Boomer Conservatives Are Losing Their Minds Over Charlottesville

The cuckservatives are losing it over Charlottesville. It’s all so tiresome, but here’s what they’re saying about us.

Boomer cuckservative: “You know, these Antifa, BLM, and Neo-Nazis are all crazy!  We’ve got to just stop this nonsense!”

Now for a center-right conservative, this is a very edgy declaration; they’ve just denounced BLM, which after all has Black people in it.  But just to be sure, they want to make clear that they’re not with the “White Supremacists” that the media keeps sternly warning them about.

Another boomer conservative response goes like this:

“Nazis are socialists, that’s why it’s called National Socialism.  These protestors aren’t on the right! They’re actually lefties!”

Let’s call this one, “Dem’s are the real fascists.”  Dinesh D’Souza is currently on this beat.  Truly cringeworthy.

Finally, you might hear the old double-standard complaint: “Obama never denounced Black Live Matter, so why should Trump blah, blah, blah.”  This is actually a sound point, but notice that it avoids discussing the merits of ‘Unite the Right’ or the Alt-Right writ large.

Rush Limbaugh, probably the smartest of the boomer conservatives, hits all these points with gusto.  The double standard complaint:

I’m telling you that Barack Obama invited Black Lives Matter to the White House and honored them after Ferguson and after Baltimore. You’re not supposed to mention that, but there were two sides to this thing… The point is that it’s not just the neo-Nazis and it’s not just the white supremacists and it’s not just these groups, but there’s a whole other range of similar hate groups on the left that are just as guilty and are just as invasive and probably more violent.

Sean Hannity has even grown fond of referring to the “Alt-Left,” which is frankly a ridiculous term. The left does not require an “alt” anything; they can quite freely express their ideas in the mainstream.  At best, this kind of talking-point is supposed to imply that the Alt-Right is just as morally bankrupt as BLM, etc., and the speaker is quite above both movements.  So the “double standard” argument, besides being cliched and boring, is in fact denouncing us in an oblique manner.

Next, Rush explains that Dem’s are the real Nazis:

The Nazis were not on the right of anything, and white supremacists are not on the right of anything. All of these groups are to the left of center.

In fact, the Nazis were right-wing.  That’s how the movement was understood in its time.  Nationalism is and always has been considered right-wing.  Who are they fooling?

Despite these misunderstandings, Rush proceeds in his program to identify exactly the grievances that many in the Alt-Right have, such as White males being blamed for everyone else’s problems, and being presumed to have “White privilege,” while actually having no advantage in this country whatsoever.  The Alt-Right encompasses more than these grievances; but to focus on them for a moment, wouldn’t these grievances justify a White identity-politics movement, which is exactly what the Alt-Right represents?

Rush explains:

And on the other side of this where you have the Nazis and the white supremacists, they’re told every day that they’ve benefited from white privilege. That’s the latest rage on campus, white privilege, understanding your whiteness, understanding the problem. These people can’t even find jobs, for crying out loud, and they’re being told they’re benefiting from white privilege, so they’re ticked off.

Finally, let’s remember that the ‘Unite the Right’ protest was using the Robert E. Lee statue as its focal point.  Protecting the monuments of historical American figures, including the Founders who are presumably up next, is quite a popular stance among great swathes of the American public, including these boomer conservatives.

This puts them in quite a bind.  If you perfectly understand the grievances and the perspectives of the “Neo-Nazis”; well, the media could call you a Neo-Nazi next.  And apparently name-calling is about the level of rigor which the American media is capable of.  Rich Lowry, for example, is perfectly prepared to denounce Antifa on Meet the Press, but he sure isn’t going to go out on a limb by explaining that the Alt-Right are not “Nazis.”  Hence, condemning us both is the safest route for the boomer conservative.

One almost feels sorry for them: how do they maintain their respectability while the logical conclusion of their ideas leads to the Alt-Right?  Being a boomer conservative in the media is not an easy gig.  It pays well, but requires massive levels of cognitive dissonance on all matters of cultural import.  Simply stated, that is why our analysis on all these questions is so much more cogent and straightforward.

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