Our Revolution Is Baked In The Cake

In all honesty, what were they thinking?

The elites, the boomers, the feminists, the Jews…they all colossally fucked up. What did they think would happen when they disenfranchised an entire legion of young White men? Did they think it would end well for them?

If there was one subsection of society that I would go out of my way not to piss off, it would be young White men. I would go out of my way to make sure that White men were comfortably ensconced in modern society to the point where none of them would have even the slightest inclination to lift a finger in rebellion to the status quo.

The old leftists had a saying, “nothing curbs revolutionary vigor like submersion into the bourgeoisie.”

That’s a fancy way of saying “give an intelligent and capable man a wife, a house, a car and a job and he will forget all about revolution.”

And it’s true, the young man will become comfortable and he will suddenly have a stake in the system.

But they never offered us that chance. No, they opted to replace us instead.

Of course, they took precautions. They tried to castrate us K-12 by putting us on drugs, forcing us through Cultural Marxist program and trying to demoralize us. They used the media and entertainment to instill self-loathing in us. They peddled porn, degeneracy, and nihilism to try and sedate us. It worked for awhile. But we started to wake up.

If you are reading this now, you are proof that they failed.

It hurt at first, to see the truth of our complete and utter disenfranchisement laid bare before our eyes. But in time, we got acclimated to our new reality and started thinking.

Why should we listen to what all the authority structures say? What have they ever done for us?

Did the current system give us a decent career, a meaningful place in society, a loving wife or a greater reason to serve for its continuation?

The answer is a resounding, “no”.

People say that conditions have to get much worse for a revolution or any meaningful change to occur. These people are misguided in their analysis. Some people think that revolutions occur when things are bad and poverty is grinding. There’s some truth to that theory, I suppose. But if you look closely, you’ll notice that revolutions are most likely to occur when two conditions are met:

  1. Conditions were improving, but suddenly leveled off and people’s expectations were dashed about a bright, promising future.
  2. A class of people feels disenfranchised, with no way to climb up or change the status quo within the system.

Lads, when I look at the Alt-Right now, I see a movement that has the potential to lop off the head of the establishment and replace it with something much better.

I see some of the smartest, most energized and selfless people- the best that White civilization has to offer- within our ranks.

If I were a betting man, I never bet against us. Anti-Whites and cucks though like to screech about how our ideas belong in the dustbin of history, how we’re losers and destined to fade into obscurity…

Funny that. Projection is a hell of a drug.

They may want to commit suicide, but that’s on them, not us. Our civilization won’t serve as the millstone around their necks. We are in fact the descendants of winners. All those wars that the cucks like to cite as proof that our ideas are evil were won by White men. In that sense, they were simply civil wars between different tribes of Whites.

And that’s why it will be our side that will win the upcoming civil war. Ethnic pride will always defeat ethno-masochism. They have no chance.

They will not replace us.




Vincent Law
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