Charlottesville, Occupy Wall St And The Neoliberal Police State

The truth about Charlottesville is finally starting to come out, but there are still far too many in America who don’t yet seem to be aware of it, or of the magnitude of its implications.

The first violation of our basic civil rights occurred the week before, when our totally lawful permit to hold a rally protesting the planned removal of the Robert E. Lee statue, located Emancipation Park in the downtown, was unconstitutionally moved to another park located nearly two miles outside of town and out of sight of the Lee statue.

I was a teenager when the 1999 antiglobalization protests against the WTO rocked Seattle.  I remember well how, in the aftermath, the neoliberal Clinton-Bush regime imposed “Free Speech Zones” in cities across America wherever further protests against globalization threatened to break out.  The “Free Speech Zone” was an Orwellian term used to describe what was exactly the opposite of free speech:  a caged off area, far removed from object of protest, where the protestors would be herded and closed off by the police, so their message could be neither seen nor heard by anyone but themselves.  This was a major civil rights controversy back in the early 2000s, and leftists, at that time, still pretended to be against the power of monstrous global corporations and the government.  In Charlottesville, McIntyre Park was the “Free Speech Zone” where Democratic mayor Mark Signer attempted to banish our rally so that our message would not be heard.

This was such a blatant and egregious attempt to violate both the letter and spirit of the First Amendment, that the ACLU – which even the Southern Poverty Law Center has not yet declared a “hate group” – intervened on our behalf, along with the Rutherford Institute, obtaining a last-minute injunction by a federal judge which forced the City of Charlottesville to uphold the First Amendment and allow our rally to continue.

During the Bush years, I marched with leftists and other anti-globalists many times against the Iraq war.  Many people still don’t realize or don’t want to acknowledge that the “alternative” in Alt Right was created initially by Richard Spencer as an alternative to the globalist free trade policies and rabid warmongering of the Neoconservatives, who achieved their zenith of power under Bush-Cheney.  Motivated by the same antipathy towards predatory finance and globalization, and making common cause with leftists – who even as recently as 2011 were still motivated by such causes as opposition to global corporate power and Zionist imperialist war – I also was present in Zuccotti Park during the birth of the Occupy movement, and I proudly marched in protest past that unholy temple of global finance, the New York Stock Exchange.  I had run-ins with the police at OWS, but nothing like what I experienced in Charlottesville.

I also recently marched with Matthew Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party in Pikeville, Kentucky, to stand up for my fellow poor and working-class white Appalachians who have been abandoned by the global elites in what leftist Chris Hedges described as the “sacrifice zones,” areas stripped of all resources and ravaged by neoliberalism to the point where the people live in a wasteland of poverty and opioid addiction.  In Pikeville, tensions were high after a number of high-profile incidents around the country, where working-class whites and Trump voters were attacked by a new breed of leftist:  the 21st century Antifa, who seem to care much more about opposing the right of white people to exist than they do protesting corporations or stopping neoliberal wars.

Out of caution at the many credible threats by Antifa to use “direct action” (i.e. unprovoked physical assault) to shut us down in Pikeville, our brave men and women showed up armed to the teeth.  I was apprehensive because I knew that the tiniest spark of violence at the wrong moment could lead to a bloodbath.  But when we arrived, we found the Pikeville police had already separated our two mutually-opposed groups across a wide avenue.  Our vehicle convoy was led in on a side street and we were able to park in a secure location and enter our rally grounds under the Pike County Courthouse from behind.  When it was over, we exited from the opposite direction of the Antifa and other groups, and never came into direct contact with any of them.  The Pikeville Police Department did their job admirably:  both sides were fully free to exercise their First Amendment rights, protected and secured by the Second Amendment, and our rally ended peacefully and without incident.

Charlottesville was the exact opposite of Pikeville.  As we arrived in our vehicle convoy on the morning of August 12th, we found our rally site at Emancipation Park blocked by a large mob of angry leftists.  In fact, the entire park was sealed off by police barricades, except for a small opening on the south entrance.  We were forced by police to enter the park through this narrow opening, walking at times in single file through throngs of liberals, Antifa and anarchists, without a police escort or any kind of barrier between us.  In fact, no police seemed to be anywhere around.  I knew it was a bad situation.  I knew our boys could handle themselves if attacked, but what concerned me was the total lack of separation between the two groups, which seemed designed to force a confrontation.

Nevertheless, we managed to enter the park without incident.  The same could not be said of Richard Spencer, who upon arrival, was clearly suffering from the effects of pepper spray or some other irritant.  Many of his escorts also showed signs of chemical assault by violent Antifa.  Where were the police?  The night before, there were rumors the police had assured the rally organizers that our civil rights would be protected.  Was that just a deception, to lull us into a false sense of security?

Once we were gathered inside, spirits were high.  Even though the atmosphere was still tense, as a helicopter droned loudly overhead and the street to our immediate south was clogged with screaming, hysterical leftists, we were in Emancipation Park right in the shadow of the Lee statue.  Even the attempts of powerful corporations to shut us down through no-platforming had failed.  Our rally was going to happen, in spite of all obstacles.  Our First Amendment rights were upheld!  Safe in our lawful and Constitutionally-protected space, I looked forward to an afternoon of good speeches and great camaraderie with my fellow rally attendees.

At that moment, there was suddenly a murmur of confusion.  Something was wrong.  A stocky police officer, marching back and forth between us and the Lee statue (on the north side of the park, opposite the Antifa horde to our south) started belting out on a bullhorn:  “THIS GATHERING HAS BEEN DECLARED AN UNLAWFUL ASSEMBLY!  IN THE NAME OF THE COMMONWEALTH, YOU ARE COMMANDED TO IMMEDIATELY DISPERSE!  IF YOU DO NOT DISPERSE IMMEDIATELY, YOU WILL BE ARRESTED!”

Disbelief reigned.  We all looked at each other in confusion.  Surely, they must be talking to the leftists who assaulted our people?  No, that couldn’t be:   these cops were on the north side of the park, and the Antifa were on the south side.  The message was being shouted directly at us, and only at us.  As the realization sunk in, disbelief turned to outrage.  This kind of thing just didn’t happen in America.  My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, there was no way this could be happening.  The ACLU and a federal judge had ruled in our favor… how could this be happening?!

We tried to ask the police what had happened, why they were doing this but were met with stony silence.  The stocky officer continued marching back and forth, belting out his draconian command over the bullhorn like a Soviet commissar.  In the streets on the western side of the park, I could see a huge force of national guardsmen in military camos.  Beside them was an even larger force of heavily armed and armored black-clad riot police, decked out like automatons in some futuristic dystopian nightmare.  And they were moving towards us… not between us and the Antifa, but between us and the Lee statue!  In other words, they were lining up on the opposite side of us from the leftist radicals who had attacked us, trapping us between the riot police at our front, and the Antifa at our backs.

Richard Spencer and a number of people, including myself and my closest comrade, chose to engage in civil disobedience and not leave our rally site.  If these cops wanted to trample our First Amendment rights, they would have to trample over us first.  The rest of the rally attendees tried to make their way out at the south entrance.  It was only later that I heard of their many, many violent clashes with the Antifa who, emboldened by the police, took it as carte blanche to attack our retreating men with impunity.

Those of us who remained locked arms as two lines of riot police formed which stretched the entire length of the park.  We kept trying to talk with them, finally pleading with them not to do this, to defend our rights and uphold the Constitution.  I heard that a state of emergency had been declared by the governor.  I already suspected this was a set-up, that it was a plan agreed upon by the mayor Mark Signer and the Democratic Governor of Virginia, arch-neoliberal Clintonista Terry McAuliffe.  I knew this was their plan, to allow us all to assemble inside that area like animals in a trap, then use the conflict they forced as a pretext to crush us.  That mob of Antifa in the street to our backs was the anvil, and those riot police were the hammer.  We resisted the police for as long as possible, our men barely budging against their huge Plexiglas shields, both sides locked in a gigantic pushing match as we continued to try to appeal to their sense of fairness as Americans.  Finally, one of their officers hosed us down with mace, and our line of passive resistance broke.

The wall of armored cops continued to push across the park, not giving us any alternative but to be forced out the narrow south gate, our eyes blinded and stinging from some very high-powered mace, with Richard Spencer himself, into a horde of rioters who, daily on social media, celebrate physically assaulting Richard Spencer’s person for the words he speaks.  For the words he speaks.

Some of our guys opened the barrier on the west side, and a row of Virginia State Police in green uniforms and mountie hats initially tried to stop us, but then let us go after a few tense moments.  They were the only cops during the entire day who actually spoke to us, but even they didn’t give us any kind of escort or attempt to keep us separated from the leftists, but rather made us head right out into the street to the south.  As we guarded Richard, who was almost totally blinded by the police mace, we were attacked on the left and the right.  I received a stinging blow from a masked black who hit me in the arm, from behind, with a large stick.  I wheeled just in time to see him running off back into the crowd.  I momentarily remembered the many warnings Charlottesville police had delivered about the wearing of masks at the rally, which was totally illegal.  What happened to that order, why were they not enforcing it?

By the time we got clear, I had to be treated in a medic station for the mace attack, which by now was in my eyes and had completely blinded me.  My heart was racing and my whole face, arms and chest felt like they were coated in napalm.  I was treated by some very kind ladies from the local Charlottesville community whom I will never, ever forget.  To each side of me were comrades with serious head wounds.  The brother on my left side was bleeding badly and couldn’t see clearly, and had to be taken to a hospital.  On the way out I called to him “Hail Victory!” to which he held out his arm and called back “Hail Victory!” from his stretcher.  One salty grandmother, who was born and raised in Charlottesville, treated me with some suspicion, asking me if I thought it was all worth it.  I told her it was, and tried to explain why, until she realized I was on the side defending the statue, and her whole demeanor changed.  Almost all the ladies in the tent sympathized with us, and admitted they wanted to see the statue stay where it was!  The local people were with us, it was clearly just the moneyed clique of liberals and reactionary virtue-signaling shopkeepers who wanted it torn down.

Charlottesville was a trap.  All of the events above happened hours before the terrible incident with the girl and the car crash.  Let me repeat that:  the state of emergency was declared almost two hours before Heather Heyer was killed.  The Virginia State Police, under orders of Governor Terry McAuliffe and in conspiracy with Jewish mayor Michael Signer, declared an emergency and then proceeded to create one.  They engineered a riot, not only as revenge for our pushing through all obstacles to hold the rally but also as an attempt to crush the Alt Right movement once and for all.

I thought back to OWS.  I remembered what so many liberals seem to forget:  that in Zuccotti Park, in Manhattan and then in Chicago, Occupy Wall Street didn’t just fade away, nor was it broken by “neo-Nazis” or “white supremacists,” most of whom hate Wall Street more than any leftist.  No, OWS was brutally crushed in New York and Chicago by the police forces of Michael Bloomberg and Rahm Emmanuel, two Jewish neoliberals of the worst kind.  Although he is not Jewish, Terry McAuliffe is cut from the same cloth.  He is a neoliberal through and through, a powerful ally of Hillary Clinton, and rather than being held to account for his criminal actions at Charlottesville, which resulted in three deaths and dozens of serious injuries, he is doubling down on his globalist Cultural Revolution, now promising to tear down every last monument to Southern heritage in Virginia.

Bloomberg and Emmanuel used the power of the state to crush OWS, and no matter what our brothers on the right may think of that movement, it was the last time leftists actually took a stand against the globalist establishment which is killing all of us.  It was also the last time leftists sided against corporate power, rather than eagerly supporting the terrifying monopolies of Facebook, Inc. and others, as they attempt to control public opinion and silence all dissent.

OWS was strong and growing, like the Alt Right is strong and growing, but where naked police state brutality crushed OWS in 2012, the Alt Right in 2017 isn’t going away.  Ours is the true anti-globalist movement, the true worker’s movement, the true environmental movement, the true opposition to neoliberal greed, Zionist imperialism, and parasitic global finance.  Leftists have become neoliberal puppets who attack us with the help of gigantic corporations and the militarized security state.  We will succeed where OWS failed because unlike OWS, we have with us the awakened fury of the force which created and built the United States:  the righteous anger of white men who will not let tyranny tread on our rights any longer.


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  • How about personally contacting the Police authorities in Pikesville KY and thank them for their honest, professional contact and contrast them with the #*$&#$# that abused the UniteTheRight legal demos in Charlottesville VA? Try to cultivate personal contacts, some might do a bit more than be fair and professional. Some might retire from active policing and join our ranks: Here are some contacts:

    Here’s the contact info for the Pikesville VA chief of police:

    Christopher Edmonds

    Chief of Police


  • You’ve heard the saying “people vote with their wallets”? Well, if you have first amendment rights to be racist assh*les, then that’s what much of the media and wider (global) community has labelled you as. It’s that simple, no amount of carefully combed journalism or fact dodging will change what happened there.

    And, NO, most people are not “attacking” you, they just think you are dicks.

  • For the elites globalism means professional and investment opportunities, and inexpensive servants. For the rest of us globalism means that jobs are harder to find, harder to keep, and that they pay less while they last.

  • Well this is some Marxist BS. Of course the author was one of those communist ‘Occupy Wall Street’ thugs.

  • Some of the cops in Charlottesville appeared to not be enjoying their job on August 12th. The real danger of individual police and military units eventually coming over to our side (ala 1956 in Budapest) is being prepared for by the System. In future situations like we faced in Charlottesville, we may be up against mindless machines.

    The “silent majority” better reconsider their silence – and fast!


    “Killer robots: Experts warn of ‘third revolution in warfare’ – More than 100 leading robotics experts are urging the United Nations to take action in order to prevent the development of ‘killer robots’…

    ‘These can be weapons of terror, weapons that despots and terrorists use
    against innocent populations, and weapons hacked to behave in undesirable ways,’
    it adds.

    There is an urgent tone to the message from the technology leaders, who warn
    that ‘we do not have long to act’.

    ‘Once this Pandora’s box is opened, it will be hard to close.”

  • This is the best article I have read on
    I had the same experience at the rally expect I did not chose to participate in civil disobedience.
    I wish I had had the courage. Thanks for providing a true and clear accounting of the events without all the editorializing.

  • So many habbenings this week. Just got back into town from a trip to rural OK for White Fellowship and a little fishing and hog hunting (plenty of fish, no joy hogs).
    The j3ws aren’t going to be happy until all the peoples of the world are some shade of mud and are sLaves to their fucking machine. DISGUSTING!

  • OWS was torn into pieces by CIA acording to Putin (in the recent Megyn Kelly interview). Probably this is the purpose with Alt-Right also. Iwonder if they will succeed.

    • It’s not a matter of Daily Stormer mentality, Daily Stormer has an element of satire, black humor, shock humor, gonzo journalism, it looked like this guy was just behaving erratically

    • It’s easy to get sucked into fighting the last war. Everyone does it. We need to focus on fighting *this* war.

  • YES! this mass immigration/anti-white multiculturalist regime of global capitalism is indeed the very essence of neoliberalism…it is the modern form of global hyper-capitalism…and the sooner the alt right recognizes this and includes this idea as part of its platform, the sooner we can reach out to the majority of Democrats who are nothing like antifa…but who are wary of global capitalism

  • One last advice:
    STOP this bullshit about “punching right”. If there are people in the movement making asses of themselves and walking right into traps set by the feds and the left, it’s your duty to call them out and shun them. LARPers and symbol fetishists have to be thrown out. They’re either morons sabotaging the movement or feds setting you up. Too many youngsters and knuckleheads in the ranks and egotistical simpletons at the top getting played for suckers have done what could be irreversible damage to alt-right.
    Alt-Lite might be a better bet at this point. And I never thought I’d say that. Done.

    • I think there are alot in this movement that want to “take back” what is lost. The angst felt because they are fighting change. I would be probably categorized as a “black piller” who is staring inevitability in the face…. You can’t go “back” now…. You can’t “take back” an entire geo-political civic-national identity of 300,000,000 (and growing) mixed race empire- and that is speaking for just the US part of this movement. This is not to say I don’t think positive steps can’t be made. I think that many simply want something “new”. Take what has made us great, admit there is no going back and move forward. I look at it like handing keys to a nice used car over to someone who is going to obviously crash the car.

      However, we as a people have enough resolve to buy an upgrade with better features and gadgets. Its sad to see the old car “go to waste”, but it was bound for the junkyard inevitably. I know thats a bad analogy. I think the best option is a flood migration of white people to places like “Cascadia”. If you can’t leave a certain area because its your “blood and soil”, then have at it. Many have ancestors who were people always punching West to find something new, and so they don’t have the attachment to the East Coast and South like many do.

      The Alt-Right may just have to become a small political “cult” for the foreseeable future.

        • I agree, however there are those stuck in the Northern Counties up in Shasta Country (State of Jefferson), who I would fight to keep. New geo-political boundaries need to be established. Its mostly the Bay Area and SoCAL that are screaming for secession. LoL I never thought I would type that sentence in the current year.

          Additionally when it comes to CALExit, a HUGE 900lb Elephant in the room is screaming from the MIC… They have a HUGE presence in/around California. All the AFB’s, The National Training Center, The Naval/Marine Corps presence… and thats just the “M” part of it. That is the only reason I don’t see it being successful. Ultimately that will decide if $ece$$ion is possible.

  • We need to meme the Jewish problem with more factual information. I get questioned on the JQ from people every day and it gets tiring having to explore such a large topic with individual people and then having to repeat it a few hours later.

  • The current power ruling the world might be called ‘Anglo-Zionist’, but the ‘Zionist’ part is far more dangerous than the ‘Anglo’ part.

    Why? Anglos have no moral credit. Indeed, the only way they can justify their power is to attach to ‘Zionists’, the Jews or Holocaust-People.

    Jews are seen as Eternal Victim People.
    Anglos are seen as White Supremacists who must atone for ‘racism’ and imperialism.

    So, Jews are morally legit. Anglos are not. So, Anglos need to be associated with Jews. This explains the total toady behavior of so many Wasps in GOP. Without Jewish moral cover, they could be denounced for ‘white privilege’ and ‘white racism’. Recent events at Charlottesville showed how totally cucky these Anglos are. They were so quick to denounce Alt Right and praise Antifa as American-as-apple-pie. None of them said anything in defense of Southern Heritage even though the GOP would be NOTHING without Southern votes. Indeed, the ‘white supremacist’ card is a potent weapon for Jews. They can pull it out to make Anglos cower before them. “If you don’t serve us, we will call you ‘white supremacist’. Your whiteness will no longer be partially redeemed by association with Holocaust People.” So, even though the alliance is Anglo-Zionist, it is really Zionist masters and Anglo dogs. Jews don’t have to apologize or atone for anything. Anglos do. Of course, Jews took part in all of Western Imperialism. Jews funded it. And Jews followed Anglos everywhere they went. If Anglos wiped out Indians, Jews sold blue jeans to cowboys. If Anglos settled the south and planted cotton, Jews played a big role in southern finance and trade. But as Jews control the Narrative, we only need to know White Christians Killed Jews in WWII, so Jews are holy and washed clean of all historical crimes.

    Why does this moral thing matter? Well, the modern world is very moralistic, not least because US, the greatest power, presented itself as a moral beacon to the world. Ancient Romans didn’t. They just liked to kick butt. But Americans spread this notion that US is all about freedom, liberty, equality, and etc. Those who make the most moral claims are most vulnerable to accusations of hypocrisy.. which is why Jews fear BDS so much.

    Moral taboos matter. We like to think of business as all about cynical trade of goods and services. Supposedly, it’s all about profits and give-and-take and not about right-or-wrong. This is true enough AMONG nations. Among different nations/cultures, right-and-wrong don’t really matter. Americans may find much that is loathsome about Saudis and vice versa, but both side do trade. America was willing to trade with Red China even though ideologies were totally different. Even though Japan and China have different taboos, they trade. Russia and Turkey have lots of differences in narratives and values, but they trade. It’s all very practical. It’s like diplomacy is different from domestic politics. Inside a nation, taboos matter. But among nations, taboos become suspended because different nations have different taboos. Christian world and Muslim world have different systems of values and sacraments. If Christians insisted that Muslims follow Christian taboos and vice versa as condition for trade, nothing would be traded. So, among nations, trade is indeed really mostly about profits. The exception are the sanctions(mostly by the US) on ‘moral’ grounds, but this is really ethno-politics, with Jews using bogus moral excuse to economically cripple nations they don’t like.

    If taboos don’t matter among nations, they matter a great deal within a nation. You can insult Mao outside China and do trade with China. But if you are situated INSIDE China, you better not publicly badmouth Mao. That violates Chinese taboo, and you will not be allowed to do much in the way of business. The state will target you, and Chinese will see you as toxic, the guy who violated taboo and ‘insulted Chineseness’.

    If you want to do business with Saudis from the outside, you don’t have to be respectful of Islam or Muslim values. Tim Cook is an open homo-bung-boy who threatened Indiana with economic destruction unless it bakes homo wedding cakes for pervs. But Saudis don’t mind doing business with Apple. What Tim Cook does in America is of no concern to them. But, if Tim Cook was working INSIDE Saudi Arabia and said Saudi bakers better make homo cakes, it would be a violation of Islamic taboos, and Cook would be economically frozen and destroyed.

    So, taboos are of great importance within a nation and culture. Taboos don’t easily travel outside the nation. (This is why Jews need EU to impose same taboos on ALL of Europe. This way, every Euro nation will be made to worship Jews and Holocaust, express atonement and guilt, and silence certain kinds of voices. If each nation were allowed to decide on its own taboos, some might actually make taboo-ize things contrary to Jewish wishes. So, EU legal and cultural tyranny is essential in forcing all Europeans to think alike. Also, homomania that Jews promote around the world spread the same taboos controlled by Jews in NY and LA. Once a nation comes to worship homomania, it becomes taboo to oppose the ‘gay agenda’. As the agenda is controlled by Jews, the world will be infected with the Jewish-favored taboo.)
    A taboo goes a long way within a culture and nation. Consider the Amish. Within the community, someone who breaks a taboo and acts as renegade will be SHUNNED by the whole community. He will be shunned in friendship, gathering, and in business. Even his means to make a living will be threatened. Taboos are that important.

    Taboos change of course, depending on who controls the narrative and sacraments. There was a time when interracism with Negroes was taboo. There was a time when homosexuality was taboo. There was a time when adultery among famous people could lead to disgrace. There was a time when being communist was taboo. It was only later that Jews used media to make zealous anti-communism the bigger taboo via association with ‘McCarthyism’.

    Control of taboo is all-important in deciding who can rise and who must fall. What is true of Amish community is true of society as a whole. The taboo-breakers are shunned. In the past, a business promoting homosexuality would have been shunned and denounced. Customers would have avoided the business. And finance and loans would have dried up. Banks would have stopped lending to the pro-homo firm. And other businesses would have cut ties.
    Today, Jews have fixed things that Chick-Fil-A has been banned from many places because it refused to be Dick-Fill-Ass in supportive of ‘gay marriage’. That is how the culture has changed. Those who control the media and academia and entertainment control what is and isn’t taboo.

    There are different kinds of taboo. Some taboos are not rational but rooted in spirituality or customs. So, some culture forbid eating of certain foods. Or certain words or objects are feared or seen as obscene.
    But some taboos are moral, supposed based on ethical reasoning. And in the US, moral taboos are the most important. Still, these taboos are not morally consistent. For instance, Americans are awful proud that they don’t eat dogs and cats like those crazy Asians. But they don’t have taboos against eating pigs even though pigs are wonderful and intelligent animals. In other words, even when moral, taboos are selective depending on emotions, cultural norms, narratives, etc. If there was a massive campaign to ‘humanize’ the noble pig and sacralize piggerishness. things might change.
    It’s like massive campaign against fur made the fur coat a bit problematic for lots of women.

    Anyway, Jews understand the power of taboo. They knew they had to win a psychological war to browbeat the Anglos. Sure, Jews got smarts and can make lots of money and etc. But being rich can be disadvantageous because the have-lesses always feel more morally justified than the have-mores who are tagged with ‘greed’ and hoggishness. So, Jews had to play the narrative of holy Jewish suffering to give cover to their own wealth and privilege. But at the same time, Jews used the narrative to attack Anglo wealth and privilege as undeserved or stolen from others. Filthy rich Hollywood often portrayed Anglos as white-boys-network in exclusive golf clubs and the like.
    Worse, everything white was associated imperialism, slavery, ‘racism’, genocide, and etc. And then, feminism pit white women against white men. Feminism was never about ALL women against ALL men. It was designed to drive a wedge between white men and white women who were instilled with victim mentality vis-a-vis white males. So, Hollywood movies will show white southern women being beaten and battered by Southern Hick men while holy Negroes are presented as allies of white women against the common oppressor. The Jewish-made movie FRIEND GREEN TOMATOES conflates wife-beating with ‘racism’. So, the bad white buy beats up his wife and hates blacks. So, in the end, an alliance of white women and the Negro kills the white guy, cuts him up, bbq’s him, and feeds him to local sheriffs. And MISSISSIPPI BURNING presents white guys as wife-beaters too.

    Jews wrote the BLACK BOOK ON ANGLOS. And Jews used this narrative to denounce, defame, and degrade whiteness. So, no matter how rich or privileged a white person may be, he is a moral zero. If fact, a moral negative. So, the ONLY way he can win moral pts is by associating himself with Jews and ‘Diversity’, a weapon devised by Jews to destroy white nations like Sweden, Austria, Poland, and Hungary. Jews, as holy victim people, can have their own ethno-state and can brazenly work for tribal interests. In contrast, white gentiles have no right to their ‘racist’ identity, territory, and women. Even white women exist to be bought and sold by Jewish vice industry and womb-colonized by blacks and Muslims.

    Jews tag whatever they hate about whites with ‘white supremacism’ and ‘nazi’. Of course, this is highly selective. After all, wasn’t immigration ‘white supremacist’? Until 1965, most immigrants were whites and their arrival doomed Indians. Also, whites fought Mexico and took SW areas from Mexicans. But for some reason, there isn’t much talk of ‘genocide’ of Indians or stealing Mexican land.

    Also, it’s impossible to understand ‘white supremacism’ without element of Jewish involvement. Nazi Germans were the only ones to explicitly deny Jews any role in their imperialism and supremacism. Jews could not join in the Greater German Project. For that reason, German supremacism was indeed a Jew-free supremacism. But this cannot be said for most other kinds of ‘white supremacism’. In one way or another, Jews played a role as financiers, traders, and in other capacities. If whites did ‘genocide’ against Indians, there were Jews peddling guns, whiskey, and clothes to whites in the frontier. Jewish bankers funded much of British Imperialism. Jews played a huge role in Chinese opium trade. Even when Jews were discriminated against, they were still allowed to work in certain industries, mostly finance. And this meant Jewish money played a big role in wars, conquests, colonization, slave trade, and etc. So, most of ‘white supremacism’, except that of German Nazi, had a Jewish element in it. It was a Jewish-White Supremacism. And indeed the Confederacy was just that. So, just like the term Judeo-Christian, we should use the term Jewish-White-Supremacism. The fact is Jews historically financed much of ‘white supremacism’ or provided goods/services to whites involved in the subjugation of other folks. And I suspect, if the Nazi Germans hadn’t been anti-Jewish and allowed Jews to join the movement, a good number of German Jews would have financed Hitler’s moves into Czech, Poland, Greece, Russia, etc.

    But Jews control the media and narrative, and so, most people don’t know the full extent of Jewish involvement in ‘white supremacism’. They just see Jews as historical victims of whites. They fail to see that Jewish money was often the enabler of ‘white supremacism’… thus making it Jewish-White Supremacism.
    So, many people have a blindspot when it comes to Jewish power. Also, Jews have used ‘antitsemitic’ as a potent taboo term to silence anyone who notices anything about Jewish role in world oppression. It’s okay for Jews to yell ‘nazi’, ‘white supremacist’, ‘wasp old boys network’, and etc. but whites better not notice how Jews have power and abuse it. The term ‘antisemitic’ taboo-izes any such observation.

    Because taboos have great power WITHIN a culture, Jews can destroy ANYONE with accusation of ‘white supremacism’, ‘antisemitism’, ‘racism’, or ‘nazi’. And now, even ‘homophobia’, a proxy taboo of the Jews.

    After the recent Charlottesville incident, despite the fact that Alt Right followed all the rules and were set upon by State Terror and Antifa Terror, corporate America is going after Alt Right while praising Antifa as the goon-thug squad of Jews. Paypal has targed Vdare even though it had NOTHING to do with the meeting.

    This is why, if people want to curtail Jewish supremacist power, they have to create new taboos. They have to write the Black Book of Jews just like Jews wrote the Black Book of Anglos/Whites.
    And this Black Book must shame Jews with many examples of Jewish wrongs. Jewish finance can be associated with Weimar Germany and 1990s Russia, the Rape of Russia by Jewish oligarchs aided by American Jews. And just how did Bernie Madoff get away with such rottenness for so long? Because as long as he made money for his partners by fleecing goyim, many legit Jews coddled and protected him. And there is the black book of Jewish control of media. The wars it brought, like Iraq War, Libya War, Ukraine coup, the Syria mess. And this crazy useless ‘new cold war’ with Russia, a nation with 1/14th the economy of the US. Ridiculous. And Jewish role in white slavery. In gambling and other vice. In communism. In slavery in Brazil. And so on and on. And Nakba and Palestine.

    Now, such accusations will be denounced as ‘antisemitic’ and ‘nazi’. And with ignorance. But if the accusations are made with full documentation, such denunciation(of ‘antisemitism’) will grow weaker. Also, while it would be wrong to blame Jewish Power for isolated Jewish abuses of power, there is a too much of pattern in history and too many places for any honest person to ignore. Also, those who compile the Black Book of Jews must NOT associate with loathsome Nazis who tell fairytales about the holocaust being a hoax. (Granted, Holocaust is treated like a religion, which is why those who question it are called ‘deniers’, as if they’re denying god. What we need is Holocaust Atheism that rejects holocaust as holy religion and treats it as historical event in secular mode. Such ‘atheism’ would not deny the event. Rather, it would approach it with reason, like atheists approached the world with rational and material than spiritual mindset. Holocaust Atheism would stand between Holocaust Worship and Holocaust Desecration of deniers. If Holocaust Worshipers and Holocaust Desecrators have one thing in common, it’s they both approach it as a religion.)

    Jews are smart and know & fear the power of taboos. This is why they are trying to criminalize BDS, a kind of Black Book on Jews/Israel. If BDS becomes a thing, Jews are denounced, associated with ‘racism’, ‘genocide’, and ‘supremacism’. And they are put on the moral defensive. And it might not end with BDS but open up a whole new can of worms. And this can undermine Jewish business power since nearly all of Jewish business is closely aligned with Israel. BDS will associate so much of Jewish business with imperialism, supremacism, ‘racism’, and even ‘genocide’. It might bring down the whole house of cards.
    So, Jews are seeking to ban it by buying up politicians and making them support Zionist oppression of Palestinians. But this can backfire. BDS might become more powerful once criminalized. It might spark moral outrage among many people, and things might heat up even more.

    At any rate, if a supremacist power must be brought down, its weak spot is the taboo. It controls the taboos to boost its own power, but counter-taboos can threaten this. BDS is a counter-taboo that makes Jewish Power very very afraid.

    The Black Book of Jews is most necessary.

  • The comments on this site have become far more vitriolic of late. I jumped to here from Breitbart because I think we need robust defenders of western civilization. All I see on the threads of late is monomaniacal hate. I think it’s important for everyone to speak as they please, but I’m just not interested in that. This movement is in danger of burning out on its hatred.

    • You could read the great articles and steer clear of the comments.

      Our enemy, the Anti-Whites are violent, the mean to kill us in one way or another… Either tomorrow in the street or the longer term aim of White Genocide.

      When we’re not seeding Pro-White memes, we often engage in heavy doses of irony and satire.
      If you’re coming from Brietbart, be wise not to mistake just plain Anger/ Hate for Shit-Posting, which provides us a release. I was kicked off Brietbart many times, not allowed to express my gritty opinion.
      Hang out here a while, you’ll get the hang of it.
      The revulsion to Shit-Posting melts away with more exposure.

      They let me post this… Brietbart never would.

    • the comments of this particular site are a very limited cross section of the movement nowadays

      most people have moved on from public comments to more private forms of communication where actual networking is possible

    • No sh*t, Sherlock! Nazi’s afraid to put his name on this self-pitying and hate-filled screed! That’s why your little “movement” is going nowhere. Very few people will wreck their lives for a “cause” that has failed numerous times in the past, and that won’t vanquish our capitalist economy, our constitution, or our collective common sense! Society let you have exactly 18 “glory hours” of torch-wielding, d*ck swinging “White supremacy”. It was barely okay with that, so why not be grateful for what you did get?

  • I know a quote from Marcus Aurelius can seem like a cheap way of sounding smart. But here goes (Martin Hammond’s translation):

    “In some respect man is something with the closest affinity to us, in that it is our it our duty to do good to men and tolerate them. But in in so far as some are obstacles to my proper work, man joins the category of things indifferent to me – no less than the sun, the wind, a wild animal. These can impede some activity, yes, but they form no impediments to my impulse or my disposition, because here there is conditional commitment and the power of adaptation. The mind adapts and turns around any obstacle to action to serve its objective: a hindrance to a given work is turned to its furtherance, an obstacle in a given path becomes an advance.”

    Some self-help book butchers Marcus’ insight by using the title The Obstacle is the Way. But you should get the general idea.

    If we really have the smartest people on the planet on our team, both living and dead, we would act foolishly if we didn’t fully exploit the resources and riches of the mind they have to offer us.

  • RE: Kessler

    For those of you new to far right politics in America, this is when you learn the hard lesson that it attracts a lot of very unstable and untrustworthy people. Always has.

        • When the leadership immediately goes into “Time To Move On” before acknowledging a fuck up, you know it’s bad.

          • When you fucked up, and everybody can see that you fucked up, best thing to do is to get out in front by pointing out what everyone else can already see.

          • Being led into a trap is one thing. Shit happens. But being made to look ridiculous is bad.

          • Lot of unhelpful Told-You-So’s by the usual suspects. Here’ another hard-learned lesson: if you know it will make you feel good to say something, you might not want to say it.

          • “Genuis” is almost never recognized in real time. It is almost always a judgment made by history.

          • People with extensive criminal records for offenses not related to political activities are to be avoided. They do come in handy when you are in need of cannon fodder, suicide missioneers or someone to send of a fool’s errand.

          • Tactics are honed through trial and error. But the best tactics in the world won’t make any difference if you don’t have a defined objective and a clear strategy for achieving it.

          • Nobody knows what is going to work for this thing, or how well, or how long. History is a guide but not a blueprint. Because what is being done has never been done before.

          • Finally, Gogar say: be wary of placing too much trust or faith in anyone who habitually refers to themselves in the third person.

  • The alt-right falls into the same mission creep trap that every other movement does whether it is intersectional feminism or white nationalists taking positions on issues that have nothing to do with race.

    Nigel Farage is the only popular exception to this lack of ideological discipline. He doesn’t stray very far from Brexit by taking positions on issues that have little or nothing to do with Brexit. The discipline paid off after two decades of overcoming a near impossible struggle. His successors at UKIP lack this discipline and are undermining Brexit by alienating the Leave Left due to tking culture war positions that have nothing to do with Brexit.

    The Farage — Brexit model of ideological discipline is a strategy every movement should embrace including the alt-right. If the goal is a white ethnostate over (((globalism))), that would mean only taking positions against the beneficiaries of globalism that are necessary and remain neutral on the rest.

    Capitalism — support or neutrality for small and maybe some midsized businesses might be possible, but globalism exists to benefit big business more than anyone else so that (big corporations) has to be opposed.

    War— The military industrial complex is the main enforcement apparatus of globalism so it must be opposed. Race war should be the only type of war supported with every other type neutral.

    Religion — Organized cucktianity is a force of globalism so it must be opposed with the exception of fringe churches that reject globalism. It is an icky religion based on a mythical Jew conceived via an act of divine cuckoldly but this shouldn’t be a temptation to get into the mission creep trap and take positions against churches that don’t enable globalism.

    Feminism & LGBT — By feminism, I mean the real type found in Saudi Arabia opposing Sharia law just to drive and not the Sorts zombies backing their adversaries. With abortion and LGBT people not reproducing white people, these issues are perhaps the most tempting of all to engage in mission creep that divides and diverts from fighting globalism like it did for Farage successors to UKIP which is one of so many reasons why neutrality should be maintained. Others are that is is a gocha issue by neoliberalism and empowers cuckservatives more than the alt-right when taking an opposing position among others. Let the MRAs and the Cernovich alt-lite have these while keeping dedicated to fighting the globalism necessary for an ethnostate to preserve.

    Drugs including cannabis — Drug use is no good for advancing any cause and most younger people support cannabis legalization but both positions are mission creep so neutrality should be maintained.

    Environmental issues — although utterly hijacked by globalism, it is an issue that is neither intrinsically for or against globalism or white nationalism so it is another issue that should be neutral.

    • This is a well thought out post. More of these types of posts need to happen here. While funny in some contexts, the “turn on the ovens!” lashing out comments can be a little counter productive. Good points you’ve made here.

      • Thanks.

        A forum or other place to submit serious blogs should be a site feature. With a limited amount of paid writers, the site and movement could benefit from commenter produced articles. Of course Spencer himself or someone else would have to make editorial decisions on what blogs to promote as articles.

    • Sad to say it but Brexit isn’t gong to stop the nigfestation. It could easily accelerate it.

      • All Brexit did was get Not So Great Anymore Britain cucked more on London’s terms rather than Brussels’ but it does give the UK a fighting chance.

    • Totally agree. This site is becoming an unpleasant place to visit with the hate-filled positions being taken. Farage has the template to copy if hubris doesn’t get in the way. Get in a pub, share a pint with a ‘normie’, share his concerns. Don’t lose the sense of humour. It bloody works!

      • Raw hate that comes with lack of emotional discipline let alone ideological discipline is a sure recipe for failure.

        As long as the alt-right is the sole uncontrolled opposition to ruthless globalism, it will eventually prevail regardless of what mistakes are made and prices paid along the way.

        Farage proved the winning strategy to an American like myself who has been bothered my political mission creep on both the left and right since the 1990s but never had a popular example as to why resisting that temptation and staying dedicated solely to your cause is the winning political strategy until Nigel Farage achieved Brexit.

        • It also puts the movement in danger of looking like proto-terrorists to a mainstream audience who would ordinarily be open to persuasion. Read Breitbart, watch Tucker and get a gauge of what really animates the white working classes. Without the backing of the white working classes, there will never be the cultural revolution many crave.

          • Jason Kessler Tweeting that the car killing in Charlottesville was “payback” is overt enough of s terrorist threat that many popular alt-righters including Richard Spencer denounced him. He can not be allowed to recruit anybody for anything because he does and anyone of them commit violence, his organization will be the alt-right terrorist organization MSM desperately wants.

            As far as recruiting people, joining the alternative media rant parade seems to be a rabbit hole that traps people from doing things. As long as the alt-right stays strong and remains the sole uncontrolled opposition to globalism, the people will come to them so the best strategy seems to be chill and persevere for now and just wait.

          • And Nathan Damingo has an Uber Executive slant as a sugar mommy and Richard Spencer has a cuckservative publishing family as a benefactor.

            The point is just because the “leaders” are controlled opposition doesn’t mean the culture (not a movement) is.

          • We are selling what is for all intents and purposes a brand new product. Simply A/B testing the desires of some demographic in order to gain more ‘followers’ is ineffectual. The demand which currently exists was created by media, educators and other institutional forces so we can only possibly serve a market curated by our opposition and empower one of their narratives if we simply play a numbers game. The strategy we pursue is one of market fragmentation. Creating demand for a product no one knew they wanted before they heard about it.

            We can look at what animates the white working class, but we need to find a way to illustrate how those issues are best served by our product and not the pre-packaged solutions which are currently market dominant. Our government is made up of ‘representatives’ which are meant to cater to the interests of their constituency. The interests of that constituency is inculcated by our dominant social institution. The media, the schools are in charge and the politicians are their management staff. Our goal absolutely cannot be to be politicians, to represent the interests of a constituency of regular white people. We need to be leaders, and educators, and artists.

      • Can you give some examples of this “hate filled” poison that you’ve mentioned a few times on here? I don’t come here that often and I am now quite hard to shock, so maybe I am just not seeing it.

        The “template” of running elections, having “pints at the pub” has been the default template of British nationalist politics for some 40 years now. What has it achieved? Quite frankly, a bit fat zero. It has been an abject failure. This is evidential, otherwise we wouldn’t be here in this situation.

        We have been playing the “lets be nice” and “lets keep off touchy subjects” game for far too long and thus sitting ourselves firmly within the confines of what our opposition sets as the bar of acceptability. This puts us on a losing footing right from the start.

        There is “hate filled” which is unjustified and stupid, then there is “hate filled” which is righteous indignation and not giving a damn what is polite to bring up or not. The latter, when done with the correct attitude of forthrightness, is not always a bad thing.

        It is what has driven much of the “alt-right” and gives it the very edge that sets it apart from traditional methods, traditional discourse, traditional conservatism. We need to be unapologetic, bold, pushing the boundary.

        Regarding UKIP and Farage, it took UKIP over 20 years to get established and in a position of some minor influence – and that was solely because of the voting system that was applied to EU elections.

        We do not have 20 years left, and nor is “politics” and parties in the present climate (and in the present voting systems) going to deliver us anything of enough ‘worth’ to save us from demographic disaster.

        By the time some ‘figurehead’, strategist or mouthpiece like Farage could rise up the ranks and get notorious for our specific issues – the demographics and attitudes on the ground will have shifted much more away from the core of our positions – and even more “pragmatism” will be needed to find an acceptable ‘middle ground’.

        I would tend to agree that nonsensical “hate filled” statements are not conducive to those kinds of ambitions or those kinds of ‘customers’. But if people are legitimately railing against Jewish influence, or suggesting all Muslims should be deported, or that Blacks are prone to violence, or are using funny but crude methods to reinforce this kind of position, I think there is a place for that as part of a rebellious movement. Is that “hate filled”?

        I don’t have to like it, but it seems to have been working quite well to shake people up, get youth elements on board, share ideals with each other, etc, than I ever used to see as a traditional nationalist trying to get things done all “above board” and through trying to avoid controversy.

        The more extreme people seem to push, the more room it seems to make for the older and more rational arguments to find ground. “Punching right” does often seem to be self defeating.

        I would agree that the message needs to be much more positive about us, our people, why we are doing what we are doing, why it is legitimate, why it is beneficial to us and to others, rather than endless crass bitching and moaning about others.

        That simply must be the primary message – and some people do lose sight of that, especially at times of flurry or excitement when conflicts are going on or extreme actions are being taken against us from our opposition.

        Yet, anybody who does not “hate” what is going on, or who does not “hate” who tends to be bringing it on, etc, perhaps needs to harden up a bit. That “hate” is bound to manifest itself somewhere, but how it manifests and to what degree or standard is certainly up for debate.

        The “Hail Victory” thing was a classic mistake. Richard Spencer did a great job at his conference and there was nothing wrong with his “Hail Victory” – as it was in context of a battle cry of civilisation. It was the numpties in the audience, perhaps plants, doing the Roman saluting that turned it into an easy target for our opponents.

        The contents of that meeting in terms of ideas, blame, etc, could be seen by many as being “hate-filled” – so what is the boundary?

        I think hard positions, uncompromising positions, uncomfortable positions are highly justified – no matter if they are deemed as “hate” from the outside who know nothing about us who have made their minds up and are firmly in opposition before we even say anything.

        Clownish behaviour, obvious strategical ‘own goals’, crass stupidity – well, that is certainly not good.

        • Thanks for the informed reply. My point was generally about the comments. Trump walked to the White House by talking frankly about issues that really mattered to working class voters. The alt-right has a free pass to campaign on those issues – the wall, the travel ban, deportations – and can achieve major success doing so. People are eager to hear it.

      • all these anti-jew nutters in the comments everywhere have to be either infiltrators, kids, or low-IQ types….right????

      • Not that so much, but they want to persecute white nationalist families like Henrik and Lana Palmgren and the baby Lana snuggled under her shirt in their most recent YouTube video describing their situation. The daughters and their diaries might even wind up hiding in secret rooms to avoid violent assaults by antifa – though from the looks of the antifa “men” so far, they don’t strike me as rapist material.

  • Just remember when the libs sneer at you about winning the ACW, that they did so by literally committing genocide on the white population in the south. It was in no uncertain terms a Holocaust on the altar of universal equality. All these memorials built by the survivors and their children and grandchildren are in the end monuments to a massive and quite unnessessary slaughter. And they are planning to do it again the monument smashing is the first taste.

  • I have enjoyed interacting with those on the Alt Right, the rather obvious.govs and even poor ignorant cos players that embrace deed ideologies. I mulled giving a significant donation for a time and now I quite frankly cannot. The risk is just to high. That those that introduced to this endeavor last year are now leaving it speaks to me in many ways. I sincerely hope you all manage to find your place in this exciting new world and realize many earned successes from life. AND May the leaders of the Alt Right find the wisdom to win. I will still read this site but I do not think anything I offer will have any significant positive impact. I am done posting. God Speed, God Bless and good fortune be upon thee fellow travelers.

  • Gorgar is seeing A LOT of MSM pushing Alt-Left-Is-A-Myth.

    Does it make more sense to countersignal and push the meme, or agree and amplify?

      • That’s the thing: Alt Left could subsume everything from Antifa through BLM to Sandernistas. That could be useful.

        On the other hand, it does sort of make a default equivalence between Alt Right and Alt Left.

        Jazz likes Alt Left. And Gorgar likes Jazz.

        Would like to hear what the fam thinks.

        • It’s a good term. Tory used to mean something like Bandit or Outlaw in Gaelic. Now it means Conservative English. At one point it also meant Loyalist Royalist.

          Eventually historians will call Trumps oppo as Alt-Left.

          • To put the center-left on the backfoot about having to defend/disavow/dance around the far left would be good. It’s something even cucks could manage to do occasionally.

            Maybe Gogar’s betters will figure it out.

      • No, you mean like the Mayor of Seattle agreeing to remove the Lenin statue across the way from Star burger. Its because they want to be on the “winning” side. Much has been invested by the “establishment” into those that are winning the culture war. Sidebar: the two young christian guys that enthusiastically introduced me to the alt right last year are disavowing it, they want to win. And they loathe the behavior, language and outright stupidity of satanic Hitlerites. Carry on Nazi.
        Awesome branding.

        • I’m so sure you’re going to win with a bunch of Internet personalities more concerned about their brands than showing up and doing anything in real life.

        • Awesome branding.

          It is. The “right-wing” controlled opposition has enabled the Left behind a facade of liberal platitudes for decades. The GOP establishment will find it much more difficult to conceal their motives in a cloak of classical liberalism going forward. Especially if the so-called Alt-Lite had the nerve to hold them to account which unfortunately they don’t because even their classical liberal values are also a facade.

          You and your friends are ‘dropping out’ because you have successfully been intimidated. It’s understandable but let’s not pretend you and they are taking a principled stand. You’d rather not be put in a position to be exposed to social discomfort and hostility where you actually attempt to hash out essential ideas against Pavlovian conditioned normalfags who themselves will lash out in order to feel ‘safe’.

          Our enemies are implacable and mean to have us exterminated. There is no sauve, clever, easy path through our current predicament. There is no way out of this while wrapping ourselves in sainthood for the masses to adulate because the masses have been miseducated into adhering to a memeplex meant to make them incapable of opposing their destruction.

          You will have to speak the truth and hence be unpopular and even hated. People whose primary value, whose first principle is enjoying a ‘good life’ in pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain and who attempt to conceal this by playing a game of holier than thou brinksmanship in support of establishment sanctioned piety must be opposed. The average person is a coward. The average person is factually wrong about almost everything. The average person is a liar on a vast scale. The average person must change for us all to continue to exist and their queasy feelings and mawkish sentimentality must be opposed both for strategic and moral reasons. We are right and they are wrong.

    • Apparently we should disavow Vdare and Daily Caller… because that’s where the most suspicious guy came from. And publicly available sources claim he wanted to keep Stormer out.

      (not actually suggesting to disavow those sites)

      • Nor I. Supporting Free Speech does not mean one has to keep playing into and reinforcing the enemy narrative. The dominate narrative. Play to win.

        • The event was gonna be ambushed badly. No one pointed out that the Clinton bagman was Governor in any of these strategy meetings.

          • Not openly shunning the Klan and NASDAP was dumb enough, but to do the whole thing in a state where Democrats control everything from city hall to the police department…

            Spencer has got to go. His two strikes are worse than three.

          • Wow! Brilliant observations! If Spencer had only held a press conference BEFORE the rally and condemned Klan/NS guys (who did some of the heavy lifting during the fight to get out of the park alive) and then held his own ‘Defend the Lee Monument’ rally “in a state where Democrats” DIDN’T “control everything” – say…Poland, we could have gained the support of Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Facebook, The Washington Post and Antifa!

            Is there some way I can send you a donation? How do I sign
            up to join your “Spencer has got to go” Revolutionary Chamber of Commerce People’s Army?

          • Fucking moron:)

            The only “heavy lifting” those Klan/NS numbskulls did was to catapult the alt-right into oblivion! If you can’t understand why their agenda doesn’t jive with rational nationalism; why their very presence makes it impossible to move alt-right into the mainstream, and why their ‘race war’ lunacy is a gift to every leftist and Fed looking for a straw man, you’re too far gone to be reasoned with. Their ranks are full of psychos and criminal types. Do you understand the alt-right owns their baggage when you willingly associate with them??

            The more I read shit like yours the more my original analogy makes sense. Alt-right is chock full of weirdos who want to get a face tattoo for the next job interview and when you try to knock sense into them they call you a pussy! You guys are the nationalist version of that fat ginger stripping on stage at the Libertarian convention.

            The good news is Spencer can have the brand all to himself now! No one will go near it after this. Enjoy.

        • My position is that we need to wait until the facts are known and a comprehensive understanding of what actually happened is available, before we start casting blame on particular groups.

          It would help if you actually provided proof of the people you’re criticizing doing bad things.

          When people make claims without facts to back then up, when so much is still unknown, it kind of seems like they are just grinding their axes against a group they just wanted to undermine for their own reasons.

        • What will you do when the US comes to blows with China? That’ll be a race war where the US will have dig deep into the runic alphabet.

          • What are you talking about?! There is no such thing as race! What website is this?! Shit I thought this was Huffpo…. NAZI!

        • Disavowing “Nazis” while LARPing as Liberals is playing into the dominant narrative. A reification of the overall strategic thrust of “conservatism” isn’t playing to win. It’s playing to run out the clock. As was said by a “Nazi”, if you like the way things have been going then keep doing what you are doing.

          What is your plan to win? Screeching about “socialism” and horseshoe theory? For all of this shilling I’ve yet to actually hear a plan. Buying into the currently existing permission structure isn’t a plan. It’s just yet another, “Here’s how we do nothing and still come out on top” which the losing Right has always engaged in.

          If you really wanted to push centrist Liberalism we’ve given you the perfect opportunity. Go defend the Free Speech of “Nazis” and expand the support of 1A in the process, making it impossible for “Nazis” to oppress anyone. Skokie 2.0. Great victory for Liberalism.

          Of course if you were actually capable of doing anything without us we would simply be ignored, so instead you shill in order to subvert. Your ‘play to win’ strategy is just an attempt to co-opt a ‘brand’ and gain the labor of ‘brand loyalists’ not understanding the nature of who we are and why we fight. We are a sociological phenomena, not some invented ‘brand’.

          You’ve been given marching orders from a non-white anarchist who has developed this strategy in conjunction with a guy who is backed by (((venture capital))) and whose first mainstream sponsor was (((Alan Dershowitz))). So what is the first policy initiative put forward by your clique?

          Subtract “Nazis” and add “Alt-Right Jews”. Imagine my shock. Look, your ‘American Indian’ leader and you share the same relationship with the Alt-Right as non-whites do generally with white societies. We created it and you feel entitled to whatever value it creates at our expense and it must change in order to be more “inclusive”. Do you not realize why this won’t work? Doesn’t speak strongly of your perception of what ‘playing to win’ is. Your narrative is basically Applied Judaism 101. So your tactics involving the subversion of a counter-semitic movement is, “I know! We’ll act like Jews!”

          I mean this narrative push to have strangers say they sort of agree and would get involved and help out if we just change this or change that first and unconditionally is exactly detailed in “On the Jews and their Lies”. If you want something different then act White. Do it yourself. Start your own movement. Or get involved. Earn trust and become an influencer and offer your critique that way.

          You want us to change for you, well then this is a negotiation now. What do you have to offer us? Why are you so great that we would “disavow” people we already know? What are you willing to change about yourself and your current clique to benefit us?

    • Kessler was the clean skin associated with VDare. Although they’ve said they hardly knew him.

          • Which just consists of: “DC and VDare needed a reporter in CVIlle, he was there, wrote a few pieces for them.”

          • But it was enough to make him credible. VDare is seen as basically respectable.

          • @captainjohncharityspringma:disqus This hasn’t stopped PayPal withdrawing VDare’s account. Counter-Currents have also announced they’ll be losing their webhosting service but they believe they have an alternative. These events (removing WN presence from the internet) make the infighting that has occurred in the last few months look a bit foolish.
            I think Heilgate might have had more impact than was reckoned at the time. I mean impact on the plans of the Deep State and of course the Jewish lobby regarding domestic security (that’s THEIR security, not the people’s) and derailing the Trump presidency. Heilgate woke them up. They want to remove obstacles to the smooth path of globalisation. They have actually quietly suspended the rule of law (the police simply stand down) and “free speech” (denied via breaches of ToS) at least as far as “N*z*s” are concerned.
            Trump’s populist/nationalism was in the way and so were WN ideas, so, they had to be swept aside. This will be ongoing and what’s left of Trumpism will be co-opted to the task – note Bannon’s remarks on the Alt-Right. Foolish, sentimental and anachronistic attachments to NSDAP symbols, images, rituals and terminology must be abandoned. “New” is still a powerful marketing term.

          • Good luck getting the kids to let go of the LARPing symbols and imagery. That Stormer site alone was such a gift to the left I’d be shocked if Anglin isn’t a Fed.

            Too many in alt-right are either too young or too dumb to shun the cosplay. Alt-lite with all its faults has a better chance of pushing back against the left at this point. Spencer and his likes have blown it.

          • @TVMA It’s a fair point. But which group or individual in the Alt-Lite are you considering? They are a disparate bunch of people. They tend to push and pull in very different directions and do not constitute a movement. Or do you think that they do?
            Regarding the Stormer, the corporate wing of globalism international has made extreme efforts to shut it down. How does this square with DS being a State run wrecking exercise? If it was, wouldn’t it be important that DS remain fully accessible to as many people as possible? Do you know what it’s current URL is?

          • Alt-lite is doing a far better job pushing back against multiculturalism and political correctness. I don’t like everyone associated with it, but I don’t have to. Alt-right is pretty much done, thanks to clueless leadership and naive fanaticism.

            As for DS, regardless of who shut it down, it looked suspiciously like a leftist’s idea of what a “horrible, hateful” right-wing site would be like. I don’t care to visit it again and I have no idea what its url is.

          • Which Alt-Lite people are opposed to multiculturalism? Can you name one?
            Re: DS – that’s my point. If it’s not reachable then in what sense is it a Fed operation? It doesn’t make sense. Maybe….Maybe “The Feds” feel it’s done it’s job and will let it quietly fade away in the wilds of the “Dark Web” where very few people are able to tread. If that’s true then eventually weev and Anglin would vanish into obscurity with a nice pension. But this cannot happen at the moment because Anglin is being sued by the Southern Poverty Law Centre (horribly misnamed globalist bullies) over events in Whitefish, Montana. It will be a big case. He cannot quietly vanish.

  • Captain Ahab seems to think that anti-capitalism and environmentalism have a home on the Alt-right. Nothing could be further from the truth, if the Alt-right is to survive and triumph.
    This is the formula that made America great:

    White ethnocentricity + Capitalism + Christianity
    Here is the formula that Captain Ahab advocates:

    White ethnocentricity + anti-Capitalism + Environmentalism

    White ethnocentricity is fine; I agree with Captain Ahab in that regard.

    Capitalism leads to economic strength, but anti-Capitalism (socialism, communism, and all other collectivist economic paradigms) lead to economic weakness.

    Christianity says, “Have dominion over nature,” which clears the way for capitalism to create wealth, but environmentalism says, “Live in harmony with nature,” which hinders economic and technological progress — leading to a weaker society.

    Captain Ahab, perhaps you would feel more comfortable on the left.

    • White ethnocentrism + anti-Capitalism + Environmentalism = NAZISM.

      But..But.. NAZISM is Alt-Right! I promise.

      • I have more faith in these Alt-right boys. I believe that they want to WIN in their struggle to reestablish America as a White ethnostate. I do NOT believe that they are semi-retarded fools who want to LOSE.

        Therefore, I believe that they will eventually realize that…

        White ethnocentricity + Capitalism + Christianity = VICTORY

        If, at present, Alt-right = Nazism, then we will have to change that, so that Aryan man can avoid the embarrassment of defeat and further enhance his position of leadership in the world.

        • It’s called Nationalism

          It’s not the same thing as Conservatism.

          Nationalism has reason to offer critiques of both actual, existing capitalism and actual, existing Christianity, although it is usually not entirely opposed to either, in principle.

          • Christianity is a lot more than that. If properly run, by the right people, it is a tool of social control that can be used to keep nature-worshipers from blocking the path of human progress.

          • Christianity is the fallout from one guy waking up to the wickedness of his crime syndicate nation.

          • To change existing capitalism, you start a company and run it the way you want, or you get on Ameritrade and you day trade until you own such a big chunk of so many companies that they have to run the way you want them to run.

            To change Christianity back to the type of Christianity that Andrew Jackson and George Washington liked, you take some of the money you make from investing, and you make donations to a church, and you remake it into whatever you think it ought to be.

          • This is why you always lose

            The left is doing something bad, you see a tool that can fix it, but you go… nah, using that tool would be immoral, I’ll just ignore this problem instead

            If hostile aliens or elites have taken control of large corporations and are using them to threaten the nation with bad things like loss of internets…. you use the state to SMASH THEM, securing internets for your nation

            You must become willing to rule

          • The state, the state, the state, the state…
            The state is not your mommy.
            She can not solve all your problems.
            Grow up.
            Be a man.

          • The state is not responsible for your failures as a man or the total irrelevance of Libertarianism as a political movement.

            There’s always the Ron Paul Forums.

          • That is exactly what I am saying.
            Nobody but me is responsible for my successes or my failures.
            The state is not my mommy.

            That goes for you too.
            The state is not your mommy.
            Do not expect the state to wipe your nose or put powder on your butt.

          • Stop arguing with him. It sounds like he is set in his ways. From analyzing his comments he is trying to move the AR movement into something akin to the Boomer Fox News comment section. My analysis. Take it for what its worth.

          • I am totally fine with small government. I don’t use the state to solve any of my problems.

            However the state is useful for defending the nation. So I insist on the morality of using it for that purpose.

            And some fail to understand that threats may not only be military, they can come from economic, cultural or demographic pressures, among others. All available pressures are used in war.

            The idea that it is somehow morally illegitimate to govern and to address these threats is not normal and it is not viable, it just made your enemies develop sophisticated tactics to route around your self defense mechanisms.

            Can’t you see that the United States has been attacked and largely destroyed… and that attack was not military in nature?

          • You are 100% correct. The state should be used to destroy the enemies of the nation, not to be your mommy. .

        • Sorry, but the capitalism you’re probably thinking of has outlived itself. Capitalism is a growth junkie, without growth, capitalism dies, it implodes. That’s why the West is importing millions of third worlders, to grow the economy. It’s also the driving force of globalization, because there is not sufficient growth potential left within single nation states. You cannot have both, white nation states and capitalism as we know it, unless want to start all over again at zero. You need a different system, possibly a combination of capitalism and socialism, or possibly something radically new.

      • You need to go on detox. Might be a difficult, if not impossible process, but once you get past your obsessive-compulsive naziphobic disorder, you’d feel much better and be able to think clearer.

    • Obviously capitalism can produce wealth, but actual, existing capitalism has gone into an anti-white mode. Arguably an anti-humanity mode. After all, they’re the ones preventing Daily Stormer from using the internet.

      Offering a nuanced criticism of capitalism, without throwing the baby out with the bath water is one of the better things the Alt-Right has going for it.

      The left has also abandoned sane, traditional American environmentalism as “racist”, in favor of focusing on a global rent seeking scheme and mass immigration that (among other things) harm the environment.

      Nationalists should be able to offer a nuanced, common sense take on both capitalism and environmentalism, without going full retard in the pro or anti category.

      This is something missing from both modern leftism and conservatism.

      • Sonny, the only way to make capitalism more pro-White is for you to start a business, get rich, and hire only White people. Get it?

        Or you can use your superior Aryan brain to day trade via Ameritrade or E*TRADE and make a few quick billions. When you have made your billions, then the cuck employees at the various companies you own will dance to whatever tune you play. Then in your own dominion, you can promote whatever social agenda you please.

        • No, the way for me to make capitalism pro-white is to regulate the fuck out of Bezos, Zuckerberg, etc. Bannon style.

          My business will never challenge these powerful anti-whites

          but the state can

          • Desire to use the state to regulate businesses that you don’t particular like is most definitely a non-Aryan impulse. You are thinking like a colored person, aren’t you? Do you think Bezos is smarter than you are? Stand up and think like a man — a White man.

          • You’re playing fair. It would be “unfair” to regulate politically hostile businesses.

            The left does not play fair. Like Schmitt noted, all politics is based on a friend/enemy distinction.

          • Before Charlottesville the big tech should have been made into utility.

          • Big Tech should at least be told that since they rely on government infrastructure to deliver their products, that they are going to be regulated like a utility company or automobile company to meet standards.

          • Maybe not in the next year or two, but it’s certainly possible.

            If tech companies keep overreaching, regulation of big tech is a populist winning issue for a post Trump Republican Presidential candidate.

            Tech companies are all run by shitlibs who give to Dems anyways.

          • I’m not an economist, but I am generally sympathetic to practical arguments for small government. Like, it’s probably more efficient. That’s swell.

            But Conservatives err by making this into a moral argument. Sometimes efficiency is not the overriding concern. If and when a powerful private corporation becomes a threat to the nation, then of course the rulers of the nation have a moral imperative to use the state to remove that threat.

            If a private corporation tries to use the privatized elements of the deep internet infrastructure to censor pro-white speech, you better believe we’re gonna regulate it… or maybe we just nationalize it, whichever.

            It’s funny you guys chose to try and push on this issue while our (((progressive corporate overlords))) have openly declared war on whites. Not smart.

          • If you think Jews are your “corporate overlords,” you are definitely thinking with the victim mentality that is typical of the colored races.

            Go to Forbes or Bloomberg and study the lists of the richest people on this planet. Very few of them are Jews. Most of them are Anglo-Saxons lor at least white people of European ancestry.

            This myth of “Jewish domination” is a pitiful display of… You can do better than that.

          • Our corporate overlords are our corporate overlords. Their names are not hidden. They are disproportionately Jewish but by no means exclusively Jewish.

            They’re heavily influenced by (((progressive))) values and in many cases do not have positive intentions towards whites.

            They hold enormous power and are largely unaccountable. If they use that power to threaten the nation, for example by using privatized deep internet infrastructure to take away Andrew Anglin’s internets, then we have a MORAL IMPERATIVE to prevent that attack using any tool in our arsenal, including the power of the state.

          • Please publish that list! I’ll take you at your word, but it’s very difficult to argue that Jews don’t have a stranglehold on many industries and professions.

            Even in the U.K. the super wealthy tend to be foreign Nationals and that’s where the largest population of Anglo-Saxons come from.

          • He’s wrong. See my post below. 6 of the world’s 20 richest people are Jews.

          • “Go to Forbes or Bloomberg and study the lists of the richest people on this planet. Very few of them are Jews”

            Thanks for the laugh!


            20. Sheldon Adelson (U.S.)
            13. Sergey Brin (U.S.)
            12. Larry Page (U.S.)
            10. Michael Bloomberg (U.S.)
            7. Larry Ellison (U.S.)
            5. Mark Zuckerberg (U.S.)

            That’s 6 out of just the top 20 richest people, from an ethnic group that is like 0.2 percent of the world’s population. You are either woefully uninformed or a shill.

          • They’re mostly tech oligarchs that have some kind of monopoly (Google in search, cell phone OS, Oracle in Servers and data, Zuckerberg in Social Media).

          • Zuckerberg hasn’t even started exercisizingberg his power yet. And he’s number 5.

          • I honestly see Zuckerberg overreaching and going for political power and ending up exiled in Switzerland like his co-ethnic Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

          • Let’s put it this way, if Zuck is stupid enough to run for President against Trump in 2020, it’s not going to end well for Zuck. Especially if Zuck tries to manipulate the internet and social media in his favor.

          • Of the top 100 richest Jews are nowhere a majority.

            If money is so important to you, and if you are envious of them, get off your lazy butt and make more money than they are making.

            You have a superior Aryan brain, don’t you? Or are you part colored? And thus too dimwitted to make money without government help?

          • Ever hear of “Over Representation”? Jews are 0,2 percent of the population. There is no way in hell that Jews are so over represented as billionaires solely due to their talent. Ethnic nepotism has to play a part.

            And at a certain point, it isn’t that Jews are smarter than my lazy ass, it’s corporate collusion and oligarchies that are keeping these tech Jews rich.

          • More victim mentality.
            Have you ever heard of a “brokerage account”?
            Nothing is stopping you from day trading.
            The only limit to your potential wealth is the limits of you intelligence and your balls.

          • I guess all the oil companies Rockefeller put out of business through underhanded tactics were whiners too. Why did the government ever break up Standard Oil? We need more tech robber barons controlling our lives, thoughts, and what we buy.

          • Are you trying to say the Rockefeller was a Jew too.
            Or do you cry about Aryans who are richer than you too.
            An equal opportunity “whiner”?

          • I’m just not a Libertarian Sperg who thinks “free market” will ever get anywhere politically.

            It’s why you losers ever only get 0.5 percent of the vote and are not in the public consciousness.

            No one is motivated to protect some robber baron’s ill gotten gains or legalize muh weed.

          • I am a just an ordinary, regular, purebred White guy who makes a living legally, and I get no government checks — no govt. job, no govt. pensions, no govt. handouts.

            You need to get over being obsessed with thinking about people who make more money than you make.

            After a certain level is attained, more money is more of a curse than a blessing.

          • “Over representation”

            Oh, now you really do sound like one of those colored guys who used to complain about how white males were “over represented” in law schools and engineering

            What do you want?

            A quota system for lobbyists?

            How do you propose to enact and enforce that quota system?

          • He pointed out the top 20. The G20 as it were. It’s completely Kosher.

          • Inconvenient facts. He said something stupid and easily refutable, so now he attacks me rather than admit being wrong.

          • 30 percent of the top 20 coming from 0.2 percent of the world’s population is an absurd overrepresentation that can’t be explained by skill and intelligence.

            Why so few Germans, Chinese, Koreans on that list if it’s all due to intelligence?

          • Maybe because they have better things to do than think about money all the time.
            You tell me.

          • Probably because those ethnic groups don’t collude and capture governments to the extent Jews do. There are no powerful German, Chicom, or South Korean lobbies in America to enforce politicians to kowtow to their will like Jews have with AIPAC.

          • It’s not their money, it’s their power.

            You may not care about Zuck, but Zuck cares about you. And he has the power to do something about it.

            You can’t fight Zuck in the money battle. The state is the most powerful weapon you have available against him.

            Why would you say “i refuse to use this weapon”?

          • Don’t even try. This guy sounds like an Autistic Libertarian who’s happy with some Tech Jews gatekeeping the internet if they’re powerful enough to do it, because “free market.”

          • “It’s their power.”
            Zuck is just a funny guy.
            Laugh at him.
            Don’t take him so seriously.

          • I think you can have formal laws that say whites only. These things prevailed for centuries.

          • You are 100% correct. The first of these would be to reenact the Naturalization Act of 1790 which was signed by that great Christian, capitalist, patriot George Washington. The act states that United States citizenship is for “white persons” only. No exceptions.

          • Too bad. If keeping subhumans out is bad for the market, then to hell with the market.

    • “Blood and Soil,” get it? “Straight is the path and narrow the way,” get it?
      There is no conflict between a racial state, worshiping God’s Creation and being good environmental stewards of our planet. The Alt Right demands it.

      Perhaps you would feel more comfortable in the Chamber of Commerce.

      • Environmentalism is a loser mentality — for untermenschen and naive children.

        The Anglo-American settlers who founded the United States believed that the Creator had put the natural environment here so that man could use it — not so that man could worship it. This belief system gave the settlers freedom of action. They could access natural resources as they pleased, without having to beg for permission from a hierarchy of priests and government officials. So they prospered and multiplied.

        Conversely, Indian tribesmen worshiped the natural environment through the veneration of totem animals, rather than worshiping the Creator who had created everything. Their reverence for nature put the tribesman at a disadvantage. Typically, they could not access critical natural resources without obtaining permission from shamans or from leaders of totemic clans. As a result, Indians often suffered from protein-deficiency malnutrition in villages that were surrounded by a multitude of wild game.
        Hence, the Christian Anglo-Saxons were able to easily overcome the nature-worshiping Indians.

        • America has a proud tradition of conservatism and environmentalism, which has been perverted and weaponized by the left.

          Teddy Roosevelt did nothing wrong

          The Conservative attitude which wholly opposes and writes off entire fields like this, pointlessly arguing in favor of pollution and spiting the left by spraying aerosal cans into the air is warped and immature.

          • Durr…uhh….duhh….Drill Baby Drill!

            I remember Roman Bernard dismissed this idiocy as Big Gulp Nationalism after Sarah Palin spoke with a Big Gulp, because Muh Free Market.

          • I was alive in the 1950s when there was no EPA, and everything was fine.
            People had jobs, people swam in so-called “polluted” rivers, and buying a gun was about the same as buying a screwdriver.

          • As a child, if frequently swam in the Monongahela River, halfway between Pittsburgh and Morgantown. At that time there was NO municipal pollution control upstream and NO pollution control on any mine, mill or factory upstream from there.
            I also often played with “lead soldiers” made of the same lead that bullets are made of. Everybody else did too, and NOBODY got sick from playing with them, NOBODY.
            Guess what? I am still alive and healthy sixty years lately. Therefore, in my opinion, about 99% of all environmental scare stories are strictly BS.

          • So you want to sell off our national parks?

            And let agribusiness dump xenoestrogens in the water supply?

          • Its good that specifics like this are hashed out on this website. Specifics are the difference between who will stay and who will go. The TRUE believers in the movement will stay no matter what. These are good questions to leave in the open.

          • Like, debating more environmental regulation vs less environmental regulation makes sense. In many cases we could maybe do with less.

            And saying that much of what the EPA does today is essentially harmful and malicious, sounds reasonable.

            But just cutting out entire sectors of policy making and saying “it would be immoral ever to do anything here, even if we would benefit” is just such a bizarre dysfunctional mindset.

            We have seen water quality in the Great Lakes significantly improved since the 1950s and regulation plays a part in that. You can eat the fish again. There are at least reasonable arguments in favor of that.

            Anyway, the Alt-Right doesn’t necessarily have an official position on these issues and it may be that different jurisdictions will come up with different solutions. I’ve just been talking some standard nationalist positions.

            There is nothing stopping someone from running a more libertarian Alt-Right site. But libertarianism is not a prerequisite for white survival.

            Lately there have been some who want to try and force the Alt-Right to somehow conform to libertarianism… but a broad pro-white movement that tolerates a diversity of opinion and is mostly just dedicated to making sure we don’t get wiped off the face of the earth… has a much bigger natural constituency than libertarianism.

          • Your view of American “can-do” capitalism is hopelessly romantic. The small-to-medium businesses that thrived when America was great provided exactly the economic environment that led directly to the appalling mess you are in now.
            Your simplistic formulae for a successful society WERE ACTUALLY IN PLACE and rampant unregulated capitalist growth and unregulated greed completely corrupted the businessmen, bankers and service providers who generated the system. Without a powerful state operating in the national interest the same thing will simply happen again.
            Labour and capital markets have to be made to SERVE the people because they are not in themselves capable of making decisions in the best interests of ordinary decent white Americans. The experiment has been tried and it failed. Endless capitalist economic growth is an evil illusion and you are still touting it. I wonder why?

        • Woah! The Injuns were remarkably well fed on game. What killed them was oddly enough the common earthworm brought in the ballast of English ships. When the English brought the worm the fallen foliage that used to provide a blanket for game in winter was churned into humous for tilling.

          All their game vanished within a decade replaced by farms.

          • Total BS. They starved every winter because they had no domestic animals to eat, and they had no domestic animals to eat because it was against their weak-ass religion to have them.

          • I am NOT kidding. The Indians’ religion — totemic nature worship — hindered their ability to feed themselves during the hard winters of North America. There were many recognized totem animals, and without the permission of a shaman, an Indian was not allowed to kill one of them, Thus many Indians starved, while surrounded by vast herds of wild game.

          • Here’s a primary source of the first encounters. These people had meat enough to give to strange English.


            The Natives of New England are accustomed to build them houses much like the wild Irish; they gather Poles in the woodes and put the great end of them in the ground, placing them in forme of a circle or circumference, and, bendinge the topps of them in forme of an Arch, they bind them together with the Barke of Walnut trees, which is wondrous tough, so that they make the same round on the Topp for the smoke of their fire to ascend and pass through; . . . The fire is alwayes made in the midst of the house, with winde falls commonly: yet some times they fell a tree that groweth near the house, and, by drawing in the end thereof, maintaine the fire on both sides, burning the tree by Degrees shorter and shorter, untill it be all consumed; for it burneth night and day. Their lodging is made in three places of the house about the fire; they Iie upon plankes, commonly about a foote or 18 inches above the ground, raised upon railes that are borne up upon forks; they lay mats under them, and Coats of Deares skinnes, otters, beavers, Racoons, and of Beares hides, all which they have dressed and converted into good leather, with the haire on, for their coverings: and in this manner they liee as warme as they desire. . . . for they are willing that any shall eat with them. Nay, if any one that shall come into their houses and there fall a sleepe, when they see him disposed to lie downe, they will spread a matt for him of their owne accord, and lay a roll of skinnes for a boulster, and let him lie. If he sleepe untill their meate be dished up, they will set a wooden bowl of meate by him that sleepeth, and wake him saying, Cattup keene Meckin: That is, If you be hungry, there is meat for you, where if you will eat you may. Such is their Humanity.

          • Yeah, the Indians were eating so well that the Indian population of New England was less that 2 persons per square mile when the Anglo-Saxons arrived.

            Yes, game was bountiful. And the Indians were at the edge of starvation every winter, because their lame-ass religion would not let them kill that bountiful game as they pleased.

          • Leave him alone. All the tell tale signs of angry southern baptist boomer that got tired of trying to change people on the Fox News comment section. AR is a new group of heathens to preach the Good Book. Isn’t it obvious to you?

    • I say the following with respect to your argument because I don’t personally have a dog in this fight until the “religious” question of this movement is set in stone:

      Has anyone taken a poll on what the people who consider themselves “Alt-Right” believe? It would be interesting to see what the outcome of that would be. I am not sure what said outcome would be, but I am sure you would see many “jump ship” if this became an (enter religious belief here) movement.

      I think this is one of those questions that is just as important as the “JQ”. This is one of those questions that being danced around but definitely needs to be addressed.

      • Right. If these kids think they can set up a successful White ethnostate with socialism as its economic system and environmentalism as its de facto religion, they are in for a very rude awakening.

        socialism + environmentalism = a loser mentality

          • The first thing I would do is to require that anybody who wants to be a member would have to get tested by Ancestry DNA (and 23andMe for double verification). The test results would be their Ariernachweis — a far more accurate Ariernachweis than anything Hitler ever dreamed of.

            Why? Because I suspect that the most foolish advocates of unworkable strategies would likely turn out to persons who have a substantial percentage of non-Aryan genes in their personal genomes.

            These racially impure infiltrators would, of course, not be allowed to participate in leadership counsels, decision making, covert operations, or any important operations of any kind.

            Then there would be a shift of effort away for these ridiculous “protests” toward a strategy of “economic reconquest” via training a cohort of aggressive day traders to wrest control of various corporations by buying up huge blocks of their common stocks and bonds.


  • I think a kind of mea culpa on the Alt Right leaders would be a good thing, a gracious move on their part.
    Our guys got bashed and hurt. So, Alt Right leaders must take some responsibility instead of just saying, “I did nothing wrong.” One of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao’s faults was they could never admit errors.

    Now, it’s true enough that Spencer and Co. didn’t do anything wrong legally. They followed the letter of the law to a tee. They were willing to work with authorities to make everything proceed without violence.

    BUT, there is more to a movement than legality. There is the matter of strategy. And there were strategic mistakes, and Alt Right need to take some blame for lack of foresight, excessive trust in authorities, over-reliance on the reach of the law, over-estimation of own strength(hubris), and woeful underestimation of what the Enemy could do. Alt Right thought it would be a cakewalk, like Iraq.

    In a way, strategic planning is more important than legal planning. Spencer himself said many times that what is called ‘rights’ depends on the Power. Well, we don’t have the power, so there is a limit to which rights such as ‘free speech’ and ‘free assembly’ will be recognized and tolerated in this country. In terms of POWER, we are living in a Jewish supremacist state.

    We can’t fault the Alt Right leaders too much because they meant well and committed much time and energy to the cause and event. We salute them on that. And we stick with them in the White Independence Movement. And we can’t force Spencer and others to do a bit of mea culpa. I’m just saying it would be gracious on their part to offer some introspection and self-criticism. They got over their head in the chess game of power. They brought a knife to a gun fight.

    Still, there are so many valuable lessons from this event. If we learn the right lessons, it will make us stronger. If we don’t learn them, we will become dumber.

    Anyway, one sure lesson is the strategy of “Don’t punch to the extreme right” is a bad one. If Alt Right doesn’t purge the 88er movement, it will become associated with morons and psychos. If the Alt Right does not punch the 88ers, then it will become an easy punching bag for all of America that hates Nazis for a good reason. Nazis did horrible evil things in WWII, and if Alt Right is chummy with 88ers, the only impression is Fourth Reich in America.

    • You should compile proof and evidence to prove the claim that “88ers” were responsible for bad things. I’d love to look at that evidence.

      Kessler was linked to Vdare and Daily Caller, not

      I’d love to know who the guys with the big red NS flags were associated with. I haven’t seen anyone say they were responsible.

      • I didn’t say 88ers started the violence. I said they are bad people and also bad for publicity.

        • k so it was just boilerplate

          Not that I think they should be invited to every rally…far from it… I just haven’t seen anything they prove they did anything wrong here

          If they behaved themselves, and the rally had trouble due to the (non-88) leadership, then it’s wrong to disparage them

    • I’m curious about how many people critical of the Charlottesviile Alt Right leaders were actually at the rally and if any of them were among the
      wounded. There seems to be a general tone among those finding fault with rally organizers: “You know what I’m looking forward to? – hindsight.”

      What exactly “would be a good thing, a gracious“ thing for
      our leaders to say? “Mea culp, Non potui videre in posterum?”

      Anyway, “one sure lesson is the strategy of ‘Don’t punch to
      the extreme right” doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to our enemies. Today in Boston, “a small group of conservatives” who “had publicly distanced themselves from the neo-Nazis, white supremacists and others…in Charlottesville on Aug. 12” were met by “thousands of demonstrators chanting anti-Nazi slogans” and routed from their “free speech rally (” This was no different from the type of chanting hurled at Trump supporters during the election and Presidential inauguration – Republicans, conservatives and “Nazis” alike.

      Optics and marketing our image is important, and some of us need
      to work on that along with some professional discipline when verbally confronting Bolshevik scum. But if we are trying to reach the average Trump supporter or even an element of the Bernie Bros with the Alt Right message, it is far more important to be seen as principled, determined and courageous than it is to engage in the futile, relentless exercise of “we’re not Nazis.” Because we ARE to our enemies, all of us, and will be treated as such forever, no matter what we do. We should all know that by now. The average American will respect us when they see we can hold and advance our ground – legally, physically and politically. When they see us still standing, demanding our Constitutional rights of speech and assembly, defending the symbols of their culture and heritage, they will begin to identify with us – a few 88ers sprinkled in our ranks notwithstanding. Violent communist mobs in retreat, holding their bloody heads after trying to physically assault us won’t bother the average Joe, either.

      Just for the record, I was in Charlottesville on the 12th. Although they were in the minority, I am thankful for every 88er and Klansman who was there and I haven’t met one person who had to fight their way out of that park that wasn’t.

      • Yeah, things got out of hand in Boston, BUT the globalists have less ammo against patriots there. Why? No Nazi crap.

      • I’m very supportive of Heimbach, Enoch, Wallace and Spencer. Cantwell is trouble and bad news. Kessler is suspect at minimum (or at least too Green). Nothing bad to say about anyone else. They are all legends.

  • Lol should we believe nazis and kkk who spread hate and racism and whom were dressing like going to war as the good and innocent guys? Sorry but im not nazi trupinsky or a nazi deplorable who mihgt fall into nazi lies

    • you’re not a nazi but you supported Obama who hired neo-nazis in Ukraine and used Alqaeda in Syria against Assad. What a dumbass.

    • It`s not a question of belief, it`s a simple fact that AR is much more peaceful than your deranged leftoid scum. Soon you`ll be wishing it stayed that way.

    • You enemies, traitors and cowards rely on name calling (“hate and racism”) to maintain your decadent camp of support. You are incapable of
      debate. You would immediately be exposed as hypocrites and fools. Not only are you unable to debate ideas but you are terrified of allowing us to speak, regularly initiating violence in an attempt to stop us. Thus the defensive “dressing like going to war.”

      Go visit your mammy.

        • obviously he’s not our guy. It would be demoralizing to post our guy getting BTFO

          the idea is that they’re attacking anyone they disagree with and calling them nazi

          • Video shows yet another example of the Jew mind, writ large. No amount of introspection, whining, or appeasement will change its primitive tribal sense of things. It’s very efficient, actually.

    • Well, that could be a good thing. Maybe he was, ahem, advised by Trump to do this. On a side note, look at that picture of Kushner. ACK! He is like a hybrid of Nosferatu and Pee-Wee Herman.


    Look, events in Boston vindicating our narrative.

    All the violence is instigated by ‘counter-protesters’, as Jew-run CBS calls them.

    They are Antifanissary thugs and lunatics who oppose free speech and side with Wall Street and the War State.

    I’m glad this event happened. No Confed flags, no ‘gas the kikes’ stuff.

    Only patriots demanding free speech, but the Antifanissary scum attack just the same.

    Trump should talk about this.

    Jewish War on Free Speech and Free Assembly.

    Barking dogs on leash who can’t tolerate the howl of free wolves.

  • Gorgar will go ahead and say it:

    David Duke is kryptonite.

    However unfair, this was memed into existence before most in the movement were born, and no amount of reeeing is going to change that.

    Perhaps in the future President Azzmador can award him a posthumous Medal of Freedom.

    Until then, Duke is doing just fine with Gen Z online and with the podcasts. This should be encouraged.

    But he needs to be kept the fuck away from the political meatspace.

    Part of growing up is accepting hard truths. This is about winning, not what is fair.

    • I would tend to agree. I’ve said it before. I don’t mind if he speaks at smaller rallies.

      Life isn’t fair. If Duke was Spencer’s age and had never joined the Klan, he’d probably be a Senator or Governor now.

          • What ever it takes to win. Which former D behind his name or former Obama activist/supporter should organize the next successful Alt Right-Right Rally behind enemy lines? Only asking because I hear there is great wisdom to be drawn from echo chambers. Group think is a strength.

          • Hitler Agreed. Some direct quotes for you my Nazi friend. Its worth noting Duke was as enamored with Muslims as your Uncle Adolfo-
            It is not Germany that will turn Bolshevist but Bolshevism that will become a sort of National Socialism. Besides, there is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it…. I have always made allowance for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once. The petit bourgeois Social-Democrat and the trade union boss will never make a National Socialist, but the Communist always will.
            We National Socialists wish precisely to attract all socialists, even the Communists; we wish to win them over from their international camp to the national one.
            I have learned a great deal from Marxism as I do not hesitate to admit… The difference between them and myself is that I have really put into practice what these peddlers and pen pushers have timidly begun.
            The whole of National Socialism is based on it… National Socialism is what Marxism might have been if it could have broken its absurd and artificial ties with a democratic order.
            After all, that’s exactly why we call ourselves National Socialists! We want to start by implementing socialism in our nation among our Volk! It is not until the individual nations are socialist that they can address themselves to international socialism.
            The Revolution we have made is not a national revolution, but a National-Socialist Revolution. We would even underline this last word, “Socialist.”
            There is a difference between the theoretical knowledge of socialism and the practical life of socialism. People are not born socialists, but must first be taught how to become them. I, on the other hand, have tried for two decades to build a new socialist order in Germany, with a minimum of interference and without
            harming our productive capacity.

          • @Gatzke This quote is from Herman Rauschning’s book “Conversations with Hitler”. I couldn’t find any references to any historians of the period who believe that the “conversations” ever took place. It’s fake news. Rauschning needed money so he wrote this fiction in 1940. He’d left the Party in 1934.

        • He started off as a democrat, switched to the “populist party”, but switched again to became a Republican before he got into office

          C’mon son, this is basic wiki tier information

          • Tell me more about McCain, Romney, Marco. They have R’s behind their name too.
            I do not pay attention to letters but actions. Him and Kessler. C’mon man. Really. Read plenty of Dukes early writing. I read a little bit of everything. He is Fake Right.
            And a pathway to failure.

          • My Awakening is a good book

            IMHO David Duke should stay away from Alt-Right rallies for the time being, even though his views are virtually 100% correct… or were back when he wrote that book

            The problem is that he becomes the story

          • He is an evolving scholar. He is smart. Has many sound ideas. That’s neither here nor there. Its bad optics. Period. Build a winning brand to gain momentum or waste energy recuperating dead brands like the KKK, Duke and Nazism. Remain fringe. It risks everything. Its not smart.

  • Long fight ahead, but I think we all know that. It took the Vietnamese some 30 years.

    Now, the Vietnamese were nominally “communist”, but if you talk to anyone seriously associated with Vietnam they’ll tell you that they were “nationalists”. And when they sprang an ambush, they left no survivors.

  • Romney, Rick Wilson, Rubio, McCain all siding with Antifa commies.

    Antifa HATE these people. LOL.

    Btw, Reagan must have been a sicko evil person because he denounced communism as ‘evil empire’.

    If the GOP is so anti-Confederate, why did it welcome people like Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms?

  • We need to give a shoutout to all the Alt Right sites that have been Nakba-ed.

    Nowicki and Liddell’s Alternative Right was taken down.

    I hear Counter-Currents has also been hit.

    Radix is gone.

    This is all the more outrageous since Alt Right came in peace and was attacked by Antifanissary of Jewish globalist supmremacists. The Jew-run media are giving glowing accts of Antifa just like it gave positive coverage to ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria and to neo-nazis in Ukraine who proved useful against the pro-Russian government.

    We’ve exposed the true nature of the Glob and how it plays. We are all Palestinians being Nakba-ed.

    Media is Intimida, a intimidation weapon of the Power.

    We need our Intifadah against it.

    We know rule of law is gone in this country. It is rule of Big Boss Zion.

    Another lesson…

    few months back, there was a huge spat among Friberg, Johnson, and etc.
    Now, it’s natural to have disagreements, but we need to be more diplomatic or private about such matters.
    Such fracturing when the Right hasn’t even grown into a powerful movement is petty and stupid.

  • Antiracism is a cult religion. In the nineties the NYT was constantly paranoid about how the Religious Right was going to turn America into an Fundamentalist Christian Police State. It turns out that all of the fantasies of the NYT have come true, not for fundamentalist Christianity, but rather for fundamentalist Antiracism. Among the Antiracist whites, the high priests often do not even practice what they preach, often living in an all white neighborhood, even a gated community, with all kinds of security while moralizing about how walls are evil. Sounds like religious hypocrasy. Bill Maher is saying how religion is bad and stupid, revering of course to Christianity and maybe Islam, but he needs to include Anitiracism.
    The highest of Antiracist high priests are the Jews. Imagine that: them having the nerve to lecture about White Privelage when their own race has all kinds of Jewish Privilege in Israel, they started the Bolshevik revolution, they bank roll all the Hollywood filth, they were the biggest slave treaders, they make America fight wars for Israel! Makes perfect sense because as Bill Maher said, religion is stupid.

    • Religion is the way of man. Has always been, will always be. It’s just that some religions are more truthful than others. Christianity, for all its flaws, contains profound truths. Certainly moreso that the marxist, socialist, communist religion of “equality” that infects modernity.

      From truth, victory.

      • Thanks for your question. I am a real life White patriot. Please tell your Polish Nationalist friends I admire them for everything they’ve achieved in their homeland. In my opinion, they are an inspiration to the cause of White freedom and self-determination.

        • See that branding. The US Right branch need to do that. It will sell. It is not that difficult. I was only razzing you. Cheers Nationalist.

          • And yet they are winning their country back. Their liberal judiciary is being purged as I type.

          • The flag you pointed out is just Anti-German and Anti-Russian. Don’t kid yourself.

          • Cannot imagine why.. why oh why would poles be anti Nazi and anti Commie. Pure Nazism constitutes 12 years of German History. Communism constitutes less the 75 years of Russian history. And I cannot imagine why 60% of Americans would not get behind a similar banner with a bald eagle in the middle with an American flag as the back drop. One that disavows two failed ideologies, two sides of the same coin. We can kill liberalism later.

          • No, Poles are anti-Russian and Anti-German…then they throw in their lot with the French (Napoleon) or Jews (The Schlacta did okay with that deal) or Britain (and the banks)

          • Same to you brother! I don’t mind the razzing at all. We need to be self-critical. Maybe you are correct about the branding. I don’t know if it really matters, but a White swastika arguably sends a different message. At any rate, I agree we need to do what works. Our People are what’s most important.

  • My two shekels.

    These events need to be organized covertly and only involve level headed movement leaders like Richard Spencer and David Duke in the planning stages. Just do unannounced events like the first Charlottesville event and the Friday night torchlit procession. The authorities can’t shut you down if they don’t know you’re showing up. Hold events in small towns like Charlottesville where police can’t quickly muster manpower. 10 cops on duty in a small town aren’t going to be able to stop a torchlit procession with 500 people. Holding the events in small towns also conveys that our movement is one that represents the heartland, not the Coastal elites.

    DO NOT HOLD ANNOUNCED RALLIES IN BIG CITIES LIKE DC, BERKELEY, BOSTON WHERE ANTIFA AND THE AUTHORITIES CAN MOBILIZE AGAINST YOU. Look at what happened in Boston today to the Alt Lite, those are the kind of optics we want to avoid. If we continuously hold unannounced, unpermitted rallies, we look like a true vanguard.

    Before the rally, I asked myself who the hell Jason Kessler was. It turned out that due diligence was not done and Kessler is not someone you want as any kind of public face. Spencer got burned and I suspect he’ll limit organization to his inner circle. I’d cut out people like Mike Enoch, they can still show up, but there’s a reason Enoch is consistently banned from Twitter and David Duke and Richard Spencer stay on social media, at least for now.

    • I won’t tell the people who are more involved than me what to do

      But it should be apparent that this is no longer amateur hour and that the time for loose talk and foolish risks is over.

      These events almost always seem to have a positive effect on the movement and the political scene as a whole. This still looks like an important event, that established huge precedents, changed the world and made our enemies act stupidly.

      But extreme care ought to be taken to ensure that good people are not placed in physical or (far more importantly) legal jeopardy. Read the legal history of WN 1.0, pay attention to what happens to Kyle Chapman and the Sacramento guys, and what happens to a certain libertarian podcast host. The system is still in place and it will still stretch the boundaries of fairness and due process to fuck with you. Really think about what that means.

      Spencer’s original strategy looks pretty good right now, IMHO. Other, more risky strategies that may have worked to grab attention, might need to be scaled back, now that attention has been grabbed.

      Sadly all this places even more of a burden on event organizers.

    • Enoch gets banned from Twitter for tweeting at shitlibs and embarrassing them in arguments, not for saying insane things. If you only use Twitter to engage with your own followers you generally won’t get banned even if being extremely edgy.

      Milo was banned for the same reason.

  • sounds like a lawsuit, for conspiracy , and or possible charges if this was indeed a set up, and ordered stand down so the leftists could violently attack. Is Richard seeking legal recourse?

    • In what establishment jurisdiction? And that ANTIFA posted recordings of the C’Ville “alt right” planning sessions says much. Hey maybe ANTIFA is in fact the military arm of the establishment. The behavior of political people within the R/D establishment certainly implies this… only one side is demonized and mentioned 24/7… your side.

  • One positive result of this is that the Power has now openly sided with extreme Antifa and smeared its own brand. The media is now associated with thugs and terrorists. It is for intimidation, not information. Media are now Intimida.

    Anyway, white patriots feat that the US will go from majority power to minority power.

    That happened already in the 90s when Jewish minority became the ruling caste in America.

  • Summary: In November 2016 Obama and Hillary made Jason really mad. He suddenly would realign everything he had learned in life. As if by magic. And on the 3rd day he blossomed; he became Alt Right and started organizing for the opposing socialist team. Of course it was not real. Kessler was an Obama and Hillary operative. Kessler, “Unless they are very stupid, deep down they knew it but suspended their disbelief for belief because all white people are redeemable”. And besides the racial component they had so much in common – Trust was established. And what a spectacle it was. Good Times for the Alt-Left; for on that special day in C’Ville Operational success was realized in the great struggle.
    October, 1st 2018, Kessler: Living Among Actual Nazis. Pg. 48. DNC-RNC Voters Guide.

    • Yes, because in life, people never just change their minds. Like you, for instance. You were an Identitarian when you were 5 and Red Pilled On Da JQ when you were 7.

      • Maybe. Its Cultural memory derived from that magical 800 KM wheel barrow ride mom went on in 1945. At least have to foresight to acknowledge infiltration has always been a part of the game. It has always been that way and always will- its not rocket science. And have the foresight to expect many story’s like the hypothetical hitting the presses around the mid terms. Just because the domain name is does not make it “Right” in oh so many ways. Cheers.

          • I know these guys are not professional “community organizers” – learn from mistakes made and move on. Do not repeat them. Time is not is not on your side. Optics is everything when building a brand. Americana sells. Nazism does not.

          • Probably right about Nazism. But Americana Optics are little more than the Tea Party and what did they accomplish?

          • It was effective till they went soft and allowed themselves to be co-opted by GOPe. Flipped a good number of incumbents out of their seats too. You tell me if that rally would have had better optics if everyone had a Captain America shield and minute man colored clothes marching next to people of the south in Red, White and Blue trying to save their history. A remembrance of Americas warriors torch rally rather than a blood and soil thing. C’mon. You get it.

          • It may have been better PR for Normies but most Normies won’t ever go any further than Civic Nat, which won’t save us. The people sent in to attack us are going to attack us and our livelihoods no matter what costumes we wear. Also, the media will spin it the same way every time, with or without unintended casualties. Maybe we need to start running Alt Right candidates who LARP as Republicans to get elected?

          • Optics are everything in Culture War. Most normies do not even listen. But they react to imagery.

          • I think its moved beyond Culture War. Our enemies openly enact violence against us and the State openly protects them. C-Ville made that an undeniable fact.

          • Its what Communists do. Always. Must be unpredictable and again- No one should have showed up in Boston and ANTIFA would have been chronicled doing their thing. Solo.

          • There are some older blacks in Dallas rallying to save that confederate monument being targeted for removal. They are wearing a mix of Americana gear and confederate gear. But they are the dumb ones. Know what I am saying…

          • Well that is what happens when weakened brave people attack the strongest points. I am not shocked. Are you? I know you are smart. No need to answer.

          • I really can’t imagine why anyone would stage a rightwing protest in Boston. Charlottesville was a 50/50 on the surface.

          • they didn’t send a lot of people to this protest but drew a massive response, confirmed the prevailing right wing narrative and got the left to act in a way that turns people off

  • The civil war was also an act of genocide. We know 625 thousand soldiers died because the Union and Confederate militaries had records. We have an estimate that anywhere between 800 thousand to a million men women and children were killed or died due to the Civil war, with over 90% of them in the South.

    The Confederacy was made up of 11 states. The population of the Confederacy was 9 million.
    We have a good idea of the horrors of the refugee and POW camps. They were closer to death camps.

    The entire economy of the South collapsed. There was no “Marshal Plan”. Reconstruction did not give one penny to rebuild the South and it remained that way into the 20th century. The millions who left the South in the following years after the war ended in 1865 only deepened the economic crisis.

    We know that the war was fought in the South. The South was the battleground. Most of the 1.5 million killed (625 thousand soldiers and around 800 thousand to a million civilians killed) were Southerners. That is over 1/9 of the 9 million population.That is a genocide.

  • There is another way to look at our civil war.
    The Civil war is uniquely American. The 1861 war which lasted till 1865 took place at a time when most of the world, including Europe, were not nation states. The European Colonial Empires controlled more than a quarter of the globe.

    The British Empire alone controlled a quarter of the Globe. Then there was the French, Dutch, Belgium, Portuguese Empires. Germany was in the process of becoming a nation state. The rest of the world was either under kingdoms, Empires or open land.

    Unlike the American Revolution or the war of 1812 and 1848 the Civil war was fought on American soil against Americans by Americans. They fought and died on American soil over American issues, not foreign issues.

    The Civil war was uniquely American in every way. To remove monuments to this war is to remove the identity of America which fought so hard for expression. It is as unique to America as our Founding Documents. Unlike so many Europeans who have fought, died and are buried on foreign lands defending Empires, the men portrayed in those monuments are Americans who are buried on this land. The civil war is part of an ongoing struggle of self identity.

    • It’s very difficult to say that any player in a civil war is a traitor.

      Because civil wars are uniquely fought to settle some issue of social supremacy by a class or an institution within a nation.

      • I have mixed emotions about that whole 1861-65 ordeal. I understand what the South felt they had to prove. I had ancestors fight on the Union and so I have no “southern heritage pride”, so I can’t exactly feel that deep emotion that most southern folk have. I also can’t call them in good conscience “traitors” because what they were fighting for at the heart was all around an American value.

        I’m pissed at the fact that the mess is something we still have to deal with today. Hindsight is 20/20, but had there been some form strategy to subsidize Southern plantation owners for returning African slaves to their ancestral lands, slavery and “white supremacy” probably wouldn’t even be an issue today.Technology was also only around the corner to start automating agricultural machines via steam/gas power which could have replaced manual labor. But again gr$$d won the day. I’m like Richard Spencer…I want white kids picking my apples. White kids today need to build confidence through a hard days work out in the fields.

        • The way that slavery was abolished in other Empires and states did not require a ball busting war of extermination of whites. Either.

          Lincoln had an agenda beyond anything you can articulate.

    • the Southern gentleman was unique in its character in American tissue in that he was analogous to the European Christian nobleman with his agrarian/moderate city type culture and economy with his sense for ‘enough’ and his common decency. This was unacceptable to the Revolution and had to be wiped out for the coming technocrat order that holds the tightly knit community as its arch-enemy as uniquely anti-progress, anti-Babylon.

  • It is funny watching cucks act like racist status works like transgender status — based solely on self-identity.

    Good luck telling the alt-left that like gender, I don’t self identity as racist therefore I am not. Even better, someone on the fence can say I’ve been purple pilled and now self-identity as racism non-binary with a unique mix of racist and anti-racist beliefs.

  • I have posted this on several websites:
    “The left will lose everything.
    The left will lose the 2018 and 2020 elections. Because of their violent face that is destroying American monuments and because of the Obama legacy they will lose the elections.
    The left cannot gain power by brute force and they cannot gain power by elections. Since their ultimate goal is power it seems Power is the last thing the Left will get.”

    • Most likely the Republicans will lose people also over the next 10 years. An Alt-Right political party may be beneficial in the future- even if it only gets a small percentage of the vote. It would hurt the Republicans (mostly full of cucks), which may sound counterproductive, but may be a wise strategic move. People vote in “odd” ways once they are behind that curtain filling in those little bubbles. Once people start realizing that 95% of republicans are just out for their image and $$$ using “muh neocon corporate fox news conservative” values. Just my .02

      • Our enemies have a saying that goes something like this …

        “The parasite becomes the host.”

        Why build parallel infrastructure when the existing infrastructure may be used? We need maximum efficiency here, not “make work” projects.

        • Truthfully I don’t think there is any peaceful “political” solution to this whole thing. I don’t have a dog in this fight. I’m a “black pilled” lost soul that just likes to throw out ideas to the more optimistic and energetic youth. I am just bringing up ideas for the AR. Grass roots projects aren’t a bad idea, but I see your point.

      • The Republican Party exists in order to advance the economic interests of the richest 10% of the country. Anything else Republican politicians talk about is an effort to win votes among the remaining 90%.

    • Tend to agree with this. As a matter of practicality, it’s very helpful for the GOP to have these anti-white democrat mobs in the streets, showing their true faces.

      Applying more Federal power (ICE, etc) against the blue cities would be highly useful as well. Does Trump have the stones? At 70 years old, he just might.

      Really need more GOP aggression, though; Corey Stewart, here in Virginia, is doing a decent job and he’s running for US Senate against antifa-ally Tim Kaine in 2018.

  • We need to go into religious mode. Create a new religion. Nothing is as powerful as a religious mindset. Jews associated spirituality with their biology.

    A religious person needs only a little text to give him strength and energy.

    Look how Afghans had Islam to give them morale against foreign conquerors.

    • While I fundamentally agree with what you say on this part (ie religion), its important to note however that it’s extremely difficult to rouse that idea inside a new movement that takes in “all types”. The main problem is that at the base of it, people fear what happens in the “afterlife”. Trying to convert a hardcore bible toting southern baptist with alt-right leanings will prove fruitless- especially when they truly believe their immortal soul is at stake if they hop on board what they believe is a movement which also welcomes in pagans and atheists. My guess is that the religious question (which is being danced around) will ultimately cause a schism within the movement. Its just too loaded. The question is “what comes after” that schism?

  • Jewish Domination has become such a fct of life that we don’t even notice it and don’t rebel against it.

    It’s like there was a time when blacks took white domination over them so much for granted that they didn’t even think to rebel or resist.

    We need to wake up and declare white independence from white nakba and resist.

    We also need to side with ALL nations and groups being attacked and destroyed by Jewish Supremacism all over the world.

    • you are mentally and morally twisted. You need psycho therapy. There is no “puppet master” oppressing you…good grief.

      • Right, the media are owned by Eskimos. Wall Street is owned by Hawaiians. Hollywood is run by Amish.

        Are you for real?

        If Jewish power isn’t real, why is there a concerted effort to shut down BDS?

        • I also don’t belong to this filthy cretinous nazi site but still want to ascertain that there is no hope for this Jew-hateful cowardly nation armed to teeth and shivering in fear in front of imbecile blacks and stone-aged filthy muslims.

  • Neocon and Zionists use lies, propaganda, and lies to foment wars, sanction nations, and destroy entire nations & peoples. But the platform and the state are rigged to appease these very scum who’ve done most damage to the world.

    Has any Neocon been sent to jail or denied any rights or any service? No, they get to have more power.

    Neocons drove policy even under Obama.

    We have to identify Jewish Power that is source of so much of the world’s woes.

    We need to protect BDS.

    • I vehemently agree with protecting BDS. That just might be our best chance at fighting back this evil. Many on the left are actually very receptive to anti-Zionist sentiments if framed in a pro-Palestinian way.

      • “Palestinian” made up name from mass murderer Arafat. “Palestinians” = arabs, who never had or have a historical claim to Israel. All are transplants. Israel was largely abandoned as late as the late 19th century. Jews started PURCHASING land in what was ancient Israel, because the ARABS that owned it, didnt’ want the WASTE LAND! After Jew’s actually made the land productive, (Because they are God’s chosen people,) Arabs all of sudden saw value in the land, but really didn’t want a Jewish state. 1/10th of 1% of middle east land is Israel. Do your really think the arabs give a crap about the land?! It is simple satanic hatred of God’s chosen people, which some on this site obviously subscribe to also. Sad, and ignorant.

  • All right guys, this is where you went wrong.

    You became anti-Jewish.

    No kidding. You should have appropriated aspects of village level Jewish culture and used it against the globalist Soros crowd. “Ironically” be Jewish instead of “ironically” hugging Nazis.

    And I mean, the alt-right doesn’t actually have any problem with the state of Israel. They just want neutrality. Which actually is what the far right of Israel wants. Both of you want an end to the $5 billion the USA gives them.

    • If Israel was really the home of the Jewish people then yeah… But as it stands they run the intelligentsia of Western countries and use it to break our nations down.
      If Jews would stop using their power in academia, media, government, and banks to push for an anti-white hyper-liberal agenda, none of us here would even be talking about them.

      • You realize how BASED the founding fathers of Israel were? Like, Ariel Sharon was pretty badass back in the day. So was Ben Gurion.

        Now it is super-pozzed.

        You have to realize how much of the Jewish establishment here are also acting out of their fear of the Palestinians. This leads them to weird places. They probably are so pro-gay because that is one way they can distinguish themselves from the Palestinians who of course have a traditional heteronormative society.

        • I was at gay pride in Israel five years back. Just as degenerate as in the West.
          Doesn’t change the fact that Jews are over represented in the West in pushing this degeneracy.
          For the record, I have more respect for actual Israelis than I do for hypocritical leftist Jews. Talmudic Jews are a whole other story.

          • Yes, I know. But look up their older generation.

            The homosexuality you see there is because they’re so afraid. I kid you not. Like, dogs when stuck in an enclosed space will do homosexual stuff. So do men in prison.

            The Palestinians are the key as to why. All of this Jewish militancy regarding Muslim immigration, about homo stuff, etc stems from their own fears and failures.

            If you were smarter you’d exploit them instead of reinforcing their already existing perceptions.

          • “The homosexuality you see there is because they’re so afraid.”
            Israeli men turning gay because they are afraid of dirt-world foreigners? I thought Israelis have a decent military culture. I saw soldiers walk around the streets with open-carry semi-automatic rifles.
            You think Israel’s culture is collapsing because they’re in an enclosed space surrounded by foreigners that want them dead? I’d imagine that having real enemies at the borders would only galvanize them and increase their sense of tribal identity.

            “If you were smarter you’d exploit them instead of reinforcing their already existing perceptions.”
            How would we do something like that?
            If you mean work with them or establish a real dialogue, that is an option, but I think the AltRight is still in the phase of establishing its leaders, core members, and ideology. Bringing Jews into the fold will most likely lead to subversion and confusion. Too early for that I think.

    • Israel functions as the center of a global criminal network which exerts enormous influence over American politics… among many other things

      They’re not “just another Ethnostate” on par with Estonia or something.

      Americans will remain functionally retarded (and dangerous) in the political sphere as long as they are unable to discuss this issue in a rational and nuanced way.

      Strategies for breaking down these taboos may vary, but so far it seems like we have seen a rise in understanding of these issues in response to the ongoing Alt-Right campaign of taboo breaking.

      • No…not at all.

        The angle which “red-pulled” me on Israel was seeing the Palestinian issue and how it was created.

        LARPing Nazis only helps the “Israel is our greatest ally” angle of Israel. Israel and Jews fetishize Nazis. You are providing them with Nazis.

        • I certainly acknowledge that the Palestinian issue is one possible route to awareness of the JQ

          However, conservative Americans are, ironically… too racist against Palestinians for their own good. American Conservative Christians hate peaceful Palestinian Christians and consider them less than human.. unless they collaborate with the Israelis. Their attitudes towards the Muslims are even worse.

          And we have enough Muslim attacks that this opinion is continually reinforced, even though most of those attacks are not, of course, actual Palestinians.

          So, you need alternative routes to raise awareness of the JQ among people who have been moralized to hold (((American Conservative attitudes))).

          The American right has seen a big rise in awareness of the JQ over the last few years and it’s not from David Duke humanizing the Palestinians. It coincides with the rise of Alt-Right and /pol activity, using subversive, sometimes shocking humor to break down taboos, and following it up with truth telling.

          • Let me explain it more succinctly. The best way to fukk with American Jews is to hug their cousins back in Israel.

          • A lot of people have tried that, and devolved into controlled opposition, without really getting too much done.

            It would be better if their cousins back in Israel became convinced that the genocidal machinations of the diaspora are becoming a liability.

          • That’s absolutely the only way the Jews will stop the nation wrecking.

          • Actually, if there were no Palestinian problem, the Jews here would probably chill out. I.e. We should let Israel drive out the Palestinians once and for all.

    • I am just going to leave this here.. you might learn something.

      I am just going to keep posting this, sadly it’s still necessary…

      (first two minutes)

      (start from 2:25)

      (first 30 seconds)

      (watch from 6:00 till 7:40)

      (Watch till 2:40)

      (start from 2:00)

      (Watch till 4:08)

      (Best chess player ever and part Jew himself)

  • This article appears to have hit a nerve. The accusation of racism appears to be the universalist blaming whitey for the failure of universal love in the world.

  • Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

    Recent events are a perfect illustration of this.

    State Terror and Antifanissary attack Alt Right that obeyed all the rules, BUT the Power attacks only the Alt Right.

    This is White Nakba. Jews have been doing this to Palestinians forever.

    And even though Jew-run America is the aggressor against Russia, Russia is blamed for everything and sanctioned.

    We have to name the Beast. It is Jewish Ethno-Monopoly. We need White Independence from Jewish Supremacism.

    Always name the enemy. It’s like properly diagnosing the disease.

    And for morale booster, hold a rally where people will be receptive.

    • What’s up with Jew hatred? The “Palestinians” (fake name created by mass murder Egyptian, Yasser Arafat,) are the single most evil people on earth. They are Arabs, who falsely claim a right to land that Jews legally bought over decades from Arabs, and took in two wars after being attacked by over whelming numbers, yet still won. There is Some kind of sickness with a percentage of white nationalists who hate Jews. Sure some Jews are destructive leftist/globalists. But many more gentiles are the same. Besides, racially, Jews are white, as are many Arabs. So this over the top Jew hatred is illogical and hateful. In truth it is satanic. It feels goooood to choose a group you can pin all your angst and hate on. The problem is that is a leftist trait. Leftist’s feeeeel, and don’t think. For some on the right, feeeeling hatred for the Jews feels good, but isn’t rational, and does not do good. It is evil. It is kind of pathetic too; ascribing some super hidden power that oppresses you and keeps you down! LOl! Just like Blacks and the left, with their unseen, unprovable “institutional racism.” Same mental/moral illness operating in both cases.

      • Jews oppose European ethno-states everywhere.

        So my opinion on Israel is, Fuck Israel.

        They don’t get their ethno-state if they deny us the same thing.

        • At the same time, I would love for all the Jews to be banished to Israel. I’d rather they were there than being the destructive parasites they are in our own country.

        • Venerable scholar yehuda. Israel is not ethnostate. Less than 80% are jews. Israeli leftists brought in 50000 black muslims into Israel where they wreak havoc. To compare egyptians just shot them dead. Leftists are the same everywhere. They ruin their countries.

      • Yeah right. Zionists who deconstruct Palestinians also deconstruct whites.

        We need White Independence from Jewish hate and Jewish supremacism.

        • The depths of Jewish neuroses are clear when looking at the fact that Jews deny that Palestinians and White people have a right to exist.

          • Yes indeed…..doesn’t matter if you constantly bomb me…in the name of equality and fratenity and love.. for all men…you can kill me.

          • Fakestinians are invention of Jew-haters. The territory they claim belonged to Jordan and Egypt. They lost it in the war. Stupid Israel started so-called peace negotiations to form this false state. Fortunately arabs are so full of Jew-hatred they rejected all solutions, thereby saving suicidal Jews.

      • I am just going to continue posting this, sadly it’s still necessary…

        (first two minutes)

        (start from 2:25)

        (first 30 seconds)

        (watch from 6:00 till 7:40)

        (Watch till 2:40)

        (start from 2:00)

        (Watch till 4:08)

        (Best chess player ever and part Jew himself)

      • Surprised found one sane comment in this Jew-obsession hatred fest. You are so impotent and cowardly, thus you use magically powerful Jews to justify your misery. It’s not safe to attack muslims and blacks who murder whites everywhere, hence you invented Jew-power. Indeed they have tremendous power. They are dying nation which is still 3 mls less then they were 80 years ago. They won 6 wars with arabs, ask for peace, returned seized in war land and ready give up more land permeated with blood of Jewish soldiers to arabs vowing to annihilate them. One lost war would mean end of Israel. They are the most harassed group in the US but treasonous msm which you claim to be serving Jews, screams about islamophobia, racism, and of course israeli occupation. Still you bleat about Jews owning msm forgetting to mention that these JINOs don’t care for jews, Israel and want to outdo Jew-haters in Jew-hatred. These leftist Jews brought 50000 black muslims into Israel who turned its largest city into crime zone. You fail to mention that antifa consists of Jew-hating groups like blm, sjp, supporters of isis, hence only Jew-hating imbecile jew can support them. You fail to notice leftist whites who ruin this country but parade every idiotic suicidal Jew you can find. Your path would be so easier, productive and victorious should you get rid of your satanic baseless inborn self-destructive Jew-hatred. But you never will. Because you are wicked and wicked will never understand.

        • Oy vey! It’s all a “Jew obsession hatred fest!” All of these Jews who have systematically opened the borders and flooded White countries with Muslims and the Turd World are just a Cohencidence! They’re not real Jews, goy.

          Barbara Specter
          George Soros
          Tim Wise
          Susan Sontag
          Rosa Luxemburg
          Joe Slovo
          Noel Ignatiev
          Robert Reich
          Francis Fox Piven
          Betty Friedan
          Gloria Steinem
          Mike Signer
          Genrikh Yagoda
          Bela Kun

          It’s all just a Cohencidence, goy. Stop noticing things!

      • I agree with you. Why all the Jew hate.? It shows the alt right as anti-semitic racists . There is no reason anybody would want to paint the white race as anti-semitic racists. It’s counter productive. There is no chance of mass recruital.
        Most white Americans do not see this as a racial problem they see our problems as governmental/political problems. American people against deeps state.
        White people in this country like to be good Americans. They se e themselves as rugged individualists. self-sustaining and willing to be judged on their own merits.
        They don’t see themselves as parts of a group like the Socialists do. Socialists see the world as constant class-warfare so their method of operation is the set everybody into little groups: men vs. women blacks vs. Whites straights vs. gays etc. and get them to fight one another.
        I f whites fall in that trap of just being another group, the socialist now control the field of battle.
        All Charlottesville did was make 40,000 protestors show up to denounce alt rights racism. It se

        • I agree, the Jew attack thing has got to stop, it will kill white nationalism. To be taken seriously, they need to be pro-white and not create bogeymen.

          • I’ve been on their website a couple of times ( Unfortunately, I find them as doctrinaire as crazy violent Antifa members. In no way do they represent me.
            I was interested in the movement because of the Banning connection, and I saw some alt light videos. But when I contacted them and tried to chat in less than three posts I was being called a Jew.
            Now, I’m of Irish Catholic extraction, and I’m certainly not Jewish, but that didn’t seem to matter. To be frankly honest, I’ve come to the belief they are just useful idiots, that the left is going to use to bash our country and our race. They are not very smart people; they are individuals that shame our race.

          • I think they are probably conspiracy theorists. I did talk to one of them and she also doesn’t believe any one really landed on the moon! They just can’t accept that whites are the cause of their own problems in regards to ethnic dispossession. My family is English and Scots-Irish and from talking to them I know that whites are indeed the problem. Also Jews don’t own the media outlets as they claim and secondly, even assuming a Jew controlled media is actually true, whites are once again to blame for being so gullible. If a race of people is that easily brainwashed to deny themselves the right to a nation of their own people, maybe they deserve extinction.

          • What most of them are are just plain old working white guys that are fed up with being blamed for everything by everybody.
            Socialist /Communists work by dividing everybody into Identity groups by making ourselves into just another identity group, and not the owners of America is step-down. I am not just any white guy; I am a white American! And very proud of it.
            Our problem is not the ethnic dispossession of the Aboriginal natives that inhabited North America before the white man came here. They give us relatively little problem.
            The white man brought Western Civilization to America, Caucasians have invented 95% of everything that’s been invented.

            The problem is that Socialist/ Communists are using The black race as a bludgeon against Caucasians and our country.
            To blame an entire race for anything is racism. The only thing white people have in common with the Democrat slavers, is the color of our skin. That’s anti-white racism.
            As you probably know it was a Democrats that brought slavery to the country and were the people and the party that held black people in bondage slavery for hundreds of years.
            The Republicans formed in 1854 to fight the spread of slavery. Lincoln was killed by a Democrat that believed in slavery. Democrats opposed every civil rights law from 1868 to 1964. Robert Byrd the leading Democrat and was a fanatical KKK member.
            In fact, 300,000 Republicans died killing 300,000 Democrats to free the black man from his bondage. So if black we’re making sense they vote straight Republican, as they did for 70 years after the emancipation.

            White people are not particularly gullible, or we would not have been successful the world over.
            America has been under attack by the communist/ socialists since the 60s. It’s a deliberate four step process. The first step type takes a very long time, and this is where The point is to strip it of its morals, its value/ systems it’s moral structure. That’s where the kids have learned to hate America it will propagandize intentionally. This is done culturally thru the media and education. Stage two is “destabilization” where the country’s economy military and social systems are destabilized this was Obama’s job, and it was to be completed by Hillary Clinton. But the surprise of Donald Trump being has made them pull the trigger on the third phase which is the crisis phase in which the attempt for the Takeover. The way they want to start the crisis is by getting rid of Trump and launch a race war in which the country goes Helter Skelter, and the government has to declare martial law and take over the country.
            This is where the Alt Right is playing right into their hands. Anytime there is violence the MSM will blame them and smear us all with the same brush

            I know a lot of this sounds far-fetched so here’s a video for my defected KGB agent Breznikoff explain the whole thing. It’s only 5 minutes: Watch

      • Except there is an exceptional amount of evidence that prove Jewish subversive influence and pathological nepotism. Jews are an integral part of the New World Order project.

      • Anthropologist Community
        “Reputation is Everything”: Honor Killing Among the Palestinians
        9th-May-2007 09:36 pm
        by James Emery

        In the Palestinian communities of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Israel, and
        Jordan, women are executed in their homes, in open fields, and
        occasionally in public, sometimes before crowds of cheering onlookers…

        A sixteen-year-old Palestinian girl became pregnant after being raped by
        her younger brother. Once her condition became known, her family
        encouraged her older brother to kill her to remove the blemish from
        their honor. Her brothers, the rapist and the murderer, were exonerated.
        The girl was blamed. “She made a mistake,” said one of her male
        cousins. “She had to pay for it.”

        Even more horrifically, a four-year-old Palestinian girl, raped by a man in his mid-twenties, was left by her family to bleed to death. They did this because they felt her misfortune would sully their honor.

        James Emery is an anthropologist and journalist. Information for this article was obtained through interviews and research conducted in North America, West Asia, and the Middle East. The names of some of the Palestinians interviewed were changed to protect their identities.

      • Shlomo’s clearly triggered by what he considers to be inadequate levels of rootless cosmopolitan worship. That’s a pretty low effort at the My Fellow White People™ scam, though.

        Hint: no actual White person endorses the type of extreme, genocidal jewish supremacism and White/ Palestinian denialism, that you make these pathetic attempts to promote.

        And of course, Herodotus (400 BC):

        “Palestine.” (One of several mentions in Herodotus) Huh. So this “recently made up” name was in widespread use 2400 years ago. Does Herodotus mention “Israel,” or “Hebrews,” or anything of that nature. No? That’s odd. I wonder why that is?

    • I believe one direction we should take is to side with Palestinians’ plight for their statehood and the rights of Arabs Israeli citizens. I believe Arabs are treated as second-hand citizens in Israel.
      Radical Islam feeds its energy from the biggest injustices of the 20th century: The unfair division of Palestine and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Arabs from their homeland. Unfortunately, radical Islam directs its energy against the USA and Europe. We should aspire to a just and fair resolution of the Palestinian conflict to pull the fuel from under the radical Islam.

      • Obviously Israel doesn’t need our money or unconditional support, but their conflict with the Palestinians is a domestic dispute among Semitic cousins. Why should we actively help the Palestinians? Whom have they blessed us with? Linda Sarsour? Name one notable Palestinian-American that isn’t working with the Jews against us.

        • First, I am sick and tired with liberal Jews meddling with the future of our race.

          Second, injustice is an injustice. It must be fixed. Israelis practice hate against Palestinians and I do not like it.

          Third, I certainly, do not want to be a subject of wrath of 1.5 billion Moslem people because of a territorial dispute in the Middle East. In the eyes of Moslem people, we are guilty by assocoation.

          Otherwise, I have nothing in common with people like Linda Sarsour. Would you kindy name one Jewish individual who is concerned with our survival? Mayor Sanger or George Soros, maybe?

      • Hell no, what are you going to do if the six million (!) Israeli Jews are driven out of Israel? Combine them with the 6 million (!) American Jews? This is their fight, not ours, so let them fight it out. As an added bonus, you can blame both sides for their inhumanity.

      • The enemy of our enemy is not our friend. Islam and Judaism are two separate pimples on the ass of humanity. I say we expel the Jews to their “homeland”. And then turn our backs when Iran starts nuking Israel. Let the Middle East self destruct. Kill 2 birds with one stone.

    • Sorry pal, but if Jewish innovation and intellectual power has got you down – time to try being a little bit more successful in your own life perhaps? I’m not holding my breath.

  • “…the 21st century Antifa, who seem to care much more about opposing the right of white people to exist than they do protesting corporations or stopping neoliberal wars.”

    It would almost be a compelling point, if it weren’t so obvious to everybody at this point that the alt right wants much more than to merely say that white people have a right to exist. It’s the alt right’s vision how to assert that right which is at issue. Everyone from the cuck right to the antifa left can see plain as day that the alt right wants ethnic cleansing.

    • The white population is going to inevitably turn to a white identity.

      Looking at France you can see around 40% and nearly half the whites there voting Nationalist.

      Half the Brits are groping toward Nationalism.

      We have seen Multiracial Empires fall before.

      • Agreed. The smart ones jump on board movements early, not out of self interest…It ensures they have a voice in shaping the future. However, that doesn’t go without saying that the movement should ALWAYS be on guard for those attempting to subvert or join the movement purely out of $elf Intere$t.

      • If history’s a guide, then we can also say that all vigorous peoples eventually fall too. The Romans were not saved by a last-ditch “ethnonationalist” movement.

        • Rome was a citizen based political community that largely played itself out as an ethnic group after the Julio-Claudians. After that it was a military Junta.

          • True. But there was no other path for Rome, was there? Remain an ethnostate and they’d get overwhelmed by Carthage, Greece or some other power. Become an empire and there’s no way to have a mono-ethnic polity. The same formula seems to be playing out in modern times at a greater scale. I don’t see what a nostalgic eleventh-hour ethnorevivalist movement is supposed to achieve. There’s nothing about ancient history which signals that such a movement will have great success. History seems to tell us that a diaspora white culture is likeliest path forward.

        • Some are not here to try to save Rome. For Rome is burning. I think some are here like our forefathers who “looked West” (or are like Ragnar on “Vikings”- looking for something larger) hoping to build a better home for their offspring. Although there aren’t any lands to the west anymore, the need to find something new and better is what is inherent within us as a people.

          • The vikings were focused on inspiring their women to come along with them. For the alt right this is an afterthought at best. The alt right uses energy it should be directing at the problem of women, inspiration, and family formation and wastes it on starting impulsive unconstructive brawls.

          • Agreed 100%. Discipline needs to be at the forefront for this movement to succeed. Strong leaders need to step forward and show the youth what “right looks like”. I am not the one to tell anyone in this movement who should be a leader. Who knows, maybe there will never be any leaders (highly unlikely)..

            I am sure most of the disaffected youth involved in this movement didn’t have good strong leader fathers to emulate. 20 years of boomer parenting tends to shape a different crowd than what I came from. I am not making fun of them at all. I understand what people are saying when they call Alt-Right a bunch of basement dwelling shut-ins. You can see it in videos.

            They need a leader they can identify with. Most of those types are going to shy away from hard core bible toting Christians (and I say that with respect). I appreciate the form and function that Nathan Damigo is going for over at IE. I think he has the right mold/mix of what today’s youth are going for. It definitely has “youth movement” written all over it.

            Once you get the males and mold them you will be able to get the females because they will be attracted to what they secretly want.

          • It’s somewhat circular thinking: “let’s do our thing and eventually females will be attracted to it because they secretly want men who do that.” The fact that the alt right proceeds as if it were that simple and ignores the complex thinking of figures like Evola on this subject is a big part of the problem. The movement is clearly populated by young men who have a mental block when it comes to thinking about young women.

          • Agreed, however one can not deny that todays young women (spoon fed “go girl” anti-male propaganda) is a major hurdle to overcome. Once the females in academia are marked for brainwashing, its only a matter of time before they become full converts of destructive behavior. Its a major hurdle for these young men who were probably never taught how to work around that system of thinking.

            Also as a neoreactionary, correct me if I am wrong, but don’t you believe that traditional roles for male/female should be adhered to? Just clarifying for my own mental notes.

        • Ethnic Romans were the Latin tribes – a tiny area of Italy. After Julius Caesar’s conquests, even before, after the fall of Carthage and conquest of Greece in the 2nd century BC, there was definitely no ethnic identity holding it together – you had Gauls, Iberians, other Celts, various Italian ethnic groups (Etruscans, Umbrians, etc.), Greeks, Northern Africans, the Latins were (just guessing) 1% or less of the Empire population after 40 BC.

          If we were to make Rome comparisons, it would be Quebec City, 100% populated by whites, conquering the rest of Canada which would be in this comparison 100% non-white. That situation is not what we are facing.

    • Antifa and the cucks nakedly want ethnic replacement with no alternative homeland for White preservation. The Alt Right highlights this fact and actively opposes it, therefore using you’re logic we must be pure evil nazi monsters who want to gas 6 gorillion Jews and non whites. Take your anti-white bullshit elsewhere, You Will Not Replace Us.

      • FWIW Im a neoreactionary not antifa or a liberal. I’ve always thought that if the alt right were really interested in protecting white ethnoculture, the focus of the movement would be around things like community-building, family-formation, authority structure, recovery of ethnospiritual structures, and so forth. Around 2015 it still seemed to me like that’s where the movement might be headed, which would have been interesting. Instead, the movement is almost exclusively focused on threatening to deport jews to israel, blacks to africa, latinos to mexico, etc. It’s become a negatively-defined pro-deportation movement, rather than a positive ethnoculture-building movement. And the alt right’s enemies see it exactly for what it is and are responding accordingly.

        • Responding accordingly by suppressing 1st Amendment rights both at the demonstration and now online? Responding accordingly by fomenting and hardening the position of millions of young men across the world?

          You’re exactly right, our enemies are doing this to us, and this rapid escalation will come back to them sevenfold. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but the time will come. Our rise is inevitable and unavoidable, I suggest listening and talking before those things are no longer an option.

          • If the alt right hadnt become a pro-ethnic cleansing movement, I do not think their 1st Am rights would be getting suppressed. The liberal paradigm can easily survive an adjustment to the 1st A which says that speech favoring ethnic cleansing is not protected. The alt right leaders might have anticipated this.

          • The liberal paradigm can’t survive a demographic shift to a minority white state. See South Africa post Apartheid.

          • All the more reason the movement should have focused on family-formation, community-building, male-female relations, recovery of ethnospirituality, etc. If you think these streetfights between altrighters and antifa are going to reverse white demographic decline you’re delusional. It might have been smarter to just quietly let the statue go, so that later it produces pangs of politically potent nostalgia and regret.

          • Ride the tiger. If I woke up tomorrow in the dark-age ashes of the Roman Empire, I’d move to Baghdad or the Rhineland, for the future belonged to these two nascent giants.

          • If you moved to Baghdad your descendants would eventually just be Arabs

            That’s a form of self annihilation

          • we have seen a radical shift in the white mindset over the last two years, attitudes are hardening, people are becoming aware of demographics and what our overlords intend

            Many normal patriotic conservative whites are in a cold anger mode and are and openly saying that all bets are off if the baddies move against Trump

            the alt-right (and /pol) has played a role in shaping the mindset of even those whites claim to reject it.

            Trying to influence attitudes was a better bet than any of the stuff that you described. Only a radical change can save us, not just tending our gardens and making our communities slightly better

          • We need to do both – “family-formation, community-building, male-female relations, recovery of ethnospirituality, etc.” AND what we did in Charlottesville! The battle is in the streets! The masses of our folk respect and respond to strength, first and foremost. Family-formation, community-building, male-female relations and spirituality have continuously been done by the churches and other groups while surrendering our streets, universities and other institutions to the enemies of our race and culture. By attempting to do only the activities you suggest, we will be seen as safe, weak and ineffectual – as the remainder of what we love goes to hell before our eyes.

          • WHITES are be cleansed from their OWN countries!!! Depression, opiates, race mixing, low birth rates, mass immigration, affirmative action, globalization, and on and on and fucking ON!

            It takes a lot for me to get triggered anymore, but damn your fucking disingenuous discrimination against the Alt Right is sickening because this is the MSM and Normie position. You people are either all sheep or all self-loathing degenerates who deserve every bit of the hell that is coming your way.

          • sooner or later they would move to silence dissidents using these strategies

            better to test the limits of our cage now… than during Clinton or McAulliffe administration

        • Why was the first example you used deporting Jews to Israel?



          • Because there’s a special section for jews in Richard Spencer’s manifesto, released days before the Charlottesville rally. It’s the alt right which makes jews the center of the story, not me., TRS, counter currents, etc, are all crystal clear on their view, that the jews are the primary nemesis, and other groups (muslims, etc) are secondary. This opinion is not hidden.

          • Bloomberg & Emanuel shut down whatever OWS was.

            Making yourselves central is the story.

          • And you think it wouldve gone differently if Giuliani or Daley had been mayors? This is why you guys are so easily blindsided.

          • I don’t particularly care regards OWS. I distantly watched it.

    • The Alt-Right broadly agrees on a diagnosis of the problem, but there are a lot of different opinions as far as what the specific solution is.

      Once your side starts conceding to some of the demands of the moderates, it will take the wind out of the sails of the extremists. Sadly.

      Just imagine how much better off you’d be if you had… not created this situation in the first place.

    • The left also wants ethnic cleansing, they just don’t call it that. They call it diversity and White flight. The result is the same: Whites are forced out of their cities and neighborhoods by non-Whites.

    • “Ethnic cleansing” is a continuous fact of life, even in the non-human world with invasive species. Nature hates a void. Whites are in effect, being ethnically cleansed as we write. Huge areas of North America, Southern Africa and other formally White areas, including Europe, have been ethnically cleansed of White people.Liberals ARE NOT against the ethnic cleansing of Whites. We’re not talking about genocide here but the right of a people to be the sovereign masters over their own land, the land of their ancestors and hopefully that of their descendants.This is a fully recognized natural and legal right for every group except Whites. Ethnic cleansing of White neighborhoods via street crime, massive immigration, forced integration and miscegenation is fine with the “peace, love and tolerance” crowd. It should be continued and accelerated all over (what remains of) the White world as far as they are concerned. They only oppose ethnic cleansing if employed BY Whites to save their race and culture – even if it would be peaceful, orderly, humane, with compensation and
      the only way to secure what belongs to them in their indigenous lands of

      We must develop a strong, healthy, moral, intellectual and
      spiritual immunity to the hypocrisy of our enemies on this issue:

      “…Peace is a desire, war is a fact; and history has never paid heed to human desires and ideals …

      Talk of world peace is heard today only among the white peoples, and not among the much more numerous colored races. This is a perilous state of affairs. When individual thinkers and idealists talk of peace, as they
      have done since time immortal, the effect is negligible. But when whole peoples become pacifistic it is a symptom of senility. Strong and unspent races are not pacifistic. To adopt such a position is to abandon the future, for the pacifist ideal is a terminal condition that is contrary to the basic facts of existence. As long as man continues to evolve, there will be wars …

      Pacifism means letting the non-pacifists have control …
      Pacifism will remain an ideal, war a fact. If the white races are resolved
      never to wage wars again, the colored will act differently and become rulers of the world.”

      From the Writings of Oswald Spengler
      The Journal of Historical Review, March-April 1998 (Vol.17, No. 2), pages 8-9.

      • “Ethnic cleansing” is a continuous fact of life

        Exactly. Stalin ethnically cleansed Central and Eastern Europe after WWII to create clearly delineated ethno-states. It resulted in many deaths, but Europe has not suffered through another large scale war in large part due to Stalin’s foresight.

    • BOOMER!

      Fox News B-List weekend anchors are on so the Boomer is here to teach us natzzzzzzz how to be a real Murican

    • Can you dispute any of arguments made though? The Antifa are objectively pro-Corporate.

    • I was there, Bill, and the overwhelming majority of Alt-Righters in Charlottesville were neither sad nor misfits. In fact, they were the kind of intelligent, young, courageous men that any normal parent would be proud of. Why shouldn’t we “attempt to get Occupy supporters to join” us?
      It happened before and is happening again. Before long, all the best of the “anti-globalist movement, the true worker’s movement, the true environmental movement, the true opposition to neoliberal greed, Zionist imperialism, and parasitic global finance” will be in the Alt-Right, leaving the “sad band of deranged misfits” to rot in Antifa coffee houses, not even invited for wine and cheese by their wealthy, liberal, bourgeois allies.

      “…Wessel’s speeches even succeeded in convincing former communists to join the SA. With Goebbels’ approval, they were permitted to bring their musical instruments, oboe-like wind instruments called shawms, to Nazi events.

      Wessel and his friends sought to establish contact with proletarians in dark
      back courtyards and noisy taverns, on street corners and at unemployment
      offices. In doing so, they adhered to the third of the ‘Ten Commandments for
      National Socialists’ penned by Goebbels: ‘Every national comrade, even the
      poorest, is part of Germany. Love him as you love yourself’…

      …Even the communists, who had initially hoped to fight off the Nazis with
      fists, brass knuckles and revolvers (their motto was: ‘Beat the fascists wherever you encounter them!’), were now courting Hitler’s followers. In an appeal by the district office for Berlin-Brandenburg on Nov. 1, 1931, the KPD praised the ‘National Socialist workers’ and ‘proletarian supporters of the Nazi Party,’ calling them ‘honest fighters against the system of hunger’…

      Workers who had lived in the Soviet Union were popular guests at Nazi
      agitation evenings. They gave vivid accounts of the miserable lives of workers and the reign of terror of the secret police. One of the star attractions…was Roland Freisler…He would later become president of the Nazi-era People’s Court, which handled a broad array of ‘political offenses’…”

  • You lost the American Revolution
    You lost the Civil War
    You lost WWII
    You lost the 60’s
    And you will loose this

    • We won the American Revolution pal, the Founding Father were White Nationalists. The Yankee North didn’t fight for equality, they fought to maintain power over the South.

      WW2 America was still segregated and very much a white country, I will give you that the ’60’s were lost to hippie nonsense , but there was no war to decide anything. The people were not given a choice to self-determine their own destiny, (((they))) made the choice for us.

      Now we are aware of our history and who we are, so this time we won’t loose [sic]

    • Britain was slave free and so what pro-Indian. The Tory loyalists all moved to Canada. A paragon of leftie liberalism. The Revolutionaries were White Nationalists.

      It’s possible to interpret the Union side as Nationalists who wanted to stop the spread of Negro populations. We know that slavery was just cheap imported labor much like Mexicans on farms and in abattoirs today. Quite a lot of hardcore Nazis and White Nationalists see the Southern Nationalism as misguided.

      Who lost ww2? France, Britain…Germans won. They dominate Europe today. American Hegemony lasted maybe 50 years. It’s gone next year (see China GDP)

      Who lost the 1960s? Was that a battle? I guess so.

      • By that logic Britain could only have “won” WW2, if they had completely genocided the Germans.

        Really, the notion that the Germans in any way have won the second World War is beyond ridiculous and smacks of misplaced British butthurt. And it distracts from the actual existential threats that all white countries face.

    • Bill, in complete respect to your time and effort, might I suggest spell check before cutting/pasting your trolling comments. All I envision in my mind when I read your statement (which I have seen on other articles) is an overweight, balding late-boomer in a Hawaiian shirt who realizes that the ideas of “equality” that he sucked down in the 60’s, is now being questioned…so he is now acting like the generation before him in trying to “set those youth down the right direction by demoralizing them”. Good luck with your probable fruitless attempts at changing peoples minds.

  • This is a brilliant article. Share this with your leftist friends and family. It cuts to the quick of their hypocrisy, shines a spotlight on the ideals they once held, ideals that have been perverted by the corporatocracy, from unwitting to witting and even enthusiastic support. They can fool themselves that this had not happened, but reminding them of it will be a shiv driven into their bleeding hearts.

    t. another former #Occupy member turned AltRighter.

    • but please remember that is it not the average leftist who is our enemy…it is the corporations that direct the media to crank out anti-white hatred and that bribe the politicians…we need to expose the corporate aspect of multiculti because that is how we can reach out of average liberals, most of whom are nothing like antifa

  • I assume the author is Kessler or a close associate.

    While the sentiments you express are true, you led the lads into a goddamned trap.

    You better make sure you take down McAuliffe now because he risks becoming a folk hero for the left. At least get that right.

    • Let him become their hero and their savior. Ultimately history will judge him, and so will our offspring- as long as his name is whispered by us. Let the name McAuliffe be associated with “traitor” much like the name “Arnold”. His short term ego trip will be a burden for his offspring’s lineage to bear.

      Many tribes of Europe tend to hold grudges for generations. Just sayin.

        • His “advisors” are (whomever that may be). And well done to them for having a brilliant plan. He may be a sociopath, but not invinvible. He is just a parrot. A face….I don’t give him the credit for scheming this plan. The AR needs “red-teamers”… people who can think like the enemy and outmaneuver them. They are definitely out there, they just need to be identified and brought in to advise the AR leadership before moving forward with a operation. I am not arguing with you. This was definitely well planned. AR now needs to learn from their mistakes. No movement comes without mistakes. Its not the end of the world.

          • There are many ways smoking rats out can be achieved. It takes time and effort but it can be done.

    • Kessler was straight up about it, and left a read between the lines impression with me, that attending the rally was like walking into a trap.

      You can’t blame Kessler, because he is not a professional organizer of political action & public relations events. But he is a graduate of the UVA, and I hate to tell Kessler, and Richard Spencer, and other well educated individuals, that over my career, I’ve seen those with less than high school educations put on bigger and more successful political events.

      There was no press release sent out to local media outlets, newsrooms or advertising departments. Explaining the event. No one bothered to send out a press release to local churches reminding them that Robert E. Lee was, and, still is considered by many to be the epitome of a White Christian gentleman. The whole thing was a botch, that has only hastened the destruction of monuments to White men.

      Let me remind Kessler and Spencer: “That failing to plan is planning to fail.”

      • If nothing else Lee was the greatest General the Anglo-Saxon world has produced. And he fought cleanly. I wouldn’t have.

      • Are you, Krafty, volunteering to be responsible for press releases
        to local media outlets, newsrooms, advertising departments and local
        churches for the next event ? Sounds like you have some good ideas so I assume you also have the professional capabilities to handle the job. I agree with you that enlisting the support of local sympathizers would be a good thing, although normies are not usually inclined to defy the police or rumble with commie mobs in the streets. I also agree
        with you that “you can’t blame Kessler.”

    • Why would you assume “the author is Kessler or a close
      associate,” Captain?

      You write the leaders and organizers of the rally “led the lads into a goddamned trap.” Monday morning quarterbacking is easy. What should
      they have done differently going into the event? From what I understand, they had all their legal ducks in a row, despite great difficulty. They were in
      close communication with the police who totally betrayed their agreements and statements with the permit holder. Everyone and anyone is vulnerable to
      outright treachery and betrayal, liars who go back on their word (See: Judas

      I have no doubt McAuliffe, et al will have their share of legal troubles and that in the end they will be exposed for their arrogance, stupidity and criminality. Responsibility for the deaths and violence lies solely with the State of Virginia, the City of Charlottesviile and the violent Red mob they enabled.

  • It will be interesting to see what if any charges will be brought against the officials in charge of making that riot possible….” the righteous anger of white men who will not let tyranny tread on our rights any longer.” You got that right brother….this whole debacle: the riot, the censoring, has hurt them more than “they” know….A lot of eyes that were shut are now open…

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