Charlottesville, Occupy Wall St And The Neoliberal Police State

The truth about Charlottesville is finally starting to come out, but there are still far too many in America who don’t yet seem to be aware of it, or of the magnitude of its implications.

The first violation of our basic civil rights occurred the week before, when our totally lawful permit to hold a rally protesting the planned removal of the Robert E. Lee statue, located Emancipation Park in the downtown, was unconstitutionally moved to another park located nearly two miles outside of town and out of sight of the Lee statue.

I was a teenager when the 1999 antiglobalization protests against the WTO rocked Seattle.  I remember well how, in the aftermath, the neoliberal Clinton-Bush regime imposed “Free Speech Zones” in cities across America wherever further protests against globalization threatened to break out.  The “Free Speech Zone” was an Orwellian term used to describe what was exactly the opposite of free speech:  a caged off area, far removed from object of protest, where the protestors would be herded and closed off by the police, so their message could be neither seen nor heard by anyone but themselves.  This was a major civil rights controversy back in the early 2000s, and leftists, at that time, still pretended to be against the power of monstrous global corporations and the government.  In Charlottesville, McIntyre Park was the “Free Speech Zone” where Democratic mayor Mark Signer attempted to banish our rally so that our message would not be heard.

This was such a blatant and egregious attempt to violate both the letter and spirit of the First Amendment, that the ACLU – which even the Southern Poverty Law Center has not yet declared a “hate group” – intervened on our behalf, along with the Rutherford Institute, obtaining a last-minute injunction by a federal judge which forced the City of Charlottesville to uphold the First Amendment and allow our rally to continue.

During the Bush years, I marched with leftists and other anti-globalists many times against the Iraq war.  Many people still don’t realize or don’t want to acknowledge that the “alternative” in Alt Right was created initially by Richard Spencer as an alternative to the globalist free trade policies and rabid warmongering of the Neoconservatives, who achieved their zenith of power under Bush-Cheney.  Motivated by the same antipathy towards predatory finance and globalization, and making common cause with leftists – who even as recently as 2011 were still motivated by such causes as opposition to global corporate power and Zionist imperialist war – I also was present in Zuccotti Park during the birth of the Occupy movement, and I proudly marched in protest past that unholy temple of global finance, the New York Stock Exchange.  I had run-ins with the police at OWS, but nothing like what I experienced in Charlottesville.

I also recently marched with Matthew Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party in Pikeville, Kentucky, to stand up for my fellow poor and working-class white Appalachians who have been abandoned by the global elites in what leftist Chris Hedges described as the “sacrifice zones,” areas stripped of all resources and ravaged by neoliberalism to the point where the people live in a wasteland of poverty and opioid addiction.  In Pikeville, tensions were high after a number of high-profile incidents around the country, where working-class whites and Trump voters were attacked by a new breed of leftist:  the 21st century Antifa, who seem to care much more about opposing the right of white people to exist than they do protesting corporations or stopping neoliberal wars.

Out of caution at the many credible threats by Antifa to use “direct action” (i.e. unprovoked physical assault) to shut us down in Pikeville, our brave men and women showed up armed to the teeth.  I was apprehensive because I knew that the tiniest spark of violence at the wrong moment could lead to a bloodbath.  But when we arrived, we found the Pikeville police had already separated our two mutually-opposed groups across a wide avenue.  Our vehicle convoy was led in on a side street and we were able to park in a secure location and enter our rally grounds under the Pike County Courthouse from behind.  When it was over, we exited from the opposite direction of the Antifa and other groups, and never came into direct contact with any of them.  The Pikeville Police Department did their job admirably:  both sides were fully free to exercise their First Amendment rights, protected and secured by the Second Amendment, and our rally ended peacefully and without incident.

Charlottesville was the exact opposite of Pikeville.  As we arrived in our vehicle convoy on the morning of August 12th, we found our rally site at Emancipation Park blocked by a large mob of angry leftists.  In fact, the entire park was sealed off by police barricades, except for a small opening on the south entrance.  We were forced by police to enter the park through this narrow opening, walking at times in single file through throngs of liberals, Antifa and anarchists, without a police escort or any kind of barrier between us.  In fact, no police seemed to be anywhere around.  I knew it was a bad situation.  I knew our boys could handle themselves if attacked, but what concerned me was the total lack of separation between the two groups, which seemed designed to force a confrontation.

Nevertheless, we managed to enter the park without incident.  The same could not be said of Richard Spencer, who upon arrival, was clearly suffering from the effects of pepper spray or some other irritant.  Many of his escorts also showed signs of chemical assault by violent Antifa.  Where were the police?  The night before, there were rumors the police had assured the rally organizers that our civil rights would be protected.  Was that just a deception, to lull us into a false sense of security?

Once we were gathered inside, spirits were high.  Even though the atmosphere was still tense, as a helicopter droned loudly overhead and the street to our immediate south was clogged with screaming, hysterical leftists, we were in Emancipation Park right in the shadow of the Lee statue.  Even the attempts of powerful corporations to shut us down through no-platforming had failed.  Our rally was going to happen, in spite of all obstacles.  Our First Amendment rights were upheld!  Safe in our lawful and Constitutionally-protected space, I looked forward to an afternoon of good speeches and great camaraderie with my fellow rally attendees.

At that moment, there was suddenly a murmur of confusion.  Something was wrong.  A stocky police officer, marching back and forth between us and the Lee statue (on the north side of the park, opposite the Antifa horde to our south) started belting out on a bullhorn:  “THIS GATHERING HAS BEEN DECLARED AN UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY!  IN THE NAME OF THE COMMONWEALTH, YOU ARE COMMANDED TO IMMEDIATELY DISPERSE!  IF YOU DO NOT DISPERSE IMMEDIATELY, YOU WILL BE ARRESTED!”

Disbelief reigned.  We all looked at each other in confusion.  Surely, they must be talking to the leftists who assaulted our people?  No, that couldn’t be:   these cops were on the north side of the park, and the Antifa were on the south side.  The message was being shouted directly at us, and only at us.  As the realization sunk in, disbelief turned to outrage.  This kind of thing just didn’t happen in America.  My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, there was no way this could be happening.  The ACLU and a federal judge had ruled in our favor… how could this be happening?!

We tried to ask the police what had happened, why they were doing this but were met with stony silence.  The stocky officer continued marching back and forth, belting out his draconian command over the bullhorn like a Soviet commissar.  In the streets on the western side of the park, I could see a huge force of national guardsmen in military camos.  Beside them was an even larger force of heavily armed and armored black-clad riot police, decked out like automatons in some futuristic dystopian nightmare.  And they were moving towards us… not between us and the Antifa, but between us and the Lee statue!  In other words, they were lining up on the opposite side of us from the leftist radicals who had attacked us, trapping us between the riot police at our front, and the Antifa at our backs.

Richard Spencer and a number of people, including myself and my closest comrade, chose to engage in civil disobedience and not leave our rally site.  If these cops wanted to trample our First Amendment rights, they would have to trample over us first.  The rest of the rally attendees tried to make their way out at the south entrance.  It was only later that I heard of their many, many violent clashes with the Antifa who, emboldened by the police, took it as carte blanche to attack our retreating men with impunity.

Those of us who remained locked arms as two lines of riot police formed which stretched the entire length of the park.  We kept trying to talk with them, finally pleading with them not to do this, to defend our rights and uphold the Constitution.  I heard that a state of emergency had been declared by the governor.  I already suspected this was a set-up, that it was a plan agreed upon by the mayor Mark Signer and the Democratic Governor of Virginia, arch-neoliberal Clintonista Terry McAuliffe.  I knew this was their plan, to allow us all to assemble inside that area like animals in a trap, then use the conflict they forced as a pretext to crush us.  That mob of Antifa in the street to our backs was the anvil, and those riot police were the hammer.  We resisted the police for as long as possible, our men barely budging against their huge Plexiglas shields, both sides locked in a gigantic pushing match as we continued to try to appeal to their sense of fairness as Americans.  Finally, one of their officers hosed us down with mace, and our line of passive resistance broke.

The wall of armored cops continued to push across the park, not giving us any alternative but to be forced out the narrow south gate, our eyes blinded and stinging from some very high-powered mace, with Richard Spencer himself, into a horde of rioters who, daily on social media, celebrate physically assaulting Richard Spencer’s person for the words he speaks.  For the words he speaks.

Some of our guys opened the barrier on the west side, and a row of Virginia State Police in green uniforms and mountie hats initially tried to stop us, but then let us go after a few tense moments.  They were the only cops during the entire day who actually spoke to us, but even they didn’t give us any kind of escort or attempt to keep us separated from the leftists, but rather made us head right out into the street to the south.  As we guarded Richard, who was almost totally blinded by the police mace, we were attacked on the left and the right.  I received a stinging blow from a masked black who hit me in the arm, from behind, with a large stick.  I wheeled just in time to see him running off back into the crowd.  I momentarily remembered the many warnings Charlottesville police had delivered about the wearing of masks at the rally, which was totally illegal.  What happened to that order, why were they not enforcing it?

By the time we got clear, I had to be treated in a medic station for the mace attack, which by now was in my eyes and had completely blinded me.  My heart was racing and my whole face, arms and chest felt like they were coated in napalm.  I was treated by some very kind ladies from the local Charlottesville community whom I will never, ever forget.  To each side of me were comrades with serious head wounds.  The brother on my left side was bleeding badly and couldn’t see clearly, and had to be taken to a hospital.  On the way out I called to him “Hail Victory!” to which he held out his arm and called back “Hail Victory!” from his stretcher.  One salty grandmother, who was born and raised in Charlottesville, treated me with some suspicion, asking me if I thought it was all worth it.  I told her it was, and tried to explain why, until she realized I was on the side defending the statue, and her whole demeanor changed.  Almost all the ladies in the tent sympathized with us, and admitted they wanted to see the statue stay where it was!  The local people were with us, it was clearly just the moneyed clique of liberals and reactionary virtue-signaling shopkeepers who wanted it torn down.

Charlottesville was a trap.  All of the events above happened hours before the terrible incident with the girl and the car crash.  Let me repeat that:  the state of emergency was declared almost two hours before Heather Heyer was killed.  The Virginia State Police, under orders of Governor Terry McAuliffe and in conspiracy with Jewish mayor Michael Signer, declared an emergency and then proceeded to create one.  They engineered a riot, not only as revenge for our pushing through all obstacles to hold the rally but also as an attempt to crush the Alt Right movement once and for all.

I thought back to OWS.  I remembered what so many liberals seem to forget:  that in Zuccotti Park, in Manhattan and then in Chicago, Occupy Wall Street didn’t just fade away, nor was it broken by “neo-Nazis” or “white supremacists,” most of whom hate Wall Street more than any leftist.  No, OWS was brutally crushed in New York and Chicago by the police forces of Michael Bloomberg and Rahm Emmanuel, two Jewish neoliberals of the worst kind.  Although he is not Jewish, Terry McAuliffe is cut from the same cloth.  He is a neoliberal through and through, a powerful ally of Hillary Clinton, and rather than being held to account for his criminal actions at Charlottesville, which resulted in three deaths and dozens of serious injuries, he is doubling down on his globalist Cultural Revolution, now promising to tear down every last monument to Southern heritage in Virginia.

Bloomberg and Emmanuel used the power of the state to crush OWS, and no matter what our brothers on the right may think of that movement, it was the last time leftists actually took a stand against the globalist establishment which is killing all of us.  It was also the last time leftists sided against corporate power, rather than eagerly supporting the terrifying monopolies of Facebook, Inc. and others, as they attempt to control public opinion and silence all dissent.

OWS was strong and growing, like the Alt Right is strong and growing, but where naked police state brutality crushed OWS in 2012, the Alt Right in 2017 isn’t going away.  Ours is the true anti-globalist movement, the true worker’s movement, the true environmental movement, the true opposition to neoliberal greed, Zionist imperialism, and parasitic global finance.  Leftists have become neoliberal puppets who attack us with the help of gigantic corporations and the militarized security state.  We will succeed where OWS failed because unlike OWS, we have with us the awakened fury of the force which created and built the United States:  the righteous anger of white men who will not let tyranny tread on our rights any longer.