Discord Shuts Down Alt-Right Server

Our Discord has been shut down. No word yet on who got it shut down.

Meanwhile, Daily Stormer’s Discord has been shut down as well. Guess who did it?

It was Laura Loomer of Rebel Media.

I would point out that Laura Loomer is a Jew…but hey, I’ll let her speak for herself.

Laura is part of the Alt-Lite, our greatest allies.

She also may have been the one to shut down the /pol/ Twitter account.

The push to no-platform us has been underway for several months now. Youtube, Twitter, Patreon, Google, Facebook and many other platforms have already started censoring us. The Globo-Corpo-Homo-Judeo establishment is coming at us from all angles and lobbing everything that they have our way.

But we will weather this storm and come out stronger than before. Everything that doesn’t kill us makes us more resilient.

When the Jews started their siege of Gaza, they thought that they could squeeze the life out of the Palestinians by cutting off all support networks into the strip. They tried to turn the entire strip into an open air gulag. They were sure that they could break the Palestinians by decapitating the leadership, and destroying all the existing military and economic infrastructure.

But they failed.

With their backs to the wall and facing extermination by the Jews, the Palestinians quickly began to adapt. They developed parallel structures. They built tunnels under the border to smuggle supplies. They got smarter with their communications because anyone with an unsecure communications ended up dead. Their fighters got smarter and deadlier. The people tightened their belts and weeded out the infiltrators. They became tougher and much more dangerous as a result of the siege.

And so will we.

It is clear now that we Whites find ourselves in the same position as the Palestinians. We live in the Occupied Territories of Sweden, France, the UK and the United States. We no longer have the right to assemble or speak freely. Charlottesville shattered that illusion. The State and the corporations work hand in hand and view us as mortal enemies.

But we will simply adapt. If we get shut off Patreon, we will make a Hatreon. If Youtube or Twitter or Facebook or Reddit or Paypal or our hosting service censor us, we will simply build parallel structures. Hell, there’s money to be made in making competition to the big monopolies.

We will get better in dealing with the police. We will set up attorney networks and we will stage even more powerful displays of defiance. These obstacles will simply educate us and help the movement grow through adversity.

Boy, oh boy. They sure picked the wrong enemy. History has shown us that legions of disenfranchised, intelligent and motivated young men are very, very good at resisting tyranny.

We’re playing for all the marbles here, folks. And believe me when I tell you that there’s no way in hell we’re losing this fight.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
I have a Hatreon now! If you like my writing and want me to write more, consider supporting me there.


  • I’m pretty new to discord but I created a discord for alt right people alt lights or any kekistanis send me your username and I’ll invite you (;

  • You guys are being shut out because you’re spreading meaningless poison. I recognize our 1st amendment rights, so you can say and think all you want, but no one wants to be associated with you guys. And it’s not just a trend. You guys are a dying breed. You think the world is falling apart with desegregation and inclusivity, but it’s only the ones who are fighting it (YOU.) that are problematic. You guys are making the world drag you into the future. I don’t expect any of you to think at all because of this, but just in case anyone is disillusioned about where things are going, I thought someone should tell you.

  • I watch Richard Spencer talking he is interesting and he may seem right
    but he is leaving out one main thing. It is GOD.
    Survival of the Fittest is based on Nature but alot of the world has a higher power than nature.
    It is the Power of GOD .
    How can Israel survive among 7 hostile Muslim Nations all of which are equal or stronger?
    Put it this way if you put Richard Spencer in the center and surround him by 7 hostile Clones of Richard Specner all united to defeat the Spencer in the middle , Who would you put your money on the 7 or the 1 ? Only the right.
    In the Case of Israel even prior to Nuclear bombs Israel defeated the united hostile muslims because GOD was fighting the fight . If it was just Israel then Israel would have clearly lost.
    RAce is important everyone has and ability or aptitude
    Whites – good in creating organizations
    Blacks – good in sports, music, dancing
    Chinese- good at work and math,sciences
    Jews- Blessed people and hard working
    Not everyone can be Michael Jordan
    but there is more to life than just Race.
    GOD is not a race GOD is GOD
    so no race can be compared to GOD

  • “We’re playing for all the marbles”? Why not just a proportionate number of marbles to population size? Wait, that would mean whites would have to give up some marbles. Alt-righters…you are simply in the wrong. You may feel like you are losing ground, but that’s just the rest of the world trying to catch up. In 2016, the average wealth of white families was $700,000 more than those of blacks or hispanics ( You may feel like this statistic does not reflect your economic situation. I imagine that’s because it figures in the mega wealthy whites. If you want a piece of the pie, theirs is the piece you want. Believe me, it’s much bigger than any minority has. Laws requiring a cap on how many times more a CEO can make over their lowest paid workers would better suit your cause. Or making corporate contributions to political candidates illegal would also help (the more big money controls government, the more legislation will work against we who struggle financially). Don’t let the Bannon’s of the world pull the wool over your eyes. And remember, for every story you have of losing some advantage to a minority, that minority has at least 10 of being taken advantage of or being systematically excluded by whites. Also, hate speech is odious. Just say no.

  • “Jew” or “Jewish” is, at the least, an inaccuracy and, focally, an invention that has been developed over the last century, mainly in Western Society that will enable the agenda of the Criminal Cabal of the the Rothschild World Banking Syndicate and their minions. There are hundreds (no. Thousands) of books that are well footnoted and establish this as fact. You can read a short article, here:
    that shows just how entrenched in the powerful “elite”(I don’t like to use that word but, THEY have created “elite” as an identifier.) they really are so powerful and pervasive that there is little that can be accomplished in resistance to them. They own banking, media, and governments. Everyone knows what the war criminal, Kissinger, said about money. Even The Donald doesn’t have enough money, it seems.

  • I liked your fight message, but that was not a good analogy. While I’m no fan of the Tribe, the Muslim Arabs of Gaza are absolute scum. Oh, and there’s no such thing as a “Palestinian”. Just saying.

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  • It’s not a super elevating word, but to be clear, we’re following the guidance of Discord restrictions in order to stay above board.

  • Hehehe. Pretty lulzy comparing yourself to the Palestinians. I wonder how my commie friends will react to that analogy?

  • All you people need to be having WHITE babies. Get to work! Stop wasting time.
    I’m planning on 4-5 with my bf.

  • I’m sitting on my sofa listening to The David Duke Show and I just came from Stormfront, where I was reading and posting; I’m glad the site is back up. I usually come here after reading Richard Spencer tweets (I’m a follower) and I really am getting pissed at all of the BS happening in America, which continues to chip away at my patience. I’m cleaning my 1911 and I’m looking forward to the final solution which will explode in the streets of cities all over this country.

  • LOL! This just started…You guys need to get used to it. You will be marginalized and kicked to the curb. But I get it, even nazis need a safe place to hang out…LOL!

  • I hate to bring up an obvious point; but the Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, and the Muslims who are invading America and Europe, are the same people. That’s why all Muslims need to be expelled.

  • We need to wise up with this stuff. Look at the commies, they don’t come out and say “were globalists and we’re here to kill you” You don’t see a hammer and sickle hanging up on the wall or on their t shirt. Their organizations aren’t called stuff like “The Karl Marx Kill Everybody on Earth Foundation” it’s always “The Community Coming Together Foundation” or some shit like that. The “feminist” groups aren’t really feminist, their just there to use women until a more useful brand of idiot comes along and wants to gang rape women all over the western world, then they shut up and say nothing. People stay confused because the title still says “Feminism” not communism like it actually is.
    Instead of marching and yelling we should be calling ourselves “Hope for Disabled Children” or something and volunteering at some children’s hospital while subtly making friends and spreading our influence. Those lawsuits and all this censorship are why the commies hide like shape shifting fiends for a horror film. They know their reputation and they don’t want that happening to them.

  • the daily stormer pushed the limits and now has two federal lawsuits and one civil against them. i saw it coming when they wanted to do an armed protest march against some jew bitch. i thought it was ill advised. turns out i was right.

  • So where to go for discussion? Solutions guys!!

    You guys should have a rule, bitch moan and complain, but for every complaint you have to have a solution.

  • Does anyone know if the National Policy Institute’s November 19, 2017 conference is still scheduled? If so any ideas where to register?

  • You anoles deserve to be in jail…you are brainwashed tiny penis boys…shame you are in America, get out!!! That girls death is on you-all of you Nazi homophobes jerks who can’t exercise common sense. You should all be called out and lose your jobs…you don’t deserve air…

    • She died of a heart attack, no car hit her. She was an obese, smoker who was out walking half the day. It is near impossible to preform effective CPR on an obese person, No oxygen to brain for 4-6min you are brain dead. It generally takes longer than that for a defibrillator to arrive. THANKS FOR WISHING US DEAD, the altright remembers….

  • You know guys always see you out gunned that these riots. Personally, I don’t believe in identity politics. It is the method communists use to split people into groups. It’s their documented (and many times repeated) method to destroy the cohesiveness of nations, and now the United States. That’s their trap – be very careful folks. The crisis stage is now occurring. It’s ON
    THAT said, I hate the left beating on white folks fighting the hate, demeaning of white Americans. It’s still America. So here’s my bit.
    > I’ve wondered why lacrosse sticks and rocks were not used for street defense. It sounds weird, but a very similar weapon was used in the middle ages by European peasants very effectively.
    They are capable of throwing a 1 pound Stone at nearly 100 miles per hour. That equals to between 2 and 300 lb of blunt force trauma. A lighter Stone 6 thrown at a further distance up to a football length away and can generate over 100-foot pounds of force.
    Standing at this distance from Antifa the lacrosse sticks and stones could act as artillery shooting at the mass of Antifa. With a little practice and a forward observer directing aim to concentrate fire, such as knots of Antifa. It would make a brutal weapon. It could very easily kill of maim an opponent. Be careful. But if you’re outnumbered? The sticks can be used with bottles containing a variety of noxious chemicals. It’s easy and cheap to make. Innovation is the white man’s way.

    Do you know why Irish have never had a problem with the Jews? We would never let them on the freaking Island!

  • That cunt Loomer failed to mention that Rebel Media’s (spit! spit!) little conference on a cruise ship got (((shut down))) by the cruise line because they’re as hateful as anyone else on the right.
    lol j3w b||tch

  • Where are any upcoming rallies??? I want to support my fellow Trump supporters and constitutional loyalists but, darn it’s hard to find out where anyone is meeting! Help!

  • I get the feeling that this website, like the fake “rally” in Charlottesville, is 100% run by inbred homosexual jewish dog shit like Jason Kessler.

  • KKK = Freemasonry = Judaism = Synagogue of Satan

    Smash the skulls of jewish dog shit today. Jason Kessler is an inbred jew faggot that needs its jew skull smashed in with an axe.

  • Jason Kessler is an inbred jew faggot commie homosexual piece of shit that needs its jew skull broken open with a lead pipe, just like EVERY SINGLE INBRED PIECE OF JEW DOG SHIT ON THIS PLANET.

  • Oh shut the fuck up please. Are any of you Indian?! Fuck no so take your asses back to Europe if you don’t like shit.

    • Fuck are you ungrateful for the unimaginable sacrifices that allow you to type on the computer. All carnivorous land mammals expand and secure new territory and resources. Also it is 2017 and we use the term FIRST NATIONS not Indian you racist.

  • Someone sent me a link to this site, they thought it was a satire, or joke site. Sort of a Dumb Red NECK version of THE ONION. Alas, its just a site for incredibly illiterate wanna be tough guys.

  • Sheesh. I just hopped on here to take a look at what y’all are talking about. Looks like a lot of angry people. Is there any room for discussion or has the boat sailed on that one? Looks like anyone who posses a differing opinion is immediately attacked and belittled. I’m not claiming to be right, but isn’t it kind of an indicator of uncertainty when you have to defend your perspective with such ardent hostility? Cults and gangs work in a similar way, destroying and demonizing any perspective that does not align with their own -and not because they are certain of what they believe, but rather because they have become so identified with what they believe that anything that goes against their ideology is in fact a threat against them. Would love to have a real discourse with an intelligent Alt Right individual so as to better understand your perspective.

    • 1) The rally we spent months planning with the city of Cville was suppressed by the governor of Virginia for political reasons.
      2) He also used the state police to push us into the leftist crowd, trying to incite a massacre, probably with the aim to blame the entire death toll on us and get the political capital needed to impeach Donald Trump.
      3) He failed, there was no massacre, we fought our way out of there as the crazy leftist were given full control of the city.
      4) While we were leaving the city one guy got singled out by a mob of them on his car, tried to ran and killed a leftist in the process.
      5) The next day, the entire media establishment on the whole world is ready with the same fake story: White supremacists murder innocent anti-racist girl on terrorist attack.
      6) Every useless conservative falls in line as always, except Trump.
      7) After the government of Virginia confirmed we have no right to hold a peaceful rally, silicon valley gets together to suppress us off the internet.

      Tell me, what emotion would you feel if this had happened to you, happiness ?

      • Websites are being shut down, speeches cancelled, funds cut, Facebook pages deleted, even Right Wing clothing stores are down. We effectively don’t have a First Amendment. So yes, were angry.

      • Thank you Aviv for laying out the narrative in the way that you see it, it helps me to understand why there is such intensity around all of this. If this type of circumstance were to happen to me, and I saw it the way you layed out the events, I think I would feel under attack, trapped, and angry. Is the feeling of being trapped or under attack a valid way of putting this? is this how the Alt Right feels in regards to the Liberal Media, the government, and ethnic groups who have come to the US?

        • I feel as if the elites plan to keep white people around just as a good source of tax revenue, that we are not supposed to partake in politics unless all of our positions are about the advancement of the other races over us, as far as i see it the consensus amount those that hate us is not that they want to fight us, but that while they decide the future of what we built in the last 200 years they expect us to shut up, sit on the corner and die of inaction.

          I feel as if we as a race have adopted a non-white son, took care of him, that he grew stronger while we grew older, and now he can’t wait for our senile self to expire faster enough so he can blow the whole inheritance we spent a lifetime accumulating in 5 years.

          I can’t really put felling this into a single word.

          • I hear you. Don’t let me put words in your mouth, but it sounds like you feel betrayed, used, maybe disempowered… Is this fair to say? Do you think it’s possible that there are individuals within our country that feel the same way even though they don’t share the same perspective as you? I think there are a number of communities that feel marginalized, misunderstood, maybe even demonized, and that they have there own perspective as to why they are being oppressed. I only bring this up because there seems to be an unwillingness to have discourse with individuals and communities that have differing perspectives, on all sides. Nobody wants to talk to anyone else so we’ve all made the “other” the bad guy, fitting them nicely into our narrative and keeping them separate. I’m not saying you’re wrong or that Alt Right is wrong, rather it just seems like there is not real way to grow beyond our own dogma without intelligent discourse; a willingness to drop our shields long enough to see who it is we’re fighting against. Does this make sense?

          • I don’t think its fair to say that we don’t want to talk when we try to make a rally and the governor of the state declares a state of emergency just to shut it down, with the help of leftist groups who’s self-declared reason for existence is to make impossible for “fascists” to speak.

  • In case anyone out there hasn’t already seen this:

    Donald Trump has, in just four days, done a complete 360 on the unrest in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a white nationalist rally erupted into violence that resulted in the death of one counter-protester. After blaming “many sides” for the violence in his initial remarks over the weekend, on Monday he condemned the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazi and other white supremacist demonstrators. Then today (Aug. 15), he doubled-down on his original position, unleashing a tirade of moral equivalency during a Trump Tower press conference in New York.

    His argument swiveled on the ostensible reason for the Unite the Right rally: their opposition to the planned removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, the general who led the Confederate Army in the US Civil War. Demonstrators in other American cities also have begun toppling statues of Confederate leaders.

    Trump likened this to felling the statues of some of America’s Founding Fathers:

    So this week it’s Robert E. Lee. I noticed that [Confederate general] Stonewall Jackson’s coming down. I wonder, is it George Washington next week? And is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You know, you all–you really do have to ask yourself, where does it stop?

    Pushed by reporters to explain why he equated the leaders of the American revolution with the Confederate generals, Trump said:

    George Washington was a slave owner. Was George Washington a slave owner? So, will George Washington now lose his status? Are we going to take down—excuse me—are we going to take down—are we going to take down statues to George Washington? How about Thomas Jefferson? What do you think of Thomas Jefferson? You like him?

  • I joined Twitter the day after the protest… That lasted less that 24 hours before I was banned. Some tubby white male cuck told me I sounded like a terrorist for saying that white people are amazing and have the right to exist and stand up for their rights.

  • They have shut down all of my safe spaces….Info Stormer, DailyStormer, all of it. What a bunch of cowards.

    • sup mang
      You can get DS on Tor…bbs should be up soon, too, per AA

      He and weev will work it out.
      Laura (((Loomer))) is gonna get that smug h3b3 smile turned upside-down.

      • It’s so good to hear from you brother….We have to keep in touch…and at the risk of really looking like a complete dumbass, I don’t know what the hell Tor is or how to use it….:(

        • They had that you didn’t need Tor for just any browser, but that’s not working ATM either. Keep looking around and keep your eyes peeled. Sooner or later this will be fixed.

      • Cant even get the link to work in Tor….keeps sending me to a page with lots of descriptions and wiki info’s on onions.

          • I just tried making an account….Im so fricking agro right now…It keeps telling me ….fuck it, it just will not allow me in…I give up…Ill just have tyop wait until everything goes back up…My name has been taken…When I finally found a name that wasnt and clicked create and tried to log on thew site said I didn’t exist in their records….. :/

          • GRRR!
            Man, keep trying. IT WILL WORK. You gotta be missing a step somehow.
            Waiting for shit to come back up…the jews are on a rampage hutting shit down at lightning speed. It’s gonna take a while I think.

          • Hey brother, finally reached the Stormer in the dark webs….Gab is another monster altogether…I have to be invited or some thing or other. Waiting for my invite in the e-mails…they have it now that I’ve signed up, supposedly.

          • Finally got to the stormer….Gab for some weird reason still wont go through…I gave them my e-mail, the site is telling me I’ll get an invite through e-mail in 7 days? We shall see.

          • Hey UnC, I can see the Stormer is back at lol/, Can see there are comments but no access to the comments. page loads yet is blank. So as of yet, no BBS for me…Is he still working on it?

          • I no longer have to use tor. Regular webs…I am using Qwant by the way….It is showing comments. And it loads the page, only the page is blank yet there are comments. Also, GAB doesn’t seem to respond?…Sent my e-mail, or tried to anyway and the little circle when you hit send never stops spinning. How in the hell do you make an account for this if it wont take the e-mail? 🙁

          • Thanks Dude.
   is down due to server overload from traffic. Not a ddos. They need more server to handle their newfound clientele.
            I’ll look up DS when I get back in town (I barely have cell where I’m at in OK right now).

          • Gad ai for android is gone forever (((They))) at goolag shut it down….Now its only on PC…Also that company DS went to also shut him down again….They caved to the (((pressure)))

          • It still isn’t letting me create an account….I’m almost ready to just give up and wait to be rounded up for the trip to the fema camp.

          • yeah I have a PC…I don’t do anything on my phone except text and call due to lack of security and not trusting the damn things.

          • I can’t even get ahold of anyone out here. I feel like the fucking Omega Man….I hate this.

          • Click on me. Then look at my followers/following, click their icons and follow them. Rinse and repeat. People will be happy to see u Dude I guarantee !

          • If you have a pc, clear the cache and start over at
            Maybe get an normie yahoo email first to verify gab acct…dunno what else

          • yeah…I had to play with it a little bit to get it to work. There are a few steps, dude. It’ll work. Keep messing with it.

  • I’m surprised this site is still up.

    Everything else is being taken down–our Discords, prominent Twitter accounts, etc. and TRS are the last major sites left.

      • Yup. TRS was just booted by its host.

        I take some satisfaction in the fact that none of the left’s DDoS attacks or attempted hacks have succeeded and that the only way to take us down is to literally be singled out and denied service by our domain registrar/host (something which practically never happens).

  • Daily Stormer down? What does “dark web” mean, I have to manually put in website address? Anyone know new website address?

  • Discourd, except non-white supremacy (BLM, La Raza, Black Panthers…), commie ideology, (((cultural-marxism))) etc.

  • In memory of Confederate Monuments destroyed by hate and ignorance and in memory of a southern legacy humiliated by bigotry and hate:

    The South is a land of Pathos. When the monuments were removed in New Orleans it was done in the dead of night with hardly any coverage. Other monuments were quietly removed. Then came Charlottesville and we saw the anger erupt.

    As more monuments are removed the South will weep. We will weep tears of sorrow, anger and betrayal. We will hold dear what we have left of our heritage and we will fight those who want to erase us and our culture.

    I live in a house that served as part of the Confederate military academy and a Triage center during the civil war. Most treated here were Confederate soldiers, some were Union soldiers.
    Many died in this house. this house was the last place they were and that included Union and Confederate soldiers.

    There is a cemetery with 600 graves, most are Confederate, some are Union soldiers. They lie side by side. They leave behind family members who often live nearby.

  • Demolishing monuments no longer requires the law. Anyone can do it. No reason, logic or law matters. The left is taking the law into their hands to destroy national monuments. They are not even waiting to find out if this man who is charged with killing someone with a car in Charllottesville is guilty or not.
    The MOB RULES! It rules for them and it rules for us. Anything goes. Confederate and any monument that is not liked can go by sheer use of mob violence
    the MOB RUES! Forget about justice or letting the courts decide if a person is guilty or who has done wrong. Decide for yourself.
    The MOB RULES! The Media is fully behind the Antifa. No fair and balanced news. Any trumped up excuse justifies an act. Racism is not the issue. these people do not give a hoot about racism blacks or history. They just take the law into their own hands
    It is an example no one should forget. What is good for them is good for anyone else.

  • Stop making it about free speech. Its not about free speech, its about silencing whites and whites only. Its not a good tactic to focus on this (formerly) sacred cow of the first amendment. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but no one, fucking no one on any side gives a single fuck about the constitution. We say it all the time, until we’re a homogeneous nation all politics are identity politics.

  • Vanguard America and Daily Stormer also just got censored/deplatformed.

    They’re afraid. Obviously they’re not concerned with violence or death, because in that case there would be a purge of antifa websites. They’re afraid of ideas. They’re afraid of White People who no longer believe in the Anti-White religious mythology of the modern State. They have a set of beliefs, and they see a group of ‘heretics’ that are exposing the egalitarian delusions that their entire system is built upon. They have no valid arguments for why White People shouldn’t have their own lands for their own children, so they have to demonize us, misrepresent us, censor us, with the ultimate fantasy of murdering us. But this never works; not in the long run.

    Resistance is futile.

  • The tech giant companies need to be sued for trying to censor certain people and their right to free speech. And the group “Workers World Party” ( a bunch of brat wanna be communists) are the ones who took down that Confederate statue in Durham. They need to pay for their vandalism and face criminal charges by the Durham authorities and the Department of Justice.

    • Never gonna happen ahahahahahaha. You don’t understand how lawsuits work. Companies have no right to work with clients they disagree with.

      • So you think legally companies only have the right to work with people they agree with politically and ideologically?

        You sound like a fucking retard.

  • Have any of antifa’s web sites been shut down? Or are we always to be the ones blamed for the violence they cause?

      • repeating memes that now have video evidence of being untrue on a site where everyone knows you’re lying.

      • LOL. Really? Most of us have advanced degrees. The only ones “fuckin'” their “sisters” are Muslims which is a known fact.

          • What a damn retarded idiot, you stupid rednecks are the ones who are famous for fucking their sisters

          • Statistically speaking, jews, blacks and muslims are much more inbreed than whites. Can’t argue with the facts, fuckwit.

        • i live 45 minutes from dearborn mi and over the years i have litteraly watched dearborn turn into the middle east these people come here with more then one wife {wich is illegal in the us }but yet they collect benefits from local welfare agencies and they get benefits from social security without having a social security number or even ever paid into if the white man were to have two wives he would face legal actions .im not one for hating one for their color or religion but enough is enough the white man has been taking blame for to much bs for to long first thing is first black need to stop with the thought that every white person is responsible for slavery , MY family didnt even come to this country untill the 1920s {im not responsible for slavery and history shows it was the blacks selling their own kind into slavery } its over there is no more slavery so get over it niggers. second of all i have a right to free speech so if i want to walk around saying anything i want all muslims and niggers to go fuck themselves i have that right.unfortantly i have too move from my home once again just to get me and my kids away from the madness of minorities and im running out of places to go WHY THE FUCK IS THE GOVERNMENT HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUST DROP THOUSANDS OF FUCKING IRAQIANS AND SYRIANS INTO THE DETROIT AREA OR ANY AREA WITHOUT THE CITIZENS OF THE AREA APPROVING IT FIRST .dont we have the right to vote on what happens anymore. im tired fellow whites

          • Lord have mercy you fckn whypipo really work my nerves. Signed, proudly filled with melanin(and that’s worth more than gold)

      • You sound like a negro. You’re certainly as ignorant as one. Ours is a YOUTH movement, not people “old as fuck”.

    • you are nearing extinction. prepare. this is a wordpress site. really? let’s see how long this lasts <3

  • Wahhhh Wahhh. Go fuck yourselves. Piece of shit Nazi. Watch *Yes You’re Racist* Dox you guys 😀

    Free Speech my ass. Stupid little bitch.

  • Break out of the Google Gulag by changing your platforms!

    Social Media alternatives: (instead of Facebook)
    Gab ai (instead of Twitter)
    Bitchute (instead of youtube), also Vidme.

    Non-Google email:
    Proton Mail or Mailpile

    Brave Browser (instead of Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

    Infogalactic (instead of Wikipedia), maybe Britannica

    F-Droid (as an alternative to Google Play, Amazon or Apple App Store). At some point you’ll need to develop apps for these platforms; F-Droid is the place to make them available.

  • all this extremely bad press was absolutely avoidable, “altright” has a small group of people who are idiots to say the least.

    going to the march and carrying nazi flags and doing nazi salutes.. tell me, what the hell will that achieve apart from mass negative reaction from white people (the people you want to attract to the movement) and all other people, it achieves absolutely nothing.

    Richard spencer needs to be more vocal about how he doesnt approve of these nazi , jew hating people at his rallies, keep the rallies about preserving white peoples heritage and culture and avoid white people becoming a minority.

    do that an youre fine, those nazi guys really pissed me off. ruined something that could have been good. before when liberals would say ” the altright are nazis” people would say no they aint.. now after the idiotic few people who did nazi salutes and flags and sing nazi songs.. they cant even argue against the liberals when they say altright are nazis

    so frustrating, this was so easily avoidable.

    • We disavow nobody.Every man who stood out there with a swastika flag and faced down this fucking commie pieces of subhuman filth throwing shit and piss balloons and using a flamethrower against them is a better man than you,who did not.

      And the AltRight ARE Nazis.When your enemy is the one aggressing,HE decides how to dehumanize you to his people.They all adopt that perception to justify doing harm to other human beings.

      They own ALL the media.You can forget about not being a Nazi because no one saw a swastika.It’s not happening,dude,they managed to sell people on the idea that they found “penumbras and emanations” in the constitution that guarantee a woman the right to commit infanticide.

      This is a top to bottom operation and the jews are in charge of all of it.

  • Us satanists would boil you all in oil and feed you to the dogs! You all make white people look bad… Choke on your hatred and die phuckwads.

    • I don’t think Satan wants a bunch of faggots worshiping him. Your true god is the black dildo you stick up your mother’s snatch.

      • That would be for your wifes a$$hole and you the cuck that you are would lick it clean! And I can do this for the next century so keep it up dicklicker.

  • “Deys a privatez compvany so dey canz doos wat dey wants. Muh Ayn Rand. Muh limited gubmit. Muh capitalism.” – Free Market Retarded Cuck

    This is why national socialism is the only answer. Private companies must be subservient to our national interests. Discord should be immediately shut down and all their employees arrested. Why do we let these morons get away with this? Why do so many continue to believe “capitalism is great” when we are constantly being fucked over by it?

    • And you have idiot cucks who think that they’re intelligent like Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, Joel Skousen, etc virtue signaling and talking about muh freedom, muh constitution, muh inclusiveness, and if only we had true free market capitalism instead of “crony capitalism” as they like to call it.

      These people are going to get us killed.

  • You dumb fucks — you stuck-in-the-past, The-South-Shall-Rise-Again, uncultured fucking swine — have no idea how stupid y’all sound. I hope y’all realize you’re fighting a battle that you’re never going to win because y’all are so full of hate & spite, it’s easy for society to unite against ignorant heartless people like y’all miserable pieces of shit! You assholes will not force this country to hate again! The love and respect from those fighting your cause will end your bullshit & vitriol before it even has a chance to begin! Alt-Right = Forever Wrong!

        • Opinion? That your lot are hypocritical each time you cry about haaate is simply objective reality.

          You don´t notice that, tho, you just parrot the buzzwords you were taught with zero thinking.

          • How dare you say we are HATEFUL! I HATE YOU FOR THAT!

            # LoveWinsEveryTime
            # LoveToHateHate

    • First of all , read again your comment and you will realise the hater is YOU !!
      Second, the Alt Right did nothing to provoke the local Charlottesville population, but they were there to defend their ideas – right or wrong ones – it is not to you as a nigga to judge us. You easily forget that since you’ve been brought from the jews from Africa to enslave you on their cotton fields, you do Nothing but sleep and eat – all that until now. Both you and the jews you are the White taxpayers’ burden – evil parasites that usurp our patience. You also easily forget that when you were brought from Africa, the White man has already built America – it mea

    • How do you like the hispanics pushing you out of your old neighborhodds? The liberals brought them in to take you out. Black America is finished. Enjoy mutha fugga.

    • Ya’ll dumbass educated fokes sure do say ya’ll a lot.Ya’ll must be some white trash race mixers to be so butthurt about a little bit of bantz.It also seems a bit ironic that ya’ll talk about how easy it is to hate us because ya’ll perceive that we are lower-class sharecroppers from the 1860’s,when I reckon we’re probably people ya’ll see every day in your personal life.About 1 sentence after accusing us of feeling emotions,ya’ll admit that ya’ll have those emotions towards us.Then 1 sentence later ya’ll claim that we’ll never force ya’ll to hate again because y’all’s hate is love.

      Boy,ya’ll sure showed us dumb toothless rednecks how smart ya’ll are.


  • I’m sorry has been hit but who gives a shit about the Stormfags?
    Weev is a self confessed Jew and AndJew Anglin acts like one.
    Good fucking riddance!

  • Alt Right understands that there are things of priceless value, something you can’t measure in terms of dollars and cents. In contrast, globalists only talk of growth and ‘inclusive diversity’, a meaningless and valueless dime-a-dozen gimmick.

    If Zionists were given a choice between two options:

    1. Jewish population of Israel remains constant and economy remains constant

    2. Jewish population of Israel is reduced to 20% but economy doubles

    Which option would Zionists go for?

    If Zionists go globalist, they will go for option #2 since it means a richer nation with more ‘growth’. If so, Jews will have lost their Jewish Nation. Surely, the notion of ‘Jewish Nation’ of history, culture, and ethnicity is of priceless value. Only Mammonites would sacrifice something so priceless for more shekels. Jews understand this for their own ethno-state… but Jewish globalists push this crazy Mammonite logic on everyone else. “Take in more immigrants cuz there will be economic growth.” But then, it’s worse because the kind of immigrant-colonizers that Europe takes in from Muslim World and Africa contribute NOTHING to growth and only make those nations poorer. Canada and Australia are losing their priceless assets of ethnos and territory but they at least get growth from Chinese/Hindu/Iranian immigrants.

    It’s like personal memory. If someone offers you a million dollars for your memory, would you take the money and go amnesiac? But what is the point of the money if you have lost a sense of who you are and where you came from? Money is nice, but Memory is priceless. A true nation is a collective sacred memory of a people.

    As for ‘inclusion’, it leads to exclusion if there’s too much of it. Too many Jewish immigrants in Palestine led to exclusion of Palestinians from Palestine, which became Israel. Too much inclusion of Albanian migrants into Kosovo led to exclusion of Serbs from their sacred homeland, something they’ve lost forever. And all that coercive inclusion of Han Chinese into Tibet and Xianjiang is really changing the culture and flavor of those regions.

    Inclusion of too many blacks(stronger and tougher) led to exclusion of whites who ran from cities like Detroit out of fear.
    And including blacks in your school will lead to exclusion of whites in sports teams as blacks are better. And then, white wombs will also exclude white seed in favor of black seed due to Jungle Fever.

    Also, ‘diversity’ is not precious. It is so dime-a-dozen in Latin America, North Africa, India, Central Asia, America, and now even in Europe. Just look at Sweden and Minnesota. What good has it done? What is so precious about it?

    People don’t go to the West for diversity. They just go for White Gold. If the West were to become like North Africa and turn totally diverse and defunct, people would no longer want to go there.
    Even in the US, non-whites seek out White Gold.
    Diversity flees diversity or non-whiteness for white gold.

  • I thought I got kicked for some reason. Sorry for sending that email administrator, thought someone made a mistake.

  • And President Trump said ‘Racism is Evil’…….

    I agree……

    We need to fight the Left’s Anti-White Racism…….

    I look forward to Voting for President Trump in 2020…….


  • ‘Conservatives’ are all over the Alt-Right now attacking us……


    They ‘conserve’ NOTHING…….

    The Alt-Right is the reason that the Supreme Court hasn’t been LOST for the rest of America’s Future….

    Without the Alt-Right………Hillary Clinton would be in the White House…….

    The Senate probably would be under Chuck Schumer’s Leadership……..

    The EPA would be in the hands of Misanthropic and Pseudoscientific Climate Cultists…….

    The DOJ would be in the hands of BLM and La Raza Allies……..

    The Borders would be even more Open……..

    Amnesty would have been passed by now……..

    Illegal Alien Criminals and Sanctuary Cities would be even further protected……..

    Conservative Christian Religious Rights would be even further under attack…….

    There would have been no Economic Revival like we’re seeing…….

    So yeah……CUCKservatives…….


    • Shut your jew faggot mouth before I smash your jew faggot fake “conservative ” skull in with a lead pipe you inbred jew faggot pedo piece of shit I will take you as a slave, and I will shoot your entire jew faggot family in the head

  • I picked my name Ajudeo for a reason……..

    They refuse to leave us alone……

    I was raised as a Christian to Honor Jews as the Chosen People…….

    And then I learned about the Harsh Truth of Reality…….


    But, that’s on them……..

  • I am Alt-Right for LIFE…….

    We are a Noble and Righteous Cause……..

    What happened in Charlottesville and what is happening now will only STRENGTHEN us…….

    Our Enemies think that they can Destroy Us…….

    Because of a Server……

    Or by Physically Attacking us…..

    Or by Doxxing us……

    Or by denying us our 1st Amendment Rights……..



    What happened over the Weekend is exactly what breathes New Energies into our Movement……..

    Alt-Right for LIFE!!!

  • Just deleted Discord and sent an email to their support to permanently remove my account. Not going to use a service which does not stand up for free speech.

    • Free speech does not mean freedom from consequence. If you support that bakery who refused to make a cake for the gay couple (which I assume you do) then you have to agree that this is the same thing.

        • Hey Mason. The Stormer is down, as we all know, obviously. This is my Twitter handle that I don’t actually use. Let me know the new Stormer link when Weev gets it back up. Btw, that Alt Shite has been stinking up this entire section; seems too stupid to be a typical Jew.

        • Hey Mason. The Stormer is down, as we all know, obviously. This is my Twitter handle that I don’t actually use. Let me know the new Stormer link when Weev gets it back up. Btw, that Alt Shite has been stinking up this entire section; seems too stupid to be a typical Jew. Your keen instincts isn’t known to ever be wrong though!

  • What does it matter if Laura is a Jew? Is that evil?

    Also, “Pathetic Nerd Cucks”, probably what a woman would say if she got in bed with you. (Like that would happen)

  • They fear the truth, that’s why they shut down /pol/ news twitter. Many communists like IGD and YesYoureRacist doxxers are still active.

        • You gonna take it down? Take it down to Chinatown?

          You gonna take it down to the gay porn shop and deepthroat it in the theatre there,Skippy?

          You are a noodle-armed drug addict fucking mental defective.And the reason your side considers it “hate” when I say that,is because it’s fucking TRUE.

          If it was a lie it wouldn’t be “hate”,it would just be untrue.

          You started all of this.Bring it the fuck on,little Skip.I’ll be your goddamn Huckleberry.

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