What It Means To Be Alt-Right

The Charlottesville Statement

August 11, 2017

1. Race

Race is real. Race matters. Race is the foundation of identity.

“White” is shorthand for a worldwide constellation of peoples, each of which is derived from the Indo-European race, often called Aryan. “European” refers to a core stock—Celtic, Germanic, Hellenic, Latin, Nordic, and Slavic—from which related cultures and a shared civilization sprang.

2. Jews

Jews are an ethno-religious people distinct from Europeans. At various times, they have existed within European societies, without being of them. The preservation of their identity as Jews was and is contingent on resistance to assimilation, sometimes expressed as hostility towards their hosts. “Judeo-Christian values” might be a quaint political slogan, but it is a distortion of the historical and metaphysical reality of both Jews and Europeans.

3. The Ethno-State

Nations must secure their existence and uniqueness and promote their own development and flourishing. The state is an existential entity, and, at its best, a physical manifestation of a people’s being, order, and will to survive. Racially or ethnically defined states are legitimate and necessary.

4. Metapolitics

Spirit is the wellspring of culture, and politics is downstream of that. The Alt-Right wages a situational and ideological war on those deconstructing European history and identity. The decrepit values of Woodstock and Wall Street mean nothing to us.

5. White America

The founding population of the United States was primarily Anglo-Saxon and Protestant. By the Great War, a coherent American nation emerged that was European and Christian. Other races inhabited the continent and were often set in conflict or subservience to Whites. Whites alone defined America as a European society and political order.

6. Europe

Europe is our common home, and our ancestors’ bone and blood lie in its soil.

European unity emerged at critical points in history, but so did fragmentation, rivalry, and betrayal. As brother nations, Europeans have competed with one another, and even hated and killed one another. We can no longer afford the luxury of intra-racial squabbling. “Brothers wars” gain us nothing, and directly lead to our collective downfall. Europeans must come together as a family.

The so-called “refugee crisis” is an invasion, a war without bullets, taking place on the fields of race, religion, sex, and morality. At stake is Europe’s very identity—whether the continent will be the locus of our people’s shared story, or become just another Islamic outpost.

7. Family

The family—a man and woman in a loving relationship that produces offspring—is an essential, indispensable foundation for a healthy and functioning society.

8. Human Nature

Man is not a blank slate on which to be written, nor was he born a guileless, noble savage. Human nature—the reality of race, sex, heritability, and innate endowments—is the most powerful force shaping individuals, families, societies, and nations.

9. Women and Sex

Women, as mothers and caregivers, are key to the future of our race and civilization. We oppose feminism, deviancy, the futile denial of biological reality, and everything destructive to healthy relations between men and women. We must overcome today’s debased and lonely “porn culture” and return to a sexuality that is fruitful and erotic in the truest sense of the word.

10. Foreign Affairs

The foreign policies of European states (including immigration, diplomacy, and war) should be based on the safeguarding of its peoples—and not be beholden to special or foreign interests, nor to corporate profit motives, nor to the chimeras of globalism, humanitarianism, or the End of History. Insofar as “chauvinism” means attempting to transform non-Europeans into Europeans, we are not “Western chauvinists.”

11. Speech

American citizens should enjoy freedom of speech as guaranteed by the Constitution; we endorse this value for all European peoples. We oppose those who seek to suppress the speech of people with whom they disagree, whether through government censorship, corporate policy, digital platform denial, or intimidation.

12. Firearms

All U.S. citizens, and all Europeans, should have the right to bear arms, as a means of protecting themselves and their families and enjoying the manly sport of hunting.

13. Globalization

International trade and the good-faith exchange of ideas can be beneficial to all. Economic and political globalization, however, has been destructive to authentic cultures. Industrialized countries are being transformed into great “nothings” and “nowheres”: indistinguishable, concrete dumping grounds and shopping centers, divorced from culture, people, and history. Globalization threatens not just Europeans but every unique identity on Earth.

14. The Left

Leftism is an ideology of death and must be confronted and defeated. “Losing gracefully” will eventuate in the destruction of our people and civilization.

15. Economics

Economic freedom is not an end in itself. All economic policies should serve the people of the nation; the interests of businessmen and global merchants should never take precedence over the well-being of workers, families, and the natural world.

16. Urban Life

The automobile, the highway system, and resultant “car culture” have contributed to the death of cities and towns. While not everyone will live in urban environments, cities are vital institutions of culture, community, learning, and the arts. They should never have been abandoned by American Whites of older generations and should be reestablished as jewels of our civilization.

17. The Natural World

We are a special part of the natural order, being in it and above it. We have the potential to become nature’s steward or its destroyer. Putting aside contentious matters like global warming and resource depletion, European countries should invest in national parks, wilderness preserves, and wildlife refuges, as well as productive and sustainable farms and ranches. The natural world—and our experience of it—is an end in itself.

18. The ‘68ers

The generation born between the years 1945 and 1964 abrogated its duty to safeguard and pass down a civilization to its children. The so-called “‘68ers” engage in childish narcissism of the most extreme kind; they bear responsibility for today’s lamentable state of affairs; and they are seemingly unable even to recognize their culpability.

A new generation of leadership is desperately needed.

19. Education

Modern education—from preschool to the doctoral level—has become corrupted past the point of recognition. This industry (both public and private) serves leftist ideologues, loan financiers, and a new class of administrators far more than it serves students and parents.

Children should not be indoctrinated in liberal dogma but given a foundation in language, mathematics, the arts, history, and science. Higher education—far from being a “right” or a “pathway to the middle class”—is only appropriate for a cognitive elite dedicated to truth; it is improper, even detrimental, for most. Practical education—trade schools and apprenticeships—should be revived as the norm for most citizens.

20. Personal Duties

A man distinguishes himself by his deeds. And every man, in his own way, must strive to be something more than a man: to be honored by his heirs; to be part of something greater than his self.

  • Rhino 🦏🥛🐸

    I support the statement.

  • Jasper Been

    For the most part, excellent.

  • Victor Segovia

    I proposed a modified First Statement in order to be more accurate in the way we are a defining “White”:

    1. Race

    Race is real. Race matters. Race is the foundation of identity.

    “White” is shorthand for a worldwide constellation of Peoples (e.g. Mediterranean, Germanic, Slavic, etc.), each of which is composed by a federation of nations (e.g. Mediterranean: French, Italian, Spaniard, etc.), Peoples which belong mostly to the European branch of the Indo-European Peoples (with notable exceptions: e.g. Finnic and Hungarian Branches of Uralic Peoples), often called Aryan. “European” refers to a core stock—Celtic, Germanic, Hellenic, Latin, Nordic, and Slavic—from which related cultures and a shared civilization sprang.

  • eraser101YT

    I think you have successfully walked the tight rope while still leaving room for future consensus.
    Well done.

    • Krafty Wurker

      I like #5:
      I had a couple of Irish Roman Catholic politicians who criticized my claim that White people were, and could be discriminated against (disparity of treatment) because of race, or ethnicity. When both Roman Catholic politicians died unusually early deaths, I wasn’t in the least bit bothered by their demise.

      Btw, I noticed that Teresa A. Sullivan President of the University of Virginia who is doing all of the screaming on TV about the AltRight is a Roman Catholic.

      • Neil MacLean
        This website will take you to a place that shows how the Aryan Brotherhood identify with their IRISH roots. Very Roman Catholic. Maybe you should get in touch with them and have a frank and earnest discussion about ur differences?

        • Krafty Wurker

          Terence McAuliffe the Governor of Virginia who ignored the federal court order is another Irish Roman Catholic asshole, and so is his Irish blow buddy Paul Ryan who condemned the AltRight without even knowing the situation. We need some frank in your faceconversations with Irish Catholic politicians and their whole damn families.

  • mike5586

    Great work.

  • A Wise Man

    Sounds good to me.

  • Adolphin ++

    Hail Victory!

  • Evolver1

    Very, very, very nice!!! Good umbrella under which all who are pro-White should be able to stand.

  • An absolutely excellent manifesto. When I first saw the post mentioned, I came in with some degree of skepticism, worrying that it might be one single person’s (Spencer’s) attempt at defining the movement in accordance with his own preference – but while a point or two isn’t 100% in agreement with my own views, the rest is so very appropriate, that I definitely put my own humble weight behind it.

    • Gatzke


      • Norident

        Way of the west is the best new youtube content since MW

      • Kathryn Anna Olga Cook

        I so agree with these 12 signs!

      • Robert Hess

        The Alt-right understands me.

    • harman1

      I absolutely agree.The manifesto is at the heart of our movement and must remain so.I am thrilled with its nobility and its simplicity.

  • JMB

    Just being able to read how organized the Alt-Right is makes me feel even more optimistic. I love how so many groups of people, from liberals to the normies on the right to the boomers, are so fearful. They don’t want change. The Alt-Right is bringing it anyway!

    • Marcus Antonius

      The alt-right is the future, they are right to quake in their boots.

      • Ti Jones

        Sorry to say Marcus but the alt-right is not the future, merely the last gasp of a small group of disaffected white racists and bigots fearful that their perceived privileged status in this country is coming to an end. True Americans will continue to embrace diversity across all segments of our society, while those that embrace bigotry and hatred will continue to be marginalized by the rest of American society. So no we’re not quaking in our boots over the alt-right movement, as you will never amount to more than a small percentage of disaffected individuals that offer nothing of value to this great country.

        • Marcus Antonius

          You’re blind to the forces at work then. I pity you.

          Even if the alt-right fails utterly, which I doubt, there will not be any racial harmony and love of diversity in the future. America will continue to fragment until it finally can no longer remain united.

        • Doland G. Turmp

          • Ti Jones

            Cute, but apples and oranges in reality.

          • evalderramaster


        • Drew Bowler

          No, the Alt-Right is a direct response to the black and brown violence we have been having to endure under ineffectual “leadership” for the past 40+ years. We will regain control over this land and will purge the waste from it, white trash such as welfare suckers and libtards (which are one in the same) included. You will not be able to stop us, plain and simple. History is on our side, all societies who accept others in without assimilation have either learned and changed or have fallen (Rome for instance) “Multiculturalism” is a cancer, you cut it out or die.

          • Ti Jones

            Think about it the same was said for Irish and Italian immigration.

          • Drew Bowler

            One big difference is that the Irish and Italians, for the most part, had similar (not entirely but very close) cultural identity and strived to assimilate into our society. You cannot say the same for the ethnic onslaught we have had to contend with for the last 40+ years.

          • Ti Jones

            Drew, I live in South Florida which has one of the largest immigrant populations in the country. And typically what we find is that children of immigrants very quickly assimilate American values and culture in grades K through 12 and are virtually indistinguishable from children with a European background. For instance, I am in the hospital at the moment and my nurse is from Ecuador but her command of the English language and the way that she interacts patients and coworkers I would’ve thought that her parents might have immigrated here a few generations back. IMO, I think the problem for illegal immigrants and the reason they’re not able to assimilate is they’re afraid of being deported so never really interacted and embrace with the rest of society. Not entirely true, I admit, as you will always have groups that will create an enclave where the majority of people share a similar cultural background.

          • Drew Bowler

            No, they try to have the rest of the US society assimilate to their will. My sister-in-law went to Barry University for a nursing doctorate, after being turned down to other less qualified POC at Baylor because all the White slots (all 3 of 38 spots) were taken. She said that in South Florida you can’t even tell you’re in the USA. She said it was miserable.

          • Ti Jones

            Drew, I can’t speak to your sister-in-law’s experience but I will agree there is a lot of Latin influence in Miami and maybe some people may find it off putting, but go to New Orleans with its Creole influence or San Francisco with Its Asian influences, or Boston with its Irish influence, that’s diversity my friend. How you approach diversity can be good or bad, it’s all dependent on the attitude with which you approach it.

          • evalderramaster

            I am not Cuban but, judging from the several Cubans I’ve interacted with, their outstanding traits are being intelligent and sharp. This does not apply to latinos in general, though.

          • Ti Jones

            I have no doubt that education plays a big role in how you perceive someone. Cubans by and large tend to be well educated. You will also find this true for Colombians, Brazilians, Ecuadorian and others. Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of economic refugees from Central America that are fleeing the corruption and gangs that are destroying their countries. Many of these refugees like lack the basic skill sets and education that will allow them to do anything other than menial labor.

          • Drew Bowler

            It wasn’t just “Latins”, if there is even such a thing considering Latin is a dead language of the Roman Empire, which are today’s Italians, not the Spanish. I understand how the Romantic languages split, but it still doesn’t make them “Latin”. That said, it was the whole myriad of the “multicultural” cesspool that is Amerika now. The Africans, the Haitians, the Orientals, etc… even the Russians, all making their little enclaves of their failed states they were running from. If it was so great they have to turn the receiving nation into what they left, then by all means GO BACK! They have effectively Balkanized Amerika to the point that it is a powder keg ready to explode, and the same thing is happening in Europe. This, to me, boils down to two things. It didn’t have to be a racial issue, but in reality it does, because THEY made it so. If someone of another race follows the law, goes to work instead of living like a parasite off the working man’s back, tries to follow the old norms of our society, then they are branded an uncle tom and ostracised by others in their racial group. It is more a CULTURAL WAR broken down on racial terms. It is the way they wanted it, so be it. WE will triumph, WE built this nation and will rebuild it. WE will not be replaced.

        • BlueEyedDevil

          Are you kidding? You quake in your boots over a fucking statue. You quake in your boots over a fucking flag. You quake in your boots anytime Richard Spencer or even David Duke open their mouths. The AltRight had a gathering in Charlottesville and it was live on cable tv, even before anything happened. You wasted your time coming here because not a single ProWhite person bought your diversity crap. You’re worried that the future you expect us to have is not going a guarentee anymore. You’ve replied to this one comment countless times already because you are trying not to convince us, but convince yourself. You are quaking in your fucking boots along with everyone else on the left. So just brace yourself, you’ll have plenty of quaking to come.

          • Ti Jones

            Blue, I’m not quaking in my boots, but you’re right about one thing, this is a battle for the hearts and minds of many disaffected young people that have been feed the false premise that non-whites have somehow stolen their birthright. The fact is that unless you are born into a wealthy family you have no birthright. You want to get ahead, work hard, get an education and for gods sakes don’t choose a degree in art appreciation or the like, unless you plan to work as a barista at Starbucks. I have two grown children, one with a masters in engineering and one with a masters in social work, care to guess which one’s skills are in high demand? Oh and by the way the social worker lives in Texas and the majority of her clients are white. And finally Blue, I’m not a leftist, I served and fought in the military and I know my way around firearms and how to use them. So if you want to believe the false narrative that people like Richard Spencer put out that’s your choice. This is still the best county in the world for those that want to work hard and succeed.

          • BlueEyedDevil

            I grew up in a black neighborhood and went to a mostly black school. I’ve seen how they are raised and they choose not to do schoolwork. They choose to not have have jobs. I can’t even remember any married black couples and a scattered few knew who their dad was and how many brothers and sisters they have. Not a single White person was there to blame their problems on but they did it anyway. I can’t even tell you how many times I was made to bleed or had my shit stolen for being the quiet white kid. I hated myself because I was in hell because I was White. Without the education I needed to do something with myself, I now grind my knuckles to the fucking bone for everything I have. I wish I was as naive about race as you think I am and I wish I was. Richard Spencer does not indoctrinate me or give me any false narratives. These feelings have been there long before he came along. Me and him just happen to agree on many things.

          • Ti Jones

            Blue, I can only imagine what it was like for you growing up in that environment. Poverty is a blight upon our society whether it exists in the inner city or in rural America. The sense of hopelessness offen leads young people into gangs, drugs and criminal activity and unfortunately many of the parents of these children are themselves abusing drugs and lack the education to help their children with their own schoolwork. But the fact is this is not solely a black issue as many small rural communities that are predominately white, face the same challenges. Have you considered joining the military? They offer excellent technical training schools and many companies will quickly higher ex military techs that have experience over graduates of a technical school.

          • Ti Jones


            Further to my earlier post there are other jobs out there but they require workers with skills. The days of unskilled factory workers earning a good living are coming to an end, and not because the Mexicans have taken them, because even Mexicans earn more than workers in Bangladesh. And if Trump is successful in bringing some of those factories back they will be filled with robots and only require a tenth the workforce and the good money will go to the skilled techs that are needed to maintain the robots and do the programming. People like Richard Spencer and David Duke are playing you guys with this false narrative about white people being victimized. The one point that Spencer makes that is important is “Practical education—trade schools and apprenticeships—should be revived as the norm for most citizens.” On that he’s right, having a four-year degree with no practical skill set for the workplace will not guarantee you a good job.

    • Benny Ehud

      You all will lose out in the U.S. It’s fair that I tell you that.

      • Gatzke

        “All will lose out in the US” Many, not all.

  • Kate Hikes

    A very nice manifesto overall that pro-Whites can get behind.

    I was going to comment only on the first statement but I see that Victor Segovia has said pretty much what I was going to say.

  • Bravo! A very good, nice, easy and accessible manifesto!

    Only I got two small problems:

    Freedom of Speech and the deification of the City, both fully understandable though!

    Censorship should exist for the benefit of truth, intelligence and white interests. Liberalism in any form of it, Communism and anything pro-globalist Should be prohibited under the pain of death. When speech became free it was in the end for the benefit of stupid and destructive ideas that helped put our glorious civilizations to ruin!

    The city is the greatest invention of mankind! This should not make it though into what it has become: a vampire of population, sucking people from the provinces and the rest of the land to do non-productive, for the most part, jobs into cities. The people should live and work in, over and around the land so that their claim to it will be complete. Cities need to be the gems of our civilizations, or the cherry on top of the cake of our civilizations, but the cake and the crown should still exist and make the most of its mass. Maybe this problem has more to do with semantics, but just to only make things more clear.

    The rest just superb! The best manifesto of the alt-right!

  • Great stuff. I’m glad that “car culture” was condemned… wasn’t expecting it, but a welcome addition. The only point of disagreement I have is with the idea of race as the foundation of reality. I think that place belongs to religion. Other than that, a great easy-to-read manifesto! Also, great to see Christianity mentioned.

  • Albionic American

    Practical education—trade schools and apprenticeships—should be revived as the norm for most citizens.

    Eventually we’ll have to address this transhumanist abomination about using technology to isolate us from experiencing the real world with the intention of keeping us from acquiring skills and developing our powers of agency. This seems to underlie the propaganda about the wonders of self-driving cars, sex robots, virtual worlds better than the real world, robotic labor making human labor useless, universal basic incomes to sustain us at some poverty level, AI’s telling us how to run our lives because they will allegedly know us better than we can know ourselves and so forth.

    Just imagine the men in this sort of Future World: Adult male virgins who won’t know how to drive, who won’t know know how to interact with women, who won’t ever have held even an entry-level job, and who will just stay home all day and play games in virtual reality.

    Predictably the (((usual suspects))) seem to show a lot of enthusiasm for this future. Gee, I wonder why.

    • trash man

      You mean you’re not looking forward to a future where you’re out on the street trying to dodge surveillance AI and robot trackers so you can buy some food on the black market because you posted the wrong video and the government disabled your mandatory e-payment microchip?

      • Doland G. Turmp

        I look forward to the days when I can carry my zionist masters on their solid gold litters and wipe their asses for them. I also hope that one day my tax money can pay for some degenerates transgender reassignment surgery.

    • Because they plan to use the robots for their own needs once they’ve gotten rid of us. They tantalise us with the ‘promising’ future that they plan to keep for themselves.

  • Riopel

    Shouldn’t hating the English also be a requirement for alt rightism?

  • Zoroaster

    I think the obvious omission from the list is Religion, but I can understand why considering its still a hotly debated point of contention with in the Right. Otherwise, I have no problems with the list. Great job to all involved.

  • Marathon-Youth

    Great manifesto. My take on it.
    Religion is a major point under “Jews” and “Europe”. The manifesto defines faith as what it is not by pointing to the Jews but fails to more clearly say what it is as in “Christianity” and the influence of the Greco/ Roman world or that of the Scandinavian cultures had on Christianity.

    Economics is another major point under “Globalization” and “Economics”. They point to what the Manifesto does not want (Globalization) but does not state what it allows. The vagueness allows too much of socialism and Collectivism and leaves out the limitations of the Capitalist system.

    Personal duties is probably the hardest since that is also extensively covered in so many societies that includes the code of honor and duty, code of ethics, a moral code…to the concept of Individualism and our role in society to the duty of society towards the citizen.

  • IMHO this is a great statement. My favorite part is “The decrepit values of Woodstock and Wall Street mean nothing to us.” That is truly a classic line.

    • Neil MacLean

      Your name sounds very Irish Catholic. You sure you should be here?
      “Mcdermott Family History. Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Diarmada ‘son of Diarmaid’, a personal name possibly composed of the separative prefix di- + farmat ‘envy’, hence meaning ‘free from envy’. … Mac Diarmada was an important name in Connacht.”

      • Yeah, I should be here. And if you don’t like it, you’ve got a problem.

        • Neil MacLean

          What is my problem my Papist, Fenian friend?

          • For help with your problem, seek the guidance of a qualified professional. You shouldn’t discuss a private matter in a public forum such as this.

          • Neil MacLean

            I certainly will. Thank you. However, I’m still concerned that your last name gives away your heritage -(something very close the the heart of the Alt-right.) Do you know much about contemporary Irish heritage? How the IRA consorted with muslims to fund their fight against the British? How Irish politics is inextricably linked to the Vatican. How the Irish dissident groups have consistently fought and murdered the Loyalist para- militaries who side with Neo-Nazi groups in Germany and all over Europe as well as the KLAN and South African separatist groups. See where I’m going with this. Many of the Irish tribes came from what is now Italy in the 9th century. Try and read a little. Be proud of your heritage by all means but at least know where you come from. I’d hate to be a catholic standing at an Alt-Right rally and hide my true identity. Up to you.

          • Rusty Shakleford

            Shut up you sperg faggot

          • Johnny Fascismo

            Much respect for my Irish Catholic comrades.

          • DamonHicks

            Do you see how your wanton hate finds any and all avenues of attack to find an outlet to wreck havoc, when minorities are gone who will be the new minority for you to hate?
            When will you see it’s not others but you that need to change.

          • Drew Bowler

            For one, your name is an Irish or Scottish one too… Mc and Mac are interchangeable….

          • FedUP

            look in the mirror, what you see there is your problem

      • Pat Curry

        My white English relatives came over on the Mayflower running from the people that wouldn’t allow them their own beliefs YOU PEOPLE ARE JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE THAT DROVE THEM OUT OF ENGLAND! YOU MAKE ME VOMIT>

        • Stokely Carmichael

          The people who came on the Mayflower were Puritans. I don’t think they’d be too proud of you getting angry and all Capital letters on the internet. But then, they’d probably cursed the internet as the work of the devil and burned it.

  • illkhan

    Well done, I actually agree with all of it. I don’t see anything that a sane person would disagree with.

  • Marcus Antonius

    I love it! It covers a wide range of topics and does so without being divisive or compromising.

    Great work gentlemen.

  • FORK

    LOVE IT!

  • Frank Puskas

    The truth of the words will sting those who oppose reality.
    Let us use Charlottesville as the springboard to bigger and better things. Deus vult.

  • Krummholzt

    I have no problems with any of this. Nicely done.

  • Hadding Scott

    Aryan is not really a race. It’s a family of languages that happened to be spoken by the ancient conquerors of Europe and southern Asia, who had made some innovations in warfare that gave them the upper hand over racially similar people. The ancient Aryans were Nordic, or Nordic with some admixture, but they were not the only such people. Blue eyes were in Europe long, long before the arrival of the Aryans. In fact, the populations of Britain and Germany are only about 20% descended from the Aryans. A very important racial type in Germany, the square-jawed Phalian, is definitely not of Aryan origin but a remnant of Cro-Magnon man. And then you have the Mediterraneans, Alpines, and Dinarics, who also have a different history from that of the Aryans.

    Even Houston Stewart Chamberlain, in his short book Aryan Worldview at the end of the 19th century, was circumspect about using Aryan as a racial term. It’s broader than that. As applied to people, it designates the Europid population that bears the cultural imprint of the Aryans and physically resembles them more or less.

    National-Socialist racial doctrine, which represents an advancement from Chamberlain, does not recognize any race called Aryan. Nordic man became highly celebrated because of the work of Madison Grant, but German racial doctrine had to give a place to the Phalian type as well. Rudolf Frercks: “The racial core of the German people is constituted of Nordic and Phalian persons….”

    I just wanted to point this out because if some interviewer decides to nitpick this you could find yourself in difficulties.

    • Evolver1

      I define Aryan this way: A non-Jewish White person of European descent no matter where he or she was born or lives.

      I don’t see any need or purpose to pick the fly specks out of the pepper and this single word “Aryan,” thus defined saves a lot of words such as “I am a non-Jewish White person of European descent.”

  • Steve_15


    You need to remove number 16.

    Your personal dislike of “car culture”, and infatuation with urbanization, in no way reflects the beliefs of the greater Alt-Right, but is simply an attempt to force your own peculiar fetish for metropolitanism into the movement.

    If there’s one modern invention that our current (((elite))) desperately wishes they could take away from us, it’s the automobile.

    The automobile is the ultimate expression of personal freedom. The freedom to travel at will. The freedom to explore. — The passion for this kind of freedom is as fundamental to the White European spirit as the desire to turn a jungle into a civilization.

    The entire goal of our current enemy is to force every man, woman, and child into a crowded urban gulag with no possibility of escape. — A gulag completely controlled and regulated by our (((enemy))).

    The hard push for self-driving cars is a reflection of our overlords’ desire to take the freedom to choose our own destination out of our hands. — New cars already have the ability to track our every move. — And even disable our cars if we stray from acceptable behavior.

    Once again, your personal desire to force Whites into urbanization through restriction of their movement is a goal of our enemies. — Not a goal of the Alt-Right.

    Stop attempting to inject your own, personal, socialistic proclivities into the Alt-Right or you’re going to find yourself run out of the very movement you’re attempting to represent.

    • NeetPajeet

      Our enemies are hiding in cities. Just look at the electoral college map.

      • feroxmill

        We should reclaim the cities and that is the point. They are now cesspools of degeneracy and mental illness, they should the jewels of our civilisation. Spencer is 100% on point.

    • Pandolf

      I happen to agree with Richard. The automobile has transformed our civilisation unlike any other invention. Whereas the cities and towns of the past were intended for the benefit of the people, they are now intended more for the car, the machine, the mechanical–with large, unsightly thoroughfares slicing their way through the relics of what was once a place intended for humans. What I think there should be more of an emphasis on is public transport, perhaps in the form of rail or maybe something more futuristic, like Elon Musk’s Hyperloop. Not only would this be faster and more convenient (and safer), it would also allow for a reclamation of our streets for people.

      In any case, this is a minor issue and not one we should get too obsessive about.

      • Steve_15

        Once again, the desire to push “public transport” has been the goal of our enemy for decades. — Anything to get rid of our ability to choose our own personal destination.

        If you want to push some kind of urban railway in your particular city after the establishment of our White Ethno-State, then knock yourself out.

        But supporting these obvious restrictions on our personal freedom while we’re in the middle of a war for our survival is something only a fool would engage in.

        We are at war.

        Stop helping the enemy.

    • Prof. Lindenbrook

      Steve_15’s retort on the Automobile and Spencer is bloody well brilliant, insightful, and completely “spot-on”! I seriously doubt if dear Mr. Spencer has soiled his hands by ever “dropping his own oil” (oil change). The “heads-up” on Mr. Spencer’s urbanite socialistic bias is also well taken indeed – for it brings back the age old argument as to where to really put Fascism, on the Left or Right… Thank you kindly for this reply Steve_15, and I hope you post more on this site, it is indeed a pleasure to read.

    • Come, Steve. Richard B. Spencer isn’t going to be “run out” of anything. Neither are you and I. We’re here for the long haul.

    • feroxmill

      No, I like it. Car culture in the states speaks to post war atomisation of individuals. It is the most clear symptom of what we fight for.

    • Robert Bruce

      Urbanization usually means liberalization, meaning turning leftist in modern history. You want to get back to God and Country and your people, well the heartland is it. Just about every urban area I have been to sans Pittsburgh and Charlotte, NC is a shithole. And I live no less than 10 minutes due south of Detroit, and 15 minutes from where my Mom and her family grew up in the Springwells area.. No way I would want to reclaim the neighborhood my mom grew up as a little girl. It is a shithole beyond repair almost.

      • Rusty Shakleford

        As nice and relatively less far left as Charlotte is it’s also a corporate boom town with a lot of sleek but soulless architecture. It’s also increasing niggerfuxated every year, with a black mayor now, and this will eventually fall to shit if we don’t take it back.

  • Pandolf

    I admire the (what I assume to be intentional) ambiguity of this manifesto. You’ve outlined certain rallying points, which I’m sure we can all get behind, but at the same time have left enough room for personal exploration and input. I think the ideologically-decentralised, deliberately-vague aspect of the Alt-Right is fundamental to its success, and is the antidote to the constant in-fighting which has plagued so many “far-right” or pro-white movements in the past.

    What the Alt-Right needs to be is an intellectual powerhouse of different, but not necessarily conflicting, ideas, all ultimately bound by a shared set of values–with the values described in this manifesto summed up thusly: pro-white, pro-tradition and pro-nature. Of course, we may have minor disagreements, but these should not be our focus. If we are to succeed (unlike the many failed movements of the past), we must focus on our shared goals. We can debate our differences after we’ve won.

  • Cleanthes

    Bravo. Nicely done. This is a principled statement that can at the same time appeal to normies.

  • Real Human Being
  • ConPatriot1234

    I still think the John Birch Society (despite their refusal to even discuss anything related to race) offers the best hope of restoring freedom and preserving Western civilization in America. You can always know which groups are most effective at resisting the evil Left by examining which groups the Left hates the most, and there’s no question that the JBS is the most feared organization by the Left.

  • Johnny Fascismo

    I agree with all of these points. Just one point of contention on brother wars. While I don’t want to see European nations going to war with each other again, the reality is that many of our enemies do happen to be white. The vast majority of those Antifa that are going to be counter-protesting tommorow are going to be white. The Berkeley riot was almost exclusively white on white violence. Worldview and values matters, and these scum are not my “brothers” just because they also have white skin.

    • Ajudeo


    • Drew Bowler

      In total agreement, they are “white” trash.

    • Ti Jones

      Johnny, the reason most Americans consider the alt-right movement a joke and a home for losers is that like other racist groups, you tend to revel in your whiteness, as if being white was an accomplishment in and of itself. While it’s true that many white men have accomplished great things, the fact that you, yourself are white does not endow you or anyone in alt-right movement credit for their achievements. My impression is that the majority of those active in the alt-right movement would be considered classic underachievers and work largely as unskilled labor, that is if they work at all and are not on some form of public assistance.

      • Johnny Fascismo

        This is a stereotype that has been placed on us. Personally I don’t even really consider myself racist. I just acknowledge that diversity destroys communities and doesn’t strengthen them. Personally I would be happy to work with black nationalists as we both want essentially the same thing.

        • Ti Jones

          Interesting, you must have a very different definition for the term racist. Especially, if you say you’re in agreement with the points of what it means to be alt-right.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            There are fundamental differences between the races. Therefore it is absurd to assume that all races can thrive under one poltical organism. With the exception of Jews, I don’t really hate the other races. They are just different from my own. Pretending we are all the same, but with different skin colours has been a disservice to everyone involved.

          • Ti Jones

            I would disagree. Other than some rather minor genetic differences that are the result of evolutionary processes or in some cases diet, such as lactose intolerance for Asians, sickle cell trait with Africans, differing hues of skin pigmentation, eye color, etc. the DNA makeup of different races are remarkably similar. IMO it’s not a question of race as much as it is ethnicity or culture and most anthropologists will agree that culture and ethnicity is a moving target that changes over time as conditions and mores change, based on the needs of that society. Also, Jews are not a race but a culture that itself is not homogenous, even within Jewish culture. The alt-right movements big lie is that European cultures or the white race is a homogenous group, they are not. The fact is that at one time they shared very little in common, prayed to different God’s, embraced different mores, etc., etc., etc. It is through trade and exposure to different cultures that they became more unified and shared similar values. It is the exposure to other cultures and the diversity that they bring to our society that is one of the strengths of the great American experiment.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            I agree that race can and should be broken down further by ethnicity. When America was a predominately white nation, there were all kinds of ethnic tensions between white groups.

            I disagree that exposure to other groups is the greatest strength of the American experiment. Racial tensions are the highest they ever been in my lifetime because of diversity. Not all groups are going to get along with each. Right now whites, and particularly white males, are being treated like the pinata of the country for every group to take a swing at. When whites stand up for themselves they put their employment at risk, are shouted down and called nazis, bigots and so on. The social experiment of diversity is clearly a failure and I expect violence as seen in Berkely and Charlottesville to escalate. The only difference is whites are pushing back now. There was no media outrage this time last year in Chicago, San Jose and various other places, when it was just non-whites assaulting those deplorable Trump supporters.

          • Hoss C.

            “Right now whites, and particularly white males, are being treated like the pinata of the country for every group to take a swing at. ”

            I can see how this would negatively affect young White males. You’ve been vilified at perhaps, every turn of your lives. I’m an older guy, but if I were 30 years younger I’d be right there with you.

            I can see it in modern TV programs and I’ve read about the double-standard and vilification you’ve received at today’s universities.

            People of my age on both the left and right are hypocritical in their espousing of free speech for all except you. I was shocked and troubled to see the violence and governmental censure you received at Charlottesville.

            A common thought today is “Don’t paint any group with a wide brush.” And yet, this seems to be exactly what has happened to you. If there’s a black riot, its quick to be said “Not all blacks are criminals or rioters” as if we believed that. When an Islamic detonates a bomb it quickly asserted “Not all Islamics are terrorists.” We know that.

            But White Idenitarian movements are painted with the wide brush “You’re all Nazis”. I think your hyperventilating critics deep down don’t believe that, but by portraying your movement as such, they think their efforts at censorship will be successful.

            I’ve read the 20 point manifesto and see no hatred in its tone or text. If the Charlottesvilles of the world would grant you the same rights it would grant the BLM, then your message could be judged by the court of public opinion and rejected or accepted.

            Is the thought of a White enclave or state so blasphemous to the religion of political correctness than you must not even be able to put forth your ideas?

            Best of luck with your movement. Protect yourselves from the vile antifas. From an old timer (and many of us) your cause is noble and admirable.

          • Ti Jones

            Hoss, as long as alt-right followers wear Nazi arm bands, wave Nazi flags, give the Nazi salute and shout Nazi slogans you can expect that their speech will be suppressed or challenged. The Nazis cried victim when they claimed they were being oppressed by the major political party of the day, but were the first crush speech and the rule of law once they came to power. History has taught us well that National Socialism and Nazis philosophy need to be closely monitored and opposed. IMO the poor oppressed white male is a myth that needs to be debunked.

          • Hoss C.

            I agree with ya, Ti.

            Those that don the Nazi attire don’t help; but I think they’re in the minority.

            I think where we might disagree is the right of anyone to express their thoughts even if we find them repugnant.

            IMO, you’re certainly right to say that thoughts can be opposed.

            I would say: opposed, but not censored.

            These are, IMO, moot points because I don’t believe Nazi ideas are what’s behind the Alt-Right’s message.

            Why not give everyone a fair hearing?

          • Ti Jones

            Hoss, in principle I agree with you and if it was just young disaffected whites rallying no problem, but there is a strong undercurrent of Nazi and white supremacist ideology attached to the alt-right movement. For the record I have similar contempt for both hard left and hard right ideologies as both would quickly eliminate free speech and the rule of law should they gain power.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            Thanks for the kind words. I only wish that more people thought like you did.

          • Ti Jones

            I don’t think you grasp my point. even excluding ethnicity, German, English, French, etc. there are within those cultural groupings, sub-racial groupings. Most people are only aware to the most common racial groupings, but the fact is that even among major race groups you will find many racial subgroupings. The human genome is constantly changing over time. What you may consider the Aryan ideal today may be considered sub-normal in 1000 years.


          • Johnny Fascismo

            Which is exactly why the government dysgenics program known as immigration must be opposed and stopped. If that doesn’t happen then you are right, white people will no longer exist, and what today is considered Italian, will tommorow be a slightly lighter skinned African. That can not happen. I’m not motivated by a hate for others, but a love for my own people. Surely you can understand that.

          • Ti Jones

            Johnny, so what happens when your son comes e
            home and tells you he’s marrying his Asian girlfriend, does he then become a race traitor? That’s the problem with these groups, they start out semi reasonable and morf over time into hate groups, as more extreme elements take control or they soft peddle their views to draw people in and indoctrinate them over time to much more extreamist positions, much as ISIS does with young Muslims.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            If it was up to me there would be no Asians in white countries. Just like theres no white people in Asian countries. What you call extreme used to be common sense.

          • Ti Jones

            Johnny, you really need to get out more, there are large expatriate communities all throughout Asia. I’ve lived and worked in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore where large numbers of Brits, Canadians, Americans and Europeans live and many have married locals and asimmalated into the community. Twenty to twenty-five percent of US doctors are foreign born and don’t get me started on the IT community. Remember the US was settled by Indians that were an offshoot of an Asian race. Are you sure you’re not a racist?

      • Solo et Sanguis

        Replace every instance of “white” in your statement with “black” and you will understand one part of what the alt-right is upset with the rest of society about. See, being black isn’t all that special either, and lots of them are unskilled labor and classic underachievers on public assistance. Perhaps fewer than whites in sheer numbers, but certainly not in percentage as a proportion of our population.

        70% of the people in our jails, for example, are not white – But likewise, 13% is much lower than the actual percentage of blacks in our prisons. You can argue that the justice system is unfair or racist or whatever excuse, but even if you take out every instance of an overzealous cop or DA – there is still no justification for all the blacks in jail for murder, violence, rape, or other cases where they and they alone were responsible for their crimes.

        So again, being black isn’t all that special, beyond being something that leads to higher crime rates perhaps and a general state of destitution. But as you suggest, they don’t hold the monopoly on those distinctions, certainly – but they are the group best at it in our society.

        • Ti Jones

          Solo, I don’t think I have ever advocated that black people are somehow unique or special. One point I would make is that poverty is a major factor when you look at criminal populations, that is not to say that every poor person is fated to a life of crime or criminality. But opportunities to engage in criminal activity present themselves to a greater degree in urban settings rather than in rural settings which is where you will find largest percentage of the impoverished blacks. Solo what you and the other posters to this forum refuse to acknowledge is the large number of African-Americans that lead a typical middle class existence and not looking for any special recognition. This is not to say that you have not brought up some valid points it’s just difficult to try and debate this In a rather brief posting.

  • chris taylor

    Blaming the Left, leaves the traitorous Right off the hook. Blaming boomers without mention of jewish takeover by that point is shifting blame. The 60’s was an entirely jewish movement.
    Identifying jews as an other is good but not mentioning them as the driving force behind White Genocide and the entire antiWhite is negligent. Thus the audience will wrongfully conclude its White doing this.

    • zeb

      Excellent points. How about “WE” drop the inner group blame game, overcome “OUR” indoctrinated fears about naming the jew and ALL take responsibility for the solution.

    • Ti Jones

      Wow, I’ve heard the Jews being blamed for a lot of stuff, but the 60’s? That just blows my mind, baby! 😂

  • chris taylor

    Whitemen car culture gets a mention as toxic but the jews behind this entire antiWhite system only get classified as an other? Cars are a White invention and making them better and faster is very White, you codemn this? I get the environmental impact of cars but the basic concept of cars is not in itself bad. Its been made bad by millions flooding in here

    • Pandolf

      It’s literally the second point.

      • chris taylor

        And it’s literally addressed incorrectly. Jews are behind and its more than a racial other. Richard loves to dance around the well documented facts that jews are behind this.

        • James Cash

          Well documented? Really? Yeah so many documents floating around confirming the Jewish conspiracy. I personally don’t give a fuck if Richard never mentioned the Jews again. Jews arnt burning our cities down in riots, they arnt raping white women or boosting the crime rate disproportionately, the blacks are mostly. He mentions the Jews as point two…POINT TWO! That’s not good enough for you? Our movement would be far better served if less of us ranted on about the Jews when other minorities are threatening our otherwise peaceful communities in a more visible way. We NEED new blood, fresh recruits. The white youth don’t give a fuck about Jews either, they see degenerate black culture invading their institutions, and expecting them to move aside and give up their birth right. So go ahead and put echo brackets around my name and call me uneducated on the JQ, I don’t care. Richard is doing fine without this needless Jew obsession people like you press regardless of the clear and present danger coming from other fronts.

          • SlavJew

            >confirming the Jewish conspiracy

            You say it as if it’s some cloak and dagger affair, is it a conspiracy by blacks whenever they turn their surrounding area’s in to shitholes? The answer is no, they do so because it is their nature and the same applies to Jews.

            >our movement would be far better served if less of us ranted on about the
            Jews when other minorities are threatening our otherwise peaceful
            communities in a more visible way.

            Then you are either blind or willfully ignorant. Look up who makes up the majority of major heads of the feminist movement, Jews. Look up who is behind almost every major institution pushing mass immigration of non whites in to white lands, Jews. Look up who runs the legal organizations which sue the life out of everyone who tries to push against Affirmative Action or the racial discrimination of whites, Jews. Who runs the globalist banking institutions that bog down our nations through usury, Jews.Who uses a fictional genocide to bludgeon whites with guilt every time they try to advocate for themselves, Jews. These people are a fraction of a percent of the global population but yet they run the majority or organizations that are pushing for white genocide, you are going to sit there and tell me that this is a coincidence?

            You are are advocating that our main focus should be the puppet and not the puppet master, we could remove all non whites and we would still have problems because the same people that caused those problems are pulling at the strings of those in the halls of power. The Rothchilds aren’t going to give up their global control of banking because non whites are gone, Soro’s isn’t going to stop trying to destabilize countries because the US is white again, Barbara Spectre isn’t going to quit pushing miscegenation across Euorpe, AIPAC isn’t going to relinquish control over US politicians, and so on.

            >He mentions the Jews as point two…POINT TWO! That’s not good enough for you?

            he talks of them as a separate entity and not the prime orchestrator of most of the problems we face.

          • Marcus

            I agree that it’s nonsensical to harp on about Jews. But at the same time I am cognisant that it has primarily been Jews behind almost every abhorrent movement of the last century or more, from communism to the Frankfurt school and critical theory, to Boasian anthropology, to psychoanalysis, to the pornography industry, to name but a few. This is not to suggest that there is any grand conspiracy, it’s just that for whatever reason many Jews have caused grievous harm down through the years. A great book on this is Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique.

            I really don’t want to come across as any kind of Jew hater, I am not. In a way I deeply admire Jews for their superior intellect and in-group preference.

          • SlavJew

            >I agree that it’s nonsensical to harp on about Jews

            I disagree, most whites are not aware of the fact that Jews are acting as a malicious element within white societies all the while pretending to be white. We have have to harp on this until whites become conscious of the fact that the subversion of their nations is coming from those who wear the faces of their brethren.

            >This is not to suggest that there is any grand conspiracy, it’s just
            that for whatever reason many Jews have caused grievous harm down
            through the years.

            Agreed, but you missed one thing, such things are a consequence of Jewish behavior and there are those among Jews who do collectedly conspire against whites whether out of hatred or simply their own nature.The presence of Jews in white countries is almost universally negative since they act as a parasite which subverts other nations for their own benefit, the US and it’s foreign policy is a prime example of this.

            >I really don’t want to come across as any kind of Jew hater, I am not.
            In a way I deeply admire Jews for their superior intellect and in-group

            It is perfectly natural to hate those who take actions meant to destroy you and your people, never make excuses for this. Also, what makes you say that they have “superior intellect”? Are you comparing their greatest minds with the common white man or are you comparing our greatest minds versus theirs? Because if it’s the latter then I would have to disagree, European intellectuals have created a large part of modern prosperity while Jewish intellectuals have created much of modern discord and ruin, you admitted this yourself. The power of Jews isn’t in their intellect but in their ability to infiltrate white institutions and control them, their internal sense of nepotism combined with white universal altruism is what has given them the edge. Jews control the methods of informational distribution (even today with the advent of the internet they still have massive control) and as such have the power to only present their ideas as options to those who are the common men of society and not intellectuals, if whites had the ability to present an ideology created by their people and for the benefit of their people then it would very gain ground far faster than any Jewish ideology, the Alt-Right is proof of that.

            Lastly, while I do envy the Jews sense of in-group preference I can never bring myself to admire the Jews who hold it because in the same breath that they espouse nationalism and in-group solidarity for themselves they condemn whites for wanting the same thing, I just can’t admire a hypocrite.

    • Игор

      I think he’s not against cars, but you know for more pedestrian zones in the city. I wasn’t in the US but from all city plans i never seen one big pedestrian zone in them, except if you count parks as pedestrian zones.

  • Ashton

    Im a white male and I approve this message

  • Ed Edgerton

    The preservation of their identity as Jews was and is contingent on resistance to assimilation, sometimes expressed as hostility towards their hosts.

    I would prefer to see the issue with Jews explained in terms of group interests. The fact that they have lived among other peoples for thousands of years without merging means that their group interests are different from those of host societies. Is this not clear enough?

  • Ed Edgerton

    Leftism is an ideology of death and must be confronted and defeated.

    I have some reservations about this. There will always be a political left and right. Some people are naturally inclined towards loyalty to their own kind, while some are naturally inclined towards concern for outsiders. What we need is not to do away with the left side of the political spectrum but rather to move things in a pro-white direction. Getting explicitly pro-white identity politics into the mainstream is the main thing needed to bring this about.

    • Solo et Sanguis

      Leftism is generally understood not to mean liberalism (in either the classical nor modern sense) but rather this particularly virulent strain of authoritarian nigh religious version of global cultural Marxism generally perpetuated and defended by the current mainstream of the political left (though after last weekend, many in congress nominally on the right are also defenders of that ideology).

      • Ed Edgerton

        I didn’t use the word “liberalism” in my comment. Also, it important to keep “who, whom” in mind. If you are opposed to white identity politics then we are not going to see eye to eye. I think Jonathan Haidt’s explanation of political left and right in “The Righteous Mind” is on the right track, although he did not get to the racial heart of the matter, which is not surprising since he is Jewish.

  • Ajudeo

    MIC DROP………

  • Riopel

    What about the WW2 question? Are we supposed to tolerate Whites who still buy into the jewish version of WW2, i.e. Germans bad, allies good?

    • Ajudeo


      I tolerate Whites in the Alt-Right who believe in a Jewish Jesus as the ‘Son’ of a ‘God’…….

      …..who died on a Tree……

      …..then came back to Life……

      …..Levitated into the Clouds………

      …..and if I believe all that I can have Eternal Life…….


  • Prof. Lindenbrook

    “68ers” huh? Never hard that term before… Of course, before this past year, people who were obsessed on a subject, were called: OCD, not Autistic. LOL.

  • Ajudeo

    POWERFUL Manifesto……


    #20 is my only Point of Disagreement……..

    And only a Tiny Point of Disagreement………..

    “for a cognitive elite dedicated to truth”……..

    Sounds like CNN, NYTimes, WashPost…….

    Or not……


    • James Cash

      And without fail……

      Here come the unnecessary periods again……


      On EVERY POST……

      by Ajudeo….

      (Lol, sorry, I’ll leave you alone from now on. I just really don’t understand your compulsion to format every post that way. It confounds my general sensibilities but at the end of the day, you do what you like.)

      • trash man

        They’re long dramatic pauses.

  • Albionic American

    Seems like the website has gone down in a DoS attack.

    • Bryan Caldwell

      Can’t get into Red Ice either.

  • 1) Race

    The problem with using the word “Indo-European” is that it excludes Finno-Ugric peoples like Hungarians, Finns, and Estonians. Also, does “indo” include Indians from India? I recommend not using “Indo-European.”

    • Игор

      Indo-european is the race, what people in US call caucasian, and it doesn’t exclude Finno-Ugric people nor the Basques when used in that context.

  • Item 10, “Foreign affairs,” has a pronoun without a clear antecedent and, probably, depending on what the antecedent is supposed to be, also a singular-plural inconsistency. Check the phrase “its peoples.” Does the “it” refer to “foreign policies” or to “European states”?

    Normally, one wouldn’t mention such quibbles but if your text is to be an enduring manifesto, then printing errors want to be fixed. (My comment need not remain online. Once you have fixed the text, feel free to delete the comment.)

    • One more: item 20. If you meant to write “his self,” fine, but otherwise the standard style would be “himself.”

  • I could make plenty of criticisms about various Alt-Right attitudes and philosophies, but after a quick read I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this manifesto.

  • Neil MacLean

    Remember that time Richard Spencer got punched in the face and ran away? That wasn’t too manly was it? I think you need a new leader. He’s obviously a bit jaunty in the jack boots – if you know what I mean?

  • Elvisleg

    The 68ers? When was the author born? The manly sport of hunting? The author is trying too hard .( I have an Alaska resident hunting and fishing license and a penis isnt required) . The women are good at it too. Decrepit Woodstock values? Stop giving a concert more credit than it deserves. I want to get behind this but maybe write another draft because this one reads like the author was writing a drunken letter to his ex trying to win her back. It works very well for a prototype though and Im stoked to read something interesting. Now I know the way the comments section works and if mine causes any pain or angst at least know that I like the sport but the stadium needs a few repairs.

    • Bryan Caldwell

      The “68ers” thing frosts my cookies. I was eight years old and didn’t have Jack Shit to do with the cultural rot. I was screwed as bad as the Xers and Millennials. Got in the job market just in time for downsizing and doing away with pensions and working for one company until retirement.

  • Brian Hobby

    # 20….hooah that’s me 🙂

  • Robert Bruce

    Finally what I have been bitching about comes to some fruition. A very clear concise statement of beliefs and something to build on!!!!!!!

  • Neil MacLean

    Your ancestors must be very proud, as is I’m sure the rest of the master race is, after you shat yourself after one punch. Even Hitler could take a punch without running away and he was only 5′ 7″. Oh dear.

    20. Personal Duties
    A man distinguishes himself by his deeds. And every man, in his own way, must strive to be something more than a man: to be honored by his heirs; to be part of something greater than his self.

    • Endymion

      You think desperately clinging to this meme will stop us from beating the shit out of you people every time we get the chance? You know your numbers are dwindling, you know ours are growing. You’ll pay, eventually.

      Besides, you’re simply lying, it was a normal reaction to a sucker punch. Nothing exceptional about it. You really think most of your nu-male compatriots could take a punch better? I don’t expext you to answer that, we already know the answer.

      • Neil MacLean

        Look at you. All violent and jazzed up with your torches. OK. I’ll take the bait. Imagine this scenario. Bloods & Crips V. The KKK. I think we all know the answer to that. Your “leader” and his Kim Jong Un haircut is still a bit on the light side.

        • Endymion

          Those monkeys couldn’t come together to save their own lives, they have no discipline, no intelligence and no unity.

          A more realistic scenario: white militias full of veterans vs bloods & crips.

          And you better pray that society won’t collapse because the population of minorities specifically would plummet, as would liberal urban dwellers. White conservative survivalists on the other hand, would suddenly constitute a hefty size of the population.

          And while the surviving Hispanics and blacks would kill each other much as they already do. Asians and other groups that aren’t so keen on acting like complete savages would ally themselves with whites.

          • Neil MacLean

            You know what? Your right. Now just watch out for the black helicopters and Belgian speaking GLOBALIST One World troops who are coming to take your guns. Btw. Do you own your own home?

          • Neil MacLean

            I missed the part about “conservative survivalists”. I’ve always wondered…What do you “conservative survivalists” do with all the toilet paper you’ve saved up over the years waiting for this scenario. Does it have an expiration date? Do you exclude things that might be considered “ethnic” from your stash – like rice and beans? Still waiting for an answer on the home ownership question. I wonder if all your hard earned welfare money goes to Jew Bankers? I can see your dilemma.

          • Endymion

            You’re not very bright if you think toiler paper expires, I’m still using toilet paper from WWII. Some critical thinking would save you the trouble of asking so stupid questions. Do you think people stock a reasonable amount of toilet paper or do you think they just buy toilet paper endlessly?

            It’s obvious you’re trying to be funny here but you’re not really succeeding now, are you? You’re just coming off like a retard talking about ethnic trash.

          • Neil MacLean

            It was a genuine question. Anytime I’ve seen survivalist on TV they have a more than normal amount of toilet paper. “Still using toilet paper from WWII” Jesus, no wonder you’re angry. Do you use both sides? Didn’t we (US & Allies) defeat Fascism in WW2?

          • Endymion

            Mm.. a question indicative of your intelligence.

            Yes, my grandpa was a survivalist and he couldn’t control his obsessive hoarding of toilet paper. He just kept buying it endlessly. “You’ll thank me when the commies attack!” he kept saying.

            No, the Nazis only lost the external war, secretly they won.

            Are you white kid?

          • Neil MacLean

            Yes, very white. From Europe, in fact. Poor old Gramps. Well, the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. As they say. “Nazis secretly won the war”? Ok. I secretly won the Super Bowl but don’t tell anyone. Sorry for the tardy response. I was swimming in my pool. Any word on home ownership yet? Another question: Driving cars into white American people exercising free speech; Sneaky Muslin tactic/Domestic Terrorism or Patriotic?

          • Endymion

            Grow up, you will embrace white nationalism or we’ll be forced to kill you traitor. Your choice.

            Whatever the question is: if it results in the death of our enemies then it is good. If not, it is bad.

          • Neil MacLean

            Well, that sounds like a death threat. BTW “Kill you traitor.” Should have an apostrophe after “you”. Do you represent a specific group or are you just out there ranting on your own? I think, given your apparent age and education levels it would be only fair to point out that you’ve issued a death threat on a public forum. Not smart. As far as I’m aware, you have to give personal details to sign up for these things and all the social media apps listed, with the exception of twitter, comply with federal law when a request is made in a police enquiry. I fear a knock on your rented accommodation in the near future. It must really grate you on worse than your WW2 toilet paper. I’m whiter than you. Kinda guessing better educated and obviously done quite well for myself financially. Yet, I see the value of multi-cultural society, gender equality and sexual equality for all. C’mon Dude. You’re angry. I get it. But it’s not the niggers, the jews or spics. It’s capitalism (I ain’t a fucking commie btw). White people are getting the shit end of the stick. I see that. But it’s poor white people. They got sold a story and now they’re angry because they are struggling. It’s not fair. I bet you are nice to the missus/kids/grand kids etc., whatever applies. Trust me. No one is out to get you. The rising tide lifts all boats.

          • Endymion

            No, it really shouldn’t.

            Your threat only reveals what a laughable fag you are, go ahead and see if it sticks loser.

            Judging from your laughable comments you’re clearly not very educated at all. What do you do for a living? See, it doesn’t matter because I don’t have to do a thing for my living. And guess what I spend my days doing? Reading, always, every day, it’s virtually all I do. For you to be better educated than me you would have to be about twice my age and spend all of your free time reading. Which you don’t.

            Your opinions are trite garbage, you don’t have an original thought in your head and you incorrectly lecture me about grammar without even knowing how to divide your comment into paragraphs.

            Yeah, you’re really gonna win me over with that false solidarity. You probably know nothing about Jews and their history, you believe in the blatant lie that diversity is a strength, and you’re too stupid to recognise the blatant double standards inherent in modern progressivism. So why should I take your ridiculous opinions seriously?

            “You’re educated”, oh really? Well, you convinced me.. Why is it that so many moronic conformist leftists feel the need to brag about their non-existent levels of education? You’re all the same. Fact is, your opinion will be wildly different in 20 years. Even brainwashed idiots will be hit by reality eventually. And how could I consider you anything else than brainwashed? Because, after all, your opinions and worldview perfectly mirror those that are most promoted in our society. Yeah, I bet that’s a huge coincidence. You didn’t come to these conclusions because of rigorous critical thinking. Admit it, the only reason you hold these opinions in the first place is because it’s the Western default setting and this is the programming you have been hit in the head with for all of your life.

            Judging from your comments you have zero understanding of the political climate and the trajectory we’re headed for. Your ideology is dead, Europe is dead, and we’re a generation of revenge!

            So, fuck you! You have no idea of the forces that are about to be unleashed. And if you think this is anger, you’ve seen nothing yet!

          • Chuck Liberty

            You will be running like the little pussy you are

          • Endymion

            Learn to spell kid.

            Why are you asking me if I own my own home? What’s it to you nerd?

          • Neil MacLean

            What did I misspell? A grammar Fascist as well as an actual Fascist. At least your consistent. In regard to owning your own home… I’m taking that as a “NO”. Just wondering where all your anger comes from. I know tons of Blacks, Jews Mexicans who own theirs. What happened to you that you couldn’t get it together? Or is Mom’s basement just fine for now?

          • Endymion

            You wrote: “Your right”.

            Not a fascist.

            You’re making assumptions again. Two other assumptions you’ve made: I’m a survivalist and I’m an American. That makes 4 with the fascist comment, or 5 with the assumption that I don’t own a house.

            This further cements my view of your intelligence.

    • Doland G. Turmp

      Its probably normal to run away from a mob of rioting commies that want to bash your skull in, but I guess you would like the odds of a fight, 200-1?

      • Stokely Carmichael

        Yeah but there weren’t any rioting Commies. Commies? Have you been listening to Joseph McCarthy again? Watch the video again. There’s about 6 people there, max. Then after he ran away the camera focused on him and he’s crying.

        • PrometheusReturns

          Autism will not save you.

  • Endymion

    Leave out the part about the “manly sport of hunting”, it’s unnecessary and tangential.

    • オスカー

      We were hunter-gatherers, men hunted, while women gathered and
      bore children. Promoting hunting for men is maintaining the connection
      to our long history, and the way men evolved physically to endure the
      physical labour of hunting bigger game.

      Plus, hunting brings food to the table, and leather to make clothes.
      Well I’ve never cured any leather to make garments out of them,
      but the possibility is there at least.

      • Endymion

        Sure, but is bringing this up crucial enough to make the list?

        I have no problem with hunting for food, what I don’t like is the misguided sense of masculinity of some conservatives. What I’m thinking of as I write this is a picture of some retard boomer standing over a giraffe in Africa. Let’s leave hunting for sport to medieval royalty. I find it somewhat sociopathic.

        If we have to hunt for sport, let’s hunt Deros or degenerate illuminists.

        • オスカー

          According to these points, hunting is allowed, but not to the extent that it dangers the natural balance, as you put it, giraffes are potentially heading for extinction, thus it would not be in agreement with point 17, The Natural World.

          Spencer has taken some points from the great Madison Grant, who argued for preserving both wildlife and different human races, and erected some National parks through out the US.

          But I do as you do, I don’t agree with trophy hunting, and neither would Mr. Spencer, well that was the impression that I got when mr. Spencer and the late mr. Bowden had a podcast and the topic of Madison Grant and perseveration of nature.

          • Endymion

            Of course. Thought it was somewhat tangential, that’s all.

        • Doland G. Turmp

          the part about the retarded boomer was so funny it made me spit my rice all over the computer screen.

  • Dirk Kingston

    Great manifesto! People shouldn’t sperg out over ‘precise’ definitions. In the overall – this is fantastic. And I can tell that it is not simply representative of Richard’s ideas.

  • Bryan Caldwell

    I was born in 1960 and have fought tooth and nail to pass down civilization. I raised three sons and taught them right from wrong, and instilled in them a work ethic. Painting all “Boomers” with a broad brush alienates many allies.

    • unpaidpundit

      I’m part of Generation X, but I agree that the altright should not needlessly alienate Baby Boomers.

  • feroxmill

    This is the most important document of this century. This document will change the world. I stand behind every point.

  • feroxmill

    I love the definition of European. It is right.

  • Simon_in_London

    Good stuff. Should become transformative.

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    Homomania or Queertianity is NOT our religion.

    We don’t associate rainbow with homo fecal penetration or tranny genital mutilation.

  • Sounds like the musings of a stoned college freshman from rural Alabama who just failed the intro to political science final exam because he wrote that the 3/5 compromise was about giving slaves political power.

    “Whites alone defined America as a European society and political order.” Guess so, if by “defined America as a European society and political order” you mean “murdered all the native Americans and stole their property.”


    • unpaidpundit

      Whites are told that we should embrace non-white immigration. If you believe this, don’t you think that American Indians should have embraced white immigration, instead of violently resisting it? By modern, politically correct standards, Indians were morally wrong to try to keep whites out of the Americas.

    • JLawrence

      You’re welcome to go back to the good old days before that “European society and political order” was put in place. Hope you’re as good at hunting bison as you are at being a wanker on the internet.

    • Zorost_Risen

      Killing them & taking their land was a necessary precondition to creating America, but those savages had nothing to do with the nation that arose except for the names of a few places where notable slaughters happened. Welcome to the real world hippie, some people win, some lose.

  • オスカー

    The only thing that was missed in point 20, was the 1h of daily exercise,
    where some time should be allocated to boxing or some other kind of
    martial arts.

    • Bill Stevens

      Some advice for you: If you have a MMA, karate, boxing, background, make sure people know it. Wear a karate t-shirt, etc. Otherwise most people will think you are as defenseless as themselves and feel free to test you. I always kept my karate background a secret because I didn’t want to appear as a bragger or blowhard. But, I had to whip a lot of asses in the process. Now, I wear my karate t-shirt proudly and nobody has even thinks of calling me out. Blacks like to assume they are superior fighters and enjoy intimidation. They look at me with respect now and shy away from a challenge. I suggest all whites take martial arts. It will change your demeanor and improve your physical health. Start your kids at a young age. Give them the self confidence that comes with it.

    • Zorost_Risen

      Perhaps we could have a list of what books to read for 1 hour of every day too, and maybe a checklist on how to properly brush our teeth

  • Cookie Rus

    This document isn’t perfect at all. It’s great.

  • Scotcho Rouleau

    Bravo. I’m 47 and am relieved to see what you wrote about education. I got a BA in English Literature. Everyone told me, “you need a Bachelor’s Degree”.

    Guess what, fam?

    I’m a 47 year old deckhand on a tugboat with a degree in English.

    What a fuckin joke. Let’s go back to pre world war 2 when only the very best went to university, after strict exams and brutal marking.

    Anyone else agree?

    • FedUP

      well really, English Lit? what did you expect?

    • Bill Stevens

      The leftists have lowered the bar to give the black man an advantage in hiring and school acceptance. Since blacks are less capable and less intelligent, they have to have help.
      If you’re white, you’re supposed to hide your accomplishments and give up your rights to self expression. You’re supposed to pretend that blacks are just as accomplished. Everyone on earth knows the white race is superior. It is proven by everything around you. The black Africans had no wheels, no canals, no two story buildings, no written language, no science, no art. They ate human flesh of their own relatives. But, we are supposed to pretend. We are supposed to push the black man to the top and take a seat beneath them while paying their way into housing, food, etc. It’s time for a civil war to end this insanity.

      • GRP476

        I’ll just set this right here:

      • Ti Jones

        Sorry Bill not everyone believes blacks are less capable or less intelligent than whites. As a hiring manager I see all kinds of people apply for jobs and I find that there are as many whites as non-whites that lack the skills or background to meet even the minimum requirements. But every once in a while I’ll get some dingus who I’ll call and tell them “sorry but we’re going with another candidate” say something like well that’s because you have a quote to meet or I’m white. The fact is we live in a very competitive market and hiring managers were going to hire the best candidate that meets the requirements of the job. To do otherwise it is to set yourself up for failure. But if you want to continue pushing this false narrative that all the best jobs and all the best jobs are going to unqualified people because of the color of their skin, you will never improve yourself or your skills to compete in the marketplace and you will continue to remain a loser.

  • WeenieBeenie


    • Nick

      Say what?

      • WeenieBeenie

        Yes, Richard is a Ph.D. drop out and failure. He has little intellectual acumen. This is known about Richard–he was an intellectual infant in academia and hardly capable.

        • trash man

          Yes, he’s so ineffectual. You have so much more influence than he does.

  • Marquis the Renegade

    The family part should clearly condemn homosexuality and put emphasis on marriage between virgins since thats the ideal.

  • Esteban Bracamonte


  • Drew Bowler

    I have been stating talking point 18 for twenty years…

  • Chicho Yayo

    What it means to be alt right? Wannabe Nazi faggots. Real Americans defeated you cowards in WWII. What you people are is a disgrace. White trash bottom of the barrel garbage. If your ranks include James Alex Fields Jr, then you people truly are sad. James looks borderline retarded

  • Sven Longshanks

    Very good, I cant see anything in that to disagree with.

  • Marathon-Youth

    I would like to add to my first comment:
    Under Economics. Is there any way to state that Usury laws must be limited or banned? There were anti usury laws in Europe at various times in order to stem the Jewish stranglehold. One of our biggest economic problems stems from too much interest. We have one Trillion dollars just in credit cards. our national debt would be under control if not for the interest.
    Banking and interest are predominant methods used by Jews to control. There are banks that give loans without interest and instead charge a fee to that loan.

    • philipknight

      Yes, but in practice the fee although nominally small on a retail sized loan or overdraft is equivalent to an interest rate of thousands of a percent. These fees are a sleight of hand by the retail banks to introduce a different but worse form of usury against their customers while marketing them as “fairer” and “easier to understand”.

    • Zorost_Risen

      Maybe we could have a section on litigation practices to tell us all exactly how we are going to live when Spencer gets around to writing our laws for us.

  • Reggie Lewis

    What happens when DNA test show African DNA in Caucasians and Europeans? How will people accept themselves?

    • Zorost_Risen

      As long as they look and act white we don’t care

  • wotan237 .

    On the issue of Jews, what we should insist on is that they get the same treatment and scrutiny that whites now receive from them – this is only fair. This is not antisemitism, this is not being hateful, this is just objectively looking at reality and being fair and honest.

  • Jen
  • Flipothecoin

    This “manifesto” calls to mind Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Lots of drugs and crazy shit.

  • This is great. Very solid. Grammatically, at the end, however, I think it probably should read: every man must strive… to be part of something greater than “himself” as opposed to “his self”

  • WA1

    There is much that is right in the left(wrong) and right(right) paradigm, that should be our natural instincts. BUT there are wider issues than politics at the base of this sociological pyramid of truths. Our biology (gender/sexuality/political views) are influenced by our DIETs… (or rather, the diets of our parents)

    According to Doctor Joel D. Wallach, Former Farmer, Agriculturist, Veterinarian, Pathologist, and now Naturopathic Medical Doctor, who discovered the first animal model for Cystic Fibrosis in Rhesus Monkeys in the 80s, and as a result was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 1991, and who proved (to my unscientific, but sceptical eyes anyway) that Keishan Disease – a disease in children from the Keishan Province of China, was as a direct result of a single missing nutrient in the soil of the inhabitants of that area. He was the majority contributor to a book that now is in the Book Hall of Fame – “The Diseases of Exotic Animals” which now sells for thousands of Dollars, and his 20,000 autopsies on 454 species of animals (inc 3,000 humans) PROVED BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT, that ALL natural diseases that animals and humans die of, have a nutritional basis.

    He has also reached the conclusion, that a nutritional deficiency in the first tri-mester of gestation is the source of whether one is heterosexual, bi-sexual, homosexual, or trans-sexual in nature as – a small group of cells in the human brain grow, and reach maturity at approximately 200 cells. If you have those 150-200 cells you are heterosexual, and if less of them, means you will not. As nutrition in people – particularly women – determines the sexuality of their off-spring, that child, and the subsequent adult will have (for them) a different perspective on society and its norms. So, if you are one of those disadvantaged by “Societal norms” you will feel downtrodden. The answer would therefore to be to ensure that all men, but particularly women of post-puberty to pre-menopausal age get the diet that (Dare I say – God?) intended…

    In a world where we allow our kids to choose far too much, that “Liberal” view needs to be challenged, and parents need to ensure that their off-spring have a balanced diet, low in Carbs, Nutrient Dense, and supplement with all 90 nutrients to ensure we reduce the number of Downs Syndrome, Autistic, Disfigured (Cleft Lip, Limbs missing, Additional Digits etc) children, that our western diets are producing.

  • Zaros

    It is all about family. It is love for my family that fuels hate for those who wish to harm them.

  • Torquil Hudgens

    If your ancestors wanted to live in an all white country, they should have thought of that before leaving Europe, which at the time was mostly white, and invading a continent full of American Indians.
    They should have thought of that before kidnapping millions of black people off the west coast of Africa and forcing them to move to a place they had absolutely no desire to be and were desperate to escape from.
    They should have thought of that before invading Mexico and forcibly incorporating 6 new states full of Latino, Hispanic and Indian people into the country.
    They should have thought of that before allowing gilded age business leaders to set an immigration policy that encouraged millions of people, including hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Japanese immigrants and millions of Jews (not to mention Catholics and Slavs, who your ancestors didn’t used to think were white any more than you now think Jews are white), to move here and provide cheap labor that fueled the height of the industrial revolution.
    They should have thought of that before wresting control of Puerto Rico and the Philippines away from Spain and refusing to grant those countries legal independence, instead claiming their territory for an overseas empire.
    They should have thought of that before establishing the bracero program during World War II, which deliberately encouraged Mexican Americans to move here in order to keep our agricultural and industrial output going, contributing to our ability to fight and win a war against people who thought only one type of race belonged in a strong country. Who at the time we recognized as evil. In the process, they started a long, painful and awkward tradition of simultaneously encouraging and denouncing undocumented immigration in a way that caused a lot of unexpressed pain for a lot of families and could have been a lot less painful with some less hypocritical policies.
    They should have thought about that before passing the immigration act of 1965. I have literally nothing bad to say about that act I love that act but it’s worth noting – that was and remains American law. Most Immigration is legal, bitch. Your congress set it up that way.
    They should have thought of that before first supporting awful dictators in and then funding or starting unnecessary wars in Latin America Asia and the Middle East, sending people who were desperate to take care of their families streaming to our shores.
    Long story short: Let’s get real – America is not a white supremacists all-white dreamland because the white supremacists’ ancestors made it that way – often forcing people of color to participate when they didn’t want to. America has never been an all-white nation, it was never meant to be an all-white nation, it never will be an all-white nation. It represents – though it has never yet truly been – something so much better – a place where people of many different races and creeds are drawn together not by mere common ancestry but by a shared commitment to universal ideals: of liberty, enterprise, and self government.
    Although I wish it could all have happened in a less violent, less horrible, less ghastly way, I’m still really grateful to live in the country those choices created, because it’s even-a-slow-person-couldn’t-miss-it-crazy-fucking-obvious that our country has ended up politically, economically, culturally, and socially richer for the way it’s been able to draw from and recombine the best ideas output of people from around the world. Diversity has been a driving engine for our legal freedoms (including the 1st + 14th amendments), a fuel of our innovation, the secret strength of our foreign policy, the beauty of our art, the source of some of the best parts of our behavior. I guarantee that at least half of your favorite American music, movies, inventions, and accomplishments only exist because people with a background you don’t approve of moved to this country. I could write a separate post going on and on about the way we benefit from this every damn minute of our lives, but the post would basically never end.
    But even if for some stubborn, idiot reason you don’t like it – your parents and your grandparents and your grandparents’ grandparents built it, baby. This is how America has been since the first ship touched down in Jamestown when the continent was 99% non white and there’s no turning back now. Thank God.
    If you want to talk about setting a practical and enforceable immigration policy, about how to foster positive assimilation, how to work together more effectively now that we’re all here, I’m super into that. And if you want to be proud of being British-American, or Irish-American, or German-American, or Swedish American, or whatever all kind of blonde American you like, I’m totally into that too – your culture is also awesome and is also a part of what makes America excellent. If you wanna say other people don’t belong or don’t get a say, GTFO you’re the least American American its ever been my very serious displeasure to have to meet. Go back where you came from and stop interrupting my grinding.

  • DamonHicks

    I find all you chest beating and junk measuring pathetic. We are all human and conflict is in our nature. You should find what joins us instead of what divides us.

    If everyone in this chat got their wish and every non white and Jew were magically gone I’m sure you’d all celebrate. But maybe 10 or 20 years from now you would be fighting between the Catholic and Protestants racists then whoever lives a generation later will be fighting weather the bass fisherman or the bow hunters are
    The true red blooded Americans.
    Well guess what the real Americans were Native Americans and they were better hunters and fishermen than you because they settled this land when it was full of creatures that would eat your sorry asses for breakfast. Good luck with your book report kids let us know when you’re ready to grow up and join humanity and quit this petty bullshit level 1 race crap.

    • PrometheusReturns

      Move to Africa.

  • KiddBlast

    “Higher education—far from being a “right” or a “pathway to the middle class”—is only appropriate for a cognitive elite dedicated to truth; it is improper, even detrimental, for most.”

    Granted, college is wasted on most people. There question is who has wreaked more havoc on America – the “cognitive elite” or the legions of students who’ve undergone CultMarx indoctrination by their professors?

    “In any great disaster, there’s a Harvard man in the middle of it.” – Thomas Sowell

  • Zorost_Risen

    “a cognitive elite dedicated to truth”

    Why? We have plenty of over-educated people working at Starbucks already.

  • Zorost_Risen

    Pan-white unity & no more brother wars? Anti-white whites will be our greatest enemy in the coming race civil war. Save the koombaya crap till after we win.

  • Nicholas Lee

    this is racist

  • swampwiz0

    I have to disagree about the canard about college education, aside from its ridiculous cost, something I think that the internet should be able to bring about a huge depricing of. While there is certainly some bias in the liberal arts, the liberal arts does strive for critical thinking, and that is the vital skeleton for any movement. One of the best works of critical thinking was the book “The Bell Curve”, and of course, the folks who had felt smugly about how their education has guided them to their abiological views heaped invective upon this great work of thought.

  • Charles

    What if you’re Jewish but agree with the alt right, and it’s beliefs but disagree with the hating of Jews that are just average people or who don’t identify as a jew but identify with their European heritage, such as me , my father was born a jew by Jewish law (mother was jewish) but father wasn’t Jewish and me being born with only my dad being Jewish not my mother, and my family being mostly German, Russian or Welsh, what then, I struggle with this as I generally agree with the alt right on most arguments but struggle with the hatred or seemed hatred for Jews, or even another race that when the discord was still up, was very prevalent.

    • Whitey Powers

      There are some on the Right that feel that any connection to Jewishness makes you suspect. Whether this means a hereditary link or a spiritual one . . . think Ivanka Trump who just converted . . . is unclear.

      There is no question that heredity APPEARS to matter. For example, the wave of Ashkenazi German jews who came to America in the 1840s-50s are the ones who started the large Wall Street investment banks. They’ve been screwing us ever since.

      Can a jew reject his jewy-ness? Apparently so. I argue with a lot of white nationalist morons who insist there is such a thing as JEWISH BOLSHEVISM. My argument is that you can’t be jewish and a Bolshevik/communist at the same time. Bolshevism/communism rejects everything Zionists and jews stand for.

      So if it works for the commies, it should work for us. I don’t think you can be an American Nationalist and give your allegiance to jews at the same time.

      My advice . . . adopt Christian values, adopt American Nationalist values, find a good white woman, build a strong family . . . and don’t worry so much about what “white nationalists” think of you. Most WNs are losers who only join the movement because they’re too screwed up to fit anywhere else.

    • PrometheusReturns

      If you’re Jewish and you agree then stop all of your fellow Jews that
      have made it their sacred duty to hate, vilify, blame, and attack White

      Speak out against Joe Slovo’s activism.
      Speak out against Susan Sontag’s activism.
      Speak out against Francis Fox Piven’s activism.
      Speak out against Barbara Spectre’s activism.
      Speak out against Tim Wise’s activism.
      Speak out against Noel Ignatiev’s activism.
      Speak out against Gloria Steinem’s activism.

      have centuries of organized campaigns of hatred against the White race,
      while simultaneously undermining White societies from within. The
      concerted Jewish effort in mass non-White immigration must be addressed
      by you. That’s your responsibility.

      Take your outrage to the very Jewish Jesse Benn who advocates for violence against Whites:

  • Whitey Powers

    Moses came down from his mountain with Ten Commandments. Why do we need 20?

    Good start . . . but too much. And . . . you’re not thinking strategically.

    Remember something . . . and this is very important . . . at some point, we’re going to need donations . . . HUGE DONATIONS. So we need to create a pro-white, pro-America movement that will attract BIG MONEY.

    You only create political power with money. What keeps us ineffective is that we are so poor.

    So we need a new way of thinking. We need to ask what name, slogan and set of principles will attract massive membership and donations . . . especially the BIG MONEY?

    It’s all there in history. Nothing new under the sun. What did Hitler have to do? What did the American colonists have to do? What have all revolutions done. Do your homework folks. Find out.

    First we need a new name. Alt-right is cute, but too gimmicky and our enemies have already defined us a fringe. Fringes don’t attract large memberships. We need to name ourselves (and become) something that young whites, especially ex-military whites, would be PROUD to join.

    Second we need a slogan that captures the essence of who we are:

    Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer, no taxation without representation, black is beautiful (lol), power to the people, give me liberty or give me death. See what I mean?

    Third, the principles of our movement need to come FROM OUR MOVEMENT and not the brain of even a gifted fellow like Mr Spencer. Essentially, we need a “congress” . . . a large meeting of the minds over several months where all the various groups who think like us come together and develop a common understanding.

    And when I say “various groups” I don’t mean every broke-dick KKK or Nazi chapter from here to California. I mean we need to reach out to the BIG MONEY and find out what they want. What does the military want? What do military retirees want? What do white cops want? What do blue collar workers want.

    See folks . . . our job is not to come up with some ideas and try to sell them to the public. Our job is to help define what white Americans who think like us want . . . and then give it to them.

    • PrometheusReturns

      Why do we need Jewish propaganda?

  • Abel Cribier
  • Robert Hess

    This manifesto needs to be divulged to more people. Are you planning on social media posting after the next rally?

  • Reggie

    Race doesnt matter because many of these people have African DNA.

    • PrometheusReturns

      If that were true then Africa was never colonized. America was never colonized. You can’t be “anti-Colonial” because race doesn’t matter. There is no “colony” since we’re all magically the same.

  • Mz Right

    To be Alt Right means your a limped dicked cowardly social misfit.

    • PrometheusReturns

      Devout Muslim Omar Mateen shot and killed 50 spic faggots in Orlando Florida.

      Diversity is our strength. Support diversity.

  • Anime&Manga<3

    all of y’all are crazy

    • PrometheusReturns

      all of y’all is low IQ

  • olie

    So this is the rock under which this ignorance dwells.You are a benighted and doomed breed.

  • Newly
  • David Beck

    We live in a global society. Diversity is what makes America great. Race is NOT the foundation of identity; what lies within, i.e. our soul, is our true identity.

    • PrometheusReturns

      Diversity is a form of autism.

  • GRP476

    How about Repealing the 19th Amendment for unwed women?

  • Euler

    Pertaining Race is real. Race matters. Race is the foundation of identity: Fact is that anyone that try this perspective in a communal view has failed. The probability of success in your proposition ( Race is the foundation of identity) is simply ZERO. God, lies, and then statistics. On the other hand, your failure to adapt proves the point.

    • PrometheusReturns

      You’re so indoctrinated you’re actually stupid. You’re so stupid you can’t even be correct by accident. You’re such a moron you actually believe that you can get a bone marrow transplant from anyone because we’re all magically the same. Morons like you never move to Africa. You never, ever take your autistic worldview to a non-White country and preach that race neither exists nor matters. You should but you won’t. Instead you’ll preach your autism to White people.

  • Euler

    Pertaining No. 20: Every man, in his own way, must strive to be something more than a man. This statement is a contradiction of your postulate on racial identity. How can a man be more that a man of his race, without leaving its race. I left everything I learned aside, and then I saw how stupid we all are.

  • Euler

    Pertaining No 19: “Higher education—far from being a “right” or a “pathway to the middle class”—is only appropriate for a cognitive elite dedicated to truth; it is improper, even detrimental, for most. Practical education—trade schools and apprenticeships—should be revived as the norm for most citizens.”

    Education is a ladder not a structure, a tool. Give you a brush and some knowledge of physics does not make you Leonardo; but, Leonardo without the brush and some physics knowledge would not exist.

    Knowledge is a tool developed by mankind, not by a race. A Jew (Einstein) developed the tool to understand the realms of physics. If you see the tool, its beautiful. Anyone that finds how to use the tool understand mankind. As in sorrow “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” Robert Oppenheimer.

    • PrometheusReturns

      We tried your deracinated bullshit and now we’re flooded with low-IQ Turd World illegals, refugees, and Muslims. You cucks had your time.

  • Christopher Michael Dalrymple

    This is a great draft, but we
    may require some debate to fine tune the specifics.

  • Jacob Lamont

    The original Aryans were Persian from India. If we are talking about history and Bloodlines we all come from Africa. Just wanted to point out some facts.

    • PrometheusReturns

      Wrong. You’re stupid and indoctrinated you can’t even be correct by accident.

  • Marcus Kerkhoff

    Political correct people in essence are wicked liars (social fascism instead of natural darwin order) so this degenerated Zeitgeist should come to an end.

    There seems to be the possibility of verification for the meta-political manifesto although “race”, “identity, “european”, “whites”, “Jews”, “Judeo-Christian values”, “Anglo-Saxon”, “Christian”, “Protestant” are not easy to define.

    “Judeo-Christian values”, “Anglo-Saxon”, “Christian”, “Protestant” have no real philosophical-stringent content. It is chaos in its mass of misleading information so for MINT-States or MINT-Nations it seems to be appropriate to pass these concepts to ancient history.

    The social fascists/Antifa try to stir up hatred and suspicion or even wage war between white American national patriots and the Black American groups, the hispanic groups and the oriental groups. The social fascists/Antifa try to undermine an agreement between the white American national patriots (in a more leading role) and the Black American groups, the hispanic groups and the oriental groups (in a more complementary role) about the further procedure on how to inhabit America in a decent manner.

    The majority of the Black American groups, the hispanic groups and the oriental groups probably have the right disposition, basic convictions and cast of mind to enter into an agreement with the white American national patriots about the limits of growth. The hindering factor seems to be “the evil white man” in the form of the social fascists/Antifa.

  • SixdoublefiveThreetwoone

    Yep, It’s a cult.

    • PrometheusReturns

      Yep, you’re a cuck.

  • Kym Ratliff

    As a Christian. The word is very clear that God does not focus on race. Not sure what you will accomplish but more division and hate. Gal 3:26 So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, 27 for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. 28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

    • PrometheusReturns

      Move to Africa. Lot’s of Christians there.

  • Beth

    I am white with German and Irish ancestry–raised in a Roman Catholic family, taught to love, to forgive, taught to be kind and respectful to everyone. Simply look at me, my pic. I could be your sister, Richard Spencer. I spent my summers on a beach that forbade all Jews, anyone not Irish Catholic. Richard Spencer, I have never felt that I am superior or deserving of more. I am a human before all else. I am flawed, like you and my neighbor. I am no better than anyone.I am an independent and do not assign myself to one party. You, on the other hand, seem extreme. You claim “race is real” yet, you discredit and diminish anyone who is not of European ancestry. That is preposterous, nonsensical. You attempt doublespeak, but, yet, you are not smart enough to carry it off. I had to know, watched you speak, Richard Spencer, noticed the way you bullied the black woman, how you were the most reactive towards your smart white counterpart, those who are your bigger threat, those who are PhD educated, tolerant, unmarred by prejudice, strong, confident, articulate, those who can actually spar intellectually–if you, indeed, were up to the challenge. No. You resorted to name calling, said he was “fat” not able or willing to beat the hell out of anyone, referring to his shirt (“Beat the hell out of hate” ). You resorted to a primal reactive response minus civility, said the guy was a loser, a coward. You understood the message on his shirt literally and missed the point. This guy was not all about physical prowess. No, on the contrary, he was an intellectual, promoting how we should dispel hate at all costs. Your last words, after the scholar dismissed you, saying you were not worth his words, were “Why are you here?” Well, Richard Spencer, he was there to reveal your weakness, to dent your armor, to smote you down. You missed the point, Richard Spencer, which tells me you are weaker than your presentation. That fancy clean cut blue-eyed pretty boy face is a facade. You are no more than a prop. You almost had me, pretty boy. Something to look at, maybe. But that smart white fat man got you, and I saw your true essence and there was nothing there. I discovered there was no clever wit, no intellectual prowess. Just juvenile name calling. Richard Spencer, you are nothing more than a facsimile, a mannequin for the Alt-Right. Even your label is idiotic. You will dissipate like an early morning fog because the majority does not want hate, does not want your radical bigotry, your sacrilegious dribble–white or not. Maybe if you had religion, something moral to float on, you’d be a potential threat. But as it stands, after hearing you, watching you, I see you struggle to be suave and passionate, to conceal your frailness. You are merely dust in the wind. You are marginalized for a reason (and, no, it is not because you are white–preposterous your manifesto). You are marginalized because you, Richard Spencer, remind us of a sickening part of our history we’d rather not remember, the parts that make us ashamed to be white gentiles. Still, Richard Spencer, despite your faults and bias, I forgive you. I believe you will eventually realize the error of your ways.
    Cruelty and intolerance is never right, no matter how you dice it.

  • TakeiPlusHsu

    point 19 is elitist. elitism doesn’t sell. better to say that all state funded education will be practical and effective and impractical education will never be a consideration in employment subject or…law suits. teachers are for the most part parasites.

    • PrometheusReturns

      No, it’s accurate.

  • plasmoid

    I’m lost at #1. No matter how much soul searching I do I cannot find this fear. I celebrate the genius of Charlie Parker and Buckminster Fuller equally, and I love the American experiment that produced both. Practically speaking, the ethnically cleansed enclave you seek seems to mean I would have to fly 5000 miles for a decent kebap. So count me out (I’m sure you have!). Your observation #13 is solid, but be honest, your genetically jacked brethren are equally complicit. #17, I’m with you 100%!

  • Liam Rothney

    I don’t know why you have to make a thing about Jews. Isn’t it just a few Jewish men in particular who are causing problems for Europe and the West? I think it is really unhelpful to make a thing about race. It implies racism and is unfair to a vast number of Jewish people.

    • PrometheusReturns

      George Soros is Jewish.
      Rahm Emmanuel is Jewish.
      Barbara Specter is Jewish.
      Francis Fox Piven is Jewish.
      Gloria Steinem is Jewish.
      Tim Wise is Jewish.
      Noel Ignatiev is Jewish.
      David Axelrod is Jewish.

      Whenever there’s someone hating, vilifying, and attacking the White race and they look White, you can bet they’re Jewish.

      Susan Sontag was Jewish. What did she say? Can you use a search engine?
      Joe Slovo was Jewish. What did he do? Can you use a search engine?

      You cuckservatives only care about “racism” when it’s non-Whites or Jews as victims. Never mind when they’re the organized perpetrators of anti-Whiteness in every one of our countries and abroad.

  • Liam Rothney

    As for Judeo-Christian culture. We have inherited a common culture from the Jews. The Ten Commandments, rules on cleanliness and from Jesus Christ (who was Jewish) the Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”, love thy neighbour etc. These things are foundational in our common culture. It would be hypocritical to reject Jews because they are Jews. It is quite a different thing to reject individual Jews because they are anti-white racists.

  • Lamb_of_God

    What can I do to oppose non-white immigration aside from writing to local and federal politicians? Do you think it is time for us to take matters into our own hands and make non-white immigrants as uncomfortable as possible and if so how?

  • Rhino23

    No mention of GOD, yet he states “be part of something greater than himself”.

    • PrometheusReturns

      No mention of Cucktians like you either.

      • Rhino23

        So if you believe in the new testament you are a cuck? Abortion is the most leftist of positions and is supported by liberals,cucks, and by many in the altright who have internalized feminist ideology.thus have real shaky foundations.

        • PrometheusReturns

          Why the fuck should I give a shit about Christians when most of them are not White?

  • Rhino23

    It seems the altright is against everyone except whites under 40.

    • PrometheusReturns

      It seems like you hate everyone who is an under 40 White.

      • Rhino23

        How did you conclude that? I am commenting on the continual bashing of baby boomers. Section 17 on the natural world,which I support, is derivative from the greens, a movement started by boomers and has attained some degree of electoral success and power sharing in Europe.

        • PrometheusReturns

          You inherited the richest, Whitest countries on earth and you fucking ruined them. The gates to every White country were opened long before I was even born. Rhodesia and South Africa were handed over to Africans and Jews. Every single White country has grown less White, less safe, more indebted, and suffers from Muslim terrorism and non-White on White rapes.

          You deserve a LOT more than contempt.

  • Irritated and educated


    • PrometheusReturns

      Yes you are.

      • Wavyyy

        I disagree.

  • Euler

    @PrometheusReturns: I’m not impressed. Indoctrination, bone morrow, autistic. Your Indoctrination statement is not worth a second thought, you mean indoctrinated jihadists, slaves, preachers, white supremacists…have your pick, all the same indoctrinated souls. Not worth a second thought. Your bone marrow idea demonstrates no educated in immunology. But if you study immunology you see that no-one is perfect. Your statement of my autistic view of the word is a conjecture to that which no-laureate physician ascribes. So you got it all wrong.

  • Reggie

    When will these people take DNA test and go crazy. It reminds me of the X-Men movie when there was a cure for mutants and they lost their power. When is a person not white? 3% or 5% or 10% of minority blood?

  • Reggie

    The point of founding America is wrong. Native Americans founded America. White Anglo Saxon waged war, committed genocide and stole America frorm them. The author seems to makemthis right and justifies this to continue the same policies today.

  • Mr. X

    This is something that can be read everyday and thought about for hours.