The Alt-Right Is At War With Corporate America

To those who have not been keeping up to date on all the happenings post-Charlottesville, the most disturbing trends has been the great Shuttening of Alt-Right sites, accounts, and communications.

We’ve been getting attacked on all fronts from the Corporate leviathan. From Airbnb to Paypal, GoDaddy to Cloudfare, we are under attack by the bugmen running these corporations. Even TOR, the world’s largest enabler of child pornography and narco-trafficking decided to come out and denounce the Alt-Right.

They think if they put Diversity ™ on their ads they can get away with all sorts of crimes.

Being pro-White is worse than being a pedo drug baron in 2017.

Most of them have displayed blatant hypocrisy in their attacks on Alt-Right content.

The CEO of Cloudfare, Mathew Prince had enough of the Daily Stormer, a neo-nazi site dedicated to fomenting strife amongst races. In an email sent to employees, Prince described his actions as ‘arbitrary’, saying ‘literally, I woke up in a bad mood and decided someone shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet. No one should have that power.’

Here is what the email read:

Earlier today Cloudflare terminated the account of the Daily Stormer. We’ve stopped proxying their traffic and stopped answering DNS requests for their sites. We’ve taken measures to ensure that they cannot sign up for Cloudflare’s services again.

This was my decision. Our terms of service reserve the right for us to terminate users of our network at our sole discretion. My rationale for making this decision was simple: the people behind the Daily Stormer are assholes and I’d had enough.

Who would have thought that our rebellion would first run up against the corporate establishment, not the federal government…

See, back in the day, older White Nationalist movements set their eyes on Washington as the center of all evil. They would praise capitalism and then call for the overthrow of the federal government, which was “socialist” and evil.

It is not hard to understand where they were coming from though. Back then, Libertarianism was implicitly pro-White and pro-American, and in the context of Waco and Ruby Ridge, anti-government sentiment was at an all-time high.

But things have changed.

Strangely enough, it is Federal Courts that uphold our First Amendment rights (for now) and the President in the White House is probably the only public figure in America not explicitly on the Alt-Right who hasn’t loosed the hounds on us.

Let that sink in.

More observant White advocates have noticed that PC culture is a direct derivative of corporate anti-lawsuit culture. The obsessive, pissant political correctness we have now is in no small part related to Corpspeak. And we should not be surprised that big corporations have been at the forefront of every single progressive issue in the last 100 years.

They encouraged women entering the workforce, to disastrous results. They encouraged desegregation, so that they could employ cheap scab labor. And then eventually they supported open borders so that cheaper workers could be brought in or manufacturing exported to sweatshops abroad wholesale.

Our war on the anti-White establishment needs to set its sights firmly on the Globo-Corpo establishment as well. Which is exactly what /ourguy/ in the White House, Steve Bannon is doing.

Oh, I know what you are thinking, Bannon came out and denounced us recently:

Calling us mean names wasn’t nice, but he slipped in a lot of good points into his interview as well. His economic nationalism will help the Alt-Right and White America immeasurably. When he speaks of economic warfare, who will benefit the most? It is an implicitly pro-White policy measure, and we are all for it on the Alt-Right. Manufacturing and protectionism has to come back to the United States. Bannon’s other ideas about breaking up the massive Silicon Valley corporate monopolies are excellent as well. It will give the Alt-Right and other dissidents some breathing room from the private sector assault on our free-speech rights.

Denounce us until you are blue in the face, Mr. Bannon, but thow us a lifeline while you are at it. We won’t take it personally, we’re used to the abuse and we can work together to take down the IT goliath while we are at it. We need to move fast, the Shuttening is only gaining momentun and Mark Faceberg is planning a run for the White House. Silicon valley is a cultural and economic powerhouse that will overshadow New York and Washington as a center of political power if it is not shut down fast.

And they are moving on us here at as well. Few have the courage to explain the consequences of what is happening:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, or EFF, best known for its activism surrounding net neutrality has a simple message: even though you don’t agree with their message, banning people from the internet is a slippery slope. Which is why it called on domain-name companies like Google and GoDaddy to “draw a hard line” and not remove or suspend websites based solely on their content.

Funny enough, CloudFlare had no problems hosting Al-Qaeda in the past. In 2013, they faced accusations about hosting a website linked to Al-Qaeda. Prince wrote a blog post claiming they were protecting free speech.

He said:

A website is speech. It is not a bomb. There is no imminent danger it creates and no provider has an affirmative obligation to monitor and make determinations about the theoretically harmful nature of speech a site may contain …

Funny how that works. He had no problem working with brown Islamists, but cannot abide a pro-White civil rights movement. Corporations believe that they can get away with using slave labor, outsourcing, allowing child pornography and promoting terrorism as long as they denounce White people and promote fag rights or something similar.

Let me tell you something though, they’ve made a huge mistake. They will regret siding against White people.

Vincent Law
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  • Mr. Law – we have a growing Alt Right community in and outside of Chicago. It’s a good mix of youth and experience – most activists are in their 30s, but some in their 20s. I’m more ‘experienced” 😉

    We would like to get up a Chicago focused Alt Right blog that looks and has content similar to or

    Is there some technical person here that can give us/me advice how/where to set up a blog that won’t get immediately taken down, hacked, doxed etc.?

    Left behind in Chicago

  • This reminds me of gov’s “wars on…” & CultMarx “fighting” some dumb thing. This is a hurdle, a tactical (operational?) move by homos scared to b called “racist”. “War” & “fight” r overused. Gives do nothings the feel they’re doing something.

  • If the alt right is phony anti corporatist
    They are funded by the Koch Brothers
    Just like Hitler – fake socialism

  • Now the Red Left has “disappeared” the great, iconic Stormfront site. SF is a tradition in the White Nationalist community. Erasing Stormfront is the Internet equivalent of toppling statues of great Confederate heroes.

  • The capitalistic system, at its current state, is necessarily international, because of its dependence on continuous growth. Most large corporations are owned by “share holders”, who’s only goal is to maximize profit at any cost, but who can not be held accountable for any of the social cost incurred. The American market is not growing enough to generate those kind of profits whithout immigration and international trade. Again, the share holders only benefit from immigration and globalization, but are not accountable for the costs. They have to be paid for by the public via taxes. Profits are privatized, costs are socialized – the not so secret connection between capitalism and socialism. What we need is a third way.

  • I think they keep the al queda/ jihadi sites up so they can keep tabs and monitor those people. It would just force them on to the dark web and make it a little harder to track. Kind of like how people can buy ISIS flags online. Total red flag and alerts the N.S.A/ F.B.I/ C.I.A. They fucked up by sending Daily Stormer to the dark web.

  • I think I know what the globalist capitalists are doing. It’s not that they like Antifa. I think they despise them. But they do fear the antifa and far-‘left’ thugs. And they also fear BLM.

    After all, NY Libs fear blacks. NY libs got so tired of black crime that they elected Clinton to lock up record number of blacks. They elected Giuliani twice to get tough on black crime. And three times they elected Bloomberg of ‘stop and frisk’ fame. And San Fran and other cities did a lot of gentrification, which is codeword for pushing blacks out.

    The fact is the capitalists have NOTHING to fear from Alt Right or ‘nazis’ or white identitarians. White Identitarians don’t rob white yuppies. They don’t do knockout games. They don’t smash windows or burn down buildings. They don’t protest businesses. They didn’t even do the ‘antisemitic hate hoaxes’. It turns out a black guy and Jews carried out those hoaxes. (When Trump truthfully said Jews may be behind some of them, the media went ballistic… until the truth came out. Same with Charlottesville. Trump’s crime was noticing that the Antifa scum attacked first, a fact.)

    But capitalists do fear blacks who loot, riot, and turn cities into hell. Capitalists fear antifa bottom-feeders who create havoc in places like San Fran and Seattle. If Capitalists really really feared Alt Right and White Identitarians, they would NOT be purging them. Purging is done to the weak, not to the strong. Capitalists appease whom they fear, not whom they have nothing to fear from.

    So, capitalists wanna do something about antifa and BLM constantly barking at them.

    And this is where ‘nazi’ and ‘confederacy’ are very useful to the Capits or Cappers. If Capits yell, “Look, a Nazi” or “Look, a racist”, the very antifa and BLM who were growling at the capits suddenly go charging at the ‘nazis’. This is why Jews also find the South so useful. Jews pull every dirty trick in the book to lock up blacks and use extra-policing to control black crime and violence. Also, Jews are no longer for class conflict favoring the proles against the rich and instead for elite global capitalism where Jews get richer. So, Jewish Power is the natural target of blacks and far-leftists. To prevent these people from coming at Jews, Jews create hysteria about KKK and the Sooooouth.

    It’s like, if a mad dog is barking at you, it’s smart to toss a bone so that the dog will go after the bone, not you.

    So, this isn’t really so much a Capit war on Alt Right. It is the Capitalists using the Alt Right as a bone to throw at the dogs(blacks and far-left scum) so that the dogs won’t bark and bite at Capitalists.

    Now, the Jewish supremacists are far nastier. If Capitalists just wanna distract the mad barking dogs, Jewish supremacists want to use Antifa and State terror as hunting dogs to kill the wolves of White Independent Movement.

  • Corporations are the spear points of globalism. Only debased cultures tolerate such destructive entities to operate unchecked. The only way to abolish these fictive persons is to get rid of the tired notion of “human rights” that is their philosophical foundation. Nature opens its bounties only to the virtuous, not the mob

  • I like this:


    Right, properly naming the Beast is like properly diagnosing the disease.

    The West is under Jewish ethno-monopoly in media, finance, and law.
    And most politicians are total whores of Zion.

    No more WHITE NAKBA.

    Time for White Independence.

    No more cucking out to Jews. No more ho-de-do-ing.

    Romney and such people are ‘house negroes’ of Jewish masters.

  • We need to get an alt-right friendly payments processing site and a cloud hosting provider up. Does anyone know how hard the financial portion would be too get spun up?

  • As far as I can tell, you tube only breaks even. In the long run, I don’t see how the advertising model that internet media companies rely on can work.

  • “They will regret siding against White people.”

    No kidding. I will do everything I can to harm their interests.

  • It’s important to understand a major development that popped up in the last week. Establishment Jews are going for the throats of Jews in the Trump and alt-right camps to get them to turn or shut up. We have seen the Julius Krein renunciation in the NYT (obviously threatened). There was the Chabon/Waldman open letter attacking Jarvanka and other Jews in the Trump administration. It was reported today that the alt-right’s Jews, and only the Jews, are now under FBI investigation for Charlottesville (Enoch, Cantwell, Kessler, and Weev). The establishment Jews are using all their levers of power – tech, government, media, and finance – to pull in their ranks. It looks like a desperate move, but we’ll see how effective it is.

    Not telling anyone what to do about it, just informing. You can make your moves accordingly.

  • Besides Stormer, what is definitive list of deleted sites (and possibly other impediments), so far? Moderate alternative-right.blogspot was also deleted, which shows that they went for most obvious targets first.

      • Now, when this seems inevitable, they will of course accuse alt-right of being agents of those countries. So it is good if it will happen as a consequence of an actual censorship.

      • Interesting question. If my whole life revolved around my website, what would I do to protect its domain? hmmmm.

  • Every reason that I label myself Alt-Right……

    …..has been verified in the last week……

    Our Enemies are the Very Definition of EVIL…….

    We are the GOOD…….


  • “Who would have thought that our rebellion would first run up against the corporate establishment, not the federal government…”

    *raises hand* Told you “muh gubment bad” Lolbertarians had it wrong.

  • Yeah well Bannons gone now….But we must destroy these companies. Forget about help from above. We must side with whoever wants to destroy Silicon Valley. I have just started using the browser Brave instead of Chrome. It was made by the guy that was kicked off firefox for donating to an anti gay marriage fund. Everybody on the Alt Right should also support this browser. We need to team up with these people and destroy Google.

    • I think Brannon leaving is more or less a way to get control of a major media platform with breitbart and still have bannon collar with trump.

      Just because bannon isn’t an employee of the government doesn’t mean he is not working with trump.

  • ”Americans overwhelmingly disapprove (over 90 percent across the
    board) of white supremacists, white nationalists, the KKK, and the

    ”Though eight times as many disapprove of the alt-right (48 percent)
    as approve of it (six percent), about half of Americans (46 percent)
    don’t have an opinion or are unsure”

    Looks like you got some work to do.

    • The vast majority of which would have no clue as to what we actually stand for or represent, given that they think it is a “supremacist” “KKK” or “hate” movement – and the 46% ‘half’ would be at least prepared to listen. Like most societies, it only takes a small, determined minority to cause a revolution and to shape the new paradigms. The Communists suggested that the figure is around 5% – and the rest will either fall away, fall into line, or not care that much either way.

        • We are under the thumb at this moment in time, but I have been involved in this for about 17 years and within the last six or seven years the entire thing has escalated and exploded by leaps and bounds.

          I was quite young when I started, early 20’s, but the whole scene tended to be older males having meetings in the back rooms of pubs and bars. The “far right” internet comprised of a few “forums” and a handful of websites.

          The pace, depth, width of change has been terrific. The worm is turning. There is fear in their eyes and in their actions. They have been losing control of the stranglehold they had on the media, on film making, effective propaganda.

          Liberals have been going ever more extreme into crazy-land. People are getting restless, tired, cynical of all their bull-shine and failures. We now have a very young movement with cutting edge methods, a forthright and fighting attitude with new levels of insight and intellect on our side.

          Things always go around in cycles. The old-guard and the established order have had “their time” over the last 6 or 7 decades. They still idiotically believe they are the “opposition” when they have spent the last several decades leading and controlling how things are.

          The cycle of this is going to break and some point – and the pendulum will be returned. What our nations will look like at that point is anyone’s guess – as is how we are going to get out of this “great shuttening” they are up to (because they know they are losing) – but things are not sustainable. It is only ever accelerating.

    • Yougov huff po poll shows 48% of Trump voters believed that the political views of the White Nationalists at the Charlottesville Rally either “were right” 11% or “had a point but went too far” 37%

    • Yougov / Huff po poll of 2016 Trump voters

      The political positions of the White Nationalists at the Charlottesville Rally were…

      11% ~ mostly right

      37% ~ Had a point but went too far

      34% ~ mostly wrong

      we’re doing pretty good, it’s early days yet

    • Most people have ZERO Clue what the Alt-Right really is…….

      And if you’re answering a telephone poll call……..

      Chances are……

      HIGH Degree of ERROR……


      Just check out what happened on Nov. 8th……..

    • Lol, that’s 20 million people approve of the altright.

      That’s more than I expected fam.

      We’re getting stronger.

      When people realize what we actually are… look out brown scum!

  • If one considers corporate resistance to the reestablishment of the United States as a White ethnostate, from a historical perspective, one should not be surprised to find that many corporate leaders are hostile to White nationalists.

    Consider the rise of the railroads (the first really large corporations) in America in the 1850s. When they became large enough and powerful enough, who did they support politically? They supported Abe Lincoln and his newly founded Republican (abolitionist) Party. Indeed Lincoln became a wealthy lawyer by representing railroads in court.

    Was the Civil War really so much about slavery, or would it more accurately be described as an effort by a new class of corporate elites to wrest control of the federal government from the Southern planters? Slavery had to go, merely because it was the labor system of the Southern planters.

    So no one should be surprised to see leaders of multinational corporations displaying hostility toward White nationalists. This is merely a continuation of the same struggle that has been going on for the last hundred and sixty years.

    • Lincoln supported funding internal improvements for infrastructure like railroads, the South didn’t. I’m sure in your Lolbertarian paradise we could all be driving on toll roads, or no roads.

      • Check your history. Federally funded roads in the 1800s were, with few exceptions, toll roads. I live a short distance from a highway that in the 1800s was a federal highway — the “National Pike.” There is an octagonal building by the side of it that was built more than 150 years ago as a residence and an office for a toll collector. This building is now a museum full of 19th century artifacts.

        Regarding the railroads that were built during the 1800s, typically they did NOT receive federal funding. They were private corporations that sold stocks and bonds to raise capital. However, they did receive grants of free federal land along the railroad right of way to encourage railroad construction. And they made plenty of money by selling that land.

  • “Even TOR, the world’s largest enabler of child pornography and narco-trafficking decided to come out and denounce the Alt-Right.”
    … that raises a question: isn’t “Dark web” just another Jewish criminal operation?

  • Everyone is at war with Corporate America.

    Stop bitching, and make that point to the normies, then and only then will we have a movement.

    God knows I am trying to do this in my own life.

  • All content for, gone. Just like that. Gone. These dark days will be known as the Salem Withchunt. Payback will take forever.

  • Well done Richard Spencer you useless faggot. This includes Enoch the fat retard too.

    Bannon gone cause of your alt-reich retards

    • I dunno about you, but I’m going to the next UniteTheRight rally after this resounding success of accelerationism.

        • You’ve gotta stop looking around for a messiah to hero-worship and start doing something, however small, to help the WN cause. There was no WN around Trump, period.

        • Leftist chimpouts are good

          As long as they occur in an environment when they don’t have the power of the state… and the voters don’t support the actions they are taking

          Globo-Homo Prog-Lord chimpouts are also something that is better provoked now than later

        • in the end it is better now. The Nationalists completly lost the white house! They are all gone now! Trumps agenda is done anyway. Do really think that with (((people))) like Kuschner, Mac Bastard, Kelly the little whore Ivanka and Cohn Trump could have done ANYTHING?! WAKE UP!

          • Yes. The only ballot box hope is if WNs are able to primary big RINO targets next year. Otherwise, forget about your ballots, folks.

          • Yeah its good cause its falling apart. You Nazi morons don’t want to win. It’s all about larping for you.

          • Wake up, CUCK! Cucking is NOT winning! When Flynn left, it was allready over! (((They))) foked Trumps Team step by step! Accept it! Real Nationalists are NOT in the White House, they are in the Alt-Right. And by the way, all your cucking won’t help you or your children when you became a truely hated minority in your own homeland!

        • Because he probably isn’t gone in any way except on paper.

          Do people all of a sudden die when they leave the wh?

          No, bannon is going back to breitbart and now trump effectively has his own media platform.

          You’re not as smart as your cult leader vox.

    • God I wish I could see the wailing and gnashing of teeth over at MPC right now

      I dare you guys to do something in real life and make 1/10th the impact on the world that the Alt-Right has

        • Bannon supposedly resigned on August 7th, per Breitbart

          Who knows. We’ll have to see.

          All I know is that everyone is talking about White Nationalism… and nobody has a good arguments against the basic premises… and George Washington is “a nazi white nationalist” who must be purged from this country

          Also, everyone now knows that the global corporations intend to censor people on content using core infrastructure of the internet

          • Yep. In one weekend, the Jews moved to the Final Solution all at once. They have nothing left in their arsenal now, except mass arrests of WNs. But, at least in America, the WNs still have their guns. And, mass arrests leave them without the fig leaf of democracy, so it’s straight on to civil war.

          • normies wont let them arrest us (assuming we’re good boys who obeyed the law)

            not even close

            so they’ve got nothing

          • “Also, everyone now knows that the global corporations intend to censor
            people on content using core infrastructure of the internet” yes but they needed the excuse. The impetus. The reality that it was going the other way with the Damore thing but then Spencer had to dance for the media like he always does.

            Anyone with respect would tell Spencer to go kill himself.

          • The Damore story was not necessarily going to go all that far by itself. You don’t have a right to a job.

            Now we have Damore + a massive ongoing abuse of power using the fundamental infrastructure of the internet that should not be private in the first place. Jokes are illegal on the internet.

            Tucker Carlson made hay with this story, somehow MPC folk can’t manage it


        • Bro, shootchor fookin mouthz.

          We’re in the spotlight you dumb fuck.

          My local radio station was talking about not the daily stormer. A radio station that reaches like 10,000 people said anglins name.

          God I hate cowards like you. You aren’t like the never trumpets during the primaries.

    • LOL! How delusional and retarded can a person be? You almost worst then the libtards, little cuck! Mac Bastard, Kelly and the rest of the (((DEEP STATE))) FORKKED BANNON UP!

    • Look how lame you are

      Bannon already back at Breitbart, BASED comments normies celebrating, Breitbart going into WARMODE against cuck establishment that is preventing MAGA

      Bannon dropping truths on the way out the door, in an interview that was sure to get him fired… or a sign he was already gone.

      And Lost Conservative somehow thinks is responsible. hah

  • Libertarians on suicide watch. Nah not really, anyone who still believes in muh free market can go to Barcelona.

  • The efforts of Silicon Valley to SHUT IT DOWN won’t work.

    If Samizdat dissidents in the East Bloc succeeded by secretly copying books and smuggling typewriters, then we will win in an age where information sources are diffuse.

    • You do realize that calling AR people “nazi’s” and “pendejos” only strengthens the alt-right…or did you just need to lash out? From my perspective and analysis, everyone in the AR is pretty much impervious to names at this point. The only thing preventing the AR from going further than they are is out of a fear of their freedom to walk the streets being taken away. Once they start attacking incomes of people with AR sympathies and they have nothing to lose, I bet people won’t come on here to verbally lash out.

  • Guys, get real. Having nazis on board of the Alt-Right is the kiss of death. It triggers EVERYONE ENDLESSLY and rightly so. Kick off the DS crowd and your strategic position will improve instantly. Leave them onboard and go down with them.

    • DailyStormer is its own thing without actually being Nazis. They even denounced saying they identify as a Nazi.

    • You do understand that even if 100% of people who do not identify as Nazis or KKK “disavow” them endlessly all day every day – we would still be considered the same group, right? The media in the last few weeks should prove this true for you if nothing else.

      For my part, I have suggested several times that, for those people who cosplay the role at the rallies (you know, the FBI and LEO agents playing dress up to discredit us) we SHOULD beat their asses if they refuse to leave.

      I’m fairly certain that people who DO have Nazi sympathies or outright support them wouldn’t be dumb enough to give fuel to their enemies in the Jewish media by dressing up in the paraphernalia at the rallies. It’d be like saying you’re a white supremacist but you date black Jewish dudes. Why would you deliberately discredit your position by those actions?

      • I am quite aware that the mainstream will call us anyway Nazi, but the thing is right now they do have a point and can provide evidence to support their accusations. There ARE real nazis in the AR, the DS crowd.

        Spencer, for all his qualities, made a colossal mistake to let them take part in the demo.

        I predicted that Charlottesville would be a disaster because of their participation, check my contributions from last week:

        • the disaster was orchestrated by Terry McAuliffe and had nothing to do with “Nazis.”

          Anyway, what constitutes a Nazi in America in 2017?

          Some 20-year old kid with a flag is not an ideology and, as Andrew Anglin has written recently, you can’t transplant an ideology from one nation in one time in history, wholesale to another time/place/culture. There are no Nazis, only kids larping to wind up the totalitarian boomers.

          And, that larpiing is working – the Boomers are narcissistic destroyers who worship only the mirror, and they are panicking at the mildest public rejection of their insanity.

    • I keep hearing this argument and it makes think about the SJW’s. Everyone who isn’t an SJW hates them. Literally everyone. But have they still changed the culture? Absolutely. Something to keep in mind.

      Really, it’s damned if you do damned if you don’t for us. You can get rid of Nazis and alienate people in the movement while getting no praise from our enemies; or you can keep them and risk alienating normies. We know getting rid of them won’t do any good so might as well keep them around. If that dooms the alt-right, so be it, the white race was always destined to be doomed. If it doesn’t then no problem right?

    • Daily Stormer is an immensely popular shock humor / opinion website, which has also become a sort of cause célèbre for those concerned about free speech on the internet.

      We’re lucky that the first website that our corporate overlords tried to kick off the internet was both very popular and based in transgressive humor. It’s just such an easy case to defend. If we lose stormer we lose the right to joke about stuff on the internet.

      Sooner or later somebody was going to trigger the massive attack that the corporations were setting up, and we’re lucky it wasn’t the sort of site that would be hard to defend.

      P.S. Anglin specifically told his guys to behave themselves at the rally. Don’t blame them if three mystery men showed up at the public rally and unveiled freshly purchased nazi flags with fold marks still on them.

    • DS has been pretty clear about the problems with Nazi imagery; hasn’t worked in the past and won’t work now.

      We can learn from our enemies. The Jew, for example, is simply a parasite. They don’t fly their own flags, they fly the American flag and claim themselves the standards-bearers thereof. It’s an effective strategy, no denying that.

      The battle here is what the future of America should look like and the Nazi regalia distracts from that. DS has pointed this out numerous times and they’re right.

    • It’s time to let the corporations know, if they want their corporate tax cuts, they better get right with White Americans and stop censoring & harming us.

      We are pivotal enough, that we could throw a wrench into the corporate tax cuts the corporations are salivating for.

    • Libertarianism only makes sense for people who have reason to be confident in their ability to earn a good income with no help from the government. In a stagnant economy with steadily reducing opportunities, that describes a shrinking percentage of the population.

      Libertarians have not said anything better that was not said during the turn of the last century by William Graham Sumner and Herbert Spencer.

  • BANNON is delusional! “economic nationalism” is a big nothing burger! especially when you go against (((them))) I think he is shitting in his pants because of mc bastard and kelly. That is why he denounced us. His chair is shaken.

    • Leave Bannon alone. He’s encouraging the best actions from Trump, like the Tuesday Presser and yesterday’s tweets defending the Confederate monuments. Richard Spencer is not going to be a White House aide, Bannon is as good as it gets in a power center for now.

      • maybe, but his cucking right now is perfectly fitting in (((their))) narrative of the evil Trump that did not enough to distance himself from white nationalism. It is maybe smart of him to this right now, but i do not like it at all!

        • I guess theoretically he cucks every day, by virtue of holding civic nationalist values.

          But he didn’t do anything significantly bad.

          He mocked us (who cares?) and said he welcomes the left to focus on racial issues

          Because it’s going to win more votes for Trump. And it will.

    • Bannon knows exactly what he’s doing.

      The left is starting a Maoist cultural revolution that 62% of the population opposes and 20% supports… and is pushing it further into attacking the founding fathers and mount rushmore

      While Trump is working on creating jobs and positioning himself as the defender of normal people doing normal stuff

      How do you think 2018 will go?

      • I was thinking the same thing as Turd. Seems like what Bannon is doing is proposing a bandaid for the Browns before we WHITE ppl go out.

  • Unfortunately Bannon is on the way out. His position is untenable, (((they))) and the generals have convinced the President that he cannot remain there.

    • The generals and other (((advisors))) gave Trump a script for Charlottesville and ignored them, deciding the truth is more important, Bannon’s position is ambitious but stable.

      • Bannon is a boomer who still clings to “muh capitalism” and “muh free markets”. He probably does have -some- AR sympathies but publicly can’t say so. Its all about “image” to anyone in the beltway. Much like the mindless freaks in (((Hollywood))).

  • I’m not very well versed on how all of this works, so please bear with me. Although I am sure it would be difficult and expensive to set up our own payment systems and web-hosting sites, I tend to think they are theoretically possible to be done with crowdfunding and crowd collaboration.

    The prevention of DDOS may be even harder, but could that be done? Would it make it easier to protect if all the important sites were on our own service? I don’t know. Being banished from search engines and mainstream media platforms is not easy to overcome. I don’t know how to get around that one if the idea is to create a stable and reliable way of being found.

    The issue of registered domain names seems to be the most serious. Again, I may have it wrong. If we cannot create addresses, doesn’t that mean we can not have any sites, anywhere, no matter whose server they are running on? (Thanks Obama!).

    Can the latter be circumvented by having our own servers but using the old-fashioned IP address direct links to our content? Do we need to have registered domain names, if people can click links that direct to an IP address?

    The declaration of Human Rights states, amongst other things:

    Article 18

    Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

    Article 19

    Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

    Could something be waged on this front, or trying to repeal the sell-off of the domain system?

  • Our #1 priority needs to be building viable businesses to escape from and cannibalize the corporate leviathan.

    The first of these will obviously need to be a soap factory.

  • Large corporations are going to be the end of us. Why go to the expense of installing infrastructure in Africa and the Middle East when big Corp could just use their already in place lobbyists to pressure the government to just bring the third world people here. Brown people love cheap, shit food.


    One person is said to have been shot by police as bystanders say they heard gunshots and others reported stabbings in the Market Square

    THE centre of a Finnish city is on lockdown as there are reports of multiple attackers with knives.

    Armed police scrambled to Turku as a group said to be armed with blades reportedly stabbed several people.

    It is currently unclear if it was just one person with a knife or multiple attackers as there are mixed reports.

    One person is said to have been shot by police as bystanders say they heard gunshots and others reported stabbings in the Market Square.

    According to local reports at least one person is lying on the ground as multiple people also appeared to be injured.

    A number of people were seen running with knives in the city centre of Turku, on the southwest coast of Finland.

    More to follow.

      • I always wondered why there was a Finnish city called Turku.

        The Finns, Turks, Magyars, and Mongolians all had the same Tengrist steppe pagan relgion.

        • Finnish & the various Turkic languages like Kazak, Kyrgizian, Uzbek, etc. are linguistically related. For the most part, Finns are Eurasian. By the way, the name of the country is Suomi in Finnish.

  • Talking point for Trumptards: Trump’s agenda will fail if Alt-right media is not around to shame and ridicule GOPe cucks into supporting him.

    • Personally I don’t think they will EVER support him. They have shown their true allegiance. I think that the conservacucks in congress should be made to continue to disavow the AR at the same time sending winks and nods with multiple ambiguous statements towards them. It seems like these days it takes more time and effort for a politician scumbag to try to shed us from them that they end up showing their true colors. Guilt by association is a powerful tool especially when you have nothing to lose.

      • Nah Trump is a Zionist puppet. Bannon is a Goldman Sachs shill. Cabinet is full of Zionists and Goldman Sachs. The only way Alt-right isn’t dragged out into the street and beheaded by Antifa+BLM and friends is if China throws billions into funding the movement, as Julian Assange recently alluded to. Trump is nothing more than delaying the inevitable now. The alternative solution is for Alt Right to take a back seat and let the conservatives suffer until they wake up if that’s even possible for those retards.

        • I agree with your statement. However, they have lost ALL credibility with me personally and would love nothing more than to see them try to spin their way into lies to try to receive votes using “muh constitution” and “muh tax rates”. I would never vote for a Paul Ryan/Mitch McCuckle….EVER, regardless if they came out in support of AR because I know underneath its all just lies. Never McCuckle mainly because he looks like a weak cross-dressing pedophile. I am looking forward to an Alt-Right political party that actually puts forth candidates and steals votes from the Republicucks for what many truly stand for. At this point, the Repubs can be drown in the orc hordes for all I care. Their “leadership” have shown me where their heart lies…. and I used to vote Republican.

        • They still think the blacks and browns will be able to pay off pension liability.

          It’s crazy that they are holding onto that pipe dream.

          • After the system “crashes” there will be no pensions. Whites will be vilified as being the recipients of “white privilege” pensions and the browns will all cheer. Any uprising by whites will be met by ISIS, I mean, Antifa. The total theft of the American people and America will be complete. I wonder if we’ll have a name change.

    • We are really only talking about dailystormer here. Anglin was the Nazi Drudge. It was a clearinghouse for other people’s content.

      • Like Drudge it was a very big site traffic and influence wise. Bigger than all the others by far. It’s a big loss and not the only one, TRS has been dehosted. He backed up the site an hour beforehand. Red ice is still down although that was a hack. is the only one standing I visit often.

      • Anglin and (((Weevs))) objective is pozzing the Alt-Right with hatred of White women to fuel feminist propaganda as more and more White women are turning away from it, also excuse race-mixing.

        That being, there needs to be a nationalist hosting company + online payement system. I´m sure there are enough numbers, what is needed is individuals that can be trusted with the task and organization. Didn´t Wikileaks suggest making their own social media?

    • I still can’t figure out why the authorities can’t ever catch him. When does it end? When Sam Hyde destroys us all?

  • Also, at what point are we going to start explicitly identifying as white and filing lawsuits against these companies for failing to provide “public accommodation” as required by the Civil Rights Act to our protected class? If we stick hard to that argument, we can either get them to fall to their own rules, or at least get them to remove those rules all together so we can’t use it against them. Though chances are, they’ll just take the third path and use the rules against us, but preserve them for their own special pets.

  • “Who would have thought that our rebellion would first run up against the corporate establishment, not the federal government”

    The corporate establishment IS the federal government – or more accurately, the global government. Governments around the world do as they command, rarely the other way around, and even then, only because the corporations WANT to do what those governments command.

  • Steve Bannon is a coward, his fat ass thinks he’s better because he went to some school. Trying to sell cowardice as some sort of wisdom, being afraid doesn’t make you intelligent. There’s something called character.

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