The Alt-Right Were The Victims Of Domestic Terrorism

On August 12th, the collective brotherhood of the Alt-Right, along with many others who share our beliefs and love for our White race, were victims of a brutal and coordinated anti-White terrorist attack at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. We were within our legal rights with a federally-obtained injunction to be in Lee Park that day. We had hoped that the day would go smoothly; however, we came prepared just in case we had to defend ourselves. The leftist “counter-protestors” came looking for Alt-Right blood, and they did everything in their power to provoke a fight.

What makes this situation so appalling is that the malicious terrorist conspirators had the support and aid of the highest levels of government in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The heinous actions of the left-wing criminals removed all doubt that these people were involved in something that should be easily defined as anarcho-tyranny.

Sam Francis defined anarcho-tyranny as:

A combination of anarchy (in which legitimate government functions—like spying on the bad guys or punishing real criminals—are not performed) and tyranny (in which government performs illegitimate functions—like spying on the good guys or criminalizing innocent conduct like gun ownership and political dissent).

The result of anarcho-tyranny is that government swells in power, criminals are not controlled, and law-abiding citizens wind up being repressed by the state and attacked by thugs.

The Guilty Terrorist Conspirators:

Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and various other leftist agitators

This syndicate of deplorable felons are the tip of the spear for the left. Their violence, destruction, and carnage is well-documented. They attacked us with a sort of retard-strength and reckless abandon. They sprayed us with the strongest bear mace on the market; hurled bricks, batteries, rocks, and balloons and bottles filled with mace, shit, piss, paint, water, cement, and bleach. In fact, Eli Mosley, who bravely flanked and protected our group as we were fleeing from Lee Park, ended up having heavy quantities of bleach splashed directly into his eyes. If not for a group of extremely kind nonpartisan militia members, who protected us and gave our people medical treatment after being attacked, Eli may have been blinded for life.

They, of course, have since then cucked out and denounced us. Oh well.

There were several key players in this drama:

Antifa and BLM

Antifa and BLM are filthy scum and should all be arrested, tried, and jailed immediately. We’ve already written about them extensively.

The Boomer Clergy

Here’s a quote from an Antifa website attributed to a clergyman in Charlottesville:

A note on the Antifa:

They are the reason Richard Spencer did not speak today. They are the reason the “Unite the Right” march didn’t happen. They strategically used violent tactics to incite the Nazis to violence, such that the governor declared a state of emergency before noon. Before the “Unite the Right” rally was scheduled to begin.

One could argue this meant Nazis dissipated into the streets faster making it less safe, but let’s be real: Nazis have been making these streets less safe for a long time. They would have been out and about soon enough with or without the antifa.

I was with a group of clergy committed to non-violence today. We did our part. We bore witness to the pain and hatred in this city. We provided pastoral care/support as needed, especially during traumatic violent acts. This was our determined role going into today. Yes, some clergy risked injury and arrest to stop the Nazis. They formed a blockade at the entrance, but they were overpowered by the Nazis. The police did not view us as threatening enough to shut things down, because again, we were no there to threaten.

The antifa strategically incited enough violence before noon to make the police declare it illegal to gather in Emancipation Park. Through this strategic violence they effectively made a previously legally permitted Nazi rally, illegal.

We may not agree with each others tactics. We may have had different goals, but if you’re looking to praise people specifically for shutting down the “Unite the Right” rally, praise/thank the antifa. Not the clergy and not the police.”

Well said Pastor Cuck, your low-T flock agrees.

George Soros

He is the money and brains behind all these anti-White terrorist groups. He is a Jewish oligarch with lots of money and plenty of hatred for White people. He funds all of these groups for the sole purpose of promoting White Genocide. He is ruthless, cunning and refuses to die, despite looking like a walking skeleton.

The Police

The police were in dereliction of their duty to protect and serve. These useful idiots laughed and cheered as our people were beaten, tortured, and maimed. They stood back and did nothing as we did everything we could to defend ourselves from being killed. If not for the many brave and amazing White people, like the volunteers of the Shield Wall,  many of us would be dead. For their protection and bravery, I am eternally grateful.

Those police who were present that day were unlawful and unabashedly brutal. At the very least, the Alt-Right will never forget their betrayal.

Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy and Mayor Mike Signer

These two clowns are a huge reason why all the violence happened. They are both anti-Whites, who do not have one shred of honesty or decency between them. In January, after the Donald Trump presidential victory, Mayor Mike Signer declared Charlottesville  the “capital of resistance.” What the mayor really meant by that at the time was that Charlottesville would be the capital of anti-Whiteness under his regime. Signer and Wes Bellamy, a BLM and Black Panther member, have proven their anti-White resolve at every opportunity given. They did everything in their power to make sure that violence against us could and would happen by inciting terrorist groups to descend upon the woke White people of the Unite the Right rally.

By the way, Signer is a Jew and Bellamy is his house Dindu. Get the picture?

Governor Terence Richard McAuliffe

This man is an operative for the Clinton Crime Family. He ordered the State of Emergency and declared our gathering to be unlawful even after we received an injunction from a federal judge that gave us permission to hold our rally. McAuliffe’s order ensured that most of our people who were legally carrying fire arms and weapons for self-protection and security had to leave so the rest us would be sacrificial lambs for the organized terrorist slaughter.

This world-class piece of garbage also ordered the police to stand down, which added gasoline to an already incendiary and volatile situation. Most of the blood of this event is on his hands, including the deaths of the three people.

What should happen to these terrorists?

Charlottesville was emphatically a setup at the highest governmental level in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This collective syndicate of domestic terrorists should be prosecuted and jailed. These animals are not fit for White society. Our lands are too good for them, so they must be removed from them as quickly as possible. I implore President Trump to act swiftly.


The Heroes:

There are too many to name. Our people were valiant and brave; I have never been prouder of my race.

Our White men stood up to the worst kind of evil that this planet has to offer. These terrorists did everything in their power to kill us, but thankfully our people fought with a tremendous vigor and fortitude so nothing like that could happen. Many received severe and permanent injuries, but we all survived the day thanks to their courage.

I thank every one of you, and I am honored to call you my brothers.

Moving Forward

We are filing lawsuit after lawsuit and will more than likely be awarded millions of dollars as a result.

These troglodyte leftists have not yet learned that we are not going away. The White man marches on, and we are taking back our countries. The goyim know, and we are going to fight for every inch of soil if it means that we sacrifice every drop of blood in our bodies to ensure our people’s survival. We are growing in number every day, and soon we will number in the millions.

Charlottesville, you have not seen the last of the Alt-Right, and 3.0 is coming back bigger and better than before. We are unapologetically White, are going to peaceably assemble, and exercise our constitutional right to free speech in your town whether you want it to happen or not because every White man knows:

A man distinguishes himself by his deeds. And every man, in his own way, must strive to be something more than a man: to be honored by his heirs; to be part of something greater than his self.