The Doxxer Going After Our Guys Has Gotten Doxxed; Baked Alaska Possibly Blinded By Bear Mace Attack

This appears to be the main guy doxxing our guys on Twitter.

Just in case you were interested.


It seems that Baked Alaska was seriously hurt by Antifa or BLM. We aren’t sure yet, but apparently they pulled off his mask and sprayed him point blank with some bear mace or acid. He can’t see very well anymore.

You can see the SJWs replying to his account. They are hoping that he goes blind. They are mocking and jeering what happened to Baked Alaska.

Don’t worry though.

These people will end up in the ashtray of history sooner rather than later.

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  • So….the fact that the guy who held you guys up to the spotlight is a Jew is a thing that bothers you?
    There was me thinking that that “alt-right” was actually a political movement that was inclusive! Fuck! That’s what Raheem Kassan thinks and he’s a Paki!

  • GOOD! I hope the bigoted fucking antisemitic cunt goes blind. You people are the dregs of the planet. FUCK YOU.

    • You will receive no mercy when we have the lawful authority to punish you for the anti-White terrorism you endorse and probably participated in.I can tell you this,that “cruel and unusual punishment” provision is getting thrown right the fuck out the fucking window.We’ll figure out what they used on our boy Baked,and you’re going to drink a gallon of it.

  • You all are disgusting rats!!! Waving Nazi flags and salutes but have the gall to say you are not Nazis!!!! Despicable and you should be arrested!! Your efforts will not make USA an all white nation, it will never be so just give up and stop choosing this lifestyle, idiots!!!!!

    • Why don’t you believe in the First Amendment though? Don’t you think that’s a little, you know, strange? Since when do “Nazis” not have a right to be who they are and exercise free speech? You need to go in the oven Mark and then perhaps have a lampshade made out of you. It’s worth a shot since ITS NEVER BEEN TRIED LOLOLOLOL

        • You guys SAY that a lot but we’ll give you the opportunity to meet us wherever you want and you always fall mysteriously silent.

    • I am a Nazi,and when we win this thing you can go live with non-Whites permanently in the Sunni Arab,or impoverished African nation of your choice.

        • Do you see that the reasons you supposedly “hate Nazis” are being done by you,and your side?

          Do you see this,or do you not see this?

          • Do you see your side are racists and bigots there is no place in America for it. You will not win you will not win. Shame you can’t look in the mirror and realize it. I hope you never need blood because it is a mix of everyone. How you gonna tell the doctors you only want white blood? Get a life

          • Do you see that your side subjectively defines what “racist bigot” means and that right now you at so divorced from reality that every White man born before 1950 is defined that way by you,which means you are illegitimizing yourself legally and morally,which means that you will be forced to legitimize yourself through strength,which your side isn’t physically capable of?

            Do you see that saying there is “no place in America” for a group of American citizens is NOT legally enforceable and simply comes across is a wannabe sophisticated death threat?

            Do you think anyone takes any other meaning from that? If you are call in for people to be murdered,then you are responsible for any and all violence that follows as a result of that.One of these days,you probably will go to jail for it.

        • Do you see that the things you claim that Nazis do are actually being done by you right now?

          Do you see this or do you not see this?

  • Fucking animals… make wearing safety glasses standard practice? Or are going to sink to antifa levels and hide our faces?

  • OH BOO HOO-the nazis got called out on their shit now they want protection from the feds of the country they tried to overthrow-NOT TODAY SATAN, NOT TODAY.

    • White people giving a legally-permitted speech about legal and social changes they want to see to other White people is not trying to overthrow the government anymore than the Congressional Black Caucus giving a speech in Harlem is about creating a black revolution.

      I honestly do think the government of Charlottesville should be sued until their last dollar is gone,and then Signer and Bellamy,and McAuliffe should all be imprisoned and replaced for committing a FEDERAL felony that actually carries the death penalty or ANY NUMBER of years in prison if anyone dies in the commission of this crime,though.

      As a side note,you sound like a complete faggot.

      • Class action suit seems appropriate. Lotta citizens were f*cked up there. Civil-rights violations aplenty. Mayor et al reneged on permit, etc.

        • This is the specific law they violated.

          If we forgo lawsuits,we can probably get them executed if anyone wanted to bother to enforce this.

          If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

          If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—

          They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.
          (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 696; Pub. L. 90–284, title I, § 103(a), Apr. 11, 1968, 82 Stat. 75; Pub. L. 100–690, title VII, § 7018(a), (b)(1), Nov. 18, 1988, 102 Stat. 4396; Pub. L. 103–322, title VI, § 60006(a), title XXXII, §§ 320103(a), 320201(a), title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 1970, 2109, 2113, 2147; Pub. L. 104–294, title VI, §§ 604(b)(14)(A), 607(a), Oct. 11, 1996, 110 Stat. 3507, 3511.)”

          Keep in mind I am not a lawyer,but given the evidence we have,I am of the mind that a very good case they did this can be made.

          • I see now that the Lt. Governor of VA is a known anti-white racist. His twitter feed has been shown to be full of his hatred for Whites. So this was a deliberate action to harm citizens assembling with a permit etc. ( I wish I had gotten that law degree!)

          • Of course.There’s no way what happened could have happened like that without extensive coordination between the cops and antifa.

    • So you don’t believe in the First Amendment, right? How do you actually make all of your contradictory beliefs make sense in your head? Or is that not important?

  • Baked, thank you for your bravery in confronting the treachery and hypocrisy of the left. The truth will prevail in the long run. For now, please know that we are with you in prayer and in the actions to come. We will win this war. Hail Victory!

  • Any news of the lawsuit? I was curious if Sam Dickson was going to take this on. I hope Charlottesville loses so much money that property taxes will have to be raised!

  • When you fucks are marching around with Nazis, KKK, shouting “Jews will not replace us”, Blood and Soil, you deserve every last bit of what’s coming to you … you’re NAZIS?! Get it?! White identity is a lie, its white supremacy at the expense of other races… it’s white power over equality. We don’t have time for your racist, cowardly bullshit. And don’t play the victim… a women died, dead because of you and you’re selfish actions. You act like you’re working for a cause for justice… but you’ve, we (I’m white, straight, Italian descent) have never been oppressed the way blacks, gay people, Muslims, or any of these groups have. This is a matter of love versus hate. And guess what side you’re on? FUck baked Alaska, fuck stachebro, fuck Richard Spencer, fuck all
    Of you nazi sympathizing, holocaust denying, brainwashed racist fucks… this is a sad time but I’m personally loving watching you pussy ❄️get what you deserve …

    • So,basically we allow you to kill us and bulldoze any proof that White people were ever in America or you’ll kill us and bulldoze any proof that White people were ever in America?

      Democracy is hard choices.

      By the way,Israel makes people take a DNA test to prove they are racially jewish,and they forcibly sterilize blacks against their will and often without their knowledge when they wander into jewland.

      • You know removing an entire group of people and importing in cheaper third world minority groups to replace them is all about diversity and not about wealth redistribution at all.

        • Yeah,I’m sure diversity is all about love and being nice to people and stuff and not about the fact that our economy is designed to run on people taking on more and more debt and most Boomers took on so much that their great-great-great grandchildren are basically already tapped out and,uh (((soyten people))) need illiterate third worlders to pay their,I mean,”our” pensions.

          Seems pretty reasonable to me to jump on somebody’s car and try to smash out their windows and Reginald Denny them and then call them a terrorist for surviving because of love.

          • Why hire white when that pakistani will work for a couple bucks a day? Nothing about any of this is about tolerance.
            I find it hilarious and deeply disturbing that the people protesting the rich are the ones working to make sure the rich get richer. That good ole 90% Bernie Tax.

            Reginald Denny. I thought if you celebrate a person getting their skull smashed by a brick they make you a member of congress and the leader of race relations for the government.

          • You want these jobs? These coal jobs? Steel jobs? Sounds like an anti free market sediment… employers should be able to hire whoever they want and maybe if you were nazis, you’d get better jobs lol

          • Ah affirmative action. Hire that black who dropped out of high school with no experience to meet your quota while turning away qualified whites.

          • Believe it or not,there are millions of White Americans who deepen on those jobs to feed their families.They don’t have other options.They can’t just retrain as computer programmers.

          • No steel jobs but I have worked in an aluminum foundry. It is tough work but honest and paid well. Never was I ashamed to be working there.

          • I am in the construction industry.My industry was DEVASTATED under Obama because of the millions of illegals pouring over the border.That people like the anti-White Art wanted in the country because they are too good to pick lettuce and strawberries and don’t want White teens to have summer jobs,I guess.

          • I don’t think they care if white teens have jobs I think they just don’t want there to be white teens. They are upset white people exist. How much you want to bet Art is white himself? Race traitor self hater.

          • I know for a fact he is.I have never heard a black say anything about treating people as equals in my lifetime.After they got the Civil Rights Act enacted which gives them a superior set of positive rights based on their skin color,they stopped talking about that altogether.Then they moved on to demanding more and more free stuff,more and more violently.

            That’s what blacks are about now.Only those who haven’t lived with them post-Civil Rights would believe you’re going to peacefully occupy the same land together and “work and succeed” together.

          • I said I was white lol just because I don’t want TJ murder Jews and black people doesn’t make me a traitor. There is NO persecution of white culture … you have been disillusioned to believe that. Please explain to me how stealing this land while committing genocide against native people, shipping/ owning black people, fighting a war to preserve slavery and overall dominating the entire history of civilization represents ethnic cleansing? These people have a problem with YOUR views, not all
            White people.

          • You realize natives were wiping each other out and killing each other for land. It was no utopia when settlers arrived. You should study the tribes you try to defend. Buying black slaves from black people in Africa would be both sides on the wrong not just white people. The war to preserve slavery was fought by the democrats against the more tolerant republicans. hence the need to remove statues that disprove the history that democrats are trying to sell people.

          • I want white Americans to have those jobs. Why would I want foreigners to be paid when there are Americans out of work?

        • Whose removing white people? I look at our government… mostly rich, old, white
          People … wall
          St, the top levels of major industries and corporations. It wasn’t too long ago we had separate schools
          black people, gay people are still dealing with persecution. The power is equalizing and a voice is now being offered to these oppressed groups. we can work and succeed together

          • I look at our government… mostly rich, old, white
            People … wall
            St, the top levels of major industries and corporations.

            Well, about 40% of them are about as “white” as Bashar Assad. Pale skinned west asians aren’t white.

          • Those people are not,by and large,White.They are jewish.They are racially prejudiced against Whites in way that often manifests as claiming Whites are uniquely evil and trying to murder everyone.They do this to stir up hatred against Whites by non-Whites and get non-Whites to murder White people.
            The same people who call White Americans homophobic donate millions of dollars to Israel,a country where gay marriage is illegal.

            They say we oppressed blacks,and yet they perform medical experiments on them like lab rats because they are “undocumented immigrants” and give them vasectomies and tubal ligations they didn’t ask for.

            “we can work and succeed together”

            You don’t understand.Blacks will still claim to be oppressed by Whites when there are only 7 million of them left in America.They will still demand Affirmative Action and handouts from Whites,and the murders of Whites will increase in frequency,intensity,and brutality as the White share of the population dwindles.Google “South African farm murders”.

            This is going on right now.

            You people don’t understand.You are the only ones who WANT ” work and succeed together”,non-Whites just want you to shut up and let them have your stuff.

            I grew up in a majority-black area.I very much doubt you did.

          • Certainly not the voice I hear when BLM is chanting about wanting white genocide but

          • Am I racist? No of course not. I just do not hate myself for being white and I am sick of listening to people talk about how my race, despite having done more than any other race to shape the modern world, is some how the root of all evil.

            Of course not being ashamed of white history means you are considered a racist in this day and age.

            I don’t owe anyone an apology or money just because I am white. I am pretty proud of that fact.

      • I stand by everything I said. You guys were beating people just the same, also showing up with clubs, assault rifles, shields, militia gear … you realize the world is against you in every way possible. it’s pure racism and hatred and it’s laughable to pretend it’s anything else. We didn’t peacefully talk to Hitler, we crushed his nazi ass and burned their flags for good reason. Having said all that, There ARE extremists on both sides of course,
        I’m at least open to discussion and denounce violence on both sides…. but you knew what was going to happen, maybe not on that level, but ITS NEO NAZISM WHITE SUPREMACY

        Since so many of you dismiss ties to the term “white supremacy” or “neo Nazis” while you’re wearing swatztikas, carrying nazi flags, holding torches, marching in hoods, and screaming anti sensitive sentiment, I can think of any other reason to use these symbols other than to represent division and hatred.

        You are NOT the victims.

        • White people arent going anywhere … you and your people are. OR you can maybe think about your actions and views. It’s never too late to accept others as equals

          And please tell me how you feel oppressed

          • Oh but you don’t care about the communist flags of Antifa don’t you? Communism was the most deadly ideology in history. 66 million murdered in USSR and 50-100 million murdered under Mao Zedung. You do not know your history. Did you know the Ottoman colonial empire of the Muslims enslaved more than 100 million people, during their 14 centuries reign? White people have been enslaved all through history. Hundreds of thousands of Europeans were sold as slaves in North Africa during the Ottoman Empire. The Irish slave trade is an example as well.
            You really think whites have never been oppressed? Are you delusional?
            Blacks are 13% of the population in the US, yet responsible for 50% of all murders. Oh and they also rape 35,000 white women EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!!
            You’re a liar and anti-white.
            It’s people like you who are paving the way for mass violence against white people because you attack other whites who just want sovereignty. Look at what’s happening in South Africa. 80,000 whites have been brutally murdered and tortured by blacks in the last 30 years. You didn’t know that did you?
            Go cry somewhere elsewhere with your dumb buzzwords and your stupid egalitarianism. That woman died because of Antifa.

          • I do care about those flags being hung and DO know about the horrors of Communism, Most of the deaths during Maos empire came from famine and food shortages because the government was responsible for managing food production. Mussolini and Hitler and other fascist dictators are saints though in your eyes? Get real.

            I am familiar with whites being persecuted historically during the Ottoman Empire… in the 13th century ?! lol we just enacted civil rights laws in America in the 60s man, black people were being burned alive in crosses less than a hundred years ago, a little different ancient civilizations there guy.

            According to statistics, I’ve read close to 4000 total murders, farmers in particular and there is much dispute on these numbers. Having said that, it’s not good and an issue that certainly has I be addressed. For matters of this convo, We should focus more On This country since it’s more relevant to what we’re discussing.

            Im not in either of your camps and I’m not sure what your claims has to With supporting racism and ethnic cleansing lol … but ultimately, Antifa as you say (a term I haven’t heard until this weekend), I would see as misguided with good intentions. Your rhetoric is not socially acceptable and you are proud trolls, and like pissing people off with offensive view points …. it may force these people to become irrational and act of fear and anger as oppose to reason. I think many of your views are toxic and don’t deserve respect or reason, but they don’t deserve violence otherwise we’re just as bad as you are. Your views are racist and view white people as a superior race…. not sure what you don’t get about that being a fucked
            Up view.

          • How can there be any other result from the policies that are currently in place?

            Whites are having 1.2 kids per couple.We have an immigration policy that basically ONLY accepts non-White immigrants.There are 150 million Whites right now.There are 40 million blacks and around 60 million hispanics.Whites are projected to be less than 50% of the population in 2040.We were 84% of the population in America in 1965.Whites are around 8-10% of the population of the entire world.White women of child-bearing age are less than 2% of the world’s population.

            Do you know anything about these facts at all? Have you studied this subject at all?

            We are already a racial minority among schoolchildren.There are policies in place to reduce our numbers.There at no policies in place to stop it.

            What is the target percentage of diversity we’re shooting for? Has anyone ever told you exactly how many non-Whites per White is the desirable level of diversity?

            No,because there is no cutoff.100% diverse equals zero percent White.Think about it,no one says the NBA or Chinatown need more diversity.

            As for oppression,I guess it depends on how you define it.We have riot gear-clad police stormtroopers show up who kick,beat,and mace us in contravention of a federal judge’s order whenever we try to air our grievances in public.You ever seen a black get that treatment for crying in public about how mean words hurt his feelings?

            You’re not being told to accept non-Whites as equals.You’re being taught,and complying with,accepting them as your superiors.

          • I’m on a phone so it’s hard to respond piece by piece… but the holocaust happened. 6 million Jews died, had to live in fear and isolation… not just Jewish, gypsies, black, gay, in honor of the “superior race.” There is only factual evidence
            Supporting these claims in way of documented, 1st hand experience, photographs, etc. I am just not going to justify a response to some of your claims because they are so inhenrently based out on division. Hitler was not a peaceful man and was fascist. Period.

            Saying ALL Jews are responsible for these problems is like
            Blaming black people for destroying a neighborhood in say, The Bronx. IF they graduate, they graduate at a 8th grade reading level of a average white student. Over crowded classes, underpaid teachers, metal detectors to get in… can we agree this is not an optimal environment for learning?! Is much of this caused by corrupt
            Government and well
            Intentioned, misguided policies… absolutely. I’m sure we can agree public housing and welfare programs, the drug war have failed and disproportionally affected the black community…

            Here’s a thought, let’s
            Legalize all drugs and drain our prison system of non violent drug offenders. Let’s put the resources we’re putting into building for profit prisons, our military industrial complex, our international empire into providing as much opportunity for everyone as possible. Why pick who has the right to succeed based on our differences? It’s based on fear in my opinion.

            We fundamentally disagree on the notion of losing “White”
            Heritage… whatever that is. It automatically creates a divide. White supremacy is a term that’s been used for a long time, from
            Groups like KKK and the like. Because they/ you believe white people are a superior race, why deny that?

            I support free speech, no matter how badly I
            Disagree with what is being said .
            BUT Come on man, I’ve seen the videos and photos. BOTH sides
            We’re Violent but if you weren’t advocating the murder Of Jews and black people, facsism… you know, things of
            This nature, Maybe you won’t be met with forceful resistance?! Just a thought

            That women died because a lunatic nazi drove into a crowd of people at 45 mphs. He was charged with 2nd degree murder and you have the sheer disrespect and disregard for her life to
            Blame the cause she was fighting for cause
            Of Politics ? How old are you? That is shameful and disgusting rhetoric:

            You think we’re
            Being trained they they are superior? Where is this sediment coming from? Guess what, my great grandparents immigrated and we’re
            Called WOPs, guineas, Irish were called Mick’s, blacks = niggers, Indians = redskins, Muslims = terrorists/ towell heads, Jews = kikes, and so on… YOUR sediment isn’t new or profound; it’s old and dying… the idea that we are HUMAN BEINGS who want shelter, food, peace, love, relationships, laughter, fun and not have to worry about persecution from those who are scAred of
            Differences is very new and obviously something we as a people are
            Still fighting.

            “Israel DNA test” … sounds Orwellian to me,
            NOT something this county was founded on or something I have any desire to implement.

            I’m a libertarian by nature but Ron Paul discussed how the horrors of
            Government affect ALL people, this sediment is just hateful… please
            Explain toe
            How it’s NOT hateful?

          • There were no gas chambers. What happened to Jews was bad but similar to what happened to other hostile fifth column peoples in war. Like what happened to the Armenians in Ottoman Turkey because the Armos supported Russia during WWI.

          • That’s interesting that 6 million Jews died yet if you add up the tallies of all the numbers that supposedly died that are on the memorials at all camps where jews supposedly were gassed in fake wooden shower rooms,they don’t add up to 6 million.It is also interesting that the remains of 6 million Jews have never been found.

            When you try to nail down what physical evidence exists that 6 trillion jews were gassed,it seems to amount to a pile of shoes found in a shoemaker’s workshop and a pile of hair found in a barbershop.

            As far as the “superior race” thing,well,Jews literally call themselves “God’s Chosen People”,and the word they use to describe non-jews,”goyim”,means “cattle” in hebrew.

            “Because they/ you believe white people are a superior race, why deny that?”

            When Greenpeace goes and tries to save dolphins from fishing nets,are they doing it because dolphins are in danger or because dolphins are the “master mammals”?

            “BUT Come on man, I’ve seen the videos and photos. BOTH sides
            We’re Violent”

            Do you think hitting someone because they are spraying you with fire from a hairspray can and hitting someone because they wanted to give a speech are the same thing,morally?

            “but if you weren’t advocating the murder Of Jews and black people”

            We are advocating for the immigration policy we had in this country from 1791 to 1964.How does that kill blacks and jews?


            Fascism is an economic system.Pretty much no one who uses that word as a pejorative actually knows what the word means.

            “… you know, things of
            This nature, Maybe you won’t be met with forceful resistance?!”

            Maybe they should meet us with forceful ideas that are superior to ours.But they won’t do that.The reason we are met with VIOLENT resistance by unhinged lunatics is because they know that if people hear what we have to say and what they have to say,people will choose to listen to us because they are all crazy and EXTREMELY ignorant,and often just downright stupid.

        • “You guys were beating people just the same, also showing up with clubs, assault rifles, shields, militia gear”

          Look,you seem somewhat intelligent.I don’t know if I’m wasting my time but I’m going to try talking to you and see where we can get.

          Ok,first of all,the context is important.We obtained a legal permit to have a peaceful rally where we had planned on having people give speeches.This was literally the extent of our evil neo-Nazi White Supremist plan.

          These people got on social media and organized a violent mob with weapons to come to our physical location and assault us for trying to give a peaceful speech at Lee park where they are tearing down a monument to a guy my ancestors fought with because according to these left-wing extremists,it’s morally evil to have statues of American war veterans in America.

          Now,I want you to look at what you said.Especially the SHIELDS part.We had shields.You know why we brought shields? Because violent left-wing extremists attempt to murder us every time we go somewhere and try to give a speech.

          I haven’t seen any pictures of BLM or antifa carrying shields.You know why they didn’t bother to tell the people on social media they were instructing to bring baseball bats and clubs and knives to also bring shields?

          Because they did not expect any of our guys to throw frozen water bottles or bricks at them or attempt to assault them with a bat.Because the AltRight are not the ones initiating force.

          Yeah,some of our guys had guns,because we have a reasonable expectation of being murdered.For what it’s worth,we told our guys not to bring them.Some of them did anyway.

          “We didn’t peacefully talk to Hitler, we crushed his nazi ass and burned their flags for good reason. ”

          For what reason was that? Because he was “a madman who was trying to take over the world”? When he wrote 32 letters to Winston Churchill before and during the war trying to offer a peace deal?

          Because he gassed jews in a fake shower room by somehow pumping cyanide gas through water fittings? You can’t physically do that,bro.

          “but you knew what was going to happen”

          We knew people would try to kill us for speaking.We don’t have any idea how people can be so unhinged that they feel compelled to murder innocent people for expressing a difference of opinion and wanting their grandchildren to be able to look at statues of people their family are related to through blood or history.


          It’s freedom of speech.We were there legally.The leftwingers were there as an illegal lynch mob.Literally.Their actions resulted in a woman’s death and rather than reflect on that,they’re trying to blame us for it even though their criminal actions caused it.

          “Since so many of you dismiss ties to the term “white supremacy” or “neo Nazis”

          What does “White Supremacy” even mean? None of us here had ever heard of “White Supremacism” until the media made it up as a scare word to try to drive us out of public life because we are White and blue-collar.

          “while you’re wearing swatztikas, carrying nazi flags, holding torches, marching in hoods,”

          Hey,you guys started calling all Republicans Nazis.
          You kept it up and did it so well people believed it.Now,if you’re right-leaning and you want to engage in politics it is easier to join actual Nazis and KKK than it is to be a right-leaning centrist.Congratulations.

          “and screaming anti sensitive sentiment,”

          The things your side says about White people from the South are every bit as offensive and no more sensitive than the things we said.The only difference is,you guys not only treat us as if we aren’t fully American with the same rights as everyone else,but also we’re treated as if we aren’t even human beings.

          There were 700 of us at the torchlit march,40 antifa.We could have easily killed all of those people if we wanted to be violent.If the situation was reversed,40 of us and 700 of them,no cops or cameras anywhere,our guys would have been murdered by them no ifs ands or buts,they came in a Denny’s and busted one of our guys in the head with a sock full of batteries while he was just sitting there eating even though they pretty much won at cville because the cops Kent State’d our guys.

          “I can think of any other reason to use these symbols other than to represent division and hatred.”

          We are trying to peacefully establish a country for White people where we can put up a statue and people 1000 years from now can look at it.

          Asians have over 100 countries,Arabs and Blacks both have 50 or so,South Americans have like 20-some.Jews even have a jewish country and they are 2% of the world’s population.

          All White countries are supposed to be nations of immigrants.No group of Whites is allowed to have self-determination on the matter of where they live and who they live with.

          Only blacks,asians,jews,hispanics,and Arabs get that right

          “You are NOT the victims.”

          Get on youtube,watch the Kent State shooting that justified the ascendancy of liberals,who were universally perceived as the victims at Kent State.

          Then watch what happened to Richard Spencer and Nathan Damigo et al,keeping in mind that this was a legally-permitted rally,a peaceful rally,that a FEDERAL JUDGE ORDERED THE CITY TO ALLOW TO TAKE PLACE,and you tell me we weren’t the victims.

    • Don’t play in the street or illegally go to a rally to try and attack people and odds are your day won’t end with a Dodge Charger parked on your chest. So a woman died while illegally protesting and attacking people so what?

      • Dude, fuck you…. you support nazis and killing Jews and black people. There’s no justification. You Fucking racist fuck. Pure brainwashed dillusion. The only terrorist attacks I can truly recall in America in recent history have been committed by your types.

        And your facts are wrong about South Africa and the notion of “everyone is getting raped laughable” and plain false.

        So now people need permits to protest? Good American you aren’t

        • You don’t remember fort hood? The maimi shooting? 9-11? Boston Marathon? I have yet to mention South Africa in any way. Have there been any terror attacks committed by the Alt-Right? Or did you mean were committed by white people?

          • Must have missed him yelling out what chapter he was with while killing people. Far as I can tell it was a lone wolf attack. Not sure what James Fields has to do with the Alt Right besides the fact that he hates communists.

          • Lone wolves can still be terrorists. And he was pictures with those Vanguard losers. You can say whatever you want, and will. I’m just laughing at your pathetic attempts to defend Nazi scum. You are obviously one yourself.

          • Interesting you went with Nazi and not KKK. They are both phrases tossed around so much neither has meaning and neither seemed to be in Charlottesville.

    • You deserve every last bit of what’s coming to you

      What’s coming to us is the right to peacefully assemble and speak our minds. Saying “Jews will not replace us” is protected speech. Associating with putative Nazis and KKK is protected freedom of assembly. Physically assaulting people, which is what the anti-whites did at the rally, is illegal. Just because they got away with it on Saturday doesn’t mean they will be able to keep getting away with it.

      I deny that 6 million Jews were killed in the “Holocaust.” A few hundred thousand Jews died, but not in “gas chambers.” They died as a result of the conditions of war.

      • Your minds are based in hate, murder, ethnic cleansing, racism, and being plain sad little dicks, who have no place in society as far as I’m concerned. I’m not anti white and certainly dont want the eradication of our people as you put it… I jut don’t see that happening at all

        • You approve of violence against us for attempting to peacefully demonstrate. That sounds pretty hateful.

  • Any lefty caught with maze or pepperspray at future counterprotests should be punished for what was done to Baked Alaska.

  • Richard & Vincent:

    I think you’re going to get a lot of pressure to moderate your message coming up here.

    The center-right media establishment (Breitbart/InfoWars/Cernovich/Fox) flash-betrayal probably could be used to say “Here’s what we can do to you (LIE) if you don’t shape up and moderate your message.” They’ll offer to treat you well, as long as you can expel, denigrate, and countersignal those “icky” Nazis.

    Anglin’s site is being shut down by GoDaddy in 24 hours. I imagine anyone who is at all to your right will be similarly targeted, with you left up to absorb and moderate the movement while everyone further right is singled out and opressed. I encourage you both to stand and reject these overtures, as our detractors are a tribe of honorless cuckolds who do not have our best interests at heart and will betray us at the first opportunity.

    • What those retards don’t get is that anyone can show up anytime with a nazi flag. Even if everyone on the right agreed not to bring any nazi flags to a rally what would stop some leftists from doing it in order to make the rally “look bad”? They want “good optics” but they can’t have good optics because you can’t control what other people do. Fags like Ramzpaul are saying “we need to purge nazis from the alt right.” How the fuck is he going to do that? From what I understand there weren’t many people there with nazi flags anyway, it’s just what the (((media))) decided to focus on.

      Maybe the neo nazis are honest to God believers or maybe they are leftists provocateurs, but regardless they can’t be “purged” since people can do whatever the hell they want. They can set up their own websites, have their own leaders and go to any public rally they damn well please.

      My point is, if you need perfect “optics” in order to “win” then you’ve already lost. You can’t win. If a few people with nazi flags means the movement will never be successful then the people who believe that should shut up and go home. They’ve admitted defeat.

    • lol no one is going to offer us an olive branch. even thernovitch is considered a nazi by these people.

      • Haha, no, no I mean more from the Alt-Lite, standard alt. media, and GOPe, but I stand with ya 100%. Keep up the effort – we are viable and winning, and they finally see it. Will be a hard (hopefully fun) road, but worth it.

    • Breitbart actually ran a good story running down what actually happened.

      Fuck Cernovich. Once again he saw a chance to counter signal us. Dude is a slimy worm. I said we needed to troll the shit out of Weird Mike and cause him to snap so he’s banned from Twitter. Millennial Matt already did that with Sargon, we scalped the Skeptic’s biggest social media whore. Now we need to target Weird Mike, get him kicked off Twitter, and kill the Alt Lite for good.

      • Agree. I don’t want to entirely counter-signal Breitbart. However, prior to that article, the ones up all day were horribly misleading. They corrected when I and others set them straight, but my trust level is just not 100% back yet.

  • Behind every disgusting or bigoted action towards whites, there always seems to be a jewish person, it really isn’t even surprising anymore.

  • You know, we have mythological stories about blinded heroes for a reason. You can deprive the hero of his sight, but you can’t rob him of his spiritual greatness.

  • There’s another dox floating around somewhere on shit Lord Twitter about a nurse who works at the hospital baked is in happy that he’s hurt. She responded “good” to James Alsup when he tweeted about James being in pain

  • Well that sucks, that means this evil worthless piece of trash will never be held accountable for blinding (or even potentially blinding) Baked Alaska, at least not through any legal means that is.

          • No spending your nights pretending to be Mexican while haunting boards where you are not wanted. Seems pretty pathetic to me

          • This is not a country.It is a kindergarten class full of drooling morons with blue hair that believe when a man puts on a dress and make up,he magically becomes a woman,or if he puts on a stahlhelm he either gassed some jews,or is about to.I don’t need to tell you to kill yourself,you’re already doing it.Nature does not permit this nonsense to survive and propagate its genes.That’s why all of your heroes who tell you what limpdick niggerloving bullshit you can believe are all GRIDS-ridden faggots and dried up,childless catladies.

            In one generation,there will be no more of you.

          • We live in a clown country were we think that if we put a Somali into Minneapolis he becomes an American.

    • We are a hate group because we aren’t ashamed of our race? Loving who you are makes you a member of a hate group apparently.

      • There’s nothing wrong about being proud of your nationality, but what you people are doing is disgusting. Your the face of evil, your what’s wrong with this country. What you did yesterday won’t be forgotten

        • Me personally? The face of evil? Is there a trophy or prize money for that?
          Was gonna write a better response addressing what you talking about but looked at your profile and you are obviously not here for any sort of exchange of ideas

          Man the face of evil. That is a new one.

        • The footage suggests his car was repeatedly struck before he hit any of the fools standing in the street.

        • Whoa there jack!!!!! Antifa has done oodles worse over their short life span. One girl dead and we don’t know the full story yet? Stalin and
          Mao make Hitler look like a saint almost. You lefties since the French Revolution have far more blood on your hands than the right does.

        • We didn’t do anything but try to have a few people give speeches at a peaceful rally.The cops showed up and maced everybody and shut it down,violating a FEDERAL COURT ORDER backed by the ACLU to let us speak.

          The only reason there was violence was because the left showed up with baseball bats and clubs and boxed our people in and tried to kill them with makeshift flamethrowers and baseball bats for simply showing up to a park to speak.

          The cops and the antifa and anarchist guys caused that chick to get run over because the cops were allowing leftists to walk around with masks on,which is a felony in Virginia,carrying clubs and randomly assaulting people.They attacked the dude’s car with baseball bats from behind,he didn’t know what it was and he panicked.

          We have pictures and videos of this but we are being threatened with death for attempting to give press conferences to explain our side of the story and no media who are talking about this are talking to our guys or allowing them to speak for themselves to the people they are misleading or outright LYING to about what happened.

      • I was thinking about this today going to lunch with my parents. They all us White Supremacists, but really, we are just fighting not for Supremacy (which disappeared several decades ago) but literal survival from an ongoing cultural, ethnic, and biological genocide of the Western Whites (Europeans and Americans alike).

        At this point, Supremacy would be a pipe dream, survival is and should be the prime focus until we destroy all those who seek to destroy us. After that, we can work back toward supremacy if we so desire. I’m personally just concerned about protecting and preserving White cultural and ethnic values in the near term.

        • This is the way I view it as well. I am in a war with someone who is intent on eradicating everything that makes up who I am. I can either ignore it and hope that my son and I or not one of the random people attacked for being white, I could apologize that our people have created amazing things or I can do something to change that. I choose to take action.

          I have a son who will be starting school. I don’t want him to learn he is evil because he is white. I want him to learn accurate history. His people have shaped the entire planet. Every race is jealous of our accomplishments and tries to emulate them.

          Watching America be destroyed from Mexicans blacks and filthy muslims and not taking action is just not a choice to me.

          • Agreed. The cultural relativism of the leftists is obscene. While they claim that an Arab Muslim is just as good as a Japanese Shinto – History (and the facts not distorted by history) demonstrate that some cultures are superior to others, some vastly so – even if they have negative parts of their histories. No culture on this planet is perfect or maintains a spotless history. Sometimes you have to crack a few eggs (or heads) to preserve your culture versus those who would seek to subdue it.

            But today, I see very few willing to defend their culture because it is so “evil” with it’s “massive negative history” and it’s “just as good as any other culture”. It’s sad we are at this point, but we have to admit to ourselves that most of America is against us and favors their own ultimate extinction.

            Part of that is because of indoctrination by the schools, media, and our political class. Part of that is because no one wants to be the first martyr to die for cause. (Though taking a page from Patton, I don’t think any of us should be dying for our cause, we should be making the other bastards die for theirs).

            Our enemies on the left do not see themselves as Americans, they are virulently anti-White and anti everything America was founded on and stands for today. They seek to destroy America, and yet most Americans are satisfied to see this go on – so long as they can still watch their NFL or ESPN and eat their Frito Lay chips and drink their Pepsi while surfing Google and watching YouTube.

            Our people are suicidal and they either don’t believe it, won’t admit it, or are perfectly fine with it. Either way, it’s a sad state of affairs and I don’t really know how we are going to resolve that.

          • Depressing but accurate. I don’t know how you fix what is going on with people’s mentality. They have just drank the kool aid for too long. I am a bit more optimistic now after what happened with the election and more and more it seems like slowly but surely people are waking up to the MSM and starting to push back. I heard a stat like five mins ago that says CNN is now ranked below Nick at Night which is pretty awesome.

            I am concerned people will focus too much on the Antifa crowds and not as much to the Muslim bombers and Jewish globalists that are a much bigger issue

  • The street thug left (antifa/blm) believe they are justified in trying to blind people or kill them. I’ve seen no one in the Alt-Right literally believe it’s OK to blind people. What is the legality in regards to self defense? If someone tries to spray acid in your eyes, certainly deadly force is justified?

    • If you’re not going to employ deadly force against a non-violent genocide, because that isn’t ‘justified’, chances are you aren’t going to employ it anywhere else either.

      • I don’t know if that’s true? I’m certain people would be more radical if they were being openly rounded up and sent to camps or outright brought onto a field and shot.

        More importantly, White genocide has never been totally non-violent. Charlottsville is proof. The images from Friday night were so powerful that someone from higher up from the city level decided that it was preferable to disobey federal law, than to have the day go off with minimal problems.

        They wanted havoc because they have control of the MSM. SO they can frame it to fit there narrative regarding inclusion.

        The root of all of this goes deeper than White nationalism. It transcends to the freedom to exclude.

        Diversity is a function of exclusivity.

    • I saw multiple commenters on TDS make approving comments about the acid attack on the two Muslim cousins in London last month. Many others made approving comments about the guy who ran over the muslims outside the mosque. And countless people expressed outrage that that Rivello guy was arrested and charged for trying to cause a seizure in the [admittedly detestable] Kurt Eichenwald. So please spare me this disingenuous idea that many on the alt-right aren’t as malicious and cruel as many on the left.

      • If anyone attacks someone with acid or a hammer without provocation, or for attending a rally, then they deserved to be punished. We don’t need to rely on violence because our philosophical and scientific understanding of the world is more truthful than theirs. BUT, if someone does attack with acid or baseball bat, I do believe death is justified.

        • My point was that many alt-righters are ok with terrorism if “our guys” are doing it. Let’s not kid ourselves that we have the unassailable moral high ground. Evil people and good people exist on both sides.

          • Indeed, but the Alt-Right isn’t organized for violence. The antifa organize for violence and believe they are justified in blinding people and smashing people with bike locks. The Alt-Right does not do this.

            The Alt-Right doesn’t have to use violence.

      • I don’t want to judge you but I found your cavalier attitude towards terrorism to be disturbing.

        Terrorism will not be tolerated in any White Realm. The Kingdom of Whiteness assures public events for expressing political, scientific, or religious ideas are safe and people trying to blind people for life are put in prison for a long time or if it’s part of a pattern, some kind of Old Testament punishment.

        But like I said, I don’t judge you because I didn’t live your life.

    • Too bad there are no non-lethal weapons that only work on antifas — sort of like dog whistles work on dogs. It would be nice to have something handy to counter an attack by leaving them squirming on the ground with their ears bleeding. Godspeed your healing, Baked AK!

        • I love white people, most of my friends are white. I despise you alt right maggots. You people are no different than ISIS.

          • You’re not only an anti-White anti-Gentile bigot, but also a sexist pig. Get lost Zionist pig.

          • You’re not a real American, you want to take away the Civil Rights of White people, you sound like the typical mixed race Jewish supremacist.

          • You kill Nazi’s. When exactly did you kill a Nazi?

            Your ancestors were eating corn in Mehico when OUR ancestors, unfortunately, fought against Germany during WWll.

          • Chico Blow-Yo squeaked: “I’m very proud of it, thank you very much.”

            Like you have a choice. Lol.

            Have ‘nice’ day, you slimy commie bastard.

          • Chicho Yo-yo burped: I’m part Jew, part black, and part Hispanic

            Mongrel mutt. You qualify for poster boy against race mixing.

            Have a ‘nice’ day, you vile commie bastard.

            P.S. Hitler was right.

            P.P.S. Death to commies.

          • Right… you love white people… but want white people to just shut up and go extinct without any complaints like good little goys, right? Something doesn’t add up there…

          • The group trying to stop semitic iconoclasts from destroying historical statuary are the ones who are just like ISIS. With logic like that, you must have a university education.

          • People in the altright are not maggots, they are simply fighting for White Civil Rights, the right to freedom of speech without being violently attacked, the right or petition the government, and the right to defend their heritage. You’re a maggot because you would deny anyone their civil rights. One white guy running over a fat chic with his car does not mean that all white people run over fact chics with their car.

          • no different than ISIS. So we go around beheading people and throwing people off buildings LOL

          • Sad that you make such pathetic attempts to hide your toxic, genocidal anti-white hatred with such transparent lies. Perhaps reading the hasbara manual a little more carefully might help here? It’s more entertaining when the shills are a little more competent. Show some pride– step up your game a little here.

      • You will not find any homosexuals in the alt right. If you want to find one, try cruising at an antifa meeting.

      • No, we’re going to be real quiet and do what needs doing. Public face for (((them))) and a private face for taking care of business, punk.

      • So not only a rabid anti-white, but a “homophobe,” too? Wow, you just hate everyone, don’t you? Try to be more tolerant.

      • He’s a 45c/hour troll in Bolivia.

        He loves to regale about how he sucked every last dick in that entire nation.

  • Why did he stand there chitchatting with that SpLc stalker?

    Watch out for that tactic.

  • Civil suits are coming.

    Fear for your jobs. Fear for your fortunes. Fear for your reputations, corrupt, anti-White Virginia officials.

    Our civil rights were violated, and we are not backing down.

  • Who raised these people wishing someone goes blind! They are vile psychopathic human scum! Baked mush love and support, I wish you a speedy recovery.

    • The only speaker allowed to speak before the event was shut down was Baked Alaska. He gave a reading from an elder scroll and this is the result.

  • Baked Alaska is a true soldier. I wish him the best.

    But fucking jews man. EVERY TIME.

    Speaking of jews, listen to what this (((atheist))) has to say:

    I vote to let muslims torture Harris and rape his asshole. It’s only justice for the coward who would argue for the Iraq war but never fight in it. Besides, doesn’t he want to enjoy that rich, rich diversity that he loves so much?

    • Sam Harris promotes this mindfulness psychobabble about letting go of the past, abandoning the illusion of the ego and living in the moment.

      Yet when it comes to something he really cares about, namely, threats to his Jewish identity, he obsesses over the Jews’ past, he displays a bruised ego and he stays on the lookout for the next Nazi movement and the next Hitler.

    • These (((humanists))) stuck in the thinking of the 20th Century don’t want to give up their illusion of universalist ethics, even though we can see clearly that it doesn’t work.

      The frontier of humanism has moved on to the practical, identitarian ethics of the Alt Right.

      • In the twenty-first century the greatest threat to Jews everywhere in the world comes from Muslims. Jews who do not understand that have been reading too many history books and not enough newspapers.

        • Very sad to see you still engaging in this sort of pathetic, transparent attempt to undermine Judeo-Islamic unity in the current year. Why do you hate the Overseas Israelis and the hajis so much? What did thy ever do to you?

          • Well,they attacked the clearly-marked American vessel the USS Liberty in the Gulf of Tonkin after receiving radio messages confirming they were American,dragging us into one of the most devastating and protracted wars in all of American history,destroyed the international reputation of the United States and allowed communist filth who purposely dodged the draft to take over in the absence of the real Americans,who signed up to fight the communists overseas while their fellow-travelers assumed control here in the United States resulting in endless unrest in the Middle East,along with policies of bringing in the exact same Muslims we were bombing in many cases being brought into our countries and given full American/European citizenship,leading to the rise of ISIS terrorism and killing many thousands of innocent people in the name of a goofy backwards politicoreligious ideology that throws gays off roofs (point in their favor),but also allows you to marry a goat.

            But other than that..I don’t know,like every single thing that we didn’t want them to,maybe?

          • The USS Liberty was attacked by the air force of the Zionist state of Israel in the Mediterranean Sea, with 34 killed and over 170 wounded in 1967. Fortunately, the crew prevented the total destruction of the ship which would have dragged us into a major Mideast War. The Gulf of Tonkin incident occurred in August 1964 and was used to drag us more deeply into the Vietnam War. Lyndon Johnson committed treason in both incidents. However, your basic thesis is correct.

          • You are welcome. We have been deluged by so many lies that it is difficult to keep them separate. It helps to be old enough to remember when both of these acts of treason against America were current events.

    • Just keep in mind this Sam Harris guy knows exactly what is happening to whites, and has commented quite a bit about the migrant crisis in Europe. But he still thinks white identity politics is “detestable”… He pretends like “white identity politics” just randomly popped out of nowhere when it is convenient for him.

      Wanna take a guess whether Sam is pro-Israel or not? You guessed it! Another coincidence!

    • He states “All identity politics is bad”, but “White identity politics is worst of all”

      Right. No anti-White hatred here.

      If he thinks “all identity politics is bad”, why would he feel compelled to emphasize “but White identity politics is worst of all.”

      Rhetorical question. He does so to make himself look good to the eyes of his fellow academics and to further his social status. After all, we all know its hip and en vogue to disparage Whites these days.

      Refuse to let White speakers speak in a legally permitted public place and disparage them in the mass media and academia.

      And yet they’re perplexed about the meteoric rise of the Alt-Right.

    • Sam Harris is a racist pro-Israel Jewish supremacist egomaniac who suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • For all of Sam Harris’s intelligence, he misses the fundamental point. He doesn’t get to tell people who they have to “include” in their spaces and institutions.

      Exclusion is a Natural Right.

  • Not his mask–his eyepro. We weren’t wearing masks, in conformity with the law. perhaps that was a mistake

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