Are The Police On The Side Of Nationalists?

A lot of people on the Alt-Right or from older nationalist movements have started to point out that the police are not exactly on our side. Recent police treatment of nationalists is…a mixed bag at best. Sometimes they do their job and protect nationalists at protests and arrest the people causing damage and looting (almost always Antifa) while other times they step back and give Antifa as well as other groups ‘room to destroy’ like they did in Sacramento and Berkeley. Other times, they go out of their way to beat up nationalists.

So how should the Alt-Right and other nationalist movements treat the police?

Let’s just step back and cover some basics about what police officers are and aren’t before we make any rash conclusions. Firstly, these are not idealists. They are for lack of a better word, ‘normies’. They care about getting paid, they care about keeping their job long enough to collect that cushy retirement package, they care about what their fellow officers think about them and they care about not being thought of as racists by the public.

Often times, people on our side will project their beliefs onto members of the police force.

The police have to deal with the vibrant diversity day in and day out, they must be secretely red-pilled!

That line of logic assumes that once a person sees non-White criminality they will suddenly become White Nationalists. Using that logic, Hipsters living in the gentrifying parts of the inner city should all secretly be Alt-Right shitlords, no?

A better explanation takes into account the fact that the red-pill has two stages.

The first step is triggered by experiencing cognitive dissonance. Harsh reality or a good argument has to poke a hole in the neophyte’s understanding of the world. Once that person is experiencing cognitive dissonance and doubt, the red-pill arguments can be slipped in. As the neophyte loses his grip on the old reality he thought he knew, he is given another more grounded view to swing onto, like a child on the monkey bars.

That is how most of us got red-pilled, even if we don’t realize it.

I doubt most of these police officers were presented with info graphics on IQ and race after their first shoot-out at the local inner-city crack den.

And let’s be honest here, a lot of people that join the police are not the best and brightest our society has to offer. They are firmly average in the IQ department. And that’s not ad hominum on my part. The police actively discriminates against high IQ candidates. They openly say that they don’t want particuarly smart people for the job. And people that aren’t particularly smart tend to just go with the herd. It’s just what they do, they can’t help it. To have an original thought, you need to have an above average IQ.

Now, what tips over the scales in terms of analyzing the police is the fact that there are a lot of police officers that abuse their power. I would go so far as to say that many of them actively get a thrill from lording it over civilians. Now, that is not to say that I buy into the Black Lives Matter narrative that KKKops are targeting black youfs just to rough them up and sprinkle some cocaine on their corpse to justify the extrajudicial killing.

That is pure wishful fantasy.

The stats do not uphold this victim narrative. If fact, it turns out that the police are actually far more likely to kill Whites than Blacks. 

And that’s a sobering thought about how ‘based’ our cops are.

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s probably because they are afraid of being called racist and losing their jobs by shooting a Black. But if you kill Whitey, no one utters a peep, so that one’s a no-brainer. Some might say that they might even have an incentive to try and even out the massive racial statistical discrepency in killings and arrests that arises from feral nog behavior by overcompensating with Whites…but those people are conspiracy theorists and you should pay them no mind.

So where does that leave us with the police?

Some advocate the Alt-Right calling out the police on their bad behavior. Getting up in their face and calling them traitors, cowards, and cucks. Viscerally, I suppose it would feel good. Are these people right though and is it wise for the movement to take an antagonistic stance to the police?

Certainly not at this stage.

For now, we are nowhere near big enough to even seriously consider forcing the police with an ultimatum or some other laughable LARP fantasy. We have to cooperate, despite our reservations about the character and competency of the force as it exists now. If they do their job, we don’t have to go bare-knuckle with Antifa, so we have an incentive to convince them to do their damn jobs and provide protection for anyone protesting their right to free speech or advocating for White interests.

We should also consider that many in the police force are indeed potentially red-pillable. If they are White and have to deal with non-White criminality day in and day out, they may start to experience cognitive dissonance about the leftist equalist narrative. The Alt-Right has to provide the explanation for what they see or they just remain hanging on the previous bar, arm grasping for the next bar but clenching only empty air.

On the other hand, there are many problems with the police in America and in Europe. And we should not mince words about what an abysmal job the police has been doing in protecting our civilization’s borders.

They are the enforcers of an anti-White system. As much as they also keep the criminal elements in our society in check, they also keep us in check. And we are left like the kids from this MDE sketch, between a rock and a hard place.

skip to 2.23

There are no easy answers, but prudence and Realpolitik should dominate our attitude towards law enforcement going forward. We work with sympathetic police where we can, we reach out to open-minded officers if we can and we avoid antagonizing them.

Who knows, maybe when we are having 10k strong rallies every other month there will come a time for ultimatums and choosing. But until then, we keep our cool, keep our smiles fixed on, and we remember to say “sir”.

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  • Cops are mainly shills and servants of an oppressive anti-white and treacherous system. Here in europe they are complicit in covering up ‘refugee’ crimes and coming after everyone who is deemed ‘racist’ or anti-islam. So don’t be fooled that they are somehow on ‘our’ side. They are not.

  • For Charlottesville, it’s pretty clear that the democrat mayor and the governor of Virginia are the ones who orchestrated the violence. Trump could probably get them on serious Federal crimes; we’ll see if he has the stones.

  • Ok I’m off to work my high paying job where I mange white people. But until next time may you enjoy our trap music rock and roll music Mixed babies and all the color we brought your Andy Griffin world

  • You know why it will be your own kind that takes you out??????? Because the smart people at the top know they can be at the top without the bottom!!!! The Indians, the chineese, the blacks, the Spanish and all other non whites who brought culture to the bland whites. So they will let you have your fun until you go too far. And I think you guys just did!! There is your red pill. And cops will follow the orders because racism does not help pockets!!!!! ?????

  • Don’t get caught up in the the facade that black our brave enough to take you out. Or that black want to take you out. Or that your fight is with us. It will be your own kind that takes you out ???????? has always been. You brought us obama? You gave us freedom? You assisnated Abraham Lincoln? You brought in trump for a war, yet I see a comment that says I will never go in the military ????? Ass backwards. Who do you want to fight the war NON WHITES? You guys contradict anything to be right.i guess that’s what alt right means

  • Lolllllllllll white people are lost. What are you actually fighting for? To be the only race in the military? A piece of the rap culture? To live in the ghetto? To be the only ones in America so you can work the farms and McDonald’s by yourself?

    This just make minorities band together to make you the minority. It’s beautiful I love it I can’t wait until they turn you into a terroist group like they did the black panthers. The media is working on it right now lolllll. Ask yourself what are you fighting for?

    I get it. You want to be respected and look bad ass. Well no matter how you look at it somebody in you family will fuck someone black,Spanish,Jew or whatever.

    There is no red pill. Just placebos. Ask yourself why trump is not going after foodstamps anymore…. it’s because he open the books and realized more whites were on it then blacks. Because duh there is more of you then it is of us. Smh keep up the great work!

  • I would say the a lot of the southern pigs are down with the Klan. So you alt right faggots got the swine on your side.

  • The duty of the police is to ‘protect and serve’ the people. In reality, as state actors, they merely protect the interests of the state.

  • It is like the training program scene out of The Matrix when Morpheus tells Neo to treat anyone in the Matrix as a potential enemy. Cops are government stooges, their “toughs”. It should be apparent to all with their eyes open that all the government is, is “legalized” theft.

  • If someone at an alt-right rally was trashing stuff I’m fairly sure people would tell him to stop. Conservatives are grown ups, good people. Liberal protesters are immature scumbags continually throwing tantrums and destroying everything around them, including culture and everything good and proper.

  • Remember that all cops have to obey the orders from the mayor or other political authority. So when the mayor of Berkeley tells them to stand down and let antifa attack, they stand down. I don’t blame the cops, but remember that they represent the will of the powers that be, and the powers that be hate us.

    • They are sworn to uphold the law. If a crime is being committed within their eyesight it’s not an option whether they act or not, this trumps political orders to “stand down”. Of course that’s not how it really works but cops have a huge amount of latitude as to what or what not they choose to enforce. Let’s all keep in mind that today’s rally was adjudicated as completely constitutionally legal. The police were acting completely illegally in declaring an “illegal gathering”. All injuries are on the hands of the State and local authorities for deliberately poor and or malicious crowd control. Antifa scum had no permit to assemble en masse afaik. Yet I didn’t see them being constrained, kettled and arrested. Look most cops are power mad retards,some less so. The institution is bad. There must have been some mechanism for the State Police and NG brass to inform whomever ordered the crackdown that it was not going to go down like that. But they-re ball less lackeys in their little sinecures.

  • Justice returns, returns old Saturn’s reign,
    With a new breed of men sent down from heaven.
    Only do thou, at the boy’s birth in whom
    The iron shall cease, the golden race arise,
    Befriend him, chaste Lucina; ’tis thine own
    Apollo reigns

  • As civilians, Cops are individuals with a wide array of worldviews and political opinions. Some of them are even good people, I assume. When their wearing those uniforms they are agents of the system, and the system is trying to destroy us. Their only /our/ police when we’re in power. Till then ACAB.

  • The cops will kill you for their pensions. They will not be alt-right until the state is no longer able to pay them what they were promised. They are on their own team.

    • The biggest, toughest gang on the streets, nothing more. They won’t switch sides until their current racket stops paying off.

  • Cops are the shabbiest of shabbos goyim, I fucking hate cops. I will jerk off to footage of them getting massacred during the revolution. Nothing but low IQ power-tripping garbage.

  • Some police officers will certainly be sympathetic to our views, but they have families, careers, mortgages and bills, and we do not pay them; so, except in very rare cases (like when the police on a Greek island – I forget which – were called to break up a fight between migrants and local and ended up beating the hell out of the invaders), they will act in the interests of those who DO pay them. And those people are certainly not on our side.

  • Mentioning Berkeley, those police officers grew up listening to rap music, feeling sorry for “oppressed” black people. They became cops to be different, to protect these “innocent gentle giants” when they rob & murder. They want to make whitey pay & be the hero of little niglets everywhere!

    • Not fair. The kind of man who joins the police force is not I kind I especially like, but the cops have a tough job to do.

      The kind of man who joins the police force is by nature a follower. Therefore, he follows the Zeitgeist and, more importantly, follows his civilian leaders. On the other hand, Vincent Law is right: many or most cops already have ample experience that could, someday, help to red-pill them.

      But remember: the cops are followers. Our job is to build something they can follow.

      • I agree with you. But if you watched (I am sure you did) Laura Southern’s video on Berkeley & how the cops hid in buses you know that they side with the left. Maybe some are standing down per orders but it’s clear who they are serving & protecting. The police in Alabama were awesome when Richard spoke!

  • Guys, there was a gym in Atlanta that banned LE because “it makes minorities uncomfortable”. We should really be all over that. Wonderful opportunity to get more cops on our side.

  • The problem with police is not if they are red-pilled or not, white nationalists or not, supportive of us or not but it is the law. There is a very nice French saying that I had come to know by sheer luck: “Who writes the law” instead of what most of us would say: “who rules here”. The law in, the context that was used, means the state. The law is anti-white, blue-pilled, traitorous and detrimental to whites because of the people who write it. If the law is passed over then we should be caring for the personal beliefs of the policemen and if the laws are re-written to support us the question still remains irrelevant.

    • Exactly. Police just do what they are told. They are just obedient foot soldiers. If a police officer didn’t follow orders then he wouldn’t be a police officer for long. So what police officers believe is irrelevant since they serve the law above all else, even when it overrides their personal beliefs. And that’s why I could never be police officer or serve in the military.

      • The military is a whole different thing than the police:

        You follow those who are directly over you. This implies that the military has a mind of its own which is the reason why most modern governments, except the U.S., are dismantling it and avoid to use it. You may ask why but I’d say that if the miliatry was to be deployed in France during the protests before the elections the armymen would have bee put in a situation when their direct superiors fearing for their lives would order their men to shoot at the blackies or and to the blackies. I don’t know about the U.S. but I think that if army men were directly threathened by BLM and antifa they’d shoot towards them out of need, the riot police would never do it.

        In Greece during the time of the metapolitefsi (the period after the junta that still continues) the first thing that our governments did was to slowly diminish our army to the point that it barely can function so that it will never move against them.

  • The alt right should look to convert police to our narrative. They can be both race and sex realists. I believe golden dawn is made up of a lot of police officers as well

    • Do you think that it will be difficult to break them from seeing the non-whites on the force as brothers over Whites? It seems they identify as an officer over being apart of the White Race?

      • It is certainly a possibility however there are definitely police units that do not have any minorities on their force. Also, their experiences with black criminals may override any positive experiences they have had with black officers.

        • I was watching “The First 48” and they had a black woman homicide detective. She was promoted to lead detective within 7 months. It normally takes 10 years or longer to reach lead detective. It was disgusting to watch the White cuck cops being bossed around by the sheeboon. This has got to really bother white officers to sit there and watch someone get promoted over them in seven months when they have been there for decades

  • I’ve witnessed what appear to be stand down orders by police brass to the cops at various events involving non-Whites rioting against Whites and harming Whites and White interests.

    The usual explanation for these apparent stand down orders is that the cops hope to let the non-Whites blow off steam and thus diffuse the situation without too much harm to Whites and White interests and to at the same time keep non-Whites and their running dog lawyers from causing legal problems for the cops individually and collectively.

    Whites need to be aware of this and not expect the cops to protect us. We must always protect ourselves.

    Don’t be one of those weak Whites crying and mewling on TV about being harmed by non-Whites because they are righteously outraged by White privilege, etc.

  • Be guided by this: One can always delegate some of one’s authority to others. but one can never delegate one’s responsibility.

    This means that as a society we have delegated some of our collective authority to police to protect us, but s we can never delegate our responsibility to protect ourselves, our families and our kind from those who will harm us.

    This responsibility to protect ourselves comes from the first law of life: self-preservation (which means YOU must survive as an individual), and your survival as an individual also means you must protect your family, your extended family and all those of your White kind. Why this extended responsibility? It is because the more Whites there are, the greater is the protection of you and your family not only in the short view of history, but the long view. This is so, because your children who carry your White genes are going to need mates at some time, and the more White possible mates, the greater is the probability that they will mate White and not miscegenate and destroy your family White line.

    • Ja, and sometimes protecting ourselves and our families means don’t make the blue kids angry.
      It’s hard to protect your 12 year old daughter from the grave…or from within a cage full of feral chimps.
      No cowering, no complaining, these are just facts that WHITE people must consider before berserking.

  • They tend to have a temperamental alignment with us, but an overpowering financial and social motivation to keep the current gig going.

    So, it depends on how change is being effected.

    I vote to fully support the police and to basically never countersignal how they do their jobs and the necessity of them doing so. Essentially, we should only speak against them when they are directly against us, and even then to the most limited extent possible. For example, if a department is against us, then we are against them, but if it’s only the chief, then we are only against the chief and we lament the good officers’ poor politicized leadership.

    • they are neocon right wingers. the only thing we agree on is we don’t like blacks or liberals. some of the red coats were probably based but they killed in the name of tyranny

    • Look European police, they are on side of globalists and against ethno-nationalists. There could be some red pilled and nationalist police individuals, but on larger scale they are shabbos goyim anti-people scum. They are doing what they are told to do, if this mean harassing nationalist, so be it.

      In short, they are scum.

  • Does the Alt Right or any other Nationalists group pay their checks? No…. NOT on your side – maybe they have some feelings for you – but the follow the Check …..

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