I Was At The Battle Of Charlottesville, This Is My Story

Submitted by Conrad Bates


All other metrics aside, the Alt-Right march on Charlottesville was a success in one critical way.  White men, in the largest number to date, took to the streets and got active in meatspace. Whether the number was 500 or 5000 or somewhere in between, we can chalk this up as the largest public gathering of racially-conscious Whites in America in decades.

While greater numbers in and of itself warrants celebration, there’s something much more significant at work here and we realized it in Charlottesville.

We are no longer afraid.

For a sizable and capable minority of our young men, the innate, masculine desire to build something greater than themselves, to be part of a tribe and to leave a legacy for our children, now outweighs the fear of doxxing, of losing one’s job, and of social ostracism.  In fact, the Orwellian actions of the various government entities involved in suppressing our rights have only hardened the resolve of our movement.  It has only strengthened the sense of brotherhood of those acting on behalf of our people and inspired those not in attendance to double down on their commitment and vow to take action themselves in whatever way they can.

And action is really the key to overcoming fear and anxiety.

It’s the key to breaking out of victimhood and reaching your potential as a man. The next time you’re feeling black-pilled, put on your fashy T-Shirt and hit the streets.  Take a break from the internet and grow your Alt-Right network IRL. Work towards becoming financially hardened so that attacks on your livelihood will not cause you to stumble. Learn the basics of game so that good-looking women are susceptible to your advances and then to your worldview. Grab a brother, hit the gym, or better yet learn how to box or grapple.

The best way to revolt against the modern, sterile, sanitized world is to participate in life and to fight the filth wherever you see it. Those at the Charlottesville rally have probably rarely if ever, felt more alive.

Now that’s not saying everything went perfectly or even smoothly at this event.  We could have had better organization, better discipline, better planning, and better funding and support. If people only knew how young our organizers are, how volunteer-based this all is, how little money we have to work with and how much success we have been having despite all these factors, they would be shocked. Something as grassroots and powerful as our movement has never before been seen in history.

The how-to-improve conversations have already started and will continue. They must never cease if we are to maintain the momentum we need to keep penetrating the hostile media’s narrative with our own and to continue to attract the highest quality young men to our ranks.

But regardless of all that, every man who participated in the Charlottesville rally can look in the mirror and feel good about himself.  He can walk with a straighter back.  He can love his people from a deeper place in his soul.  And if anxiety and fear ever do start to creep in, he can recall the countless brothers who stood with him to face down the threat of anti-White scum throwing fists, rocks, and tear gas and think, “I am not alone. I went through the gauntlet and overcame the odds. Together, we got this.”

The fear and trepidation vanish in the first few seconds of combat anyway. Once the adrenaline kicks in, you’re having the time of your life. The only real long-lasting fear worth mentioning is the fear that many now feel of being left out. The people who couldn’t make it to Charlottesville missed out. They feel anxious because they lost out on the glory reserved only for those who took action at this crucial battle for the future of our movement.

More and more people will join our ranks, that is inevitable. But those who were there before it was safe will hoard the lion’s share of the glory. But don’t be too disappointed. Join us at our next rally, there’s still plenty of glory to go around.

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  • I think most of the Alt Right people I meet have gotten their DNA tests done. You’ll have to find another fallback criticism.

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  • Unite the right was not a clean victory, but I think a lot of good is coming from it.
    The media optics might be bad, but few people listen to the media anyways. Stop whining about what happened and lets make the best of it.

  • Also don’t forget how many white women are a part of this movement. I think women are less likely to show up at events, but I hope to change that. We are with you!

  • As soon as the swastika flag bearers and KKK robes showed up, the organizers of the demo should have had them leave the area immediately. These two “brands” are so thoroughly and utterly damaged they can NEVER be resuscitated.

  • KKK = Freemasonry = Judaism.

    THe “rally” in Charlottesville = 100% sponsored and brought to you by jew faggot pedo commies like Jason Kessler. Google the name “rabbi kessler” for more information on his jewish backgrouhnd.

  • Do you still have Disqus on your site? I read the latest article, and all of the comments were in a vertical column, but they didn’t seem to use Disqus.

  • I have updated my narrative on the civil war which I share this comment that I posted on PJ Media:

    The “civil war” is a Fake Term for the GENOCIDE OF THE SOUTH!!. It was a HOLOCAUST!
    Those Monuments are our HOLOCAUST MEMORIALS.
    After the war the Economy of the South was WIPED OUT!
    Reconstruction meant Carpet Baggers coming to the South to pick what was left.
    Even Europe was rebuilt under the Marshal Plan. We NEVER had a Marshal Plan

    I back them with some other comments of mine:

    -“Because those galaxy of monuments brings much needed millions to our economies. They represent the LOSS we suffered of men, women and children the North did when they committed’
    There are families who remember these ancestors only removed by 150 odd years. YOU DO NOT have the right open those wounds.”

    -“The North was guilty of the flesh trade in slavery
    the war was fought in the South
    The viciousness of the war claimed 1.5 million lives in 4 years.
    the POW and Refugee camps were so bad they were reminiscent of the death camps of Germany
    Your heartlessness is the reason people like you dismiss human suffering at this level to justify your desire to destroy American monuments.”

    -“95% of the Confederate Army were men who fought to defend their home and family. They never owned slaves. 5% owned the slaves with 2% owning most of them. there were states outside of the Confederacy who owned slaves.
    The Union army was seen as an invading force. General Sherman’s March to the Sea created a 40 to 60 mile wide 200 mile long path of utter destruction where towns and homes were burned to the ground and thousands of men women and children butchered to death by the Union Army.
    The refugee camps and the POW camps were death camps created by the Union army.
    the Gatin gun was used to mow down men women and children. When the south was defeated her entire economy collapsed. It never fully recovered. There was no “marshal plan” to rebuild the south.
    625 thousand soldiers and an estimated 800 thousand civilians were killed or died. Trench warfare, the Gatlin Gun, the repeating rifle, the submarine were first used in this 4 year war.
    Northern banks, especially banks in New York, used slaves as collateral when giving loans. Insurance companies like Wachovia insured most slaves, making profit from them. The south paid the most tax (tariffs) to Washington DC. The Transcontinental railways used rented slaves during their off season to construct our railways.
    The war included major issue of taxes to DC’s expansion to the West. It was not just about slavery.”

  • Sometimes instead of defending Confederate Monuments take down monuments to liberals. Monuments to Gays. Feminists, Blacks can should come down with each Confederate monument being taken down.

  • The UTR organizers were damn fools to trust a jew mayor, his uppity Negro deputy mayor and some inept half-caste police chief.

    Re “never before been seen in history”
    Please do back up that statement with … What’s the word I am searching for an this site ….. Ah yes : FACTS.

  • In “The Federalist” a conservative website that usually has conservative articles had a weird one titled “Donald Trump Needs to Not Be President Yesterday” had an interesting comment:

    “Some folk have a different view that Robert “No Trumper”:
    From Joe Herring (The Daily Caller contributor): is his website.

    “The Unite the Right rally had a permit. They had coordinated extensively with the Charlottesville police in crafting a security plan. A mere three days before the rally date, the City tried to pull a fast one and revoked their permit for vague reasons of “security.”
    To do this so close to the rally date is designed to give the permit holder insufficient time to fight it. Having been a victim of this tactic before, the Unite the Right people were expecting the move and immediately filed in court to have the permit reinstated, which it was the night before the rally.
    However, the city wasn’t done…on the day of the rally (according to the rally organizer, Kessler) the agreed upon security plan was out the window. Instead of barricade lines as agreed, the rally was shoved into a tiny area of the park, surrounded by state troopers who claimed they couldn’t move the city placed barricades because only city cops could do that, and there weren’t any around.
    Then the initial wave of “counter-protesters” arrived about the same time as the Charlottesville police. Seeing what was to happen, the police withdrew behind their own barricades and left the permit holders and rally goers to the predations of the counter-protesters.
    The initial attack was rebuffed, and the rally declared an unlawful assembly.
    Here’s where it gets interesting…the Antifa and BLM factions carrying clubs relocated for no apparent reason to the other side of the park, next to a different entrance. The rally attendees obeyed the instructions of the police to vacate the park and began to do so through the entrance they used to come in, however were turned around and forced to leave by the exit now stalked by the Antifa and BLM fighters.
    Again, the police drove the rally goers into the Antifa and BLM’s hands and did NOTHING to prevent the immediate attacks.
    You see, they didn’t just stand down…they assisted the Antifa and BLM by forcing the rally goers into what is known as (in strategic battlefield planning) a kill box, with the only exit being through the gauntlet of Antifa and BLM clubs, chains and fists.
    There was no way in hell that rally would end without violence. The police made certain of this. The question remains, who ordered them to do so.”

    PS: I know I made a comment about Kessler and his connections to Occupy Wall street. but this comment from “The Federalist” addresses the city of Charlottesville, the police and the antifa. That is why I copied and pasted this commenter.

  • Another article in the “American Thinker” titled “Take Down the Statues of Robert Byrd”
    My comment:
    “Trump’s critics responded that while Washington and Jefferson were slave owners, they did not go to war to defend slavery”.

    There were other aspects of the civil war and slavery. If Confederate monuments are coming down because they are reminders of our slave past then I suggest demanding the millions made by Northern banks, especially banks in New York who used Slaves as collateral when giving out loans to Southern slave owners.

    I also suggest demanding millions from so many insurance companies (Wachovia for one) who insured most of the Southern slaves. That also applies to the Transcontinental railways who used slaves during the off season to build our railways. Many became millionaires on slave labor and they were northerners.

    Finally this is pure hypocrisy from the Democratic party. As for slavery the blatant hypocrisy of destroying our monuments to erase the memory flies in the face that today in 2017 there are an estimated 48 million slaves world wide.

    Half of them just in India, the world’s largest Democracy. 18 million souls face every aspect of old time slavery. They are bought and sold. They are often treated in a manner never seen in the US during our slave period. Nothing is said or done about that. Millions of children are sold and worked till they die.

  • Another Article in the “American Thinker” titled “The Civil Rights Con” I quote:
    What I find the most self loathing, self destructive, neurotic aspect of those promoting the following are mostly white people. .they are pushing policies where they want other people to see them and the White race in this manner:
    -Those who willfully choose to be identified and defined by what they do in the privacy of their bedroom must be given governmental protection and recognition.

    -Despite what science may determine, the nation, in order to insure equal rights and outcomes, must ratify that there are no differences between men and women.

    -What is considered to be a mental illness by scores of medical professionals (transgenderism) must be recast as not only normal behavior but a government protected civil right.

    -All white people, even those living in squalor in Appalachia or the inner cities, are privileged citizens because of their skin color and must, because of their inbred racism, defer to the other races in order to insure the elimination of their racist proclivities.

  • I want to share an article from the “American Thinker”. This is amazing since the “American Thinker” which is a conservative pro Trump website is also pro Israel. This website never has articles that point to the wrong done by the Jewish community here in the US or in Israel. My comments on them are mostly ignored. Today an article titled: “Something stinks about Charlottesville” took me by surprise. I copied a central paragraph from that article.

    “Evidence is turning up from, of all places, the Southern Poverty Law Center, as well as Breitbart and others, that this character, Jason Kessler, who organized the suspicious and supposed Alt-Right demonstration in Charlottesville, Va. that blew up in everyone’s face, is a cunning lefty holdover from the Occupy Wall Street movement and a former Barack Obama supporter. I smell Soros money, sabotage, and Democrat dirty tricks here.”

    In addition is the American Spectator which is another Conservative pro Trump website where the commenters and the articles tend to be more staid, but worth reading these days.

  • “The fear and trepidation vanish in the first few seconds of combat anyway. Once the adrenaline kicks in, you’re having the time of your life. The only real long-lasting fear worth mentioning is the fear that many now feel of being left out. The people who couldn’t make it to Charlottesville missed out. They feel anxious because they lost out on the glory reserved only for those who took action at this crucial battle for the future of our movement.”

    I felt that the moment I saw the first youtube of the White guys fighting the Left in Charlottesville. I wanted to be on the street fighting against the Left.

  • So…you’re afraid and this makes you feel like a man? That speaks volumes, you are a bunch of weak lil boys , learn how to fight and take someone with you? Man, wow, that is totally against Christianity. I pray for you.

  • Good read. However, it depresses me that I can’t get involved more. I would love nothing more than to join my fellow brothers at a rally or learn to box or grapple. I am 40 years old and suffer from a chronic illness.I am also a former preacher. So I guess the only skill that I can bring to the table is a passion for the cause. I am also a very good public speaker and fundraiser. If anyone knows how I can get involved please offer advice. I am looking at ” The League of The South. BTW, did anyone read Bannons phone interview where he said the Charlottesville organizers should be crushed?

  • I hope the DS is as long down as possible. This shows to those people who still think the neo-nazis can bring something to the table how weak and negligible his faction really is, the horrible optics of having them at AR demos aside.

  • I thought our side did OK, as well as can be expected consider the Red mobs and the entire City and State Government conspired to get our side beaten badly, then framed on the fake news media.

    I move in some Alt Right circles in the Midwest, one of our guys that I know for sure went down there and survived.

    I pretty much called this one, the same as I called the mob, BlackLiesMatter, Kabab attack on the Trump rally in Chicago. At least the Cops in Chicago did a decent job and weren’t openly on the side of BlackLiesMatter and Antifa.

    Some tips I would give having heard the accounts.

    Try to be anonymous part of a similar dressed group, not in paramilitary gear . Biker gear works well as it provides protection and also bikers are respected.

    Have lots of GoPros which can be edited after the altercations to make our side looks the best it can be presented, same as done in their side – i.e. Rodney King.

    Don’t carry an IDs or your main smart phone. Don’t talk to the cops, confess to the cops, try to tell your side of the story to the cops.

    Forget about any semblance of objectivity from the MSM – including Cuckservative, Neo Conservative media – now Fox is going the way of National Review since Murdoch’s have J tribe children are taking over. The old man Murdoch was also mouthing off that Trump had to fire Steve Bannon over Charlottesville. Mormon Cucks like Mittens Romney and Orin Hatch are as bad as Schumer or any North East Lib Dem.

    • You Lost the elections.
      You are losing your Obama legacy.
      You will lose your liberal world
      that is why your are so angry. when the Supreme court becomes conservative your liberal world will be dismantled.
      You can do nothing about that.

  • Guest writer says, “Work towards becoming financially hardened so that attacks on your livelihood will not cause you to stumble.”

    This is probably the best advice in the article, since the most powerful weapon the pro-globalist faction has is control over a sizeable chunk of the economy. The pro-globalist faction will try to get you fired (if you are an employee), and they will try to get you evicted (if you are a renter). Worse yet, if you are a movement leader they will try to come after you with a multimillion dollar law suit. Hardened? You had better be very, very hardened.

  • Trump’s business executive council just disbanded in reaction to Trump’s latest statements putting blame for violence on both sides. I wonder who pressured them to do that. Who could it be. Could it be … (((YOU KNOW WHO)))?

  • I don’t get it. There are white men willing to risk all, to run down a bunch of filthy left-turd, useless individuals. So why isn’t there a renegade Drone operator in the US Military, who may like to become a national hero and eliminate the Globalist scum?

    Without it happening we can never hold the upper hand. Your ideas on that Folks…


    I am interested in this image, which is the clearest visual “accusation”. It’s been featured on my Facebook feed this morning.

    1. Can anyone confirm that this photo was actually taken at the Charlottsville rally. (Richard Spencer has called on one of the networks for using file film of a different rally to superimpose costumed Klans at the event.)

    2. Does anyone know him? Is he connected with anyone else at the rally? Anyone recognize the shirt he’s wearing? I’m not trying to doxx him, I’m not suggesting publishing his information here (please do not), but I just wonder if he is a loner and perhaps a plant?

    3. Is he legit? It sure looks like the flag is brand new and still has fold marks on it. This seems to imply that it’s not an everyday accessory to his lifestyle. I find that odd. I assume anyone who is ready to march in public with the Swastika isn’t an entry-level hobbyist and probably has had such a flag for a good long time prior to the event.

    4. Who took the picture? Using Google image search I see it credited only to “twitter”. It appears in three twitter accounts, none of which appear to have originated it, and then in some foreign press.

  • Guest Writer
    So that “…Inate masculine desire to build a better future for your children. .. ”
    By running over a woman. OMG – what Brave Crusaders you alt right boys are!!!
    Awahh but you Big Boys “no longer feel scared” because there was maybe “500 or 5000” ( FFS learn to count!) and you were in a gang !!!!
    OBAMA”s Tweet was The MOST LIKED TWEET. EVER. But hey there were 500 of you so ????
    Limp Dicked Social Misfits. V anti fascists?

    • if it had been deliberate or planned he’d have not reversed out. A mob of nignogs tried to Reginald Denny him. Unite the Right 3-0 Antifa Police Federation

      He’d have mounted the curb and killed dozens!

    • Hey sunshine under that cunt rag over you head, do I detect a swarthy Jew face big nose under there as well? KKK = closet Antifa

      • Ooo Bri – does it make you feel important and powerful when you swear & insult ?
        Hope so as you certainly put a Big Smile (see pic 😉 on my cunt / rag / Jew / woman /
        Etc face today.
        * by the way do you wash your mummy’s cunt rags – or chew ?

  • Can someone clear up a rumor i am hearing on other sites.
    Is Jason Kessler a former obama supporter who worked for occupy wall street?

    • Occupy Wallstreet was correct to identify the 1% as the problem. Kessler probably did a little follow up and realized half the names of the 1% are Jews.

      • Thanks for the reply., not crazy about anyone with a liberal past, but i concede it is possible to have a change of ideology.

        • It’s a very common epiphany among gentile lefties. You suddenly notice, “hey wait who are these fucking assholes? Fuuuuuccckkkk! Ahhhh now I see why Iraq was invaded, why Churchill allied with Stalin, why the Czar was dissolved in acid…etc”

      • You haven’t found Kesler’s anti-whit and pro multi-culti screeds. He is a saboteur that should have had nothing to do with this event, were it legitimate.

        His association has ruined the credibility of Spencer and this site. Ruined.

    • I dunno,he probably did.I mean,a lot of our newer members used to be leftists.

      I don’t think this makes anybody a secret agent and I don’t think people claiming it does is good for the movement.

      We’re recruiting from a general population that is very pozzed.A lot of people on the Altright now used to be degenerates.And we’re going to get a lot more of them before it’s all over.We just have to assimilate them to our culture as quickly as possible.They are all White,they are all capable of assimilation.

  • So much plain-spoken truth here, thanks for sharing, I came on here looking for thoughts and wisdom on some straight talking forums after the Charlottesville incident and if there’s one idea I can contribute to the mix, it’s that we gotta be able to produce actual cultural products, films and songs books and like, about the “unspoken” parts of history that help balance perspective. This is what the man and the woman on the street use as references for history, and it’s crucial to break the Hollywood monopoly. The SJW’s and Cultural Marxism keep pushing the narrative about how whites are always evil and nobody else can be, it’s obvious BS if you know anything about history but problem is, Hollywood history won’t talk about anything but the whites-as-devils narrative. And if you read Kevin MacDonald’s book, about the way at least the more militant Jewish leaders attack the main majority group, there’s a logic in the way Cultural Marxism and political correctness have been used as a battering ram to foster white guilt and pit every other group against whites and the west. And it’s dangerous, I studied the history of the Soviet Union in school, and this was demonization tactic is exactly what was used to prefer hated targets, like the kulaks and Ukrainians, for a genocide, and as white Americans especially dwindle to an ever smaller minority, there are similar plans in store for us to. But with the Internet and distributed creative production, we can fight back with our own films and productions to win the cultural war. That’s the prelude to winning the political one. Just a few good topics:

    – Islamic slave trade in Africa, 20 million victims bare minimum, longer than European
    – Islamic slave trade of Europeans in Sicily, Iberia, Greece, Balkans, Central Asia and India (the talking point: “Whites have been enslaved by non-Whites, slave comes from Slav..”)
    – Turk genocides against Armenians and lots of other Christians
    – Ottoman colonization of much of Europe (“wait, wait.. whites can be victims of colonization too? By non-whites?”)
    – The Bolshevik genocidal horrors with many Jewish Bolsheviks in charge – with the usual disclaimers, not all or even most Jews were guilty of such things but just the point of perspective – Jews like non-Jew whites, blacks, Arabs can be great people or genocidal maniacs too), in addition to better known ones like Holodomor, also the gulag killed 3 million worked to death, main architects in both were Jewish: Lazar Kaganovich, Matvei Berman, Naftaly Frenkel, Genrikh Yagoda, Lazar Kogan and Leon Trotsky (Bronstein) who thought up the gulag concept. Plus if anything the nastiest Bolshevik genocidal maniac was a name we don’t hear a lot, the guy who killed off more half the population of Kazakhstan, Isay Goloshchyokin. These would all be great subjects for films and they don’t even have to have an accusatory perspective, just human interest stories, portray the perpetrators Jew and Gentile alike but make it clear the former had a good number of genocidal bastards in their ranks with a history that needs to be better talked about. And if anything the documentation for these genocides is even stronger than the Holocaust records by comparison.
    – All the genocides Africans are committing against each other, Hotel Rwanda was a start but now there’s the Congo, Somalia, Sudan genocides, Burundi..
    – On flipside what about the contributions of white inventors and scientists that have directly saved lives or made engineering and technology possible? Between France and Germany alone, guys like Pasteur and Koch, Rontgen, Gauss, Galileo, Haber, Bosch, Diesel, Otto. Show how much these people have helped create the modern world, yes many are Jewish so by all means present their stories too, but in general just show that the SJWs’ “hated West” is the only reason they’re alive today and have films to refer to.
    -Even cases of white colonization or mistreatment of other whites can often call BS on the “whites are always evil perpetrators” BS, what the Irish and Boers suffered at the hands of the British for ex. Some films about the Boer concentration camps (which, incidentally, also imprisoned a lot of Zulus if you want to be more “comprehensive”) can point this out, “white gentiles were the first concentration camp victims” kind of thing.
    – Point out the double standards in documentaries or national histories, show how countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Morocco, Namibia, Israel, Mongolia all so restrictive about immigration and who comes there, yet white countries expected to open their doors to tons of refugees? Going beyond a slogan, films on the ethnocentrism of other countries can help to put this in perspective.
    – Just more films and history about other wars and events outside the WW2 trash always getting shoved down our throats. What about films about the 30 Years War and all the European suffering in it? The Ottoman Turk attacks on Vienna or other European cities? Battle of Poitiers? Moorish Spain? Tons of other interesting wars that get so little attention?

    It’s important to get a lot of this stuff out into the broader culture or else we’re constantly stuck on the back foot defending ourselves in forums. Ultimately the numbers matter, w/o even getting into the illegals, since the 1965 US immigration law and the revisions the US has been getting almost 1 million new immigrants per year. Even without further changes or amnesties the US white population will be swamped out within 4-5 years, US schoolkids are already majority “colored folk” across tons of states plus tons of districts in Canada and Australia so it’s like we’re already there. (As aside- I guess It’s one thing Europe still has going for it, still above the 90-95% white levels even in dumbass cuck governed countries like Sweden and since whites are indigenous there, the SjW stuff is harder to pull off long-term, even in Sweden and Italy the nationalists are taking over and going ape-shit with the deportations. Just easier to defend against the usual white guilt-tripping about slavery and colonialism I guess, even with cuck leaders like Merkel the Moron and Cameron. Most of Sweden’s Iraq refugees are that white Christian minority anyway so there’s that..)

    I don’t think anything’s gonna bring up white birth rates in the US though with third-wave feminism snaking the minds of our women-yet another gift of heavily Jewish feminists one should add-not to mention the divorce courts. Seriously I talk to a lot of guys who’d make great fathers in the US, good jobs, great earnings and skills, but they won’t start families because they’re afraid with a 55% divorce rate, their wives will split and take the kids, home, their assets and alimony and the guys’ll get sent to jail when they can’t pay. Another little advantage for Europe and the South Americans, outside Britain at least, no community property BS or alimony so you keep your goods and shared custody of the kids if it does come to that. If you want to stop the rapid decline of white demographics in the US and Canada, seriously I’m telling you, the first thing you gotta fix is those crazy family courts in the United States and Anglo countries. This is one thing the European continentals and Catholics have right, get rid of alimony and community property, share property, mediation and that, otherwise marriage and having kids for white couples will keep declining.

  • Walking up a street after dark in Australia and it was “not” an Aboriginal who was trying to bludge (otherwise known as cadge, sponge, etc) a cigarette off me as is usually the case. Don’t smoke pal was my response. Initially wouldn’t take no for an answer. Eventually he gave up and opened the back door of a car sitting at the Traffic Lights nearby. This act elicited an immediate response from the person in the front passenger seat who abruptly jumped up and out of the car and went to physically eject the invader out of the back seat.

    Invader is the correct term I believe. Last I saw of this individual, a “Somali” (so called refugee), walk past muttering, “I hate white people”, my response to that is “I hate white people too”; of course referring to those liberal /leftie Multicultural supporting cretins, who allow third world scum like you into my country…

    Could this individual be an off duty Police Officer? You never can tell…

  • Cuck Romney says something stupid again:

    You may recall, that this Cuck said he pulled his car over to the curb and cried tears of joy after the Mormon Church said it would accept Blacks into its priesthood and as full members of the church.

    You may also recall that one of Romney’s sons has adopted a Black baby instead of one of the many White babies that need adoption.

    And, Cuck Romney, as seen in his statement above, can’t seem to understand that one side was peaceful and lawful and the other side attacked them and kept them from their Constitutional right to speak.

    Romney is a complete, weak minded asshole. Spit!

  • The Power can try to control a people in two ways. Crush everyone OR give carrots to comprador elites so that sticks can be used on masses. Clinton did this. He brought over black elites, and they worked with him to lock up record number of Negroes to make cities safer. As Clinton was surrounded by Negroes and was called ‘first black president’ by Toni Morrison, many blacks didn’t realize that he was really working to lock up lots of black thugs and restore order.

    Smart overlords play divide-and-conquer by offering carrots to collaborator elites and using sticks on masses.
    British Imperialists did that. Gandhi would likely have collaborated with Brits if not for the fact that he was called a ‘wog’ in South Africa and kicked off a train. Suddenly, he found himself as ONE with the poor and powerless ‘wogs’ in the station. He was made equal with his own kind.

    Consider Jews in the 30s and even during WWII. Many Western European Jews became rich and privileged and felt special and put on airs. Many felt closer to gentile elites and felt contempt and disdain for many ‘dirty’ and ‘low’ Eastern European Jews. If Hitler had been cleverer and offered carrots to rich Jews, there’s a good chance that many of them would have collaborated and worked with the Power to suppress or control lower Jews, esp. of Eastern European background.

    But Hitler didn’t class-discriminate among Jews. He went after ALL of them. Richest Jew, poorest Jew, it didn’t matter. So, even many rich Jews were left destitute if not dead after WWII. And this wakened them up. They once had so much, but they found themselves with NOTHING. And as they made their way to Palestine with poor Eastern European Jewish survivors, they felt a strong sense of ethnic identity. Oppression and Tragedy were the great equalizer. Having lost everything, they found what it really means to be Jewish. WWII and Holocaust had a great traumatic equalizing effect on Jews, something they never forgot since the war, which is why very rich Jews try to do much for even poor Jews in Israel and which is why secular Jews feel a bond with funny-dressed Jewish of religious sects.

    For this reason, it would be great for white identity if the New Power were to attack ALL whites and dispossess all of them. Suppose globalism went after not only Deplorables but Clintons, Bushes, Kaineses, Kerrys, Kennedys, and etc. Suppose all of them were dispossessed and humiliated and called ‘honkers’. Then, like Gandhi at the train station, they would regain their white identity and identify with white hoi polloi who’ve lost so much to globalism. They would become leaders of white folks.
    But as long as carrots are offered to the white elites, they go with Glob and dump on whites. They join with the GLOB to use sticks on white folks like in Charlottesville where sticks were literally used against patriots who were also demeaned as ‘neo-nazis’ when most of them weren’t.

    So, I’m wishing Ivy Leagues will have total NO WHITEY POLICY. It is when the whites elites feel rejected and humiliated by the Glob that they will return to the masses.

    Consider current Vietnam. Because Glob offers them bribes and goodies, these Viet-cuck elites are selling their nation to the Glob and even allowing homo ‘pride’ parades.

    White Genocide that attacks ALL whites will have a unifying effect on white elites and white masses. It is when gentiles targeted ALL Jews that all Jews, rich and poor, felt as one.

    But the Glob is sneaky. Instead of going for White Genocide that targets top, middle, and bottom, it goes for White Democide while forgoing white aristocide. So, white elites or neo-aristocrats are rewarded with lots of goodies IF they go along like the Romneys, Clintons, Kaines, Bidens, and all those quisling weasels.

  • The harder they fight you, the greater effect you are having. Remember that. Don’t listen to the lame cucks who get blacked-pilled anytime the media calls them mean names.The battle of Charlottessville was a huge success. You got the mainstream media literally screaming out of their vaginas. Good job.

  • Is ‘white genocide’ real?

    In a way.

    It’s like what Jean-Paul Sartre said of the Vietnam War. He argued it was ‘genocide’.

    The officers are worst: a general was boasting in front of a Frenchman who testified at the Tribunal of hunting the VC from his helicopter and shooting them down in the rice fields. They were, of course, not NLF fighters, who know how to protect themselves, but peasants working in their rice fields. In these confused American minds the Viet Cong and the Vietnamese tend to become more and more indistinguishable. A common saying is ‘The only good Vietnamese is a dead one’, or, what comes to the same thing, ‘Every dead Vietnamese is a Viet Cong.’

    What is the parallel between Western Nations and Vietnam during the war? In both cases, the Power identifies and targets the entire People as the enemy. If US attacked Vietnamese with aerial bombs and concentration camps(forcing entire villages into hamlets), globalism attacks the West with demographic bombs in the form of invasive immigration-colonization. Globalism carpet-bombs white nations with Diversity Bombs.

    Granted, people were directly killed in the Vietnam War whereas demographic-bombing doesn’t kill whites in the literal sense. But both have the effect of destroying the Power and Unity of a People.
    Demographic Bombing of Palestine with Zionist immigrant-colonizers surely had the effect of destroying Palestine. It was a kind of ‘genocide’.
    And if we were to ‘demographically bomb’ current Israel with Muslims and Arabs, Israel as Jewish State would die and be no more. It would be a form of ‘genocide’. How would Jews like it if Polish Catholic Anti-Semites were to take over Israel? Suppose Israel allowed in a small population of Polish Catholics who comprised 2% of the population. Suppose these Poles have IQ of 130 and are very pushy. Suppose Israeli meritocracy allows these Polish Catholics to gain control of most of media, finance, and etc. Suppose these Polish Catholics buy up all Israel politicians. Suppose they take over education and instill Jews with ‘Jewish guilt’ about communism, Nakba, and etc. And suppose these Polish Catholics make Jews worship ‘diversity’ and ‘growth’ and say tons of Muslim/Arab immigration will boost Israeli economy. Well, there goes Israel as a Jewish state. It would be a kind of ‘genocide’. It wouldn’t just target the elites of Israel but the entire population of Israel. After all, Polish Catholic elites would realize that AS LONG AS ISRAEL REMAINS MAJORITY JEWISH, enough Jews will not listen to the Polish Catholic narrative and still vote for pro-Jewish politicians and stick up for Jewish pride and identity. So, the ONLY SURE way to destro Jewish power is to turn Jews a minority in Israel. Their demographic power must be destroyed with demographic bombing of Muslims/Arabs. So, even if Jews are not killed like in the Holocaust, the fact of Israel as Jewish State has been destroyed and extinguished forever. It is a kind of ‘genocide’.

    And ‘white genocide’ is that kind of a crime. No, it’s not about rounding up whites and killing them like Jews in death camps. It’s not about carpet-bombing from B-52’s and killing countless civilians. It’s not about forcing white people into hamlets and putting them behind barbed wire. But the fact is the demographic bombing via Diversity will lead to white communities being taken over by non-whites. It will turn all of US into a nation where whites are no longer the majority and to be demeaned and defamed in media, academia, and entertainment. It will be a nation where white wombs are Afro-colonized by blacks. And white males, having lost white females to blacks, will have to colonize Meso-American and Asian wombs, and the kids will no longer be European-white but some mestizo.

    If globalists just want to take out the current elite and replace them, that wouldn’t be ‘white genocide’. Maybe just white ‘aristocide’. A US or European nation with Jewish or globalist elite but with solid mass of white folks is still a white nation. But if the new elites want to replace the PEOPLE ITSELF, then it’s a whole different story. The result will be Palestinianization of whites, and that is ‘white genocide’.

    To kill all the fish, you have to remove the water. Fish are the representatives of the people, the water is the people. And ‘white genocide’ isn’t just about removing the white fish(the elites or white representatives) but the people as well. White water is to be flooded with mud water from the entire world. White lake is to be turned into cesspool for the Third World.

    But what do globalists care? They live in an Elysium World. White patriots care about Blood and Soil whereas Globalist elites care about Cocktail and Sky. They fly around from private jet to private jet and act like demigods over all of humanity. And the vain elites of each nation will give ANYTHING to join this exclusive club. They will even betray their own people and roots.

    This quote by Mao clarifies what it’s all about.

    By ‘guerrilla’, Mao meant the champions and representatives of the people who are oppressed by foreign imperialists or reactionary overlords. Guerrilla, as champions of the hoi polloi, must win their trust, serve them, and move among them.

    So, the ONLY SURE way to remove the ‘fish’ is to remove or replace the water itself.

    The West used to be ruled by white patriotic elites. Then, Jewish globalists took over elite commanding heights. But that was not enough to ensure their power. The Jewish fish was still swimming in goy pond that might have germs inimical to New Fish Power.
    So, to ensure New Fish Power forever, the water of the pond itself must be changed. White Water must be replaced with Third World sewage that the New Fish think has great nutritional value.
    ‘Diversewage is Our Strength’.

    And that is ‘white genocide’.

    • White genocide only requires swamping a White nation with non-Whites. Then, in time, the mating choices will involve miscegenation and White families will become non-White families and Whites will be absorbed and be no more. That is White genocide as it is practiced now.

      “Genocide”= Gen=Genes +cide=death thus Genocide is the death of genes. And, it doesn’t matter how it happens. If the genes of Whites are killed off, this is genocide.

  • You want to push this movement into the BIG TIME?

    #1 WE NEED YOUTH Get rid of the old timers . . . these arrogant do nothings who suck up resources to feed their own ego . . . David Duke, Alex Linder, Don Black, etc. Where have they gotten us? Answer: NOWHERE Look up how much money David Duke took from poor whites in for that ridiculous “campaign” of his in 2016. This is a guy who went to prison for STEALING FROM POOR WHITE PEOPLE and I’ll be damned if he’s not still doing it. Insane. We need fresh blood and fresh ideas. Thanks for everything but time to retire grandpa before he starts eating his own shit.

    . #2 WE NEED A NEW IDENTITY Lose the costumes. Get rid of the KKK and the Nazis and all the rest of that nutty horseshit. The KKK was a wonderful organization . . . 150 years ago. The Nazis were GERMAN nationalists. We are AMERICAN NATIONALISTS. You want to see our ranks swell from hundred to thousands or tens of thousands? Then make the case for AMERICAN NATIONALISM. In fact, drop the “white nationalist” title and just call it AMERICAN NATIONALISM. Everyone will know what you mean and it gives cover to those not in an economic position to be open about their politics.

    #3 WE NEED VETERANS This goes with point #2 . . . . attract the ex-military and military retirees. They should form the backbone of the new nationalist movement. I see too many fat slobs, unkempt hairy geezers, chubby women. I sincerely appreciate their commitment. I honor them for it. But NOBODY is going to want to join a tribe with members like that. We need lean, mean fighting machines fresh out of combat or at least a tour in the military. We need sargeants and officers and a lot of corporals who can lead a group of 5-6. We need people who know how to plan, train, resource, organize and fight. We need people who understand how to stay physically fit and look sharp.

    The only way you’re going to get ex-military to join in mass numbers is to wrap the American flag around this movement. These are men (and women) who love America and served America.

    Do you honestly think people like this are going to follow David Duke? LOL

      • Heimbach’s shieldwall, and I say this from personal experience saved half a dozen lives at the protest. He’s heavily into the Nazi esoterica and god bless him.

    • This is a very good post. My only difference with it: There will always be some old-timers around who have value. (Just as their will be a few young men who are idiots.) But in general I agree that it’s the young who need to take the lead and that’s what’s gonna work. JL

      • I think that generally . . . certainly not always . . . but generally . . . genius is young. It’s accepted as fact in academia that if you don’t make your great discovery early, it’s never going to happen for you. So yes . . . the old timers have value. Think Napoleon’s Old Guard or the Triarii in the Roman Legion. They were the oldest and wealthiest and could afford the best equipment and naturally, had the best experience.

        But in terms of leadership and organization, old timers are often mired in the past. We need fresh perspectives.

        100% agree on women. I think men will work harder and better if women compete with them. But more importantly . . . our movement needs to start producing WHITE MOTHERS. Our white girls are lost in the swamp and muck of jew-inspired self-hate, self-abuse, self-promotion and selfishness.

        We need to help our girls become proud mothers of strong families.

  • You guys gotta stop arguing with each other. It’s getting a little embarrassing for the rest of us. Sorta like that couple everyone knows that just bitch at each other. Kinda used to be funny but now it’s just dull. How about a good old-fashioned, “Sieg Heil” – something you can all agree upon. Fire up a Tikki Torch. Watch your leader get punched in the face. Anything to jazz this place up a bit. I know! How about a pumpkin carving competition to see who can do the best Donald Trump? 1st Prize: A Nazi helmet. Go on – lighten up.

    • It’s a design that predates the NatSoc. It was introduced in 1916 and the US adopted the design in the 1980s.

      • You’re referring to the M1917 helmet but it was replaced by the smaller M1935 which was indeed an NS era design although in effect just a scaled down version of the Darth Vader M1917. It’s true the current US helmet looks quite similar but I think thats as much a case of parallel evolution.

  • I just talked to a friend today that knows Alex Fields and they say he’s an
    idiot leftist that voted for Kasich to try and stop Trump from securing
    the nomination.. he was a bernie bro and didn’t even vote after the
    primaries.. pissed off that hillaruh stole his nomination. So NOW we
    know why he “registered Republican”.. Also said guy is semi- Mentally

  • How can anyone force one group of humans to integrate with another?


    Exclusion, differentiation, niches, etc; these are the way of the universe.

    If someone demands on integrating with you, then they got problems.

    Codependency isn’t good for any party.

    Forced inclusion is sacrilege against nature and God.

    • Freedom of association will be a distant memory if something is not done…freedom of speech is the first casualty in this culture war.

      • We already lost freedom of association. But I can’t figure why anyone thinks they have the authority to outlaw exclusion?

        You have to be a loser to insist that someone associate with you.

        • I get your point, but speaking for myself, I have not lost the freedom of association. Sure, non-Whites are forced into my world, but I ignore them and do not associate with them. I keep them as invisible as possible. I do not want to associate with them. And, for me, this has religious significance.

      • It is a thing well said that freedom is not free. It is not given, it is taken.

        It is also well said that if one sits on one’s rights, one loses one’s rights. This means that we can’t not exercise our rights and let them be taken from us. We must enforce them. We must speak in public. We must not slink around and hide in the closet and only talk to oursselves as though we are doing something wrong.

        We have the moral high ground. We are trying to save our people from genocide. That can never be wrong.

    • Indeed. “Integration” is just destruction of distinct peoples. When happening at the genetic level, a very tragic destruction. Love “The Peoples” — and love Your people best. What could be more natural, wholesome, dharmic? We are really preservationists of Peoples and lovers of what Nature made. Normies and fence sitters will be attracted to such polemics.

  • White Folks are now living under ‘Jew Crow’ laws where all of us are forced to support Zionist-Nazi oppression of Palestinians living in apartheid.

  • Funny watching Alt Lite faggots like Weird Mike Cernovich counter signal only for Trump to come out and defend us as “good people.”

  • It kills me that these cucks and Libs think antifa is okay because ‘leftism’ is about ‘equality’ and ‘justice’.

    Are they ignorant of Stalin, Mao, Khmer Rouge, and etc?

    Also, if communism isn’t bad, why did we sanction Cuba forever? Why did Reagan call Soviet Union the ‘evil empire’?

  • Someone should make a mocking ‘tribute’ to the Alt-Left or Antifa. Assemble all their terror in colleges, rallies, inaugurations, and etc. Show them to be the real thugs and terrorists of America and EU.

  • It’s hilarious that John McCain should accuse Alt Right of being ‘neo-nazi’ and ‘terrorist’.

    This guy stood with real neo-nazis in Ukraine and he took photos with Alqaeda terrorists in Syria.

    And Hillary the bitch used terrorists to destroy Syria and Libya.

    And Obama hung around a real terrorist named Bill Ayers who wrote Obama autobiography according to some theorists.

  • Ferguson Effect was just negative.

    But I think Charlottesville Effect is really changing the dynamics.

    The globalists won a Pyrrhic victory in Charlottesville.

    They crushed the Alt Right with use of State terror and Antifa terror.

    But the more people look into this, the more the Glob looks bad.

    I hear Alt Right is being sued. It should use the courtroom to show what really happened.

    And sue the city for everything it got.

  • Don’t let a dead Jewish girl’s diary stand in our way of doing what we have to do to flourish as white people.

    • Especially when it was written by her father who was plagiarizing a novelist who sued about it and won in court.

  • If Confederate statues must come down because the Confederacy rebelled and fought the National Government, then why do we have statues to Indians? Didn’t Indians fight the ‘progressive’ whites spreading democracy and free enterprise and rule of law throughout the West?

  • I’ve noticed some in the mainstream–press, churches, et al issuing statements about Charlottesville that are similar to this: “We are opposed to White supremacy and racism and the president is wrong in saying both sides were at fault.”

    Ah, okay, but the issue is not White supremacy or racism. The issue is one of the Constitutional right to free speech. And, this right is one that is content neutral. So, if people want to speak about pro-White issues that they believe strongly in, this is their Constitutional right.

    • More…And by not condemning the violence of the anti-Whites, these church leaders and others are enabling them and letting them know that it is okay for them to attack pro-Whites and not let us peacefully assemble and speak about our survival as Whites and other things we feel strongly about.

      These people are evil. And, let’s name at least one of these evil doers: Paul Ryan. This creep never misses a chance to knock Whites or Trump. He is scum.

  • This was my view of it. Indeed, this is the awakening — and christening — of young White men. And they will only crave to repeat this experience of warriorship and brotherhood. It’s very good.

    This is what most the Jew commentators and spin doctors don’t want to speak about. Whatever Jews hate and fear, their first method is to refuse to mention it: The fact that they were young, solid, White males — and a lot of them. Oy, let’s not mention this phenomenon!

    Spin doctors and Jews like that guy who wrote “Angry White Male” strive to control the narrative about White men and to mendaciously pose as the voice of White men. On Coast-to-Coast I heard that guy hyperactively (screechingly?) malign the whole group as a fringe: “KKK, Nazis.Even though the KKK hardly exists any more and is the province of old men, and few identify as “Nazi.” They never want to be honest and call the gathering what it overwhelmingly was: The AltRight, White Nationalists, a movement, largely consisting of young White males. Scary!

    But another Jewish journalist for the NYT — this morning — tweeted that the group was mainly YOUNG white males, and that it was they who were under attack by the leftists. (She was there.) She got pilloried for this. Their narrative is collapsing and will keep collapsing.

  • Go check out Liberal News Websites…….

    They can’t Grapple with the Overton Window Shifting……..

    Even FOX News…….

    Now, we’re all Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists…….

    I personally don’t Identify with the Nazis, White Supremacy is a Vapid Cultural Marxist Term, and I haven’t really bought into White Nationalism……

    I’m a White Identitarian-Reactionary……

    But, the White FOX News People are especially interesting to Study…….

    Because most of them work in NYC………White Minority……

    For a Globalist Corporation owned by an Australian Billionaire……..

    And so they’ve had to CUCK themselves to the Extreme…….to Survive and Get Ahead……..

    They’re not really fighting President Trump……

    They’re fighting themselves……..

    All those Inner Voices and Checks which have guided, guarded, and steered them into the Mainstream and Socioeconomic Prosperity……..

    ……have now gone HAYWIRE…….


    LOVE IT!!!

    • Nobody cares about Fox News, or the liberal msm. Weren’t they all against Trump too? The news media is screaming these things at the top of their lungs. Who cares. What makes their word more important than ours? Nothing.

      It’s very simple. We have got to continue hammering away with our message. Create new blogs, websites, get active on already existing sites and spread the message. Leave a comment here, leave a comment there. It’s pretty much that simple.

      • I should also add, do not surrender to fear. We need more protests, not less after this. It needs to become normal. The media right now is trying to break peoples resolve, and that is how they’ll win or we’ll win. If they scream this much now, it will be harder next time to scream that much again. That is how the media rolls. They always have. They roll as one. We roll as one. They hit us with their fake news, we hit them back with the facts and our own news.

        They tell us protesting is bad, we protests some more until they and cucks get the picture that we aren’t going anywhere.

    • This is exactly how the left normalized faggotry, race mixing and all the other unnatural filth they love. We must NEVER apologize and inch that window further and further.

    • The main reason I haven’t really bought into White Nationalism…….

      … because I’ve lived in Urban Areas almost My Entire Life……

      White Nationalism seems Foreign to Me…….

      Of course, I don’t support White Genocide…..

      Of course, I want White Majority Nations to continue to exist in Perpetuity……

      The only time I experienced anything near White Nationalism……

      ….was when I went to College for 4 years to get a Bachelors Degree…….

      Prior to that…….

      I had been in the Non-White Streets while being an Honors Student in High School……

      And I come from a Good White Family…….

      I guess I’m kind of a Misfit……

      My experience around all White People at an almost All White College…….

      …..wasn’t Heaven…….

      But, Life in Non-White Urban Areas can be Hell (or Death) for a White Male……..

      And that’s why I’m not Anti-White Nationalism……

      But, just more naturally White Identitarian……..

  • Keep telling normie white people who don’t get the Alt Right that even if they don’t side with us, we definitely side with them and their white progeny by looking out for their interests.

    Because no one else offers to defend the conditions for white flourishing these days. Our willingness to do so makes us the pro-white humanists.

  • I have to share this with you guys. I just got off the phone with a close friend of mine who is not even remotely part of our movement and is barely aware it exists. He is a very financially comfortable, family man in his mid 50s. He is a standard Conservative Christian by every metric. I asked him if he had heard about our rally and I let him talk. He didn’t really know who the rally organizers were but he knew BLM and Antifa. His first words to me regarding his impression of events was that the KKK and NatSoc crowd were media shills planted in the audience to disrupt and enable the media narrative. He asked me why there was almost no filmed footage of the event being shown on the mainstream media. Then he asked me to send him anything I could find so he could see for himself. I was shocked. This is the ambient level of distrust the public, even the well to do public, has for the media. We are doing better than I thought.

    • That’s good research. Most people understand that a single Swastika center frame is a coencidence.

    • It’s starting to dawn on many Whites who are busy with business and other things that we’re not faking it when we say that there are people who really do want to rid the world of ALL Whites,and that we Whites need to wake up even more Whites and get them involved in whatever ways they can be involved even if it’s just posting on the Internet or writing letters to the newspapers.

      • Agreed, any informed individual knows that this weekend’s events have been portrayed falsley by fakes news. To my pleasant surprise, I have listened to Rush quasi defend the Alt Right over the last two days.

        That is a yuuuge victory in influencing the Boomers, Limbaugh basically speaks for every Boomer Nationalist/Trumpist in America and if he is choosing to be ambivalent and/or sympathetic to Saturdays rally than we really are the verge of taking our country back and Making America Great Again! Hail Trump! (His denouncement was clearly disingenuous and a classic white tyquia move, plus he avoided the Alt-Right specifically)

        • Japheth. Odin to us all. You are right in what you have said about Limbaugh. Trump’s speech can be understood with the proper application of commas in his sentences. He didn’t denounce us and just threw a bone to the starving vampires. As you said, a good thing.

          • Well,he kinda did denounce us,actually. BUT…I’m not even worried about it.His more recent comments show that he watched the videos.And the fact that he knew where to watch them shows that either him personally,or some of his advisers,know about us.Not in the sense that they have heard about us,but in the sense that they FOLLOW us.

            They are getting our side of the story.

            I don’t think that even the kikes picked up on that.

            So when he denounced us,it was a lot like saying to a little kid “Sure,sure,you saw a monster in your closet (it was just the fucking coatrack),the monster is gone now,go back to bed”.And then he told the kikes their favorite bedtime story about how the queer transnegroes beat the evil fascists,and put them to sleep.

          • And yet Bannon called us losers and said we must be crushed. Trump and Sessions will come after

    • I’m not surprised your friend believes the bogeymen are plants. If he’s a White male heterosexual Christian Conservative he’s experienced nothing but a campaign of open hatred against him. He’s been blamed for every ill and denied any sort of defense.

      Trump was elected through silent resistance.

  • The Crucifixion of Russia: A History of the Russians and the Jews A new English translation of Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together
    Authored by Columbus Falco

    • Where can you get that? English translations of Solzhenitsyn’s last book seem to the be the rarest books on the planet.

      • on Amazon
        I found this on Amazon – I heard that (on a you tube show Professor Michael Hoffman) that the Rabbis had banned it in English you could only get it in Russian hardback like $60.00
        I’ve read some of Falco’s books – I think he’s an Italian author – so I was looking to see what he put out lately and found Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together.

      • Other books by Columbus Falco – I like this guys work -a teach turned me on to him – most are easy reads – I think he’s a young Italian author
        !937 Before the Chaos – pro German – good stuff I never knew
        Fascism and Dharma – pro Mussolini / Fascism – real good -quote this a lot
        Crucible of Decline – friction – Economic collapse -USA military coup d’ elate – good
        European Union – The Rape of Europa – really good
        India – Shattering the Illusion – really fact full – pro British Raj
        Kashmir – The Birth of a New Nation – Interest
        Holocausts vs. Science – technical – a hard read

  • The fear is no longer there. I will never fly confederate flags or nazi symbols, because that is not who I am. I have zero connection to either of those two. However, when it comes to protecting our civil rights and freedoms as people, and our future, traditions, and values, than I am 100% supportive of the alt-right movement.

    When you focus on civil rights, rather than past far-right movements, or even old historical governments and narratives, than you focus on what is always important in the here and now of life. People want to have rights, they want them to be protected. People want to have a future. People want to be able to make a living. People want to be able to preserve their traditions and values.

    In my opinion, that is why the “Unite The Right” was mildly successful. It was advertised as a grassroots protest to defend our people’s right to freedom of speech and assembly. That was probably the biggest factor, especially after the mayor tried to have it shut down.

    • The Mayor is claiming he’s the “La Resistance”. He thinks he’s in a starwars film.

    • That’s not really relevant. What’s relevant is the media is controlled by Jews, and it’s 24/7 Bolshevik propaganda.

  • It must be said that the violent brothers within our midst are dragging us down, like this guy who drove into the crowd, or the guy with the Oklahoma City bombings.

    • You can’t conflate what we saw in the footage of the Dodge and the OKC bombing. That’s insane.

    • the alt right, especially the Spencer alt right has been very consistent about legality and non-violence

    • Amazing. Trump was well informed, did not let the press take control,stood his ground, told the press of the violence and nature of the alt left, and did not let this issue dominate. He pointed to what a destructive act the left is demanding. He was a man and not at all like Obama who would have let the dogs of hell out against the altright immediately

  • WW-I or World War Identity is like a war for water-wells.

    Remember the scene in LAWRENCE OF ARABIA where Arabs fight over water well and who may carry the water.

    Ground is dry but deep down, there is water to keep people and animals alive, to make things grow.

    Identity is the same way. Deeper you dig, more water you find.

    WW-I is about deep wells vs shallow puddles. The Right is about deep wells of identity. The ‘Left’ is about shallow puddles of makeshift splashing around. Like kids playing with water hydrants in crowded cities.

    True German-ness is a deep well. It has real history, ethnicity, memory, and territory. Same goes for true Chineseness. Or Jewishness. Jewishness is a very deep identity with ancient roots, bloodlines, culture, sense of tribe, shared triumphs and tragedies, loyalties of family and kin.

    In contrast, most of ‘Leftist’ identity is shallow and fleeting, especially with rise of ‘gender politics’. It can be very excitable, noisy, and violent, but it’s like kids in batman costumes throwing tantrums because they want to play some more! It’s like some guy Meso-American guy calling himself ‘they’.

    Or, it’s about Bruce Jenner who decided he is ‘woman of the year’. Or, it’s about primarily identifying with some subculture like video game community, grunge community, etc. It’s about defining oneself by number of tattoos or piercings. It’s about worship of the homo-rainbow. Homos have been around forever but their identity cannot be deep because homos are more like mushrooms than trees. A tree is one whole unit from roots to the top. Homos, in contrast, pop up randomly(and most robustly around dead trees). A Jew can trace his Jewishness back many many many generations. But homos cannot. Most homos are children of straight parents, and even if homos decide to have kids, chances are the kids will be straight. So, there is no ‘line of my people’ among homos.

    Another ‘Leftist’ identity is grievance and victimhood, but this is problematic because it assumes a people have a meaningful identity ONLY AS victims. Using this logic, those who win have no right of identity. Only losers deserve identity. This is why Jews, even as new winners, cling to victim mentality. But this is partly ingrained in Christian moral view as well, one that says ‘meek shall inherit the earth’. (Geeks seem to be doing it, though.) Feminism defines female identity only in terms of victimhood and resistance in the form of ’empowerment’. So, without the element of hatred for the ‘oppressor’, feminist identity has no meaning.
    Or, among libertarians, the only identity that matters is the ‘individual’. The most radical version of this is Ayn-Randism. But the problem is most individuals are just ordinary people. They are not Howard Roarks or even Keatings or Tooheys. They are just ‘nobodies’ as Biff reminds his father in DEATH OF A SALESMAN. So, libertarianism is fun ONLY IF you can rise high and become some super-person. For the hoi polloi, libertarianism just means hedonism or some generic commitment to liberty under the law. Not a bad thing but hardly deep in meaning.

    The most substantive Leftist identity so far has been the Worker. This was compelling because class is indeed important and, in 19th century and much of 20th century, huge swaths of working class folks found themselves to have collective interests against the Owner Class.
    But alas, even Class Identity didn’t turn out to be resilient. As economy changed, working class lost out to white collar class. And as technology changed, many once class-bound jobs were wiped out.
    Also, in modern societies, there was too much social mobility. For class identity to be truly strong and deep, it has to be caste identities that locks people into certain duties and roles. But such was not the case in the modern world. The fall of communism shows the limits of Leftist identity. Some might say the Fall of Nazism has discredited national or ethnic identities, but I disagree. After all, Nazism didn’t fail because it guarded and promoted German identity and culture. It failed because it abused, violated, and trampled on the national identities and interests of OTHER peoples. Russians fought mainly for the Motherland and Survival as Race. Stalin appealed to patriotism and nationalism above all else in the war against Nazi imperialism. And it was Chinese nationalism that united KMT and communists in the war against Japan.

    In contrast to Leftist and post-leftist identities that are now shallow puddles — making loud splashes but utterly devoid of depth and meaning — , there is the Rightist identity of blood, history, memory, and territory. Blood and Soil, Mind and Memory. Jews themselves figured this out. Many had tried anarchism, Marxism, Leninism, syndicalism, and many other ideologies. In the end, all passed with the winds of fashion. At the end of the day, the only meaningful identity was Jewishness. It’s like Jewish French Maoists later became Zionists.
    Now, ideologies have values as carriers of ideas, but a set of ideas cannot be the core IDENTITY of a person. This is true both personally and collectively. An individual who defines himself ONLY in terms of his ideas & conceits and ignores his parents, ancestors, tribe, kin, culture, and history of his people is a shallow person.

    In the end, those with deep identities win over those with shallow identities. It’s like trees with deeper roots withstand the elements better than trees with shallow roots do. It’s like those with deeper wells can survive a drought better than those with only puddles or very shallow wells. (The only universal creed with deep well may be Christianity and Islam. Their profundity ensures this, as conveyed in the final scene of SILENCE by Martin Scorsese: How the man never gave up faith in Christ even in a strange pagan land. Even so, as Christianity becomes more ‘inclusive’ and conversionary and even caving to homomania, who knows its future?)

    Because those with deep wells of identity win over those with shallow puddles, WW-I is about Jewish supremacists wanting deep wells ONLY FOR THEIR OWN TRIBE. Jews want to draw from a deep well that makes them feel connected to Jews since ancient times. Jews want their own kind to think of Jewish history, culture, suffering, survival, and etc. over 1000s of yrs. Jews want their tribesmen all over the world to support Israel. But Jewish power, especially in supremacist mode, won’t go very far without the support of the world, especially the White World where most of the talent and wealth is. So, Jews don’t want white folks to have deep wells for themselves. If white folks had deep wells of own identity, they would draw water from their own culture, history, ethnos. They would drink water from the wells of their own blood and soil. (This water imagery is important in religion, which is why Catholics got the ritual with wine and crackers. To feel connected with the blood of Jesus, Son of God.) Or, whites will drink ‘racist’ white milk from the European Holy Cow, a kind of White Hinduism of Cow Worship.

    In the Constellation there is the Big Dipper. There is also the Constellation of Arcas and Callisto.

    When Hera saw the stars, she was enraged at the honor the God of Heaven had given Callisto and Arcas. She persuaded Poseidon, the God of the Sea, to forbid the Bears to descend into the ocean, as did the other stars. And so it is that Arcas and Callisto, the Great Bear and the Lesser Bear, alone among all constellations never set below the sky’s horizon, but remain forever together in the sky.

    Hera and Poseidon conspire to keep Callisto and Arcas thirsty forever.

    And this is also the way of Jewish supremacists. They don’t want white people to dig their own deep wells and drink the water of memory that fills them with a sense of identity, history, pride, and justification. They want white folks to remain thirsty.
    Just as British Imperialists had monopolized salt in India and just as Jewish David Sassoon had monopolize opium trade in China(to make Chinese drugged and amnesiac), Jewish Supremacists want monopoly power over the water well. Only Jews may dig to draw from their deep identity. Whites are to be kept thirsty without wells of their own. Whites are only allowed to drink Kosher Water or something like Brawndo. It has ‘electrolytes’. This drink makes whites forget or hate their own identity, crazy for homomania as holiest value, Afromania as biggest passion, and Israel-Israel-Israel as their biggest obligation.

    Alt Right came up with a simple idea. They got tired of the globalist snake-oil peddled to them. Alt Right figured White People should dig their own wells for their sense of who they are. And this made Jewish supremacists mad as hell. Doesn’t the Alt Right know that only the Jews have the divine right to dig deep wells of identity? Only Jews deserve deep identity, just like only Jews deserve deep state power to control real power in government. They act British Imperialists who say ONLY BRITS have monopoly on the Salt.

    Jewish supremacists seek to poison the water well of white identity just like they poison wells in West Bank. Zionists have also stolen the water of Golan Heights.

    Every Narrative is a well of memory, and Jewish supremacists say all whites must rely on and accept ONLY THE Jewish narrative of white history, identity, culture, and territory. Jewish supremacists say there is no such thing as Swedish culture, Britain is a ‘nation of immigrants'(thus belonging to Muslims and Africans), French culture is just ‘diversity’, and White Americans must only have ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’ as their modes of identity. And if they want to feel justified, SUPPORT ISRAEL. If they want to feel uplifted, play around the homo water hydrant and look at homo rainbow created by the mist.

    Alt Right wants its own water wells. It says white people should write their own history, forge their own narrative, and not rely on Jewish or non-white approval or benediction to feel justified as human beings.

    In a way, Alt Right’s Pan-Europeanism is both shallower and deeper than traditional ethno-national consciousness in the West. Pan-Europeanism is more generic than distinct ethno-European identities such as Czech, White Russian, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, and etc.
    But it is deeper in this sense: Dig deep enough into all European peoples and they all flow from a common source of blood and memory. Dig deep enough, and they have the same archetypes in their mythic consciousness. So, even as ethno-nationalism has great value, it is time for all Europeans to come together as a people whose blood all flow from the same deep well. Sure, the globalists and Jewish supremacists try to irrigate White/European identity to fool people that Greeks were not ‘white’ or Medieval history isn’t European or whatever. And globalists like Merkel and Macron seek to FLOOD European blood with the sweat and semen of Muslims and Africans. But Pan-Europeans will not be fooled.

    A people without deep identity are doomed. Even among Jews, those who focus mainly on Jewishness will remain and have meaning. But those Jews who mainly fixate on tattoos, green hair, nose rings, pop culture, and 50 gender decadence will have nothing meaning in their lives in yrs to come. That stuff has ‘meaning’ only to the infantile and childishly excited.

    Alt Right tries to strike a balance between ethno-nationalism and pan-Europeanism. If whites only go for narrow ethno-nationalism, they will be what the Arabs were when Lawrence came upon them: “so long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous, and cruel.”

    On the other hand, if various European groups totally rejected their distinctness, they would just become too bland and confused, and that leads to slackness and weakness. We want Finns and Hungarians and Lithuanians within Pan-Europeanism.

  • Vincent what you write is crap I’m starting to believe you were not even there. Give us some stories

  • Thank you, Brother Conrad…..

    The Glory is all Yours and to all who also Attended…….

    You Deserve it……

    Thank you for this Inspirational Essay……

  • Its sad as things unfold with discord, DS, etc, but it was expected. And its needed. This is mass psychology at play. Best way to win people’s hearts and to destroy this anti-white system is to allow this system to become overtly oppressive. Alt-right will be destroyed – we will be forced to dark web. They wont stop with us. Every cuckservative will be attacked after us. Nothing they will do wont make them happy. President knows this. And this is how we win.

  • He went there

    A defiant President Trump on Tuesday angrily condemned what he called “the alt-left” for what he said was their role in the weekend violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    “What about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say, at the
    alt-right? Do they have any guilt? What about the fact that they came
    charging with clubs in their hands swinging clubs?” the president said
    in a remarkable news conference in which he seemed to equate the
    counter-protesters and the white supremacists.

    “You had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very, very violent.”

    The absolute madman

    You guys ought to consider that maybe the good one is Trump, not Sessions

  • Stop with the Nazi stuff. Just stop. I really don’t get it. It’s such a giant unforced error and greatest gift to your enemies. Stop naming your websites “Stormer.” Stop!
    None of you or us are or were ever affiliated with National Socialism. And it’s a loser. They were losers. If they were plants, then get rid of them. But I saw salutes. I saw flags. I saw swastikas. I don’t care what the other side is doing. Let them keep digging.
    For the love of the white race and baby Jesus! The extinction of our race is occurring and you twits think it’s really edgy to go back 100 years and tout a bunch of losers. Why not just wear white pointy hoods?
    ALSO, could you please finally get it through your heads that the laws don’t protect you. The Police will not protect you. The Courts will not side with you. Seriously, you are all fire and brimstone and love talking about fighting to the death… and in the next breath you’re whining about taking people to Court? Have you SEEN what the courts have done recently? THIS is your guardian angel?

    • How about you try to save the White race in your way and you let others try in their way? We are one White people, but we are an intelligent people and we have different views under the umbrella of trying to stop our genocide.

      It is not good to criticize other Whites who are also trying to save us. Turn your cannons outward, not inward.

        • We Whites are one people with many different views. We can come together for our mutual survival without fighting among ourselves. And, fighting among ourselves, is what infiltrators and White-haters want us to do. They want us at each other’s throats.

          Many White-haters are very afraid that Whites will unite. That’s why they try to keep even just a few Whites from joining together.

          • We can’t come together when we are resurrecting loser symbolism from 80 years ago. No matter how hard anyone wishes or thinks it should be the case.

          • You seem to be obsessed with Nazis. Now, let’s see, who else is so obsessed? I think we see you.

          • Well using your “logic”, Robert E Lee was a ” loser” and the Confederate Battle flag is “loser symbolism” as well. Might as well let the niggers and antifa fags tear them all down, right?

      • Because I’d like to participate. I’d like to help. But you are sabotaging my ability to. I am not sabotaging your ability to.
        I can find any number of ways to fight without associating with the ONE THING that will rally the entire world to the aid and rescue of the enemy.
        You’re driving away millions of new recruits while making victims out of your oppressors.
        Especially maddening when you consider that you have no ties to this stuff at all.
        I can’t turn my cannons anywhere if I’m not even on the team. I can’t join the team if they associate with loser symbolism that enrages the entire planet and strengthens my enemy and crushes my desired team.

        • >enrages the entire planet
          Demonstrably untrue.

          >strengthens my enemy
          I guess that`s why there are lefties crying in the footage. They saw a swastika somewhere and felt so powerful they just had to cry.

          • Demonstrably true. Just because you lurk in these websites you think it’s a movement of size. But it isn’t. Demonstrate your facts if it’s demonstrable. I can show you mountains of polling.
            Your second point was a juvenile attempt at being clever. Deserves no answer.

          • Always negative comments from you. There is a real pattern to your divisive posts. I suspect you are not really White at all.

          • All of freaking Asia says hi to your cuck polling. Just because you lurk among the bugmen you think the narrative is set in stone, but it isn`t.
            And your pathetic wail about my supposed “juvenile attempt at being clever” only proves that it hit where it was aimed. Good job me, death to the cucks and boomers.

        • We can’t let those who hate Whites dictate to us about who is good and who is bad among us. If you don’t have something good to say about those on our side, just don’t say anything. We Whites are one people. Let’s act like it.

          • That’s exactly what you are doing. You are saying I don’t have the right to speak. But those who wish to represent a movement I agree with 98% of are allowed to (IMO) butcher it and drive people away with stupid shit. I’m not denouncing. I’m not educating. I’m not punching right. I’m not attacking.
            I’m begging.
            1. No Nazi anything. Including Stormer.
            2. No swastika
            3. No salutes
            4. No Hail.
            It has zero to do with information or rightness or wrongness. It has to do with millions of fresh faced kids leaning in because for the first time, the ENTIRE GLOBAL MEDIA is talking ONLY about the Alt-Right.
            And you/we are leading with, “Here, let me show you this decrepit, disgusting imagery from a loser regime that none of us have anything to do with and only hurts our cause.”
            Be winners. Be different. Create your own history and symbols. Move forward. Not backward.

          • Sorry, but you don’t get to tell other Whites what is good or not good. You can only control yourself. If others don’t suit your tastes, well, don’t join in. Bye.

          • I’d say the Alt-Right won if it’s the hot talking point.

            Go home trucker. Go get a $5 blowjob from a Flying J parking lot gremlin.

          • You’re full of shit, sir, and I’ll tell you why. The Jew Fairytale, better known as The Holoco$t is the stick with which whites are beaten into submission and white nations are made to accept every destructive jew impulse. As long as whites accept this nonsense they’ll be the jews lapdogs. Retard Americans eventually need to wake up and come to the realization that we fought on the wrong side in that war. If they can’t get over it, then they’re destined to have their natiion, race and culture destroyed by people who hate them.

          • The “Jew World Order” use jack boot methods of controlling absolutely everthing on the planet. People who haven’t a clue about it, have obviously been living in a vacuum?

            I’m not a Holocaust Denier… I just believe that the next one, v2.0 is going to be the real deal…

        • Second reply: One of the oldest tricks to divide a people is to demand that they denounce some others of that same people. None of us has to denounce anyone on our side. If we don’t agree with them we can just remain silent or if we choose, we can simply say “I don’t know them and I’m not with them.”

          This old trick is the same one used in the Salem Witchcraft hysteria: If you don’t denounce someone as a witch, you must also be a witch or a sympathizer.

          Don’t fall for it.

          • Chad and Nancy Americana do not want to be associated with what grand Dad fought against. Even Anglin gets that now. “Publicly aligning ourselves to an old and extinct political movement is not forward thinking, and it isn’t fresh… NS was a Hitler personality cult, when it comes right down to it.”

          • Exactly.
            And the kids don’t want to align themselves with it. For no other reason that they were losers. We want to be winners. We want to be different. Why take on this debt?

          • The white kids on my block turned away the moment Spencer advocated for Socialist Medicine. They have since moved on and are knocking on doors for a young gun running for School board.

          • Good. And Spencer is retarded for thinking the Government is going to suddenly help white people with socialized medicine. Have you seen who works for the Government? But I’m heartened that these young people are lit and engaged.

          • Me too. The smart Gen Z kids are awesome. Trying to get one an internship tomorrow. Has 64 credits, just graduated, works two shit jobs and dreams of being a better man than his father. Alt Reich is junk.

          • I’m not demanding anyone denounce anything. I’m begging you to stop taking stupid pills.
            Our side? That’s the whole point. You’ve got Generation Z just dying to join up and you are horrifying them with these symbols.

          • Oh yeah they do. I know more engaged Gen Z youth than I do boomers or Millennial’s where I live… its driving the dialogue localy. They flash .gov meetings unannounced and its hilarious.

          • Nah. Used to work with various study groups outside a couple metro areas in central Texas before I damned near broke my back and hip doing diy home repair last December. I did not want to have illegals work on the house. Getting better. Cannot wait to get off this key board and start being productive again. I am sure you folks will be happier too..

          • I’m not horrifying anyone with anything. I support White civil rights and I welcome any intelligent and just Whites who understand that we face an external enemy. I don’t expect everyone to be mild mannered or to agree with me. I just expect them to be completely pro-White after their own personalities and fashion.

          • It’s true. He’s the shit with the guys suffering public skoo.

        • You’re a kike,right?If so,fuck off.You’re not White and we don’t want you in our movement.

    • I agree that the display of these symbols is often counter productive

      But you guys have to realize that what has happened to this country has created a massive underground resonance of these symbols in certain disenfranchised demographics

      And can’t police the all the world’s disillusioned whites.

      I’m not sure how this tension gets resolved, but it probably involves people “getting over it” to some degree

      • Do you really honestly believe that you are going to red pill or explain or lecture or address the JQ or win any hearts and minds by using the ONE THING that will turn everyone away from you while rallying the entire world to the defense and aid of your oppressor?
        All of you that I’ve tangled with on this issue always come at me with some form of, “But wait, I can explain… You don’t know the truth! You haven’t been red pilled!”
        But you can’t even get to an explanation if you start with this stuff. You just won’t. You want to stomp your feet and say, “But I SHOULD! People should know the truth!”
        They won’t.
        They will not.
        You have millions of new recruits just dying to sign up. But you just can’t help yourself and you end up alienating the very people you should be reaching out to while simultaneously rallying the entire world to the defense of your oppressor.
        It’s madness.

        • The president just literally defended Spencer’s torchlight rally, which he kept free of any sort of questionable imagery

          So if that’s not proof that image matters, I don’t know what is

          and it sort of tells us what kind of image we can “get away with”.

          But that was a private rally, IIRC.

          If they ever have another public rally, someone with a swastika will probably show up, even if the media has to pay that person.

          And the media might photograph that person.

          Does this mean they should never do a public rally? Can they “police public rallies”? Is it desirable to do so? Would it even have been possible for them to “kick him out” at Charlottesville?


          To some extent people do probably have to get desensitized to this stuff.. IMHO they already kind of are.

          • If we denounce the radical right, what’s to stop antifa from showing up with nazi flags and cameras anyways?
            All we’ll have accomplished is turning our backs on the guys who’ve been in it the longest.

          • Yup.

            However, we should persuade them that the president will literally defend them if they adopt certain fashion choices in certain situations.

            That doesn’t mean abandoning the old iconography forever or changing your views or anything.

            But this is literally a new world, so smart people will adapt their tactics.


          • I think this is probably the best approach.
            If we could establish a better dialogue with these guys, I bet that would be pretty productive.

        • No one cares that much. Especially if they become aware they just missed a spot at college or whatever because of affirmative action.

      • No one will see that.
        Because you led with something entirely disgusting and has nothing to do with what she is saying.
        I totaled the views on Youtube and it’s less than a million. For a video that’s been around forever and has been posted by a hundred people.
        No one is seeing it because you have to pull them in first, not drive them away.

          • It’s statistically nothing in terms of billions. And it’s completely irrelevant anyway because you can’t drive eyeballs to your educating info if you start out by disgusting them with old, loser symbolism. THAT’S the point. No one sees your stuff… and there is great stuff by really intelligent people all through the Alt-Right. Heartiste is a genius. He doesn’t wave a swastika in people’s faces.

          • Nazi symbols were front and center when Trump was elected. They drove the Left insane. They forced many errors on the left.

      • Her face would be a big improvement with a huge Islamic cock in her mouth. It would look like a match made in heaven…

    • Most of us aren’t trying to promote National Socialism, either the historical version or the modern day version. At the same time, we aren’t going to denounce someone who does. The fact is, “Nazis” were not as bad as they were made out to be, and many of the people who present themselves as “Nazis” today are agent provocateurs. Regardless, we are not going to denounce these people, since that would be “punching right.” When you say that those to the right of you have gone too far, you are actually weakening your own position. We want a continuous political spectrum, not one in which there is a gap. Telling people they need to “distance themselves” from others with more radical views can be understood as a form of concern trolling. I am not saying that you are a concern troll, but you are at least doing the bidding of anti-whites by giving advice that will actually weaken the alt-right.

      • Again with the “educating.” Thanks!
        In order to punch right, you first have to get them to BE right. You won’t using these symbols. And you never even get the chance to address your issues or give your smug history lessons either.
        It’s actually those who use these symbols that weaken the alt-right. To argue otherwise on the basis of “punching right” is idiotic.
        Vox Day is a genius who warns constantly about not punching right. He calls you “Reichtards.” Because you are poisoning your own cause.

        • You are playing semantic games. I am not going to get into a discussion of terminology with someone who has such a dismissive attitude. Go back where you came from.

          • There’s nothing semantic or game playing in what I’m saying. I just re-read it. YOU are the one being totally dismissive by simply saying, “Punching right.” As though that settles it. It doesn’t it. You have to get them to join you first. Swastikas ain’t gonna cut it.

          • You don’t have anyone’s back? Okay stop standing behind with that knife then.

        • Vox Day is by no means a central figure for the alt-right, although he is valuable as a gateway. I visited his blog a number of years ago and posted a few comments about the need for explicit white identity politics. He didn’t start cozying up to white identity politics until later.

        • The Alt-Right established itself using Nazi iconography in a pseudo-ironic way.

          Go back to flying J and get a blowjob off a crack whore.

          Vox could not get 1000 men to stand with him. Nor could you.

        • I think your mistake boils down to the following. You follow Vox Day, who is with the alt-lite. He says it is important to denounce people who promote NS. We are not the alt-lite here. We are the alt-right. We are not going to denounce NS types. If you want to make yourself more respectable to anti-whites by denouncing NS, that is your business, but don’t demand that we denounce them. When you do that, you are getting into a sort of “degrees of separation” mindset, which is what the anti-whites want. They want x to denounce y if y doesn’t denounce z. Don’t think like that.

        • Why not leave the street agitation to those with the stones to do it?

          They just uncucked Trump again when he attacked antifa.

          The GOP will have to fall in line again as the facts are established surrounding Fields.

      • So you really believe Nationalist “Socialism” is right wing. Only Communists and those indoctrinated via Cultural Marxist schooling say that.

        • Your comment is too brief to merit a thoughtful response. I am not going to get into an argument about semantics.

          • So you’re not that bright. You use terms you’ve heard Vox say, not realizing he’s the one now calling these people out. And you yell, “Semantics” when you can’t make an argument. Sorry to bother you.

          • I don’t follow Vox. The expression “don’t punch right” has been around for years.

          • C’mon son.

            Outside of a Marxist context, socialism (mixed with capitalism) is just a normal way of doing things, ideologically neutral.

            The literal Ancien Regime operated some state run industries

          • Some form of socialism is going to have to be implemented amongst our people when the US (hopefully) breaks apart.

          • But Globalist “free market” Capitalism is, right, Mr Fat and Happy “Conservative”?

            How ironic, on the same day Big Jew gave the word to it’s corporate gentile lackeys to abandon President Trump because he dared stand up for his people…lol

    • Successful Greek Golden Dawn street fighters use updated versions of these flags and symbols that don’t repel normies. That can and is being done here.

      • No one knows that. But thanks smart guy.
        And I’m not talking about updated versions. You know what I’m talking about. You saw it too. And where is your evidence that it doesn’t repel normies? You have none.

        • People love Trump because he is an avatar of what those people need him to be. All of that hope, desperation, and will to survive and thrive, is rightly vested in the Alt-Right that backed and enthroned Trump. We are the speaking spirit and the public knows it. People I have talked to think the imagery you are speaking of was a shill tactic by the left. Whites have started to look at us with beer goggles. It may not be total and it may not be permanent, but it is there.

    • One of the principle rules of the Alt-Right is, no punching to the right. Excommunicating right-wingers who are ‘too extreme’ is precisely why conservatism has been a toothless loser’s movement for decades now. You don’t want to wave a windmill of friendship, fine, that’s your call. But you don’t get to countersignal those who do and call yourself one of us.

      • Vox Day calls you “Reichtards.” And he popularized “no punching right.” So nice try. And I’m not calling myself one of you. I clearly state that I, like many others, would like to be. But can’t as long as this loser symbolism that totally turns off millions of potential new recruits to your movement while simultaneously making victims of your oppressors.
        Read these other comments. You’re all saying the same things.
        “Let me educate you.”
        “No punching right.”
        “You’re not one of us.”
        You can’t educate anyone by resurrecting loser symbolism that disgusts everyone.
        No one can punch right if they can’t even join. They can’t join disgusting, loser symbolism.
        Start reaching out so you can educate. Bring them in. Don’t push them away.

        • Who is supposed to be policing the ranks? It’s a public protest with 1000+ people.

          I agree with you about nazi/klan imagery, but there isn’t a single White identity that doesn’t have some kind of terrible stigma attached to it. Until we come up with a dress code, the stupid wing is going to keep larping. I doubt those people are really alt-right in the first place.

          • I wonder too if they are plants. But you and I both saw people jokingly giving the salute and wearing the helmets, and some swastikas. And even saying “Hail.” is just giving ammo to the enemy. IMO
            To answer your question, I don’t know. But me thinks it wasn’t made abundantly clear and forceful that none of this imagery is permitted. And it’s not. That’s why Stormer got shut down… he traffics in that stuff. And it’s a shame because there was a lot of good stuff on that site.

          • It’s already happening. Stormer lost his domain. More twitter purges. Instagram purges. You tube purges. Lawsuits filed. Statues torn down. Entire news media talking about Nazi’s. (Yes, I know, they will call us that no matter. But how about not giving them reels of video footage supporting their claim.)
            But keep telling yourself we are WINNING.
            I don’t know. Maybe we are.
            Am I the only one who feels like a tipping point is here? That millions of people are peeking through their fingers and poking around into the alt-right?
            All’s I’m saying is can we find ANY other thing to lead with besides swastikas and roman salutes at this critical moment?

          • Red Ice got hacked and sabotaged and they presented as very normal and moderate, not nazis.

            There was a coordinated shutdown attempt on our stuff.

            I actually agree that we need to accept the pain of LARPing as Americans for the good of the movement, and that American iconography would serve us well right now.

            But it’s not because it will stop the media from calling us Nazis, or echoey corporations from trying to shut us down.

          • Did you hear the Boss name the Alt-Left? Stop doom mongering you cunt.

        • I agree, adopting 1930s-era symbolism is not the way to go. We need fresh, new symbols, and we’re developing them. None of the serious Alt-Right groups (Vanguard America, Identity Europa, etc.) go around waving swastikas and doing Roman salutes. There are holdovers from WN1.0 who do that, sure. They’ve been doing that for decades. No one’s going to get them to stop doing it, and we sort of have to grit our teeth about it. But the bulk of us do not adopt those symbols, publicly, because we know it’s bad optics.

          As to Vox Day, I like Vox, I read him every day, but he’s really gone off the rails with this whole Alt-Reichtard/Nazis aren’t right-wing nonsense. ‘National Socialists are left-wing because socialism is left-wing’ is DR3-tier bullshit. The right/left divide is not fundamentally about collectivism vs. individualism. It isn’t economic. It’s about strength vs. weakness, r vs K-selection, tribalism and nationalism vs. globalism, and health vs. disease.

    • Did you stand in Cville with a shield?If not,then shut the fuck up.I didn’t see anyone with your screen name on a banner there.

    • Listen, Boomer.

      You are on Stop kvetching about the dailystormer. It isn’t meant to appeal to people like you. Its meant to appeal to edgy teens who want to rebel and the nazi imagery is literally worse than Satanism in the modern West so they flock to it in droves. If you’d ever actually visited, you would know that. They also don’t endorse flying the swastika at public events.

      Over here though, we are simply White Nationalists. We don’t identify with the Nazis or the Allies. We see the war through a tragic lens.

      The rally had other groups that for some reason decided to show up with Swastikas that they had ordered off amazon the day before. We couldn’t even get to the event in one piece, let alone start vetting people.We had nothing to do with the Nazi-flag waving people, or the Klansmen.

    • When the jackbooted leftist thugs kick in your door at 3 am to take you to a “re-education” camp, they won’t give a fig about your virtue-signalling. To antifa, ALL WHITES ARE NAZIS, and they’ll be just as happy to shoot you, too.

      WAKE UP!

  • President Trump: “George Washington was a slave owner… Are we gonna take down statues to George Washington? How about Thomas Jefferson?”

  • We have the moral high ground. How can it ever be bad to want your people to survive and thrive? How can it be bad to try to exercise your Constitutional rights in a peaceful and legal manner?

    The essential points of Charlottesville are these: 1. A group with a permit to hold a legal event to give speeches was attacked by another group who wanted to keep the first group from exercising their Constitutional and legal rights.

    2. The authorities, including politicians and police, appeared to either be incompetent or actively helping the second group to keep the first group from speaking.

    Thus, there should be law suits against the authorities and those who kept the first group from exercising their Constitutional rights. The DOJ and the FBI should be investigating the police, the governor and the local politicians as well as the organizers of the groups that kept the first group from speaking.

    This is a civil rights issue.

  • “…every man who participated in the Charlottesville rally can look in the mirror and feel good about himself. He can walk with a straighter back. He can love his people from a deeper place in his soul.”

    You feel good about that fact that one of your fellow Nazis drove his mom’s car into a crowd of people in an ISIS-inspired terrorist attack? You feel good about being no better than Moslem savages? Y’all must be really young. It’s obvious you have no idea or understanding of what it’s like to be a man in the real world. Hopefully one day you will.

        • Racial diversity is the greatest weakness and is harmful for White survival. We Whites can stand completely on our own and we have for centuries as we invented the modern world.

          • Whites standing alone and being strong has not been proven to work in any country or nation. The sad thing is whites have built a dependency on minorities since slavery. (kind of like how most whites are dependent on heroin)maybe even before. But hey try out the old methods and let history show you it repeats itself when the foolish can not remember what the history was .

          • Nope. Whites have always stood alone–the mixing of non-Whites with Whites is a recent thing and not a good thing for the survival of Whites. But, we will adapt, as we always have.

          • That is not true at all. I believe glen beck said that one of the men who yelled the British are coming was a black man. That’s pretty early. And one of the first black judge was before the country started and that black judge was a judge in NH. I learned this all from Fox. Also slaves were free in Europe before america. Just because history has been erased does not mean it didn’t happen. That is why I don’t agree with any statues being torn down

        • Take a look at select units like the SAS, French Legion or Green Berets and Seals. Take a look at the pilots in the air forces.

          That’s your answer.

          • I thought the US had the greatest military in the world? But that’s ok we will downgrade to a euro version I guess

      • One minute you don’t claim the driver the next your using him as a trophy. Just go ahead and claim the Jew with the signature hair cut ????

    • The car was being attacked by degenerate savages and their pets with baseball bats and sticks. Clearly self defence Mr BoyLove.

      • “Antifa” is shutting down other peoples right to freedom of speech and assembly?? Interesting logic you have there.

        • Are you suggesting that those opposed to white supremacist and Nazi hate speech don’t have to right don’t have the freedom to assemble? There’s nothing in the Constitution that protects you from ridicule and derision, snowflake.

          • I think you have trouble with basic comprehension. As Ive said one group does not have the right to limit or shutdown another’s freedom of speech, counter protest all you want, but you have to let the event take place without the use of violent intimidation or the hecklers veto.

          • The Unite Crowd should have formed a phalanx and rushed the Antifa and chased them out of the city.

            Police just got in the way.

          • “We’re not non-violent, we’ll fucking kill these people if we have to.” — Christopher Cantwell, white supremacist

      • Even if these people wanting to engage in their right to freedom of speech were “Nazi’s” (which they are not), they would still have a right to hold any rally they like. If peoples ideas are so bad let them speak, you should be able to easily rebut them.

        • Nazis and white supremacists have the right to spew their hate speech, and those opposed to them have the right to denounce them. America!

          • Nazi’s and “White supremacists”? I think this is a figment of you imagination, you should get some professional for that. LOL

          • No, they are not calling themselves that! Stop believing everything you are spoon fed by the controlled corporate media!

          • I’m really sorry you are so gullible to believe the MSM is in the business of truth telling. LOL

          • If one watches the unedited footage of what happened one can see that the Unite the Right attendees showed up to lawfully and peacefully assemble and were NOT the instigators of violence. The mayor and city council betrayed the citizens and put people in danger by issuing a stand-down order. The ACLU confirms that police were given stand-down order and unlawfully prevented the rally from taking place. The alt-right had a federal judge confirm their right to be there and protest, but the police commanded them to disperse while violently attacking them and funneling them into the violent anti fa/blm/communist thugs in the street. This was all orchestrated to invite the violence in the city as an excuse to shut down a court-permitted lawful assembly. Not allowing one group of people their right to exercise their civil liberties is unjust and this massive media disinformation campaign and dehumanization of the rally attendees is beyond disturbing.

          • Even if there are one or two idiots that do call themselves “white supremacist” you should generalize and demonize a whole group of people. That is very bigoted!

          • Hate speech isn’t difficult to detect. If it sounds hateful, it’s hate speech. Pretty easy.

  • Recent Alex Jones/breitbart convert here, after hearing about Cville and watching David Duke demolish (((Alex Jones))), i’m proud to join the alt-right.

        • Talk is cheap sunshine. I can just imagine the jubilation upon the news of their demise. No pitch battles in the streets required. Just a silent elimination of these criminals in the dead of night.

          • I’m an evil white cunt aren’t I… We all need to become all of that to defeat the tyranny on their terms. Stuff the political correctness. WE ARE AT WAR.


    • What Chorlottesville proved to me is that much of the alt-right (including this site) is either controlled opposition or wildly incompetent. The whole event looks like a setup to make alt-right look bad.

          • Yep. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. If you can’t guarantee people’s safety at an event, then you shouldn’t do the event. Period. Anything else just ends up backfiring and discrediting your own movement.

          • One thing that loans credibility to what you are saying is that since CVI went so smashingly well the (((organizers))) decided to change things up to ensure there would be rabid hoards of antifa/blm commies there to create rioting in the streets in counter protest – mission accomplished.
            Knowing that the Marxist elements who now control “OUR” gubmnt are hell bent on fomenting civil war against “US” (first one worked out pretty good for them) “they” are creating a group which it is not just acceptable to marginalize, in their own country, but literally to gun down in the streets as social pariah.
            Of course the a/r numbers are growing as they are being called out from behind their computers and into the streets by so called leaders such as Richard Spencer (and anything that Andrejew Anglikike is involved already stinks like kosher shit).
            I’ve often marveled how a handful of Bolsheviks, trained and financed in the jusa, could end up murdering over 60 million white Orthodox Christians. The answer becomes cleared with each passing day.

          • Actually Mr Zeb I have been in Atifa for over 30 years and still not remotely interested in civil war with you.
            ISIS – Bring.It.On.
            Alt Right = just sad social misfits with teeny tiny following. Hence the fact Obamas anti racist tweet was most liked. Ever.
            You have lost But Hey – thanks for fighting all those failed battles: it’s been a gass! X

          • Ignore this ‘By Any’ loser, he mocks victims of left wing violence who have lost their eyesight and is only here to demotivate people.

          • Think this one could have been more tightly organized, shouldn’t have invited anyone and everyone to come down and join the demo. Should be strict rules about dress, weapons and conduct.

            It does seem that our side didn’t get busted for weapons and our side defended themselves OK.

  • I never realized how addicted I was to the Daily Stormer till it went down. Anyone know if it’s just temporary or they changed website addresses?

  • The racial double standards are just astounding along with the MSM hive-mind narrative that demonizes a whole group of people and blames the rally attendees for all the violence. Not allowing one group of people their right to exercise their civil liberties is unjust and this massive media disinformation campaign and dehumanization of the rally attendees is beyond disturbing.

  • I didn’t attend the rally as, to be fair, I live in England. Like many spectators I suspect, I was full of elation following the turn-out on the Friday evening and those genuinely moving images with the torches. Then of course, Saturday happened and I couldn’t help but feel a bit deflated. First the news of the cancellation, then Red Ice got hacked and then, the images of Richard Spencer on Periscope being arrested. We went from riding a massive high to a bit of a sobering middle. The scum-Left who controls the state bared its fangs and what should have been a historic day was, but for all the wrong reasons. As if the day wasn’t crazy enough, there was then the car accident and of course the helicopter crash. I’ll be honest, I felt a bit afraid (and I wasn’t even there).

    However, (and this is a pretty effing huge ‘however’), the left ultimately achieved nothing but reinforce my bitterness of it and my hatred of how our people are now being treated. I’m also so proud of everyone that went. There looked to be a couple of thousand people there which is utterly remarkable. I’m genuinely thrilled and now the fear is beginning to subside, it is slowly being replaced again by that feeling that has been growing more and more since I have begun becoming more and more Alt Right. As Mike Enoch pointed out, it is the ultimate white pill as the left showed that they are genuinely afraid of us. This isn’t the last time the state/left will do things which deflate us. There will be other days that they shock us and seek to sap our inspiration but, ultimately, we are going to win. I honestly believe that.

    • There will be a multitude of lawsuits against Sanger and Mcallife. The main responsible parties for the occurred violence.

  • Most people bark like dogs. Or they only parrot.
    Most white people are like that. They bark loud but it’s only doggy bark.

    Alt Right howls like a wolf independent of the master narrative.

    Now, the wolf-hunt is on. Jewish masters and their packs of dogs are setting on Alt Right wolves. But always remember… the howl of a lone wolf can be heard over far greater distances than the barkings of a 1000 dogs. Wolf howl is nobler for it is free and independent.

    That’s why the GLOB hates the Alt Right, indeed the national sovereignty of ANY nation, including Iran, Russia, and Syria.

    If Trump failed, it is he was silent against Antifa and Glob violence throughout 2016 when his supporters were getting attacked with media endorsement. And he didn’t say anything about Antifa violence at his inauguration. He didn’t say one nice word for all the Trump supporters who got beaten and battered in 2016.
    He failed again.

    Btw, it’s rich that John Podherotz would compare Alt Right with ISIS in the NYT.

    It’s Jewish-controlled US that has been using CIA to aid Alqaeda directly and ISIS indirectly to undermine Assad’s secular governmnt. It was Russias and Alt Right that stood with Assad against the crazies… while Israel treated wounded ISIS soldiers and sent them back to battle to commit terror and smash more ancient treasures.

    It is NYT turd Thomas Friedman who has a hardon for ISIS.

    And neo-nazis? Who aided the neo-nazis in Ukraine to topple a democratically elected government?
    Alt Right mostly stood with Russia on the Ukrainian matter. It opposed Zionist-US-CIA collusion with neo-nazis over there.

    And who is attacking BDS and free speech? It aint Alt Right but all 50 governors of the US and Congress bought and sold by AIPAC.

    Spencer did a great thing. He prodded the Beast and exposed its workings of media mendacity, mob violence, anti-white virulence, Jewish supremacism, political machinations.

    Now, white folks know what the Palestinians had to deal with forever.

    Only the ACLU showed any commitment to principles this time around.

    Btw, where is Podherotz on the fact that so many US politicians are bought and sold by crazy Sheldon ‘nuke Iran’ Adelson?

    Talk about extremist hate.

    Alt Right actually praised Obama’s peace deal with Iran. Alt Right wants sovereignty for all peoples.

    In contrast, Jews see us as dogs. We are to hate whatever they hate.

    Indeed, US is a Jewish Culture of Hate where all Americans are expected and required to hate whomever and whatever is hated by Jews.

    Why do Jewish Supremacists hate Alt Right? Because Alt Right won’t join in on this culture of hate.
    Alt Right refuses to hate Russia for defending itself from Jewish globalist financial rapists.
    Alt Right refuses to hate Iran, a nation that hasn’t invaded anyone and hasn’t a single nuke.
    Alt Right refuses to hate Syria, a secular-modern nation before Zionist-controlled US pushed ‘color revolution’ into it to spread mayhem and chaos. US and its allies violated Syrian borders and sent terrorist killers to rape, loot, and destroy ancient treasures. CIA aided Jihadi lunatics.
    Alt Right refuses to hate Palestinians, a people who’ve long been treated like white patriots are treated in US and EU.
    Alt Right refuses to hate Venezuela. Let Venezuela embark on its own course, whether left or right. Not our business.
    Alt Right refuses to hate Hungary for wanting to maintain Hungary as a Hungarian civilization of people and culture.
    Alt Right refuses to hate Poland for insisting that Poland remain Polish in ethnos, territory, and memory.

    Alt Right refuses to join in the Jewish Supremacist culture of hate. It is for white identity and interests independent of the Jewish Globalist Mafia boss. So, the Big Hater accuses Alt Right of hate. And guess who owns most of the media and academia and most whore politicians?

    • Charlottesville was a massive white pill for me and many others. Posts like yours are another.

      I’m honoured to be counted among your ranks. Brethren are hard to see in my neck of the woods, but they are there and each one is worth more and better than all the crazies in the world the enemy has to throw at us.

      I am with you, friends. For the dead – for those who never had a chance at life. For the awakened – and for the asleep. For the victims and the victors – even for those who in false consciousness strike out at we who are awakened, for what they might and ought have been had it not been for their debasement at the hands of our foes.

      For the world that God Almighty created for us to inherit, that we might be fruitful and multiply upon it and rise to His glory.

      So mote it be. Amen.

    • We are in a battle with sodomy and usury.

      Morality has fallen away terribly, the sheep have no idea right and wrong.

      θεὸς ἦν ὁ λόγος

    • An excellent post, as usual Ms Chechenova. The weird thing about the situation i Poland is that even the governing party PiS (Law and Justice, by tru Polish conservatives called PiSrael) is crowded with Soviet faithful communists – or their younger relatives. Poland’s rhetoric against Muslim immigration has proved itself a brilliant way to deceive people in Poland, both in Poland and abroad, to buy into the hoax about Poland at last being governed by pro-Polish powers. Since other migrants than Ukrainians are not willing to stay in Poland, there is no substance in the government’s rhetoric nor in the by the Soros Foundation financed street parliaments. Out of the hundred thousand “refugees” from Chechnia that fled to Poland in 2013, only eight thousand remained there. The rest had “fled” to Germany, as they found living in Poland unacceptable, allegedly because of the Polish racism but in reality because the benefits in Poland are way too miserable. Poland’s role in the globalist game actually isn’t to flood the country with Muslim seekers of easy life, but to provoke Russia by supporting Ukraine (financial and political support), which includes filling Poland with Ukrainians. Among those, adherents to the aggresively anti-Polish movement by Stepan Bandera (died in 1959) by his movement is strong again) are now to be found in Poland. They already have Ukrainian schools (even as far west as in Wroclaw/Breslau) and demand more “rights”, such as making Ukrainian Poland’s second official language, etc. Naturally, the companies that employ Ukrainians are rewarded by the “pro-Polish” tax system – by getting a substancial tax reduction. All this will ignite conflicts between the brainwashed Russia-haters from Ukraina and the brainwashed Poles. The “patriotic” government is now shouting about Germany’s obligation to pay Poland for war damages. Et voilà, Poland has once again two major enemies: Russia ang Germany; reminds of 1939.

  • My father in law Yehuda from Sderot warned me about these Alt Right Nazis, I always thought he was crazy, but he was right!

    It’s time for hate speech laws that makes these White Supremacist gatherings illegal and classified as terrorist activity.

    • Yeah, you Jewish supremacists say the same thing about BDS and Palestinian rights.

      What you did to Palestinians was dress rehearsal for what you doing to white gentiles all over the world.

      You’ve exposed your true nature.

    • That’s right, Jew, the Goyim know. You’re so afraid of the alt right that you want to take away our free speech. I’m glad that we scare you that much, your days of kosher degenerate rule will come to an end.

    • Remember what Ben Gurion said during the war for independence? “It does not matter what they say about us as long as we exist.”

    • Lost your way to the synagogue little Jew?

      OT, but I have a couple of bars of soap and a container full of ashes, maybe relatives of yours?

  • Some day, there will be a monument to heroes of the Battle of Charlottesville. And no one will be allowed to touch it. My life will never be same after this battle. Forever with the White tribe.

      • I’m not sure, they might not be able to get a DNS server. Probably a ton of DDoS going on. They got 3 million unique visitors yesterday before being shutdown! It’s totally mainstream now.

    • Everywhere for now. Here, Counter Currents, Westernspring etc. The Tor version of DS is down too at the moment and the forum looks like it’s gone too. I’m betting that has something to do with Cloudflare. We need to set up our own versions of these companies.

        • Only the one about Nigerian Special Forces and flying over Israeli airspace in a Nigerian helicopter! Nothing since that one. I think him an Weev are working on it in the Nigerian bunker.

  • Please find or design a transparent respirator so that you can’t be gassed or arrested for wearing a mask.

    Should not be difficult to design.

  • This is all very true. The MSM is trying their very hardest to maintain a global illusion that there’s no support for our ideas – they use their enormous capital to propagandize this message, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re breaking through a very deep felt conditioning and it gets people heated, but never has America been so close to awakening and that’s what the media is afraid of us realizing.

      • Decent Whites who look at the facts and realize that we have the high moral ground against those who are trying to destroy us will join. Many Whites do have the courage of their convictions and will stand up for what is right and good and just–and that’s what we stand for. Now, we just have to state things so they’ll understand.

        • They can’t join… they want to… I want to… but I can’t join any group that affiliates with 70 year old loser symbolism like roman salutes, talking about Jews, swastikas and even saying “hail” anything.
          Stop it.

          • If you haven’t taken the red pill on the Jewish Question then you don’t even know who you are fighting. It’s not the immigrants who are trying to destroy us, they are just a weapon. You don’t attack the Kalashnikov, you attack the person pulling the trigger.

          • Entirely separate issues. Don’t assume you can educate me on any questions.
            But since you brought it up, if you are fighting ‘the person pulling the trigger’ as you say, then you don’t forfeit by doing the ONE SINGLE THING that will rally the entire world to their rescue. Which is what you are doing. And they know it. Which is why they always seek those few losers out and run the video on a loop.
            You’re identifying with losers that you have nothing to do with and whom your parents weren’t even alive for.
            You have millions of young people who know they’ve been sold out and are just ITCHING to join your cause. There’s only ONE WAY you can fumble this away. And you can’t wait to rush out and be retarded about it. And whom exactly do you hope to red pill on this ‘question’ by resurrecting these loser symbols? No one. They laugh at you and run away.

          • Optics discussion is one thing, but calling the national socialist of Germany losers is fucking retarded. They took on the entire corrupt zog world when no one else would and almost won, it’s an inspiration. This is why I’d never use their symbols, they did great things, who the hell am I?

          • “Don’t assume you can educate me on any questions.”

            Any ASS who says idiocy such as this, is beyond… the pale of intelligence.

          • Talk is cheap. It is when all the enemies of the Globalist’s can actually unite to destroy them, These useless eater /oxygen thieves will then be defeated.

            Stop attacking other cultures. It is the Zionist scum who are 100% responsible for creating the hate and disunity in the World. ALL who cannot see this are THEIR useful idiots…


            This is the real Multicultural agenda.


            Jews in the guise of Multiculturalism are behind the Islamic Invasion everywhere. Strange that not a single Globalist /Elite scum have been assassinated and yet they are behind the massacres of citizens everywhere. Wake up people and destroy these insidious parasites. They are the minority and need to be destroyed. Start targeting them and let them cringe in fear in their bunkers…

          • Uh, dewd…hope you’re old enough to run for master of the realm, cuz you sure got my vote.

          • You’re a loser if you wave that flag. You’re no Nazi. You’ve never met any.
            Wanna lose? There are millions of young people just itching to join up.
            But they can’t join a bunch of losers worshipping 75 year old losers.

          • You’re a faggot for countersignaling the one White person who ever won on the home front against the kikes.

          • If you’re not willing to confront the JQ, you’re not ready to join the Alt-Right. Back to the Alt-Lite, faggot.

          • So your race is being exterminated. But you’d rather give smug history lessons and apply ideological purity tests to potential recruits by using loser symbolism you have nothing to do with from 80 years ago. While making victims out of your oppressors and rallying the entire world to their defense.
            But you go on with your “You don’t understand man!” college drop out loser garbage. NO ONE will confront the JQ if you wave a swastika in their face. That’s NOT what drew you in.

          • For many people, that is EXACTLY what drew them in. I was raised in Memphis so I have no excuse not to be here.

          • Where did I say anything about waving windmills of friendship around? I agree it’s bad optics. We need our own symbols, that don’t come with the baggage. But that has nothing to do with the JQ, the confrontation of which absolutely must be normalized if we’re going to get anywhere at all.

          • Amen. Preach it! The JEWS are the font/source/ideology of the Left, the “Faggot Aunties” (antics), and the Cucktian Churches. Death to the Deicides.

            Deus Vult!

          • Read ‘the Jewish revolutionary spirit’ by micheal jones and then come back and tell you disdain talk of Jq…

          • Yes! Best damn book on the Jews, and the Judases in the Cult of Rome, I have EVER read.

          • You’re trying to reason with misfits and adolescents throwing tantrums… LARPers. I agree with you, and that’s why I don’t really visit this site much anymore.

          • Lol you think this site is LARPers you should check out the kooks at renegade. is tame enough to be taken seriously without cucking, good balance.

          • Hitler sent children out to defend his bunker and then after the kids were dead he blew his own brains out to escape responsibility. That is the man you look up to? No wonder you love Richard Spencer and company so much.

          • “Hitler sent children out to defend his bunker.”

            LOL. Did your jewish professor of history tell you that, you fucking retard? Yeah I can imagine Hitler just had a bunch of children in his bunker and he was all like “hey kids, go out and fight and I’ll give you candy.”

          • Hitler sent everyone he could to defend his nation because he knew that anyone left alive would be RAPED AND TORTURED TO DEATH.Man,woman,and child.

            He killed himself and had his body destroyed so no one could desecrate him.

            HE BEAT THE FUCKING KIKES HIS ENTIRE LIFE.Germany lost because of faggots like you.Weak,pathetic,and disloyal.


            There is NO UPPER LIMIT to their fucking bloodlust and they have NO SCRUPLES WHATSOEVER.

            They’ve pulled the trigger on this.They’re removing ALL of the monuments AND US….RIGHT FUCKIN’ NOW.

            Grow a pair of balls,right now,and get your ass on a shield wall or they are going to KILL your ass.

            We have no choice but to do what they stopped at CVII.
            Unite The Right.

            Stand UNITED or Fall DIVIDED.

            SIEG HEIL.

          • Again, comments such as this indicate the utter ignorance of the position that you claim to be attacking! Andrew Anglin wrote a stellar essay the week before the Jews andthe left decided to doxx him into nonexistence, about how all the stuff relating to Hitler and the national socialists is not who they are, but merely a historical touchstone. Your ignorance is astronomical.

      • I’d guess that for every goy who showed up there are a 1000 who were wishing they did.

    • Exactly. The media, including pseudo conservatives such as National Review, Fox news and others are no different than the extreme left MSM.

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