Crazy Lefty Attacks Jason Kessler At Press Conference

Jason Kessler got attacked at a press conference today. Jason is /ourguy/ and he was a key organizer of the ‘Unite the Right’ rally.

From Dailymail:

Jason Kessler, the organizer behind the march that turned violent yesterday, was surrounded by an angry mob during a press conference today

He was punched and tackled to the ground after the surrounding crowd at his presser turned nasty


He gave a press conference denouncing what the city of Charlottesville did.

Once again, the police did not defend him. The attackers had no trouble jumping him.

Other groups are coming out to support our version of events. These guys are not White Nationalists, and don’t particularily like us, but listen to what they had to say.

They confirm that the police intentionally set a trap for our guys and funneled them into Antifa. The police is to blame for the injuries.

Things seem to be escalating.


Meanwhile, there are efforts to dox our guys by groups of SJWs.

People are identifying the Charlottesville Nazis and getting them fired

Free speech for me but not for thee, eh?

These were men assembled at a lawful protest. They are trying to get these men fired for that. Let that sink in.

Meanwhile, what the hell are they thinking? This is the SJW attack plan as I understand it:

1.Fire a bunch of pissed off white men
2.Be shocked when they get even more pissed off
3.Be terrified when their numbers continue to grow
4.Shit bed when you realize what you’ve created

Does the Left want civil war?


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  • KKK = Freemasonry = Judaism = Synagogue of Satan

    Kill every single one of these pieces of shit.

  • Jason Kessler is a jewish homosexual libtard, much like the pathetic inbred jew idiots who run this website. I hope your entire jew family are shot in the head and killed. You are going to pay with your jew maggot blood for the fake false flag in Charlottesville, you inbred piece of homosexual pedophile commie jew dog shit.

  • Guys keep in mind the Crime Stoppers Program – You call in ALL left scum that you know did a crime – they by law must take the report and follow through – if the left scum goes to jail they mail u a thank you check – how could it get better — get on line and look up your local chapter – get involved WITHOUT getting political. Just be a “law and order” guy that takes no sides and start dropping the LEFT NAMES…

  • “Does the left want civil war?”

    That’s a rhetorical question I assume? It’s patently obvious that is their ultimate goal. And unfortunately the vast majority of White Americans are just sitting on their asses letting it happen or will willingly back the Jewish elite who want it to happen.

    If nothing else comes out of the Civil War, I just hope that all the pro-Jewish “Christians” are exterminated once and for all – as poetic justice. These race traitors are among the worst Whites because they SHOULD know better than to buy into the Leftist dogma (they often oppose Muslims and Marxists alike, as well as the gay agenda) and yet they willingly back the nation/culture that is infecting our culture with all that BS.

    I fear that there will not be enough pro-White Americans willing to defend western cultural values to stave off the coming extinction. I hope I’m wrong, and I hope that something major will get them to collectively wake up and break their Judaic-Israeli conditioning. But I am not seeing it happen yet.

    It’ll probably take a massive coordinated terror attack on a very large group of whites (like in the thousands), and then the perps getting away with it entirely, to get them to get off the couch. A few dozen deaths here and there won’t move them – they are too desensitized.

    • Here’s an idea. Dump whatever ideology you believe in, go outside, talk to people who don’t look or act like you. Venture out of your comfort zone, see the world. I can only assume some tragic event happened in your life or you were brainwashed from birth to think this way. Either way, get some help. What you believe is total nonsense

      • Here’s a better idea: leave your mom’s basement, go outside and talk to someone other than your parents for the first time in six years.

  • I have a dream. I have a dream that one day the alt-right will stop expecting people to sit through 30 minute long videos of people talking.

    • There’s plenty of material to read should you choose.
      Audio/Visual media is crucial.
      Many, like myself, can work, do dishes or hang out in the garage… Listening and learning while we work through our daily tasks.
      All due respect, my dream, is that your dream is not realized.

    • Am I the only person on Earth who is happy when a cherished content creator puts out a hour+ long video? I used to sit and watch Fox news from morning to evening while I worked from my home office. Why is it so much to ask that we devote the same sort of time to our own people and our own content?

  • Big, tough Pro-White and Ex-Cop.
    We need to get him more interviews, he was on Red Ice. Good book too.

    Charlottesville .Unite The Right, Cops Speak out
    Downtown White Police

  • Thoughts.

    Alt Right was set up by crooked cops and troopers like the Corleones were set up by the corrupt cop in THE GODFATHER. A rigged system. Freedom of Speech ONLY IF you agree with consensus that says we must all cuck out to Jews.

    Sonny says the bruised Michael looks ‘beautiful’. Bruises are the only tattoos that really count. And all you Alt Right guys who got bruised, you look ‘beautiful’!!

    The World is so much like THE GODFATHER. The Beast talks of rights and freedom, but the system is rigged to favor the Power. If the Beast can’t get you with the law, they will get you with their conspiracy, antifa janissary goons, and even corrupt police and troops. A rigged system. Conspiracy to commit violence, intimidation, and murder are done by the state. Look at Iraq War and Libya War. Look at US support of neo-nazis to topple regime in Ukraine. Look at CIA’s support of Alqaeda in Syria.
    RICO should be used against the state, but the state controls the power.

    The real world is more like THE GODFATHER because power is about gangsters than idealists or visionaries. Jewish Glob gangsters rule America, and they use antifa as Janissary. Antifanissary are soul-diseased whites who’ve been made to hate their own race and hate any white person who loves his own people and heritage. To Jews and Antifanissary, a white person who is pro-white is ‘sick in the head’. Can you believe that shit?

    So, what are we to do? Think of the Pantengeli Brother Option in THE GODFATHER PART 2. Pantengeli was about to spill the beans on the Corleones, but the Corleones had one ace up their sleeve. Pantengeli’s Brother. So, Pantegeli was shamed as ‘rat’ and feared for his brother. So, he shut up.
    Even though Pantegeli was protected air tight by the US government, Corleones understood a weakness, a vulnerability, an Achilles heel that was psychological and cultural.

    Well then, what is the “Pantegeli’s Brother” of the Power, the Beast? But first, what is the nature of the Power? It is Jewish Globalist. What do Jews fear most? It’s being outed as a bunch of Zionist-supremacist imperialist oppressors of Palestinians who’ve waged wars and cold wars all over to serve Jewish interests, in the process destroying countless lives.

    Jewish Power says Alt Right and ‘white nationalism’ are ugly and hateful and there is no place for such talk in the US. Alt Right must say Jewish Zionist Supremacist imperialism is hateful, ugly, murderous, avaricious, destructive, and utterly immoral.

    Alt Right nationalism is moral because it calls for security and sovereignty for all peoples and cultures. Zio Globalism is evil because it seeks to turn all gentiles into New Palestinians who have no rights and no power and no claim to their ancestral homelands. It is the Sorosization of the world… except for Israel.
    Jews can kill Palestinians at whim and no one cares. Sheldon Adelson can say ‘NUKE IRAN’ and be top dog of GOP. Madeline Albright can say 500,000 dead Iraqi kids were ‘worth it’ and be a respected ‘statesman’.

    Alt Right must say it is intolerable that the US should be supporting Zionist oppression of Palestinians when it is Israel that is occupying West Bank and stealing land. Alt Right must champion BDS. That is “Pantegeli’s Brother” of the Jews. Jews posture as friends of the powerless and champions of the underdogs. But Jewish-controlled foreign policy has destroyed nation after nation. It raped and looted Russia in the 90s. It rapes US via Wall Street and bubbles and bailouts. Also, Jew-run Big Harma addicts people to opiods just like Jewish David Sasson addicted Chinese to opium in the 19th century.

    Don’t just play on white pride. Play on JEWISH GUILT. Write a Black Book of Jewish Supremacism in communism, Zionism, anti-white-ism, and etc. And expose homomania as the proxy tool of Jewish supremacist imperialism.

    Get the “Pantegeli’s Brother” of the Jews. Put them on the ropes morally. Make Jews feel shame and guilt for all their Zionist supremacist imperialism and robbery.


    It is evil and wrong for Jewish imperialist supremacists to force us to hate Russians, Iranians, Syrians, Hungarians, Poles, and Venezuelans who are NOT our enemies. We on Alt Right respect their sovereignty and own destinies. We should not be forced to hate a people just because Jewish supremacists hate them with rabid virulence.

  • “Does the Left want civil war?”

    Does the pope shit in his depends?

    From talking to lefties, the impression I have is, yes, they do. They think they can win it, because their echo chambers online and on campus have gaslit them into thinking that the overwhelming majority supports them, the only opposition is old white hillbillies with missing teeth, and they’ll be home before Christmas. It’s worth remembering that the Left’s shock troops are on the lower end of the higher ed IQ distribution, and have little to no understanding of what organized violence entails.

    • Not the technical logistics needed to fight it.

      although our side doesn’t have unlimited financial credit to fight either.

      • They’ve got very good logistical networks, but low quality fighting stock and not much in the way of armaments. The right has shit logistics, but high quality stock, and lots of weapons. Numbers are about the same. We need build our logistics, they need to arm up and train. Neither task is impossible and whoever gets there first, wins.

      • you may have some smart military minds on your side, but for the most part your ranks are loners, the stupid, old hillbillies and the weak minded. Yes, you also have the arms, but you’ll be surprised by the left. We’re not the dancing pansy you think we are. Double plus good for you as well, you might have a good portion of the military and the police on your side. But, your outnumbered big time, we have Whites, blacks, Hispanic, muslims, asians Jews, and every other nationality that hates your kind, and plus the rest of the world. Your brand is toxic and unappealing. No one likes you. You guys may play soldiers in your back yards, but the gangs are actually fighting wars in the inner cities and we have the smart college educated folks. This isn’t the 1800’s where soilders line up and shot each other, they’ll be cyber warfare as well and quite frankly I don’t think you people are smart enough. I’m just hoping if we do go to war that the north finishes the cancer you are off for good.

        • You hate us all because the Jews told you to. The Jews brought you all here for this very reason: to destroy us. We will destroy you if you side with the jew. No mercy.

    • I don’t want to sound conspiratorial

      But maybe they are being used for some kind deep state color revolution against Trump

      And they don’t intend for it to come to an actual SWPL vs Hillbilly civil war, where Hill Billies might win

  • Daily reminder that the following people are being used to direct White anger away from White Nationalism and down the Semitic path to White racial destruction.

    Paul Joseph Watson:

    Jack Posobiec:

    Mike Cernovich:

  • It’s one thing for this to happen to Kessler, it can be sort of played off as a naive, somewhat moderate guy getting silenced for his views

    But you don’t want to let this happen to Spencer. (And he does still need to give a conference)

  • Theres been anti-Alt-Right rallies in Oakland, San Francisco and Seattle in the last 24 hours, a media smear campaign, Red Ice got hacked, doxing attempts and so on. We are under attack. We have to be strong and stand our ground. We did nothing wrong.

    • We exist and are unashamed, that is our only crime, in a time controlled by (((those))) who paint us as pure evil.

      In a time where drug addicts, sexual deviants, and all around losers in life are sold to the masses as ‘progressive’ and ‘vibrant’ individuals whom are our strength and not our burden; the Alt Right stands to improve the lives of millions by inspiring us to rediscover the greatness flowing from our past directly through our veins today. Our blood cries out to us, demanding something deeper and more significant than the meager post-modern existence we are offered.

      A movement this powerful and this positive is simply not going to be allowed to exist without a struggle, Our Struggle.

    • These doxxing attemps can be made usefull, just sayin.

      Also, make it clear to BLM and other such places that the Charlottesville police won´t find any White Knights in the right and thus just got much easier to mess with.

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