Digital Platform Censorship—And How To Fight

Richard Spencer
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Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of



    We need Specifics. Focus. What does that mean?

    1) For now choose a workable site for Communications. ONE SITE. Will that be here?

    2) Designate a Financial Site for Monies. ONE SITE.

    Communication and Monies decided on.
    From that We can move on.
    Herding Cats is pointless.
    Thanks for Listening.

    Courtesy of The Dept. Of Useful Information.
    Eine Volk.

  • Does anyone know if the National Policy Institute’s conference is still scheduled for November? Or were they forced to cancel the conference?

  • Can the mods update the comment sign up process? As it stands I have to log in through things like Twitter, Facebook, Google which are now heavily censored against the Alt Right, against nationalists etc.

  • I’ve been around on the web as a nationalist since 2002, and no-platforming in the physical world (having speeches cancelled etc) has been around for decades before that, so this should be nothing new to any of us. It’s quite simple. It is possible to make No-Platforming work in our favour, by being responsible, by being fit for office, by being un no platformable. The one incident of the car slamming into protesters triggered this wave of digital no-platforming, silicon valley used that incident to no-platform any nationalist who has influence on their platforms. If you want to stir things up, enrage people to violence etc, then find your dark corner on the internet, but the movement in general has been handed a great opportunity to mature and reach a far wider audience. We must separate from the Fundamentalists, the ‘Hollywood Nazis’ etc, and become a responsible, polished political outfit that would make Silicon Valley look like the bad guys if they tried to censor us. Put simply, it’s time to grow up.

    • OK! Specifics? Outside of Online….I hear you but what specifically do you propose?
      I wrote to Spencer to get Specific Site for Communication and Monies. Two vital factors.
      I regard online as important. I am listening. I will support these two factors.

    • It’s not confirmed yet. But, there is evidence that the deceased in Charlottesville died of a heart attack because she was dangerously obese. The narrative usually collapses in all these high profile racial martyr hate crime hoaxes.

    • Time to grow up indeed. Ghost the system. Dress the part and that means wear a suit and keep language clean and to the point.

  • domain registry companies are private entities; however, the internet is a public utility. therefore, domain registry companies are subject to government regulations, enforcement, fines, and penalties should they refuse service to lawful content subscribers.

    and while icann now acts as registry arbiter, this can easily be nullified through congressional edict.

    it is high time the powers that be in washington are made feel the heat of their duplicity, and indifference. the constitution, as veritable “law of the land”, has been dead for a century and a half; however, it is bandied about by our “elected” overlords as proof positive that the government serves the will, and acts as agent for the protection, of the people.

    it’s time to make them put their money where their mouth is; either legislation is enacted to ensure the right to free, unfettered speech is ensured, and maintained, on the internet, or the repercussions will be dire for the ruling class.

    the thing a politician fears most is not being in power.

    write, call, email your representative and let he/she/it know in no uncertain terms that either the rights guaranteed in the constitution you swore to uphold, and protect, are, in fact, protected, or you will have to find a other profession.

    the optics of a professional legislator refusing to protect the document, and therein contained rights, which affords him/her/it its sinecure position, are terrible. were the (((media))) not a covert agent of the left this would have already been made manifest.

    spokesmen for the alt-right will be required to bring this to the attention the unwashed masses, as well as inquiring “where are white people allowed to live?”

  • White only informal labor exchange. Deny the anti-whites taxes on your labor, and your services.

    Or keep on wage cucking.

    • But where? I wrote about the need for an alternative economic structure elsewhere. If people still can’t make a living and are harassed everything else is pointless. Where can this be established? The Dark Web?

      • Sure sounds like a great place to setup an UBER like application for whites and only whites to use. The Dark Web.

  • As I have said many times before, even as far back as when Stormfront was the only website on which you could talk negatively about immigration without being banned, Stop Complaining That The Enemy Will Not Let Us Use Their Weapons. Just Stop. We need our own social media platforms. It’s as simple as that.

  • There are always individuals behind these decisions. Spread the word, i.e. their names, phone numbers etc.

    Then call them, visit their homes, etc, simply to discuss freedom of speech. BUT NEVER BREAK ANY LAWS!

    Let’s see how long they can handle the preassure.

  • Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, Dr. MacDonald, James Edwards, Vox Day and other “sorted out” Alt-Right types should testify before congress and truly present our concerns. They should testify at the Supreme court when these no-platforming cases go to trial. This is where I would put resources. Crowd sourcing will be critical, but a “Fash Soros” would be nice (Isn’t Bannon a Billionaire?). Couldn’t someone get behind our most “sorted out” pro-White leaders?

    All peaceful methods for conflict resolution should be attempted. If a large group of White Americans want their own spaces and institutions, no one has the right to make them be “inclusive” with anyone.

    The right for individuals and communities to exclude is Natural and/or God given. It’s the way of the Universe.

    • “They should testify at the Supreme court when these no-platforming cases go to trial. ”

      I respond:

      Like Ruth Bader Ginzberg, Lesbian Jewess Elena Kagan, wise Latina Sodermyer – like these enemies of our people are really go to give us a fair hearing on our rights of free speech, freedom of association. Or maybe the various Cuckservatives like Paul Ryan, Orin Hatch and Mittens Romney will rally to our cause of defending Confederate statues of Robert E Lee.

      Hey Walter Oleg – ever see the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Middy”? Great movie – but the Walter guy tends to daydream a lot – m’thinks you are doing the same.

      How about joining the rest of us in the real world mate?

  • Daily Stormer’s new .lol address just got taken down. I am not a fan of DS, but this all-out assault on free speech is disgusting.

      • Tor banned DS.
        Tor is FBI funded project from the beginning and so called “dark web” is CIA/Mossad criminal enterprize

        • LOL, You don’t seem to know much about Tor. It was designed to ensure no one can be banned.

          Maybe you are referring to the Tor developers who disavowed the Daily Stormer. They can disavow all they want. They cannot stop the Stormer from existing on the dark web.

          Also, how can there be silk road markets selling drugs when the CIA/Mossad own the dark web? Seems unlikely.

  • As infrastructure is re-established, let’s not forget that our number one strategic enemy is the Diaspora. They are the ones responsible for about 95% of all the chaos and structural rights violations against whites. Focus on the Diaspora: Dividing them, cutting them off from their allies, confusing them, attacking them, disempowering them, and using lawfare to cut them off at the pass.

  • from Jim Stone——-

    Daily Stormer ban
    Andrew Anglin: “I have effectively been banned by ICANN, as well as the monopolistic
    anti-ddosing service Cloudflare. Gab is the only platform left. ”

    My response:
    I survived an ICANN ban, and run my own options, so Cloudflare is irrelevant in this context. Your problem is that you don’t know enough to keep alive on the web.

    To keep alive, get a dedicated IP address for your web site, and have Iceland host it that and your
    domain. Have every last page you post load via direct IP. That way, even if you get shut down by ICANN, all the links other people post will keep on working. And “they” hate that kind of proof that you are alive.
    That is a big reason why this site did not get killed, I just sat here and said what happened to the 55 percent who still made it, and ICANN backed off. Keep a back up server in Belize, and a last option in the

    This site is popular enough and gets posted enough elsewhere for it to be impossible for others in the alt media to miss this advice. If you don’t want to pay the extra to make it happen, you’re too cheap. If you don’t have the knowledge to make it happen without paying someone else, study – it really is not that hard. And if you think I am B.S. or that it is impossible and as a result do nothing,
    you will die.

    The only thing that will go to hell is your Alexa stats, the survival method makes the site invisible to Alexa.

    You won’t last a length of time worth your time on Gab. Don’t depend on others to give you a platform!

    • Robert can you offer your expertise to do this for individual Alt rightest, Alt right groups.

      Do it for a $ fee. You have very useful knowledge and skills. You should make this knowledge and skills available to others – we shouldn’t have to take on this incredibly powerful deep state, old media monopoly and now the Google/Apple/Bill Gates info Axis of Evil all by our selves. One man can’t do very much alone. And we’re not alone.

      Can you contact me and discuss – I want to set up a secure, private Alt Right blog centered around Chicago issues, news and activism. I want it to be wordpress and look and act like thanks Robert Browning;

      • I don’t have any expertise or special knowledge. I was just trying to pass along some useful information. Jim Stone is a muckraker, investigative reporter and his site has been attacked many many times. Stone has learned how to defend himself and continue operating his site. Contact him through his site. I think he can be very helpful.

        • Thanks Robert I will try to contact Jim Stone.

          We now need people who can do specific things, get things done – like set up a secure web site based in Iceland or Botswana – (I hear from embattled White South Africans that a lot of the all Black nations to the North are very open to doing business ventures with us – they’re tired of being all Black all poor 🙂

          We need to get experts who can set up these secure blogs, e-mail and alternative to Paypal accounts, do it for a modest fee.

          We have to be better at business and not expect to get important things for free.

  • I just read an article by Maureen Dowd at the New York Times. She compared the Democratic Party KKK of more than 50 years ago to the modern alt-right. The former used racism and hate to gain power, in large part with violence and force. The Dems and Libs still do that today. The latter are just defending themselves from that racism and hate. They won’t quit until all working class whites are slaves, imprisoned, homeless, or killed. They are the most evil people in the history of the Earth. They are worse than Hitler, Pol Pot, Nero, Idi Amin, etc. All they know is hate, and the full force of their hate and tremendous power is aimed directly at working class white people.

  • They like to talk about “hate” because our Christian heritage propounded hate as a moral flaw. But angry words look just like hateful words and always have. This Jewish experiment on the “goyim” is really a bizarre psychology regime intended to outlaw the expression of anger.

    For our founding fathers speaking with anger was a basic part of political involvement. Read history to see how they went at things in the political sphere! Sharp talk! Imagine if somebody told them there would be an attempt to outlaw angry expression in America. We need to point to this. Take the focus off the “hate” concept and show they are really trying to ban anger. Only the Jews would try to force such a devious and unnatural psychological regime onto Gentiles.

  • Just curious if anyone knows…Alt-R community has migrated to and pretty much seems to be offline since this afternoon. Or is it just me and my connection?

  • Last summer started a new social platform called Oopih (Our own place is here). It didn’t last a full year and went down late this spring. Which was such a shame because it functioned much like Facebook and was more functional and better than Minds. From what I understand they had mainly two problems. One was economical and the other was (((german law))). Two of the guys from Motgift (Antidote) lives in Berlin. So they had some problems with people posting swastikas which is prohibited by (((german law))).

    Both Daniel and Henrik has been guest on their show. I think even they were members of Oopih. My suggestion is that you guys takes it over. I could really feel the sadness of them letting it go because they knew they had a created a real gem. I’m also pretty sure that if Oopih would be associated with, red Ice and Richard Spencer, it would attract a lot more members than before as it would become more global than just nordic as before. You will also not have to create such a platform from scratch, The great shutdown will continue, make no mistake of it. Gab is a great alternative to Twitter but we don’t have any to Facebook, if you don’t count Minds and I don’t think it’s that great.

    • Ok, but I would like a platform that is more like the comments section of Amren here. I like moderated comments without flame wars. There can be some intelligent discussion of the JQ but not rants, wild, impossible conspiracy theory mongering etc. I want to be on line and in the real world with healthy, intelligent, productive people – Amren conferences in Tennessee are excellent – but it’s just once a year and limited to 300 people.

  • We need to schedule a SPECIFIC day to abandon Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, etc. Everyone does it togheter. This includes the alt-light. Everyone who is for free-speech, day XX/XX stop using these services and start using Gab, Minds, Bitchute, etc.

    If a lot of people do it at the same time, it can be sustainable. The problem of doing it gradually is that there is not enough public at any point in time in these alternative social networks. Everyone at the same time, there is public.

  • Cloudflair owned by sodomite, member of cfr, invented software for Data mining named it honeypot.

    Cia/fbi infiltration monitoring stations

  • I had to create another Gmail account because Facebook states they had to get a pic of me then they will verify my pic and get back with me, regardless of my password. How do they know what I look like, is that based on the one pic I have posted. We can only participate if we agree to what they tell us to think. WRONG! freedom of speech. Because I want to sign up for the Breighbart newsletter.

  • The struggle to free White people from the tentacles of the forced inclusion parasites will start to move into the courts. This is a great opportunity for calm, organized, confident people to explain exactly what happened. I want to know from our Senators what they believe the defense against acid attacks should be? Top Cuckseravtives took sides with antifa. I call on police chiefs of towns that had alt-right rallies to compare and contrast the behavior of the alt-right with antifa. This should go to the senate, supreme court, and even UN courts.

    Good for Richard Spencer to condemn Jason Kessler. This girl who got killed and her family are just confused people. True Victims. She was just doing what she was programmed to do from the schools, news, and Hollywood. She didn’t deserve to die and the person who killed her shouldn’t have been in a situation like that. However, if the person who sprayed acid on people died, I would celebrate that. This kid who killed the girl has a good case, he just needs a decent lawyer. $$$

    The path will go through the courts. We have courts and legal institutions for the purpose of preventing violence between parties. It’s important to show that every means of peaceful resolution has been tried before we use the Haunebu-16’s.

  • Why or Spencer are not on ? This site promotes de-google-ification but they aren’t even on any non-google services like, or

  • Great Video……

    100% Agreed…….

    Great Leadership, Richard……..

    I greatly appreciate all you do for the Alt-Right………

    And for all other Behind the Scenes Fighting, Volunteering, and Donating……

    Thank you as well…….1000X…….

  • This is a non issue really. Dailystormer only got a huuuuuuuge boost from this and if they play their cards right they will get a lot of money too. BitMitigate representative has registered on Gab with express intent to contact Weev and Anglin to offer them their DDoS protection services for free. I dont understand what establishment was thinking. This is really their own suicide.

    • There was a time when I would have compromised and given lenience. Those days are gone and buried. The only thing they will get is total war.

  • The hysteria, persecution, and calumniation that our people are being subjected to certainly gives the lie to the myth of all the freedom that exists in the USA. The Bill of Rights is a dead letter if it only applies to certain select groups, or if people are hounded, persecuted, denied services, threatened and physically assaulted for refusing to conform to the dictates and the tyranny of the culturally Marxist powers that be.

  • It would have been much better if the video would have shown like slides, presentation style.

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