“Charlottesville Copycat Attack” Kills 13 in Barcelona

"Let's see how many likes I get."

Just days after an evil White Supreeeeemist ran down a crowd of peace-loving, left-wing protesters carrying baseball bats, in the town of Charlottesville, Virginia, there has been a copycat attack in Barcelona that appears to have killed at least 13 people and hospitalized a hundred.

OK, even though the second attack was clearly inspired by the first — they both used vehicles in Left-wing towns and drove into crowds of people — there are some important differences that we should not ignore.

The first attacker was an evil, White racist, which means that all White people are exactly like him and must be shut down across the internet and blamed for history and shit, while the second attacker was a Muslim, which clearly means that not all Muslims are like that and that Islam is the “Religion of Peace.”

Another important difference between the two attacks is that is that the first attack shows us how divided we are as a people and that hate is winning. The appropriate response is obviously to dox and punch Nazis (i.e. any White guy you don’t like), destroy statues like ISIS do, and call for the assassination of President Trump.

The second attack, however, demonstrates that we are all united and that love wins. The appropriate response is to immediately appoint a Muslim as mayor of Barcelona, build more mosques, and organize “hug a Muslim” events on street corners so that everyone can stand and applaud as White women embrace random Muslim men.

Oh, and this:

Is this Future Europe’s “Greatest Generation” storming the beaches?

  • Oy Vey!

    13? We only got 1! Are these sand niggers one upping us?

    • Captain John Charity Spring MA

      The Stinger that Spencer had took down the helo.

  • Johnny Fascismo
    • NeetPajeet

      Katie Hopkins -bang on.

  • ForlornHope

    Plainly the evil white racist corrupted the innocent lovable moslem.

    • Ike35

      That bastard! How dare he!

  • Sam Cru

    Totally surreal.

    Maybe Richard Spencer should identify as a Muslim.

    • Jamal Schwartz


  • JE

    They will make excuses for him. These people are literally retarded. They can do nothing other than lose. Remember, victory runs through your veins, white people. “We go upward.”

  • Jarod

    Ironic story titles confuse normies.

    • Cultural Commissar

      Non-ironic ones don’t drive the point home either, though, so may as well go for the lulz.

    • Vincent Law

      If normies are that retarded then weve already lost

  • Ajudeo

    Wolf Blitzer of CNN is claiming the Barcelona Attack is a Copy Cat of Charlottesville……

    This is CNN…..

    Fake News…..

    Very Fake News…..

    How about……

    Complete Bullsht??


    • Dr. Squatch

      Yeah I thought Charlottesville was a copycat of the Trucks of Peace.

  • Игор

    Well there was another one attack in Spain, Cambrils.

  • Turd Ferguson
  • Ike35

    Well it looks like Blogger kicked Colin and Andy off.

  • davidex

    It’s never the ‘right’ time, but it seems to me that it is now time to formalise the Alt-Right into an umbrella organisation that will broadly fight for white European civil rights and values, beyond Conservatism Inc, in the US. This has to be done now because the globalists are coming after us and they’re not going to stop. It is a defensive measure.
    It will have to have some structure and rules of membership. People who are sentimentally attached to the NSDAP and the events surrounding its demise should be excluded, as should ALL imagery associated with that era. Time moves on and people are quite capable of coming up with new powerful imagery. Natural, lasting, traditional values remain the same of course – making stable families to raise children, protecting our land and putting our own people and their interests first. All delays now are just handing more opportunities to the globalists who are more than willing to tell us that they will destroy us. And they will.

  • Solo et Sanguis

    Pfft Europe for the most part is over. They committed suicide probably a decade or so ago with all this. There are only a few countries left (the VG countries) that actually stand against the Muslims and their Jewish masters. All the rest of them will be Muslim majority nations under Jewish control within the next few decades.

    • Lawrence

      The US is more firmly controlled by jews than Europe.

      • Solo et Sanguis

        Sad but true, but we don’t have as many Muslims here, yet.

      • Lucy Lipinska

        The main difference is that people in US, unlike us in Europe, often know who is who. In Europe not many of them show their background otherwise than by advocating mass immigration, naturally in the name of human rights.

        • I think some Europeans have a better Jewdar than Whites in America, probably because they’re more aware of the ethnic differences between Whites because different populations of Whites are just a couple hours’ drive in any direction in Europe. Lots of American Whites think Jews are a religion instead of a race.
          Some Europeans know Jews are a non-White ethnic group and that puts them ahead of those who don’t.

          European Whites have a stronger sense of self than White Americans, communal self. Europeans have a stronger sense of nationalism than Americans do. Americans focus on the symbolism, the flag, the carved stone visages, the other monuments, the national accomplishments. Europeans speak of their own land with a passion that can only come from having strong roots to not just racial identity as Americans understand it but ethnic identity which many Americans do still hold to quite admirably but there is a de-ethnicization of Whites that happens in America when White racial identity is there possibly more strongly than in Europe because they’re not all psychologically mixed about what it means to be a people like Americans are.

          I think due to current laws and national history America is more open to dissenting political views than Europe and so there is likely superior truthful information about so-called revisionism and the like that is more readily available in America than in Europe.

          I think we should all prioritize White pan-nationalism of a sort as our top priority until we get rid of our current rulers, who rule all our lands so we share the same foe and that foe uses the same strategies and tactics. They love sequels. They love media control. Their methods are not indiscernible. We need only convince those who do not now see what they are and have been doing of what they are and have been doing. We don’t need to march for Southern Nationalist statues when we still have such a small population on our side. Hell, slavery was for the profit of the Jew not America. We need public events to always increase our traffic and edify the public’s perception. As I can see it Charlottesville, the media, social media platform, and state reactions to it, all combine to comprise a sort of deathblow attempt by Z.O.G. against WNism in America.

          • Gillian

            I strongly agree with what you write about Europeans being more aware.
            It’s not surprising as they/we have had many, many more years of experience on which to draw opinions and conclusions from.
            Americans, well some Americans appear to be catching on quite quickly now.

    • Lucy Lipinska

      Poland’s standing against the masters is illusory,as Poland was designed a different role in the (((globalist))) agenda. The masters who were behind the two world wars, as usual use the “divide and concquer” to achieve their goal. Not unlike the situation in 1939, the puppets in Poland proud themselves on their very aggressive rhetoric towards Russia and they work hard on reviving the among genuine Poles withered hatred for Germans. Born and bred in Poland (live in the multicultural Sweden) I do hope that my pessimism is unfounded. Having gathered info from the Polish “hate” media – and visited the country several times – I have burried my plans on moving back, as Poland is less corrupt than Sweden only on the surface.

      • Riopel

        Are you insane? In Sweden they literally train Muslim migrants to use firearms to help them “integrate.” Poland doesn’t even let Muslims into the country. How the hell can you say they’re at all comparable in terms of corruption?

  • Any One

    Wow so true…

  • Imperator Cydonius

    My country has stopped the Defend Europe boat from entering port but they welcome 15 Jesuit and NGO human traffickers that keep the flow of terrorists coming from N. Africa

    • Better Dead Than Red

      Which is the current state of the boat?

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    Imagine being so dumb and angry that the Alt Right has overtaken your milquetoast Alt Lite that you call an Algerian terrorist Alt Left.

    • Ike35

      That lisping retard! He’s so clever isn’t he. The Alt-Left, uh oh they got us now, horseshoe theory mmmkay. Two sides of the same coin herpa derpa.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        Yes, because “Dems are the real racists” and “Liberals are the real Nazis” were totally effective arguments.

        • Ike35

          I know, they got so much mileage outta those gems.

      • vadhajtáska

        The alt-lite ate up the alt-left term. As we know non-whites have no agency, so now they blame Moslem terrorism on leftists. “Finally, there is no need to criticize Islam anymore, race to the center boiz!”

        • Ike35

          Oh god, you’re right. It’s gonna get even stupider than I thought. Although it is leftists of course who enable these goat fellators.

          • vadhajtáska

            Of course, but letting a lion loose and making it maul people are not the same. Gorilla man knows this as well, but he only cares about selling more of his self-help books.

  • bi66-ER

    Lol this was pretty witty

  • WalterWinchell

    copycat??? LMAO The dude in Charlottesville certainly was

  • It’s only a copycat attack if this car in Barcelona got directed down a road intentionally where antifa had blocked the road with two cars, then other antifa attacked the car with projectiles and bats, then the driver got scared for his life and reacted to safeguard it.