Right cds and handed them out at gunshows we would begin to move the NRA towards us.

          Would work at VFW’s, American Legions, and certain Union Halls, too.

          If somebody can produce the content (whatever will most effectively redpill older folks or at least get them moving the right way) and put it up somewhere, Gorgar can take it from there. Figure 500 MB tops.

          • In the bigger cities, drop leaflets and “leave behind” brochures. This needs to be done so as not to be traced as to be brought up on “littering” charges. This is the sort of retardation that youre up against

          • Gorgar is hoping the autistes get creative on campus this fall.

            Funny how a few pieces of paper can trigger an entire local news cycle. Last year a school pledged 80 mil after a few raciss flyers showed up.

          • This type of effort needs to be stepped up. Make it such a common occurrence that it becomes “not newsworthy”. It needs to appear as though “Nazis” are lurking behind EVERY corner.

          • That’s why the idea of doing the small-scale torch things here, there and everywhere is so appealing.

            Imagine hitting ten different places on a single Friday night. Take 100 or 120 people. Some to hold the torches, a camera guy and a couple of look outs.

          • They have. And it’s good.

            But Gorgar likes the idea of non-aligned shadow autistes. Maybe fronting dozens of different “organizations.”

            One freshman with a bicycle, flyers and a heavy duty STAPLE gun can seem like an army.

            It’s how we used to put up flyers for punk shows back in the old days.

          • Excellent point. There was just an article about how effective the NRA is despite them having zero rallies. It’s obviously by design. You don’t want gun nuts like Burt Gummer from “Tremors” congregating at a rally.

          • (((Prez of NRA))) don’t “WE” have enough kosher kunts in “The Movement” already? Especially considering that 1 is already too many.

          • Don’t be an idiot.

            We’re talking people with NRA stickers on their trucks..

            People who hang out at gunshows.

            You know, where they sell WW 2 memorabilia.

          • Look fuck breath back off on the idiot shit. FUCKING keyboard kunt. Just passing on information to you and others that NRA is run by jews.
            I got the same negative reaction when I tried to warn y’all about Trumpstein. Talk about idiocy….

          • Just podcast compilations would be great. AR distributes itself through podcasts and visual memes anyway, so why not harness that.

      • The internet nazi blackout is a blessing in disguise. The 5,000, or so, at CVII represented just a tiny tip of the iceberg.
        Perhaps the net shoa will coax legions of A/Rs outta mom’s basement and into the streets?

      • Commie tactics won’t work for us…
        SIMPLY BECAUSE our values are different from theirs.

        The Alt-Right value system is morally/physically/intellectually demanding to a lot of people, and would most likely turn off those who are weak in character (and the painful truth is that there are a lot of weaklings in the populace).
        Communism was attractive to the masses (then and now) because it provides them, most of all, an opportunity to get away with morally questionable deeds.

    • One possible alternative to relying on the creation of Alt-Tech is… trying to get the (((progressive global corporations))) to overreach and target conservative / libertarian voices that will spark an demand for Bannon’s regulation of the internet as a public utility.

      Presumably the targeting of conservatives will happen eventually, as we learn to hide our power level and blend in better, but it’d have to happen at the right time for that policy to actually happen.

      • The Golden Age of Trolling (!) may be ending, but this episode is exposing a fatal flaw in the current system of social media. Anyone who is not a fanatic must realize this is incompatible with open debate in a free society.

        The shitlib response right now is “They ban Nazis in Europe but still have a vibrant discourse.” Saying this as Jews in Spain just got told Get Out Now by their chief Rabbi.

        While the usual cucks (Mormons, NeoCons, Pedophiles, have I missed anyone?) will eat this up, the intellectuals among the Boomer Conservatives are already starting to signal unease.

      • What`s interesting, is that the whole internet as a utility thing emerged around Obama`s second term before, and then it was pushed by center-left, if memory serves. So the foundation is already here.

    • This is very important. Islamic groups openly create atrocity propaganda that the Nazis supposedly hid. Yet there’s still a platform for them. Amazing isn’t it?

        • Lining people up and beheading them with machetes, setting them on fire and drowning them in cages ON VIDEO! We have a few grainy photos of a few executions carried out by Germans in ww2. God only knows what the people being shot actually did and we merrily annihilate the ability of the right to communicate among themselves because a panicking 20 year old rear ended another car shunting that car into another car that hit and killed a woman standing in an intersection.

          • The Germans only executed deserters at the end of the war, after drumhead trials. They also hanged people, they didn’t do that bizarre ISIS shit. Even Hitler hanged his opponents like Stauffenberg.

          • It’s dishonest behavior by the companies. It’s catastrophic for them.

          • They’re opening themselves up to being shut down under the RICO Act by allowing ISIS to use Social Media.

      • Jews created ,and control them . The mission ? Create chaos ,and destroy any and all vestiges of Arab Nationalism or unity against Israel / Oil Multinationals. They worship the original Jew Tribal Diety . The Jews created Muslim Fundamentalist,as they did Christian as to worship them. ISIS calls the Jew : ” People of the book “. Take note : They destroy statues / building / classical ruins of Greco Roman or Christian symbolism. ” Make no graven image “. This is Judaic as all Jews enemies Foundations must be destroyed ,per Torah / Talmud instructions. Is this not what Antifa / Jew doing to Confederate Statues simultaneously ?


    Poll: Plurality Believes Pro-White Groups Were *Not* Mostly To Blame For Violence In Charlottesville

    Your daily reminder via Survey Monkey and Axios that virtually all issues are partisan now.

    Since our national future of Antifa reds slugging it out with alt-right brownshirts in running street battles looks increasingly assured, we might as well start tracking reaction polls like this:

    Watching media coverage, you’d think Trump is nearly alone in believing “both sides” share fault for the Charlottesville violence. Turns out, most Republicans have his back… Far more blame “the far right groups” for Charlottesville (46%) than “the counter-protesters” (9%), but a remarkable 40% concur with Trump’s assertion that both were equally responsible.

    “Beneath the surface, we see the same partisan division: Two-thirds of Democrats (66%) blame the far-right groups rather than the counter-protesters (6%), while Republicans overwhelmingly blame both sides equally (64%). About the same proportion of Republicans blame the far-right groups (18%) as the counter-protestors (17%).”

    As Sean Trende put it, “So basically, a plurality agree with Trump’s characterization of the Charlottesville events, or are to his right.” Indeed. Given a binary choice of whether the alt-right or counter-protesters bears most of the blame for the violence, people are far more likely to blame the alt-right. It was their rally, Nazis are known for violence, one of them actually killed someone on the other side. That’s why, I assume, even Republicans are (slightly) more likely to blame the alt-right than the left-wing protesters. Under the circumstances it’s hard to see the white nationalists as relatively blameless for what happened.

    Once you include the option of blaming both groups equally, though, you end up with a plurality (49 percent) who say either that blame should be shared or that the counter-protesters were mainly at fault. If you’re wondering why Trump’s job approval has ticked up a point and a half since Sunday despite the brutal media coverage, that may explain some of it. Although more likely it’s the politics of the debate over Confederate monuments that’s helping him, as Democrats have stupidly zeroed in on that despite the fact that most of the public shares Trump’s view that they should be left in place.

    As much as partisan interests are driving reaction here, don’t overlook the fact that nearly a quarter of Democrats — 24 percent — agree with Trump that both sides bear equal responsibility for what happened. (It’s even higher among indies at 38 percent, although a majority of 51 percent blames the “far-right groups.”) That’s an impressively large and resilient minority given the torrents of condemnation in stark moral terms that Trump has endured this week. It’s one thing for Republicans to stick with him, as their agenda depends on Trump’s political credibility. Democrats, though, have every partisan reason to hammer him over this, yet a quarter are holding firm on apportioning blame for the violence equally. I wonder if there’s a segment of the left that’s already aware of, and uncomfortable with, Antifa’s tactics and unwilling to absolve them of responsibility for throwing down with neo-Nazis. Probably too much to hope for.

    • When the (((system))) fires off both barrels and the monster is still coming.

      Just goes to show, the MSM is not all powerful anymore, the truth matters, the legal and moral high ground matters, people who are not us will defend us if we are in the right.

      No excuse not to perfectly calculate and tailor our message for maximum effect given the intended audience… but gotta watch for those (Vox Day) who will try and use that tailoring as an opportunity to corrupt )))our values(((.

      • Why does Vox Day call himself Alt Right when he denounces European and American Identitarianism? Weird.

          • He’s not an idiot, but his inconsistencies are glaring. Like calling himself Alt Right while defending Cernovich, whom the entire Alt Right hates.

          • He’s a smart guy, and his views aren’t always horrible, he has been decent on the JQ, etc.

            But he has to make everything about himself and has to have his own special snowflake take on everything. The prevailing theory is that he just wants to prove how smart he is.

            Normally I just try to ignore him but sometimes he does truly cancerous stuff like staging a “debate” with Grindr Greg where they agree that Daily Stormer is not Alt-Right. And that’s by no means an singular occurrence.

          • My problem with Vox is he always claims he’s more intelligent than everyone he disagrees with.

            Napoleon or Caesar could come back to life to lead us out our predicament and Vox would be screaming that he’s more intelligent than our leader.

    • You forget that the majority of Americans are doped up beyond belief and almost 50% of them depend on some form of govt assistance to boot. Americans should have been up in arms a long time ago there feroxmill.

      • They are not hungry yet. Today whites can hide away in their homes with vidya and fast food. Whites need to loose their homes and all their comforts to revolt. Luckily, the mud and the tribe can’t control their wickedness so they will make whites loose it all out of pure sadism. This will be their last mistake because our ideas will be there to ignite the white soul.

  • Trump made the right decision, and /ourguy/ Bannon had to go. Indeed, he’ll be a machine back at Breitbart, where he promises “to go medieval”.

    15,000 shitlibs showed up to protest the Free Speech rally in Boston. Trump knows it could escalate easily to 150,000 shitlibs if anything else goes south. So he wisely tossed out Bannon.

    Trump needs to now take his foot off the gas and go Reagan. Whites are with him, shitlibs are subdued. That’s a good place to be in. He needs to stay here for awhile until things cool off post Charlottesville. Then, when everyone’s asleep, he can go full shitlord again. But for now he needs to channel Reagan.

    • My personal thought: Bannon went behind the curtain with Trump in order to “take notes” and report back to the people via the airwaves. He most certainly will. Notice how little he actually did any interviews during his stint. I am sure he had his personal agenda which he affected. This agenda probably won’t be noticed for quite some time.

      He is a modern day Thomas Cromwell who kept his heresy secret while in the Kings Court. He may be more Alt-Lite than AR, but he most certainly did his whispering into Henry VIII’s (read Trump) ear.

    • Frankly Bannon is an enigma. His “going medieval” very well could be shouting that democrats are the real racists.

  • The elites knew what could happen and they told their minions to stand down and it did. This whole movement is suspect as the actions by the leadership is reckless. Cannon called the far right a bunch of clowns, and he is closer to the truth than we would like to admit. The leadership seems to be brain dead. You have to know the situation you are in. Everyone in the halls of power wants to destroy you, so why give the media a chance to do just that? Idiots kept looking for a fight with antifa, when the average Joe was getting sick of them. In The Art Of War there is a saying wait long enough and you will see the dead bodies of your enemies float by in the river. Give the bastards enough rope to hang themselves, and we screwed that up. Instead we became a bunch of useful idiots.

  • The damage has been done. I would strongly consider leaving the US at this point. The whole disaster was orchestrated to discredit the alt right and get the populace divided up for violence when the shtf in the not too distant future. The last line of the article is naive. It won’t be the choice of the alt right or chaos. It will be the status quo or chaos. 1984 has become a reality! !!!!!

    • I get your point but it wasn’t disaster. Politicians there are quilty of settting up viloence and breaking numerous laws, and corporate leftist media are quilty of lying.
      It will take some time but even normies will get it… while in the meantime antifa will continue to beat people here and there and BLM will be killing cops .. they just can’t help themselves

      • An anti globalism party is sorely needed John. The race issue is toxic now. A party that focuses on that will never get off the ground.

        • Anti-globalism didn’t lead anywhere,political parties are useless, this is cultural and racial war declared against us White people, if we don’t address this issue and (((those))) who are behind it , this whole movement will not lead anywhere.
          White people have the right to live in White countries. Invasive species have to go. Period.

          • It does matter. Power is everything. You aren’t getting your message across very well are you? Power is force, and unless you get the masses behind you forget it.

          • Yes and not. Political parties grow out of political movements not vice versa. US political system is a two party system and founding a new party will be nothing but a giant waste of time.
            We must become so influential that the republican politicians will have to endorse Alt-right(White civil rights/identity movement) in the future to get elected the same way they endorse AIPAC now.

            We have to break through (((media))) propaganda to get support of white masses , we have to attack them in every way possible(legally), and counter-attack every time they attack us.
            We have to force them to make mistake after mistake until they break their own necks.
            And we are winning, the proof is that they started to purge us out of social media .. desperate move, nothing more .

          • Can’t get a political party going by wasting time knocking antifa heads all the time. Let antifa annoy people like they were doing before the Berkeley run ins and just go to Fly Over Country and build up “nests”, then get to the next step. Time is running out quickly, that is why I suggested maybe we need to just bug out in a previous post.

          • We need to conquer Whites’ brains before conquering political insititutions.

          • Teach whites to see themselves as white, then teach them to make political decisions this identity in mind.

            All this talk of Ethnostates on Mars is fine, but that the strategic goal is simple self-identification.

          • Technically speaking, we are an invasive species in America. That is why it will be impossible to create an ethno state here anytime soon, especially since the white birthrate is not keeping up with immigration. Parties don’t matter, maybe so, but you have two parties in power that are against you, and they have the mass media, the cops, and the military backing them up. You want to address the issue? You need to be in state legislatures, the Congress, Senate, etc to get laws passed, in short to get the power to get things done. Hoping for a GOP charlatan like Trump is moronic. The guy is toxic to the brand(movement).

          • Technically speaking,natives are an invasive specie too because they came out of asia. Note that there were no demographic invasions around the world till 1970’s. This 3rd world immigration stuff is nothing but 92 percent of world population (non-whites) invading 8 percent of world population(whites) to turn 92 percent into 100 percent.
            Birthrate is not a solution ,removal of invasive species is.

            White people should turn the whole world into 90 percent White just by pushing few buttons.
            There is a little dirty secret about this universe : Everything is possible .. all it takes is to have enough will

    • There are plenty of places in the US that are still relatively quiet and unaffected by this. Small town USA is still quiet. Although I even catch myself yelling “Run for the Hills!” occasionally, defeat is still a long way off. Go outside, cars are still driving and birds still chirping. I’m more worried right now about that fat North Korean is gonna get an itchy trigger finger.

      1984 has been a reality for awhile now. You are just realizing it.

  • Why were the Unite the Right rally attendees chanting the slogan “blood and soil” and doing the same torch march as the Ukrainian “Svoboda” party which happens to be connected and supported by CIA and Soros? Is it a coincidence that the UTR rally had the same slogans and ichnography? Who’s idea was it to emulate the Ukrainian insurgent army? Was it the leftwing agitprop organizer Jason Kessler? Why did Kessler choose that city of all cities?

    The U.S. funded pro-democracy youth groups by organizing huge street organizations which played a major role in the Ukrainian orange revolution and eventual transition of power. Was this a similar playbook that was utilized in Charlottesville, Va.?

    • These are valid questions and you make great points. However, I think the AR needs to stop looking for holes so much in C’ville. There were definitely lessons that HAD TO be learned. But now its time to move out and drive on. Conspiracy theory leads to trust issues which lead to breakdown of cohesion. When its hard to trust your peers in a group because no one trusts anyone else, nothing gets accomplished. The movement needs to learn from this whole ordeal, which it is currently doing. Trying to dwell on this issue can be counterproductive. Take notes, but don’t overanalyze.

      Whether Kessler was a plant or not is hard to tell. Keep in mind that the AR is a generally new movement led by many who are new to the whole political activism scene…something the left has down to an absolute science. I think looking at the Tea Party rallies would be a good place to start. Look at the positives and negatives. Tea Partiers are not a threat because they weren’t putting out a “dangerous” idea. Weigh their rallies against what the left does. Great analysis of the Orange Revolution though.

      • “blood and soil” is a neo-nazi slogan .. chanting “blood and soil” is larping, same with torch marches. Alt-Right needs to come with it’s own unique slogans. Like “Blood ain’t water” or whatever.
        Alt-Right is powerful because it’s unique and original, if it degenerates into nazi/confederate larping it will fade away like a stinky old fart.

        • Agreed. I think larping will die out with time. I am definitely not into it, but I am not threatened by it in the movement, because I know ultimately peer pressure will set in. Additionally, most of the larpers are just kids who want to “lash out”. Its just lack of discipline. Eventually, they will get the picture. The more “former normies” that jump on board the AR, but still hold angst towards the Nazi thing, the more group peer pressure will continue to take its effects….especially when $ comes into play. Eventually the AR will mold into a more digestible product to normies. It will take time, but it will happen.

          All this movement needs really is fresh ideas. I see A LOT of very talented artists and graphic designers in this movement. Some of the shit people come up with is absolutely brilliant. That is a resource that needs to be exploited. Spencer needs to hold a “meeting of the minds” instead of a rally and call in talent. Much like a corporate board meets with marketing directors. AR is a product. The marketing is what needs to take focus. People are jumping on board. Now they need to do a “Calling for XXXX” onto the net.

          • Message needs to be repackaged and tied into economics. They do the same pole every presidential election year since I can remember about the most important issues people have going into the big day in November. Race on its own has been always near the bottom of say the 12-15 issues listed, but immigration is near the top(since the 90s). People want immigration curbed not primarily because of the race/culture thing, but because they are taking jobs away from US citizens and driving wages down in the process.

          • Unfortunately, I am sure you will find out that this message is pushed more in the “Alt-Lite” crowd than the “Alt-Right”. The AR as opposed to the AL is focused primarily on identitarianism (from my analysis). Most in this movement are tired of hearing about “jobs” and “tax reform”. This movement is not geared towards those already with a vested interest in the system. This movement from what I understand is geared strictly towards identity. Jobs and the economy are a back seat to the race issue. Just my summation. I don’t speak for this movement but from what I have read, it seems like that is where the majority are steering this car towards.

          • Thing is if you want to change the system you have two options get into the political process and try to change it or all out Revolution. Either way you need more bodies than your opponents. People always vote or side with any faction that will fill their coffers.

      • Blood and soil is the slogan and flag of the Ukraine insurgent army. The Ukrainian Insurgent Army’s red/black blood-and-soil flag.

    • >Why were the Unite the Right rally attendees chanting the slogan “blood and soil”?

      Because their youthful idealism exceeds their sense of cold metapolitical realism.

  • Really, American normmies can’t keep their political “isms” on target –
    Antifa are communist – Nazis were national fascist – it’s the boomers, 70 years of J e w propaganda have stunted them

    • Funny as hell, and you don’t think Millenials, or Zs are not subject to even worse crap? Boomers weren’t subjugated to multiculturalism or LGBT crap. Shoot us Xers weren’t either. Yeah we were fed the US good Nazis bad type stuff, but that was just to keep us good little Patriotic Americans. Quit blaming Boomers. Nobody could see the train wreck coming circa 1965, and every generation doesn’t pick the circumstances it was born into. The Boomers were lucky, as were their Xer kids for the most part. It is amazing even at only 47 years of age to see how this nation has changed in the past decade, not for the better I might add. The system was rigged from almost the get go and the level of corruption of today really didn’t start to manifest til the Clinton Presidency.

      • Mr. Bruce, That was one of best retorts ‘I ve read – your right the men in my family say pretty much the same thing ” Nobody could see the train wreck coming circa 1965, and every generation doesn’t pick the circumstances it was born into. The Boomers were lucky, ” my grandfather said that the class of 1965 was the first ever to be on the cover of Like magazine the headlines the most promising generation yet. Two years later he was in Vietnam. And now he is going blind.
        No, I realize that for 70 plus years the Jewish propaganda pimps and the jerks with them had a free hand. The push back then was guys Norman Lincoln Rockwell and maybe JFK and look how they ended.
        I push the boomers just like I push my Pop and uncles “get red pilled Pop” and now he red pills me. I ve created a Frankenstein and it’s great. Like his music much more than my generations.

    • I can’t remember the fat girl’s name, but she was part of a mob wielding bats and pipes. If Fields didn’t freak out and got dragged from his car, she’d likely be one of the many goons screaming for his blood.

      Kessler’s comment should have been kept to himself, but he’s not wrong.

    • One of important goals of unite the right was to unite the right. We need to work towards reaching our goals. Lashing out against dailystormer and Kessler is not productive. Anglin said himself he deliberately pushes the boundary so that the rest of movement appears more mainstream.

          • I watched one of Kessler’s Periscopes before Charlottesville and something seemed off about him. Dude has a weird affect.

      • That is like
        Germany taking in near worthless allies in
        WWII against the rest of
        Europe and the US. Cadres need to be grown and the message modified.

      • AA is not Kessler. Kessler is suspicious AF. And it’s great that the line has been drawn. Alt-Lite/Alt-Kike cucks and frauds chickened out/lashed out and denounced Alt-Right so we can finally move forward without them
        (and even some of “republican” politicians fully exposed themselves as frauds, McCain literally endorsed Antifa on twitter… even the most normie republican voter will not accept that McCain just technically became Antifa leader and Antifa representative in Congress)

      • The event needs a few things to build a right wing narrative.

        1. A Hero
        2. A Villain
        3. A Winner

      • “Payback” is still a shitty take. We are an identitarian movement precisely to defuse this idea of ephemeral ideological belonging. I won’t lose any more sleep over Heyer than I did Saint Trayvon but her death isn’t recompense for your Uncle Igor’s time in the gulag. Just like modern day white Americans shouldn’t be paying reparations for black slavery.

        This whole narrative where people can ‘buy in’ to a packaged identity of choice which floats in a philosophical aether and contains all of the baggage of history is precisely what we are trying to rebut and talking about “payback” against communism is a rhetorical own goal. I regret that so many of our enemies are literal communists and have to be called out as such because overall historically the Right screeching about communists in the West and associating them with the crimes and failures of various regimes has been a big loser. Likewise there are zero “Nazis” in the Alt-Right and no neo-Nazi is at all responsible for the alleged Holocaust.

        We get as much support as we do precisely because this Leftist narrative of contemporary right-wingers being fleshly avatars of an incorporeal and timeless elemental “Hate” and the need for crimes of specific historical people and regimes to be collectivized doesn’t register. Pushing the mirror image of it isn’t going to benefit us.

        • I can get behind constructive criticism (which this is), but I cant get behind disavowing and burning the bridges which is what Spencer initially did.

  • I never understood the “counter-Semitic” angle that critics gave Bannon. Was it because he alllegedly didn’t want his kids going to a Jew school or that Breitbart article calling Bill Crystal a renegade Jew? Breitbart is one of the most pro-Zionist pro-Jew sites on the web. For that reason alone, I give Bannon a low score on the JQ, as far as I’m concerned, he’s a Zionist. Try talking about the JQ on Breitbart and you will get banned. Bannon might have been useful but I never saw him as one of us.

  • Trump better get something done or he will be primaried from his right. Bank on it.

    Kris Kobach 2020.

  • Yes, it’s blackpilling. But unless Trump begins appointing wise Latina judges and unleashes the DOJ on the movement, 7 more years of him is to be preferred to any other alternative.

    Which to Gorgar means hammering him as appropriate until the primaries begin, at which point all memefire should be trained on the real enemies inside and outside the GOP. Bannon’s lead is going to be useful here, however much Breitbart cucks on Israel.

    So for the next 7 years all efforts should be aimed at redpilling more millenials and ALL Of Gen Z, not throwing everything behind Richard Spencer’s public brand.

    Everyone should always be prepared to continue if any or all public faces of this movement are simultaneously removed from the meatspace by lawsuits, imprisonment or assassination.

    Remember, Occupy Wall Street was rolled up in essentially a single 72-hour period. Don’t think this couldn’t happen to the Alt Right.

    • Why would we abandon Richard Spencer? He’s like a young David Duke. Every movement needs a leader and I don’t appreciate your (((counter-signaling))).

      • No one said anything about “abandoning” Spencer. But what happens if he gets hit by a bus tomorrow?

        David Duke is political kryptonite.

        No amount of meme magic will change this. He needs to keep doing his radio show, etc.

        This is about winning, not being fair.

      • For this movement to survive and gain popularity it needs a leader with a relatively “clean” background that is normie friendly and has leadership experience. Someone who has nothing to lose. Someone who pushes the “concern for the future of his people” message INSTEAD OF the “fire up the ovens!” screeching more than anything else. Someone who has a trustworthy background and can be vetted.

        Said person will also need to be an alpha-male type who is not necessarily afraid to get his hands bloody, but also doesnt throw the first punch. This is the type of person who the left will ultimately fear. Richard Spencer has the right look and the intelligence. He needs to work on the alpha male part a bit. Little things like deepening his voice and not being so fluid with his hands when he gives speeches. David Duke unfortunately has too much baggage that normies shy away from.

        Not sure who this person will be. They are surely out there hiding in the shadows. My guess is they may come from the LE/Military community.

        • Yeah, we need real organizations. Not bloggers and podcasters. And a leader, preferably with military experience, who can keep a clear head in hostile situations. Nathan Damigo is the first guy to come to mind tbh. You still seem to be thinking in terms of taking power through electoral politics though. We’re not going to obtain power that way. Everything we do going forward is going to be systemically supressed. It’s time to take on a more revolutionary mindset. Operate outside the system, self sufficiently and wait/push for the system to collapse.

          • I have been saying this for awhile, but the build a movement thing is the answer I get. Time is not on our side. We need to build a movement as we go along. This whole thing is loosely organized, with poor discipline. The internet is great for us keyboard jockeys, but we need to get something done in the real world other than locking horns with Antifa. Let those morons stew own in their own juices. They are just useless idiots for the Establishment.

          • My comment reply back to Johnny Fascismo is flagged for spam for some reason so this is aimed at his above comment:

            I just throw comments on a board to get ideas going. Shit man, I haven’t
            even bought into this movement. I’m more black pilled than you think. I
            see alot of young folks on here looking forward to the future and think
            its great. I like to get people talking instead of just coming on here
            screeching about “muh ovens!” Even comments on a board like this are
            being watched. Just screeching and not discussing makes for bad optics.
            Your last sentence is what I see will eventually happen. The system is
            no longer “ours” and there aint no goin back.

          • Yes. If we’re going to war with Antifa announcing our rallies months in advance and saying come and get us is not how you do it. We should be infiltrating their meetings, finding when and where their organizing and crush them. Berkeley and Charlottesville were media sideshows that accomplished nothing except publicity… all of it bad.

            That really shouldn’t be our goal anyways though. Our gol should be dismantling Jewish power. Right now ZOG is laughing while the proles fight each other in the streets, and they keep doing exactly what they’ve been doing.

          • My comment reply back to Johnny Fascismo is flagged for spam for some reason so this is aimed at his above comment:I just throw comments on a board to get ideas going. Shit man, I haven’t
            even bought into this movement. I’m more black pilled than you think. I
            see alot of young folks on here looking forward to the future and think
            its great. I like to get people talking instead of just coming on here
            screeching about “muh ovens!” Even comments on a board like this are
            being watched. Just screeching and not discussing makes for bad optics.
            Your last sentence is what I see will eventually happen. The system is
            no longer “ours” and there aint no goin back

          • Do you have any clue how many metric tons of pot one of us would have to smoke to degenerate enough that we look like one of those Antifa bitch-boys? Do you have any idea how long you would have to go without washing your ass to be able to blend in at their planning sessions?

          • Make it look like Antifa are a threat to middle class values. Which they are.

        • Spencer has the vision and the intelligence. He just needs someone who is better at PR. I can’t speak for his leadership abilities, but I will give him one thing, the man stands on the front lines and he takes his hits…and that is commendable. Antifa may use that to try to demoralize him, but no one can ever take a punch to the face and getting up and shaking it off away from him. Those who lead this movement like him have also put his entire family in jeopardy. He may have a trust fund, but most trust fund babies I know put it towards a yacht.

      • Really? This guy has not really done anything to warrant such devotion. Only last week he publishes a manifesto that he said took him a year to work on? It was rather a short work to take a guy with a grad degree to come up with. Many in here could have written that in one day. I will stick with my bit of skepticism about this. The leadership had to be expecting this and didn’t take enough precautions.

        • Its just inexperience. They got the upper hand, but the lessons learned will always be remembered. Also keep in mind that there is still relatively speaking- no real “leadership” as of yet. I think Spencer is getting a feel for the people inside the movement. The people are who is shaping it. The manifesto probably took a year because he needed to analyze what most people with AR leanings were angry about. That list was the genesis. Its not perfect and most certainly not complete. At least it is something. I am not arguing in his defense at all. Mistakes were made, and he is most certainly feeling the heat from people inside the movement. Its important to keep voicing your concerns and ideas. People are reading this board.

        • If someone wants to rival Spencer they are going to have to put their name and face out there and physically present in meatspace to pow wow with.

    • Wasn`t the whole thing about this movement that it was relatively even where leadership was concerned? As in, the message never changes, no matter who delivers it today?

      • More or less. At least at the metapolitical level.

        Gorgar thinks it would be better to have a dozen Alt/New/Neo/Far/Cool Right brands more or less saying the same general thing: white identity, nationalism, no brother wars, etc. All the other shit can be hashed out later. Getting too specific produces factionalization which is haram at this point.

        The metric is simple: does it move us closer to white consciousness, or away from white consciousness?

        Spending time attacking people like Cernovich, or Alex Jones, or whoever, is stupid. They are providing a valuable service by fracturing belief in the current political arrangement.

        Our job is to widen and fill the resulting space.

        Actually politics is something else. Then organization, hierarchy, etc. is needed.

  • Was Bannon even one of us in the first place? He was responsible for the degenerate known as Milo and Jew-Bart.

    • Does it really matter?

      He’s right on the wall, the border, deportations, ZOG wars, and nationalism in general.

      This is not a time to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    • If he wants to destroy the GOP establishment and impose Trump’s policy platform then he’s useful

  • Whatever his supposed personal failings, Greg Johnson’s suggestions about continuing the Euro-style guerilla stunts (like the torchlight parade) seems to be the best way to go forward in the immediate future.

    • Agreed. I’ve posted similar thoughts. Do the guerrilla mindset rallies in small towns too, so Police and Antifa can’t do much.

      • Small town USA in the heartland is where the movement needs to focus on. These libtard towns only bring trouble and bad PR. That is why I can’t believe the leadership is all that great. Grow a movement yes, then go to the next step, but these rallies with Antifa are a waste of time.

      • This is a great idea and strategy. The leftists have the cities. They have blown off “small town” America. But ultimately small town is who’s livelihood is at stake here. It may seem useless, but there are some smart (and angry) people out there in the farmlands.

          • The communists knew where to start— the peasant revolts of the farmlands. Ultimately any great revolution starts in the countryside.

          • Libertarians are a minority and will be dismissed once things get harder for Americans.

          • Not within the Alt-Right though. Lots of reformed Libertarians that like to LARP as the monopoly man and think that racial iq is the only red pill.

          • Its my vacation and I am on my 3rd glass of wine, and I am enjoying commenting on this board today, so please don’t take what I am writing as an argument, more as playing “Devils Advocate”.

            I respectfully disagree: I saw you mention that you are a Gen-X’r, in another comment. The reason I bring that up is this: (And I can’t speak for the younger generations- just my analysis) I think the younger generations (Millenial/Z’s) involved in this movement give 2 shits about economic policy. They see what the boomers did with capitalism and are therefore completely against it. Money to most of them means absolutely nothing (short of a survival tool). I do not look at money like that because I have a steady income. I understand (from analyzing their comments) that many of them don’t care about retiring on a golf course in Tahiti.

            Most of them probably want a quiet piece of property where they can grow their own tomatoes and homeschool their own children free of gang violence and leftist brainwashing (amongst their own kind). $$ has lost meaning to many of them. They are looking for something deeper. Again- I don’t speak for their generation. That was purely my estimation. I am not of their generation. I don’t know their plight. But they seem angry/frustrated and at this point just need good leadership…and not from cuckservatives.

          • They better give a shit about economics, because economics practically covers everything about human existence in a civilization. Trump won the election because of the tie in with jobs and immigration. Anybody who thinks race alone is a winner or game changer is delusional. Do you think these kids would be in here if the economy was humming along like in the 90’s bubble? Nope!!!!!!! Why are they frustrated? Because some Asian guy/gal is being imported in and taking their jobs, working for 30-40% of what the native born American would be making. This has nothing about being rich or going to Tahiti, it is about just earning a decent living and being able to have a family maybe.

          • I don’t think they want the “jobs” that are out there— which are also being replaced by robots. Currencies are also be manipulated beyond comprehension and the “economy” is so convoluted that even a PhD in econ can’t understand it anymore. Additionally, they see what their parents struggle through just to hope they even can make a car payment. I do agree that many younger kids don’t have experience, however I also am not seeing through their eyes. Who knows? Maybe the future will be relatively simpler than what you and I see. I just read their comments and see something different than you do. Their comments and articles seem to point to a different paradigm than what you and I are used to.

          • The Communists staged a coup d’etat. They were no more than 300 in St Petersburg. Very very lucky and well funded.

          • Lenin would have died an anonymous dissident in Switzerland if the Kaiserreich didn’t decide to send him on a sealed train to St. Petersburg.

        • In the meantime…

          All we need is a single Alt Right Senator (implicit or explicit) and we can completely derail business-as-usual in DC.

          Possible states for this: WY, ID, MT, ND, SD.

    • IRL trolling time

      The Boston Free Speech rally got 20k leftists to come out and riot for only 20 free speech protestors… and that wasn’t even Alt-Right

      (just mind you don’t get torn limb from limb by the zombie hordes)

    • Waste of time, just more antifa fights. Politics is about power not dressing up in military garb and homemade shields trying to crack some libtard heads.

  • Brother Nathanael recently posted a video saying the main reason why the white house Jews and the Zio cons told Trump to fire Bannon was due to his strident unwavering opposition to any talks about a military solution to North Korea. The Israel lobby and many other Jewish controlled think tanks have been pressuring the Trump administration to regime North Korea no matter how obviously bloody and expensive and unpopular that war would be because Israel says Kim Jong Un might sell nuclear weapons to Iran. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Bannon also opposed the AIPAC burn the constitution anti BDS thing. If Trump does start a war for Israel against North Korea he will without a doubt be a 1 term president.

  • Anyone notice Richard Spencer disavowed Jason Kessler (organizer of unite the right) for his daily stormer talking points about Heather Heyler?

    • That Indian guy at the free speech rally mentioned in his talk that he was from the untouchable caste so he faced more discrimination

      • His economic nationalism is enabling white nationalism and (((they))) aren’t happy.

        The ironic thing is that the source of global anti-Semitism is Israel itself. Conservative Jews appear to want to force as much of world Jewery to immigrate to Israel so a two state solution to Palestine is impossible and are spreading anti-Semitism around the rest of the world to do it. This is how sick, depraved, and crazy Jews are.

    • This is why Bannon getting fired is actually good.

      I bet Jared and Ivanka are back in Manhattan by Hannukah.

      • Only if it is to show people who Trump really works for. This most certainly wasn’t the only reason Jared and Ivanka are in Washington so they’ll stay there unfortunately.

        • White House aides usually have a limited shelf life. The exception was the Reagan White House.

          And if Jared is unpopular with the base, who Trump needs for the 2020 midterms, Jared gets booted back to Manhattan.

          • Trump has already decided to screw his base knowing that just as globalist Democrats (most likely Kamela Harris) are the only other viable voting alternative.

            Globalism is the only thing on the electable menu. Even staff of election losers get to go to Goldman Sachs. Trump will still be rewarded with business contracts even if he loses in 2020 as long as he plays ball with globalists in keeping up the controlled controversy.

          • You underestimate the strength of right wing populism.

            If Trump comes into the GOP primaries in 2020 with nothing accomplished, he will face a primary challenge from his right. That will critically weaken Trump and he will lose in 2020 to whoever the Democrats field.

            If we do end up with Pres. Kamala Harris, that will be great. It will just accelerate the growth of Identitarian Ethno-Nationalism.

          • There are still alot of folks in the AR that are still clinging to a “hope and change” of their own. There is no going back. A Pres. Harris would seal the deal that this country is going in a completely opposite direction. At that point I am sure you will see normie “conservative” whites looking around and going “what are we going to do?”

            This is not a pessimistic view. Merely a realistic one. President Trump very well may be the last white president of the United States. And I am personally OK with that. Now its time for us (white people) to saddle up and move on. To what?/Where I can’t say. “Cascadia” seems like a great idea though.

          • Anyone still talking about reforming the system is either naive or in denial. At this point its about survival. Get out of the cities, accelerate the decline, and prepare for the collapse. We’re better off conglomerating our numbers in specific regions like Cascadia, than as lone wolves, but the important thing is for those who are awake to get out of the shitstorm that is coming. The drones are going to learn the hard way and probably won’t survive the ‘cultural revolution.’

          • I see whites eventually becoming like tribal Afghani’s with a somewhat weak centralized government—in some pocket of the world. We will be left to our own devices as long as whitey doesnt get uppity.

          • And if he does lose, he gets a wonderful “consolation’ prize of Trump hotels and resorts all around the world as well as other economic windfalls as long as he plays the globalist game or be ruined if he doesn’t.

            I’ll leave the “Trump is for Americans against globalists” for the Boomer paleo- cuckservatives and the alt-lite neo-cuckservatives.

  • The ownership of Breitbart News Network, LLC is a secret but it appears to be driven by Benjamin Netanyahu and his Zionist allies. Andrew Breitbart met Netanyahu in Israel.

    Breitbart is oddly trying to sell Zionism to anti-Semites in a desperate bid to prevent Israel from being divided up in a two state solution like Obama and most globalists want. Even published an article specifically stating the former.

    • It’s the same approach used by nationalist groups in Europe who are more concerned with Muslims than Jews:

      1. Signal Pro-Israel to keep the focus on Islam and avoid charges of anti-Semitism

      2. Advance positions that are counterSemitic.

      It’s actually not an unwise approach.

      • But who are bringing the Muslims into Europe to force the goyim to do Israel’s bidding? There is something about having a puppet string around my neck with Israel on the other end that makes me uncomfortable about that strategy.

        • It’s not ideal. And it may be unsuitable for the US.

          But not everything we dislike is the result of the Elders of Zion.

    • Trump defended us when it counted, and it was all his idea. He’s just weak as a kitten up there, unable to do much of anything. He can’t even appoint new cabinet members.

      We might as well try to help rescue Trump from the GOPe in 2018, if the normal Trump people put together a campaign to remove cuck.

      • I think the best we can do for Trump, is to elect more Republicans to Congress and try to elect Republicans who will pass Trump’s campaign agenda. If Trump is sincere, he will take it from there.

        • Wow, elect the GOP! How frigging original!!!! We have only been doing that on a regular basis since 1980 and where has that gotten us? The GOP is globalist. Isn’t this the party that tried to bring Trump down so badly during the primaries? Also, isn’t this the party of war and debt, who has its nose up AIPACs rear end?

          • Trump was the first Republican I voted for. I had always voted Libertarian since I could vote. I’m suggesting that Trump may yet be able to enact his campaign agenda and we should give him the chance to do so. And to do that, he needs a Republican Congress, or at least a Congress friendly to his agenda. I don’t see any other possibility for that to happen in 2018 except to elect Trumpian Republicans.

            Outside of the Trump-era, I agree with you, it is most likely pointless to vote Republican. Right now, making the U.S. Congress as Republican as possible, while Trump is in office, is our best chance to see his agenda passed…. if he is sincere about it.

            You’re quite the black piller lately, Robert Bruce. Any particular reason for that?

          • The reason I am black pilled is the movement seems to keep shooting itself in the foot. I also wasn’t impressed with the manifesto. Well, the manifesto was OK, but I had to laugh when Richard said he worked on it for a year. It really wasn’t all that detailed and a man of his intelligence could have done that in a day. Something smells fishy about the whole thing and it almost reeks of Tea Party BS. It reeks of pure amateurism. Hopefully the leadership proves me wrong, but right now I am becoming a skeptic of sorts. Also I am an ex College Republican, so the betrayal of GWB and co really steamed me later on. I left that train after 2002. GOP is an establishment party, and was the original crony capitalism party. Nothing good will come from that or Trump. Trump was a registered Dem at least til 2000 by records and was friends with the Clintons. The elites in this nation are all friends with each other, as I am sure you know. Trump is for Trump only and will probably be the one who discredits t he US for good if he starts another major war.

          • Ok, I can see that you’re cynical about things right now. Let me ask you this. What would you need to see, to convince you that the movement is going in the right direction? What would the movement look like? What kind of activities would take place? What would happen in “meatspace”? What would happen on the Internet? How would leaders handle events like demonstrations or protests? Maybe leaders or would-be leaders can read what you have to say and get some ideas.

          • One of the good ideas that has been discussed actually on this very thread wasn’t be me, but by others that I agreed with. Stick with meeting in the heartland and not egg on Antifa in confrontations. It has turned out to be bad PR, very bad this last go round. Avoid confrontation til the numbers and support are there, enough to counter MSM BS, where it might really not matter anymore. I still say keep the economic tie in with immigration, as that will get more folks involved. I mean that is the main reason why corporations are all for it isn’t it? To depress wages, etc. The cultural reasons are also big, but the economic aspect of it is what got people to vote Trump. Start asking whites, why can’t hey be proud of who they are. Start some snappy campaign that stresses the right to be proud of who you are, etc. A combo of thinking outside the box and just plain old realism.

          • The antifa situation is interesting to me. There are so many opinions about it. Some people (like Vox Day) seem to think that while C’ville was a tactical defeat, it was a strategic win (because it’s shown normies how things really are). I think there’s some value to that view. On the other hand, yes, we need to build up where we are stronger. Perhaps a number of Pioneer Little Europes in major cities in the heartland?

        • I think many in this movement have moved past Trump and the GOP. I think many see that there is no “going back”. Unfortunately no one in the GOP is discussing race and if you notice the GOP is getting more and more non-white. That is ultimately why the GOP is not an AR friendly platform.

          • I understand that. But Trump is working on an immigration reform package. It’s not the Alt-R immigration reform package, but it’s a step in the right direction. If there was an opportunity to pass it, do you want a Republican or Democratic Congress?

            There’s already work on the border wall. Do you want a Republican or Democratic Congress to grapple with it?


            Trump is NOT of the Alt-Right. You’re absolutely right. But let’s take advantage of the opportunity that exists. If Trump can only give us half steps to our destination, let’s make sure those steps are taken.

            Let’s get Trumpian Republicans in Congress in 2018. And let us continue working on our movement as well, for the present and post-Trump times. That’s my view.

          • And it is a fair view. I just come on here to comment, not argue with anyone. From what I have read online however, is that alot of people in this movement are past politics. Politics are something they have seen has failed them because the system as a whole has failed them. Its hard for many (especially older) people to swallow because they are still vested into this system, but its something that is staring them in the face.

          • Yeah, I can understand that. I look at politics (especially during the Trump-era) as just one area of action. Personally, I have no interest in engaging politically except to make sure Congress stays republican and to vote for any Trumpian Republicans to Congress in 2018. That’s just so that Trump has his chance to enact his campaign agenda. It’s up to him to do that. I have no interest in politics beyond that. It’s purely to give the best possible opportunity to get those laws passed which would help our people. Who knew anyone would even win office on the platform Trump did? I never saw that coming.

            Beyond that, I think the Alt-Right needs to create the space where ordinary whites can feel like they can be proud of themselves again and create the space to build a movement, neighborhood by neighborhood. I don’t really know how this would be done, but I keep thinking about the Pioneer Little Europe idea for cities.

          • I think the biggest thing staring alot of people in the face is time. Its like seeing the tsunami that is traveling faster than you can run. For example “The Wall”: (and this is just MY personal view), while I think is a positive step, is most likely too little too late. The mixing of brown sugar with white sugar is already underway. Many on this movement see the eventuality in that. While congress fights over funding it, more and more are pouring into this country. Its inevitable that this country will no longer be white within the next 30 years. That’s the black pill I swallowed anyway.

          • I’ve heard of Immigration officials aggressively picking up illegals on the coastal areas and now the officials are moving into the interior. I’ve heard that border crossings have dropped a lot in recent months, even that Mexico has started to tell illegals at their own southern border that there’s no point to making the trip up to the U.S. (I don’t know how much of this is accurate.) I’ve driven across much of this country in the last few months and it’s clear that large areas of the heartland are still very, very white. The coastal areas, not so much.

            I don’t believe that it is “inevitable” that this country will no longer be white in 30 years, if Trump is able to pass his agenda, especially his immigration bill.

            Let’s not fool ourselves. This is serious and we need to win.

  • Flynn out, Bannon out, Gorka will be next, then Miller.

    The left has successfully been whittling Trump’s White House down to its cuckiest elements By this time next year, Trump will be ruling as a standard neocon.

  • OK so what’s the next step here? I agree that the left is in a huge overreaction, but let’s be honest here, the institutional “right” are right there along with them. We have zero institutional power here, and very little moral power. We can point out that we’ve done everything right, followed the law, and had a permitted rally only to be violently attacked by the leftists ground troops and defamed by the media and political establishment.

    In short, we are on the losing side here – and even if we all went full martyr for the cause, we’d end up only a footnote in the history books, likely to be written by Jews blowing out of proportion our efforts and vilifying us as the next Hitlerian movement on the planet (despite having 0.00001% of the institutional control that AH had even at the height of his power – yet somehow we’re on the verse of gassing all the Jews and eradicating all non-whites?)

    If we still want to play by their rules, all we can do is run candidates to challenge these people in their primaries, but it might take a few decades to successfully counter the leftist rot of our society, decades we likely do not have.

    They want us to go to civil war with them, and while I know there are probably a few willing to take that step, the vast majority of Americans is not, even if the leftists and their institutional enablers go full authoritarian next week, they won’t be willing to risk their necks, let alone their jobs or families, to oppose the government violently.

    I would estimate, at most, even if perfectly coordinated, there are maybe 10K people in this entire nation willing and prepared to go to war with our government. That’s hardly anything and without popular support from the masses, will result in nothing more than 10K dead folks if not imprisoned for the rest of their lives for their “treason”.

    In the end, we have to see that we are the traitors apparently, we who want America to stay America, who tried to follow the laws and rules, who wanted to peacefully speak out against the destruction of our society at the hands of foreign interests and internal weaklings. I have already seen plenty of worthless people on the right decry the movement as terrorism despite the fact that this movement followed the rules and laws.

    So again I ask, what’s our next steps here? We’re behind the 8 ball, time is short, and all the powers of the nation are aligned against us. Where do we go from here?

    • I ve been watching American politics for the past 2+ years. In my opinion the left does not want a civil war.They want to push their agenda through the system which they totally control.But not to the point of civil war, because its actually the only way that they can lose.They totally control the culture and they ill keep pushing for the vast majority of conservative cucks to tolerate more and more and more.Maybe civil war is what you need, just saying.

      • Well except since they control the government (and thus the military and para-military) any civil war would be fought in their favor. That is my primary worry with a civil war without having the popular support before hand. Without popular backing, we just fight to suicide.

      • I’m hoping for a relatively bloodless Velvet Revolution, like what happened to the Soviet regimes in Europe.

        • Not happening. The Soviet elites like Gorby let Poles, Hungarians, East Germans, and Czechs go their own way. You think our elites in America are just going to peacefully hand over power?

      • Pat Buchanan called it the boiling frog syndrome. Slowly amp up the heat, the frog gets used to it til he is boling to death. Thing is most Americans are apathetic, as the are drugged up on anti depressants or worse. Half are on govt assistance of some sort and won’t rock the boat, then of course the liberal programming from K-12 and even beyond. A Civil War is needed for sure, but I would be shocked if enough Americans had the balls to do it, especially since we have a total police state springing up before our eyes.

    • Since you are asking, I’ll give you my .02- take ’em for what their worth.

      The first thing is to identify what the long term strategic goal is. The short term steps can be identified once you know where you want to end up. This is where many in the movement will differ. Does the AR want to truly try to push for a “homeland” of a diaspora of whites? Much like RS’s push for a “White Zion” or Azatlan in the United States. Or does the AR push for a larger and more ambitious goal of “Taking Back” what whites have lost (ie what we assumed was “ours”). I personally think there will be a schism in the American movement.

      Most likely the split will happen between Southern Nationalists (who have a deep sense of pride and culture of their own already established), and “everyone else”. Most likely it will revolve around the religious question. Religion is just too ingrained into peoples psyche. Those who think whites should drop Christianity because of all of its baggage (ie atheists, agnostics, pagans, humanists) will go their way.

      1. AR has already posted a manifesto. Although it danced around many subjects that are important to some. This was a good start, but needs to be revisited in the near future.

      2. AR has already shown the world that Free Speech only “partially applies” in this country. It has also shown that white culture and history is under attack (confederate statues). Whether C’ville to some seemed like a tactical loss, the long term strategic importance showed many already on the fence that their history and culture is under attack.

      I think the important thing is to continue to open the white mans eyes. Even if it takes bold steps that seem like a loss. I think the next big shift in consciousness will happen if a) we get involved in another war. b) there is a major change in the global economic community. c) during the next presidential election.

      This is my prediction. Again, take it for what its worth. I am not a leader in this movement, so I can’t give a true summation of what the ultimate plan will be.

    • Since you are asking, I’ll give you my .02- take ’em for what their worth.

      1. AR has already posted a manifesto. Although it danced around many
      subjects that are important to some. This was a good start, but needs
      to be revisited in the near future.

      2. AR has already shown the world that Free Speech only
      “partially applies” in this country, and that is upsetting and shocking
      to whitey. But strategically this is a good thing for the AR movement.
      Normies are still calling the Democrats names on Fox News and Breitbart
      comment section and listening to Glenn Beck cry over whatever he
      blubbers about. Name calling on a message board accomplishes absolutely
      nothing. The last 2 weeks has also shown that white culture and history
      is under attack (confederate statues). Whether C’ville to some seemed
      like a tactical loss, the long term strategic importance showed many
      already on the fence that their history and culture is under attack.

      The first thing is to identify what the long term strategic goal is. The short term steps can be identified once you know where you want to end up. This is where many in the movement will differ. Does the AR want to truly try to push for a “homeland” of a diaspora of whites? Much
      like RS’s push for a “White Zion” or La Raza’s push for an Azatlan in the United States. Or does the AR push for a larger and more ambitious goal of “Taking Back” what whites have lost (ie what we assumed was “ours”). I personally think there will be a schism in the American

      Unfortunately in all likelihood the schism as with all movements will revolve around the
      religious question. Religion is just too ingrained into religious peoples psyche. Those who think whites should drop Christianity because of all of its baggage (ie atheists, agnostics, pagans, humanists) will likely go their own way to create something different than what the
      Southern Nationalists will want. We are already seeing this with movements such as “Cascadia”.

      Most likely the split will happen between Southern Nationalists (who have a deep sense of pride and culture -and generally devoutly christian) and “everyone else”. Southern Nationalists also have a sense of “this land is our land” ingrained into their identity. Having not grown up in the south, I can’t share that sentiment. The difficult part of that is the heavy black population claiming rights to the same soil. Most likely that is the area that will get violent.

      I think the important thing for the movement right now is to continue to open the white mans eyes.
      Even if it takes bold steps that seem like a short term loss. I think the next big shift in consciousness will happen if a) we get involved in another war. b) there is a major change in the global economic community. c) during the next presidential election. This is my prediction. Again, take it for what its worth. I am not a leader in this movement, so I can’t give a true summation of what the ultimate plan will be. Only time will tell.

    • In response to GRP476:

      I appreciate the response, but it seems more or less like a “let’s wait
      and see what happens” sort of approach. Granted, I haven’t seen the AR
      manifesto (I’ll have to search the site for it), but since you say it
      needs revisiting, I worry it is probably outdated in light of last
      weekend’s events.

      I know, like Jefferson said in his
      Declaration, that most people will just go along with abuse as long as
      they can put up with it. People don’t like to rock the boat or risk
      their necks in most cases. Most wars or revolutions are fought by a
      small portion of the population sometimes with very little popular

      A civil war is coming (some claim we’re already in it)
      and it might be the last chance we have to SOMETHING here. Or just give
      it all up and let the leftist Marxists just have it all to themselves.

      said in another post, if we end up extinct, I will at least take some
      comfort in the fact that they will inevitably destroy themselves anyway.
      It will be supremely ironic if white western males are all that
      prevents the world from descending into nuclear conflagration.

      • Apologies if you received my response multiple times. My disqus is acting up. The “Manifesto” was published the day before C’ville. I don’t think its set in stone. I think its found under the link “What it Means to Be Alt-Right”. I don’t foresee white people going into “extinction” territory. Enough of us are woken up. Now its just a matter of banding together. For most, that will mean giving up what they thought the “American Dream” was supposed to mean. We may be headed for troubled waters. But in the end, I think we as a people are destined for great things. Its literally in our blood.

  • The Antifa looked so stupid. I have never seen such a collection of dimwitted throwbacks all dressed in black and wearing masks as this bunch of the lunatic left. I bet their mommies must have regretted not using the birth control pill more often.

    • It is interesting how pathetic the Antifa are looking in the aftermath of C’ville. C’ville seemed to be a mess, but the knock-on effects and opportunities are interesting. Even the “moderate middle” are getting trashed by Antifa. It will wake up a lot of people.

  • Hit it on the head here.

    All the libs crowing over Bannon being gone have no idea what he was keeping from happening.

    • I don’t think they (the foot soldiers of the Revolution) comprehend the possibility that Bannon was restraining some stupid impulse to a war.

      These cretins can however revert back to Code Pink protests when Trump is cornered into an invasion of Iran. And keep blaming Bannon and Flynn for it.

      The Neocons can cackle about it all in their thinktanks.

      • the US is in no position to invade Iran though. That would be a big deal.

        And Bannon already explained why we can’t attack North Korea

        So I don’t see how they can create a war to distract us. Maybe bombing but not invading Iran?

        • The US military has invasion down to an art form. Its the “afterwards” that we suck at. Peacekeeping and nation building/policing are not a wise military policy…Iraq showed us that. If you’re gonna go…go ALL the way. Genghis Khan was the only one who understood that. Unfortunately we have a thing called The Declaration of “Human Rights” now. People tend to shy away from razing the landscape these days. Even though its the most effective way to subjugate an enemy. Slow genocide on the other hand…I’ll let you decide what people think of that.

  • What a ridiculous gathering of multi culti virtue signalers. The Indian guy just wishes he was of a higher caste and he can’t do it in India so he comes here where we have been trained not to recognize caste.

    • I think that’s the joke though.

      It was literally a free speech rally, where nobody said anything offensive and 30k zombies came out to attack the 20 black lives matter supporting non-whites because the media said they were “nazi”.

  • I’ve been saying this ad nauseam: Trump is not our guy but the lesser evil. Bannon or not he is not fighting for securing the existence of our people and a future for white children.

      • He IS merchant class. And of course, its not bad to support him as long as we understand that he’s nothing more than breathing space, not the solution to our problems.

        Sadly, the ‘movement’ [sic] is not capitalizing this breathing space. We must get our shit together and start a serious movement in the real world whose objective is to obtain political power by whatever means necessary.

        “Political power is the essential criterion, not wishes or windbags; and to the goal of political power all else must be temporarily sacrificed. To say less is to insure defeat.”
        Revilo Oliver

      • He was a useful tool for identitarians. He was enough right wing to push back against leftism…enough to show normies who have joined this movement all the skeletons in the closet that have been hidden and boiling. The door is wide open now. There is no going back. You either willingly take the red pill or not. People will either join the identitarian movement, or watch as their children and grandchildren get darker and darker and more in debt. All that matters is how much one cares abyout the heritage of their own family.

        He most likely will be one of the last white presidents. Its time to move on.

    • “Bannon or not he is not fighting for securing the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

      thats your job faggot.

    • I think far more was falsely projected onto Bannon than onto Trump. Most people who pushed the /ourguy/ meme clearly didn’t know much about Bannon’s bio: Naval Intelligence since the 1970s; educated at Harvard and Georgetown; from there became an Investment Banker for (((Goldman Sachs))); went on to produce Hollywood movies, eventually landing at Zionist news outlet, Breitbart; helped engineer the fake Tea Party movement.

      But he quoted Julius Evola, he’s OUR GUY!

    • In all fairness though, Trump _has_ accomplished a lot so far. www [dot] reddit [dot] com/r/The_Donald/comments/63nxsn/ [remove space] update_i_was_tired_of_liberals_saying_trump_hasnt/

  • Normie conservatives are being redpilled at an astonishing rate by this. I suspect there are psychic shockwaves roiling through the military and law enforcement communities as well. The events of the past week have been an assault on freedom of speech that is unprecedented in American history, even as they attack American history itself. No one but us saw this coming, hence the need to silence us … but that very silencing sends a powerful message to the normies. Will they fight with us? Naw. But every day, with every new outrage, fewer will be inclined to stand in our way.

    • “shockwaves roiling through the military and law enforcement communities”…. and that is ultimately what is going to be important.

        • Absolutely. This is key. Look at Dallas.

          If we are smart, we will watch what what the police unions are freaking out over and begin redpilling those locations.

          • The rallies need to have a person with a microphone directed towards them (the police). Don’t demoralize using the typical leftist tactics. The “Psy-op” needs to be packaged in a way that only a cop would look at the AR movement and say “those guys have the interests of my children and their future in mind”…in a good way. I know that is hard to swallow for many in this movement, but calling a cop “Pig!” and “Race Traitor!” is only going to make them want to produce a beat down…or have lack of empathy such as what was witnessed in C’ville.

            There are many cops I am sure who would love to join the ranks of the AR. But when you have mouths to feed and mortgage to pay, you aren’t going to support a cause that could get you in trouble. Not all cops are mercenaries, some still hold out hope in their sworn duty. Unfortunately these are the ones who are going to be the biggest challenge to shift their thinking.

          • Carry American flags and advocate for the future of “OUR” children which includes white LEO progeny.

          • The police are often indoctinated by the ADL ,and Homeland Security. They must obey orders ,or be disciplined,fired ,or prosecuted.

          • They go through whatever “training” they are required to, but I think some are smart enough to see through the bullshit.

    • I’m gonna need proof of that red-pilling. I’ve seen the normies cucking harder than ever before right now. They simply cannot comprehend race relations in a realistic way. Seriously, the cucking is so ridiculous and weak it’s pathetic.

  • Watching Jared and Ivanka prance about in such a self-important way is infuriating. Who the hell do these two morons think they are? The bimbo has a 2 digit IQ. She can’t multiply 17 by 6 in her head. Nor can trump or trump JR for that matter.

    But we already knew that trump was dumb. Ivanka think she’s a big shot, not like her racist backward dad. And what about all the plastic surgery she’s had. Why the heck is someone with breast implants running this country?

    • It was baked in the cake. You are just tasting its flavor now. She is friends with Chelsy Clinton and there is no getting around that. They (all of them) are in the same class of people. They don’t care about this country short of how much it makes them $$$. I am not typing this at all with a sense of hatred towards them. Its just a spoonful of reality. Trump was a useful tool to awaken something within white people, and it is working.

      I say all of this as a -former- Trump voter. I tell myself every day I thank God that Hillary is not my president. Trump only stalled the spread of cancer. There is no “Making America Great… Again”. Richard Spencer touched on that saying as admitting that we aren’t “great”. It was a brilliant analysis of that slogan.

        • LoL … Which part? The fact that I fully proclaim that America won’t ever be great…again as we are currently seeing; or the fact that Trump most likely used this whole thing to make $$$$$$? Full admission: I donated alot to the Trump campaign, because I saw it as an investment to keep that dirty whore out of the oval office.

          People can grasp their precious “muh constitution” and hope that the 1950’s will return. All I envisage with hopers is a bunch of Golem’s clutching their “precious” for all eternity. Meanwhile, the rest of us in reality will find something new.

          Those that have moved on from all of that are going to end up on top, are those with the mindset and physical/mental/psychological preparedness and full acceptance that the next 100-200 years on the North American continent is most probably going to be similar to a post Roman Empire Europe full of balkanized tribal warlord run “vassal-states” where fealty to your “lord and sire” will be the only guarantee that you feed your family.

          The smart ones will start to build their networks now and stop trying to fix the system. This will ensure ones future for themselves and their family will not becoming a serf-slaves later. It sounds “hollywood”, but most likely the next step. Sadly the only ones set up for such networks are major crime syndicates and criminal gangs.

  • To quote a white nationalist, “That’s the thing about the Jews. They always overreach themselves; they always go too far.”

    • That was a good paraphrase of Adolf Hitler . ” I contend the Jews are the stupidist people on Earth ,as yet they understand cause and effect “.

  • The blindness of the general public continues to astonish.
    Even up here in Canada the msm is talking about those ebil nahtsees.

    • Northwestern European people (White Americans, Canadians, Western Europe) are the most self hating, naive and brainwashed people on earth. They will do whatever their tv or media or leaders tell them (even if many are against it). I envy Eastern Europeans. The only whites on earth who haven’t been poisoned with post 1960s Cultural Marxism.

      • That’s what Hesse was actually rambling about at Nuremberg when he appealed for clemency. He rather foolishly tried to fly to Britain to broker a peace right before Barbarossa. It was already baked in.

        “There’s some kind of hypnosis in Britain…”

        Yep it’s the BBC and the papers.

      • Its only a matter of time before they too will drink the magic elixir of egalitarianism…brought to you by “muh we$tern democracy”. Fuck beautiful white cultures. $ is WAY more important.

        Just curious what the McDonalds count in that corner of the world. That’s how it starts…like a cancer.

      • E. Europeans don’t trust media,nor politicians, nor any authority .. thus it’s impossible to brainwash them this way, because they question everything and everybody.
        They are common sense down to earth people, and any “idealism” is being automatically seen as suspicious there.

    • Canadians are SICK.

      ITs really bad. The virtue signalling is reflexive and nasty.

      Very ugly. When it turns, watch out.

  • Perhaps what alarmed the master system was that instead of mellowing a little after getting some scraps off the table from the 2016 election the Alt-Right kept snapping and snarling maintaining a revolutionary posture.

    The expectation was that some contentment might be found in the niche of online provocation and satire and a little income.

  • Ivanka is garbage. Trump failed to raise his daughter right and that may be his biggest error.
    What a fucking failure.

    • Trump is a business man with old fashioned tendancies. I look at that whole marriage like a king making an arranged marriage to another kingdom. Daddy’s Girls usually fall for men who are like their fathers…my experience. I don’t see Trump in Kushner, I see more of a pushover beta in Kushner. Though I could be wrong, I don’t know them personally.

      That marriage was a strategic move. Trump’s ultimate goal is making $. Good bad or indifferent, $$$ has driven that man. He is a “nationalist” because it has made him $$$. No one can deny that buying your way through marriage into the jewish-israeli protectorate. Are there any Trump hotels in Tel Aviv? LoL

    • yes, Trump failed big time. I would speculate that his open sexual advances towards his own daughter had something to do with it.

      • Ja, usprezzez aren’t installed for their high integrity, it’s dysfunctional degeneracy and willingness to swallow kosher kum.
        ANY POTUS is the enemy of humanity. Buckle up kidz and ready yourselves for the final showdown.

    • Pimped out his daughter to (((fashionistas))) then married her off to a jew…Ja, nicht gut parenting. At least dt is torah compliant.

    • One can see her insanity by converting the most base ,vile , reactionary anti women theology possible : Orthodox Judaism . Shaved head , wigs , mikva baths ,and worship at the grave of stinking old Chabad Rabbi Schneerson cannot be that thrilling to a spoiled jet setting young women. Her callow little husband Jared . The Jude Suss of our times must be dynomite – not ! It’s not like she needs his money . But it was access to Jew power she ,and the father liked . 666 Park Avenue is no accident . That’s Jared’s address : Hexagram Star of Saturn / David . Now it will be the ruin of the real Trump .

    • Her mother (Ivana) was a jew. Means Ivanka is a jew. She and Jared are two yids in a pod. Her conversion was only religious. Search Ivanka plastic surgery for an instructive visual.

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