A Note On The Charlottesville Statement

Last June, Augustus Invictus visited NPI headquarters just before we spoke at a free-speech rally on the Washington Mall. We discussed a project that had been mulling in my mind for more than a year: crafting a statement that could serve as a basis for the worldwide Alt-Right. It would be a “political manifesto,” but more meta-political in nature. That is, more important than offering a bullet-point list of new policies was to define an intellectual and spiritual core that would inform political action moving forward. It can be compared to both The Sharon Statement (1960) of the conservatives and The Port Huron Statement (1962) of the New Left.

What I sketched out on a white board became a early draft written by Invictus. That I re-wrote . . . and then re-wrote many more times with the help of Gregory Ritter, Evan McLaren, Hannibal Bateman, and my closest colleagues . . . into the version published today.

Any statement like this runs into some obvious difficulties. Put another way, the author must navigate between various Scyllas and Charybdises. I’ve sought to summarize a general consensus among the Alt-Right, without devolving into polemics, generalities, or -isms. I’ve sought to evoke political implications, without getting lost in the weeds. And I’ve sought to make the statement approachable to the outside world (the “normies”), without dumbing it down or groveling. Becoming Alt-Right, after all, is not something that’s easy. Taking the “Red Pill”—dispensing with quaint illusions—is as bitter as it is liberating.

I take responsibility for the statement’s limitations, and I’m open to additions and revisions. But I believe that I have captured the essence of what it means to be Alt-Right.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • richard,

    you must tie this up. almost all the points have one idea in common. democracy. you must emphasize that democracy is impossible without ethnic homogeneity and a keynesian economic order. democracy sells. nothing else will. what country is closest to what you want? contemporary or historic. 50s america? iceland? you have to have a concrete vision you can point to. you have to emphasize all the ways the US is worse and why.

  • Hi ,

    I saw you interview on Israel news I dont have problem that some of your group said the dont like Jewish

    I do have problem with the fact you think USA belong to the “white people” do you hear your self white people ? Any black or any color that is at the age of 70 USA belong to him more then you
    You said your guys new and intelligent people but you use the worst racist act black and white .

    You really think white are better then black or black better then white ? USA is immigrants states from all over the world start with UK more then 250 years ago.

    let not forget the native people was on US long before it was called US.

    I do agree USA people need strong state for the American people no matter there color or there gender .

    Fight for all American not only for white people

  • Richard Spencer is a failed Ph.D. drop out from Duke and a laughing stock known for his poor and dim witted intellectual acumen. His statement is vague, contradictory, and offers no vision or real guidance for the movement. Like everything he composes, it is tinged with failure and moral rectitude. He is a weak cosmopolitan urbane effete semi-man. Hence, his troubles with his Russian wife,
    Nina Kouprianova. Those who know Richard and Nina know how disatisfied she is with him. She knows up front and personal his moral, intellectual, and physical failures. ,He is not a leader for all these reasons.

  • I’m sorry to say it, but 90% of this is a red herring.

    True, it’s vitally important that mass immigration be halted so that white people aren’t genocided off the planet within a few years.

    Beyond that, all that really matters now is *technology*. If the Powers That Be manage to build artificially intelligent systems to control society, then what the Mexicans, Middle Easterners, and Africans couldn’t accomplish will certainly be completed by SkyNet. We are already beginning to see the roll out of these systems by the tech titans, and we need an answer to it *now* before it becomes impossible to fight against.

    • Take off the tinfoil hat.

      If we can’t assemble then what the fuck makes you think we can do anything about immigration and repatriation?

      • you have to be the winner in order to make different decisions. There are people around the world who are willing and able to defeat the current Nazis, known as Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists, and should NOT be called ‘Alt-right’! You are welcome to the idea; your execution however, shall be limited.

        • >you have to be the winner in order to make different decisions.

          Trump won. Since you’re stupid I have to remind you. You’ll end up just like David Ruenzel. Enjoy diversity!

      • That’s a pretty vague comment. Want to be more specific? What history do you think I’ve missed? The part where the Allies fought back Nazis who exterminated their own citizens because of their ancestry? Those are the moments we are proudest of.

        • Instead of reading tons of books to get to where the alt-right are, you could take the lazy route that will at least tell you the other side’s story in WWII. Watch “The Greatest Story Never Told” at and you’re sure to have your assumptions challenged.

    • Well, there is nothing wrong with NOT being a proud American? Why the hell would any person be proud to be part of a country that wants him/her and their race gone from the planet forever? Because that is exactly what mainstream America wants for white people.

      • Oh, get a grip. I’m white. What on earth makes you claim that the U.S. wants your race gone from the planet forever? That is hyperbolic, persecution complex talk and it’s not born by the facts.

  • Richard Spencer failed out of his Ph.D. program at Duke University. He is a drop out. This poorly written manifesto suggests why he failed out. His intellectual weakness is only matched by the lack of his physical prowess, which is why his Russian wife divorced him.

    • You mean she didn’t divorce him for playing for the other team? Or was that implied in the thinly veiled comment about his lack of physical prowess?

  • Richard Spencer failed out of his Ph.D. program at Duke. As anyone at Duke will tell you, his intellectual acumen is weak and his intellectual performance almost always poor. He is a drop out. Not an intellectual and he is a weakling, as we witnessed his beating in Washington, D.C. Which, of course, was richly deserved.

  • LOVED seeing YOU NAZIS getting your fat asses beat! I saw SO many poorly educated, overweight, out of shape, fat White boys. Weak. Cowardly. Inept. Intellectually challenged. You are weak and fat and have no strength. Your movement shall cave against true strength. Nazis are weak. Defeated people. Scrambling for relevancy in a world that has rejected their abject weakness and intellectual inferiority.

    • ANTIFA is full of skinny dweebs like the Alt-Right is full of obeasties. That’s why they deserve each other. Actually, if they paired off and mated the children might be evenly balanced… hmm…

      • It was a national disgrace! I have NEVER seen so many fat, slovenly, disgustingly out of shape White men in my life! Everywhere I turned, was another fat, lazy, out of shape, unable to fight White male. Big beer bellies and weak arms and leaks. These are not soldiers, these are weak kneed fat boys better off playing Xbox war toys at home than acting like real men. Fat, slovenly, weak. That’s what I saw at that march. I was there. Weak and fat. Disgraceful.

      • I have NEVER seen so many fat, slovenly, disgustingly out of shape White men in my life! It was a national disgrace! Everywhere I turned, was another fat, lazy, out of shape, unable to fight White male. Big beer bellies and weak arms and leaks. These are not soldiers, these are weak kneed fat boys better off playing Xbox war toys at home than acting like real men. Fat, slovenly, weak. That’s what I saw at that march. I was there. Weak and fat. Disgraceful.

  • I tend to disagree on a few points.

    First, the right to life, unregulated speech and personal property should all find place in our Manifest, as the three most basic (negative) liberties our movement is built around. We can see all of these three being violently taken from us at these point.

    Financial sector. There is no word on cryptocurrencies or our solutions for the ridiculously corrupt financial sector. Even the take on trade is pretty loose and it makes our movement look as a joke.

    No word on technology, automation, UBI or 30-hour work week limit. Again, it’s making our movement seem like a joke. We’re being provided with the a lot of potential for revolutionary ideas with today’s technology and all we ever talk about is how we have 10% more IQ.

    Intellectual property versus material property. THAT IS A HUGE THING today. No political movement will succeed without an opinion on this matter.

    No opinion on taxation rate or size of the government.

    No opinion on NGO regulation. Lol. Of all manifestos, it is alt-right manifesto that lacks NGO regulation.

    #8 is kinda gay. I know the original SJW version is often abused for stupid shit, but it was originally put in place in order to have people innocent from crimes of their ancestors.

    There’s no good AltRight Thinktank and Disqus is not a good tool to have a round table. I believe you’re shipping that manifesto in a pre-mature state that’s making our movement look like a joke. You should better start inviting people to ask you questions on radio and shit, over internet, maybe DISCORD. We need to have conversations.

    • Many of the questions you want to deal with are such that all white people could never find consensus. The idea that white people must have an ethnostate is vital and paramount to the white nationalist movement. We should be able to convince the vast majority of white people of the necessity of an ethnostate. If you don’t believe we can accomplish that, this movement is not for you. On the other hand, the appropriate size of government is, for instance, a question that intelligent, well-meaning white people can debate. When we get an ethnostate, white people will continue to debate the issue of government size, and we as a people may never reach a definitive conclusion.

      • I support peaceful reestablishment of ethnic states. I always did and I always will.

        But what you retards are forgetting is that not all of today’s issues originate from the lack of ethnostates. Say, Lithuania is quite ethnically homogenous compared to Switzerland, which is quite “diverse”, yet more successful.

        Supporting ethnic states is a good standpoint, but “Muh whites” is a shitty one. Please stop doing it.

        So you’re basically creating a meme movement that gets an ethnic state and what then? Not all problems are going to magically go away, no matter how much you want to love “muh whites”.

        NSDAP and Adolf Hitler focused on the issues of German farmer and worker and have been successful doing it (Capital doesn’t create jobs, jobs create capital). Now we’re making a meme movement, one that doesn’t care about worker and farmer at all, aside from providing them with an ethnic state. Welp.

        And after you win, I ask myself? The problems aren’t magically going to go away, your meme movement has no idea what to do now, and the rest of “Muh whites” are pretty much Angela Merkel-tier and Theresa May – tier “Muh whites” so you’re again going to end up with what is essentially today’s Germany and UK – not an ethnic state at all.

        If people like you get to make the rules this movement is destined to fail, at some point.

      • No, the kid has a point. I am happy that something was finally written down, but it took the guy a year to come up with this? Richard could have written this in one afternoon!!! Shoot, even
        I could! Economics is number one in the minds of just about everyone and it really wasn’t touched on. Also, there needs to be some real organizing going on for something other than rallies. The pics of the torchlight rally showed about 200+ people. The main event was bigger, but not by a large margin. We get publicity and showed some gravitas that will increase numbers maybe, but a real plan of action is needed to get to the next level.

  • In the Declaration of Independence, the authors list all the things King George is doing to the colonies to justify their desire for independence. Your manifesto (good as it is) doesn’t include any of the things anti-whites are doing to white people globally. Denying us homelands and self-determination globally. Forcing us to live with hostile aliens. Firing or imprisoning those who object.

    • I agree and that includes the revisionist history that is destroying the white world. It is a destruction of the worst kind and far worse than the claims Jews make of the Holocaust or Genocide or the points that led to our independence.

    • You make a good point. White people have legitimate grievances against other races that are a result of our incompatibility. Politically, this is difficult. We don’t want to be too insulting of other races, because it is in our best interest that we have an amicable divorce from them. Blacks and browns should be convinced that it is in their best interests that they live in separate countries from us.

  • I’m getting an error trying to access the manifesto. It says you have a bad gateway on your side of the server.

  • HEY GUYS. I CANNOT GET INTO ALTRIGHT! and others cannot either, Not through
    G oo gle and not through my history. I got in using the “discussion” option on my history so I can leave this message.

  • I wrote a comment in the Charlottesville website nbc29. I suggest others do too. If you are going to write a comment please read the “comment policy” . All comments are subject to review so the moment you post a comment it will have that header that the “comment is under review”

    So make sure that your comment does not have red flags to it. the title of the article in the “nbc29” is “100’s Pack Richmond Hearing on Confederate Monuments” . My comment:

    “History is written by the victors” – Winston Churchill.
    That quote implies that history is not written with objectivity but with partiality.

    Keeping that in mind our civil war claimed the lives of 625 thousand soldiers and an estimated 800 thousand lives of civilians. From 1861- 1865 Washington DC had a war with her own citizens. This war is also considered a norther invasion. “General Sherman’s march to the Sea” created a 40 to 60 mile wide, 200 mile long path of utter destruction. The burning of Atlanta being one example.

    Roughly 5% owned slaves, of this 2% owned most of them. 95% of the Confederate army were made up of men who fought to protect land and family against an invasion. Some States outside of the Confederacy also had slaves.

    the Transcontinental railways used slaves. The battle at Fort Sumter was over Tariffs not slaves. Lincoln’s letter to Horace Greeley showed the President Lincoln had far more in mind than abolishing slaves. I quote one line in that letter:
    “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it..”

    If there is any doubt about the reason for this war it should be sufficient NOT to remove Confederate monuments. We have saved history for less reasons than the issue of slavery and the civil war.

    Removing confederate monuments at this time opens wounds created back in the 1860’s when they should not be, and when open thorough debates have not been done. The voice of the south was not included in the writing of history for that is supposed to belong to the victors…. back then. Removing monuments which have a national heritage makes no victors on any side and losers on all sides.

    I live in a nationally registered historic structure of 1840. It served as part of a academy for the confederate cadets and later as a triage center for the confederate Soldiers. I am an :American and not simply a white man or a southern man. My heritage is the heritage of the United States of America.

  • I support what you’re trying to do here. Although perhaps you could explain it to people in more relateable terms than: “Put another way, the author must navigate between various Scyllas and Charybnises.”

    I suppose I could Google the terms.

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