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We’ve officially gone dark.

Corporate America, in alliance with the far Left, has campaigned successfully to shut our web outlets down. The homepages of both Radix Journal and The National Policy Institute have been removed from the internet after a concerted effort by our enemies to get us kicked off our publishing platform, Squarespace.

In the minds of many outside observers, we are both down and out.

Neither is the case.

Since we stormed out of Lee Park on Saturday, ducking bottles and dodging bats, fists, and flying acid, the phones have not stopped ringing and the challenges and false media accusations continue to mount. We have never faced more pressure from so many different directions.

And yet, we know what this really means. We have broken through.

There is a very good reason our rights to assemble and speak freely have been so obviously, viciously subverted. It is because there is no other way for our enemies to respond to our presence and message. They know this and are reaching levels of desperation that should not even be possible.

Instead of discouraging us, these events and reactions have served as reminders of the rightness of our cause and inspired us to press every more boldly forward. As we speak, teams of able and dedicated volunteers are contemplating a comprehensive solution to our obstacles on the Internet, while I am preparing to proceed against the universities that have foolishly sought to prevent me from speaking on their campuses.

Our rights are protected only when we stand and fight for them. The Charlottesville rallying cry, “You Will Not Replace Us,” today gives way to a new declaration: “You Will Not Silence Us!”

I have been overwhelmed with calls, texts, and emails about the best ways to support The National Policy Institute in the fight that is now only beginning. While most of our online fundraising tools have been shut down or locked permanently, there is still the old-fashioned way—mail.

To support The National Policy Institute, send funds directly to our address:

The National Policy Institute
PO Box 320482
Alexandria, VA 22320

We are grateful for any help you can give. Your support has never been more appreciated.

The crisis we have long predicted and about which we have only theorized is now beginning. We are ready. Are you?


Richard B. Spencer
The National Policy Institute

Richard Spencer
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