Alt-Right Politics – August 14, 2017

This week’s Alt-Right Politics is dedicated to CHARLOTTESVILLE: the suppression of free speech . . . the violence . . . the treachery of Mayor Mike Signer and Governor McAuliffe . . . the car incident . . . Trump’s response . . . and the rise and fall of the mainstream media narrative.

AltRight Politics
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  • I see what happened. BLM is a movement against corrupt police (not all police) and you guys heard the word BLACK and automatically became super defensive and took on the police situation as your own! Which is stupid because cops come in all colors. And lock up all people. Now with those same police disowning and condemning you guys now you want to talk about set ups,stereo typing, and injustice well since the world is against your freedom of speech at the moment and being unfair. Now is the right time to use WHITE LIVES MATTER. And it is now used in the correct context ✌?

  • Altright is CANCER!! You are not born to behave this way you are taught it or piggyback off other misguided fools!! Your disgusting to choose to live like this. USA will never be an all white nation so just get over it, idiots!!!!

  • Richard, one thing I’d like to see is you and Mike and Jason and the rest of the speakers for Unite the Right do videos of the speeches you were planning to make at Charlottesville, then post them online. This would be especially useful for people outside the Alt Right who heard of the event and want to see what you all have to say.

    It would be a great InfoWar event.

  • I was trolling about the Internet, and came across a one-liner which sums up Charlottesville ’17:

    White people are back!

  • One more thing. There is a video of James Fields’s (supposed car attack driver) supposed former teacher saying that Mr. Fields was fascinated by Nazis and had “white supremacist” views. Also, Mr. Fields is said to be schizophrenic. Isn’t this just too convenient for the establishment’s anti-white narrative?

    • Just stop!! he was a STAN of your movement and decided on his own to do it. And now it’s tied to you like that one ignorant black guy who fuck it up for all of us

  • In the first few minutes, Richard Spencer says that he suspects bad faith on the part of the police and that they were in on a conspiracy to create chaos and deny the pro-white protestors their rights.

    The conspiracy may go deeper than Mr. Spencer realizes, however. The owner of the Trust One News 3 channel on YouTube thinks that the car attack and helicopter attack were staged as well. Here is an example:

  • The most important thing to southern college towns are the football home games, that’s the time for political action, if you wanna see the town and governor squirm.

    • Eh maybe, that could also backfire too. Many of those people are going to the game and don’t want the politics thrown in their faces (see the whole knelling during the Anthem thing the last couple of years). So could be a way to rapidly make them opposed to your message by interrupting their NCAA games.

      Now, what we COULD do is “advertise” we are going there to rally, and then not show up – but the Antifa will, and they will make an ass of themselves and piss off the red meat football fans.

  • I posted at the Daily Caller that I won’t support Trump in the 2020 primary, and of course, the usual idiotic culturally suicidal idiots are defending him in droves.

    We need to get someone to run against Trump in 2020 who actually has the balls to deliver on his message and get junk done. Moreover, someone who will actually back defending Western culture versus Jewish scum.

    It’s going to be a tough sell, since people are more comfortable facing extinction than fighting for survival, but the time is rapidly approaching that we need to actual take some sort of decisive clear action rather than sit around hoping someone else does it for us.

    No one cares about White western culture other than a very small minority of western Whites.

    • “No one cares about White western culture other than a very small minority of western Whites.”

      This is exactly right. The vast majority of whites will go down the shitter with nary a whimper.

      • Heh, au contraire. They will whimper like the little cucks they are “Please daddy give it to me harder, yes, just like that! I love it when you rape me with your big Jewish piece!”

      • 3rd world immigration to western nations, destruction of western culture and heritage, sterilization of our children via transgender hormones before they are into puberty, encouragement of whites having less kids (or discouragement to having more kids), economic destabilization that favors low skilled low wage non-citizens (often illegal) to remain in our nations for generations.

        All of these policies are perpetuated by the globalist Marxist Jewish left who seeks to destroy all things White and Western. And as further proof, look to the policies they allow their nation, but deny to us in the West.

        • I thought you were black from the things described ????? because the black people im usually around would say the same things are happening to them. Smh and you guys are angry with us? Damn there were a lot of simularties in that statement SMh but hey let’s be angry at each other and let the culprit get away

          • Well you are correct in that those who control the Democrat party are also seeking your extinction as well. The one thing black and white America SHOULD agree on is we both want to be left the hell alone. You guys don’t need rich white liberals going around sucking up to you for your votes every few years just to toss you to the dogs afterwards. We don’t need rich Jewish bankers, media personalities, or lawyers to tell us whites we need to let a bunch of third worlders in to destroy our race.

            I have heard Richard Spencer say before that he wants an America where we could each live by ourselves separately and doing our own things. I know this would put blacks at a disadvantage, since our culture is still mainly pro-white (but barely anymore) but I see no reason why, should blacks choose to remain in the US, they cannot be afforded the same rights and responsibilities as anyone else – provided they leave everyone else the hell alone.

          • Glad you brought that up. The democrats are super racist and are a insult to our intelligence. But like I said In s different post is that black look to whites for approval and want to make daddy and mommy proud. I don’t care how tough they act. Blacks want the same that conservatives want it’s just that’s conservatives are colder, disrespectful and name calling when having convos with blacks. So with black peoples having pride they tend to turn their backs to it even where there is truth in it. And democrats kiss ass and don’t deliver and blacks are satisfied with the kiss ass feeling and trade being dependent in the long run for a momentary ass kissing. We all want to be dependent from the bullshit. Blacks just have to seperate from democrats and get back to their voting for Lincoln roots. But as long as you guys don’t have intelligent conversations and run to name calling instead blacks will always be scared of the conservative way

          • If Black “youths” would stop attacking Whites and Blacktivists would stop screaming “Kill Whitey,” we could dialogue. As is, it is more expedient to deal with the person who is beating the hell out of you than the person standing in the background egging him on.

            I’m not surprised Blacks are seeing the same thing, but they are blaming Whites who are in the same boat as them. Unfortunately a lot of them don’t see that they have reached the end of their usefulness to the Usual Suspects and the Mestizos from all over South, Central, and Latin America are being shipped in to exterminate them.

            Why do you think Hizzoner, Rahm Emmanuel is suing Trump for trying to withhold money from the sanctuary city of ChiCONGO? Look at Watts and Compton for your answer. BTW Hizzoner, the Mayor of Ferguson is trying to lure illegal Mestizos to live there.

    • We’re not his mother, don’t be so damn fragile. Besides it’s the state and local gov’t that created the environment that caused it.

        • Thank God you’re speaking on behalf of the vast majority!

          Go tell them Antifa and BLM are violent terrorists.

          • Why is BLM considered terrorist? From what? the one guy that thinks on his own behalf to do something stupid????? ..,, well if that’s the case welcome to the group because that car situation was your initiation??????

          • The BLM should be considered terrorist, especially by Black people.

            They made Black neighborhoods no-go zones for police and especially EMS personnel. If your grandparent had been living there and had a stroke or heart attack s/he would have been SOL.

            They burnt down Black businesses. They burnt down a pharmacy and a gas station in Ferguson. Now the people of that neighborhood have to drive all the way to St. Louis without even a cup of coffee to stay awake on their way to work. And what if a child in that neighborhood needs medication.

            Yeah, there were a few annoyances like Black Brunch, but that mysteriously ended PDQ. I guess they were going into tonier areas and annoying Liberals there. They didn’t bother with working class eateries, that’s for sure.

        • The vast majority of Americans couldn’t find their butt if they had a bell on it. What’s your point? We’re trying to bring thinking people into this Thing of Ours. They’re the ones that matter.

          • “What’s your point?”

            You just made my point. There are not enough thinking people in this country to make a difference.

          • So I assume you have your poison tablets ready to go. There’s enough of them and we’re getting more of them.

      • I watched at least 10 videos of that car plowing into humans. In every case James Field’s car first plowed into human beings. It was not until after he did that and before he put his car in reverse that people started hitting the car.

        • UnFreakinBelievable – every video you’ve every seen is the truth, the whole truth. You’ve never missed a moment of an event or what led up to an event. So amazing!

      • The White-haters probably believe Reginald Denny cause the riots by being White.

        Sadly, Denny later cucked and apologized for the Blacks who tried to kill him. Don’t be like him. Stand up for yourself and your people, Whitey.

    • After every rogue incident we have some Chicken Little saying the sky is falling. Get a grip. Various reports say the driver was Jewish or had mental problems. Time will tell. Whatever the case, he certainly doesn’t represent the values of most pro-Whites.

      Pro-Whites (by whatever name) have the moral high ground. The Alt-right folks had the Constitutional and legal right to exercise their free speech rights and it was the White-haters who caused a problem and who are trying to smear pro-Whites now, by falsely claiming that it was the pro-White people who caused the violence. Total BS.

      Ask yourself this: Do Whites have a right to exist? I say we do, and that to continue to exist, we must remain White. If we miscegenate and turn non-White we will no longer exist.

      • “Various reports say the driver was Jewish or had mental problems or was in fear for his life. ”

        You’re grasping at straws. You’re the one that needs to get a grip.

        The vast majority of Americans do not support White Nationalism. This includes dumb ass whites.

    • Doubt it, WN has endured far worse than this car accident, only people who actually research the stuff even remember those horrifically stupid actions.

      • WOW! You are childish. Grow up
        I am a White Nationalist, but foremost I am a REALIST hence the moniker. You should try it.

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