Charlottesville Was A Turning Point For White People In America (Updated)

The gravity of what happened in Charlottesville will take a few days to sink in.

The Alt-Right went to an assembly that was peaceful and legal. Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, illegally revoked the permit to host the event. He is affiliated with the Black Panther Party and a Black supremacist. The permit was revoked and then reinstated with the help of the ACLU.

The Alt-Right went to assemble in order to advocate for the rights of White people to exist and to protest the erasure of American culture, history and to uphold the first amendment.

We followed every legal measure and were cooperative with authorities leading up to the event. We even had to get a federal court order in order to be allowed to hold the rally. Even so, the national guard declared a “state of emergency” before the event got started and then they dispersed the rally attendees and pushed isolated groups of our guys into the Antifa mob.

The state violated our constitutional rights and let Antifa and BLM do the knife work for them. They also let Antifa assemble without putting up any resistance.

Any blood is on the hands of the police, the city of Charlottesville and the state of Virginia.

This is the situation White people find themselves in today.

Anyone who still thinks free speech and freedom to assembly still exists anywhere in the White world can clearly see for themselves what happens when White people try to peacefully assemble and advocate for their interests.

The state disregards our rights, we are physically assaulted in the streets by non-Whites and political opponents, and the lying media runs propaganda campaigns to smear us. As of now, they are blaming the three deaths in Charlottesville on us. Yes, the three deaths. As you will recall, two of those deaths resulted from a police helicopter crash. By what stretch of the imagination are we to blame for pilot incompetence? Perhaps blame for the crash should be laid at the feet of the people actually responsible for running an inept and incompetent police force that failed to ensure public safety, uphold the rule of law and apparently can’t even pilot a helicopter correctly.

The “conservative” media is in lockstep with the open Cultural Marxist propaganda organs as well. Fox News has also laid the blame for the three deaths in Charlottesville at our feet.

Let me be clear. Literally, none of the deaths were due to the Alt-Right.

The story behind the car crash is still unfolding. Fatal crashes happen all the time, and it is clear that the young man’s car was being attacked on all sides by a roving mob of Antifa when he slammed the gas pedal and accelerated.

He will be acquitted because his life was clearly in danger by Antifa.

Furthermore, the young man was not part of any Alt-Right group. Also, there is reason to believe that he was himself Jewish. This is highly irregular, especially when one takes into account that the Alt-Right as a movement is very critical of Jews and membership of Jews in the Alt-Right is frowned upon. James Alex Fields, Jr’s mother is named Samantha Bloom. That is a very Jewish name. Below is a picture of James Alex Fields. Decide for yourself.

Remember that the disorder was purposely engineered by the mayor to crush the rally and possibly kill members of the rally. And as a result of their idiotic and heavy-handed tyranny, three people are dead and dozens are injured. Antifa is to blame for pretty much all of those injuries. None of this bullshit would have happened if the authorities had done their jobs, maintained order and let the rally happen.

Meanwhile, the media is trying to spin this rally as a KKK rally or a Neo-Nazi rally.

Let us be clear, this was an Alt-Right rally. This was a rally by people advocating for White identity. And it was brutally shut down. The media sees the deaths as a godsend so that the tyranny of the government can be forgotten and retroactively justified. These people will never let a good crisis go to waste. The same people who believe that Muslim terror attacks are part and parcel of city life and that ruin your life for suggesting that Islamic terror might have something to do with Islam are trying to tie some random kid in a tricked out Dodge Challenger to the Alt-Right, to all Right-wingers, Trump supporters and by extension to all White people..

So what does that mean going forward?

We did everything right and we STILL GOT SHUT DOWN. And I suppose that means that we are now officially the enemy of the anti-White state.

The government used the military to shut us down and feed us to the dogs and then the media ran a giant smear campaign against us. Despite our cooperation with the police, they were nowhere to be found on the day of and they just brought in the National Guard to shut us down. They had no intent on allowing this happen. This is clear. The city did everything to stop this event and called in the big guns when we showed up.

It was a trap, plain and simple.

But let us be clear.

Ultimately, this was a victory for us. Our movement will be emboldened by Charlottesville. The ‘Unite the Right’ rally legitimized our struggle. This is the beginning of the White Civil Rights movement. Before the rally even started, the National Guard was put on standby. The state of Virginia illegally used military force to override a Federal court decision.

That means what they did was illegal. And it also means we are going to sue the state of Virginia for the actions of the National Guard and the city of Charlottesville for creating the situation that allowed the chaos and violence to ensue.

We extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ in advance to the mayor of Charlottesville, the police, and the state governor. Your incompetence will end up funding our movement for years to come.

Cheers, and thanks.


A new video has emerged of the car crash. This one clearly shows Antifa attacking the car with a bat before the driver hit the gas.



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  • Правда на стороне этих белых ребят. Удачи вам!

  • just like this site, this post is complete bull shit and only good for a laugh…LOL claiming that antifa attacked his car first is some of the lamest shit one with a slight bit of intelligence can see is a quackjob of an excuse when all one has to do is ask why was he driving a car into a crowd of protesters lol?

    He killed a white girl, and you guys do not give a shit, that is what is amazing,, and then LOL speculation that he is a jew because his mother’s last name is Bloom is fucking hilarious. Deny and disconnect is the limits of your loyalty to your own people once they take the piss and you guys are red handed in it. you fucks are so racist you are racist against other whites and have created this ”they’re a JEW” bullshit to separate your own people from you. You are all jews in some effect in the USA as just about every one of you white guys here are circumcised, which is the sign that you are a fucking jew lol. or owned by them I reckon. LOL at the title of ”turning point for whites” , but your biggest problem is this white renaissance you all long for while not finding a mate and instead finding online friends to hate everyone else with has not been too successful, lol you guys are now a minority in 19 states. That is why i L’dMAO the first time I heard trump utter ”make america great again” because you really can’t when your race is going extinct, and immediately in my mind I re-engineered his statement to the more accurate truth to what your extinction is doing, ”making america BROWN again” LOL.

    Even faux news is turning on trump and you minions of white power washers LOL which is extra hilarious after reading this post and being educated enough to put 2 n 2 together to know its because now the jews have been attacked by people linked to trump and the owner of faux news, rupert murdoch is a fuckin jew LOLLLLZZZZ

    But please keep this complete garbage coming, it is funny and entertaining.

  • Let us place the blame square on the shoulders of the one man, who allowed the BLM, sent his AG to anyplace a black was shot by a policeman, to investigate, he did it in Florida, Ferguson and Baltimore. When his professor friend was rightfully questioned by the police, this man Obama, took to the WH podium and called the police out for it. Unprecedented, we never had a president do something like that. Then we had the other incidences. During the 2012 elections Black Panthers in uniforms and carrying billy clubs, intimidated voters all over the country, we had them here in Florida, during the Trevon debacle, they had a wanted poster for Zimmerman and were going to hang him if they could get him, Obama did nothing.

    During this election, the violence perpetrated on Trump supporters was brutal. Blacks, Muslims and illegals banded together and even stopped Trump from speaking in Chicago. This entire scenario was all started at the WH under Obama. He and they want Civil War. He brought in millions of Muslims, he brought in millions of Haitians, here in Florida 3,600 children from kindergarten up, flooded one school district, they don’t speak English, their parents can’t afford to feed them and they are a burden just like the refugees. They are sucking billions upon billions of tax dollars. Obama opened the border to MS-13 and my feeling is he did all this to make sure that when and if, these people are ready to attack us, burn us out and do their worst, there will be more than enough blacks, illegals and Muslims to fight a really hard fight.

    We know mosques all over the world are filled with weapons, we know there are sleeper cells here, we know there are Muslim training camps on and on. So there is going to be trouble very soon.

  • The video of the car does NOT show anyone harassing it before it starts to drive into the crowd. This is a slow motion video. He drives into the crowd and people are falling all over themselves and each other as they are trying trying to get out of the way of a car going 40 mph. Wow. There are so many lies in this article. Fake news. There is NOTHING to indicate that the murderer is Jewish. The fact that you guys are trying to cover for the murderer just shows that you are dishonest, and complicit.

  • the alt right is scared of their race being no more lol your grandchildren will be brown sorry to break the news to you

  • I know this is going to start a storm but I’m not sure where else to ask. How is holding fire sticks and holding confederate flags as well as giving hail Hitler salutes not supposed to look like KKK? Also what is the white culture we are trying to protect? No to sound cheesy but I think of potato salad and farmers markets (which I enjoy both very much) but here in southern Ca, I also love tajin on my corn and fish tacos as well. And the fusion Mexican food (California fusion) is my favorite and what I cook a lot of. The only real cowboys I know are Mexican (married to my family from my cousin) Rancheros still exist here and so does farm life. I love it’s charm, how many people do you know that still ride a horse to work and herd cows? We also enjoy surfing on the weekends. Is not our homeland Europe, and here a fusion? I think the races here who don’t get along, are the Mexicans who think they are better than whites and same as the whites who think their better than them. Every group of people has their people who kinda suck not any one more than another. My neighborhood is a very mixed and very safe. In fact the crime that people video from their house always looks to be young white kids from probably poorer areas…. kinda ghetto looking. Further more wanting black people to leave, we brought black people here so we must take responsibility for our actions and live with the consequences and look to the future not the past. To do otherwise seems a very unconservative view point as far as I can see.

    • I love food therefore the genocide of my race by endless inflow and pressured miscegenation / bottomed out birth rates as a result of policies that dispossess me is acceptable. By the way whitey, you have to take responsibility for the actions of your ancestors but people committing atrocities today don’t, because white privilege and other buzzwords.

      Great arguments, all around.

      • It was a questions which you didn’t answer…. and with out getting to heavy I dont think it’s hard to see where there is positive attitude there usually great things that merge. Food being and easy example. And I don’t see responsibility as a buzzword, Im conservative and think that’s a cornerstone of right wing. But to say other races should leave and go to their home country and call this one ours when you think about how it become both our and theirs…. I just don’t think that makes since. Being born American in today’s world makes you today’s American. It’s not like they are illegal, I did word that badly. I’m honestly here to get answers to questions that I don’t see come up when I search it and understand what I don’t. These are the things I don’t understand…. I read this article above to try and understand but still feel I need more answers, and I Also confused about why I’m called a whity…. it’s because of the potato salad comment isn’t it? Darn it

        • Sabrina if you really want to know the answers to your questions you need to start studying history and it won’t be easy. No one can make you understand anything. These are very complex issues and many in the alt-right can’t even answer them for you. You have to go back to the beginning. Like 3-4,000 years ago. It’s work which is why so many have so little understanding.

          You speak of responsibility and accountability, well, where’s yours? How old are you and what do you know about where you came from? And I don’t mean where were you born. Don’t answer just reflect. May Asatru be with you.

          • My accountability? by researching and asking a group where people share the opinion of what I’m trying to understand? Day one going well! Now I get to research and figure out what peagan religions have to do with it

        • No, it really doesn’t mean being American anymore than me being born in a stable would make me a horse. American means what the founding fathers thought which was “free white persons of good character” as outlined in the immigration and naturalisation policy upheld until 1965. People of your ilk are literally making the same arguments here in Europe to claim we’ve always had racial diversity and that our nations are nations of immigrants. All lies towards a single end of wiping a people off the earth.

    • Make sure you clearly know what you are talking about. How do you know it wasn’t Antifa dressed up like Nazi’s to give the media some ammunition?

      • I dont and didn’t question that. I’m simply trying to understand what the alt right is about. They say they are peaceful and not the kkk etc…. hence my question above tiring to understand what dose not make since to me yet.

  • Im sorry to hear so many have had bad experiences with the church. I recently was baptised. In the bible this is suppose to be a pouring out of your testament to follow in the footsteps of Christ. I was like a lot of you where I felt that church goers were fake and service was nothing more then a Sunday Morning Matinee. Then I found New Live Fellowship. Pastor Rodney does not and will not preach to today’s ideals. His favorite comment “Don’t come to Church on Sunday to forget by Monday”. He doesn’t humiliate or offend anyone. He preaches it “only” the way that God had it written in the Bible. So if your offended by something he has said, then you’ll just have to take that up with God himself. If you dont believe in the Bible, then maybe you should read it, or go to a Bible Study and get help understanding it. It strikes me as odd how so many people can reject something they no nothing about. Instead we are so eager to take advise from folks on their beliefs. People no longer care if it’s right or wrong, it is just weather or not is sounds good.

    I challenge all you who read this and still want to reject religion and the bible, to go online and just take a precious hour and watch a service at New Life.

  • People on this thread who seem to be searching for others with whom you can identify, try the Primitive Baptist Church. They are all over the United States and probably all over the world. They believe they are the church Jesus established and gave to Peter to minister. All other churches are offshoots of the PBC. What can it hurt to investigate and visit with them? If you find they are not to your liking, you can easily leave. I will tell you one thing, you will be embraced as an equal and welcomed into their company. May the peace and grace of God be with you all.

  • Wow, bunch of full-blown nuts on here I see. He’ll be acquitted because he was being attacked? lol Sorry screwball, even you can’t be stupid enough to truly believe that bullshit.

  • If the unite-the-alt-right-groups had made a cash offer to the Charlottesville city council to cover the $700k removal fee plus transportation to an out-of-state private location, an amicable solution could have been reached. Unfortunately, the leadership pockets any cash raised.

  • Your movement openly advocates racial hierarchy and the rollback of civil rights for non-white peoples in America. You can’t honestly be surprised that they are fighting back against what they see as an existential threat, can you?

    • Nonsense, we don’t advocate racial hierarchy liar. We advocate racial sovereignty. We deserve to have our own homeland. We’re not genocidalists like you who want their own kind to go extinct.

      • I have read in your literature that you advocate a “white ethno-state” similar to Israel. In Israel, there is a hierarchical structure with Jews at the top. If your white ethno-state is to be established in the current US or western Europe, how will you establish and maintain it without racial hierarchy, given that significant numbers of nonwhites that already reside in the territory?

        • The US is breaking up, Americans aren’t a nation anymore, Americans hate each other and don’t have anything in common. They don’t share a religion, they don’t share values, they don’t share a belief system, they’re not from the same race or ethnic group.

          This could lead to civil war, but hopefully it leads to a more peaceful balkanization into multiple countries that more closely reflect the values and national characters of the various peoples now inhabiting the United States.

          We want to look out for the interests of White people, and try to organize a soft landing for them in a relatively homogenous ethnostate. The whole point of ethnostates is that you’re around people like you, that you can relate to more easily as equals, rather than ruling over (or being ruled by) people from greatly disparate groups, which is a sure recipe for conflict.

          Does it seems like diversity is a strength for the United States right now? Or does it seem like the U.S. is a divided country?

          • Those are a lot of declarative statements paired with baseless speculation.

            America never was a monoculture. States are culturally different, but that difference should not be mandated by law or secession. You only get the impression that there is “little cohesion” because you probably spend most of your time on the internet where the loudest and most extreme voices tend to congregate. In the real world, most people are just trying to get by and have friends, acquaintances, and family of various backgrounds.

          • No one knows what the future holds, it’s possible an ethnostate may never arise, but this is a divided country going into an ethnic competition mode as the white super-majority ends.

            And somebody has to normalize white identity politics, because ethnocentric cooperation beats individualism and non-whites already understand this.

            Regardless of what the future holds, whites need to be able to stand up for themselves as a group in order to achieve a soft landing. We’re here to make that a reality.

          • America never was a monoculture. States are culturally different

            This is prevaricating. If this is the case then there isn’t any reason literal nazis shouldn’t be a part of that tapestry as well.

            America was never a monoculture ipso facto everything is permitted. People who are here and championed by the left are enemies, advocate for racial conquest, redressing historical grievances, and are self-defined as enemies of Americans generally and white people specifically. People whose self-defined well-being is gauged on how miserable white people become are a welcome part of America’s “multiculturalism”. So long as the primary political problem is defined by you and yours as “too many white people exist” then no one has any reason to hold back and your faux-moral finger wagging isn’t going to go do anything. If “too many white people is a problem” and “white people are doing too well is a problem” are valid political opinions then the opposite is as well. You reap what you sow.

            Go wag your finger at the Communist party whose poorly veiled exterminationist member was killed in the process of an attempted lynching. Go wag your finger at those journalists who penned copious articles around Inauguration Day as to why the Left should not disavow political violence either rhetorically or refrain from engaging in it actively in the present. Maybe when I see these people hanging their heads in shame and guilt instead of proudly telling me how reading true crime stories of child sex traffickers makes them wet I’ll be willing to follow the wiggle of your fingers waggle myself. Good luck.

          • Nazis are a part of the tapestry. You are still here, are you not? Larger society currently finds your views morally repugnant and shuns you for them, but you are not subject to government persecution, as much as you’d like to believe so.

            Your second paragraph is full of strawman arguments and baseless statements. If the Left is to be judged by it’s most malignant actors, so should the Right. The Right is one to talk about “rhetorical violence” given the way they talk of Jews, Blacks, etc to sow seeds of hatred amongst suggestible demographics.

            For the record, I don’t support Communism or Antifa. I assume in the third paragraph you are referring to the killing of that young woman. “Attempted Lynching”, Holy hyperbole batman! As for violence on the Left I don’t condone it, but realize that it is part of a cycle. White Power types perceive some slight and begin talking of (to use your “cutesy terms”) “repatriation”, “white ethnostate”, “1488”, and “day of the rope”. Antifa has a reaction to what they perceive as an existential threat given the history of white power groups in America and abroad, and what happens when they gain power.

    • “Civil Rights” is a racial hierarchy. Jim Crowe wasn’t replaced with nothing. Wasn’t simply repealed and let the chips fall where they may. A policy which affected a segment of the South was repealed and replaced nationally with another schema of legal race-based policies which abrogated Free Association.

      “Civil Rights” is just the name of a piece of legislation, not an actual philosophical position. Total bait and switch. If all you are against is us saying mean things we can also give whatever supposedly wicked policies you imagine we support cutesy names which have nothing to do.

      • I would love it if CR didn’t have to exist, but it did to combat abuses that shut entire sectors out of the market. If people would act right, we wouldn’t need any laws at all.

        How is CR a hierarchy? Who is at the top? CR forces a open market for all and guarantees that no subgroup will be shut out of the market due to innate traits.

        Civil Rights are absolutely a philosophical position. It is the belief that people in a civil society have the right to live, move, and engage in commerce freely, as well as expect equal protection under the laws of the land.

        • “If people would act right” lol I like that, that’s good.

          You will not be “racist” or we will lawfully force you to not be! With laws that are racist lol


  • If you’re a White American, and don’t see the soundness of this article, you’re just a brainwashed fool. I pray God helps you see the light.

  • American servicemen died fighting Nazis & Confederate racists to defend freedom for all Americans. If you can’t stand living with people who are a different color or race than you then you need to pack up and leave the USA! Your Alt Right movement is just as delusional as all the other racist organizations that have come before it.

    • It’s people like you who don’t care when 35,000 white women are raped each year by blacks. You expect us to condone this? Are you delusional?

      • I don’t and never have condoned rape by anyone and I wasn’t posting about rape statistics. I was posting about how you and your racist buddies are traitors to my country. Since you brought it up though I’m sure your lady willingly sleeps with African Americans. She’s not being raped you moron.

        • Your policies ensure an ongoing rape epidemic is inevitable. Not to mention all of other hallmarks of artificially creating a bunch of warzones all over the country. But you got to break a few eggs to make an omelet right comrade? After enough rape and pillage and murder we’ll get utopia instead of a fucking hellhole of perpetual grievance and enmity.

          • I know. You’re right. I was just kidding. If your interested I have a rare map to a secret, all White Island off the coast of Florida that could use a few more good folks like you. Let me know if your interested. White Powder! Ya tweaker!

    • Give me break with that rubbish. Its the same nonsense in every white land now, whites have to accept that wherever they are that they need to hand over the land to non whites, this “we are Americans” is not unique at all. That being the case, where exactly can whites go to, since your ideology openly preaches no white nation is allowed.

      • The world has been mixed with many races for longer than you or I can remember. It’s those that have failed to accept that that have created the weak links in societies around the world. Whole civilizations have failed because they were to stubborn and selfish to realize that they needed to coexist with others in order to ensure their own survival. Your way of thinking will only end up leaving you and those you associate with disappointed and with nothing to show for it.

  • BLM = Looting, Violence
    Antifa (funded by soros) = Violence, Anarchy
    Why are these groups allowed to protest when peaceful whites are not? Clear double standard.

    • I seen the video, like 500 Antifa protesters attacked the car with baseball bats. The driver was scared for his life, panic, hit the gas and ran over people. Yeah right, the alt right retard intentionally rammed his car into people just like ISIS. You terrorist scum bags

      • If you condone bashing people’s skull open with baseball bats like Antifa you shouldn’t cry when there is a reaction.

  • Have you any idea how completely fucking mental you people are? Seriously, its like a sewing-bee for marginalized, under achievers who have nothing better to do. Why don’t you clean up your homes and get the car off the bricks in front of your trailer. It’s over. The South has more chance of rising again than Trump has of getting an erection without Viagra. Stop blaming Jews/Niggers/Fags/New World Order for your plight. Why can’t you get a job that supports your family and provides a nice living. I do and I’m whiter than most of you I’d bet. If you’re white, over 21 and can’t get a decent lifestyle together then the fault lies with you. I mean look at those people in Charlottesville. If they’re the future of the white race then I’m out. All fat, balding with beer guts, cross-eyed and missing teeth. Forget General Lee. Go watch re-runs of the Dukes of Hazzard if you like General Lee so much. Stop drinking and take a shower. You’ve been fed a lie. Get educated and change your circumstances. All this can be done without even thinking about niggers. Unless of course black cock really turns you on and you’re in denial. Sieg Heil my little jaunty Jack boot friends.

    • In support of your long list of assertions — and to help everyone determine whether you may be full of utter shite from head to toe — please show all the data you have regarding the employment records, financial records, housing conditions, health conditions, level of education, history of accomplishment, and overall biography of those on the Alt-right.

      Thank you, and good luck.

      • Why? Look, your organization is full of 2nd prizes. I think we can all agree about that. I’ve no doubt you have some of the brightest and best within your number but no-one with the capacity to finish a cross-word in one of the big newspapers. Sometimes the library has newspapers. However, given the Nazi fascination with dress up and soldier clothes, I wouldn’t put it past you if you starting burning books. So in short, No. I do have a picture and some of the less literary members can enjoy too.

        • I’m not sure how to break it to you, smart guy, but a picture of some random guys in a scuffle does not constitute a shred of support for your assertions. (I thought you were supposed to be the intelligent one here. Looks like that didn’t pan out, eh?)

          So then, how about you answering my damn question? One more failure at doing this will place you squarely in the “Full of Utter Shite” category, particularly since rather than back up your claims, you’ve instead decided to make yet more of them.

          Now get to it, and good luck!

          • Oh, You! I can’t deny it. You out smarted me there. How come you guys are always fighting each other? Do you secretly crave the touch of man pounding your body? And those uniforms with the little mustaches and funny haircuts. C’mon even you must admit the right/ alt-right/ Neo Nazi thing is all a bit faggy? I’ve always believed that racism was the result of black cock envy. Maybe not. After all, who am I to say? I’m not racist or gay. I have a wife and a job. I just do this for fun. Ok. enough of this horseplay; serious question. If you had to eliminate one thing from culture (like gone for ever) Would it be “The Dukes of Hazzard” or “Lynyrd Skynyrd”.? (serious answers only) Someone once told me Bo Duke was played by a Jew but I have no proof of this. BTW What’s up with that Richard Spencer guy? I mean he looks like he got bullied at school. You guys need to smarten up. Get some Hugo Boss suits (he designed Nazi uniforms). Read a fucking book instead of burning them. Let it go. You’ll have a lovely time. Make the wife laugh, buy her something nice, take the kids to Disneyland (Walt was an anti-semite). Go on vacation to Miami. You’ll love it. Trust me.

    • >posts decades old memes about anyone who’s white but doesn’t agree with my politics
      You probably are middle-aged and work for minimum wage at a shilling outfit like shareblue.

      • No. I’m am middle-aged but I have a rather high paying job, own a second home and take most of my vacations in Europe and beyond. I also bought a luxury German car 2 months ago. Nor am I in debt. Also, I have no fucking clue what a “shareblue” is. Erm, memes weren’t around decades ago. Good luck with all your endeavors, you naughty, little, Nazi, you!

  • About ten years ago, the NSM (National Socialist Movement) had a speaking rally in Columbus Ohio which I attended to make a report. The Columbus police ESCORTED them on buses provided by the police, escorted them to the steps of the Columbus Statehouse and had put up a big fence to protect them from the “opposing mob”. Even the attending crowd was divided, into one fenced section of “opposition” and those who were there to support NSM. There were various group speakers including the KKK from down south. ALL speakers gave their speeches and ENJOYED FREE SPEECH. After the speeches, we could see the police escorting the speakers safely back to the buses. The cops were great…so professional and included people of all colors. They even had some mounted police behind crowds in case of any problems. About 5 years ago, there was a similar event in Wisconsin and it was handled the same way, with an area safely fenced off for the speakers and a big crowd area outside that for the shouters opposing, and police keeping it safe for all. The Alt Right people had a peaceful torch ceremony last Friday night. It only got violent WHEN ANTIFA forces arrived, as they ALWAYS conduct violence. The leaders in Charlottsville deserve a MAJOR CIVIL RIGHTS LAWSUIT by Alt-Right groups attending, as well as one against ANTIFA for violations of Constitutional rights. Since when is Free Speech delegated to MOB RULE AND DECISIONS? The Alt Right groups were deliberately denied Free Speech and when they could not peacefully assemble at the park, denied the right to free assembly. If people want that kind of country with no place for opposing discourse, MOVE TO NORTH KOREA. You will like it there as long and you worship the leader. If the protest group had been black or Hispanic or muslims…ANYTHING BUT WHITE MEN…Charlottsville would have protected their right to the wall. Whites with any brain at all realize this and are not going to stand down. Let’s remember that white men wrote the Constitution and there is no clause EXCLUDING THEM from its benefits. And they have fought to make this a free nation ever since. Remember also the American attitude once taught in schools “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend with my life, your right to say it.”

  • There’s a vocabulary problem. When we speak of civil rights, it’s about voluntary association and individual liberty. When they speak of civil rights, it’s about forced integration and involuntary servitude …

    • Yeah, they are talking about various pieces of 60s era legislation called “Civil Rights Act” which is just an Orwellian title for a bill. Repealing the “Civil Rights Act” would actually restore Constitutionally protected rights which have been abrogated for 50 years with both no end in sight and an impending South Africa-style increase in draconian, race-based measures.

  • I never saw any National Guard there? Did I just totally miss that? I did see the Police stand down and allow this to get nasty. The President is right. The hate needs to stop!

    • Are you asking whether you saw any National Guard there?

      As for hate needing to stop: Whose hate, and hatred of what? Be specific.

  • The funniest thing about this is that the Israeli government is literally demanding that president Trump disavow “white supremacy” and “anti Semitic” groups unilaterally via press conference or official state text release.

    I’ve only been recently red pilled on the JQ so this is quite amazing to be honest. They are not even trying to hide their agenda anymore.

    This is definitely a victory. please consider coming to Clarksville, TN to protest the wars (our city is connected to Fort Campbell in a large way) that are killing the best white men this nation has to offer. Also there are talks from city officials of moving our historical Confederate monuments.

  • What kind of last name is your mother’s, Sherry Dickenhorst…huh tricky Dicky? You fucking fraud! LMAO at all of you idiots following this agent provocateur.

  • All it takes is 3 idiots yelling “Gas the kikes, race war now!” In public to undo thousands of hours of good work by thousands of passionate, dedicated men in our movement.
    If you don’t understand that, you do not understand how the media works, and are a liability to our mission.

  • The Alt-Right seems determined to prove that it can’t organize so much as a birthday party without shooting itself in the foot.

    Truly sad.

    • So you have no idea what you are talking about? The Alt Right was doing everything right that I could see. No violence till you people showed up. How is it you are still alive with all that white guilt?

      • They should have counted on a setup. They were played pure and simple due to a lack of discipline and a failure to fully grasp who they should be fighting. Thus far, the alt right is nothing more than a part of their Hegelian dialectic, that will get the populace to demand more of a police state. Both parties are being played for useful idiots. Antifa was doing quite well of making asses of themselves without a real opposition movement. Now the alt right has to join in on the fun. Total lack of discipline and being able to see a trap is going to eventually take its toll on the movement.

  • Lads, run for Sheriff and Police commissioner…no one is stopping what’s happening. Take control.

  • So much respect and support for Richard and all others who took part in the Unite the Right Rally! Those who support self-determination for Europeans world wide will NOT be intimidated, but inspired and emboldened by these oppressive actions. The Alt-Right will not be silenced!

  • I know that is a rival to but the weekly news podcast published there on Friday (day before Charlottesville) is interesting as it gives a different perspective and Greg is a good debater. They sound somewhat aloof but they generally express support for the rally and the principle of unity. Greg mostly restrains his urge to be rude about R Spencer. They make a few predictions about the rally the next day, some are very accurate and some are miles off – eg. Michael Polignano says the police in Virginia are much less likely to accept a stand-down order than the police in Berkeley & that the police are not likely to let things get “out of hand”. Ha! But then lots of people misjudged that. The podcast is here if you’re interested

  • Well written. The solution: Mooooooslims, BLM FELONS, and illegals: Liberia, one way, cargo class, never to return.

  • Those “black protests” are just political theater. The State stages this crap to give the false appearance that people are listened to. The fact the police are standing down while they loot and kill show their pets are just being let out to intimidate you.
    If you have tin badge, you now have a choice. You fight us and you will be dead for sure Skippy. None of you dumb jackboots are anything but disposable assets to this system. You fight me, you might be safe at work, but you won’t be safe at home or anywhere else. You understand that don’t you? You better take the Right Side. Death is what you have now. Only a fool fights in a burning house. I do not suffer fools, but fools suffer mightily around me…

  • This is an open message to all the ADL, cuck and other anti white types here. I will never except your anti white ideology, I will never accept the idea that we should just accept our ethnic cleansing with grace, your days of treating white people as punching bags are over.

  • There is a very important lesson to be learned from the Christian churches for the altright. A long time ago, the NYT told the Christian churches that the NYT readers would absolutely love the christian churches if only they did a few things. Stop hating gays. Stop hating single moms. Become more tolerant of other faiths such as Islam. Invite more people of color into the church. Above all, proclaim the Holocaust as absolute fact and support open borders and trans racial adoption. The Christian churches listened carefully and did ALL of these things. The result: exactly 0% of the NYT readers became born again Christians and the only people who got to church now are 68 year olds and girly men.
    Moral of Story: Be careful who take advise from and who you try to please.

    • Our alt-right leaders made a mistake calling for a peaceful rally – they should have declared “we’re out for blood and heavily armed”

      • We are Heavily Armed…..

        But, we’re not out for Blood…..


        We’d rather be accommodated the Right to Free Speech and Lawful Assembly…….

        …..guaranteed by the Constitution written by our White European American Ancestors….

          • I live in America…..

            I live in a Non-White Majority Urban Area……

            Yes, I see the Blackpill EVERY Day…….

            White Genocide by happenstance is REAL……

            But, it’s not the FULL Story…….

            I don’t know everything……

            White People are having LOTS of White Children in Other Places…….

            My Angst….extended to all of Human Reality……..

            Isn’t entirely REAL……

            Within the Hail of Black Pills…..

            …..are plenty of distinguishable White Pills……

            We must be an Honest Movement……….

          • Well stated –
            I live in the country in the deep southeast south near a very small town – very christian folk – the blacks here are descent – but we all keep to our own. The only crime here is littering – the thing that ranks me is news from the out side – or when I we go to New Orleans I am sad that you have to live in a big city. take care.

  • If they declare the alt-right a terrorist org, we better start acting like one – first on the list – the Jews

  • “The state violated our constitutional rights and let Antifa and BLM do
    the knife work for them. They also let Antifa assemble without putting
    up any resistance.”

    No attempt was made to remove the counter-protestors or Antifa who had no legal right to be there. The only resistance was towards a legal rally. The UVA police did not protect the only legal group in Charlottesville. Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe colluded with Antifa and BLM to defy the civil rights of White people. We will hold more rallies and continue to sue state and local governments until they are bankrupt.

    • I think they were trying to insinuate a riot in order to declare the alt-right a terrorist org, or to make arrests, or for sympathy for liberals or all three.

      • They didn’t need to instigate a riot. They knew Antifa would attack. They were counting on it. The state and local governments colluded with Leftist terrorists to ensure that would happen. The Leftist terrorist groups had no legal right to be there and the government did not uphold the law.

        Sam Francis predicted anarcho-tyranny against Whites decades ago and that’s precisely what we’re seeing now.

    • Trannies pumped full of hormones are allowed in the military, yet normal people on medication are not. If a normal person were taking the same hormones they would not be allowed in the military.

      It’s all Jewish bullshit.

    • The
      Anders Breivik, Dylann Roof and so on are products of the
      Left-dominated society. In a normal society their worst proclivities
      would have been noticed and treated appropriately. In a normal society
      they wouldn’t have been subjected to the pressure,
      shame, blackmailing routinely exercized against “cis white males”.
      Also, the Left itself rewrote psychology to normalize illnesses and
      pathologize normalcy. So, the Left is to blame here. They are the ones
      responsible for this mess. James Fields was but a poor soul looking for
      salvation where he could.

  • The POTUS needs to be asked one thing face to face. We owe him one in terms of saving us from Hillary, but he has to tell us one thing. What side of the fence does the man stand on? Just who’s side is he on? Come on … Tell us.

  • This was clearly a very complex set up. Way more complex than could be constructed by the likes of a feral anti-white African like Wes Bellamy. He is clearly just a puppet to wrangle black masses. Even the Jew mayor didn’t single handedly conduct this ambush. I think we all need to consider the fact that the government is no longer for or by the people. They don’t follow their own rules. Who knows what they are capable of.

    • I considered that fact a long time ago. Anyone who hasn’t known for at least the past 10 years that the government is an enemy of the people serving jewish global interest hasn’t been paying attention until recently.

  • Hate to break it to you. But if you plan on going back peacefully. Put that plan to rest. Don’t bother going back unless you’re armed. Poles are useless. Let me spell it out to you. They have declared war upon you. Don’t you fucking get it already?

          • George Washington wouldn’t consider room Temp IQ Indio peasants like you Americans.

          • You dress up like Nazi’s. Real Americans defeated those maggots in WWII, now here you are playing dress up and acting like Nazi’s. you should be ashamed of yourself

          • If were dumb and retarded, why are you wasting your time arguing with retards? We must be awfully effective idiot savants to trigger you into constantly replying @ us.

          • Because I don’t appreciate Americans acting like terrorists. You people are bottom of the barrel white trash garbage. Real Americans will never forget what you maggots did yesterday.

          • Thanks for confirming what I said. You’re scared of us and shitting your pants.

          • On the contrary. Looking at your faces you all are white trash garbage. No one is afraid of you chumps, especially maggots who play dress up. You wannabe Nazi faggot

          • Guess Washington was a Nazi since he would have denied you citizenship. Let’s tear down all Washington statutes and the Washington Monument, amirite?

          • Nah let’s tear down those loser statues, you know the chumps who lost the civil war. You guys love supporting failure

          • Washington owned slaves and kept out dumb peasants like you who fart out anchor mice. He only thought white people could be citizens. Why not tear down the Washington Monument as well? Aren’t you mad Washington was a racist who hated you people?

          • Washington did not love your people and would have expelled you from the United States.

          • Many of us are Yankees who don’t even like the social arrangements of the old South. Part of the compromise that was reached after the civil war was to recognize the positive aspects of the defeated parties and to allow the South to honor their heroes, etc.

            It was a way to keep the social peace and help people come together again.

            You guys are making a big mistake by spiking the football in the face of a people you haven’t yet defeated.

            But I encourage you to keep going.

          • You’re right, the north didn’t finish the job back then and we’re paying for it now. Luckily these turds will die off soon. Their number are dwindling

          • Careful, we all know it’s a matter of time before that happens too. It’ll be funniest when they declare MLK Jr. persona non grata as well since he suggested people should be treated equally (instead of the BLM line that if you try being color blind to race, you’re still racist).

          • I’ll beat you like real Americans beat you in WWII. I see your kind, scared little girls hiding behind shields. Go play dress up girl

  • No need to be called patriots of Jew-usa America
    I am now a Secessionist
    This house is on fire – 2/3 consumed – time to force the Secessionist issue – BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY

  • Prediction: there is going to be an assasination attempt on Spencer the next time he is publicly speaking or at a press conference. It will be some tranny most likely.

    And no matter what you guys proclaim, the normies are on fire denouncing you right now. You really fukked up the perception battle.

    • A Jew ran over an antifa and we’re to blame for that? Are you high? Are we also to blame for the cops crashing their own helicopter too?

        • How did we “eff up” something we had no control over? I don’t believe in taking blame for something when we did nothing wrong. Damn cops funnelled the alt right into antifa.

          • 1. You let it be known in advance. You knew Antifa would show up.

            2. You didn’t sufficiently indoctrinate your guys that violence was counter-productive. Instead all you talk about is how evil antifa is. And one guy snapped and did this.

            3. You let in LARP’ing KKK and Neo-Nazis.

          • No, nothing excuses what he did. You grow up, this is how the world actually works, not what you want it to be.

            And the fear was enhanced by what you guys tell yourselves. This is why military is strict over small-bore discipline.

          • Reginald Denny begs to disagree. Denny ought to have used his vehicle as a human plough.

          • What are you and Chuck Johnson doing that’s so important for defending White Interests??

            I don’t see you guys anywhere…….

          • Yeah, real fear. I’m sure ISIS terrorist are in fear for their lives right before they ram into people. Alt right wing terrorist.

          • If America had never Militarily Intervened in the Middle East for Israel or Oil Interests……

            …would ISIS exist??

          • 1. I agree with this point.
            2. The driver was probably not one of our guys. The story is still developing. Don’t jump to conclusions. Regardless, he reacted badly in a chaotic situation. Whose fault is that?
            3. Some of them were probably feds, leftists and shills. Regardless the event was called ‘Unite the Right.’ It was supposed to be about coming together to fight for our common interests. You don’t accomplish that by excluding people who you disagree with. Personally I don’t really see the value of uniting with idiots, but it is what it is.

          • Story is still developing, but he definitely looks like one of your guys. Anything beyond that is wishful thinking and denial on your part. You have to face reality. And even if he might have had a Jewish mother, functionally he was acting as a white person. That part about some minute part of his ancestry is just dumb.

          • His ancestry is dumb? Are you high? What next? Hispanic and Black Neo-Nazis being pinned on us? Jews are not white and are against our interests, get that through your brain.

          • Genes don’t matter! Were all the same! The media did try to say George Zimmerman was white, so they will try again!

          • I’m not a fan of Adolf Hitler or the German National Socialists of 1930-40’s…….

            I don’t own any Swastika Flags…….

            I don’t own any White Hoods……

            I’m just a White Guy who doesn’t feel guilty for being White…..

            I praise what my White European Ancestors built, discovered, engineered and pioneered…….

            I see what is happening in Europe and America……

            And I’m not going to shut up…….

          • Fine, but you know that being associated with that stuff doesn’t help your cause. You know it. So your letting it happen is just dumb on your part.

          • Of course…….

            But, they’re my Fellow White Men…….

            And they don their Hoods and waive the Swastika Flag……

            …..because they’re Suffering and feel Under Attack…….

            ……and it’s a Sign of Rebellion……

            Swastika Flags and Hoods aren’t helpful at all…….

            But, I see through the Veneer to the Heart of why White Men do that…….

          • Our “cause” is the survival and thriving of White people. Anything that serves that purpose is within the cause and we don’t need non-Whites butting into our business and telling us what to believe or who among our White kind, past or present, are good for us.

          • And yet, being associated with cop killers, Muslim terrorists, and violent anarchists doesn’t seem to hit the leftists who seek white extinction.

            Meditate on that and perhaps you’ll understand why many of us are outraged by the double standards. Even if WE disavow every FBI agent dressed up like the KKK or Nazis, they still get associated with us.

            Meanwhile the leftists are never required to disavow the vile people they actually endorse.

          • Orthodox Jews consider any child of a Jewish mother, no matter what the father is, a Jew. Reform and other types of Jews are usually more open and consider any child of a Jewish mother and anyone else or a Jewish father and anyone else a Jew. And, among Jews there are even other opinions about this.

            However, if this guy is Jewish, he is not Aryan and Aryan is defined as a “non-Jewish White person of European descent.”

          • Whatever. Don’t go into semantics, man. He was so Jewish that you guys let him wear your uniform and hold your shield and march in the parade. You guys suck at detecting the “enemy “.

          • Do you guys ever accept responsibility for anything? He’s one of yours. Own your hate

          • These doctors and lawyers are impregnating your white women. Now I know what you mean by white genocide. Lol

          • Nope, I think those pint sized 5 foot Oaxacans are too busy getting pounded in the ass in prison to impregnate any white women.

          • Well, you got part of that right. Whites miscegenating (look up the word) does cause our genocide. It is not something that Whites should do. Now, as far as non-Whites mating with other non-Whites or goats or whatever, that’s okay in my book so long as no Whites are involved.

          • Why aren’t they impregnating their own Hispanic Women??

            You LOVE White Women……

            Just admit it……

            It’s OK…..


          • No, I live in a Non-White Majority Urban Area…..

            ….full of Non-Citizen Hispanics rushing for the Open Border Globalist Gold……

            ZERO Respect for what was created for them by White Men…….

            ZERO Education of this Reality……

            Brainwashed into White Resentment by Anti-White Media……..

            Bow Down, Puta……

            Why do you come to White Countries??

            What Hispanic Country (besides White Spain) is First World??

          • Moron, you can’t be a Jewish white nationalist. It’s like saying your wife’s black boyfriend is an honorary member of Imperial Japanese military.

          • America was primarily created by White Male Genius…….

            You’re the Hater…..


          • Nah your turds because you’re retarded. How many other “Jews” are in your rank?

          • I’m pretty sure a LOT of Jews have VAST Majority White European Genes…..

            They Identify as JEWS…..

            … get ahead Socio-Economically…..

            If they are privately empathetic with the Alt-Right…..


          • And Jews actually carry predominantly European genes.

            This denial and refusal to face facts is only going to dig you into a hole.

          • Spencer himself is flexible on the definition of whiteness. Genetic studies have shown that most of the ashkenazi Jews are descended from a group of Jewish men who migrated to Rome during the Roman Empire and wed white women.

          • I’ve never heard Dick Spencer say Jews are white. I did hear him once say that Jews should all go be Jews in Israel.

          • Then don’t attack us……

            Attack the Ashkenazi Jews who have become the RICHEST Demographic in America……

            …..based on Population Proportion……

            It seems like Jewish Identity is GOOD for Social Climbing……

          • We shouldn’t deny a part of ourselves…..

            …..even though it’s been diluted……

            …..due to Miscgenation…….

            If Brittney Venti…..

            …and George Zimmerman……

            ….aren’t Anti-White…..


          • We don’t all agree in the Alt-Right……..

            We’re White……

            We can handle it……

          • You seem obsessed with us ‘turds’…..

            … spend hours fighting us on a Pro-White Comment Board…….



          • “3. You let in LARP’ing KKK and Neo-Nazis.”

            You need to watch Hitler: the Greatest Story Never Told documentary on youtube. Stop relying on Jew-written history. (((You))) need a bigger red pill.

          • On point two I would say Spencer actually does that often, to the detriment of the events. This is one tactic of his which I oppose. We too need to start meeting violence with violence unless we want the movement to die a martyrs death.

        • reality is reality

          perception of events may change over time… the media’s ability to manufacture it is no longer rock solid

          on conservative sites the perception of this event has shifted dramatically in the last 24 hours, they smell a rat

          And due to the ongoing legal cases, one of which will be very high profile, people will have months to look into it

          • Yes, I don’t agree that overwhelmingly the public is against Spencer, and I think opinions are changing drastically by the day at that.

    • I’m tell you what though. Panorama (a BBC investigative documentary program) will research the event and end up concluding that McCauliffe caused the event to become a stampede that turned lethal.

    • People sperged out over Heilgate too. There’s all kinds of of footage of how this was a set up by the City of Cville. Many people ignore the MSM now. This will blow over.

    • Or you could join your Fellow White Men……

      ….and denounce Antifa, Mike Signer, Wes Bellamy, Charlottesville Police, and Terry McCauliffe……

      And support our 1st Amendment Rights…….

    • We need to have hackers bust open the communications of the Gov and Mayor. Certainly get a court order to see what they coordinated.

    • He’s destined be the sequel to Bill White and destroy the American Right with more incompetence. Any more bungling from the Alt-Right and they’ll be staring down a long century of Communist rule. The leaders are all dim wits and they are leading everyone into a painful, spectacular failure. This is no victory, but a major embarrassment. No assassination, just a long prison sentence where he continuously begs for donations to buy chocolate.

  • Not only do they want to take our 1st Amendment Rights away…..

    They want to take our Jobs away…….

    Take our Ability to Feed, Clothe, and provide Shelter for ourselves……..

    Because they don’t like our Speech……

    This Alt-Right guy just lost his Job after being Doxxed……..

    For doing NOTHING but attend a Rally…….

    The DailyMail is celebrating this……..

    Well, they’re British……so……not surprising…….

    Israel Loving Tommy Robinson is considered a ‘Nazi’ over in that Trash Heap of a Nation……..

    Over here??

    We will fight a Civil War before we ever become CUCKED like Great Britain…….

  • So let me get this straight. A Jew runs over antifa and white nationalists are to blame. Someone alert the moronic media that you can’t be a white nationalist or alt right if you’re Jewish.

  • There need to be a lot more pro-White demonstrations and they need to be explicitly pro-White.

    And fuck the police, they are nothing but mercenaries for ZOG.

  • Police have shown their loyalty is to the treasonous politicians time and time again. If a large enough portion of them refused to stand there and be tools the cities, counties, and states couldn’t do a damn thing to threaten them. What are they going to do? Fire them all and replace them with felons? They’re practically doing that right now. There’s a lot of good police, but as we know all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. People are trying to fight back and they are doing more than the opposition is to snuff it out. Ironically, the same people they’re snuffing out are the very ones that recognize how they’re being used as political pawns. The utter cowardice of the “majority” is truly appalling it’s no wonder Marxism appeals to such a large portion of the population.

    The last straw is for those ENFORCING the law to do something and pick a damn side. Keyword is “enforcing”. Only fools working for the state or government delude themselves into thinking they’re main job is protecting the people. It simply is not no matter how many good men serving may think so. Nobody knows this better than a front line infantryman and we understood this far better than the public ever gives us credit thinking we’re just some mindless grunts.

  • Jason Kessler sounds a bit Dispirited and Blackpilled……

    I don’t blame him……

    He’s a Warrior who’s been fighting relentlessly……..

    All to see the Violent Arm of the State illegally shut down 1st Amendment Rights……

    Charlottesville will be Sued……

    And Kessler will regain his Fighting Spirit and the Blackpilled Cloud will Lift………

    Because there is NOTHING that our Enemies want more…….

    ….than to see us GIVE UP……..

  • Your argument makes some sense until you get to the driver of the Charger… you can’t have it all ways, man… you say he CANNOT be with the Alt-right because he’s a Jew and that is highly irregular because alt-right Jewish membership is “frowned upon” mumble mumble …look at that Jew face… (not that we are nazis!! Why do the media keep calling us racist Nazis?) but also antifa was attacking him and that’s why he was driving crazy fast!!… but why are antifa attacking a fellow leftie? Omg, maybe he doesn’t believe in forced incest abortions upon your first gay birth? He’s a Fucking commie Jew, obviously…

    I disagree with every single thing you have to say but it sure as fuck is keeping me on my toes.

    • All AltRight leaders have repeatedly called for no violence except in self-defense.

      If he was AltRight, the moment he pushed the accelerator (if it was deliberate) he stopped being AltRight.

        • Nothing Fields did justifies denying pro-whites their civil rights.
          Nothing Fields did justifies white genocide.
          Nothing Fields did makes anything we say not true.
          ALL white countries are being flooded and force assimilated with millions and millions of non-whites. That’s GENOCIDE under international law.

        • Not all Muslims seems to have worked out pretty well for Muslims actually

          I guess the rise in ethnic activism is just part and parcel of living in a vibrant, diverse, multicultural country

          The important thing is that we remember that White Identitarianism is an ideology of peace, and that we ensure that peaceful White Identitarians are protected from the backlash against this isolated incident of senseless violence

          # Not All Identitarians

      • He was probably attacked by Violent Antifa……

        And drove his car into the crowd as Revenge……

        According to Established US Justice……

        He’s a Murderer……

        But, the Charlottesville Police and Mayor…….

        …who are supposed to uphold Established US Justice…….


        And in that Jungle…….

        MUCH Older Interpretations of Justice EMERGE……..




  • Alt Right should pen a OPEN LETTER to the cops and soldiers ordered to serve as goons of the Jewish supremacists Signer and globalist stooges like Terry the governor who supports Zionist imperialism against Palestinians and anti-BDS measures.

    Cops and soldiers must always do as ordered. They look tough with guns but have zero agency. They must serve as trained dogs. They are the opposite of Alt Right patriots with agency. It’s the nature of job or profession where you must always do as ordered or told.

    As many conservative whites become cops and soldiers, I’m sure there are many there who sympathize with Alt Right and are appalled by the Jewish-globalist desecration of Southern Heritage. But they must do as told while in uniform. If ordered to club, shoot, and arrest their own family members, they must do so.

    So, Alt Right should address this problem: How the Jewish Globalists with puppet-strings and purse-strings are ordering white patriots in uniform to attack their own kind.

    It’s like British imperialists ordered Indians to attack fellow Indians. Brits hired browns to beat browns.

    Jews are using whites to attack other whites. Jews haves used white Christian soldiers to attack and destroy the Muslim World in the Middle East. Now, they order white cops and troops to attack white patriots who defend white race and heritage. Jewish Globalist elites are craven cowards who hide behind the muscle of others whom they use as cattle. To Zionists, white people are just sheeple to be herded around by their attack dogs.

    So, Alt Right must pen an Open Letter to white cops and troops. Alt Right must say it understands they are working under orders from Zionist Globalists who regard whites as they do Palestinians.

    Alt Right must also call for Professional Disobedience if possible. When ZOG denies white people even the basic right of speech and assembly, then this is no longer a democracy but an elite globalist oligarchy.
    Alt Right must ask the Cops and Troops, “When Jews tear down your southern heritage and wage war on your race, do you serve them like dogs? When BLM and antifa call for murder of cops, do you side with those thugs against patriots who mean you no harm? If the Jewish globalists ordered you to club your brother, shoot your father, and arrest your mother, will you obey?”

    When the state is unjust, it is time for Disobedience.

    We are living under Zionist Globalist Occupation.

    The Power gets to do as they wish. It’s like in MEET JOHN DOE.

    • Think of all the White Charlottesville Police…..

      …..who privately support Southern Confederate Heritage…..

      But, to support their Family…….

      And pay the Bills…..

      They have to serve Signer and Bellamy…..

      That must CUCK……

  • Jason Kessler’s Presser with the establishment reps went well yes.

    No. Actually It did not.

    But Spencer’s will be different. No?


    My Theory on why James Field did what he did…….

    The Police pushed the Alt-Right Rally goers out of the Park….

    …..and into the Violent Antifa Crowd…….

    Probably by Design…….

    ….so they were Assaulted………

    Watching what Mike Signer said it’s clear he wanted to personally damage the Alt-Right…….


    James Field was probably assaulted by Antifa on his way to his Car…….

    Almost 100% likely…….

    And he Flipped out and drove his Car into the Crowd as REVENGE……….

    I don’t blame him……

    AT ALL……

    The Blood of Heather Heyer is on the Hands of Mike Signer, Charlottesville Police, and Terry McCauliffe……


    • The intent of the anti-whites is not to debate or refute anything we say but to NOT LET US BE HEARD.

  • Bear in mind, there is no repercussions for left-leaning indviduals to join anti-western demos. What you see in this footage is all the crowd they can muster. We are 1000 times more, however, we have familiy and business to attend unlike these welfare-revolutionaries. However, in my opinion, a real “Unite the Right” should include the Alt-Lite aswell. Then there would be numbers, a mass of right-minded folks the PK authorities would be unable to subdue, like the Pegida demos in Dresden. Ordinary taxpayers sick of the third world invasion.

    • The Alt Lite is quickly fading and will be gone if Trump gets wiped out in the 2018 mid terms. Like the Tea Party, the Alt Lite is a bee that stings and dies.

      • I beg to differ – almost everyone I know here in my Western-World outpost that are political-minded is Alt-Lite. That means people who focus on what we are for FOR – not AGAINST. In my opinion it was ordinary folks subscribing to Alt-Lite politics that won Trump the precedency. However, admittedly , the Alt-Right is the vanguard, no doubt about that. But please cut that anti-Israel rethorics. The jews are not the enemy.

        • The Alt Lite is all social media whores and cam girls. The one time they did a rally like 12 people showed up. What won Trump the Presidency wasn’t Alt Lite Twitter douchebags but Bannon and Conway targeting the Rust Belt.

          “But please cut that anti-Israel rethorics. The jews are not the enemy.”

          In the words of John McEnroe: YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!

          • I am sad to see you resort to invectives instead of constructive debate. I made my point and I respct that you disagree.

          • You never stated why “the jews are not the enemy” or why we should be Pro Israel.

            Most Jews are liberal assholes who hate white people. So my opinion on Israel is, Fuck Israel. They don’t get their ethno state if they deny us the same thing.

          • Retired CIA analyst and Bin Laden unit head Mike Scheuer says we shouldn’t support Israel with one dime.

          • I agree, Askenazi jews posses the ability to fend of billions of muslims and make dessert into fertile fields.

          • I want to make dessert into fertile fields. Perhaps Lemon Meringue Pie. Et Vas a miracle from G-d!

          • That language again. Where I’m from there are no jews left, incident called Holocaust removed them. Muslims however, in all forms and inbred shapes, plentiful arriving, every day. Uncivilized stock, guess you should see the world and experience those vile creatures. Jews never did anything to me, in fact, I support them wholeheartedly in their struggle against the arabs. Educate yourself Sir. And try to focus on what you FOR not AGAINST.

          • Israel supports ISIS and destabilized the Assad government which exacerbated the stream of Muslim invaders flowing into Europe.

          • Where are you that there are no Jews but lots of Arabs? Seems like places either have both or neither. Regardless it is Jewish-led foreign policy initiatives which have ‘normalized’ the Israel/Palestine conflict by involving Europe in it, each nation with its’ own Gaza to manage.

            Basically every European right-wing movement is funded by Israel as well to ensure your exact pro-Israeli talking points and draw a comparison between their plight, which is a matter of their own creation, and your plight, which is also a matter of their creation.

            I also don’t see the need to split hairs between two racially similar ethnies. Yahweh Akbar and Allah Akbar aren’t sufficiently different for me to care about anymore than I involve myself in the dick measuring contests between Swedes and Danes.

          • ” Where I’m from there are no jews”

            So why do you assume you understand them?

            The media promotes a positive image of Jews, but they have gotten a lot of power in the United States and they have not used it in a way that benefited white people, or humanity as a whole

          • Anti Semitism is not present where Jews don’t exist or have tiny populations.

            Leopold Bloom in Ulysses: “You know why there’s no Anti Semites in Ireland? There’s no Jews in Ireland!”

        • What the fuck is this bullshit? Are you serious? Get your cointelpro ass out of here now you pseudowannabeintellectual faggoff

          • Is that the best response you got? Didn’t you know weed is good for you? It gives you insight into your inner self and makes you relax let you be more thoughtful, less angry at world. I urge you to stay of the meth dear Yehudah.

          • Smoking Weed is low energy. Muh weed-yup Alt Lite shill detected. You probably hate Sessions because he went after muh weed.

          • Respond in English please. I believe that dialect you use is what southern black people appropriate. I don’t understand what you are trying to say, maybe it is the meth speaking.

          • I can’t help you with your own self medication of marijuana. Good luck with that.

          • Anyhow – I understand you are angry and it has been fun triggering you. Nighty night boyo.

          • I was literally shaking when you called that one guy an SJW! I’ve never seen that before!

          • Thanks for the kind words, I would very much like to indulge you regarding your request. So good night to you Sir. Hope I din’t trigger you to much, like a real pesky Jotun.

          • What is it that you are so afraid of? Civilised exchange of opinion. You socialists are all the same.

    • Alt-Lite are civic nationalists .. they are utterly useless , they will never protest against affirmative action etc ,because they are too scared about being called “racists” … cucks

  • “Democracy is beautiful in theory ; in practice it is a fallacy. You Americans will see that some day.”
    Benito Mussolini

      • Spencer in a podcast mocked him by saying “I’m not gonna go all RamzPaul and be a fag about everything” when Spencer criticized the White Shariah meme.

  • I am a christian. I also feel that what happened only happened because it was White Folks that were holding the Rally. Why is it that these other organisations can assemble without any permits or anything and not be held responsible for it. As i see it there were a handful of WHITES that should not have been there as they were not there for the same reason as the Patriots and Veterans men and women that had organised the Rally. Folks this just goes to show that our White heritage which i am proud of just as the others are proud to be Black, Brown etc. The ants i don’t know what the hell they are proud of or are trying to prove other than are mad because Trump was elected over a Career Criminal. I do have the RIGHT TO BE WHITE. The organizers of this asked many many times for the police to intervien so there would be no trouble as they did not come to cause trouble just to voice there opinions just as the blm has done. Although maybe they should have burned and looted stores, Turned cop cars over and burnt them, Chanted death to pigs cops etc. Blocked roads freeways etc. Then as did the blm it would have been perfectly fine and the media would not have even covered this. But they did everything legal and orderly and peaceful and were led into a trap by the police because they were WHITE. The rally was supposed to be at NOON and the permit was pulled at 11:40 after they were already there. And just so happened the National Guard was already there for some reason as they are never called in before these other organisations have a rally and start destroying cities. Shit folks get a grip and realise that we as a race are being discriminated agains more than any race out there today. So bring in the muslims that want to kill us. Let the blm that want to kill us and the Ants that want something i have not even figured out yet. And all will be peaches and cream. Wait i can’t say cream as it is considered racist to use such a term. And that is what i am talking about.

  • I had no idea of how twisted all this was till I read this article. One thing I fully agree and this is it:

    “Ultimately, this was a victory for us. Our movement will be emboldened by Charlottesville. The ‘Unite the Right’ rally legitimized our struggle. This is the beginning of the White Civil Rights movement.”

  • I know I shouldn’t really ask this – but what if the police simply decide to gun down Spencer and the other attendees at a future rally as ‘revenge’ for the two officers that lost their lives in the helicopter? They could always set up some pretext.

    I’m not saying cancel all future rallies, just maybe that our people might have to all wear bullet-proof vests.

    • “what if the police simply decide to gun down Spencer…”
      I hoped that never happens but for a movement to really succeed it cannot become the personality of a leader. If it does then the movement dies when the leader is gone. Movements have to be greater than its leaders in order to become a truly global movement…and sustain itself for a long time.

      • Spencer is not the Alt Right and it is largely demographic and economic forces that caused the Alt Right to explode. I remember reading Spencer while he toiled in obscurity, making the same arguments back in 2010.

        • Exactly, economic forces, and that is what should be given top priority with regards to immigration. The ethno state stuff is a pipedream unless the power structure in the West is derailed and destroyed.

  • Trump is likely going to explicitly condemn the alt right and White Nationalism sooner or later. The alt right should have its talking points in place when that happens.

    • Spokescuck just rehashed what was said yesterday. I think Trump fears a primary challenge from his right if he goes after us.

    • He already kind of condemned us at hailgate.

      Who cares? We supported Trump because of his policies, and because he is the accelerationist candidate, not because we ever thought he was a WN.

      • Trump is a modern day Franz von Papen keeping the leftists out of power and at bay. Will Trump end up Ambassador to Turkey when we get the leader we deserve?

    • Anti-white lefties lol. You people truly are retarded. To answer you question, no. They’re protesting injustices at the hands of the police. Unarmed black men are being murdered by the law at an alarming rate, not that you care. They loot and destroy neighborhoods, because some of them are thug savages. You people protest because of some imaginary cause. BLM don’t ram people with cars like ISIS, the alt right does.

      • No, you’re right, they just kill cops and burn down businesses, homes and cars. This after a black man robbed a store,strong armed the owner and tried to pull the cops gun out and try to kill him with it. This guy was threatened, and this was the end result. You people are FN deranged.

      • Blacks are vastly underrepresented in police shootings. Police are hyper-sensitive to black perps and suspects well being. The criminals of every other race are much more likely to be shot in routine police proceedings than blacks because there is less concern about blow back.

        A cop like Darren Wilson doing his job appropriately and doing the right thing in general loses his career and more or less has his life ruined. No cop wants to be Darren Wilson and so errs on the side of allowing blacks to harm non-blacks if it means potentially having to use lethal force and ruin his own life in the defense of someone else’s.

  • The housebroken people make a big deal about our currently small numbers, but white nationalists offer to look out for the interests of America’s entire white population, currently about 60 percent. No one else even pretends to care about normal white Americans; our elites have abandoned us in favor of their clown coalition of blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Pajeets, feminists, gays and transgenders.

    Just tell these skeptical white people that they may not side with us, but we most definitely want to side with them when the hordes of our society’s losers, outsiders and misfits threaten their lives.

    • I think it was Steve Sailer who correctly called the leftist political coalition a “Coalition of the Fringes.”

  • The violence was, hopefully, useful in disabusing the Alt Right of the naivete found too frequently in its members. If there is one lesson I hope all have learned it is that the police and National Guard are NOT our friends and will actively participate in our destruction.

  • Never underestimate the power of pissed-off white men.

    Because even mediocre white men have more going for them than the so-called talented tenth in most nonwhite populations.

    We white men might be a race of super-villains, but at least we’re super!

  • ‘Richard Spencer’ is white Jim Crow.

    Jews are pushing ‘Richard Spencer Laws’ that restrict white rights of speech, assembly, and expression.

    We must end Dick Spencer Laws pushed by Jewish Supremacists who see and treat whites folks like Palestinians.

    What Jews did to Palestinians was dress rehearsal for what they’d do to white people. Dehumanization, denial of identity, humiliation, occupation, rape, genocide.

    Whites were so wrong to aid and abet Jews against Palestinians who never did any wrong to white people. Palestinians didn’t bring about commie revolution that killed millions of Christian Slavs in the USSR. Palestinians didn’t promote interracism and Afro-colonization of white wombs. Jews did that.

    Whites thought Jews would be grateful and appreciative if whites helped Jews against Palestinians. But Jews were only preparing to do the same thing to whites in EU and US. To Palestinianize them

    We need white BDS that goycotts Jewish business. Jewish war on BDS is no different from Jewish War on white liberty and freedom of speech.

    Jews view Arabs and whites in the way that whites once viewed American Indians. Some Indian tribes collaborated with whites against other Indian tribes in the hope that whites would go easy on them. But once the other tribes were defeated, whites even destroyed the tribe that collaborated with them.

    Whites collaborated with Jews against Palestinians thinking that Jews would go easy on whites. But nope. Everything Jews did to Palestinians, they now do to whites.

    Mayor Signer is a Jewish Supremacist who opposes BDS and white freedom for the same reason. To secure total supremacism for his weasly tribe.

  • Hey, we got our own Selma.

    We played by the rules but they attacked us with force.

    But we have to be tougher.

    The media were on side of blacks in Selma.

    The Jew-run media is for white genocide in Charlottesville.

    • IMHO Trump is actually relatively well meaning from our perspective… but simply weak as a Kitten and surrounded by disloyal people

      • I think Trump is a smart guy but intellectually lazy and easily influenced by whoever advises him. Let’s hope Kushner and Ivanka don’t have his ear over the events of yesterday. It sounds like they don’t and that Trump listened to Miller and Bannon. Trump has to know that he kills his most enthusiastic support if he directly attacks us, and possibly even open himself up to a crippling GOP primary challenge from someone like Kris Kobach if Trump reaches Carter level unpopularity.

      • He can’t go full blown 14/88. Lol. This was a chitstorm yesterday, and top news globally. He knows who voted for him, but he has to tread lightly.

    • Well you people are worse than ISIS. You hate your fellow Americans just as much as they do. Hell, you even took a page out of their playbook. I thought ISIS was cowards for using vehicles as weapons, now we can add the alt right to that group

  • They tried to shut down the civil rights movement of the 60’s. I hate to make that analogy but they won and so will we.

    • Weak analogy. The Civil Rights movement was based on erasing race realism, not any recognition of legitimate rights or roles. It was a psyop. If we want to win, we cannot rely on any natural drift of events favoring our cause. We have to directly counteract Jewish subversion.

      • Strong analogy in the sense that we should be pursuing a similar strategy: calling the powerful on their bluf. MLK and co acted as if they were just exercising their 1st amendment rights and Bull Connor sent the dogs on them. This made them look more sympathetic to Yankees who saw their cause as one of Americans struggling for their birthright. We need to keep doing what we did in Charlottesville: force the hand of the establishment, call them out, either they’ll respect our right as American citizens or they’ll sick their dogs on us and reveal themselves to be hypocrites and tyrants.

        • The specific events don’t matter. It’s what narrative emerges after the fact. MLK was just an actor in an elaborate (((media))) production. We cannot use civil rights movement success a model. We are in a war against exactly the people who engineered that situation from the top down. We’d do better to look at what Bull Connor et al did wrong, rather than what MLK supposedly did right.

          • What we have in our favor is that there is zero control of the narrative from the government and media gate keepers. Information sources are diffuse.

          • Are you kidding me? The site was shutdown last night!!!! Google and go can shut you down and make it look like an outside hack. Or they will declare the alt right a terror group and whammo, there goes your media outlet!!!!

          • Use methods that have stood the test of time, all I’m saying. Our enemies have been wildly successfully, we should study how they did it.

          • Generally, they capture control centers, which they buy their way into by means of their international counterfeiting operation, with the wealth then spread strategically, kept within their ranks, via tribal nepotism. Then they pump out lies designed to undermine their principal enemy, the white male. Their practical strategy can be summarized as pitting groups against each other, then capitalizing on the chaos.

          • Only in the same manner they are now, trying to lead the goyim down the garden path to hell, subverting in whatever way they could. They were never in a position analogous to ours. We are the immune system in the organism of our population. They are the virus.

  • The most black-pilling element of this has been the abject betrayal of the Alt-Lite.

    Alex Jones said we are “deep-state federal agents” (?) sent to make Trump look bad.

    Breitbart called us ALL White supremacists to turn their readers against us, completely ignoring the incredible civil rights violations committed by the state of Virginia and City of Charlottesville.

    Cernolisp is taunting the entire movement as our civil rights are violated by a tyrannical anti-White government.

    We need to stop giving these anti-Whites clicks, follows, and donations and redirect our energy and resources towards the Alt-Right outlets that tell the truth and fight for our interests.

    • The Alt Lite is a joke and will fade into oblivion as Trump becomes more unpopular. Just bring up Pizzagate anytime that fag Weird Mike counter signals us. He spread that fake news for months.

      Our ideas, OTH, are enduring.

    • They are becoming irrelevant, and they know it. They used yesterday as a way to signal low T, parasites to their “movement”. Paul Jewseph Watson also did as well. A few days earlier he texted that “The right should come together”!!!!. Then yesterday he threw us in the fire. Don’t listen to these muppets. And that includes Posobeotch. Go to Gayteway Pundit, and it’ll turn your stomach. Doesn’t surprise me though, since Jim Hoft is a homosexual, that hires young twinks. He also tried to defend Laura Jooooomer’s tire incident. Also the top comments on Breitkike, had A LOT of people on our side.

      • Same with Daily Caller. It’s usually Dems are Real racists Cucks, but a lot of prop WN comments there yesterday and today.

        • Good to hear. I’ll have to check it out. A lot of people need to digest what happened yesterday, but make no mistake, we woke a lot of people up and people know that the MSM is gutter trash.

          • Good thing about DC is it is wide open and not modded. I’ve been banned from The Atlantic and most leftist sites, as well as Breitbart. Tucker Carlson owns DC and may not want any censorship.

          • I’ve noticed that. I’ve bashed the Joos there a few times, and under articles written by a Joo and nothing happened. Lol. I was banned from Breitkike for just a light hearted poke at Jews, and was instantly jumped on by 6-7 “replying to your comment” in a matter of seconds and then IP banned.

          • I got banned from Breitbart when some idiot Boomer Cuck said his dad liberated the “death camp” Dachau and I called out his lie.

          • Lol. That’s hilarious. Once you expose them and their lies, they do anything to censor you. Just like yesterday.

    • All of their followers who are worthwhile know the truth. They must signal against us because they fear becoming pariahs and missing mainstream bucks and praise. But the culture is changing fast. The ability of the gatekeepers to dictate acceptable opinion is diminishing moment by moment, and as it does, more e-celebrities, and then MSM figures, will tend our way.

    • It shouldn’t be black pilling

      It shows that we don’t actually have any intellectual opposition to taking over the right

      Alt-Lite pepo stand for free speech and that’s about it, they don’t really have strong opposition on much else.

      And Con law 101 about free speech is … Nazis are allowed to march through Skokie. It’s a well established legal precedent.

      Alt-Lite can’t even do free speech right.

      • Alt-Lite pepo stand for free speech

        Demonstrably untrue. This has been a thing since 2014’s Gamergate and a lot of these same people taking the same tack then. They support “Free Speech” existing to the extent that everyone agree to not use it, because using it would make taking it away necessary.

        They are modern day British monarchists who know the Queen can ostensibly exercise a royal prerogative legally and supporting this status quo but knowing that the day the Queen gives orders to Parliament they’ll be discarded and the monarchy abolished.

        These same exact people who are taking the opportunity to chime in now have long (in Internet terms) histories of ‘protecting’ people’s Rights on paper and in media profile by advocating their abrogation in real life. The position that unpopular speech should be suppressed in order to protect “Free Speech” isn’t new for these people.

        There isn’t even an ideological divide here. These people are just morons. There isn’t anything actually to them. At least when the Left says they are for “Free Speech” and against “Hate Speech” they are being deliberately unscrupulous. These others in saying that exercising your Rights is morally wrong because you are jeopardizing them for everyone are actually just too stupid to have either come up with the “Hate Speech” sloganeering or to even realize when they are tacitly endorsing it the concept.

        Although I see more and more of them explicitly endorsing it all the time.

    • The White pill is in the comments section of the Breitbart Charlottesville ***Live Wire*** article here:

      The article is closing in on 70,000 comments, and our guys (or people sympathetic to our cause) have comments at the TOP, which is incredibly hard to do at Breitbart. The mob seems to be leaning in our favor there. Breitbart readers desperately need pro-White perspective, and many reading the comments are now getting it.

      I’ve been working those comments under various socks for over 2 years, and I can tell you with certainty that getting pro-White material to the top and not having it deleted is a great accomplishment.

  • How in the hell, did you nitwits get shit thrown on you. If I had seen that coming I wouldn’t have gone to the par. What’s wrong with y’all. Where is your pride. Why didn’t you have walkie talkie to communicate.

  • It should be crystal clear to everyone that mainstream “conservatives” are just as much an enemy as the slimiest Marxist of the “liberal” left. Look at the way Fox news has been covering this whole situation- they are no better than CNN or MSNBC.

    • without the conservatives it would be nationalist vs progressives, and we’d have a fighting chance

      conservatives run interference for progressives, keeping any real resistance from happening

    • Every conservative movement in history has been a failure. A society moves forward, either up or down, but it doesn’t stand still.

      American conservatives are false opposition.

      • Dr. William Pierce of the National Alliance had a great pamphlet he put out in the 1990s called “why Conservatives can’t win” that addressed this issue.

  • There are videos of the American Freedom Keepers ( a multi ethnic pro constitution, pro freedom pro America group) trying to leave the scene and being blocked from accessing their vehicles by the police. They had to go blocks away to another site to get to more of their vehicles and no police there Just antifa waiting to attack them.

    • Kessler no doubt is going to sue and just like with Fields’ criminal trial, everything will come out during discovery.

  • I hope the feds laying down some kind of “investigation” into Charlottesville wasn’t a plot to hinder the obvious civil suite forthcoming from you guys.

    Also I hope you don’t soften up when you get more money and influence Spencer.

  • what a load of malarachy. your rights do not come from the constitution…it is a god given right and the white interests movement began on alt-right platforms thanks to the good men of Andrew and Spencer where they gave you the right to express your freedom of expression if you chose to. There is no such thing as civil rights movements, don’t be absurd. The movements became strong because the white man’s voice counts on these alt-right platforms.

      • Will all come out during discovery phase of the trial. There will also be a venue change. His lawyer should ask that the trial be moved to the Appalachian Mountains.

  • I can’t agree more with this article.
    Spencer (hopefully) will be able to get on (((msm media ))) outlets and explain all of this.
    Not that it matters to the Bolsheviks out there, but sensible Whites, with the memories of BLM riots fresh in their minds, will see the hypocrisy here.

  • I reluctantly let my Normie wife drag me to Church this morning, knowing it could go badly. It’s an Evangelical Church, but less cucked than most, the pastor looks like a suit and tie skinhead and regularly rails against modernity and “others” who are not children of God…

    So, hoping for the best I went to Church with my family, the cucky sing alongs went fine. But right out the gate, the pastor came out and condemned the ‘White Supremist’ Alt Right for their violence in Charlottesville.

    I didn’t hesitate to stand right up abruptly and storm out of the pews with disgust. It was visably clear to the 100+ people there I was offended and Alt Right.

    I didn’t even have to say anything, but my mere presence and disapproval with our Pastor will now most likely shun me from the community and turn my wife and family against me. But I won’t apologize, or give up being Alt Right, if the sheeple want to join the chorus of Communist heathens, fags, Jews, and non-whites all calling for our genocide then so be it.

    It is them who must face their actions during judgement day, I have made my decision and chose to continue to defend our culture, our history, our identity, and Our God! Although it appears his servants are no longer serving him but their worldly Zionist overloads, I believe God himself is with us! Don’t give up! Keep Moving Onward and Upward! Deus Vult!

    • You should invite the pastor to a dive bar in a black hood.

      Set him up nicely for enrichment, use your imagination at that point.

          • and they’re increasingly choosing not to worship, or to be very lukewarm in their faith

          • yes, if things remained as they are, religious whites would take over through higher birth rates

            sadly for them, mass immigration is proceeding far too fast for this to become all that significant

            navigating the multi-cult and finding ways to practice endogamy are going to be as big a factor as raw birth rates

          • Huh, all those Cathedrals, mean nothing. They mark the high water mark in Architecture. Good then. Unite the right indeed Nihilist trash.

          • Those cathedrals were built by white people, not by Christianity. Do places in Africa where Christianity is dominate have great architecture and western values? No.

            If white cultures had remained pagan there is no reason to believe they wouldn’t have advanced.

          • And built Pagan Cathedrals, hahha. I appreciate history for what it is not what it could have been. Failed Paganisn is every bit as dead as Failed Hitler-ism.

          • If “Hitlerism” is dead how come so many WNs fash flash the swastika? Then why does the self-proclaimed most followed A-R site on the holy internet, DS, self describe its followers as nazis?
            For a dead movement “Hitlerism” sure seems to have a lot of followers worldwide. “Hitlerism” is likely competitive with many Christian denominations from a following standpoint.

          • “If white cultures had remained pagan there is no reason to believe they wouldn’t have advanced.”

            Agreed! In fact, without Christianity (and the subsequent Dark Ages) I wonder how advanced Western Civilization would have been? Perhaps an industrial revolution by the millennium and space flight by the time Columbus landed in the Caribbean in our timeline? Maybe we’d even be colonizing extra-solar planets by now.

          • The Roman empire died, and now the Church as well as the West is in the process of dying. Something new will emerge probably long after we are dead. The Kali Yuga has to end before a new Golden Age can emerge.

          • Jesus thought that the world was coming to an end very soon and that God would right all wrongs and establish his kingdom on earth. John the Baptist and Paul (arguably, Paul changed his mind) thought the same. That’s why Jesus preached “turn the other check” and other unrealistic ideals. Because the big guy in Heaven had a big club and was going to shortly use it against the wicked.

        • Bullshit! The “West” was and is the product of ancient Greece and Rome… both Pagan societies. The Christard faith gave us over 500 years of dark ages before the Renaissance. White people rose DESPITE Christinsanity, not because of it.

          • Basically yes but we’ll get sidetracked real fast on this issue. We got our work cut out for us with the whole zeitgeist working overtime with their lies.

          • Read the sentence. … there would be no West as it existed prior to Cultural Marxism… period. No Cathedrals, no Christian Architecture. Etc. Christianity was part of Europe’s evolutionary process. I give a rats ass about religion, but appreciate the good the faith did.

        • It’s not just that Christianity has become anti-white

          It has become so utterly gay and effeminate, marxist sociology classes are honestly more masculine, at least they have an element of conflict

          You guys need to rebrand, big league.

          • The only non-cucked churches are the national Orthodox churches like the Russian and Serbian Orthodox Christian Churches.

          • So basically we’d have to move to Russia or Serbia in order to attend an uncucked church. Yeah this semite religion is really coming back.

          • But let’s be clear about what happened. It was America that cucked Western Christianity. Let that sink in. American Christianity itself is a legion of rejects from Europe who fled from being justly burned alive for their heretical puritan views. And then in WWII, America basically destroyed every state in Europe allied to the Vatican and occupied half the continent, including that which contained the Vatican. It cannot be emphasized enough how much America has raped everything about European civilization since its entry into WWII. Essentially, you are blaming Christianity because America won WWII. Evidently, morally, it should have lost the war.

          • Yes absolutely, jewmurika, the Evil Empire in league with the Synogog of Satan, SHOULD HAVE LOST DUH WAR for humanity’s sake.

          • Satanist… there is also a little state in the middle east that it is forgotten in this post.. and which the U.S. serves blindly with undying devotion even if it sinks their ships and drowns their sailors!

          • Wrong, the Puritans made christmas, a pagan holiday illegal until about 1850. so for 300 years about, Christmas was illegal. It was brought into the church by the Catholics.

          • Yes. We need to bring back muscular Christianity. Christianity is obviously not inherently effeminate and gay. It wasn’t historically. Just that people today tend to be effeminate and gay and also happen to pretend to be Christians (when they really want a self help seminar and virtue signalling social club).

        • The greatness of the Roman Catholic church was that it retained its Roman pagan roots, and integrated traditional westerns values like stoicism and heirarchical organization. The West is not defined only by Christianity.

        • Roman paganism made the west. Read Edward Gibbons. As soon as this Jewish ideology appeared (Christianity), the west collapsed. As soon as the west rediscovered classical values (renaissance) it flourished again. What we are witnessing now is the logical conclusion of the universalist and feminine tenets of Christianity.

        • The form of Christianity that built the West doesn’t exist anymore unfortunately. The Christians that defended Vienna from Muslims or expelled the Jews from Iberia would not be welcome among the “Christians” today – since doing so would go against their Masters the Jewish culture and state.

          In a way, it’s like that saying, if you want to know who is in charge, find out who you cannot criticize. Go to a modern Christian and criticize his faith, no biggie and he’ll probably “pray for you”. But criticize Israel and/or the Jews and he will become hostile and violent.

          Jews, not God, are the masters of modern “Christianity”.

          • The young Polish priest, Jacek Miedlar, was defrocked because he had the impudence to criticize the tribe, which nowadays is declared (((elder brothers in faith))).

        • “Without Christianity there would be no West as it existed prior to Cultural Marxisms societal take over.”

          Bit of a stretch and a bigger assumption. Of all the possibilities you know this for certain? What arrogance.

      • This Christian will be happy to give you the answer FECALstein.
        NOoooooo to letting Christianity die, you know i would expect nothing less from filth antichrist like yourself. If you choose not to be a person of Faith fine, but don’t try to drag others down with you.

    • I never go to church. I can’t stand it. The singing, the fake niceness, the cucky morals and the absurdity of the whole thing just drives me mad. There is simply nothing there for me. I have a impossible time believing anything in the bible as it is, but on top of it all I get zero social support and told that I need to be a faggot and accept all kind of diversity into my asshole? Why go?

      • I am a Christian & do not go to church. Church today has a messed up twisted view of Christianity that I will never understand. I live in a small town, close to the schools & a park. There is a church in our neighborhood that is allowing a drug addict sleep on their steps. This man is dirty & watches people’s houses. He scares our children & even the police are doing NOTHING! The church feels it is their place to do a good deed for this man at the expense of the rest of us.

          • or a long trip in a blanket.. say 60 – 80 miles.. then sat out.. like someone would drop off a dog.. if he comes back a midnight visit from a bag of batteries should get across the message

          • In San Diego they use a railroad spike and a hammer for that job.

            Serial! (er, “serious”!)

        • Maybe, unlike you, they actually read their Bibles…

          Matthew 25:45″And they too will reply, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry or thirsty ora stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to You?’Then the King will answer, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for Me.’ And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”…”

          • Nowhere does the Bible say to put other’s lives (including children) in danger to help. There is a way to help. Like Maybe the pastor or a family in the congregation open their home to monitor him as they help. Stop telling Christians to be doormats, to allow themselves to be hurt over & over because “Jesus said”. Jesus didn’t say half the things people like you say he did!

          • You’re being a bit paranoid aren’t you?

            Jesus also said “if your enemy strikes you on your right cheek turn to him the other.” you’d probably accuse him of being a doormat too I guess…

          • In context He was speaking to the Apostles about if they were confronted about their religion.

          • Paranoid? I AM A MOTHER! MY DAUGHTER & HER FRIENDS DO LIKE TO WALK TO EACH OTHER’S HOUSES & TO SCHOOL! I DO NOT GIVE MY ENEMY THE CHANCE TO STRIKE MYSELF OR MY DAUGHTER! You must not have children & if you do I hope your “open mindness” doesn’t get them hurt or killed.

          • My children are grown up just fine. They are confident compassionate people who don’t cower in fear.

          • I’m just going to say it. You’re lying. Or you’re a liberal that takes your kids to gay pride parades.

          • Wow. That was so brave of you. You sure told me…

            LMFAO You fucking idiot Nazi coward.

          • Problem:

            “Jesus why do you let her put oil on your feet and hair when we could sell that and feed the poor.”

            Jesus: “There will always be poor.”

            Bleeding compassion there I tell ya!!!! Lol

          • Matthew 19:21
            “…go, sell your possessions and
            give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come,
            follow Me.”

            Luke 12:33
            your possessions and give to the poor. Provide yourselves with purses
            that will not wear out, an inexhaustible treasure in heaven, where no
            thief approaches and no moth destroys.

            Acts 2:45
            Selling their possessions and goods, they shared with anyone who was in need.

            Acts 4:34
            were no needy ones among them, because those who owned lands or houses
            would sell their property, bring the proceeds from the sales…

          • He also said

            Luke 22:36

            He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

        • I am Christian and feel the same way. If they really cared about this addict they would actively be trying to get him off drugs, instead of using him as a lawn ornament of their “Christlike” public deeds. The “evangelicals” mainly are prosperity preachers, and it has made a lot of THEM rich off the coffers the gullible fill. They teach that you should never raise a hand toward another, forgetting that Jesus turned over the money changers tables and said “If you do not have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one”. He was not peaceful at all times, never instigated it, but in fact He was *gasp* violent when he needed to be. That is MY CHRIST.

        • Hard times can befall all of us. Hard to know who the person is when the dirt is cleaned from one

          Maybe the church, should offer the person, a shower, clothes and a feed and support and see if the person can take a new leap in life.

          Best place to know the churches is start back from early Christianity to this day. This video gives a good round up but ignores Donatist and Traditores. The question is what is the true Church. There has been many splits in the Church
          The Eastern and Oriental Churches split early, These Oriental Orthodox Christians do not accept the Council of Chalcedon in AD 451 which dogmatically defined that Christ is one divine Person with two natures (divine and human).

          The Roman Catholic Church split with the Orthodox Church. The Great Schism 1054

          The History of the Orthodox Church – Comes in four parts so do not think its finished at part 1

          • I don’t disagree with you but allowing him to sleep on the steps. Not offering any help like you mentioned a shower, clothes, a hand up. The guy has now made the news & has already been stalking people at a local atm.

          • Desperation mode, survival

            Be like a wounded animal now, dangereous. Approach with care

            No idea when he ate last or of he is craving for a fix and that makes him even worse

          • Well recent updates in the news, he is stalking people at the atm. He has also been running up to people then just stopping. The man is dangerous & the cops say they can’t do anything until he puts his hands on someone or threatens with a weapon.

            This isn’t a movie or a tv show. This is reality where crazy people are actually CRAZY. Now our children aren’t safe to go outside & no-one is able to go to the atm in the center of town.

        • mate you should go back to church, you have to endure to the end to be saved

          The million dollar question:

          Will you go to Heaven when you die? Here’s a quick test: Have you ever lied, stolen, or used God’s name in vain? Jesus said,
          “Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”
          If you have done these things, God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart,
          and the Bible warns that one day God will punish you in a terrible place called Hell.
          But God is not willing that any should perish. Sinners broke God’s Law and Jesus paid their fine.
          This means that God can legally dismiss their case:
          “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
          that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
          Then Jesus rose from the dead, defeating death. Today, repent and trust Jesus, and God will give you eternal life as a free gift.
          Then read the Bible daily and obey it. God will never fail you.

        • Nietzsche died a MADMAN. Because he denied God, and Christ. You are both a propagandist of Hell, and a mad man, Fernoxious.

          Japheth, you were correct. Shake the dust off your shoes, and leave this godless bastard slave of Satan. The “Evan-jelly-goo” synagogues of Satan (and this is an apt moniker, as St. John used it, even in his day, less than a generation after Christ’s resurrection) care NOTHING for the Elect of God, the ‘Holy Seed’ of Ezra 9;2, because they care nothing for THE Incarnate Seed of God, Jesus Christ. Oh, they may say they ‘luuuurv’ Jebuzzz, but they don’t. Does your impastor preach on the continuing validity of God’s Law? Does he ever mention that the commandment against Adultery MEANS not to miscegenate?

          Check out “Faith and” It’s a Calvinist site, that at least takes seriously. The reality of Race, Ethnicity, and the electing nature of YHWH God for ONE and only ONE, Chosen People…. and it ain’t the Jews, baby!

          • Settle down, Nietzsche likely had syphilis. Quite a stretch to say he was a “MADMAN” because he didn’t have god. But dogma stretches every day! Fit and limber.

            You know what made Nietzsche mad though was how christianity stole their religion from the heathens (christian word, and NO they aren’t all communists).

          • Justifying him in one breath, while lauding him in another? My point still stands. It isn’t Christianity you are railing against, it is God. Take it up with Him.

          • I can’t praise a god that asks me to offer the other cheek. I can only praise our gods. Our gods are not meak. Our gods fight.

          • Yes, but at least the true White Man’s God (Christ)… can spell.

            By the way, do you know this ? “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your personal enemies, and not the enemies of God. “-Saint Theodosius of the Kiev Caves

            You see, your ignorance is bred only because you come from the West, and the false Roman cult, which is not the true church of Jesus Christ.

          • So, the Christian’s priority – by decree of Christ’s words and enacted by the actions of his Apostles and Church – isn’t the conversion of all souls of every tribe on Earth?

          • You are confusing the concept of the “Ecumene”- The NT Greek word for “the entire inhabited world -as known to the people who were living at that time…with the modern concept of a global, universalist, “worthy of being saved, world.”

            Christ never said to bring the Gospel to the entire planet: Hottentot, Bushman, Amerindian, and Mestizo: but ONLY to the Hellene and the Judean- to culturally, racially and geographically defined areas of what we now call Europe-what history has called “Christendom.” Indeed he specifically said, “I am sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” Even with the great commission, he never rescinded that earlier verse. So which is it? Is Europe, the “Israel of God,” [Gal.6:16] or is it not?

            Moreover, it took almost 1000 years to bring the gospel to that entire geographical region, and then what happened? Rome-the Catholic Church of the West-went into complete and utter schism [1054], cutting herself off from historic Christianity, and almost immediately started her “multicultural” methodology, which has infected both Protestantism and, sadly, Orthodoxy, ever since!

            If you are protestant, why do you follow Rome’s leading in this error? If you are Catholic, why do you wonder that the current pope basically is worshiping nonwhites, and acting like a Marxist Communist against European self interests? The answer is obvious-he’s a heretic, and the church of Rome has been a heretic for 1000 years!

          • Are you implying the Canaanite woman of Matthew 15 was black or non-white? Or was Jesus reminding her that his salvation is only through the God of the Jews, for which he was sent to gather as “lost sheep”? If the Gospel, by Jesus’ decree, was only meant for the “European” race – why didn’t Jesus make this clear? And why did he claim to be the God of the Jews – a Semitic race? Why wouldn’t previous Biblical literature of the Torah, Prophets, etc. make this all-important discernment of the “European race” to the faithful? Why did his Apostles go to tortuous martyrdom in every which way on Earth? The only two Churches in Europe in the Early Christian Era were Constantinople and Antioch – which are both in modern-day Turkey. The Church of the East, before the destructive advent of Islam, stretched all the way into Persia.

            “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” Matthew 24:24

            “Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth–to every nation, tribe, language and people.” Revelation 15:6

            “…if you continue in your faith, established and firm, and do not move from the hope held out in the gospel. This is the gospel that you heard and that has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven, and of which I, Paul, have become a servant.” Colossians 1:23

        • Just to put some chants here:

          The over-fight general (it is a military hymn to the virgin mary)

          Something from the Russkies (another hymn to the Virgin Mary):

          And the Lord’s Lamentations by the Romanians:

          The momment I heard for the first time, through the internet, protestant songs… I was in a cultural shock for a week!

          While from different peoples and languages these give a good idea of how orthodox chants sound like.

          Hope you will enjoy!

          • Theres a Romanian Orthodox Church near me. I’m thinking about checking out a service. All the Catholic Churchs in my area are cucked beyond repair and are mostly attended by Filipinos and Hispanics.

          • Don’t know much about Romanians sadly but in the new some years ago I did hear that the Church of Romania and/or of Moldova gave an anathema to their government for trying to legalize gay marriage… Also the Romanian Orthodox are strong against Islam. The Serbian and the Russian are also good.

            I’ d sadly only tell you to stay away from the Greek as it is problematic, not cucked but problematic at a great degree.

          • I don’t know much about all of the Eastern Orthodox sects in general. I’ve been trying to reconnect with my Catholic roots but I haven’t found any Churchs near me that are to my liking. I’m going with the Romanian one only because it is nearby. I’ve never attended an Orthodox service so it will be a learning experience at the very least.

          • It will be the easier for you to enter:

            Romanian are the Romance language closer to Latin. The liturgy is the older one in existence and hasn’t changed much in time. While Catholics tend to offer a window to the Renaiscance the Orthodox offer one to the Middle ages themselves. I think you’ ll enjoy them even if only for encyclopedical reasons! Also do pay some attention to the murals.

          • Find a traditional Latin Mass church. This Mass doesn’t compromise the faith.The new Mass (Novus Ordo) that replaced the traditional Latin Mass in 1969/70 seriously watered down everything.

          • “I’ d sadly only tell you to stay away from the Greek as it is problematic, not cucked but problematic at a great degree.”

            In what regard? We have a big Greek church in my city here. I’ve gone to festivals there, people seem nice enough. But I am probably most appropriately considered a Gnostic Deist myself, leaning toward the old Pagan faiths of my Roman forefathers.

          • The Greek Church is highly factionalized, you can find anybody there from Communist and liberals to fascists and libertarians. Which means that you are not guaranteed a specific sphere when you go to it. This still makes it better than most other Churches it has though problems when you see it in the Orthodox sphere.

            Just stay away from worshipping Dionysus/Bacchus and everything will be alright!

          • Hitler said to return to Paganism was foolish, now that Christ had come. It’s from Table Talk. Also, the Russians and the Greeks want you to become Russian/Greek, PRIOR to becoming “Orthodox.” Only an indigenous American Ethnic (read. WHITE) Orthodoxy is open to us, clearly.

          • You need to get a copy of and read Michael Hoffman’s (RC himself) newest book, ‘The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome.” Even I, a cleric, with a Doctorate, and having left Rome over a quarter-century ago, was APPALLED at the blasphemy and Judaizing Rome has done, since before the Reformation. Rome is no true church, anymore.

          • God bless you for posting these, but understand, American/English Orthodoxy is not bound by the Phyletism of the Byzantines, nor should we be. We have the entire riches of the Latin Catholic tradition, that predates the Schism. But we also have Lutheran Chorales, and Anglican choral traditions. Please, ignore the sectarian schismatic aberrancies of the Protestant fringe. They are not Christians, as much as they say they are. It’s a hard thing to point out, but we would not be in this multicultural mess, if we had never tried to ‘see the darkie’ as deserving of ‘salvation’ in the ‘sola’ sense, ripping the Incarnation of God into ONE ETHNICITY (ADAMIC- i.e., White) for all time. Just sayin’….

          • My comments on Protestantism is mostly on Evangelicanism, Calvinism and Lutheranism (the newer versions of the last). In fact Anglicanism, before it got overran by liberals, had more things common with Catholics and Orthodox Churches as in the end it had ordained priesthood instead of unordained pastors, and it was a national church that also blessed the monarchy.

          • So Dinesh D’Souza isn’t an earnest Christian who hasn’t done anything for the faith – let alone American conservatism? But rather a festering, unredeemable spawn of Satan’s tribes?

          • Yes, I bought one of his books, back before I became woke. Just because someone has achieved Western, white intelligence levels, does not make him the Elect of God. The greatest evil that has been fallen the world, frankly, is teaching nonwhites how to read and reason, as whites.

            Your point?

          • Achieved “white intelligence” levels? So you’re saying D’Souza wouldn’t be as sophisticated in his own home culture? And that his clearly-proven cultural power as a shepherd of Christ and defender of conservative value isn’t worth his education? Are you saying Dr. Ben Carson’s innovations and breakthroughs in modern neurosurgery – of which he surpassed his white peers – isn’t worth anything because he’s black?

      • The acoustics for musical concerts are great in those old churches. And the sacred music composed by Bach, Mozart and Handel is great as well. But as for the church services themselves? Meh.

        • The Church is holy, pure, and good. THE FALSE IMPOSTERS are what you have dealt with. There is a difference.

          • Holy, pure and god now that “civilization” has put down and neutered every man at the barrel of a gun and with the devil’s money.

            Christianity claims to be peaceful and “good” and “holy” now that the days of converting by the sword are over.

            Amazing how people are quick to dismiss over a thousand years of atrocities by your outfit.

          • WAKE UP. Just as the Jews aren’t Jewish, the Roman Church is not the Catholic Church. Your argument isn’t with me, it’s with the imposters who pretend to be the Church, and yet serve the Deicides. Read Hoffman’s book, ‘The OCCULT Renaissance Church of Rome.’
            Your eyes will be opened.

      • I’m right with you.
        I’ve given up on Christianity.
        Jesus may or may not be the Lord, but if he is, he certainly does NOT want to see any people or culture obliterated or even dispossessed; and that includes Whites.
        I may still believe that Jesus is our Lord but organized Christianity is an absurd joke and enemy of my people. I will have nothing more to do with it and the Church will never get another penny from me.

        • I look at Christianity this way (which is probably why I lean more Gnostic than side with modern Christians, especially the pro-Israeli ones): Let’s say Jesus was the Son of God or even God incarnate (though as a Gnostic I consider him more of a physical manifestation of the Divine Creator rather than the OT Yahweh/Yaldabaoth). I believe that his parables and stories are valid aspects of a divine message (in many ways similar to Buddhism).

          But then the Jew Saul of Tarsus came along to corrupt the faith – as Jews are always good at corrupting things. And his version of “Christianity” is what we have in our world today. Basically a pussified faith that will ultimately lead to the destruction of all those who follow it since it implores you to accept martyrdom rather than to fight for survival.

          • What kills me about Paul is the fact that he was a known CRIMINAL who had an “experience”, BY HIMSELF that he claims was directly from “th’lord”! Not only that, more than half, actually save just a few, of all writings by “Paul” are known forgeries but christians just suck it up and believe it and quote it.

            Pitiable! A sorry, poor soul believes that bunk. Why wouldn’t people just naturally wonder what people were doing before the thieving christians came along? And no one even mention “human sacrifice”. Only the communists have sacrificed more of their own other than the christians. Burning at the stake. Drawn and quartered. Drowning. Hanging. You name it. So much worse. The christians have done it all.

            And what’s more laughable is the christians laugh at Islam because mohammed was walking along by himself and then an angel of god came to him and dictated the Koran to him. A crazy story? Yup. More crazy? Nope. Right on par.

        • Study the old ways before christianity stole everything from indigenous Europeans (most of our ancestors). Watch your soul come alive then! Christianity is failing so many because there is NOTHING there! A lie!!!! Since I let go and found a new way I have felt absolutely free and proud of myself. More alive then ever and people in my life have noticed.

          But don’t misunderstand, when I say “free” I don’t mean in a hippy way. My way consists of much personal accountability. I’m free to be who I want to be and with that comes responsibility. The christians would have you rely on something outside of yourself. A loser’s religion.

      • Re: “all I get zero social support and told that I need to be a faggot and accept all kind of diversity into my asshole…” Um, that wasn’t a church you were at. ?

    • Your wife’s duty in the eyes of God is to stand by YOU & allow you to lead her! If the non-whites/blm/antifa somehow get to her (one day they will if something doesn’t change) she will look to hubby for protection. Pastor will abandon her so will the church. So she better do what’s right.

    • Japheth
      A lot of false prophets out there aka SJW Churches preaching what is not even biblical doctrine.
      If you have not heard of Pastor Steve Anderson i would recommend watching some of his videos. He is completely aware that the Jews are the synagogue of satan, he is old school an would not think of letting two gay guys attend his church. You know a preacher who has his weapon strap to his side while preaching at the pew can’t be all bad. I will say this though, unfortunately he is no race realist. i will leave a few short vid’s and the long one is a documentary he did called “Marching to Zion” where he exposes the jews as frauds, this guy even did a video casting doubt on the holocaust.

      • Anderson is a good preacher, but he supports open borders, interracial marriage… the usual stuff that ends in a world without white people. And though he preaches the scriptures pieced together into what seems like a coherent eschatology…I wonder because it sounds so much like what the Jews believe about themselves… something smells wrong.

      • Thank you so much brother, I haven’t been able to get through all of it yet but I like what I see so far. This is more of the kind of Christianity we need across the West, God Bless you.