Our Revolution Is Baked In The Cake

In all honesty, what were they thinking?

The elites, the boomers, the feminists, the Jews…they all colossally fucked up. What did they think would happen when they disenfranchised an entire legion of young White men? Did they think it would end well for them?

If there was one subsection of society that I would go out of my way not to piss off, it would be young White men. I would go out of my way to make sure that White men were comfortably ensconced in modern society to the point where none of them would have even the slightest inclination to lift a finger in rebellion to the status quo.

The old leftists had a saying, “nothing curbs revolutionary vigor like submersion into the bourgeoisie.”

That’s a fancy way of saying “give an intelligent and capable man a wife, a house, a car and a job and he will forget all about revolution.”

And it’s true, the young man will become comfortable and he will suddenly have a stake in the system.

But they never offered us that chance. No, they opted to replace us instead.

Of course, they took precautions. They tried to castrate us K-12 by putting us on drugs, forcing us through Cultural Marxist program and trying to demoralize us. They used the media and entertainment to instill self-loathing in us. They peddled porn, degeneracy, and nihilism to try and sedate us. It worked for awhile. But we started to wake up.

If you are reading this now, you are proof that they failed.

It hurt at first, to see the truth of our complete and utter disenfranchisement laid bare before our eyes. But in time, we got acclimated to our new reality and started thinking.

Why should we listen to what all the authority structures say? What have they ever done for us?

Did the current system give us a decent career, a meaningful place in society, a loving wife or a greater reason to serve for its continuation?

The answer is a resounding, “no”.

People say that conditions have to get much worse for a revolution or any meaningful change to occur. These people are misguided in their analysis. Some people think that revolutions occur when things are bad and poverty is grinding. There’s some truth to that theory, I suppose. But if you look closely, you’ll notice that revolutions are most likely to occur when two conditions are met:

  1. Conditions were improving, but suddenly leveled off and people’s expectations were dashed about a bright, promising future.
  2. A class of people feels disenfranchised, with no way to climb up or change the status quo within the system.

Lads, when I look at the Alt-Right now, I see a movement that has the potential to lop off the head of the establishment and replace it with something much better.

I see some of the smartest, most energized and selfless people- the best that White civilization has to offer- within our ranks.

If I were a betting man, I never bet against us. Anti-Whites and cucks though like to screech about how our ideas belong in the dustbin of history, how we’re losers and destined to fade into obscurity…

Funny that. Projection is a hell of a drug.

They may want to commit suicide, but that’s on them, not us. Our civilization won’t serve as the millstone around their necks. We are in fact the descendants of winners. All those wars that the cucks like to cite as proof that our ideas are evil were won by White men. In that sense, they were simply civil wars between different tribes of Whites.

And that’s why it will be our side that will win the upcoming civil war. Ethnic pride will always defeat ethno-masochism. They have no chance.

They will not replace us.




Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • He got arrested only partly because he was an idiot, as you put it. He was arrested ultimately for political reasons. His optics were sub-optimal, but in a criminal sense he did nothing wrong.

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  • Fuck eeyah! I LIKE that kinda talk. They want “US,” they got “US.” Though as “they” say…careful what ya wish for….

  • I don’t see that White America is waking up, and I’ve been following white nationalism for over a decade now. This proves that white nationalism in America has almost NO support from most White Americans and most White Americans would rather die than be called ‘racist’ They don’t see the genocide against whties or the obvious double standards. White America has gotten more lefifist and weak since the 1960s.

    The ONLY thing that might happen is a group of white nationalists might be able to get a couple towns, but even that is not very promising. They will shut off services to that ‘racist’ town. Almost all the middle class and wealthy whites will be against you and will use their money to destroy their own race.

  • “What did they think would happen when they disenfranchised an entire legion of young White men?” How have you been disenfranchised? This is America. Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself get off your ass and get to work. I came from nothing. I studied hard, worked two jobs while I put myself through college and now I own my own business. Blaming Jews, blacks or anyone else for your inability to succeed is nothing but an excuse. It’s your fault!

  • “Anti-Whites and cucks though like to screech about how our ideas belong in the dustbin of history, how we’re losers and destined to fade into obscurity…”

    Impossible. And I’ll tell you why – there is NO chance in hell that our Movement will become irrelevant in the next 20-30 years when Whites are set to become a minority in the United States; and God knows what else is gonna happen by that point in Europe, especially in places such as Sweden and Germany (among others), that would definitely serve as a wake up call to many, many others!

    I am European, I have never even set foot anywhere outside of Europe, but I feel very connected with you – my fellow Europeans on the North American continent!

    As I was reading this article, I could absolutely resonate with everything that is being said in it!

    I am a young, White man, in his early (almost mid) 20’s, who is living in the UK. I have a university degree and yet I still work at a minimum-wage job. I am a perfectly fine, good, honest young lad and yet I can see that myself and many others like me are still single at this age. And of course, that also applies to the women around my age group, simply because their standards of men are too high. Even average women want the most super badass, highest in society male they could find. And we all know how very few of those there are.

    Just a couple of days ago I heard a part of Tom Metzger’s podcast/radio show (yes, he’s still alive, believe it or not) where he was criticising the Alt-Right and criticising our tactics and was saying: “And God knows how many people were recognised [doxxed] and have now lost their jobs.”

    Who gives a damn fuck about my job?! I certainly don’t! I work on fucking minimum wage and am unable to have ANY kind of relationship, let alone a meaningful one! We were born into this fucking shit and we have NOTHING to lose! The overwhelming majority of us are smart enough to abide by the laws so that we stay out of prison, although there are never any guarantees – we all know the risks.

    But the point being is that we TRULY have NOTHING to lose!

    You fucking (((cultural marxists))) made it so that OUR OWN WOMEN are the most traitorous women in human history and are VISCIOUS against us! You have created a powder keg in the face of White males wherever we exist!


  • What concerns me is the talk in some circles of the Alt-Right about going back to a monarchy with a caste system. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE WRONG COURSE TO TAKE! We may have a benevolent king or queen for a time, but it always devolves to a malevolent one that will be worse than anything we have had to live under to this point. Remember, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! There was talk about making George Washington a king, and he soundly turned this down saying they did not understand what they were asking for. They had just fought a brutal campaign against a malevolent monarchy and saw what the European model had in store for them, complete servitude to another man elevating himself above them. Is this what you want to live under?

    The Founding Fathers were brilliant. There is nothing wrong with the system they gave us, it has been amended and “interpreted” to the unsustainable point it is now. The checks and balances, the Bill of Rights, etc were to keep these problems from arising. However, our leadership has been eroding since their time. We need to go back to a real Republic system.

    Universal suffrage is one part of the new system that is unsustainable. We have to have a civic test that gauges whether a voter can determine what current events are relevant to our society along with if they have the concept of cause and effect. As Franklin said, ‘When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.’ We need to go back to the direct apportioned tax system that kept us out of extreme debt for over half of our history. We need to have term limits, which were self imposed with the honorable leaders of our past. We need to have treason and high crimes and misdeameanors DEFINED in the next Constitution so there is no question when a “leader” WILL face punishment. We need the Senators elected by the State Legislatures, as was originally designed, where they have a say in the federal system. We need to have it where ONLY natural born citizens, both father and mother being natural citizens, are allowed to own real estate so as foreigners have no say in our land. We need to go back to our roots, that is where we will find our anchor in a rebuilt society.

    • “Remember, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

      Which mortal made that statement and on what sort of evidence is it based; and how many years or centuries did they use to make their study before coming up with their pretentious statement?

      That statement has always seemed some human’s arbitrary invention, having as much meaning as “Water rusts steel, and absolute water rusts absolutely.” The truth is nobody ever has “absolute power” in this world.

      • It’s trotted around in more circles than that. Zionists would have a vested interest in keeping the goyim from believing that power corrupts, wouldn’t you say? How would you have liked to live under Edward II, a little homo who had over 4000 people directly killed in his reign and taxed the populace almost to extinction? Or perhaps Henry VII that had anywhere from 57000-72000 people killed? That is only two cases in one country of hundreds in dozens of different states in Europe that show giving one person that much power is lunacy. That said, dictators are very close to kingdoms of old. I believe Stalin had as close to absolute power as you can get in this world… 30-40 million killed. Pol Pot in Cambodia, 5-12 million killed… Mao Zedong in China 25-60 million killed. The reason the vast spread in numbers, they can make you just disappear. Be careful what type of government you ask for, you just may get it. And one thing about all those mentioned above, they really liked to go after the intellectual class, something I’m sure some pushing the monarchy idea fancy themselves a part of.

    • I wouldn’t worry about calls for monarchy too much. Right now just raising awareness amongst white people is what is important. The long term goal should be what Richard Spencer suggests and that being a homeland for people of European descent. I personally think that in said “homeland” a Confederation of different geo-political zones should be established (much like the original 13 colonies). Each geo-political zone would be led by different forms of government of their choosing. The only absolute freedom of the entire confederation should be the ability for one to “migrate” if one tires of living under a system they do not want to live under. Absolutely no “muh western democracy constitution” should be established- only a Bill of Rights based on the AR foundations.

      I would suggest that each political zone had their own form of government. If one wants to live in a Republic you move to “X-Land”. If one wants to live in “Anarchy Land” you move to “Y-Land”. Or if someone wants to live in a caste-based Monarchy you move to “Z-land” and so on.

      I personally am a proponent of living on an indian style reservation where a form of minarchist- tribal government leads but does not get involved short of providing security from foreign invaders, a gold-backed currency and policing poachers. All else: Old West rules apply. Modern western “civilization” has turned men into weaklings and cowards where we fear the State and “The Law” locking us up because we get into a fist fight, thereby ruining our livelihood.

    • “There is nothing wrong with the system they gave us…”

      Well. there’s obviously a hell of a lot wrong with that system.

      First of all, the US political system is based upon idol worship. As a presidential, rather than parliamentary system, it was designed to let Americans go to sleep politically, safe in the knowledge that a piece of paper would secure their liberties against malevolent men. By 1861, it was finished. The last 150 years just being the denouement: direct election of senators, female suffrage, Charlottesville.

      In a parliamentary system, it is a lot easier for a country to get into trouble, but also a lot easier to get out of that trouble by casting out all the players at once. Gives the populace no excuse for falling asleep and losing their country.

      Of course, there is always pitchforks, rope, and lampposts, in both systems.

      • No, it wasn’t designed for people to be politically lax, it’s just the way that the feeble minded took it in contemporary society. Hell, Jefferson thought that if a generation passed without a revolution it was too long between them. The president has entirely too much power vested in him, not by the Constitution, but by the ineffective use of checks and balances over the past few decades and beyond. We can have recalls the same as a parliamentary system, but as I recall Britain is a parliamentary monarchy…. Tell me, how’s that working out for them? They’re disarmed, free speech is definitely squashed and are in the same straights with foreign invasion… Doesn’t look like that much of a superior system to ours now does it?

        • The point I was trying to make is that no written constitution can safeguard against human tyranny – people in the U.S., most cucks for instance, still haven’t clued in to the fact that the left is utterly lawless and lefties will ignore any law that they wish to ignore, if they believe they can get away with it. The cucks still haven’t figured out that they’re the only ones who believe in the rules.

          One big mistake of the 1780s cucks? Not realizing that Yankee treachery would strike so soon. Should have written an ironclad right of secession into the first page of the constitution.

          As for the U.K., the system works if the people are vigilant. 100 years of socialism as a drug has destroyed the working class and 100s of years of Jew money ruling the place has done the rest.

          • Our form of government was designed to be a meritocracy, not a democracy which the left springs from. Ours WAS the most pure form of a Republic the world has known, but our Founding Fathers knew what Plato railed against when he wrote of despotic democracies. If not, then why would there have been many books, thesis and the like written by the FFs that warned us about not going to sleep but always being on watch against tyranny. But the problem is society, as it always does considering it is made up predominantly of selfish people (and which the FFs knew), became more interested in the selfish acts of greed than of trying to build a better community. That is why ethics MUST be taught in schools, both public and private, when we gain back control of them. That is the only semi-sure safeguard against having a degenerate “ruling class” lorded over us again.

          • To clarify my point on how the FFs were brilliant men, mull over the following quote of Jefferson’s and see how it applies today.

            “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue
            of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and
            corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of
            all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent
            their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more
            dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power
            should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it
            properly belongs.”

  • Love this article. The alt right needs to step back a bit and ponder at what happened, how to reposition ourselves, and come out better and stronger before.

  • Just a fyi, I post with my real name because being a white 50yr old white bad ass I dont give a shit, got nothing to lose, nothing. Theres more like me, we need to reach them all. Come together as one. CRUSADERS LIVE AGAIN!

  • The elites, the boomers, the feminists, the Jews…they all colossally
    fucked up. What did they think would happen when they disenfranchised an
    entire legion of young White men? Did they think it would end well for

    Alt-right attributes to these people all sort of exploitation of human nature against our own interests. And then wonders how they made this colossal mistake. They didnt fuck up. This is exactly the result they wanted. The real question is to what end.

  • great written! Bannon totally cucekd! This little whore is so scared about getting forked by Mc Bastard and (((ALL THE OTHERS))) that he would say anything to not getting droped by Trumpel for being to right wing!

    • You have to look at Bannon (whatever he truly thinks) as a stepping stone to your ultimate goal. He may just be a civic nationalist, but I doubt it. Truthfully calling Alt-Right “Clowns” doesn’t really amount to much. Its all politics- which will be the end of Western Civilization.

  • Use the Constitution against de-platforming. Constitution says NO DISCRIMINATION BASED ON RACE, COLOR, OR CREED. CREED means conviction, ideology, religion, or belief. We are being denied service based on Creed.

    Suppose a platform says it finds Islam to be evil and bans Muslims.
    Suppose a platform says it finds Zionism to be evil and bans pro-Israeli views.

    That would be considered Illegal. Well, white identity is a CREED. It is a ethno-consciousness. And whites are being attacked on the basis of creed.

    During the Cold War, Jews and Libs said McCarthyism was ‘evil’ because it pressured Hollywood and other institutions/industries to fire, blacklist, or destroy communists. According to Libs and Jews, communists had the right to work because Constitution protects the right of creed.

  • This is all the result of America’s failure to name the Jew.

    Jewish ethno-monopoly and Jewish supremacism hate white identity.

    It is time we took our gloves on the Jews. Name the Jewish supremacist power, discuss Nakba, support BDS, and realize that WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS.

  • The hysterical response to the Battle of Charlottesville by media, academia, pundits, information tek giants and most politicos shows just how rotten the System is in this country. All’s it took was a couple thousand Whites marching in the open with Tiki torches, and the System totally freaked out. The ensuing various attacks on Alt Right websites by Internet and online financial services providers show how much they fear the Alt Right.

    Consider how until the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, just about everyone thought the Soviet Union was here to stay. Yet all it took was a few protests and some speeches by Gorbachev, and…the entire edifice of Soviet communism came crashing down, the Red Army pulls out of Eastern Europe, and eventually a Putin comes to power (for better or worse but at least not for communism).

    Yes, there is some repression coming down on the Alt Right. But the System gave its best shot at Charlottesville, and regardless of the street battles, the Alt Right won the campaign. The Alt Right not only showed its strength, the System showed its utter corruption.

    Time to double down.

    We are awake.
    A storm is coming.

    • Don’t lose momentum. Keep pushing for rallies and stay within enemy territory (ie academia). AR has broken through the modern psyche and there is no going back. Now its all about image boosting and winning over minds of the youth. This is a youth movement. Although you can’t win over boomers because they are too far gone, the ones that do show AR tendencies are the ones that should be the main focus. Let them spread the word through their means. AR needs to stay on focus and spread a positive message and NOT a negative one. Example: instead of showing hatred towards (((them))), how about showing “concern” for the future. Let “muh ovens!” stay on DS.

  • Deep State and Big Media are like Sheldon Adelson.

    Trump noticed the FACT that Antifa scum attacked first. OH MY!! HOW DARE HE!!!! You are not supposed to be a fair referee when it comes to ‘left’ and ‘right’. ‘Left’ has the moral right to punch ‘right’, but the ‘right’ has no right to punch back. And we better not even notice that the ‘left’ did the punching. That is how the Establishment reacted. (But the ‘right’ is better in Ukraine because Neo-Nazis fight Russia, and THAT is useful to Jewish globalism.)

    Recent outrage is a bigger version of what happened with Christie and Adelson.

    Christie was fawning before the mad Zionist mogul, but he used the term ‘occupied territories’, and OH MY, HOW OUTRAGEOUS!! How dare he use a term that describes the reality of the Occupation.

    All said and done, the reason why Jewish supremacists hate white identity is because self-aware whites will not serve Jewish interests above their own. That’s it in a nutshell. Jewish supremacism smears white identity as ‘supremacist’ to sustain its own supremacism. (Even if some white groups are ‘neo-nazi’ or ‘white supremacist’, they have NO such power, so it’s a moot situation.)

    Jewish Power per se is not the problem. Every group seeks and has power. Some have more than others. But if Jews have power and use that power for Jewish interests and identity, no big deal.

    The problem is Jews demand that other groups put Jewish Interests ABOVE their own. And if Jewish Globalists are at loggerheads with certain groups — Russians, Iranians, Palestinians, Syrians, etc — we must always side with Jews in kneejerk manner. We never get to choose. So, if white Americans feel siding with Russia is better than siding with Jewish globalists, don’t even think about it. SUCH is supremacism.

    If Jews seek Jewish power and if others seek their own power(as equally legit), and if Jews and others compete and negotiate and compromise, that’s fine. It’s as it should be.
    But the system is rigged so that non-Jews must put Jewish identity and interest ABOVE their own.
    That is clearly supremacism. But no one talks about it.

  • “The elites, the boomers, the feminists, the Jews…they all colossally fucked up. What did they think would happen when they disenfranchised an entire legion of young White men? Did they think it would end well for them?”

    I sure as hell hope it doesn’t end well for them. But there are just too many dumb ass whites that don’t care.

    • The point is fast approaching where those dumbasses will have to pick a side, and the vast majority of them won’t be joining the ranks of ghetto thugs, alien invaders, and 110lb antifa faggots.

    • “Dumbass Whites”, eh? Like those honest, diligent, self-reliant “cucks” who graduated from college, DIDN’T get themselves fired from their first post-grad job (like Spencer did), met, married, and STAYED MARRIED to their wife (like Spencer *didn’t* do), and spent last weekend tending to their young child (like Spencer *didn’t* do)? Hehe! Whatever, Realist. You keep on blaming the “elites, boomers, feminists, and Jews”. At least you’ll soothe your bloated ego, as you totally demolish your life!

  • The Stress Test.

    US was put to a stress test in the Charlottesville to see how much of a liberal democracy it really is. Trump proved he can see both sides.

    The Media and GOP totally buckled and failed the test. They are totally controlled by Zionists who will suppress any amount of liberty and rule of law to get what they want.

    We need to be like a doctor with diagnosis of a sick patient.

    And the Charlottesville diagnosis should offer many truths about the American Sickness. The sickness of the state, rule of law, police, degeneracy, cuckery, and etc. US is infected with so many germs and viruses. It is sick.

    We need a book or essay on the 20 lessons from Charlottesville.

  • The author of this article is a comedian or the guy who posted the picture was trolling him I can’t figure out which…

    Yeah all the white men with nothing to lose…except for the black dude that’s actually rowing the boat near Washington’s knee…funny how you forget you don’t do it all yourselves…funnier still you assume some manifest destiny based on the acts of what better men women and minorities have done and you have not….(I’m speaking of the people looking at this picture for inspiration and clearly not getting it’s intent or the irony in their lack of contribution to the legacy of this country self evident by their willingness to wallow in shallow self aggrandizing platitudes about a guy who didn’t even row his own boat to his seminal achievement…)

    How about go get a job based on your personal achievements and stop whining on the internet like cuckold’s….People that identify as white make up 77.35% of the population… the only ones holding you back is you….

    By the way why do young white men assume they don’t have to work for everything they get? Isn’t that anti capitalism? Are you some kind of communist? Who wrote this article Carl Marx? What happened to work hard get a job and it will all work out for you…trickle down economics and all the bullshit you sold to minorities and women all those years…it don’t apply to you….second a white guy loses his job …aww shit it’s on…how about adapt and overcome….it’s funny that you post a picture that clearly depicts a minority rowing a boat in unison with the white guy standing or if you understand physics, buoyancy and wind resistance honestly despite his dumb ass standing up instead of rowing with the people actually propelling him forward.

    It’s a rather telling visual aid. You see yourselves as Washington. However you are just the white guys rowing the boat along with the black guy and that bothers you so much you want to throw the black guy overboard into the icy water…despite the fact that some white asshole is standing there not lifting a finger and ordering you forward with no intent on doing any of the work and standing posing like master and commander over you…You ignore your slave master and focus on the fellow slave because he looks different and allow that to placate you…it is easier to kill maim or threaten him then accept you place in the boat or his as your equal….

    You are happy to be the generals rowing whores as long as he makes you feel like you are special and special means fuck this black guy….he took a white man’s job lets get rid of him so we can……can….continue rowing a boat for an asshole that is not helping and lording power over us….seems like some legit bullshit to me….so let me ask you this, when do you get mad at the guy not doing shit instead of the person in the same boat and situation as you…

    When do you require the people that actually use you for their own glorification wealth and power to meet the standards you set for the others rowing the boat with you?

    You know a rational course of thought when do you have one?

    Seems like you are sorely lacking in that area….but your white nationalist propaganda is on point….

    • You fuckin’ moron, that’s not a “black dude”, it’s called shadowing. Considering that the entirety of the rest of your rant revolves around that one point, it’s safe to say that you are one insane social justice weenie.

  • Inspiring read!

    Thanks, I needed that after the alt lite cucks spent the entire last week trying to demoralize us.

  • Vincent, this has to be THE most victim-drenched rant ever published on this failing (and soon to be de-platformed) website. If White men are struggling so much, then why aren’t they doing what they’ve always told everyone else to do – BLAME YOURSELVES! Maybe you AREN’T living the lives you want because you just AREN’T “intelligent and capable”. Such a person would – and would want to – EARN their wife, house, car, and job. They’d learn, work and adapt to our society, instead of trolling full-time or destroying innocent people who WON’T “give” them good lives, simply because they’re White men. Youth, as a whole, is disenfranchised in this country, and that’s obviously a major problem. But, it’s a problem that will only be solved with more equality, not less. To meaningfully integrate into society, EVERYONE will need to work harder at being better citizens. And if you want a “supreme” place in America, that change must begin with you.

    • You miss the point because you don’t know the context. It’s not about giving us anything, it’s about what has been, and is being, taken. You probably wouldn’t understand the context of that either.

      • Who’s forcing you to troll here, instead of learning a marketable skill? Who forbade you from treating women as your equals, so that you could get to one and enjoy the life-stabilizing effects of marriage? Hell, you told you to march in broad daylight UNHOODED with a Swastika, an AK-47, and a Confederate flag? You claim I don’t “understand” the answers to those questions, so enlighten me. How are you not 100% at fault for these choices?

        • Who says those are the choices that I made? Did everybody at the rally carry a Swastika, Confederate flag, and an AK-47? Not the majority of ’em. You’re not even making a generalization, that’s straight fabrication. Who says I have problems with getting women? I don’t, but you know you would be lying your ass off if you said that the quality of the average ‘modern’ woman wasn’t a disgrace. Who says I don’t have a marketable skill? I do alright for myself, thanks. Guess what? I have an education too!

          It would take way too much time and effort to explain it to you. You see, it’s far more complex than a ‘diversity is our strength’ poster.

    • “They’d learn, work and >>>adapt<<< to our society"

      Why? People who hate us and want us gone are changing "our" society. We are under no obligation to go along with it. We choose to fight.

  • Ironically enough, the best way to “shut us up” would be to let us speak. They are only getting so much blow back because they try to silence us. At least that’s my personal take on all this. C’Ville and Google are prime examples of this, and then taking down all the websites, blacklists, etc.

  • It’s good that Alt Right is pulling in young people with high energy.

    BUT, young people tend to be rash, reckless, and even childish.

    So, we need a kind of patriarchy where the older more experienced men temper the impulsiveness of the young.

    It’s like in SEVEN SAMURAI. The elder samurai is leader.

    In EXCALIBUR, Merlin has trouble with rash Uther. He finds more promise with more sensible Arthur.

  • Globalism is diversity of elites ruling over diversity of masses. DOE over DOM.

    Diversity of Elites live in their Elysium World. Diversity of Masses live in squalor.

    When White Imperialists used to ban non-white elites from Elite Western World, non-white elites identified with their own non-white masses and led them, often with resentment against the white elites.
    But when white imperialists opened their club to non-white elites, the latter preferred to rub shoulders and collaborate with white elites than identify with or represent their own non-white peoples. Aristos wanna hang with other Aristos.

    Elite Diversity is nice with all the riches and privileges.
    Mass Diversity is horrible with all the crime, confusion, squalor.

  • Nazi flags flying is a good thing….it means REBEL flags are no longer edgy.

  • It’s funny as hell. Obama-Hillary use terror to destroy an entire nation, Libya, and then even lie about Benghazi. Power gets away with any crime.

  • WaPo Jew Yair Rosenberg has explicitly stated in an artcicle that this is a war between the “White Supremacists” and Jewish power in America.

  • British Patriot Mark Collett says something interesting here.

    He suggest that the System clamped down on the Alt Right not so much because of its ‘extremism’ but because of its orderliness and sanity. If Unite the Right had proceeded lawfully and peacefully, it would make the Right seem sane and reasonable.

    This suggests that the Power would have been happier if indeed all the marchers had been Neo-Nazi skinhead lunatics. Then, the Media could have said, “Look at this scum”(like the Westboro Church) and easily denounced the Movement. But, the fact is, few Neo-Nazis notwithstanding, most people were clean-cut, orderly, and decent.

    And if you read the Alt Right points that would have been presented in speeches(had the event been allowed to be held), they would have sounded sane and rational to many people, especially in this age of Globo-Degeneracy and Rap ugliness.

    In other words, what the System feared most was not that Alt Right come across as too extreme or crazy but that it might come across as too sane, reasonable, and sensible.

    That is why the System had to create a crisis with State Terror and Antifanissary thuggery.
    Since Alt Right and other right had assembled to be orderly and were not committed to violence and looting — like Antifa and BLM on a regular basis — , the System had to create those conditions.

    Also, since federal law was on the side of Alt Right — with help of ACLU –, the ONLY way to make the Alt Right seem ‘extreme’ was by creating mayhem and then blaming the Alt Right for all the violence.

    Spencer provoked the System psychologically, but the System revoked the event physically.

    As for the media, we know all about it. It’s the media of bogus ‘Russia hacking’ hysteria. It’s the media of lies about Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iran, and etc.
    And all those ‘hate hoaxes’ that blamed Trump supporters when, in fact, the hoodlums were blacks and Jews.

    Deep State has a wide web.

    Anyway, all involved should sue Charlottesville for every last penny. Sue the System, the Beast.

  • “Of course, they took precautions. They tried to castrate us K-12 by
    putting us on drugs, forcing us through Cultural Marxist program and
    trying to demoralize us. They used the media and entertainment to
    instill self-loathing in us. They peddled porn, degeneracy, and nihilism
    to try and sedate us. It worked for awhile. But we started to wake up.”

    These truths alone make the Alright a noble enterprise. Such great evil has been visited on whites and particularly white Christians. The Altright will save lives. Which lives? The ones that matter.

    • GoDaddy registrar (Jew owned) put a sting on their domain (not their server), after Anglin’s article mocking a fictional victim. Anglin and Co. then moved the domain to Google’s registrar (I have no idea why such a choice.) Google, predictably, decided to impair the domain. (Make it unusable by assigning it ClientLock status, a rare action by registrars.) Anglin still owns the domain, but the domain won’t serve pages. Likely he also cannot make any alterations to it by changing the DNS (pointing it to whatever server). There is often a 2 month wait after changing registrars in which one can’t move it to a new one. Without a lawyer, I suppose Google will release the domain for public purchase, at least when the annual subscription expires. At that point there will likely be many buyers (many likely Jewish) who have paid money to have it snapped up the second it expires. That’s my take on the situation at this moment.

  • Before President Trump…….

    Before the Alt-Right…….

    Before of Any of This……

    There was My Life, My Mind, My Experience, My Heart, and My Voice…….

    And what has changed since then??

    I found a LOT of Other People who Feel and Think just like me……..

    If they take away ALL of our Platforms…….

    What will change after that??……

    There will still be Our Life, Our Mind, Our Experience, Our Heart, and Our Voice…….


    And these Jungian Networks will Remerge elsewhere……..


  • “A Zero Hedge report recently cited a craigslist ad posted by a company called “Crowds on Demand” offered $25 per hour to “actors and photographers” to participate in events in the “Charlotte, NC area.”

    “While the ad didn’t explicitly define a role to be filled by its crowd of ‘actors and photographers’ it did ask applicants to comment on whether they were ‘ok with participating in peaceful protests,’ ” the report said.

    What is “Crowds on Demand?” According to its website, it is in the business of sourcing large crowds of people to “provide clients with protests, rallies, [and] flash-mobs” all over the country.”

  • There’s Logan Smith, this white guy who created the YesYoureRacist twitter account to post pics of people who attended last Friday’s rally in hopes of getting the people blacklisted from the corporations. Just who in the hell does he think he is? There is nothing more noxious than a white guy browbeating and lecturing other white guys about how immoral this racism supposedly is. He thinks his world views must be imposed on his white brothers to the point he makes himself judge, jury and executioner. People like him make people like me 10% more racist with each lecture in a way the Richard Spencer could never do. I also suppose it is time start worrying about antifa slitting the air out of my car tires or draining the brake fluid because in their view it is OK because “they are fighting Nazis”. Bring it on, take your best shot!

  • Being Removed from Political Power……

    They now think this is their Route back to Power……..

    Did anyone inform them that Antifa are Anarchists who destroyed Numerous Businesses…..

    …….in Washington, D.C. on President Trumps Inauguration Day??

    With over 100 arrested by DC Police and many on Felony Charges??? ……..


    Fun Times…….

  • They do have to get much worse, what happened in Charlottesville is a testament to that. The picture of the previous night’s torch rally only showed around 300 people. The National Socialists only gained traction when the Great Depression came down on Germany hard. Also, Americans are the most risk aversive folks around, even Tocqueville commented on that almost 200 years ago.

  • In Deceptopia, seeing the truth is a revolutionary act. It’s like the kid noticing the Emperor with no clothes.

    Trump noticed unsavory figures among the Alt Right. True.

    He also noticed that Antifa attacked first and state didn’t do anything to maintain order. Also true.

    But how dare he notice that Antifa had bats? How dare he notice Antifa charged first with bats swinging? It is an affront to the Official Narrative, like the kid noticing the emperor really has no clothes!!

    Welcome to Fictopia. When fiction becomes fact, print the fact…. but there are so much video evidence to the contrary. Then, just shut up, hide in the corner, wear a dunce hat, and no free speech for you.

    But maybe it’s wrong to attack the tongue. After all, speech spits out what the eyes see. So, do to all patriots what was done to Baked Alaska. Blind Americans so they can’t see. That way, it won’t matter if the emperor has clothes or not or if Antifa have bats or not. The blind will have to go with what they are told.

    “In Charlottesvilles, ladies and gentlemen, a wonderful gathering of blacks, whites, Jews, and homos were holding hands and singing ‘All you need is love’, but then, Trump and his goons of Nazis came with guns and bats and mowed everyone down and raped the corpses. You didn’t see it happen because your eyes have been blinded with PC acid? Not to worry. Just trust our words in Deceptopolis.”

  • It is actually the millennials leading the tech-corporations who shoah’d many popular alt-right platforms and are leading the crackdown on free speech, because, since millennials are conformists by nature, they have take it upon themselves to enforce on dissenters what the “elites”, the boomers and the Jews want. If I had to choose who I would send to the gas chambers, millennials or Jews, it would be millenials without hesitation, since the Jews would then have nobody to do their dirty work.

  • It kills me how these Deep State Matrix tries to make this James Fields guy into some kind of Grand Villain terrorist. Most likely, the combination of Antifa thuggery and State terror filled with with panic and rage. And things got out of control.

    In contrast, Obama and globalists willfully targeted Libya for total destruction. And when the nation turned into hellhole, they shrugged their shoulders and said ‘Oops, just a mistake’.

    Same with their aid to Alqaeda in Syria and Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Indeed, Obama and Deep State didn’t apologize for that one. Those weren’t even admitted as ‘mistakes’ but flushed down the memory hole.

    As for Bush and Cheney and other crooks behind the lies of WMD and Iraq War, how many were tried for lies and war crimes? Zero.

    If you got the power, you can get away with anything.

    It’s obvious what the Deep State Narrative is. It is, “It doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is what you ARE. So, if you’re Alt Right, it doesn’t matter if you follow the law and play by the rules. You must be destroyed and banned for what you ARE.”
    In contrast, Zionist-Globalists and their Antifanissary pitbull dogs can do as they please no matter how criminal or illegal since they are supposedly redeemed by what they ARE.

    That is the height of Nihilism. If you are A, then you can do ANYTHING even if wrong. If you are B, then you can NOT do anything even if right.

    So, if you’re smeared as ‘nazi’, nothing you do is alright even if legal and protected by Constitution. But if you’re a punch-a-nazi, anything you do is alright even if illegal or criminal.

    Now, we know what it’s like to be a Palestinian in West Bank.

  • WOW…..

    Who said Vincent couldn’t Write??


    Not only can he Write……

    I can FEEL his Words in My Core……

    That’s some Powerful Sht……


  • The current situation of the white society being changed into something unrecognizable and the failing to laudat the white man as the architect of great nations and the error to not thank him for all he has done for everyone. But only to blame him and curse him and spit on his monuments and steal from his generosity and put your feet up in his house etc etc etc.. The white man will not stand for it too long and revolutionary change will come and change will be on the horizon , only and only when the white man decides it to be changed and when he does decide you can be very sure , change will most certainly come..!

  • Balkanization is occurring and we must use this to our advantage. The coalition of non-whites, fems, Jews and fags is shaky at best and won’t hold up forever. If we stick together and make the sacrifice we WILL get our North American ethnostate(s).

    • It’s a delicate dance the left plays, keeeping their fringe coalition together. Sort of like how the Habsburg Austrians used the Magyars and Croatians to check the Czechs, Romanians and Poles.

      • …while being stonewalled and outright politically cucked at times by hungarians in the parliament.
        Which in itself must be a hint.

        • The Austrians had to meet with the Magyars every year to resolve a foreign policy and defense budget.

    • You need people on the streets cracking skulls open. That’s what brought NSDAP to power. Cleaning the streets from degenerate filth. As long as Spencer & co keep playing the peace card against a militant opponent, he’ll keep getting his ass kicked.

      • The time for violence will inevitably come but right now it’s a battle for the loyalty of the average white American which I think we’re winning.

  • Even though WOLFEN is about American Indians, its theme is instructive to all nationalists defending blood and soil as they get hunted down by globalist overlords with their Janissary hunting dogs, aka Antifa.

    Just like wolves communicate over long distances, all patriots around the world should HOWL to communicate to one another that we in the fight…. like the Viet Cong were in the fight to restore national independence and sovereignty.

    The Howl should be the call of nationalist at all rallies. Let the cuck dogs on leash bark on command.
    Free Pan-European wolves shall howl like wolves.

  • Cuck Dog on leash cannot tolerate the free howl of the wolf

    It is this vs this:


    We need to censor White Self-Hatred. Hating one’s own people is vile and disgusting. And white Cuck-ness is so sick and pathetic.

    I say we censor Cucky White Self-Hatred and servitude to globalist supremacism and Zionist chauvinism. It is pathetic and dangerous. And defend the Palestinians.

    Globalist Supremacists and their Cuck-dogs target both BDS and White Patriotism. Why? Both challenge the real supremacism.

    Cuck-dogs are envious of Alt Right wolves who howl freely. Cucks just bark like dogs to appease glob master.

    Suspending Rule of Law is the height of ‘nihilism’. It is saying that Civil Liberties should be decided by the whims of Power.

    Cucks fear the Alt Right because, deep down inside, they know Alt Right is right. But they are ‘triggered’ since they were raised cucky and must seek approval from their master to think or say anything. Alt Right howls freely. Cuck dogs beg the master, “Censor the howl. It makes me feel like a servile dog on a leash that I am.” Dog on leash envies the free roaming wolf.

    When globalist supremacist power is so nihilist and does as it pleases, we need the counter-nihilism of the Alt Right.

    John McCain bitches about Alt Right terror, but he supported Alqaeda in Syria & real Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Insane McCain.

    You know what Nihilism is? Financial sharks using Wall Street to run up a massive bubble, rake in super profits, and then getting ‘bail outs’ when the whole thing bursts. Private profits, socialists losses.

    You know what nihilism is? It’s globalists raping Russia in the 90s and leaving Russians to starve.

    Below is a casae of Zionist supremacist nihilism. Deny job to a professor because he is for Palestinian patriotism and survival.

    This is a case of US neo-imperialist supremacist nihilism. 500,000 dead Iraqi kids is ‘worth it’ cuz everything must serve the New World Order.

    Another case of sheer nihilism. Tribal Supremacist Thomas Friedman defending ISIS as necessary terrorist force against Assad.

    Cucks fear Alt Right because, in an open forum, Alt Right is winning the arguments. Alt Right is white folks as free wolves. Cucks are white folks as dogs of AIPAC seeking approval at all times.

    Who controls Hollywood? Who made all those movies about Evil Muslim Terrorists that prepped Americans to hate ‘muzzies’ and wage nihilist wars in the Middle East? Who funded 300, the Neocon War Porn that says ‘Kill those Eye-ranians’.

    Does Alt Right control music industry? No, Jewish globalists control music industry and peddle rap gangster music that promotes violence and thuggery. Generations of blacks grew up with Afro-nihilism of rap where every dude is a thug and every woman is ‘bitchass ho’.

    Does Alt Right control sex industry? No, Jewish Liberals control Pornography and use it to promote black supremacism of Mandingo and interracism and submissive cuck-dorkery among white boys.

    Now was it Alt Right or was it AIPAC that bought up all whore politicians to enforce imperialism and apartheid over Palestinians?

    Did Alt Right aid Alqaeda in Syria to destroy Secular Modern Assad regime? Did Alt Right aid Neo-Nazis in Ukraine to pull off a coup? Who did that? The Deep State presided by Obama, Hillary, and Neocon freaks.

    Did Alt Right lie about WMD to invade Iraq? Did Alt Right destroy Libya to stop Gaddafi from creating new currency? Who did such vile, disgusting, murderous, and nihilistic things that trampled all over international law?

    ‘White supremacism’ is a chimera used by Zionist supremacists to distract us from globalist Supremacism that really rules America.

    It is Jewish Supremacism that has the biggest grip on America. It is AIPAC that forces all Americans to support Zionist pulverization of Palestinians that never ever stops.

    And what did Obama and Hillary have to say when BLM thug murdered those police officers? Now, that was nihilism.


    Look at the video. Jordan Peterson is light yr away from Daily Stormer idiocy.
    He’s not even much of a conservative. He’s essentially an anti-radical and he opposes radicalism on all sides. He mostly argues against the ‘left’ because he works in academia which is filled with PC.

    But even this guy, who is in no shape or form a ‘neo-nazi’, was targeted by Google, and his account was restored ONLY BECAUSE of public outrage and some good people(principled Libs) inside Google.

    What is interesting is Google never gave him an answer as to why his account was suspended or shut down. It’s like Joseph K was never told why he was being tried in Kafka’s THE TRIAL.

    Google is the Castle.. or the Goostle.


    I’m appalled by all those Nazis and bigots!!

    I’ve been triggered!!!

    I now support the tearing down of all Confederate statues. And those of Washington and Jefferson too. And of course of Jackson.

    But the statue that really needs to be taken down is the Statue of Liberty which should be called the Statue of Conquest, Colonization, and Genocide. After all, it shows Emma Lazarus the proto-Zionist imperialist genocider holding a Tiki Torch with the vision of reducing noble red native folk of America into Huddled Wretched Refuse on the Trail of Tears or impoverished reservations. Sure, Lazarus came AFTER the nation was settled, but she was for Manifest Destiny, which means she endorsed the whole enterprise of Old Worlders conquering and Nazifying the New World with white folks, Jews, blacks and later even Asians, Hindus, and Muslims. What shame!!

    Statue of Genocide must be removed. We should erect in its place the Statue of the Crying Indian.
    Now, where can we find an Italian-American guy to serve as model for the statue?

    PS. As long as they are taking down the Gandhi statue in Africa because he made some Hindu-ish comments about blacks, I think we should tear down MLK statue, aka Bouncer on the Mall.
    After all, MLK endorsed Zionist Imperialism, the project of reducing Palestinians into huddled wretched refuse in the neo-Indian-Reservation-Ghetto called Gaza and dwindling West Bank. MLK took 30 pieces of silver and endorsed imperialism and genocide.

  • I don’t see David Duke or Richard Spencer carry around or wear Nazi symbols. We don’t have to kick out 88ers or Nat-Socs, just tell them to leave their Nazi flags at home when they go to alt right rallies. All it takes is one Nazi flag to bring on the label of Neo-Nazis and then normies run for the hills. No Nazi flags and the worst thing our enemies can call us is far right, white nationalists, or alt right. We still have a long way to go, Breitbart still has a section devoted to Jews. I bet the Jews love seeing Nazi symbols in an alt right rally, the most stigmatized symbol of all time.

    • The EDL always had an Israeli flag at their marches. That kept a lot of people away as well.

    • It’s actually pointless because leftists / Feds / Antifa / Jews will ALWAYS show up at our events and pretend to be us with Nazi symbols anyway. Also, the average Normie will call anyone a Nazi they are told to by the Jews (Proud boys, Alt Lite, etc.)

      • Depending on your goals, events where you can police the optics may work better though, the president might defend them.

        Our guys just changed the world, it’s unclear what’s going to happen next, but it may end up that Richard’s original approach might be vindicated to an extent, although you’d want to develop variations on it for different audiences.

        People are paying attention, we have arguments that no one can argue against. Might be time to use them.

    • Niggers shit on flags as free speech, sodomites and whores shove crucifix up Thier orifices as free speech. Stoopid cunt d listers hold bloody efgigees of sitting predidents, freespeech.

      If anyone wants to larp as nspd fuck the left fuck the jew fuck the altkiles.

      Just stop driving into crowds like Muhammadens

  • If you ask a candid Jew:

    “What’s the best thing you could do to shore up the Jewish genocidal agenda against Whites, and demonize ethnic-interests-for Whites?”…

    …Most would answer “Go to their rallies dressed as a Nazi and wave a Swastika.”

    In point of fact a great many of those who do this ARE ///tribe///.

    Get rid of it. We have CENTURIES of history in which White nations have had problems with Jews. The Nazi instance is the one instance that has been engineered to be the most offputting to normies and to carry the most problematic baggage. (It’s gonna take a while for the masses to realize the Germans never gassed any Jews.) Needs to be dumped. It doesn’t help, only hurts, and is completely unnecessary. It makes things way too easy for the Jews. We are a creative people, ever New.

    • What specifically do you want alt-right figures/organizers to do? Saying “get rid of it” is too vague. How do you get rid of something that is not yours?

      • Like their cuckservatard role models on TV do, obviously: endlessly whine on how Trump should “disavow” dem natzeees.

        • I have no issue with Trump disavowing costume Nazis — as long as he affirms the rights of White Nationalists, or the Alt-Right, to assemble and speak. I’d gladly make that trade and that bargain. We wouldn’t lose anything, and he’d find it politically easier, in Judenreich, to make that distinction instead of affirming everybody.

          See, they’re not actually lumped in together. It’s you who want them to be.

          • If we divide ourselves from costume Nazis there is no loss to us and much gain.

            (My Lord this thread is rife with classic hasbarati posting techniques. They never can do it well.)

      • For you, things are impossible.
        To me, it’s obvious we can either encourage it or discourage it. For starters.

      • Start by having the honest discussion about it. Guys like Enoch, Cantwell, Spencer. These guys have proven they are in for the count. They have the credibility to step to the nazi guys and say hey, what you are doing isn’t helping. Try giving it a rest for a bit, and just wear the white polo instead.

        • What metrics do you have to state it “isn`t helping”? Why should Enoch Peinovichstein step up to the natzee and say go away, you`re cramping my style?

          • What were the words Donald Trump used. Nazis, White Supremacists, White Nationalists. If he was forced to use the words, thats why. Trump has proven he is not idiot when it comes to PR. That he had to do that, was proof of what I am saying.

            Take all the Nazi shit away, which isn’t necessary at all to get our point across, and compare what we are pushing to what is sold by the Alt-Lite. Whats the difference? We don’t cuck, they do.

          • Metrics, not “what Trump said”. Trump says many things, like how he likes Israel for example.

          • Give the normies plausible deniability, but keep things edgy enough to prevent a drift towards racist libertarianism

            Which seems to be the core alt-right strategy anyway. Just tighten it up a bit, try to avoid giving the media something really easy to work with.

          • Just get Anglin to work the aesthetics on the ground.
            I`d imagine he`ll have quite some time free now.

          • Don’t ask what it hurts, to wear Nazi uniforms and all that. Ask what purpose it serves to further the 14 words NOW, in this century, HERE. It doesn’t. Not at all.

            The only coherent argument I have heard is that it is fun, and they are calling us Nazis anyhow. That is basically a Childs justification for doing something stupid. This is a WAR. We don’t have the luxury of fun and games any more.

          • If it`s WAR, why do you care what your opponent thinks about your looks in the first place?

          • …. dude. I don’t care what the enemy thinks. I care what the people on the fence think. And they aren’t going to be encouraged to look at what we are saying, which is all true, if we saying it while wearing an SS uniform and carrying a flag that they have been conditioned (wrongly granted) to hate!

            It isn’t a burden we need. There is no value added, so it needs to go. Its a War, and we can’t afford waste. That is the metric. Does it help us achieve the 14 words. If not? It has to stop.

          • It literally began with the torch march at night. Should I point out that torch marches are very much associated with fascism in the mind of the normie and especially the joo? How does that jibe with remobe dem natzeees drone?

        • Cantwell is MIA (also I have literally never heard of him before this event and that VICE interview) and Enoch is big into the windmill of friendship and tolerance.

        • Your use of the term “honest” muddies the waters. Most of us who follow Spencer, etc., always assume that they are being honest. As for the NS people, some are genuine and some are shills, and we don’t know for sure which is which. Everyone knows that Nazi symbols alarm normies, so there is no honesty needed there. Whether alarming normies in this way is harmful is a matter of opinion. Spencer clearly thinks it is harmful to NPI’s image, which is why he does not allow NS to be promoted at NPI events. NPI followers and genuine NS types are not going to agree on what “helps,” so, again, what would you have Spencer, etc., do that they are not already doing? The Charlottesville event brought a number of different factions together. Spencer was not one of the main organizers. Would you have him refuse to attend any event in which a swastika might appear? How would this be enforced?

          • My only criticism is that some of these guys are getting a big enough profile where they maybe can’t afford to show up at amateurish events

            Like say… a certain press conference in Charlottesville

            I’m guessing they realize this, heh

          • That is the problem I have with all of this. Is this thing just some sort of psy ops or political steam valve? It seems like it is amateur hour! They left themselves wide open for something like this to occur. The rally wasn’t really all that big for them to not have any control, or to have not vetted it better. Also, why don’t they just have events in “friendly” fly over territory, just to gain new members? The showing at the torch light vigil the night before in terms of numbers wasn’t that much of an increased turnout from the previous rally. Going to liberal cities, with liberal leaders, is only a recipe for disaster! At this point, the objective is to build the movement, not become objects of Antifa target practice.

        • Excerpt from the chapter “George Lincoln Rockwell” from Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds:
          William Pierce: . I thought it was foolish, and I wasn’t going to participate in it, and I told Koehl that. “Lloyd agreed with me that we were going nowhere with this circus-type approach, but Koehl thought what Lloyd and I were doing was heresy of the worst sort. To Koehl it was like having a Lutheran on the College of Cardinals. Koehl was an admirable guy in some ways. For one thing, he was very reliable–but he wasn’t very imaginative. To figure out what to do he would take out Mein Kampf or see how Hitler did it in 1928. I said, ‘Jesus, Matt, we’ve got a different situation now. For one thing, wearing uniforms was normal back in Germany. Everybody did it–even the Catholic party had uniforms and flags and so forth. But doing it in America now makes us seem weird. If you try to run an organization with the kind of weirdos and unstable people who are pulled in by what we are doing, we are just going to have constant problems.’

  • The people who say the alt-right needs to distance itself from “Nazism” are all arguing from positions of either ignorance or bad faith. Many people do not understand the JQ and are afraid of it. Most do not understand that most of what people think they know about the “Holocaust” is untrue. Moreover, this website does not promote National Socialism. I don’t promote it. How much “distancing” is enough to these people? We do not feel obligated to make denunciations based on other people’s ignorance. It is enough that we do not endorse National Socialism. If you cannot accept this, then you should go away and find another website and/or movement.

      • No, unity is our strength. I am asking you guys not to wear the Nazi stuff. Not telling you. Brothers ask. Brothers also know what is best for their families. Take a long look at it, and make your honest decision.

      • Most alt-right events do not include Nazi symbols. Charlottesville was intended to be open to everyone who agreed with the main theme. Perhaps there were some mistakes in how this was carried out. I don’t want to second-guess the organizers, however. Some NS are genuine, and some are shills. We don’t want to alienate people who are genuinely on the same side, as far as white advocacy. My advice is to put the Charlottesville rally in context as just one event and not continue with endless demands for denunciations.

          • Spencer knows what he`s doing, and that`s why there will be natzeee flags and other assorted scary freaks – in controlled numbers. They literally open the door for the nice and urbane spencers of tomorrow.

          • If someone shows up at a publicly announced rally with a swastika flag, what is Richard Spencer supposed to do about it? Unite the Right only had a permit for Lee Park. There was no way to stop people from waving swastika flags in front of reporters.

          • If it devolves to the point where we have to force guys to do what is best for the movement, because they are too childish to see it for themselves, then we are pretty much done for. Brothers wars got us here. They won’t get us out.

            We need leadership that inspires our guys to something bigger, and better than Nazi flags and Anachronistic LARPing.

            We need a man for the age. Once we have that, this problem goes away on its own.

          • You can’t expect our “leaders” like Spencer to inspire shills or to force them to do anything. Also, you have to expect that shills will succeed in inspiring certain people.

            I think it’s time to stop beating this dead horse. The “alt-righters are neo-Nazis” meme comes from anti-whites. Let’s drop it.

          • He is supposed to eject them or walk. It is not hard to be a leader, it just takes genuine commitment and courage.

          • And you think he had the authority to actually do anything like that? What would be great is we could work that out among ourselves. That’s always been the problem for WN…and now the pro-White big tent, which is that there are those in all of our groups who are too stubborn, and sometimes stupid, to compromise for the sake of the bigger picture.

          • Spenser is supposed to be a leader and an organizer. THAT’S what he’s supposed to do about it. Lead his people and get them organized (on the same page).
            AH took great pains, organizing, creating symbols and parading them in public to create a highly unified effect, both internally and externally.
            NO! I’m not suggesting nazi LARPing. I’m sayin’ look at the old pictures. You won’t see a single uniform, flag or symbol out of place in THOUSANDS of participants.
            Imagine some jerk showing up with the red flag star and crescent at a NSDAP rally. Uncle Adolf wouldn’t take too kindly to such a thing.
            So…Spencer wanna be a leader? Okay, then LEAD!

          • You don’t discourage a brother, ever.

            We have to build a movement that inspires, and gives the structure that our guys are looking for, that fills the need they have for the connection to our history.

            The movement is one of brothers. This movement needs a father.

            And not Azzmador. Hes the grandfather.

          • Azzmador is that Dumbldor’s bitch brother or Gandolf’s cuck apprentice….I can’t keep up. Also posting about encouragement with a pepe the frog picture is laughable…you are so not the guy…..

          • #unitetheright wouldn’t make sense if you stop flying Nazi flags. It’s defeats the purpose. Aren’t you supposed to be uniting the right, not seperating from some people on the right?

          • Nazi flags represent a morally bankrupt defunct party. It doesn’t unite the right.

          • Couple genuine Serious questions. Why do you feel replaced? who are you being replaced by? And what are the positions that these replacements are happing in?

          • My dindu friend: whites are set to become a minority in this country in 20 years, much because of immigration. This will not be good for me or for you. You benefit from living in a white country, or else you would have gone back to Africa by now. You should be out there rallying with us.

          • Immigration is to blame but that’s also because whites like to wait until they are 40 years old to have their first child. You guys want career first. Same go for blacks. They have one or two babies and kill the rest. It’s time to have 10 kids again like our grand parents and their parents did. Shit you see how many kids the Mexicans have? On top of immigration. Smh but hey who am I to speak on it? I dindu anything and I didn’t say anything you don’t already know

          • Maybe if the justice system locked jews up like they did blacks then the whites may get a bigger lead. But then it wouldn’t be called a concentration camp and every Jew would have good lawyers to avoid the camp lollll

          • The Jews got our bank systems, legal systems, entertainment industry, and much more. Damn I Say blacks and whites team up to monopolize on the food and go back to sharecropping . They gotta eat right

          • If the majority of Black people in America got up each day, went to the nearest white person, and said, “How can we reach out and claim the stars today?”, White people would still want our own space but by God would we love you dearly.

          • My wife rejects feminism, yet she still displays it occasionaly. That usually causes a fight where we have to figure out what we are really thinking and feeling. I can get her to see reason and sometimes I learn something from her viewpoints. That is leadership. That’s what men are for.

            Feminism is as pervasive as any field(like electromagnetic) or state (like solid or liquid) at this point. It can only be cured by being a man for your woman.

          • Nation of Islam put out a book exposing the Jews, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t hate Whitey.

          • Shit you see how many kids the Mexicans have?

            Yes, I see them pay for those children’s food and clothes with my money as well.

          • You are correct. The question becomes: Why do whites choose to have so few children? This is where things get dark. When our people see jobs disappearing/being taken by others, we have less children because we refuse to watch them starve. This is the crux of our argument against (((those))) who push so hard in all areas of our society to reduce us in numbers and position. That is exactly why we call it genocide. It isn’t blood in the streets, it is wasted seed, empty cribs, and a “diverse” future.

          • The real purpose of antifa is the imposition of communism. People on this site will be the first group of victims to be hauled off to FEMA camps constructed exactly for this purpose. There are millions on the “core list” and you guys are on it.
            Best to share this with everyone.
            Here’s proof of the roots of Anrifa:

          • Well, you know it was a f’n hoax, but saying that the NSs were morally bankrupt is a pretty faggy thing to say. We don’t care that they’re carrying a NS flag, we care about the image. I respect what Germany was about at the time, but I don’t believe we should be using their symbols at these public events. We should be carrying the Stars and Stripes…because it’s OURS!

            Anglin wrote a decent article about leaving the NS imagery and memes on the net. It doesn’t ever translate well into real life. The White Sharia chants, while funny as an internet meme, were cringe as hell.

          • If the hoacaust was a hoax, that is a conversation for another day. The glorious day when we rewrite all of our history books to reflect truth, not just stories written by victors and sjw types. Today though, nazi flags only hold us back.

          • You realize that scientifically speaking no one can really replace you the same matter cannot occupy the same space it is not possible….You can however become obsolete which would require you to do this thing called work and earn a place in this thing called a society with it….you know the basics of life…you have to work to eat….also 77% of america considers themselves white so who is replacing you? Less white white people? Is that a thing? The whites vs the less whites….As a brown I think we need to stop all of this white on white violence ( insert pepe meme pic)

          • Supposedly there were only a couple. Maybe not brought by anybody that the core Alt-Right is “in charge of”

            Unless you count the black suns.

            While you may not always want to use the black sun at all events… banning it entirely is kind of worrying.. unless there is a similar replacement

            We don’t necessarily have to fight the conditioning head on, but we do have to subtly subvert it

        • Bullshit. Charlottesville was intended to FAIL, and it did spectacularly. Anyone who would show their face at an event with the likes of Spencer and Baked Alaska are complete morons.

          • I’ll disagree with you there. There are a lot of things Spencer says that we agree with, but there aren’t many who see him as a leader. I’m guessing everybody that showed up at the rally is far more hardcore than Richard Spencer lol. Don’t be quick to discard those that can be useful just because you want to be a purist of some kind. We’re going to have to work with the big tent for now. Eventually, the ideas and principles will be refined to a more centralized approach. We’re not there yet.

        • They can be for white advocacy without wearing nazi regalia, roman salutes, or saying overtly “racist” or “anti Semitic” comments.

          The overt “racist” nature of some of the people there is exactly what the media focused on and what normie saw. Notice how identity Evropa was not even mentioned.

      • Amen. After 80 years of brainwashing it is a total retard display. We need to build our own symbols and our own movement and our own ideology.

        Nazi symbolism isn’t just LARPING, it is parroting. Leaders don’t parrot.

        • Like I said on another forum; It’s OUR nation, we use OUR flag. Who cares what the burgers and the bolsheviks think it means or what it stands for. WE KNOW, and we should be content with taking it back.

        • Thank Christ, somebody who gets it. Discipline needs to be the main focus. Alongside packaging something digestible to those on the fence. This is an American movement here in the US not a German one. It needs to have American (albeit European at its core) symbols, texture and feel. Many in the Alt-Right may have ancestors who were lured into fighting the Germans (WWII).

          Standards need to be applied to this movement. Optics of what this movement looks like are as important as looking and dressing professionally as they are about the message itself. Psychologically when police look at activists who act and dress the opposite of antifa, it will create a dichotomy they won’t be able to justify to themselves. Instead of looking like a mob like antifa does, use optics through simple things like haircuts, collared shirts, grooming standards and PHYSICAL FITNESS. I got it, this is not a militant movement (yet), but every little visual cue can mean the difference between long term strategic victory or a short term tactical loss.

      • Yeah and don’t say “Jewish influence” or whatever on camera. Talk about it online but don’t say stupid shit like “the Jews will not replace us”. Any idiot knows they won’t because they don’t even replace themselves!

      • Yes, follow the ideology in “OUR” hearts BUT sensibly manage the visuals.
        I completely support the comments made by a British guy coupla days back. CVII shoulda been a sea of Am Flags. Even duh media would have had trouble spinning antifa/blm and state shock troups attacking folks flying Old Glory.
        Brilliant! (As the British say)….

    • The catholic church was redpilled on the jews long before National Socialism was a thing.

      I don’t think we need to distance ourselves from the Nazi guys. They are our brothers. What I want, is for them to see that this particular form of public LARPing, is a liability, here and now in this moment, and that they need to find a different expression.

      What you are talking about doing, is trying to train a horse ( the normies) while wearing a fresh tiger skin around your shoulders. Do you need the tiger skin? no. Is it cool as hell to wear? sure maybe. Does it help in your task to tame the horse and train it to see things your way? No, and it never will, because horses are scared of Tigers, for a good reason. The analogy is sound. Its not about whats fair, its about what is necessary. And the Nazi LARPing, isn’t necessary.

      • Are you kidding me? The Catholic Church was demonstably co-opted by the Jews early on. The strongest evidence is in the early usury laws that didn’t apply to Jews. There is a lot more to it, if you research. But that little piece of the puzzle is all you need to be red pilled on the RC’s.

        To my knowledge the only two sects of Christianity not under the control of Jews at this time are Missouri Synod Lutherans and Eastern Orthodox.

    • We simply don’t need national socialism. We just need white nationalism and to be red pilled on the JQ. Neither of those require a German ideology best suited for the 1930’s.

      It’s about being relevant.

  • Gotta love all those new accounts with the same drone of remove natzeeeee my fellow whites.
    Somebody is scared, huh.

    • Anti-whites never went to Stormfront because it was such a joke.

      We just had the President defend us to the whole world.

        • WE brought the tearing down of monuments into the national dialog, then Trump defended us. Anyone saying CVille was a mistake is an idiot.

          • Right but you get what I’m saying… He sanctioned the subject for the normies out there who like Trump but are not ready for our ideas. I’m starting to wonder if chronic kvetchers on these sites are not just moles / agitators sent in to lower our morale.

          • Uhhhh and more statues came tumbling down within 48 hrs smh. Websites shutdown, PayPal fell thru, and a whole list of other things. I honestly think Putin set it up for trump to win he can finally look more truthful and noble than America in the eyes of the world. Compared to trump he is an angel now. He has taken our place as the responsible parent to the world. They put an article on saying how other countries and some of are allies trust him more with foreign policy than trump. Because trump is erratic and a failure (I don’t think it’s a lie)

            you guys think trump is here to save your world it’s bigger than whites, it’s GLOBAL STRATEGY (chess not checkers) for Russia to be the responsible parent of the world. I mean damn china and Russia just got together to pop N Korea and America’s hand and said play nice. Guess what now? he got trump and N Korea to play nice ?? now guess who the kid and who the parents were. Wake up

          • It wasn’t a mistake to go. It was a mistake to telegraph when, where and how we were going to do it.

          • Telegraphing when, where how they were going to do it had… interesting effects.

            It may take a long time to figure out if those effects are net positive or net negative.

            Maybe this was as good a time as any to spring the trap.

  • Although I got nothing against Hitler or the Nazis (as far as I’m concerned the wrong side won the war, I mean our side fought for trannies and third world immigration), it is best if we leave alone the stigma of Nazi symbols. I like Richard Spencer and David Duke’s clean cut approach. The Daily Stormer is not going to win us the war, although I support their free speech to do what they do. The average white person is on our side, even if they won’t admit it. It’s a lot smarter to (((name the Jew))) rather than yell gas the k*kes.

      • A few scary looking old dudes who obviously amounted to nothing in life will not help our movement grow.

        • Sounds like got it all figured out. Pray to muh gee-zus. Ban Nazi flags. Proceed to victory. Thanks for the update on the new battle plan.

          • Our future can be bright brother. I’m nostalgic for the klan but I know that isn’t the future- it is the past

          • The clan even would be an improvement over the Nazis. At least they were christian. And at least they were American.

          • The KKK was originally a wing of Freemasonry. Are they “Christian”? lol

          • Who knows. But, they were burning crosses on peoples lawns, not fucking swastikas.

            Anyhow. I don’t think that we should start wearing bedsheets either. The whole point, is that identifying with these groups openly, at a public rally, where cameras are rolling, is not going to help us.

          • They were never a wing of Freemasonry. They were originally a handful of Appalachian 20-somethings and younger who aimed to make trouble for carpet baggers. Nathan Forrest, who felt betrayed by the Masonic lodges having been pro-Union, wanted to turn the Klan into a pro-Dixie version of Masonry, but failed.

          • This is wrong

            The Klan is a joke since it hung around too long and the feds infiltrated it

            Nazis at least have a certain taboo, edgy appeal that the Alt-Right used to great effect on the way up

            That is not to say you can directly translate this into the offline world

          • Yeah, the Klan is a shitty analogy forget it.

            I agree about the edgy appeal. But we have to know when to, and when not to. And when we are going in front of cameras on a National Stage, where every Normie old and young can see, that is not the time.

          • I broadly agree that it is less than ideal to appear in large public events using extremely obvious hollywood style costumes or similar

            however it may be difficult to police this, even if all well meaning people cut it out, then infilitrators may do it.

            I heard some claims that the (few) actual self proclaimed neo-nazis at the rally mostly toned it down, dunno if that’s true

            And I disagree with those who want to cut out all the edge. Things that seem potentially useful in some circumstances are a) tiki nationalism type stuff b) subtly “fashy” stuff that doesn’t immediately trigger boomer TV-poisoned brains

      • Only if they give up the fucking swastikas, and stop saluting like fucking nazi’s. I will meet them on the field of ideas. But, that dead political movement was exterminated because it was repulsive and weak. If that lesson doesn’t prove the point, nothing will.

        The real tragedy of that war, was that we couldn’t move all the good non-party affiliated germans to America, instead of the Nazi officers and Scientists.

        Too many good, decent people died who had nothing to do with it all, including our guys.

          • I hear you man. I don’t disagree with what was said in the movie.

            Does the public announcement that you agree with him, by wearing Nazi Uniforms and carrying Nazi Flags at a public rally help us win this war?

        • It was not repulsive.

          What we have now, and what Germany has now is repulsive. We quite literally live in the future that NS fought to prevent.

          I like the idea of improving the optics by keeping out spergs or feds… but if we actually want to achieve our goals and not just align with a civic nationalist coalition then…

          We have to keep some sense of )))our values(((, and some separation from slightly racist civic liberalism, or whatever ideology sees the values of the current year as “not bad” and the common sense values of NS as “repulsive”

    • My Grandfather, did not fight for fags and trannies. The war was not for fags and trannies.

      He and his kids and now me lived lives that were not moral, and neither did anybody else hardly. Thats why we are here. Not because Hitler was some paramount of virtue.

      • Dude, face it. In the end, the allies fought for fags, Jews, trannies, and third world immigration, even if they weren’t aware of the outcome of their actions. Welcome to our alternative universe. The wrong side won the war, in the end.

      • There’s a tension between developing a normie friendly narrative where “our side” dindu nuffin… and the practical reality that practically speaking we fought for fags, trannies, and to see ourselves reduced to worse than slaves in our own countries.

        To don’t necessarily have to loudly talk about the second part… But we really can’t afford to fool ourselves about it.

    • Some of the stuff that you’re attributing to the Daily Stormer might be better attributed to some other group.

  • The Big Mo is with us, if you doubt, go read the comments at Boomer cuck outlets such as Breitbart or note the desperate cucking of Thernocich and Vox Day. The alt lite is moving en masse to us. They now understand there is no alternative.

      • Big momentum. He’s right that Breitbart et al are more solid than Alt-Lite. The same thing happened with Hailgate. We said no one would give a shit because of polarization and we should be driving polarization. Low and behold normalfag conservatives didn’t give a shit because decorum is dead. There isn’t a conservative in the US who doesn’t know that Barack Obama launched his bid for president from the living room of a guy who was trying to organize his group to perform home invasions explicitly to murder pregnant women and young children.

        The same skittish faggots are going to always be waiting to stab us in the back again because they are emotionally invested in validating their narrative and so are willing to sabotage us just so they can point out failure. In the future we need to simply ignore these people instead of engaging them until some time after the event in question. August 12-14 was not the time to discuss Muh Optics. It was time to push a narrative, and the entire purpose of Muh Optics spamming at that time was to keep us chasing our own tail. Stop falling for it.

      • I think if the movement learned a lesson, we can survive this recent devastating rally. If not, it was the beginning of the end.

        • Why don’t you tell us what the alt-right did wrong at Charlottesville? Was it something that would make Wolf Blitzer mad, because if that is your yardstick, you’re antifa, not alt-right.

          • Walking into an obvious PR Trap would be the most obvious.

            I mean you know our spokesmen weren’t prepared when their only reaction was “Muh Civil Rights” were violated. And “Muh Constitutional Right”, and “Muh Current Year”.

            We got our asses handed to us, and our guys walked into a minefield. We need a military leader now. Cuz shit has officially hit the fan, and I don’t plan to LARP as fucking ROSA PARKS.

          • Well, being naive about the lawlessness of McAuliffe is a rather large mistake, but it only means that these leaders didn’t anticipate that the Left’s panic was already at fever pitch. Charlottesville was their last shot. It has probably awoken more white normies than anything to date, and will keep doing so as the truth keeps coming out.

            Watching the videos up about the car crash incident (and I am extremely skeptical about conspiracy theories) is a real eye-opener. There is no way that doughball 20-year old kid was driving that car. That car went in a straight line in reverse for hundreds of yards without swerving at all. That kid, if he had been the driver, would have panicked and would not have been remotely capable of such a professional driving feat.

          • yeah I don’t know. It is not provable really. What I do know, is that his car was attacked, and that is probably going to be enough to get him off.

            He was clearly one of our guys, even if he was a plant. Young, white. He shouldn’t have been alone. I hope he gets off, if he was genuinely panicked. Otherwise, the dude is in for a long stay in prison.

        • Hardly devastating. The President all but defended the Alt Right in his second statement. He also brought the issue of the destruction of historical monuments to the national, Normie stage. Huge victories, man. YUGE.

          • The Donald did alright. We gave him a shit situation, and he did his best with it. It was our fuck up, not his.

    • I agree but is it really so wise to chase those people from the movement? If you were in the trenches, who do you want on your side, a Skinhead or LARPY Alt-Right “Christian”?

        • Seriously all the Christians are pussies, and Christianity is Jewwwwwww religion shit is getting to be too much. Our folks have as many stupid and uninformed misconceptions as alot of the SJW types. Seriously our guys need to go read more.

          Pussies didn’t fight the Muslims AND Vikings/Mongols for 1500 years after the fall of Rome because they were pussies.

          • You brought it up. You left a comment saying we should ban Pagans from the movement on a site… created by a self-avowed Pagan (LULZ). This site is about Identity, not Christianity. Co-opt elsewhere. Nobody cares.

          • We should ban pagans, if they dress like vikings. I can split the difference. Thats as far as I will go though man.

            If you guys start fucking sheep or drinking blood on camera or whatever other heathen shit you do, then we are going to have the same discussion though.

      • I want them both. But I want the LARPY Christian to have a pair, and know how to throw a punch. And I want the Skinhead to know when his bullshit props are making the 14 words a very unlikely outcome.

    • I would tend to agree, but until the left removes their significant Communist/Anarchist element, I see no reason to appease the enemy by punching to the right.

      • Don’t punch them just tell them their flags are not allowed. You will never get any normies waving those flags.

          • Because he’s Christian. Alt RIght Christians may walk to the edge of the plank of Truth but they will never jump off.

          • Nope I don’t want Jews to have any influence on my culture. I hate Hollywood and I would love for all Jews to move to israel. I could even get on board of making them move if it is best for my children. Wouldn’t usher them into ovens though

          • Well, Christianity was formed in direct opposition to the ethnic supremacist Jewish religion, and directly rejected it in favour of a universal faith and a God of all peoples, not just the “Chosen people.”. The Jewed American Churchians have no idea about their own faith.

          • Exactly. “Universal faith”. Your words. Christianity contained within its philosophy the seeds of Multiculturalism, Globalism and eventually Miscegenation. We were no longer brethren joined by blood but by a “Universal brotherhood in God” rooted in an abstract, metaphysical belief system derived from Judaism.

          • My take on the Gospel is that someone called Jesus woke up to the scams of the Temple and Politicians and was shut down. It’s a warning about the Jews and their machinations.

          • Right. Thats how come Europe was basically pure white for 2000 years, under Christendom and the tail end of Rome. It couldn’t possibly be because Christianity was bastardized by the same evil that has bastardized our once great country, right?

            I am not disagreeing with you about the outcome. But, everything that used to be a cultural bastion of white culture, is under attack by the same people, in the same way, for the same reason. That isn’t a coincidence.

            It isn’t just our faith that has been perverted. It is our entire culture, and our way of life.

            But, it is all ours. All of it. The Church, the Ancient Greeks, Rome, Constantinople, Jerusalem and North Africa. The West is the Church is the European People. Just because we exported it to other people doesn’t change that. Consider also, that a major doctrinal or theological decision of christianity has never been made outside Europe or America.

          • Cortez and his men were ordered by THE PRIESTS to impregnate as many of the Aztec women as possible. Why do you think Mexico is so dysfunctional? Because being mixed-race is deeply intertwined with Mexico’s history, culture, collective psyche. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on the CQ because I’m getting tired. But the White Man was the White Man for tens of thousands of years before he was converted (by force) to Christianity. Christianity is the anomaly in our collective story. What matters is our DNA and collective Spirit.

          • Ethnic supremacist Jewish religion, isn’t this what we need for whites(obviously a less degenerate one, old testament is thieves and pimps whoring out their sisters to gentile kings for economic favour) rather than the flipside thereof that is a “universal faith and god of all (non white) peoples”. Just because the swastikas and uniforms and the name national socialism are damaging to our image shouldn’t make you reject the Nazis as “evil” and resent every aspect of national socialism. Uniforms were normal for the time period in Germany for all organizations.

            This will kill the white race: 38You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.’ 39But I tell you not to resist an evil person. If someone slaps you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also; 40if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well;…

          • our guys aren’t nazis. Nazism, and National Socialism are DEAD. Our guys are LARPing. And it isn’t helping!

          • I just said that we shouldn’t call ourselves Nazis nor use uniforms swastikas, etc. I did say that just because this is the case doesn’t mean you should personally accept the allied narrative as fact and reject all ideological aspects of national socialism, as if you did then Richard spencer’s Charlottesville statement, what it means to be alt right, would be considered evil Nazi shit to you aswell.

            ” And is sure as shit isn’t National Socialism” Actually if you read the Charlottesville statement like I said above, its basically national socialism. I think you’ve adopted the allied narrative as your own, conflating that with the strategic tactic of not adopting Nazi symbols nor the name “Nazi” as I stated above

          • No. The allied propaganda was wrong too. But my Grandfather didn’t write it. 90 percent of Germans at that time, could have moved into a sub division in the US and not missed a beat. Most average whites in American could have moved to Germany and not missed a beat.

            The tragedy, is that both sides got fucked. Not that the allies were wrong, or hitler was wrong. We all got the wool pulled over our eyes.

          • Its anachronistic, and ahistorical bullshit!
            This is the real world dude. Memes, don’t translate.

            Not an argument? and I never said anything about memes.

          • Deal with you how? Worship all of the Semitic Gods you like. I couldn’t care less.

          • Wrong. If the Jews continue to be the instruments of evil in the world, they will burn, and I will stack the wood at their feet. If a white person goes along with them because they are evil, they will burn too.

            Just because christians don’t see Jews as the root of the problem, doesn’t mean they don’t think Jews are a problem. Go read the history of the catholic church dude. They were woke to the JQ long before the Nazis. They just didn’t lapse into myopia and lose track of the fact that white people can be evil too. They, actually had an answer to the White Collaborator Question.

          • Hitler ruined the nazi brand when he committed his army to destruction through over aggressive war mongering

          • Go read some history – maybe start with the Versailles Treaty. Also, the Jew commies were going to invade Poland/Germany anyway, so what are you talking about?

          • I’m very familiar with wwi. I’m not saying Germans were bad. But he sent a lot of the best people to die in Russia. It was completely unnecessary

          • the west declaring war on Germany was what was unnecessary, if they hadn’t then the eastern front would’ve undoubtedly been wrapped up quickly and easily.

          • I don’t mourn hitler I mourn the old Prussian patriarchy he sent to their destruction on the eastern front

          • Yup, id recommend Origins of the Second WW by AJP Taylor. By all common sense, precedent, everyone thought(along with most of the leaders of France and Britain) that the allies wouldn’t do shit over Poland(which why they invaded Poland is another topic in itself), the allies didn’t have the means to liberate Poland anyway, and after the war it was largely handed over to the Soviets. Much of the leadership of B and F still didn’t want to do anything, and rightly so id say, after they invaded Poland. And for people who say “Germany shouldn’t have invaded france” France and Britain had already declared war on Germany, and they would’ve been invaded from the west shortly thereafter if they hadn’t done so themselves.

          • He is talking about starting a war on two fronts for no reason. Sure, the commies were gonna attack eventually. But they were going to wait until Germany was weak first. Instead, Hitler shot his wad prematurely and fought them to a standstill in the middle of Russia, IN WINTER.

          • France and Britian declared war on Germany, not the other way around. If they hadn’t invaded France after the fact, Britain and France would’ve invaded from the west, as they had already declared war. Read the Origins of the Second World War by AJP Taylor

          • The Nazi’s Lost, and they led their people to RUIN. They were arrogant, foolish, hubristic and naive fucks! Hitler could have done better, and he should have. Laying off the drugs would have been a good start. And not attacking the fucking Russians would have been a good plan too.

            We have no excuse to follow his example, unless it is to learn from it.

          • No, they didn’t take the theory that Jews control international finance seriously enough. Infinity Credit wins wars.

        • Just don’t look down your nose at these people, they’ve been fighting this fight far longer than the rest of us.
          And you know what these Nazi types did that many other whites didn’t? They showed up.

          • I have slinked around comment section for awhile both here and rok. I understand your position Clark Kent. But come on, why worry with defending hitler when we could be talking about demographic replacement, which normies are sympathetic to?

          • “But come on, who worry with defending hitler when we could be talking about demographic replacement, which normies are sympathetic to?”
            Because Hitler called out the Jews, was absolutely against demographic replacement of whites, and fought for Europe without making any excuses or apology about it.
            It’s not that I think the AltRight needs to be a fascist movement, be German-centric, or promote socialist policies, or any other LARPy issue.
            I just think a lot of AltRighters, especially the younger ones, will end up looking back to Hitler as a heroic figure in this fight, almost in a quasi-religious way. It’s encouraging to know that what we are experiencing is part of a larger and profound ongoing history.
            Should we avoid flaunting swastikas at public rallies? Yeah maybe.
            But to denounce the German’s fight against the Bolshevik Jews seems cowardly to me. I think it needs to be respected in its proper place or it will be a divisive issue within the larger movement.

          • So do you believe holacaust was a hoax or was that acceptable to roast a bunch of Jews in ovens?

          • I believe war is war.
            I’d be more sympathetic to the Jews if they didn’t cover up the fact that they instigated the Bolshevik revolution which killed tens of millions of Russians. Not to mention that the leaders like Trotsky were responsible for starving to death hundreds of thousands of Ukranians in the Holodomor.
            Do you not think it’s strange that studying Marxism in university is considered no big deal at all when literally millions of people around the world have been butchered for adopting its worldview? If people aren’t allowed to debate Hitler and the Holocaust in academic circles, why is Marxism considered perfectly acceptable?

          • The brain bashing machines haircuts soap electrified floors and steam deaths were obviously fabrications.

            If the media can lie about a demo in Charlottesville while camera footage contradicts their narrative they can fabricate history too.

          • Well put. Nazi Germany is also the history of our people. its ours. The sheep fucking pagans too.

            So long as we are all doing what will accomplish the 14 words, we are good. The rest will rest. That question though, does it help, or does it hurt, has to be the basic logic of our decisions.

          • I’m really arguing against what I see to be an ignorant moral perspective against the national socialists.
            In terms of reaching normies and spreading the message of the AltRight you’re probably right that concessions will need to be made on certain issues, including this one.

        • How many people do you think looked into jews, Adolf Hitler, the alt-right, and the Nazis after last weekend?

          Look into the Overton Window

          • Very few but there are lots of alt righters like me who feel more uncomfortable explaining my party affiliation at work. I go from explaining how we are against demographic replacement to people thinking I am a nazi

          • Many more did than before.

            Everyone thinks the way you do when they first come over, so did I. You’re not correct. The fact is DS didn’t explode to the forefront in 3 years by compromising.

            You push right as far and as hard as possible to let little ol Richard Spencer through the door lol

          • It doesn’t matter how you think they respond, it matters how you act. Wave 1000 Nazi flags and you’ll see.

          • I think the rally was a disaster for us. It doesn’t make me happy to say it but I believe so. And it is because of those damn nazi flags

          • Well it most definitely wasn’t. We made national news 100X over. Spencer, Anglin DS, alt-right are international household names. The mass shoahing that’s happening now has to happen, and the media can’t ignore it.

            It was a success, the truth moves slower than the lie (media). Can’t you see what’s happening day by day now?

          • I hope you are right. My wife was like, your party is out there
            Killing people and waving nazi flags!!! And she is racist, a natural alt righter.

          • This always happens, because the public are media zombies. Each day the truth reveals itself more and more and we grow more than if the incident had not occurred. No one leaves the alt-right.

    • National Socialists are fine. Swastika flags in public is counter productive and detrimental even to our cause. People will be scared away before we even open our mouths. It’s gay, but it is what it is.

  • This isn’t about ALL whites.

    It has to be about Western Christian Whites.

    No fucking Pagans, and no fucking Nazis. We don’t need their baggage and bullshit hanging around our necks like a FUCKING albatross. WE built this. Its ours.

      • The Godless Communists killed more people by murder in 100 years than Christendom killed in 2000 years, by Crusade or Inquisition.

          • Christian!

            I mean at this point the Mormons can stay. They are our retarded cultural cousins but they are good.

            Put it this way, if you can march behind a GIANT fucking cross into battle, then you are good. Otherwise, THE BOG

            But, I would make somebody like Tomas De Torquemada the minister of culture for the first generation or so.

          • That’s quite vague. Could be Catholic, Orthodox, or Episcopal like Kurt Eichenwald.

    • While I get the “ALL” and “no pagans” rule, wouldn’t you say that some philosophical or “political aesthetic” resembling nazism (or some other variant of fascism) is best for whites?

      • Why do we need the Nazi aesthetic? We can come up with one which is fresh, new and all ours without the baggage.

        Yes, a Martial chic is totally necessary, but not THE most visible and tainted aesthetic that has ever existed.

          • Yeah and causes more infighting than any other issue on the Alt Right. What does that tell you?

          • I won’t speak for you, thats disrespectful. But what it tells me, is that the church in its many flavors and forms is OUR heritage, and that is why it preoccupies the minds of our folks. This isn’t bad, its a reason to take up the book and read it again, to look for the answers we are seeking, and find the strength to fight for something bigger than a FUCKING SWASTIKA!

          • I presume you mean The Good Book? You mean the one written by Semites? No thanks. I’m not fighting for any Swastika but for survival.

          • Christianity is based on UNIVERSAL truth. Like gravity. Gravity is universal, and applies the same to Black People and White People. You don’t get to chose which truth you follow.

            Now, that does not mean that we cannot have our own property. Scripture specifically reserves the dignity of the individual, ALL individuals. Other cultures can be christian, in their own way, and in their own regions. They don’t have to come to our land.

            The more Christians, the better.

            Don’t extrapolate universal to mean what the left is saying.

            If you look right now at what is happening in the Catholic Church, then look at what is happening to white people at large, its the exact same people, with the exact same tactics that are killing the church and Western culture.

            The history of the Church = the history of European Peoples = the history of the West

            They are inseparable, regardless of preference.

            There is way more good, and decent in the church than bad. It too is a battleground on which this fight will be fought.

          • Wrong. Without the metaphysical grounding, the morality (which we currently lack), the cultural identity that comes as a result, you will not have a cohesive movement of guys. Nobody is going to fight a war over their 23 and me results.

            Faith, will drive a man to do many things that politics won’t.
            Currently, we don’t have a cohesive form of either in our movement.

          • We’ll see. But in a crisis, 90% of the Christians I know would put their co-congregates first and their racial kin second.

          • Yeah. I would too if most of the white people I knew were total degenerates, but the one old black couple that wanna go to the baptist church on sunday, and don’t hurt anything otherwise but are willing to watch my kid in an emergency were the people to chose from.

          • So, you admit it. And you’d let Blacks watch your child. I think you’re on the wrong site.

          • Other races have a very different understanding of Christianity.

          • Our people are moving beyond it. It does not resonate with most Whites any longer. I agree that a common religion or spirituality is important, but I am almost certain that it will not be Christianity moving forward.

          • My feeling is that Christianity will keep declining as a major influence and part of our culture. It is just too antithetical to the Alt-Right movement, and does not resonate with most of /ourguys/. Just my 2 cents.

          • It had its moment in shaping Western Civ (and holding it back, as well). But that moment has passed. I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t see that.

          • Absolutely spot on comment. There are too many inconsistencies in the religion and I say that with all respect to it. There have been too many schisms since its founding which is telling. Without inviting a religious debate, this is an absolute true statement what you wrote. Christianity had its time and place to help mold this society/civilization into what it is today; much as Paganism did before it. It however is time to let go. Don’t force people to believe/not believe. Let them come to their own conclusion. Change is inevitable.

          • Blacks don’t understand logos. They don’t even understand rates, GDP, proportion etc. Their Christianity is a slave morality for real.

    • You will never catch me marching next to a nazi. Its fucking silly. They should get their shit together, and read history. Who cares if the Jews are bad. That doesn’t mean Hitler and his nuts were good.

      They both are Evil, and godless, and need totally to be purged from our cultural zeitgeist.

      Half our problems today stem from Operation Paper Clip, and related stupid ideas, like letting the Frankfurt school relocate here. Fucking stupid. Patton (no fan of the jews) was right, not Hitler. We should have killed the Nazis, and then kept going straight to Moscow to liberate Russia, while we had the cultural scrotes to pull it off, and the moral indignation to power the invasion.

      Wrong is Wrong. You can’t justify a degenerate system, no matter what clothes you put on it, or who you brand it to.

      • Revamping the Nazi uniforms and swastikas and all that, yeah I agree with you, the clean cut white guy image was better, but that isn’t because the Nazis were “evil” its simply that its not 1933, in Germany at the time uniforms and the like for political parties were the norm, they aren’t in contemporary America. “…read history. Who cares if the jews are bad. That doesn’t mean Hitler and his nuts were good. They were both Evil, and godless, and…” fortunately that isn’t the argument that sways white nationalists towards Nazism “jews are bad therefore hitler is great”, that is a straw man. People analyze the second world war and see hitler as resurrecting all that was great in the history of the Europeans and trying to save the white race from the neo liberal global capitalists who were operating at the behest of the jewish power structures and leaning towards enlightment esque no compromise individualism and social Marxism on the western front, and the Jewish communists on the eastern front. How exactly were Hitler and the Nazis evil and godless? you sound like the conservative politicians condemning “hate” and “bigotry”. Half our problems today stem from operation paperclip? wtf? like our space program or are you referencing some half brained conspiracy theory about how our CIA is a national socialist contingent? We should’ve followed Patton? perhaps if patton was the head of the USA at the time, in which case we would’ve been much like Germany and not enlightment social Marxism driven. This wasn’t the case. Patton was just a foot soldier for the capitalist, jewish west. If we had liberated Russia they would now be in a state similar to our own, peak degeneracy.
        “only western Christian whites…we built this! What has ever come of atheism?”. Youre falsely associating all of the scientific advancement of Europeans to the religion of Christianity itself, which has historically suppressed much actual progressivism. Id say most great things of European culture weren’t created by any spirit embodied in the Christian doctrine, whether said inventors or great people were Christians or living in a Christian society or not. The crusades and the spirit embodied therein may have been carried out by Christians but in no way embodied the Christian ideal, and was rather European/human greatness manifesting under the flag of Christianity. Christianity as an identity thing perhaps, but it can never be used as an explicitly pro white program, and the doctrine itself carried to its logical ends will never help the white race, it is a semitic religion: 38You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.’ 39But I tell you not to resist an evil person. If someone slaps you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also; 40if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well;…

        I’m going on pretty long here but one last thing “ad hominem ad hominem… who didn’t have the sense to know you don’t start a war on two fronts at the same time” Id recommend reading “the origins of the second world war” by AJP taylor. Hitler was only trying to start a war in the East. The british and French backed down on Czechoslovakia and Austria Hungary, and gave all indications that they also would over Poland. In fact even after Germany went ahead with Poland(thinking France and Britain were bluffing) the French leaders and many British still didn’t want to go to war with Germany, and only ended up doing so at the behest of people like the Jew churchhill. that was a botched answer but anyway, the French and British declared war on Germany before Germany invaded france, if they hadn’t then they would’ve been invaded shortly thereafter to “liberate Poland” which they never had the means nor intention to do anyhow, after the war Poland was largely handed over to the soviets. Many british conservatives before the war were all for giving Germany a free hand to destroy Jewish Bolshevism, youre largely taking the side of the Jews and their foot soldiers like Patton.

        I digress.

  • I don’t want a Revolution! How the hell am I supposed to promote my brand during a systemic collapse?

        • The sh!t has really hit the fan. I read in the news that saw Congressman Steven Cohen wants to impeach President Trump. All the other side can do is scream “hate” and demand censorship. No debate or intelligence whatsoever.

          • This is horrible. How is America a “free country” if we can’t read and patronize out favorite site. Hard core pornographers are up and running and peddling their poison 24/7. But a politically “incorrect” website is banished from the internet.

          • What this means to me is that the enemy can’t stand to be challenged. They want to monopolize the means of communication, and then they interpret the lack of opposition to agreement with their b.s. ideology. This must be what is was like in the Soviet Union in the 1970’s; nobody believes the reigning paradigm’s garbage but dissent is squashed ruthlessly. The enemy doesn’t need to exile patriots to slave labor camps, because now all they have to do is pull the plug: SHUT IT DOWN.

          • However, this “shuttening” is their last shot at control. The statue frenzy is the full-on cultural marxist hate fest moved up because HRC lost the election and the Jews know that White America is waking up. Once the Fed pulls the plug, it’ll all kick off. And, as Anonymous Conservative noted, it’s hard to use the police to repress the populace when you have a bankrupt state and their wages are not getting paid and their pensions are gone.

          • Oh, darn, Sorry. Anglin gave out that link when he was on TDS the other day.

  • This is totally off topic, but I want to publicize an idea I had recently which I hope Spencer will approve of and possibly promote. Watching all of the Republican cowards these last few days got me thinking of how to strike back at them in a most effective way. I think if Trump officially left the party declaring himself an independent he would strike a mighty blow at the enemy’s fifth-column. It would change the dynamic of his administration and take all variants of his enemies and opponents totally by surprise.

  • Alt right needs a revamp. Get away from the failed nazi propaganda for starters. Focus on the obvious which is what normies want i.e black violence and muslim rape. Stick with those two items solely and we cant lose. Looking under the bed for jewish boogeymen and the alt right momentum will slow and flounder.

    • Nah. What we really need is white sharia man…. totally. Cause that will sell like hotcakes to generation Zyklon.

      The spergs in the movement are seriously running rampant.

      Cant wait for the Night of the Long Knives 2.0. When some order can be restored, and we don’t need to worry about skin heads raping our wives, instead of muslims and africans.

      • If you are worried about “skinheads” raping your wife because of white shariah posting the assburgers is probably a lot more widespread than feared.

    • Yeah let’s give the people ultimately responsible for this a pass…
      Seriously fuck off. The number one thing this movement needs to keep doing is naming the Jew. I do however believe swastika’s at rally’s is a bad idea.

          • Jared Taylor is old and boring as fuck.

            We had a good thing going with the well groomed and well put together young white guys image. Now… we have banners calling for White Sharia and Skin Heads throwing up Roman Salutes during every action. Totally fucking spergy

            I mean these fucking people LARP that they are totally going to go back to the pagan age of Vikings. Like, does anybody even know the history of the Viking invasion of Europe? They weren’t on “our” side. They had to be put in their places before they could make meaningful contribution to Western society. Until then, they were as bad as the fucking Moors.

          • I don’t like the Spergy skinheads and Daily Stormer sensationalism.

            But saying we should also shut up about Jews is dumb.

          • Daily Stormer is probably one of the most effective sites that exist and it was the site the enemy feared the most which is why it got shut down. It’s always been under constant attack. This wouldn’t be the case if the enemy didn’t fear it.

          • It’s just not my cup of tea.

            I’m older than most of the Alt right, closer to Spencer’s age than my 21st birthday.

          • I am Spencer’s age. Same age in fact. To me humor as always been a very effective weapon and nobody used it better than the Daily Stormer. Andrew is great when it comes to triggering homos and making their hysterical titties bounce all over the place. You know you’re dealing strong stuff when even someone like Ramzpaul starts acting like a woman on her period.

          • Dude, RamzPaul is a huge pussy. Whenever we face any kind of attack, he counter signals with the Alt Lite.

          • Jesus mate, you’ve got some work to do. I don’t want so spam this entire thread with videos but there is way more where that came from.

          • Aah fuck it, I am going to spam anyways. I can’t let an opportunity to aware someone on the JQ slip away, I just can’t:

            (first two minutes)

            (start from 2:25)

            (first 30 seconds)

            (watch from 6:00 till 7:40)

            (Watch till 2:40)

            (start from 2:00)

            And there’s more, if you are interested just let me know.

        • No, it’s cucks like you who give them their power. If you didn’t cuck, they could call us nazi all day and it wouldn’t mean anything. You’re just an obedient little cuckold desperate to look good for your masters.

        • I remember around a year ago when I started digging into the JQ, I felt sick for a week. All my life being mostly a liberal thinking Hitler was the most evil person to have ever walked this earth and then all of a sudden your entire worldview gets shattered.

  • It came in the form of an information war, already lost by the generation before us, but the results are the same: our women are raped, our land is taken from us, our tradition is spat upon. Let’s get this fucker rolling.

  • Oooo poor uneducated whites feeling left out like almost every other race since forever. Need a cuddle anyone?

    • GTFO of here you piece of crap…Cowards such as yourself hide behind legislation and drum up and hide behind ridiculous things like “banning hatespeech”…..Cannot wait for things to turn ugly….then I can be unleashed….better get prepared buttercup, we’ll be coming for you.

      • Ignore Half Alligator. Presumably just another stupid Mongrel, obsessed with us and (as always), coming in to attack us where we congregate and make us hate ourselves. Nearly everything good, just, righteous and beautiful in the world was envisioned and then created by European Man (and Woman). They want to be us and replace us. We told them to leave us alone.

        Fair warning.

        • Since this past Saturday I have seen many of these ppl on here either trying to preach at us or “scare” us. Lol its so entertaining

          • Lots of feds (agents). One guy was on here trying to get someone to say it would be a good idea to basically commit terrorist acts. His username was “Oy Vey”. Beware of feds / Antifas.

          • Anyone advocating violence on here should be instantly banned.

            Anglin had a violence disclaimer on every page of his site.

          • Yeah, it’s a known tactic by the FBI to ensnare people, charge them with a crime and then cut a deal to make them a permanent asset / mole.

    • Go bow down to your democrat slave owners. Then you can go & be entertained by nonsense rap music while cleaning the rims on your POS car in the front yard of your crack house that is falling apart in the ghetto.

    • Actually your statement could be helpful to many whites. Do you need a feel whites? Or do you need to cancel your feelings and pick up a gun?

      Feelings don’t matter

  • The Normies (of all races) will be the last to notice and the first to go. My bet is, if you went to any historical “moment” or era of the past and talked to the average person, they probably assumed that life would go on forever in its present form. Most inhabitants of any era or “system” can’t even imagine that system’s end, let alone actually see its demise on the horizon. When some of my former normie friends would actually engage in these discussions, they’d say something along the lines of, “The Alt Right like the Far Left is a tiny fraction of the populace. What change can they possibly implement?”

    Maybe. But a quick perusal of Alexa rankings leads me to believe that White Identitarians are now in the millions. Which is indeed a fraction but our ideas are going viral, undeniably so. Once an idea goes viral, no amount of money or power can stop it though the (((power brokers))) will certainly try.

    This era’s end is on the horizon. If you’re even on this site, Destiny brought you here.

    Find your inner resolve.

    And fast.

  • 14 WORDS! This is really happening! So proud of the Alt Right men! Until recently I had lost all hope. I thought the direction was set & no going back. As your success shows the more women will join & young girls that grow into young women will gravitate towards you!

    • I think it is even better than that. I think the women among our enemies are still sleeping with strong, sane, white men. I refuse to believe that leftist women, or any women really, find the dirty, matted haired, skinny, frail, stink assed, bitch boys of the left attractive enough to sleep with. They have to be beta orbiters/perma friendzoned. Once it is no longer popular to bash the fash they will go back to bash the gash.

    • I think the last part is inevitable. The younger generations feel diversity much stronger than the old. I do believe white girls will realize becoming a minority is undesirable for the shear reason that outside groups aren’t simply different and not necessarily in a good way.

      • Men be leaders and girls will follow. These existential race questions CANNOT be left to the hands and minds of women, it’s not what they were designed for.

    • I hear many whine about feminism and lack of good women. Be a good man, stand up for your family and your beliefs, and there will be no dearth of good women….

    • 1. you can’t count that was way more then 14 words…

      2. fighting for racism and the disenfranchisement of women makes you the equivalent of a female coon, how you are so proud you post a smiling picture to that is beyond me…but you would rather have a society dominated by “white males” instead of society dominated by “those who earn it” which shows how little value you put on hard work or integrity. Instead you want women to gravitate towards men…why? Why can’t a women gravitate towards her own interests or life goals? Men are not planets and lack gravity….Try living life for you…

      3. (because there is always a 3) This is not the race war you are looking for. Trump is the titanic and sinking fast, charlottesville was a dumpster fire politically and your ideals of white supremacy under a thinly veiled veneer are laughable bullcrap that will not die but will remain second to the real religion of america which is money over everything….when people value money more then human life why do you think they will value anything else including your unethical concerns or my ethical ones for that matter….

  • I’m reminded of the Pat Benatar song from the 1985 movie “The Legend of Billie Jean.”


    This bloody road remains a mystery
    This sudden darkness fills the air
    What are we waiting for?
    Won’t anybody help us?
    What are we waiting for?

    We can’t afford to be innocent
    Stand up and face the enemy
    It’s a do or die situation
    We will be invincible

    This shattered dream you cannot justify
    We’re gonna scream until we’re satisfied
    What are we running for?
    We’ve got the right to be angry
    What are we running for?
    When there’s nowhere we can run to anymore

    We can’t afford to be innocent
    Stand up and face the enemy
    It’s a do or die situation
    We will be invincible
    And with the power of conviction
    There is no sacrifice
    It’s a do or die situation
    We will be invincible

    Won’t anybody help us?
    What are we running for?
    When there’s nowhere, nowhere we can run to anymore

    We can’t afford to be innocent
    Stand up and face the enemy
    It’s a do or die situation
    We will be invincible

    And with the power of conviction
    There is no sacrifice
    It’s a do or die situation
    We will be invincible

    Yeah, yeah
    Yeah, yeah

    We can’t afford to be innocent (yeah)
    Stand up and face the enemy (yeah)
    It’s a do or die situation
    We will be invincible

    We can’t afford to be innocent
    Stand up and face the enemy
    It’s a do or die situation
    We will be invincible

  • Our most viable strategy is to martyr ourselves like selma, and make a big stink. But, we don’t have a worldwide conspiracy of communists funding and supporting us, so a Civil Rights 2.0 isn’t going to work. Not to mention that whole narrative goes against the whole empowered thing we are marketing.

    I am open to ideas, always. But I haven’t heard any good ones yet.

    I actually do have a Wife, and a Job and a house. So I don’t plan to toss it out to defend a fucking statue that nobody actually cares about.

  • So, where is the revolution going to take place? The system currently is far too strong and organized for an insurgency ala Mao or whoever.

    The system is far too wealthy to be combated materially.

    The system holds all the levers of power.

    The only thing we have on our side, is that most of us aren’t going to be dead in the next ten years.

    So… whats the plan?

    • Idk mang, grab your rifle and run out the door. look around when you do, if you’re not the only one, its a revolution.

  • Great piece.

    Is Chartottesville more like The Alamo or Custer’s Last Stand?

    Now, let’s dump the 88ers. 88ers are moronic ultra-rightist version of 68ers.

    88ers and 68ers both need to go away.

    We are 16ers, as it was in 2016 that we finally materialized into a real movement.

    • It won’t be real movement until people learn to stop cucking. Right now it’s still a gay cuckfest. There are a lot of good people in the movement who don’t cuck but not enough.

  • I trust in our leaders of the alt right, especially Spencer, Trump, and Duke. We will win the war because it will be a war about free speech and we have the law on our side. Speaking of which, the internet needs to be regulated like utilities rather than as private corporations. As long as corporations rule the internet, they will censor the alt right and any speech they don’t like.

  • White racial consciousness has been suppressed worldwide. Now the white racial awakening will also occur worldwide. (((They))) will not be able to play one group of whites off against another.

  • Things have gone so far now that we will not have the luxury of standing mutely by for very much longer.

  • It’s not just young White men that are getting fucked over. We old timers have been looted by divorce, separated from our children and families, held back in favor of brown people and women, and demonized as evil. However, we old timers are more than willing to support the young in their endeavors. You guys have the balls we never had, perhaps because they could buy us off during our youth, when things were still relatively sane. But things are getting bad for all of us.

    • Whites male middle managers in their 50’s have been getting purged from corporations for almost 20 years. It has wrecked their marriages and their lives since it’s hard to find new employment at the same pay.

      • It is an example of capitalism in America has nothing to do with being white and everything to do with the fact they can pay someone from india half as much to do the same job.Funny thing is when they tell you India is a dumpster fire and rife with poverty you don’t give a shit so why do you think the Indian people should give a shit when white male middle managers lose their jobs? You want to “fix the system” then stop voting in assholes like Trump that support it and break down the power of corporate american shills.

        • This isn’t our country either. We stole it from the natives who were here when we arrived. Should we go back?

          • There is no such thing as “theft” of land between groups. It’s called military conquest. Every group on the face of the earth has engaged in it. North America was occupied by Amerindian trbes, yes. However, it now belongs to us.

      • Ask the Asians who worked their asses off, did everything right and got rejected by Harvard.

        This meme needs to die. Asians aren’t being discriminated against. Test scores are a gauge of expected performance. Asians actual academic performance lags behind their test scores. Whites who score lower on tests perform better academically. This wringing hands over Asian discrimination in places where they are absurdly overrepresented has to stop. It’s time to be for ourselves.

        • I agree with your statement 100% but we need to seek alliances with outside groups where we can to push our narrative. Which in this case is an end to affirmative actions/diversity quotas etc.

        • I also see where I live Asians opening up shops in business stores that were once occupied by whites for decades and even generations. Even if these Asians are smart, why can’t they get educated back in their own Asian nations? Many of them hate you like black or brown people do.

          I wish fellow white nationalists would drop this Asian fetish some of them have.

      • I agree that the cabal of the “Federal” Reserve must be dismantled and its diaspora removed from our shores. They are the first mutated cell of the cancer that is killing us. Even Woodrow Wilson saw what he did when he illegally gave them authority by signing a unduly “ratified” law to create it, although he should have been tried as a traitor all the same.

        “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great
        industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of
        credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our
        activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the
        worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated
        Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free
        opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the
        majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of
        dominant men.” -Woodrow Wilson

    • The admins on this site memory holed my evidence Spencer is controlled op at best. Not just deleted. Keep following the pied piper, or start your own website.

    • Good point. US “old timers” were just the first frogs in the pot before it was even luke warm. “OUR” crime is not one of compliance but one of ignorance, i.e. “WE” never saw it coming.
      Let the young and restless go out and get it but DO NOT discount support from the old and treacherous.
      I am prepared for when the shootin’ starts. While I cannot go back and change the past (or my D.O.B.) I CAN, and WILL, give my ALL for “OUR” people when called upon.

    • Agreed. The question is not when the revolution starts. Its where we begin to rebuild. That is the question we need to start figuring out an answer for and start preparing now, with IRL Investment and migration.

      Lets colonize a SWPL town someplace and get into closer proximity with our own kind.

      • White flight is over. We’re taking the whole physical structure back. Culturally we start from scratch, but we need or buildings back lol.

        • White flight was unsustainable. You can only run so far before you’re backed up against another urban flight sector. The left will maintain a scorched earth policy, regardless of whether it is a hot or peaceful revolution, there may not be much left when we regain the cities. But there’s not much left of a lot of them anyway with the disrepair you see.

          • That’s true, those structures have been seriously neglected or destroyed. But at the least we should be conserving the distinguished works of architecture and then rebuilding around them, if to a lesser degree than before.

            I think after the internet the concept of a city is almost discredited, because people can work in virtual offices just as well and more comfortably. That being said we can preserve our great buildings as the anchors for meeting and leisure spaces.

          • Wherever “WE” are is where “WE” establish “OURSELVES.”
            As AH said in MK, “WE” don’t need better weapons, “WE” need a better mindset.

          • In fact a stipulation of the constitution is that it will only work for certain type of peoples, i.e. enlightened, civilized White people.

      • This exactly. Let’s stop worrying about the media painting us as demons and just do our jobs. Let them spend the next 40 years screeching about the civilization we are building. Let them bitch and moan about our actions, victories, and glories. To hell with everything else.

      • I propose MILWAUKEE. It’s already most of the way white so it doesn’t need much help, and we can get rid of cuck vampire Paul Ryan.

      • When it comes, we will have to safeguard our homeland from the hostile countries that will look to invade. Mexico WILL try to militarily invade the southwest, how successful they will be who knows. Problem is, as Hitler, Napoleon, etc.. found out, two front wars are unsustainable unless one enemy is defeated rapidly. This needs to be taken into account. Also, do you think China will let the debt the Union has to them go unanswered? This may be countered temporarily by giving the Pacific holdings and territories of the US, but they will be looking at the mainland. When there’s blood in the water, the sharks start circling. Just saying, it’s something that has to be taken into account.

        • Mexico is the only country/group of people in this world that has a legitimate claim to any part of America. It is such a direct threat to our sovereignty I find it incredible how we ever allowed even one Mexican into our country. As if these people don’t know about their history.

          Personally, I think the next big economic crash in America will be because of our cost of borrowing will rise rapidly. When this will happen I am not sure but if it seems that we are on the verge of a hot civil war then it will probably happen then.

          • I agree. It was the inclusion of subjugated people with no assimilation into their society, including allowing them in the ranks of their military where they learned their defensive tactics, that led to the downfall of the Roman empire. It is the crowning jewel of “multiculturalism”. If you do not learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.

          • Remember, once we deal with the KQ, there is a $500 TRILLION booty to be had.
            Let the Mexicans have Mexico (just as the Africans can have Africa) BUT, after the big brown exodus, at “OUR” behest, one toe over the Rio Grande and “WE” glass them.

      • This needs to start ASAP. We need to decide on a state to settle and start going. I’ll be the first to go. As Jared Taylor says, it will be good to “be among the living again.” The only thing I worry about is forced “resettlement” of migrants and forced integration by means of welfare housing.

        • Start wherever you are at. Also check out NWF and/or PLE…I’m in Eastern Idaho, it’s like 95% white BUT I see the blue-haired, nose-ringed, problem glasses crowd pouring in from the left coast.
          Time to DO IT and come home to the Great White Northwest Homeland.

          • So start with the black people then go for the white people with blue hair and nose rings…you must be real fun at a party?….do you have an all white table cloth and serve milk and egg whites with a side of white rice?

      • Time to stop trying to figure “it” out and just start doing “it.”
        Act “as if” until “it” happens….

    • Jup, a lot of people talk about preserving Western culture. There is no Western culture anymore, it has been long gone, it has been replaced by a marxist culture. We really need to start over.

    • Wrong. Not an iota of western culture left to conserve; but a fanatical, cavernous ocean of western blood to revive it. Hail Victory!

        • Western culture is Christendom. It will never be replaced, because it is incarnated in the blood and soil of the people for whom Christ came. That is what we are striving to save.

          • Or a King, who worked in construction until the age of 30, at which point he gathered a faithful band of companions and raised large crowds and rally’s decrying the corrupt (((elites))) of his day.
            But yeah Marx worked real hard drinking in bars and chumming with elite friends coming up with his proto-communism.

          • Marx was a bum, like his bastard children today = Marxist/liberals … the entitlement class. Marx was supported by a spoiled rich brat, Engels.

          • I hope it was clear from my comment I agree with you. I don’t think drinking in bars and living off of rich friends makes an individual a hard worker…

          • Jesus is the son of God, he never ” was” anything. Least of all, a bolshevik Talmudic communist- that ideology is straight from hell. Come to think of it, Jesus said so were the Jews!

          • Christianity is what caused the rampant egalitarianism in the first place. All the Leftists say is “We’re all God’s children.” – In our new society, we can tolerate cultural Christianity but any egalitarianism between the races will not be allowed.

          • Plenty of cuckservatives say the same thing “We’re all God’s children”. I know tons of them and it’s sickening!

            “Conservatives are nothing but leftists with a Bible”………Me.

          • Lisle-you’re a woman. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You need to be under the authority of a godly man. You know nothing about Christianity if your comments are that.

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