Unite The Right Livestream Up And Ready To Go

Last updated 10:27 pm, Aug 13 2017

So far, TheBigKK is the only one streaming. Join the livestream for a pre-game rundown.

There will be other streams coming up as the day progresses. So far it seems that Antifa will not be showing up in any significant numbers. But they ARE going to try to start some shit, so get ready to see some Antifa get REKT.

Meanwhile, /ourguys/ are showing up in droves.

Last night there were many happenings. Expect a write-up soon. was shut down by a DOS attack and we only just got back up, so stay tuned.

Today is a big day, get hype.


Helicopter was downed. 2 dead. Press conference about the car crash soon. 1 dead, 19 injured.


Trump statement:

Condemns “all sides.”

Not just the evil Whites. He even refused to explicitly condemn White Nationalism. Overall, very good for us.


A car ran into Antifa.


Spencer talking to the media now.


Now that the police has done their dirty work, the nogs feel emboldened to come out onto the streets for a good old-fashioned chimpout.


Donald Trump at the very least kept his condemnation vague. Probably directed at Antifa.

Melania Trump is clearly condemning the hate coming from groups like Antifa and BLM right?


Apparently Pewdiepie is /ourguy/ too.


A group of our guys has been illegally detained. Negotiations for their release starting now. Cops went fully against us. Attacked Spencer’s group, forced them out of the park into Antifa’s ranks.


They’ve been arresting and releasing our guys. They don’t want a lawsuit, but they are willing to break up our demonstration.


The National Guard has been called in to start arresting people…Our people.


/Ourguys/ are starting to regroup at the nearby park. State of emergency still in effect.



This is why the police did nothing.

They wanted Antifa to do the dirty work for them. And when our guys started giving Antifa some love, they dispersed us.


Our guys are being attacked all along the retreat route.

We are falling back in several groups to a new gathering point.

Richard Spencer was detained, but they let him go.

Scuffles all along the route. Multiple injured.

Baked Alaska stream is the best now.


The police are moving in with full battle-rattle. Spencer has told everyone who isn’t willing to get arrested to leave.




Antifa attacked our frontlines. The shieldwall held. Our side fended them off with flagpoles and pepper spray. Antifa has backed up and is periodically chucking trash out way.

No update on where Azzmador and the Daily Stormer crew have marched off to.

State of emergency declared by state of Virginia.


The police have ordered our guys to disperse. They are claiming it is unlawful assembly. Trumpet News claims that the National Guard is inbound. Our guys are falling back. Tear gas got deployed on the frontlines. Azzmador stream seems to be the best now.


The march is starting and the local boomer libshits are chanting “love has already won” and other nonsense. Our guys are replying with “White Lives Matter!”

Livestream from Russia Today

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  • The Alt-Right had a Legal Permit to Hold the Rally……..

    Backed by a Court Order…….

    If the Feral Left would have stayed at Home……..

    If the Criminal McCauliffe wouldn’t have called in his Storm Troopers…….

    No one would have DIED or been INJURED……

  • I know you can’t fix stupid — but someday, you’ll come to terms with whatever is bugging (buggering?) you.

    The kid in the car definitely has some sort of sexual identy issues.

    • What’s bugging you to Troll an Alt-Right Website??


      And the Jury is still out on why that Fields guy drove his car into the AntiFa Crowd…….

  • The whole weekend could be summed up well in a short documentary.

    1st Scene) The Night March by torch light shown by drone and on the ground.

    2nd Scene) Richard Spencer trying to plead with the SJW controlled police. Spencer giving a proper warning with the announcement “if you don’t want to be arrested, now is the time to leave.”

    3rd scene) Richard Spencer in the car and back at his lodgings after being maced.

    4th scene) Richard Spencer’s reactions a few weeks later.

    The police could have arrested them, but they pushed and kicked them into a flanking cohort. These are roman era tactics. They wanted Alt-Right people to bleed.

    The police actually pushed the Alt-Right into a crowd of anti-White violence makers who were heavily armed. All the police had to do was keep the two groups separated and there wouldn’t have been any problems.

    It’s no wonder someone freaked out with a car. Try to imagine being attacked in your car by a pack of BLM and antifa! You like that idea?! This is why their political leaders were so quick to call it “premeditated.” They don’t want to take responsibility for their failures to provide a safe event space.

    This is dark thinking but what if the guy was just trying to leave, was attacked for being White, and then, when he thought he was going to die, figured it was better to take some of them out if he was going to die? Have you ever been in that situation? Like Pope Francis I say “who am I to judge?” Or perhaps we can sustain judgement until we learn what happened?

    The city disobeyed a federal order because the Alt-Right WON SO MUCH the night before. All they had to do was keep the groups separated and arrest a few rock and urine throwers. The symbolic loss for the Alt-Right was more important to them then following the law. They were willing to disobey a Federal order. SO now they’re “Federally Fucked.”

    Now the effort must be somewhat focused on the court battle. And on showing what really happened at the rally. After the court victory, have another rally but make sure the city acts right this time. Like a disobedient child, make them repeat the task until they get it right. This time without anyone dying or helicopter crashes.

  • Its obvious that shutting us down will have opposite effect. It only helps us grow. Having the event would be great. Being shut down is even better. So we have to ask ourselves:

    1: are they really this stupid
    2: they are helping us on purpose

    We have to understand the big picture here. These are people who are executing centuries old plan. It took decades for them to get to this point. We are attributing to these people all kinds of exploitation of human nature against us. Would they really make a mistake like this?

    • Chaos. They want divide and conquer so they need us to provide the yin to their yang. To get what you want you need to totally change the power structure first. The movement is being condemned by even some center leftist news/opinion sites that backed Trump against Hilary. This was a massive setup and the guys fell for it. Somebody needs to read the Art of War and come up with new strategies. Direct confrontation is rarely a good military strategy when outnumbered and totally overpowered. What we are up against is a real life Hydra, with multiple heads that are venomous and even have deadly breath. Hacking a head off only grows more heads. It is better to go for the chest or heart of the beast and just go in for the kill. The time is ripe for new parties to sprout up, the Alt Right should go that route and just build up a program that many can rally around, like economic nationalism, and use the economic angle more to garner more support for the immigration question. That is why so many American want immigration control. The Alt Right is not strong enough to do what they did(frontal assault so to speak) and the leadership should have known better. Another question. Why the hell go to obviously liberal strongholds in the first place? Grow some cadres first, become a political force, then run people for office. Time is growing short, too short to jerk off with some “meta political” crap. Evola is a great read, but he never married and didn’t have kids, and he was meta political. Same with Spengler.The people in power are just after power, and that is what politicians have always been after since day one. We are ruled by a den of whores that only care about getting theirs and they revile the rest of us, no matter what race we are. These folks behind this den of whores need to be defeated outright and falling into one of their divide and conquer schemes isn’t going to get the job done.

  • I’m sure there will be lots of discussion about what could have been done better, but looking at the event from the UK was to witness men of great courage battling against the odds to have their voices heard. Utterly inspiring. Well done to all. You should be extremely proud of yourselves.

  • Interesting comment by another: “I hope you realize that this was a set up. The media were ready to go with their anti-white talking points. They were all choreographed with their scripted talking points about “White supremacists” and “nazi’s’. They all had their calvacade of antiwhite guest commentators ready to go immediately this morning. Didnt you notice how all MSM had the exact same talking points?

    And REd Ice getting hacked just an hour before the rally? That should let you know that the deep state was involved. They didn;t want Red Ice TV able to counter their planned anti-white agitprop by being able to broadcast.”

      • Blasting Richard Spencer all over TV and telling white people they can’t even plan a rally but blacks can riot and shut down bridges and freeways is a winning argument for the Alt Right. No one will remember the Car guy.

        • White people are getting pretty tired of the hypocrisy.

          I was at my parents house today and stirred them up into a rage.

          • That’s why I said we need to push the envelope and do rallies all the time, all over the country.

          • One of the gentlemen featured on Red Ice recently was saying this it every month, do it all over the place, make it cost them money, as I’m sure the lawsuits now will.

  • This is one reason why I have suggested that alt-right start joining the military and police forces. Enough people on the inside, and think of the possibilities…

  • The biggest tragedy of this whole seen is seeing whites against whites Haven’t we learned from the last civil war. Even with all the info on the internet we are still in the dark. Very sad

  • We need to do this all the time, every weekend, if this is the response we’re going to get. We need to plan something gigantic with 10,000 of us and see how the government reacts.

    • Ha. Right, that’s what boomer con favorite Faux News does as they relentlessly demonize the seed-stock of the nation in the service of failed Multiculturalism.

      • The funny thing is our own side counter signaling and calling this a setback. People will forget about the car attack in a week. Richard Spencer and David Duke all over the news on a Saturday is great. Even the President didn’t single us out or call us out by name.

        Just keep holding more rallies. Hell, hold another one in Charlottesville during Christmas Break or some shit when the pozzed college students all go home to Mommy.

        • Da prezzez jew handlers haven’t told puppet trump what to say yet. He’s being paid to play golf and and sign off on jew policies NOT to vocalize his own considered opinions.

          • If Trump cucks out and attacks us, he’s finished politically. I suspect at least Bannon knows this. Remember how Trump refused to disavow David Duke during the primaries?

            What would be a disaster is Kushner using to maneuver Bannon and Gorka out of the White House “for inspiring Nazi elements” or some nonsense. You know literally all of Kushner’s family was gassed during the Shoah?

  • Even FOX News is Celebrating the Anti-White Genocidalist Wes Bellamy……..

    I couldn’t have asked for anything MORE PURE……..


    Just wait for tomorrows Sunday Talk Shows……..

    Watch the Cultural High Priests declare which Cerebral Highways are OFF LIMITS……..

    Can’t Wait…..

    … to Declare Gratitude for this FREE ENERGY……..


  • Never forget that when five police officers were shot dead in Dallas, there were whites cheering. Right after that, officers were shot in Baton Rouge. One week later, BLM is invited to the White House where Obama compliments them for being great organizers, and Hillary Rodham Clinton said that BLM is “only trying to affirm the basic fact that black lives matter”. Hell, there were even Trump supporters who said that the blacks were merely getting even, I saw this.
    This nonchalant treatment of black on white violence, followed by pious outrage when it is the other way around is the sign of a very sick society. That is why even if the victims of the car crash are ANTIFA and the driver had been Richard Spencer himself, it is just difficult to have any sympathy. Maybe those liberals should have home.

    • The way those police officers dressed in riot gear & went after our guys & arrested a peaceful Richard Spencer proves that our government is sick! This goes beyond double standard. This is denial of rights & a knee jerk reaction to “too many white people”.

  • There isn’t “violence on both sides.” ONE group is being violently denied their free speech rights and that’s PRO-WHITES. The violence is coming from anti-white thugs the state refuses to rein in and now by the state itself. We don’t go to anti-white rallies to try to suppress their speech. But the anti-white go to our rallies to suppress our speech.

  • Of course the Alt-Right is to blamed for the actions of antifa & blm supporters, they are never held accountable for their actions. They are the violent ones. Whites are not allowed to protest or even hangout in large groups.

    • They are too retarded to be held accountable. Can’t hold people who are mentally defective accountable for doing what they do when Soros tells them to.

  • This is precisely why I spoke out against a few anonymously-penned articles ON THIS SITE that ‘flirted’ with the idea of the extremization of the AltRight. Now an imbecile has gone and ran over 19 people, and the mainstream media is using it to their FULL advantage (and will continue to do so for a very long time). I’ll say it again: violence only hurts our cause.

  • “We ALL must be united” (Trump)

    The event was called “Unite the Right.” Trump was just sharing the sentiments of the rally.


    I just watched the video where Richard Spencer is trying to reason with the cops. He made a great effort. This footage is really the best moment caught on video in the whole event. It showed RS to be reserved and reasonable.

    Everyone needs to watch and listen to this.

  • We never go to anti-white rallies to try to create so much chaos that the gov’t has an excuse to shut them down. Why do these anti-whites even go to our rallies unless it’s for the purpose of causing trouble?

    Anti-whites try to deny free speech. Pro-whites do not.

      • We’re not the ones looking for trouble. We’re not the ones looking for a fight. When it comes to violence WE’RE NOT THE PROBLEM.

        Trump says there’s violence on “both sides”. NOT TRUE.

        • And not even that. The guy who crashed his car was a fucking race traitor who suddenly realized the nignogs would Lynch him anyway.

  • I am inclined to suspect that the supposed car attack was a staged hoax. This is not based on the evidence presented so far but rather on the tendency for high-profile purported attacks to be hoaxes. Statistically, given that most of these types of attacks are hoaxes, it is likely that the latest one is too. Many readers are probably not going to be willing to accept my premise, but I am convinced that it is true. Here is a video on the attack today from a YouTube channel that I find reliable. The owner is currently on his third channel (the other two having been shut down by YouTube), so watch it now while you have a chance. There is another video about the car attack on the same channel at the time I am posting this, by the way.

    • I disagree. It’s the responsibility of the cops to carefully manage crowds. They allowed a mob to form a stampede to occur and a car chase.

      They behaved like rank amateurs.

      • “This could be some fog of war shit.”

        Ed Edgerton’s statement is the result of “the fog of being Ed Edgerton”.

        • He literally says everything is a false flag.

          Occam’s Razor. Most likely one of our guys was driving away, Antifa threw shit at his car, he snapped and tried to drive away. If Antifa did attack his car and there’s video proof, it makes the case much easier to plea bargain or defend.

          • cui bono. Not us. Not the “alt-right” driver. What a stroke of luck for our detractors, though.

    • “Many readers are probably not going to be willing to accept my premise, but I am convinced that it is true.”

      You are “convinced” of many foolish notions. Your convictions are no guide to the truth. Who cares what you are “convinced of”?

    • This is exactly what I was thinking. Its so convenient isn’t it. The MSM has associating the Alt-Right with terrorists for the past few months/years.

  • The cops blew it. They are legally responsible for causing the stampede and car crash. Heads must roll.

  • Where I live if your white and you walk into a black neighborhood your guaranteed to be physically assaulted and robbed yet we are called racist. It’s okay for minority groups to hold a peaceful rally and advocate for their people but when white people attempt to do the same there labeled white supremacist and vilified by the mainstream media. If this event doesn’t shine a light on the fact that white people are being purposely marginalized than what will. In the meantime this vice mayor of Charlottesville is aloud to tweet all kinds of anti-white rhetoric and he is in no way held accountable. He gets a free pass. Had he been a white man tweeting bad things about blacks there would have been major protests in favor of his removal. What a bunch of crap!

    • You nailed it.

      The Nigra hates the White man because he has never and will never be able to achieve his level of civilization and this realisation drives him insane. All the can do is lash out and/or rent seek,

  • DAMN……

    Just gave Another NICE Donation to My Alt-Right Family………

    Hey FAMS……

    Ya’ll are Bleeding Me……..


    Hail Victory!!

  • From what I can tell antifa freaked out one of their own so bad he killed one and injured nineteen more of them.

    On the other hand, the cops stood back and let antifa start fights before arresting OUR guys instead of violent leftists.

    Is this an overall success, just not as great as we hoped?

    • Greater success than could have been hoped, the state government had to react by violating the civil rights of our guys, breaking the law and defying a federal judge’s order.

  • Just gave a NICE Donation to my Alt-Right Family……….

    For those who think that the Alt-Right is in any way Intimidated, Weakened, or Defeated……

    ….by what happened today……

    You are SADLY MISTAKEN…….

  • This is my first time commenting or even getting on this site in general. I’ve always identified as a libertarian and I’m even registered as such. This is the first place I’ve been to that expresses what it feels like to be me, a white male in our society. I thought I was just the only one seeing it, I thought I was alone.

    • Redpilling can be overwhelming. But it’s addictive & fun! It will change you! Television shows, movies, music you once loved will now disgust you because you’ll see the propaganda in everything. You will be a better person, you’ll feel motivation to take better care of yourself & loved ones.

    • O Curt… you special little guy… a poor wittle white man… come to daddy… I’ll hold you and wipe away your tears… there, there… >wringing your neck<

      I always kill the whiney, defective, runts.

      • I’m not little or poor. Im big and strong. I simply believe that all people should be able to look at their heritage w pride. I dont think, I, being a white male, need to have any shame for where i come from, so i dont. I’m also certain that Barney would be like most leftists, only strong in groups. Hopefully I’ll see you out sometime and we can find a solution to our differences.

  • Oppress the Alt-Right……

    Oppress the White Man………

    And in Time……

    This is just a SMIDGEON…….

    ….of what’s Coming……

  • All the media is doubling down hardcore af on the Evil white people.

    The woman on fox is the stupidest cunt ever.

    how exactly did we instigste this violence?

  • (((Trotskyists)))) vs Nationalists in a 21st century Spanish civil war? bring it on. Hail Generalissimo Spencer.

  • Maybe now that Spencer’s speech was shut down by a bolshevik jew named Signer he’ll stop complimenting the fucking Soviet Union?

  • I just envision that they will somehow connect the driver to the crowd with Altright and start blaming us for violence. They always do that. We must be ready for that spin.

  • What we need is Racial or Group Conditionalism.

    What we say about a race and how we relate to it should be conditional, dependent on its behavior, tendencies, and traits.

    So, if blacks are more muscular and more aggressive, our discussion of blacks(and crime and violence) must be based on those facts and factors. Indeed, even white Libby behavior takes this into account. Why do white Libbies avoid certain neighborhoods? Because they fear black crime. So, even as their words deny race, their deeds take it into account.

    Also, some races/groups are hostile to us at times, and we need to take that into account. So, US relations with Japan was conditional on Japan’s attitude to the US. If Japan was hostile, US too was hostile. And japan saw the US in the same way.

    The current problem is we are forced to accept Racial or Group Unconditionalism with three groups: Jews, blacks, and homos. We must unconditionally praise, bless, and cheer these groups. We must protect them even when they mean us harm. So, even as Jewish groups lead the destruction of Hungary and Poland, those nations are expected to praise Jews and support Israel.

    Unconditionalism is a form of total surrender. It means your kind is so evil or worthless that you must do exactly as ordered by another people who are right even when wrong.

    Unconditionalism is a form of worship, like in the Bible where folks must worship God no matter what He does and never blame Him and must always blame themselves.

    When applied to actual human groups, it is deadly because the Unconditional Groups can ‘never do wrong’ and get away with everything.

    Americans have conditional relationships with most groups. American attitudes about them shift along a spectrum based on what those groups mean to Americans in terms of politics, economics, attitudes, policies, etc.

    During Cold War, it was fashionable to see Japan as the good Asian nation allied with US against Russia and China. In the 80s, American attitude turned negative as Japan was seen as engaging in unfair business practices. It was conditional.. as it should be.

    But the conceits of ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, and ‘homophobia’ demand that our attitudes about blacks, Jews, and homos be unconditional. We must treat them like god-races and worship them in idolatrous manner. We must unconditionally surrender all skepticism, caution, doubt, suspicion, facts, data, logic, and concern for our well-being. We must believe that what is good for them is good for us even when it’s obviously not true. How many times have we heard that interests of Israel is our interests against all evidence? How many times have we heard that communities are made better with diversity-of-blacks when blacks degrade neighborhoods?

    There is Unconditional ‘Positivity’ and Unconditional Negativity.

    So, Jews promoting Jewishness is ALWAYS good whether it is ethnic, cultural, religious, political, sexual, chauvinistic, imperialist, arrogant, contemptuous, etc.

    But Pan-Europeans promoting European identity is ALWAYS bad even if it is anti-imperialist and humbly patriotic.

    After all, European patriots are not calling for wars, imperialism, supremacism, and/or colonization of other lands. All they are calling for is the right to preserve their own people and heritage in their own homelands. BUT EVEN THAT IS EEEEEEEVIL.

    Whiteness is seen as Unconditionally Negative, therefore even sane, modest, and humane call for preservation of Hungary or Poland is deemed evil.

    This is why the US shouldn’t have called for unconditional surrender for the Japanese. That degree of unconditionalism was the US playing god.

    Japanese were mostly wrong in WWII but they had legit gripes before and during the war. Also, they had legit concerns of preservation of Japanese people and culture. US said NO: Japan presumably had no such rights and must totally surrender and cede all rights of control over their destiny.

    Japanese future, survival or eradication, must be totally at the whim of Americans. Lucky for the Japanese, American policy turned out to be relatively humane in postwar era. BUT, following unconditional surrender, if US decided to colonize Japan with 50 million Russians, Chinese, and Africans, Japanese would have had to accept such fate. If the US had called for smashing all Japanese temples, it had to be done. If the US called for banning Japanese language, it too would have been done. Such is the way of unconditional power. Unconditionalism is evil. Japanese too tried to impose unconditionalism on China.

    In the west, PC(esp via Jewish Power) gained unconditional control. Once Holocaust was turned into a religion and Jews a holy people, the Europeans had to surrender unconditionally to the cult of White Guilt. And in the US, once Slavery and MLK were made into holy icons, whites had to unconditionally surrender to the Magic Negro. But there was also the power of money and muscle. In the West, money rules and those who control money can make or break anyone. So, gentiles became economic captives of Jewish financial power. And as modern entertainment worships the idols of sports and pop music, the domination of blacks in athletics and hip hop made whites surrender to blacks as the true master race. Cuckery is the ultimate in total surrender. I mean a man can’t sink any lower than enjoying his own defeat upon looking at Negroes hump one’s own wife and impregnate one’s own daughters. Black manhood nuked white manhood into oblivion. The fact that cuckery isn’t even condemned goes to show that whites have unconditionally surrendered.

    Race Unconditionalism must go.

    Sure, Jews, blacks, and homos have their legit interests, concerns, and gripes, BUT THEN so do whites, Palestinians, and all other groups. So, white attitude to other groups must always be conditional. In any negotiation, you take as well as give. If you give while the other always take, you won’t have anything left.

    When whites unconditionally supported Zionist power against Palestinians, they were unwittingly preparing for the same fate for themselves.

    When whites say Zionists are always right and Palestinians are always wrong(and must unconditionally take it up their behind), how is this logic any different than what Jewish Globalists have for Europeans and Euro-Americans?

  • Just watched the Baked Alaska feed to the end. Holy sh*t, did he really wind up in an uber with two leftist reporters and a dindu driver & survive? So surreal!

  • The Governor of Virginia and the Mayor of that pissant burg might as well be on our side. Our ranks will explode now. The grounds have been set for the mother of all law suits. Take the resultant lawsuit money, and fund Alt-Right orgs and causes for the next decade. I’d like to personally thank the system for all this free publicity. This was a real victory.

  • Notice the majority of the “protesters” taunting our guys were white chicks who would have been raped and robbed in a heartbeat by the homeless looking guy holding the Obama picture!

    Brainwashed, emotionally blackmailed White women will be the death of the West if we let them. A sad but unavoidable truth.

  • The only supremacy in Charlottesville was the ANTI-white supremacy from anti-whites demanding that all white people globally be denied homelands and self-determination or any political power whatsoever.

  • Black thugs get space to destroy. Peaceful whites get mace. Non-whites are viewed as blameless animals who cannot control themselves.

  • The Government have utterly blown it.

    Charlottesville was no Beerhall Putsch. Yet they are using riot gear to squelch dissent.

  • The rally and it’s aftermath is all over the news. All was not in vain, the world knows that we were silenced.

  • The Government really have fucked up.

    What exactly makes a White Nationalist March more dangerous than a year of wildcat BLM (Black Nationalist) marches, that they’d have to tear gas a largely disciplined and law abiding assembly?

    • What to do when “they” won’t let you organize or do events and essentially strip away you 1st amendment as they advocate State violence against you, and disallow funding… what a shit hole its become.

  • Millions of people who were on the fence, wondering if maybe the Alt Right had a point, are now, Alt Right. Thank you Governor McAuliffe for making the truth obvious: whites don’t get to assemble.

  • If these social-justice obsessives hate white men so much, they need to destroy a much higher-value target, namely the University of Virginia, founded by the slaveholder Thomas Jefferson.

  • These same cops would have no problem protecting a BLM protest where they openly call for cops to be shot.


  • The government caved to the heckler’s veto. Or they were just determined to deny pro-whites their civil rights. Either way, they set themselves up for a lawsuit.

  • Hoping to hear more about the Denial of Service attack that took the site down yesterday. (((Who))) dunnit? What could be done to prevent this sort of thing? Could this actually help by showing how scared they are? How long will the normies be grateful for being sheltered from “hate speech”?

        • dont want to spread misinfo but some are saying they got hacked, best to change pass if you are a member.

          • How can we change password when the site is down?! They claim (check dailystomer) to have wiped everything and will dox 23k member list. For me personally it doesn’t matter but that is alarming if true.

          • Apparently our passwords and information are secure. Red Ice were hacked, but Lana and Henrik don’t store this information anywhere where the hacker would have access to it through this attack. I hope their right.

          • About a month ago I commented on this site that Red Ice membership was just asking for this kind of thing to happen. I am suspicious this was an inside job.

            What kind of WN site makes you register your personal info?

  • Oh come on you guys, this is uncalled for, white people make 50 percent more than the average person in other ethnicities. What do you want to just exterminate everyone that isn’t white?

  • To all those cops who violated our civil rights: “just following orders” hasn’t been a valid defense since 1945.

    • That should be the goal, make them openly admit that no they do not support free speech. Instant polarization, the folks on the fence will be forever to choose us, the free speech side, or them, the newspeak side.

  • The state has sided against free speech & peaceful assembly in Virginia. They have sided with Antifa, the shock troops of the establishment.

  • BLM blocks the highway.. no problem. Antifa burns down Berkeley.. no problem.. antifags show and and start problems at a unite the right rally.. unlawful assembly.. this is exactly why unite the right exist.. the double standard is astounding.

  • Amazing. So we Whites are not even allowed to assemble. They had to shut it down. Knew when I saw last night’s torch march that this was all too good to be true.

      • This is the idea the should have run with from the beginning. When you announce the event months in advance it gives the opposisition all kinds of time to organize. The last Charlottesville rally was a success because nobody knew about it and it was invite only.

    • I am honestly amazed it lasted as long as it did and that government agitators among our guys didn’t fire on the police so the police had the necessary excuse to execute those who insult the Jew

      • Violence justifies violence. Maybe next time the rally should take the form of a sit-in or sit-down as a form of direct action?

        • >take the form of a sit-in or sit-down as a form of direct action?

          how is that going to stop government or leftist actors pretending to be Alt-Righters from causing violence? How is that going to stop the media from slandering us? The C-ville rally was peaceful until ANTIFA and the cops started the violence and the one case where one of our guys ran someone over (non-intentionally I might add) is all that’s being reported on while the footage of ANTIFA attackign people with bats and cement bottles is censored. Our enemies aren’t ever going to let us peacefully take back our lands, if we want a future we are going to have to fight for it.

  • Very amusing, reading alt-right in its own words. No less psychotic than I already knew… but entertaining.

    Worried about white genocide? You’re paranoid. Think non-whites are inferior? You’re ill-ínformed if not simply stupid. Think you have any answers for this society? You’re delusional.

    • Pejorative, pejorative, pejorative, pejorative.

      That’s how an anti-white answers the big questions that are raised by the alt-right. You’re pathetic and your time is up, the future belongs to us now.

      You Will Not Replace Us

    • What do you call a Paki Muslim mayor of London elected off the back of a majority non British White population?


      It’s white genocide.

      • What society? A sum of different men does make a mass.
        A society is made by a groups of common ancestry and culture.

        The individualist wants not society.
        This makes him worthless for it.
        This makes him a non-person to the body politic.
        This makes him to be against both.

        • You called it.

          Diversity + proximity = conflict.

          We might as well just balkanize now, but the neo-liberals and the bankers would never stand for it.

    • White nationalists terrify the shit out of you because you know we have the goods to shake the world. Absolutely NO ONE worries about some POC movement doing this because we all assume the POC’s inferiority.

    • I compare mediocre white men to the guys who graduate at the bottom of their class at Harvard. They didn’t do that well academically, but we still call them “Harvard graduates” because we know they have the credentials to do well in life and even join the ruling class.

    • Little wigger has been seen
      Prayers he murmurs but just a sheen

      Fleshy gods he worships
      Who bring and run from hardships.

      Calls he to us all with a wack
      To give money and save the black

      Teaching farming to a fool
      Has been proved not cool

      His trappings have been witnessed
      His own lave and hate noticed

      His lies found
      heard clear and loud

      All start with him to have it
      His inefficiencies shew it

      People are angry by his pets
      Who should be treated like pests

      Sell your house and fly to their lands
      and live their life there as it stands.

      Sell you your belongings,
      donate the money for their longings.

      Because if pests you make into gods
      And they break other people’s pots

      Because if lowly cultures you promote
      It is only good that you self-demote

      Because if resist and hit your own
      It is only good to be left on your own

      Beware! Gods of dark skin are empty idols
      Empty heads with souls of idols

      Faces foreign to a foreign face
      Haters of you and your race

      Those that called your their brother
      Now they see you as the other

      Those you look up on
      Look you down on

      You ostracized yourself from your people
      One with world to be and all other people

      The eternal other you became
      To your new friend you came

      Your gods saw nothing of your sacrifices
      Your money did not stand for their vices

      Now alone and abandoned
      Prepare to become derelict

      Your gods of empty heads pay you up
      For generosity and love death and hate they give.

      Still undone happy you remain
      As your life goes down the drain

      Racist I never was
      Rap the best was

      A good guy’s end I took
      Let the bad guys be spook

      His virtue was great
      His mind neat

      He was born a European
      He strove to be an African

      In his mind he was noble
      His actions were ignoble

      Enemies of his he nurtured
      and as snakes him they repaid

      Wigger little one of mind and honour
      No one cares for men of little vigour!

    • You guys literally celebrate white people becoming a majority, oppose any form of positive white identity, and tear down statues and monuments implicitly dedicated to white identity. I honestly don’t believe you want to set up death camps for white people, but if you can’t see why the stuff I mentioned is making more and more people nervous than I’m sorry, you’re clearly too blinded by hatred of white people to be rational.

    • Non-whites inferior? Look what they’ve done to most of America’s major cities. Check out the prison populations & crime stats lately? Maybe if a non-white beats the shit out of you, then you’ll understand.

    • The more informed you get, the more obvious it becomes that non-whites are inferior.
      White man literally makes the planet turn.

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