Aging Swedish Hags Dance For Afghan Rapefugees While Cursing Their Kin

There have been a lot of happenings in Stockholm. A member of Nordic Youth passed on a video to me that was filmed prior to their demonstration in front of parliament.

In it a bunch of Swedish crones dance in front of their Afghan boy-toys to protest their deportation back to Afghanistan.

Take a look:

Let’s not mince words. These hags are traitors to their progeny. They honestly deserve to be burned at the stake for what they are doing. Women who aid and abet the enemy do not get treated well. Remember what happened to women who dated German soldiers during World War II?

They were shamed, shaved, beaten and ostracized from their communities.

In a just world, these Swedish crones would get what was coming to them. Who knows, perhaps they still will. And they are not the only aged women wreaking havok in the White World.

A woman of that age is supposed to be a grandmother or ideally a great-grandmother. She is supposed to be too busy looking after her grandchildren, great-grandchildren. She is supposed to be at home baking pies, buying her children gifts and gossiping with all the other old ladies and playing match-maker for young singles.

I spent like 15 minutes on google trying to find a heart-warming picture of a White grandma with a large family and small children. All Jewgle gave me back were images of grannies making rock hand symbols and mixed race or non-White familes. So here’s a nice pic of a granny with her grand child in China instead.

This is the legacy that she will leave on this earth, and women that do not follow this path end up bitter hags that want to wreck the progeny of others who did do the right things. This bitterness that seeps into old women used to be well understood by our ancestors. They even took precautions against their nation-wrecking behavior. Back in the old days, these bitter old crones would be called witches and dealt with accordingly.

But perhaps I do not need to go all the way back to medieval europe to give you an example of what I mean.

I was dating a girl a while back who grew up in a Russian village on the border of Ukraine and Russia. It was one of those places that was lost in time. It had seen no real changes since World War II since the Germans leveled the place. There is still no electricity, no plumbing and no real authority structures there to this day. Life hums along though, just like it has for centuries.

The girl told me about how there was an old woman living alone in a house by the forest’s edge… Oh yeah, I should stop here and reiterate that this is a true story set in 1990’s Russia. 

The locals were all afraid of the old crone because her husband had died under very mysterious circumstances and the woman now lived with a very strange son who was for all intents and purposes was a mute, even though he could speak. They lived alone, and were rarely seen in the village. The locals all started to fear the old woman because she had gone blind in one eye and her face had started to resemble the archetypical witch’s face.

One day, the old lady shuffled up into the garden of the girl. She wanted to be let into their house for no discernable reason. The girl refused and closed the door because their mother wasn’t home.

I don’t blame her.

The crone took it very personally though. She looped around and went out to the front door. When she thought no one was looking, she started scratching runes or maybe just deranged doodles in the dry steppe dirt in front of the girls house. She began muttering under her breath and swaying. The girl watched it all wide-eyed, heart-beating and full of fear through the crack in the window of the house. To her it looked like curses and incantations.

Once the old woman finished, she hurriedly shuffled off along the dirt road back in the direction of her own house.

The girl immediately ran out and dragged her foot across what the crone had scrawled on the dirt and ran back inside.

The girl hadn’t finished breathing a sigh of relief when the skies darkened and a massive thunderstorm started. The house shook and the wind howled as belts of rain lashed against the shutters. The girl cowered in the kitchen as lightning started to go off. A lightning bolt landed in the garden and one of the cherry trees started to sizzle.

The girl was very scared indeed, but the storm passed just as quickly as it started. She believes to this day that because she smeared up the incantations with her foot, the bolt of lightning missed and the house was spared. Was there witchcraft involved? Unlikely. Storms like that come and go during the summer on the steppe. Lightning storms strike the highest objects in the village like trees.

But little events like this had a village of 200+ people living in fear of a crazy old lady. She seemed to be on the border of sanity, and liked to cause mischief in the village.

Now, imagine if you were a priest, travelling through the lands and you saw the plight of these superstitious villagers. Would you not shake some incense, say some prayers and formulate a plan to care of the crazy old crone? What if you were a boyar or just a rational man that realized he was dealing with simple, irrational people?

What would you do?

To be fair, the protestants may have gone too far with their witch hunts.

Well, one day, there was a fire in the house sitting on the edge of the forest. The crone got burnt and had to be taken along bumpy dirt roads far away to a hospital in the nearest town. She wasn’t allowed to return to her hut afterwards, and remained in the care of the hospital until she passed away. Her son ran away from the village and wasn’t heard from again until he returned several years later. He had started speaking again at that point, and the villagers treated him well enough, so no problems there.

And the villagers were all relieved.

So let me ask you. What do you think happened there? Did the villagers do it? Was it the son? A simple grease fire? A magic spell gone wrong?

I’m not sure, but I suspect some villager mustered up enough liquid courage to deal with the problem.

And what should we do about these modern witches who are bedding down with dusky invaders, lobbying for the disenfranchisement of their youth, wrecking their nations out of bitterness and salting the earth for future generations to come?

They must be brought to task. They must be publically shamed. Stoning and burning are not allowed so it will probably have to be over social media.

More Swedish crones with their swarthy wards.

This behavior simply cannot be allowed.

  • Bob

    nothing smoke grande cannot stop … or flash bangs…

  • JMB

    Are those old women dating those boys?

    • Lucy Lipinska

      Some of them were caught in bed with the “children”.

    • Cynic

      Common in Sweden. Dried up old cat ladies get paid by the state to take care of young men in their late teens to thirties. The reason they are protesting so much against deportations is because they are dependent on the foreign men for their income and sex.

      Here’s a quote from an article in the MSM about one such incident.

      “The leader for the [asylum] home had sex with refugee boys. The intercourse was recorded – She said “if you don’t have sex with me I’ll call the Migration Authorities so that they’ll deport you”, says one of the boys.”

      • Days of Broken Arrows

        And soon this will be coming to a town near you, America!!

        • Cynic

          Implying that it hasn’t already.

      • Joseph Curwen

        That’s disgusting at so many levels…..

      • StraitlacedMissouri


      • YonLittleSwine

        Sounds like a crock to me. How can a male, any male, but especially a Muslim, which I assume this boy was, be forced by an ugly old woman to have sex with him? LOL.

    • O.Staaf

      Yeah, some of them use the migrants as male prostitutes or for physical comfort and affection.

  • Arthur Vickstrom

    Regarding the story about the spooky old Ukrainian hag:

    That bit about her son becoming mute when he lived with her is pretty damn interesting. Obviously he was probably just fed up with getting nagged and wanted some peace – but it sure sounds spooky.

    So did you visit this village yourself? And how superstitious / spiritually inclined are the rural folk of Eastern Europe? I’d heard those nations were very atheistic although that might only apply to the upper classes who live in major cities.

    • Vincent Law

      They are all super superstitious. They inculcate you into their superstitions from a young age as well, lol.

      Most are implicitly Orthodox. Doesnt mean that they go to church though. Its not like in America where every small community has several churches. Orthodoxy is coming back, I suppose, but then it never really left. It was always there, unofficially.

      • Gatzke

        I used to know a Orthodox Christian Slavic family in the late 80″s. Mom would sew weird little figurine dolls into her sons pillows. Weird .. funny to talk about though. Interesting Article. Enjoyed it.

    • StraitlacedMissouri

      Sounds like my Mother and Brother-In-law!!!

  • Lucy Lipinska

    Poor prospects of those ugly hags’ being shamed, as the geist of conformism reigns supreme also in social media. Accordingly, Swedes with guts enough to oppose the “righteous” outlook will in rapid time be outnumbered by the “bleeding hearts”.

    • McSwag

      All those with “guts” have been outnumbered throughout time…so nothing new there.

  • ForlornHope

    This is the most idiotic display of sheer stupidity I have seen in a long time. Calling these creatures “hags” is far too kind.

    • Ken31

      Looks like we need White Sharia.

    • Brian Tasker

      Saves em going all the way to The Gambia to get the black sausage up the dark alley…

  • Riopel

    “What’s the one problem we won’t have in 2070? The elderly and the disabled…because we’re just gonna kill em!”

    • Cynic

      Cody Cigar approves of this post.

    • Bruce Hammond

      Is this a serious quote? Won’t you be a member of the elderly then and aren’t you then endorsing killing of yourself?

  • Dan Osarchuk

    Political Correctness is an anti-white cult, so it makes sense that they would have witches. I’d love to see these hags try dancing like that in Afghanistan- I don’t think they’d last long.

  • MJK

    The whole of Europe emblematic of pure degeneracy! They have lost their collective will to live and are set down a path of civilizational suicide.

  • Your articles are improving. The effort shows. Keep it up.

    • Vincent Law


      • Scorched Cuck

        nice black face.

  • McSwag

    Ship these Crones off to Afghan, or Africa or whatever Third World shit hole of their choosing…Gratis. And superstitious village idiots (European or not) are no example to follow.

    • Lawrence

      Yes! Do they feel the brown mans plight? Let them settle in his land and work for the betterment of him and his people for the rest of their lifes. They can even keep on collecting a reduced pension, they can just never return again, nor to any other white country. We’ll burn their passports at the stakes instead of themselves.. This is the best punishment as they are then caught in their hypocrytic false compassion, and they will not be relieved by a quick death, and we will not have any blood on our hands. This, I’m confident, shall one day be the law of the land.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Hear Hear!

        Anyone who signals that the outsider is more important than the tribe will be expelled from the tribe and given to the outsider to do with as they please.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    “Aging” is putting it nicely. “Old hags” is a more realistic description. Maybe one reason Western society is going off the rails is that people used to die before they got insane.

  • I wrote an article about this phenomenon earlier this summer and connected it to pathological altruism. It could of course also be a consequence of feminism, childlessness and misdirected affection.

  • Satan

    Let’s burn all white men with Asian women too!

    • Joseph Curwen

      In my personal opinion, white men dating/fucking nonwhites (no matter if they are asians) deserve the rope. Period. End of story.

    • Strac5

      You have to go back.

  • Ehre den Christus

    eek, nasty

  • Ken31

    Hitler’s concentration camps for degenerates and subversives doesn’t seem like such a horrible idea now, does it?

    • Anime Nazi Troll 3000

      “Labor” camps.

  • Cynic

    Video with pictures of some of the women involved with the refugees.

  • Johnny Fascismo

    Perhaps the most disturbing part of all of this is that they do “line-dancing” in Sweden. Sweden has a unique identity and culture. Why not be proud of it instead of acting like America Jr. The American virus recognizes no borders…

    Also the demographics are really telling. Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge the boomer problem is part of that problem.

  • Jarod

    Lol Sweden has simply given up. They’re done being a thing.

  • Bruce Regael

    They’ll meet the burning pole again. Only a nicer person would tell you that “noble lie” that this can all be resolved with minimal conflict if only WE were in power. It’s a lie. The Civil Rights Era will be remembered as the Era that sealed this country’s fate. Now it’s all about buying 15 more minutes of the illusion before it all goes to bloody hell.

  • KyraNelson

    The screeching #batikhäxa, always worrying about the 26 year-old refugee “children.” Gag.

  • aptt

    The title picture (the first drawing in black and white) for the article is not actually of witch burnings but is a picture from the book of martyrs found in the homes of the Amish and Mennonites of the burning of the Anabaptists, the forefathers of the Amish and Mennonites for refusing to baptise their children. Not sure it is appropriate to use a picture of the burning of the Amish and call them witches.

    • Joe Drew

      Very appropriate criticism. In my comment below I have pointed out yet another issue with this article. In general, I have noticed many small, and yet crucial, shortcomings in other articles. For example, using (((references))) to make a point. The editor might want to justify it as lack of experience but in reality it is just an ignorance. Seemingly insignificant, and yet, misleading facts undermine the validity of the article and the site as a whole. Greatness is in the details.

  • Monger X

    The hilarious thing with those far right types is how emotional and obsessed they are with “children” and “progeny” lol. They want to appear tough, in reality they are ultra-sensitive little dudes who just want to withdraw in some idealized “folk community”, yet since this doesn not exist, they end up withdrawing onto their little family unit…

  • Strac5

    Thots belong in concentration camps. Quite serious. Get rid of them.

  • Joe Drew

    Although, I fully agree with the main tenet of the article I would like to point out extremely inappropriate comparison of the old European hags to the French women being punished for fraternizing with German soldiers. The author of this article must ask himself who were the good guys during the two wars of the 20th century. Because, it became apparent that Germans were the good guys and thus the ultimate victims. As such the French women, in question, proved to know better than the rest of the White population. Whites were and still are too stupid to know who is pulling their strings. And the author should know better than propagate the lie which brought our race to the brink of extinction.

    • Cynic

      Irrelevant. The point is that the French women betrayed their own men in favour of foreign conquerors.

  • Anime Nazi Troll 3000

    I like this more extreme writing style a lot. 👍

  • BrendaG

    Sounds like somebody didn’t get enough love from mommy as a boy and got rejected by the ladies in his later years.
    You are an idiot.

  • Polar Girl

    I’d sure be interested in seeing what Pepe Mather (descendant of Cotton Mather) looks like.

  • Jenny

    This is what happens to old cougars when they burn out their lady bits on Chinese made neck massagers. They go feral and both their children and male-peers are too grossed out by their needy disgusting behavior to spend time with them. Enter the knock-off Dothraki barbarian youth. Those dudes are used to having sex with camels and women with brown teeth so they don’t care how haggard and crazy these Swede cat ladies are.

  • Oh Poor Yew

    I never thought I’d say this, but this is a very compelling argument for witch burning.

  • Bob
  • A Wise Man

    Burn them at the stake!!!!

  • Robertus Antoninus

    During the ‘Deluge’ in Poland Swedish forces killed one third of the population and completely destroyed 188 cities and towns, 81 castles, and 136 churches.

    During the Thirty Years War in Germany, Swedish forces destroyed 2000 castles, 18000 villages and 1500 towns (1/3 of all German towns). Urban areas experienced a 33% population loss while rural areas experienced a 40% loss.

    When have the Swedes ever done anything for white people anywhere? It is no wonder that they have become their own last victims.

    • Cynic

      Swedes deserve to do die because of alleged atrocities committed in the past. Hmmm.. where I have heard this before.

  • Allen Carter

    IF a war does break out, people will remember who they are and where to find them.