Live: The Richard Spencer Press Conference


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  • He is very funny and loves to make jokes which i like and he always makes my husband feel a little less awkward about being there. clomiphene for sale In fact, myoinositol is very often found in many plants and in tissues of animals.

  • I think Richard Spencer and David Duke work for the Democrat/Globalists, the Democrat Media parades them around to hurt the President and they go along with it. You’re being played by the Mainstream Media, they are using you for their ends to divide the country, smear the right so they can maintain power.

  • Is spencer another fake “conservative” jew piece of shit like Jason Kessler the jew faggot?

    KKK = Freemasonry = Judaism

    Smash jewish skulls every day.

  • I am not sure that I agree with Richard Spencer’s expressed willingness to grant more favorable consideration to the anti-cop attitude of Black Lies Matter and other communist organizations. Last Saturday’s crackdown on the Alt-Right by the Charlottesville police was done for overtly political reasons. The police actions against Michael Brown, Freddy Grey, and other street criminals had no such motivation.

    There is little common ground on any issue between Alt-Right organizations and hard-Left organizations such as BLM. For example, I doubt that Mr. Spencer would want white police officers banned from patrolling white communities, whereas de-policing of black communities is a major goal of BLM.

  • Yeah, Spencer is being a retard here.

    Spencer is at his best when he is owning the issue. Like, there was that rally at Texas where he owned the conquest of North America, he said “we took it, because we wanted it, because we had vision for it. It is ours.” That was brilliant.

    I’ve watched video of the attack multiple times. I’ve tried to find any video giving him a plausible angle of being in danger. There is none. The closest is a guy hitting the back of his bumper as he is accelerating into the crowd of people. Then he backs out at high speed. But if he were really trying to get away, he could simply have gone back that way to begin with. And it at least would be understandable if they had stopped him first. Instead, he is accelerating towards the crowd.

    It isn’t terrorism, but is road rage.

    And Spencer should have owned it. He should have said that yeah it happened because he was provoked by his experiences that day.

    The only way Spencer can have any credibility is by being relentlessly truthful while also offering a unique interpretation. He failed here.

  • If one minority kills someone we are supposed to say “Well he doesn’t represent the whole group, that would be racist.” Yet when one white dude makes a mistake the media portrays all white’s and pro-white groups as racist haters.

    Google, Godaddy, twitter, etc have demonstrated censorship is the cure to unfavorable ideas. It will start with the more extreme sites and eventually trickle down to anything remotely disagreeable. Internet censorship will now take over and lead to renewed calls for censoring all publications, groups, and speech.

  • At the 25 min. mark I can already see that this presser is a disaster. I cannot believe Spencer was so fooolish as to allow these bolsheviks to interrupt with “questions.” You DO THIS *AFTER* YOU TELL YOUR STORY. How is it that he doesn’t seem to know that these antifa supporters distustingly labeled as journalists DON’T ACTUALLY ASK *QUESTIONS* but engage in smokescreen and narrative disruption tactics? He doesn’t know that they are establishment imps? He set himself up to actually look dazed and confused. Very disappointing to see Spencer act so amateurishly and incompetently. Terrible stuff.

    • I’d say YOU’RE dazed & confused, tbh.
      Spencer, & Damigo, did superbly: very articulate, earnest, informative, classy. The journalists & their absurd questions looked like imbeciles by comparison.

      • I’ll say this, remarkably, the imps began to settle down and both listen and ask (for the most part) legitimate questions and Spencer and Damigo did very well. But if you can’t admit that the first half hour came off the rails then you’re just a fan-boy.

  • How to identify a racist=anyone or anything Not minority centric. Non Racist all hate all white people-even themselves ,parents and friends. Minorities /all nonwhites can not be racist because they Are the ones being oppressed ,depressed and maligned. Whatever nonwhites / minorities or liberals do is justified-legal or illegal ; because their “cause” is always legitimate.
    Dumb as they come
    But always numb

  • Richard’s conference was great. A piece of true about C-ville in the sea of lies, blatant lies by what is called the mainstream (foreign) media. The pinnacle of the foreign media lies was Cenk Turk’s (temiz getveren – a pure asshole in Turkic) decades old footage of brown shirts beating a Black man.
    Honestly, I have been Black-pilled since Saturday, but how they say in Texas, what it is, is what it is. The democrat-asshole, white-traitor Governor, a Jewish mayor, and a Black racist henchman, so-called Vice mayor in our “system”, have set up the peaceful White movement for a slaughter. What did we expect?
    The highly successful Friday night action with torches caused a “dizziness from success” (Stalin), which I could sense from the follow-up periscope by Spencer. And then, the Saturday morning action was dispersed with all the elements of set-up and a due foreign media coverage.
    The lessons of C-Ville:
    (1) The action just confirmed our fears that the foreign element in our country is firmly committed to the destruction of our race;
    (2) We can’t count on the State to uphold our basic constitutional rights to free speech, association, gathering and so on. Not for you Whitey;
    (3) For the first time, our movement has encountered not only LGBT, Antifa and other fringe elements, but organized Black thugs. The rally was totally unprepared to face harassment from Black thugs;
    (4) There should be no more un-armed rallies. Let’s the state bear all the consequences for its inaction to uphold constitutional rights in this country;
    (5) My personal firm opinion, no more swastikas, KKK and other old-age stuff in our ranks. We are White nationalists.

  • I LOVE RICHARD SPENCER! Its just amazing how pathetic and antiintelectual everything is that is comming from the left and (((the media))) compared to this man.
    Left wing ideas are dead! They have no answers to the problems of our time specifically not for white european people.
    And (((the media))) is dying too! People are waking up from (((media brainwashing))) very fast these days!

      • LOL! Nobody fears the left. You guys cant even articulate right. All you do is violently opressing opinions of people that you dont agree with. You literally have no other purpose. It is pathetic! Do you really think that this will be enough in the future?

        • Can’t even articulate THE RIGHT. As in, can’t actually address any of the points Richard or ANY whites are making, let alone get even a minute grasp on the landscape of the alt-right. The reporters seemed surprised Richard was critical of Trump. LOL.. They are not savvy. Because they don’t listen? No. Because they are hell-bent on preventing huwhites from even beginning to speak publically in the first place.

          (and when we do speak, they willfully misunderstand the English language, which is not a surprise…….)

          We live in severe times. The left is thoroughly dulled and utterly bankrupt when it comes to addressing existential questions……….. having been demoralized and degraded by Marxism’s foul spawn, still roaming the Earth like hungry ghosts.

          They don’t know they’re dead.

          2012 was Real, metaphysically speaking.

          The threshold into the so-called “Aquarian Age”/Kali Yuga/Aeon of Horus, Age of The Child, has been traversed… (give or take 20 years on either side…)

          Wheels within wheels…

          I feel qhuite huwhite pilled tbh…
          Victory is Assured.

  • A real man would stand up and take responsibility for the event that he (co-)hosted. It’s your sacred duty as the host of an event to ensure the safety of your guests. That includes ANTIFA, BLM, KKK, and any other scumbags that might show up to your event, because YOU are the HOST. If you can’t guarantee the security of the event then you should not hold the event.

    Instead you played victim and blamed everyone else for your problems, Richard.

    You are not the man you claim to be. You are a pathetic, sniveling weasel. Fix your shit or step aside and let someone else run the show who can do so properly. I feel sorry for the people who look up to you as some sort of leader.

      • Swarmed by an unpermitted, very well-known violent mob on a street which was un-protected/cordoned by police after the state of emergency had been declared? Antifa are cockroaches the city feels no remorse offering as blood sacrifice to awaken the remaining false idols of the remnants of the left. The utter stupidity of NOT gassing it in those circumstances is evident enough to a self-respecting man.

  • Time to give China a call: “Think one protester being killed in political violence bad? Just wait until China gives neo-Nazis billions in arms, cash and training.” – Julian Assange.

    • Yep. They are playing the long game well and own much of the west coast, Texas and other resource rich land. Much of it is even colonized. And why wouldn’t they support ethno leftist socialism. Its essentially what they, the Han are now with their command economy. China has been working towards bringing down the remnant of the USA for 20 years.

  • “No matter what the media says about us,we aren’t going anywhere.”

    No truer words were ever spoken. While I am a White Nationalist, I am intelligent enough to know that White Nationalism is a relatively small group of people with no friends outside of the movement. Trump is not our friend, Fox News is not our friend. In fact all big media has thrown White Nationalism under the bus.
    There are many on this blog that think that the events of this past weekend were good for White Nationalism….reality is sometimes hard to swallow.

  • Trump can kiss goodbye to being re-elected. He seems to be, as some of us suspected all along, an idiot and in the thrall of kikes. Back to square one!

    • The nazi larping on AR events makes it very hard for him not to distance himself from it.

      Consider the AR done if it does not evict the neo-nazis from their movement. It is 5 after 12 for that.

  • People talk of Alt Right, Antifa, BLM, ‘white nationalism’, ‘white supremacism’, ‘leftist hatred’, communists, Neo-Nazis, KKK, and etc.

    But why aren’t people talking about Jewish Power?

    What happened in Charlottesville is classic JQ issue.

    It is the convergence of so many threads that are intertwined with Jewish Power.

    First, we need to ask, what is the ruling power in America? It is Jewish Power, and even some Jews have admitted to this. Some Jews are critical of Jewish power while others wanna shut down all criticism or even the chance of noticing.

    What is the nature of this power? It is supremacist. What do I mean by this? Supremacism is domination over others. It isn’t just power contending with other powers but gaining master role over them. For example, every individual has his own portion of power. Some have more, some have less, but apart from work, each American defines his own personal self and personal interests. This is different from master-slave relationship where the slave must sacrifice his own personal interests and needs in service of his master. Master comes first.

    Why is Jewish Power supremacist? Because it demands that non-Jews, especially whites, suspend or nullify their own identity, interests, and agenda to serve the needs of Jewish Power.
    Every group has some power and agenda in the US. Greek-Americans are concerned about Cyprus. Armenian-Americans would like US government to acknowledge the Armenian genocide. Irish-Americans supported IRA in the past. Chinese-Americans are concerned about Chinese interests both here and back home. But none of these groups dare say that their identity and interest must be first and foremost for ALL Americans. So, Greek-Americans lobby for US to side with Greeks in Cyprus, but they don’t expect all of us non-Greeks to fixate so much on Greek needs and issues. Even the powerful Irish never expected that non-Irish Americans care about issues pertaining to Ireland. It was their thing. Same with Italian-Americans. So, each group had its interests and power, but never sought supremacist power over others.

    This is where Jews are different. For some reason, AIPAC-dominated Congress says ALL OF US MUST SUPPORT ISRAEL and WARS FOR ISRAEL OR JEWISH GLOBALISM(as in New Cold War with Russia endorsed almost unanimously by Congress as total whore dog to AIPAC). Why? If we are not Jewish, what is it to us? And if we are Arab-Americans, maybe we want the US policy to pay more heed to needs of Arabs/Palestinians.

    Now, Jews caring about Israel, Jewish history, or Jewish identity is NOT a problem. Every group should guard and work for its power and interests. In this, Jews would be no different from any other group. It’s like Mexican-Americans have their own issues. So do Filipino-Americans and their lobby. But Jewish power doesn’t end there. It goes into supremacist gear and says the US government, all politicians, the media, the courts, the academia, and etc should all use their faculties to compel ALL OF US to put Jewish power, identity, interests, and agenda over OUR OWN. Jews don’t have to put Irish interests or Greek interests above their own, but Irish-Americans, Greek-Americans, and the rest of us must ALL sing hosanna to Jews, Israel, Holocaust-as-religion, and even Homomania, the proxy of Jewish Globalism. Look how Evangelicals worship Israel above Jesus.

    We have to understand THIS FACT of America before we discuss all else that are related to Charlottesville.

    Now, not all Jewish-Americans are in supremacist mode, but Jewish Power certainly is in that mode due to AIPAC, ADL, Hollywood, Wall Street, War State, Las Vegas, law firms, and courts. Too many Jews in those institutions and industries are all-out Zionist-Globalists. Consider Sheldon ‘nuke Iran’ Adelson the lunatic who is allowed to play key role in GOP politics. (When a Jewish mogul calls for nuking of a nation that never attacked us and has no nukes, that is not ‘hate’ in the current zeitgeist. He is ‘respectable’. He can buy up so many politicians.)

    Why would Jewish Supremacism fear White Identity politics so much? Why does Jewish Supremacism demean white identity politics as ‘supremacist’ when, for the most part, Alt Right is NOT white supremacist. Most Alt Right whites want to be left alone and don’t want the West to be invaded. They don’t want to invade other nations(and if anything, they’ve opposed almost all wars and invasions by the US). And they don’t want to tell OTHER groups what to do. Alt Right is not about demanding non-whites to be slave-like and serve whites. Alt Right is saying whites have their own identity and should determine their own destiny based on white needs. Alt Right is anti-immigration for the common-sense fact that mass colonization by foreigners totally changes a nation. (That is the reason why Israel only allows Jewish immigration. Is that ‘supremacist’? The dominant group in any nation wanting to remain dominant is not supremacism. It’d be supremacist if that nation sought domination over other nations.) So, why is mere white identity-and-interests smeared as ‘supremacist’ by the real supremacists of Jewish power?

    It is because white identity is an obstacle to Jewish Supremacism. For supremacism to work, the ‘slave’ people have to subsume their own identity and interests into the bigger identity and interests of the ‘master’ people. This was how Nazi Germany saw its satellites. Nations like Romania and Hungary had to put German power and interests first and foremost before their own. German Supremacism in Europe would have been impossible if each nation insisted on sovereignty and doing its own thing. This is why Hitler hated Poland and then later Spain. Poland wouldn’t go along with the Grand Plan with Germany at the center. And Franco’s Spain later refused to join Germany in the mad war. (Today, EU-Glob is acting supremacist in demanding that Hungary and Poland put out… or else.)

    Jewish Supremacists hate ANY KIND OF WHITE IDENTITY because whites who gain racial autonomy and sovereignty will put white identity and interests above all else. These whites may be friendly to Jews or their interests may even coincide with those of Jews. But it may sometimes run counter to Jewish interests or even become hostile to Jewish interests or find Jewish interests hostile to them.
    Under such conditions, Jewish Supremacism won’t go very far since whites will not cooperate or may even go against Jewish interests to pursue white interests instead.

    The fact is Jewish Supremacism is IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT white cooperation and servitude. Jews, as 2% of the population, cannot run everything. Jews may control the commanding heights, but they need whites as generals, officers, soldiers, police, lawyers, clerks, engineers, bureaucrats, teachers, intelligence operatives, and etc. And unless white identity is suppressed, whites will serve either white interest or broader gentile interests than Jewish supremacist interest. Consider if most whites were like Pat Buchanan. Jewish power would not go very far as most whites would put white identity before Jewish interests. Or consider if most whites are like Ron Paul, who isn’t into white identity but is into broader sense of liberty. Then, most whites would not feel compelled to favor Jewish interests over that of all Americans regardless of color. As a libertarian, Ron Paul sees no need to favor the biases of Jewish-Americans over Palestinian-Americans. He sees both interests as legit but neither should command the loyalty of Absolute American Power. That would be ethnogarchy, not ethno-democracy where various ethnic groups argue and negotiate for power. Jewish Supremacists want ALL OF AMERICAN SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL and NOTHING FOR PALESTINIANS. Look how Jewish supremacists are clamping down on BDS like on Alt Right. Palestinian interests challenge Zionist interests in Israel-Palestine. White Identity and Palestinian Interests are taken out to the field to be shot in the back of the head.

    This is why Jewish supremacists feel a need to clamp down on ANY show of white identity as ‘nazi’ or ‘white supremacist’. It is classic projection by Jewish supremacists.

    Now, if Jewish supremacists suppress white identity, why do they play up non-white identities, especially that of blacks? And why of homos? Because boosting certain minority identity can guilt-bait white identity. By playing up black slavery and ‘Jim Crow’ narrative, white identity can be made to feel shame and guilty and deferential and reverential to black victimhood. This suppresses racial pride and agency on the part of whites. Such moral servility is easier to exploit by Jewish Supremacists. This is why Jewish Hollywood made stuff like 12 YRS A SLAVE, HIDDEN FIGURES, BUTLER, SELMA, and is now making three Emitt Till movies. This is where BLM is useful.
    Now, if blacks were the huge majority of America(like in South Africa), Jews would be afraid of black pride, black identity, and black power. But because blacks are still a minority, their identity and interests are regarded as useful tools by Jewish supremacists.
    As for homo identity, the idea of elite minority privilege(and homos are elite minorities) complements Jewish elite minority power. Also, homomania and its related gender-ideology spreads pansiness among white males. Also, Queertianity as the controlled ‘new christianity’ of Jewish suprmacists finally supplants the Faith in Jesus that held white world with so much confidence and conviction in the past.

    Now, what about Antifa? Antifa is supposedly ‘communist’ even though its members are mostly grunge-punk anarcho-syndicalists or more like cynicalists. They are into drugs, degeneracy, and filth. But they want some meaning in life, and ‘bashing the fash’ gives them meaning. They are soul-damaged garbage who feel so worthless that they can only feel good and justified by hunting down ‘nazis’ and ‘KKK’, the cartoon faces of evil. It’s like playing Mighty Morphin Power Rangeres.

    Why would Jewish supremacist globalist-capitalists of Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and etc want Antifa commies on their side? Jewish elites are rich and successful. Antifa are bottomfeeding trash. Because Jewish elites don’t have muscle on the ground against groups like Alt Right. Jewish lawyers, Jewish financiers, Jewish producers, and their kids are not going to fight in the streets and beat up ‘nazis’ and Alt Right. They are too refined for that. Some may join IDF but that is a respectable military unit. To ‘punch a nazi’, Jewish supremacists must rely on goons. It’s like Big Businesses used to hire gangsters and goons to beat up workers. It’s like in MATEWAN.

    The rich bosses, their colleagues, and their posh kids are not going to dirty their hands by fighting the workers. So, they hire goons who are not very educated. And these goons are indoctrinated that they must fight the ‘commies’. Back then, big business hired gangsters or rightists to bash communists, unions, and workers.

    But the white right has its own ideas and isn’t very useful to Jewish supremacists. Jewish supremacists must rely on the ‘left’ and ‘commies’ to bash the fash of the white right. So, Jewish capitalists must work with ‘communists’. But then, Jewish capitalists aided Bolsheviks for the same reason in the Russian Revolution and then Civil War. Jewish capitalists didn’t care for communism but they wanted White Russian Power crushed for all time.

    Antifa is useful to Jewish supremacists for the same reason that ISIS-Alqaeda was useful to Zionists in Syria. Jewish supremacists will even recruit Neo-Nazis, as in Maidan in Ukraine, to get what they want. Jewish supremacists are hellbent on destroying Russia, and the ‘antifa’ they found in Ukraine was on the far right.

    So, if we place Jewish Supremacism at the center of discourse, what happened at Charlottesville makes more sense. And the media reaction makes more sense too. Why does the media exaggerate Alt Right extremism but overlook Antifa, the Janissary of Jewish Power? For the same reason Jewish Supremacists pretended Syrian war was between evil Assad backed by new hitler Putin while the Syrian opposition are a bunch of White Helmet freedom-fighters. After all, who owns and runs much of MSM?

    At the center of it is the Jewish Supremacist question of “Is it good for Jews?”

    • This is alarmism. It is demagoguery at its finest. However, I believe that you (and the alt-right at large) have the right to speak your mind and express yourself through peaceful protests.

      • What ever you say half man, half breed, half wit, whatever. You, as a Commie are every bit as ignorant as the Nazi Larpers. Except you’re not ignorant. You are stupid. Its why someone will kill you when things go kinetic. Maybe face to face. Maybe from 1200 meters with a fiddy. Maybe with shit that gets smeared on your water filter while you are out knocking over monuments to the fallen. Maybe they will just fillet you alive for fun. Whatever happens, believe me, whomever offs you will laugh about it over a cold one or warm one if the saboteurs have destroyed the power infrastructure. It won’t matter. Because you don’t matter. The outcome is becoming less and less opaque now and I will be on off shore enjoying the spectacle. Whether its commies burning down the white house … or Nat Socs limning your parents and sister up against a wall for execution. I really hope you get your “Revolution” – really, I do. I like necessary war. And all that accompanies it. The smart ones will wait you and your ilk out till desperation brings cannibalism on the fith day and the sickness that follows. And then, they will rebuild.

  • If anyone has a meeting with James Fields before his jury seating, they need to bring this to his attention. We are afforded a trial by a jury of our PEERS. Peers, as defined by Webster’s, is as follows:

    A person who is equal to another in abilities, qualifications, age, background, and social status.

    We all know they will try to stack his jury with those who do not meet this criteria. They will have to be EXACTLY 20 years of age, it is not greater than or less than, but EQUAL. A black, Asian, Hispanic, etc… is not of the same background, they are ineligible. They have to be of the same background such as race, class, etc… They also do not fit the same social status. We as Whites are now 2nd class citizens, while the others are protected classes. The other

    Also, anyone who lives in C’ville will be needed to pass out literature to prospective jurors on jury nullification. You will have to pass it out before they step foot on government property. But beware, if any “judge” says they want to “meet” with you and tries to lure you on the property, do not fall for it. There are documented cases where they do this to press charges. You can find the information in the website below.

  • Just listening to all the morons in the news and radio….

    PC is Idiot Supremacism.

    Idiot Supremacists who stick to dogma with cops and robbers view of history and society.

    • The intellectual lowness of these morons like this dumb lying, thick as a brick press, is astounding…

      PC is refusal to understand the slightest nuance in language. Reduction to absurdity by the suspension of all judgement….

      Why would you rally with Antifa if you weren’t prepared to at least get hit in the head with some steel or get clocked like moldy? These are the people that society can afford to lose…the only sympathy I have is for their grandparents, that their kids were dumb enough to let their granddaughter go that far. When an enemy declares itself, THEY declared the war….

      But it couldn’t have been any other way. Our movement is a wheel within many wheels in this universe. Victory is assured. Keep writing and speaking Richard, this whole thing has been a TREMENDOUS boost of morale for me…

      I’m just really surprised at the acid attack. Where would you get the idea to throw acid in someone’s face? fucking oh wait…

  • My only disagreement with what RS said is that he should have treated the car incident as a road rage incident with nothing to do whatsoever with the Alt Right.

  • Spencer unleashed a real shitstorm.

    “They are blowing this town all to hell.”

    He provoked the dragon/beast, and it’s spilling totally out of control.

    Alt Right was set up by the authorities.

  • Well done Richard and Nathan! They had articulate well reasoned answer for everything. Didn’t let the reporters manipulate them. Good work guys!

  • That stupid reporter trying to equate using fire as a “symbol of the KKK” is such a shill. If that’s the case, is everyone that uses candles in a night time vigil a skinhead?

      • Who came up with the chants? And we’re you saying Jews will not replace us or You will not replace us. Sounded pretty anti-Semitic. What were you guys going for? What was the goal? Freak out Americans that the KKK, Neo-Nazis and racists hate groups are on the rise because of bad Donald Trump? You’re aware they’ve been pushing that narrative as soon as he got elected?

    • That was just American media pretending to have class and poise to show up the foreign media personality. I wish I could say it was genuine.

      • I have no doubt that 95% of those reporters will want to frame the story to fit the anti-White narrative. But the Truth is the Truth. If this should go to the Supreme Court , Richard Spencer should be prepared with a power point presentation.

        Did any of these “super talented” “very well read” “profound” reporters ask to look at that book tower? That would be the first thing I look at in that room and would be included in any report. What books are stacked up in a”Neo-Nazi-White Supremacist” office?

        You need to make your press conference room a little more organized. But also symbolically to send a message of some sort.

        • Considering that it wasn’t intended to be the press conference room in the first place, I’d say it was damn organized tbh. I don’t know how Spencer & his associates were able to improvise so well on such short notice after losing their intended location: excellent job.


    What the hell is leftism anymore?

    We had a presidential race where working class went with Trump the ‘rightist’ while most of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Military-Industrial Complex, Hollywood, and etc went with ‘leftist’ Clinton.

    How post-modern these labels have become.

    I think ‘left’ and ‘right’ obfuscates the real nature of the power struggle in the US and the world. It is ethnic. After all, ‘leftism’ always depends on who controls the left. Chinese communists were into Chinese nationalism, Russian communists were into Russian nationalism, Jewish communists were often Zionist, Vietnamese communists were into their brand of nationalism.

    In the US, most Jewish leftists are Zionist and don’t much care about what happens to the Palestinians. If American leftism was dominated by Palestinians than by Jews, we would have a very different leftism.
    Indeed, much of leftism is driven by narrow ethnic interest. Why are Mexicans for open borders? They just want more of their kind to gain easy access to rich America. It is ethnic. Why do blacks support affirmative action? It means more for blacks. It is ethnic.

    Look at BDS movement and the roadblocks against it. Supposedly, it is a leftist movement, but many Jews oppose it and are using muscle to even to criminalize it.

    And consider Jews and communism.

    Jews played a huge role in Russian communism at the start. So many Jews worldwide, even capitalist ones, supported Russian communism. It meant Jewish power crushing Russian Christian gentiles. But when Stalin gained power and sidelined many top Jews and then when USSR became anti-Zionist, many American Jews became anti-Soviet. But because many leftists and radicals in the US were Jewish and came under attack by anti-communists, Jewish power back then smeared McCarthy and anti-communists as ‘red-baiters’ and etc even though there had been many Soviet spies in the US under FDR and Truman. Indeed, Jews even slipped atomic secrets to Stalin.

    Back then, Jews attacked the anti-Russian voices in America. They were for free speech to protect their own speech from anti-communists.

    But today, Jews totally control the US. They nearly took control of Russia in the 90s by looting the economy, but Putin came along and restored some degree of national sovereignty. So, Jews hate him and fear that Russian nationalism might inspire other nations to restore gentile power.

    So, you notice how ‘fluid’ this ‘leftism’ is? In the end, the Power decides what is ‘left’.

    Since Jews have the power today, they can define ‘leftist’ as globalist, urban super-rich, elitist, big money, the ‘creative class’.

    But Hitler did the same. When he had the power, Nazism was supposed to be very anti-Soviet. But then, in 1939, he said Nazism and Soviets can get along just nicely by carving up Poland. So, Germany and USSR were friends. But then, HItler struck against and they were enemies again.

    Same with Mao. In the 50s, leftist Mao said China and Russia are best friends forever while US is enemy forever. But then, Sino-Soviet rift happened and any Chinese who was pro-Russia was a ‘bourgeois lackey’ and sent to labor camps. And then, Mao met with Nixon and eased things with the US, once deemed as enemy #1 forever.

    So, the POWER decides.

    This stuff about ‘left’ and ‘right’ are just distractions. The question is WHO has the power.

    Why is the US so hostile on both ‘right’ and ‘left’ against Russia, Iran, Palestinians, and North Korea?

    Isn’t it funny how America’s hatreds coincide with Jewish hatreds? Why is that? Because Jews have control over media, academia, finance, whore-politicians, etc. And if you say so, Jewish power will destroy you as an ‘antisemite’. It used to be that an anti-semite was someone who told lies about Jews. Now, speaking truth to Jewish power is ‘antisemitic’.

    And how did homomania become the #1 cause of the ‘left’? Jews control big money and big media and made homos their #1 allies. Homos are proxies of Jewish supremacism.

    In the past, homo decadence was denounced by the left as part of capitalist-consumerist-decadence-and-piggery, especially as homos tend to be vain, narcissistic, obsessed with luxury, and pandering to the rich and privileged. But since rich Jews now control the left, they don’t want to be bothered by working class demands. They’d rather make leftism into a fancy-pants celebration of homo vanity funded by Wall Street and Las Vegas.

    • A snapshot of Berlin between the world wars includes nudist magazines devoted entirely to children; glittering cabaret shows parading acres of sweaty, perfumed female flesh; and an endless supply of cafes, bars and private clubs catering to gay men, transvestites, lesbians and sadomasochists.

      Inflation is so rampant that the local paper currency is good only for toilet paper. Cocaine, morphine and opium are peddled on every street corner. And more than 120,000 desperate women and girls of every age and stripe sell their bodies for a pittance, including mother-daughter prostitution teams and brazen streetwalkers well into the third trimester of pregnancy.

      Such was the glory that was Weimar Berlin.

    • Are you intelligent enough to understand this:1. Human beings have the capacity to Learn, Imitate, Adapt and evolve. 2. Race, Culture and Political Beliefs are different things. 3. Certain groups can lean one way or another in Political spectrum due to upbringing and many other factors. Example women can lean liberal or engineers can lean conservative or whites can lean conservative or Hispanics can lean liberal etc However you slice it no group falls 100% on the same side of Political belief, including race. Meaning there’s diversity on the right. 4. Human beings have free will we aren’t gene machines. I am a Hispanic Conservative Woman, and I am by no means the one and only. Yes Jews are over represented in the Media an other areas for complex reasons and it can create too much bias, however there are plenty of American Conservative Jews. So I thought this was already understood in the 21st Century and we were moving forward. Racism is just dumb it over generalizes, it’s too simplistic, instead of treating people as individuals. That doesn’t negate group differences but you need have a sense of perspective and proportion. If you’re going to be brave and discuss these taboo subjects you should do it carefully and with precision.

    • See, gubbler, if you weren’t so obsessed with “high-t, muscular, blacks” you sometimes make sense. But your weird negro-fetishism keeps us giving you the banhammer over at TRS.

  • Just linked his conference at Amren and it was removed, as well as another reference to it, ‘at’.

  • I love how the (non-)British journalist in the end was absolutely furious at Richard Spencer’s eloquent words 🙂

  • I like how the (non-)British Journalist was absolutely furious at Richard Spencer’s eloquent words

  • I like the way the (non-)British Journalist was absolutely furious at Richard Spencer’s eloquent words 🙂

  • You know what’s really awesome! The alt rights hatred is bringing the county together. Keep up the lousy work, you guys are doing a terrible job.

    Real Americans stand united.

          • Individualism is a cattle fence that only white people believe in. I’m sorry to break it to you but identity matters more to minorities then some principles on an old document. White civic nationalists will get a huge awakening when they realize that non-Whites are not judging on the basis of ideals, but on a tribal level as this to them is of underlying and upmost importance.

          • Then why not let the Southerners go, eh? I’d let the nignogs go back to Africa.

          • We would take the blacks, illegals and everyone else you people hate, as long as you agree to take the racist white trash

          • I believe many people around the world wish to preserve their national heritage, culture and identity and this does not mean they feel hatred to others or are superior to others. I do sympathize with ethnic groups that want self-determination and that goes for Europeans as well who reject cultural and demographic replacement through mass immigration.

          • You’ll take all Urban Ghetto Areas like Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Houston, Detroit??


          • Blacks can’t cope without whites around providing gibs and technical infratructure. Jews can’t turn a profit without a diligent white working class either. It can’t go on for ever.

          • Buddy, ya got yourself a deal! Put’er there, lets shake on it. Sounds like a great idea.

          • So, we agree

            Neither side wants to live around the other side or under the same government

            Let’s work something out

          • Trust me I wish I could. We’ll never see eye to eye. IMO the only solution is to divide the states.


        This is a direct result of your hate parade

        • Would’ve happened sooner or later as the country becomes more and more brown thanks to cucks like you.

          Blame the people tearing it down. Not the ones protesting said people.

          • Honest question, do you people accept responsibility for anything? It sounds like all you people do is play the blame game. Don’t hate the rest of us because the world is changing. You had your time, time to adjust or get left behind

          • Everyone should take responsibility for their actions, like the people pushing down the statue and you making a fool of yourself on this comment section.

          • How many raped white teens caught up as
            Slaves in systematic rape gangs would it take for you support migration restriction and repatriation? 100 1000 10,000, go on give us a number? What is your limit? It’s an easy question, just give a number.

          • The world is changing. Are you going to make a virtue out of gang rape and beheadings now?

          • By supporting mass migration and multiracial society you are literally endorsing gang rape and organized pillaging of innocents. Shame on you, you pervert. How many Rotherhams is enough for you sick bastards?

          • I’m sorry I’m not familiar with that and doing a quick search something to do about child abuse??? My quick response, kill those people

          • You racist islamophobe! What could immigrants from Paki land do without access to teenage white girls? Again covered up and abetted by an anti-racist anti-white police force.

          • > Don’t stand up for yourself or else the left will get angry and tear down statues.

            Your argument in a nutshell. I’m guessing you were bullied in school?

          • When we reach Zimbabwe levels of anti-white Genocide will you catch a plane to Israel?

          • Are you going to make Aliyah before or after negroes are hunting down whites in their homes while the Arab and Hispanic cops chuckle away in the squad car as they take turns raping your daughter?

          • Yeah I do, just like what happened in 2008 and 2012. You guys will have your time then it will switch back to the spineless democrats. Like you had your time in 2000. It’s a two party dictatorship

          • They are are too stupid to see what’s coming for them as well.

          • Guy, in a 100 years everyone is going to look like Derek Jeter. Things change, it just happens.

            If it weren’t for your hate parade, these people wouldn’t be tearing down this statue. Actions have consequences.

          • A thought Experiment. Clinton wins in 2016. Terry McAuliffe becomes Attorney General. An emboldened BLM hunt down police in the street, black mobs loot Manhattan…Hate speech laws pass.

          • Uh……NO…….

            That’s not going to happen…….

            That’s a Horrible Vision…..

            And that’s not the way Nature Works……

            The Alt-Right is the way Nature Works…….

          • Diversity is our strength

            Different kinds of humans behave differently, due to genes. Sometimes a form of human can achieve great success, but over specialize and eventually start behaving in a way that is non-adaptive. It’s a very common cause of extinction.

            see white pepo

            If different kinds of humans exist, they might choose to resolve different problems differently. And one might come up with a more optimal solution, offering a way out of various problems. See Japan.

            If all humans are all merged into the same grey Derek Jeter hominid, we will no longer have the diversity of thought that we once did, and it becomes more likely that humanity as a whole will go into a non-adaptive mode

            Why don’t you value diversity?

          • I value diversity, trust me, but I’m just saying things change. races are interbreeding, you can’t stop it no matter how hard you try. Maybe your kind can segregate from the rest of us and keep you blood pure, and I’d say all power to you.

            I get the feeling you guys want to go back to the 60’s where whites dominated the landscape. Sorry as much as you hate it, the world is changing, either adapt or get left behind. From the looks of it you people got left behind and your lashing out because of it

          • No, races aren’t really interbreeding statistically. It’s a fringe phenomena among whites especially. White people will have to be bodily destroyed and the left is starting to realize that which is why you and your kind are lashing out.

            The science is in and women are olfactorally sensitive to similar blood systems in potential mates. Her body is more fertile for such a pairing and so her biology is driving her to mate with the biologically similar men. That’s only one vector of organic racemixing taking probably thousands of years if it would happen at all.

            Modernity is entirely novel with multiple entire nations of people physically occupying the same spaces as the (artificial, foisted) norm. Other instances of mixed race populations like in LatAm or the Indo-European invasion of Europe are a result of an entirely male cohort taking on large harems of conquered women

            Which is why antifa is always talking about home invasions, non-white rape of white women and murder of white children. They go to college, study biology as well and realize “whiteness” isn’t going to go anywhere without aggressive measures to bodily destroy white people in their “True Revolution”.

        • So, the Alt-Right is responsible for the actions of other people? Because these “protestors” have no moral agency? very interesting argument to put it nicely.

          • The hatred the alt right put forth has united Americans of all races. Again what’s happening in Durham is a direct result of the alt right action. This would have never happened if the alt right didn’t have their hate parade. Expect more of this. Thanks for uniting real Americans

          • Well, some hatred is justified. Hate is a very normal human emotion, I’m sure you feel it from time to time.

          • According to the ACLU the mayor gave the police a stand-down order. It seems they wanted to allow for violence and chaos as an excuse to shutdown the lawful assembly. Why is your anger not also directed at the mayors reckless action?

          • How did you feel when you saw Richard Spencer being attacked by Antifa back in the Winter on that Viral Video??

          • You are either LARPing as a boomer or are gaslit. These communist groups kill people every year in Europe including fucked up shit like lighting a pregnant woman on fire. “Antifa” is the name of the German Communist Parties paramilitary wing. The same group which murdered 100k people in the interwar period in less than a year. That’s who they named their group after here and have been attacking, maiming and attempting to murder people

            BLM alone killed over 100 people in a single summer. What happened on the 12th almost certainly an accident, and even if it wasn’t it is not part of some overarching plan for revolutionary violence.

            No one is going to take your plan to hit the streets for the sake of normalcy and decency seriously and condemn “both sides’ which you are marching for one of those sides, which is larger, better funded, better armed and more violent both in rhetoric and in deed. In point of fact if you were in some “counter-protest” (read riot and lynch mob) and talked this boomer faggotry you’d get your ass beat as another fascist. “Liberals get the bullet too” is their favorite slogan.

            In point of fact a bunch of liberals who were as pretend-outraged as you are went out and got their ass beat in Seattle and NYC this weekend and they didn’t have to pretend to condemn “both sides”. They probably cucked on the home invasion/killing children in the crib question which is standard fare among your new brothers in arms.

          • What about all the statues that have already been torn down prior to this. Also due to us?

          • Good point, and no. Sorry, tearing statues really doesn’t interest me. People wanted the statues removed and the states complied from my understanding, but I may be wrong

          • These fools are attacking inanimate objects…it’s full retard.

          • And you people are getting bent out of shape because of the removal of these inanimate objects, who the real retards?

          • Right, so what if Europeans started flooding into a non-white country, demonizing the founding stock, and in an effort to erase their history began tear down their historical monuments, would you think that was okay?

          • Iconoclasm doesn’t go well for the societies that fall victim to it. See: Afghanistan, Taliban blow up the Buddha statue at Bamiyan. See Syria and the recent destruction of Roman ruins by ISIS. See the Puritan sacking of the Anglican Churches before the English Civil War. See the original Iconoclasts in Byzantium. See Savonarola in Florence.

            You’d have a republic of virtue would you? Well, be careful what you wish for.

          • You’re Black…..

            And I’m White…..

            Go be with your People…..

            And we’ll stick with Ours……

          • Why were the statues removed? you tell me, because as I pointed out I don’t care.

          • Because of the alt rights hate parade, they’re tearing this statue down. One thing I’m realizing is you people do not accept responsibility for anything. It’s always someone else’s fault

          • Thanks for admitting they have no agency. Apparently we’re the only ones who possess it, interesting.

          • United the Violent Leftist Antifa Mob……

            Good luck with that at the Voting Booth…….


          • Republicans are proving to be ineffective and incompotent. All the right has are issues that play on emotions. That’s it. Build the wall, what a joke. Repeal and replace Obamacare, yeah good job. Trump is a incompotent babbling buffoon. He’s only adored by the stupid and racist

        • The sculptures don’t matter. They were never the point. Don’t worry you’ll be first against the wall.

    • First, just let us know more about your Political Philosophy and Affiliations…….

      Then, tell us if you support the 1st Amendment…….

      Then, tell us if you support Antifa……..

      The Rally was a Legal Court Sanctioned Rally…….

      Charlottesville and VA illegally violated REAL Americans Constitutional Rights…….

      “The alt rights hatred is bringing the county together.”


      Why were Urine, Feces, Bricks, and Rocks thrown at Peacefully Rally Attendees??

      Why were these Peaceful Attendees Maced, Punched, Kicked……

      …..Beaten with Socks in Batteries, Poles, and Bats??

      The Alt-Right brings out the Violent Leftist Mob……

      We’re not going away……

      Deal With It…….

      • 1. I’m am American I don’t side with any political party. I supported Ron Paul in 08/12 and Bernie Sanders in 16. I believe in state rights and less government. I support social programs that help Americans. I don’t think we should be involved in other nations business, and we should take care of our own.

        2. Of course I believe in the 1st amendment. I even support your right to dress up like nazis and march down the street preaching hate. I may disagree with it, but it’s your right.

        3. Antifa are trouble makers. I don’t care for them nor do I support them. IMO they’re no different than the alt right. People who just want to cause trouble.

        4. “Peaceful rally attendees”? Give me a break you people were more armed than the actual police, a lot of you wore helmets, holding shields and carrying sticks. You were looking for trouble. Plus there’s nothing peaceful about your movement. Nazis, KKK, white supremacist, yeah real peaceful. Stop playing the victim it’s tiresome.

        Your ugly movement is uniting the rest of us. Hate never wins and everywhere you go we’ll be right there protesting your hate speech. The more hate you promote the more our numbers will increase. Your outnumbered

        We will deal with it

    • It’s bringing whites together, and that was always the goal. Besides, we were always the real “country” anyway. See you in a year or so.

          • I don’t think Ernst Thalmann was Loling at the end and you won’t be either.

          • You’re right. It’s why Ernst Thalmann died the way he did.

            But try to think beyond Harry Potter, dude.

          • Lol Harry Potter, never watched it. Keep up the good hate, make Putin and ISIS proud

          • Putin is laughing at America. His plan of creating chaos in the US is working, thanks to Moscow “little hands” Donnie. ISIS thanks you for doing their work. You guys tool a page right out of their playbook, plus you hate Americans just as much as they do

          • Putin is laughing at America because we let in third world shitbirds like you.

          • Exactly. They vilify Putin because he kicked out some Soro’s backed NGOs that were trying to subvert the Russian nuclear family and push the sick, twisted “alternative lifestyle”. He would not allow his society to become the cesspool that they have been pushing ours to be. THAT is why they vehemently hate Putin.

          • Hey comrade do you have a poster of Putin hanging up in your trailer? You turds dress up like nazis and adore Putin and you call yourselves Americans?? Fucking traitor piece of shit

          • No, Chief Cuck, but I’m sure you have a poster of Nasty Pelosi you masturbate to. Fucking piece of white trash.

          • Putin is laughing at us because he comprised a moron like trump (you will never hear trump criticize Putin). Putins cyber campaign of propaganda against Hillary Clinton was very successful. The stupid tards who call themselves republicans ate it up. Putins plan for creating mistrust in our government and media is working and by electing the babbling buffoon he knew that would tear this county apart. You’re a stupid turd who probably supports Putin

          • We ARE America, you represent a very small minute yet very vocal slice of the population concentrated in urban areas led by drama queens. Got a secret for you, there’s a lot of people who regurgitate your mindless drivel at work to keep their job who at home donate to our cause….

          • Once you lot are expelled or whatever then the revival of fortunes begins.

          • wow! You keep getting more pathetic with every post. You do really believe that nonsens, too? LOL! Get a life!

          • Explain the ability of the military industrial complex to survive then.

          • No, your Zionist overlords do… Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, Rothschild, etc… Notice anything about their names?

          • And it’s not the Jews, it’s the zionists we have problems with. I have met plenty of decent Jewish people. Zionists on the other hand believe that they are God’s chosen, can never do any wrong, and with God’s blessing will do whatever to the goyim they want.

          • And they’re doing whatever they want. I learned a long time ago I can’t change the world and it’s a waste of energy to get upset about it. I live my life and control what I can. What ever happens happens and I just have to adapt to it

          • wowe, what a pathetic, no self esteem having and brainwashed scumbag you are. If i had the time for it, i would feel sorry for you.

          • Well, that’s your right to not like any of them. I will never try to tell anyone who they should associate with. I should have used I instead of we. I, as no one else, can not speak for anyone but myself. My apologies.

          • Have you looked at who the 1% are? If I told you that billionaires run the world as a shadow government you’d cheer and call me comrade, if I gave you a list of their names you’d call me an anti-Semite.

          • Why are you obsessing about us??

            Why are the entire Media…..

            …..Left and Right obsessing about??

            Why are they forcing the President to condemn us if we’re a Joke??

            That doesn’t make any sense……

          • Because they thrive on group think, they couldn’t form an original thought of their own.

            Liberals, know it alls who know nothing at all…

    • “That which is falling, should be pushed.”

      The statues were always coming down, at least this way we got something out of their fall.

  • We are a band of brothers and native to the soil
    Fighting for the property we gained by honest toil
    And when our rights were threatened, the cry rose near and far
    Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star

    Hurrah! Hurrah for southern rights, Hurrah!
    Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star

    As long as the Union was faithful to her trust,
    Like friends and like brethren, kind we were, and just;
    But now, when Northern treachery attempts our rights to mar,
    We hoist on high the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star.

    Then here’s to our confederacy, strong we are and brave,
    Like patriots of old we’ll fight, our heritage to save;
    And rather than submit to shame, to die we would prefer,
    So cheer for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star

  • Richard you’re doing the right thing, this will be seen as a great victory in the future, the Republican Party is on it’s knees,it now represents tearing down southern statues, mass immigration and violent Marxism.

    Southern White Americans will fall happily into the arms of the alt right.

    Sic semper tyrannis.

  • The media outlets covering this will either omit most of the content of this Press Conference maintaining the false narrative that Richard and the Alt-Right are a bunch of violent “neo-Nazi” racists or edit it to make Richard look evil and inept.

      • You seem surprised as Trump is. DJT: Made additional remarks on Charlottesville and realize once again that the #Fake News Media will never be satisfied…truly bad people!

        • I completely agree with Richard Spencer…….

          If James Field planned this before the Rally in a Premeditated Way…….

          Then, that is Terrorism…….

          I somehow doubt that……

          But, we’ll see…….

      • However, people wanting to understand what the Alt-Right is beyond MSM hype and falsehoods may find their way here to get the truth.

        • I found my way here because the MSM and the Left celebrated the Antifa Assault on Richard Spencer…….

          Twitter Management celebrated it……

          Google did as well……..

          And we will continue to Grow just like you said…….

    • It had 24k views, dunno how many watched to the end

      Seemed like Spencer basically just reiterated the common sense fact based narrative that is already showing up in a lot of places, and did a good job articulating it, although it was a very long video.

      He gave some good quotes warning kids against violence, etc.

      They can edit if they wish, but it’s probably good to get a comprehensive statement out there.

  • Excellently done. I fully agree that going forward, we have to work in a more insular fashion if we want to broadcast our message and aesthetic to the wider world as we want it.

  • Eff Trump, Eff Trump, Eff Trump:

    Translation: We are going to use the full weight of the federal government to attack and destroy the Alt Right and those who stand with them. When he says he wants to restore law and order, that’s exactly what he means because his Jew masters demand it of him. He is our enemy now. We are domestic terrorists, maybe we should show them they should be careful what they wish for.

    This nation is lost, there aren’t enough people to fight back against all this. We can make a final stand, certainly, but it won’t do one bit of good. They want us dead, they want us eliminated. Trump is on their side.

  • I am even more energized by recent events.White nationalism is on the move.No matter what the media says about us,we aren’t going anywhere.The commies instigated the violence.

        • Fuck them. They counter-signal us at every opportunity. What they need is more exposure to TRUE vibrant diversity. They will come round, or they will die talking about a piece of paper that doesn’t mean shit to the muds.

          • Their goals are also different from ours: they want to turn the country non-white via legal immigration. The existence of our people is non-negotiable.

          • Not true. Civic Nationalists and Conservatives helped elect Trump who wants to radically change our legal immigration system. So it’s just false to say that we want mass immigration. You’re placing way too much emphasis on race to the exclusion of everything else. It’s self-defeating. You need more nuance. The tribe you should be fighting for is the American Tribe, what we’ve achieved as a nation is more complex than just attributing it to PURELY race. Your views on race aren’t in par with science. Yes there’s IQ differences so as Americans we should take that into account, that shouldn’t drive EVERYTHING there’s more to human beings than IQ. As it is America is one of the best nations on earth, all we should be trying to do is slow down immigration and select immigrants that benefit America. Trump is trying to do that already, he needs help in the Senate so 2018 is an important election year in continuing this shift in immigration regime. One that’s is done, he have more economic growth and higher wages, you need to get married and have more babies. Problem solved. I don’t get why you guys go so extreme and go German/Hitler with it, it’s silly and actually helps the Left. Can’t you see that. You need more politically savvy people that focus on achieving policy results in the real world. You shouldn’t discard your morality in favor of racial obsession, yes race exists, yes there are group differences, are you intelligent and moral enough to understand why this shouldn’t drive how you treat any individual.

          • AGAIN, the muds DO NOT see THEMSELVES as individuals, nor do they see us that way. You’re a moron who thinks high-mindedness will save our nation and/or civilization; when of course when the enemy hears you talk like this they laugh, because all it signals to them is weakness and lack of resolve. Your insistence on abstract principles- which they neither understand nor respect- they react to by thinking “this guy sounds like a fag”. THIS IS ACTUALLY WHAT THEY THINK. You’re a perfect example of what has got our people in the mess we are in. THEY AREN’T INTERESTED IN TALKING, THEY WANT YOU DEAD AND YOUR HISTORY ERASED, because they are furious that they can’t do what we can, and your “reason” and “individualism” is just a red flag for the bull with the enemy.

          • I am “brown” and I see myself as an individual. So do millions of “POC”. I am for basing immigration policy on the long term interest of Americans. Racism is wrong not just on moral grounds but also on pragmatic grounds.

          • “Racism” has been “moral” throughout human history, because it essentially means promoting your group interests against outgroups. The white race is my family, my ingroup. Your Mestiza taqqiya (taqueria?) does not sway me… or any other whites. This is not your civilization. Why do you persist on telling us it is “moral” to accept our extinction?

            Give you one guess- YOU’RE NOT US, and you’re acting in your interest paying lip service to classical liberal notions created by WHITE men, for their posterity. Your people only use such ideas against us, and then dispose of them as soon as you reach a majority. Your language is Nahuatl or Quechua, NOT ENGLISH.


          • A less primitive and more evolved form of organization is the Nation State, seems you’re still living in the forest, come and join Civilization. You’re rejecting the form of government and the philosophy of your ancestors in favor of what? Savage tribalism, no better than how tribes live in Africa, your ancestors were way more evolved than this. You’re going back in time. Racism is not promoting your group interests, racism is hating and judging people based on their skin color. Promoting the interest of America is not racism, it’s what all Nation States do, they promote the interest of their people, it’s the essence of National Sovereignty. As an AMERICAN, not as a brown or Christian or woman, as an American I support restricting immigration, or changing the immigration regime to benefit ALL Americans and to ensure cohesiveness and peace. See how that works, when you love your country that comes first, there’s plenty of immigrants that love this country and understand that. There’s plenty of whites that hate this country and buy into Marxist ideologies that want to undermine it. There’s plenty of whites that want open borders. Your point of view has nothing to do with AMERICA, so not sure what tribe you represent, it certainly isn’t the American Tribe.

          • Can you read? I never said you need to accept your “extinction”. I supported President Trump because I love this country and because I realized the current immigration regime in the context of widespread Marxist Ideology in the culture probably not a good idea. See how people can think? You come from a tradition of thinkers, of people that believe in free speech as the means to get closer to the truth. You aren’t doing a very good job of embodying that tradition. You say you are white, are you AMERICAN?

      • See how far civic nationalism gets you. Blacks and browns don’t care about that shit. You have stuff- like social capital IN YOUR OWN SOCIETY, and that is “unfair”. Gibs me dat. You’re white. Therefore you’re a Nazi. And whites and ONLY whites care about “muh constitution”. They want you dead, or licking their boots, your daughters gang raped and sons dick-cut and emasculated. Wake up. Our civilization is a product of our race, and your skin is your uniform. There is no magic dirt, and Tyrone and Shitavious don’t give a fuck about “civic engagement” because they are 80-IQ illiterate savages, and nothing will ever change that- it’s genetic (despite the occasional NABALT Thomas Sowell outlier). WAKE THE FUCK UP.

        • So I think you’re projecting what’s primarily an attitude emerging from Marxist/Postmodern thought onto ALL Blacks and Browns. You have plenty of whites that have promoted and buy into Marxist Ideology. The identity politics we see is an outgrowth of Marxist philosophy. So the enemy, what we want to fight against is Marxism/Postmodernism. So it really is more of an ideological issue than a racial issue.

          • SORRY, NO. Race is real, genetics are real, and our societies are a manifestation of our disparate evolutions. As just one example, Whites, having spent the majority of the last 20k years in resource-poor environments, selected for low-time preference and empathy- things that served us well. If you couldn’t get along with your neighbor, you starved. If you didn’t respect your neighbors, they didn’t respect you, and you didn’t pass on your genes. Subsaharan blacks, on the other hand, did NOT select for these traits, evolving in a resource-rich environment, barely (in many cases) developing beyond the hunter-gatherer level)- and they stagnated, never creating a civilization with the wheel, steel, or dressed stone. THEY ARE NOT OUR EQUALS, and no piece of paper claiming they are will ever change the fact that- despite outliers- are largely 80 IQ high-time-preference impulsive savages incapable of functioning well in white civilization. Racial Egalitarianism is the lie of the age.

          • Also you seem to be conflating Historical and Cultural evolution with biological evolution. The races alone aren’t as radically different as you portray, there’s a whole lot of overlap among groups. We are more similar than different, yes small group differences can make big differences in representation like having more men among Nobel Prize winnners etc So it just explains the differences in representation at highest levels doesn’t mean all women are retards. Your ancestors had it right, Individualism is the best organizing principle for a society, if you have a math genius Asian or Indian you want him to be on top. In short meritocracy is best for the country, not retrograde race obsession, it’s a misapplication of statistical realities. Limited government also makes sense because of human nature. Freedom makes sense and works. So your picture is too simplistic, add nuance and how about some morality. Honestly some of you sound like Leftists postmodernist nihilists.

          • I am a Hispanic Woman, so yes we’re capable of thinking. You’re just wrong on that. If more immigrant children aren’t buying into the American System is because American teachers aren’t selling it. But yes we can learn and be persuaded. We aren’t THAT freakin different!

    • You might be a sincer person. You need to understand that Jason Kessler is a jew faggot. Google “rabbi kessler” and you will see that this is a very common name for jewish faggot pedophiles like Jason Kessler, and that jewish faggot pedophiles have been running ALL “neo nazi” organizations for a long time. It’s time to smash jewish skulls, male and female, young and old, every single one of these shit stains needs to be killed.

        • stfu jew boy, before you get your fake “nazi” jew face smashed in with a tire iron. I’ll cut your jew faggot throat you fucking pedo piece of talmudic PIG SHIT

          • LOL YOU won’t do shit other than take your tongue out of your rabbi’s ass to stick it up mine and clean me after I shit, you weak, foreskin-less, hunch-backed, chicken-chested, near-sighted, hook-nosed talmudic rat LOL. Fuck off back to your tech Masada with your hebe D and C shit or get the oven.

        • Blank spot is a good name for you because of the big blank space between your ears you fucking inbred jew fuckwipe

  • Excellent. Richard was calm, clear and composed. I would have liked for Jared Taylor to have been there, but he worries too much about Muh respectability.

    • Why is antifa violence so ugly? Self-hate is the ugliest kind of hate and thus the driver of the worst kind of hate. Imagine if you were made to hate and attack your parents, sisters, brothers, uncles, and aunts. To carry out such heinous acts, you have to steel yourself and go against your own nature. Because such hatred is unnatural and unhealthy, you must make yourself extra-rabid and extreme to carry out the violence.

      Antifa is mostly whites made to hate their own race, culture, and history. So, antifa ideology is rooted in ugly and unhealthy white self-loathing and self-hatred. Antifa has been told that whites are evil, therefore, whites can only be good by self-hatred and hatred toward other whites, esp the unrepentant ones. So, antifa community is one of whites who share self-hatred and hatred for those whites who don’t share in the self-hatred. Antifa are triggered by whites who don’t hate themselves. They are appalled by white pride, white dignity, positive white identity. I mean, they went through this ‘virtuous’ herculean effort of hating their own race, but those other whites won’t do likewise. A bunch of ‘nazis’!!!

      Antifa is like Janissary under Ottoman rule. Janissary were Greek or Balkan Christian boys recruited by Ottoman Turks to serve Islam. So, European Christian boys were made to hate their own kind. They were made to serve Allah and attack their own race, culture, and territory.

      Antifa are whites whose souls have been snatched and owned by Globalists. Antifa whites are Antifanissary. Antifanissary are like zombies that can get off only by attacking and feeding on the flesh of white pride and identity.

      Because their souls have been robbed and distorted by the Glob, their hatred is of the ugliest kind. Theirs is not the healthy kind of hatred for the enemies of one’s race or people. It is unhealthy hatred of the self and own kind that seeks therapy by attacking others of one’s race who don’t share in the self-hatred.

      Antifanissary are self-hating whites who hate whites who don’t hate themselves. A people who hate their own kind can find meaning ONLY BY serving another group deemed holy and clean. This is why antifanissary are so slavishly servile to Jews, blacks, and homos, three groups deemed to be sacred by PC.
      Antifanissary can only find meaning by deferring to Jews, blacks, & homos and by hating their whiteness. And to gain approval from Jews, blacks, and non-whites, they attack other whites who refuse self-hate as basis of identity and morality.

      • “Why is antifa violence so ugly?” Because this is a SPIRITUAL war, brought home by the Uruk-Hai of the 21st Century, and the Christ-killers of the last 20!!

        The one thing about Christianity’s analysis of the world situation that still works, (but we have been told to forget) is that our enemies are INCARNATED seed of the Devil… JUST AS CHRIST is the Incarnated seed of ADAM (the White race). The entirety of the Church Fathers attests to this, the place and people of REAL Christianity (not the Protestant, post-Reformation RC’s and all that ‘Save the pagan babies’ BS) attest to this (where did Christendom reside? – in the lands nearest the “Sea of MIDDLE EARTH” – i.e., the Mediterranean, and Europe- WHITE MAN’S LANDS).

        The reason the Anti-fa(ggots) are so ugly is because their SOULS are as ugly, perverted, blasphemous and DAMNED as are their faces! The last war in prophetic utterances of Orthodox Monarchs say that the ‘Blond Nation will defeat the ENTIRE Ishmael.’ If that isn’t the White Race as God’s Elect, against the hordes of Heathens, I don’t know what is!

        • Generally correct, but no our enemies are NOT the incarcerations of the devil, their know-ful or know-less servants to him and I do not know what is worse. Personally I think being the Devil is better than following him in any way as he is will-less and so does what he does, the others choose to follow him no matter how, in what form and through what medium they heed his voice… or one of his servants! For if they would be incarcerations of him then they would have been far more powerful and able by themselves comparable to cheap version to God-Man Christ as they would have been Devil-Men (sons of the first fallen angel the master of all Temptations). Live the incarceration for the anti-Christ.

          Funny thing in Greece we keep saying that the blond nation will defeat the Turks (we used to call them Agarenes sons of Agar it was confused with Ishmaelites or sons of Ishmael) and with this we mean the Russians… as they tend to be the only
          reliably blond orthodox nation.

          And lastly Bravo! The body tries to become like the soul’s astral image and ugly souls will have an ugly astral image that will end up with a body sporting an ugly image and a face that portrays ugly thoughts and ill will!

          • NO. Look at every incidence of the word ‘descendants’ in the Bible- the LXX has ‘sperma.’ SEED, as it procreative. Christ called the Jews, ‘of their father, the Devil.’ (Of course, this brings up the reality that Christ was of a different ETHNOS than they- Edomites, anyone?).

            Every instance of a ‘chosen people’ almost reverentially bespeaks an INCARNATE SEED. Read Ezra and Nehemiah, for crying out loud. Of course, if you are a gnostic/pagan, and/or believe the soul is not intimately connected (for all time) to the Body, and don’t understand the concept/reality of Incarnation, then I’m sorry for you. But don’t tell me, a priest, an academic, a Doctorate holding professor, and a student of Orthodoxy, that I am wrong, unless you have a ream of scripture quotes, church fathers, and praxis to back it up.

          • The soul is connected to the body, the body though fails to compeletely follow it if it disconnects that is death.

            For me for one to be an ascendant of the devil the Devil has to procreate with a human and then the human to give offspring. But de facto I consider them all evil it is that I have a very slight question on that part. The word sperma in Greek is also used metaphorically many times the ones who betrayed Christ and those who still do it were become seed of the Devil by their actions and evil ’till only they repent, something that won’t happen as the more one goes into the rabbit hole the more difficult it is for him to go out later. I have sadly not learned out the scriptures by heart, only read them all. For me for one to be incancerated there is a need for the soul to be made from the start in a very specific way while these people have souls very close to that of the devil they still are not from him. This is what makes them despicable if they were incancerations they would have no will instead they chose by mind, soul and action to follow the Tempter’s whisper.

  • Heard on Daily Stormer that Disqus had been Shoah’ed. Glad to see it still up and working. What a week!

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