Epic Footage From Last Night’s Rally At Charlottesville

Massive success last night.

Write-up inbound. Enjoy some footage for now.

There were some scrapes between us and Antifa.

So much good footage out there.

Vincent Law
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  • Say sorry right now , beg God for forgiveness he is not on your side, who side are you on? Choose Satan know death , choose god know of life , there is nothing in between. No your not good people, your cowards your weak , your wrong and committed to doing wrong. No man is good and bad at the same time either your good or your bad

  • I expect action to rihht these wrongs immediately. I expect begging for forgiveness, I expect public shaming, humiliation, and public apologies I’m dead serious adlnd that would be merciful for all your greed aND ignorance the gaul of you.

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  • I dont know the entire agenda of the alt right. I consider myself conservative. But I dont like the anti Jewish thrust, I think its a big mistake. Too bad the clown from Ohio messed up your rally.

  • I thought we fought against Nazis in WWII. What would your grandfathers say? You should be ashamed of yourselves! Sorry, “Y’allselves”.

    • Who’s “we”. Some ignorant white Americans fought against Nazis, killing their racial brothers so that their children and especially their grandchildren, will never get to live in a clean, safe, economically fair country, like they got to growing up. I sure as hell have never fought against Nazis.

  • One of the white trash protesters had a large, obvious old and poorly-done swastika tattoo on his chest. Did Soros pay for that?

  • I thought only coward ISIS terrorists used vehicles as weapons. I guess we can add alt right wannabe Nazi faggots to that list

  • May 12, 2017 was an incredible day! I feel so proud. What took place in Charlotsville will awaken the whites here in America and in Europe to every nation where whites are present. Defending Confederate monuments is becoming a center to defend the white race and our many cultures.
    If all the monuments are lost we will build them and build them larger and in greater numbers. They may have to reside on private lands but these rebuilt monuments will become the voice of defiance and not memorials of a defeated past. I hope that never happens and these monuments are saved.

    The message is clear. Removing monuments is a dangerous and costly thing to do. The white world is watching, especially in Europe where they are fighting a very hard battle. Charlotsville will inspire whites in Europe to Australia that one has to fight in order to defend. The message is also clear to Soros, Antifa, The Resistance, and the militant left, we will not take their racist hatred to destroy the white world without facing the angry white man every inch of the way.

    • The War of Northern Aggression was not about slavery, no matter what the revisionsists claim. It was about eroding States Rights, plain and simple. Lincoln had to have a “moral” rallying point to continue his war of aggression after a spate of demoralizing defeats. Maryland had slaves until well after the war, well after the “Emancipation Proclamation”. Lincoln railed against the idea of “equal rights”, he didn’t believe that the races should mix. He stated that if he could preserve the Union without freeing one slave, he would do so. The first true slave “owner” in the Colonies was a former indentured servant of Angolan decent, Anthony Johnson, who sued to keep a freed former indentured servant as his “property” along with another African and FOUR WHITE ones. Slavery is still practised in Africa to this day. These facts MUST BE REITERATED AT EVERY TURN!!!! Pamphlet printed and dispersed throughout the USA.

      • I agree. I have quoted Lincoln’s letter to Horace Greeley in other comments including one in the Charlottsville website. Thanks.

    • No, the message is obvious: Progressives keep winning because Regressives don’t understand that we aren’t going back to putting black people on the back of the bus, we aren’t keeping gays out of the military, and we aren’t building gas chambers to solve The Jewish Problem.

      We just aren’t.

      You can flail and scream and kill a few innocent people when they congregate in their churches, but it ain’t happening. You dolts in your little clubs can spit and blather, but until “y’all” get your GEDs, you’ll remain unaware that civilizations progress by their very nature. That’s where the term “Progressive” comes from. The majority of the U.S. wants to be better people: more humane, more tolerant, more “Christlike” (if you get the point of the bible you use to prop up your rifles). You’re done. You’re an embarrassment. Your president is going down like a drunk townie chick at a frat party and you think he’s just kneeling to tie his shoe.

      You can’t have slaves, folks. You can’t. The North won once, and it will win again in a heartbeat if you get up out of your high chairs and start flinging your cornbread and deep-fried whatever. Keep your trucks and your guns and suck David Duke’s wrinkled foreskin until it it gets stuck and pulls your false teeth out of your otherwise-empty heads with a good ol’ Southern “Plorp!”

      Fuck all y’all.


      The guys who actually pay the taxes for your diabetes disability checks.

      • Can I be honest with you? It isn’t just your absurd and ignorant hatred of white people (especially rural) that makes guys like me hate you. It is mainly your sense of entitlement and arrogance. I haven’t received a single disability check in my life. I work hard on a farm for my living. The funny thing about the Civil War is that the North may have a lot of financial resources, but you guys don’t really have a lot of agriculture, since most rural whites (people who actually own farms) are conservative. All the money in the world isn’t going to help, if rural conservatives get in a civil war with liberal urbanites and just decide it would be easier to blockade them and stop sending any food shipments into cities and starve the enemy to death rather than fighting them.

  • The LSM paints everyone
    there as “white supremacists”. We are White Separatists. We have seen
    that co-existence is not possible, without giving up everything that we
    are. Whites are vilified and attacked for wanting nothing more than to
    keep our culture intact and determine who we associate with. We who are
    around 60% of the population are victims of crime perpetrated by 13% of
    the population at a rate of more than double.…/race-and-homicide-in-america… We are tired of our past being perverted by the revisionist “historians” and public indoctrination centers, aka public
    “schools”. The South was heavily dependent on slavery for it’s
    agrarian society, yes, but Whitey wasn’t the first to “own” slaves (if
    you really can own a person). Indentured servitude was a way for people
    to pay their way over to the New World. Blacks came over but were freed
    the same as Whites. It was a Angolan who first sued for the “right” to
    hold another black indefinitely.
    Notice he had Whites as indentured servants??? Lincoln never planned on
    freeing the slaves, Maryland had slaves until 1865, two full years
    after the “Emancipation Proclamation”. Look at the formation and
    history of Liberia. Lincoln only wanted to maintain control over the
    Southern States and erode States Rights, he didn’t believe Whites and
    Blacks could live together.…/5-things-you-may-not-know…

    Revisionists will only pull the wool over the sheep’s eyes. I will never be a part of their mindless masses.

  • Clearly, we had and do have the high moral ground. It is very simple. We wanted to exercise our free speech rights in a peaceful way and we were attacked. We need to let the world know this simple truth and not let the haters of Whites twist it.

  • Hey, you bunch of scumbag low-lifes. Your party has ended. Your symbols and statures are rightfully becoming garbage. When you have maggots for brains like you dum dums do, it’s probably a good thing to have y’all sterilized so you stop making more moron babies (most likely with a first relative). It’s over for you stupid swamp hogs.

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