Third Rail – Episode 19A: The Evil of C’Ville

It’s a special episode as Spectre and Charles Lyons are joined by TRS’s Borzoi to talk about North Korea and how the city of Charlottesville is about to become the AltRight’s piggy bank.
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We have a generous sponsor who is willing to fork up $1250 dollars for a white birth promotion video. That is to say a video which explicitly, promotes the idea of white couples having babies. Here are some conditions on the video itself:
1. No foul language or criticism of other races
2. Explicit mention of current and projected white population % worldwide and /or by nation
3. Unapologetic praise of the qualities and inherent value of our people
4. Explicit advocacy of increased European birth rates as a sane alternative to population replacement via migration
5. Must be a least one minute in length.
6. Must get at least 10K(?) views on YouTube
7. Third rail panel decides winner
There are also some Bonuses: +$250(?) if ADL or SPLC notices it and calls it “hate” + $500(?) if a major internet shit storm (as declared by 3rd rail panel) erupts over it.
If this sounds right up your alley, send a link with your submission to email: [email protected]

  • Strac5

    So it turns out the driver who was arrested is a Jew on his mother’s side.

    • cab312

      changing nothing

    • Gatzke

      Kid lost it. It happens.

      • Gerald Martin

        And he was arrested wearing the white polo and khakis of Spencer’s core group. Don’t think he’s IE though.

        • JMB

          He planned that out.

    • Dead_Mariner

      Still a Trumptard nazi

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        A Jewish Nazi? Shocking!

  • Strac5

    Can someone tell Hunter Wallace to stop fagging out? He’s attacking Trump like a little vagina. Give the man a break.

    • cab312

      yeah he’s not listening

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Hunter doesn’t have to be a Trumptard. You want that, there’s the Alt Lite.

      I was fine with Trump’s statement. He didn’t attack us specifically. It was very milquetoast and weak.

      • cab312

        no man look at his timeline he’s flipping the fuck out

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          He does that from time to time. It was an intense day for him no doubt, being there.

        • Captain John Charity Spring MA

          Chill. He’s recognizing this was a trap. It was a trap.

    • JosephtheGreat

      This is precisely why I like Hunter Wallace and think he was the best writer this site has had. He’s honest and isn’t afraid to hold people’s feet to the fire. He doesn’t give people breaks, he wants and demands them to be the best at all times. He has no tolerance for cuckiness. Trump needs to be criticized. Those who think “be nice” are the real vaginas.

  • Dead_Mariner
    • cab312

      i’m so triggered that i’m going to stop being racist now

    • Mandatum Mandat

      Jew boy freaked out when attacked (over reacted as jews are wont to do) and accidently killed some commies. Ironic, eh?

  • Drew Bowler

    The LSM paints everyone
    there as “white supremacists”. We are White Separatists. We have seen
    that co-existence is not possible, without giving up everything that we
    are. Whites are vilified and attacked for wanting nothing more than to
    keep our culture intact and determine who we associate with. We who are
    around 60% of the population are victims of crime perpetrated by 13% of
    the population at a rate of more than double.…/race-and-homicide-in-america… We are tired of our past being perverted by the revisionist “historians” and public indoctrination centers, aka public
    “schools”. The South was heavily dependent on slavery for it’s
    agrarian society, yes, but Whitey wasn’t the first to “own” slaves (if
    you really can own a person). Indentured servitude was a way for people
    to pay their way over to the New World. Blacks came over but were freed
    the same as Whites. It was a Angolan who first sued for the “right” to
    hold another black indefinitely.
    Notice he had Whites as indentured servants??? Lincoln never planned on
    freeing the slaves, Maryland had slaves until 1865, two full years
    after the “Emancipation Proclamation”. Look at the formation and
    history of Liberia. Lincoln only wanted to maintain control over the
    Southern States and erode States Rights, he didn’t believe Whites and
    Blacks could live together.…/5-things-you-may-not-know…

    Revisionists will only pull the wool over the sheep’s eyes. I will never be a part of their mindless masses.

    • zeb

      I’m not even a “separatist” per se (though the goal is to achieve that through persistent advocacy) as that is too reactionary (not to mention politically charged – if you’re gonna call yourself a “white separatist (cum Waco) you may as well go full bore nazi).
      I am an advocate for:
      My country (nationalism)
      My flag (nationalism)
      My family (anti lgbt)
      My traditions (traditionalism)
      My culture (white positivism) and
      My heritage (white exceptionalism)

      I don’t hate
      Kikes or
      There simply is NO consideration whatsoever in my advocacy for any of the above groups. My advocacy focuses EXCLUSIVELY on my group (European American).
      I carry my flag, the American flag, to various legal gatherings under the flag which GUARANTEES my right to freedom of speech. I exercise my right to free speech as an advocate for my group.
      I believe in and advocate equal rights for European Americans.

      • Drew Bowler

        Branch Davidians were religious separatists. There were POC in his denomination, although very few. I agree with everything you say, I don’t hate any of the groups you mentioned except the individuals that hate me and mine. I am Christian, but I seriously do not believe in turn the other cheek. It is what got us in the predicament we are in today, fiddling while Rome burned. That said, I am not consumed with hate like they try to paint us, but I am not some snivelling coward like they want that will lick their boots, or like the ANTIFAgs do their bidding. I am assuredly not a White supremacist, I see that there are many in our collective race that are definitely not supreme, take the ANTIFAgs. White skin does not a White man make.

        • zeb

          Yes, correct about DK and the BDs…however legacy media packaged the story in the context of white separatist. There is/was YT video which clearly showed zog murdering American citizens, including women and children. Some of the BD survivors interviewed in the vid were POC.
          That was a real aha moment for me realizing that when zog wants to shower children with toxic chemicals before holocausting them all zog has to do is portray them as white separatists (or supremacist or just “white” fill in the blank).
          Hey, as an American with “guaranteed” constitutional rights to freedom of expression/speech, I totally believe that I should be able to legally parade down main street with shaved head, in my best Hugo Boss ZZs, seig hieling every blue-haired, nose-ringed faggot in nyc, however….
          “WE” all know this ain’t the reality. So I’ve acquiesced myself to the fact that in yo face LARPing is only going to intensify public opinion against “US.”
          Soooo…the moment “WE” say WHITE (fill in the blank) PO swings drastically against “US” which fortifies “OUR” enemies both morally as well as practically by growing their numbers.
          One of the best suggestions I’ve heard recently is the British guy who suggested flying Old Glory in “OUR” vanguard.
          The visuals of operating under the colors which GUARANTEES “US” freedom of speech while being attacked by masked communists in black would have to yield net positive PR, IMHO.
          Other than that, thanks for your thoughtful comments.

  • Ajudeo

    Avoid the Fake News……

    Including All RINO, New Right, Cuckservative Websites/Channels……..

    The Truth is Alt-Right…….


  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Giving yourself a fixed position to defend gives your enemy too much time to zero in the artillery.

    Might have been better to have formed an infantry square behind a shell of shields around the statue and force the cops to literally arrest everyone as a group. Let all participants know that you intend to be arrested as a bloc. Hundred of arrests and trials would have been bad for the state.

    Dispersing made everyone a target. Easy pickings.

    Nevertheless the State Governor needs to be impeached for creating a riot.

  • Ajudeo
  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    What to do and not to do when caught by a mob in your car…

    SAS operatives mobbed by IRA at a funeral and executed. It’s an instructive example.

  • JMB

    Sunday morning, with my coffee listening to third rail. I am happy.

  • kekmeti

    tiki torch nationalism lol. Unlike some, we are capable of handling fire in a safe manner.

  • zeb

    Kool! I’ve been thinking about launching a similar contest for holocaust debate. Anyone?