The Cultural Revolution Has Started

Yesterday, a crowd of White shitlibs and their POC pets tore down a Confederate statue.

The cultural revolution is reaching fever pitch.

Statues are being torn down by fat white chicks, low-T numales and their non-White auxillaries. One day though, it will be statues of Martin Luther Kang that will be torn to pieces with equal gusto by our side.

The police are doing nothing.

Soon people will turn to the only force out there capable of bringing order back and stopping the insanity. Shitlib insanity won Trump the election. Antifa will win us the hearts and minds of White Americans with good moral character.

Charlottesville has opened Pandora’s box. There is no closing it now. Time to pick a side.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • Let the left have the monuments and don’t even bother to engage them. Let them tear down ever monument, statue , building and sign of the Confederacy , slavery and or anything else they want to destroy. America needs a good cleaning up and this is just the beginning. Liberals love to function in a vacuum -so let them destroy their own oxygen supply; history, past and future too. Hopefully they will destroy even more , maybe everything -so that the builders and workers who once built everything can build it all back Better again. What counts is the future of OUR people ,not the monuments, statues and historical battles and heroes of the past.

  • After seeing this ISIS style whose scale destruction of our monuments right down to the chants which are hardly any different to “Allah Akbar” before they tear down Roman and Assyrian monuments, I have wondered how quickly monuments to the Left can be torn down.
    I will not submit to staring at a Martin Luther King Monument when all other monuments are ripped down. If I cannot take those monuments down then the idea of attacking it daily with an assortment of things including battery acid, dung, paint, to urine so that the monument disintegrates as the days go by would do.

  • While I am proud of my European ancestry, the problem is the majority of White America is not on the side of the guys rallying last weekend. I’m sorry, but it’s true. I even thought by the vast majority of White America would be white nationalists and would have turned this nation back to what it was decades ago. I was wrong. Look at how every time something like Charlottesville happens. Most White Americans immediately denounce “Nazis” or “white supremacists” and self flagellate on how they are “not racist.” White America, post 1960s, is gone and is not coming back. The vast majority of White Americans today will actively work against ‘white racists.’ They, like the nonwhites, see no problem in getting you fired from your job or harassing you and your family, ostracizing you, tearing down ‘racist’ monuments/statues, etc. Many White Americans will support a thug, anti-white black criminal over a ‘white racist.’

    Until the overwhelmingly majority of White America thinks like the White Americans from generations past, this nation will continue to get communist and third world. the only whites on this earth who still have sanity and got it right are mostly found in Eastern Europe. Thank God for them!

    • Give it time. Right now this is about the 1st Amendment and waking people up to realize that the slope is slippery and we are slipping fast. Once you get people taking time and reading actual Alt-Right ideas such as what Spencer put out in the manifesto a few days ago- people will start waking up and realize that None of it is about hate and more about thinking about the future of our people. Some will realize alot of the “Nazi” BS and undisciplined ironic (though many are probably dead serious) calls for “muh ovens!” and other SWPL unfriendly language are just people saying shocking things because they are tired of all the control by the leftists.

      Right now there is alot of anger over what happened in C’ville and this is a relatively new movement. In 2 weeks North Korea and Dancing with The Stars will be the headlines. Give it time and you will start hearing people you know discussing ideas that were proposed on this website and are considered “heretical” in today’s leftist cathedrals. Doxxing is the modern version of inquisitions. That is a major concern when you have bills to pay. I am sure if you printed off the ideas on this website and took away any form of connection to the “alt-right” and let people you know read them, you would probably be surprised people would open up. The Nazi fetish will die with time. Many use it to shock people. Although it is an unorthodox and seemingly self-defeating tactic, it still is starting people talking about the alt-right— which is the purpose.

      Remember that these are heretical ideas right now much like what the christian protestants went through in the 15th-16th centuries. Consider this website like nailing Luther’s thesis on the cathedral door.

  • Vincent, this article is embarrassing. I’m not saying Confederate statues need to be torn down. (Personally I think they should go in a civil war museum or something. They’re ugly history but still history.) But of all the things to get upset about? From one white man to another, are the Confederates the kind of people you want to be associated with? They made their own country so they continue a disgusting dehumanizing practice of “owning” people. Not only were they on the wrong side of history but they lost! Nothing wrong with Southern pride but why be proud of the utterly shameful Confederacy. If they leave statues of good people alone I could care less about statues of bad people.

    Why in the world would you aspire to tear down statues of Dr. King? He was a peaceful leader that helped millions of people get the rights their government had been denying them for so long. A true hero. Obviously, his dream of equality isn’t complete and it seems like you’re getting in the way. Nothing would make me happier than you being able to change your mind and denounce your views which to me seem virulently against anyone who doesn’t meet your definition of “white”. It’s not too late for you to do so and it would be better for Americans of all colors. Your experience with white supremacist ideology could make you an influential advocate against it should you decide to reform. I really hope you’re willing to learn about other perspectives.

    • I used to be like you. I even had cucky tendencies and wonderful things to say about MLK. Then I woke up once I realized that everything I have been taught since childhood is suspect. You’re the only one who will let you swallow the red pill like many others across the globe are at this very moment. Think of Alt-Right is a backlash to everything that has been thrown down whiteys’ throat for a long time. And it is growing stronger. My red pill was a slow awakening, but when I finally realized I wasn’t being true to my self about the way I felt about the world. “Equality” whatever the fuck that means does not exist. Its a dog eat dog world man.

      Also- I never saw the author advocating tearing down any statue… He merely was surmising what will probably happen in the not-so-distant future.

      • I don’t want whatever categories I’m in (white, male, etc.) to be any better or worse than anybody else’s categories. If I’m put down for being in a category, I don’t think it’s a reasonable response to assume that my arbitrary category that I didn’t choose anyway is better than everyone else’s. A lot of people on this site seem to think that their category, white (a somehow arbitrary one at that because now the Italian part of my family is considered as white as the English part whereas before it wasn’t), is somehow the best and that they deserve to be the majority in the USA while everyone else has to be a minority.

        I don’t blindly follow liberal dogma and like to think for myself and see nuance. The people on this site seem to be fundamentally afraid of being treated worse than others simply due to being white. The mainstream would dismiss this as preposterous. I don’t think that’s right because there were times growing up when I’d be put down for being the only white kid and I definitely didn’t like that or think that was fair. As demographics change, the number of situations where whites are in the minority will probably go up but that’s not big and scary like people on this site seem to think. The town I grew up in is maybe 40% white. It’s fine! This is not the apocolypse. I doubt I’d say anything different with a lower percentage. And it’s not like I hate the rest of my race.

        As for supposed bullying of white people, I think a lot of it is based on the notion of “punching up”. (I’m personally not a fan of this idea because it seems counterproductive and I think it might antagonize people rather than lead to less punching down.) Despite any individual incidents you may have experienced, white people still have huge advantages (and not just wealth, though that correlates with race) on the institutional level. This CANNOT be ignored. Once things are more equal, people will not feel as inclined to punch up. The people on this site seem to advocate for punching back which is both mean-spirited and foolish. Embracing white supremacist rhetoric can harm people of color and it also makes white people look like morons to almost everyone.

        Most of this is in response to general attitudes I see on this site, not just the person who responded to me. I am open to discussing more. However I don’t foresee myself taking any red pills.

        • This is way more than short-sighted issues of non-whites bullying whites. For many like myself we see ideas such as the Kalgeri Plan and Marxist Bolshevism are way more of a threat to our culture and history than are some angry black teenagers picking on some white kid. Once you take a step back see the long term strategy that has been designed by the elites, you see what they truly think of you as a person and have no care for you. I don’t take it personally, but the hell if I’m gonna sit back and take it.

          People can call me a “racist” until you are blue in the face. But I care about my heritage enough to actually start opening up to the “heretical” ideas on this website. I care enough even with the threat that if the wrong people found out, I could lose my job.

          Side note- I had ancestors fight on the Union side. This is about WAY more than “muh confederacy/southern heritage”.

          I appreciate that you can come on here and have an open dialogue whether you agree with the tenants of the Alt-right or not, instead of calling every other poster a “Nazi!” and posting videos of Richard Spencer getting punched then running away. That shit is definitely childish behavior and not productive to trying to win people over.

  • Remember that the Cultural Revolution was sorta the last gasp of Marxism in China. After the Leftist fervor died down Deng Xiaoping began slowly transforming his nation into something altogether different.

  • The fucked up part is you guys were in Charlottesville fighting, but to fight would mean some one was also fighting you. I’m not going to say if either one side came for peace but what I will say is both sides came for violence. But after the “BATTLE OF CHARLLOTTESVILLE” one thing is clear, after the smoke dissipates the movement to destroy statues were accelerated. You may need to take a page out of the black history book and use the methods of our lord savior Martin Luther king ? And shock the world with white supremacy being seen a a peaceful group that is here to have an intelligent conversation. Remember perception is reality in the business and media world (and you need that world to move forward) because they just used that world to destroy history even faster

  • I’ve been on this site having discussion with people and what I learned is a lot of the hate and distrust with Jews. A lot of the anger is geared towards Jews. I mean you hate black like me but most of this is directed towards Jews. The strange thing is when your hate reaches the Jewish media it is switched as your hate is mostly towards blacks. I think they want us to fight their fight for them.. hey I could be wrong just my theory

    • I don’t hate Blacks. I’d prefer to have a cooperative modus vivendi.but that’s most easily accomplished if there’s open housing segregation by law.

    • Elite Jews ran the experiment of trying to uplift blacks when they funded and led the civil rights movement. I think their grandchildren have finally realized that the uplifting won’t catch in the black population, regardless of how much of our money they throw at the problem; but they can’t come out to say so publicly.

    • Alt-Right should publicly “endorse” the establishment cucks. Give a “wink” and “nod” and use statements that can be left open to interpretation. Mitt’s statement could easily be interpreted the other way (even though we know its not). These are scumbag politicians who care nothing about anything except their “image” and their pockets. They will spend more time trying to “disavow” that their image will be tarnished because of their “association” to you. This is warfare.

  • I can’t believe y’all actually see Charlottesville as a win. It was a massive failure of leadership to anticipate and plan for a worst case scenario. Also, normie White America is horrified by the whole thing. Y’all need to step out of your bubbles for a while.

    • As a result of Cville references advancing our narrative have been made by Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson, Coulter, Trump, as well as many other media sources.

      • Not all publicity is good publicity. Also Red Ice and Daily Stormer have been shut down. There will probably be other fallout as people get doxed and Google wipes us out of search results.

        • Dailystormer was just a clearing house like Drudge Anyone could restablish the model.


    The system is desperate. That’s why all the reckless deplatforming and iconoclasm suddenly kicked in. They are trying to provoke a response they can use against us.

    We can erect all the statues we want, and enjoy all the free speech we want, after we win everything

    For now, we must stay focused and win the argument.

  • If we don’t turn this around, later in this century, perhaps sooner than we think, whites in the United States will be in the position of whites in present-day South Africa.

    • Probably in about 15 years if we don’t turn things around. That’s when American whites will be 49% or less of the population. Down from 90% in the 1960s.

  • It’s time for Trump and this congress to start deporting these criminal, illegal immigrants and keep them out of the country. All social programs should be cut off right away too as they should only be for legal, American citizens are really need them. Anyone in congress in both parties who continues to obstruct anything that has to do with immigration enforcement must get voted out of office. People must start turning out in mass numbers to vote and if the people that are running are more of the same corrupt establishment then it’s time for ordinary citizens to start running themselves for office. Also, this website link below is a good tool to put pressure on congress to stop the out of control illegal immigration.

    Also, we must keep these radical Muslims who wish to do us harm out of the country. Another good website to check out.

    Get the news and the facts straight:

  • I got news from a friend that knows Alex Fields and they say he’s an
    idiot leftist that voted for Kasich to try and stop Trump from securing
    the nomination.. he was a bernie bro and didn’t even vote after the
    primaries.. pissed off that hillaruh stole his nomination. So NOW we
    know why he “registered Republican”.. Also said guy is semi- Mentally

    • He is a retard. Wont change a thing though. They arent interested in facts. Just need some people saying he dindu nuffin to troll the shitlibs.

    • On Fields.

      Just troll the left with his reputation. They really do think he was a terrorist. They really do think he premeditated an attack on a crowd.

      There’s footage that proves he was cornered and under attack.

      Just troll the ever living shit out of people with it.

  • Start rearing down northern civil war memorials to Sherman, Grant and Lincoln. Monuments to Sherman, the War Criminal should never have been built and must be taken down. The Atrocities and War Crimes committed by Sherman and his Army against the Southern People and Native Americans makes it imperative that, no monument or stature should be dedicated to him. Under his direction from Lincoln and Grant , his soldiers Killed, Raped Pillaged, Burned Homes and Crops, killed Livestock and committed unholy crimes against Women and Children. Sherman’s crimes are well documented in his own dispatches, photos, and by in Letters and other Documentation. His Crimes were on the same level as the Crimes committed by the Germans in WWll, which American put them on trial for. It is time to put Sherman , Lincoln and Grant on trial and remove Monuments to them all .

    • Do that and only get the support of a small minority of “muh confederacy” types. Destroy a MLK statue and get the support of all of the right.

    • I would prefer for the conflict to remain in the realm of ideas and debate — rather than in the realm of violence — because Aryan man’s intellectual advantage over his opponents is so overwhelming.
      However, if the conflict devolves into violent acts, I would say that is highly likely that monuments to the left’s heroes will be attacked by the younger, more impulsive, boys on the right.
      How about the statue of Lenin in Seattle? A young buck from the right could get a semi hard-on just thinking about destroying it.

  • Cultural revolution, lol. The revolutions began long ago, and not it is dead. Nothing lasts in America.

  • Pfft, the leftists themselves will take down the statue of MLK Jr. He, after all, promoted that “racist” concept that all people should be treated equally. Leftists say that if we don’t judge people by their color, then we are being racist. So I see MLK Jr. being on their list of statues to go ISIS on in the near future.

  • I would recommend next time try to rebrand and try to tell people with flags of germany and etc to hide them. I know that it was about freedom of speech and the statue but changing imagery and adapting is key try convince as many people to dress uniformly and lose weight to show better. Of yourse i know that they could be trolls or people that are not with us but leftists that control do not care average american does not care and if we come well dressed with good haircuts it would be better. Just my opinion if you dont consider it i dont give a fuck im in eastern europe so yeah

    • Hypocrisy.
      There’s never any outrage about the bolsheviks’ hypocrisy.
      Except by the far right. We need to wrest control of the right.
      Somehow, or this country is done.

  • FearpornRefugee here, where are my DailyStormers at??? I see UnCL3 is on here! Damned kikes will regret the day they started this fight!

  • I think the Alt Right will only win the hearts and minds of ordinary white Americans if they stop with the swastikas and other Nazi paraphernalia at their rallies. I know many of you don’t get much triggered by that stuff but that isn’t the point. The point is that for normies the Nazi stuff is poison. They really believe that Hitler tried to conquer the world and was worse than Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot combined. We shouldn’t have to fight the battle of World War II revisionism with every single normie when all we want them to do is take their own side.

    • What the normies need to realize is it’s The Bolsheviks or us. There is not going to be a middle ground kumbaya middle.
      We’ll leave them alone. The Bolsheviks will not.
      The left in this country MUST be painted as exactly what they are: The New Bolsheviks.

      • We can point out the horrors of Communism without trying to make a hero out of a German nationalist who is still much unloved by Poles, Russians, and Frenchmen.

    • Bullshit. Now, more than ever we need raw male virility. Western Civilization, America are gone. It’s tribalism all the way down and even the normies see it now. The toughest, most dominating tribe gets to build a new nation, the others are enslaved or genocided. This is just the way human beings work.

      • Then dress as American cowboys. Or as GI Joes. Or Revolutionary War Minutemen. Or fitted business casual with fashy haircuts. That oozes “raw male virility” and it’s All-American.

    • This is the basic calculation that Cucks have made for the last 50 years. You are practicing insanity.

    • Fighting the Bolsheviks without addressing WW2 (the 6 gorillion) would be like fighting Christianity without addressing Jesus, it’s impossible.

  • Our Enemies think if they Shut Down our Websites……

    That’s going to Kill the Alt-Right…….


    I found out about the Alt-Right from Liberal News Websites…….

    The Alt-Right isn’t a Website……

    It’s a Collective Consciousness……

    That’s what they still don’t Understand…….

    • It’s a sociological phenomenon.

      They are used to the top down party organization run by Jews.

  • I was pondering a Similar Thesis throughout the Day…….

    CNN, WashPost, NYTimes, the DNC, and even Neocons……

    ….are implicitly supporting ANTIFA………

    They have Lost their Minds due to Trump Derangement Syndrome……..

    And it’s Resulting in Political Chaos and Violence on the Streets…….

    “Shitlib insanity won Trump the election. Antifa will win us the hearts and minds of White Americans with good moral character.”


      “President Donald Trump, in a combative news conference Tuesday, said “both sides” were to
      blame in violent weekend clashes in Charlottesville, Va., a day after
      putting the responsibility squarely on white nationalists.

      “I think there is blame on both sides,” said Mr. Trump, referring to the
      white nationalist protesters holding a demonstration in the city and the
      counterprotesters facing off against them.

      “You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was
      also very violent and nobody wants to say that but I’ll say it right now,” the president said.

      He added: “You had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit. They were very violent.”

      Mr. Trump said some protesters Saturday weren’t white supremacists
      but people there to protest the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee.

      “I’ve condemned neo-Nazis,” he said. “I’ve condemned many different groups.
      But not all of those people were neo-Nazis, believe me. Not all of those
      people were white supremacists, by any stretch. Those people were there
      because they wanted to protest the taking down of a statue, Robert E.

      He questioned whether attempts to remove statues of Confederate leaders like Lee could lead to calls to remove statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson because they were slave owners.

      Mr.Trump referred to the counterprotesters as the “alt-left,” a play on the term “alt-right” that is a catchall phrase for a nationalist movement wary of immigration and multiculturalism.

      “What about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say the alt-right? Do they
      have any semblance of guilt?” he said. “What about the fact that they came charging with their clubs in their hands, swinging clubs? Do they have any problem? I think they do.”

        • Better, for sure.
          I’m sure (((Jared))) and others try to keep the truth from him, but he’s smart if nothing else.

      • I will cautiously take back my ire of him from his earlier statements in the light of his statement at the press conference today. I will still be cautious, but I hope that this is a momentum that keeps going. If the DoJ starts investigating the Antifa/BLM and City/State, I will feel a bit more confident that he is on our side after all.

        I just hope he understands now that no matter how much you give in to the leftist Jew media, they will never be satisfied. He’s tweeted as much recently, I hope he is sincere about it.

          • Agreed, indeed never apologize period. That’s kinda the whole reason Trump was a breath of fresh air, instead of the usual Republicans in Congress that offer mea culpas as soon as the leftists media demands it, then declare it was never enough and calls them racist anyway.

            But then those republicans are pussies anyway, so I expect that from them. I don’t expect it from Trump, and hopefully now he’s done playing that game.

  • Crazy Idea. Let’s start a campaign to destroy MT Rushmore on the pretext that the artist was a KKK member making a statue of a bunch of racists and imperialists.

    Pretend to be Sntifas.

    • No, that would blowback against the Alt-Right as soon as they figured out it was fake. The left will get around to it on their own soon enough.

  • Damn !!!!
    On this site, I have never seen so many federal agents posting — looking for hotheads to provoke, so they can come down hard on them. Oh well, just doing their jobs, I guess.

  • All this iconoclasm is crazy.

    Now, one can make an argument that, in the past, white themes were favored over black themes in the South. True enough. Then, the thing is to erect monuments that pay honor to black narrative and black themes and black heroes. That way, we have several layers of history.

    This is done in the American West. Now, what the Indians suffered was worse than what blacks got. Blacks got slavery, Indians got ‘genocide’. (Also, black Africans never lost their homeland —
    Subsaharan Africa — and, if anything, they are now colonizing & destroying Europe, whereas natives of Americas lost control of their homelands forever to not only whites but to the world as Diversity calls for immigration-invasion of Americas from all corners of the world.) Emma Lazarus never opposed Manifest Destiny. She didn’t care about Indians being reduced to huddled wretched refuse dying of disease, hunger, and living on government bacon. She just used her poem as moral cover for more whites and Jews to come and take remaining territory of the Red Savages. Such has been called ‘genocide’.

    So, how was this memory dealt with? It wasn’t by tearing down monuments and memorials to white pioneers, frontiersman, cowboys, marshals, and other such noteworthy figures. It was by erecting Indian monuments in memory of Indian narrative and tragedy and heroes. That way, we can have both narratives.

    (Also, if we wanna morally nitpick, we can condemn and call for removal of Vietnam War and Korean War memorials too. In Vietnam, US committed many atrocities as did the commies. US divided the nation and spread agent orange and made a mess of that place. As for Korean War, it never would have happened if US hadn’t divided the nation and given half to Stalin. And US bombing was near-genocidal in the North. Based on those crimes, some may call for removing those memorials. But that’d be stupid. War memorials are what they are and should be accepted as such.They can never tell the whole story.)

    Maybe part of the reason why Jewish Supremacists are so eager to tear down Southern monuments and ban the Southern flag isn’t just about suppressing white identity. Maybe it’s because GOP is very pro-Israel(as many Progs are beginning to become more anti-Israel). As GOP is strongest in the South, it has become defacto the Southern neo-Confederate Party even though it began as Party of Lincoln and Emancipation.
    This makes it difficult for Neocons and Zionists to use GOP to support Israel. Enemies of Israel will say Israel is supported by GOP that is associated with slavery symbols. That would tarnish Neocons as Neoconfederates. Especially given that Israel was created by Andrew-Jackson-like ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and given that it now uses apartheid against Palestinians in West Bank, Zionists want to avoid association with Southern Symbols.

    So, paradoxically, in order for Zionists to give moral cover to Jewish supremacism in Israel and apartheid against Palestinians in West Bank, it has to purge the GOP of all associations to ‘supremacist’ symbols.

    • I think this push to obliterate the Confederacy by destroying any artifacts and documentation is a coverup.

      The Blacks have recently been pushing for reparations big time. It reached a full crescendo before Dylann Roof shot up that historic African American church filled with a dozen Black parishioners.

      Now, the vast majority of White Christians never had ancestors who owned any slaves and would be in their rights to insist that the Blacks pursue reparations from the direct descendants of those who actually owned slaves or directly benefited from slavery by financing it.

      You will know where that would lead if you only follow the money.

  • College kids toppling Confederate statues?
    Misguided kids having fun — no big thing.
    Just virtue signaling for their professors (who probably offered extra credit points for doing it).

      • When DS goes back up, Anglin should post another poll: “Which Left Wing Monument Should Go Down First?:

        a.) Malcolm X
        b.) MLK Jr.
        c.) Statue Of Lenin (In Seattle)”


        • sweeeeeeet. That’s what I like about Daily Stormer. They take themselves less seriously and get more shit done and have fun. When are they coming back online?

          • Dunno. Maybe never, at this point. If everything is shut down and an Alt Right leader is “killed”, then we’ll know the whole thing was a Psy-Op to collect IP addresses of potential dissidents. Been done before.

          • Haha, maybe. But COINTELPRO was real. And many, many other operations enacted by the CIA.

          • As is this quote: “Publicly aligning ourselves to an old and extinct
            political movement is not forward thinking, and it isn’t fresh… NS was
            a Hitler personality cult, when it comes right down to it.” Andrew Anglin.

          • Yeah, COINTELPRO specifically was FBI but CIA has done similar things.

          • Notice I said”if”. I hope that doesn’t happen. But the WN movement has been infiltrated and completely suppressed many times, provably so. TRS and AltRight are still standing. If either of them go down, back to Amren and Vdare? lol

          • I meant right about the ip/identity/data mining.
            It’s the government, so I’m sure that deep state wants that info.

          • nah bro.
            The gubment wants this info, and they will have it (if they already don’t).
            They are already defending their actions last weekend with bold-faced lies, even tho the whole fucking thing is documented on video.
            Now comes the (((investigation))), and the (((shutting down))) of “hate speech”.

          • Perhaps in our favor, I read recently the DoJ has requested the IP addresses of everyone involved with the riots of January 20th from their organizing website. That will capture a lot of Antifa/BLM types (and probably a few FBI agents as well of course, but they were just there to do their jobs).

        • Where is there a Malcolm X statue? Not familiar with one. Maybe his hometown or Harlem or something I’m guessing.

          Given enough time, the leftists will take those statues down themselves anyway. MLK because he believed in being color blind,which to leftists is “racist” (because to them everything is racist). Lenin because he was a white male (yes I know he was a Jew, but that don’t matter to most leftists, they see a white dude, they’ll take the statue down). Malcolm X, probably for some reason or other they’ll make up. I’m sure they can find something later in his life when he kinda toned down to justify tearing down his statues.

        • So you have no problem, and are gonna let this slide, such weakness.

          I remember a passage in the Turner Diaries dealing with people who proclaimed the loudest, “You can take my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands.” When guns were banned they were the first to turn in their guns.

        • Well, normies are necessary. Any population will be made up of normies mostly. If everyone had the instinct to participate in the political struggle a society would not be governable. Evolution made the normie so that the group will be more competitive.

  • The president sharing a lighthearted depiction of violence towards an entire news network isn’t normal, in case anyone forgot.

  • As Richard Spencer is unleashing his followers to perform acts of domestic terrorism, not only should he be on every law enforcement watchlist (he should be on a no-fly), but we should view him with the condemnation given to Allawi or Baghdadi.

  • The jews could not do more for us! By bringing down the stormer and doxxing our people after (((They))) brutally crushed our rally they completly demasked themselfs to a very wide audience. Everything the stormer is writing is completly true and now the whole world knows it. You can call out and criticize anyone but the jews! LOL! We got you now, jews! The six million is a lie and EVERYTHING ELSE that a jew is saying, too!

    To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.


      • Yep. Be proud of going full 1984, commie! LOL! It is actually the only thing that all marxist systems have in common. Censorship and killings. And you know that the stormer is back,eh?
        This whole left wing censorship NEVER was succesfull for a long time. In fact: Government repression is the beginning of the end for repressive states. It allways been like that and it will allwasy be like that. And do not think that there won’t be no other possibilitys build! They are allready comming.

    • For the record, Voltaire never said that or anything like that. It’s one of those wrongly attributed viral quotes that are cited ten thousand times a day.

          • Yes, they do peddle in fake news. But the quote is fake, nonetheless.

          • But Voltaire hated you Jews though. Along with every enlightened white who looked at them for long enough.

          • Ok, I gotcha. Maybe I shouldn’t have even counter-signaled about the Voltaire quote. I’m just a stickler for accuracy. Also, Voltaire is among my favorite writers.

          • Voltaire was Anti-Semitic

            Posing an ancient Roman reporting on the Jews, Voltaire wrote: ”They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.” In the next year, writing the essay ”One Must Take Sides” – introduced as ”the last word by Voltaire on metaphysics” – he ridiculed each of the major religions, but he was meanest to the Jews: ”You have surpassed all nations in impertinent fables, in bad conduct and in barbarism. You deserve to be punished, for this is your destiny.” This is hardly the rhetoric of a man who thinks that Jews are just another people waiting to be enlightened. It is the talk of a ”noble Roman,” his favorite self-definition, who has no patience with inferior people such as Jews and, for that matter blacks.

            The false attribution is likely something Voltaire would have approved.

          • At a dinner Oscar Wilde heard a friend say a clever thing…he remarked “I wish I’d said that!” Another dinner guest replied “oh you will Oscar!”

            I’m just making sure it’s recorded that Voltaire hated the Jews and thought they were lethal to the rest of mankind. Which they are.

          • “The Fascists of the future will be called Anti-Fascists”

            Democraps are real racists. Antifa are real fascists and communists are red fascists.

            You would never hear something like “fascists are ‘black communists'” so why “communists are ‘red fascists'”?

            Those morons (((indoctrinated))) by (((media))) and in schools associate everything what they percieve bad or wrong with fascism. Fascism become boogyman word.

            Communism is still god idea never done in practice or corrupted by no true Scotsman commie dictators. So they project wrongodings of communism and communists unto fascism.

  • This is a little off-topic, but it has to do with the recent Charlottesville events.

    I would like to point out that the purpose of the helicopter “crash” may have been to murder two police officers who were watching the scene of the rally from above. I think that the car attack was likely a staged hoax, involving intelligence operatives with the ability to not only get a false story presented to the public, but to also arrange for the deaths of police officers who know too much. If they saw that how the “car crash” actually occurred was inconsistent with the official story, and if they were not controlled by whatever secret networks exist in the police departments, media, etc., then the operatives would have had a motive to murder them.

    As for why I think the car crash was a hoax, you can see my comments at the earlier article,

    Note that the photograph of the scene of the “helicopter crash” is not very convincing. I hope the families of these officers pursue this matter and do not just accept the word of police officials.

      • I didn’t see it. That sort of problem was occurring on this site a couple months back, but they fixed it. It had to do with Disqus removing comments that included certain words. Try paraphrasing.

  • Is the Washington Monument and the Jefferson memorial next for destruction by these Antifa commie self hating White reprobates. Washington and Jefferson were slave owners. “Any society which suppresses the heritage of its conquered minorities, prevents their history, and denies them their symbols, has sewn the seed of its own destruction”~ William Wallace-1281 A.D.

  • Our ancestors are rolling in their graves knowing that the Western world celebrates homosexuality, trannies, raping-law breaking-third world immigrants, degenerate art and culture, and interracial mixing.

  • You know, it`s sort of beautiful in a way, like how inevitability can be beautiful. Gives clarity to the picture.

    Because we all know where the next stop of the symbol-tearing train is.

    • I believe people are doing too much to stop y’all from saying what y’all want to say. I agree there are unfair rules set against white people in the freedom of speech world. I’m not afraid to agree. There is a war against your freedom of speech. But the only people who have the muscle to stop y’all is whites.

        • I don’t want to be a Jew hater because I don’t hate at all even when you call me dindu lol but what noticed is that Jews exploit every place they go. (Even tho you claim it’s blacks) Blacks were prospering in the 60s but Jews have put black in media to raise the nation of black Americans ignorant with no values. I hate to to say that because I rather us as black people take full responsibility but I can say they have had a hand in that. They have had a hand in making us global. They have had a hand in using media to use words that make us feel like the fight is always between blacks and whites when it’s not. You guys are build up with so much hate ( hence the name calling) and its misdirected. Why do you hate black white and black seperate themselves pretty well and are able to handle business together no matter what the views are. We work and y’all go back to your neighborhoods and we do the same. But the Jews are different they blend in with the same white skin as you all with sneaky intentions

          • Because white people in America wanting to be nazis is like black wanting to be in Italian mob! It just doesn’t make sense. I get it you guys want a pure race like them but just stop that nazi stuff. It’s like you guys are really thirsty to be German it’s wierd. Stick to the Alt Right name and make you own symbols. In the black world the phrase we use is called D”€k riding or to.make it more relative to you cuck riding. These German salutes are wierd as hell. I don’t get offended I just look like WOW sad another poor white guy from who knows where in Alabama, who doesn’t speak a word of German and has never left the country somehow think they are official nazis lol GET YOUR OWN RACIST SWAG

          • I’ve made the same point on numerous occassions. Of course the media is going to zero in on the one idiot with a swastika flag though.

          • The problem for Germany is that it wasn’t a genetic volk. They have a relatively diverse ydna map that overlaps with the French R1, the Dutch and the Poles. Germany was more a cultural and linguistic tribe with a relatively decentralized political order. It’s not a place or culture that really restricted Jewish infiltration either. The English expelled Jews, the French the same. The Holy Roman Emperor (a German Spanish overlord) broadly tolerated them.

            Hitler overcompensated for that cosmopolitan history with a slightly scary idea of purification that made some waves.

            I’d be okay with getting rid of affirmative action TBH and possibly housing segregation being restablished or tolerated.

            Whites will radicalize under the conditions set by current laws.

            We will shake the earth and strike off the hand raised against us.

          • There is already a housing segregation.thats why the crimes are usually black on. BLack and white on white. I just brought my first house in a neighborhood of only 2 blacks (including myself) now as far as home owners go ….you may not feel uncomfortable with a 2nd amendment black guys as myself but hey it is what it’s is. You want a secret…, blacks are starting to fix their credit and buy land for the hell of it. They are starting investment pots where a lot of people come together just to buy land and hold . So for that to happen you will have to buy land to enforce the laws of the land

          • Loll and the fact that you said that makes me hold on tighter to mine. Thank you Mr.Constitution

          • Well on second thoughts, it good that you have them and shoot each other at alarming rates. When hear about Tyrone shooting Marcus I smile.

          • That’s another one. Most of the serial killers are black. They just don’t get press.

          • I’m not sure about that one. But hey I know how whites like to make up their own facts

          • Plenty of black spree killings and serial killers. Omar Cookie Thornton walks into Kirkwood Missouri’s council and kills everyone.

          • Purity is a canard. You miss the point.

            Besides it would be crushed by the USAF under the direction of the banks.

          • As of 2014, there were 322,700 people with a foreign background living in Finland (5.9% of the population), most of whom are from Russia, Estonia, Somalia, Iraq and Yugoslavia.[

          • The only blacks are Somalis. And they are not helping the situation.

          • No. Mongols and Turkic are Asian. Not the Russia.

            Russia controls much of the Asian landmass though.

          • All I’m saying is no country is pure white. especially ones with white people lolllll. To be honest if you want to know the truth. countries ran by whites are always accepting other races. Not sure if it’s because they are nice or weak. But the countries who don’t play that mixing shit are black countries in Africa (they dont even allow African Americans to migrate there to be citizens), India , and a few middle eastern countries that haven’t been somehow accessed by whites YET. And out of all the white countries I doubt that America will be the first white country to be all white. It will happen with Finland first And they haven’t even reached that point yet

          • So the answer would be NO. And the conclusion that’s coming together before my eyes is that whites are unable to do things on their own and history has proven it several times.

          • Bwahahaha. Okay now you need go full Yakub. Emancipation and integration of you fiends contributed to the US slipping economically. Can’t you read what my point was?

          • No I don’t listen to all that pro black propaganda plus I have a half Irish step son who you can’t tell has black in him. You should see how you guys look when we are in the grocery stores lol. But that yakub shit is some bullshit

          • All traditionally white countries have been subverted by Jewish power, and puppets have been placed in as heads of state. No leader in the EU has any children. This is important because they had to find people who wouldn’t care about the future of the country’s they were “leading”. If they had children, they may go off the plantation because they would realize they were wrecking the country for the futures of their posterity.

          • I’m sure most of us don’t have a huge problem with black people. We mostly have a problem with “niggers”. We don’t want to be forced to associate with people we don’t want to associate with. We don’t want to be shamed for being white and celebrating white culture.

            We mostly just want to be left the fuck alone and to live our lives and propagate our race.

          • There are def white who dissagree as we can see on the news. But idea agree that you guys should be able to celebrate like we do without being looked upon wrong. I believe that you shouldn’t be forced to include black if you don’t want to include. I think what it is, is that blacks have been brought to their country and freed and sent into the world with no love from the ones that held them captive. fuck that that it wasn’t captive slave owners were law abiding citizens because the law allowed slavery. But not to get off subject I believe blacks look at whites like that mother or father they want to make proud and are looking for any type of exceptance. Fuck white acceptance. Build your own life

          • What have you gotten by handing your children over to be educated and raised by people who have nothing in common with them?

            Real ownership of nothing. Shitty schools and horrible housing in tenement projects. Sons in prison. Daughters pregnant and unwed. Trillions of dollars spent to correct this only the problems get worse instead of better.

            Disingenuous “White” Liberals write you blank checks that they expect the rest of us to cash, but you are lucky if you end up with even ten percent. They are not our friends, but they definitely aren’t yours either.

          • If I was a smart, law-abiding black person, like yourself, I’d flee ethnic neighborhoods, like the Bubonic plague. You don’t owe it to anyone to offer yourself and your family, up on the altar of black solidarity.

          • Nathan Damigo debunked this meme on his most recent recent Red Ice interview. Guy on the right was legit.

          • I agree that Swastikas are counter productive in the context of America. The Alt-Right needs to create its own symbols to rally around. Something serious. Pepe is fine for memes and humour is a powerful propaganda tool, but he doesn’t belong anywhere near a flag.

          • Great point. We should get our artistically inclined brothers on that ASAP. Hopefully the idea is on the radar with the higher ups.

          • Most “Neo-Nazis” are Jewish. The ACLU helped a “Nazi” by the name of Frank Collin AKA Francis Joseph Cohen or Cohn sue Skokie to have a Nazi march there. I think the Jews have a hard-on for Hugo Boss designs.

            I suspect any Whites who LARP as Nazis simply do so to annoy the Jews.

            Neither the swastika nor the Roman salute were originated by Nazis. Americans used to salute our own flag – the Bellamy salute – before WWII and we had swastikas all over the place. It’s an Aryan symbol not a Nazi symbol. Both fell into disrepute after Hitler appropriated it.

          • Let me tell you a story of my history, Curtis. My mother’s people are white Scots-Irish who were brought to this country as slaves before black Africans. They were made to work the fields, later, alongside African slaves. Later ancestors became sharecroppers in the Deep South, poor whites, living next to poor black sharecroppers. My father’s family has fought in every war in this country, since 1776, and my GG grandfather was with Lee at Appomattox, naming his first born son, Robert E. Lee. That’s why these statues have a deep meaning to me. Not because my family owned slaves, we WERE slaves. They have meaning because they are a part of our history, and dozens of my ancestors died in those battles. In fact, my father’s family originally is from VA, very near Charlottesville. I also know it doesn’t end with tearing down Lee or Jackson or Stuart. Next comes Jefferson, then the other war memorials to the dead. Then, at some point, Lincoln and Washington. These people are on a quest to erase not just the Confederacy, but American history, and then white history, and then Western Civilization, altogether.

          • I agree that not on statue should be brought down. It’s history its of showing of how far we’ve came. We look back ancient civilizations and say wow who tore down there monuments and statues? And think hmmm that’s pretty stupid. But now look we are in those times . ( the age of RUINS)

          • Blacks were better off before White liberals got involved. Do you know that every Black teacher in the South lost their job when White schools were desegregated? Blacks owned their own businesses, their own banks, their own stores and their own practices. They attended schools where there were Black prom queens and Black newspaper editors.

            I think a lot of what is behind the bitching and complaining that Blacks engage in where Whites are concerned is that after spending years of suing to get into White schools and White neighborhoods, they have discovered that the White man’s ice is no colder than their own. They gave up a lot of personal autonomy only to end up to their eyeballs in credit debt to and followed around by the loss prevention detectives of (((White))) stores.

          • What is needed is another Bacon Rebellion.

            History is repeating itself. Just as the White plantocracy made a secret deal with Amerindians to kill any freedmen (Black or White) who tried to make something from their acreage so they’d have to stay on the plantation as low-paid sharecroppers, the White elite is bringing in Mestizos from south of the border and folks from the continent of Asia to suppress wages.

            What gets me is that the rich are continuing to make money, if not more money, with Trump’s economic reforms, but they are still fighting with him. This leads me to believe that the elite just love, love, love the idea of the general population subsisting on beans and rice in American slums while they live on the mountain tops in gated communities with private security that is better armed than the military like the Brazilian elite do.

    • This surely will end the Alt Right, I don’t know why Dylann Roof and the Neo Nazi salutes didn’t! But Charlottesville will do the trick!

      • The awakening of European identity is inevitable, so get used to it. We are not going to buy the pathetic “neo-Nazi” anti-White propaganda anymore.

      • Joshua, it was said that by the time the truth puts its socks on, the lie is half-way around the world. That was before the internet. Now the truth is hot on the lie’s heels.

        I don’t think Charlottesville will end the Alt Right. I think it’s going to red-pill a lot of Whites who foolishly bought into the “content of character” MLK BS.

        Those who live by racial identity politics will die by them.

        Mcauliffe and company made a very, very foolish mistake in not letting that protest in Charlottesville go off without incident. Once the whole truth comes out and it is coming out very quickly thanks to cell phones and the internet, he can kiss any presidential ambitions good-bye.

        Likewise you are pretty damned stupid for getting in the way of Trump putting the economy aright. What preceded the cultural revolution of the sixties was the post-WWII boom producing fat and happy Americans.

        Another thing you underestimate is how much Americans side with whom they perceive is the underdog and that underdog is Trump. If the economy tanks before he can implement any of his programs, Americans will blame his opposition and you won’t like the repercussions.

    • Keep going and see how it works out

      Thomas Jefferson was a White Supreemist who raped slaves, the fact that his statue still stands is an insult to you

      • And even that is just hearsay. When they performed DNA tests in the 1990s, all they could determine was that Sally Hemmings’s descendants COULD BE related to Thomas Jefferson. The problem with that assertion is, there were as many as seven other Jefferson men living at Monticello when Hemmings gave birth to “light skinned children”. The accusation first appeared after the 1800 Presidential Election by Jefferson’s former PR man, James Callendar. Callendar served time in prison for slander against Jefferson’s opponent, John Adams. Upon release Callendar felt he had a vendetta to settle with Jefferson and in a series of tabloid-style articles, claimed that Jefferson had lived with Hemmings in Paris where she had given birth to five of his children.

        Now, critics of Jefferson will tell you that DNA testing emphatically proves this to be true but these tests were highly inaccurate in 1998. For all we know, this is just another oft-repeated lie to tear down a great man.

  • When all the monuments are torn down, white house is renamed, then they’ll want to have you convert to Liberal Londanistan-ish or be killed. ISIS does something similar.

  • If “American Values” is about trannies, tearing down historical monuments, bowing down to the unreasonable demands of brown people and illegal immigrants, then consider me thoroughly Un-American. If I could I would live in a more rural state where being a normal person is acceptable.

  • As Kids grow up, they need leaders who appeal to the best in us! The fact that it took the President two days to clearly denounce racists and White Supremacists is shameful! He finally spoke out because people stood up! It’s important for everyone, especially white people, to speak out against White Supremacy and Trump! People gave their lives to ensure this hate doesn’t spread, they fought and died on the right side of history!

    One brave woman, Heather Heyer died standing up for what’s right! I can’t look at my daughters and say nothing. We need to stand against what is wrong! We can’t go backwards!

    • You want to stop bigotry and racism then stop demonizing all the Unite the Right rally attendees as Nazi’s, white supremacists! Do you demonize all Muslims when one of them commits violence?? You do not have the moral high ground to be lecturing us!

    • The “best within us” doesn’t come from diversity, though. We can see that from the fact that the growing diversity in the U.S. has systematically trashed the quality of white Americans’ lives.

      The solution to restore a better life has to come from the reversity advocated by the Alt Right.

      • Diversity is a strength. Look at potatoes. They had many different type of potatoes in Peru. No potato famine. They only had ONE type of potato in Ireland. Potato famine killed 1 million.

        • First the Irish dramatized the effects of industrialization as a genocide. Much of rural England also emptied out when manufacturing started. Many would have had to move to Manchester, Glasgow, London, Boston, Birmingham anyway.

          Second if the Irish starved it was Crown policies like Economic Liberalism (((capitalism))) that that did it.

          • Potato famine never happens with diverse potato crops.. Because People are just like potatoes.

          • Oh, okay you value diversity, then you must value the right of Europeans to hold on to their history, culture and racial identity, is that right? Alt-Right just believes all ethnic groups deserve self-determination and a homeland, and that goes for people of European descent.

        • You don’t understand your own propaganda. The nondiverse Spaniards readily conquered the Peruvian people, often by playing one tribe off another, despite their potato situation; so who really showed the strength here?

    • America is going to be eclipsed soon as Hegemon. Next year China is number one.

      Empowering Heebs and Blacks as America has done, accelerated the decline. Forwards Not backwards!

    • Ughh. That “brave” woman was part of a violent lynch mob. She went to “bash the fash” and got the shitty end of the stick. It’s unfortunate but it was going to happen eventually.

  • I don’t get what all the fuss is about.
    Terrorism is just part and parcel of living in the West.
    Can’t we just have an Arianna Grande concert and get back to discussing Game of Thrones?

  • How can I explain to my 2 and 4 year old daughters why there’s so much hatred in this world?!?!? Trump is not a President!!

    • Depends on your daughters’ net ancestry. I tell normie whites that even if they don’t side with the Alt Right, the Alt Right most definitely sides with them, their white children and their white grandchildren, because we offer to look out for white people’s interests.

          • Now you just making up rules as you go. The white thing to do I guess lol no offense

          • President Obama illustrates how far White liberals will use Blacks to virtue-signal to other Whites. That 1992 Eddie Murphy film, “The Distinguished Gentleman” where a Black shyster cons a bunch of virtue-signaling White liberals to vote for him was eerily prophetic where White liberal stupidity is concerned. Murphy has pretty much dropped off the radar since Obama stepped into the limelight … coinky-dink? I think not!

            Another example I can think of is Madonna suing an African family to acquire a matching African girl accessory to her African boy accessory rather than simply giving a poor White Eastern European orphan a loving home.

            We are paying for it now. I honestly think all the shit-tests that President Trump is getting from everyone and their cousin is a bunch of people letting off steam after eight years of having to bite their tongues lest they be called racist.

        • Mixed kids seem even more resentful of White people than full-blooded Non-Whites do. Even those who were raised by White parents who loved them. Mulattoes bend over backwards to spit on White heritage. Look at that flaky football player Kapernick who is getting the NAACP to sue the AFL to give him a job after he drove viewers away with his disrespect to the flag.

          Hapas hate both their parents. They see their Asian mothers as self-hating whores and their fathers as bigots who settled for their mothers because they could not get White women. I suspect they might be viewing their own family situation realistically considering the paradox of how many men at Amren have Asian wives and hapa children.

          All Whites do when they have mixed kids is create an enemy with a personal grudge, I guess, for robbing them of their “White privilege” and a higher IQ to punish the White race for their unhappiness.

    • i’m sure you would have no problem explaining to them how everyone is oppressed by evil whites and how any white person who doesn’t hate themselves and disavow their heritage is a white supremacist. the only “hate” you people seem to care about is white people standing up for their own.

    • I don’t think George Orwell or Aldous Huxley wrote their respective dystopian novels as how-to manuals; but progressives act as if they use them as guides for their actions.

  • Speaking of magical thinking, this statue-destroying business really smacks of it. Progressive degenerates can’t attack the bodies of Confederate historical figures because these men all died over a century ago. So instead they strike at their images, like a kind of time-traveling voodoo ritual.

  • The easiest task for an American president to perform — the very easiest — is to unreservedly condemn Nazism. There is nothing easier.

      • Indeed. Its precisely why hitching the wagon to a failed ideology so amuses me. You think Spencer and Enoch will accept the debate challenge from Day. I would chip in..

        • Failed is an interesting word. Perhaps it was more of an “Exterminated Ideology”.

          • My Grandfather was in prison till 1986 for his activities between 1937
            and 1946. He supposedly continued as a post war spy. That is what he was
            convicted for. My Uncle was waffen ss and was an asshole till he died 4
            or 5 years ago. My Grandmother pushed my mother and her little brother
            from Silesia to Franconia. They went from being wealthy to being nothing
            over socialist ethno leftism. It was not nearly the utopian paradise
            some think it was. They had every advantage imaginable and still failed.
            My grandmother knows more than most about it. At first it made the
            people “feel” better about themselves. Then it turned authoritarian. She
            hated it. Said it was nearly as bad as Marxism in the way it hypnotized
            the people into believing a nation of 80 million could defeat globalist
            anglo liberalism. It was idiocy and a precursor for the pan EU. And
            look at the west now.. crumbling. I do not have answers for how to
            proceed. I just know what not to do.

          • I lost 4 males in my family tree fighting to maintain Anglo-Liberal Hegemony.

            One was gassed and machinegunned at Ypres. The other three killed at the Somme, machinegunned.

          • My American grandfather served on the Missouri. I do not want any more wars between brothers and cousins. That is my greatest hope.

          • The Man in the High Castle intrigues people today because it shows what a competent, functional Nazi civilization in the early 1960’s could have looked like.

          • We might also have gotten farther along in computing as well, thanks to the push computing technology got from Konrad Zuse. German theorists might even call their vision of the future the Zingularität or something.

            However, I doubt we’ll see a movie about Zuse any time soon. No, it serves the social-justice agenda better to make one about the English faggot Alan Turing.

    • So, you think the President should have invoked “Godwin’s Rule” for shutting down all dissent? That’s not as effective as it used to be. The well is running dry on that one and quickly.

      They produced a movie about the Battle of Dunkirk recently. What was lost in the middle of all the moaning about how so-called people of color were not included was that the real life survivors of the Battle of Dunkirk said that if they could foresee what their country had turned into since “winning” WWII, they would have not advanced another step against the Nazis.

      I wonder how long it will take American WWII vets to feel that they fought on the wrong side after Antifa and the left destroy all the American national monuments?

  • I played Fagin in my H.S. production of ‘Oliver” (a true thing!) but I wasn’t asked to perform in Charlottesville

    • I wonder if you were just as outraged when some random person affiliating themselves with BLM shot and killed cops point blank? Or the Bernie bro that shot up the conservative baseball game?? Were you demonizing all liberals calling theme terrorists when that happened? The anti-White bias and double standard is just boring at this point.

  • George Orwell: “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

    • Ironically most blacks don’t care about history because that involves reading and abstract thinking.

      In fairness whites often become interested in history as an acquired taste. But we do have a long tradition of historical writing that tries to explain men’s affairs through observable natural events, unlike the magical way of thinking about the past we see in Semitic literature.

      • It’s like the difference between the obvious bullshit in Exodus and the clear writing in Xenophon’s 10,000.

        • Or Thucydides’ History of the Peloponesian War.

          BTW, I’ve wondered what American military men in our far-flung empire would do if America suddenly collapsed, say, in an EMP attack, and these service men and women found themselves in Anabasis-like situations with no hope of rescue from the home country.

  • Outraged about the Charlottesville terrorism? Maybe consider what it tells us about negotiating with Palestinians!

    • Germans were the Palestinians of the early 20th Century. The Christian Spanish were the Palestinians of the 700s to 1490s.

      Any people around your kind can immediately become Pals.

  • I think progressive utopians have a reverse problem with Nazis. What will they do when time and perspective make the Nazi phenomenon a lot less scary to young white people? I’ve gathered that many viewers of The Man in the High Castle have warmed up to the Nazi Dad character, for example, because he says sensible things about right and wrong.

    And the original Nazi movement did promote a traditional moral agenda in a lot of ways, along with an advocacy that the German individual try to live up to higher standards. The Germans even have a word for self-cultivation as your life’s project: Bildung. Many ordinary Germans found this message attractive after the degeneracy they witnessed in the Weimar period had alienated and disgusted them.

      • Time has a funny way of changing how living people understand the importance of events that happened long before their lives:

        “I have a vision of some galactic museum of the distant future in which diet Coke cans will share with coats of chain mail a single vitrine marked ‘Planet Earth, 1000-2000, Christian Era.’ The last decade of our millennium may be under-represented because so much of our significant trash will have biodegraded into oblivion; but material from every period and every part of the world, over the last thousand years, will be seen by visitors as evidence of the same quaint, remote culture: totem poles and Tompion clocks, Netsuke ivories and Nayarit clays, bankers’ plastic and Benin bronzes. The distinctions apparent to us, as we look back on the history of our thousand years from just inside it, will be obliterated by the perspective of long time and vast distance. Chronology will fuse like crystals in a crucible, and our assumptions about the importance of events will be clouded or clarified by a terrible length of hindsight.”

        (Felipe Fernández-Armesto. Millennium: A History of the Last Thousand Years. New York: Scribner, 1995.)

        But the reappraisal of the Nazis seems likely to happen in the next generation or two, not thousands of years from now.

        • There’s a book published by the British Museum called A History of the World in 100 objects. It literally had some of the objects you mentioned .

        • I hope that 1000 years from now there still are humans, as we know them. Given that people can’t resist smart phones now, how will they resist cybernetic brain implants 100 years from now, and then who knows what after that?

  • All in all, it is interesting that Alt Right is the ONLY GROUP that is willing to take a stand against the desecration of Pan-European culture and history(of which White America is a part) from the hammers of globalists and White Janissary turned against their own kind. It is also telling that the Alt Right is the only group with strong commitment to free speech and anti-imperialist wars. When Trump shot missiles into Syria, only the Alt Right condemned it unequivocally while globalists cheered. And under Obama, the progs were utterly silent about the destruction of Libya, CIA’s funding of Alqaeda in Syria, and Neocon Nuland’s recruitment of neo-nazis in Ukriane to topple the government.

    What are Conservatives conserving when they’ve remained silent as Pan-European monuments are erased by Jewish-Globalist front of Diversity. This is holocaust of Pan-Europeanism in the public square alongside demographic replacement, but Con Inc’s only message is ‘Nazis bad’ and ‘lower taxes’ and ‘Iran evil’. Iranians aren’t doing this. Jews and white Janissary of the Jews are leading this. And most of Con Inc has also shown itself to the Janissary of Jewish Globalists.

    • I’m suspecting that this theater is a prelude to some massive war of national unification. Iran as target.

  • White cuckolds who engage in this behavior, as well as hold up “black lives matter” signs absolutely must be documented and made an example of. This is not shitposting, this is serious.

    We need to be thinking about how we are going to find these cowards and what appropriate actions to take and exploit. This should be a top priority.

    • I believe if blacks came out and showed the same support for you guys like you do for us the fighting wouldn’t be as bad. I think you guys are angry because nobody of the other race interacts with you to have a healthy conversation and as we know most black don’t want to take responsibility for the life ills they go thru so they are reluctant to face that convo. I believe we all should be able call each other out on bull but also we all need to take responsibility and promise to do better and that will be it. Most whites have no problem doing that but getting blacks to accept responsibility for certain things is the challenge

      • Start exterminating jews and you can be my friend. Besides, that would help your desperately lost race as well.

        • So, ok as you know I’m black. My question is why do y’all hate Jews so much? As black we can’t tell the difference between you and them. Educate my black ass on this matter please

          • It’s long and involved. Race is deeper than skin color. The Jew is not European, it is Asiatic, whites are European. Use the tools at your disposal (internet).

            Dr Kevin MacDonald
            E Michael Jones

          • So do you want to be European or American? Americans are way cooler than Europeans any day

          • European as in race. There is no American race. It has nothing to do with what I want to be, it’s what I am. You are an African, even in you were born in “America”

          • so what your saying is none of us are able to call ourselves Americans? And that America is just a place that different races came to?

          • “American” (nationhood) is a social construct (man made).
            Race is a natural construct (God made)

          • American used to implicitly mean White European. this used to be obvious. distinctions were just for hyphenated americans… Since the mass replacement, “american” doesn’t mean anything. Being “American” today doesn’t mean a damn thing, lost it’s meaning long ago. A somalian who arrived yesterday is now as american as i am with 300+ years of ancestry on this continent. That’s not how it was ever meant to be, but that is how it is today.

          • There are pockets of whites in South and Central America, but “Latinos” are their own ethnic group with their own cultural identity.
            How many Latinos would consider Mike Pence as a fellow Latino?
            They’re obviously more closely related than Chinese though, for example.

          • Call yourself what you will. Doesn’t magically change what you are.

          • Yes. There is no such thing as a proposition nation. The Latin root of nation means people aka ethnicity (Greek ethnostate)

          • The very biggest red pill you will need to swallow is that the Holocaust is a LIE. There is a mountain of counter evidence that proves it’s a lie. I would not be surprised for a millisecond if the websites compiling all of that info are shoahed during this whole mess. I hope people are downloading information as fast as they can.

          • america is a latrine nation, a nation of children, of emotionalism, excess, drives,violence against all tradition,money is the god, and self is the demigod, together they destroy all true identity, whether it be ethnic, cultural, spiritual….ergo,america must,for all cultures to survive, including the white race, be decimated,destroyed…..she is NOT european, she is notafrican, asian, she is a latrine, a dirty browncolor.

          • I agree, modern Europeans as a whole are a strange bunch, not all but most. Eurofags is an appropriate way of describing them. They are as effeminate a bunch of people as you will ever come across. Their modern culture is certainly lacking.

          • It’s quite possible that the Jews will de-camp to China once the US is eclipsed as number 1 economy. Then your stupid ass won’t be able to tell the difference between Chinese and Jews either.

            Here’s a few tips to sniff a Jew out though.

            A statement like “My fellow white people…” “as a white person…” followed
            By a commandment like “…we suck” “we must fix the world” “we must reject racism.”

            They also call Blonde people “Orange”. It’s a dead giveaway.

          • Lol that is some sneaky shit. I’ll keep a look out for that. Youre quite angry about this topic. All I’m saying is I didn’t know. A smart person is a person who understands that they don’t know everything but are willing to learn (in my book)

          • You do not strike me as curious.

            If the media and justice system misrepresent blacks as a criminal underclass…who else have they framed, right?

          • @Cousin Curtis:

            The best example of (((my fellow white people))) is Tim Wise. He makes money at college campuses lecturing (as in scolding) impressionable young White students about their so-called “white privilege.”

            His schtick is that only a “white man” can “tell truth to power.” I ask you, what power? The power to do business with whom we please? The power to have our own countries? Our own towns? Our own neighborhoods? The power to protest the destruction of our cultural symbols?

            Most black people claim to love Mr. Wise; some became disaffected with him because they wanted in on profiting from racial grievances. Which makes sense, considering it was their racial grievances. But no such luck.

            And Wise has made a lot of money off the racial grievance industry. So much that he can afford to live in an upper-scale lily-white gated community far, far, far away from the especially vibrant diversity he wants to gift his “fellow white people” with.

          • You really want to know? Then take a look at these short videos :

            (First two minutes)

            (Starting from 2:25)

            (first 30 seconds)

          • I’ll check it out when I leave work. Yes black work!!! The fact that you guys think we can afford not to work throws me for a loop lol but yes I’ll check it out

          • A lot of quotes. And interesting ones. But why does trump cuck ride isreal so much? it’s a Jewish state and he is happy to defend them. The guy you guys want to lead is a Jewish puppet himself with jewish kids. Can you really trust trump?

          • Nope, Trump has helped immensily in shifting the overton window but like you say, he’s as controlled as the others. Definetely not truly on our side.

          • He has to play ball to some degree, the entire US Congress are essentially Israeli employees. The biggest lobby in this country is AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Comittee), and you’ll notice that most major US politicians go to Israel before they decide to run, and dems/repub’s will never agree on anything as fast as they will to support their Israeli masters.

          • You are what is called the “talented tenth”. You seem smart enough to know what I’m getting at.

          • Dude, I downloaded every single one of these considering the events of the last two days. Thank you for posting!

          • Can we make a list here of websites that have compiled information on the evidence disproving the Holocaust so we can keep an eye on them for being shoahed? I know of these. So far they’re still up.


          • Now if you wonder where this current feminist and anti white culture comes from you need to educate yourself on cultural marxism:

            (Watch till 2:40)


            (Starting from 2:00)

            That’s that.. Now this video is basically about hitler’s red pill journey, you’ll see how what they did back then was the exact same as they do now, how they take everything over and poison everything etc. I recommend to watch the entire video but if you don’t have a lot of time or don’t feel like it then just watch it starting from 10:00 :

            In this video Ernst zundel warns a Jewish journalist about an upcoming holocoast if they don’t stop bringing Weimar conditions to the US similar too what they did to Germany:

            And this is a great more mainstream documentary about the Weimar republic (Germany before Hitler took over) you’ll see how ridiculously similar it is to the current Western world:

            Also ever heard of Bobby Fischer? Greatest chess player of all time.. Part Jewish himself too by the way although he himself always denied it:

          • Jews ran the USSR,and started all left-wing revolutionary movements including feminism,animal rights,ecoterrorism,the civil rights movement,the LGBTQP (p stands for pedophilia,which they initially openly endorsed,and is still part of that movement) movement,etc.

            Jews founded the NAACP and nearly all of its founding members were jews.

            Jews run the media overwhelmingly.

            Jews run the federal reserve and nearly all international banking institutes.

            Jews run our universities and create the curriculum we are supposed to teach our children.

            Jews run the NGO’s that smuggle non-Whites into our countries and are behind the policies to make them citizens of our countries on the basis that we can’t send them back because they are escaping the brutal civil war in Syria,even when they are from pakistan.

            Yes,they are difficult to tell apart from our people sometimes.Sometimes even we have trouble telling them apart,but their culture and thought processes are alien and repugnant to us Whites so they always reveal themselves that way.

            At least half of the assholes fucking up negroes’ lives that they think are us,are actually jews.

            They usually have stein/berg/baum/man,or witz in their name,or something related to money as a last name like Gold/Silver or Lender, though.Pretty much nobody with last names similar to this are White.

            Jew’s noses are also shaped like a 6 if they haven’t had a nose job.Their nose curves halfway down and hooks under at the end and their eyes are much smaller and closer together than ours,giving them a ratlike appearance.

          • Here’s a “red pill” for you, Curtis, Jews hate black people and think they are more inferior far more than any “white supremacist, neo-Nazi” you could ever possibly meet. They also think that we, “white goyim,” are far inferior to them, as well, so don’t feel badly. They would eradicate you guys from the planet, as soon as they felt you weren’t necessary, in a heartbeat. Most white nationalists just want separate homelands for each people, within the US. That’s the difference.

            If it’s still up on YouTube, and you have the patience for a very long video, “The Greatest Story Never Told,” will be a great eye-opener.

          • But ummm why does trump protect isreal so much which is declared a Jewish state? He also has Jewish kids. Is he a Jewish puppet himself

          • Lewis Farachan and Jeremiah Write and the whole Nation of Islam speak the truth about Jews as well

          • @cousincurtis:disqus It would take a thesis on these people to explain it all. Just to be clear though, there are some good Jews out there. But most of them are a level of evil that most normal people could never have dreamed of being. And they have been this way for 3800 years.

          • The fact that you can’t tell a difference is what is so disgusting about you and your people.

            You animals can’t recognize evil, even when you retards are slaves to it.

      • You blacks are usefuld idiots for Kikes and virtue signalling pets for white ethnomasochist (“self-hating”) leftists and liberals, antifa, SJW, commies, cuckservatives etc.

        This is how Kikes work, pretend to be white (“my fellow white people”) and when pushed in corner, they expose themselves:

          • In political jargon, a useful idiot (also useful fool is a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause the goals of which they are not fully aware of, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause. According to the Oxford Dictionary of Euphemisms, the phrase stems from useful fool to refer to “a dupe of the Communists” and was used by Vladimir Lenin to refer to those his country had successfully manipulated.

            Communist/Marxist Jews like Slovo did great job in South Africa by manipulating blacks and starting war against Afrikaners.

          • I agree, There is some manipulation going on. For example with hip hop and rappers. There is a lot of positive hip hop and rappers but the Jews mainstream the criminal hip hop. Ask why? Because they have a huge stake in private prisons.

          • Most blacks don’t know that Jews fostered and promoted the degeneracy and criminality in gangsta rap. Give yourself an A+, Curtis. Hell, 99% of white people don’t know it, either. They’re just as dumb.

        • Learn how to make a point without annoying the person that you are giving knowledge to and they will learn. Lol but I’m not a soft person. It’s just funny how white people are so called educated but at the same time dumb as hell. My fathers calls those type of people “educated fools”

          • My fathers calls those type of people “educated fools”

            True. Intellectual yet idiot.

    • In Greece during the first three fifths of the century there were rebetes, lefty singers, and tendyboythes, let’s say petty miscreants like hippies, the police used to tear parts of their clothing and cut their moustaches in half… for neckbearded numales a moustache clean on its sides would be good and a hairline that is the opposite of the mohican would suffice if one adds some sprayed “targets” on their clothing… Brainstorming!

    • Exploit how the majority accepts it. Nobody cares about being ousted by the Alt right on some website that only the Alt right and the government know about lol

  • I guess they’ll have to round up all the quarters, nickels and dimes and melt them down because they portray racist white men.

    Dimes, you ask? Ta-Nehisi Coates blames FDR for “redlining.”

  • I’m black but fighting the blacks will only help what percentage of the problem ? (Whatever are population percent is) Your problem is other white people they are a huge problem for y’all and believe they just as much white privelage. You guy should be based off of principals and not color. It’s y’all biggest weakness because all whites are not loyal and you def don’t have black on your side so it makes your piece of the pie even smaller.

        • What’s so hard? They literally show up and scream at us at our rallies, Stevie Wonder could identify them. Anyway he’s right, ultimately blacks are not our real enemy and since we’re destined to live apart they shouldn’t be our main concern.

          • You never know who will be a traitor. This has been run through ad nauseum for the last 1500 years across Europe. Please.

    • “Your problem is other white people”

      (((White People))) indeed. You´re partly right however, since a majority of those opposing the Alt Right within white countries still consist mainly of non-jewish white people. But why drain the sink while the tap is still running? If we dont aim to dissolve the establishment in the form of jewish, anti-white dominance over our institutions, then we´ll be thieved of progress all along.

      Why do you think so many Alt Right-related websites, blogs, Youtube-channels, Twitter-accounts and so forth, have been censored and shut down as of late? You still have alot of non-white “counterparts” actually advocating for white genocide and hatred towards white people, culture, history and so forth, but they arent in any way recieving the same kind of treatment.

      Because they´re part of the game that the (((establishment))) is conducting against white people at a global scale. They´re all just spewing the same elite-approved message that stems from Academia, The Media, Hollywood, and so forth. They are useful idiots and pawns in the war against those that are having their voices and platforms cut off at an alarming rate as of lately.

  • Have just seen Trump’s Retweet advocating assault by train on CNN. After the Neo Nazi terrorism of Charlottesville, I fear for my country. How the hell is this hate speech and incitement to violence from Trump allowed?

      • Schlomo? Is this some kind of reference to being Jewish? My Mother’s side is Jewish, but I’m Episcopal.

        • We all know his ideology is that of Alt Right Neo Nazism that defames Jews and other minorities. This is why we must pressure internet companies to shut down hate speech.

          • And exterminate whites assembling as whites. That’s going to make the whites go back to being good tax slaves or mercenaries in foreign wars for Israel.

          • why? so it can operate in total secret?your tribe and its terror to createi srael never used internet,shut us down, we will still operate, and win.

          • Im not a Nazi, Im a Eurasianist, in Russia. Legion, your name is liberal,whether homosexual church or jew, or atheist, liberal, liberalism is a cancer that mustbe eradicated.

    • Stop watching the controlled corporate media! No, its the media working like a hive-mind to manipulate and hide the truth about events on the ground whipping gullible people into a fanatical frenzy of anti-White hatred and violence. If one watches the unedited footage of what happened one can see that the Alt-Right showed up to lawfully and peacefully assemble and were not the instigators of violence. The mayor and city council betrayed the citizens and put people in danger by issuing a stand-down order. The ACLU confirms that police were given stand-down order and unlawfully prevented the rally from taking place. The alt-right had a federal judge confirm their right to be there and protest, but the police commanded them to disperse while violently attacking them and funneling them into the violent anti fa/blm/communist thugs in the street. This was all orchestrated to invite the violence in the city as an excuse to shut down a court-permitted lawful assembly. Not allowing one group of people their right to exercise their civil liberties is unjust and this massive media disinformation campaign and dehumanization of the rally attendees is beyond disturbing.

    • To be completely honest, I think it’s time that the American sect of the alt-right removes itself from the swaztika and nazi flag. It’s not going to win over the normies, and bad for PR. The conversation ALWAYS ends when the picture of a Nazi is shown. It’s time to stop LARPing for some foreign regime. There weren’t many nazi’s at all in Charlottesville, but the few that were are being made to reflect everyone there.

  • Update for those curious or worried: The Daily Stormer is down (including the TOR version which was up briefly last night, and apparently Google has seized the domain registry), as is Christopher Cantwell’s site, Rootbocks, Red Ice, Weev’s website, Krypto Report’s soundcloud, Gab, /pol/ Twitter, all Discord servers, and probably many more I am not aware of yet. The total Shuttening has begun, Alt Right and TRS are next, and the ADL is now in charge of what gets on YouTube. Prepare for the shitstorm, boys, we always knew it was coming.

      • I wouldn’t go that far, although it certainly could be a factor. I would say that anything that has not been shut down as of yet is likely in the process of being shut down. For now, contact people on comments sections such as this, but trust me and avoid /pol/, it’s a shitshow. If you really need to contact people, go on the daily stormer IRC ( #dailystormer). There aren’t many people consistently there, but it appears to be relatively shill free thus far.

      • What didn’t get shut down might have had better counter-measures. They are still under attack. But double check. Be on your guard.

    • What are we looking at here? Should we expect these sites to return or have the hosts broken good faith with us permanently?

      • My opinion is that the sites will return, but the hosts have absolutely broken good faith with us and as such the servers and domain hosting will need to be moved elsewhere. I also don’t think it’s all hosting, probably hacks and DDOS in some cases.

        • We can recover from that much faster than if we have to setup our own infrastructure from scratch. Either way, we probably need to invest in equipment, personnel, and software as soon as possible. Maybe we can fund our own companies to handle issues like this for us. I have no skill in that area but I can generate money. Is anyone here willing to work on a feasibility study to see what our first steps should be?

    • This was a reply to a comment which was just removed, but I feel that I should clarify in case anyone else asks. The comment was saying that Google must not have “siezed” the domain because they “can’t” do that. I understand that opinion, but here is my response:

      I mean what I said. I am quoting exactly what weev said from his Gab
      before gab was shoah’d. If gab goes back up you can see for yourself. I
      doubt weev would use that verbage if he didn’t mean it, and while it is
      illegal, the circumstances as I understand it could have made that
      possible. I know that Weev registered the domain with Google after they
      were kicked off of GoDaddy, so that gives them the ability to
      theoretically “sieze” the domain, if even temporarily, if it is
      registered with them. In the same way that a private parking garage can
      “sieze” your car if they lock you out of the lot and don’t let you in.
      Obviously this is highly illegal, but many highly illegal things have
      happened in the last few days so I wouldn’t start projecting what Google
      can and can’t do. Perhaps weev misspoke, but he has always struck me as
      an impeccable individual.

      • If you are at all interested in the free distribution of information and news, you will not be able to use a web site. Private networks of p2p clients will consume and publish information. Ditto for your communications. Goolag and the power structure control the DNS, the network routers, the search engines, etc they control everything.

    • This is great news. They’re practically doing our job for us by exposing themselves as totalitarians and with the ADL as their new butt buddy a lot of other “non-white nationalists” are going to face the consequences, because there’s always collateral damage in war. That’s what it means when they said in the Iraq war that we’re creating more terrorists than we’re killing. They’re forcing people like Sargon, who got shut down on Twatter, to pick a side even if they most certainly aren’t one of us.

      Once you threaten peoples livelihood and their ability to put food on the table, which is a communist tactic to starve their opposition even if it leads to death, then you create fanatics and bad things happen when a clash of fanatics with nothing to lose meets.

    • Amazing how that Jewish snake at the ADL is controlling speech? Less then 0.0215% of the population and they control like this with their own ethno State plus (((they))) rule over all the West especially the armed to the teeth pet “the USA”.

  • We need to gather funding and create a accredited domain registry organization with free speech as its stated mission. I hope leadership is thinking hard about this right now. They might still be able to force infrastructure companies like Cisco to block core access, but it would be another hurdle.

  • Anyone use Hatreon? Now more than ever is when they need our support. I haven’t gotten an invite code yet, but I’m hoping it comes soon.

      • There were a few mods you could PM on DS to get a code, but that place went under as of today. This damn country is cucked to infinite.

    • I tried a dozen times to sign up for that. Eventually I turned off all of my protective wards and poof, the invite code request went through and I was done in 2 minutes.

        • Indeed I do. ABP, Noscript, etc. I had to go BOG standard to get it to work. If you hit the submit button and it doesn’t give you a new page saying the submission was a success, something is keeping you from triggering the invite.

          • Interesting. I got the email to confirm the subscription and after clicking that, I got the success screen with the address. But no invite code. Weird. I’ll try it w/o any extras.

  • The impact we made in Cville was massive. The next level of shut down we should expect will likely be whats happening to Daily Stormer right now. Smart minds need to be asking “what happens when they remove the entire radical right from the internet itself”.

    • That’s the plan I believe. I don’t know much about the ins and outs of webhosting but perhaps there are those among us who do. Purchasing a domain name is one thing but maybe a fund can be set up to purchase a server that will host this site and others without a company like godaddy shutting it down. Is that feasible? We apparently aren’t allowed to speak in public anymore and it does appear that we aren’t permitted to speak online as well. What bothers me as well is the transition to tablets in schools replacing books…history books specifically. If the left find something “offensive” that can just hit delete and poof….gone forever.

      • Who is they bro? The dark web is for (((armssmuggling))) and (((human trafficking))) any idea who does most of that?

          • It is what WE did. The civil was among my kind has made such things past tense for the foreseeable future.

          • This idea that you didn’t have Indian, Asian or even the Spanish (who sold blacks to whites) help bewilders me but…ok

          • Honestly all slave owners were not as bad. Because we have plenty of acres in Georgia that’s were given to my family from our slave owner. And many blacks have the same story. So maybe it was the black up north who didn’t get their share from share cropping

          • At least you don’t pretend that the practice of slavery was unique or exclusive to white people. Most blacks would do well to learn the actual history of the practice. Not an African studies course. The real history.

          • The Ottomans castrated all of their black male slaves. The vast majority of white American black slave owners treated them very well. They were probably far better off under slavery then they were right after emancipation. It truly pisses me off that (((Hollywood))) portrays all Southern white slave owners as sociopathic monsters who beat the shit out of their expensive property for no reason. It’s a fact that oftentimes, paid white workers were given the more dangerous, rigorous jobs because slave owners didn’t want to risk the health or lives of their expensive black slaves. White people don’t abuse expensive machinery or work animals because that would wreck or break it.

          • lol Spanish is European. We fought indians for dominance on this continent. Asians didn’t even arrive in significant numbers until much later and when they did, we passed laws to prohibit the amount that were allowed to immigrate here. Despite the mainstream narrative about America today, our history tells a radically different story, Despite the attempts to rewrite it or erase it

  • I don’t like the Alt Right but this is too far. We don’t like it when you try to replace the slave name with unpaid workers so we shouldn’t be trying to destroy anybody else’s history good or bad. I have to agree this was very tasteless. You have the black girl up there with hundreds of whites cheating her on. I keep telling y’all it’s your own kind that will end you. Just like the American ended the British in America with he revolutionary war. Your own kind will start a war with you and the blacks will be in the background watching with chips and a camera phone ???

    Statues will crumble and men will fall smh

    • It’s true. African Americans lost at most 1000 men when the US fought WW1 + WW2.

      Those killed were mostly in random accidents.

      Maybe 25 million whites were killed. Perhaps more.

      When whites come to blows these ingrates only benefit.

          • I guess. We tend to kill are unborn but umm yea I’ll try to talk them into multiplying like roaches if we want to last like roaches

          • You tend to kill civilization wherever your kind end up. And you butcher the English language, it’s “our” not “are”. Nuclear bombs are less destructive in the long run.

          • nuclear bombs are less destructive? Lol there you go lying to yourself again. Whites destroy economies on a different leve. They went global due to greed and got in way over their heads. We can go on about who destroys what. But from what I’ve noticed it seems… I’ll just keep that to myself

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